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Got these Bernard Palanca pictures off the net… I have not seen him recently on TV so I wouldn’t know if the AFTER picture is accurate. (By the way, he confirmed that after only 5 months, he separated from wife Merryl Soriano. Hay, buhay.)





Maybe just photoshopped?

Comments (33)

  1. NONO said on 19-06-2011

    People that’s what you call BEER GUT!!!!! what a transformation.

  2. Someone said on 17-07-2010

    sa tingin ko di totoo kasi payat naman siya sa panday kids na mas latest pa kaysa sa post na ‘to.

  3. cain said on 05-04-2008

    can’t see the tattoo on his chest

  4. jay said on 09-02-2008

    baka beer belly. Bwahaha

  5. ranmas said on 29-12-2007

    like i care

  6. Chris said on 17-12-2007


    I find him hot, mukhang manginginom na brusko sa kama! whahahahaha… seriously, I’d prefer the fat one than the skinny one. huggable and mukhang magaling “kumain”…

  7. MABHEL said on 26-11-2007

    i dont know wat happen between him and merryl,pero pra lng syang naghanap ng palaankan.dont like himm….

  8. pepron said on 07-11-2007

    Something’s wrong with me; why do I find him huggably hotttt?!..hmmmm

  9. xian said on 03-09-2007

    sya tlga yan. kun nanood kayo ng the buzz last sept 02, 2007. malalman nyo totoo.

  10. -= emotional_girl19 =- said on 19-08-2007

    excuse me! padaan nga,……]
    me??? i dont believe that…
    bcoz wala cya tattoo sa chest nya…
    pansinin nyo nga!!!!….
    mga bulag ba kayo???…. pati ung body nya… ah basta!!!!! that’s fake…..

  11. Lady Queen said on 03-08-2007

    Euwwwwwwww!!! That’s soooooooooo not him! ekeeke…

  12. rommel said on 07-07-2007

    YUKK hahahhha

  13. Lucas Grey said on 03-06-2007

    Post some pictures of Mario Lopez please!

  14. jason said on 01-06-2007


  15. chazzzone said on 01-05-2007

    baka naman na-discourage yung wife sa pinag.iba ng katawan nya no. tingnan nyo nman yung AFTER na pic. sayang naman. unhealthy na ang laking ganyan…… 😀

  16. frasncis said on 27-03-2007

    actually he is cute in person and i agree after his separation he could be like that

  17. harajuku said on 24-03-2007

    thats how he looks like nowadays? wow..
    thats okay, i never really like him hehehe

  18. shayerahol said on 19-03-2007

    i agree with juan but given the posts on this website im not surprised na linalait si bernard palanca.

  19. sijiro_05 said on 04-03-2007

    this is true. if it’s from pep accurate nga siya.

  20. juan y said on 28-02-2007

    the photo is accurate. saw him at the CWC in naga 2 weeks ago. so what if he’s chunky? so long as he stays mabait – which he is – the physical shouldn’t matter. that he is chunky could be an indication that he is no longer a druggie (if that’s even true to begin with)

  21. chucky said on 28-02-2007

    i don’t think it’s fake. it’s copyrighted by PEP so it must be authentic. anyway, i never found him hot even in his da hunks days pa.

  22. reyville said on 28-02-2007

    i’ve see him in person just a month ago, nakahubad pa sa Red Corner at hndi nman ganyan itsura nya.. he’s sexier than the 1st pic pa nga e…

  23. aldous canapi said on 28-02-2007

    it’s F…A…K…E… as in fake… fake… fake… faaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkeeee!

  24. cmx said on 28-02-2007

    sabi ko nga sa friend ko, “i swear mukhang ba**g ang fez niya!” hahaha!

  25. Count Ochu said on 28-02-2007

    Di yan modified, ganyan talaga siya kataba ngayun, diba mayaman pamilya nila Bernard?

  26. Kaleena said on 28-02-2007

    He’s a druggie with a druggie body so I never liked him. Ang kapal pa magpa-sexy sa mga photoshoots, sobrang payat naman. Anyway, simula ng lumaki tyan nya, di na na-satisfy si Meryll. Kasi 3 inches lang daw fully-aroused si Bernard. E, kung dadagdagan mo pa ng beer belly, aba’y wala na ngang kasarapang mararamdaman ang keps ni Meryll. I can’t blame her. Plus, he’s an addict who speaks too much English! Imbyerna aketch!

  27. francis said on 27-02-2007

    i never really liked him..

  28. effie said on 27-02-2007

    no! this can’t be! how did this happen? crush ko sya before. this is really depressing news.

  29. Zeph said on 27-02-2007

    From too skinny to too fat? Oh dear. Wait, maybe he’s pregnant.

  30. chad said on 27-02-2007

    wahahaha MAN THE HARPOONS!!!

  31. zizou said on 27-02-2007

    or maybe he really let go.. separation ruins your diet.. a 5 month marriage.. i actually thought they’d last longer..

  32. aeriol09 said on 27-02-2007

    graabe naman ang chaka na nya kakaines namna!!!!!!

  33. querida said on 27-02-2007

    mhmmm… i’m not sure about the belly. but yes, ang fez niya ganyan na talaga. i was telling my friend yesterday how much weight he’s gained

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