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“Not just me but (I think) there are hundreds of guys out there getting their rocks off in the MRT everyday.

How do I know? Almost EVERYTIME I ride, some guy starts groping me, at times reaching in to get a feel of my (frankly speaking big fat) d*ck.

I let them. It’s safe & I must admit quite exciting.

You may be curious of what kind of guys? All sorts. I’m mestizo (fair skinned & toned – no kidding) and very masculine which I guess very attractive despite my being quite mature.

My taste in men are MEN – brawny, brown and masculine (“”we””)- believe it or not I do get these types in the MRT. I’m not sure if they do it on purpose but their body pressed to mine (you know how it is during rush hour) makes both of us get h*rd.

I think yesterday’s young man was a security guard – exactly my type.

So thanks to all the guys that makes my daily commute a pleasant experience!”


idk if you call it rape or molested but i was “touched” by my older boy cousin (4years older) when i was maybe 6 or 7 or 8yo. we were in iloilo with the whole clan (my family, his family and etc) we were like 15 pax at that time for our yearly vacation. anyway, we were grouped in one room together with my other cousins. it was night time when it happened. i was on the pull out bed. he went down and i can still remember his exact words in ilonggo “diin na pitoy mo? ari pitoy ko.” (where is your dick? here’s my dick) he grabbed my dick and started playing with it. until now, tinitigasan ako when i remember it and when we’re together, like the two of us, it is sooooooooooo awkward! like omg kind of awkward. kahit we’re in a big group with other cousins, awkward pa rin pero not as awkward if kami lang dalawa. that’s the 1st story.

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It’s Just Beverage-poster

There will be a special February get together for Discreet Men on Feb. 20, 2016, 7 PM at a discreet location along Taft Avenue. Those interested can register for invites at

There will be a door fee of P500 to cover the cost of venue and drinks.

gotas de lluvia sobre hoja de laurel

To ‘rest on your laurels’ means that you get lazy or complacent about what you could achieve because you’re too busy basking in the memories of former glories.

Former manager and star masseurs of that spa on Quezon Avenue have reinvented themselves on the heels of the closure of their former establishment named Bayleaf. Definitely not resting on their laurels, and pushing themselves to provide an even better experience to massage patrons, they have turned over a new leaf and built a new and reinvigorated place called HOJA DE LAUREL (or HDL for short).

Starting this week they will be on “by invitation” mode. I recommend to try their heavenly Turkish Bath with their Signature Massage. You may request for an available schedule by contacting their spa manager at 0917-9117821. Their location is beside Heartbeat Mega KTV, across Capitol Medical Center.

Aaaaand…. if you are curious on who to try as your therapist — try my therapist Yael. There is “ok” massage, there is good massage, but Yael’s is excellent, just a hue lower than sobresaliente.


Discreet meet, a meetup for discreet men, happening this Saturday. For the chosen participants, no need to feel jittery. It’s just conversation.

See you guys.


I have received more than 370 requests to join the Discreet Meet on December 19. However I can only accommodate a small number due to space constraints and also so that it be an intimate, small get together.

For those who will not receive an acknowledgement SMS from me, that means I was not able to select you for this round. Thank you and I will arrange another one soon, maybe early 2016.

For those who were able to receive invites, looking forward to a fruitful meet-up.


Discreet men sometimes feel marginalized — it is tough to meet men of the same persuasion. They don’t normally get to mix with other discreet men, unless it is for sex. This get together will be a non-sexually-charged meet. To be friends with fellow discreet guys — that is our goal. Save the date – December 19, 2015, Saturday, 5 PM. Very few slots available – get an invite by registering via this registration form.

Hi Migs,

I was deeply attracted and had feelings for a close friend of mine who is straight but is bisexual at times. I am bisexual. me and him have been intimate with each other numerous of times but I started falling for him hard so I stopped hanging with him and talking to him for awhile and wasn’t having sex with him. well I decided to move back in at his house a couple months ago and we started back messin around here and there and now I’ve kinda caught feelings for him again. I try to shake those feelings as much as I can and try to push them to the side but it makes me want him even more. he is cool messin around from time to time but said he would never date a guy and I would love to be in a relationship with him. I don’t know what to do. I need some serious advice.

– M.N.


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Kosmos YOLO

Free HIV testing on Sunday, November 29, 2015 at Victoria Court North EDSA Caloocan. You may just walk in (no ID needed), or register online at

MRMS FRATPAD profile photos for PR

Advocacy group, LoveYourself, Inc., in partnership with HIVOS and City Government of Mandaluyong, brings an exceptional beauty pageant with a purpose to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS to targeted populations, including males who have sex with males (MSMs) and the youth.

The “Mr. and Ms. Fratpad 2015” banks on promoting self-worth, while fostering unity and camaraderie among LGBT sub-communities to achieve a common goal of preventing and ending misconceptions on HIV/AIDS in the country.

Interestingly, the 21 candidates of the pageant are all biologically males, in which eleven (11) contestants are confidently donning as hunks, while the ten (10) others are courageously draping as beauties.

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