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Been hearing that Andrew Wolff, the ultimate reigning beefcake hunky model until he decided to hibernate, is back in town. Can somebody please confirm? More photos up ahead!





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Comments (42)

  1. Joe said on 01-04-2015

    swerte naman ni mama Rey

  2. mutherf**er from manila said on 07-08-2010

    anu kaya diet ni andrew,, wanna be buff like him , and he’s so damn lucky because he’s a six footer.

  3. baby shane said on 01-05-2009

    i like you body mr wolf.amazing!mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. pinkpuffer said on 20-08-2008

    i love this guy so much!he’s one of my fantasies! gusto ko yung medyo brusko na image! hanggang sa huling patak!grabe!he’s so yummy!

  5. jom said on 14-08-2008

    He is a relly the man, I like you wolf

  6. feisty said on 20-06-2008

    ANG HOT, GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!

  7. tobby said on 29-05-2008

    ang sarap siguro nito,

  8. Bakleeta Aketch said on 25-03-2008

    Putcha! Ang ganda ng thighs nito! Dun sa 2nd pic wow!!!!! Ang muscular ng legs. MMMMMMMMM…… Tapos yung ano pa nya, bakat na bakat to pointing to the left yung ano nya. AHIHIHI!!!!

  9. teeguzzin said on 24-03-2008

    a real fine specie of a man… hay lamang-tiyan, sarap pagpantasyahan.

  10. lordmanilastone said on 17-12-2007

    oi, ano yong blind item na si allan k raw ay may weekly support sa papang ito, pinagsawaan na ba siya ni allan k?

  11. vince said on 09-12-2007

    i remember when he has a case against his manager(?) his manager says.. natutulog ako tapos bigla nalang ako uupuan sa mukha, bangag kase sya! crap! magreklamo paraw!!!

  12. a.p. said on 31-10-2007

    noone looks good in a thong.
    no one.

  13. Perfida Limpin said on 13-10-2007

    ladies, andrew works out at FF/ELJ on week nights.

  14. from1fagtoanother said on 14-09-2007

    YES! I’m willing to pay 50K! hahahaha

  15. Calvin said on 11-09-2007

    nice butt! :D

  16. edward said on 24-05-2007

    heard from a reliable source that he’s gay, has a video of him doing it with a guy. he’s a bottom.

    don’t you just like his nips in that meth billboard?

  17. monsour abraham said on 13-05-2007

    andrew is great !!! jwos kwo mala-Anjo Ylana ang face, vah ! at mala-Robin Padilla ang dating , manly talaga.Mabibiyak ang bahay bata / o matris kwoo sa tingin ko lang sa mga pics nya eh. Nakakalokang pagmasdan mga pics nya eh.Gwapo zya talaga . Papa Andrew take care ha iho at iwasan ang high temper lalo na sa pinagka-utangan mo ng loob, mga vadeeng vah,huh!kc kawawa naman zla.

  18. acid69 said on 06-05-2007

    Buddy I also saw him in bora on that same same week. I was rather disappointed because he was not much of a head turner when you meet him face to face.

  19. batutang_ said on 01-05-2007


  20. roma said on 25-04-2007

    is is true na toyboy sya dati ni manuel pangilinan ng pldt na superich, pinatulan din kaya nya si ben chan ng bench,i like his bad boy image, malaks and dating, hindi mlamya tulad ng ibang pahunk dyan,what happen to keanna reeves, nagone night stand lang siguro sila

  21. peak fantasy said on 20-04-2007

    mayabang din naman ang rommel montano na yan..okay lang na natalo sya ni andrew…rommel and cesar knew they would lose coz andrew is tall and solid, e mayabang ang rommel kahit alam nya matatalo sya…serves him right.

  22. bitch said on 19-04-2007

    mga ate wag na kayo umasa na papatol yan sa bading kasi dati isang bldg lang kami kung san nakatira sya sa manager nyang ewan na badingdin o pa mhen kasi lalaki din kumilos. nakaita ko yan 2004 sa tindahan tapat ng condo umiinum yan ng redhorse at nakita nya ang manager nya at pina inum ng redhorse at sobrang lasing yan. after 15 mins. binuhusan ng beer ang manager nya day ka tense yan.

  23. peak fantasy said on 19-04-2007

    andrew is hot coz he’s got this image of being stubborn, and he looms over like a phallic symbol – within a gay’s reach.

    ahh, andrew….give it to me, honey…

  24. buddy said on 19-04-2007

    yeah, he’s back. juz saw him the night of april 17 in Bora with 2 girls at the site of the nestea beach volley competition.

  25. joey said on 18-04-2007

    IMHO, It’s the reputation that makes him really hot eh.

  26. john_aspen said on 17-04-2007

    I agree with Timmy. I just don’t understand why everyone is drooling for this guy despite his very bad reputation.

    What can you expect from a 50k? He didn’t play a fair game in the ring with Cesar Montano’s brother. And you might just end up being beaten, like what I heard he used to do with his ex-GF Gwen. So, do you still want to dispense 50k for a guy like him?

  27. chismoso said on 16-04-2007


    i think i have pretty reliable sources :D

  28. Xerendipity said on 16-04-2007

    The bulge! It’s huge! Graveee!

  29. jenna said on 16-04-2007

    whoopeee (simon cowell tone)

  30. harajuku said on 16-04-2007

    he is such a hottie! wow! good for us hes back! sana magpakatino na sya…

  31. AngeLLoveR said on 16-04-2007

    Fitness First ABS-CBN

  32. Pepejo said on 16-04-2007

    does anybody know which gym he works out at?

  33. glenncruz said on 16-04-2007

    actually, when i saw him one time in esquinita with a bunch of giggling girls i thought he wasn’t as tall as i thought. but certified hotness, all hours, all seasons. btw, migs, i blogrolled your site on mine.

  34. juan said on 16-04-2007

    mr. wolfe is in town.

    Cafe breton Gb3 last saturday, he accompanied two petite females (looked like loaded young ladies).

    didnt know he was almost fluent in filipino, i mean at least better sounding tagalog than Marc Nelson (but marc nelson seems nicer and less “negative” aura)

    is that 50K rumor true? not that I would part with such amoun though

  35. chismoso said on 16-04-2007

    good news for rich guys out there. he’s supposed to be available for 50k ++ anything you want to do to him, from the chismis i heard.

  36. mahaderang_tamaraw said on 16-04-2007

    kuuu, andami nang nakalaway na badinggerzie dyan..still, yummy pa rin!

  37. AngeLLoveR said on 15-04-2007

    confirmed, Migs…
    (oh! and the old look is back! ^_^)
    my boyfriend just saw this tower of manliness last week on ELJ’s Fitness First… =)

  38. lurve said on 15-04-2007

    yes, saw him in boracay last week, the week after holy week.

  39. eric said on 15-04-2007

    i came across this pic of andrew wolf na naked sya but censored and groin area nya but halatang sinandya na mejo sight ang dick nya…post it here naman

  40. timmy said on 15-04-2007

    he seems to have a bad reputation. Bad boy image ba. I just wonder why everyone is so interested with this guy. Yes he’s gorgeous but, again butt…………… hi hi hi hi!

  41. JUAN said on 15-04-2007

    that’s no lavacara. he’s really huge. shared a hot tub with him once. all of us stripped and he made no big deal of it, so i didn’t. but he’s proudest of his super-kinis and maputing butt. he made a show of it. damn! what a tease!

  42. I said on 15-04-2007

    I like his abs. and the pecs are great!!! i love him on the pic with him with the plant. HOTT!!!

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