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MRMS FRATPAD profile photos for PR

Advocacy group, LoveYourself, Inc., in partnership with HIVOS and City Government of Mandaluyong, brings an exceptional beauty pageant with a purpose to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS to targeted populations, including males who have sex with males (MSMs) and the youth.

The “Mr. and Ms. Fratpad 2015” banks on promoting self-worth, while fostering unity and camaraderie among LGBT sub-communities to achieve a common goal of preventing and ending misconceptions on HIV/AIDS in the country.

Interestingly, the 21 candidates of the pageant are all biologically males, in which eleven (11) contestants are confidently donning as hunks, while the ten (10) others are courageously draping as beauties.

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DIAMOND DISCREET MEET is a small gathering of select men. If you think you are a discreet guy wanting to connect with others of your kind, this gathering is for you.


Happening on 19 December 2015, Saturday at 5 PM in a discreet location in Mandaluyong City. To be invited, please fill out this discreet form.


I was supposed to fly to Bangkok last night but it so happened that due to the APEC carmageddon, the usually 1-hour drive to NAIA exploded to 6 hours. My uber driver was patient, and I was too, but patience was not enough. In short, I missed my flight, and exhausted me, after walking, running, rolling, and tumbling to the airport went home hungry and bone-weary. I thought to myself, I need to do something a bit different to deal with this temporary trauma. I needed some magic. So magic I called for. SMSd the magic number and called for home service massage.

His name was Hiro. I remember him distinctly as he was my therapist the very first time I visited the defunct Bay Leaf Spa in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. I met him in January 2012 and almost 4 years later, I am visited in my humble abode by this guy for a home service massage. The moment he stepped into my entrance door, I noticed that he has changed considerably — still chinito and guwapo, but I sensed a certain confidence, gravitas, underneath that winsome, cheerful smile. He has also put on a fair amount of muscle mass, not too much, but just right for one to feel the urge to hug and be lost inundated by that masculine embrace. Of course I did not throw myself to him — not right away — I composed myself and offered him to sit on my chesterfield. Brought out some drinks but he insisted on water only. Who am I to say to disagree, as I know full well that this is just the calm before the storm? Hahaha!

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Lahat ng pangyayari ay magaganap sa naitakdang oras. Ito, para sa iyo, ang iniakmang pagkakataon. Ito ang tamang panahon. Free and confidential HIV test sa Nov. 29, 2015, Linggo, Victoria Court North EDSA, Caloocan.

Tamang Panahon HIV test


Allow me to publish this note I received from a mother named Jennifer, who’s just beaming with pride because of her son. Jennifer – I am so proud of you! Dear readers, send Jennifer a dose of your rainbow thoughts and wishes!

Dear Migs,

Last week, my 7-year-old was on the football field happily holding hand with another little boy. After the game, as we were returning home, I asked him if he is gay. He said yes. I asked him if the neighbor girl was still his girlfriend. He said, “we’re just friends”. I explained that some people like boys and girls, and asked if he did. He replied, “I kind of like girls, but I’m gay”. I consider this a parenting win. I’m so proud that my child feels safe saying, “I’m gay”, without fear of judgement from his parents.



Hi Kuya Migs!

I identify myself as a young closeted *confused* lad, jacking off to numerous gay porn, fantasizing big (chubby/muscular) bodies etc, reading some gay fanfiction. movies about gay life etc. but I just really cannot connect or being friends with guys.

Everytime I am seeing a guy,regardless of where I am right now (In freshman year in college somewhere in Taft) my first impression ko sa kanila was the arrogant & cocky type, yung tipong mahilig mang-trip/mang-asar ng ibang tao. Also pala, yung mga typical interests ng mga boys, like online gaming, dota, some anime, basketball, sports, cars etc. never nakong nagkaroon ng interest.

And everytime some guy/manong calls me “pare”, “boss”, “brad” etc. I cringe… I really don’t know why. Maybe that I’ve developed some form of misandry or an identity crisis that I had experienced since my elementary days, where almost no boy wants to befriend me. I only had girls as my friends since then. Nagtuloy-tuloy ito during my highschool days, where most of guys in my age visit computer shops & playing basketball but I never had any interests in those things, as in wala talaga, hindi ako mag-clclick sa kanila (baka pati na rin sa inyo).

And the result is, wala akong naging kaibigan na mga lalaki ever since. Dahil nga, how can I be friends with them if I really do not have a common interest with them, e ano paguusapan natin?

And sadly, i’m really attracted physically & sexually to guys, gusto ko na nga maging babae eh.. 😛

I need some answers about my real identity is… wag kayong magagalit o maoffend sa mga words na nabasa nyo. :-)

– Renzo

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[Posted September 3, 2015] Hi all – just a short announcement – to the patrons, clients, and future clients of Bayleaf Spa: they are currently in the process of moving and the new place is being renovated now. Fortunately they still offer home/hotel service during this period. Text or call 09179117821.


Never in my wildest fantasies did I think that this blog would reach its 9th year. Siyam na taon na pong namamayagpag ang blog na ito. Siguro yung mga totoy at nene na nagbabasa 9 years ago ay medyo nagka-edad na rin at nagka-experience na ng malupet, hahaha! Hugs – at tandaan, mahal kayo ni Migs the Manila Gay Guy! Mwah! WORLD PEACE!!!

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Ang nakakalokang online novel na pinagbibidahan ni Ash at Trey :) Basahin at kiligin hahaha!

Basahin dito.