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WHAT IS HIV? Get it straight from Miss Universe 2015 and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific, Pia Wurtzbach.

Watch the video to learn how HIV is transmitted and how you can protect yourself. Take control of your life. Get tested and know your status.

For free and confidential HIV testing, you can go to any of these three clinics in Metro Manila: LoveYourself Uni, LoveYourself Anglo, Victoria by LoveYourself. Walk-ins are welcome and HIV test results in 1-2 hours!

Happy holidays! Lucky us that while the holiday rush sometimes gives us that weary, sad feeling — for whatever reason — we have the maalaga male therapists of Hoja de Laurel ready to pamper and take care of us. Not only that, the spa also offers the following exciting promos that maximize relaxation and pleasure without drying up our gold bar reserves, hehehe! Here are the promos of Hoja de Laurel spa, my fave, as you can see.


The elite cards are my favorite! For the price, call or text 09167819774 or 09179117821, and mention Migs of MGG — be nice to the other person on the other end of the line and you might just get the cards at a special discount. Go for the RED card — the most powerful one! HA!

And here’s their year-round promo (daily, 2-9 pm only). Just pop in any day within the appointed time, and mention that you want to avail of the promo you found at MGG, and you’re good to go! Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are a steal at 50% off!

You are not alone.

Discreet men, you are not alone. There are others like you. Would you like to meet some of them in a safe and affirming space? Register now for there are only a few slots left:

November 11, 2017 — would you like to meet other guys who are also discreet?
A one-of-a-kind wholesome group meet-up for discreet men. On Saturday evening, discreet venue in Mandaluyong. P300 door fee, includes food and drinks. Selected participants shall be sent invites and venue details. Limited slots.

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Heard from reliable sources that my long-time fave therapist is back at Hoja de Laurel (Quezon Avenue, Quezon City). One of the more good looking ones too. Name is Kenneth. I remember his massage as consistently slow and thorough, not leaving any relevant muscle fiber unattended.

Text Hoja to reserve a slot for their sigma (signature massage). Hoja is reachable via +63 917 911 7821.

Been getting more and more emails asking where to get the best male massage in the metro. This blog has been so biased since 7 years ago — but that’s okay, haha!

Male Massage at Hoja de Laurel

I would say “Hoja de Laurel” because this is where I feel safe and taken care of by its stable of maasikaso male therapists (try Froilan, Hiro, or James!) Contact 0917-911-7821 and ask about their signature (sensual) massage!

Hi Migs,

I never had an idea about you and your blog——until I bought one of your books out of curiosity.
Then I started to visit your blog and realized that I am not alone…that there are gay guys I can relate to. Just a different name, different sizes and different identities but we belong in just one community.

Here’s my story, I grew up in province and I used to be this effeminate gay guy until college. After graduation I decided to find a job here in Manila, and I don’t know why but I decided to change myself—-I mean, my preferences about everything. I started working out, bought new clothes and tried my best to really make myself look presentable and manly. I did all these things because I thought, that by becoming more manly, It’ll be easier for me to meet someone… someone I can call my partner.

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Much has changed and we now see better acceptance of gay, bisexual, and questioning men in Philippine urban society. Despite this, many of us still feel the need to hide parts of who we truly are. With a great (but many times unconscious) desire to conform to what we think others expect of us, we follow paths that inadvertently disconnect us from the authentic yearnings of our core. This oftentimes translates to inexplicable feelings of emptiness or being stuck, perennial thoughts of being in the wrong job or wrong career path, or recurring experiences of failed relationships.

The Men’s Retreat, through a set of non-religious activities and lecturettes done within a weekend, will use the power of self-awareness and community to enable you to appreciate where you are in your current life, identify limiting beliefs and behaviors, and chart a new and more core-connected way forward.

Enjoy quality time with the most important person in your life–YOU. The weekend getaway is a hilltop retreat house just half-an-hour away from Ortigas, in a safe and affirming space designed for insightful introspection. Join the Men’s Retreat and start your journey to authentic and wholehearted living.

May 20-21, 2017. Register via

Hi Kuya Migs,

I need help kuya.

I’ve been a quiet reader for the past few years. Always thought about sending in a letter, but felt that my problems were miniscule in comparison to the ones being sent in. That is until today.

I’m Jamie (not my real name), a 23 year old IT professional in a bank at The Fort. My biggest issue in life prior to today, was that I was alone. I’ve never been in a relationship with either a girl or a boy. I’ve only kissed one person in my life and it was the same boy who I experimented with when I was in grade school.

I’d like to think I’m a smart guy, reflecting the education my parent’s paid for, and a values-oriented person, reflecting how I was raised by my parents. Eventhough I’ve known I was gay since I was watching Speed Racer (the cartoons) when I was a kid, I knew that I was going to be a bit traditional when it comes to my (future) relationships – that I won’t have sex on the first date, monogamy, a commitment ceremony (instead of a wedding), 2.5 kids (adopted or via surrogate), and a dog.

So tonight was a shock for me, because somehow in a single date I managed to destroy my belief system. For a smart guy, I did stupid pretty well.

I was on sick leave today, recovering from a bad asthma attack the previous day. I intended to stay in the entire day. Aside from TV, my only distraction was logging on to a gay social network’s chatroom application. I never took the people there seriously. So it was with a surprise that Gabby (not his real name), an 18 year old kid who’s in the same city as I, was very persistent in meeting me. I got concerned that he was appearing very eager to meet up that I acquiesced at the last minute to meet him – only to meet him. If only so he won’t be taken advantage of by other people.

So I went to the meeting place, met him and saw a tall (taller than my 5’7″), bigger (arms and torso more built than mine) and good looking kid. One of the first few things I told him was that he should be careful of who he was meeting, that he was appearing to eager to meet up. He actually seemed chastised that I felt bad for him. So I went and bought us drinks. When the area we were in became crowded, I suggested we talk in my dad’s van which I brought to the venue. It was there that Gabby disclosed his real age. He was not 18, he was only 14.

I was shocked to say the very least. He didn’t look 14 at all, he was like a boy in a man’s body.

What ensued was line after line after lecture after speech, about how dangerous it was to do this kind of thing. He seemed embarassed after that. I asked if he wanted to go home, he said he was going to wait for his cousins to pick him up. So we spent the next half hour talking about ourselves – him sharing his parent’s pressure on him to excel at school, and I sharing my experiences when I was his age. I don’t know how it happened, but after a while we were holding hands.

I told him I still can’t believe he’s 14. That his hand covered mine, bigger, rougher, compared to my slender and softer hand.

I remember telling him how adult-youth relationships end up with the adult being charged with statutory rape. And that he should be careful, for both himself and the guy he was with.

But for all my speeches, all it took for me to crumble was him pulling my head to his and planting a soft kiss. I know I should’ve pulled away and sent him home, but I didn’t. I wasn’t thinking anymore. What was in my head was how long it was that a strong pair of arms was around me and how long it was since I was kissed by a handsome guy. Long story short, I ended up making out with him, jacking him, sucking him off. In my dad’s van. In the parking lot.

He wanted to reciprocate, but it was only then that I got my senses back and begged off. Telling him that a security guard was now roaming the lot. We made out a bit more, but I drove him to just outside his village right after.

Gabby’s now texting lovey dovey messages, and I can’t help but reply. He is such a dashing young man and I’ve never felt anything like what I felt with him in my life. But I know I crossed a line.

I need help kuya. What do I do?


PS. I told him to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Told him he’s the Bridget to my Eric.

Dear Kuya Migs,

I am sitting at our boarding house’s roof. I wanted to take a breather from all the noise down below so that I can think about what to write and how to expose my greatest fear and ask for your advice.

I have been an avid reader of your blog, back then it was dominated by letters from people like us who are confused about something or when they need reassurance that it is okay for us to live this kind of life. I too was like them for the most part. I didn’t have any peers I could talk matters like these with, I don’t have that many friends who chose the same path as I did and most of all I hadn’t been totally true to myself. I would like to tell you how much it means to me that you and your blog exist. I could have gone blind forever, unmindful and ignorant of the things I should be aware of. You were clearly a “kuya” to me. I might never have the chance to meet you but still I know you are family.

Lately I haven’t been able to dream. I can’t seem to look at the future. I believe in living in the present, though I sometimes dwell on the past but I was never a visionary of the future up until when I realized how much it would help me to straighten myself up if I look forward to something that hasn’t been realized yet.

To say that I dream to be a journalist or a writer would be an understatement, I want to become one. To be one that is honed and almost perfected, to write to express not impress has always been the rule I have followed or at least tried my best to abide to. This semester I am on my third year, and knowing what I want to be when I finally graduate I’m sure you can make a guess on the course I am taking up.

So here is what hinders me from totally realizing my dream. I am scared to be HIV positive. I sort of engaged on this stuff when I had the word teen attached on my age. It sort of became a routine when I was at my senior year in high school. Now I am 19, and am trying to straighten up and make the most of this last teen year, but this feeling of unease due to being aware that such a disease is not just something that people older than me are vulnerable to I started to become scared. By then stories of young men falling to the ground like mosquitos like what you said started to surface and I tried to deny it to myself that I am at risk too. I felt that I should do some research about it, its signs and symptoms, and I tried to evaluate myself if I have experienced those things, and I really am scared. I’m not sure yet but still the thought of having a death sentence was way too much for me, just when I started to worry about my future, just when I started to dream big for myself and for my family and just when I found the reason to live.

I want to get myself tested, so that I may be able to know my fate but I don’t have someone to accompany me to a place where I can get tested. Most of you guys from MGGFF are from Manila, and I’m here in the city where the Duterte’s govern. I’m also scared that if I get tested people would know my classmates, my teachers, and the school I am in. I’m not the type of person who wants to drag others in my demise; I just want to know so that if and if I fall in love with someone I can avoid him and not exposing him to the risk of being infected.

I want to know so that I could slowly start saying my goodbyes, make the most of the years left, reach for my dreams so that the only regret in my life would be not being careful, being too naïve and being weak in the face of temptation.

I want to ask God to spare me from that damned virus but I’m scared to tell Him that. I am not worthy to ask such from the Divine Being who gave me life. I wasted it. So I ask from you to tell me what I should do. I want to know so badly, I want to get this weight of my chest and I want to make up for the mistakes I have done to my family. Help me kuya Migs and oh . . .

my name is K.

* * *

Dear K,