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Got this in my mail today, a letter sender from a Pinoy Gay Guy in Canada:

I’m visiting the islands early January… I was wondering if you have any suggestions for clean gay fun in Manila…just recently single again again and i would really love to hook up with a fellow Pinoy this time…by the way dude your blog is phenomenal !!!!


Dear Pinoy Gay Guy in Canada:

First let me thank you for your very kind comment on my blog. I try to keep this updated to ensure you, my readers, enjoy every click you make in this site. Thank you, I’m really glad there are those like you who appreciate it!

Now, for your being “just recently single again” — good for you! Whatever happened, it is the past, and happy gay guys like us have no time for lingering in the past. We live for the now, and look forward to a happy future!

Clean Gay Fun in Manila – yes! I would be able to recommend specific places and things to do if you specify better your interests. But I would suppose you should not miss the party scenes in Malate (Orosa/Nakpil area) and in Greenbelt 3/4. There are specific establishments I can recommend once you let me know what kind of activities you actually enjoy (videoke? dancing? eating? coffee conversations? etc.)

Again, thank you Pinoy Gay Guy in Canada for your kind comment!

Yours Truly,
Migs, the Manila Gay Guy

P.S. If you want to hook up with articulate, intelligent Pinoys — one other option is for you to surf the Pinoy Blogosphere. There are several good gay Pinoy bloggers. It’s a good start!

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  1. Ernest The Adventurer said on 09-09-2008

    Happy, happy birthday!!!

    from one of your avid reader (I’m now in Barcelona, Spain!)

    More power!!

    Ernest the Adventurer

  2. Ernest The Adventurer said on 09-09-2008

    Hi, Migz, we have similar problems with the Canadian Guy here. I work as Int’l Tourist Guide ( Europe-USA). Though a pure Pinoy, I always have the problem of what are the nices places to go everytime I go back there and see nice places where I can hang around with discreet guys. I do not even have common discreet friends in Manila. Hope to have really find sensible and good friends to tag along¬†there whom I can share common interests with. I am from Laguna but stays in Makati whenever in the Philippines. More power Migz sa isang makabuluhang website gaya nito.

  3. NIck - Gay Guy from Toronto said on 07-11-2006

    Hi Migs
    I’m all set for a trip in early January (9-28), got the tickets!!!! Yesss! i’m keen on staying in Manila for a week and will head down to the islands for diving etc…i was wondering if you can recommend a place were i can stay (furnished condo/suite) preferably in a safe/clean area…if there are anybody interested among your readers who maybe keen on getting to know me..i would be delighted to send photos and stats. Take care MIgs and I do look forward to hearing from you. Ciao Bello!

  4. Migs said on 25-10-2006

    Hello Torontonian Pinoy! Dancing scene… Malate’s Bed Bar would be perfect! Scuba Diving? Lucky you I’m a diver too! You wouldn’t go wrong going to Anilao in Batangas. As for coffee conversations, Manila is littered with great coffee shops. Email me again in December so I can give you more specific recommendations. Good luck, I hope you’re able to meet Pinoys with similar interests – enjoy!!!

  5. Pinoy Gay Guy from Toronto said on 25-10-2006

    Hey Migs,

    Thanks ever so much for getting back so quickly, i really do appreciate it. And yes,I will try my luck on pinoy blogsphere and see what i can find.

    yes being single meant opportunity for me to travel and to move on… and no time to sulk at all!!!

    i’d be interested in knowing more about the dancing scene…scuba diving…sun…sand…working out…eating healthy and yes intelligent converations!

    and i can speak to anyone in french until they drop their underpants LOL.


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