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It was a typical busy work day at the office, people running around, while I was trying my best to concentrate on my Outlook Inbox, reading e-mails and making sure I liquidate all to-do items. My goal: a clean slate by the end of the day. Then, an email popped in. It was from Arnie. A forwarded business FYI email; some job opening related to my work, based in Europe. It was started with a personal note though, “Ei Migs, you might want to check this out. I don’t know much about the hiring company, perhaps just google it.” I somehow felt that the email was sent just to have something safe to say, to renew the bond somehow, or at least to keep in touch. I didn’t feel the need to play subtle. So I dropped what I was doing and decided to give him a call.

Ring-ring! Ring-ring!

“HR, hello, good morning.” says the semi-modulated voice from the other line.

I knew it was him, but out of courtesy I still asked, “Good morning, may I speak with Mr. Arnie Roman please?”

Sure enough, he responds, “This is Arnie Roman, may I know who’s calling?”

It was all too formal, yet all too familiar. Arnie is the same guy I was talking about in a previous post where I said “I bottomed my partner’s straight bestfriend.” Arnie was the straight bestfriend.

*** to be continued ***

(This is a true story. Arnie Roman is not the real name; any similarity with this name is purely coincidental.)

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  1. meow-yaw said on 24-07-2007

    True story nga daw eh,…kulit you ha!
    Wait na lang tayo all,…and see where the story goes. I’m hoping this won’t be a waste of time….hu-hum….peace!

  2. Prince Monsour Abraham said on 22-07-2007

    mga bading nga talaga mahilig mag- hallucinate!!!he has a very long hair like me.Am not convinced either,nuh!

  3. Sa_totoo_lang_ako _day said on 20-07-2007

    Napakaswete naman ng bading nayan na nakapabottom sakanya yang straight “kuno” na guy na yan! I agree with both Rocky n Fernando na baka pumayag lang sya (sa ayaw nya at sa gusto)na magpabottom dahil pinuwersa lang sya at na-rape ng mas malakas na bading rapist! or straight lang talaga ang mahabang hair nya!

    Pakisabi na itigal na yang mga ilusyon nya noh!

  4. Fernando IX said on 20-07-2007

    gosh, a straight guy in pure gay sex at nagpabottom pa? amazing!!!

    im not convinced.. striaght seguro buhok nya but not his sexuality.

  5. rOckY said on 20-07-2007

    Is he really still considered “straight” if he allowed himself to be bottomed? Unless what you did counts as rape or something. =P

  6. khentutz said on 20-07-2007

    Ow… looking forward to what happened next. :)

  7. misterhubs said on 20-07-2007

    If only all straight guys would bottom (or top or versa) like Arnie, the world will become a better place.

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