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Watched “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” and resolved to myself – I’m gonna watch it one more time! I’ll leave the serious theatre reviewing to the Gibbs Cadizes of this world, but let me itemize the reasons why #LeadingLadyTheMusical is going to be a PETA box-office hit:

1. ENTERTAINING TO THE MAX! Glad to have the same triumvirate of Zsa-zsa Zaturnnah whip this magic sarap up! Thank you, Chris Martinez, Vincent de Jesus, and Carlo Vergara. The ZZZ vibe is strong in this one!

2. POWERCAST! Bito Aguila, Frenchie Dy, Menchu Lauchenco-Yulo, and Markki Stroem. These are big names you will see in the poster. But after the show, you know you should remember more names. More than just big names, talent in the powerhouse cast is overflowing. Worthy to mention, so watch out for them: Nar Cabico, JC Santos, Vince Lim, and Kim Molina.

3. PROUDLY PINOY! The story and music will triumphantly bring the “yaya meal” to fiesta gastronomica levels! In other words, #KPANLL feels good.

4. And finally, Leading Man will give you *nice* dreams long after you watch. Hihi. Imagine towel-clad Markki Stroem singing you your heartsong.

Go watch, and see you in the theatre!

Finally Free HIV Test

Free and confidential HIV test
**No ID required!**
Just come and have your test – privately and confidentially, for free!
May 17, 2015, Sunday
10AM to 7PM 5PM
For more details, pre-register here:

Confidential at private na, FREE pa!
Same-day results.
Facilitated by friendly and affirming volunteers and staff.


Based on comments recently piling up — lots of MGG readers are taking interest in daddies: mature, manly guys who happen to like other guys. DILFs? Dads I’d Love to (be) Friends with. Hehe!

So… it got me thinking, how about a discreet meet-up for dads and dad-lovers? Yes?

If you are – let me know here << click click!

Hi MGG at sa lahat ng readers:
nakita ko lng sa news feed ko itong Manilagayguy at nag enjoy ako magbasa ng mga posts..
anyways, call me miko (not my real name)
and here’s my problem,
I have been in a 20-month relationship with this guy, my fb crush that I met unexpectedly, tried to ask on a date at yun nadevelop kami.. mejo sikat sya sa social networks kasi gwapo, maganda katawan, the typical hot guy (unlike me na hnd gaano gwapo, mejo chubby) and with it comes the typical problems na marami nagkakagusto, maraming flirt, maraming kachat.
nung bago pa kmi wla pko smartphone sya nka iphone and I can see na may gay dating apps sya grindr, wechat, jackd, hornet, planetromeo lately ko lng nalaman na hindi lang chat ang purpose nung mga apps na yun at lately lang din siguro before kami mag 1 year na nagaway kami dahil sa kachat/txt nya kya napa uninstall ko s knya lahat ng apps na yun.. kya lang mrami pa rin sya ka flirt sa facebook and wechat, and nagkaron pa ng tinder, kaya pinatanggal ko din facebook nalang natira, pero gnun pa din marami p din sya kachat na mas poging lalaki, which made me more insecure and jealous.. mahirap pala magselos, nakakabaliw, nakakapraning, yung tipong pag solo sya sa bahay iisipin mo na may pinapapapunta syang iba, yung gusto mo malaman kung nsan sya anu gnagawa nya.. gusto mo sya laging bantayan..

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Hello Migs!

You can call me Nico and I’m an avid reader of your blog. Since your blog also works as an avenue for communication and awareness about everything LGBT, I want to share a story:

Nangyari ‘to nung April 1, 2015 around 2:30AM. Binuksan ko grindr ko para magcruise at syempre maghanap din ng panandaliang aliw. Biglang may nagmessage sakin– nag-aayang mag-threesome. LOOKING FOR 3SUM name niya, 32yrs old at headless/topless ang primary pic niya.

Sinend yung pic niya at yung kasama niya; mukhang okay silang dalawa. Kalbo, may balbas, at malaman ang katawan ang nag-aya samantalang buff at maputi naman yung isa. Ang location nila? Sa tabi lang ng bahay namin (may motel along JP Rizal sa Makati, kahelera ng bakery at 7-11). Sabi ko makikinood na lang ako (dahil mukhang hindi para sa akin ang threesome, given my average look and large body) Pumayag siya na manood na lang ako. Never had any threesome experience, and I never thought of joining one. However, I want to watch and experience seeing two people having live action.

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Friends, both online and offline, often ask me — who do you recommend for an evening of relaxing massage?

I ask back, male or female?

They smile, and I know. “Gusto ko kasi yung hard massage.”

Char. You don’t have to give me that. I understand.

Louie is not a particularly hard massager. He gives just the right pressure. What delights is the way he makes you feel his TLC. And perhaps his very Pinoy looks, caramel-skinned, inked to bad-boy perfection. Without further ado, here, salivate.


More photos up ahead!

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John is uptight and closeted. He is perfectly happy letting life pass him by, preferring the safety of loneliness for fear of getting hurt. He reluctantly returns to his hometown when his sister, Gibby, drags him to Basaan, the town’s annual festival. There, he runs into Trey, an old friend of his who he is secretly in love with. The vibrant and spirited Trey calls out John’s current way of life, challenging him to take part in it. John finally lets his guard down, but it may be too late for him.


FINAL Cherry Poppin POSTER - online

Come and join the CHERRY POPPIN’ Singles Soiree, a post-Valentine poolside rooftop party in Makati on February 21, 2015.

Meet and mingle with other strapping bi/gay guys, share dating stories and dance to the hypnotic beats of Boys Can Trance. Snag a date at our charity auction featuring sweet and sexy guys that just might be worthy of your cherry lips.

This event is open to everyone. Guys, girls, singles, gay couples and all those fuzzy shades in between!

Limited tickets on sale at Php 250 each, inclusive of a free drink. Event starts 5PM and lasts till midnight at the rooftop area of West of Ayala Bldg., 252 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

Casual Convos
Looking for a post-Valentine’s pick me up?
CHERRY POPPIN’ Singles Soiree kicks off with casual conversations on singlehood and dating. Chat the afternoon away in carefree café-style sessions on finding yourself, finding love, dating and courtship and being in a relationship. Know more about yourself and that cute guy across you!

Date Auction
Then the night heats up with a fun date auction. Get a chance to go out on a date with our featured hot guys. Take your pick from a handsome indie film actor, a sexy accountant, a hunky banker, a buff BPO guy, and a boy-next-door entrepreneur. These men will surely stimulate your mind and mesmerize your heart on a fancy dinner—just the two of you.

We also have mystery auctions that will make your heart flutter when they are revealed and put up for bidding at the event itself.

Winning bidders will get an all-expense paid dinner date for 2 and a couple’s massage session. These are made possible with the help of our sponsors: Aesthetic Science, Bliss Pleasure Enhancing Lubricants, The Sanctuary, and The Pulse.

Poolside Party
Throughout the CHERRY POPPIN’ Singles Soiree, the Boys Can Trance takes the temperature higher with sick beats and lively music. Feel free to dance with your gang, newfound friends or that handsome stranger you’ve been eyeing.

For ticket inquiries, contact 09063228873 or sign up at Ticket sales and auction proceeds will help raise funds for the benefit of LoveYourself, an advocacy dedicated to HIV testing and awareness.

West of Ayala Map v02

One evening, I was at Bellini’s, that old but cozy Italian resto in Cubao X. Towards the end of a wonderful pasta dinner, one of two friends quipped – “I think I want to go for a massage after this.”

The other one says him too, and the next thing I knew, the duo is wailing for me to go with them. “But I only go to this place in QC,” I replied.


I called the manager, asked if I can bring along the two chaps and if they can be given discounts too. In no time, we were on our way.

The first chap got Yael. The other had Aldrin. And I had Allen.

* * *

Bayleaf Spa is my home spa. I love it there because the massage is real – not a sorry excuse for some hanky panky; they really do good massage, at least those masseurs I get ha. I always get their SigMa – short for Signature Massage, because while being a real, good legit massage, it does contain some titillating moves, just enough for you to come back for more.

* * *

The evening ended with the 3 of us with ear-to-ear smiles. One of the 2 chaps came to me after, saying – now I know why you come only here.

If you happen to try Bayleaf Spa I highly recommend Allen. If he’s not around, ask for the spa manager and tell him Migs recommended you – he knows what to do :)


Bayleaf Spa – Unit E, Marren Building, 1157 Quezon Ave., Quezon City.
Spa manager 09179117821
09178840488, (02) 6249713




December 1, 2014 – 2PM

Go to

In observance of World AIDS Day, the U.S. Embassy in Manila, in partnership with Miriam College-Women and Gender Institute, will hold a forum entitled “Knowing is Living” on December 1, 2014 starting 2:00PM (Philippine Standard Time).

The event will be livestreamed to the public online. There will also be viewing parties in Cebu and Davao at the American Corners.

The forum provides an opportunity to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and encourage HIV testing. Speakers include people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) who strongly advocate for HIV/AIDS education and support campaigns to provide better services for PLHIV. Other speakers will also discuss the importance of HIV/AIDS testing and procedures.


– Wanggo Gallaga
Person living with HIV, writer and HIV advocate

Wanggo Gallaga publicly disclosed his HIV status on World AIDS Day in 2008. Since then, he has been sharing his story in television, radio, articles in magazines and newspapers, and live events to raise awareness about HIV.

Wanggo is a freelance writer who contributes to magazines and websites and mostly writes reviews on film and plays. He also writes poetry and film and has written the movies Sonata and T’yanak.

– Ronivin Pagtakhan
Executive Director, Love Yourself

Ronnievinn Garcia Pagtakhan is a registered nurse in the Philippines and US. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Manila where he took his BS Nursing degree with honors, and PWU and UP Manila for his MA and MS Nursing degree.

He has been an educator since he was 19,  and currently a faculty member of Mapua Institute of Technology, Centro Escolar University, UP core-group review CENE LEARN and other national nursing board review centers around the Philippines. He was among the topnotchers for the nursing board exam in 2004 and a university scholar.
He has been active in socio-civic activities since his college days where he was part of the UP USC (student council)

He co-authored a book entitled National Board Exam Review Notes by CENE publishing.  He was recognized recently after won the 2011 Twitter Oscars Shorty Awards as the Nurse of the Year (@twitrnurse), the first Filipino to win the said international awards.

He was one of the 2011 MAPUA’s most outstanding professors. He is a DOH certified HIV Counselor, RItM change agent, Peer Educator and certified DOH Trainer. He is currently pursuing a degree in medicine while doing Love Yourself.

– Elena Felix
Person living with HIV

Elena Felix is a mother of four, a single parent, and a person living with HIV (PLHIV). She was as an overseas Filipino worker in the Middle East. Felix was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1994. When she found out about her illness, she did not see a doctor for more than 10 years until she felt a lump in her stomach in 2005. The lump in her stomach was apparently a myoma and she had to undergo an operation. She then experienced discrimination when she disclosed her condition. When Felix saw that her children too were being affected by the stigma, she struggled and decided to fight against it. With the help of some NGOs that are working with PLHIV, she educated herself about the disease. She became active volunteer in the care and support groups that educate on HIV and AIDS and its modes of transmission. As of today, she is the only publicly-known PLHIV in the Philippines.

Felix was part of the founding of Babae Plus, an organization of women living with HIV. She is also a member of the Network to Stop AIDS.

– Dr. Katerina “Kate” Tolentino Leyritana
Medical Director, The SHIP Foundation Clinic

Dr. Kate Leyritana serves as Medical Director of The SHIP Foundation’s Clinic. The SHIP foundation is an NGO, non-profit institution that caters to the sexual well-being and needs of every Filipino, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. It provides services that range from HIV-screening, laboratory tests for all kind, sexually transmitted infection treatment and management, HIV treatment, care and support provision, HIV and STI prevention, and other health-related complications management.

Leyritana also serves as the Medical Director of Re Focus Initiative Inc. (Sustained Health Initiatives in the Philippines) and Consultant of the United Doctors Medical Center in Manila.

Leyritana is a recipient of prominent awards for her researches on infectious diseases. In 2013, she received the International Investigator Award by the Infectious Diseases Society of America-Medical Association in San Francisco California for her research, “The changing epidemiology of the HIV-positive patient before and after accessible anti-retroviral therapy: areas for intervention in the time of a national epidemic.”

Dr. Leyritana finished her degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, and Doctor of Medicine at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.