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Inspired (or aroused?) by McVie’s post on Mandy, a naughty young thing working as a masseur for a legitimate spa in Quezon City, I and 2 other friends went to the same legit spa. Maybe I won’t mention the facility’s name but as a hint (na sobrang madaling hulaan) I’m including a satellite photo of its location here (see photo above). Here’s a blow-by-blow (!) account of what transpired.

Since we each went our separate ways, we also had different stories to tell. So here —

G’s escapade

G had the most uneventful experience. The masseur he got turned out to be the head masseur, and therefore, no hanky panky for him. He had a relaxing massage, according to him, although his getting a VIP room had no use for his intended sneaky intentions. Hehehe! In fact since he got himself a VIP room, he missed going to the common wet area thus wala talagang excitement.

Migs’ escapade

Because I was stingy, I went for the common massage room. And because G and J already got the last two available masseurs I was left with a masseuse. (Told myself that since it was a masseuse, better get the common room dahil wala namang mangyayari sa VIP room hahaha!). Well, it turned out it was a good choice because I had a chance to hang out in the wet area — you know, the sauna, steam room eksena. Suffice to say I had a good time playing hard-to-get (hahaha!) while the sauna men were staring and trying to catch my attention. They were waving their weiners left and right! Sorry, boys, I was just teasing! Since it was my first time there I did not plan to do any hanky panky… maybe in my next visit? Hehehe!

J’s escapade

J turned out to be the luckiest. He got himself a masseur, “M” and he did give J a truly sensual massage inside the VIP room. After using irresistible massage tricks, and J already with a raging hard on, he asks “Sir, gusto mo ituloy na natin?” Of course J had no choice but to agree (hehehe!). “Secret lang natin ito, sir ha,” said “M”. How much was the extra service? “M” said “bahala na kayo, sir.” So kuripot this J, he gave “M” a measly Php300 tip.

O di ba, exciting? hehehe!

Comments (632)

  1. jake said on 05-12-2012

    thank you @nestor I’ll visit the spa again soon.

  2. jake said on 27-11-2012

    Interesting monday night at amistad. Met someone and had a connection with him. Too bad I left earlier and wasnt able to get his name or number.I hope to see him again.

  3. Fishy said on 10-07-2012

    Has anyone tried Mont Albo along T.Morato, and yung Iris Spa at Cocoon Hotel at Sct. Tobias cor Sct. Rallos?

  4. standard said on 17-06-2012

    whats that spa located along the side streets of TImog. Pioneer ba yun? ung malapit sa Shell gas station. Is that still Open? Any feedback on the masseurs and the service of this place?

  5. ron said on 12-06-2012

    guys, alam nyo pa MP na Mekonu sa kamuning/ kamias?
    maganda daw dun e. pero havent visit it.
    sinabi lang ng bading kong pinsan. 😈 😈 😈

    • Fishy said on 17-06-2012

      Ron, yung name ata is Mikunus. Ito yung dating Mr.Earth Spa, na typical MP.

      Hndi nako bumalik dun when it was still Mr.Earth kasi hindi naman worth balikan. Ewan ko lang now kung may improvement na.

      • ron said on 17-06-2012

        yep! haha! sorry fishy mikunus pala siya. anyway, nakita ko na siya, nadadaanan ko pala un minsan along kamuning… i want to tried it pero natatakot ako baka tagain ako sa price.hahaha! 😆 😆

  6. Fishy said on 11-03-2012

    I learned that Ramil of the now closed Citylifestyle is now with Nuat Thai Morato-Sct Limbaga.

    I hope his clients at CLS would go visit him at his new workplace.

    • ruel said on 12-03-2012

      try nyong pumunta ng iris spa halos karimihan dun mga therapsist n lalake ng city life…ganda ng facilities low p ng rate..hehehe..s scout tobias under sya ng cocoon blding..2nd floor.. 😆

    • mild said on 22-03-2012

      tried calling nuat thai timog, walang ramil na therapist daw sila. iba ba ang name ni ramil dun?

      • Fishy said on 10-05-2012

        Correction pala, its not Nuat Thai but Thai Boran, also along T.Morato. 2nd flr of the building where Salon de Manila is.

      • Ivan said on 19-06-2012

        may i know what is so special of Ramil? Thanks

      • green_archer said on 19-06-2012

        Ramil was one of the best therapists of the now-closed Citylife.

      • Fishy said on 20-06-2012

        One of the best hard massages I ever had, considering I don’t really request for hard pressure massages.

      • Ivan said on 21-06-2012

        just pure massage for Ramil? No sensual or ES?

    • Marky said on 27-12-2012

      Who is your favorite masseur? and what spa?

  7. mark said on 09-02-2012

    may payat bang masseur na recommended sa splendore spa?

    • Fishy said on 11-03-2012

      maraming slim figured dun, you can visit anytime kasi 24hrs daw sila.

      pero can’t guarantee the quality of service, kaya wag taasan ang expectation.

  8. poljakol said on 03-01-2012

    sino sa mga past and present masseurs ng HILOM ang natary nyo na at magaling sa ES?

  9. mike said on 18-12-2011

    tanong ko lng kung madami ba tao sa may moomba plaza or discreet yun place. punta kac ako hilom kaso baka may makakita sa akin hehe.

  10. Mike said on 18-12-2011

    Marami bang tao sa labas ng moomba? punta kc ako sa hilom this week mga 5pm. ayaw ko madami tao baka may makapansin sa akin. first ko rin paman punta sa ganito. any recommended spa na d matao.

  11. mcjcruz said on 10-12-2011

    Magoopen na b ulit Citilife?

  12. jeri said on 09-12-2011

    anyone can suggest or recommend some nice spa with or without sensual massage? prefer with sensual massage of course 😉 and who are the masseurs you can suggest. i’ve tried wensha, citylifespa, and some spa inside the malls before, its been months already. hope someone can reply to this post, thanks a lot!

    • isaw said on 10-12-2011

      try seven senses. not sure who is good masseurs are now but heard there is pilyo named g____ hmmm

      • jeri said on 11-12-2011

        thanks sa recommendation, medyo malayo pero pag makadaan ako will definitely try it. sino kaya yun g___ hehehe.

        by the way, may iba pa bang spa na okay na malapit lng sa manila area? un citylife open na ba?

      • rico said on 11-12-2011

        new york spa in morato.:-)

      • jeri said on 12-12-2011

        thanks rico, havent been there, matry nga isang araw, what days and time do you prefer me to go there para okay? un room ba dun nakaprivate? or sharing sya? any nice pilyo masseur that you can suggest? hehehe

      • isaw said on 12-12-2011

        jeri pls share escapade at ss with g___ when nakadaan ka… hehe. yes it’s kinda malayo especially with traffic in area now but worth it daw. just don’t have time yet.

      • ivan said on 12-12-2011

        yes, 7S is very nice. been there for so many times. I know G____!very pilyo tlaga!!!

    • ivan said on 12-12-2011

      @jeri. u like samahan kita sa NY or 7S?

      • isaw said on 13-12-2011

        @ ivan, sino pa ok at pilyo now in 7S? usually bitin es dun diba? exciting na ba talaga 7s now o si G_____ lang?

    • ruel said on 10-01-2012

      mrami s mga therapist ng citylife nsa thai boran n s banawe quezon ave

  13. Kabul Guy - Seam Reap said on 05-12-2011

    The problem lies kasi on our thinking na pag Spa for men such as this and other very popular comment mentioned previously, may action meaning kailangan ba sa requirement na may happy ending lagi. I have been to numerous Saunas across like here in Seam reap – Relaxation and pang tanggal talga ng stress after so much lakad ng lakad sa tour. pag meron go, otherwise be contented on the amenities provided by that particular venue.

    • Fishy said on 07-12-2011

      Saan sa Seam Reap yung “meron” kamo? I’m thinking of revisiting SR, it’s such a charming city.

      Paumanhin po sa paglabas sa topic ng QC saglit. :mrgreen:

      • Kabul Guy - Seam Reap said on 08-12-2011

        2 fishy, Mens – Bfast residence, it offers a lot from GYMm to Sauna to Stean cruising areas. Mixed crowd from locals to foreigners, Nice ambiance with a nice clean Swimming Pool.

      • Fishy said on 12-12-2011

        Thanks Kabul Guy-SR. But does the happy ending happen also in the massage room? 😀

      • KGG in Saigon said on 12-12-2011

        Well it happens in the Steam room as its really Mausok kasi though Maliit pero fabulous ang steam, I got to relax kasi pagod sa tour.

        And since im here na in Saigon, might as well try Nadam Spa a bit far pero kabog ang aminites at talaga namang makati sa gabi ang Vietnmese. hehhe

      • Fishy said on 08-01-2012

        hi KGG, saan sa Ho Chi Minh ang NaDam Spa? any famous landmark nearby? will try that if I can go back to HCM City. Thanks!

      • Diskrit said on 09-02-2012

        I believe Siem Reap is the official name. Anyway, NaDam Spa is the place to be if your looking for action in HCM. Hirap lang hanapin at mahirap talaga mag english ang mga locals. I strongly advise that you go with a local, if you can.

  14. ivan said on 28-11-2011

    nag try ako sa newly opened Spada Spa sa may Tuazon, QC. Sinubukan ko yung FHM with body wash nila. GRABE ang harang! wala pa 30 mins ang massage, nag offer na ng ES for P2,800! Nang refused ko, sinabi na wash na daw kami. Isang sabununan lang and then banlaw na! Then tapos na daw! Sa loob lang ng less than 1 hr yun, ha! Tapos asked pa ng tip!!!

    • h2ojooz said on 12-12-2011

      thanks for the tip :smile:

    • fred said on 14-12-2011

      I had the same experience at Spada Spa in P. Tuazon, Cubao. Sabi sa brochure, 1-1/2 hours and for-him-massage (FHM) worth P5h. Wala pang kalahati ay sabi ng masseur na pwede daw i-upgrade to lingam (na mukhang substitute for ES) na worth P1k plus. Sabi ko ‘no.’ Tapos binilisan lang ang massage at pag-check ko sa orasan ko wala pang 1 oras ntapos na at humingi pa ng tip ang makapal na mukha ng masseur. Nka-turn off bumalik at magsayang ng pera!

  15. dan said on 27-11-2011

    i’ve heard many posters here say na pa-booking si ganito o si ganun, but no one ever shares details. can anyone refer an agent please? how do you go about making a booking anyway? first time/newbie po kasi ako.

  16. Fishy said on 26-11-2011

    Does anyone have any info kung saan nagsilipat yung inyong favorite Citylifestyle masseurs? Namiss ko na sila pramis. 😥

  17. marky said on 15-11-2011

    hey guys/gays, why not try THE SPA? especially those with swimming pool…. you will be surprised what might be happening there.

  18. Fishy said on 14-11-2011

    posted at the front entrance of City Lifestyle Spa…


    To all valued clients:

    City Lifestyle Spa and Fitness Center will cease operation effective December 10, 2011.

    Until date of closure, the gym will be open for business to serve you. All other facilities will be closed effective today.

    Please be guided accordingly.


    • JL said on 14-11-2011

      while some spas closed, Amistad recently opened a new branch along Filmore St. Makati. Nice interiors just like QC branch. Their therapist are from QC as well. Umiikot lang sila every week nagpapalitan.

      • ferdie said on 07-12-2011

        JL, where exactly in Filmore. Hindi ko siya nakita when I went there. Please advise. Salamat!

  19. Jayz said on 10-11-2011

    ctl is closed as of today i just called em….damn where can i go tonite?

  20. RV65 said on 10-11-2011


    • h2ojooz said on 10-11-2011

      yup i was there last night and was surprised to hear that they were informed only that morning… kawawa naman mga employees nila.

      • dan said on 11-11-2011

        did they voluntarily close it down or were they forced to? ipinasara ba ito o kusang nagsara?

        saan na kaya napunta yung masseurs ng sanctuario? hinahanap ko pa rin si ryan.

      • rico said on 26-11-2011

        masseur of sanctuario malate,napunta sa john spa and salon simething sa malate din..ung iba nasa green palm sa makati

  21. jeri said on 10-11-2011

    how was the massage of RJ? is there something something? worth naman and not rush in doing the massage? if i want to try CityL and look for him, that’s what they call him there RJ? how much by the way if not VIP? thanks.

    • Fishy said on 11-11-2011

      hi Jeri,

      sa VIP kasi ako palagi nagrereserve eh. maybe u can inquire sa 374-5963 or 372-4722 about the rates sa common rooms.

      I would rather suggest that you go ahead and try RJ, definitely worth the time and never rushing through the routine. Beyond that, ayoko na magdetail.

      • jeri said on 05-12-2011

        thanks for your reply Fishy, but just saw some post that CityL has already closed? is it true? di na ulit nag open?

  22. greggy said on 09-11-2011

    Galing ako kahapon sa CityL around 2pm at walang katao tao… sayang…. I got richard as my masseur… okay lang yung massage… sayang wala si ramil…

  23. Fishy said on 07-11-2011

    Had a long-overdue reunion with RJ, one of my favorites therapists at CityL.

    Still can’t get over the newly repackaged RJ. I think it helped that we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time, which lent for a good shock when I saw him enter the VIP Room which I requested. Needless to say, it was an edgier RJ… tats, semical, and no more baby fat.

    The long wait, the drastic makeover, and eager anticipation all led to some spicy, steamy massage session. (of course) 😛

  24. Myk said on 07-11-2011

    Had RL again sa VIP. Di ko masyado type ngayon. Hehe.

  25. Perezoso said on 31-10-2011

    Thanks for this blog, one can get great information.
    I feel like visiting Sanctuario. According to the comments, it looks like a nice place,with good massages and something else. I don’t like proper hanky panky places, like Hilomn, I prefer a good massage and the teasing.

    Wich Sanctuario branch do you recommend?

    Thanks and more power

    (and thanks to Google translator that makes possible getting an idea of what the Tagalo posts say)

    • migs said on 31-10-2011

      Both branches of Sanctuario have shut down. So yeah, no more Sanctuario.

      • dan said on 01-11-2011

        what happened? bakit nagsara ang sanctuario?

        magaling pa man din magmasahe si ryan. anyone know where he is now? contact #s?

      • Perezoso said on 03-11-2011

        Migs, of course, is right. I sent an email to Sanctuario and this is what they said

        “Yes that’s true. The property of owner of Sanctuario in Malate has decided to sell the property while the building where the QC branch was located was already sold.

        Sincerely yours,

        Jomar Fleras
        President & CE0
        Sanctuario Spa”

      • Perezoso said on 01-11-2011

        Oops, all that research for nothing :sad:

        So, which one is now the nicest spa with masseurs?

  26. Myk said on 31-10-2011

    Went their last night. I had RJ. Hehe. Ok naman massage and ES. Basta bigyan ko lang sya tip hindi sya nagpresyo

  27. jeri said on 27-10-2011

    same na same ang naging experience ko sayo, first time ko sa citylife spa and i tried the VIP room, sa vip karin ba? anyway the way na ginawa sa akin parehong pareho sa naexperience mo rin hehe. enjoy sobra. medyo matagal na yun, di ko narin maalala masyado name nung masseur, parang si Da—, not so sure, can you email it to me if you dont mind?

    P.S. so 200 binigay mong tip? di naman nag angal? nagbigay din ako pero humingi sya ng dagdag, pinabigyan ko narin dahil magaling naman pagmassage nya 😀

    • machete said on 28-10-2011

      @ jeri – ndi ko alam kung panu eemail sau, hehe, sana pinost mo email ad mo or may iba pa bang way??? yup 200 lng binigay ko, eh di naman ako ngrequest eh…. bka sa sat nandun ako…. pero not for fun for relaxation u can send ur number to my email….

    • machete said on 28-10-2011

      bka gusto mo sumabay, para may kausap ako dun…

  28. Myk said on 23-10-2011

    By the way. Ano meron sa VIp room? Pwede pa din ba ko mag sauna kahit VIP room? And may time ba sa pagamit ng VIP room? Thanks!

    • mario said on 24-10-2011

      VIP room at the 4th flr in CTL is usually available during weekends…me vip room din sa 2nd flr katabi ng regular room…their regular room is actually a single bed room , so wala ka katabi na client. for VIP room, mas mataas lang ang rate compared sa regular room

  29. Myk said on 23-10-2011

    Just had my massage at Citylifestyle. Binigay na therapist sakin si RL. Massage was great. Mejo tinigasan lang nung minamasahe na nyako sa may groin area. Sabi niya if okay lang. Sabi ko ok lang. Pero nilalabanan ko na hindi tigasan. Nakakahiya. Haha.

    Then he kept on asking if may gusto pako ipamasahe. Sign na ba ito? Ano ba dapat sasabhn ko. First time eh. Hehe. Sabi ko ikaw. Wala ako maisip. He just gave me a back massage. Then walang happy ending

    Though after the massage. I asked for his name. Tapos akbay sakin at sabing next time itry ko si Ramil. Magaling daw yun. Sabi ko. Sige. Next week. Since bday ko. Haha

    Plan ko bumalik next week and try ramil. Baka mag pa appointment ako ng Friday night or Saturday night. Sa VIP room. :) pwede kaya yun? Thanks!

  30. machete said on 15-10-2011

    I was at City LifeStyle Spa last Friday. My Masseur was *A*I*. Nung pinadapa nia ko, I was still wearing my shorts. He started massaging my back and after 10 mins sbi nia kung hubarin na b ung shorts ko. Ang nasagot ko lang ay “uhmmm, okay”. Tama nga kayo na talagang sinasama imassage ung butt at naaksidenteng natatamaaan ung balls ko nung ginagawa yun. Pero after niyang imassage ung entire back ko, pinahiga nia na ko na pwesto. Grabe ngugulat ako kc parating natatamaan ung balls ko nung minamasahe nia ung thighs ko at habang ginagawa nia un, unting unting tumitigas ung etits ko. ciempre napansin nia un at ang matindi, minamasahe nia ung balls ko. Waaaah! Bigla nia sa kin tinanung na “Tuloy ko na b Sir”? I’m not sure kung nagugustuhan nia ung ginagawa nia sa kin or talagang kasama un sa trabaho nia. Pero ang sabi ko ” aahhh, kaw bhala!?” un ung nsagot ko ciempre kc ayaw ko magbayad ng extra. 200 lang yung dala kong tip. Ung susunod na nangyari di ko na kukuwento, lam nio na un (hehe). Pero guys, gusto ko lang malaman kung same experience rin b sainyo ung nangyari sa kin. Kc di ko alam kung bkit naitanung nia sa kin na “Itutuloy ko na b?”. Ung binabasa ko ung story ng iba, Ang tanung ng mga masseurs sa mga customer ay “gusto nio bng mgpa extra service? sabay bigay ng presyo. Ewan ko, gusto ko lang malaman kung type ako ng masseur at bkit indi nia ko sa huli na tinanung kung interested ako mgpaextra service? o part lang talaga ng trabho nia un na itanung kong itutuloy na i hand job ung customer after massaging your pubic area? guys ur comments will be highly appreciated.

    • george said on 16-10-2011

      Nandun rin ako last Friday…. I did not have the “hj” experience, pero satisfied naman ako sa massage na binigay sa kin, Richard ung name ng masseur. Ang kinaiinisan ko lang ung nsa wet area ako. May isang matandang bading dun na tumabi sa kin sa jacuzzi. Tinatanung nia bkit ndi daw masyadong mainit. Ang sabi ko “ininform ako ng receptionist na sira daw ung hot jacuzzi, warm lang”. I’m sure sinabi rin sa kanya un. Tpos nkipagkilala na sa kin. I gave him my name naman pero indi nakukuntento mga ilang sigundo, sinubukan b nman hawakan c jr ko. Siyempre indi ako pumayag, tinabig ko ung kamay nia. Tinanung b nman nia “ayaw mo?” obvious b? So ayun umahon na sia sa jacuzzi tpos towel ko pa yung kinuha nia. Sbi ko, “sir towel ko yan”. Nataranta cia sguro kc napahiya cia sa kin.hehe! Pero natuwa naman ako kc may ilan ilan rin na mga kaage ko na nandun. May 2 ako nkita na moreno na may itchura. Pero ciempre mapride ako kaya deadma lang. Un tuloy di ko sila nkilala. Syang!

  31. jackrive88 said on 19-09-2011

    Hi, I went to City Lifestyle Spa (today, Sept 19, 2011. First time ko mgpamassage here and the service was excellent. Name ng masseur is Richard. Ngulat na lang ako ung kamay nia tumatama na sa balls ko, haha. Pero galing nia. I’ll give him a perfect 10. Super pagod kc ako, narelax ung katawan ko after d massage. No ES happened but still I’m satisfied. Kaya lang question guys,kelan nga b pumunta ka muna sa wet area, bgo magpamassage?o okay lang na bliktad?kc ako ngpamassage muna ko eh. Pero nadisappoint lang ako sa mga nandun sa wet area. Parang ako lang yata ang 20plus ang age dun. Tpos kung makatitig pa eh, parang gusto kang pagsamantalahin, kya umalis na lang ako kagad, hehe

  32. said on 09-09-2011

    ive been there

  33. Fishy said on 21-08-2011

    Once upon a time, you can still get some very respectable quality massages from Phaen Boran Timog, specially noong new player pa lang sila dito sa uber-saturated QC market.

    Maraming beses nabalasa ang mga therapists nila or natanggal, pero what I now experience is parang hindi na nya na-maintain yung quality and selection ng therapists. More often than not nangangalahati pa lang sa oras, may udyok na agad ng ending. Saka yung CR walang tubig, walang sabon, and kulang talaga sa periodic maintenance na pwede naman sanang pagtulung-tulungan nung mga wala pang customer… ano ba naman yung buhusan man lang paminsan minsan para hindi maiwan yung panghi? Is that so hard to do? :sad:

  34. hunkcute said on 30-05-2011

    hahaha nakakatawa nmn ung naghhnap ng es dito. desperado cguro wlang pumapatol dahil sa itsura.. yuckks/ wag nyo ikalat ang HIV ok?

  35. seigneur said on 13-04-2011

    What’s happening to CTL?!?!?!
    Only half of the showers function properly, and there’s always something busted in the wet floors area, sometimes the steam room, or jacuzzi, or cool pool.
    Also, does Ramil still report to CTL? Past 5 times i’ve gone there i’ve always been told that he’s absent for that day. If anyone has his contact, pls. pass it on. I miss his relaxing, hard massage.

    • drakes said on 13-04-2011

      oo nga kaya i never went back there na nung nakita ko na ganon ang condition ng facilities nila… palala ng palala sya at nawawala na ang mga ok na masahista. no news on ramil tho.

    • Fishy said on 21-04-2011

      I was spa shopping kagabi after work at around 7-ish when I tried calling up CTL to check who’s on duty. Andun si Ramil but was already with a customer but would be available after 9pm pa daw. Di na rin me tumuloy kasi I was thinking I’d try a new place.

      My advise is always call in first to check, here are the numbers to call: 374-5963, 372-4721 & 372-4722.

  36. RV65 said on 15-02-2011

    Fishy as regards JR…….is he petite in the sense na payat? or height lang?….kung malaman sya Im willing to try him hehe

  37. RV65 said on 15-02-2011

    Thanks Fishy……….if ever may makuha ka na hinahanap ko dont hesitate to email at……….btw I dont go to non-legit MPs… know what I mean! 😛

  38. Fishy said on 15-02-2011

    There are quite a number of new names when I asked them lately pero ang nakuha ko ay si JR. Petite, but best of all very skillful with his hands.

    Probably not what you’re looking for though.

    • miguel said on 23-02-2011

      Greetings Fishy!

      We tried sanctuario spa in timog. it was so good. It was our first time to go to a spa. we tried ryan and jessie. Can u pls recommend us another masseurs with es? Jr was no longer in sanctuario. how about jericho and arvin? thanks!

      • Fishy said on 24-02-2011

        I was referring to JR of Citylifestyle. You may want to try him, as I have described. Sa Sanctuario I suppose wala na akong marecommend kasi I havent gone back to check kung sino na ang mga andun.

      • miguel said on 24-02-2011

        oh! do they have a room for couples too! aside from jr, any adl recomendation? how much? wid special? how about home service. pwede c jr? very hunk b cya like jessi’s? thanks

      • miguel said on 24-02-2011

        oh! my mistake. sorry!do they have a room for cples too? any addl name aside from jr? how about mandy of babers? pwede cya sa home service? how much? thanks

      • Fishy said on 26-02-2011

        you may wanna check Citylifestyle if they have couples room thru 374-5963, 372-4721 to 22.

        saka marami kasi bago but havent seen them, i wouldnt know kung sino ang hunky kasi yung mga na-try ko hindi naman hunky types. best to go there and try for yourself. mahirap talaga kasi mag-recommend.

        mandy doesn’t do home service unless nakapag-walk in na kayo sa barbershop where he works. actually takot din siya, and prefers sa shop na lang.

      • miguel said on 14-03-2011

        Hi Fishy!

        Did u try seven senses? What do you think? Can we have fun there?

      • Fishy said on 02-04-2011

        Haven’t been to 7 Senses yet… pero hopefully soon. 😉

  39. RV65 said on 14-02-2011

    Are there any new masseurs at Citylifestyle?, preferably stocky or chubby……….the ones Ive tried there are Ramil, Gilbert…….any new ones of the same built? thanks in advance.

  40. Fishy said on 30-12-2010

    Check out Mandy at Professor Barber Shop along A.Luna St. near the corner which exits to Aurora Blvd. in Project 4, QC. Right across it is Hitop Supermarket. Hard to miss that. Di ko lang nakuha tel. nung barber shop.

  41. eil08 said on 26-12-2010

    Hi fishy, do u know mandy’s contact info.. i miss his massage.. thanks! =)

  42. jb said on 26-12-2010

    tnx fishy. makabalik nga dun…

  43. paulo said on 24-12-2010

    hello… how much ang massage sa LUCKY CHARM SPA? ang tip how much din?

  44. Fishy said on 24-12-2010

    Last tried RL at CTL, well so so lang. But just this Sunday I went for Mandy (formerly from CTL & Tsubos) again who’s now working at a Barber Shop, but still does massage.

    Mandy has always been very reliable and consistent with the quality of massage that he gives, and never would rush on a client.

  45. Carlo said on 21-12-2010

    @Fishy – Trade tayo nga names ng masseur bukod sa mga nabanggit sa taas na from CTL or Sanctuario…. hahahaha! Parang nakita kita sa Greenbody Talk. May account ka ba dun?if meron, meassage me, username ko ny_ct

  46. Fishy said on 20-12-2010

    @ stevenstana…
    try getting Ramil and Jake from Citylifestyle, i don’t think Wensha therapists are a clear threat to their masterful techniques.
    there will always be newbie therapists at any point in time with any MP or Spa, that’s the reality in their industry.
    CTL’s steam room is up and running na, have visited them this month.
    I think one VIP room at the 2nd floor is enclosed by a swing door, the rest of the VIP cubicles have a thick blanket just like at Sanctuario and NY Spa. If the swing door room is unoccupied, chances are that’s what they will offer.
    Namedrop naman yung 3 mo na regular, at how much if in case dadalaw ako every week? TY :-)
    my rule of thumb is, nothing more than 1K & not less than 5H if I know I’m getting quality massage & the possibility of an ES. when I exceeded that limit during my visit to Sanct, I just couldn’t get myself to go back… sayang din yung matitipid ko.
    paulit-ulit nang binibigay ang directions to these Spas since the beginning of this thread. yung tinatamad magbasa, you can easily google or googlemap the place.

  47. tantan said on 20-12-2010

    sa phaen timog muzta nb ngyon doon..cno ng nkapunta doon lately..cno mrecommend nyo don sa ES

  48. wondering said on 19-12-2010

    Pwede malaman pangalan nung sa sanctuario timog?

  49. Carlo said on 19-12-2010

    Sa Sanctuario Timog na ako may nakuha na akong 3 regular masseurs na mababait at di taga maningil! kaya kaya na every week hehehe!

    Try nyo dalasan ang pagbisita, nagclose na kasi yung sa malate at ung mga the best ang naiwan dyan sa timog. Good thing nakahanap ako na ok makisama at sa presyo! lahat sila hunky guys at gwapo!

  50. bagit0 said on 18-12-2010

    para wla ng magtanung kung san yang mga spa na yan, anyb0dy can write here kung saan saan yan>>
    isummarize lang.
    ndi k0 din kasi alam


  51. Artie said on 18-11-2010

    @lester, ALL: Sa kwento niyo, mukhang masarap si RJ a… Magkano naman extra service niya?

  52. Carlo said on 18-11-2010

    How’s CTL. Been busy the past few months di na uli ako nakadaan sa mga spas na may es… Totoo ba na ung vip rooms ng ctl nasa 2nd fl na? ok pb kumuha ng private room in that case?

  53. jb said on 19-10-2010

    steam room of ctl is down. less action..
    still would come back sa nys. nice clean massage. one of the best so far. also, steamy action sa wet area.

  54. drakes said on 19-10-2010

    kamusta naman na ang CTL? haven’t been here for quite sometime na… may mga bagong masseurs ba dyan or yung mga nababanggit pa din ever since? planning to head there habang cold ang weather…

  55. stevenstana said on 20-09-2010

    @fishy ang naapreciate ko lang is yung security guard na nagbantay ng kotse pero twice ako nagpunta sa private room pa. wala akong nakita na nagustuhan, im not looking into something at least sa massage naman sa bumawi sila.

  56. brag said on 20-09-2010

    Had a great massage sa NYS.One of the best I got so far. Not sensual thou. Hehe. Sa wet area, kadiri ung mga gurang na malalaki ung tyan. 3 hours sila ata nakatambay lang dun.

  57. Fishy said on 18-09-2010

    hit and miss din minsan sa City, Stevenstana, kapag hindi mo kilala, ibibigay nila yung next in line, kasi sa kanila pare-pareho daw magaling at rekomendado ang bawat therapist nila… puro kashowbizan pero di mo sila masisi.
    tapos minsan pag yung dinsecribe mo ay kaaway ni front desk personnel, hindi nya ito ibibigay sayo at magrereco ng ibang therapist. Hehehehehe

  58. stevenstana said on 14-09-2010

    CTL is a disappointment for me. sabi ko yung maganda review na masseur. yung dumating wala na nga dating malamya pa….

  59. Fishy said on 11-09-2010

    Citylifestyle is a gym and spa facility along Timog Ave, very near the corner of Tomas Morato where the Petron Gas Station is.

  60. drew said on 28-08-2010

    ano ang CTL? where is CTL?

  61. Fishy said on 28-08-2010

    San mo naman nakuha itong chismis na wala na si Mandy?
    He never left the country. Lumipat lang sila ng branch.

  62. Carlo said on 14-08-2010

    I’ve been out of the country for 2 months, any new tips about masseurs in CTL and Sanctuario? So far, for me, budget for Sanctuario is 2k to 2500 total with es, room and massage…everything is possible (as in ES)… But if your budget is only 1200 to 1500 for room hj and massage, go to CTL…. For both establishments, massage and service are excellent pero mas gusto ko yung facilities sa CTL kasi mas malaki at pwede mo masolo ang pool pag off peak hours nila…

  63. menyak said on 22-07-2010

    Mandy has already left the country

  64. Fishy said on 18-07-2010

    uhmm, the only way to remedy that is either by getting oiled up more or by not getting hard massage, para hindi mahila mga hair mo… hehehehe
    you probably need someone that doesnt press deep on the skin. hmmm, actually that would be RJ… 😀
    so far ang favorite ko dyan sa CTL ay si Ramil, pero he does deep massage na hindi masakit sa buto at laman. you can ask him to tone down the pressure.

  65. Fishy said on 18-07-2010

    unfortunately wala eh kasi i dont think i need it. ive seen what i have to see and perhaps, not really looking forward to another visit.
    just out of curiosity, what would you be asking them? :-)

  66. rocky said on 04-07-2010

    i haven’t been to ctl in over a year na yata…

    i’ve tried gilbert before… i don’t like RJ… mejo picky ako sa masseur kasi mejo balbon ako… ayoko ng parang nahihila buhok ko sa legs… hehe

    who can you suggest? yung ok sana…


  67. mfoq09 said on 01-07-2010

    do you the cp# of lucky charm or the manager for me to ask questions regarding their spa.. tnx.

  68. Fishy said on 21-06-2010

    Just recently dropped by the newly opened Lucky Charm Spa along Quezon Ave. near Roces where there’s a footbridge. You might recall this as the former location of Universal, and both are in the genre of MPs with only male therapists.
    I would have never thought of going there since I’ve been patronizing legit spas for quite some time now, but a text message from an old friend, Ryan, obliged me to check it out. Needless to say my visit was for Ryan and nothing else. I’ve posted about him before when he was with Revivir (I remember someone had tagged him Hot Ryan), and again when he was at Mondiale. Both MPs have since closed down.
    And so I finally entered this new domain without much expectation, did the deed and left.
    His friend, Chris, who was another hot number also from Revivir, is now the manager of Lucky Charm. I haven’t asked if he’d still oblige to client requests on top of managing the place.

  69. Fishy said on 24-05-2010

    Citylifestyle is on Timog Ave. very near Petron and the rotonda where it intersects with Tomas Morato.

    Also tried Gilbert last week, ok naman, despite medyo mainit sa 6th floor VIP rooms.

  70. james said on 09-05-2010

    first time kogn mag CTL kagabi, wala na raw si gerson. so kung sino sino lang napunta sakin. haha. sino bang ok magmassage pa dun with hj?

  71. james said on 09-05-2010


    first time kogn mag CTL kagabi, wala na raw si gerson. so kung sino sino lang napunta sakin. haha. sino bang ok magmassage pa dun with hj?

  72. trgo2001 said on 06-05-2010

    tried RED s CTL. ok lng nmn. had better

  73. slimer_34 said on 17-04-2010

    Hi Fishy,
    Can you send me too the numbers for Mandy and Ramil…Where is mandy working now? Any news about the guy?
    thanks. :)

  74. Vince said on 05-04-2010

    hi, what is the exact address of CTL? Went around timog, tomas m and abs-cbn areas, but could’t find it. pls help!

  75. rez said on 05-04-2010

    hi fishy,

    ca you send me the current contact details of mandy and ramil @ thanks…

    sino pa mairerecommend mong masseur sa CTL na me ES..

  76. Randy said on 01-04-2010

    Before i go back to US, i really would like to try ES because I’ve never tried it after/during a massage. Where is the best place to go for a newbie? Is there anyone that can show me? I’m leaving this weekend so I don’t really have much time. Thanks.

  77. Carlo said on 31-03-2010

    @Fishy- He never asked. I gave him 100. Plus sandali lang naman xa kasi di pwede mawalan ng tao ng matagal sa reception :)

    I agree.. try Ramil.

  78. Fishy said on 31-03-2010

    hi Jonjon… sent email to the new addy :-)

    hi Carlo… how much naman ang tip kay towelboy?

    re Ramil, ok ang bigat nung pressure nya sakin. i never request for hard massage pero yung moderate pressure nya parang hard na rin. the good thing is malapad ang palad nya kaya pantay ang lapat at bigat kaya natotolerate ko naman. all i can say is pagaling ng pagaling ang skill ni Ramil, from his previous stint before CTL, medyo malayo na ang naimprove. to those who miss Mandy at CTL, si Ramil ang itry nyo.

  79. Jonjon said on 30-03-2010

    #448 Hey Fishy. This is Jonjon. It should have been Will be waiting for your message (subject: mandy). I’m so excited for this.

  80. carlo said on 27-03-2010

    hi guys, ano ba mas maganda? sanctuario or CTL? or ok ba itry hilom? so far ctl palang natry ko pero mamya im planning to try sanctuario or ctl… please tell me kung worth ipagpalit sa ctl duon tnx

  81. carlo said on 27-03-2010

    i had ramil again the last time i visited CTL. he’s gwapo and magaling magmassage.. medyo kulang ung pressure nya sa umpisa pero nung sinabihan ko medyo diinan nya nakuha din nya ung gusto kong pressure… hj.. no questions about it.. aus… also yung naglalagay ng hot towel, pansin ko gwapo tinigasan nanaman ako. after nung hot towel nagoffer xa ng water at un.. may second round ako hahaha! aus!

  82. lester said on 27-03-2010

    just got home from CTL, twas my first time there and RJ was my therapist. i used to go to wensha, at first comparable ang CTL pero nung nagtagal na ako mas gusto ko pa rin ang wensha (well atleast sa massage and even sa walang lasang food nila).

    going back sa therapist. (RJ) .. tama yung isang nag comment, napaka odd ng itsura ng anu nya.. nung nasa loob pa ng pants nya di ko mawari kung bols ba yun o yun na yung mismong nota. tapos tigas na tigas na. pero syempre walang pangit pangit sa matigas na et*ts (well di naman sya ganun kapangit para bigyan ng rating na 2, which is 10 as the highest. *pero pwede ba mag rate ng zero para sa boses nya?*) hehe. ayun, nagsex kami sa loob ng kwarto laplapan habang jakulan.. sobrang nag enjoy si gago, dami nilabas. nakapatay yung ilaw since sinimulan nya akong imassage so di kami kinakabahan. sabi ko f*ck ko sya pero di pa daw nya nattry yun (yea ryt!)

  83. eil said on 23-03-2010

    fishy, please send to my email the contact infos of mandy…his number and the place where he is working now..its and more power! =)

  84. Alvin said on 22-03-2010

    There’s a rumor spreading about the continuous planting of agents (gov’t and media) within the legit massage community that specifically investigates the activities within wet areas and extra services offered by masseurs / masseuse to their clients whether straight or otherwise. Is this true?

    I hope raids won’t be as bad as those massage parlors featured on television. That wouldn’t be a good thing for the industry especially to those with big establishments known for their upscale and legit services.

  85. Fishy said on 14-03-2010


    well they’re not tall… thats about all i can say. i don’t really dwell on looks.


    so who did u get na walang ES?:-)

  86. drakes said on 04-03-2010

    @andre: medyo hit and miss din dyan. kung weekend tapos medyo puno, wala talaga “mangyayari”. and ang “es” dyan eh as far as hj lang and cant touch them. =D

  87. andre said on 27-02-2010

    been to pb makati ave. and ask for a male attendant , ok lang . no es……………..hmp….

  88. marky said on 26-02-2010

    Fishy,, how does Blady and Leo look like?

  89. Fishy said on 20-02-2010

    had another visit with Blady at PB Timog. nice as usual :-) may bagong room dun sa dulo ng mga cubicles sa 2nd floor, better privacy, but then hindi gaano lumalamig kasi hindi sya dadaanan ng hangin from the aircon.

    also tried Leo of MTO. :-) ok din, pero presyohan din.

  90. ian said on 08-02-2010

    hehe..first time ko enjoying reading the accounts..anyway,
    ..i’m also l0oking for nice MP..i jot down some ofthe names..can you give me details regarding the usual rates sa mga MP and yung may mga’s my email.. far interested ako sa lotus spa..san banda yun sa ermita??if galing me sa cubao, pano pumunta dun?thanks!

  91. buboy said on 08-02-2010

    MarkZ: You have been helpful to all of my questions. I wish I can touch base with you personally when I visit Manila. Kasi, I will be traveling on my own when I visit these places. My relatives kasi sa Pinas don’t know my being gay. Any piece of advice as I cruise around these places? Thanks again.

  92. said on 08-02-2010

    Luvkou: luv what you wrote on post 162. so true.

  93. MarkZ said on 08-02-2010

    @buboy: i don’t want to name any masseur who does ES from Sanctuario QC/Manila. Anybody from the stable is sensitive and receptive to the needs of PLUs. Lahat naman sila mag o-offer, and i can assure you 99% are straight. Massage starts at 900+, be sure to request for room 1 if you opt to go to Malate, para may privacy; sa QC private room lahat, … ES is 1,000 – 1,500., actually depende na sayo yan…. Citistyle is CTL

  94. bruce parker said on 08-02-2010

    Carlo: Thanks for the reply here…I already sent you an email. Will just wait for your reply on that.


  95. Luvkou said on 07-02-2010

    markZ & mario_lopez: no worry if you are of your age. enjoyment is the name of the game. but it should be tempered with discrete decisions and a higher degree of decency. going to spa is better than cruising as insinuated in other blogs.
    openness after knowing yourself better, thus, your sexual preferences coming out is a manifestation that you are not only of age and mellowing but still a sensible human person, perhaps catching up with activities you have “defrauded/withheld” yourself for sometime.
    I am reminded of a friend who got afflicted with age-old related illness. after a year, he shared his fears to his doctor-especialist who in turn commented that he should not abstain from sex as this would aggravate his situation.
    simply, sex in any form done with any consenting individial without causing undue guilt and shame to any third party is commendable and should remain vital consideration in all things that PLUs will get into.
    enjoy your life. ours is just a borrowed time. make the most out of it especially at an age we can not afford to just tick off down memory in desperation.

  96. buboy said on 07-02-2010

    This may sound stupid, Can anybody tell me where CTL is? Is that Citistyle spa. I read a lot in this blog that the massuers over there are good looking with great ES.

  97. jv said on 07-02-2010

    lotus spa is not actually in front of sogo hotel. you have to walk a little further about 10 to 15 meters. you will find lotus spa and foot scrub. it is located in the second floor. you have to pass in the first floor which is a japanese restaurant. swedish massage is 500 for one and half hours. they have female anf female therapist.

  98. eric said on 07-02-2010

    to MarkZ- talaga bang puwede ES sa sanctuario? problem is i dont know anyone and they have no showing , any reco, how much ? also st8 ba sila/ thanks


  99. triggereo said on 07-02-2010

    @Carlo. Help! I went yesterday looking for Lotus spa but could not locate it! The spa in front of Sogo Hotel was Banzai II spa which looks decrepit and had pink curtains. After going to the area 3 times looking for the spa I decided to look into Banzai only to find out that it was locked! Could you give a more detailed location where the spa is? Help!

  100. Carlo said on 06-02-2010

    @bruce parker
    pls. email me for C’s contact #.

  101. MarkZ said on 06-02-2010

    @buboy: citistyle is located in quezon city, timog ave. cor. tomas morato, near abs-cbn area. There are two sanctuario, one in quezon city, along sgt. esguerra ave., also near the abs-cbn, gma7 area. t=The other sanctuario is located in the heart of Malate, gay-friendly area. The ES is great. The above spas, are decent looking places. No worry, very safe establishments. Actually, the ES would really depend on you, how much you can shell out.

  102. bruce parker said on 06-02-2010

    Carlo: Thanks for recommending Ching. Do you have Lotus Spa’s number? I wanna call them first before going there to make sure that Ching is around. Thanks

  103. buboy said on 05-02-2010

    MarkZ: Thanks for the tips. Where is citistyle, sanctuario, anyways. Sorry, I have not been to Pinas for a long time so I don’t much about the MP’s there. I am planning to visit Pinas in March. Does this cater to older gays. Are the masseurs older? How is the ES? Excited lang akong ma-experience ito. Kung baga, virgin old gay ako.

  104. mario_lopez said on 05-02-2010

    im 42 yrs old VERY discreet bi-guy. with family..
    i want to experience ung mga kwento d2.
    can anyone recommend a highly recommendable discreet MP’s with of course ES. u may email me:

  105. markZ said on 05-02-2010

    @buboy: i am already 50 yrs old and i do go to MP’s. I recommend that you start with the citistyle, sanctuario.

  106. buboy said on 05-02-2010

    I wanted what happened to the questions I raised earlier. Are gays like me na may edad (late forties) welcome sa mga MP’s na ito with ES. I want to experience yong mga stories dito na nakakalibog. Do you recommend any MPs in Quezon City? Equanimity looks so exciting sa akin. Am I welcome there?

  107. Carlo said on 05-02-2010

    Hi Marky, he’s young, hunky and a cutie. yes.

  108. Fishy said on 05-02-2010

    Jonjon, my email to you also bounced. Kindly check your post if its the correct email addy. :-)

  109. Fishy said on 05-02-2010

    first i’d like to know what happened to the threads on Sanctuario QC and Sanctuario Malate. that would have given Miguel and Karen some answers if they could just read thru the postings.

    but anyways, the QC branch of Sanctuario isnt found on Timog Ave. it is along Sgt..Esquerra formerly Bohol Ave. if you’re coming from Timog, look for the Caltex Station. thats the corner of Sgt. Esguerra.

    i dont have names of their masseuses but from the masseurs, Ive tried Ryan and Jessie.

  110. Fishy said on 04-02-2010

    hi eil,
    my email to you bounced back. kindly check if you posted your correct email account.

  111. marky said on 04-02-2010

    Hey Carlo… Can you describe Ching of Lotus Spa? Happy ending ba?

  112. karen said on 04-02-2010

    hello! i need a massuer with es. ok ba ang sanctaurio at timog?

  113. miguel said on 04-02-2010

    fishy, yung masseur and massues with es ha! thanks!

  114. miguel said on 04-02-2010

    hello fishy, Can u recommend a masseur and masseuse in sancturario spa in timog. we are a couple. pls email me at thanks from migs

  115. miguel said on 04-02-2010

    hi fishy, Can u recommend a masseur and masseuse in sancturario spa in timog. we are a couple. pls email me at thanks

  116. Carlo said on 31-01-2010

    try Ching, formerly with pb timog, at Lotus Spa in front of Sogo Hotel at the corner of Mabini St. and Quirino Ave. in Ermita, Manila.

  117. Jonjon said on 31-01-2010

    Hi Fishy. It’s MANDY that I always get whenever I am in CTL. It’s just that I didn’t get the chance to ask for his number. Perhaps it was due to the thought that he’ll be staying there with CTL for always. Well, he didn’t, so it turns out. I hope new details of MANDY would be kindly made available – (

  118. massage services said on 29-01-2010

    anyone can provide me with the address and who I should look for, for massage services? I am real bored in Manila and don’t know what to do.

  119. eric said on 29-01-2010

    @ fishy- got ur email, thanks for the response

    @rocky- ur experience sa mr earth, safe ba ang place? totoo bang maraming pogi ?? st8 ba ?? baka naman me bahid??? also mas interested ako sa ES, thanks

  120. eil said on 28-01-2010

    Hello Fishy, can you please give me information on Mandy’s contacts…my email ad is in advance.=)

  121. Fishy said on 25-01-2010

    I’m posting my email addy again to those who would like to ask me personally…

    to Caetano, I’ve sent you email… :-)

  122. caetano said on 25-01-2010

    Hi Fishy, could you please give me information on Mandy’s whereabouts and his contact details. My email is: Thanks!

  123. rez said on 25-01-2010


    thanks ng marami

  124. Fishy said on 24-01-2010

    hi Rez,
    i never got Jake’s number kasi 1 time lang naman ako nagtry sa kanya. i also guess pwede mag outcalls ang mga therapists nila, you may want to check that out from their number (374-5963 or 372-4721).

    hi Alex,
    i sent you email… :-)

  125. caetano said on 22-01-2010

    hello rt, how nice to see that gracious manners and civility do have a place even in cyberspace. Cheers!

  126. rt said on 20-01-2010

    Hi Jv – not so sure about your idea. could offend some parties. thanks for the attention and suggestion. something to keep an open mind to.

  127. alex said on 20-01-2010

    hi Fishy just want to ask abu mandy like where is he working now can you please send it a thanks in advance

  128. PJ Robles said on 20-01-2010

    @ issey miyake: sent me private message at then maybe we can chill out soon

  129. rez said on 20-01-2010

    hi fishy..

    me number ka ba ni Jake? pakisend naman sa .. thanks..

    naghohotel service ba nag sitylifestyle?

  130. Fishy said on 20-01-2010

    hi Carlo (424)
    sent you email already :-)

    hi Maria (425)
    can you post your email so I can give you that update?
    re recos at CTL, there’s still Ramil, RJ, Jake, Gerson, Elvin… etc.

  131. maria said on 19-01-2010

    Any updates about Mandy.
    Where does he work now?
    Anybody else you can recommend in CTL?

  132. Carlo said on 14-01-2010

    Hi Fishy,
    May I have Mandy’s contact no.?

  133. jv said on 14-01-2010

    To RT and CAETANO, why don’t both of you get a room!

  134. Issey miyake said on 14-01-2010

    @PJ Robles
    Malapit ako sa Mandarin Hotel. Pls recommend thr best MP with ES, with goodlooking masseurs. Thnks!

  135. Fishy said on 14-01-2010

    I had dinner with Mandy sometime last week coz he asked me to help him out start up a Yahoo Messenger account. (Mandy is that naughty young thing who’s the “inspiration” for this thread). The last discussion about him had something to do with his leaving CTL.
    Since he already ended his career at CTL, I thought he deserved to know that he’s been the topic of conversation about masseurs and that he’s been the inspiration for this thread at MGG.
    There was some curious excitement in his eyes, when he first saw the blogs about him, and he read through almost every single one of them. I even took a picture of him reading this thread from my laptop.
    It’s hard to tell what he must be feeling right at that moment, and that in this industry he somehow mattered… at least to those who have benefited from his very skillful hands. But he smiled a few times and he even commented on discussions where his colleagues were named.
    But one thing is for sure, CTL had lost one of its prized possessions. Something to think about.

  136. rez said on 13-01-2010

    hi si Jake OK ang massage tsaka cute pa.. anybody knows his number? please email me at please

  137. PJ Robles said on 13-01-2010

    issey miyake: marami dito sa makati….. san ka ba banda sa makati?

  138. Issey miyake said on 13-01-2010

    Hi guys….just wanna ask where is the nearest MP with ES in Makati….thanks!!!

  139. RV65 said on 11-01-2010

    has anyone tried Ranier of CTL? any feedback?

  140. Fishy said on 09-01-2010

    hi Larry (406) since nawala na si Jeff sa PB Alabang at hindi ko rin alam kung san na sya lumipat, i don’t know anyone whom i can recommend sa PB Alabang. nalipat dun si Rain yata but i cant say i can recommend him. you may want to try him though kasi yung mga nililipat ibig sabihin magaling at may kakaibang galing. 😉

  141. Fishy said on 09-01-2010

    Haven’t asked him if its ok to post where he is now. For those interested to know how to find Mandy, kindly email me at:

  142. Carlo said on 09-01-2010

    Andun ako sa CTL nung Tuesday. Pwede naked sa private room… Wala na nga si Mandy, i don’t know kung san na sya… ang nagmassage saken si Marvin ata un.. ok naman ung massage pero no ES… if you are after pure massage ok si Marvin… Mas gusto ko CTL kapag walang tao kasi nakakapag babad ako sa hot pool and sauna.. hehehe!

  143. dan said on 09-01-2010

    i went to CTL for the first time. bawal pala nakahubad dun pag sa common room ang masahe. pag sa private room ba pwede? lagi kasi ako nakahubad pag minamasahe e.

  144. Jonjon said on 09-01-2010

    It’s MANDY that I always get whenever I am in CTL. It’s just that I didn’t get the chance to ask for his number. Perhaps it was due to the thought that he’ll be staying there with CTL for always. Well, he didn’t, so it turns out. I hope new details of MANDY would be kindly made available.

  145. Jonjon said on 09-01-2010

    @#403. Hey Fishy. So where has Mandy transferred to now? Which spa does he work for these days? Those golden massage hands should not go to waste. I am pretty sure his regulars would be very interested to know.

  146. rt said on 08-01-2010

    Hi agin caetano. I’d say cheers to that and to your fluent optimism. Let’s keep going back to this thread and who knows the time to toast might come sooner than we had expected. Take care and may you have all the best this year.

  147. caetano said on 08-01-2010

    Hello rt, thank you for your reply and good wishes. Naturally, I thank the lucky stars that we’ve got a blue this January. So maybe both of us might just get our wishes.
    You hit the nail on the head when you described your reveries and the inevitable heavy, wistful sighs that follow. I too endured those thoughts and feelings over the Christmas break. Ironically, that same chance encounter also fueled in me some hope and optimism in anticipating the coming year. I do look forward to hearing some good news from you as this would reinforce my belief that, despite the prevalent pessimism, good things will be coming in 2010.

  148. rt said on 07-01-2010

    Hi there caetano. Thank you and I wish you likewise. Who knows, the stars might once again align with another full moon coming up this month. Every once in a while when the thought graces my mind, I couldn’t help but draw deep sighs and lapse into wishful thinking. I shall immediately let you know once your wish [and mine] becomes reality and hope that it’ll be soon.

  149. caetano said on 07-01-2010

    Hi rt (402). I had a very similar experience exactly the week before.

    The clientele of the spa i go to is mostly younger than I. Therefore, it was refreshing when I saw someone closer to my age enter. Perhaps we looked familiar to each other so we would occasionally glance at each other. Eventually, he initiated conversation and he was interesting to chat with. Eventually, we both went off to have our massage. We met up again in the wet area after our massage. Our conversation was sporadic due to the presence of others coming in and out of the steam room. During one of our exchanges in the steam room I learned he was unmarried, no children. Eventually, I showered off and lingered while dressing up. At some point he caught up with me in the dressing room and asked me what my plans were afterwards. I replied that I was going to have dinner. There was no rejoinder so I took it he was not interested. At this point, I left.

    Now I wonder whether it was our mutual inexperience that brought about this “misconnection”? Or did I misread his signals? Such a pity to meet someone interesting only to fumble. I can truly relate to your sentiments about being careful and subtle and yet not wanting to pass up a chance to get to know someone better. Admittedly, it was not the best of circumstances to meet in a spa, however, we must make the best of any situation and hope things turn out for the best.
    I hope you get another chance to meet your guy again in the near future.

  150. larry said on 06-01-2010

    @fishy nakapunta ka na ba sa phaen boran alabang? sino marerefer mo dun if ever gusto ko sana pumunta tonight eh near lang kc kami dun

  151. bong said on 05-01-2010

    hi fishy. thanks for the info on mandy. i hope there’s nothing more to it than just cut-throat competition that drove him to resign.

  152. rt said on 05-01-2010

    Thanks Fishy. ‘Carpe diem’ indeed — will always keep that in mind then. I’m sure that we both suffered out of inexperience.

  153. Fishy said on 05-01-2010

    hi rt (402), that was kinda frustrating… been thru that before and Ive learned my lesson. “carpe diem” often comes to mind, and so i heed, battling fear and some apprehensions. if the advances are reciprocated, attack!

    hi bong (401), i just learned it from mandy himself. he chose to leave because of internal politics. the environment among the massuers have gone too cut-throat already, that he opted out.

  154. rt said on 04-01-2010

    Discovered this thread just before new year’s and thought of sharing a serenditpitous spa experience on the day right after Xmas. For the first time, I went to this legit spa,at around late afternoon. Just as I got into the wet area, there was this one cute, tall, and young guy (the only one at that time) who was immersed in the jacuzzi and stared. As I got conscious, I proceeded to the other pool instead of joining him as was my original plan. With that, we exchanged glances over pools of water dividing our physical spaces.
    As we both emerged from our respective pools, he showered and went to the steam room where I followed shortly. To my surprise, he initiated conversation that included personal questions such as if I were married and would have children. Upon confirmation from me, he left the room and I though that my replies must have turned him off. I almost abandoned the thought of an encounter had he not shown signs of a willingness to engage [we know the signs, don’t we]. He kept on pacing the wet floor, going to the showers, hovering by the steam and sauna rooms while stealing glances in my direction. Once he went again to the jacuzzin where I joined him but did not have the chance to talk as the afternoon crowd was then swelling and I’d bet my two cents’ worth that there were PLUs in it.
    In one crusing moment, we simultaneously went to the sauna and could have had the opportune moment to renew acquaintances but alas that had to be spoiled by one blob who got in a minute later prompting us to exit soon enough. When I had the chance to steal a word to him, I said that we might as well leave together to which he did not pose a response. Another dilemma! I was about to get tired of all the chase at this point.
    Thus I went to the showers and washed myself off and as I was leaving my stall I found him waiting for me outside the next stall. We were perhaps both dumbfounded that he neither uttered a word nor did I. We both went back and forth to the drinking station and paced the floor — now saddled with anxiety with the foreboding of an unfruitfull encounter due to inexperience and fear of discovery by others. Then we both went to the showers (adjacent stalls) and could almost touch each other if not for the glass partitions and the curtains! We both knelt and viewed each other through the generous opening at the bottom of the partitions. I offered my hand which he didn’t take.
    In frustration, I later sat on a bench watching him shuttle between the dressing area and the wet floor. I may have given up at that time which he may have sensed. He dressed up but did not leave until taking a few trips to the mirror/s that were sitiuated in front of where I sat. On retrospect, I was not certain if he was sending signals for me to dress up too and follow downstairs. Eventually, he left leaving me with the feeling of “what went wrong”.
    I am posting this experience so that readers might be able to glean lessons on how not to throw valuable serendipitous occasions like this. Will it ever recur — quite possibly but the statistical permutations are enormous. Can I connect – possibly if I spoke to his regular therepist whose name he luckily gave me in our own conversation but that would involve third parties and would expose ourselves. We both liked each other [perhaps because we had similar features] but did not know how to approach the situation. Is there hope? What signs of hope are there? How can the hope translate to reality? Wow. Happy New Year to all.

  155. bong said on 03-01-2010

    fishy, front desk said Mandy doesn’t work there anymore.

  156. Joshs said on 02-01-2010

    Hi guys i,m planning to visit one of the spa in this forum, which one is the best and how much would it cost for massage only? Just want to try it / thanks

  157. Fishy said on 02-01-2010

    Paulo (396), lahat naman nung dinescribe mo standard procedure na yan, and you’ll get the very same thing at other legit spas. masyado pa ngang steep yung tip na inagreehan mo for a mere handjob with a little romansa.

    Why Bong (397), did frontdesk say wala na si Mandy or wala lang ba sya because he took a leave or was absent?

  158. Jame said on 01-01-2010

    Hi Paulo,
    Can you email me who was your massuer at Sanctuario?
    Im planning to go there next week…
    Thanks a lot! :)

  159. bong said on 30-12-2009

    whatever happened to mandy of ctl? he is no longer connnected with ctl. natanggal ba sya?

  160. paulo said on 29-12-2009

    magaling sana magmassage si ramil kaso parang ang liksi masyado ng galaw ng kamay niya na parang nagmamadali..professional ang massage nya, walang kasensual sensual..sobra pa nyang tahimik, boring..pero maitsura sya ha, kulang lang sa appeal dahil medyo chubby..anyway, if you want a sure hanky panky, punta kayo sanctuario timog..sensual massage talga ibibigay sayo..once pa lang ako nakakpunta dun and my experience with B was great, ilang beses nyang dinaanan yung balls ko, dick and yung part na malapit sa anus..what an experience talaga..i never asked for it, based lang siguro sa mga qualifying questions nya kaya sya nagtrigger magsensual massage.usually kasi, masseurs would ask you kung san ka madalas nagpapamassage, kung nakapunta ka na ba sa ganito ganito etc etc to determine if you would be a candidate for ES..hehe..since i wanted a sensual massage and ES that time, hindi na ako nahiya, kinwento ko some of my experiences..

    after the massage, he offered an ES worh 1500..romansa raw..meaning, he would lick my nipples, my neck etc. while doing a HJ..i said no then the offered went down to 1k..di na ako nagdalawang isip pa, pumayag na ako since libong na libog na ako.

    di ko masyado natitigan face ni B pero maitsura sya kaya naengganyo rin nya ko sa ES..maganda naman katawan nya..kaso jutay sya..haha.. anyway, im still thinking kung kelan ako babalik dun..mjo nanghihinayang lang kasi ako sa money, 900 kasi charge nila pero meron silang promo ngayon 756 lang..

    pero without the sensual thing sa massage, the best ang massage niya sa lahat ng masseur at masseuse na naencounter ko..

  161. forJohn said on 29-12-2009

    ituloy natin yung naputol nating… kwentuhan. may atraso pa ko sayo nun e.

  162. forJohn said on 29-12-2009

    kelan balik mo run john?

  163. forJohn said on 29-12-2009

    john, hapon… magkakwentuhan tayo nun sa dry spa.. wensha timog.

  164. Fishy said on 27-12-2009

    hi Jerie (386),
    i used to live along that street kasi, and as far back as i can remember palagi talagang floodzone doon specially pag may malakas na bagyo.
    but when we moved out, saka naman nagsulputan yang mga MP dyan, so i never got the chance to try any of them.
    Yung Magic Touch yata yung medyo malapit sa corner ng Biak Na Bato or Cresta perhaps.
    Thanks for the update, Jerie! :-)

  165. access said on 26-12-2009

    Persistence and patience really work.

    I saw two men in the wet area last night. The younger one kept on following the other guy who was however pre-occupied with other guests. I didn’t know if he even gave any attention to him.

    As I waited for a friend outside the spa, the little bit older guy motioned the younger guy to join him in his car and they left. Where did they go? It’s for you to think of, he, he.

  166. •alchemist• said on 22-12-2009

    anyways, naghahanap kasi ako ng kasama eh, maybe you would want to join me….

  167. •alchemist• said on 22-12-2009

    thanks po.

  168. Erin said on 21-12-2009

    @ Alchemist #387
    Sa City Lifestyle Spa.

  169. •alchemist• said on 20-12-2009

    Hi po. i just want to know kung saan po yung spa na pinuntahan ni McVie na nakilala nya si Mandy. Gusto ko sana syang makilala. Salamat.

  170. jerie said on 20-12-2009

    i’ve been to Field of Dreams before, may masseur na tlga ako dun at sya lang lagi ko kuha pag punta ko… bihira lang naman ako pumupunta. maliit lng sa loob, 350php ang bayad, then kaw na bahala sa tip nun masseur. bad news is, parang wala na sila dyan, pagkaalam ko lumipat na sila somewhere in Munoz dahil binaha ang FOD nung Ondoy.
    magic touch di ko nakita un, saan sya banda?

  171. Fishy said on 13-12-2009

    Can anyone give a rundown of what to expect from MPs in NS Amoranto (Retiro)? I noticed there’s Magic Touch and Field of Dreams. I wonder if there are MPs and other spas with fringe benefits also along Banawe St. I doubt there’s anything to expect from One Spa at the corner of Retiro and Banawe. Hope someone could enlighten… :-)

  172. Alvin said on 12-12-2009

    Does anyone notice Amistad Spa lately? Nagsara na po ba ng tuluyan? Napansin ko kase nung dumaan ako ng Quezon Avenue last night, walang ilaw yung signage and pintuan nila at mukhang wala na ring nagbabantay na security personnel sa labas?

    Anyone who could verify? Thanks!

  173. john said on 05-12-2009

    @#382 mga anong oras?

  174. forJohn said on 04-12-2009

    john, nagkita tayo sa wensha nung dec 1… di na kita nahintay paglabas… nagmamadali ako e. sorry. pero sana mabasa mo to.

  175. rez said on 01-12-2009

    @ din, question uli, si Jake ba yung maputi at kakaiba ang tip envelope niya sa iba.. brown?

  176. rez said on 01-12-2009

    @ din, binigay ni jake number niya sa yo? pure massage lang siya pero he is really good.. gusto ko sana siya uli sya kunin pero laging wala siya tuwing andun ako.. can you email me his number at para pag punta uli ako CTL eh andun siya. thanks

  177. james said on 30-11-2009

    gordon… di ako nakapag email.. failure notice nung nagsend ako…

  178. gordon said on 27-11-2009

    @james. email me at

  179. gordon said on 27-11-2009

    @james.. they have nice jacuzzi. kita tayo dun this sunday 2PM..

  180. james said on 27-11-2009

    @ Gordon… mahilig akong magbabad sa jacuzzi… okey ba jacuzzi nila?

  181. gordon said on 26-11-2009

    more than worth it.. i’ll be there this sunday around 2PM. kita tayo dun

  182. james said on 25-11-2009

    sensya na fishy….
    gordon: is South City Bay spa worth to try?

  183. Fishy said on 24-11-2009

    James, wag naman karampot lang ang tip. Di naman pipitsugin ang CTL by any comparison, saka kung nag VIP ka, mas lalong hindi akma ang 100-200. Give them some more credit for the work that they do, and most specially sa CTL masseurs which are highly trained and really do a good job.
    Spread some love, James… :-)

  184. gordon said on 23-11-2009

    I will be going to South Bay City Spa (Paranaque) across Coastal Mall near the airport this Sunday, November 29 at around 2PM. Hope to see you guys there..

  185. din said on 23-11-2009

    jake claims he’s straight kaya walang kalokohan. magaling. but he gave me his number afterwards. weird.

  186. james said on 22-11-2009

    hi fishy, salamat sa reply… I usually tip Php 100-150 for a regular massage… at Php 200 kapag sobrang ok… hehehe medyo kuripot ako…

  187. Fishy said on 22-11-2009

    to James,

    you may wanna try Jake, Ramil, Red, Jerson and Aldin. the tip is entirely up to you of course. how much do you tip ba sa iba?

  188. Fishy said on 22-11-2009

    RJ caters to those who respond to sensual touches, however he does seem to have over thought how his “accessory” would be accepted by his clients. It was a case of too much too careless. An enhancement that has become tabloid worthy for erring clinics… or whoever was it that was responsible for the freakish results.
    He did claim that he used a pump device to increase the girth, but then that should’ve just given him temporary results. But having had him for about three consecutive times since he did it to junior, I’d say he’s been pumping the poor thing on a regular basis.
    Heaven knows what kind of damages that’ll do to his capillaries, and his sexual functions.

  189. ethan said on 20-11-2009

    I was in city lifestyle last week, it was my first visit, huh and grrrrr. probably bad timing. I booked for VIP then asked for guys with good reviews here. unfortunately those names were not available, some were off some were engaged. No other reasonable option but to get the only guy available, RJ. I was disappointed on their wetfloor, a bit filthy. Looks it’s not properly maintained. Nevertheless, went straight to their 6th floor for the massage. Disappointed again with RJ. He doesn’t appeal to me in any way. 1 to 10, he’s 2. He’s a bit effem and came to me like he just woke up. Nevertheless again, we had our session and massage rating for him is the same as his appeal to me, huh! Before ending the session, he touched my thing and started playing, acted like he’s offering his tool. I got to hold his tool and damn, it’s very different, very odd. It was so hard, which confirms that he got turned on with my stuff. His is short but as tick as my fist. The shape is odd too, he must have injected something on it. Ahhh, it was not my night.

  190. elmo said on 15-11-2009

    question- operating hours ng city lifestyle? tnx

  191. mr. malibog said on 15-11-2009

    sarap magbasa ng mga comments.
    keep it cumming guys. ehehe
    sa mga kwento pa lang gusto ko ng magpaputok.

    1. magkano PVT room sa CTL ngayon?
    2. magkano usual tip sa massuer kung wala ES?
    3. magkano naman kung my ES?

    appreciate feedback guys..

    thank you.:)

  192. jerie said on 15-11-2009

    175.just went to wensha pasay this afternoon, been 2-3 months since i’ve had massage there.
    the masseur i requested was the one who did the massage the last time im there. coz i remember he did very well that time and i still remember his name.
    the experience of the massage was awesome, very relaxing and sensual. i got horny on the sensual part, and i realized the masseur also, coz there’s one time when he stretched my arm, i accidentally touched his hard-on tool.. or maybe he did that intentionally… im not sure.
    Then we chat a bit while massaging, he keeps on telling my body is good, nice physique, and asking me how often i go to gym… so i thought that he likes buff guys. On the part when i was lying down facing him, for sure he did realize that im already hard-on. He suddenly whispered something which i didn’t understand… i asked him i think 3x or 4x, and i didn’t expect he will said that to me…. he was asking if i want him to grab mine… well… if its okay with him, why not.. so i said okay. Bigla nya hinipo tlga and play with in under the towel covering my lower body. While doing that, he asked me how much will i give. The first time he said was 1k pa nga yata if im not mistaken… so we negotiated, i told him i didn’t bring that much and i dont give that much also for that, una sa lahat im not into that.. 2nd is he can’t do it very freely because we’re not in a private room. So the amount we negotiated is double the usual tip im giving to the masseur in wensha.
    He’s very careful in doing the massage on my private part, baka kasi may makakita…. he got a build also which i realized after he told me he goes to gym also, so i run my hand through inside his shirt and touched his chest, parang nahiya sya bigla. I also got to touched and play his tool for few secs, coz i joke to him saying “tigas na ba?” The last part he did is he plays my nipple while massaging my chest, he likes massaging my chest daw kasi lolz. I asked if its okay to jackoff, di daw pwede baka mahuli…. if i go there at evening or madaling araw baka pede pa daw. Kaya tinapos ko nalang sa restroom nila haha.
    All in all, the experience was very good.

  193. james said on 10-11-2009

    Hi guys, just want to ask if worth it ba itry ang CTL… how much po anfg regular ody massage nila at aside from Mandy sino pa po ang recommended niyo for a first timer like me… I prefer good massage… sensual kung meron pero not interested on es… At how much po ang regular tip… 😀 thanks

  194. MarkZ said on 09-11-2009

    curiousBoy 361
    City lifestyle is located at Timog ave. corner T.Morato ave., quezon city. Very near the boy scout rotunda and a corner gas station.

  195. CuriousBoy said on 08-11-2009

    where is city lifestyle? landmarks? is it open 24 hours? thank you…sino magagaling na masseurs dun…

  196. Fishy said on 07-11-2009

    hi SPAnyol, were u referring to The SPA in Libis or in Makati?

    after many months of not being able to catch Mandy’s availability, i finally got to try him again. it’s true what Rocky said about Mandy, palaging naka-book.

    needless to say it was like catching up with an old, reliable friend, who knows exactly what you need. 😉

  197. SPAnyol said on 07-11-2009

    Missing the SPA

  198. Fishy said on 02-11-2009

    if you think Red is good, then try Ramil (for your choice of height and bulk). But don’t go there on a Tues if you’re getting Ramil, that’s his day off.

    Good luck!

  199. MarkZ said on 01-11-2009

    356 fishy
    Thank you so much for the info. I was quite hesitant to negotiate and ask something MORE from the masseur (VIP), afraid that i might offend him. Anyway, whom do you recommend, i like somebody who is tall and big. I have tried Red, he was good.

  200. Fishy said on 01-11-2009

    355 MarkZ
    yes. there’s plenty of that at the wet areas. had experienced everything conceivable.
    but if ur referring to the VIP rooms, il still give you a qualified yes.

  201. MarkZ said on 27-10-2009

    Without mentioning any name, has anybody experienced more than a HJ at ctl?

  202. rocky said on 25-10-2009

    ang cute pala talaga ni mandy sa ctl. grabe laging nakabook si mandy… hirap sya tyempuhan…natry ko na lahat cla doon. 2 weeks ago, i had marlon, ayoko sa kanya mukhang badiday… ni di ko kinibo o kinausap kasi wala nang masseurs kaya nagtyaga nalang ako…dineadma ko sya basta mashe lang sya… tapos na massage nakaface-up na ako though my eyes are closed and covered with a towelet, he was playing my nipples..kaso di ako tinatablahan…di sya magalit-galit..hehehe… hanggang nagsabi na sya na tapos na…wala syang arrive sa akin hehehe… well tip nya is only one o-o, yoko sa kanya eh.. massage nya is okay, kaso iba pa rin si ramil, gerson, mandy, red and i forgot the other 2.

  203. rocky said on 25-10-2009

    have tried wensha. i agree na sulit sa food, kaya lang mas better pa rin sa ctl, mas malinis at yung vip room ay for single customer. at wensha, i requested for a vip room kaso dalawa ang beds. hoping na ako lang doon, in the middle of the massage mayroon na sa kabilang bed, i hate it, may ka room share. at masyadong maliit yung wet area… bulok-bulok na’s not so clean. i maraming matatanda sa wensha..kaya may pagka-amoy lupa na yung wet area. sa ctl, mas nkararami ang mas nakakababata..kaya lang ung saun grabe 3 consecutives weeks ako sa ctl, sira pa rin ung sauna kaya kainis, pero okay na rin. atsaka sa wensha, iisa ang cr ang liit pa. sa ctl, malaki at malinis… ganda pa ng jacuzzi..lahat talga maganda kahit sachets lang ung soap and shampoo. at yung vip rooms, perfect 10!

  204. Fishy said on 25-10-2009

    nuat thai is along makati avenue almost across barrio fiesta. its hard to miss kasi their signboard is well lit.

  205. Fishy said on 19-10-2009

    naku ayan na naman tayo. kaya natanggal sa timog si Lee dahil sa mga hindi maingat na kwento.

  206. dustin said on 14-10-2009

    How to go to Nuat Thai Makati?
    Has anyone tried Lasema Spa at Makati?

  207. Erin said on 14-10-2009

    @ #347 Carlo

    Lee from phaen boran is already transferred to Nuat Thai Makati. You may want to try him.

  208. RV65 said on 13-10-2009

    Aside from Ramil, Gilbert, RL, Red…wala na bang ibang chub o stocky sa Citilifestyle?…thanks in advance to the regulars there…

  209. Carlo said on 13-10-2009

    Hi! I’m interested sa Nuat Thai in Makati, sino ba ang recommended nyo na male therapist na pwede mag ES? ung gwapo ha hehehe!

  210. Fishy said on 12-10-2009

    Gerson is a little on the lean side, pero ok na rin looks.

  211. RV65 said on 10-10-2009

    Rocky, ano itsura ni Gerson ng ctl?…is he slim, chub, etc?

  212. SPAnyol said on 09-10-2009

    #338 rocky

    What’s the name of the therapist?

  213. xxxx said on 08-10-2009

    may naka try na sa eaglenest spa?

  214. kurt said on 06-10-2009

    san ang ctl?

  215. kurt said on 05-10-2009

    hi..ask ko lng san ang ko pumunta..pls reply sa email u

  216. spaddict said on 05-10-2009

    I’ve tried different spas but Wensha Timog is still the “pinakasulit” for me. I used to like City Lifestyle but the facilities now are not maintained. Last time I went there sira ang sauna, sira sira ang kisame sa CR, pool area is not well-lit, naka-sachet nalang ang soap at shampoo, walang garter ang shorts or minsan walang strap ang robe. Kainis pa ang mga maaangas na therapist na less than 1hour lang ang massage tapos pilit pa nagpapadagdag ng tip.

    Sa Wensha at least kung di ka satisfied sa massage, idaan nalang sa buffet at magpakalunod sa ice cream. :)

  217. rocky said on 04-10-2009

    by the way, after mr. earth, proceeded right away to ctl for a therapy massage by gerson again… perfect 10! in a vip room, it was an absolutely massage and grson knows that i don’t go for ES, it was my second time for him. look, at mr earth i paid six 00, at ctl i paid seven six five. worth it talaga sa ctl, they have all the facilities and a tidy place.. at mr earth, it was just a cubicle na tabla ang pagitan hehehe at pangit facilities-towels, linens, beds and pillows…tiniis ko nalang lahat and was just for experience of the place, yon lang! buti nalang mabait ung massuer ko in fairness naman din kahit di sya marunong mag massage. CTL is still the best!

  218. rocky said on 04-10-2009

    at last have tried mr. earth yesterday, … gosh sayang punta 1% di talaga pasado ung masseur ko… wala talagang namasahe parang ginawa lang nya akong crystal ball na pinaliguan lang ng lotion. turned off talaga ako, masakit pa naman ung katawan ko dahil sa nastranded ako nung friday night at boka lang na marunong talaga magmasahe.. kainis tapos pag sinabi ko ipress nya kasi nga may pain..pag press nya yun lang … then wala na… di talaga marunong… nagmamarunong… kung gusto ka ba raw pa ng shiatsu..hehehe… hay buhay… ano ba yan hehehe. then he offered ES.. i just ignored.. kasi tapos na raw..gosh… wala pang 20 minutes, pawis na sya magmassage..gosh ni wala ngang na masahe..hehehe. pero may enjoyment rin kasi nga he was on undies, while i facing down and naked, naka point yung possession exactly doon sa back ko (alam nyo na yon) at di na umalis doon while massaging kuno.. gusto lang nya talaga ako i-arouse hehehe. then he told me face up, i covered my armor with the towel kasi nga baka magalit..gosh..inayos yung pagtakip…talagang kapiraso lang yung tinakpan..yung iyon lang mismo eh yung balls nga exposed pa, grabe hehehe. sabi nya kung gusto ko ES.. i just ignored, iyon tapos na yung massage. and now i realized that place is not really for massage, but for a different purpose. after then, i put on my boxerbrief… and he insisted again if i wanted ES. I asked him what is that ES, sagot nya at kung anong klaseng ES ang gusto ko. i stood up and sabi nya… ku gusto ko raw i-bj nya ako…ows.. nag-isip ako… sabi ko how much..sagot nya one five 00… sabi ko no thanks. sabi nya.. ako na raw bahala.. sabi ko five 00..sabi nya ok… then sabi ko cool heheh.. actually, ayoko mag pa bj..hehehe kahit ang gwapo nya at tisoy pa..he’s straight and smooth.. mabango sya hehehe. well, it ended up na happy moments … there was no bj or pene kasi nga ayoko at takot rin ako, alam nyo na…but it’s a 100% experience…naging possession ko sya at ako rin possession nya heheh… no elaboration what had happened..naging amin ang mundo, sa amin nalang yon hehehe…. nakakainlove…okidok… in short, i recomment mr earth not for massage but for something else that you would nver forget hehehe.. kung nalulungkot kayo o gusto nyo magpast time at a small and worth it cost.. go there..kaya lang as a friendly reminder, mag-ingat pa rin…. gosh!!! dami gwapo doon, ang hirap mamili hehe.

  219. spaddict said on 04-10-2009

    Thank you. Sayang walang male therapist. Okay naman ba ang crowd? Hehehe

  220. drakes said on 03-10-2009


    nope no male therapist in GSPA, facilities and massage however is great. wala masyado tao –

  221. rocky said on 02-10-2009

    have anyone tried mr earth? ok ba doon? malinis ba at nong facilities nila? di ba nakakatakot dun? gusto sana i-try though alam ko ung exact location kaya lang nahihiya ako pumasok at parang nakakakatakot, mababait kaya ang tao doon sa loob hehehe.. baka di ka na kasi palabasin eh.. hehehe

  222. spaddict said on 30-09-2009

    Has anyone tried Getaway Spa along Sgt Esguerra Ave? May male therapists ba dito?

  223. rocky said on 29-09-2009

    have tried ctl 2 consecutive saturdays. place is good and clean. got no fear or worries of the place because it doesn’t look like a cheapy one. have tried ramil first, he offered es and bargained price at five 00. twas good for an experience but not worth it in matter of minutes compared to price of 765 in a vip rm for a 1 hr massage. folks, i guess we should not tolerate this… if they want to offer or if we want being offered, should not be that much. next saturday came, wanted to try mr earth but to my surprise when i opened the main entrance door, wow… lot of handsome guys in undies. i got scared, i didn’t go inside anymore and i closed the door. one handsome and macho guy came out from the door and spoke to me that they offer good massage. i asked them if they have steam bath or sauna, he said no.. they only offer massage. i told him thanks, i got back pain and i wanted a steam bath and i also said that i am scared. well he was so nice and just smiled. sayang, i did not get his name, nahiya ako. after then got a cab and went to ctl. got gerson, good massuer… he offered es but i just ignored as if i didn’t hear him, coz i got a vip room again. happy at last that i have over controlled my desire for es,… my gun softened when i pretended that i didnt hear him hehehe. gerson is really good.. really a good massage..perfect 10! ramil is more sensual … but i scale him 9! both guys are cute. next saturday, 03 oct i will try mandy or who else you could recommend at ctl? lakas loob lang pagpunta ko mag-isa for experience… i checked the location of boys of b., kingspoint, i recommend ctl hehehe. ok have nice and healthy massage bros!

  224. Fishy said on 25-09-2009

    #325 jm
    ah eh, ano naman ang participation mo sa mga kinwento mo jm? mukhang spectator ka lang yata at puro activities ng ibang tao ang sinalaysay mo. 😀

  225. Johnny said on 20-09-2009

    Dudes, what’s the newest SPA destination for PLUs these days? The hot guys used to head-off to Wensha & Sanctuario, then CityLifeStyle came after, and NewYork followed. But it seems there’s a new one being trooped by our PLU kind. Anyone in the know?

    Keep cool.

  226. benny said on 18-09-2009

    @jm #325

    Wat day and tym were in wensha wen d happenings r going on?

  227. onebluefire said on 09-09-2009


    Would you mind e-mailing me details of the masseurs at 7 Senses? Stuff like:

    A. Cutest/Hottest
    B. Best Massage
    C. Best @ You-Know-What (LOL!)

    My e-mail address is

  228. Tommy said on 07-09-2009

    Was visiting the Phils last summer and was told by a friend to pamper myself to a spa treatment at WENSHA in timog. Two days prior to my flight back to California, I did go @ 10pm and stayed till 0200. Geez, I never thought it was that cruisy out there. Got into a a great chat with this yuppie and ended up with an interesting talk with him which eventually led us both to the wet area… BJ on me. HOT pare! Back in Novemeber, will definitely try it again.

  229. dustin said on 07-09-2009

    @jm I was there also last friday, however madaling araw na yun kaya Saturday na…. regarding your post. I was there to rest kasi ginabi nako kaya after massage i took a nap… I remember naalimpungatan ako kasi pakiramdam ko may nag HJ sakin taposs di ko sure.. Totoo bang may gumagawa nun? Kasi badtrip di ko nahuli…

  230. Fishy said on 06-09-2009

    Three of Phaen Boran’s best are now at it’s affiliate branch of Nuat Thai Makati. Joe, who used to train the newbies was I think the first to have transfered.
    Jeff, who was becoming a favorite among the few who didn’t mind his petite frame but salivated with his “skills” is also there.
    And lastly, tall and fair skinned, Lee, who’s been written about to have been axed at PB because of a certain track record, is now pleasing customers at their Makati branch. What I knew then was that he merely took a leave when he disappeared from PB.

    Which leaves us with the question, who do you go to now if you’re on Timog?

  231. jm said on 06-09-2009

    went to wensha timog friday night. as expected, a mixed type of crowd welcomed me, from straight to bis, from thin to those that are on the heavier side. i still remember the things that happened there.
    1. somebody slipped on the floor and made people see his glory. (the floor maybe slippery but let us take into account that he is damn to wasted because of friday gimik! thank God no concussions just a minor bruise)when they were able to bring him on the locker room, there was a guy that is nursing him, putting cold compress over his head (maybe he has headache brought by hangover)sa totoo lang para siyang nag-aalaga ng bata, but i think he has his own agenda basing from the conversation that i have heard.
    2.since there was a number of people, the place is ideal for cruising. inside the steambath, a lot of things happened. i remember when there were only 5 of us inside, a guy suddenly kiss the one beside him and they did something as if no one was inside. and before the guy left the steam bath, he allowed the other two people to taste his glory. mind you, the guy is good looking with a body to die for, a little hairy and very manly. the washroom, two guys were doing hj while kissing. the massage room, the other guy maybe thought i was already sleeping did a hj.
    5. to the guy i met, thanks for sharing your stories and accompanying me. till next time. hope you enjoyed the night.
    what an experience for a night at a spa! till next spa day!

  232. dustin said on 05-09-2009

    @ jm sang spa mo balak bumisita? thanks.

  233. Fishy said on 04-09-2009

    has anyone tried Warren, Joebert, JP and Romy of Kingspoint?

  234. jm said on 03-09-2009

    sino pwede makasama to have a night at the spa…09109173569

  235. SPAnyol said on 02-09-2009

    How much is the tip? Is CTL still giving sachets of shampoo and soap? Haven’t been there for like a month now. How about the wet area, the crowd. Mind sharing it?

  236. Access said on 30-08-2009

    Hi Carlo.

    Can you email me with more details of your encounter with Gerson at

    Salamat in advance.

  237. RV65 said on 30-08-2009

    Carlo can you pls describe Gerson…specifics ok? body build, etc…thanks!

  238. Carlo said on 29-08-2009

    just went to CTL… si Gerson ang nagmassage saken… we exchanged numbers para next time sa hotel daw nya ako imamassage… hehehe! Nagpapahawak din xa ng kanyang birdie… nung una malambot tas tumigas din… dakota itey!

  239. jm said on 28-08-2009

    sino pwede makasama sa spa message me

  240. Marky said on 26-08-2009

    Who’s the best looking masseur in Kingspoint?

  241. Erin said on 24-08-2009

    mga 300 okay na…

  242. SPAnyol said on 21-08-2009

    311 @Gordon
    How much is the ES fee at Kingspoint?

  243. jm said on 19-08-2009

    san ba ang kingspoint i wanna try… or sino punta ng spa ngaun… join ako

  244. jerie said on 18-08-2009

    planning to go to Wensha Spa pasay later around 2 or 3pm. anyone going also? 😀

  245. Tagong Bading Ako said on 18-08-2009

    Ayos din si Gerson of City Lifestyle. Mukang siya ang babalik-balikan ko dun. Hehehe.

  246. jm said on 17-08-2009

    san ang kingspoit ba?

  247. gordon said on 17-08-2009


    Try JIN, just inform the counter.. As for ES, may him feel you don’t go for that. He will make the offer before he leaves the room. Something like, “meron pa po ba kayong gusto kong gawin.” Just touch his shorts, he knows the drill…

  248. gordon said on 17-08-2009


    Among the “therapists” at Kingspoint, Jin is the best looking. He is around 20, boy next door type. Usually wears sando in the counter area (but takes it off inside the room, mainit daw kasi or should I say, pinapag-init ka niya). He got a killer smile… Massage wise, he could be better…

  249. peejay said on 16-08-2009

    jm baka you mean hj! he normally do this to his clients, hehehehe. am glad you enjoyed his services.

  250. jm said on 15-08-2009

    i visited CTL yesterday and was able to have an appointment with Ramil. I would definitely recommend the massage of Ramil as compared to massage that is being offered at Wensha. Ramil offered a good massage, nice pressure and timing. Sensual, definitely yes! he is also accommodating and conversant which i really love. The nicest thing about my session with him. . . i wouldn’t tell, just experience him personally while he is doing his job.

  251. jm said on 13-08-2009

    san ba ang kingspoint? pag me es sino ang dapat masseur? planning to go there kais.,

    how about CTL, tips naman pano?>

  252. Erin said on 13-08-2009


    Good thing you tried Ednard. :) Truth is he is one of my favorite masseurs in 7 Senses because he knows what I want kaya to the maxxx ang lymphatic massage. Hahahaha

    I’d be looking forward to meeting you Ruzztye and your friend. :)

  253. Ruzztye said on 13-08-2009

    Guys, I tried controlling myself not to write in this thread regarding 7 Senses. Fishy made a good point that this thread is about QC Spas. Well, since people are talking about 7 Senses anyways, I rather dive in and join. My friend and I went to 7 Senses again. My friend just came from a very stressful meeting and needed some relaxation. He asked me to accompany him and I obliged wholeheartedly. Got Ednard as my masseur. Before we even begin the massage, he told me that he does not massage that “hard.” True to his word, his massage technique was not as hard as that of Wilson’s. BUT he did what he could and still gave me a great massage. When it was time for the massage in the supine position, he started chatting with me. He gave me a glimpse of what his life was until we got to the point where we started talking about naughty things. That is when he offered ES. I was not really in the mood for an ES that night, and I said no. He proceeded with the massage. He asked me again about ES, this time telling me, “Tulong mo nalang sakin, sir.” Good hearted as I was, I obliged. The rest is history. The good thing about this is no haggling happened. He did not offer a price. He just said, “Bahala na kayo, sir.” Unlike Wilson who put a price on his ES, Ednard did not. All masseurs should be like this. PLUs would not leave them empty handed especially if they gave a good massage. My next visit to 7 Senses and Ednard is available, I will get him again because I was totally satisfied. By the way, I gave him 500. I was actually planning on giving him 300 as tip for a good massage but added 200 for the ES.

    To Erin, I could be friends with these guys but not to the point na makikipag-inuman ako sa kanila basically because I don’t drink. My point is, I do not want to get intimate with these guys. We could be friends but not intimate that we would share stories about our lives. I would want to maintain one important relationship with these guys, the masseur-client relationship. I think this is a healthier relationship to keep. BUT I have nothing against you being katropa with the guys. It’s just you, and it’s just me. Isn’t life interesting? My friend and I hope to see you soon Erin, tropa-tropa lang. Hehehe!

    Enjoy life guys!

  254. Erin said on 12-08-2009

    Hi Riolito,

    I think looks is just a personal preference, so it’s a personal judgment to rank them and it would be unfair for them if I say something that is not bias. Though most of them maybe good looking to some of us.

    An example is, they say that this or that masseur is good looking but for me he is just as normal as the others in same the department.

  255. riolito cruz said on 11-08-2009

    hi erin,

    how would you rank the masseurs at seven senses in order of good looks? thanks

  256. Erin said on 11-08-2009


    tropa means barkada mo na sila, kainuman. So kahit magkano na lang, okay na.

  257. the one said on 10-08-2009

    @fishy, i went to ctl last night got r_m__l. stocky,fair skinned, massage was good enough. Es? yup got an hj without asking me.

  258. the one said on 10-08-2009

    @fishy,thanks for the info. since its a “hole-in-the-wall” kind of place id rather not try. stick na ko sa snctrio, amistad.

  259. Fishy said on 10-08-2009

    what did u mean by tropa-tropa din? what do u get out of that?
    the one,
    i can answer that, KP is a little bit of a “hole-in-the-wall” kind of massage clinic. nothing frilly, a bit cramped, really thinned out towels, and yes a mix of masseurs & masseuses. no need to be afraid of this one as they are completely safe places.

  260. the one said on 08-08-2009

    @daredevil, hi bro, ok ba sa kingspoint? di ba nakakatakot pumunta? do they have female therapists?

  261. Erin said on 06-08-2009

    Usually 500 daw and up. Kung minsan daw tropa-tropa din. Lalong lalo na kung malapit ka na sa kanila.

  262. daredvl said on 06-08-2009

    @Gordon, and

    “both of you three” seem to have tried Jin, Who is he? how does he look like? How would one know na siya na yun? Do you have his number? Siya na lang kasi ang hindi ko pa kilala sa kanila.

    BTW, guys, you guys are the most bongga in this threads.
    massage chatroom and site for manila guys

  263. daredvl said on 06-08-2009

    @erin, minsan sama mo ko sa inuman niyo.. that’s what i like, yung maka halubilo sila..

  264. SPAnyol said on 05-08-2009


    How much is the ES at 7 senses… if you don’t mind my asking. Thanks.

  265. Erin said on 03-08-2009

    @ Ruzztye,

    Who were my therapists? In order of my preferences sa massage: Ednard, Louie, Bart, Mardy, Alvin, Jono, Sander, Jasper. Haven’t tried Ken, Rain, Rico and Wilson.

    Si Harvey ang di nagbibigay ng ES at di na raw siya nagmamassage ngayon sabi sa akin kagabi, full time attendant na lang daw siya.

  266. Erin said on 03-08-2009

    @ Ruzztype

    I usually reserve my regular therapists there becasue they are the ones who can deliver what I want in a massage. I had tried most of them except for the newbies because they only have one week training period, and I don’t want to gamble my money by getting a lousy massage. Truth is, I DO NOT ask for ES when I am there, because what I want is massage only. But you may ask if why do I know about the details about the ES there? Halos lahat ng mga therapist jan ay kakilala ko, and most of them are my buddies at tropa na rin sa inuman, kaya kung nagiinuman puro mga experiences nila sa loob ang pinaguusapan. Hehehe Kaya halos lahat sila, from front desk to the attendants kilala ako. Tapos kilala rin nila ang mga good tippers at yong mga buraot, tapos may mga di daw nagbibigay ng tip kahit napagkasunduan na sa loob. Tinatakasan daw sila! How sad to hear such comments from these masseurs!

  267. Erin said on 03-08-2009

    Re: Seven Senses

    Please don’t reserve a room from the front desk, they are not authorized to reserve a room for you. Instead, reserve a room from the locker attendant. :)

    Yong room 12 naman, halos lahat ng mga therapist, ayaw dun, hindi ko pa nararamdaman na meron dun pero may parang kasama daw sila na nagmamassage din. Magiging 4 hands massage na actually. Hahahaha Pero sa mga may gusto ng twin massage, get room 12 para may extra kayo na 2 hands massage. Hehehehe

  268. daredvl said on 03-08-2009

    d a r e d e v i l a n o n y @ yah00.c0m

    pashare din ng details sa seven senses n yan

    finally a chatroom for us massage people.. eto chatroom:

  269. Carlo said on 02-08-2009

    Hi Erin,
    Tips on 7 Senses pls.


  270. dangal said on 02-08-2009

    kingspoint suck? why? they all good…very well…..

  271. verpru88 said on 01-08-2009

    Hi Erin, could you kindly share me your experience at 7 senses and who’s the best masseurs that you coukd recommend. Thanks in advance. My email add is

  272. Fishy said on 01-08-2009

    I hate to be the one to say this but this thread is for QC Spas. But since I’m not the moderator, would like to give my two cents worth. I’m intrigued by how it was named 7 Senses, but I think the owner really meant to cover ALL the senses in their services! LOLs… 😀

    Yun nga lang I think the owner and I are acquaintances kaya I wouldn’t probably dare to be seen patronizing the facilities there. Haaaaay kaloka!

  273. daredvl said on 01-08-2009

    list of great experience (massage plus ES)
    so sa CTL mandy ramil red gerson
    sa wensha richard? tama ba?


  274. Ruzztye said on 31-07-2009

    Who did you get when you visited. Actually, I got Rico from the front desk, but Rico was taken from me by another client. I did not make a fuss of it coz it was my first time there and actually did not know if Rico was good or not. Who is the only one who does not offer ES? How much did you pay for ES? I mean, we should be consistent so that these masseurs will not get the idea to ask for more for ES. Even though Wilson is new, he gave me a very good massage. Kakatakot naman ung Room 12. Pano u naman nasabing may Momo dun? May sixth sense ka sa 7 Senses? Hehehe! Pwede palang magrequest ng room sa front desk. Now that I know, I will do that next time I visit 7 Senses. Thanks Erin!!!!

  275. Carlo said on 31-07-2009

    Thanks Ruzztye and Erin for the info on 7 Senses.

    To Erin, here’s my e-mail address:

  276. Erin said on 31-07-2009

    @ Carlo

    Seven Senses is along Sumulong Highway. You can take Marcos Highway bound for Cogeo or Antipolo and before reaching Masinag Market take a left turn and that would be Sumulong Highway already. It’s about 2 Kilometers from Masinag Market. Your Landmark would be ARAMIS LODGE and it’s at your left side. Seven Senses is Adjacent to Aramis, same owner actually. Their contact number is 09223183977.

    There are about 13 masseurs there and wilson is new. There are better masseurs who can deliver a better massage and ES (Most of the therapist offers ES except one). If you want a reco, post your email address and I will give you details.

    Sa mga mahilig sa ES, reserve a room downstairs from the Locker Attendants kasi mas tago ang mga ito. Room Numbers are 12~19. Room 12 may momo. Hehehehe Room 14 and 15, very spacious. You might as well would like to reserve room 16 and 17 para nasa dulong dulo kayo. Hahahaha Note, walang room 13.

  277. amiku said on 31-07-2009

    Went to Boys of Bora last Wednesday, I got Kirby I have awesome experience. Actually massage is 8 out of 10, the good thing is his attitude, accommodating and he ensure if you are satisfied with his performance.ES it is perfect 10. He will caress and kiss you. Good performance… sobra binigay niyang satisfucktion sakin. After the massage he invited me to eat outside nakakatawa nga eh sagot daw niya. I refused his offer, we stayed 20 mins. inside the cubicle, sharing life stories while we hug each other. He is so malambing he will treat you as a girl maybe he is used to do that. Until now we are texting, the problem is parang inlove na ako to him, everyday text niya if I am good and if kumain na daw ako.
    I will try na makipagrelasyon sa kanya… Bahala na.

  278. Ruzztye said on 31-07-2009

    Sorry wrong grammar. Should be “focus” not “focused.”

  279. Ruzztye said on 31-07-2009


    I am not exactly sure how to get there as I was not driving. I was at the backseat and just excited that we are going to a spa that I did not pay much attention to the streets we were traversing. Anyway, what I can remember is I saw PUJs going to Cogeo and Antipolo from Cubao. I remembered we were at Masinag. At the Masinag intersection, we turned left going to Marikina. 7 Senses is on the left side, so just focused on that side. My friend has the receipt, and I think their contact number is there. I will ask him and post the number here when I get it. Share your story when you visit okay.

  280. Fishy said on 30-07-2009

    thanks for the kind remarks, Ruzztye!
    also for the nice review on 7 Senses Spa. seems like a very interesting find. must try it one of these days. could you give us the exact location? and perhaps a contact number… :-)

  281. Carlo said on 30-07-2009

    Hi Ruzztye,
    May I know where is 7 Senses Spa? How to get there from Katipunan-Aurora Blvd. Better, do you their contact no.?

  282. Ruzztye said on 30-07-2009

    You’re very much welcome, Fishy. I share your views. WE are a diverse lot, and being diverse means varying likes and dislikes, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to discriminate our kind. Instead, we should stick together.

    Anyway, my friends and I went to 7 Senses Spa in Marikina. Massages are around Php500. Scrubs are around Php900. The place is very spacious especially the wet area. They have both wet and dry sauna, ample shower cubicles, and warm and cool Jacuzzi. The massage rooms are simple but spacious. I got Wilson as my masseur. The massage was great to say the least. He offered me ES with a starting offer of 1500. Of course, I did not agree. I’d rather have no ES than pay 1500. Finally, we went down to 500. He gave me a hand job and a little “extra.” The nice thing about the whole thing was he finished the massage before the ES, which is very considerate. The ES was just an add-on. The massage itself was great. Loved it.

    We have yet to visit CTL one of these days. Fishy, thanks for all the info you have been providing us. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Hope to see/meet you in one of our spa escapades. Stay safe guys! Peace!

  283. Fishy said on 29-07-2009

    Thanks Ruzztye!
    Even at this time you’d think we should have stepped out from the backward views of the dark old days. We’re becoming victims all over again at the hands of those who still think that way. The reason why progress is so hard is because we haven’t learned quite enough from history.
    Anyways if your visiting CTL by car, you can conveniently park at the back lot, may security guard pa. In case naubusan ng parking slot you can have valet service para sila na bahala. Good luck on your trip to CTL. Dont know the Spas in Pasig eh, sorry for that.
    To Tagong Bading Ako…
    Truly, Mandy has got magic hands, and is a very nice guy indeed.

  284. Tagong Bading Ako said on 27-07-2009

    Went to CTL yesterday. Didn’t get Red. Went for Mandy instead. The best. =) Pero nabadtrip ako dun sa nangangalabit na guy sa steamroom. If you get no for an answer, then stop following guys around. Hehe.

  285. MarkZ said on 26-07-2009

    Thank you, i am having second thought.

  286. SPAnyol said on 26-07-2009

    #271 MarkZ
    Just to give you a clear picture, I just want to be frank. He is not good-looking. He is chubby and not tall. Though he can give you a sensual massage and will offer you a j/o when you get hard (which I didn’t agree.)If he is pangit? for me, a blunt yes.

  287. MarkZ said on 26-07-2009

    To Drakes:
    Thank you for the reply,i think i will try him, basta malinis sa katawan at mabango, ok na sa akin. of course sana nga may ES.

  288. drakes said on 26-07-2009

    @markz #267: not really, not that gwapo, parang comon lng. d rin naman xa panget (sori 4 d term)

  289. MarkZ said on 25-07-2009

    gwapo ba si Red ng CTL?

  290. PJ robles said on 23-07-2009

    Has anyone tried 5th sense in Makati? who would you recommend? do they have ES?

  291. Ruzztye said on 22-07-2009

    Hi guys! new here. juz read the posts. i specifilly liked Fishy’s comments. Fishy, you seem like a nice person. you don’t discriminate. to you, all gays are created equal. i’ve been wanting to try a masseur, that’s why i visited this site. I’m visiting CTL one of these days i hope with my friend who has a car para madaling mahanap itong mga places na ito. Thanks guys!

    Wala bang ganito sa Pasig? Bakit karamihan sa QC?!

  292. Carlo said on 21-07-2009

    I was at CTL yesterday..may promo nga sila 1.5 hrs ung massage… si Jerson (Gerson) ang nagmassage saken aus!!! hehehe! @#263 oo aus talaga si Red!!! Nagtratry din ako ng ibat ibang masseurs dun, based on my experience halos lahat nagooffer hehehe…

  293. Tagong Bading Ako said on 21-07-2009

    Went to CTL last night. Took advantage of the 1.5 hour swedish massage promo in the VIP room. Had Red as my therapist. He was kind, friendly and accommodating. Massage was okay, not great. Was offered ES, offered 500 in return. He also gave me his number so I can text him should I go to CTL. Might go there this Sunday and get him again. =)

  294. SPAnyol said on 16-07-2009

    Jin is maarte and he is reading this blog. Kingspoint sucks… yun lang.

  295. Fishy said on 13-07-2009

    the entire building is owned by CTL kaya iba-ibang level ang facilities, di ba ang taray? :-)
    medyo nakakailang lang kasi if you’re already in your robe tapos walang strap at gagamit ka ng elevator going up to the VIP rooms, any wardrobe malfunction can happen anytime… LOL!

    parang hindi ko pa yata kilala yung warren, may ES ba sa kanya? sino-sino yung tinutukoy mo na maarte?

  296. jerie said on 13-07-2009

    hmmm thanks for the infor Carlo and Fishy, matry nga one day. i found the conact number of CTL at natanong ko narin, magkaibang floor pala ang common at private room nila.

  297. bad said on 12-07-2009

    nice ba kingspoint? naiinis nmn aq don… maarte mga lalake don…. si warren is nice… kht na napagkamalan q xang taga laba lng don….

  298. Fishy said on 12-07-2009

    the promo ryt now sa CTL is for the same price you pay sa front desk you get a half hour extra, so bale 1 1/2 hrs lumalabas ang massage.
    kung wala si Ramil, you can try Mandy, Elvin, Jerson or Red.

  299. Carlo said on 12-07-2009

    i was able to avail of their prom 700+ private room and then 500+ common room. basta super lapit lang nya sa circle.. i don’t know kung ano ung mga streets na dadaanan kasi nagcacab lang ako papunta dun.. basta sa malapit lang xa sa circle..

    >> Sa mga readers, suggest naman kau ng masseurs sa CTL or sa Wensha na pwede.. hehehe!

  300. jerie said on 11-07-2009

    hi there, how much un mga massage package sa CTL? magkano pinakamura? un private room how much naman? paano pumunta dun pag galing espana-q.ave or e.rodriguez-t.morato? thanks =)

  301. Carlo said on 11-07-2009

    Hi guys! I went to CTL last week maaga ako dun, tas weekday, mga 12:30pm… i took the private room… tapos, wala pa daw available na masseur so I went to the wet area first..sulit ung punta ko kasi ako lang ung tao sa wet area.. nagtanggal ako ng damit at nagtapis ng towel then i realized na naiihi ako so umihi muna ako sa urinal bago pumasok sa wet area.. pero sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon, nadulas ako at nahulog ung towel na naktapis saken pagpasok ko ng banyo – naipit pa sa glass door ung towel..tas nakita ko papadating ung isang attendant (ung nagbibigay ng towels, suklay, iced tea etc.) Napatingin xa tapos natawa.. sabi nya ‘Aus lang kau sir?’ sabi ko ‘aus lang’ (natawa din ako) ‘pesteng pintuan yan..’. May itsura xa kaya sa isip ko ok lang saken makita nya etits ko… Di ko na tinapis ule ung towel tas umihi na ako sa urinal.. tumabi xa saken, super nakikita ko ung titi nya. sabi nya ‘ok lang yan sir, ako lang naman nakakita’ sabay tawa. Sabi ko ‘nakakahiya nga! buti ala pang tao’. Ung pag-ihi nya sobrang nakikita ko na ung titi nya pati balls nya.. sabi ko sa kanya ‘kwits na tau’ sabi nya ‘bakit sir?’ sabi ko.. ‘nasilip ko na etits mo’ sabay tawa! Sabi nya ‘ok lang yan sir ndi ka naman bading e!’ (ndi kasi ako halatang bading! hehehe!). Nagpaalam na ako sabi ko shower na ako.. After about 30 mins. nakapag shower and sauna na ako, nakababad ako sa jacuzzi – wala pa din tao, narinig ko ung isang attendant tinatawag ung name ko, nkita nya ako sa jacuzzi so pumunta xa dun. May itsura din pero mas gwapo ung kaninang attendant hehe… Tumayo ako sa jacuzzi tas nakita nya na nakahubad ako tas medyo lumihis ung mata nya sabi ko ‘sori nakalimutan ko hubad pla ako, wala kasi tao..’ sabi nya ‘ok lang yun sir, baka kasi maoffend ko kau kaya lumihis ako ng tingin’ sabi ko ‘ahh hindi naman, aus lang saken un’ napangiti xa tas tumingin ule saken.. Sabi nya ‘Sir, wala pa po si Red at Mandy, meron available si Ramil, gusto nyo na po ba magpamassage?’ Since nagmamadali ako nun, sabi ko ok lang kahit sino. Inabot nya saken ung twalya ko at sabi ko sunod na ako.

    Yung masseur ko si Ramil aus, gwapo pinoy na pinoy tas malaki ang katawan. Magaling din xa magmasahe tulad ng iba sa CTL. Ang bungad sakin ng masseur ko, ‘Sir, tanggalin na natin ung shorts mo total asa private room naman tau’ Sabi ko ‘ok’. Tinanggal nya ung shorts ko. As usual, ung nakakapagpaarouse dun ung butt massage… hehe.. kaso sa kalagitnaan ng butt massage sobrang naiihi talaga ako.. Sabi ko teka teka super naiihi na talaga ako. Natawa xa tapos umihi na ako.. habang umiihi ako comment nya ‘ang dami nyan sir ah!’ natawa ako sabit ko ‘ang lamig kasi ng aircon’. pagbalik ko medyo hard na ako.. pagdapa ko, kinambyo ko ung titi ko sabi ko ‘masakit kasi kapag naiipit ng wala sa ayos’. Natawa xa, sabi nya ‘oo nga sir, naranasan ko na yan mas masakit kapag ka naiihi ka.. buti nilabas mo na’. tuloy ang butt massage.. nagulat ako kasi paghagod nya, umabot na hanggang matamaan ung balls ko. Nagtanong xa ‘Sir, ok lang ba ung massage?’ sabi ko ‘aus! masarap!’ After nun lalo xang naging daring na hinahawakan na nya talaga ung balls ko as in lamas tsaka ung pwet ko sa may butas.. Nung humiga ako patihaya, xa din ung nag ayos ng titi ko, mga 3 beses nya hinawakan ung dulo ng tigas kong etits.. Sabay biro ‘Sir, tigas na tigas ka ah, may tamod na ate e.. basa oh’, sabay pisil sa ulo. Sabi ko ‘nakakalibog kasi ung ginawa mo.. loko ndi tamod yan!’ sabay tawa.. Natawa din xa.. sabi nya ‘sensual massage po kasi un, kelangan din naman kasi natin un every once in awhile’.. sabi ko ‘ah oo naman, sarap ng paglamas mo sa bayag ko’ sabay tawa.. we had simple talks tas he continued to massage my dick and balls every once in a while hanggang matapos na ung massage. Sabi nya sir, tapos na po ung massage. I said thank you then sabi nya ‘kunin nyo ule ako na masseur nyo next time ha’ Sabi ko oo naman! He left tas iniwan ko ung tip nya 300php sa reception. Walang HJ kasi naman parang walang kwenta naman din..kayang kaya kong magphj mag1, kung kati lang naghihire nalang ako ng callboy talaga, satisfied pa ko kasi all in! hehehe! ok na saken ung sensual massage kasi nasarapan naman ako hehe..

  302. joey said on 07-07-2009

    Hello. I’m looking for an effeminate masseur. Please recommend. Thanks

  303. PJ Robles said on 07-07-2009

    Ngapala ano pala ang kasama ng ES sa 300pesos. Mabuti na yung alam ko para hindi ako magexpect masyado. Baka mamaya kasi magexpect ako ng sobra.

    Yun lang ba ang standard ES rate nila? o para lang yun kay Fersan at junjun?

  304. Access said on 06-07-2009

    Any news about RJ? I learned that he was on leave.

  305. amiku said on 06-07-2009

    pj thanks for the offer, anyway I got the place, kelan u ba plan pumunta… Here is the Tel. no of Kingspoint 4140519…

  306. SPAnyol said on 04-07-2009

    Went to kingspoint. Service is not good. No slippers, massage is not good, therapists are not accommodating. It’s not worth it. Better go to Phaen Boran. How about MTO guys? Share naman.

  307. PJ Robles said on 02-07-2009

    Hello Kulit,

    Thank you sa feedback mo…. I got the place….
    Ngapala ano pala ang kasama ng ES sa 300pesos. Mabuti na yung alam ko para hindi ako magexpect masyado. Baka mamaya kasi magexpect ako ng sobra. YUn lang ba ang standard ES rate nila? o para lang yun kay Fersan at junjun?


    gusto mo ba sumabay ka na lang sa akin? para hindi ka maligaw.

  308. amiku said on 30-06-2009

    kulit, favor po naman, may i ask the exact address of Kingspoint, I am from Pasig… got a tel. no of Kingspoint.. thanks

  309. Kulit said on 30-06-2009

    For PJ Robles

    From McDo after BDO, merong old building. Nasa gitna ng computer shop and car wash ang Kingspoint. Nasa corner ng Kamuning and Morato. Mura lang doon, P200 regular massage, 1 hour. If you need good massage try Junjun or Fersan, 300 ES

  310. PJ Robles said on 30-06-2009

    Where is kingspoint located to be exact? is it near BDO in the corner of Tomas Morato and Kamias? What time do they open and how much are tha rates? I am also after who are good masseuers here because sometimes I feel so tired at worjk and all I wanted is to take a rest and have a good massage. The icing on the cake is just a factor. How much do an ES here? Would you mind recommending names here? Thanks in advance.

  311. Fishy said on 30-06-2009

    Just like I said, it would help if you ask me about the specific facilities that you’re thinking of trying, and your preferences for what service you want to get.

    Perhaps start with a specific area which is accessible to you. Also your budget… how much are you willing to splurge for a massage treat? Then hopefully we can narrow down your choices.

  312. KFC said on 29-06-2009


    Thanks for your comment.
    Could you kindly send the rates based on the factors you have noted. Thanks again

  313. Fishy said on 28-06-2009


    masyadong broad yung question and there are several answers. the factors that affect one’s spending for a massage lies on :the class range of the massage facility; the type of massage that you seek or is being offered; the current tip range for massage therapists in specific facilities; other services that complement the massage routine; and your own budget variable (how much can you really tip).
    It would help if you are asking for the rates of specific facilities you would like to try, and what kind of services you expect. Let’s try to estimate from your own preferences.

  314. KFC said on 25-06-2009

    How much does one spent for a massage?

  315. anton said on 24-06-2009

    i had ramil before sa CTL he’s okay. sya lang ata me height and face sa mga therapist dun. Magaling and magalang sa customer, try him.

  316. Fishy said on 24-06-2009

    BTW, has anyone tried Ramil of CTL? i heard na ok daw.

    re Eagles Nest, finally after going past thru Kamias several times nakita ko na rin sya. tarpaulin nga lang pala yung signage kaya hindi masyado pansin. sino na natry nyo dito if ever? :-)

  317. SPAnyol said on 22-06-2009

    I know, I am not discriminating. I am telling what I have observed. Those are my observations, I don’t want to say it using euphemisms, I want to be frank as much as possible. Though hindi naman ako violent in person. I don’t wanna argue. I don’t want to explain myself cause I don’t have to.

  318. Fishy said on 21-06-2009

    hi SPAnyol,

    Its good that you have actually said “wala akong karapatan na magdiscriminate” and I certainly hope you meant it with your whole heart.

    But if we were to read your posts it does seem this isn’t how you truly feel when you’re in the company of other people who fall less than your standard.

    These were your posts:

    there was this fat fag (sorry for the word)…

    I left the wet area which was full of ugly, old, fat gay men. Ewan ko kung anong nangyari dun kagabi. I was there to relax, to enjoy the atmosphere but was so disgusted to the people na nasa wet area.

    He is not goodlooking though he is tall…

    I just have tried Hilton. He is not good looking,…

    Red, doesn’t look good, he’s a chubby guy with a kid.

    And, these were your words as you were contemplating on your actions towards some them:

    Nagpalamig ng ulo kasi talagang gusto ko siyang suntukin… hehehehe.

    he grabbed my arm at kung nilakasan niya yun baka matadyakan ko pa (hehehe).

    Nabuwisit ako at muntik ng makatadyak ng lola (sorry).

    My point here is that we need to acknowledge that we can sometimes cross the boundaries that separate “giving a detailed description” and “discrimination.” And that sometimes we even brag about it among peers (and in public forums like this). There will come that fateful day that we wont look as “good and fabulous” as we do now, and that this early we need to acknowledge that there isnt just one type of group reading this posts. It is sad that a big part of discrimination would come from the gay/bi population themselves when we have been discriminated for centuries and are fighting against all forms of it. Am hoping that we be just a tad bit more sensitive, and accepting of others, if we want to be accepted as well. I have been fighting for this and I hope some of us wil do so too. Peace!

  319. SPAnyol said on 21-06-2009

    May bayad ba ang shower? like sa Asian may bayad eh. I know na lahat naman pedeng pumasok sa SPA, I dont own it so wala akong karapatan na magdiscriminate ang akin lang naman, respect lang sa tao na nasa wet area. Kung ayaw, di wag na, kung gusto eh di game! Di ba? anyway, let’s enjoy life guys…

  320. Fishy said on 21-06-2009

    hi SPAnyol, may shower sa Kingspoint pero as in banyo lang sya talaga. pinapagamit naman nila yun kung request ng client. yes medyo malangis ang feeling right after the massage, but they usually wipe you off with a dry towel right after the routine (sometimes that helps).

    Its sad na merong mga overbearing na mga patrons sa wet areas and clearly doesnt get a hint if you’re not interested in them, but that comes in all ages, shapes and sizes. I just dont feel it was necessary to comment on their looks or their age. The spa doesnt discriminate on who they service and I think the clients can live harmoniously observing some basic decorum inside the public areas. Though I think everybody has about the same right to cruise as anybody else, but with a little bit of tact and sensitivity.

  321. SPAnyol said on 20-06-2009

    Citylifestyle is more clean, mas malaki. Mahal ko pa din ang Citylifestyle. Mas cruisy kasi sa NY Spa, natutuwa ako. Though kagabi (check my NY SPa post) Nabuwisit ako at muntik ng makatadyak ng lola (sorry).Next week, I might go to City or Ny, ewan. Pero I wanna try Kingspoint din, curious ako sa mha lumalabas na post dito. Ang prob ko lang walang shower dun right? Ang langis nun…

  322. Fishy said on 20-06-2009

    NY Spa still looks pristine (bago pa kasi) while CTL appears to have been ravaged by time. When it opened it was the “IT” spa in QC with sprawling lobby and wet areas. Lets wait a few years, maaagnas din ang NY…LOL. :-)
    Ah si JR din ba si JunJun. Yup he delivers ES with an intro “Sir, mayron pa ba kayong gusto ipamasahe?” Jin hasnt offered ES with me. Ok naman si Fersan. Mabait at maasikaso. (Cant comment abt the gender, mahina ang radar ko eh…hehehe)
    For me may angking kagwapuhan naman si Jake at sya ang pipiliin ko kung di ako nageexpect ng ES.

  323. SPAnyol said on 19-06-2009

    Yeah, im not into ES, id rather spend my time in a jacuzzi than to have an ES with my masseur. Pero minsan naiisip ko din, been to Asian a lot of times and na j/o na rin everytime I go there. Anyway, I might go to New York tonight, parang mas gusto ko siya compared sa City.
    Where is MTO? How would I know and select my masseur? Makikita ko ba, nakakahiya naman ata. Do they have sauna and shower? How much is the ES? And the massage? Have checked there website, looks decent.

  324. gordon said on 19-06-2009

    To Fishy,

    Junjun and JR are one and the same person. Did you have ES with him also? bata pa yun, I think 18 or 19. Ram is quite old, mid-30s but can still deliver good ES. Did you had ES with Jin? Medyo maarte yun. Fersan is gay, i didn’t bother ask for ES with him. ES at Kingspoint is reasonbly priced.

  325. rlaz88 said on 19-06-2009

    to Fishy,

    how does Jake look like? pleasing to the eyes po ba?

  326. Fishy said on 19-06-2009

    hi Gordon, I dont know of any JR at Kingspoint. Hindi kaya si JP ang natry mo? As per my experience though, hindi sya nagbigay ng ES nor nagparamdam man lang. That’s why baka nga hindi si JP ang tinutukoy mo. Other than JP, I’ve also tried Ram, Jin, Fersan and JunJun. 😀

  327. gordon said on 18-06-2009

    QC MP/SPA Rating (1 to 10 highest)
    (for the last 2 years)

    AMISTAD, Quezon Ave. (1X)
    Massage: sensual but not sexual, good stretchings
    Place: superb steam area, accommodating crew
    ES: none
    Rating: 8 (could have been 9 if with ES)

    BOYS OF BORA, Kamias (5X)
    Massage: Kamasutra-style
    Place: Old bed sheets & towel
    ES: P1000 to P1200
    try the flabbier version of Marc Nelson
    Rating: 7

    HOLLYWOOD, West Ave. (3X)
    Massage: poor, untrained massuers, clearly prostitution
    Place: too noisy, many gay assistants screaming
    ES: P1000 to P1500 good-looking young and hot
    Rating: 8

    HUMAN TOUCH, Quezon Ave. (2X)
    Massage: poor, lacks the skill
    Place: too noisy, clean CR
    ES: below average
    Rating: 6

    HUNKS, Kamias (4X)
    Massage: no specialization
    Place: Old room, oily floor, poor ventillation
    ES: P800 to P1000
    Rating: 7

    KINGSPOINT, Morato cor Kamuning (more than 10X)
    Massage: knows the drill
    Place: clean sheets, reasonable price of P200 massage
    ES: P300 look for JR or RAM
    Rating: 8

    LAKAN, Araneta Ave. (1X)
    Massage: dumb worst
    Place: old bed frame and sheets
    ES: P1200 (not worth it)
    Rating: 0

    LIGHTNESS, Kamuning (1X)
    Massage: poor massage, excessive oil
    Place: too noisy, dirty walls
    ES: P1300 good-looking massuers
    Rating: 6

    Massage: streching are the best; calming neck massage
    Place: newly-removated, too noisy, too many old fat
    gays, with young Korean clients, good meal
    ES: none
    Rating: 8

  328. gordon said on 18-06-2009

    For SPAnyol

    Practically all of the massuers at MTO would offer. Just select the above average looks.

  329. Fishy said on 18-06-2009

    Thanks for the reply SPAnyol. Since you’re more into massage quality and no ES, I highly recommend Jake. He’s new sa CTL pero works like a pro. Even the other CTL massuers vouch for his skills.

  330. SPAnyol said on 16-06-2009

    And who are those na nagbibigay ng ES, I am not really into ES just wanna know.. who knows baka topakin ako minsan…

  331. gordon said on 16-06-2009

    check MTO website

  332. SPAnyol said on 15-06-2009

    BTW, guys what’s MTO..???

  333. SPAnyol said on 15-06-2009

    I told you magaling talaga mag massage si Red, we actually had a nice conversation. Sensible pati, we talked about his family, my job etc. Then he told me na mukhang okay daw buhay ko, which I said na tama lang naman, I just would like to pamper myself kaya ako nagpa massage. Then yun n nga, he offered me a jack off kasi whenevr minamsahe ako tinitigasan talaga ko. I was so pissed off at siya din parang nahiya sa ginawa niya, he apologized many times. Hindi na siya nag offer ng lower price kasi tinanggihan ko na. Kahit 5h, nunca! I won’t grab it. Red, doesn’t look good, he’s a chubby guy with a kid. Yung wife niya rin eh nagmamashe. He can be a good masseur but on bed, please. Just focused with the massage.

  334. gordoncotoco said on 15-06-2009

    MTO Timog (near Wensha, across Savory)

    I’ve been both to MTO Timog and MTO Mabini. There is ES in MTO Timog for just 8OO. The problem though are the masseurs, only 2 or 3 are physically attractive.

  335. Fishy said on 14-06-2009

    hi Carlo… nagpapalit palit ang shift nila. kanina bandang noontime nagtext si Mandy sa akin that he’s on his way to CTL na. that means maaga ang shift nya ngayon. pero day off pa rin nya is Monday kaya if you want to avail of Mandy make it Tue-Sun.

    ano na nga itsura ni Red? I don’t think I’ve seen him kasi hindi ko pa sya natyempuhan.

  336. Carlo said on 13-06-2009

    Hi Spanyol and Fishy… I’ve tried red… he didn’t asked for any price when he do the hj so I gave him 500 as tip… ok din xa kakwentuhan…so far xa plang nagmamassage saken sa ctl, satisfied naman ako… I haven’t tried mandy tuwing pumupunta ako wala pa daw xa… 5pm onwards ata pasok nya….

  337. Fishy said on 12-06-2009

    hi spanyol, when you refused the 1K price tag ni Red, did he offer a lower price or did you just abort the whole thing? havent tried Red kasi pero I certainly will not pay 1K just for that.

  338. anton said on 08-06-2009

    hello!! sa mga suki ng wensha please ask for receipt everytime you pay for services, basic massage cost 680pesos if they dont issue receipt isumbong nyo DTI, matagal na nilang practice ito, they will issue one pag humingi ka pero if you dont ask for it deadma sila…remember they need to pay taxes too!!! kung minamaltrato nila pinoys na staff nila eh magbuwis sila ng maayos sa gobyerno natin. thanks!

  339. sPAnyol said on 08-06-2009

    @Carlo, nung first time ko sa CL, si Red nag masaj sa akin… Magaling kung magaling… Tapos he offered me a j/o… Wag ka, sabi nia 1k daw! Wtf, siympre i said no… Too expensive, pede k nmn gawin mg isa. Kung ganun lng hanp ko meron nmn asian masaj, 2h lng solve na masahista mo… Pero iba kasi pinunta ko dun masaj talaga… Wensha timog is dirty… Though plano kng magpamasaj ngaun di k pa alam kng san. Lau kasi ang wensha pasay eh…

  340. Rooster said on 07-06-2009

    Sino na nakatry sa MTO Timog? Who would you recommend sa masseurs? May ES ba dun?

  341. Fishy said on 06-06-2009

    I’ve tried Jake of Citylifestyle. He’s really good. But nothing follows after, so behave. :-)

  342. danny said on 03-05-2009

    hi guys..danny here!! nagkamli ako ng post..can i make an ammendment? hindi j.r. ung name nya..heheh…kiko pala name nya information..pero pag inask mo name nya ssbihin nya sayo dex..hehehe..cge guys, try nyo…korek..wag nating hayaan na mamihasa sila sa ganung estado na 1k above ang hinihngi nila..hello, di ginto ang etits nila noh..hahaha..

  343. Rooster said on 02-05-2009

    Hmm… Ed, looks like you’ve tried a lot of legit spas already. And since this thread is about QC Spas, can you say which QC Spas ang meron at kung sino sino ang ok sa tip range na 300-500 with full ES? :-)

  344. Carlo said on 02-05-2009

    Hi! just went to CTL.. first time ko and si RED yung nagmassage sakin… Di ko naabutan si Mandy kasi I went there at around 12PM.. 4PM pa daw si Mandy.. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting an action so sa Common Room lang ako… Sa wet area nagustuhan ko kasi maaga pa so walang tao.. ako lang at ung 3 ksabay ko mga straight hehe…

    RED’s massage is really good tamang tama lang ung pressure.. ndi sumakit katawan ko.. no happy ending kasi common room lang xa.. I am planning to get him next week sa private room.. nagooffer ba sya ng ES? sa mga nakatry na at sa mga marerecommend nyo na names ng masseurs with ES sa CTL and Wensha, email me

    Thanks sa feedback… I’ll share also kapag may mga nadiscover ako.. bago pa lang ako sa spa escapades hehehe!

  345. Ed said on 30-04-2009

    Talaga namang ok lang 500 na tip. Taka nga ako sa iba nag bibigay ng 1k and above kaya expectation and tip standards ng massuers tumataas. Dahil for them may magbibigay naman pala ng 1k e di increase nila asking price nila.

    I have been to a lot of legit spas in the Metro with male therapists who does ES and I started out with giving 300 for tips and now my standard tip is 500 wiht full ES.

    Just imagine my surprise when I get to read in this thread and another thread in this same blog site that most of you give 1k or even higher. Some even give 2k.

  346. Fishy said on 30-04-2009

    hi Danny,

    this would be the first time na may nagbalita na ok na ang 500 tip for a masseur at Sanctuario. All along kasi i thought namihasa na sila sa mataas na tip, most specially pag may ES involved.

    masubukan nga yang RJ. 😉

  347. danny said on 29-04-2009

    p.s….sanctuario q.c pala eto ha? malapit sa abs-cbn.

  348. danny said on 29-04-2009

    Hello everyone! well, sa SANCTUARIO, maganda massage..promise..ive been there thrice already and i never had any sort of inconvenience. Tumpak. Magagaling magmassage lalo na ung guy na ang name is JR. a.k.a Dex…Dex pag nagpapakilala xa pero sa INformation area, j.r. pala siya. Nwei, malaki nota nya. after massage presyo na agad sya 1K. siyempre ako naman kunyari walang pera. hanggang sa dumating sa point na 500 ok na sa knya. ayaw nya mag pa bj nung una. pero sabi ko kung ayaw mo wag na lng. ayun napilitan xang isubo sakin ung titi nya. nwei, nagenjoy ako, kasi sinalsal din nya ako.

  349. Resty said on 26-04-2009

    Kaingit naman kayo. I wish I’m brave enough to do the things you can do and enjoy…

  350. Fishy said on 24-04-2009

    RJ, to be blunt about it is probably not on everyones shortlist of male icons. If you’re looking for certain standards baka hindi nyo na sya piliin. He’s not tall, not slim, not enough manly voice and with a bit of pimple marks, a little on the fair side though.

    But what he can do while your lying down (defenseless)… is another thing altogether, which might make it rather something to look forward to doing again soon. 😉

  351. josef said on 21-04-2009

    Went to CTL last Sunday, 19 Apr 2009 around 4 pm. No one interesting until i got to see this cute guy, anime-haired with nice eyes. I mustered enough guts to talk to him when he was sitting alone in one of the benches in the locker room. He was hot n cute but more importantly he turned out to be nice and friendly as well. And his voice is just so sexy…Wanted to talk to him more but he was already set to leave. He gave his number but was somehow expecting that I was also leaving the spa. Unfortunately I was just about to get my massage at that time. So I told him I can’t go just yet. After that he left in a hurry. So to cut the story short, he left the place while I stayed until about an hour later, shortly after my massage. I tried calling the number which he personally entered in my cell but nobody answered. Until now I am trying to call him hoping someone would answer, kaso wla parin.

    I just feel sooo sad and frustrated because I don’t get to meet someone as nice as he is everyday. I was hoping I’d get to know him better. For some insane reason, I can’t get him out of my mind.

    Nyways, if he ever reads this post, I hope he’d give me a call. His name starts with “C”, has 2 syllables and means “whole hearted” in jewish (or “dog”, depends on what book you consult). He goes to CTL to workout so hopefully i’ll get to see him again.

  352. RV65 said on 20-04-2009

    thanks fishy… kwento naman tungkol kay RJ…how does he look? kamusta service nya both legit and otherwise? hehe. Thanks in advance

  353. Fishy said on 20-04-2009

    RJ and RL are two separate individuals. Haven’t tried RL though pero I think nasa menu rin ang ES.

  354. RV65 said on 18-04-2009

    Sa mga masseurs sa Citilifestyle…yung RJ ba mentioned above is the same as RL? (hes kinda short and stocky)…if they are not the same…any feedback on RL? is he good in giving massages? and extra service?…can anyone describe his extra service? Thanks.

  355. Fishy said on 18-04-2009

    Hahahahaha… hayaan mo na Erin, we can decipher naman. :-)

    Anyways I hope natanggap ni Mandy yung tip kasi nabalitaan ko before na minsan hindi na umaabot sa therapist yung tip pag hinulog sa tipbox. That’s why I always give it straight to whoever my therapist is.

  356. Erin said on 17-04-2009

    Hindi ba pwedeng i-edit pag nai-submit na ang FR? Kasi mali ang sentence! My mind and my fingers are not coordinated well. :-(

    It should have been “My standard tip is…”

  357. Erin said on 17-04-2009

    Hi Fishy,

    My standard to tip to ALL my therapists is 500PHP, 300PHP if not satisfied.

    One time, I forgot to drop the tip envelope in the tip box at CTL. I was already in EDSA when I remember that the tip envelope handed to me by Mandy is in my wallet. U-turn agad!!! Then bumalik ako. Pagdating ko sa reception, tanong ng isang receptionist na takang-taka ang mukha, “Sir, bakit kayo bumalik?!” Sabi ko na nakangiti, “Nakalimutan kong ihulog ang tip envelope.” Tapos sumimangot ako. Nagtawanan silang lahat pati yong guard. Bwahahaha

  358. Fishy said on 16-04-2009

    Hi Erin,

    How much do u give Mandy, RJ & Elvin for tip pag straight massage?

    Namihasa kasi ako na may ES eh… hahahahaha

  359. greggy said on 16-04-2009


    malapit sa sm north ang hollywood spa… sa may west ave… :)

  360. Erin said on 16-04-2009

    Hi Jeff201,

    Was the question above for me?!!! :-)

    Anyway, I had tried these masseurs already and I had better session with Mandy in terms of massage techniques. All my visits to CTL were basically pure and legit massage no ES dahil wala ni isa sa kanila ang nagpahiwatig. :-)

    Sa palagay ko mas daring si RJ, but then again no experience to gauge how daring they really are. :-( Sorry!

  361. Fishy said on 16-04-2009

    Were u asking Erin or me?

    There had been postings before about the three. We’ll have to account it based on the general feedback. Mandy’s name figured prominently in a prior McVie blog, but I’ll qualify that by saying that Mandy’s skill in the techniques of massage and his wide palms made him one of the much sought after therapists CTL. Even the other masseurs looked up to him. The sensation is heightened because of that.

    As with RJ, he got some flack from masseurs who lost their clients to him – meaning clients switch to RJ after getting him, thus leaving some of them with no return clients. This is actually a compliment. Go figure. Perhaps they simply were not going the extra mile. Or simply that they were not really making their clients satisfied.

    Elvin’s name hasn’t caused much of a buzz and I think that’s because he preferred to be under the radar. But those who have tried him go back. Just like a well kept secret. What I can say is, if all your favorite masseurs have been taken and Elvin is on the “available” list, get him!


  362. jeff201 said on 16-04-2009

    Hi Erin,
    sino kina Mandy, RJ at Elvin ang pinaka-daring sa loob ng vip room?

  363. Harold99 said on 15-04-2009

    Saan ba makikita ang Hollywood Spa??? Help me naman, parang maganda ata dun?? Thanks

  364. Fishy said on 14-04-2009

    hi Matt,

    Mandy, RJ, Elvin, Ramil & Jerson (will no longer mention those who left CTL).

    The first three are my faves, but I’ll probably try the others as well. Madami kasi sila dun eh. :-)

  365. matt said on 12-04-2009

    sinu masseur mo sa city lifestyle? thanks

  366. Fishy said on 11-04-2009

    was at Citylifestyle before the end of March. crowd was a pleasant mix for one looking for variety. if i had stayed longer i would’ve seen more.

    the point is, never expect that you’re the only one whose eyes and libido needed to be pleased. i always say, there’s always someone for most everyone out there, specially at Citylifestyle. so it should be fair game for everybody under the sun.

    looking forward to going back soon. :-)

  367. greggy said on 10-04-2009

    Na try niyo na ba si miko sa hollywood spa? any feedback? :)

  368. matt said on 10-04-2009

    sabi ko nga po puro matatanda at matataba yung nasa wet area.. kelan ka ba last nagpunta dun? nasabi ko lang.. pagpunta mo balitaan mo na lang kami ok

  369. Fishy said on 09-04-2009


    Sino ba kasi nirequest mo at pano mo nalaman na wala na ngang goodlooking unless you’ve seen them all? Ano ba kasi type mong looks?

    What do you mean wala nang nagpupuntang customer? E di ba may dinatnan ka nga sa wet area. Ibang usapan naman yung hindi mo sila type. Or I think minalas ka lang sa pagpunta mo dun. Tiyempo tiyempo lang yan, pero 9/10 times kasi di naman ako naze-zero… anytime, anyday of the week.

  370. matt said on 09-04-2009

    wala na sila gudlooking male therapist dun.. kaya wala na rin nagpupunta na customer.. twice lang ko nagpunta dun, nung una ok sa wet area.. pero nung last na nagpunta ko wala na adventure.. wala na masseur, wala na discreet guys sa wet area.. better check it.. balitaan mo kami ok

  371. jeff201 said on 08-04-2009

    matt: what do you mean na wala nang therapist sa city lifestyle?

  372. matt said on 07-04-2009

    sayang lang pagpunta ko sa citylifestyle.. wala na sila therapist nag-boycott ata hehe
    wala na rin adventure sa wet area.. puro matatanda at matataba na lang ang nandun.. haay, san ba maganda ngayon pumunta?

  373. amiku said on 31-03-2009

    hi everyone I am new here, just want to share my experience when I tried theboysofbora… si jan2 napili ko, he is not good sa massage but then napakawild niya grabe…bumigay talaga ako sa kanya…he suck my nips hay…then inupuan ko talaga siya I cannot resist na eh. babalik talaga ako dun… yun yata pinakawild na sexperience ko..

  374. matt said on 18-03-2009

    can you please make a directory of spa with ES and good facilities for cruisin.. thanks

  375. mark said on 15-02-2009

    does anyone know a spa that offers ES here at cebu? thanks!

  376. carlo said on 13-02-2009

    hi magkano po ang full body massage sa VIP room ng CTL? Pano ko po iaask na si Mandy ang gusto kong masseur? Thanks!

    • Vhonne said on 17-02-2009

      I think their massage in the VIP room is about PHP895 for Swedish Massage. The last time I went there was January and they have a promo, PHP765 for their VIP room for the Swedish Massage.

      If you have a preferred therapist, just ask the receptionist or you can call for a reservation. Reservation is only on Mondays thru Thursdays. You can call 374-5963 for reservation.

      I got a very professional massage that time with Mandy as my therapist. :) No ES or whatsoever.

    • Fishy said on 20-02-2009

      at the counter pag request mo ng VIP room, tell the front desk personnel na si Mandy ang massuer mo. Dont go there on a Monday though, that’s his day off.

  377. RV65 said on 01-02-2009

    Sino mga medyo chubby sa Citilifestyle? who among kina Elvin, Mandy, Jerson, Red, Marlon at RJ (o RL ba? alam ko may RL don) are chubs? at of course ok sa ES…

    • Fishy said on 07-02-2009

      si Gilbert yata yung nakita ko na mejo malaki ang belly. Elvin is quite petite but very nice, with fair smooth skin. Mandy is no chub either, nice eyes and thick lashes, very wide palms perfect for deep sweeping strokes, I’d say my favorite. Jerson is lean and petite, nice na rin. Ramil is tall with a bit of a paunch, at least when I saw him back then.

  378. Ed said on 28-01-2009

    you’re so naive to even ask this

  379. Access said on 27-01-2009

    What will you feel if while together in a spa, you see your partner tempted by and gave in to somebody else? Does it mean you are not that important? Thanks for sincere advise.

    • frank said on 28-01-2009

      Sapakin mo tapos hiwalayan mo! Isang malaking kabastusan sa iyo at relasyon nyo na habang magkasama kayo, makikipagsex sya sa iba. Isipin mo na lang kung ano ang ginagawa nya habang di mo sya kasama. Pero kung wala kang respeto sa sarili mo…go on with your so-called “relationship”. At kung kaya mong makipag walang hiyaan sa kanya…makipagsex ka din sa iba habang kasama mo sya.

      I can’t believe you even have to ask this….

    • Ed said on 28-01-2009

      He is an animal.

  380. starr said on 25-01-2009

    may cute ba sa the boys of bora. may ES ba?

  381. THE BOYS OF BORA SPA said on 21-01-2009

    want to relax? try our 24hrs massage svc at THE BOYS OF BORA SPA (433-0158)

    141-b kamias road cor anonas st QC,(near jollibee sikatuna infront of caltex)

    400 (1 hour) hir in our massage clinic, 700(1hour) plus transportation home or hotel svc

  382. Fishy said on 21-01-2009

    Tried Jerson of CTL din. Quite reluctant kasi panay ang silip niya sa glass window kung may dumadaan. Nakakabitin tuloy yung experience, although tinuloy naman nya hanggang finish line… Hehehehe. Magaling sya sa stretching though, pero ang strokes nya masyadong hard, unless if this is your type of massage.

  383. Fishy said on 12-01-2009

    Elvin & Mandy of CTL, mabait, di nagpepresyo. Heard feedback na nagpresyo daw RJ but cant say for sure coz I havent tried him.

    Sa Sanctuario QC medyo dinadramahan ka pa na kesyo sa tip lang daw sila umaasa ng income. Read it also from someone’s post, pero baka we could be refering to the same person.

  384. Gian said on 05-01-2009

    Magaling c marlon, mahusay xa mag massege makikiliti ka kc pati sa Aheeemm mo imamasege nya.. mahusay xa… sya ang ggwa ng move para gumising ang mga natutulog… his good looking moreno…ang laki ng kamay nya… ok lang sa kanya hawakan mo hehehe…

  385. gk said on 03-01-2009

    red and marlon of city lifestyle are okay too.

  386. Rooster said on 29-12-2008

    Mandy pa rin ako. Gosh I cant even remember if i had Ramil’s service before. Hindi kasi mapresyo si Mandy at mabait lagi sakin. Try ko rin yang RJ.

    Anyone with an ES experience sa NYSpa?

    • Rico said on 11-01-2009

      i now regularly go to ny spa, walang ES as far as i know, sa dry sauna ang action. they also have a good line up of good masseurs..try jeff or gener…

  387. rico said on 05-11-2008

    if you really want a good massage, ramil is REALLY GOOD! bonus na lang yung hand job…(“,) and ramil is a very nice guy..

    • Rooster said on 04-01-2009

      Rico, how much did u give Ramil for his ES? i heard minsan he doesnt offer it pag medyo marami clients booked at the VIP floor kasi marami padaan daan sa corridors.

      • Rico said on 11-01-2009

        500, not because he gave me a good ES but he really is a good masseur, tanggal lahat ng sakit ng katawan mo..

      • Rico said on 11-01-2009

        actually, he didnt offer it, ginawa na lang nya without asking me if i wanted it.

  388. Kyle said on 27-10-2008

    Ninoy lang ang hiningi ni mandy. yes, nasa VIP room ako kasi walang mangyayari kung sa common room kayo. hehehe. Ok lang yung height niya, medyo moreno at may hitsura.  

    saan naman ang good life ed?

  389. Ed laygo said on 23-10-2008

    try nyo sa goodlife….the best in town….

  390. RV65 said on 21-10-2008

    Kyle how much tip do you give for the extra………were you in VIP? Whats the description of Mandy…physically…….thanks in advance

  391. Kyle said on 19-10-2008

    tama ka rico. just tried mandy last night. the best parin si Ramil mag HJ.

  392. rico said on 22-09-2008

    went to city lifestyle the other day.. mandy was my masseur–he is good.
    offered a handjob–he is very good at this! with matching finger up you ass while jerking me off!

  393. joempascual said on 10-09-2008

    hello diyan sa manila d2 kasi ako ngaun abroad d2 ako work now,nabalitaan ko lang sa friend ko na close na pala ang BIG M sa may e rodreguez kasi dami beses din ako nagpamasage doon,ung manager owner dun si MIKE san kaya siya ngaun cute kasi siya chinito siya,and ZALDY siya lagi ang kinukuha ko para magmasahe sa akin cute din at malaki katawan miss ko na siya lalo na ung extra service niya.any information kay zaldy and mike please reply.

  394. Ed said on 09-09-2008

    Since this happened almost 2 yrs ago, name the place for those not residing in Manila, probably those masseurs have moved on

  395. oskie said on 16-07-2008

    I’m still looking jason de la rosa or jeff de la rosa isang masseur sa dating friendship sa Quezon ave.

  396. Zeeke said on 06-07-2008

    Hey Ms Angola Angelina, can you please give the exact location of the massage parlor near SM North. Thanks! :)

  397. Ms. Angola Angelina said on 06-07-2008

    I was in Timog last time kasama ko 2 kong frends. We saw alex na sobrang gwapo at halos mag-away kaming 3 sa kanya. pero dahil dapat 3 kami sa isang massage parlor we jst decided na punta na lang ng iba. nasabi saamin nung isang lalaki n mas ok na massage parlor nr sm north edsa, nr gasoling station. hollywood ang name katabi lang nun yung isa pa. totoo dahil mas bata at mas game mga masahista dun sa 2 bar ba yun. nkita pa namin yung isang bading na lumalabassa tv tv na suki din pala dun. ang galing at sobrang galing ng mga attendant na bading din at ang glang nung mga lalaki sa lahat ng customers. peo sa katabing massage parlor eh marami din pero mas mahal nga lang.

  398. kyle said on 30-06-2008

    No more extra ngayon sa Citylife. naghigpit na sila ngayon.

  399. Goodboy4real said on 30-06-2008

    hi mgg!

    i just lesrned about your blog not so long ago and thru a friend’s blog. i only check his blog but he doesn’t always update it so i tried checking the links and to read other blogs. and let me applaud you for having a lot of readers and that includes me. i always check previous posts and you i must say…BOY, YOU ARE GOOD IN WRITING! you have a way of catching the readers attention.

    anyway, i am not really sure if you can still get this comment but i will try my luck ‘coz again, this is one of your previous posts.

    i read your post about this spa in QC that features Greg with an excellent customer service! and i mean excellent customer service! LOL! anyway, can you give me the name of the spa and confirm if Greg is still affiliated with that spa? thanks a bunch! am a great fan! hoep you can read this and give me the answer… more power to MGG! =)


    Hope to meet you in person too! =)

  400. Access said on 09-06-2008

    Hi Ken.

    So what happened between you and RJ, whom you are recommending. Hope you can share.

    By the way, have fun at Asian Massage in Davao. Masseur asked 5h for the “extra”.

  401. ken said on 05-06-2008

    pinakapanalo sa CityL*&^%$# is RJ!

    • hunk said on 02-01-2009

      may itsura ba si RJ? maganda katawan? who’s better mandy or rj? im planning to go to citylife eh.

  402. Sentosapark said on 18-03-2008

    I agree wt u ritchie dat i find jeriko not gorgeos as comented by some Also wt Yazu Ive nt yet tried Arvin n Dickson

  403. richie said on 18-03-2008

    my faves in sanctuario are dickson, dave, louie and arvin. i’ve tried jericho. he’s a good masseur, as most in sanctuario area anyway, but i don’t find him that goodlooking. then again, that’s just me.

  404. karlo said on 17-02-2008

    anyone here who knows ELVIN of city life spa? does he do extra thing?

  405. marebro said on 03-02-2008

    I had Jericho about 2 months ago at Sanctuario Malate. He did give one of the best massages I had there. And since he found out that I was a regular there, he did give me sensual massage plus the extra. But that was it, there was nothing else because common room nga, though we were in the smaller common room with a divider.

    I will get him again soon.

  406. Earthrooster said on 02-02-2008

    Ang alam ko din Mandy is still there at CTL. Bait yun saka, marami bumabalik sa kanya even just for the massage kasi talagang magaling.

    Someone told me na nsa QC branch din ng Sanctuario si Jericho. I just dont know if he’s assigned to both branches on different days. Pero this same guy who tried Jericho for the first time was offered extra na agad, so I dont think Jericho has a policy of doing extra pleasure to second timers only.

  407. erica said on 03-01-2008

    nasa city lifestyle pa rin si mandy. he just offered me a handjob last week, which i refused. i don’t to be involved in any sex scandal. edward was the best. he offered me too. gwapo siya, laki ng katawan, maputi at makinis. there are several sensual massage places in QC now. there is utopia, mr earth, blue room, etc. iyong earth pa lang na-try ko. daming gwapo doon.

  408. filspanatic said on 27-12-2007

    Went to Wensha QC for the first time last Saturday around 2AM with a friend after a party (I’m a regular at their newer and much better Pasay branch). We were told by the front desk staff that they have the complementary Shabu-Shabu at that time. Since we were not really able to eat much earlier (more of drinks) and really hungry by then, we went up right away to the dining area to get our fill. But to our extreme dismay and utter disgust we were told unapologetically by the waiters that the Shabu-Shabu offering ends at exctly 2AM and that they only offer a single bowl of “mami” from then on until 11AM. Why weren’t we informed about this at the front desk? We opted to just get whatever they have to offer since we’ve already paid and all, though we toyed with the idea of walking out and demanding for a refund. But to make matters worse, what they actually gave us was just a small bowl of “sinabawang bihon” with a few bits of chicken in utterly bland broth. WTF?!! And no second servings at that! To think we paid the same price as for what would have included the complementary full buffet or Shabu-Shabu meal! What were they trying to pull here? That it doesn’t matter if some of their customers get shortchanged at a certain time of the day? I have never encountered this dining policy at their Pasay branch – until recently I have continued availing of the full meal even at dawn! Sheesh – the management of Wensha QC better rethink this stupid policy!

    By the way, the massage I got there was average at best and can never make up for their humongous blunder on the inclusive meal. Also, I can’t help but wince at the gross sensation of walking on the slimy floor of their jacuzzi area where slippers are not allowed. Don’t they do any decent cleaning here during slack hours? Plus their comfort room stinks big time even if I’ve already called the attendants’ attention to it more than once. Truth be told – I nor my friend have decided never to set foot again in that ghastly place which is a far cry from what they have in Pasay!

  409. kirby said on 03-12-2007

    di pa kasi ako nakakatry ng male masseur sa bulag lang ako nakakapag masahe sa may mall.

  410. kirby said on 03-12-2007

    how much for the VIP roon in sanctuario in malate

  411. kyle said on 25-11-2007

    Talaga! kaya pala wala ng kumukuha sa kanya. palagi nalang naka tambay sa labas. masarap ba siya mag massage?

  412. sonnyliwanag said on 18-11-2007

    hi…. i try jericho…. he is so hot but i heard may std na cya….

  413. Prince said on 15-10-2007

    Hi, sa lahat ng naka try kay jericho of sanctuario…please email me your actual experience…i would really appreciate it…actually i tried marty na…ok naman…sensual massage na is ok…yun lang kasi may katabi kami…

    tell me naman your experience with jericho….my email addy is

  414. Zaraman said on 06-10-2007

    Super sarap ng massage ni Jericho sa Sanctuario.Sulit yung bayad.

  415. avp said on 22-09-2007

    to that jerry:
    undies sa jacuzzi?? ano yun washing machine…unsanitary yata… If you dont wanna take a dip in your birthday suit, i suggest wag na… its kinda queer if you ask me na naka jockey shorts…

  416. arkangel said on 08-09-2007

    ok lang ba pag effem ang mag dive sa jakuzi??heh

  417. Kyle said on 06-09-2007

    Arnel: 1300 na ngayon.

  418. arnel said on 03-09-2007

    to desh: 900 php for a one hour massage

  419. Desh said on 20-08-2007

    Friends, magkano po ang massage service sa Sacntuario. Can we make reservations po?

  420. Mark said on 12-08-2007

    So finally someone has mentioned Arvin. He was my favorite when I still used to go to Sanctuario more than a year ago. I moved abroad so wala na. But I’m coming home soon, and I’m sure I’m gonna get him again. Matry nga din si Jericho.

  421. calvin said on 13-07-2007

    hey guys, im from quezon city and im planning to de-stress myself on a spa. i haven’t tried any of the spas you’re mentioning but i do hope somebody would give me a good advise and who to take. please email me at hoping to hear from you guys soon. thanks in advance.

  422. kyle said on 07-07-2007

    sobra exciting!

  423. eric said on 02-07-2007

    hey guys if your interested in going to sanctuario, there is a dedicated article written my migs about the place. you might want to check the feedback written by some of the guys there…its pretty interesting…

  424. eric said on 01-07-2007

    jericho has big hands so masarap sya mag masahe…pati singit mo mamasahein nya kaya titigasan ka talaga!!! nung tinigasan ako kinuha nya nota ko at ibinalik nya sa loob, o divah!!! naloka ako!!! but when i asked for his number he declined kasi first timer ako!!! pumapayag lang sya makipaglaplapan kung alam nyang matagal ka na dun…syempre natatakot din sya baka masisante sya noh!!!!

  425. ron said on 01-07-2007

    Thanks, Kyle. Looks like I’m trying Sanctuario very soon.

  426. kyle said on 30-06-2007

    jericho is very good in sensual massage. try him. some says mas marami ang nagawa nila. although i havent tried it yet

  427. ron said on 29-06-2007

    kyle, can you give me a more detailed feedback on jericho of sanctuario? Thanks.

  428. ron said on 29-06-2007

    kyle, paid 900 for a body scrub and massage combo in the vip room

  429. rich_leo said on 28-06-2007

    hey robbie,is arvin from sanctuario worth yur while? share naman, m getting tired of having same masseur there. nterested in getting him nxt tym

    email me:


  430. kyle said on 27-06-2007

    Ron: magkano ang body scrub sa CL?

  431. access said on 24-06-2007

    I heard that RJ gives a sensual massage in CL. Anyone who has had an encounter with him? Kuwento naman.

  432. ron said on 23-06-2007

    went to citilifestyle last night. had a body scrub (by a masseuse) and massage by a masseur. Both were very good, but not sensual.

  433. jerry said on 19-06-2007

    What time and day may nagyayari sa wet area? :)

  434. kyle said on 19-06-2007

    walang extra service sa wensha kasi legit spa siya. sa wet areas maraming nangyayari.

  435. jerry said on 09-06-2007

    Cnong nag-eextra service sa wensha? Sinong nagpapasensual massage dun? :)

  436. kyle said on 26-05-2007

    Galing ni jericho mag massage. 2 thumbs up.

  437. kyle said on 23-05-2007

    punta me this weekend sa sanctuario. any recommended masseur aside from jericho?

  438. jerry said on 18-05-2007

    May mga names of masseurs sa city lifestyle pa akong nalaman: Glenn, Gilbert. Kumusta sila as in physically, nagbibigay ba sila ng sensual massage, extra service, and the likes. :)

  439. jerry said on 17-05-2007

    haha tnx moderno! I’ll be there siguro next week. What time and day recommended nyo? 😉

  440. moderno said on 17-05-2007

    jeryy para kng babae. hhahah. bkt ka naman ma-o-op naman. hahahaha. syempre hnd. pwede ka mag underwear or trunks sa pool bastat may dala kang new underwear to replace ur wet undies. hait nakahubad ka pa doon sa pool pwede at maligo ka doon sa shower na expose pwede din.

  441. jerry said on 16-05-2007

    …and pwede rin naman sa pool nakaundies/trunks, d ba? (baka kasi sa sauna or steam room lang pwede, syado bang naive? :)

  442. jerry said on 16-05-2007

    Thanks moderno! Pero di naman siguro ako ma-o-op kung nakaundies ako di b? Conservative kasi hehehe.

  443. moderno said on 16-05-2007

    jerry, oo meron naka-towel lang tapos walang underwar inside and oo kapag sa pool hubad. mas marami ang hindi naka-undies. sometimes there are old taiwanese men there na naka-hubad na nag-swiswimming at na-chichikahan. hahaha.

  444. jerry said on 14-05-2007

    @moderno: Pero meron din nakatowel lang di ba as in walang undies sa loob and kita lahat pag nasa pool na? Ano mas marami? Naka-undies o hindi? :) Pakisagot naman po malapit na akong pumunta baka sa 3rd or last week of May.

  445. diyosa said on 14-05-2007

    ey robbie…pakwento naman kung ano nangyari sa inyo ni arvin. here’s my email


  446. arnel said on 14-05-2007

    for robbie:


  447. Robbie said on 14-05-2007

    for arnel:

    do you havean email address?

  448. moderno said on 13-05-2007

    sa city lifestyle naman pwd naka-undies tapos towel and pwede din naka trunks sa loob.

  449. Gina Cole said on 13-05-2007

    iyung sinasabi niyong may free food…the place is called “wensha”….timog ave. cor. quezon ave.

  450. arnel said on 13-05-2007

    for robbie:

    what can i expect from arvin? natry mo na ba sya? anong nangyari between you and arvin, kwentuhan mo naman ako. baka kasi sa May 17 punta ulit ako.

  451. Robbie said on 13-05-2007

    for arnel:

    Hi! Try mo si Arvin. He’s kinda chinito and around 5’9″.

  452. jerry said on 13-05-2007

    I mean yung sa city lifestyle wet area po.

  453. jerry said on 13-05-2007

    Kyle and everyone, di ba pwede namang mag-undies? Nakakahiya bang mag-undies dun, as in nakaka-o.p. ba dahil lahat ba walang undies? :)

  454. arnel said on 13-05-2007

    For Robbie:

    Actually I did not ask for a specific masseur that time, basta ang sabi ko ay, I prefer a male masseur. Ang binigay sa akin ay si YASU. Ikaw sino ang mga kinukuha mong male masseur dun. Give me tips naman para next time kong punta ay maging very sensual naman.

  455. Kyle said on 13-05-2007

    i mean steam room. worth it kung season. pero minsan wala rin nangyayari. nakakalungkot.

  456. Kyle said on 13-05-2007

    naka towel lang mga tao dun sa city lifestyle. daming talagang milagro na nangyayari dun sa stem room. hehehe. as in marami!!!

  457. jerry said on 12-05-2007

    Guys sa wet area ng city lifestyle, anong mas marami? Nakaundies o wala undies?

  458. Robbie said on 12-05-2007

    for arnel

    Sino ang kinuha mong masseur?

  459. arnel said on 12-05-2007

    Andun ako last night, May 11, 2007, sa sanctuario. Nag stay ako sa wet area pero wala naman akong napansin na kakaiba, siguro dahil maaga pa akong nagpunta, mga 6pm. the shiatsu massage by a male masseur was good, pero ala namang hanky panky na nangyari. disente naman dun. siguro next time ask ko si jericho, very professional lang naman ksi ang ginawa nung male threpist na binigay sa akin. pero mga tall and cute and mga napansin kong mga male masseur

  460. jerry said on 12-05-2007

    Which is more usual in the wet area, people in undies or in birth suit? :)

  461. jerry said on 10-05-2007

    ok got a clearer picture! :) Pwede palang di magbigay ng tip? hehe!

  462. eric said on 09-05-2007

    as for jericho’s massage, ok naman. i didnt notice how good it was kasi i was soooo into his body…pati singit mo hihimasin nya!!! as in titigasan ka talaga!!! ako nga tinigasan at nag hello pa sa nakatakip sa crotch area ko. but he so nice he touched my dick ang put it back to where it should be..o diva!!! naloka ako!!!

  463. eric said on 09-05-2007

    sa mga interested sa sanctuario!!!

    si jericho guapo!!!malaki katawan!!! i touched his bod and ang tigas!!! well, lahat naman sila matigas ang katawan. if i will rate jericho’s face from 1 to 10, 10 being the handsomest, i would say he is 7.5. be careful though, he doesnt do any hanky panky if he knows that your new to sanctuario. pumapayag lang sya magpa touch pag suki ka na nya.

    me wet area din ang sanctuario. me pool, me jacuzzi. me steam bath at sauna. sa sauna ang chupaan!!! kaloka!!!

    ang mga damit sa wet area ay tapis lang pag nasa wet area ka na.
    pag minamassage ka hubot hubad ka!!! kaya ng mga katabi mong bed ay hubot hubad din!!!
    best days to go to sanctuario, fri,sat and sun.

  464. moderno said on 09-05-2007

    jerry, wat i mean kapag chest massage na di ba ur lyin in ur back so nakaharap un front body mo while lying. syempre naka-expose ang upper body mo. habang ni mamassage un chest part down to the abs, parang discreetly nyang tinatamaan un head ng thing ko while he’s massaging my lower abs. un un! tc

  465. jerry said on 09-05-2007

    Pwede bang di magbigay ng tip? :)

  466. jerry said on 09-05-2007

    moderno pardon me pero ano ung “thing” mo na tinatouch nya pag chest massage? Kasi parang masyado naman normal kung yung nippies ang tinutukoy mo at kung yung thing mo naman sa ibaba parang anlayo naman nun sa chest para sabihing discreet. :)

  467. moderno said on 08-05-2007

    usually sa wet areas naka-towel lang, but guys are allowed to wear underwear. there are 3 pools there, hot, cold and ice. tapos sauna and steam and shower rooms. ang daming queer d2 sobra sa wet areas and un iba tingin ng tingin syo. i tried marthie and magaling sya mag-massage but he’s not physically hot. and mejo mataray. he keeps on rubbing my behind on a circular motion and parang pati un skin close to ur anus mina-massage nya. kapag chest massage naman parang sinasadya nyang ma-touch un thing mo pero discreet lng. his hands are good un nga lang magaspang! i didnt gave him a tip. while on the VIP room, mas may privacy kc un masseur lang and u alone. i heared na maraming nangyayari doon same with the wet area. i tried vip once and the masseur na di ko lam name touched my balls while im on my boxers. he even let me removed my shorts kaya boxers lang. btw, sa wet area, i did noticed that there are guys there na umaabot ng 1hr kaka-linger. surely they are up to somethign naughty or nag-aantay ng hot goy na ma-vivictim. tehre are 2 guys there na tingin ng tingin sa akin. after 1 hr os massage from marthie, nandoon pa rin un 2 guys na panay ang tingin at ang lagkit ng mga tingin. i wanna try ramil. and wala na ba c edward talaga?

  468. Robbie said on 06-05-2007

    For Erik

    How does Jericho look like? I heard he’s a hot commodity in Sanctuario. Could you kindly rate his face, body & massage if i isn’t too much to ask? Thank you so much!

  469. jerry said on 03-05-2007

    Guys sino nakapunta na dito sa hollywood reflexology center? Ok ba run? Safe ba? Any recommended masseurs?

  470. heya said on 30-04-2007

    can somebody give me a shortlist of who is good to be my masseur wen i go to Citylifestyle and sanctuario…havent try any of them? want it to be fun…hehe! pls…name nung masseur, short description…

  471. jerry said on 30-04-2007

    So wala nang nagbibigay ng sensual massage aside from mark? nandun pa ba si mandy? straight ba yun?

  472. Robbie said on 29-04-2007

    Ramil is passable, he is tall, muscular and sports a wavy hair. His face is mediocre. Aldin is somewhat passable too.

  473. Kyle said on 29-04-2007

    gwapo si ramil, straight siya and legit massage and ginagawa niya. i havent tried touching him pero mukhang hindi papayag.

  474. jerry said on 29-04-2007

    ano itsura ni ramil? straight ba sa tingin nyo? sensual ba magmassage? mararamdaman mo ba yung crotch nya?

  475. Kyle said on 29-04-2007

    Si Ramil ay medyo discreet, pero the best mag hand job. mahal din kung maningil.

  476. jerry said on 29-04-2007

    Thanks robbie! Pero wala na ba talaga kahit yung pwede na yung ok na ung katawan at hindi naman pangit? Hehe!

  477. mark said on 29-04-2007

    may naka experience na ba kay ramil sa city lifestyle?

  478. Robbie said on 29-04-2007

    People in the wet area usually doesn’t wear anything. It has become a place for cruising especially during the night and up till the wee hours in the morning. Mark and Marthie is not that blessed with pleasing facial beauty but they give satisfying sensual massage. There ar no cute & hunky massuers in City Lifestyle now unlike before. If you guys are looking for hunky massuers, I’d rather recommend Sanctuario.

  479. jerry said on 29-04-2007

    Sino nang nakapunta sa hollywood reflexology center? ok ba dun? di ba mapanganib?

  480. jerry said on 29-04-2007

    Guys share naman experience. Ano ba suot ng mga tao sa wet area ng city lifestyle? E sa sanctuario? =) Plano o kasi pumunta sa isa dun next month.

  481. john_aspen said on 28-04-2007

    Migs, galeng galeng mo. Computer geek este computer savvy ka talaga. GoogleEarth ba ang pinangkuha mo ng pic? Hehehe Anong coordinates ng place na yan para makita ko?

  482. jerry said on 28-04-2007

    Ok ba sina marthie at mark phisically? Nandun pa ba sila ngayon?

    Guys! Ano ba suot ng mga tao sa wet area sa city lifestyle? Nakabriefs ba o totally naked?

  483. jerry said on 28-04-2007

    Wala n? Huhu! Sino pang mairerecommended mo robbie?

  484. Robbie said on 28-04-2007

    Edward was hot commodity during his time when he was still in City Lifestyle. He was one of the hustlers there along with Mark & Marthie. He handjobs and caresses your nipples. You can give him a head ang he will lick your nips. He can even enter his member at your backdoor, if the price is right. He was even caught by a locker attendant while taking a bath with a client and in another instance while having his junior blown by a client. Too bad that City Lifestyle doesn’t have the likes of Edward anymore. By the way, he was a mestizo, around 5’6 1/2″ with a slim body and raisin like nips. I believe he’s already in his late thirties.

  485. jerry said on 28-04-2007

    anong name ng spa eric saka anong time and day sya dun? thanks! May wet area din b? ano bang suot ng mga tao sa wet area? =)

  486. eric said on 28-04-2007

    me alam ako na spa sa timog na me buffet. alam ko palagi doon si polo ravales….

  487. eric said on 28-04-2007

    hay naku mga bakla eto mas maganda!!!
    sanctuario sa bacobo st sa malate!!!
    cute at malalaki ang katawan ng mga masahista!!!
    ang nasa ads nila sabi dating mga bouncer daw ang mga masseuse nila!!!
    i tried jericho!!! sobrang sarap magmasahe!!! pati singit mo mamasahein!!! patitigasin talaga etis mo!!!
    me wet area din!!!
    at syempre ang mga bading doon umeeksena!!!
    mejo me kamahalan ngalang ang massage- 900 pesos.
    kung gusto mo hindi magpa massage at rumampa lang sa wet area o maligo sa pool o sa jacuzzi kaya 400+ lang. ung pool at jacuzzi nasa labas as in al fresco!!!
    daming cute na pumupunta dun!!!
    maraming tao pag fri, sat and sun.
    the spa closes at 12a.m.
    o divah!!!! bentang benta ang sanctuario!!! kaya mga sosyal na bading go na sa SANCTUARIO MALATE!!!

  488. jerry said on 27-04-2007

    ano suot ng mga tao sa wet area? (Drools)

  489. jerry said on 27-04-2007

    ang corny naman nya. pano ka nya tinease habang nagmamassage? dumadapo ba ang kaya sa alam mo na? Hehehe

  490. kyle said on 27-04-2007

    wala. bawal humawak sa kanya. naka uniform siya

  491. jerry said on 26-04-2007

    Di ko lam yung name e basta sa timog daw. may nagsabi sakin. kala ko nga city lifestyke yun kaya ko tinanong. so sa city lifestyle wla?

    So anong suot nya habang ginagawa ni edward yun kyle? pinaparamdam ba nya sau ung crotch nya habang nagmamassage? Sensual massage ba? =)

  492. kyle said on 26-04-2007

    Anong spa na may free food?

  493. jerry said on 26-04-2007

    May free food ba pag nagavail ng service dun? May mga spa kasi na may free buffet. Hihihi! Calling all patrons…

  494. jerry said on 25-04-2007

    ay luge! ano suot nya habang ginagawa nya yun? cno pde may touch? Hahaha! thanks kyle!

  495. kyle said on 25-04-2007

    yes ok lahat. handjob lang ang ino offer niya. 1 thou pero no touching sa kanya.hehehe

  496. jerry said on 24-04-2007

    Teka pwede rin ba sa wet area ang vip access?

  497. jerry said on 24-04-2007

    Ok ba si edward physically (mukha at katawan)? Magkano inabot? May iba pa ba syang service na inooffer maliban sa hand job?

  498. Kyle said on 24-04-2007

    VIP room is better kasi mas malaki ang chance na may happenings. Edward magaling talaga mag handjob. mahal nga lang maningil. hehehe

  499. jerry said on 23-04-2007

    Anyon who knows the name of a reflexology center in west avenue that caters to gays? Have you been there?

  500. jerry said on 23-04-2007

    Guys san mas ok in terms of adventure? VIP o common room?

  501. jerry said on 23-04-2007

    erik sino pinakaguwapo sa mga malalandi ang kamay na masseurs? I’m planning to get there next month.

  502. jerry said on 22-04-2007

    Kala ko magkaiba yung city lifestyle saka yung spa sa timog cor panay. Di ba yung city lifestyle nasa Timog cor. Morato, so magkaiba yung 2 di ba?

  503. erik said on 22-04-2007

    city lifestyle spa and fitness center…corners timog and morato sts.

  504. jerry said on 22-04-2007

    oo nga po pls post the spa’s name.

  505. Judai said on 12-04-2007

    Fukesah— the name of the spa Cor. Timog and Panay. Will be in Manila August 2007. Thanks

  506. erik said on 03-04-2007

    the best ang marthy at aldin sa sensation massage. malandi mga kamay nila. hehehe

  507. Tommy said on 30-03-2007

    Is it true that Brent Javier is frequently guest of a spa at Timog Panay QC? Has anyone seen him in this spa especially in wet area? Or even has ” some ” experience with him.

  508. Mark said on 19-03-2007

    whats that with ramil and louie, details naman o

  509. myke ryanne carlo said on 18-03-2007

    Guys, am confused! Can you now give me a good suggestion. Migs, please help me. Thank you!

  510. diyosa said on 16-03-2007

    hi guys! i never knew mandy was from an MP. anyway, any news regarding ramil and another guy named louie?

  511. mark said on 23-01-2007

    anyone naka session si ramil? i did, he’s a very nice guy, tahimik, wqala naman nagyari sa amin, magaling na therapist, nakatulog nga ako, ano ba encounter nyo sa kanya

  512. jo said on 08-01-2007

    The satellite photo doesn’t look like the Tomas Morato-Timog circle. The circle is bound by Mother Lily’s Hotel, a Commercial Bldg, a Gas Station, and a former Gas Station where there is now a comm’l bldg being constructed. Even 10-20-30 years ago, hindi rin ata ganayn ang itchura ng circle na yan. It must be somewhere else. Either the SPA is located somwewhere else, or the satellite photo is wrong.

  513. jun hipolito said on 07-01-2007

    ramil also gives a handjob there kaya lang chubby. the best was edward, hunk but me nagcomplain sa management. blowjobs are common in the shower rooms of the common area. pila balde.

  514. kylerlu said on 01-01-2007

    hey guys kung sino may directory dyan pa share naman. ehehhehe

  515. Indoy Garutay said on 23-12-2006

    hindi ba nakakatakot na baka magkaroon ka ng herpe-gonnorrhea-syphillae???? ewwwww… kayo ha, pag in-the-name of the laman, lahat nakakalimutan!

  516. marco said on 22-12-2006

    hello.. saan ba yan? email mo naman ako

  517. mmmmm said on 22-12-2006

    If I’m not mistaken, the place you’re talking about is city lifestyle??? corner morato and timog. I used to hire this masseur named mandy. he used to work at a massage parlor named tsubos which is now closed. Mandy told me recently that he’s now working at city lifestyle. So this guy must be the same mandy. He’s straight and pretty cute. Try him. He’s nice.

  518. inday_garalgal said on 21-12-2006

    fukesah it seems naikot mo na lahat ng spa in QC…dont u have a complete directory? haha just asking

  519. fukesah said on 21-12-2006

    its ok if “M” is not there anymre.. u may want to try another one.. Timog din corner Panay! hehe mas daring.. mas ok.. its open 24 hrs.. try nyo between 12mn to 3am panalo!

  520. fukesah said on 21-12-2006

    By looking closely at the satellite photo of migs..ladies and gentlegays heres the name!… City BUHAYstyle.. along Timog.. near gas station! grabe! msyadong giveaway na.. but too late mga ateng! wala na ang joklitang pa servce na masseur na si “M”

  521. lucky said on 21-12-2006

    Correct me if I’m wrong. CL are the initials of the place. I’ve been there a long time ago. Wasn’t able to drop by during my last trip back to the Philippines.

  522. myyellowshirt said on 20-12-2006

    sheesh, I remember that place
    kaso the common room had too many eyes, nakakalula
    and besides freebie from an ex
    He was propositioned habang ako dinededma all over

    shucks pag talaga plain jane ka yun na yun

    oh well here’s to c__y L__es___l_s

  523. fukesah said on 20-12-2006

    if its not open 24 hrs.. then another hot spa is in QC…same scenario hay naku wat else is new lahat nman ata ng spa may milagro sa dilim! huh

  524. Ang-ang said on 20-12-2006

    thats hot!

  525. anton maton said on 20-12-2006

    the name of the spa is KULIGLIG! Bleah!

  526. significant said on 20-12-2006

    the spa is not open 24 hours. i think that’s not what you think, fukesah.

  527. gizelle said on 20-12-2006

    go ahead fukesah,wats d name of d spa… say it 2me na…

  528. fukesah said on 19-12-2006

    isnt it obvious 24 hrs open etech! and most of the parokyanos are gud luking bi’s… hay naku gst2 nyo ba reveal ko name ng spa since migs has no guts to say it here? hehe

  529. perfeeduh limping said on 19-12-2006

    STD alert!

  530. Matteo said on 19-12-2006

    That masseur “M” is gay. He’s my masseur for a couple of times already and he’d always ask me if I want to j3rk 0ff. But I don’t get turned on because he’s not physically attractive. As my friend would say, “Medyo halata na nagpapakalalaki”.

  531. raffy said on 19-12-2006

    I know the spa very well, I used to have my massage in that spa at least every two weeks when i was still in the philippines. It is a legitimate spa. But sometimes things happens among guest in the wet area. Most guests are the yuppie kind. Recently i heard from a friend that he had an encounter with a certain masseur when he had a VIP room. Sorry I forgot to ask the name of the masseur. I can’t attest to this because i usually have a masseuse for my massage. One thing i can assure you is that the massage is worth every penny you spent just ask for senior therapist.

  532. Migs said on 19-12-2006

    Marco – you definitely can! G and J just didn’t know, so they stayed in their VIP rooms lang.

  533. marco said on 19-12-2006

    so when u get the VIP room you cant use the wet area?

  534. mandayamoore said on 19-12-2006


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