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Leandro Bulhoes must be proud of that yummy-licious protruding something between his legs. Take a peek, in this picture-rich shrine to Leandro.


(This post was updated with important information at the end of the article.)







Watch out for more hunky Leandro Bulhoes pics in another post early next week.

***UPDATE: I received word that this is NOT Leandro Bulhoes. Who then is this beautiful model? Who are you, baby?***

P.S. This is an honest mistake, and not meant to fool anyone. If you have information on the real name of this model, please let me know. Thanks!

Comments (33)

  1. dyosa said on 13-12-2010

    …. i want you in bed ///

  2. rombert said on 10-06-2010

    I think he is in the closet.

  3. fratboi02 said on 01-09-2009

    hahaha…hindi sha bakla…=D lahat nalang ng naka-brief para sa inyo bakla…

  4. Anet said on 02-08-2009

    Vaklush ang mama!!!

  5. jed said on 14-02-2009

    sarap ha!

  6. leo said on 03-10-2008

    leandro okabe

  7. laos said on 18-07-2008

    luv it…..

  8. jack said on 26-05-2008

    Leandro okabe atta name nyan eh….

  9. Marcilane said on 03-04-2008

    Tilam! Ang sarap LAPAIN!!!

    Pero mas masarap yng kay Leandro Ok.,
    Ang daming LUBAK sa tiyan!!!

  10. loy leslie said on 25-03-2008

    Yeah You’re right..He’s L.Bulhoes aka L.Okabe (he has this Japanese-Brazilian genes)…Perfect outcome indeed!

  11. SantaMonica said on 20-03-2008


    one of the hottest guys na nakita ko 😀


  12. bob said on 31-01-2008

    please post something about akihiro sato. hes suuuuppppperrrrr hot.

  13. titit said on 29-09-2007

    you can also see him in and all other cuties. ps. disclaimer language is in brazilian so better click “aceptar” meaning accept. have fun.

  14. caleb said on 13-09-2007

    that’s leandro okabe!!!

  15. ronan fidel said on 05-07-2007


  16. chester said on 24-05-2007

    nice body… cute face… good size… i must say he’s next to perfection…

  17. monsour abraham said on 23-05-2007

    Shalom & Hi again !what can i say ? he’s kindaa cute,naive face,body?wow ! i just love him… all the best me papa Leandro…moy bein porla gracia de Diyos.Azi tov meod… akol gof mitzoyan(israeli lang.)howa ya’ani zein/hilwa…momtaz marra aw giddan2… ana ahbo katir ahsan giyamil(arab lang.)>pagpupori yan mga manash sa katawan na kaakit-akit ni papa nating Leandro…lol.

  18. brett said on 14-05-2007

    his name is not leandro bulhoes but LEANDRO OKABE. Tnx! U have a very nice blog…

  19. monsour abraham said on 01-05-2007

    Shalom & Hi Leandro ! whoever you are whatever you are i adore you as one of the handsome & cutie hunks.I love you baby face from your avid fan in Jerusalem Israel.Nakakalokang katawan mwooo papa leandro.God bless !

  20. said on 24-04-2007

    i bet u’ll love me for this… well,i dunno if u’ll love me exactly but here’s a vid!


  21. jonas said on 19-03-2007

    look more pictures of leandro in web site of his agency in singapore

  22. jonas said on 19-03-2007

    he’s full name is LEANDRO OKABE DE OLIVEIRA BULHOES. I did a job with him in singapore, now he is in brazil, and his using the name leandro okabe, but before was leando bulhoes. maybe he come back to asia again soon….

  23. indoboys said on 13-03-2007

    I have another Leandro Okabe’s galleries in my blog

  24. Euthan said on 13-03-2007

    that is not Leandro Bulhoes, that is Leandro Okabe.. Leandro Bulhoes is an American

  25. visiting said on 09-03-2007

    Apparently he went under the name Leandro Bulhoes while modelling in Thailand but his real name is Leandro Okabe. I hear there are nudes available but haven’t seen any..

  26. watduh said on 27-02-2007

    yeah, just seen his pic from a certain site, it’s, check it out guys…this guy has it all going, damn!!!!

    yeah, his name is leandro okabe..he’s a well-known brazilian model…

  27. searcher said on 14-02-2007

    i saw this man in His name is LEANDRO OKABE.

  28. prince_mav said on 28-12-2006

    kung cno man sya, mahal ko sya!!!

  29. Gil said on 19-11-2006

    That IS Leandro. I know him. Look him up online and see his pics and you can see that it is him.

  30. mtguy said on 17-11-2006

    ohh! he’s one of the of a kind hunk…

  31. mtguy said on 17-11-2006


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