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Polo Ravales and Luis Alandy Kiss

A good number of posts in this blog deal with Pinoy celebrities and rumors of them being gay. Not that the topic is a personal favorite, it is really just a reflection of the usual chit-chat topics I have with friends, and even not-so friends. We never run out of this type of chika… Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Yul Servo, Erik Santos, Paolo Ballesteros, Eric Quizon, Marvin Agustin… the list is endless! There is even this running joke that there is only one straight guy left in showbiz… he is none other than Aiza Seguerra. LOL! But you know what? It seems this phenomenon is pretty universal. Read the following article from Superdrewby (2001) and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Actors and the rumor mill

You know that one of the most intriguing things about fame and stardom is the rumor mill and the wild accusations about their personal life, often without any basis in reality. Take for example the old rumor about Richard Gere and the gerbil. Supposedly he was rushed to a hospital in the early eighties with an expired gerbil stuffed up his ass in a condom. The rumor made the rounds for years and still surfaces every now and then.

Whether the rumor is true or not is partially irrelevant, instead the importance of the rumor is more to do with whether the star, musician or other famous person has actually made it.

I have a belief that you haven’t made it as a male star until you have some sort of rumor making the rounds questioning your sexuality. Tom Cruise has been hounded for years by rumors that he is gay and that his marriages to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman were shams to bolster his appeal as a “straight” male actor.

Whilst some actors such as Keanu Reeves have freely admitted their bisexuality, and it certainly hasn’t done him any harm, many other gay actors remain deeply embedded in the closet in their public persona and many straight actors are “outed”.

Fame and stardom are a funny intangible thing. You open your life to the world and the gutter trash media tries to dig up any dirt they can on you, sometimes just repeating blatant unsubstantiated rumors. But how important are the rumors to the fame.

In my humble opinion until the rumors questioning a male star’s sexuality have surfaced he hasn’t really made an impact on the world. It’s almost like the subversive (tongue in cheek) gay community falls in love with some actor and then claims him as one of their own. Is it wishful thinking or is it jealousy, or is it even a ploy by the he publicists to make the guy more appealing to the gay community.

Trends and fashion are often led by the gay community, take techno and dance music, or the ubiquitous gay uniform of the nineties and eighties, the blue levi jeans and the skin tight white T shirt. Both where pioneered in the gay community and quickly spread to the wider community as a whole. The list of trends led by the gay community is endless, Disco, Party Drugs, the male obsession with body beautiful and the list goes on and on.

However sometimes there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in the denials of being gay or being attracted to both men and women. Take an Australian actor who will remain nameless, because we have a mutual friend. He is openly gay in person and plays a gay character on an award winning television series. His character plays an actor who is gay but pretends to the public that he is straight. Very confusing!

I happened to pick up a magazine last week while I was waiting for my haircut and found an article on the males stars of this show including him. I read the article and discovered a funny thing. He was asked who he would most like to sleep with from the cast, knowing he was gay I expected him to say one of the cute guys (and there is a young blonde hotty in the show at the moment). But no, instead he picked one of the female leads!

Now this threw me for a six so I continued reading, he was asked what it was like playing a gay actor and did he murmur or um and ah about his own sexuality? No sir, he played it straight down the line as if he were straight! Now this sort of total hypocrisy gets right up my nose. Yes I know that it is his right be open about his sexuality, but to out and out lie, especially since his own character on the show seems to be mirroring what he is doing in real life, well that is just laughable and damn funny!

Yes it might not be the best of career moves for a young male actor trying to break into the big time to come out and admit that he is gay. I can understand all the reasonings behind it, but the whole article smelt of bullshit and hypocrisy. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will mention this to our mutual friend!

Oh and by the way is it just a rumor he is gay? No not really we have first hand evidence of his sexual orientation, cause I know the guy!

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  1. MONIB U.MIDPANTAO said on 01-12-2011

    tama na nga yan pwde ba respeto naman natin yon feelings ng iba, kung anong mayron sila bakit hindi na lang natin hayaan kung anong desisyon nila sa buhay’wag na lang natin pakialaman yong buhay ng may buhay para hindi rin nila pakialaman yong buhay mo…

  2. Kabul Gay Guy said on 12-02-2011

    Gay Rumors in the Philippine Entertainment Industry is endless and we know who they and its just the time they will reveal who they are. Pity as they are taking the burden in order to survive and maintain he stature.

  3. lyn said on 12-02-2011

    erik santos is not a gay… okay!!! so please stop the rumors,.. mind your own life.. 😡

  4. sho said on 14-09-2010

    wow… that was a lot of infomation! i like it! i think i’m one of those gays that trying to act “straight” even though people around me sees me as “gay”… well, we have our own reasons why we still choose to hide behind the closet.
    btw, someone told me that john lloyd is gay. im not sure, but even without any proofs, i believe it.
    and i also agree that marvin is gay. havent seen him personally but something about his acts on tv, the way he talks reads “GAY”. im sure his twins are from a surrogate mother, and one of his way to ward off the gay issue.
    and i think i should stop talking about other people’s sexuality coz i dont also like other people talking about me and my sexuality… :p

  5. JP said on 29-06-2010

    here’s a gay pic from Paolo Ballesteros

    cuddle much? lmao

  6. Moseko said on 27-04-2010

    Si Dingdong Dantes? LOL…..OK…LOL

  7. Kim_che said on 13-12-2009

    Nablind item yan si gerald ah. Nung di pa raw yan sikat eh nagpapabook daw yan . in very cheap price.

  8. supergay said on 13-12-2009

    gaga/1 si jerecho di daw pumapatol. ning, 13 pa lang yan, pinipilahan na ng bading yan sa parlor sa marikina

  9. rox said on 13-12-2009

    Mga Pcute S ACS
    1. Tristan
    2. Ramil Vincent
    3. AJ
    5. At kning sino sino p jan.. at isang opisyales

  10. tastybread said on 08-04-2009

    Mga bading/bisexual/pamhinta sa showbiz:
    1. Piolo Pascual
    2. Sam Milby
    3. Erik Santos
    4. Jed Madela
    5. Eric Quizon
    6. Paolo Ballesteros
    7. Paolo Bediones
    8. Marvin Agustin
    9. Roderick Paulate
    10. German Moreno
    11. Victor Basa
    12. Uma Khouny
    13. Yul Servo
    14. Carlos Agassi
    15. Raymond Gutierrez
    16. Hero Angeles
    17. Jon Avila
    18. AJ Dee

    Mga straight guys na pumapatol o pumatol na sa bading:
    1. Diether Ocampo
    2. Jason Abalos
    3. Richard Gomez
    4. Jake Cuenca
    5. Dion Ignacio
    6. JR Siaboc
    7. Will Devaughn
    8. Zanjoe Marudo

    Mga totoong lalaki at hindi pumapatol sa bading (so far?):
    1. Jericho Rosales
    2. John Lloyd Cruz
    3. Gerald Anderson
    4. Oyo Boy Sotto
    5. Richard Gutierrez
    6. Dingdong Dantes
    7. Ryan Agoncillo
    8. Alfred Vargas
    9. Derek Ramsey
    10. Dennis Trillo

  11. kyle said on 28-03-2009

    ayoko na sana mag comment pero sabi nun friend ko c paolo bediones daw. walang taste khit majonda joklash gus2 ihada. cheapangga!..jed madela kung and2 ka magparamdam ka. bbut infairness, u have nice voice…wag lang lunukin ang mic.

  12. symbian said on 11-01-2009

    Is Paolo Santos the singer gay?

    First I saw him in Greenbelt Nike with a gay guy checking up some shoes. Then several times with the same gay guy in megamall. I mean the gay guy looks old and rich. Gay benefactor? I know his not really that good looking. But the chinito eyes, tall and now tan skin tone. Well he most have a big package down there. hehehe… I know lotsa thin guys who could suprise you that the have big ehem there.

    Paolo Santos ngsikat wala balita gf o link. Now laos wala pa rin now well over his 30s. hmmm… what do u think guys?

  13. Maldito said on 02-11-2008

    Erik Santos is such a deadringer for HOTWETSPEEDO! 

  14. wacher said on 30-10-2008

    franco laurel best friend jc buendia hehe same feathers flock 2gether!!!

  15. Sublime said on 16-10-2008

    yeah, i know migs, he has a tendency but as purple monster was saying hes more of a guy who wants to get his rocks off  than looking for this cliche pinoy lifetime partner fantasy (to have both in one package would be great though). I myself am in the music industry and not the pop variety. Havent heard of anyone around my group (which includes bands like queso,greyhoundz,sandwhich,rivermaya etc.) of anyone who is closeted except for me. it gets quite lonely out there :) little do they know how I discreetly bring homoeroticism to a performance, straight people just dont get it , great :)

  16. the observer said on 04-06-2008

    you dont need to rico yan to attest… ask ms. marvin agustin he/she knows…..

  17. the observer said on 04-06-2008

    i agree badingola si Piolo accept niya ito o hindi…. i know him se well, he was introduced as one of the Blue Blood… at take note panay pa sila bagets noon… sino ang muse e di siya…. atleast he knows how to use his merchandize for business and pleasure..saan ang favorite hang out ni piolo before…. Bobby Maquis sa makati Ave….

  18. denise parilla said on 04-06-2008

    i even ate there sa sumu sam… take note mga bata at b.y ang mga waiers niya… for sure may hada siya doon… wanna bet… hindi lang sa white….. anong favorite fast food niya after ng duty niya sa Tia Maria…? lugawan sa Alabang…. i know kasi isa sa gay friend ko sobra kung magbatay sa kanya…. sa trulili lang….

  19. denise parilla said on 04-06-2008

    oo naman true ka dayan Miss Marvin Agustin, i know him so well since high school siya , sa isa mga private high school sa San Pedro Laguna, ask him kung anong favorite sport niya ” Volleybal” nag work siya sa Tia Maria sa Alabang Town Center… until nakipagbadingan siya sa isa sa talent manager ng ABC-CBN… hay badingula siya sa too lang !

  20. nash said on 09-05-2008

    you know what they say…”BI 2DAY, GAY LATER.”

  21. a4 said on 03-05-2008

    i agree with jarred. homosexuality is different from bisexuality. today, not all men are that straight anymore ;p

  22. Jarred said on 29-04-2008

    si wowee de gusman at si rechard G. pati narin si jude estrada they are bisexual pero si chocolate at si inday garutay at si john lapus iyang ang tunay na mga homo….

  23. Jarred said on 29-04-2008

    hay nako si piolo ay talagang bakla, walang na lilink na babae tapus kung kumilos parang si rustume noon, at saka bisexual ay iba sa homosexual kasi ang homo ay walang kapasidad maki pag sex sa opposite sex samantala ang bisexual ay both same and oppo. kaya wag nyong tawagin homo si papa piolo at troy kasi hindi sila homo bisexual sila.

    • rucus said on 16-06-2011

      lahat ng lalaki may kapasidad makipag sex sa mga babae. binigyan tayo ng equipment for that. may kanya kanya lang choice kung sino at anung gender ang papatulan ng isang tao. bisexuality in its true nature is still relative to everyone’s opinion. sa akin…. majority of the GLBT peeps goes through “identity crisis” having gone both with male and female to determine and choose what’s best or what makes them happy in then end. Bisexuality for me is a phase. You either have to choose which side you wanna play… which side will make you happy and complete.

  24. Vavaboom said on 02-04-2008

    I went to college with Migs Zubiri in UPLB and he is such a straight guy. No rumors of him playing swords and had a lot of classes with him, no hint of gayness nor being effeminate.

  25. shippuuden said on 30-01-2008

    i was shocked on your comments guys, well just want to ask you guys if the ff rumors are true or not?
    1. Is it true that there are plenty of basketball players professional and non pro competition who are bisexual? e.g. rich alvares, jeff sta.maria etc… :)
    2. Is it true that piolo and jm rodriguez been caught at the parking lot doing kneeling stuff! hehehe…:)
    3. Is it true that diether and a vocalist/ or a band member having a one night stand???
    4. How about the party goer EX SENATOR ERNESTO MACEDA outside the country?
    5. How about the controversial m2m video of troy montero and alex campton??

    hey guys i just want to asked if the following rumors are true or not, thanks in advance for those who will answer my queries…. gudmornyt!

  26. fratboi02 said on 01-12-2007

    its ok to be gay and be closeted. people have their reasons to be so. i have personal inside new though that i’d bet everyone here would love. hehehe. i mean, its nice to talk about our closeted brothers every now and then…

    1. im not sure if sen. migs zubiri is gay but he makes patol, if the late rico yan was still alive, he will attest to this statement!=D

    2. for those who know uma before he went into the big bgother house, he was still a bit chubby and he goes to bars like v-bar wearin a suit…stay there the whole night and not mingle a lot…fancy a fuck? uma was paid 5000 to 10000 for a fuck since he was modelling already…exclusively for boys!=D

    3. been to sumo sam in shang? i have a white friend that dined there and there was miss marvin agustin smiling and looking at my friend, pretending to check if the service was great, he went to my friend and asked him if everything is taken cared of. marvin got my friend’s number and started to text my friend and invited him out many times. they did go out and was followed by a very creamy desert…peanut butter, anyone???=D

    4. On eric quizon and Piolo…back in 2000 or was it 2001, i was still working out at excell fitness center in megamall. Piolo worked out there and everytime he finishes, eric quizon will be outside the gym to pick him up and carry his bag. how sweet.=D

    5. my mom is an elected official of the city of manila, hence a politician…ang alakas ng chismis sa city hall that the yul-piolo thing was real. there was this one time pa nga when i was talking about it with my bestfriend when i went to my mom’s birthday celebration just to find out yul was behind me! hehehe.=D

    6. piolo and sam are obviously together! i was with them nung saturday. and they were awfully sweet. wanna sue me? bring it on…i just dont like that Piolo is such a hipocrite about things eh sobra naman ang kabadingan niya! heehee.=D

  27. maverick said on 18-11-2007

    ^ gay life is already complicated, why make it worse?

    people should accept you for who you are, without false pretenses or guise of something/somebody else

    be out, be proud, be outstanding!

  28. antonella said on 04-11-2007

    eh ano ngaun kung bakla? masama ba yun para sa nyo? eh mga bading din nmn kayo …tayo kung masama ah di lahat tayo masasama! mas masahol pa ba yan sa mga magnanakaw? mga kriminal? manloloko? mga ipokrita!!! PEACE!!!

  29. [D.W.A] said on 13-10-2007

    Minsan – lets face it – ang GAYDARS natin SOMETIMES pumapalpak [let say 99% korek, 1% mali….so there may MISTAKE pa rin]

  30. deborah said on 07-10-2007

    nakakapagod nato…lets respect those people na hindi ready magout.. happy cla ng ganon.. kanya kanyang trip.. marami nga mga BAKLANG BAKLA nagpupumilit magpaka men diba.. DIBA? mga baklang khet magpaminta eh sobrang lansa at halatang halata naman sa effort.. eh yun ang trip nila eh… RESPETO NALANG..

  31. mark said on 25-09-2007

    magaling ka dbest ka I like u na

  32. rodier said on 23-09-2007

    hay, kakapagod. its not really important if somebody is gay or straight. The most important is attitude. ATTITUDE!

  33. Baklusha said on 08-09-2007

    Hay mga sisterets!!!! .. hayaan n natin mga closet Queens…. darating din ang araw silay ay sisigaw ng Darna!!!! db..neh!!! lyk RusTom .. shes now a certified Baklusha!!!.. let them enjoy their being discreet… nyaway… time will come they will come out!!!!

  34. purple monster said on 07-09-2007

    im a personal friend of miguel.. yep..he has his tendencies..but hes more of a brutal top that just wants to get off rather than a guy looking for love…

  35. kyowkou said on 25-08-2007

    sam ang piolo r not gays ok so please stop this nonsense stuff ok.

  36. michael said on 20-05-2007

    I am sure that Sam and Piolo are not gay. I listened to there interview in SHaron Cuneta TV show and Piolo said of him and Sam that they went to the same church and that Piolo and Sam would pray together.

    • Donranillo said on 06-12-2011

      Well nagkakamali ka, nakasama namin si Papa P. Sa party…ng isang model.Bigay na bigay,bading talaga,di naman sya naglilihim sa party.Hinihimas pa nga ng model likod nya. Sagot nya “Hoy bruha! tamaan tayo ng kidlat!” Pero magaling sya na artista at gwapo, idol ko pa rin PERO bading talaga. Ewan ko si Sam.

  37. jan said on 01-03-2007


  38. lee said on 19-01-2007

    Is Cong. Migs Zubiri gay?

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