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Attila the Horse-Hung, a.k.a. Mark, dearie, you don’t know me, but guess what, a lot of gay men on the internet know you. There is this guy who forwarded your pictures all over gaylandia Yahoo groups, saying he just wanted to get back at you. He said,

i met him, we became friends. but he “traydor” me at the back. angry me, kaya ito ang ganti ko. spread his pics in the net.

I’m so saddened that you are a victim of this wrong doing. But hey, i’m curious, what kind of vile thing did you do that he thought of spreading your naked glory to us instant anonymous fans, with villainous eyes staring straight down your pants and manly package via the internet?

I’m curious too, for reasons why you had such pictures in the first place. Somebody said you actually peddled your body for, errr… 2 thousand pesos, but negotiable down to 1 thousand. And that you pose as a masseur, but your “extra service” is the best there is. That for 1 thousand pesos, your extra service can make a client sing like Regine Velasquez, yet you are the one holding, licking, caressing the mike. That for the same amount, the client can stare, hold, cuddle, play, spit, spat, and what have you, with your Attila the Horse-Hung virility.

Hijo, dear, hijo dear. From what I see, you are good looking, well-endowed (with talents), driven, aggressive, and most of all YOUNG. I suggest you re-evaluate your life and perhaps leverage that youth in a different way. I believe, as my friend so articulately expressed, that everyone has the capability to be successful as long as he puts mighty focus on his craft. Find yourself a job you can be proud of. Time is on your side. But sadly, not for long, so go.


P.S. There is this feeling in me that says the nude pics are not yours, and that man who sent out “your” pics is really just trying to destroy you. If that is really the case, then Mr. Attila the Horse-Hung, get in touch with me quickly. I am a good friend, really, as long as your package is as big as those in the pics. “Chat” tayo! Hahaha! *Ching!* I’m just kidding, ha!

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  1. metoto said on 06-01-2011

    kakatuwa naman… dami naghahanap ng link… nung 2006 pa ito ah,,, 2011 na wala parin ung link… 5 yrs na ang nakalipas… let it go guys… LOL

  2. fattyacid said on 17-05-2008

    wala akong ma-research an pics nya sa internet…totoo ba talaga ito?

  3. harden'z said on 05-05-2008

    ang cute mo naman
    ur sop cute hah……….

  4. mightymikee said on 19-04-2008

    Looks interesting…Pero bi pala, wag na lang…

  5. chorva queen said on 31-03-2008

    hahahaa.. cute xa … slight.. :))

  6. perfida limpin said on 26-03-2008

    im still looking for the fuckin pics! wahahaha

  7. jazzie1906 said on 19-03-2008

    hay nako 4 sure dati nyang ka relasyon ang taong nagkakalat ng pics nya… hay naku mahanap nga yang links na yan… kaso medyo matagal na plang naka post toh… malamang natabunan na mga pics nya…

  8. titaglo said on 19-03-2008

    Oo nga! asan ba yang lintek na yahoo groups na yan???

  9. Charles said on 05-03-2008

    San bang group makikita ang mga mahiwagang pics na yan?

  10. jm said on 13-02-2008

    guys ako yan but d ko lm yung ng post nyan at d ako pmptol personaly sa ym lng ako ok

  11. mother k said on 07-02-2008

    my goshhhhhh i wanna be with him i dont care if he is Bi…..

  12. sweet_ginger said on 26-01-2008

    bi or not, likes ko sya. hmmm.. ma link ba talaga? migs pa share poh, plsssss?????? nyahahaha.. kaloka na to. i never beg ever before, dapat flattered ka migs, huh? *smile*

  13. jover said on 16-01-2008

    nakakatuwa naman mga comebts nila.. parang ako din i wanna see for my self.. ahihi… wala lang!!!!!!!!!

  14. wisegay said on 31-12-2007

    i know him, he is a bi here in our place zamboanga city. He has a relationship with a gay scammer.

  15. avp said on 25-12-2007

    mukhang gwapong waiter.

  16. niki said on 11-12-2007

    the computer shop is sooooooooooo familiar.

  17. pepe said on 11-12-2007

    siya ay isang karne. por kilo ang benta. sa palengke.

  18. dp said on 08-12-2007

    in fairness huh he spells yumminess

  19. gboi said on 27-11-2007

    what katraydoran did this guy do? well, i would gladly pay him 1th also…he’s goodlooking!

  20. fattyacid said on 27-11-2007

    sino sya? never heard of him…until i read this particular blog of yours mig.

  21. mark said on 06-11-2007

    ei… send naman the link of the pics… pwease!!!!

  22. Isadore Clemente said on 02-11-2007

    Either having revenge such as exposing photos of perhaps “once became an intimate friends?” just to get even or the alleged engagement to the indecent proposal by one regardless of his motive is a ridiculous and absurd thing.Perhaps, they were unaware of the consequences of their doings? Is it a queston of a win or lose situation? Dahln’ wake up your minds! Please dont fool and hurt yourselves. RESPECT THEM INSTEAD.

  23. bluehballs said on 12-06-2007

    pero sino ba yang attila na yan? artista? model? but he looks familiar to me (o marami lang syang kamukha)…from where ba sya? saka bat yung kuha nya sa itaas parang nasa internet cafe sya…wala ba syang pc sa sariling room nya…hindi sya rich ganun? so bat sya na-feature dito?

  24. kiko's world said on 09-05-2007

    yah, me too!! hope to see those pics – la lang… curios lang. Migs email mo naman sa akin….tnx a lot… this is my first time to comment….

  25. dojojam said on 30-04-2007

    Wala ba link? pls MIgs. Pullleeeeeeease! hehehehe

  26. eric said on 28-02-2007

    Guys! Pls help me find the picture of Mr. Attila. Thanks!

  27. eric said on 16-02-2007

    Please help where can I find the picture of Attila. Curious lang ako. Thanks!

  28. ben said on 25-01-2007

    meron na ba nakakaalam kung sang site makikita ung mga pic na un?? sabhin nyu naman… hehehe Share natin people.. hehehe

  29. eliezer said on 10-12-2006

    Guys pag nalaman nyo san makikita ung mga pics nya pki forward din ung link sakin thanks!

  30. jam said on 08-11-2006

    oo nga i wonder gaano kaya kalaki, eww, guys if you know the links pls post naman, remember sharing is loving

  31. wonderer said on 04-11-2006

    waaah! sayang.. i like him pa

  32. Migs said on 03-11-2006

    @wonderer – sorry, i forget na…. :(

  33. wonderer said on 03-11-2006

    migs! reply ka plx…

  34. wonderer said on 02-11-2006

    @migs : anong email groups? baka pwede maka silip.. 😛 waaa! am very curious…

  35. Migs said on 01-11-2006

    @wonderer – sorry, i do not have a web link. the pics were floated around in the email groups.

  36. wonderer said on 01-11-2006

    hey migs.. may i ask kung pwede i post mo yung link kung saan ko makikita pic niya?

  37. Migs said on 25-10-2006

    hahaha! @sean – you are so funny! meet me? hmmm…. LOL!

  38. sean said on 25-10-2006

    i’m not interested meeting him, i’m more interested in meeting migs… i like nice guys. 😉

  39. Migs said on 23-10-2006

    guys i hope you understand if i don’t post the pics here as i try to make this site porn free. i post sexy pics but that’s my limit. i saw the pics circulating around in yahoogroups.

  40. mel said on 23-10-2006

    yeah, where can we find those pics mr. migs?

  41. wendell said on 16-10-2006

    so where can i find those pics….
    so where can i find those pics….
    so where can i find those pics….
    so where can i find those pics….
    so where can i find those pics….

  42. migs said on 10-10-2006

    hi paulo – were you asking me? or is that question for “attile the hung”? 😉

  43. Ang-ang said on 10-10-2006

    I hate those people whose spreading sex videos and nude pictures!

  44. paulo said on 10-10-2006

    i know that place..i mean the internet U live somewhere in that vicinity??

  45. span said on 10-10-2006

    So where can we see these pics in Yahoo Groups? Please.

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