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The photo doesn’t do him justice.

I was just at Bayleaf Spa the other day and was surprised that my favorite masseur–the most angelic-looking “bad boy” therapist of Bayleaf–Louie was in the house. So, of course, I got him.  After the 1.5-hour session I can say he is now much better in many aspects of his service, great massage, very courteous, and very mindful of your relaxation and satisfaction.

Here’s another old photo of Louie (tatooed guy, shirtless, third from left) —


The guy has even better body definition now, only thing that did not change is his winsome smile and very maasikaso approach. I shall be back, Louie!

For inquiries about Bay Leaf Spa’s services (including their famous “Signature Massage” or “Sigma”) please call (02) 624-9713, 0917-884-0488. They also do home and hotel service.

Free HIV testing for men
Open to all men who like men — sign up now:


Who: Men – all types, preferences, age, shapes, and sizes!
What: Free testing for HIV, Syphilis, and Hepa B
When: 29 June 2014 – walk-in between 9AM to 4PM
Where: Victoria Court Malate (near Quirino LRT station)
Fee: P0.00 (it’s totally free!)

Sign up now:

No need to bring anything, no need to fast, just bring yourself — walk-in and say, LoveYourself or #BoomPatest — and we’ll assist you.


A one-of-a-kind wholesome group meet-up for discreet men. On Saturday evening, 24 May 2014, 6-9 PM. Classy venue on Taft Ave., Malate, Manila. P300 door fee, includes dinner.  Only selected participants (maximum 30) shall be sent invites and venue details. Limited slots – please register now. Final confirmation – go to at

If you have questions, email


Dear MEG
 Sa una kong work 5years din akong sidewalk vendor,may kahina ang akin mata
may kapitbahay ako na magaling mag lettering graduate sia ng basic seaman course  at may certificate blanko walang PANGALAN sia kasi sia ang nag lettering mga pangalan ng certificate
At sa pangalan ko nilagay lahat ng document ng bilang basic seaman course na mayroon sia ang ginawa nia ako. sa POEA ng ipapasok ko na ang document para maregestry ang seamanbook ko ay nalusutan ko,lakas ng loob na lang kung paano ko malulusutan ang interview sa POEA kailangan ko gawin yon ang best na  gagawin ko para magkapera at makapag abroad 8years lahat ng pagtitiis, masasakit na salita tangap ng tangap na  lang salitang dignidad ay wala na sa akin, inisip ko ang kapatid ko ang situation ng buhay ng pamilya namin
Nag aral din ako ng ASSOCIATE MARINE ENGEERING pero di pumapasok sa ulo ko ang pag aaral
 tumigil ako sa pagiging seaman , inayawan na ako ng dati kong shipping company dahil dami nagrereklamo sa akin ang mga kasamahan ko dahil mabagal daw ako malulungkutin,di ako makasabay sa kasamahan ko seaman sa lahat ng bagay pero may naawa din sa akin, ang iba naiinis, kaya nagpasya ako tumigil na sa pagseaman at tapos na ang dalawa kong kapatid, para di sila mapariwara
sa perang naipon sinubukan ko magtiwala sa cousin sa teacher sa brother ko at sa internet pyramiding pero walang bumalik sa ngayon bahay na lang ang tangi kong inaasahan nagpaupa ako ng bahay may 10years na rin nakakasurvive din
nag umpisa ang kamalasan ko ng pumatol ako sa 18yrs old na lalaki, sinamantala ko ang kanyang kagipitan ng may kapalit na sex , nag sunod sunod na ang paghahanap ko na panadalian aliw kahit di satify ang kapatner ko dahil sa kaliitan ng akin kargada ko , dinaan ko na lang sa romansa at patira sa puwet para lang makaraos ang patner ko,pero isang bagay lang ang di ko magawa ang makisama ng matagalan parang nasanay na ko na mag isa at maghanap ng iba
Noong bata pa ko napipigilan ko ang tukso at iwas sa mga bagay na masagwa pero pilit nila pina mumukha na bading ako dahil malamya ako amg salita at mabagal kumilos

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Dear Migs,

I want to know your opinion about this. Lately I’ve been watching gay porn and sometimes masturbate with it. It started out as curiosity. when I was a kid I’ve been watching porn together with my dad. Funny? but it’s true. So my dad loved to watch men-female porn which in fact turns me on. I get horny. I even watched it all alone. But when I’m in college I’ve met several gay friends and they invite me to have sex. I said no to their invitation. Then I was curious why they do it. So I researched about it untill I dare to watch gay porn. Honestly it turned me on. I get horny especially when I hear guys moaning. I told it to my best friend and he said to me I’m gay. I’m not gay…am I? I love guys but I don’t find them sexual partners. Help me to understand things…

Sincerely Your,

* * *

Dear Mao,

If you are aroused by gay porn, most probably you will be aroused by the real thing too. Looks like you have not tried having gay sex. Try it — I don’t see anything wrong with trying it out. (Safer sex ha! Always use condoms and lube.)

Try to keep learning more about yourself. If you find that you are really attracted to men — then no problem :) Welcome to the club! It may be hard to accept at first, but definitely worth it to know this essential part of yourself.

Good luck and be happy!


What do you think of open relationships among gay men? Listen in to our newest fabcast!

Music credits:
“Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” by Stars
“The Game Is On” (from the soundtrack of BBC’s Sherlock, season 1) by David Arnold & Michael Price
“Nobody’s Perfect” by Madonna

A casual get together for “discreet men” has been set on May 24, 2014. It is a wholesome and meaningful get together for men who are questioning, curious, or simply looking for kindred spirits. The venue will be in the Timog/Morato area (Quezon City). For those who would like to be considered to be invited to the event, register here:–OMNMtBgfylyG0uCvIh8ISFQG4A2dACcC0/viewform

Upwards of 80% newly-diagnosed PLHIVs (People Living With HIV) are males who have sex with males (MSMs). People Like Us. Simply, us. Why?

Is it because we are having too much sex? Because we are going against nature, and nature’s way of telling us to back off is to terminate our kind by spraying us off with HIV?

Some give more rational reasons, the most plausible I’ve heard of is about stigma. But is this it, really? I have a different view.

I think many of us, because we were born this way, as were gradually gaining consciousness through our formative years, build on a sense of innate brokenness — we grow up and as we look within our families, we see we are different. We are not like ate, kuya, we are not like mom, much less like dad. We grow up alone, detached, and yet we learned how to adjust somehow, to normalize things externally. We do good in school, and many of us even finish with flying, scintillating colors. We do many, many good, if not great, things, and we are accepted, we get to belong, somehow.

But deep inside, we have left that innate brokenness unaddressed — hidden behind the shadows of bright accomplishments (or in some cases, the exact opposite). This innate brokenness eventually expresses itself in our carelessness with ourselves, our thirst for things despite the high risks involved. The gym became the sanctuary of many to achieve bodily perfection, something that somehow–but not quite–replaces the innate brokenness. Every trick, every “take-home” is a trophy to be offered to that internal god that constantly demands for external approval. “I had sex with that good looking guy, therefore I am desirable and attractive, right?” Splurging on high-ticket expenses– that red sports car, that penthouse loft, that Php13M piece of furniture–all to appease that sneaky feeling that one is not enough, so such expense, or the status symbol it actually buys, would compensate.

The reason for the concentrated HIV epidemic among MSMs is not too much sex — it is in the why of that sex. It is in the reasons why it seems okay not to take care of one’s self.

We will not solve HIV with just condoms, lubes, and testing till kingdom come. We need to start digging into ourselves, and ask difficult questions. Those that would cause us to reexamine how we really look at ourselves, how really have we embraced and accepted who we are as a human being with no innate crack or brokenness, just because we’re different. Dig deeper and you will meet a child–perhaps your 5-year-old self–and when you finally do, ask him what would make things better today. This is the HIV silver bullet.


Natuklasan ko lang ang blog mo Migz by accident.. At simula noon isa na ako sa mga loyal fans mo… hahahaha..

Itago mo na lang ako sa pangalang “Chokie” 32 years old. Nagtatrabaho dito sa isa mga US Military base dito sa Afghanistan.. Nagsimula ang storyang ito just recently..

Tulad ng karamihan dinanas ko rin ang pangungutya dahil sa aking kasarian. Bata pa lang ako nakikitaan na ako ng aking magulang, kapatid at mga pinsan na kakaiba ako. Noong una naging mahigpit sila hanggan sa ako’y nagtapos sa kolehiyo. At sa pagkakataong iyon, pinayuhan ako ng aking tiyahin na kung talagang di na mababago ang aking pagkatao sinabi na lang niya na dapat kaya kong panindigan ang aking piniling buhay basta nandiyan lang sila na handang gumabay at sumuporta sa akin. Oo masasabi kung open ako sa lahat na bakla ako at di ko kinakahiya sa harap ng karamihan pero hindi naman ako yung naglalandi sa publiko, simple lang akong kumilos.

Sa edad kong ito di ko pa naranasang magkaroon ng BF o serious relationship sa lalaki, kahit halos ipagnovena ko na para lang mapagbigyan ang aking hiling… hahahahah :)

Marami na akong napupusuan na lalaki at sa panahon na feeling ko ay mapupunta na sa pagiging OK ang lahat meron nangyayaring di maganda kaya ending NGANGA ako palagi puro hanging ang ending di natutuloy.

At ito na naman ako I’ve meet this guy here in my workplace, magka opisina kami dito. Itago natin sa pangalang MR, 28 years old.

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Sweet pa rin ang peg kahit sizzling shirtless na! Hi, Tom!