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In recent years, there has been a heightened sense of the need for well-being among the general population. Along with this trend, a proliferation of different ways to pamper one’s self, including through massage. Now for gay men, there are different ways to get pampered through massage.



(The Spa, Discovery Spa, Nurture Spa, San Benito Farm, Sonya’s Sensuous Spa, City Lifestyle, Sanctuario Spa, etc.)

This is the most expensive and extravagant way to get a massage. Charges start at 720 pesos for an hour-long massage, some establishments even charge more than 1,500 for the same treatment. They mostly employ female masseuses, although some offer the option of male masseurs. Those establishments that employ masseurs are aware and wary about some of their masseurs doing sideline hanky panky stuff with their clients — because even in some of these supposedly ritzy places, some of these actually do happen. Ask Mcvie. Hehe!


Massage Parlors

Even before the advent of spas, massage parlors already are in existence. Most of these places cater to horny, dirty old men, but a good number specialize in providing services to the gay community. Examples are Datu, Big Men, Blue Palm, Lakan, Mr. Earth, Utopia, etc. I have not been to any one of these establishments although from feedback I hear, most masseurs don’t really give good massage. Apparently they specialize on “extra service” and the massage is just a front. If this is true then those looking for a massage should be looking elsewhere; those interested in “extra service” then you know what to do – hehehe! A note of caution: some of these places have been raided due to the reported illicit activities happening in their massage rooms. Go at your own risk!

Home Service

Browse through any newspaper’s Classified Ads and you will definitely see advertisements related to “Home Service Massage.” Some of these are legitimate, however, most are not. If you read, “Massage by Paquito, handsome well-built masseur, call 987-6543,” I’m sure you know what Paquito is *really* offering, right? By the way, I thought of putting another little note of caution here: never bring in a stranger to the privacy of your house, especially with the gay killings that have happened recently, allegedly done by hired home service masseurs.

Blind Masseurs in Shopping Malls

If my memory serves me right, you can get a 15-minute backrub for just 50 pesos. For the weary shopper, this is a quick fix. I tried it once, and thought blind masseurs are a bit more intense than normal. I left his massage chair black and blue.

I recommend…

So where do I recommend you get your massage? Well, if you’re really up for a good, relaxing massage, those reputable spas would be best. My two favorite places to get my massage are: The Spa in Bel-Air, Makati (Php780 for an hour of massage, common room, masseuses only) and Sonya’s Sensuous Spa in Tagaytay (Php600 for an hour of massage, VIP room, option for masseur).

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  1. dan said on 27-11-2011

    si R is from sanctuario QC. di ko na lama asan siya. :(

  2. dan said on 27-11-2011

    someone emailed me to ask what’s so special about R. i had him a couple of times, grabe kaming maghalikan. one time, i even came twice. even after cumming, he’d still kiss me. he tried inserting his finger once, but i stopped him kasi i’ve never tried. kung alam ko lang na magsasara na sila, sinubukan ko na sana at hindi ko na pinigilan.

  3. heart_1ess said on 26-09-2011

    The best male masseurs were from Sanctuario Malate. Too bad it’s now closed. Anyone have any idea where Cliff & his brother are now?

    • joshjosh said on 21-07-2012

      Check South Bay City Spa Paranaque. Get Albert, he used to be with Sanctuario Malate. He could be one of the guys you are looking for.. here is his number 09163042872

  4. derd said on 17-01-2011

    hi peeps,

    may nakakaalam ba kung saan na ngayon si ian ng sanctuario malate. passed by the place last week, sarado na kasi. tnx

  5. franxis said on 17-01-2011

    i think were on the same boat,,,and also to the “kkb” thing.. hehehe…i miss all the places u hav mentioned….its nice to know , that someone still is into what i call”pure pleasure” sometime…take care not to be too trusting…

  6. franxis said on 16-01-2011

    youve gotnice and wholesome, informative page…though ive been in most places,,its good that someone like you will give us pure concern…we needed that,,,a note of caution on the things you mentioned…more power

  7. Fishy said on 02-01-2011

    Did you mean “cum” or “rim” in your post? :-)

  8. cuaaandy said on 29-12-2010

    Any one can suggest some male spa or massage in manila or pasay,
    And where the masseur can offer the ES…heyhey
    Thanks, Pls email me.

  9. devs said on 28-11-2010

    I’ve been to Datu more than a month ago, grabe yung rate 400 agad just for the fucking room na malaki pa siguro yung banyo ng mga nasa remote areas na squatter. The massage itself is not that pleasing for around 400 then for ES, depende na sa usapan nyo ng masseur. Grabe yung first experience ko, I paid 1000 for the massage and the ES excluding the 400 peso room. The ES was not very pleasing. I never even got the chance to **m you know it. So, when I was about to pay, I complained. I asked for a new masseur then I paid another 800 bucks. It was awful hundred times and it was my first time to get into such kind of place.

    After that horrible experience, the second masseur contacted me and we met thrice but not in the establishment anymore. We’re doing it outside. Though not really cute, his thingy was huge and very irresistible that’s why we’ve seen each other several times. I’ve never heard from him since two weeks ago but I never treated him as my bf, good thing I didn’t fall for him but you know, I just miss what we do. :)

    I would love someone from here to be my buddy sa mga lakaran na gaya nito. Sa mga interested maging gimik buddy, KKB tayo ha. Leave your email. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

  10. ricks. said on 13-11-2010

    san to? how much ?

  11. brave _heart said on 24-09-2010

    ive bin to sanctuario spa qc and the place is really nice private rooms lahat and ganda nang ambience but wat really excites me is the steam room at private jacuzzi nila sa expansion room nila dami tao lagi dun mostly mga male guest nila ang gumagamit,walang nakikialam hehehehehe u know wat i mean,at bumaba na ang rate nila even sa massage 1hour and 20mns na kaya i might go back

  12. ace said on 20-09-2010

    Nature’s Way Aromatherapy never fails me 😉

  13. Carlo said on 14-08-2010

    I’ve been out of the country for 2 months, any new tips about masseurs in CTL and Sanctuario? So far, for me, budget for Sanctuario is 2k to 2500 total with es, room and massage…everything is possible (as in ES)… But if your budget is only 1200 to 1500 for room hj and massage, go to CTL…. For both establishments, massage and service are excellent pero mas gusto ko yung facilities sa CTL kasi mas malaki at pwede mo masolo ang pool pag off peak hours nila…

  14. j said on 19-07-2010

    hi true,
    blue palm is very very much okay
    im not sure if you also follow the thread massuer massuer massuer. there’s a good review by kaloy about 2 massuers from blue palm and they are just few of the good ones. Don the owner, is honest enough to suggest the type of massuer who can cater to your needs. syempre iba iba tayo ng gusto di ba? last time i went there was last week and super nag enjoy naman ako. the session usually starts with a turkish bath (kasama na sya sa 350) at paliliguan ka ng massuer mo at pwede mo din syang paliguan. Minsan dito palang, may mga nagaganap na. I have tried several massuers and unlike wensha or other spas, iba iba sila ng attack, may hard at medium lang mag massage. sa ES naman, bongang bonga ang ilan doon. I cannot detail exactly what each massuer is capable of doing for their protection din.

  15. ace said on 19-07-2010

    Nature’s Way Aromatherapy Spa 😉

  16. True said on 11-07-2010

    Is Blue Palm still ok? I haven’t heard about it in a long time. Thanks.

  17. jonjon said on 04-07-2010

    Any tips for Wensha Pasay branch that should interest all PLUs to check-out these days? Names or clues ng mga “friendly” masseurs would be perfect. Shout-outs mga dude.

  18. ace said on 21-06-2010

    I was at Nature’s Way Aromatherapy Spa last sat.. and it never failed to give me the best

  19. ace said on 16-06-2010

    Nature’s Way Aromatherapy Spa, is a new discovery..i know it has few branches. I’d go to gelleria- and had ****. 1200 for a scrub and massage. :) you should check the place

  20. amistadlover said on 22-04-2010

    and in amistad, i did even pay for ES BS stuff like that. i got my satisfaction from a fellow costumer. and BTW, i love their massage. it sent me sleeping. the best night of my voyeur life.

  21. amistadlover said on 22-04-2010

    basta ako i had a massage in amistad and i loved it. before and after you receive the massage, you get the opportunity to try their sauna and shower. and i guess we already know what happens when horny tripper guys go to sauna with you. OH MY GOD! there was this really really hot 5’9 guy with an athlete’s built around 18-20 years old. i never thought he wouldnt object me touching his crouch. and he let me suck him oh my god. hes the hottest guy i have tried.

  22. Fishy said on 24-11-2009

    Jake of CTL.

  23. rocky said on 21-11-2009

    who is jake by the way?

  24. Fishy said on 02-11-2009

    hi Rocky, Jake is kind of a looker pero didn’t get any ES kasi it wasn’t offered. So i think that would at least give you the satisfaction of a really good massage without the complications of an ES offer. for plain good massage from a nice looking guy, Jake could be the one for you.

    Let me know how it goes with Jake ha. :-)

  25. rocky said on 29-09-2009

    have tried ctl 2 consecutive saturdays. place is good and clean. got no fear or worries of the place because it doesn’t look like a cheapy one. have tired ramil first, he offered es and bargained price at five 00. twas good for an experience but not worth it in matter of minutes compared to price of 765 in a vip rm in a 1 hr massage. folks, i guess we should not tolerate this… if they want to offer or if we want being offered, should not be that much. next sat comes, wanted to try mr earth but to my surprise when i opend the main entrance door, wow… lot of handsome guys in undies. i got scared, i didn’t go inside anymore and i closed the door. one handsome and macho guy came out from the and spoke to me that they offer good massage. i asked them if they have steam bath or sauna, he said no.. they only offer massage. i told thanks, i got back pain i wanted a steam bath and i also said that i got am scared. wellm he was so nice and just smiled. sayang, i did not get his name, nahiya ako. after then got a cab andwnet to ctl. got gerson, good massuer… he offered es but i just ignored as if i didn’t hear him, coz i got a vip room again. happy at last that i have over controlled my desire for es,… my gun softened when i pretended that i didnt hear him hehehe. gerson is really good.. really a good massage..perfect 10! ramil is more sensual … but i scale him 9! both guys are cute. next saturday i will try mandy or who else you could recommend at ctl? lakas loob lang pagpunta ko mag-isa for experience… i checked the location of boys of b., kingspoint, i recommend ctl hehehe. ok have nice and healthy massage bros!

  26. ryan said on 15-09-2009

    Marami d2 sa cebu

  27. miguel said on 15-08-2009

    Johhny? what happened with Amistad?

  28. Johnny said on 15-07-2009

    CitiLifestyle is still a better choice. Amistad just got raided, or so it was reported. ES is all over that place. Too bad they’ve fallen for the wrong guy – an “asset” so it was told. CTL’s Ramil is good…

  29. lopez.c said on 12-07-2009

    Is Joseph still with Sanctuario?

  30. Keno Felix said on 12-05-2009

    Saan po ba merong massage parlor na malapit sa Pasay na merong extra service.

  31. ken said on 18-04-2009

    i just can’t bear to imagine why some gays spend much money on guys- up to the extent of not leaving a peso for themselves…… Hey guys- try to thinks a hundred times!!!!! When we get old (gays), it’s your finances that will take care of you, so to speak….

  32. Rooster said on 11-04-2009


    revivir has long been closed. nadisperse na rin mga masseurs nila. spa is along kamuning rd. about a block away from the corner of EDSA. couldn’t reco anyone from there kasi one time ko lang sinubukan a long time ago, and it wasn’t a very fruitful experience.

  33. matt said on 07-04-2009

    dahan-dahan lang sa pagsubo hahaha huwag isubo lahat hahaha mahirap na hahaha

  34. lester said on 10-01-2009

    yeah it’s true, me too. i have one, i was half crazy fell in love with someone in holliwood. hirap to let go. nakakasakit pero titiisin dahil natutunan mong mahalin at pahalagahan. pano nga ba kalimutan? i have good job. i am engaged with my gf working in states then i found someone…. forget it.

    • Claude said on 14-01-2009

      huh?! ang gulo mo

    • jopat said on 01-04-2009

      Hello po. I had same experience like yours. I had a by in boys of bora for almost 2 years sa 141B Kamias Road corner Anonas Ave. QC. Naki pag break siya recently sa akin. Talagang masakit. Kahit tanggap ko ‘yung nature ng work niya and always trying to help him in one way or the other, financially most of the time. Still pinagpalit pa rin niya ako, ciguro mayaman, sinle at pwedeng bumili ng lahat ng gusto niya. He knew I’m married and a family man with 4 kids pero in spite na minahal ko siya ng higit sa sarili ko and even to the extend ipagpalit ko sya sa wife ko, naki pagbreak pa rin siya sa akin. That’s life. Now, I’m trying to move on. Ako rin naman ang mahihirapan kung if you will do it seriously, kung iiyak ka, magmumukmok sa isang sulok. Will he care? I don’t think so. Mahirap magmahal ng sobra sa sarili mo. The moral of the lesson, tama na iyong mahalin mo para kung masaktan ka hindi matindi at malalim. Lahat ng sobra mali at masakit sa huli. Kumusta na po kayo ngayon? Hope you moved on already in spite of what happened. I wrote kasi feel na feel ko yung nangyari sa inyo kaya I understand it much!

    • manuelito said on 06-04-2009

      ako din madalas mapasubo sa ganyang sitwasyon, madali kasi akong mafall sa mabait na guy, pero i know hindi dapat, kasi araw araw ka lang talagang masasaktan…
      hayy…kung pwede lang maging straight na lang, pero wala e…i tried so many times pero, parang nawawalang ng saysay ang buhay kapag sinu-suppress mo ang damdamin mo..

      unfair talaga ang tadhana….

  35. Ed said on 17-11-2008

    Nathan, having a boyfriend from such places is not something you should be proud of esp when he refuses to quit his job.  I can not imagine how can you sleep at night and be at peace when you know for a fact that your bf is being fucked, sucked, sucks other dicks and fucks other assholes by the majority of the gay population in Metro Manila. 

  36. Fishy said on 23-10-2008

    Nathan, nacurious lang ako. Sino dun sa Revivir ang naging bf mo?
    Saka now na wala na ang Revivir, san na siya lumipat?

  37. ed said on 27-09-2008

    hey patrick anong walang extra service….sa bonny massage meron kaya…

    hubad nga kaagad yong no. 2 masseur ng bonny massage – ok na sana sia kaso supot pala hehehe kaya di na ako nagpaxtra service kahit insist nia kse type nia daw ako…kakatuwa tapos 500 baht lang tip hingi nia which is customary doon…

    definitely babalik ako sa bangkok pero magrerequest na ako na cut naman yong masseur na assign sa akin…

  38. Andrei said on 17-05-2008

    You can check this out. The masseur is not gay but he said he doesn’t mind the sexual orientation of his client. Rico (the good masseur) said, “If you are straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian, no problem with me. You will enjoy a real, good quality, full-body massage service that your money is worth it!” His site:

  39. dating novisyada said on 04-05-2008

    ang galing mo naman nathan…wishing you the best!

  40. nathan said on 23-03-2008

    try revivir….i have a bf there…. I thought that you will never find decent guy in this place…but to my surprise,,after the massage and good conversation,, there was the magic…. then it sparked…now he is my bf….But to my dismay,,, he does not allow me to go to any male spa,,,he says.. he will just be the one to do it…Atleast it is for free…

    Thanks for this places…

    • jopat said on 01-04-2009

      San po ‘yung revivir? Do they offer extra service and hopefully to find a bf like yours. Thanks po!

  41. filspanatic said on 27-12-2007

    Went to Wensha QC for the first time last Saturday around 2AM with a friend after a party (I’m a regular at their newer and much better Pasay branch). We were told by the front desk staff that they have the complementary Shabu-Shabu at that time. Since we were not really able to eat much earlier (more of drinks) and really hungry by then, we went up right away to the dining area to get our fill. But to our extreme dismay and utter disgust we were told unapologetically by the waiters that the Shabu-Shabu offering ends at exctly 2AM and that they only offer a single bowl of “mami” from then on until 11AM. Why weren’t we informed about this at the front desk? We opted to just get whatever they have to offer since we’ve already paid and all, though we toyed with the idea of walking out and demanding for a refund. But to make matters worse, what they actually gave us was just a small bowl of “sinabawang bihon” with a few bits of chicken in utterly bland broth. WTF?!! And no second servings at that! To think we paid the same price as for what would have included the complementary full buffet or Shabu-Shabu meal! What were they trying to pull here? That it doesn’t matter if some of their customers get shortchanged at a certain time of the day? I have never encountered this dining policy at their Pasay branch – until recently I have continued availing of the full meal even at dawn! Sheesh – the management of Wensha QC better rethink this stupid policy!

    By the way, the massage I got there was average at best and can never make up for their humongous blunder on the inclusive meal. Also, I can’t help but wince at the gross sensation of walking on the slimy floor of their jacuzzi area where slippers are not allowed. Don’t they do any decent cleaning here during slack hours? Plus their comfort room stinks big time even if I’ve already called the attendants’ attention to it more than once. Truth be told – I nor my friend have decided never to set foot again in that ghastly place which is a far cry from what they have in Pasay!

  42. frankoy said on 14-11-2007

    2 mandayamoore: san yung massage sa davao? samahan mo naman ako minsan pag nag visit ako dun.

  43. patrick said on 30-09-2007

    pag napunta kayo sa bangkok,thailand try nyo pa massage sa bonny massage.straight massage at cute thai boys.walang extra service.magaling silla mag pilipinas na try ko na sa Lakan.walang kwenta.mabigat ang kamay at hindi nakakarelax.hindi rin malinis ang kwarto.1st and last ko pumunta sa try ko din sa nga lang kelangan makakuha ka ng magaling medyo iilan lang ang gwapo.ang vip room malinis.may toothbrush na libre at toothpaste,sabon at malinis ang towel,malamig ang aircon.ingat sa ibang massage parlor kc parang mga holdaper.mahal ang masahe pati extra service mahal Datu friendly,malinis at nakakarelax.

  44. Unicorn said on 24-09-2007

    san po yung Mr. earth massage parlor?

  45. scuu said on 14-09-2007

    san yung big men?

  46. Prince Monsour Abraham said on 04-06-2007

    maraming salamat sa mga payo nyo.mahilig pa naman ako mag-pamassage eh.ok, na ganyang presyo.hindi naman mabigat sa bulsa ang 780 pesos,nuh!akala nyo ba madali lang magmasahe?mahirap e roll mga kamay lalo na pagmataba,hingal talaga.kc nasubukan ko yan d2 sa abroad eh.minmasahi ko mga UN na black american super duper hingal ang bakla kc nga matataba.pero ok lang sulit naman ang pay eh.imagine, sa isang oras kong masahe eh USD50.00 at pag-ikama ka pa, eh mas malaking pay.unawain naman natin mga masahista,ok?

  47. rafaEL said on 13-05-2007

    hi d naman cguro lahat kc na try ko sa spa magaling naman mag massage,isang oras talaga.unlike sa iba d marunong mag massage.

    • jopat said on 01-04-2009

      San po ‘yung Mr. Earth? May extra service po silang inoofer? May marecommend po kayo sa akin? Ty po.

  48. Yor said on 03-05-2007

    Ha ha ha!

  49. becks said on 12-12-2006

    tiisin mo nalng libre pa. ching!

  50. jc said on 01-12-2006

    eh di mas mura kung sa bulag at sa davao ka magpapamasahe…hehehehe

  51. bryan said on 30-11-2006

    sa bulag, 20 lang.

  52. mandayamoore said on 30-11-2006

    ang mahal naman. P200 lang ang isang oras na masahe sa davao city.

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