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Piolo-Sam Loveteam: who seduced whom?

It seems that one of the more popular posts in this blog is on how gay men can seduce a straight guy. It was basically a post that showed quotes from real gay men who were successful in getting a straight guy in bed. Here’s an update. (Yehey!, right?) I found this column/advice off the net, and thought you, my readers, may find this interesting. Enjoy!

Seducing Straight Boys
Author: Superdrewby

One of the many pre occupations of gay men and boys is the fantasy of sleeping with a straight boy. The straight boy could be your best friend, the high school jock in the football team, some boy you see in the street or just a generic straight boy.

It seems to be a huge turn on to conquer or convert this boy from his misguided heterosexual ways and indoctrinate him in the ways of male to male sex.

Many single women may lament over their Long Island Iced Teas on a Friday night that the best guys are always taken or gay, but there are still a lot of very hot and hunky straight boys out there, just waiting to see what all the fuss is about.

The difference between a gay boy and a straight boy is only a six pack of beer.

If you have read my column on sexuality you will know that I subscribe to the view that sexuality is not cut and dried in either heterosexual or homosexual. instead it is a continuum along which we are all somewhere in the grey. This doesn’t mean that every person is bisexual and going to jump into bed with anyone male or female. It does however mean that guys can still be straight and have sex with other guys.

Some researchers actually believe that at least 80% of guys have at one time or another though about or actually had some form of male to male encounter. They may have jerked off with other guys at school, or even had or given a blow job as they were growing up!

Now before you run out to your nearest straight pub in search of a straight boy for the night, let me throw some cold water on you. This article is more tongue in check and not really meant to be taken seriously, after all you can end up in very serious trouble by making a pass at a straight boy. On the other hand here are some tips that may just get you lucky.

But please use some common sense here, straight boys may be curious, but that doesn’t mean that they will ever act on their curiosity!

How to Guide!
1. Never try and pick him up when he is with his mates, do it when he is alone in private!
2. Get him at least a little bit tipsy, the more he has had to drink the lower his inhibitions!
3. Drop casual hints in the conversation about how much better guys give head than girls, because only a guy who has a cock knows how to worship it.
4. Remind him that having his cock sucked by a guy doesn’t make him gay.
5. Tell him that no one will ever know about what happens (if something does happen) – and actually mean it!
6. Don’t try kissing him, a lot of straight boys are quite happy to get a blowjob from a guy but will really get turned off by kissing him a guy.
7. Get him horny by by putting on some straight or even bisexual porn. Porn is always a good icebreaker – While watching the porn of a guy giving another guy a blowjob mention that guys give the best head!
8. Don’t act like an effeminate little queen, try and act just like him and be macho.
9. Play with his balls a bit, for some reason girls are a bit hesitant to play with a guys cock and balls with their tongue…
10. Give him a blowjob that he will remember for years, once he is hot hard and horny go all out!
and a bonus… 11. Make it seem like you are doing him a real favor!

There are a lot of straight guys out there that are in between girlfriends, not getting any sex or just plain horny, that if you get them in the mood they might just go for it. But be warned that after a straight boy has blown his load he may become aggressive through guilt or embarrassment.

The other problem is if he was your best friend, do you think he will still be your friend afterwards? Is 5 minutes of sexual pleasure worth the hassle and worth losing a friend?

Bottom line with straight boys is, they can be had, but why would you really want a straight boy who is not going to give anything back and the sex at best is going to be very one way? Gay boys are better with other gay boys! (Amen from Migs, the Manila Gay Guy!

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  1. Marvz said on 15-04-2016


  2. Ricky said on 06-11-2012

    Hi i need ur help. I have a friend and i like him a lot. He is married and has one child. When we were in high school we went to a trip, we shared a same room. We slept on the same bed. We were talking about french kiss and he told me the he would show me how to take a french kiss and then all of sudden he kissed me on my lips. I was not sure whether it was just a joke or he was interested in me. I was bit scared cause i didnt wanna loose him thats why i didnt make any efforts that night.
    Its been years now we r still in touch with each other. Yesterday i got a call from him saying that he wanted me to spend couple of nights with him as he will be alone. I really dont want to miss this opportunity but at the same time i m bit confused. I really wanna have sex with him. Could any one plz help me with that?

    • Closer2Fame said on 07-11-2012

      I don’t understand the problem here… He’s gay and he likes you so deal with it?!.. hahaha

      OK piece of advice… like mentioned on the the article above:

      “11. Make it seem like you are doing him a real favor!”

      So act as if your sleepin over with your best bud just to catch up with lost times.. Mention gay things with the right timing like when you guys are already watchin porn or you guys alone masagging each other.. Don’t start the initiation but instead give him the opportunity to initiate like ex. dress up in front of him or let him spoon you while in bed… Then let him guide you as if you needed guiding.. Don’t forget to bring rubber and lube just in case he doesn’t have any.. Enjoy!

    • long ranger said on 07-11-2012

      Drama queen!

  3. sun said on 11-12-2011

    Here’s my story.

    Back in college, I got to j-o with this undeniably good looking, oozing with class fine young boy whom everybody wanted and pined for.

    It was my first kind of encounter ever and my heart was pounding like a sledgehammer, all the more when he asked me to help him.

    I’m banging my head on the wall right now for not obliging, I was too scared at the time plus very much repressed.

    That night still lingers in my head till now and if that would happen again, wish it will, all I can say is there will be madness! The earth will shake and the ground tremble!

  4. slayed said on 10-12-2011


    thanks for this posting.

    My bestfriend and I are leaving in the same room and sharing on the same bed. We are new here in Makati. We are here for a month already, until we decided to look for room for us to rent.

    We are sharing thoughts, ideas, experiences, polos, pants, soap, shampoos, pillows.etc.

    We know each other since prep school. His mom allows him to to out with me to attend barrio fiestas, because for his mom, Iam agood influence.

    I like him since are kids. I am so afraid of losing our friendship. I am taking care of him since he is always tired from work on sites,He is an Interior designer.

    I feel sad when he experienced break ups, I am married by the way. when we sleeps, I tried to hug him. When we walk he is always telliing me, Thank you best friend and keep saying “sana naging babae kna lang” or “magparetoke ka kaya”. the time he sad this things wala akong response, pero deep inside, I am happy. pag wala akong sinasabi,he will say “joke lang, bestfriend, ang sensitive mo.”

    Minsan kahiya nga dahil, nagbibihis sya sa room, nakahubad. ay nku,

    pero before always kaming magkatabi at magkasama sa higaan, sa mga boys scouts, jamboree, bhaws. peo iba to, kmi lang, kmi lang ang mgkasama sa gabi,haha

    I love him so much. matagal kung hinintay ang pagkakataong makasama sya ng ganito. gusto ko syang solohin.

    sometimes. he kiss me sa face. hala! or else nilalaggyan nya ako ng kumot kung nilalamig ako.hehe

    anu bang gawin ko to protect our friendship as well maging akin sya.

    Praying for the best nlang. hay! may asawa na ako, pero mas happy ako ngayon kahit papaano. I never expect that we leaving in the same room.haha

    secret lng nmin sa lahat pala na nag share kami ng bed kahit double deckpa yung bed sa room. everytime na matulog ako sa itaas pinapa baba nya ako. ayun, magkatabi kami.haha

  5. Kerry said on 07-11-2011

    Im 14 and i like a friend in my class and he thinks im gay.. but really i dont accept my gayness so what should i doo and theres some people that do drugs next to my house should i try to suduce them… 😮

    • Ej said on 26-08-2015

      Dude, u wanna get killed? Same as age as u. I didn’t made any effort but he’s trying ti put his body against mine even if it is nit in the part od our dance, one time um lying on the floor I’m so shocked cause he put his legs between my knees while I’m reaching it and he thrust. And one time I was lying again on the floor (cause its part of our dance and he put his body above mine. We don’t talk too much. We’re in the same class and 14 here. He thinks I’m gay but I’m not… but I’m not that straight.

  6. Migo said on 19-09-2011

    Things such as this really happens. I am bisexual and I experienced the same thing when I was in 20s.

    I worked as a Manager in a fastfood chain and got close to my co-manager who was my trainor and my senior. He is street-smart and funny goodlooking guy. Almost all the female and effeminate crews like him.

    At first, I repulsed him coz I find him to be a bragger. We were actually pitted against each other by our Supervisors since we are both look good. He was the “Guy” of the Operations Team and I am of the Marketing Team.

    But things became different when I got to know him better during my store training with him. I found him entertaining and fun to be with not knowing I was beginning to like him and getting attracted to him.

    When our store personnel had a Team Building activity in Laguna. I got to know him more when during drinking session, he opened up to me about his breaking off with his girlfriend of 4 years. She grew tired of their relationship and eventually called off the relationship. I felt my heart getting crushed when tears rolled down his eyes coz I can tell how much he loved the girl. After that activity, I had asked him to sleep over at my place before going home since we’re all having hangover. He did stay and slept beside me.

    I was restless and was not able to sleep since I was fighting off my feeling towards him. I was afraid he might get offended should I make advances. NOTHING happened to us that day.

    For months we were together at work sharing the same shifts. We were always together whenever our crew would go out for fun and drinks…things that later on made us comfy with each other to the point that we call whenever one doesn’t come on time or during days off.

    The day came he invited me to his place to meet his parents and sisters who grew fond of me and treated me like their own. My heart leaped for joy when one of his sisters got me for a godfather to her daughter’s baptism.

    One time our store crew and co managers attended a party near his place. He invited me sleep over at his place since the party ended past 2am and it was hard to get a cab from the area so I accepted his invitation.

    We slept beside each other and fell asleep. After about an hour or so, I felt him breathing in front of me and realized we were already facing each other. Gosh! The smell alcohol and warmth of his breath sent shivers down my body and turned me on that i drew my lips closer to his lips. I don’t know what had gotten over him, but he landed a kiss on my lips. At first, I didn’t kiss back coz I was thinking I might lose his friendship or he might just be teasing me to find out my sexuality(im masculine btw) but then he whispered “its ok, don’t worry” only then did I kiss him back. It was gentle but lasted for a while. I hesitated to run my hands on him but he reached for them held them while we kissed. When the sun was up, I was so embarrassed couldn’t look at him in the face at the breakfast table. I was convincing myself it was just a dream and that it didn’t happen.

    He noticed me and told me he was aware of what happened and no one is to blame, “Relax, I am telling you its ok, no one will know” those were his words of assurance.

    He is a gentleman and kept his word. He did not distance himself from me, in fact, I was his best man when he got married.

    Up to now our communication lines are open. He never bothered to ask me about my preference and never made me feel awkward whenever we are around gay guys.

    I am lucky to have come across this man, though we didn’t end up as partners, we ended up as BEST FRIENDS.

  7. Rohit said on 20-07-2011

    I am bicurious-straight guy.
    I used to fantasies about my faculty of animation he is a gentleman with hot looks and macho attitude.
    I tried to be close to him a lot many times but as he was my teacher,elder and purely straight man, i feared of getting kicked off. I called him up and i tried making things so that it could depict what i wanted, it was all waste moreover he started feeling insecured and was now in gap from me. I guess he told about me to his colleuge. It was really embarrassing when they looked at me with something stupid in their minds. And i was scared if this thing would reach my girlfriend. Than i gave a pause to everything. And started focusing on other important matters.
    Year later i got a Friend Request in my Facebook. I was totally shocked to see him (that very dreamed guy of me) well., we started conversing n i came to knew that he was in the same city where i was to for my graduation.
    We planned to meet up some day and soon we met.
    He told me about a girl he was in love with. It hardly mattered to me now as I had no more intentions as they were a year before.!
    Soon we both were into friendship and started hanging out.
    One Sunday we planned to go out to a pub and there we drank, moderately as we had to drive back to his place. He asked me to stay back with him. I did.!
    We managed to sleep together on a single bed.
    And than the thing happened what i was not expecting.
    He removed his shirt and asked me too if i wished to remove my shirt.
    I removed it happily.!
    It was all happening in an unconscious state.
    After 10-12 minutes i found him putting his hand on my chest., i thought this is the right time to hit.
    I removed his hand and turned him back softly i moved down and removed his pants..
    Now he was all nude and he was not sleeping..!
    Soon two big boys were laying nude..
    We both started playing with each other.
    He really had a monster cock, i was touching it again and again to make myself believe that huge long cock.
    I tried kissing him but he pushed me.
    It was 4am when my cum was out and thanx to his beautiful hand job.
    He asked me – cum..?
    I said- yess..!
    And than we were to rest for atleast 2 hrs as he will have to move to his office and me to my college.
    Next morning he dropped me to metro station and said to take care of myself and a lot of things which showed that he was caring me.
    That was good fr me anyways.
    After an hour he called me to ask whether i reached my place without any trouble as i was new in the city.
    2 days later he called me and said to go out again on coming Saturday..
    Unfortunately,. Or for me fortunately we were nowhere and to my place..
    We got our drinks and some food to eat with it..
    I din wished to drink that night but for that immense pleasure
    i had to.
    Soon we had a strong hangover.
    And as we were known, it dint took time to remove our pants..
    We played for the whole night i switched on my laptop to put some gay videos…
    This was where i mistook..
    It was all going fine before that he even sucked my cock n i had a long smooch this time..
    But after watching it, i don’t know why he was dull..
    He did so many things which i never expected from a straight guy like Him…!
    N till the morning it was frustrating to bear him…
    Soon he left my room at around 11 am..
    I took a long breath..
    Thankfully he was out..
    I don’t know why this sudden change was there..
    Maybe because i never expected him to get himself fucked.. And that’s by me, who was younger to him..
    Maybe or i don’t know why..!
    Well now we don’t talk to each other..
    And i apologies..!!

    • Sean85live said on 12-08-2011

      Love your story Rohit, as a straight man alli can say is that the whole episode can be very confusing, as a straight man you always think of urself as the dominant sexual specie, and as we all know, ego’s can be very fragile when we are made to play a position we’re not comfortable with and we either strike out, or run away.

    • wordsmith said on 03-09-2015

      pwede magtagalog na lang. sumakit ang ulo ko sa pag initinde ng english mo. grabe! worst grammar and diction ever. nawala tuloy libog ko. ang gulo gulo ng english. tigilan na nga pag ka-wannabe.

  8. Justin G said on 16-01-2011

    Happend to me… call me if you need some advice bro. might be able to help. 09279267006

  9. SrJr said on 15-01-2011

    Im in love with a friend of mine, well he’s been my friend way back when we’re little. I found out that I like him after I turned 16 the same time I found out I was a bi. This affected the way I was with him, I always acted foolish. Then I decided to stay away from him just to stop the feeling, hmnn but it turned the other way. Now he’s so cold towards me (I dont blame him) and I really misss him so much, just bein buddies, You guys know any tips to get him to talk to me again?

  10. ken said on 01-01-2011

    iv had ds crush on ds supposedly straight guy guy we are in d western part of africa where being gay is punishable by death.. So coming out is not an option.. I met him on my first year in college and went to introduce myself to him, as i noticed he looked at me alot, he is very stylish, rigid and cute to perfection. After two weeks of hs starring i decided to go talk to him jst so we cld become friend, he got really nervous. I know becos he started sweating, stuttering it kinda turned me off but he is to handsome to walk past and smelled of sth i neva percived it was soo good i got to find out that that smell was his body smell. I gave hm my numba and he called later to say how glad he was to have a new friend.. Time went on and i grew to find out dt he had neva had a girlfriend and still doesnt have one.. We didnt get really close as he always made unpleasant gesture anytime i walked up to hm in public as im quite effeminate.. So i usually went away.. I went to see him once and he played with me to my disbelief.. He also came to visit me.. Dropping his rigidness to become free.. Dts when i knew i had completely fallen for him.. He was dancing in his underwear..i kept my crush to myself as i grew to love him and didnt want to sabotage our friendship.. I codely brought in d topic to sexuality and he refuted homosexuality.. He told me he cares for me.. He writes poems.. And i have read some.. I keep telln him he is hiding something but he neva admits it.. But i deduced it from d way he writes. I became frustrated afta two years of having ds crush so i decided to tell.. He bluntly told me nothing cld happen.. We are still friends but i still have a crush on him even afta 1 year of telln him. So i need to know how to gettn ova hm.. We rarely see now becos he changed classes but i cant seem to get ova him.

  11. Zeke said on 26-09-2010

    True story – I am str8 acting and told my str8 friend I want him. He is nerdy and doesn’t have any sccess with women. I think he might be a virgin. I flatter him a lot, do work for him, and give him amazing gifts.
    When we were drunk he let me suck his nipples and feel his ass (i always tell him its the best ass I ever seen)
    I organised a party for us with me, him and 2 escorts girls. We will have a 4some. He says he will if I give him some space.

  12. Justin G said on 09-08-2010

    My best friend… Cute, mapult, chinito, dimples and killer nose to match… When we were in HS, we were on a trip where we were roommates… I did the things… got him drunk, horny… and started to massage him saying not to tell anyone. He didn’t say anything than and got a stiff body so i stopped. He ended up telling everyone about it and i got in trouble. Being around straight boys, i was able to convince them it was a drunken thing that wouldn’t happen again.
    Anyways, years past and with a lot of hard work and countless hours of me earning his trust again, we were the best of friends. One summer, he was sent away to school. He called me several times telling me how he wanted to be home.. crying even… being the favourite friend, i decided to go and accompany him.
    During my visit, we drank a lot in his flat. During one of those very hot summer nights we were drinking in his room, he took off his shirt and started massaging himself in his neck. I saw it as my opportunity to get in and you know what?. As i began to massage his back while he was seated, i started going for his beautiful stomach that had a hint of 6 pack, hitting his nipples and chest. After a while, i asked him to move to his bed. Instead of laying on his stomach, he layed on his back with his magnificent body in front of me.
    As i began massaging, he pretended to be asleep… so i began doing his flat slightly packed stomach with one hand around the lower part where his bikini briefs and ended and up his shorts in the other hand. I proceeded to massage outside his briefs pressing on top his pubic area and around his singit kinda hitting his balls!
    Than i stopped again! That was one of the hardest things i ever ever had to do! Until today i wonder what if.
    The next day he was super upset and said “i feel bad cause i ws gonna let you have your way with me yah!”. I said “no way, i wouldn’t hurt you that way. I would not have wanted to risk what we have for that one mistake”.
    Currently i am 27 and i had a 5 year thing with a guy from a known school for the rich near Miriams college. who is now almost 19. I’ll tell you about it another time. This is an even more interesting thing. It appears i kinda raped the guy because we would do things in his sleep… this is gonna be a story about who screwd who?
    Sometimes, we have to decide what is worth the risk and what is not… who can take it and who cannot. Today i am friends with both these boys… the kid and i met up again recently but nothing happening anymore… he hugged me and said sorry for hurting me. Ill tell you more about it next time. I am straight looking and these boys are both straight…

  13. anonym said on 01-08-2010

    Meron akong kaopismeyt na straight which is also matagal ng married but merong bagong kalive-in, i can’t really tell kung meron ba talaga siyang gusto sa akin kasi sa halos araw araw naming pagkikita sa office eh aasarin niya ako at kikilitin at lagi rin siyang nagjojoke sa akin. Minsan pabiro niyang tinatanong sa akin na meron daw akong pagtingin sa kanya. I admit na unti unti ng nahuhulog ang loob ko sa kanya, I don’t know kung bakit, sya kasi yung taong medyo may pagkaangas, makulit, nakakatuwa saka sweet. Pag nakita niya ako sa opis bigla nya na lang akong yayakapin at hihimasin yung tagiliran or likudan ko hehehe. Minsan nagkataon na naassign kami parehas out of the town(mga lima kami including siya). Sa hotel na tinuluyan namin yung mga kwarto eh merong dalawang kama lang so he suggested na kaming dalawa yung magpartner. The first night todo kwentuhan ng kung anik anik then bigla na lang isiningit nya na bakit ang bait ko daw sa kanya, ang sabi ko mabait ako sa kanya dahil nakakatawa siya ampfs mali yung word na nagamit ko hehehe. Until now hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit lage nya akong kinukulit sa office at minsan kakulitan sa text and until now hindi ko pa nasasabi sa kanya na natutuwa ako sa kanya or gusto ko siya dahil natatakot ako na baka mareject ako at mawala yung friendship namin. Hindi ko din kasi maintindihan yung mga kilos nya minsan kung meron siyang gusto sa akin or wala, kung pabiro lang yung mga sinasabi niyang “yang si ano love na love ko yan”. Medyo nahihirapan na ako may times na gusto ko ng magquit sa job para lang di ko siya makita kasi baka lalo akong mahulog sa kanya at masaktan ng husto pero halos sa araw araw eh hindi kumpleto ang araw ko pag hindi ko siya nakikita. Recently sobrang sweet nya (dahil siguro nung nagkagalit kami ng halos one week) di ko talaga siya matiis, what do i do? Natatakot kasi ako sa kung anu ang mangyari pag once naisabi ko sa kanya na i like him a lot more than a friend. I feel safe pag malapit siya sa akin (kahit na minsan ginagawa niya akong punching bag pag nakikipaglambingan sa akin). What am i supposed to do? baka kasi isang araw eh sumabog na lang tong nararamdaman ko at pagsisihan ko ang mga consequences nito.

  14. Dan Vle said on 25-07-2010

    s whooo @ comment 38… Shocked, di ko akalaing magagawa ng straight guys yan XD… oh sumobra tlga ang trip nyung 2 hehe

    i lost my BestF :(

  15. jon said on 10-06-2010

    Yea im straight and ive been with a guy b4, when I was about 15 me nd my buddy were watching some porn, and started fooling around a bit. B4 we knew it we were rock hard and sucking eachothers cocks. We did a 69(sucked eachothers dicks at the same time) SHIT WAS AMAZING, ive never had a more extreame orgasm in my life, we came right in eachothers mouths.

  16. Brian said on 24-04-2010

    Normally I would just skip through a long ass entry like that… but Maurice, i’m profoundly in shock as to how much I can relate to your story. You put it so wonderfully (minus the few grammar errors). I wish I could give you a hug.

  17. The Cummer said on 29-03-2010

    WTF! You guys are crazy! I am straight and every straight guys know that there is nothing wrong with getting your dick sucked or fucking a guy! Its all apart of the experience. I am a second year univ student and Its kind of hard not to recieve head and fuck guys in an “all male” dorm. I just recieved a 5 star blow a few minutes ago and like totally creamed my roommate’s face. last semester after we finished wrestling he started playing with my dick and after i acheived a boner he said, “can I” I was like “Fuck Yeah” Cumming is the most intense pleasure for any human being.

  18. dar said on 12-08-2009

    paul, the Friggin point is how do you get him to even jack with you.

  19. paul said on 27-07-2009

    jack off with him…..he’ll beg for a blow.

  20. Maurice said on 25-06-2009

    Okay, maybe it all depends on the person.

    I’ve known this Adorably, cute guy—Blake—ever since my 6th grade year in Elementary school. I honestly haven’t any idea as to how we became friends or even how we began speaking to each other, but somehow it happened and we were nearly inseparable throughout 9th grade. That year, he and I were taking the same classes including a physical education course for one term which I disliked greatly. A definite word to describe it would be awkward. There were five of us at the lunch table after the class, any conversation would be…odd (really odd, especially when speaking to Blake), and when no one was speaking, it felt as it time completely stopped.

    Later in the first term, however, he gave me the impression that he was REALLY interested in me; he even went so far as to playfully hold my hand on our way to the locker room—in front of everyone—which I took as “just being nice.” Another day afterward, his friends decided to leave us alone for an entire lunch period, and he didn’t sit beside me, he sat right in front of me! I could not look him in his eye, or even in his face, therefore I just kept asking him questions like ‘why?’ so that he’d keep talking about himself, and when he stopped I’d pray we’d be dismissed to our next class (because I likely would’ve choked if he’d asked me anything open-ended.)

    After our (or mine at least) last year of PE, I was literally stuck with a new set of ‘his friends’ during lunch after Geometry—The Varsity Baseball Team. Blake has always been a devoted member and player of this group and I never understood why. If I were magically given power over all sports-related games I would see to it that they were all illegal to play, in fact, I would just get rid of them all simply to make me happier. I hardly understood the few players at our table, and to be short, I was often ignored! And there was this one guy that I just HATED with A PASSION, and he really hasn’t said ANYTHING to me. The problem is that he STOLE my friend/best friend/possible boyfriend, and Blake probably hasn’t even known him longer than he’s known me!

    So Blake and Ryan continued to become the best of friends, the dynamic duo, or whatever while I simply stood around watching them together. Then another day came where after school he (Blake) forgot his insect collection project in Biology class, I happened to be leaving that same exact room alone. He opened the door and we walked passed each other, nothing happened. I had half a mind of going back in there with him so that I could ask about the “Ryan Issue” or about the “Sudden Liking, then Ignoring”, but didn’t because I’m SO awfully reserved. And to his credit, that alone should make it easier for HIM to approach me, but why is it that he hasn’t asked me anything yet?! Is it me, or is it him? Did I do something wrong because right now he continues to make me feel uncomfortable around him knowing that we can’t talk about each other.

    To top that, last year in tenth grade, we hardly said anything to each other, and we no longer took the same classes after first term save two. Nevertheless, the things that got to me most were the dreams I’d been having, and one seriously left me in tears (note: if you’re going to sob always stand up for it makes it a little better if you’re alone, then just write and express all about it on paper later). And the worst day I’ve EVER HAD in my life was on December 18, 2008 in our Accounting Class after the teacher had given us our final. Normally, I’m an ‘A’ student, except this time I had made a B- on her test, and was completely humiliated by a girl and her guy friend. They asked me if I had a best friend in school and I was one-word shy of saying the word, ‘Blake’. You have NO idea how hard it is to say ONE word/name while the guy you have a dying crush stares at you, just waiting for you to say his name. I didn’t say anything, and when “that lady” sent us to lunch after telling me off for complaining about my grade, I skipped by going to the bathroom so that I could cry my eyes out. And when it was time to go home (because that was our last class for the day) he didn’t say bye to me or anything, he just left without a word. What was I thinking or how did I felt? I felt horrible, I felt betrayed, I felt used, and moreover I felt hurt!

    The final desperate advance I’d made on him was through a friend of his because I really couldn’t speak to him without acting or doing something to the nth degree of stupidity. I thought that if I wrote his alleged-friend, Nick, on Facebook a message about my having a bisexual crush on him that he’d simply tell Blake without my asking. Nick didn’t do a single thing I asked of him, instead he told people I’d never met about me liking a guy who’s just (sadly) from another planet than I am. Eventually, everyone just forgot all about it, Blake started avoiding and not talking to me at all (which broke my heart), and his incessantly pretentious friend Ryan could be with him anytime he likes without me (and no, we did not and never did interact with each another [at houses] after school). So now we’re going to our junior year in high school, and I’m sure to just be…forgotten by him while I’m taking AP courses elsewhere for who knows how long.

    If he likes me or if he’s ever liked me he could’ve just told me and I would’ve accepted it, but right now I’ve decided that I just have to let go. My point is that if you *really* love anyone—guy or girl—so much that you’re willing to make room for them anywhere in your lives then just go for it; you only have one lifetime to be with someone you truly care for, and part of the risk comes from asking the other person if they have an interest in you too. Don’t be like me and pass up choice opportunities for simply speaking to the other person about “us” conversations; otherwise, being around them will be similar to being around your enemies: restrained and effortless. It up to you, and you only, to see to it that a friendship becomes greater and not anyone else.

  21. Hugo said on 11-06-2009

    Hey, just tell him the truth! I told my best friends I was Bi and they were so cool about it! Maybe after you tell him the truth, you guys will get even closer with each other! By the way, if he does that again while you pretend to sleep, you should wait ’til he starts to play with you and then make a sexual noise, or say something like “yeah!” or “that feels good”

  22. YeahYeahYeah1 said on 09-06-2009

    Okay, well I have this friend and we have been friends for 12 years or longer we are both 18, and he stays over my house a lot. And just about every time he stays, he will wait until he thinks I’m asleep, he will play around with me. It doesn’t bother me because I am bi and he says he is straight. He doesn’t know I’m bi, but I have tried so many time to talk him in to things and he just won’t do it. And I would really like to mess around with him. And I know he’s not completely straight. How would I go about talking to him about this, I mean every time I have ask him if he is gay he gets so offensive about it. And I don’t want to tell him I’m bi. But yeah I could use the help.

  23. Hugo said on 26-05-2009

    Hey, if you guys have msn add me – Well I met this guy 4 years ago and we never talked, he only said crap about me with his friends. But this year, senior year, he started looking like he was losing friends, and he started to notice me more in class. Well for some reason I felt like he was always watching me, but I always looked at him too, because I started to like him. I am now really in love with him and he started to talk to me when 2009 started. He first messaged me on Myspace after I had messaged him about how I always wanted to be his friend. What’s really funny is that he replied to my message on Valentine’s Day and it made my day. He offered a free haircut because he cuts people’s hair and really does awesome at it, and he did cut my hair, he came to pick me up and I told him that it would be better if he took me to my dad’s place so nobody would be there to interrupt us or bother us. He cut my hair and we talked, but he didn’t seem interested in me, but he did told me to take my shirt off before the haircut and I said no because I was shy and later he took me home. At school he would always come and talk to me and ask for help about stuff that someone else could help him with, I stopped talking to him because I wanted to stop liking him, but I haven’t, I love him so much and this last week, he asked me to help him out with a powerpoint presentation and I said yes, and we were in the library and he and I were sitting right next to each other, leg to leg and arm to arm and I was so happy, i rubbed my arm on his a little and he didn’t seem to care and everytime he had a question we would both look at each other and his eyes would line up with mine and it was so romantic. I also made him laugh quite a few times, and then he thanked me so much for all the help and I got brave so I asked, it would be cool if we hung out next week at lunch and he said, sure hit me up tuesday, and I’m so excited, tomorrow i’m having lunch with him and it’s gonna be perfect. I called him this weekend to see if he could cut my hair and he said that he could today, so I’m going to call him in 45 mminutes and see if he can. I really hope he can, because I want to tell him today that I have always loved him and if maybe we are alone at my house when this happens, and he ends up liking me too, then anything can happen. I wouldn’t care if it was just a kiss, all I want is his love 😀 Wish me good luck guys, today’s the day!!!

  24. bigirishman said on 19-04-2009

    speak english already. It’s annoying to read a story or advice in english and then have it switch to some weird language in mid-sentence.

    When they start talking about sex is when you’ve got them hooked.

  25. pj said on 26-03-2009

    Thanks for the tips your site has been very helpful☺ Keep up the good work.

  26. YungBoiGotIt said on 14-03-2009

    Thanx for the hints and tips but i’ve been seducing Straight Guyz for years and i cant even drive yet.
    See when your “younger” such as between the ages of 16 and 20 a reall good game of “truth or dare” should put you right where you need to be.
    But only if there are 3 to 4 people and the sun is about to go down, I say that because at that time boys will do almost anything.
    By having open discuessions onthe sizes of your “area” it will almost always lead to a comment like “well lemme see it” and once you get to here your good to go
    Oh by the way im not gay I’m actually staight and i can do it so i know you can to.
    i just like the fact that its so damn easy!!!

  27. stan said on 08-02-2009

    Migs I clearly see your point in your last statement. but don’t you think there is an immeasurable satisfaction when you had a straight guy though ephemeral than someone who is gay?

  28. John said on 02-11-2008

    I’m a married guy who has been thinking a lot about meeting up with a guy to fool around (mostly fantasizing about mutual as the othere stuff doesn’t get me excited when I think about it).  My problem is that I’m not comfortable using the Internet to find an anonymous encounter.  My question is to the bi and gay dudes out there (especially the closeted ones).  How can I discretely identify and express my interest in another guy in a similar position?  I see a lot of guys that I want to play with in public but can’t tell which one’s also like men. 

    • vanitysaint said on 08-03-2009

      You have to sharpen your gaydar. It’s built-in. Sometimes, you’ll just have to train your eyes and trust your guts. Believe me.hehe :)

  29. sadguy24 said on 16-10-2008

    for me d best p rin ung PORN thing method….. d2 kz sa officework q….. (working student me)…..
    pasahan cla ng scandals kya un, pero xmpre d aq pa obvious n tinitignan q ung baba. as usual tinitigasan kz, nppansin q hawak nila eh…. hhehehehehehehehehe (alam nila gay aq pero wla me pki sa knila d q kz likey eh…. hehehehhe)

  30. queermo said on 13-10-2008

    Yeah  I don’t mean to brag but I’ve used these tips a many a time and gotten laid that night lol (it really works with guys of jewish decent 😉 )

  31. faggot said on 12-10-2008

    kamumay ka men! wapakels kung bestfrend ko ang dinale ko. ang importante ay nalasap namin ang tamis ng dapithapon sa parola hahaha ^_^… xet hard on with it hahah

    -Support joseph and polo in der movies. kaumay tlaga hahah 😀 sarap xet harder

  32. wade said on 22-07-2008

    ok, i have a huge crush on this guy and i have been working on him for quite a while but i just don’t know if i should go for him yet. He has spent the night at my place once and somehow we ended up sleeping in the same bed, i wasn’t going to try anything but then i woke up in the middle of the night and he was right up against me. My cock was literally inbetween his cheeks and i couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or that he just rolled when he sleeped. Then i touched his cock but got no response. So i just assumed he was sleeping the whole time.
    Another time we were talking and i told him i shaved my pubes, and he asked to see, so i showed him and he felt it and said nice.
    We have also sent eachother a lot of dirty text messages and i don’t know if i should go for it. Any tips. By the way i’m not gay i’m just a bi-curious straight guy.

  33. john said on 09-06-2008

    im in the closet and i have a friend who is straight does anyone know how i can get him in bed without telling them im gay first?

  34. ronald said on 23-03-2008

    ive been reading a lot of stuff from the internet on how to seduce a straight guy. coz i have a friend that i had a big crush. actually we are roommates. and we are in the same room. but we have another roommate which is a girl…

    the few times i tried to be closer to him. he just ignore it. i mean i was holding his legs but he didnt say anything. and that continued for a long time… until i decided to give him a massage… the 1st time i gave him a massage,, nothing happened. but it was really fun coz finally i touched his body… the second time was that was when i tried to feel his ass and dick… and he didnt say no but he said its better if we go to sleep coz it was already late…

    and now… he seems pretty normal… he still talks to me like nothing happened but i dont know when can i give him a massage again…

    oh my god… i cant believe this is happening to me… i think im obsessed… but not in a way that i will become possessive… but everytime i get home i always check my computer if he visited porn site… and if ever the web history was deleted i know he visited porn site again and jacked off… and this may sound gross but i do check his underwear if any sperm is left… and i i see that the crotch has a something on it… i try to smell it… and it smell like his dick…
    oh my god… i am going insane if i dont get this guy…
    one more thing… he has a girlfriend… they have a kid… and he loves her… but he talks to this one girl and flirts with her… and he’s taking a vacation to philippines so he can marry his girlfriend….

    i know this is gonna be hard… coz once he is married… i am kinda ashame to seduce a guy with wedding ring…

    so guys pls help me to figure out how to get a private time with him… i dont know but im a little bit scared to approach him again… coz he might get piss and i dont wanna lose him as a friend…

    i know… im stupid coz i still wanted to do what i planned but im not ready to take the risk that he might stay away from me…

    wish me luck…

  35. FatBoySlim said on 11-03-2008


    Its ur call, if u would like to take the risk (and ready to move into a new apartment) then go for it. Beer would really help a lot! (as per experience… :-)

    I would say, go for it! Habang nde ganun ka-deep ang friendship. Kc pag lalong tumatagal, lalong nawawala ang chance. Who knows he’s just waiting for you to open up!

  36. FatBoySlim said on 11-03-2008

    D day before my wedding, my best man (which is also my bestfriend) slept over kc he was helping me finalize my last minute preparations for my wedding day. Since queen size bed nasa room ko, no choice sya but to share my bed.

    We were talking until the wee hours, with some beer around, checking everything, when he asked me, “sure ka na ba talaga magpakasal?” I know Im risking everything by saying, “Theres only one thing holding me back…” Of course he asked what, sabi ko “Pare, ikaw!” He was dumb founded. I approach him, gave him a kiss… It was the best night and the best male to male sex I ever had.

    (Sorry can not post the details here, magagalit si migs)

    Natuloy ang wedding the next day. We were awkward pag gising namin, pero I was the one who approach him and thank him for being there for me. I love him so much and I told him walang iwanan. We hugged each other and dressed up for my wedding day.

    Until now we still go out, call each other up. Syempre di alam ng wife ko about that night. At nde na naulit pa yung night na yun. It will be something I will cherished and keep in my memory for the rest of my life!

  37. CleanCutMe said on 11-03-2008

    12. the best way to get a straight guy is through his interest. lucky me i have this rugged boy interests: sports and COMPUTER GAMES ! ! ! ! talk about his interests and it will be in no time, sex talk will that be easy.

    13. do talk a lot. guys like gays who can carry a conversation.

    14. ALWAYS compliment them. “nice shirt, nice haircut, nice dimples…” a guy who gets his ego pumped up is an easy fish to catch.

    15. never tell him your sexual adventures. tell him you had sexual experiences but ” im very secretive i wont even give the name of that person or the details of what happened. SIKRETO EH”. in this way you’ll have him thinking that in case he’ll have sex with you it will be a “closed” event.

    16. arm your cellphones with multimedia(learning resource materials) hehehehe. how to get him viewing this xxx STRAIGHT clips? “aw ano b itong sinend ng kaibigan kong scandal bago daw.” you’ll have him surely reply “talaga? patingin nga” then you automatically reply “hayz andami kya ako nakasave jan tingn mo lahat.” then smell pumping L I B I D O wagi ka n naman! heheheh

    16. If in case its time for you to have sex, remember “every performance must be the greatest performance of your life” ahahaha. a guy who gets sooo sooo satisfied will come back for more.

  38. Charing said on 11-02-2008

    Hmmm, ok lng.. Mdjo mhrap nga lng.

  39. mitch...! said on 31-12-2007

    keith…! and2 lng akitch! pde b kow?! juz contact me,,,! 09205484942…!

  40. jeff said on 09-11-2007

    may ka housemate ako na crush ko. we always have a long talk. ammm.. almost 2 hours. we talked spontaneously about work and leisures.. sometimes i cannot get off to look into his eyes straight directly and cute face.

    sometimes when we only both watch TV beside with each other, I want to touch his hand intentionally but accidentally.. weird huh..

    i want to open up that I have crush on him.
    but I dont want to lose him for just 5 minutes or less for saying about my sexual preference.

    I rather stay as a friend to him. He have trust on me.
    I know he has no girlfriend yet.
    he is from La Salle and a cute boy.

    I admire him so much. makulit kasi pagnaguusap kami pag kami lang dalawa.

    separate lang ang rooms namin sa share condo. Bago ako matulog tinitignan ko muna ang room door nya or nkalock pa ba.
    at nag-aalala kung san cya nagpupunta pag umaalis pag malapit na midnight.

    pero nasa internet cafe lang pala cya with his fren. fan ng DOTA. hehehe

    san cya ngaun? e nasa kwarto nya. naglalaptop. naka lock. at ako nasa sala. naghihintay na lumabas cya. hehehe..

    xcited na nga ako umuwi ng maaga from opis kasi andito cya palagi. nakakawala ng stress pagnakikita ko cya.


  41. barron said on 20-10-2007

    ako po may crush ako. feeling ko str8t xa pero may feeling din akong bi parang feeling ko kaya ko xang i seduce.pero nahihiya ako eh maybe kung lasing xa pero d ko pa xa nakakainuman eh…sana khat isang beses lang masaya na ako dun…kc i know gus2 nya rin un.d nga lang pwede kc mahirap para sa aming dalawa..maybe b’coz nag kakahiyaan.pero someday i should try to seduce him.

  42. alex said on 14-05-2007 true..but then again as you conclude your write up..15 mins of pleasure wont be enough reason to lose a friend..better yet to somen one you dont know! hahahah

  43. myk2ts said on 10-04-2007

    Heysalovesyah, go, if u think u r in the ryt track,no room to hold back,but be very sure,asses him first and find the ryt moment.g’luck

  44. Heysalovesyah said on 18-03-2007

    hey, i have a problem. I have a flatmate that i really want to seduce. I have lived with him for a couple of months and now well.. my relationship with is really weird and difficult. The problem is he is straight, but unlike the stereotypical “fag hater” jock, he is the “im very open about my sexuality” type of guy.
    What makes me even more suspicious is the fact that he always plays with me, either by tickling me or touching me. Lately this fooling around has exploded into more physical contact and more enjoying for me. But should i try and get it on with him??

  45. bojo said on 10-02-2007

    i’ve done it and it was incredible! the fact that you managed to bed and pleasure a straight guy who really turns you on or is a “crush” is totally awesome! “they’re” still my friends and i still pleasure them whenever we have the chance. and right now i’m in the process of seducing a new big crush and tho’ i feel that i can have him,i’m being extra careful ‘cos this guys friendship mean so much to me and i don’t want to jeopardize that so i’m being extra careful and patient. right now we go out to hook up with girls and watching him make out with them is enough,for now! so wish me luck!

  46. keith said on 03-02-2007

    I am a straight whitwe male. I am very bi curious, but extremely in the closet, so….I would like to be seduced by a guy!!!!

  47. jerome said on 08-12-2006

    all true. esp married men with wife problems. it’s explosive. their problems never seem to go away. they need the attention & caring, and the sex is unbelievable – like “no one has to know this”. most important tip is…do not share your shared secret even with gay/fag hag friends. your trust is crucial to them.

  48. James said on 07-11-2006

    No comment *sneeers*

  49. Michael J said on 12-10-2006

    I had no idea until now, but thanks for the info !!!

  50. Ang-ang said on 11-10-2006

    Thanks for the very nice tips/lessons!

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