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Hi Migs,

I am currently, i think, in an 8 year relationship with my partner. We met 2008 and been together since. We had a few bumps and bruises along the way, but never too serious to really end the relationship. I believe that we are stronger than these problems and trials. But this one that came up really is a hard one. We are in a sort of LDR, i work in the North area while he works in the Metro. We see each other at least twice a month. Communication is still constant, morning, lunch, dinner and before we sleep. Sometimes, there are the rare “how are you’s” during the day. Looks everything is okay. Then, he confessed to me that he received a hand job in a gay massage parlor recently. And honestly, i thought initially that it’s okay since it’s not as if they fucked (based on his story at least). But the more i think and access my feeling, i felt betrayed. Because he done something that only the two of us should do. It’s an intimate thing to do with a stranger, don’t you think? I just felt cheated. I don’t know if i can trust him. If i can still believe in the things that he will say.I know, this is so petty for some.

I do still love him. he’s my world. He’s my everything. He keeps me going. But now, i just don’t know anymore. Am I being too sensitive or petty with this, am i being to paranoid?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

More power!



What do you guys think? -migs

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Can’t believe it’s been 10 years. My first post was dated August 28, 2006. Grabe. 10 years and we’re still alive and kicking! CHEERS!

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