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Are you a single guy? And you kinda wanna meet other single guys?

It’s frustrating sometimes. You go to bars, bathhouses, or perhaps online… but you feel, these are really not the places to find love. Well, “Dating Dudes” is an event to meet like-minded guys and discuss these things. Why is it so hard to meet the right ones? What makes meeting other guys easier and less frustrating?

“Dating Dudes” is part of Love Yourself’s series of events where the goal is to have meaningful conversations, among guys of the same persuasion, on topics that are interesting, fun, and engaging. It is a by-invitation event, so if you are interested to join, please register at to receive an invite.

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Make your sexy time pulsatingly fun and luciously varied! Spice it up with surprise hip-lifting hokage moves, pick a new trick or two — learn the art of sensual massage. Presenting this much-awaited special learning session, with live demonstrations from the masseurs of Hoja De Laurel. Door fee at P300. Saturday, May 7, at 8 PM. LoveYourself Uni. Very limited slots available, register now at


Much has changed and we now see better acceptance of gay, bisexual, and questioning men in the Philippine urban society. Despite this, many of us still feel the need to hide parts of who we truly are. With a great (but many times unconscious) desire to conform to what we think others expect of us, we follow paths that inadvertently disconnect us from the authentic yearnings of our core. This oftentimes translates to inexplicable feelings of emptiness or being stuck, perennial thoughts of being in the wrong job or wrong career path, or recurring experiences of failed relationships.

The Men’s Retreat, through a set of non-religious activities and lecturettes done within a weekend, will use the power of self-awareness and community to enable you to appreciate where you are in your current life, identify limiting beliefs and behaviors, and chart a new and more core-connected way forward.

Enjoy the weekend at a hilltop retreat house just half-an-hour away from Ortigas, in a safe and affirming space designed for insightful introspection. Join the Men’s Retreat and start your journey to authentic and wholehearted living.

Workshop fee (inclusive of overnight board and lodging) – P3,500

Early-bird discount of P500 for those who register and pay on or before May 2.

Register here –

For questions, you may email


hei migs,

almost a year na pala na nagsend ang boyfriend ko ng letter nya sa blog. he introduced ur blog to me because he said some of the letters daw e nakakatuwa basahin because of the issue. i was reading some of the letters but im sorry to say na stop reading. then after a year i came back to check.

im the boyfriend ng isang issue mo na confused OFW. ako yung mr derek ramsey look-alike na sinasabi nya. nakakatuwa even dito sa site yun pa rin ang tawag nya. i miss him so much. totoo ang lahat ng sinabi nya sa message mo about sa petty things na nauuwi sa hiwalayan pero di ako pumapayag kaya wala siyang magawa. i’m here not to seek an advice how to forget him but to win his heart again. siguro marami magsasabi na tanga ako if u see him compare with me. pero it’s not about the physical looks, it’s about unconditional love. i tried to do everything with our relationship at tama ka sa sinabi mo na nakakapanghinayang ang mga memories na pinagsamahan namin.

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Will you be staycationing in the Metro while everyone else is leaving the city during Holy Week? Want to do something interesting? Come join a very small and intimate get together, conversations over fun drinks on a Good Friday somewhere in the Ortigas area. Very few slots available, just email me ( and tell me something about yourself and why you want to join. Go!


IMAGINE good looking men of various flavors, up for grabs in a fun auction for the benefit of LoveYourself, an NGO offering free HIV testing and treatment. It’ll whet your appetite in a meaningful, timely, and relevant way. March 19, 2016 at the Century City Mall.

For more details, visit
For tickets, visit
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Here are the top 5 questions on ending HIV in the Philippines, kindly share your thoughts. Please spare 5 minutes for this:

DISCREET MEET: Locked and loaded na ang upcoming meet-up for discreet men bukas ng gabi (Feb. 20, 2016). Na-send-an na ng SMS invite ang lahat ng kasali. Tomorrow will be a good and chill Saturday, but will surely be memorable as the participants meet other discreet guys. Hindi po ito orgy. Ito po ay wholesome meet-up para sa mga hindi masyadong nagkakaroon ng chance para maka-connect sa katulad nila. Good luck guys and have fun!


Do you consider yourself a discreet guy? And would like to meet other discreet guys via a non-sexually charged get together? Come to the February, “It’s Just Beverage” discreet gathering, at a discreet location. Door fee at P500 includes beverage.

Register at


“Not just me but (I think) there are hundreds of guys out there getting their rocks off in the MRT everyday.

How do I know? Almost EVERYTIME I ride, some guy starts groping me, at times reaching in to get a feel of my (frankly speaking big fat) d*ck.

I let them. It’s safe & I must admit quite exciting.

You may be curious of what kind of guys? All sorts. I’m mestizo (fair skinned & toned – no kidding) and very masculine which I guess very attractive despite my being quite mature.

My taste in men are MEN – brawny, brown and masculine (“”we””)- believe it or not I do get these types in the MRT. I’m not sure if they do it on purpose but their body pressed to mine (you know how it is during rush hour) makes both of us get h*rd.

I think yesterday’s young man was a security guard – exactly my type.

So thanks to all the guys that makes my daily commute a pleasant experience!”