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Which massage places and/or spas have you gone to and would recommend for a male-to-male massage (I mean, they have male masseurs/therapists as an option)? I have been to the following: Wensha, City Lifestyle (both in Timog, Quezon City), Body Spec (in West Avenue, Quezon City), and Sanctuario (in Malate, Manila).

Your recommendations?

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  1. migs said on 24-04-2009

    To ease reading additional, newer comments I am providing the following for new comments / contributions:

    For masseur / massage sharing, go to this page: Masseurs, Masseurs, Masseurs

    For escapades with straight men: In Pursuit of Straight Men


  2. coolrod said on 24-04-2009

    Hi guys!

    I really like to read all of your stories here. The experiences in MPs, with straight men…. its really informative.

    I always check this blog almost everyday! (I think this is a bad sign na, na aadict na sa kakabasa nito and not concentrating on my work lols).

    Hi caloy, I have read your previous post about encounters with straights and some, like you said, not every hunt goes as planned. Knowing this, for me, its really scary that they will tell it to other people that knows you even if they are not in the same office na, may mga contacts parin kasi yan kahit papano. Alam mo naman, ang daming chismoso/chismosa sa mga paligid, lalo na sa corporate world. Kaya I remained as discreet as possible na wala talaga nakakaalam, although some people have this slightest speculation about being gay, but then there are no proofs. Really cannot picture myself of being caught about my true identity.

    I think the bottom line here is “No guts no glory” ano?

    Thanks for all of the people here sharing stories.

    More power!

  3. astrodeus said on 24-04-2009

    I went to The Boys of Bora Spa last December to have my first ever massage but I was really disappointed with my experience. The massage did not even lasts for 30 minutes! Nagmadali ang masseur at offer agad siya ng extra service. I accepted the offer hoping that it will relieve my frustration. But I was more stressed than relaxed because the masseur asked for P1,000 just for giving him a blowjob! What a fuck! I will never go back to that spa center! NEVER!!!!

  4. tom_cat said on 24-04-2009

    hehehe….xerex xaviera’s on the net….

    it’s so titillating….

    some of the stories are so lenghty, nakakinip basahin..

  5. slingshot said on 24-04-2009

    I have been a phantom observer of this site for many months now, and am thankful to the experts for the many helpful tips (Hats off to Caloy, Momoy et al).

    Hi Momoy, the boylet from the teasing sing and dance group sounds enticing (despite your not-so-enthusiastic review, hehehe) hope you can send me his contact details. My email address is

    I also have a few referrals, a variety of young boys to tall basketbolitas — este, basketballistas from CDO, let me know if you are interested. Just shoot me an email.

    Mag-share, mga kapatid. :) Hehehe Peace. :)

  6. Momoy said on 24-04-2009

    Caloy, my Singapore trip was very busy and tight.Besides colleagues and fellows scattered all over the hotel we were staying, I would have wanted to do it with random guys instead of masseurs.Orchard Road was filled with pick-up girls and they were really very forward and pushy huh! There were indian men though who took prolonged stares but I assumed they were pimps..and if they are in for business, I was not interested.

    After i arrived in Manila though, as I shared here, had this encounter with this boylet from a teasing sing and dance all-male group.When I first saw him and realized he was not my type, I instantly thought of you. He belongs to the “Jay” of Equanimity type with the boyishness of Alfred Gatchalian…both not my types but probably would be a ‘hit” with you.And he did a lot in bed.Let me know.

    There’s a massage clinic in Smallville, in front of MO2 (on the 2nd flr of the building). Very sensual and really inviting. Try it there.I was not interested with the masseur then so I didn’t bite.But it’s just me, I rarely get attracted to masseurs. But even then, the experience was highly recommended for the excellent massage.

  7. Mark Chavez said on 24-04-2009

    Hi Sir Caloy,

    kaw pala un nkauna sakin ky Mharky kgabi…
    what had happened kc is yesterday mga 6 pm, i went to Body Spec at nung pinasilip ni Mico, d front desk man, ung showrom, i saw mga 5 or 6 masseurs at c Kris (or Cris) ung ntipuhan ko but i asked Mico kung sino ba ok sa kanila and he said c Gino… pero nung kinilatis q ung dalawa (Cris at Gino), mas ntipuhan q pa rin c Cris.. pero i told Mico na babalik na lng me kc may bibilhin pa me sa Trinoma at SM NOrth..

    so, i went dirctly 2 Holly Wood, and i was welcumd by a teenager receptionist (isang baklita ika nga, at, in fairness, dami nila receptionists dun)… nung pinakita sakin ung showroom, i saw more or less 15 masseurs (relatively large in numbers as compared 2 Body Spec).. at isa lang natipuhan ko dun, d moreno-guy, mejo may pagka semi-calbo or skinhead, at veri muscular.. and that was Mharky… ang sabi q kay baklitang receptionist eh babalikan q na lng xa mga late night…

    fter spending few hours at Trinoma and SM North, at 9 pm i decided to watch a last full-show movie pero since i was already tired eh naisip q eh i’ll not be njoying d movie kc bka aantukin lng aku sa loob so i went directly to Hollywood Spa para mtikman c Mharky… and to my surprise, pagdating q dun, sabi nung baklitang receptionist eh, Mharky was alreday reserved… (ngaun q lang nlaman Sir Caloy na ikaw pala ung ngpareserved ky Mharky last nyt.. hehhehe… am i ryt po ba?)… so, i just went directly to Body Spec and i still chose Cris even though Mico recommended Gino for me… and i was not disappointed by Cris.. Gud massage and ES… Massage – 7/10, ES – 7.5/10…

    un lang poh…
    Peace on Earth…

  8. caloy said on 24-04-2009

    Thanks Momoy, hope you had a great trip in Singapore. Did you have a chance to go to an MP?

    I actually had two stories with former officemates but the other one was not a big object of fantasy. I pursued them after they left the office. While they were with us, THAT WAS OUT OF THE QUESTION and you will not see from me any indication that I was interested, except for stares. In case of the latter, the guy could not even brag, during a drinking spree with his peers, that he thinks I have a liking for him as it would have just been, at this point, an unfounded suspicion.

    I’ve seen intra-office affairs turn into messy propositions. I know of a female lawyer from a blue chip law corporate law firm who was recently fired for having a messy affair with a junior associate that turned out to be an obsessive compulsive pursuit for the guy once the latter lost interest. Again, one doesn’t shit in one’s backyard. This saying was not coined for nothing. One learns to separate one’s professional interests from this. Unless one wants to fall the hard way.

  9. Momoy said on 23-04-2009

    Nice story Caloy..Something corporate people can relate.More stories pa…

    Marco Jordan, I don’t think I can write sexually graphic and detailed endings to my stories. I’d like to end my stories as they were.I think I’ve achieved my goals already…to relate, inform, empower.There are stories with graphic sexual details in many sites like- ‘mga kwentong nakakalibog’ or ‘mga kwento ni boytoy’. Sorry for that.My apologies.

  10. dax said on 23-04-2009

    meron bang magandang spa sa iloilo city with a hunk masseur?

  11. junjie said on 23-04-2009

    please help. Is there a M2M massae somewhere in Naga, Cam Sur? I need one…..please help

  12. mylawhite said on 23-04-2009

    WOW Caloy!!!

    FIRST CLASS yang story mo nakaka excite ano na sumunod after the unbutton thing?

    GANDA! 2 thumbs up ka talaga!

    May fav blog ako na Corporate Closet di kaya ikaw din yun Caloy kasi may story din siya na similar sa office crush niya at kasing loaded mo rin yun. Ikaw ba si Corporate Closet?

  13. caloy said on 23-04-2009

    The massage was a waste of money, not Marky’s fault – he was good – but because I was absolutely distracted all the while I was at Holywood.

    I text him to ask if it was ok to meet him at about 9. We agreed to meet at the Starbucks beside KTV 21 in front of the building that has the BDO in Timog.

    After coffee, we decided to move to Pier 1 near Rembrant. We asked for a bucket of beers and we talked about his new job and the latest office gossip at my office (his former). After several beers and he was in a fairly relaxed state the talk veered towards sex. I mustered enough courage to ask him if he has had any experience with gays. (You don’t ask this question unless you have reasonable certainty that the guy may have had at least one minor encounter. In this time and day, a great looking guy, not rich, would have had all sorts of propositions, some successfully fended off, some avoided to a certain degree, maybe one or two with a straight acting barkada who did more than his mutual masturbation part durig barkada group sex, or a high school teacher, or a friend during a drunken episode. Its next to impossible that someone this good looking would not have at the very least had a few advances. In an unguarded moment or in a moment of financial crisis he may have consented out of necessity.)

    I wasn’t surprised when he said yes. The usual old story of a barkada who took advantage of the fact that every one was drunk, and he had slept -or had been lured – in the bakada’s room. I asked what they did. He said he was so drunk, tsinupa ako.

    I think he half expected what I was going to say next. I said it indirectly. I said, pare maingay na dito, lipat kaya tayo sa mas pribadong lugar. “Saan po?” He asks. I answer: Diyan siguro sa Camelot, doon na lang natin ituloy ang inuman. (Dont give an opportunity for the guy to refuse because of the venue, ie, the place is too public you both might be seen.

    At this point the guy will know and two things can happen. He refuses and politely says next time na lang. Or he agrees, pretending nothing else is going to happen (but he knows, he’s done the same thing with girls but with this guy, I dont think he ever had a hard time with girls. It may have been the opposite – the girls lured him to their trap).

    He agreed. I felt my heart skip a beat. You have to handle this well, or, at the very last minute, the guy might change his mind. With others, ok lang, may iba pa diyan, but this is the object of a two year fantasy that would never have occured if the events in january hadn’t turned loss of a job into opportunity for someone else.

    He was relaxed when we entered the room. No pretense at being surprised. No asking about what we were going to do there. I ordered a few beers and food. By this time, you know he knows and if he’s still there and not out of the door, he’s willing. But you just have to be careful. I’ve had a guy who after I began sucking his, suffered a pang of masculine guilt and decided to cut it short.

    I put on the TV to the bold channel. I suggested that we would be more relaxed if we sat close to the headboard, partly lying on the bed. We watched the sex film in uncomfortable silence till I began making small talk about what we were watching. After a few minutes, I held his hand. For a number of guys you would feel a little hesitation. Instead, he grasped my had firmly and pressed it, his thumb caressing my thumb

    At this point, whatever happens next is secondary. The guy might just allow you to stroke his crotch and say next time na lang. If he does this, you try to go further guaging the amount of resistance. If the resistance is token, go further. You know when he really doesn’t want it and our of sheer politeness just allowed you to stroke his.

    I unbottoned his jeans. There was no resistance. As I was fumbling with the button, he unbottoned it himself.

  14. caloy said on 23-04-2009

    II. To cut the story short, we met several times, each time, since he was asking a favor, he offered to pay but I cut him off. “Wala kang trabaho, ako na lang muna.” He muttered sir, kung may trabaho na ako, makakaganti nama ako.” Every time, I would say, wag mong isipin yon.

    At work, we were quite close because of our professional relationship. I had been very prim and proper avoiding any inappropriate act. But left without these professional constraints my hunting instincts are aroused. Its been two years that this guy was the object of my deepest fantasies. I had pictured in my mind every imaginable scenario. Mariang palad didn’t have a hard time because of him. And here, I had my chance, I hoped.

    Not every hunt goes as planned even if the circumstances are at their ripest for the kill. I’ve been in many similar situations. There have been a lot of times that, just as you think that you are about to bag the prize, the guy would say: sir, sa iba na lang ako makaka ganti sa yo, wag sa ganyan. Di ako pumapatol (with the usual refrain: I have nothing against gays, I have a lot of gays as friends, lets just remain friends) malaki ang respeto ko sa yo, friends na lang tayo (the worst part is that some begin to avoid you and not return your texts and calls – but I know when to stop, some recover and you just really remain friends you hope they would keep your secret).

    I was able to get my office fantasy a job within two months after he was laid off. Not bad in these trying economic times. On his first day at work, he sent a text thanking me profusely for the help I gave him and ended with “Sir Caloy, makakaganti rin ako sa yo, promise.” I took this at face value. I called him and said (I call to avoid written evidence) kung kailangan mo ng pantawid muna, sabihin mo lang. He replied by saying that he still had something left from his separation package.

    He texted me twice after that. But he was busy with his new job and I had been in and out of Metro Manila. We agreed to meet for coffee but we couldn’t set a mutual date. Either I was out of town or he had to do overtime work.

    In the course of our meetings to find him a job, I had dropped a hint here and there of my true intentions. This is the phase where you begin to manage the confusion of the object of your hunt by tearing off your defensive layers. The hints you drop also prevent the guy from being very surprised when you finally reveal who you are. My previous unsuccessful hunts were either because of surprise and shock or because of plain old and simple homophobia. Any guy with a modicum of intelligence suspects, you don’t want to confuse. Slowly, you want him to know (Gusto mo na makapagdecision siya kung papatol siya, kung nakapag decide siya, siya na mismo ang magsasabi. Once, another object of desire asked me, Sir, bakit hindi kayo nag-asawa. I said, wala akong hilig. Note that I didn’t say wala akong hilig sa babae, but thats enough. The office rumors about your sexuality, your ‘dates”, etc. would let him see…)

    Yesterday, the object of my desire texted me at about 4:30 pm. He said, Sir kung libre ka ngayon, kita tayo. I answered, free siguro ako, may gagawin lang ako, text ka o kaya i text kita mamaya. He didn’t text back but he got me so fired up that I had to go to an MP.

    I went to holywood and got Marky, a stocky fair skinned masseur recommended by the receptionist. I would have wanted LED but he was not available at that time yesterday. Just as I had gone up the second floor into the cubicle, I received another text message from the object of my desire. The massage had already started and I knew that if the ES with the masseur would be consummated, my drive for the object of my desire would have been significantly diminished, or I would have to postpone the rendezvous. Marky is very good the massage is just-just but his ES is extraordinary. However, my mind was somewhere. I was distracted. Here, finally, was the my chance at fulfilling a two year fantasy and I would not have been at my best, because I had just come from an MP. Besides, having just had ES with the masseur my sense of hunger would have been significantly diminished. And since I needed to muster enough charm and guile to convince the object of my desire to go to bed with me, just having had one would have affected my hunting instincts.

  15. Bong said on 23-04-2009


    I heard about Wesha Spa in Timog from this blog. I went there yesterday. The price for a body massage was P680. Aatras sana ako pero the receptionist mentioned about eat-all-you-can food and other stuff so I went in anyway.

    I went to the wet area, took a shower and entered the sauna. Lahat nagtitinginan trying to communicate something but we were not sure what were being communicated. There were a number of Chinese or Japanese yata yon. Most of the men are fat and old with beer bellies. There were exhibitionists too who walked around naked or showered in the open instaed of the cubicle bathrooms. The saunas were really hot– it actually strained my eyes. One sauna was see through while the other one was closed with a door to seal in the steam. I went to both saunas but nothing sexual was happening. Even if something was happening, I think I would just be a spectator since I didn’t like the guys. The only guy I liked was a father who went to the cool pool with his two sons. The other pool has hot water. (Sorry i do not know the spa terms).

    I ate a light dinner before my massage. Food was okay. Nothing special.

    After the light dinner, I had my massage. I was led to a VIP room with three beds. After a few minutes, another guy came in for a massage. I had a male therapist while the other guy had a female therapist. My therapist initially acted manly until nagtawan sila noong female therapist over a conversation. Tinawag pa nga ng female therapist ung masseur ko na “lola” in which he answered with a mahinhin na laughter. Not bothered by it pero medyo “naabuso” yata ako. Most of the time that he was massaging me, he put my shorts down. Usually in other legit spas, whether male or female therapists, after massaging the butt area, they cover it up with shorts. Okay na lang kung masaya siya. Ang pinakaproblema eh ang bilis matapos ng masseur ko eh halos sabay lang nagsimula ung isang client. Doon ko na feel na short change ako.

    After the massage, I ate a heavy dinner. Ilang beses akong bumalik para masulit ko ung binayad ko. I noticed some gay acting men in the table beside me. They would have the taray laugh, flirt with the waiter, talk about gay topics, etc.

    I went back to the wet area. Same thing happened although there were more lean men doing the same things: Go inside the saunas and out. Shower here and there. Then, the gay acting men in the dining areas I mentioned earlier entered the wet area. And this is the funny thing: they were acting macho men now. HAHAHAHA!

    After an hour or so in the wet area, I decided to go na. I showered butt naked in the open bathroom. Sometimes I would face the people while watching the TV. I saw side stares.

    After dressing up, I went to the dining area again to eat my third meal. This time it was the shabu shabu. Sarap! I was so full but I ate most of it because I was worried they would charge me an additional amount if i dont finish my food. Soup lang tinira ko.

    I came home almost 1am. Feeling ko naimpatso ako. The money was worth the eat-all-you-can-food and the saunas– not for anything else. Maybe I’ll go back there again for 8 full hours so I can eat all the food I want and enjoy the sauna.

  16. marco jordan said on 23-04-2009

    So many serialized kwentos here, but i don’t remember reading any of the endings.

    there’s the hot driver who has bolitas… there’s the guy from the autoworks… there’s…another one i can’t remember.


  17. Junjie said on 23-04-2009

    Or any massage parlor with masseurs or doing home service? please help…

  18. Junjie said on 23-04-2009

    Hi. Do we have M2m in Naga, Cam Sur? Please please help….

  19. mylawhite said on 23-04-2009

    Ganda ng story mo Caloy 100% believable.

    Excited na ko sa part 2.

    Nakaka in love ka nga.

    Sana magkarron ka ng sariling blog at pwede kaming maghingi ng advice tipong Margie Holmes Q and A.

  20. Ton said on 23-04-2009

    Naku, Caloy, here you go again with your “abangan sa susunod na kabanata” recount. Kainis!!! :-)

  21. caloy said on 23-04-2009

    Hi Ton, nice to hear from you again. I’ll open my eyes and ears in Macau. My friends rave about the quality of the female prostis there. Imposible namang walang male counterpart although one day lang ako doon. I’m taking the ferry from HK as a side trip.

  22. caloy said on 23-04-2009

    PS. Last sentence first paragraph should read “career graveyard.” Part 2 follows. Thanks.

  23. ton said on 23-04-2009

    Hi Caloy,
    Sorry for late reply. If it is of any help, I noticed that many of the legit hotel MPs employ Filipino staff. Harris, for instance, an ex-Sanctuario masseur works in the MGM spa. (Not sure lang if that is his real name, and if he is still there.)

    Macau is known for (major) prostitution but this is also used as a platform for police corruption. Sabi nila, pulis pa nga daw ang nagde-deploy ng prosti sa mga casino. (Ay, parang Manila din. hehehe.)

    There is just so much (or so many) in Macau. Yun nga lang, parang straight-dominated ang Macau. Mag slot machine ka lang sa casino, may tatabi na sa yong babaeng prosti. But who knows? I was just at the Venetian in February, and was giving eye messages to this guy in a coffee shop. He was with someone but if I had just mustered my guts, baka winner ako sa “sluts” that night.

    Ikaw ang teacher namin dito sa site (apart of course, from Migs), so I am sure you will find your way around. And please, do share. :-)

  24. caloy said on 23-04-2009

    The saying goes “you don’t shit in your own backyard.” The adage becomes even more important when you’re a straight acting gay person working in a very traditional field where the very whiff of a scandal would lead you straight to the career backyard.

    For many years, people know you as this conventional hard worker with a reputation for probity and then BOOM!, the wrong move lifts the veil behind which there is a secret life and the secret life is juicy and takes a life of its own. And then, people would look at each other and say: “I knew there was something there.” or “I told you so.”

    In every large office there’s a fantasy we have that will just be that, an object of fantasy. You never go behind the realm of fantasy unless you want to jeopardize your career.

    I’ve had this object of fantasy for over two years in our office. The guy is not under me and belongs to another department. But the department under my care works very closely with his department and I’ve gotten to see him every day. He is a rank and file employee whose work directly goes to our department. There’s a lot of interaction, and because of this I have his home and cellphone number. The guy is a graduate of a fairly reputable but not expensive university and I understand that he was partly on scholarship. The guy is HOT, HOT, HOT, all of 5’9 or 5’10 and on the side of fair-moreno, a lighter toned Julio Diaz in his younger days. At times, I couldn’t avoid staring and I suspect in the 24 or so months that I knew him, he KNEW that I was staring. Among good looking people, I think there’s this self awareness of how good looking they are. Some cannot handle it and therefore come off as cocky. This guy handles it with a masculine, self effacing aw shucks demeanor. He’s the office crush and I would think the crush ng bayan of his high school and college. One wonders why people who look better than many of our actors and models are never discovered.

    In January, our office gave evaluations of the performances of all its employees. The sad part of this year’s evaluation was that we had to undertake a number of cost cutting measures. One of these measures was to merge his department with another department and he was one of those made redundant.

    I saw this not as a loss but as an opportunity. I couldn’t make a move when he was in the office but this “technical” problem came up and provided a window to act on my fantasy.

    I’ve been in a number of companies and at my age, have friends at the decision making level of these companies. Professionally, I nurture close relationships with people. They become true friends. Sometimes, they need something from you and sometimes you need something from them. Its not being “user-friendly.” Its part of the inevitable networking where every one tries to help to further each other’s career prospects and goals. In this set up, everyone wins.

    We know the people willing to help us and I think he knew that i was more than willing to help him. Several days after his dismissal, he texted me: “Sir Caloy, good AM, kumusta diyan. Sir kung puede sanang makahingi ng referral sa yo para sa (company) kung may kilala kayo doon. Nag aplay po akong (position) doon.” I called him back. I didn’t know anyone in that company but I told him that I was willing to be his reference. I also suggested a number of companies where he might look and where I could help. He asked if we could meet.

  25. Momoy said on 23-04-2009

    Haay, sharing with you my frustrating unmet expectations experience last night!!!This boygroup/teaser group of hunky wannabe’s are “in” now-adays.I’ve been fantasizing the tallest hunk of them but my network could not get me thru him. I was still in Singapore yesterday when my agent texted: “Hey,I could not connect you your “type” but I can give you “the alternate…” (they belong to the same group)…Hmm, well, my Singapore drought has led me to decide…”OK, he must be good looking too considering na he’s in that group..baka nga lang di ko napapansin kase nakazoom-in na ako sa type ko..So how’s the arrangement?”

    “Ok, he wants to see your profile.Shout him a message, here’s his friendster add..and if he’s ok with you, he’ll be your biggest welcome treat when you return to Manila tonight.Good luck!!” Haay, thank God for wonderful network of friends…

    So, checked his fs..ok na rin…matinee idol/boy band look and left a message if he can give me his number after seeing my profile. So, the convention wrapped up and here I was, can’t wait to head back to Manila for my late afternoon flight. My default was to go directly to the SATS lounge and checked the internet if he responded to my fs message…and voila..Without any other word, he just responded with his number. So, I texted him right away.

    Have you had attraction thru text alone? The curt yet friendly responses? No, hi’s and hello’s and no text linggos like haha and hehe? He was that.

    Fast forward after more than a 3-hour flight. I was already driven to my place and found it perfect to call him. But I had to text him first that I will sound suplado and discreet since my driver was with me. “Hey…I’m free tonight, are you?” “Yes, pero ayaw mo ba magpahinga muna?” Bum, padrama pa to..

    “Ok lang, di naman ako pagod.”…”OK, pero pwede mo ba ako sunduin from my condo?” Bum again, diva to. Pero, hmm, I reminded myself na showbiz in. they sing and seduce and glide pala ata…”Ok, we’ll make arrangements with my driver muna.. Text-text tayo for the address.” We could not discuss the rate with the driver around.

    When i hang-up the phone, I texted him how much to prepare for the budget? “What!!…you are that much?”, my reply. “OK, count me out.”..Then as quick as my reply was..”Sir, magkano ba budget mo for me?”…”No, I don’t negotiate..that’s why I don’t like dealing with managers and agents because I hate these kinds of negotiations.” Then he texted back quoting half of his initial price…and lower..and lower…I’f there’s one that I’m good at, I’m highly skilled at business negotiations. So, set, 70% discounted service.

    The next problem was… Will we connect physically? Price was not the issue now then. Will my time be worth it? Will the risk of exposure with another stranger be worth it? Of course, he will be another probable member of the statistics to testify to the media that I am gay in case I’ll run for Senate years from now. Of course, that’s a possibility!!!

    I was excited to pick him up. Didn’t mind the Ortigas and Cubao traffic. I was a block from his place..saw him na outside his condo. Mga 5’9..was wearing all-black.

    Bum, face was all polbo-covered. Didn’t like the smell of his perfume. He could have been gwapo to many but not me. Maybe, i was just so tired.Or my types are weird. In the car, he shared na usually daw,di sya pumapayag na magpapabook directly kase daw baka mahuhuli sya ng handlers nya. Kelangan lang daw nya for the baby and the utilities. Pumasok daw sya sa boygroup dahil naghiwalay sila ng sponsor nya. He would rather stay-put with a steady date (err sponsor)…Hmm, nag-aaply…sorry, i was not interested.With my selfish motives, I tried to play games hoping that I could get from him the numbers of his groupmates, particularly, my type, Mr. C!!!

    Bum again..bawal daw. Number one, mahuhuli daw syang sumusolo ng raket. Number two, di daw nya alam kung rumaraket din ang iba (ah, hello?),strict daw handlers and so many reasons..Never mind!!

    In bed, he sensed that I was not connecting. He did all he can. He asked if he can do more…I said ..”No, thanks.We’ll just dress-up and go for coffee.At coffee, I told him, the problem was with me. Case of unmet expectations.”

    On hindsight, he was a good man. He kept on apologizing even nung pauwi na sya. He told me, he’ll try to secretly discuss possibilities with his groupmates and hopefully, introduce them to me in the future..

    Haay, progression talaga natin in terms of quality. But hey, don’t we deserve it?

  26. Mark Chavez said on 23-04-2009

    sori po sa error above.. i mean nahiya Aku kumuha ng male masseur even though my streyt friend knows that m a DISCREET… sori, tao lang poh.. hehhehe…

  27. Mark Chavez said on 23-04-2009

    oo nga dave, pls continue sharing ur experiences. I/we njoyed reading them…

    btw, last nyt, me and my streyt friend went to Phoenam Boran (m not xure w/ d name) along Timog Ave… un4tunately, i got a female masseur… nkakahiya namn kc na male kukunin q, eh ksama q pa nama un streyt friend q, even though he knows that im streyt… d massage was great but no ES, of cors… i observed that most of the MPs w/ female masseurs didnt have a show rum lyk d Kingspoint, Health and Tonton Spa along T, Morato and even the Phoenam Boran…. routine kc un sa kanila eh… un lng poh…

    Peace on Earth…

  28. prudent virgo said on 22-04-2009

    to all concerned: let peace reign in our hearts. Acceptance, support and patience are the qualities P.L.U. should have.Life is too short. Godspeed to you Dave. Goodluck to your work.

  29. dave said on 22-04-2009

    Kuya Egay peace to you and i thank you for the advice and tips you shared on how to pass the bar exam. However, i just want clarify and refute your comments as follows.

    Who started this mess anyway? i was at peace and in good faith in sharing my experiences and suddenly you just started the trouble by discrediting and insulting my credibility. You should bear in mind that a good lawyer as you claim should lead example for us to follow your footsteps.

    How can you be a role model to me if you yourself is the author of this trouble/mess. Isn’t it be better if you have done this in a nicer way rather than using foul languages and worse even use legal terms as if you are like a jealous old wife who keeps on nagging to his husband. You claim that you are a lawyer but your behavior is far from a truely educated lawyer.

    To be honest Kuya Egay and this is not for bragging or anything else i did not finish the whole 4-four sundays of the bar exam in 2007. It was on the second sunday of the bar exam when i recieved an advice from my agency that my papers are ready and i need to fly on the following day. Its really hard to choose but i have chosen the latter and end up working here in the legal department of an oil company. I failed NOT because my way of writing and arguments are poor nor not substantiated. I failed because i give my bar exam and choose to fly and work abroad to have a better future and career here.

    To be honest KUYA EGAY i take this as a healthy debate because i respect you as my older brother. We need to end this debate, lets just be friends and love one another kung ok lang sayo na akoy maging kaibigan mo.

  30. mylawhite said on 22-04-2009

    Sorry Dave 😉 sa pag judge sa yo

    PLEASE balik ka na sa forum at kwento ng mga experience mo.

    Pasay gurl ako kaya makikita ko din tang PSG mo at sabi nga ng BDO (WE FIND WAYS)

    Sorry Dave, Please Comeback!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Johnvic said on 22-04-2009

    Hey guys. I don’t really know how I ended up in this blog site. But whatever it is that brought me here, I’m thankful. I wasn’t able to work the whole day yesterday because I was glued to this blog site. I couldn’t stop reading. My office mates must have thought I was so engrossed with work that they could do nothing to disturb me even during lunch and breaks. By the way, I have my own room and I’m quite sure there’s no way any one can see what I’m reading or doing on my lap top unless they go around my desk and actually take a peek. So, I can do practically everything on the internet without my office mates ever noticing. Yes, this site is awesome. At first it did not occur to me that this site would turn out to be a treasure trove of information. I appreciate the bloggers’ desire to help others who are still in the dark when it comes to this sort of topics. I also commend their unselfishnes in sharing their own experiences. I would love to share mine too, in my next post.

    Guys, this is my first ever post, so be gentle. Be kind to me.

  32. Mark Chavez said on 22-04-2009

    Ava! Vongga! Ang ganda naman ng mga cross-examinations at mga rebuttal speeches d2.. Mag-attorney na lng kya aku as my second degree fter my MS… hehehhee…

    ur veri much welcome… m xure, mageenjoy ka sa Equanimity.. i do recommend Janus or Basti (f type mu cute at fresh pah)… njoy bro…..

    Peace on Earth….

  33. Greggy said on 22-04-2009

    Mark Chavez, thank you sa reply mo!!! hehehe… :)

  34. Bong said on 22-04-2009

    Hi Migz,

    I also have the same question as Momoy (check his message below). I noticed that there were instances wherein my messages would be posted but when I check on them at a later time, they get deleted. It happened twice or thrice already. The first was my first posting. Another instance was when I talked about my favorable experience with Jay.

    Or could it be just a computer glitch? Thanks.

    Momoy wrote on 22. Apr 2009
    Migs,was there anything offensive in my previous message that’s why it was not posted? Just curious so we could be guided? It was just a tip for Caloy in Hongkong and Macau on where to spot Pinoy folks, regular or models.

    Again, I’m in Singapore now. Any referrals and recommendations?

  35. drew said on 22-04-2009

    pARENG Egay and Dave tama na yang away nyo at walang magandang patutunguhan yan. Magbati na kayo para world peace. Ang totoo neto nag promise ako kay Dave na hindi magkukwento kung ano man ang magaganap sakaling magkita kami ni PSG, curious lang kasi akong makita sya in person. Dave thank you ulit ha, atleast masasabi kong totoo at nag eexist talaga si PSG,napuntahan ko na yung barber shop. Pag biglang tingin parang kahawig nya yung artistang si Chuck Perez. Mas moreno nga lang si PSG.

    Naawa naman ako kay Dave ng dahil lang sa titi ng isang barbero ay siniraan, inalipusta at niyurakan na ninyo yung pagkatao at kredibilidad nya, ganun na ba kababa ang mga PLU’s ngayon, titi lang ng isang barbero ay pinag aawayan ninyo to the extent na sisiraan ninyo ang kapwa nyo at gagamitan pa ninyo ng legal terms considering that this is not the proper forum to use such term. Napaka cheap ng awayang ito dahil titi lang ng isang barbero ang punot dulo ng lahat. Bakit naubusan naba tayo ng titi dito sa pilipinas?

    Dave lagi mong tatandaan na ako ay naniniwala sayo at mas may kredibilidad ka naman kumpara sa iba dito. Nakita ko na ang friendster at sa video cam si Dave isa lang masasabi ko, pwede syang ihilera sa mga lalakeng ipinost ni migs sa site na ito.

    Peace na tayo at sana dave wag mag papa apekto sa iba dito, kung nalulungkot ka online ako ngayon chat tayo ulit wala kasi ako magawa sa office ngayon.

  36. kokoy said on 22-04-2009

    buendia pasay? hmmmm…parang alam ko yan….but i have to check kung tama ako…i’ll tell you guy kapag na-confirm ko na, sa vito cruz-taft lang kasi ako nakatira at sa me bundia ako madalas magawi sa paghahanap ng barbershop – sorry i dont have regular barber,,,,baka ngayon magkaron na…

    dave wag ka na magalit,,, medyo mahangin ka nga lang pero you writes okay naman…bati na tayo ha? hehehe…:):):)

    btw, i’ll be in macau on the second week of may, it will be my first time there,,,

    saan ba may pinoy friendly spa don??

  37. Egay said on 22-04-2009

    Dave, Car is a term generally synonymous with sedan. You argue that car is a general term for all types of vehicles. Certainly, it would be absurd to consider a 10 wheel truck a “car” as you suggest. Law requires precision. A bar examiner once complained to me that many of those who take the bar lack precision and control of language. According to him, they cannot organize their thoughts into a coherent narrative, lacking as they do in logical progression. Kaya bumabagsak sila. The catch-all word for car, pick up, truck, etc. is not “car” but “vehicle”. The problem with your narration is that that you engage in what experts would call “elegant variation,” i.e., using different terms for the same word (appellant, respondent, complainant, etc.) which can be very confusing to the judge.

    I will engage in something constructive at this point. If you really want to pass the bar, apart from the substantive part, practice writing. Be concise, avoid legal language, use the active voice…etc. Most of all read and understand the language and flow of good law.

    Even when you write about MPs and sexual experiences, strive to write well.

  38. Gar-wana said on 22-04-2009

    To all who have been in Asian Massage sa Malate,

    Sino ba dun sa mga masseurs sa Asian ang nagbibigay ng happy ending? Sa Body Scrub ba nila possible na me mangyari? Have anyone here been to MTO Malate? I heard that there are some masseurs who give JO/ES to clients. Any suggestions…


  39. Momoy said on 22-04-2009

    Migs,was there anything offensive in my previous message that’s why it was not posted? Just curious so we could be guided? It was just a tip for Caloy in Hongkong and Macau on where to spot Pinoy folks, regular or models.

    Again, I’m in Singapore now. Any referrals and recommendations?

  40. Aaron said on 22-04-2009

    Guys, wag na kayong mag-away-away. If Dave wants to tell his stories without too many details, then leave him be. At kung ayaw niya ibigay yung mga contact info ni mamang PSG atbp., huwag na ninyong pilitin. Bakit, hindi ba kayo makahanap ng sarili ninyong makakasama? Ang dami ryan sa mga sinehan, tambayan, basketbulan, tindahan, at pati na rin kangkungan. Kung ayaw ninyo yung mga kuwento niya, e di huwag ninyo nang basahin. Mabuti pa, magkuwento na lang kayo ng sarili ninyong mga experience.

    As for the stupid issue regarding the car, while a car usually refers specifically to a sedan/coupe, it can be used as a general term referring to any four-wheeled vehicle, even though a pick-up is more of a truck than a car.

    Anyway, tama na yang issue na yan. Let’s move on.

  41. Pepper said on 22-04-2009


    Just ago ahead and continue sharing your experiences. Mas maraming nakaka-benefit diyan kaysa sa mga naninira.

    We support you!

    World Peace!

  42. Mark Chavez said on 22-04-2009

    wow! ang ganda pala ng feeling if ur inside a trial court! kitang kita mu kung paanu nag-away2x mga attorneys… lolz.. i think, for me naman, s u have to diferentiate a truck from a car… un lng poh.. sori, hndi po aku attorney…

    Equanimity is along Kamuning Rd. From EDSA, its n d left… Approximately 20 meters from EDSA n d ryt s d Mr. Earth Spa (bka may matipuhan ka dun) and from there, another approx. 15 meters n d left s d Equanimity…

    Dave, my friend, here’s my email add: ….

    Peace on Earth…

  43. mario said on 22-04-2009

    aba santambak naman pala ang abugado dito. meron ng cross exam, may demurrer pa. Ako, maniniwala kay Dave kung magbigay siya additional clue kay mamang PSG. After that, I will rest my case na. My email add?

  44. Tisoy said on 21-04-2009

    Oooops sorry,
    Wow mali ang spelling ko ! It shoud be ” putting my hands on his crotch” (not crouch).

  45. Tisoy said on 21-04-2009

    I have not gone to Equanimity, spartacus, Hollywood, body spec,Human touch and other Gay oriented/friendly spa mentioned on this blog. Beware of Police raid on these spas.
    I only tried Sanctuario malate, Asian malate, YinYang and various spas inside Robinson and SM malls. I also tried several legit spas in Cebu. I tried Asian spa in Davao which is not related to Asian Massage spa in Manila. The Masseur at Asian massage Davao tried to arouse me sexually by putting my hands on his crouch but to no avail. I wanted him to play with my “tool” instead and not the other way around. Anyway, he stopped his sensual touch when he noticed that i wasnt interested with his “tool”. In fairness to this guy, his massage was very good.

  46. jr said on 21-04-2009

    ano ito debate na ba talaga ang labanan, i go for Dave, binasa ko pa talaga ang previous posting nya at kung ano ang pinag ugatan ng debate nyo, Egay di naman kasi binanggit ni dave na kotse ang binili nya ang sabi lang CAR at ang car nga naman ay maraming klase merong kotse,tucson,crv at iba pa. Tama rin si dave na sa cross examination be specific sa word na gagamitin, kelangan tanungin mo muna kung anong klaseng Car ang gift ng papa nya, nag assume ka kasi agad na “kotse” ang binili nya kaya ayan nasermunan ka tuloy ni titser Dave hehehehe. Ano ba kayong dalawa magbati na kayo at maliit lang ang mundo.

    Kayo naman kasi pag ayaw magbigay ng information wag pilitin, sabi nga ni Caloy “Let’s all be friends here and respect each other’s limitations and shortcomings”. Sorry to say this, pero ang iba kasi sa atin dito Lahat nalang gusto ring matikman kung anuman yung natikman ni Dave hindi lahat ay nabibili o nakukuha sa pera, diba may kasabihan na ang kay juan ay kay juan at ang kay pedro ay kay pedro, pag ayaw ipahiram wag ipilit at wag manira ng kapwa para walang gulo. In fairness to Dave wala naman akong nakikitang kayabangan sa mga kwento nya, proud lang siguro sya dahil maganda sya lols heheheehe

  47. greggy said on 21-04-2009

    hello!!! san ba ang equanimity at spartacus? hollywood at bodyspec lang ang alam ko eh… thanks sa magrereply!!! hehehe…. :)

  48. dave said on 21-04-2009

    To Egay Congatulations kung bar passer ka. Kung babasahin mo ulit ang posting ko diko sinabi na KOTSE ang binili ko and for your information ang Nissan Car Company ay maraming uri ng sasakyan na kanilang ginagawa. Hindi lang Kotse nasa kategorya ng CAR, meron silang pick-up, patrol etc…… A CAR means-“automobiles a road vehicle, usually with four wheels and powered by an internal-combustion engine, designed to carry a small number of passengers”. Sa cross examination MR. EGAY you have to be careful with your choice of word and be specific with your subject and the way you answer kawawa ang kliyente mo dahil talo na sya agad, Di mo manlang ako tinanong kung KOTSE nga ba ang binili kong Car?. Patawa ka talaga at may nalalaman ka pang demurrer, echos i just hope na marami kang naipanalong kliyente hehehehehe.

    Anyway napilitan lang akong sagutin ang sinabi mong mahina ako, again ang CAR ay maraming klase yan at hindi lang KOTSE ang kabilang sa kategorya ng CAR, try to visit NISSAN CAR Company para magkaroon ka ng ideya. Sa susunod na cross examination be specific and choose a better word. Peace to you.

  49. emerik said on 21-04-2009

    To Dave, isa ako sa mga naniniwala sayolalo na ang tungkol kay PSG dahil na meet ko na sya. Thank you sa pagreply at pagbigay mo ng information mo sa email ko.Tama ang sabi mo gwapo nga sya at matangkad, masarap nga syang mag massage pero walang nangyari sa amin kasi nandun yung pinsan nyang barbero din. pero Dave patawarin mo ako ha kasi para sa akin mas gwapo yung pinsan nya, sa susunod sa pinsan nya ako magpapagupit.

    I feel sorry for the negative comments from our colleagues here, wag kana mapikon, sabi mo nga inggit lang sila sayo. Cheer up men. Sa mga nagtatanong kung saan ang barbershop ni PSG nasa Buendia pasay lang sya at medyo tago yung palce lalo na pag baguhan ka sa lugar na iyun dimo agad makikita dahil nag paikot-ikot pa ako sa paghahanap sa barbershop. Sorry Dave pero i need to give a clue kasi masyado kana nilang nilalait at para matigil na ang curiosity ng iba dito tungkol kay PSG.

    Sana dika magsawang mag share ng mga experinces mo dito, alam ko naman na pinipili mo lang ang binibigyan mo ng information lalo na kay PSG, salamat at nagtiwala ka sa akin. Mabuhay ka at wag ka ng mapikon sa iba dito.

  50. Caloy said on 21-04-2009

    BONG, I know JC. He’s one of the youngest at Spartacus. Hindi talaga yan magaling at di rin malaki. He lives in the squatter area near our village, so I’ve had him at home also, not any better. Spartacus was raided twice last year. The owner is much more preoccupied with promoting his travel agency kaya di natututukan ang mga masseurs. In such a situation, as discussed many times in relation to similar attitude problems in other MPs, recipe ito ng bad attitude, presyuhan, tawaran at masamang serbisyo.

    Dave, don’t despair and just continue to narrate your experiences in this thread. Let’s all be friends here and respect each other’s limitations and shortcomings. Write tayo para maka tulong at mag enjoy. Di ba World Peace?

  51. Egay said on 21-04-2009

    Sorry Dave, take one (1) ako sa BAR EXAMS at di pasang awa. Ano ba ang kotse kundi car? Sapul ka kaagad sa cross examination. No further questions. ..your honor, magdedemurrer na lang ako at mahina ang kalaban.

  52. ike said on 21-04-2009

    Mamuti na ang mata mo Mark Chavez, di ibibigay ni Dave yan. Kasi WALA, WALA, WALA

  53. mylawhite said on 21-04-2009

    May bagong SPA sa may Taft Gil Puyat Papasok doon sa Manila Sanitarium Hospital mukhang puro cutie yung masseur.

    Ang may ari pa ay dalawang bading na curious tuloy ako at ang name ng spa SPADA SPA!!! ma try nga tonight.

  54. Mark Chavez said on 21-04-2009

    anu ba yan nag-aaway2x na ata mga posters dito… wag naman kayo ganyan guys… we are supposed to love and respect each other…

    Dave, pare, wag ka naman mpikon, nagbibiro lng naman mga yan eh..

    pwede b mkuha address ng barbershop ni Mamang PSG.. here’s my adress..

    World Peace…..

  55. Bong said on 21-04-2009

    For Tisoy,

    I think it is a trial and error with the spas. As I have said in my post, I have average to outstanding experiences in other spas like Equanimity and Hunk’s Touch. I just tried Spartacus because it is near my place. After having that bad experience last night, I can always go back to the other spas. They give me what I want: HJ, BJ, kisses, oral and other stuff. I think I would be more scared in getting a stranger come to my house.

    More about Jesse

    During the front massage naman, he scratched my left nipple. Ang sakit noon ha. I thought it was a ring but it was his fingernail. Apologetic naman yung tao pero sakit talaga. He admitted that most of the masseurs didn’t undergo massage training. They just learned from each other. Ngiii!

  56. Tisoy said on 21-04-2009

    Masseurs from non-legit spas know that their clients go to their spa for one thing only: ES which they readily offer to their clients. For me, im not satisfied with handjob and caressing my sensitive body parts. I prefer my masseurs to give me an explosive BJ for which i can give him a fat tip hehehe. The masseurs in non-legit spa are only after of our hard earned money. The quality of the massage suffers to the extent that you go home dissapointed, cursing the spa to hell and eternity and promise not to go back again.
    I think its better to go to legit spas and befriend your favorite masseurs afterwhich you can do all the things you want with him outside the spa or better yet, at the comfort of your hotel or house. Agree?

  57. dave said on 21-04-2009

    nakalimutan kopalang sabihin kay EGAY, may nalalaman ka pang Cross Examination, before you write and open your dirty mouth and make negative comments basahin mo muna kung ano ang nilalaman ng Posting ko at hindi yung dakdak ka ng dakdak na parang Parrot, in my posting I DID NOT MENTION NA KOTE ANG BINILI KO, ang sabi ko duon “CAR”. i guess you know what a CAR means. Ikaw ang talo sa cross examination ok. My advice to you THINK FIRST AND USE YOUR SHARP MINE AND NOT YOUR TOUNGE. Peace to you and good bye

  58. dave said on 21-04-2009

    Sa mga nagsasabing drawing lang ang sinasabi ko, isa lang masasabi ko sa inyo, mamatay kayo sa inggit (joke heehehe). Kung di nyo feel ang pinagsasabi ko better ignore my postings. Diko sinabing rich ako, bakit diko ba pwedeng gamitin o hiramin ang sasakyan ng mga kapamilya ko.Sa tingin nyo papasok ba akong OFW sa ibang bansa kung rich ako. Mga baklang to magsitigil nga kayo.

    To jok jok, egay, myla white. i refused argue with your negative comments are you are all entitled to your own opinion and i respect you for that. Kung sa tingin ninyo ay drawing ang lahat ng sinasabi ko, ok lang afterall we all live in a democratic country.

    In addition, yung kinukwento ko pong iba na experiences ko ay yun yung time ng ako ay nag-aaral pa at yung iba naman ay ng akoy magbakasyon sa ating bayan.May nalalaman pa kayong cross-examination, haler kung idedetalye ko ultimo kangkangan namin sa kama ay masyadong balahura na yan. Yung mga straight men na naka sex ko dipo sila for sale na katulad ng mga MP AT MD na pwede kong ibigay ang address o number nila. I respect whatever comments or opinion you have in your minds but you have to respect me also.

    Lastly i want peace and be friend to all of you guys, alam nyo mahirap ang buhay OFW naghahanap kami / ako ng mga kaibigan na makakatulog na maibsan ang pangungulila ko aking pamilya, kaibigan at sa usual activities ko nung ako ay nasa ating bansa pa. Kung magbakasyon man ako sa ating bansa, limitado lang ang oras ko at lagi akong nagmamadali, pati hada ko ay minamadali ko rin sa kadahilanang gusto kong puntahan o bawiin ang panahong nasayang.

    Anyways, i have dicided na this will be the last time na mag post ako ng aking experience, i have this feeling that i am not welcome by most of our PLU’s here, masyado lang siguro akong naging excited ng pag shashare o pag popost ng aking experiences ng madiskubre ko ang site na ito last December 2008. Akala ko nakatagpo ako ng lugar kung saan pwede kong i voice out ang tunay kong nararamdaman but it turns out to be very negative. Sa mga nasaktan kong nakabasa ng aking mga previous postings (kung meron man) sorry for that, it was never my intention to annoy or disappoint your expectations. Salamat dahil sa maikling panahon ng ating pagsasama sa site na ito napaligaya at napangiti ninyo ang isang OFW na PLU’S.

    Peace to all and best regards!!!

  59. Bong said on 21-04-2009

    Pahabol about Spartacus

    I asked the receptionist kung bakit wala na yung website nila. He answered na iniwan sila ng web designer. I wonder why.

    During the back massage pala, Jesse was commenting na ang kinis-kinis daw ng balat ko (medyo tisoy kasi ako). Hmmmm. I think I detected something there kaso may nangyari na. All the more that I felt frustrated when I left!

  60. Curious said on 21-04-2009

    This is for Dave.
    Are you in NY at this time? If you are, shoot me an email at

  61. Bong said on 21-04-2009

    My experience with SPARTACUS.

    I have been to Equanimity and other spas. My experience with these ranges from average to outstanding. Tonight, I have just experienced the WORST.

    When I went there, the place was not visible. I didn’t know whether to walk through the stairs or to follow the alley going down. I have to ask from the building security officer for the direction. The place was hidden at the back of the building.

    When I was walking towards the spa, the guys seated on a bench outside the place started to stand up and enter the spa area. When I asked how much the massage was, receptionists said it was 400. Since I was not sure of the quality, I just said that it was more expensive than the others. When I was about to leave, the manager said that he would give me a discount since it was my first time. Then they offered me their promo. The rate was okay but the problem was… out of the many guys, I only found two or three to be attractive. Some are even old. Now I know why some bloggers were saying that they went to Spartacus and left without availing of their services.

    Anyway, gusto ko lang i-try. The managers suggested Jesse (or was it JC?). He said he is from Manggahan in Commonwealth. He has baby fats with a scar on his heart area which he claimed to be a birthmark. I was inquiring about the others but the managers kept insisting that if I wanted to have a “memorable” experience, I should get Jesse. So okay pumayag naman ako. They have this promo that included body scrub, turkish bath and massage. I asked Jesse how much ang charge niya for ES and he said that “kayo na lang ang bahala.” He has average manhood. At this point, I started to doubt about the “memorable” experience promised. The place is quite clean compared to the other spas. Ang problema eh minadali niya ang scrub, Turkish bath at massage kasama ang ES. He admitted that it was less than an hour– 45minutes to be exact. I just told him to let me lie down on the bed for the next 15 minutes. Okay lang daw pero halatang he wanted to get rid of me so I paid him na an amount similar to what I give sa ES services sa ibang spas. Ang sabi niya eh kulang daw yon. May minimum rate daw sila. Siyempre I got mad coz he said earlier na ako na ang bahala– pala, he had an asking price. I just added a few more hundred pesos and left right away.

    Now I know why Licos, great circle, jake cruise and other bloggers have negative feedback about this spa. It has nothing to do with the place or with the receptionists. Rather, the masseurs have attitude problem. Tama ang mga managers na memorable experience ko. And if the info mentioned is correct in this thread, it was raided by the police late last year. I will definitely not going back there again.

  62. jokjok said on 21-04-2009

    Bagyong Dave!!!!HULI Kaaa!!!!!

    kokoy wrote on 19. Apr 2009
    law grad ka pala, akala ko fine arts…hehehe…..peace man

    egay wrote on 21. Apr 2009
    Jocjoc. Agree ako sa yo diyan. matagal ko nang suspetsa na magaling magdrowing tong si Dave. At subtle rin siyang mag hint na mayaman siya. kesyo,
    ibinili siya ng grad gift na kotse ng dad niya, at take note, noong baha, iba yung drinadrive niya, pick up, so he has more than one vehicle available to him.


  63. mylawhite said on 21-04-2009

    agree ako sa 2 nag post , mukha ngang puro drawing yang kwento ni Dave at saka di naman maibigay yung PSG KUNO, :) ewan ko ba pinatulan ko tong ilusyunada na to kasi i know the 7-11 guy pero tingin ko eh hanggang tingin lang tong si Dave at drawing lang lahat ang kwento niya at saka sa mga kwento at daming butas sa story.

  64. egay said on 21-04-2009

    Jocjoc. Agree ako sa yo diyan. matagal ko nang suspetsa na magaling magdrowing tong si Dave. At subtle rin siyang mag hint na mayaman siya. kesyo, ibinili siya ng grad gift na kotse ng dad niya, at take note, noong baha, iba yung drinadrive niya, pick up, so he has more than one vehicle available to him.

    Ok lang sana yan, pero bilang law graduate, bagsak nga lang sa bar, dapat alam niya na lalagpack siya sa cross examination dahil mahina sa detalye. Kesyo, prinoprotectahan raw niya ang sources niya. Ano, privileged communication, sa Rules of Court, hindi sakop ng privilege communication rule sa relasyon ng bading at mga napikup niya, sa kaso ni ave, kung meron man.

    Dito, maraming nag kukuwento ng hitik ng detalye, at mukhang totoo’t nakakatulong sa pagaaliw sa ating mga gays. Eh kay Dave, walang kuwenta yung mga kuwento niya. Wala na ngang detalye para makapulot man lang tayo ng tip, pangit rin at manipis ang narrative structure.

    Anong ginagawa mo diysan sa States Dave, nagaaral ng drowing sa The New School sa New York?

    May hangin nga. Bagyo.

  65. egay said on 21-04-2009

    Jocjoc. Agree ako sa yo diyan. matagal ko nang suspetsa na magaling magdrowing tong si Dave. At subtle rin siyang mag hint na mayaman siya. kesyo, ibinili siya ng grad gift na kotse ng dad niya, at take note, noong baha, iba yung drinadrive niya, pick up, so he has more than one vehicle available to him.

    Ok lang sana yan, pero bilang law graduate, bagsak nga lang sa bar, dapat alam niya na lalagpack siya sa cross examination dahil mahina sa detalye. Kesyo, prinoprotectahan raw niya ang sources niya. Ano, privileged communication, sa Rules of Court, hindi sakop ng privilege communication rule sa relasyon ng bading at mga napikup niya, sa kaso ni ave, kung meron man.

    Dito, maraming nag kukuwento ng hitik ng detalye, at mukhang totoo’t nakakatulong sa pagaaliw sa ating mga gays. Eh kay Dave, walang kuwenta yung mga kuwento niya. Wala na ngang detalye para makapulot man lang tayo ng tip, pangit rin at manipis ang narrative structure.

    Anong ginagawa mo diysan sa States Dave, nagaaral ng drowing sa The New School sa New York?


  66. jokjok said on 20-04-2009

    May bagyo may bagyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lakas ng hangin nitong si Dave.

  67. Pepper said on 20-04-2009

    Hi Dave,

    I do agree with you on respecting the dignity of every person, whether they are masseurs, etc. I have always respected everyone, no matter what they’re condition in society is. In fact, may close friend nga ako na janitor sa opis namin who I have a feeling na nagkaroon na ng karanasan sa kapwa lalake. Parang nadulas kasi siya sa pagkwento nung isang time na nag-iinuman kami. Anyway, I know the friendship will remain and develop.

    By the way, is it okay if I get the location and/or contact details of your PSG friend in Pasay? Rest assure that the respect and confidentiality will always be treasured.

    Salamat. Please email me the details at

    Ingat po lagi!

  68. dave said on 20-04-2009

    I took the bar exam last 2007 but sad to say isa ako sa mga libo-libong bumagsak pero ok lang tanggap ko naman ang kasabihan na MANY ARE CALLED BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN, anywat try ko ulit sa 2010, mag iipon at magpapayaman muna ako dito sa ibang bansa joke hehhehehe. Pero alam mo tol diko akalain na sa Law School na pinag reviewhan ko dun ko pala makikilala ang lalaking nagpatibok sa malandi at mapaglaro kong puso. Mahabang kwento bago kami nagkatikiman kasi five months ang reviewhan blues namin, pero unang araw palang ng review namin kinabog na agad ang puso ko ng makita ko sya sa parking lot, akala ko nga lawyer na sya kasi sa tindig palang ay masasabi mo ng di sya basta basta. Suplado at di sya palabati at laging sa sulok lang sya naka upo in short seryoso syang tao, i must admit imbyerna ako sa mga katulad kong Pamintahan ang drama sa review center(ANG DAMI NAMING PAMINTA PROMISE AT EWAN KO BA KUNG SINO PA ANG MAY MALALAKING MASELS AT GWAPO AY SYA PA ANG PAMINTA EVER) kasi uunahan ba naman akong maupo sa tabi nya at ang mga darnang ito kung ano-anong ka echosan pa ang ginagawa para lang makausap sya.

    Anyways, i got the chance to talk with him ng bumaha sa daan at di sya makalabas dahil kotse yung gamit nya, gabing gabi na nuon at ayaw tumigil ng ulan, tuwing buwan ng MAYO AT HUNYO kasi ay tag ulan sa atin laging lubog ang kalye kaya sa akin na sya nakisakay kasi pick-up ang gamit ko at kayang sumabay sa bahang daan, ang haba ng hair ko that time at sorry nalang sa mga kapatid kong paminta sa review center dahil sa akin sya nakisakay at dun nagsimula ang love story namin.

  69. caloy said on 20-04-2009

    Dave, have you taken the bar na? Are you abroad for your LLM?

  70. caloy said on 20-04-2009

    I will be in Macau this weekend. Any tips please? My turn naman to ask.

  71. Bong said on 20-04-2009

    To KaKa,

    Hi! Here’s the link to the website of equanimity spa:

    Just go to the intersection of EDSA-KAMUNING. If you are in Edsa from Monumento going to Cubao, turn right to Kamuning. The other side is Kamias. The place is walking distance from the intersection. It is on your left side. Madadaanan mo pa nga isang spa called Mr. Earth (Anyone who has gone to this place?).

    About Jay. When I heard about him here on this thread, I really got curious about him. I checked the spa’s website and and I didn’t find him that attractive. I called the place several times but he was either out or with a customer. Since di magkatugma ang oras namin, I just went there to check the place kahit wala siya. As I looked at the boys in their room through a glass, biglang dumating si Jay. Wala pa ring dating sa akin. I looked at the boys again through the glass at wala akong magustuhan. So I decided that I would try Jay. The moment you start to talk with him and when you are inside the cubicle, the magic begins. Masarap kausap. Malambing. Magaling mag-massage at mangiliti. The interesting thing eh kababayan ko siya. He knows some of my relatives in the province. Ngiii! Btw, he reads this thread too from time to time. He was introduced to this by a client who happens to be a lawyer which he didn’t disclose the name. Ikaw ka ba yon Dave since lawyer ka? Anyway, di pa ako nakakabalik doon. He lost his celphone but fortunately his sim card was returned. He uses a friend’s celphone when he is in the spa.

    I hope you find the place this time. Tell me what you think.

  72. dave said on 20-04-2009

    Alam mo pareng Bong, ako din na experience ko yan yung nandun na chance na makuha mo pero dimo magawa. it was 2007, two months before my graduation in law school. My father called me na tumingin ng car na gusto kong gift nya para sa graduation ko, so ako naman punta agad ng Nissan Edsa, ang unang nag entertain sa akin ay girl, pero wala akong gana pag girl kahit sexy pa sya, sabi ko ikot ikot muna ako para makapili ako ng gusto ko, hanggang may lumapit na sales assistant na lalake, nanginig agad ang laman ko pare, just like my type semi-cal na matangkad na mukhang barumbado. Syempre pa girl ako sa kunwari nakikinig ako pero ang totoo wal aakong naintindihan sa mga sinabi nya sa akin kasi talagang nanginginig na ang laman ko sa kanya.

    To cut the story short, nabili ko yung car na gusto ko, pero diko manlang sya natikman, i invited him to attend my graduation party, may konting inuman at sa bahay ko na sya natulog that night pero ewan ko at parang naging mahiyain ako, diko maigalaw ang kamay ko para landiin sya basta diko nagawa ang pagnanasa ko sa kanya. Naging kaibigan ko sya at naging nanay nanayan ko na rin ang nanay father nya kasi tigok na. Kung ilang beses din syang nakitulog sa bahay ko nuon na minsan pa nga ay brif lang ang suot at nagigising akong nakapatong ang hita at kamay nya sa akin or should i say nakayakap na sya sa akin pero wala talagang nangyari Hanggang sa nakaalis ako ng pilipinas na diko manlang natikman ang buko juice nya. Nagbakasyon ako last january at sa hotel din sya natutulog minsan pero ganun parin wala paring nangyayari sa amin, sa kanya lang yata ako naging MARIA CLARA. Nasa akin na lahat ang pagkakataon, abot kamay na pero ewan ko feeling ko MARIA CLARA ako. Sa iba naman di ako mahiyain, talagang lumuluhod ako ng walang belo pero kay Mark diko magawa.

  73. Bong said on 20-04-2009

    Naka bakasyon ako ngayon from work so I have time to post.

    Caloy and the experts,

    Tulungan ninyo kami nina Marco Jordan and others about gay signals and communication. I know there are no straight rules but at least the basics lang ba. Should we call it MIGGZ (in honor of the website owner)105: GAY GESTURES AND COMMUNICATION? MIGGZ 101 would be AM I GAY? — a diagnostic course if a man is gay, bi or straight. Kayo na bahala sa ibang courses. Hehehe!

  74. Bong said on 20-04-2009

    Sorry for the typos in my earlier post.

    About MPs

    I agree with Caloy not to go to MPs during the peak hours. I actually go to the MPs around 8pm. Minsan, katatapos lang kumain ng dinner ang mga masseurs. Ang downside lang nito eh sometimes, wala pa yung mga “star” masseurs na hindi stay in. Si Jay eh stay in sa Equinamity. Si Janus eh stay out. Basta, ingat lang tayo.

    About GBs
    I had my rounds of the GBs lately after many years of not visiting these places. I just watched pero sa kakulitan ng mga floor managers, may mga naka-table akong MDs. At one point, na-try kong makipag-laplapan with an MD inside the bar during the dark in-between dance moments. He told me na choosy daw siya sa kini-kiss niya. Since tisoyin, mabango at malinis daw ako, he initiated the kiss at bumigay naman ako. Ang galing niya. I went back last weekend to see him pero may nag-table na sa kanya. To my surprise he was kissing yung naka-table niya who looked dirty and somewhat old (sorry for being judgmental)! Imbes na mainggit ako, bigla akong nandiri. And my issue again eh natakot ako sa STDs, virus, at bacteria we can get from kissing and sucking (I’m not into fucking). I think we are looking for love and affection in the wrong places. But where are the right places? Bakit ung iba eh talagang may relasyon sila na di involved ang money?
    Tanong lang yon.

  75. dave said on 20-04-2009

    Kapatid na kokoy mukhang magkakasundo tayo hehehe, ang totoo nyan kaya lang ako nag enroll sa boxing at karate sa pinas kasi nga type ko yung trainor, sad to say di ako maka first base sa kumag na yun kasi nga laging nakabantay sa gym ang girl friend nyang model modelan. Pero pag uwi ko ng pinas sisisguraduhin ko ng marereyp ko sya hahahaha, ang sarap kasi ng feeling yung magsusuntukan kayo tapos kunwari matutumba ako na kasabay sya naku po feel na feel ko yung SANDATA nya na malambot pa hahahaha. Pero totohanin ko rin ang mag boxing at karate para proteksyon ko rin yun for self defence, natuto narin kasi akong humawak ng baril sa province namin, malapit lang kasi ang farm namin sa Campo ng mga sundalo kaya nagpaturo akong humawak ng armalite at 45 caliber sa mga Army, guess mo may mga natikman akong sarhento at kernel mga bata pa sila (fresh graduates from PMA) at talagang juicing juicy.

    Anyway i look forward to meeting you soon, enroll ka rin sa gym para sabay tayo. type kitang maging friend. take care

  76. Marco Jordan said on 20-04-2009

    Bong, your story was hilarious! Kasi ako din ganyan! Hahaha Nag-abay pa ako sa kasal nung isa, wala ding nangyari. Naging friends lang kami. Ang totoy talaga natin when it comes to flirting with straight men.

    Momoy/Caloy: Do you offer classes? :-)

  77. Bong said on 20-04-2009

    On flirting with straight men.

    I always thought that I’m somewhat “malamya” but maybe I act more straight than I what I think.

    Anyway, I am somewhat attracted to promodizers. I am interested on how they speak good English and how cute they look. Let me tell you stories that happened a few years ago.

    Promodizer 1 was selling water filter system during an exhibit at SM North EDSA– I live near the area. This guys is really cute and intelligent with matching glasses. I asked alot of questions until I said, “Pare, puede kong kunin contact number mo para kung may tanong ako about your product, tawagan na lang kita?” Of course he gave me his number. Initially, we talked about water filter sa celphone until the talks became friendly. He said he was married with a family.

    Promodizer 2 was selling video camera at SM North EDSA. He looks like Ryan Agoncillo and I’m not kidding. I inquired about a certain video camera which became the topic of our conversation. Anyway, I returned the following day but he was somewhat moody. I just left. I came bacj two days later and he was there. I went there again and talked to him and he was very polite this time. I kidded him na he was suplado a few days earlier. He said he was worried coz “ma-e-endo” (end of contract) na daw kasi siya. Initially, I told him na dapat mag-treat siya dahil he would get his pay soon. And he said it was for his family. Instead, I just invited him for snack sa food center. KFC pa nga. We chatted during his break time. I got his contact info. And we are still in communication until now. I met his wife and children.

    End of the story? Promodizers 1 and 2 became my kumpare when they asked me to become Ninong of their children. And nothins sexual happened.

    Question: Where did I go wrong?

  78. kokoy said on 20-04-2009

    good thing for manny (pacquiao), mahusay hair dresser nya saka yong pumupili ng damit niya….that’s what money can do..hehehe…

    si donaire, maingay daw talaga yan, jolly, amboy kasi…pero he’s good raw naman, kasi kilala siya ng friend ko sa US….

  79. Momoy said on 20-04-2009

    I had this bad experience of being with Donaire and his big-mouthed, ultra bastos team of alalays at the Mabuhay lounge of PAL.Donaire was with his controversial diva wife.They had 2-muscled and loud and bastos bouncer-type alalays na sounding American street twang pretending to be all-american-never-known Tagalog)eh mukha namang mga hippie kanto boy. It really annoyed me that they spoke so loud and laughed so hard making fun at women, particularly the ladies serving at the lounge.The bouncer alalays came with their respective girls pa nyan ha, wala man lang magawa.They were just so loud and obnoxiously disrespectful!!!

    And Manny… I was in a GenSan flight that had to wait for more than 30 minutes because PacMan and his entourage came in late. Ok lang..forgivable but lovable, nah!!!

  80. KaKa said on 20-04-2009

    Totoy Bato, you’ve just whet my appetite for Jay. Can someone please tell me where it is? Pumunta ako sa Kamuning three weeks ago, di ko nakita, sa Lakan na lang ako kumuha.

  81. caloy said on 20-04-2009

    Kokoy agree ako, cute talaga si Donaire. Pero ok rin si Brian Viloria at yung isa pang boxer.

    Dati napapangitan ako kay Manny Pacquiao. However, over a year ago, on the way to Gen San, this guy sat beside me on the plane. One of my requirements for my clients is that if they ask me to fly, it should be business class (respeto lang lalo kung malaki ang at stake, dapat hindi tipirin). Noong una, di ko napansin (except yung amoy, napakabango, at napaka subtle yung bango, yung parang kaliligo palagi) dahil I was reading my newspaper, but then, a prominent lawyer who is always on tv dropped by our row and greeted him. Doon ko napansin na si Pacquiao pala ang katabi ko. Ag ganda ng skin, mamula mula, Magaling manamit. (Manny must have a stylist, his suits are first first class at bagay na bagay sa palace at panahon – remember his seersucker suit last year?). All on a very muscular guy with very strong hands (imagine grasping those muscled arms and hands while hhe is coming in and our of you with the same intensity he does on the ring?). Di ko pa napagpantasyahan si Manny, malapit na. But years ago, on his way up, I might have laughed if someone suggested this. In person, ang lakas ng dating niya. Kung may pumapato man sa kanyang artista, I don’t think now its the money. A strong muscled man, very well dressed exuding masculinity from every pore with a gentle demeanor and an always ready smile.

    BTW yung boxing technique ni Donaire, kung si Manny ang nakalaban niya (assuming same weight class) wala pang 1 minute, bagsak na siya. I ‘ve seen many of Manny’s early fights at yung basic rhythm at style niya, nandoon na. Talented talaga and Freddie Roach simply refined and made better what was already there.

    Going to the subject of athletes, eto ang mga gusto kong masahiin: Fabian Hambuchen (gymnastics), the French Rugby Team particularly Julien Hans, some of theNY Mets, Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees, Ravi Shastri (cricket, India); Sachin Tendlukar (cricket, India, noong bata pa siya). Sorry…tripping lang LOL.

  82. Mark Chavez said on 20-04-2009

    nkakabitin naman mga mgastories d2….. pls continue them guys… nkakaexcite talaga, prmz… lolz…

  83. Andre said on 20-04-2009

    The Guy from the Autoworks

    I had an experience with a guy working in an autoworks somewhere in Cavite. There was one time when I was still a newbie in driving I was hit by a bus. Knowing that I will spend a lot if I’ll have Ford fix the damages, I looked for ordinary autoworks and asked if they can fix our car.
    And here was everything started, si cute na painter ng car yung nag assist sakin. average height around 5’6, moreno, cute smile…average looks.
    I told him particular ako if they can replicate the original color of our car since bumper yung may gasgas and obvious pag hindi match yung color. Sabi nya expert sya don and walang problema so pumayag na rin ako. He needed half day daw to fix the car and since early afternoon palang sabi ko iwan ko na yung car at palipas na lang ako ng oras sa malapit na mall.
    Sabi nya walang problema, kinuha nya number para daw text nya ko if tapos na…bingo! got his number ng walang kahirap hirap. so punta na ko sa mall para magpalipas oras…mga 5pm na pala at di ko napansin ang oras, i got a text from the painter: sir pasara na yung shop, di nyo pa ba babalikan tong car?
    i replied na pabalik na ko, pahintay na lang.
    so pagbalik ko sa shop, ok naman yung gawa nya at nakuha nya yung color. sabi ko ok ang gawa ah! expert talaga. i asked him san nya nakatira, sabi nya somewhere in dasma. hmm…offered him to drop him in his place and pumayag naman sya.
    so while driving, obvious na patingin tingin ako sa kanya from the rear mirror. minsan naman sa lap nya..hehe
    then to break the silence, i tap his leg and ask if he’s okay..ok naman daw sya na may pilyong ngiti…
    sabi ko oh bat ganyan ngiti mo..sabi nya wala lang.



  84. totoy bato said on 19-04-2009

    i went to equanimity this afternoon, of course with jay as my masseur,,he still the best for me, excellent massage and other service….he’s still sooooo mabait and he speaks like a little boy (courtesy of his visayan accent)….unlike others here na iba-iba ang masseur, im loyal to my regular masseur lam nyo na, kapag regular client ka, always special ang massage service..i dont really care if the extra service is excellent or not, minsan ako, i just hug and kiss him, ayaw ko rin naman siya e-exhaust ng todo lalo na kapag alam kong medyo pagod din siya…sarap kaya ni jay yakapin lang.

    on my way out, nagkita kami ni Jeff Cruz,, my former regular masseur sa Phoenix (now Body SPec)…he’s still cute and mas gumwapo yata..

    since we have the referral system here naman, guys try nyo naman si Jeff, he is very good masseur, like jay, mabait din siya sobra, he never quoted a price to me when he first did an extra service to me sa Phoenix, (but please, be fair naman mga pare) baligtad lang sila ni jay kasi si jay tahimik, si jeff naman makuwento…pero PROMISE hindi kayo madi-disappoint sa kanya, had i know na nasa Equanimity siya ngayon, baka hindi ko na nakilala si jay, kasi jeff is really good…kaya lang as i said i stick to only one good masseur, kaya i always look for jay ngayon, pero if get unlucky na makuha si jay on my next visit, si jeff ang next choice ko…..More power everyone..:)

  85. marco jordan said on 19-04-2009

    Momoy, Caloy, and Dave: Thank you for your sharing your stories and your tips on conquering the elusive straight prey. Your proficiency is truly inspiring… perverse as that may sound. hahaha I’ll try to apply everything i have learned here, and hope to share some of my own stories in the future.

    Caloy, i only saw your message to me to email you. I shall. Thanks again.

  86. kokoy said on 19-04-2009

    naku, baka suntukin mo ako pag nagkita tayo….hehehe,, pasaway lang talaga ako, peace :) i just like making fun with peers..hehehe…
    btw kapag nagbakasyon ka dito sa pinas e magpamasahe ka na lang, mahirap ata yong na-mimikap ng kung sino sino kasi baka kung ano ang makuha mo sa kanila. at least sa MP hanggang handjob or BJ ang extremest na pwede, HIV naman cant be transferred by just sucking unless you swallow the ____.
    ako naman i seldom visits MP mga at least twice a month lang, every payday baga, lam mo naman kailangan konting discipline din, we cant tell kahit na we are blessed with high paying job today kung lagi naman tayo waldas e, baka madrain din bank accounts natin..

    sige let me know kapag nandito kana sa pinas, turuan mo din ako boxing..hehehe, speaking of boxing…today Viloria and Donaire both won against their opponents sa Araneta Col. Donaire is cute ha? crush ko siya, galing pa kumanta…He guested once sa SOP.

  87. DP said on 19-04-2009

    Momoy – love your stories, keep ’em coming, bud!!

  88. dave said on 19-04-2009

    sad to say mr kokoy, ni minsan never akong nag nasa sa mga junior ng mga straight friends ko kahit mga delicious pa sila, gifted child ako pare. Malaswa nga siguro ako pero thats me, minsan lang ako maging bakla at sariwa kaya habang bata pa ako at malakas pang umiskor ay go lang ako ng go para pagtanda, mahirap kasi yung kung kelan ka naging gurang at uugod-ugod e saka ka naman lumandi. Kung gusto mo eyeballs pa tayo pag uwi ko ng pilipinas para join ka sa akin sa gym, nag enrol kasi ako ng boxing at karate sa pinas. Peace to you

  89. kokoy said on 19-04-2009

    ang laswa mo lola dave ha???????

    hmmmmmmm…siguro habang nag-oorgy kayo titig na titig ka sa junior ng mga friends mo…..or worst, baka nga in some instances, ikaw na pala ang inoorgy, instead of the gro….hehehe….joke lang, wag ka na magalit,,,natutuwa (sometimes, natatawa) lang ako sa mga shared stories mo..

    law grad ka pala, akala ko fine arts…hehehe…..peace man :)

  90. Momoy said on 19-04-2009

    Pahabaan na ang mga replies dito ah!!…Are you ok with this or anyone already complaining?

    Anyway, just a comment on Phaen Boran (?) along Timog. I’ve read exciting sharings from that legit thai massage clinic.I went there 2 nights ago and sadly, that was not for me if I was expecting exciting thing to happen beyond the massage.

    I was lucky to get a good parking. The clinic was fairly clean, even the beds and set-up was far better than most similarly-themed thai massage like Ton-Ton massage. Fortunately, the 4 masseurs were all in the lobby when i got in.

    Pardon me because I am not really suppose to judge this clinic based on what they are not meant to do.But i’ll be disrespecting them if only to convey a message and prevent false expectations.

    All 4 of the masseurs were far from being pleasant-looking. The two were short and even then, far from called cute. The tall guy with colored hair was obviously gay and the last guy was very ordinary. I was obviously dissapointed so i opted for the thai massage instead of the more contact massage, swedish.

    The massage was good, in fact, very good. Even with the thai massage, there was an obvious effort to deliberately scratch the masseur’s crotch to my legs and other body parts. But I was not biting. I just can’t do it without the slightest attraction.

    Walang privacy..only curtains divided the spaces. After my massage and while I was fixing myself up, the other guy to my left deliberately opened the divider curtain to take a peek at me dresing up. He was naked, waiting for his masseur.Bastusan.

    For good, trained hands, Phaen Boran is ok. But for anything else, let’s scout for better options.

  91. caloy said on 19-04-2009

    Momoy, ang ganda ng encounter mo, first class at kung pandagdag lang sa tuition yung hiningi niya, mukhang value for money. I’ll email you in a few minutes.

  92. caloy said on 19-04-2009

    On Raids. If you notice most of my narrations are about late afternoons and early evenings or at about 3 am. I rarely, if ever go between 9:30-1:30pm the average time for raids. Alam ng police ang peak times, siyempre, its a waste of their effort kung pupunta sila, at kokonti lang ang masseurs at customers so the likely times for raids are between 11pm-1am. Best to go early, yuung time na kapapasok lang ng mga masseurs. Fresh pa di pa nila alam kung magkaka cliyente sila, so medyo ganado.

  93. Momoy said on 19-04-2009

    Caloy,now I know why you have not been texting back and that number was not active when I gave you a ring. Email me a again that number or a better, working contact number that will be more efficient.I even texted you from my post-paid so you should be at peace.

    I have my latest conquest that continues to excite me until now. I met him two weeks ago at one of our events in Bulacan. The moment I saw him, my toes were shaking because I thought “the” Coco Martin was attending or was also a guest at the same event. Coco was a year-long fantasy. In fact, a showbiz friend already introduced us (during one of the promo gigs for Serbis) and I have his number. Unfortunately, dumating ako sa buhay ni Coco na grabe na ang pag-gwardiya sibil ni Direk sa lalo ngayon sumikat na sya sa mainstream.

    Anyway, this splitting image was not Coco Martin but a taller, younger version. I found ways to get to know him before I started with my seminar.Aww, the guy was such a challenge. He was very shy, almost suplado except that he ended his one-liner retorts with a weakening, Mr. Close-Up smile. He was Ervic,19-year old nursing student of a local university in Bulacan. From our exchanges, he already has a gf (he plays guard (at 5’9)of their basketball team that represents his town in provincial league.We exchanged numbers and never saw each again after all the extravaganza of the event.

    Driving on my way home, got this text from Ervic..”Doc, ahm, slmat sa mga wisdom and advice na nattunan namn.Ingt pauwi – Ervic”. I replied curtly, “Sure, that was a great audience. Wishing you all personal success”..To which he texted back “Neeencourage ako sayo doc kase di ko namn tlga gusto maging nurse pero after ng lecture nyo po, parang nakita ko sarili ko sayo.Parang ikaw, doktor ka pero di ka naman full-time at ginagawa mo at pinagkikitaan ang mga gusto mo talagang gawin sa buhay.”..The night became exchanges of text messages with me acting as his big brother.

    A week has passed and we kept on exchanging text messages. Kilala ko na halos si Ervic, Ginebra ang favorite team nya, pangarap nya makapasok sa Embassy Bar, ayaw ng dad nya sa gf nya, pinapaaral sya ng tita nya…na kung gwapo sya, mas gwapo daw daddy nya kung saan sya nagmana…

    Then, came saturday am, April 18..I must have done something really good to be blessed by the heavens because the morning after then, Ervic’s unexpected text read…”Good am doc,bfast na po ba kau? Mag-eenroll sana ako for summer semester kaso lang kulang ang perang padala ng tita ko.May isa kase akong pre-requisite subject na nadagdag.” Hah? Magkano ba kulang mo? “P1,600 poh”…Huh? “Can you drive to my place to get that amount, Bulacan ka pa?”…”Talaga doc, sige poh, uwi lang ako then sakay na ako bus…Saan po ba ang inyo?”

    I arranged to pick up Ervic at the lobby of Shangrila Mall last night. From 3-car distance, klaro-klaro ang pag stand-out ni Ervic. Visually-taller than his actual height with a lean basketball player body, thick, gelled hair over a Coco Martin face except na mas moreno. He was wearing a V-neck black, almost body-hugging shirt over a boot-cut dark blue jeans.Haay, such a face I wanted to passionately kiss.

    He got into my car and we drove directly to my condo. He was very quiet, answering my questions with only “opo” at “ok naman po”. I had my yayas fix the dinner ready before we arrived at my condo. When we arrived at the condo, my yayas already went back to their quarters at my other unit, 6 floors below. I gave Ervic his condo slippers and seated him to relax.

    “Ang taas naman po ng condo nyo doc.” Then, he rose up to the window pane…”Grabe, ang ganda ng Manila pag gabi, parang ang tahimik..akala mo walang problema.”..Then, suddenly, “Mag-isa ka lang ba dito doc?” …I was then at the kitchen preparing ice cubes..”Hmm, yup, pero may mga katulong na umaakyat pag pinapaakyat ko.” Laking gulat ko nang nasa likod ko na pala si Ervic sabay bulong sa kaliwang tenga ko ng… “Ayaw mong makita nila mga milagro mo, huh?”. Medyo may kunwaring inis ang tingin ko sa kanya pero naunahan ako ng pagdampal ng palad nya sa puwet ko at isang mapang-akit na ngiti.

    Syet. Malalim at pilyo ang batang ito. Sabi ko na nga mga tahimik na tao, nasa loob ang kulo.

  94. dave said on 19-04-2009

    Kapatid na manuelito true ka dyan sa sinabi mo, nakakatakot kapag na raid at na head line and MP, share ko lang ang experience ko tungkol sa RAID na yan, i was with my BEST FRIEND LA GRETA ang big girl ng binondo, pareho kaming excited na pumasok sa GB dahil first time namin(promise) sa ADONIS kami pumunta malapit lang sa GMA 7.

    Nung una kabado kami dahil first time naming pumasok sa ganung lugar, pero ng tumagal na nag eenjoy na kami at kumuha pa talaga kami ng private room at may ka table kaming 2 macho papa, nasa kalagitnaan na kami ng romansahan sa aming mga partners ng biglang umilaw tapos biglang namatay ang ilaw, akala ko brown-out yun pala may RAID, diko ma explain yung takot na naramdaman ko that time buti nalang ng mabuksan yung pintuan namin ay naka damit na kami ulit ng friend ko.

    Sa sobrang takot ko that time ay nanginginig ako na diko ma explain, same with my friend. Akala ko nuon kasama na si MIke enriquez ng Imbestigador or sa ABS XXX nila. Nakakatakot dahil during that time ay katatapos ko lang mag apply to take the Bar Exam i was thinking na nuon na baka ma disqualify ako, ano nalang sasabihin ng family ko. Buti nalang walang media na kasama at puro NBI lang at ang hinuli lang nila ay mga MD at may ari ng bar.

    Nung pauwi na kami ng friend ay nanginginig parin kami pareho at napag usapan namin ang aming mga pamilya, careers at image naming pareho, si friend ko kasi ay kilala ang family nila sa business community at ako naman kaka apply ko lang to take the bar exam, nakakatakot dahil ayaw din naming malaman sa news paper ang pinaka precious secret naming pareho kasi MACHO-MACHOHAN O PAMINTANG DUROG ANG DRAMA NAMIN.

    Since then hindi na kami pumasok pa sa GB OR MP kung gusto namin ng service nagpapa home service nalang kami or lumalabas kami at naghahanap ng mabibiktimang straight at madalas puro security o taxi drivers ang nakukuha namin. Advice doblehin natin ang pag iingat lalo na sa mga lugar na pansinin ng mga media people at pulis.

  95. dave said on 19-04-2009

    Kapatid na KOKOY gaya ng sinabi ko, sa site na to ko lang nailalabas ang pagka faggot ko to the highest level, anyway regarding your comment isa lang ang masasabi ko sayo CHOICE KO ITO AT RESPETUHIN MO NALANG KUNG ANO ANG GUSTO KO SA BUHAY. Kaya hindi umaasenso ang Pinoy dahil mahilig tayong makialam sa buhay ng may buhay and worse ang isang OUT NA BAKLA ay gigil na gigil sa kapwa bading na ayaw umaming bading, why dont we just respect each other.

    Sabihin na nating naamoy o alam nilang akoy faggot ok lang, ako ay nakahandang aminin ang totoo sa kanila but sad to say ni isa sa mga tropa kong puro straight ay wala pang nagtanong kung GAY ba ako o hindi,isa pa kung ano ang ginagawa nila ay ginagawa ko rin, kung trip nilang kumuha ng GRO kumukuha rin ako ng partner at sa harap pa nila ay nakikita nilang bini BJ ako ng GRO, naranasan ko naring makipag orgy kumuha kami ng dalawang GRO at lima kaming magkakaibigan ang salit-salitang tumira sa kanila, i bet kung kaya mong gawin ang katulad ng ginawa ko?

    Anyways life is too short para makipag tarayan o makipag away ako WORLD PEACE ang gustong mangyari ni PAPA MIGGS, tutal na open ko narin lang ang “ORGY” na kasama ang mga friends nyong straight. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na may ka sex kayong dalawang GRO at kasama mo ang mga straight friends mo na lahat kayo hubad just like a newly born babies.

  96. manuelito said on 19-04-2009

    hi all, i noticed that there are some bloggers who seems to have been offended by the topics and the proliferation of massage parlors/spa in the metro. (e.g. – guest comment on equanimityspa @multiply and on the TIC)
    I worry that these people might have already tipped some media people and policemen about the services made by the masseurs and we suddenly get raided. Ang hindi ko lang malaman if they are of moral persons why in the first place they entered this site? Well massage parlors has been in the metro for a very long time. In the #5 new york before, we experienced raids also. you know when you are inside the cubicle and the “special light bulb” (usually very very bright) suddenly turned on, thats the signal that we are being raided, so we, the masseurs, will abruptly put our pants and shirt on and continue the massage, para wala evidence, or we proceed to exit specially designed to mislead raiders. If you’re a masseur okay lang maraid, kasi protected naman kayo ng management and its no matter if you get into tabloid, but if you’re a client, specially a very2 discreet one and connected to a very well known company….patay kang bata ka…laking iskandalo sa office kapag na-news ka..

    What do you think guys?

  97. caloy said on 19-04-2009

    I went to Holywood yesterday evening after a long hiatus. I stopped going there because the last time I was there, it was the usual group of guys, majority of whom had made the rounds of the other MPs. There were about six or seven new guys about three of them very hot.

    I chose a guy named LED, who according to him, joined Holywood only two weeks ago. He’s from Orani, Bataan. Before that, he worked with SM and has not had any experience as a professional. However, he admitted he’s had encounters with gays since he was 17 (he’s 23).

    The guy is the best looking of the new group, strong aqualine nose, deep set eyes, light brown-reddish lips. Excellent teeth. If anyone remembers Raul Aragon, he’s a moniker for Raul Aragon without the dimples.

    Some people have the touch when they massage and this guy has it, whether it’s the strong firm strokes of a serious massage or whether its the teasing caressing sensuous strokes of the sensual part.

    The ES was great, in many aspects better than Jay of Equanimity and the kissing definitely, decidedly awesome. I detected a hint of gin from his tongue and breath, but this further excited me. Obviously, lalake, kailangan ng pampainit. His tool is slightly better than average, not huge, but you know the saying its not in the size? Well, in his case the size, though not huge, becomes immaterial. He has a range of techniques that seem to make it even better.

    After the session, he lay beside me continuing to stroke and caress, gently, still delivering light kisses here and there, no hint of hurrying or getting-over-with -it. Outstanding.

    I’ll go to Hollywood for the two other new ones this afternoon, or for seconds with The Talented Mr. Led.

  98. Vince said on 19-04-2009

    Manuelito, I got Zoren when he was still the star masseur at Blue Hero along Kalentong. When I entered that MP, their masseurs were all gathered at the reception area, and I had to ask where he was. In an instant, this small guy pops out of the back, shakes my hand and says he’s Zoren. I was surprised because he looked a lot bigger in his photos…I just didn’t expect a high school kid-type. But don’t get me wrong, he looked good in person also. As far as I can recall, on a scale of 1 to 10, his massage was 7; his ES included the usual kissing, hugging and slight sucking. He refused to bottom. Yes, he’s very polite when speaking with his clients. No brashness or kanto boy attitude from this guy. Since I rarely hire a masseur–no matter how good he performs–after an initial session, I never got around to getting his services again.

  99. Curios said on 19-04-2009

    Hello All,
    I really find this site cool. I happened to post a question here before asking for someone who who knows of models/actors/bascketplayers na game but I guess it got buried in the multitude of more interesting topics. BTW, I am based in NYC and gay life is here is so hot but I am very careful. I just came from a spa in Greenwich Village and did not expect that may extra din pala doon..LOL. It was with a cute chinese guy. I happen to like Asian guys…nothing daring but a handjob…kuntento na ako doon. Keep the stories flowing friends. I am going home this August and would like to do some MP explorations. I hope I don’t get to do it (crazy me…part of me wants it so bad but a little voice always reminds me not to do it and many times that little voice wins!). Well, my struggles and tribulations, what can I say. Love your stories on st8 guys. I always make pantasya with security guards, etc. Best regards everyone.

  100. manuelito said on 19-04-2009

    ty sa tip prudent v, i’ll try visiting blue palm one of these days. btw have you ever tried zoren? the one being featured in the spaquarium? i called him up last week, kasi medyo nawawalan ako ng gana sa equanimity lately (same with the sentiments of ferdie and kokoy), i asked zoren if we could see each other, kaya lang sabi niya e me pre-scheduled na siyang service that time, 2 magkasunod daw. he offered me the next day, kaya lang hindi naman ako available the following day kasi i have a flight to Davao the ff day. So hindi ko pa uli siya nakakausap..
    But theres one thing that i suddenly liked about Zoren, hindi siya nagmadali sa pakikipag usap sa kin over the phone, nakipagkwentuhan pa siya, he charged 1.5k daw for everything, magalang and he kept on saying “po”.
    One of these days i’ll call him up again,,,he also look so good and his his pictures with spaquarium.

    but i will surely try equanimity again, kaya lang sana……or else, erase ko na yong place sa list ko..

    btw – zoren daw is also a working student…sabi niya saka sabi don sa blog sa spaquarium…:)

  101. Mark Chavez said on 19-04-2009

    very sexciting and glorious conquest u’ve had there Kuya Caloy for Waiter A… nkakathrill talaga ang xperience w/ these noncommercial streyt guys… sa mga colboy at masseur kc, dretso hubad at kitang kita mu na dretso ung pinakatatago nila w/c s less exciting na anymore…. mas thrilling pa rin ung ikaw na ang maghuhubad ng dahan dahan sa lalaki until u’ll get ur precious price… hehehe…

    btw, i’ve tried once flirting a taxi driver when i was in CDO… he looked muscular, brown-skinned, w/ cute eyes and i guessd he was in his mid-30’s, and at that time i was still at early 20’s… i dont know how d conversation started but i know i started it kc type q nga xa at bka mkaiskor aku…. hehhehee… so he told me about his txtmate, a high skul teacher, for more than a year… but i was less attentive w/ his story coz i was more focus on looking in his eys n d mirror.. i guess, he sensed that so at one point he looked in the mirror too and i told myself, BINGO! ds s d moment!.. so at that point where we’re having an eye-to-eye contact n d mirror i told him “Cute lagi imu mata noh”? (Cute pala ng mga mata mu).. I was shocked w/ my statement and i cudnt belive i had able to said that… fortunately, Manong Driver seemed juz ignored my statement but m pretty sure he heard it but he jus reli ignored it (a great sigh…..) akala ku, maiinsulto na aku that he cudnt believe na berde pala dugo q, but he just continued his story bout his txtm8…

    and bcoz of my stupidness, for d second time around, we had another eye-to-eye contact n d mirror, and again i said “Kaya cguro kayo ngtatagal ng txtm8 mu eh kc cute kc ng eyes mu”… Sheet! Why i said that again pero d same thing happened, he just ignored it! Ok, in short, ayaw nya pahada! Nahiya aku sa sarili ko, hahhahaa… but at least, at ang pinagkakatakaan ko ay hndi man lng xa nasurprised or naginsulto na berde pala dugo ko.. i mean, he just focused on his story… ai naku, mabait talaga si Manong kaya lng he’s c**k s not for sale.. hahhahaa…

    i also met another taxi driver n CDO, and i asked him to drive me to Navigator Gay Bar at d back of LimKetKai Mall, and it was juz my 3rd time (i guess) in a gay bar at sabi q kay manong eh frist time ko pah and actually that time eh i still dont have d nerve to enter w/ this kind of establishments at n infact, mejo nanginginig pa aku.. so sabi ni Manong, “sige, kuyugan tka” (Ok, i’ll go w/ u)…. at un nga, sinamahan aku ni Manong for almost 3 or 4 hrs n d bar w/ a paymnet of cors… i was wondering f he reli a streyt one or not kc sinamahan nya aku… ewan ko lng, cguro, he just chose to be with me kc bka mas mlaki pa un maibigay q sa kanya instead na mamasada xa… so there, i met a Macho Dancer named Michael, at tinable q xa then we exchanged contact numbers… ung asta ni Michael s parang bad boy, parang Robin Padilla ang dating (actually, mejo mgkahawig sila, prmz).. n fact, tawag ko sa knya s Joaquin Bordaado (Robin’s character n a tv series that time)… so, i asked f he can spend a few hours w/ me sa hotel, at pumayag naman xa…. actually, xa lng crush q sa bar na un, and d fact na plagi xa all-the-way, and i also liked d size and shape of his c**k… so fter their show, at almost, 5 am na eh he went to my rum at nangyari nga ang dapat na mangyari… hehhehe…. un lna poh…

    Btw, may nkuha rin aku jan sa Navigator na yan sa named RJ, well-endowed and a great f**ker.. hehhehe… kaya lng wala aku maxado alam na MP’s sa CDO… meron kya? if meron, wer naman? bka mkavisit din aku jan one of these days….

    Peace on Earth…

  102. prudent virgo said on 19-04-2009

    to manuelito: just went to blue palm today and met a working student, meaning working at blue palm in the evening and studying nursing in the morning. he is good (massage, looks and attitude) and i know he’s telling the truth by the way he talks. I have two nieces who finished nursing, that’s why i know their turf. and usually i give tips for his studies, coz as i have said in the previous, i myself wont like him to be permanently in this job. Maganda din cguro may maganda din silang kinabukasan. I hope he finishes his studies. I think blue palm has a better choices and cheaper entrance fee compare to equanimity. I would rather go with masseur that has vision-mission in life…just like you…

  103. kokoy said on 18-04-2009

    dave – discreet ka pa ng lagay na yan ha? the way you write and narrate i think people around you already knew you’re a faggot…
    Baka ikaw na lang ang hindi nakakaalam na the whole world already knew you’re isang Ineng…hehehe, peace man. :)

  104. rondgo said on 18-04-2009

    Hi tisoy,

    share naman the contact numbers of your massuers in cebu. I will be going to cebu next month and this could be my first time to avail that kind of service. please e-mail me at

    thanks in advance.

    mabuhay ka tisoy.

  105. caloy said on 18-04-2009

    Momoy, could you send it again please. I use a sim card for this purpose and I take it off occassionally. Yesterday, I was in Dumaguete and didn’t slip it in. After I read your comment I slipped it back. Prob, nag expire na. Thanks!

  106. caloy said on 18-04-2009

    marco jordan. From straight mode, gradually pinapahalata ko na. I ask, may alam ka bang gay bars dito?…

  107. caloy said on 18-04-2009

    Waiter B yung guy na bumisto sa best friend ko na may nangyari sa amin. I met witer B years ago when he was younger and Moomba beside Hilom was still a new and exciting place. Wala pang Hilom noon.

    Once, I went with my best friend and a group of other close friends to Moomba and we had a few drinks. These were definitely str8 friends and we were having a good time. I noticed that the waiter serving us was tall, muscular and hot, but because I was with my str8 friends, di ako nagpahalata. As the night went on, I became uneasy, so I pretended to go to the CR where I bumped into the hot waiter. I pretended to ask for instructions and went to the CR on the second floor. Back downstairs, I bumped into him again and asked anong time nagsasara ang Moomba. By then I think he noticed my extra interest.

    As he served us, I glanced at him longer than needed. He looked back, so when the opportunity came, I went to the bar making sure I would bumped into him again and slip to him my cellphone number. When we went out, nagpaiwan ako ng kaunti and I asked him what time he was off. He said 3:00. I said puwede ka ba? His answer was text mo ako.

    I called him instead at 3am. At that time I had a townhouse at the Scout area near Shakey’s and I asked him if he could meet me there. He was direct, He said: “Magkano ba?” We agreed on the “talent fee” and he came to my town house. He claims to be 31 now so he must have been 26-27 then.

    He was tall, had a defined chest whith lots of hair from the umbilicus down to the pubis. Great pinkish- brown nipples and a great performer. Literally, mapapasma ang lips mo sa galing sa laplapan. His cock was semi-German cut with enough foreskin left to seem like it was uncut, and if you’ve ever tried a white guy, sucking his cock had that feel. Its something I can’t describe but its produced by the movement of the not so tight skin over the penis on a big member. You know the feel when you try to BJ an uncut guy with a big one. You don’t experience this feel with Filipino guys who are circumcised in a way that the skin becomes very taught when their member gets hard, even if their tool happens to be a big one.

    The only way I can describe sex with waiter B is to say that his is a combination of Kian of Bodyflex and John of HT. Its wet, wild, painful, exhausting in the end and passionate in every way. After he accidentally told my best friend about my other life, I forgave him and he’s now gone to the level of being a friend, no love there, just a friend. He texts me about available waiters, basketball players (the ones who play basketball in the corners) drivers, security guards, etc. So far, he’s been fairly accurate with his referrals, they all turned out to be great.

    Waiter A was not his referral. He was a reluctant conquest who happens to work in the restaurant were B used to work (not Moomba, its along Morato). And I had to use Waiter B to help break down A’s resistance ( like getting a job, you need a character referral).

    Waiter A and I finally met at Mc Do Morato, the one across Roces. To my surprise, he had tagging with him another waiter. But I responded with a quizzical look (when I’m after someone, everyone else is blacked out). I think the other waiter noticed and said sige (to A), tuloy na ako,

    We exchanged pleasantries and since it was 12 midnight, I said gumagabi na, ok lang ba na doon tayo sa “pribadong lugar” yung walang makakakita sa yo? (others would say, bakit ho?, so I’d change the tact). He said, kayo po, so we headed to the basement parking lot of this atrocious castle like hotel sandwiched between a squatter’s area in the Scout area and a big network. He didn’t resist.

    When we got to the room, he said, sir, kabado ako kanina kaya dinala ko si Gerry (not the other waiter’s real name), kasi dati na siyang pumapatol.

    “Gusto mong mag beer muna?” getting two cans of Cold (no San Miguel) at the hotel room’s ref. I tried to put him at ease with small talk and invited him to relax and drink his beer on the bed. I looked for a bold channel on the hotel’s small TV but there was none, however, there was an old Seiko movie playing that showed enough starlets and skin.

    We sipped our first beer casually and I was pacing and timing myself so that he would not be surprised at my moves. Midway through our second beer, I began stroking his crotch. I tried to open his zipper but it was awkward because his jeans were tight, so I waited for a hot moment in the movie and started fondling him again until I noticed that he was starting to have an erection.

    I nicely asked him if he would open his belt. He did. I unzippered his pants and began teasing his member from outside his briefs. No resistance. His eyes were closed, and he would occasionally glance at the TV. I pulled down his briefs and started sucking.

    Anyone who has had this experience before knows that this is the moment of conquest. You can’t get too far or too aggressively because of fear that the guy might change his mind in the middle of the entire thing (happened to me twice before), and you don’t want to spoil the moment.

    Obviously, it was waiter A’s first time with a gay guy. You know when someone is pretending that it is the first time. I had a college boy I picked up in Cebu who softened after five beers, and then was actually trembling when I was going down on his cock. A number of times, a guy pretends that it is the first time (maybe to up the price) but you know it isn’t. The guy is just too good at it for that to be the first time.

    So it was just that. Waiter A lay there letting me feast at his member. And it was very satisfying. The culmination of two weeks of planning, and when the plan seemed not to be working, a proper referral from an experienced friend.

    In an MP, I would have been mad if the masseur just lay there. But the satisfaction here was in getting the prize of a straight guy’s manhood and it was more fulfilling than paying for straightforward steamy ES at an MP.

  108. peter paul said on 18-04-2009

    hi dave, i like your postings here…hope you can share the contact details of the 7-11 guy and Mr. PSG thru


  109. dave said on 18-04-2009

    Sa lahat po ng nag iwan ng kanilang email para makontak ko sila, ang totoo po nyan nag send napo ako ng messages sa inyo at diko rin alam kung bakit ni di kayo nagrereply, isa lang ang na recieved kong nag reply sa akin.

    Kakaiingit naman dyan sa Pinas, im just hoping na sana matapos na ang 6 months para makapag bakasyon ulit ako dyan, i miss the Rampa at Hada moments ko, sa totoo lang dito sa thread na ito ko nailalabas ang feelings ko at lahat ng kalandian ko, kasi pamintahan o pamachohan ang drama ko. Di ako pwedeng magladlad katulad ng ginagawa ng iba, i need to protect my job and my name as well kaya heto nasa Closet parin ako, pero ok lang masaya naman ako sa ganitong sitwasyon.

    Pero may ihashare pa akong type ko pero diko nakuha, babalikan ko nalang siguro sila (kasi dalawa sila) pag nagbakasyon ulit ako, yung isa sa NAIA TERMINAL- 1 sya nagwowork, may isang cutie pie duon sa may kuhaan ng bagahe promise ang gwapo nya, diko nakuha number nya pero nakausap ko sya, sabi nya dun daw ang assignment nya lagi at nakuha ko apelyido nya, sayang kasi nga limited lang yung oras ko nuon dahil masyado namang garapal kung pati number nya kukunin ko pa, pero pag uwi ko nalang siguro. Yung isa naman ay isang bank employee diko na sasabihin kung saang Branch basta sa PNB sya nagwowork, just like my type gwapo sya at semi-calbo. Nakilala ko sya ng mag open account ako sa branch nila, nakapag dinner together na kami pero dipa ako nakaka-iscor like what i said di naman ako garapal para mag propose agad, darating din siguro kami sa puntong iyun, nag eemailan at nag chachat ang communication namin pero habang tumatagal parang nawawala ang pagnanasa ko sa kanya, parang mas feel ko na ang FRIENDSHIP na unti-unting nabubuo sa amin, basta bahala na pag nagbakasyon ulit ako sa pinas.

    Sino na sa inyo ang nakapunta or nakapag chek-in ng EGI or Atrium Hotel sa pasay buendia, may naka chukchakan akong gwapong guard sa hotel na iyun, in fairness maraming gwapo sa mga guard ng building na yan lalo na sa gabi. Nag chek-in din ako dati sa katabi nilang victoria court may gwapong employee duon hay grabe ang gwapo nya at moreno sya. May nakuha rin ako sa Cartimar, nagbebenta sya ng Ibat ibang uri ng ibon pati ang pinaka type ko ay yung ibon nya grabe may bolitas hahahaha.

  110. matt said on 18-04-2009

    il be at sanctuario malate tonight.. see you there!

  111. elbert said on 18-04-2009

    hey dave… taga-pasay din ako.. nakikita ko yung mga guys na sinasabi mo sa leveriza.. but sadly sa takot ko majombag eh di ko sila pinagpapapansin kasi di ko teritoryo yun..taga-libertad nga pala ako… although im str8-acting me nangugulit saking str8-looking guy na mag-sex daw kami (of corz with pay yun).. tumatambay siya madalas sa boxing gym sa tapat ng solutions disco sa me libertad.. kaya lang takot ako kasi lapit lang sa bhay namin bka mag-eskandalo..hahaha.. pwede ba pakwento nung experiences mo dun sa mga guys na nakuha mo sa palengke.. (i saw that some of them are really hot..) pati na rin yung sa tricycle drivers (sadly wala ko nakita hot na tricycle driver..huhu)… PLEASSEEE!! you can email me at

  112. allen said on 18-04-2009

    hey allen nice story.. really envious that you managed to be discreet despite your well-lived (if there is a much more appropriate term please don’t hesitate to correct me lolz) secret gay life. unlike me who just enjoys stories from this site and in the internet (aside from my one-time experience in Dumaguete which was posted in this forum) I really hope I can be a part of your mailing list so that even on a piecemeal basis, I can get points from you on the who’s and how’s of getting hot-looking guys.. my email ad is…thank you very much for the tips you gave me last tym.. im now in legazpi, albay for some personal matters and will be back to manila tomorrow. any tips? hahaha thanks again..

  113. Fishy said on 18-04-2009

    Hi Caloy,

    That story with Waiter A and B all got me titillated and curious. I work here along Morato (very near that McDo outlet) and couldn’t help but think that as I do my usual grind, somewhere out there is Caloy sitting in one of those restaurants, sharpening his claws, and waiting for the next kill. Hahahahaha!

    Hi Mylawhite,

    The car I use needs a major cleanup inside-out! Sang street ba yang Men at Work na yan sa Malate, and if ever, meron kaya silang branch dito somewhere in the Morato/Timog/Kamuning area? LOL Kung wala siya dito e di mapuntahan nga yan sa Malate. 😀

  114. greggy said on 18-04-2009

    hello!!! sino na sa inyo naka try ng ES ni lance sa bodyspec? any feedback? :)

  115. legis17 said on 18-04-2009

    Just had a soothing massage at Asian Massage Malate. I never expected that he’ll do it sensually in the end and masturbated me even without asking for a price. I just gave A… a tip of 200. What a bargain:)

  116. Mark Chavez said on 18-04-2009

    Veri exciting xperience u have there Kuya Caloy…
    I want to hear d part 2 of ur story about waiter A, at isali mu narin un ky Waiter B… hehehhe… ang haba talaga ng mga hair nyo teh…

    Peace on Earth…

  117. Momoy said on 17-04-2009

    Caloy, I did text you last night but didn’t get a response from you.

  118. mylawhite said on 17-04-2009

    Hi Caloy;

    ikaw ba yung famous queen sa g4m fitness first trainer forum, kung ikaw yun eh loaded ka nga.

    dapat may sharing in the city tayo ng mga who’s hot and whos in:

    ako na mag start last nite after my massage sa NySpa nagutom ako so punta ako ng 7-11 don sa tabi ng starbucks at bldg ni Mother Lily at kumain ng mexican hotdog nila , habang kumakain ako eh nakita ko yung guard nakatingin so i look back at him OMG he’s a cutie at Hot ang guard at ang tambok ng haprap di ko ko na na flirt kasi antok na ako at wala na kong time so tingin na lang ako sa name tag niya name niya is Banias ..mga 1AM na yun so it means pang gabi siya;

    kanina naman galing ako ng LTO Malate sa tapat non may carwash name Men At Work Carwash so ang attendant ko ay CUTIE at Bata pa, nakikipaglandian sa akin naghubad pa ng shirt nung nag va vacuum siya sa loob name niya is MJ , pa carwash na kayo until 6am daw siya Hot, Sariwa, at Cutie si MJ.

    kayo naman share wag maging shelfish :)

  119. matt said on 17-04-2009

    san ka gimik tonight?

  120. Tisoy said on 17-04-2009

    To Matt.
    I have not been to Ritz spa in Adriatico. What have you experienced at the wet area?
    i tried Sanctuario Malate. I had several blow jobs at the wet area. Tambay ka lang doon at luluhod na lang sila sa harap mo. You will come out exhausted and dehydrated. One time around 1AM na wala na masyadong clients, after my massage at the common room, i went out of the room and i noticed that 2 masseurs were peeping at the door knob of one VIP room adjacent to the common massage room and i thought, sigurado may HOT XXX action sa loob. Anyway I went back to my hotel at hindi na naki-usyoso. Natatawa lang ako sa nakita ko ahehehe.

  121. caloy said on 17-04-2009

    Our expectations with masseurs at MPs are different from our expectations with straight guys we hook from scratch. If a masseur simply lies down and lets you do the work, refusing to do anything else, he gets a failing mark, apart from a complaint to management. For the straight guy on a first date, merely fondling his dick might be positively fulfilling.
    For the past few weeks, I’ve been eyeing a waiter at a restaurant in Tomas Morato. The guy looks great and when he moves or talks you know there’s no tinge of gayness in his blood. There are two equally hot waiters in his shift, but I detect something and therefore they’re out of the question.
    The waiter knows me as a regular client, usually with other individuals in a business meeting. For the past three weeks, I’ve been sending him body signals – a stare withdrawn fleetingly when he notices, a brush of the hand, etc. He’s not sure. He can’t tell others what he suspects because if his instincts turn out to be true, and he articulates his suspicions, he can be fired. So he keeps quiet, I couldn’t pass a note, I have to do this carefully.
    The week before the Holy Week, I stayed behind after a meeting to order a cup of coffee. He was the waiter assigned to my table. When the opportunity came, I innocently asked him if he knew the number of another waiter who had since been transferred to their Trinoma branch. The other waiter is notorious for going out with gay clients. I’ve had him the past three years and he normally recommends other available waiters when I don’t feel like getting him. So when I dropped the name of waiter B, this confirmed my flirty looks and gestures. He said he didn’t have waiter B’s number so I asked him if he could give me his number (and I gave him mine) in case waiter B happens to be around. He gave his number.
    I left it at that. I didn’t call him during the holy week, but I called him early this week asking if waiter B had dropped by (of course he wouldn’t). Getting a negative answer, I casually asked, e kung di siya dumadaan diyan, tayo na lang ang mag usap, anong time ang off mo? We set a meeting, but two hours before the meeting he texted to reset the meeting. Bad sign. Baka nabigla (di siya mukhang pahada). We set another meeting again for his day off and scheduled a rendevous for lunch. Again that was cancelled the last minute. He had to sell his Nokia N92 raw, and he had a buyer. (Mukhang nangangailangan ng pera, good sign). I was getting more intrigued. A hard catch. I had to do something. I had to use waiter B.
    In a gang, waiter B would be a natural leader. In prison, he would be a natural Kabo. He is tall and muscular and has gotten into trouble a number of times. In all of these instances I came to the rescue. He’s of late found a rich gay known political figure as a benefactor so he’s the guy’s bodyguard cum driver. I know that the waiters look up to him because of this. I think they fear him if not respect him. He drives a car and his new benefactor dresses him well with all the accoutrements of accomplishment of this sector.

    I called up waiter B and asked him if he knew the guy. He thought he knew, wasn’t sure but he said sige dadaan ako doon, kung di ko siya kilala, kilala naman ako ng iba. “
    Waiter B texted me yesterday – O itext mo na siya, free raw siya mamaya. Dahandahan ha muna. Wag mong biglain.” I called waiter B, anong ibig sabihin ng wag kong biglain, di ko muna siya c__________pain? Lakad lang? He said: “Hindi, baka kasi kung anong pagagawa mo, bago pa yang batang yan (waiter A was 22) dahan dahan ka muna, mashashock yan sa ginagawa ko sa yo. Yung simple lang. Mabait naman yung bata. “ He said.
    Wonder of wonders, when we set our meeting at the McDo near waiter A’s restaurant. Waiter A was on time. Waiter B delivered. (This is getting long, there’s a part 2)

  122. matt said on 17-04-2009

    been at Rit’z Spa in adriatico (female therapists only). the action in in wet area, mostly chinese and koreans..
    my regular visits:
    Sanctuario – i availed their ES for free hehe (most of the time). wet area, very conducive for action. the manager gave me his calling card
    Citylifestyle – my last visit was disappointing, still want to try. i experienced threesome in the wet area.
    tonight, am planning to visit a bathhouse.. what do u think?

  123. chan said on 17-04-2009

    hi Caloy. Man! that was a great read. thank you very much. i really appreciate it. i learned a lot. we may have a lot of similarities. to the whole world, im straight, i got really good-looking gfs, till now. i just discovered this other “side” of me when some really discreet guys also would try to come up to me. i was scared, so i didnt open up. i tried to muster all my courage and went to an MP here in cebu. and that was when i had my very first, nerve-wracking, knee-trembling experience. and i thought i already got it out of my system, but…. i am still looking for more. i hope that i will be able to decide in the future, but for now, while im still in my really early 20’s, id be cruising life trying to experience everything as much as i can, before life gets too serious, when hopefully i will be married to the love of my life. sigh. aint life grand

  124. Kyle said on 17-04-2009

    Galing mo Caloy! mabuhay ka.

  125. caloy said on 17-04-2009

    Hi Momoy, I sent you an email yesterday with my number. On the most recent subject. I’m straight acting living (I hope) discretely in a very straight community. My friends are straight. My interests are straight (sports, carpentry) and my inclinations are straight except for one thing. I’ve never had an interest in women and I can remember my earliest dreams were expressions of homosexual sexuality (we lived near an American base and even before puberty, I remember having dreams riding horseback on the shoulders of American men – as a boy, the significance of these dreams never hit me until I reached adult sexuality. I also remember that after these dreams my yet-uncircumcised prepubescent birdie was hard).

    I play baseball, bowling, practice shooting at the gun range, etc and I enjoy these sports. I don’t remember ever having desired to dress like a girl or to use my mom’s make up. I.e., I belong to one of those species in the spectrum of being gay, towards the str8 end). Since high school, I’ve always had crushes. A handsome school bully once tried to rape me in first year high school but he ended up with a contussion on the cheek. He must have known. He was stocky handsome, the type I’ve always liked. And now, I regret not giving in. That should have been my first real sexual experience.

    No one teased me in school, but there were some of my high school batchmates who may have been made uncomfortable by my persistent stares. In college, I went along with my barkada to Maalikaya or to Happy Sauna (still the source of joy to many college boys) NEVER ENJOYING THE EXPERIENCE. I had done it with a few attendants (baka ikuwento) but pretty soon, I found excuses not to go.

    I’m still in the closet but I know a lot of people know or feel they know. My friends of over a decade have been to my house and to my room. The evidence is hidden in the lower drawers or under the clothes – its not impossible for them to discover this accidentally and I’m certain my closest friends must have, but have ignored what they already knew. Of my circle of close male friends, all are married, have been married for over a decade. Their wives have a way of knowing. It must have been mentioned in conversation. But they’ve never showed any indication that they knew. I’m sure the women know, but they’re educated enough, and PC enough to see this as a facet of life.

    One of my two best friends, a guy five years younger, actually knows. He discovered this accidentally when a waiter whom I’d seduced asked if he was with me and started making kuwento. However, I don’t think he’s told the others because I search their eyes for the “we know” look but theres nothing there. This best friend has remained the same. The friendship has been long enough to withstand a shock like the accidental revelation. Apart from the fact that he knows, he’s shown no indication that our friendship had changed. I’m certain he hasn’t told his wife who would have said “I told you so.”

    I’m comfortable where I am. You ask, I wont deny. You don’t ask I wont say anything.

  126. Mark Chavez said on 17-04-2009

    Hi there Kuya Momoy,

    Tnx 4 ur advices and i’ll always take them and put them on my mind…

    Btw, MGG threads reading, spa hopping, etc have’nt yet a dstraction n my MS studies… m just doing these things during ds vacation days… Juz imagine spending d vacation w/ nothing to do but to tumanganga lng buong mghapon… so these things are r SOME of the things of spending my vacation and also a treat n rin for myself fter surviving a one sem n a grad skul… well, im just giving myself 1 or 2 weeks to do those stuff coz fter that i’ll spend my summer vacation 2 sumthing that is a fruiful one…

    And i can say that u or posts have never been a bad influence to all d great readers n this thread… pls continue it, coz its more of a positive result than a negative one… I/We njoy reading them, being entertained, and most mportantly learned from ur (and others posters) experinces…

    Yeah, m a MS s2dnt and i do admit that when it comes to LOVE, tanga talaga aku, prmz…. hndi q nga maintndihan kc nasa baba naman ng puso ang utak…

    Peace on Earth…

  127. Ton said on 17-04-2009

    Hi again. (sorry medyo matagal pong in hibernation….).

    Grabe, Migs, ang haba na nang blog na ito. Baka dapat i-break apart na.

    CALOY, I support your suggestion to “gift” each other with referrals not only of masseurs but also of other straight guys. Natawa nga ako because I suddenly remembered this one wild experience I had with a Mactan Shangri-la housekeeping staff.

    Grabe yung thrill nito kasi almost 3 hours kaming nag-lalandian at 2 in the morning. Hahaha. That was one of my first aggressive pursuits kaya kabang-kaba pa ako nun. Ibang klase ang high after sya pumayag na pumunta sa room ko after his shift (at 6am). Syempre, kabado to death sya kasi bawal ang staff to to up the guest floors.

    Anyhow, parang masaya nga yata to exchange information about straights. Pero dapat nga siguro to just do this using our private email addresses, kasi nakakahiya na talaga sa iba.

    So Caloy, mine is Keep it coming. hehehe.

    MAMANG DAVE, i had requested for your email address for 3 times na but unfortunately, I only realized that the postings never came out. (Baka ayaw ni Migs. hahaha.) Sana talaga we can exchange notes. And hopefully, you can also provide me info about Mamang PSG.

  128. Tisoy said on 17-04-2009

    To Eric (to all na rin),
    Sorry if you were disappointed in my sexcapade write up with my masseurs. Why Cant you accept my reasons for not divulging the names of the spa and masseurs ? May kanya kanyang fantasies, ideas at desires tayo di ba tungkol sa massage at ES? Iba yong gusto ko, iba rin siguro yong trip mo. Gusto ko na biniBJ ako ng masseur habang minamasahe ako. Ayoko ng handjob at sensation lang tapos magbayad ng P1,500-2000. For sure, we can already distinguish those masseurs who want to be referred to more clients for sex and ES for extra income on their part. The masseurs i had are different. They asked me not to do so. But dont you worry, ill refer these guys to you all once they become commercially ready and available, if ever (in case u r still interested). Mabuhay ang mga masseurs. May your tribes thrive nyehehe

  129. Momoy said on 16-04-2009

    Hi Marco Jordan..don’t fret,it’s really hard. Lahat tayong mga discreet, dinadaanan yan. While other people share their picking-up secrets, those will not work all the time kase iba-iba ang personality natin at iba-iba din ang personality ng mga lalakeng gusto natin.

    I have only this tip to share: just be comfortable of who you really are when you are with the guy you like.Of course, being discreet, this decision should come after making sure that opening yourself up to the guy will not jeopardize what you’ve been protecting. In dealing with regular men (the non-commercial men huh),you really have to be sincere in getting to know them…never start with sex in your mind. By being the true you…alam na nila kaagad na bakla ka (baka ikaw na nga lang ata ang nag-aakala na di alam ng iba, hehe). So right there, alam mo na kaagad how the guy foresees and reacts to gays. Kung di ka komportable sa sarili mo, how do you expect them to feel comfortable to you too?

    Be a friend to them, the way you treat your friends. Be sincere in getting to know ask how they are, how he is with his work and inject yourself in the story so he will also know you.Be a positive person. Wag mong simulan nang….”Bakit ka nagdadadrive lang eh gwapo ka naman?..Or.. “Kumikita ka pa ba ngayon sa mahal nang gas?”..Off!

    The problem if pasukan mo kaagad ng sex, mag-aalangan sya at di mo na sya mababasa..unless, sure ka na that in two interchanges,game na sya.Now, the fact na nakikipagkwentuhan na sya sa yo at nakikipagtawanan na…pasukan mo na nang mga reinforcing comments like..”Ang saya mo palang kasama..” or Nag-enjoy ako sayo”…Then from there, diskarte mo na.80% chance, kuha mo na yan.

    If short ang time, ask for his number.Para mataas ang chance na kung di man that time, may other time pa. Big warning, wag mong pilitin kung ayaw. Move on to the next target.Ika nga, he’s not meant for you…There are many fishes in the ocean. At least, nag-enjoy ka sa byahe because you had a sincere inter-action with a fine man.

    Practice makes perfect. Good luck.

  130. Momoy said on 16-04-2009

    Mark, I’m glad you’re taking my advice objectively. I can sense in the way you write and in your stories that you’re still young. Being young is a positive thing..I can never be in my early 20’s again. I’m just afraid that if I am you, in my early 20’s..and I get to read these stories here, my raging hormones and curiousity would overcome my common sense that dictates to focus on my priorities and to live a balanced life. Hint: if from school, you can’t wait to open MGG and find more pleasure in it than doing your grad school works, then MGG has become a distraction.My stories have become a bad influence.

    I now wonder how many kids and highschoolers kaya open this site? While I contribute here to hopefully empower and entertain, baka ako pa ang dahilan kung bakit ilang araw kang buong magdamag naghanap sa mga pinagsasabing mga massage clinics dito? hehe, a half-meant joke..

    Don’t be in a hurry. Maturity happens after living a full and balanced life of experiencing, inter-acting and undestanding people. I laughed at the thought of you falling in love after few minutes of defraud.And did you are an MS student?

    I just felt I had to guard you with this message because you call me Kuya Momoy(guys, sorry if this is a bit out of the theme). Wait a bit more…di nauubos ang mga lalaki.In time, you’ll be more equipped to play games with life…and lust..being part of life.

  131. Fidel Erwin said on 16-04-2009

    I have thoughts of getting a massage tonight. I’m from makati. Can anyone reco a place where? Gusto ko sana medyo naughtly yung masahista.

  132. dave said on 16-04-2009

    alam mo kapatid na marco jordan, mas may thrill at mas type pa nga ng mga drivers kung pa machohan ang drama mo, alam mo ba na na cucurious ang iba kapag nakikita nilang macho ka pero bandang huli e Darna ka pala, may ibang tao kasi na mas type nila ang machohan ang drama kesa sa all out na bading, naeexcite sila promise.

    Ang style ko kasi kapag type ko ang taxi driver, kwento kwento muna ng buhay-buhay tapos kapag alam kong malapit na kami sa tinitrhan ko, sasabihan kong pwedeng ikot ikot muna nya ako ulit at ako na bahalang mag dagdag sa tip nya, dun ko na sisimulan ang pagka flirt at kalandian ko, although hindi naman garapalan kasi nga baka majombag o presinto ang bagsak ko.

    Kunwari tanungin mo sya kung may mga naging pasahero na ba syang flirt at naikama nya, dun magsisimula ang drama, syempre ang unang sagot ng driver sayo mga experience nya GRO’S, sa mga babae muna ang isasagot nya sayo, pag medyo nagiinit na sya sabayan mo ng tanong about mga Gays na pasahero nya, magugulat kana lang sa isasagot nya sayo promise.

    Alam mo ba na maraming game na taxi drivers if the price is right, pero pwede mo pang tawaran yun, depende sa approach mo. The best na gawin mo tol ilibre mo sya ng snack sa McDo may alam akong 24 hrs na drive tru sa macapagal highway sa Pasay, so habang nag iisnak kayo sa loob ng taxi tagalan mo ang kain.

    Alam mo tol kahit luma o korni ang style kong ito ni minsan dipa ako natanggihan kapag type ko ang taxi driver, nasa tamang approach ang pagpaparamdam na type mo sya. Kaya go lang kapatid.

  133. dave said on 16-04-2009

    hello world again, kita nyo na sa inyo narin nanggaling na mag ingat sa mga MD at Masseurs at baka mainlove kayo e peperahan lang kayo. Mas masarap parin ang mag flirt sa mga ibat-ibang putahe like SG, DRIVERS, DELIVERY BOYS AND PALENGKE BOYS ETC…. kasi naman mga ate konting pa girl at painom ng red horse or pakainin mo lang ng jollibee e bonggang bonnga na ang byuti mo day. Minsan narin kasi akong naloka sa MD at Massuers, yun yung time na nag aaral pa ako for my masteral, naku mga sisters nauubos lang ang allowance at ipon ko sa pagbabayad sa service ng mga masseurs at macho dancer. Sa tinirhan ko kasi dati sa Pasay although maganda ang place e diko maiwasan na mapa daan sa lugar kung saan nakatira ang mga macho papa, although diko naman alam na mga masseurs at macho dancers pala ang work nila. Syempre dahil pa machohan at virginan pa ang drama ko nuon kasi fresh from the province ako, deadma lang ako sa kanila kapag napapadaan ako sa leverisa pasay, maraming papa duon promise, kasi duon nakahilera ang mga murang boarding house at accesible sya sa lahat dahil malapit lang sa main road, kaya pag hapon na naglalabasan silang lahat sa kalye at tambay sila sa labas ng boarding house sa videokehan o sa may sari-sari store my gosh abelgas luluwa ang mga mata mo sa makikita mong naglalakihang katawan at naggagwapuhan sila at puro magaganda rin ang makikita mo sa mga GRO’s na nagyoyosi. Malapit din sa tinitirhan ko ang parlor ng baklang artista na naging babae na ang itsura “IAN Valdez” yata ang panagalan nun na nanalong Miss gay philippines at napabalitang na gang rape at pinilahan daw ng mga lalake sa Quezon city ng minsang makipag eye balls sya duon, infairness ha lagi ko syang nakakasalubong nuon sa Cartimar at Leverisa na may kasamang macho papa,feeling girl na girl na talaga ang lola, ang laki ng katawan ng papa nya promise pero balitang balita na adik daw yung papa nya.

    Duon ko nakilala ang pinaka macho at pinaka gwapong masseur na nakita ko sa buong metro manila si Wilson na super fresh at ang bango, nagsimula ang lahat ng minsang diko na talaga mapigilan ang kaberdehan ng dugo ko at nagdrama akong kumain kuning-kuning sa boarding house nila kasi sa tapat ay may karinderia at videokehan, habang kumakain ako panay ang pasimpleng tingin ko sa kanya, ang gwapo nya talaga although gwapo rin ang iba pa nyang kasamahan, pero sya lang ang apple of the eye ko that time dahil feel na feel ko ang semi-cal na matangkad. In short nakilala ko sya hanggang sa malaman ko ang nature ng work nya, naging instant txtmates muna kami after 3 days yata yun pinapunta ko na sya sa tinitrhan ko at duon naganap ang lahat pero may bayad yun syempre(business is business), i lost my virginity at sa kanya ko natikman ang lahat ng sarap at sakit lols, totoo naman diba pag first time masakit talaga.

    Natikman ko rin ang iba pa nyang kasamahan na masseurs pero may bayad syempre, first class or class A ang tawag sa kanila na massuer kasi mga ON CALL lang sila kapag may booking, i repeat sa pasay leverisa yung place nila tapat ng Caltex station at may over pass na ginawa duon. kaya imadginin nyo nalang kung paano nauubos ang allowance ko nuon dahil sa panlalalake ko sa mga masseurs na madalas ay may libreng pakain pa sa bahay ko sa tuwing may magseserbis sa akin. Kaya lang kay Wilson lang ako madalas magpa service at talagang na inlove ako sa kanya, hanggang sa dumating yung point na napaghahalata kong pineperahan na nya ako,my gosh abelgas ultimo load sa celphone sa akin pa nya hinihingi,syempre bakla lang ako na nagpapanggap na macho kapag nasa labas ng bahay, kaya bigay lang ako ng bigay kahit na madalas akong maubusan ng pera at nagkanda utang utang pa ako sa mga kaibigan ko para lang may maibigay ako sa kanya.

    Kalaunan gaya ng masaklap na sinasapit ng mga baklang gaga sa pag ibig, ako pala ang talo, sabagay lagi namang talo at naiiwang luhaan ang mga naiin love na baklang katulad ko, ipinag palit nya ako sa JAPAYUKI, infairness ha kasi sa tunay na Girl nya ako ipinag palit at hindi sa kung sinong rich na matronang Gay nya ako ipinagpalit dahil alam kong marami syang kostumer na mayayamang Gays at isa kanila ay isang kilalang Desinger at isang gwapong Actor na machohan ang image. Ang laki ng perang nagastos ko kay Wilson pero nauwi rin sa wala ang lahat dahil sa bruhang Japayuki na yun. Ng maubos na yata yung pera ng japayuki gusto nyang makipag balikan sa akin, pero ayaw ko na, nauntog na ako sa kagagahan ko, pera-pera lang naman.

    Kaya heto natuto na akong makipag flirt at lumandi at malaki ang pasasalamat ko sa nakikilala at naging friendship forever kong sister na si La Greta ang tunay na reyna at malaking babae ng chinese community sa binondo, sya ang nagturo sa akin kung pano mag flirt at rumampa. Mas maganda naman ang ganito tikiman lang at kapag tapos na ang maiinit na tagpo wala na parang the feeling is gone. Hanap ng iba ulet, Mahirap ng main love ulit dahil gaga talaga ako pag naiin love ako.

  134. marco jordan said on 16-04-2009

    rode this taxi cab yesterday. the drive was the hottest cab driver i have ever seen! he was big all over–big legs, big hands, big knees… matipuno, probably 6’2″ if he stood up. i was aching for him!

    i chatted him up. he was apparently 43. he’d been a cab driver in manila all his life, but had done his time in the middle east and hong kong as an OFW.

    i was so exasperated because i didn’t know how to turn the conversation into something sexy, the way momoy did with marlon! i was debating with myself whether i should ask him about getting a bolitas in the middle east, but it just seemed so out of context!

    in short, he dropped me off. i gave him a fat tip of course, but i was hoping i’d get to see his fat tip too, if you know what i mean.

    help! how would you guys have handled that? how does one flirt with a cab-driver? or a stranger for that matter?

    it’s not easy if you’re masculine acting. ang pangit kasi kung pamacho-macho kumilos, tapos bading din pala na nagfi-flirt. mas madali pa mag flirt kung bading na bading na obvious, kasi walang gulatan. what do you guys think?

  135. Mark Chavez said on 16-04-2009

    OMG, npakahaba na ng post q n this thread lately… i think, it’s time 4 me 2 get a lyf! lolz…..

  136. Mark Chavez said on 16-04-2009

    btw, there’s sumthing wrong w/ my post abive regarding Janus.. what i meant, is “kahit pangit xa IF I SEE HIM IN PERSON eh i wil reli get his service kc ang sarap talaga nya sa picture nya” un lng poh….

    Hey Bong,

    yeah, ur ryt, that MD was Reese or Raizen (sobra ka naman, gnawa mung gurl ung name nya as in Reese Witherspoon, hehhhehe)… ung may mga tattoo sa likod… ewan q vah, bat pogi points sakin may tatoo (w/c sa othrs s a negative one, sabi nya).. i guess, nagmumukha kc xa or sila astig sa pningin q pg may tatoo.. hehhehe

    actually, nlasing cguro c Raiz kgabi kc nka-5 drinks xa sakin… actually, b4 q natable si Raizen eh c Migs (Axel sa Apollo) ntable q w/ 2 drnks kc nkatable q rn xa dati nung sa Apollo pa xa kaya nung nilapitn nya aku eh hndi aku nkhindi…

    regardng kay Raiz, nung frst one or two bottles pa kmi eh nagbibiruan lng kmi na mag,asawa na kmi, parang biru2x lng sa simula pero in d end, parang natototoo na rin, ewan q vah, bkit mdali aku mpaibig ng mga lalaking yan… but i stil dont know reli, if it reli LOVE or LUST lng… well, only time can answer that, kung hndi me mgsasawa eh bka LOVE nga talaga nafefeel q.. hehhhee..

    yeah, i know that these guys are juz fooling me(a veri big possibility) pero sakin kc as long na i can show how much i love a man even though my love is not being reciprocated (and d worst thingt s peperahan ka lng nila) eh as long as hndi pa naman msakit sa bulsa, eh go on… basta msaya na aku na naiipakita q pagmamahal q sa kanila, sila n lng bhala kung mahalin (etching!) nila aku.. hehhehe..

    Peace on Earth esp d Gay Community.. hehhehehe…

    OMG, npakahaba na ng post q n this thread lately… i think, it time 4 me 2 get a lyf! lolz…..

  137. Mark Chavez said on 16-04-2009

    Btw, i have also had a spa hopping d other day in some spas in Timog Ave., Tomar Morato, Kamias, and Kamuning… but ill only tell u sumthing that has been an issue for d past few weeks n this thread, that is, ung xperience q sa Equanimity… pagdating q dun at around 7.30 pm, John, their manager, wasnt there… so nobody enetrtained me, and so i went drectly inside at nkita q ung mga masseurs having their dinner… nung mkita aku ni clifford, he stopped eating and entertain me and i found him cute kya lng mejo slim, w/c means na hndi q mejo type body nya…

    then, i asked for d famous Jay, but to my big surprise (sori poh, own opinion lng poh), i saw nothing in him that can convince or encourage 2 try his service.. nkashort xa dt tym ng black checkred f m not mstaken at nktali ung konting buhok nya sa likod! in short, upon seeing him n person, sori guys, hes not reli my type…

    so i asked for Ian, and yeah, ur ryt he has stocky body but i found his body relatively large as compared sa height nya, and his beauty is not also my type.. ewan q vah, bkit makado aku mpili or bkitiba type q kesa sa inyo…

    wen i asked for my crush (basing on his pic sa website nila), Janus, eh un4tunately, he was not on duty! Damn it! sayang, dahil kahit pangit xa sa picture nya eh i wil reli get his service kc ang sarap talaga nya sa picture nya, prmz….

    and i asked for Basti, at sabi nila he was taking a bath, so i opened d door of d CR w/c s not tatolly closed and BINGO! i saw d cute Basti tatally naked pero tinakpan nya patotoy nya.. hehhehe… but since natikman q na xa, i decided na nxt time n lng cguro aku uulit sa knya, pg natikman q na lahat ng ang mga tipo kung isda sa karagatan.. hehhehe..

    so i went to Boys of Bora and luckily, i found this guy named Bogoy (or Dogoy ba un?) cute, hunkie, w/ oozing sex appeal… and he did not dsappoint me… he’s got guud massage but d one i liked most was his ES… as expected, of cors, he did all d work, nkahega lng me 4 d entire session, esp ung biniBJ q xa (usually wen i give a BJ usually xa ung nkahiga)… pero wat had happened eh nkahega lng meh at he just f**k my mouth, deep-troath! shit! ang sarap…. esp ung parang nabibilaukan kah at he juz keeped pumping on my mouth and troath… ang sarap talaga, prmz… un lang… hehhehe…. at umuwi me ng bahay at natulog na may ngiti sa mukha… hehhehe

    To Fishy:
    yeah, ur ryt, kaya nga, we are now flooded w/ these so-called “(h)indi” films that tackle almost all about male homosexuality… hehhhehe

    Peace on Earth….

  138. Bong said on 16-04-2009

    Hi Mark,

    Si Macho Dancer ba eh si Reese (or something like that?). Siya kasi yung may girldfriend na palaging naghihintay sa bar na yan. Most of the guys there are married or with live in partners with children. The most interesting thing is that their wives/girlfriends are working as dancers in the adjacent bar or elsewhere. Most of the MDs (just like most people) get horny after two bottles of beer. They also tell lies and stories about how miserable their lives are. Our tendency is to pity them and give more tips and allow them to get more drinks wherein they get to earn more. Ingat lang na di paglaruan puso mo uli at bulsa mo.

  139. Gar-wana said on 16-04-2009


    heres my email sowee at na excite ako di ko nalagay email ko….


  140. Mark Chavez said on 16-04-2009

    To Kuya Momoy.

    Ouch! It hurts! hehhehehe… actually, i was already expecting that ur response wud b sumthng like that… well, that’s ok! thats not a problem 2 me… and ur ryt, m relatively young, m still n d mid-20’s (young pba un? hehhehhe..) and still bz w/ my MS… ewan q vah, bkit nahaluan pa ng lust ang studies q.. pero ok lng naman, anjan naman c time management.. hehheheh..

    Eniway, ill adventure na lng mg,isa… hehhehe… mas may thrill un cguro ng konti kesa sa referral n w/c u already know what type of guy u’re going to meet. and sumhow, para at least matuto na rin magflirt cguro w/ these streyt guys na hindi mga colboys/masseurs… hehhehe… and i hope i can be an expert w/ that flirting thing…. hehhehehe

    and yesterday nga, i adventure on my own…. ewan q vah, anu pamasok sa kukuti q bkit npagtripan q maghanap pa ng ibang mga masage spas na hndi nag-aadvertise over d net… (mhirap talaga walang mgawa sa buhay, kahit anu2x na mpgtripan, hehheehe)… frst, i looked for Datu sa E. Rod starting from Tomas Morato goin to Espana eh to my disappointment hndi q nkita.. ang nkita q lng is ung Mondiale ata un (and other massage spas) eh un4tunately pagdating q dun eh 2log lahat ng masseurs except 4 one named Jerome but un4tunately, he’s not my type…

    then, nxt hinanap q rin ung Hilom Spa along Quezon Ave., and there were only 5 available masseurs by that time na dumating aku dun, and wala rin aku ntipuhan.. acdg. 2 d man n front desk eh almost 20 daw masseurs but some of them have guests or at home/hotel service… that means, vonnga sila kc dami nila customers… hehhehhehe..

    then, fter that, hinanap q Lakan along Espanya daw, and 2 my dsappoinment eh hndi q rin nkita… Are these Datu and Lakan still existing? M intrigued kc w/ these 2 kc they say that they have been n d business since in d 80’s and d2 ka mkakuha ng mga masseur na mga machong macho or barakong barako? Totoo po vah mga Ateh/Kuyah? Kung, totoo man, can sumone give me the exact location of these two MP’s… pls….

    then after that, hinanap q din ung El Barraco sa Sta. Cruz, and d same thing happened, hndi q rin nkita… Ngaun q lng nkita nalaman na sa New Panadera St., pala adress nila sa Sta. Ana…. hehhehe.. so s2pid of me…

    and finally, almost 10 pm na eh i passd by a gay bar along Rizal Ave., and i decided to spent d entire evening there.. and luckily, i met this macho dancer na ngpatibok naman ng puso q ng bonggang bonga… and for d first time in my entire f**kn’ lyf, bumigay pgkadiscreet q publicly,,, naglips 2 lips talaga kmi ng bonggang bonga na halos wala kming pkialam sa ibang tao sa pligid namin, and to d fact, na we were sitting in front and there were a lot of customers behind us! i realy felt that time d excitement at sarap ng mkipaglaplapan publcly… OMG, sarap ng leps nya, i can still feel it ryt now… and, in fact, at that moment, we decided na magjowa na nga kmi (ang bilis talaga, prmz!) nkalemutan q tuloy c clboy na super inluv din aku…. hehehhee… and for d entire session, we talked, KISSED, HUGGED, each other at pahawak hawak na rin sa alaga nya… OMG, sarap talaga ng feeling na un, w/c i never xperince ky colboy kc ayaw nya na mgharutan kmi publicly, and also to d fact na minsan lng kmi magleps2leps… in fact, we decided ni Macho Dncer na ill wait for him fter ng show w/c ususally ends at 4 am at para mkpgchek, in at mtikman ang masarap nyang sandata! hahhahaa….

    and i did wait for him, and in fact, even during d dstribution of their “share” for that nyt, i was there.. and all d MD’s, staff and mgt. of that bar already know and consider na mg,asawa na nga talaga kmi… ang sarap talaga ng feeling na un even though meron dn mga what if’s…..

    but by d time na hinihintay namin GF nya na club dancer din sa ibang bar kc ihahatid nya pauwi eh sabi q magwiwithdraw muna me and un4tunately ntagalan me humanap ng ATM at pagbalik q ay wala na sila! Damn it! Sheeet talaga! Nsaktan talaga me ng bonggang bonga as in bad trip 2 d max, as in to the nth power, mega super duper sakit! as in OMG, is this happening? totoo ba’to? as in Where is he? Bat nya ngawa ito sakin… but of cors, d reality is GF nya ung susunduin nya and of cors, pglabas cguro nung GF nya eh ngpahatid na ito! and 1 s2pid thing, is wala xa celfon! Pero, ang sakit pa rin… i was xpecting na mkakaiskor aku sa knya at mkapiling pa ng mhabang oras…. at umuwi nga me ng luhaan at ng,almusal na 3 subo lng dahil hndi kaya lunukin pagkain at till now, 8s 9 am already, hndi pa rin mka2log bcoz of what had happened.. leche talaga ang PUSO, bkit pba kc nilikha tayong may puso or m juz veri weak cguro esp handling emotional things…. eniway, mgkikita p rin pa naman kmi…

    xenxa na mga kuya/ate/kafatid/lolo/lola, nglalabas lng ng sakit… hehhehe.. tao lng at ngmamahal…
    Peace on Earth….

  141. Fishy said on 16-04-2009

    All these stories are very entertaining and quite informative. Local TV shows should read the postings here to know what’s really hot on the audience, hahahaha. Well at least to those of our kind. 😀

    Balik lang ako sa topic ng male massage. Just been to Phaen Boran in Timog. They have 3 masseurs at the moment. Joe, who also trains the newbies, and the other two are Jeff and Lee.

    Joe is has very good skills specially if you want the Thai massage. It even sometimes percolates into his Swedish techniques, if you’re getting Swedish. He can be makwento if you let him, but that’s particularly good kung wala namang ibang tao at wala kayong magagambala. :-)

    Haven’t tried Jeff yet, but I will soon! Lee, also quite good but perhaps not as experienced as Joe. This is where junior therapists explore their options with “other markets” and do a little brand stretching of their own in the long line of massage techniques.

    Needless to, his radar is up and willing to send out the faintest signals into outer (or inner) space. If you oblige the signal with body language, your on for the next half hour of stimulating handwork. I like the very light strokes probing for the sensitive zones. He gets me ticklish but i certainly dont mind. :-)

  142. allinone said on 15-04-2009


    Pa share naman ng contacts mo. email me at

  143. Momoy said on 15-04-2009

    Caloy, I just emailed you. Hope you got my message.

    Mark, bata ka pa.Don’t want to corrupt you more…In fact temper the lust muna. Focus ka muna sa pag-aaral. It’s such an addicting vice so learn to exercise self-control for the meantime.

  144. kokoy said on 15-04-2009

    i’m sooooo depressed, i envy you guys for being so lucky with your men…:(

  145. dave said on 15-04-2009

    naku ha mylawhite ang haba ng hair mo hahahaha, rampa girl ka rin ng pasay, naku po baka nagkaka salubong na tayo dati sa pasay ha, matagal din akong nanirahan sa pasay 8 years ako nag stay dyan bago ako nag abroad at nagbakasyon ulit last january. E di kilala mo narin ang mga my boy lollipop na mga pulis sa police station sa palengke ng pasay at yung isa pa sa baba ng lrt libertad sa parking ng tricykel, meron ding mga machong gwapo na mga nagtitinda ng isda at karne sa palengke na mga dati ko ng suki at alam mo na siguro kung ano ibig ko sabihin hmmmmmmmm. Saan ka ba sa pasay nakatira ngayon, gosh baka nagkaka banggaan nga tayo sa daan yun nga lang di tayo magkakilala, machohan din ba ang drama natin kapatid. Pero kung Pasay girl ka talaga malamang yung mga hada ko ay pwede ring nahada mo rin sila ng free dahil gandahan at friendship lang ang puhunan ko, konting inuman lang ng red horse fiesta galore na sa condo ko dati sa pasay.

  146. mylawhite said on 15-04-2009

    nasunog na yang Puregold Libertad na sinasabi mo pero kilala ko din yung guard na sinasabi mo at naging friend ko siya, pasay gurl din kasi ko

  147. dave said on 15-04-2009

    momoy kinabahan ako bigla ng mabasa ko ang post mo na may nakaniig kang roving guard sa shangrila, anyway dimo naman na mention kung saang shagrila sya naka assign, i just hope na he is not thesame guy na nakaniig ko last january ng magbakasyon ako sa pilipinas hehehehe, well kung sya man yun ang saya-saya diba, anyway yung experience ko naman kasi sa shagrila ay accident lang yung nangyari sa amin kasi yung guard na yun ay may dalang aso na maitim at nag iikot sya sa shangrila makati. di sya ganun ka gwapo pero weakness ko talaga ang mga semi-cal na kayumanggi at matatangkad na talagang delicious ang katawan, idagdag mo pa na may dala-dala syang aso sa pag iikot naku ewan ko nalang talagang matatakot ka sa aso nya. Infairness mabait sya at nung una di nya daw akalain na pumapatol ako sa kapwa ko lalake. Dun na nagsimula ang lahat at syempre i always stick to my motto “ang bayot pag gustong maka iscor gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para makilala ang type na papa of course ganda at friendship ang laging puhunan” world peace.

  148. allinone said on 15-04-2009

    mali pala… eto email-ko wala pong ph sa huli sorry

  149. Gar-wana said on 15-04-2009

    dave dear,

    Pa send din sa email ko pati yung si Mr PSG Barbershop sa Pasay. Wait ko ha!


  150. dave said on 15-04-2009

    to mr CK27 or nag sent na po ako ng email sayo, good luck at sana makuha mo rin si 7-11 guy at yung mga security guards sa mercury drug sa pasay libertad.

    Sana naman wag nyo na akong okray okrayin na maramot at Drawing lahat ng sinasabi ko dahil nag sha share na ako sa inyo.Bahala na kayong dumiskarte sa kanila dahil may kasabihan tayo na “Ang bayot kung gustong maka iscor gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para makilala ang napupusuang ombre. Good luck guys. World peace

  151. dave said on 15-04-2009

    hello kapatid na mylawhite o diba gwapo at bonggang bongga si 7-11 guy, beauty and friendship lang ang puhunan para makuha sya, dina kelangan ng big amount of money para makakuha ng ombre. Meron pang dalawang cute duon sa pasay harap ng palengke ng pasay diba may grocery store duon na PUREGOLD. May dalawang super macho at cute na security guards duon sa Mercury Drug store, my gosh abelgas ang guguwapo nila at makalaglag brif lalo na yung isa ang maputi at ang cute ng eye kasi chinito sya at yung isa naman tisoy tisoyan na moreno na matangkad. Anyway nakilala ko sila sa pamamagitan ng aking style, ginamit ko ang mahiwagang Beauty and Friendship lumang style ko na ito pero effective parin naman. Pero diko na sure kung nandun parin sila ha kasi nga last January pa nangyari ito ng akoy magbakasyon sa Pilipinas, 1 month lang kasi ang bakasyon ko sa ating bayang magiliw kaya sinulit ko ng husto ang bakasyon ko.

    To Caloy, alam mo tol agree ako sayo na dito sa middle east bonggang bongga ang sexlife dito kasi ang cucute ng mga lebanese, syrian at mga ibang arabs, super dakota harison sila. Pero hanggang ngayon zero parin ang hada ko sa kapwa ko pinoy, takot kasi akong ma chismis considering na macho machohan ang image ko dito kahit kahit na type ko pa ang kapwa ko engineer ay pigil na pigil ako kasi ang chismis grabe, isa pa according to the stories that i heard “peperahan ka lang daw ng kapwa mo pinoy dito”. Kaya ako naman diko na pinag iinteresan pa ang pinoy at sa mga ibang lahi nalang, di naman mabaho ang mga arabs at british, mababango sila at libre pa. Sa pinoy ewan ko diko na sila feel although minsan natututkso akong mag try kaso ayaw ko ng tsismis baka masira pa ang image kong macho machohan dito

  152. eric said on 15-04-2009

    To TISOY, who calls everyone DUDE, you should refrain from telling your sexcapades. It seems your response are, sorry dude, i cannot give the name of the spa, sorry dude , i cannot give the name of the masseur, then you should keep those stories to yourself ( whether imaginary or real stories).Since you said that you use your brain, then you should know by now that your dick was not the first they sucked. At the end of the day, those gays with the money to spare will have the most cocks- real cocks , not imaginary cocks

  153. CK27 said on 15-04-2009


    Pa share naman ng contacts mo. email me at

  154. caloy said on 15-04-2009

    Addendum: I was sexually inactive for the first 10 months of my 18 month stay in the Mid East. I had to rely on Mariang palad, and there were a lot of subjects for fantasize on. As with any Pinoy who lands in the middle east, I was wary because of the many horror stories that I read about prior to going there. But the UAE and Oman are very liberal. Pretty soon, just as I had become comfortable, I’d become bolder. My first “conquest” was a friend who had come to my place straight from playing a foot ball game. I inquired if his muscles were aching and offered to massage him…he hesitated not because he didn’t want it but because he saw me in a different position (arabs are very class conscious, by the looks of my assigned villa, the fact that I was entitled to some perks like a liquor license in the eyes of his community, I was someone of “stature”, so I had to coax him and convince him that I wanted to massage him (a scenario that had played up in my mind before it actually happened). This class consciousness also works in very bad ways, when they perceive you as “inferior”. In this class conscious structure, the caucasian expats always have pride of place. In the days when I was in this area, there were very few Filipinos, mostly engineers, architects, doctors and other professionals, so compared to the Bangladeshis and pakistanis who accepted menial jobs, the Filipinos were perceived highly.

  155. ferdie said on 15-04-2009

    To Momoy,

    Galing naman ng kuwento mo, may kilig factor. For me, it’s not bitin. Ok lang siya para naman something would be left to our imagination, and that’s the most exciting part.

    Btw, parang mas feel ko i-share mo about the guwapong OJT. Ibig sabihin, sariwa at bata pa ito kasi newly graduate lang, I presumed.

  156. Mark Chavez said on 15-04-2009

    To Kuya Momoy,

    And i hope u can also tell ur sexperience w/ that hunke basketball player… and u can refer him to me,, f that’s ok w/ u… here’s my email add.. (hehhehe, pkapalan na tlaga to ng mukha…hehhehe)….

    tnx and more sexciting stories…. hehheheheh

  157. Mark Chavez said on 15-04-2009

    yeah, ur ryt, Kuya Momoy, time-consuming talaga magsulat that’s why ngaun q lang gnagawa pagpopost kc vacation pa… hehhehe… pero, in fairness, d more na nkakabitin, d more d story makes exciting, prmz… hehhehhe… but m realy excited to hear d climax of ur story, nsasarapan talaga aku ni Marlon, prmz…. hehhehehe

  158. Momoy said on 15-04-2009

    Mark, mahirap pala magsulat…di mo namamalayan ilang oras mo na syang ginagawa and it’s eating up a lot of your time for more important stuff.But neither that nor di ko talaga sadyang mambitin. Dumating lang kagabi sa condo ko si hunky basketball friend ko…Bum lang kase he needs money daw so…blah..blah..

    Caloy, etong basketball player nato ang unang gift referral ko sayo in case.Above it all talaga kase 6’4 ang height, contract player ng isang not so famous collegiate team, moreno at gwapo (natawa ako kagabi kase sabi nya, kamukha naman daw nya si Marco Alcaraz, lower maintainance pa..bakit daw hinahanap ko pa si Marco…ayyy, jelly sya.)In fact, pinapasali sya sa Century Tuna Bodies pero late na sya sa screening. Try daw nyang humabol sa Mossimo bikini contest. Sweet nya…ilang beses nya akong niyakap bago sya umalis.

    Anyway,back to the common tao…narealize ko, masaya palang balikan ang mga kwento ng ating mga sexual trysts. It’s not actually the sex part eh, but the adventure and the dimensions of humanity leading towards it. The best part of it talaga is the feeling that you’re connecting with someone and that you’re winning his confidence and trust…not because of sex or money but simply because of who you really are.

    Kaya nga di masaya ang kwento for me with masahistas or call boys kase wala nang interpersonal human dimensions and emotions. Kaya nga feeling ko, anticlimactic ang next part ng story ko with Marlon kase sex part na sya….

    Para tuloy mas gusto kong ishare ang mga kwento ko with Arvin,ang roving guard sa Shangrila…or with Jeric, ang kapitbahay ng dating katulong ko sa may Tenement sa Tondo, or with Bryan, ang pinakagwapong OJT sa office at si Ryan, ang hunk sales guy sa isang apparel shop in Trinoma na ngayon ay sumisikat na.

    Haay, pero massage blog ito so let’s keep it that way.Caloy, how can we exchange contacts na?

  159. Mark Chavez said on 15-04-2009

    OMG Kuya Momoy, u make us bitin na naman… pls continue d story.. Is it some kind of teleseries or telenovela na by chapters? hehhehhe… i want more… continue pah…. sumakit 2loy puson ko.. lolz….

    Ai naku, sarap talaga ni Marlon… so yummy….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

  160. Momoy said on 14-04-2009

    Hello again world!!Sorry,wasn’t my intention to make some feel bitin. I wrote it this morning before going to work. And obviously, malilate na ako so i had to park it. Anyway, let’s go back to Marlon.

    Mas nagiging komportable na kami after breakfast. We went back to the car en route again to Subic. I told him, i wanted to take the front seat so I can listen to Magic 89.9’s Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee triumvirate.Sakto naman that Mo had his TOP 10 sexual adventures and in between, the three invited callers to share their sexual encounter secrets.

    One guy shared his one-night stand with a Viva Hot Babe to which Marlon retorted, “Swerte naman ng gagong yan, kinukwento pa.” So I told him the fact that a lot of these girls in showbiz are really pabooking.”Wow sir, pwede bang sumama sa mga gimiks mo? Type ko kase si Jennifer Lee..Pero pinakapantasya ko yung mga simple lang, parang si Maja Salvador..” Napapatawa lang ako,,Syet, akala pa nito maniac ako. In my mind, i had a dilemma whether I’m going to send feelers or continually pretend being hetero. I was thinking that this hottie will inevitably drive other people from my office and the thought of being “laman ng tsismis” scared me a lot.

    Unfortunately, Mohan Gumatay kept on fueling my sexual tension.’Top 9 sexual adventure…being bj’d while driving in the middle of traffic…’…and Marlon quipped..”OK yan, pampagising!”..Oh my God, we’re in the middle of nowhere SCITEX, walang tao, walang sasakyan…didiskartehan ko na kaya eto? Please, please…help me heavens…self-control…And carnal instincts, tiningnan ko pantalon nya para ma-assess kung mahirap bang buksan in case..Damn, mukhang tinamaan si Marlon ng libog sa topic ni Mohan, bumubukol o sadya kayang pinapabukol nya ang kanya?

    “Haha, bakit pare, nakasubok ka na bang binoblow job habang nagdadrive?”…to which, sa isang mapang-akit na titig..”Sir, di pa po eh..” Haaay, bakit ganyan sya kung makatingin?…

    “Pero, di ko makalimutan ang pinakamasarap na blow job sa akin ng kasamahan kong OFW din. Talagang, pati itlog, sinusubo nya talaga…parang langit talaga. Tsaka, maalaga talaga kase sya pa nagpupunas sa akin pagkatapos namin..”…I was flustered…Was he firting or simply sharing a story…

    Top 4 sexual adventure…”Do it in the middle of your terrace overlooking the street..”..”Sir, natry namin yan ni misis nung gf ko pa lang sya. Habang, nanonod ng TV mga kapatid at pinsan nya, tinitira ko naman sya habang nakatalikod sya at nakatakip lang palda nya..Nakababa lang ng konti ang pantalon at briefs ko pero di naman kami kita kase natatakpan naman ako ng palda nya…” Damn, bakit feeling ko, nag-sishare lang sya ng story…Bakit parang akala nya, mabait lang ako, masarap kasama…komportable lang sya sa akin…masarap kausap…Marlon… Bibigay kaya sya pag nalaman nyang pinapantasya ko na sya sa utak ko or matatauhan sya at mawawalan ng gana…at mapapahiya lang ako??..

    Silence..but I can sense that he was hot and libidous from the show’s topic. “Sir, ayos pala yang show na yan ah…” And i was squirming from the fact na feeling ko, malapit na kami sa Subic at di pa rin ako naka-1st base…

    A virile guy caller called the show to share his secret na..”May bolitas ako sa akin and my girlfriend can’t help but keep on asking for more!!”…To which napatawa si Marlon ng malakas..’Bakit?Nakakarelate ka? Naexperience mo na bang magpalagay ng bolitas????’…Isa uling malalim na titig sa akin na parang nahihiya…”Opo sir, may bolitas ang sa akin?”…I nearly jumped from my seat to my side to be closer and come face to face with him..’Di nga, baka maliit ang sayo kaya ka nagpalagay ng bolitas’…Waah, first base na ba ito???…

    “Hindi ah…ganyan talaga sa middle east…kahit magtanong ka pa lalo na yung galing sa Saudi..Sa boring ng buhay dun, nagpapalagay na lang kami ng mga bolitas, katuwaan lang…”..Ang hiya nya, napalitan ng masayang ngiti sa mga alaala nya abroad.

    “Hindi nga lang isa eh, tatlo pa…”…Sa kaling gulat ko…’Ha, patingin nga!!!’…At isang mamalim na tingin ang sinukli sa akin ni Marlon…

  161. mylawhite said on 14-04-2009

    Hi Dave;

    Nabasa ko mga post mo at naniniwala ako sa yo dahil Kilala ko si 7-11 guy na sinasabi mo at saka pareho tayo ng strategy :) sa paghada money and beauty ika nga sa batangueno :) sana walang mag react at akoy okrayin dito, eto yahoomail ko at tayo’y mag share ng mga notes :) baka nga may common hada tayo eh…na cha challenge ako sa PSG guy na sinasabi mo mo nga sa akin at akoy e email din sa yo :)

  162. dave said on 14-04-2009

    hello kapatid na mylawhite please send me you email, if possible yung yahoo account mo ang ipadal amo sa akin kasi super strict ang aming office, i shashare ko sayo ang mga sexcapades at kalandian ko nuon ng magabakasyon ako sa pilipinas. Nagkalat talaga ako ng lagim sa kamaynilaan at diko pinatawad ang lahat mapa taxi driver, bell boy, cashiers at ultimo security guards diko pinatawad. Send mo sa akin ang yahoo mail mo bibigay ko yung address at contacts nila.

  163. mylawhite said on 14-04-2009

    Hi Dave:

    nabasa ko mga post mo 😉
    Email mo ko, chat tayo, at marami tayong pag-uusapan 😉 on the same wavelength tayo gurl!!!

  164. manuelito said on 14-04-2009

    one of gay’s mortal sin is keep other gays BITIN….hehehe…na-eexcite na ako ng husto tapos, tatanong ka pa kung co-continue mo…..TULOY mo na pleaseeee…hehehe (nagmamakaawa na no?- joke..:):))

    to kokoy and ferdie – i experienced the same thing sa equanimity…yoko ng mag-elaborate, parehas lang naman…
    So try nyo na lang don si Jeff Cruz, (kung naroon pa siya) the best yon sa lahat ng bagay, mabait pa..

  165. Fishy said on 14-04-2009

    Hi Caloy,

    Would luv to be in the loop about potential, unexpected conquests. It’s just that those that I’ve had before didn’t involve exchanging of numbers (stupid me)…hehehehehe. Now I’m just scratching my head. :-)

    But who’s to say that it won’t happen again. Though admittedly, I had more of a bargaining chip before since I was a fresh damsel then (choz!). hahahahaha. Those encounters included jeepney drivers. Oh well.

    In anycase, my email is: fishionista@gmail. Will keep tab if ever any encounters of some sort happen to cross my path again. 😀

  166. Mark Chavez said on 14-04-2009

    Hey Kuya Momoy,

    nabitin aku sa s2ry mu…. pls continue….

    Hi there Kuya Caloy,
    ung mga referral mu para sakin ha, wag mu kalimutan.. hehhehehhe…

    Peace on Earth…

  167. dave said on 14-04-2009

    sya nga pala nakalimutan kong sabihin, sa 7-11 sya naka assign sa buedia pasay near goldilocks and wendys. Sa mga nagbabalak na puntahan sya para makilala sya please guys be discreet kasi mabait ang taong ito at di rin sya basta basta bumibigay dahil pamilyadong tao rin sya at may iniingatang panagalan. please be discreet. According to 7-11 cashier boy marami na syang indecent proposals daw na natatanggap mula sa mga bumibili sa kanila pero lahat ay tinaggihan daw nya sa kadahilanang di sya for public consumption anyway ang advice ko sa inyo mga PLU’S pLEASE BE DISCREET AND BE FRIENDLY TO HIm. AKO NG nakuha ko sya ayaw nyang tanggapin ang perang ibinibigay ko sa kanya. Try nyo syang puntahan pero diko na sure ngayon kung panggabi parin ba sya or pang Umaga o panghapon na sya kasi nga last january pa nangyari ito at ang alam ko nagpapalit palit sila ng schedule sa 7-11 anyway ang mahalaga duon sya nag wowowrk, cute at tisoy sya siguro nasa 5’7 to 5’8 ang height nya. Good luck guys sana makuha rin ninyo sya.

  168. dave said on 14-04-2009

    hi po this is dave,

    ako po yung nagkwento kay mamang PSG na barbero, i called him last week na baka pwede ko ng ibigay yung place nya para dumami ang costumer nila sa pagupitan pero tumanggi sya sa kadahilanang natatakot syang mabuking ng asawa nya at ng pamilya nya ang pinaggagawa nya after the massage, anyway sa mga nabigyan at napadalhan ko na ng address ni manong PSG before siguro naman kayo na ang makakapag attest na talagang di basta basta bumibigay si manong.

    Anyway, ibang cute at talagaang gwapo ang irerecommend ko nalang sa inyo, tutal marami naman dito ang naghahanap ng straight na gwapo pero hindi masseur, if you guys are familiar sa buendia 7-11 store near goldilocks aty wendys merong isang cashier duon na super cute at mestiso duon, panggabi ang kanyang duty, nakuha ko sya ng akoy nagbakasyon sa pilipinas last january, well nasa diskarte na ninyo kung paano ninyo sya makukuha, isa lang ang masasabi ko basta bayot gagawa at gagawa ng paraan para makilala ninyo sya. Anyway dahil hindi naman ako bayot talaga at very straight acting ang drama ng lola ninyo hayun nakilala ko sya, mahiyain po sya at mabait kaya mga sisters beware ha wag ninyo syang bibiglain at baka majombag nya or i turn down nya ang indecent proposal ninyo. Na meet ko na rin ang asawa nya at my gosh na loka ako mga sisters kasi nga medyo mataray at palabana ang hubby nya, kaya ako ingat na ingat ng minsang isama nya ako sa bahay nila, hindi naman sa panlalait pero naawa ako sa kalagayan ng buhay nila dahil isang maliit at maingay na lugar ang tinitrhan nila anyway mababait naman ang mga tao sa pasay. Remember mga sister sa Gil Puyat Lrt Buendia 7-11 sya naka assign at panggabi ang duty nya, gwapo at tisoy sya, bahala na kayong dumiskarte dahil may kanya kanya naman tayong estilo sa pag hohook ng boys. Marami pa akong irerecommend na iba merong taxi driver na tisoy, cashier sa fastfood etc…..

  169. ferdie said on 14-04-2009


    Alam mo, I had same experience. Kasi last March21, it was a Saturday, I went to Equanimity to experience the much touted “service” of —. I was there at around 5PM, tulog pa daw si —. Busty, one of the masseurs around (there were three of them + the sleeping —), volunteered to wake up —, but I told him not. Baka naman kasi puyat at pagod, reasonable naman kasi akong tao. Besides, baka pag nagising eh jombagin ako. Pero in fairness, cute siya while sleeping (sinilip ko kasi siya sa room habang natutulog na nakataas pa ang dalawang kamay). Finally, nagising siya at around 6:30PM. Upon knowing that I was waiting for him, nilapitan niya ako agad. He was so cordial naman. After some talk and pahinga, he then fixed himself, took a bath and we went upstairs afterwards, thinking it would be one of my greatest bout. He started giving me the massage. In between, nag-uusap naman kami at maayos din naman siyang kausap. I must admit, magaling siya talagang magmasahe, though it lasted for only about 30 to 40 minutes, satisfied na ako kasi maliit naman ang katawan ko. After, he asked ano daw ba ang gusto ko, sabi ko lahat gusto ko. He started kissing and licking my nipples down to the belly, tapos nahiga siya, pumatong naman ako sa kaniya. Inipit niya ang akin. Wala na, tapos na. In short, talagang very short ang encounter namin. Gayunpaman, I gave him P2,600 (P600 for the counter, P2000 for him)kasi, behave naman siya. Afterwards niyang mag-wash, sabi ko, maupo muna siya sa tabi ko para naman mayakap ko man lang (kasi hindi ko man lang siya nayakap sa entire short duration ng bout namin, hindi kasi ako nagmamadali kasi akala ko may susunod pang mas exciting). Bigla ba naman sabihin na may home service pa daw siya (sabi daw nang boss niya na dumating na pala). Kaya hayun, luhaan akong bumaba (joke lang). Gusto ko sanang bawiin half of what I’ve paid, nahiya naman ako. ‘Yan mga sisters ang experience ko kay — at sa Equanimity.Sa inis ko tuloy, sabi ko sa sarili ko, never na akong pupunta sa Equanimity (kung hindi magbago ang isip ko), hindi na nga discreet, hirap pa ng parking. Sa Blue Palm, at least, alaga nila ang guest nila. Ganun din sa Magic, very mabait ang owner na si Rey at mga alalays niya. Kaya lang, nag-deteriorate yata ngayon ang quality ng mga wards niya, napabayaan siguro. Pag dumating ka doon (either Blue Palm or Magic), welcome ka talaga. Kakuwentuhan mo ang mga boys at hindi ka magmamadali. Pero mga, 6 months na akong hindi napupunta sa Magic.

    Pero, gusto kong subukan si Ian or Clifford ng Equanimity. Sayang nga lang, I’m having second thoughts na. Bahala na.

    To the spa owners naman, treat naman eand and every paying customers well. Hindi ‘yung parang may pinapaboran kayo. If not for this incident, baka every week, nasa Equanimity ako. “Customer is king” ‘di ba?

  170. ferdie said on 14-04-2009


    I’m so bitin sa kuwento mo, please continue.

  171. Andre said on 14-04-2009

    nice idea. though honestly, hindi rin naman ganun kadami mashe-share ko and wala na rin ako contact sa iba. si caloy mukhang marami, sakin yung pinsan lang ni boy sa lugawan (astig katawan pero wala gano looks), yung painter sa auto shop na pinagpagawaan ko ng car before (again di naman gwapo cute lang pero na mere fact na straight sya, oks na rin), marine guy pero hanggang dinner lang dahil mali yung number na na-save ko (ito sayang talaga! hayyy)…waiter from davao (ok ang looks at size!!) kaso nawala na rin contact ko sa kanya =(..hmm meron pa ba?

  172. Bong said on 14-04-2009


    Please continue your story. :>>>

  173. Momoy said on 14-04-2009

    Caloy, I’ll give in to that. How do we start? What’s your email address again?It really helps. This way we sanitize the serendipitous encounters with either the bad and the ugly,only the good ones. It also cuts a lot of the flirting hassles. Let’s keep it muna to among the few and only those who can really give good referrals. Kase kung marami drawing lang naman at magaling magscreenplay, wag na.We still prioritize personal protection especially myself and others who are ultra discreet.

    Ok, I have a cute real story with my THIRD-PARTY PRIVATE VEHICLE driver.I am an ultra discreet executive and I get to be driven around by our 3rd-party rent a car provider (the likes of AVIS, EUROPCAR etc).I won’t tell which car rental company he works. Usually, wala akong fave driver nung una kase nga, ayokong mangdiscriminate. Sila kase, they prefer out of town, overnight trips kase mas malaki ang overtime fee. So everytime someone drives me, lagi sinasabi na sana sila uli kukunin for the next trip.

    Until, one early morning en route to a business meeting in Subic, got this text..”Sir, si Marlon po eto, ako po driver nyo. San po ba ako mag-aantay sa inyo?Bawal kase magpark sa harap ng condo nyo.” Dissapointed that this new driver did not get the instruction from my secretary (to get past thru the guards and park at my 3rd floor parking) I had to rush down with my business suit still in their hangers.

    Pagbukas ng elevator sa lobby, my dissapointment turned to flattery and excitement when my security guard crush(can’t flirt with him,damn!too proximate!) and a brooding in a subtle way with the best smiling eyes ever greeted me,’Good morning sir, si Marlon po”… to volunteer bringing my suit and overnight bag to the car which they know is quite a walk from the lobby.

    Silence, he was silent.. and I also prefer to work and review for my day’s meeting while seated at the rear seat. But during breaks from reading, I often catch his smiling eyes on the rear glass.I intimately mapped out his face amidst the charming, can be flirty eyes.I now remember why this driver excites me. He looks like someone from pinoy pene movies in the 80’s?Naalala nyo pa ba Sila Gino Antonio, Tony Martinez, Greggy Liwag, Mark Joseph? Eh, ang pene movies in the 80’s (which I get to watch in the 90’s na since I was born 1979) awakened my homosexual sensitivities. Ewan, imbes na kay Myra Manibog o kay Maria Isabel Lopez ako nakatingin, bakit sina Gino at Tony ang mas naeexcite ako, weeeeh!

    Anyway (mahaba pala magsulat, para na rin akong nag-blog)Marlon, my driver for the trip looked like cross of Gino Antonio and Greggy Liwag with better smiling eyes. Mga 5.8 tall, maganda ang tangos ng ilong, napakaganda ng lips. Moreno sya pero pantay at di rough ang balat at lalakeng-lalake.

    “Marlon, taga-saan ka?”, me, breaking the eyes.”Taga-Sta. Mesa po, sir”..Huh, di ang aga mo gumising?…”Opo, sir, 3 AM. Di nga po ako makatulog kagabi kase excited ako. First time ko kaseng magdriver..”..Huh, bakit?… “OFW po kase ako, electrical engineer ako sa Dubai ng 3 taon. Eh natapos ang kontrata ko last year so umuwi ako. Eh, nakakahiya kay misis at nakakabagot sa bahay, nagpahanap na lang muna ako sa pinsan ko ng sideline habang nag-aantay na makabalik sa Dubai…”

    “Ganun ba?”, to my surprise. Kaya pala sya may aura of confidence and magaling magdala ng damit (not that the other drivers are not). Hmm..parang gusto kong lumipat sa harap para makipagkwntuhan…

    “Marlon, breakfast tayo dyan sa Pancake House, sa unang gas station sa NLEX”…Start of my flirting…(Icocontinue ko ba ito?)

  174. Mark said on 14-04-2009

    Hi there Kuya Caloy! That’s d one i’ve been waiting for from u! d “referral system”… but, frankly speaking, i cant contribute/refer much kc wala talaga aku katalent2x mkikipagflirt or mamick up ng mga streyt guys na hndi naman talaga mga putah or masseurs, kaya nga nagtitiis na lng me sa mga colboys at masseurs… m veri-streyt-acting kc and feeling q kapag mkikipagflirt or mkikipgtitigan aku sa mga streyt guys na hndi naman mga sex workers eh bka zozombagin lng nila aku at bka iisipin nila na naghahanap lng me ng away…

    so far, ang maiirecommend q lng is ung 17-yr old na varsity basketbol player ng San Beda, as i have mentioned above… i hope u can give me some Kuya Caloy esp ur PMI s2dnts, criminology s2dnts, security guards, military men, house painters, tuberos, boatmen, pahinantes, etc… OMG, these guys have been my wildest sexual fantasies, STRAIGHT MEN DOING VERY MANLY WORK… basta ibigay mu sakin is ung accdg. to my budget lng, hehheh…. that is, not more than 2K… beyond that, self-service na lng… hehhehe…. here’s my email ad: …. tnx in advance Kuya Caloy…

    Regarding ky “Mamang PSG”, i think (own opinion lng poh), he does reli exist, pero d remaining part of d s2ry, i gues, is already a manufactured one (sori dude, own opinion lng poh talaga)… i mean, what had happened maybe, is ngpagupit nga xa at nkilala c Mamang PSG pero wen he proposed for a sex (xenxa na, vakla lng poh) he was turned down… pero dude if u can give me d exact name/adress nung barbershop ni Mamang PSG (my email add is above), babawiin q opinion q, prmz… coz i guess i alredy need some haircut…

    Own opinion lng poh…
    Peace on Earth…

  175. caloy said on 14-04-2009

    Dear all (Mark, Momoy, Enric, Emeric, Ton, Asyano, Tisoy, Kokoy, Andre, Fishy, Vince etc…) why dont we start a referral system of great straight guys 18+ (basketball players, students, semi employed models, former reality show contestants etc., etc.) ni masseurs, no callboys. Some of my best experiences are conquests with str8ts, the unexpected straight guy na payag naman pala. We can exchange cell numbers (you dont have to use your “normal” cell) or email addresses and do this on an “I refer one to you, you refer one to me” basis. We can also keep tab for the purpose of health and safety. We also bypass the pimps. No fees just mutual cross referrals. I’ve had all sorts, PMI students, criminology students, basketball players, security guards, house painters, etc., hardware shop assistants…

    I was inspired by the PSG story and Andre’s recent conquest.

  176. Mark said on 14-04-2009

    Hi there Andre, galing mu dumiskarte ha, direct 2 d point… gusto q ung linya mung “sabi nila pag malaki katawan, maliit ang alaga. sabi ko patingin nga kung totoo”… lolz.. mas masaya cguro ang ending pag pinakita nya diretso… lolz… para dakma dretso sa notating… hahahaha….

    Hi there Bong! Me too, hndi q talaga pinalampas yung show ng GMA kgabi entitled World View’s Think Positive (sumthing like that)… And one thing na mejo nkapanatag ng loob q is ung number of cases/people affected of HIV here n d Phils na since 1980’s daw eh for d record 3,500+ ang affected though d figure may be doubled due to unreported cases.. pero for my own point of view, that number is relatively small pa rin coz in that number that already inlcudes female sexworkrs, or nonsexworkers, streyt, etc… but even then we shud take extra care.. basta ang maiicontribute q lang so that we cant spread d STDs here n our country (Thailand s becoming a heven for HIV/AIDS recently) is I NEVER SWALLOW CUM kahit gaanu q pa kmahal or tipo ung lalaki… and of cors, CONDOM… un lng.. hehheh…

    About basketball players, ive tried once, a 17-yr old varsity player (daw! sabi nung ngreto sa knya sa akin) ng San Beda… Uncut xa at mejo iba amoy ng etits nya (it seems that he stil doesnt know d word hygiene esp cleaning his d**k eh alam nman nyang pokpok xa) He does nothing but just to lay there and juz let me s**k his d**k! No performance, no massage, no penetration, no service as expected! so, i do still prefer hiring a male sex workers lyk masseurs/colboys coz they know what they shud do… pero pag may xtra budget, then pwede na rin mag sexplore ng mga basketball players esp u really know that they are 100 % streyt (cguro… hehhehhe…)

    Hi there Enric! Yeah, ill email you so that u can help me naman or give some sort of advices… hehhehhe…. kc it seems na m juz veri new w/ a M2M relationship at sa veri streyt pa at sa colboy pa na married w/ 3 kids… though i had a M2M rel. b4 during my college days pero parang puppy love lng yun ika nga… Financially, mejo wala naman problema kc its expected n our sexual orintation na we have 2 pay to have a sex… Ika nga “It pays to get straight men” or “Straight men have their price”… hehhehhe… pero, ung nature lang ng wprk nya ang hindi q knkaya… nsasaktan aku plagi ng bonggang bonga! Ay naku, tanga talaga aku sa pag,ibig prmz… i tried na klimutan xa at mgmove on kaya lng hndi q knakaya, i cant concntrate on m studies (m taking MS now) nung subukan kuna gawin yun, kaya binalikan q talaga xa ng bongang bonga para hndi masira pag,aaral q… i hope u can help meh somehow…

    Nagmamahal lang poh, xenxa nah….
    Peace on Earth….

  177. jade said on 14-04-2009

    Ok lang naman sa akin so far ang Equanimity. Three times na akong nakapunta doon, yung dalawa (with Jay and Rico) magaling pareho. I also got Niko before pero hindi tinigasan.

  178. kokoy said on 13-04-2009

    hi all, its my first time to write, but been following your blogs since 2008…

    i decided to stop going to equanimity spa already, coz i’m almost always been served by masseurs who are either too exhausted or just so insensitive with clients and can no longer do good service anymore..

    the unfair part is that i have been reading good feedbacks about them from a lot of bloggers here..bakit sa akin, hindi sila ganon????

    hindi naman ako mukhang kingkong or amoy rotten egg, hu hu hu ….i gave good tips naman, i dont give lower than 4 digits…. bakit mga kuya….????


  179. discreetNeophyte said on 13-04-2009

    How true that Amaranthus already have Steam and Sauna? hmmp are they trying to immitate Queeriosity? Hmmp may Bath club na ba d2 sa Davao? ano ba nag magandang MP d2 na may ES?

  180. enric said on 13-04-2009

    TO MARK, same me, na inluv din ako, and now six months na kami, nakuha ko sya massage clinic sa manila, its a long distance ralatiosngip, the fact na nasa abraod ako and nasa province sya ngayon and give him a samll business para may pagkaabalahan sya… you can email me at to exchange our experiences..hehehe

  181. Tisoy said on 13-04-2009

    To Caloy, Momoy, V:
    Thanks for your comments. Threesome for body massage with ES is just one of my wildest fantasies. I like to imagine that one masseur is licking my balls while the other masseur sucking my cock like a red lollipop while i lay down in bed hehehe. Just my weird imagination. i salute you guys for having tried 3some either in sex or in massage or both. Ill take your advise and who knows, i might bump into some guys or masseurs who are willing to do it. For sure, they can’t say no once they get to meet me hehehe. Thanks again dudes

  182. leo said on 13-04-2009

    hi caloy! im interested with the basketball players u shared. im interested please email me, because im from davao. my address ty.

  183. Bong said on 13-04-2009

    Hi! I watched the HIV/AIDS special show last night sa GMA 7. Bigla akong natakot sa pinaggagawa natin sa MPs with ES. Not that I don’t do safe sex but the risks are getting higher in acquiring STDs and HIV. Anyway, inggat lang tayong lahat.

  184. andre said on 13-04-2009

    i’ve been visiting this site for months now or even year(s) i think but this is my first time to post. personally, i am into massage and cruising for straight guys.
    i’ll start with my recent experience, i just moved to my place few months ago. then merong lugawan few houses away. usually 2 guys yung tumatao dun and obvious na they go to the gym. may itsura yung 1, as in young, cute, boy next door yung dating. one time i took the risk after eating sa lugawan and invited the cute guy to come into my place. surprisingly pumayag sya. so diretso kami sa place ko after nya magpaalam sa kasama nya na mawawala for few minutes. mga 2AM na nun. pagdating sa place ko, sabi ko sa kanya ok yung katawan nya. sabi nya alaga sa gym. sabi ko pede ba makita abs nya. hinubad nya naman shirt nya..astig ok talaga yung katawan nya. sablay lang sa kanya yung ngipin nya, hindi gano maganda. sabi ko musta naman legs nya, baka chicken legs sya…no hesitations binaba nya pants nya. sabi ko sabi nila pag malaki katawan, maliit ang alaga. sabi ko patingin nga kung totoo, dun sya di pumayag sabi nya ibang usapan na yun. i tried to bribe him and pumayag sya. in short, may nangyari samin =) sayang hindi sya marunong mag massage.

  185. caloy said on 13-04-2009

    I did threesomes with my basketball friends from Davao, but its not very satisfying because its quite distracting. There’s no focus and therefore the intensity is diffused. I also tried this with brothers. I met one of them in a mall and after our first encounter, he introduced me to a younger brother. The first guy had a twin so through time, we had all sorts of combinations. What I found surprising with the second group was the casualness with which they engaged in sex, no shyness, all matter of fact. They’re all very good looking. Their eldest brother, whom I’ve never had sex with used to work with Valentino near Robinson’s Ermita and in between engagements introduced his younger siblings to the trade. They’re quite tall, on the average 5’11. I’ve lost touch with them after my cellphone was stolen two years ago (not by them, for one reason or another, they don’t exude a hint of being harmful, just boyish boys, boy-men). They’ve invited me several times to their home but I always declined. They take their looks from their mother who looks very pretty in pictures. I’m sure she must know…

    Anyway, I haven’t done a three some in quite a long time. Better to do them serially that all at the same time.

  186. momoy said on 13-04-2009

    Tried to do threesome with 2 part-time models na magbest-buddy. It was quite fun kase their banters were hilarious, you’ll get to feel na buddies nga sila (remember the teen-ager days when you jack off with your basketball budddies…ganyan ang feeling naming tatlo..tipong, ‘bro, unahin mo na sya, mas malaki yan’…’bro, wag kang tumingin’..haha, sweet).

    Masaya but they are not really comfortable. You’d hear their oohs and ahhs better kung one-on-one lang.

    It was a different story when i did it with two professional masseurs.Sanay na sila sa partneran and they know how to synergize.For strange or expected reasons, ayoko nang maulit. I don’t really like bastardized sex. Or maybe because, I wasn’t attracted to the masseurs. But as it is, maraming double-treat programs sa mga massage clinics. Ask your fave masseur who among his co-masseurs is he most comfortable to double with. Ask for choices kase baka naman di mo type yung favorite double partner nya. Don’t pick naman the second masseur partner na di komportable si 1st partner. Kase baka magkakailangan yan, walang synergy.

    With the crampy cubicles in clinics, better do it home service para makapag-kalestinics and even play hide and seek.Watch out and be conscious of security. Dalawa na yan, their negotiating and control powers are heightened. Make sure klaro ang usapan and expectations. Minimum nyan is double pay. But some will ask for extra as incentive for doing things beyond if!

  187. v said on 13-04-2009

    Tisoy, dear. I might just be getting the short end of the deal but the few times that I got crazy and tried that kind of stuff, it fell short of whatever fantasy I had in my head.

    I think the real challenge would be to get them guys who would be comfortable with each other in that kind of a situation; it’s a bummer enough that they almost always have to deal with the constant surprise of how their trick looks like when they enter the stall. The truth is, nagkakahiyaan kaya sila! There was a time when I the guy even said, “Lam mo, mas bibilib ka sa ‘kin kung tayong dalawa lang.” Or something to that effect.

    So paano ba yun? Get two who are very familiar with each other and risk handing them control of the situation and thus giving them the opportunity to collude? Or work your ass off on getting them both into the mood of things so that you can then get your brain candy?

    Go figure. And when you have…email mo koh ha? 😉

  188. allinone said on 13-04-2009

    hI tISOY AKO RIN i ‘ll be in cebu next week pls e mail me your top 3 spas in CEBU, thanks.. here my e-mail

  189. lickandsip said on 12-04-2009

    Hey Tisoy,
    I’ll be in Cebu tomorrow. Do you mind emailing me your top 3 spas in Cebu? Thanks! Here’s my email:

  190. Tisoy said on 12-04-2009

    Has anyone tried getting two masseurs at one time for full body massage and ES? Is this possible inside MP/spa? Has anyone tried this inside your hotel room or house? Was it exhausting or sexxxciting? Just curious.

  191. brandon said on 12-04-2009

    thanks sa advice momoy… let me know if saan pa the best… just email me k? thank u… ingats

  192. Momoy said on 12-04-2009

    Hi Brandon..try Edward of Grand Royal Spa Lahug and Jordan of Euphoria. I wouldn’t say they are the best coz I have never tried all their masseurs but massage techniques are great. Extra naman talaga is relative sa standards and expectations mo. Go ahead and try them and let us know here.

    To Tisoy, no thanks…I am not interested in your masseurs anymore. If you had your reasons, then why bark? Leave it to the dogs, bud!

  193. Mark said on 12-04-2009

    Hi there Kuya Caloy, tnx again…
    Frankly speaking, sexually, nagsasawa na rin aku sa knya pero his presence s d one im always longing for every minute and every second of d day… in fact, ok lang sakin, kung minsan na hndi na kmi magsex, ang mportante is mkapiling q lng xa ng buong gabi… We’ve known since October last year and halos every wk eh lumalabas kmi at gumigimik, nag-iinuman, videoke, etc., b4 magchek in, so ung pagmamahal q s knya is developed day by day eevrytime na kmi ay mgkasam…

    Regardng d security, eh, hndi pa naman nya aku nagago… i think its 1 of the things bkit npatibok nya puso ko ng bongang bonga is dahil super bait nya… its bacause maybe due to d fact na hes married already and have 3 veri cute kids kaya hndi xa gumagawa ng anumang kagaguhan… so, m veri secured w/ him pero nagiingat din minsan lyk pag ngsi-CR eh i always bring my 2 cp’s and d wallet at wen we sleep eh hkatago plagi wallet q.. pero, i feel na veri secured w/ him… and i never bring him at home, sa Sogo Hotel kmi plage kc mejo (mejo lng naman, hehheeh) secured.. kc if i bring him at home eh i heard a lot of news bout gays or bi’s that have been killed n their own house… ( i exclude from this statemnt Kya Caloy kc secured naman un place mu coz u have some security or dogs, etc.)…

    i guess, Out of topic na talaga me… xenxa na mga kafatid, inluv lng…. hehhehehe… eniway, tnx Kuya Caloy at un n lng gnagawa q eh gnagawa q na lng xa regular masseur (in fairness magaling talaga xa magmassage) though alam nya na super inluv me sa knya…

    btw, asan nga bah MP’s ang meron BOTH MALE and FEMALE masseurs kc ngpapasama ung streyt friend q na guy though alam nya at tanggap nya na discreet me…

    tnx poh…
    peace on earth…

  194. jade said on 12-04-2009

    I was at Equanimity yesterday at around 9:00pm where I had the opportunity to get the much heralded Jay. He was great, as his reputation goes, but having said that, Equanimity itself was a disappointment. The upstairs airconditioning wasn’t strong enough they had to resort to fans. Downstairs the toilet was no so clean, and whats with that filthy timba and tabo? Why 600 pesos for these facilities? Spartacus, Holywood and HT all charge 350.00.

  195. Vince said on 12-04-2009

    Would anyone know which MPs Kian of Body Spec and John of Human Touch have transferred to? And is Spartacus still open? Their website has disappeared.

  196. caloy said on 12-04-2009

    Mark, if he stays overnight, I think 2.5 is fair, but i’ll try to bring it down a bit. There are two things that I’m thankful for. Di ako naiin-love, at madali akong magsawa. The guys I fell in love with are straight and will never know, there have been three throughout my life. Problem is, kung nakuha ko na, after two or three encounters, sawa na ako, hanap nanaman ng bago. Binabalikan ko rin pero, thats after a while, so it would be terribly unfair for the guy is I profess love and after a few weeks, my attention is gone and I’m off to looking for someone else. Sa overnight naman, rare rin yan sa akin since kung nairaos ko na poof! wala na. I start worrying na baka anong gagawin noong katabi ko. I’ve learned through out the years na hindi pahalata na pag tapos sa kami ng sex wala na rin yung attention ko, but, luckily, most of these guys would want to get out also, siguro, para maka second sa iba (kung galing sa MP) o, also out of concern for their OWN safety (they get victimized also). Most of all, ingat ingat lang. The statistics about rape, that most cases of rape happen between people who know each other also applies to violence. You must take all precaution to make sure these guys are not tempted. They must know that it would not be easy for them to get out of your place undetected or unaccounted for if they think of something else. I have a lot of dogs outside, big ones, the ones they use in the mall for security. Normally, they know na may mga ibang tao sa bahay at nakalock yung gate, hindi sila makakalabas. Just be safe.

  197. Mark said on 12-04-2009

    My streyt friend is asking me to have a massage so im asking u guys kung what MP and where it is located na meron male and female masseurs na meron ES…

    tnx poh…

  198. Dolce Vita said on 12-04-2009

    Guys, The Spa at Acropolis Libis!!! have some tea and just be revitalized. its the only way to actually live again. walang iniisip, no hang ups, just a thin pocket kasi you know its expensive hehehe. Fun!

  199. brandon said on 12-04-2009

    sino the best sa grand royal spa along chong hua and banyan or euphoria… sa massage and e.s. thanks

  200. Mark said on 12-04-2009

    sori poh sa duplication ng post q, nagluluko kc laptop q….

  201. Mark said on 12-04-2009

    Hellow there KuyaAte/Tito/Tita Caloy, tnx 4 d reply and observations too… About Jay, i reli have to see him first in person b4 i can decide to get his service… but eniway, i do respect all d positive posts about him here… but that stil cant convince me to try his service… as they say, kanya knyang taste lang naman… eniway, if i can find time, ill visit equanimity to see him in person….

    Bout Janus, prmz, itatry q talga ang poging ito then sunod na itry q si Ian… Humanda lng sila.. lolz….

    Bout Basti, yeah, nkuha q na xa, and he was d first masseur na nkuha q sa Equanimity… what i like him most is his innocent look and cuteness at superbait pa nya…. Nkakainluv talaga batang ito, prmz…

    pero its veri difficult to fall inluv w/ men having this kind of work kc ako/ikaw lang talaga ang masasaktan…. huhuhuhuhu…. lyk what m experiencing now w/ my regular masseur/colboy…. huhuhuhuhu.. sakit talaga even though i juz consider him as my regular masseur/colboy though alam nya na super inluv aku sa knya and good thing is that he’s nt taking advantage of it… m just paying for his service and a little more tips of cors… ay naku, pag ibig nga naman….

    and what i lyk most is i can spend d whole nyt w/ him and not paying the whole nyt but dpende kung mkailang rounds kmi… pgdating nya sa hotel rum, konting kwentuhan then sex.. so for 1 round of sex, i give him 1.5 K… fter ng sex, kwentutan, este kwentuhan again, until we fall asleep, pg tama na ang tulog nya, this s my fave part, ill hug him na until babangon na kmi…. OMG, i reli like hugging him.. i think thats d thing that made me fell in luv w/ him…. so pgkagising, if may libog pa lola nyo, 2nd roud uli and that wud be discounted na… hehheheheh, so thats 1K.. so pag mka 2 rounds kmi, he has already 2.5 K… Guys, am i spending much or less? or ok lang?

    U know Kuya Caloy, hats off talaga aku sau.. juzt recently nkahada kna naman ng boy sa Boracay… can u give me/us some techniques on how to flirt a streyt man w/ a good ending in bed esp those men na hndi naman talaga ngbebenta ng laman esp d ones doing a very manly work lyk boatman, pahinante, carpentero, kargador sa pier, etc… these type of men reli turn me on esp pag pinapawisan pa sila, u can rely smell their manly smell…. OMG….

    Hi there tisoy, tnx 4 ur reply and i do reli respect ur opinion… ika nga, knya knyang tipo at trip lang naman yan… aku kc am a veri streyt acting bi or kung baga mejo may pgka,manly pa rin aku so i usually chose someone hu s more manly than me or streyter than me… kc sa mga yahoogrp meron din naman ngpopost ng group sex for streyt acting gays or bi’s for free… kaya lang i always go for d reli streyt ones….

    own opinion lang poh….
    peace on earth….

  202. Tisoy said on 11-04-2009

    Sorry mga dudes. I cant give you the names of the masseurs who always gave me BJ sa aking masahe . Hindi kasi sila mga tipong galing gay bar, former macho dancers or old timers sa mga spas na gusto ng maraming clients for sex or ES. Ingat ang mga ito sa kanilang trabaho. Ang isa kong masseur may anak (6 months old at hiwalay/balik/hiwalay sa wife niya). Yong isa naman nagdrive ng motorcycle papuntang work niya sa spa at palaging monitored ng kuya niya. Yong isang masseur ko nagwork sa spa na katabi lang ng Suki kong hotel sa cebu at nanay niya nagwork sa kabilang spa naman. My masseurs are in their 20’s of age at mga baguhan sa mga spa. Sila yong mga tipong mahiyain pero HOT pala sa kama. Palaging reminder nila sa akin after ng masahe: Pls wag kang mgtext sa akin tungkol sa ginagawa natin sa masahe. Baka mahuli ako kay kuya, asawa ko etc kapag nabasa ang txt mo. Sabi ko naman: No probs. Yon lang pala. Massage fee at Tip ko sa kanila ay P1000-P1500. Di na ako tumatawag sa spa nila. txt ko lang sila (masseurs) at set kami ng massage session sa hotel room ko. Mas Enjoyable at sexciting pa. We do this at the comfort and privacy of my hotel room hehe.

  203. Tisoy said on 11-04-2009

    Personally, i dont care if my masseurs are bi, discreet gay, straight looking, effeminate or straight basta magaling magmasahe at magBJ sa akin, Ok na yan sa akin. Yon ang trip ko eh. DONT you ever FALL IN LUV with your massuers. Delikado yan. Use your brain(meron bah?)not your heart. Siguro madali sabihin ito pero be practical. Pwede pa kayo maging textmates, barkada, Playmates, sexual partners but definitely not Lovers. It wont work.

  204. Fishy said on 11-04-2009

    most spas were closed over the weekend as it seemed except for Asian Massage in Malate. quite refreshing indeed.

    been here once and Marleo was a pleaser. but only three masseurs were present at that time and since i don’t know most of them, i simply went for the one who was next in rotation… Joey. massage was typical, though lacks the intuition to apply the right pressure.

    little teasing signaled the anticipation of ES. though the rhythm and strokes were right, it all felt too mechanical. plus he wouldn’t let you reach into his garments.

    any good recos here at Asian?

  205. caloy said on 11-04-2009

    I was in Boracay early this week, but I left before the huge surge of bakasionistas would overwhelm the place flying back Thursday morning. I found this wonderful boatman Patrick, who solicits boatriders in front of the Mall, just to the left of Aria. Anyway, the guy is tanned-hot. Patrick is not too tall, prob 5’6 but he has the muscles and stamina of an athlete, and the best kiss this side of the South (by muscles of an athlete, not of the buffed kind, the thin long graceful muscular-sort, of sprinters). His tool is average but he makes up for this with technique and length of time. It took a bit of work seducing him and luring him to my room and I was not sure whether or not he was playing coy about this being the first time. You’ll know when you see him near the mall. He’s the best looking of the lot of the sun-darkened olive-brown skinned men in that group, about 26 -28 years old. Not artista good looking, but working class guapo.

  206. Egay said on 11-04-2009

    Tisoy isn’t being helpful, and this thread is about helping others. Para ba yung NAGDROWING ng incident sa barbershop sa Pasay. Ang problema, walang talent sa panunulat si Tisoy pero yung nag drawing ng incident sa Pasay magaling talaga, magsulat ka na lang kaya ng script sa gay independent digital cinema natin. Title: PSG.

  207. caloy said on 11-04-2009

    Mark, very interesting e mail. Jay doesn’t look photogenic but he’s hotter in person and I have a very strong gaydar. Nothing detected. I think the strong positive response to him is universal, better actually tasted. Parang Gloria Diaz noong bata pa si Glory maraming di nagandahan…until you saw her in person and when you did she looked better and better and better the longer you stared. Jay isnt’t exactly like that, though and it a matter of taste and for those of this type of guy he can be really hot.

    Janus looks very hot in that picture and he is. Magaling pa to boot bigger tool than any of those you mentioned, great kisser. Bata pa pero bihasang bihasa na sa pagpapaligaya, girl man o gay.

    Ian. Guapo. Buffed body. I got him thrice na. That means I liked the first time. He has a brother, guapo rin, mas twinky para doon sa may taste sa twinks.

    Busty. Read my comment a few months ago. But try him, big tool rin siya, dark macho appeal pero kanya kanya yan and who knows, your experience with him might be wild.

  208. Tisoy said on 11-04-2009

    To Momoy,
    Dude, i can’t tell you the name of these spas i visted in Cebu. These are legit spas. Pity the staffs who will be kicked out from their work. Anyway, i text them (masseurs) everytime i visit cebu. We go bar-hopping before i have my body masage. Alam mo na, para pag-uwi sa hotel, nag-iinit na ang mga katawan namin hehe. Of course, one masseur at a time ako. I havent tried getting two masseurs per session. I dont call their spa for hotel massage anymore. We either meet after their duty hours or they do undertime in their duty so that they can proceed to my hotel room. Anyway, do some rounds in cebu spas and you will be surprise of the things they can offer. Enjoy and play safe always.

  209. Mark said on 11-04-2009

    i have just seen d pics of Equanimity masseurs and here are some of my observations…. rmember guys and gays, these are just MY OPINIONS and NO OFFENSE MEANT HERE….

    1. Jay Ong – i smell sumthing about his pic and his looks and pose… sori to tell u guys this… but he reli s not my type… eniway, we have our own type naman, db? eniway, i havnt able to see him in person pa naman…

    2. Benzon Sy – pwede na rin though mejo i sense sumthing wrong pa rin w/ his smile… own opinion lang poh….

    3. Janus Peralta – OMG! based on his pic and pose, these are d type of men na mtagal q nang hinahanap! My God! hes such a f**kn’ HOT and SEXY in his pic w/ flirting looks and mouth pah… ngwater2x 2loy aku dito.. lolz…. i can sense that hes 101 % streyt… and pag may free time me ill avail his service at hinding hndi q talaga plalampasin ES nya, prmz….

    4. Ian Araneta – OMG rin, type q rin ang lalaking ito… wala akung naamoy na matris sa knya, kaya lng mejo nkasideviwe, u cant reli see d totality of his face.. eniway, he’s worth trying…

    5. Busty Sarmiento – OMG, super cute talaga ng batang ito… he s d one na nkuha q b4 as i said above… and upon seeing his cute pic ngaun lang, nainluv toloy aku sa cute na batang ito… ill reli get his service again at pwede jojowahin q na rin…. lolz…. he reli s d innocent type na super cute…. Luv u Busty….

    well, m not wrong naman cguro if i say na some of the masseurs r discreet gays or bi’s… d living winess or example s “Manuelito” (sori to mention ur name dudue)…. as he said, he was s former masseur at now xa na ang nghahanap ng mga masseurs, and since ha was a masseur back then, he was hiding his true colors…..

    well, kany knyang tipo at buhay lng naman yan and i gues everyone s entitled to his/her own opinion….

  210. Mark said on 11-04-2009

    Helow everybody,

    Ive been reading this thread since last year and i find it very informative…

    And for quite sometimes, i usually frequent some massage spas n Kamias and Kamuning, but to my disapointment most of their masseurs are not my type… Sori for d statement but that s just for my own opinion… Well, hndi namn lahat, meron din naman papasa sa standard q. Heto kc nangyari at sharing na rin ng sexperinces ko…

    Last year, mga December ata, i went to Hunk’s Touch Spa along Kamis Rd., and it was my first time in a MP so i was veri excited.. d manager let me chose among d his masseurs and i ws able to get this tisoy-looking, mejo chubby one, i 4got his name… he seems to be streyt pero wen he was doing his massage at ngkukwentuhan na rin kmi, i found him very malamya esp sa pananalita so that a disappoinment to me… i am a veri streyt-acting bi kc so i reli want a masseur/callboy hu s veri streyt…. but since andun na rin aku sa availed for his ES… actualy, there were also reli streyt looking masseurs there but kulang sa looks dept.

    Last January, I went to Mr. Earth Spa n Kamuning and d managers introduced to me his masseurs but unfortunately, wala aku natipuhan so i went to Equanimity… D manager, John, let me see his maseurs in the viewing area, and luckily may natipuhan aku named Basti, and streyt naman, but hes too young and seems inexperienced w/ sex.. But, nevertheless, i tired of hopping to other MP’s so i get his serviced.. i asked john his age and he said he is 20, so ok na rin… and i was ryt, he is reli young, coz his massage was not that gud kc mejo kulang sa pressure, u can reli feel d childish of his touch and caress… but since he looks veri cute to me i availed to his ES which was great too… i reli njoyed playing his tool…

    weeks after, i returned to Mr. Earth Spa, and i chose Michael (well m not xure w/ d name, mejo nkalituman q n rin kc), and their manager gave me their spa’s calling card and i saw Michael’s pic in their calling card.. it turned out that he s thier star masseur… but when ha was doin’ his massage and having a converation w/ him, i sensed na mejo may mtris din xa, so i didnt avail his ES so i get another masseur on d same spa but un4tunately, d same gayradar was happened…. but since mejo pagod na rin mghanap so i availed d ES service of this 2nd one….

    but since i was not yet satisfied w/ the ES of this 2nd one, i went to Lightness Spa n Kamuning and unfortunately wala aku natipuhan… Some of them kc is halatang discreet gays or bi’s ay=t kung meron mang stryet, eh wla naman sa looks dept… so i went drctly to Hunk’s Touch Spa and was able to get a good ES there though i didnt reli lyk my masseur kc mejo hairy xa ay slim….

    so, lately, ngstop muna me goin’ to MP’s coz what i observed is (this is just my opinion guys, no offense meant here) mostly sa mga MP’s have dscreet gays or bi masseurs. meron man mga streyt pero wala sa looks dept… well, m not generalizing naman kc, hndi naman lahat, meron din naman mga cute at mukhang streyt like Basti of Equanimity at ung ibang masseur sa Hunk’s Touch Spa..

    So, what i did for d past few months is binalikan q n lang ung callboy na nameet q sa isang pipitsugin na mga sinehan… but he is reli gwapo at streyt, and supposed to be hndi xa bagay sa mga sinehang tulad ng tinatambayan nya… accdg to him, he was a former masseur sa Datu, and yeah, mgaling talaga xa magmasahe…. in fact, super inluv na nga aku sa gagong yun.. almost evry week kmi ngchechek in, though sumtymes, nsasaktan pa rin aku palagi coz of the nature of his jab as a Colboy…. but as long as mganda service nya sakin, ok na yun sakin…

    so guys, mtanong q lang, saan ba mkakuha ng mga masseurs na talagang barokong barako as in lalaking lalaki…. well, i tried Kinematic Spa sa San Juan, at w/in a week, 3 masseurs nkuha q dun na feel q na stryet talaga.. they were Jay, Rain and Cloud kaya lng lately ngkaroon ng issues sa yahoogrp about their MP’s… How bout Datu and Lakan? any feedbacks about these MPs? or ung El Baracco in Sta. Cruz? any feedbacks?

    my second question and help frm u guys s…. Tama ba mainluv sa colboy? wat shud i do para hndi maxado msktan? esp nung time na weve finalized na magmeet kmi dt nyt but suddnly fter an hour eh mgttxt xa na hel meet me on d following day na lng kc sumama katawan nya… hndi q maintndihan kc ksasabi lng nya na mgkkta kmi eh bgla sumama katawan nya.. pwede ba un? Super inluv talaga me sa colboy na to kaya kahit un lng eh supewr nasaktan me ng bonggang bonga.. so i txtd him “Stop txting me!” and he replied “Ok ill stop. tnx.” but fter a few days, ngtxt pa rin xa… it seems that re reli loves my money….

    Help me guys…
    Salute to Caloy pala, D MASSAGE GURU…..

  211. Momoy said on 11-04-2009

    Oh, in my boredom, I hopped from spa to spa the weekend before holy week. I tried the infamous route, the old, wasted clinics in E. Rod. I checked D Annex Spa. Forget the place, words can not describe how disgusting it was. But the masseur named Jeff, far from being hunky, but to me, has the blue collar manly looks trapped in a 23-tear old body. He gave me such an unforgetable performance they usually never do at Equanimity and Blue Palm and Lightness and Spartacus. Or I may have just not asked.

  212. Momoy said on 11-04-2009

    Tisoy, what spa do these masseurs you mentioned work for?

  213. Kyle said on 11-04-2009

    Tisoy: pa email naman kung saan at sino. i will be in cebu next week. tnx

  214. ck27 said on 11-04-2009

    hi tisoy,

    Can you give me the name of 3 spas you mentiond? better if you can share with me the moble num of your masseur.. please do email me at be in cebu next week.

  215. jeff201ph said on 11-04-2009

    Hi Tisoy,
    May I know where are these spas in Cebu? What are names of the masseurs you would recommend? How much the tip do you give? Thanks.

  216. MGGFan said on 11-04-2009

    TISOY – do share. Email mo naman details …

  217. Aaron said on 11-04-2009

    I’m really interested with Ian from equanimity. Any more feedback about him?

  218. Tisoy said on 11-04-2009

    There are masseurs in cebu who can really give you a mindblowing BJ while you are having full body massage. I experienced this several times in 3 popular Spas in Cebu. These guys asked for my celfon nos. after the massage and it was more enjoyable when i had my body massage inside my hotel room. This is the reason why i keep coming back to cebu for a few days vacation there hehehe Ang Galing nila!

  219. contagious said on 10-04-2009

    yes, momoy you’re right. thanks for reminder.

  220. Momoy said on 08-04-2009

    I’d like to pay my dues to a good man named Alfred at Lightness Spa. Again, i’m not the kind of guy to fall head over heels over the quality of men in massage clinics for men.Personally, I think they are too open, they have less control of situations and they have poor bargaining power…thus they entrust themselves to very open yet very dark corners. But undeniably, you have higher batting average here than with models and wannabes and has been actors if you are looking for satisfying, gratifying sexual intercourse.

    Beauty of face and “the arrive” is subjective but Alfred sticks to me as passable. What’s commendable though is his honest to goodness, thorough massage that never felt tentative and hurried.We talked about cars and vacations and family life. He never pretended to know a lot of things but he was very sincere.And he works there to please.It was a great night.

  221. Momoy said on 08-04-2009

    Hi Ike and Contagious, I’ve had too many encounters na of these kinds of pimps. The problem really is when you connect only with the collaterals.. meaning friend ng friend ni contact na friend ng nanay ng boyfriend ng manager nung model.Para na kaseng fraternity na sa Tomas Morato ang mga bugaw at mga binubugaw ngayon.I can really understand na di na personally kilala ng mga bugaw ang mga talents. But this is only common sa mga talents na di kilala, yung mga below 10K. I suggest na dapat kilalanin na muna ang sistema and ask among them kung sino ang mga totoong trusted bugaw dyan. More or less, kilala na ng mga ibang contacts ang pimp mo.

    And even if kilala mo si bugaw personally and the model is quite famous, dapat pairalin pa rin ang wisdom and common sense. Stranger pa rin yan kahit si Boracay habitue man yan or si Tayong Dalawa twin bro or Eva Fonda debonair or si hunky basketbal markman pa yan. Prudence is a virtue.

  222. curious said on 08-04-2009

    tanong lang po…who knows of someone na nagbo-book ng models/actors. salamat…

  223. anonymous said on 08-04-2009


    can you email me the number of your contact in Davao that can connect me with basketball players also? thanks.

  224. ike said on 08-04-2009

    Contagious, thanks for the prompt response. After I wrote the note on this thread I got to talk to a few friends who’ve accessed celebrities through intermediaries in the past. One of them reported a similar incident with a student supposedly from a reputable college. The narration was astonishingly similar, the guy fit the profile of a student from one of these good colleges where students are generally affluent, spoke good English, dressed well and very tastefully. In fact the student had his own car, though an old model but it didn’t look bad. Because of the student’s profile and because the guy was obviously well mannered, he allowed the “student” to sleep in. They met very late at night at a bar in Morato and it was close to Dawn when they were finished, so the guy slept in. When he woke up, the guy was gone and so was his MacBook Air. Since he was let in the compound, the security guard did not bother to check as the guy drove his car outside. The first thing my friend did was to call the intermediary, Joel, who sounded cross that he was rudely awakened fairly early in the morning. Yes, Joel fits your description. While my friend doesn’t blame him for the incident he expected that at least the safety and peace of mind should have been guaranteed because the services were quite expensive. My friend did not think that Joel exerted any effort in this case.

  225. contagious said on 08-04-2009

    Hi ike.

    if my joel is the same as yours, beware!!!!
    sometime the other year around october, i was introduced to a basketball player- the name i have forgotten- from adamson u by this go between, joel. The basketball player was very impressive as he knows almost all the names of the other athletes in the team i have name dropped. Besides looking really good, he was comfortable with his conversations and he spoke with an american twang. He had a very warm personality, i thought I would enjoy some intellectual intercourse as well.

    after so many hard sell/phone calls from this pimp- joel- who is from makati,loud, short, plump and always wears a cap- I decided to try his ward.

    the bplayer was fabulous in bed. he was a torrid kisser, licked your nipples and kissed almost all parts of your body inclusive of your toes and balls. His tool was average but was thick and heavy. After I paid him 2.5k, he left my house in a hush and in my disgust, i realized i lost my blackberry which was seated on top of my night table. I tried calling him but his phone was disengaged and the came true with my blackberry as well.

    I called joel to report the matter. But after my complaint was aired he did not bother to lift his finger to do something to recover my gadget nor did he pick up the rest of my succeeding calls. The worst is he said, it was his first booking of this guy and had already left school to go back to usa.
    I went to the players barracks of Ad U but the name of the player is not known to any of the players i know. Disgusting!

    I cannot fathom how pimps cannot be responsible for the anomalous behavior of their wards.Besides they also don’t have the pertinent and honest to goodness tract of information of their boys. And when the need arises for you to ran after their wards, the pimp tells you he not responsile for any misdoing etc etc etc…But what if get hurt or worst murdered by any of them?

    So ike for your safety , before you book any guy from any pimp, make sure you make proper amendments and when the guy is with you keep all your small belongings from sight to avoid temptations.

    good luck!

  226. ike said on 08-04-2009

    I tried to contact a guy named Joel who is said to be a go-between for models and actors. The first thing he said when I spoke to him was that I should buy a phone card to load his prepaid cellphone and text him the pin number. I was a bit surprised at this request because I’m certain he gets a commission for each contact (the rate was for models like Cedric a former Viva Hot Men, the price was P5,000.00 and for “better” models 7K up. The fee for a tall hunky model who was just involved in a Boracay incident yesterday (I’ve seen him in Boracay thrice the past two years, why is he always there?) was P25,000.

    I wonder, is this “LOAD” thing a racket? Isn’t it better “business” wise for him to put this in his “operational costs?” O, kaya raket talaga. Ton, Emeric, Caloy, Vince, Momoy and others please advise…I heard Cedric gives a good massage, O Laila Dee kaya. I just want to have an experience with one of my current crushes who seems affordable pero parang kadudaduda yung modus ni Joel. Legit ba?

  227. manny said on 08-04-2009

    disadvantage na yata kay jay ung sobrang pagiging in-demand, that last time i visited equanimity i met a someone (a discreet client), he complaints about jay’s service (for the third time)lagi raw pagod..pero yong massage raw is still superb…kaya lang he really wanted jay’s other service sana…
    he asked me about the service i’ve got with the other J, he he he,,,there as lot of J’s at equanimity…..
    the J ive got was great…nakauwi na ako,ramdam ko pa siya.. hehehe…
    ayaw na raw niya kay jay….:(

  228. matt said on 07-04-2009

    try epitome and club bath.. para maiba naman, visit a bathhouse hahaha mas ok pa!

  229. matt said on 07-04-2009

    my first time in citylifestyle was last march, i had a massage (female therapist) vip, ok yung massage very descen. pagdating sa wet area, dami discreet, malalagkit yung tingin, ending was threesome sa steam room hehe
    the second time, last week, i had a massage (male therapist) ang pangit at taba nung therapist, pero ok yung massage, definitely walang ES. napansin ko lang since friday night yun, parang wala masyado customer at puro matatanda na matataba (hahaha).
    ang sabi, wala na masyado pumupunta sa CL kc nag-si-alisan na daw yung mga therapist. am not dat sure, better check it out.
    that will be my last visit sa CL, boring hehe

  230. let_me_hold said on 07-04-2009

    Hi share ko lng experience ko. Very bad experience.

    While I was walking in Edsa may nadaanan ako MP. Always kong nadadaanan ang MP na ito going to my work. Na curious ako,kaya i went there. pag dating ko dun walang client ako lang. Nagulat ako kasi biglaang lumabas lahat ng masseur nila and isa isa silang nagpakilala at dun ako pumili ng masseur.

    I forgot the name of the masseur. Actually the whole thing, MP, Masseur, and the place itself SUCKS! they have cubicles upstairs where the massage will be done,tapos the masseur will just lay the foam and the blanket. I regret it why napunta ako dun hehehe.

    The massage is not good. the masseur whispered if i want ES, i asked him how much he said 3k. Felt SHOCKED i told him SORRY NOT INTEReSTED. He then lowered it my decision is the same. I didnt avail of his ES.

    I realized sana pumunta na lng ako sa Equanimity/Lightness.

    Lessons Learned: Huwag Pumunta sa mga di legit na MP…

  231. Fidel Erwin said on 07-04-2009

    anyone tried wensha qc? meron ba medyo malaman na masseur dun? recommend naman plz.

  232. Vince said on 07-04-2009

    Caloy, is Rex still with Hunks Touch? Would like to try him out. By the way, have you checked out Hollywood Spa’s friendster account ( There are no names attached to the photos. Was wondering if you could recommend anyone there? Thanks.

  233. caloy said on 06-04-2009

    I got this new returnee at Equanimity at 3am, his name is Clifford from a place near Calatagan, Batangas. The guy is about 5’9 but quite thin. But he was tisoy and had very good tisoy facial features, not too tisoy-pretty to be a turn off to some, but with enough hard-edgedness that many find appealing. I am quite sure that a number of people would not find him attractive, not because of the face but because he is not buffed nor rounded enough – many would find him too lanky.

    Personally I don’t like lanky or thin which is why twinks are not my taste. I like them full (like Jay) or buffed (like Ian), sometimes on the very muscular side (like Rex of Hunk’s Touch). But Clifford, to my taste, was genuinely mestizo good looking in the Carlo Guevarra sort of way when Carlo took off his excess poundage prior to winning Bench.

    Anyway Clifford’s massage was great 7/10 and he mixed his massage with a lot os sensuous strokes to heighten the experience. Some masseurs have the “touch,” many don’t, Clifford has it.

    To top that, Clifford gave great ES (big ONE to boot) and this is where he is better than others. While licking your tits, his hand begins touching you at the right places. Many masseurs do this, but the “touch” is not quite right, and Clifford knows how and where to touch, the right pressure, the right traveling strokes. When you are taking HIS in your mouth, he puts enough pressure on your back and head to encourage you, and the touch on the head and the back amplifies the pleasure. And his kiss was great. He starts tentatively, gently, softly kissing your lips and gets more passionate as you get more passionate. Then he goes back to a gentle soft kiss, stroking your face and looking you in the eye. I held back, trying desperately to delay climax. ES 9.5/10

    Winding down downstairs, I got into a conversation with Jay. He was feeling a bit guilty because the thought he was unable to satisfy his last customer. This was his fourth for the night and he felt drained. He was feeling sorry he could not live up to the expectations generated by the buzz surrounding him in this and other blogs. But he said he was able to get it up and try to do everything he had to do. He hoped his customer was satisfied.

    Physically, I’m a bit surprised that he could still perform the 4th time. Many guys would have difficulty after the second or third, and this is with women. It must take real effort to do this after the second time, but thats the price of being in demand. Many masseurs couldn’t even perform, much less get it up for their first client.

  234. Rod said on 04-04-2009

    Has anyone tried Jasper of Hollywood?

  235. Greggy said on 03-04-2009

    Hello!!! Galing ako kahapon sa Hollywood Spa… First time ko dun tapos si miko yung binigay sakin nung gay receptionist… May nakakuha na ba sa inyo kay miko? Yung massage niya eh ayos lang… YUng ES niya eh minimum daw eh 1k… Cute siya…

  236. brandon said on 03-04-2009

    hey guyz from cebu! is there any u can recomend kung sinu magaling sa massage at es sa grand royal spa near chong hua hospital… thanks guyz

  237. caloy said on 03-04-2009

    CAVEAT EMPTOR. The principle of caveat emptor, which translates to “let the buyer beware” applies not only to sales transactions for goods but to all transactions involving services. This principle was at the back of my mind yesterday after an experience, which I can say, was very educational.

    Recently, a number of websites cropped up in the internet offering massage services with pictures of masseurs. Spaquarium and Boy Toys For Hire are among them. With all these available sites, I became curious leafing through the choices. Any “experienced” customer would immediately conclude that many of the guys who offer their services have gone the rounds not only of MPs but also of the common pick up places like Isetan, Gateway, Ali Mall and even Harrison Plaza (some are THAT old). But there are a few exceptions and a number of these guys appear to look good. The average fee for the services is PHP1, 500.00.

    I tried one of them yesterday calling up the number of one of the better looking guys, he did not seem to come from the MP circuit and was relatively new and fresh. His pictures looked hot, and some of the comments on the comments page were positive. We decided to meet somewhere near the Ortigas Center-Shaw Boulevard axis.

    What I did not factor in, in looking at those HOT pictures was ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and other photo altering software. When we finally met, the guy was a far cry from his pictures- make no mistake- he did look like the guy in the pictures but the hotness was lost in the personal details. In the pictures, he looked fair-kayumangi. There is a photo of him but naked and his skin appears flawless and smooth. NOT. His face appears flawless with a touch of rosy cheeks through his moreno features. In person, his skin was rough, indicating that in his younger days, he must have had a problem with pimples, the same leaving pockmarks on his face. His red kissable lips were brown black and his teeth were not perfect.

    The guy massaged my back but after a 20 minute massage, he began his ES. Having raided my expectations with his internet pictures, I found it difficult to enjoy the experience.

    But there’s more. When I spoke to him over the cellphone he sounded manly. He did sound and act manly during the massage and the ES, but after this, while we were having a conversation about him, his massage training, his school, etc. I began noticing a flick of the wrist here, a raise eyebrow there, a pursing of the lips – my GAYDAR STARTED TO BECOME HYPERACTIVE. Fortunately, this was after the ES, which itself was not a pleasurable experience for me.

    • Vince said on 03-04-2009

      Hi Caloy. It’s all a game of chance. You get lucky sometimes; other times, you fall flat on your face. Truly caveat! Was it Marco or Tim? Those two guys look relatively ok in pictures, but in person, their “dermatological shortcomings” become apparent.

      • caloy said on 03-04-2009

        Vince, you’re right. Its Tim. But the bigger surprise is that as our post-massage conversation got longer, I began realizing that he was not as macho as he sounded on the phone.

        I usually engage masseurs in long conversations before getting them, but even then, some fall through the cracks. The moment my gaydar detects something, thats the end and no amount of stimulation would get me “interested.”

  238. Fishy said on 03-04-2009

    Went back to Citylifestyle last week. Steam room is closed again for repairs… for the nth time! Buti na lang sulit naman massage with RJ. He truly has expert hands for zoning in on the sensitive parts. Happy ending doesn’t stop there, we ended up chatting about lots of stuff as he was stretching me for like the longest time. He said he had training on Thai massage that’s why he incorporates a lot of it in his Swedish full body routine.

    So with a fantastic massage, great conversation and truly pleasant demeanor, I’m definitely going to get RJ again.

  239. Bong said on 02-04-2009

    Hi! This is my second attempt to post. It didn’t work the first time. I hope it works this time.

    I have been reading this thread for quite some time but it is only now that I am writing/commenting.

    Thanks for the review on Jay of Equanimity. I got curious about him so I went there last week. My experience with him was great.

    I also read from this thread about Bodylax in Roosevelt where I pass by almost every day. I visited the place this week and the place is clean with average to goodlooking masseurs. The host was friendly enough to make suggestions after telling him what I wantED. He recommended two masseurs which I had difficulty choosing. When he said that Glenn is “dakota,” I chose him. Hehehe! I tried the turkish bath for curiosity and it was just a soap and scrub bath. The host was correct about Glenn’s tool (although nothing beats the thickness of the masseur in a reflexology center in Quezon Avenue (not so clean though). Glenn massaged well since he has a massage certificate and training. His ES was also great. He claims that the masseurs charge more in ES compared to other spas BUT negotiable.

    I hope to contribute more here. Thanks.

  240. enric said on 02-04-2009

    kagabi lang, naka experience ako dito sa U.A.E. sa massage center, pero di ako pwedeng magbigay ng mga details dito, kasi mahirap na middle east pa rin dito…eheheheh…yung mga taga U.A.E. dyan if you want details, email me…heheheh, basta mayroon dito,,,, grabe, kahapon ko lang nalaman na may mga E.S. din….

    • gabby said on 02-04-2009

      talaga eric-) pinoy ba yan???

      • enric said on 02-04-2009

        not pinoy, but all of them are THAILANDERS

      • caloy said on 03-04-2009

        Years ago I worked as a consultant in the Middle East for a mid-eastern government project. I ended up staying there for 18 months and sexually, they were among the best years of my life. This was in those days where there were small shops at Dubai creek and Dubai was like any other small mid eastern city except that it was a lively trading post. I was based near Al Ain, and a trip to Dubai by pick up, which was the common mode of transport then was about two hours. Alain is next to the Omani town of Buraimi and they used to have a border that was open. However, to get to Oman beyond Buraimi, one had to pass a check point which either went to Tanam or if you took the opposite way, the City of Sohar.

        The place where I worked with for the Mid Eastern government was close to the Police Academy and had an Army Base, expats at a certain level (not the rank and file) had the privilege of being invited to these camps where one could have drinks. A “liquor pass” was also given to this level of expats.

        Young mideastern guys (from the gulf states, to be specific) are beautiful. Tall sinewy, not fat, deep set eyes, long eyelashes, a hint of body hair – most of all very horny. At this age, the height of their sexual prowress, they are fairly repressed. And there’s a reason for this.

        The culture of this area does not allow sex if you’re not married. To marry, one had to pay a dowry of about PHP 250,000.00. Thus, many of these guys could not marry and, as a corollary, could not have sex. And this was at the height of their sexual prowress.

        Once I asked a guy, about 20, how he found sexual release. His answer was “walad” (young boys). Those who could afford a trip went to Bangkok. A friend of mine told me that even in Bangkok where girls were available, he would prefer entry from the back, not in the normal orifice but at the BACK. For one reason or another, many of them have a good radar about other guys willing to have sex with them. Picture a place where you have guys looking better than many of our male models & with huge instruments to boot, many after your behind. The sex was free and you were the one being pursued. Nirvana.

  241. Red said on 02-04-2009

    Thanks Caloy and Prudent Virgo for more information on Baguio. I’m sure your tips will help other readers get more ideas on the gay scene in Baguio. I’ll take note of your tips when I go back to Baguio.

    Cruising the streets is really quite dangerous and it’s like playing Russian roulette, you wouldn’t know if you would get shot in the head until it happens and when it happens its too late for you. Let’s always play safe guys.

    I wonder though Caloy if Daniel is still active in the Burnham Park scene? When was the last time you dropped his name or met him at Burnham?

  242. Fishy said on 01-04-2009

    Apparently Baguio is still way behind in the game. Four GBs with empty tables doesnt seem like good for business, even if say they have better patronage on weekends. But it doesnt seem so too. There were other posts about Baguio’s GB scene being exactly like how you saw it… empty.

    I think, first, they have to realize that the gay market has shifted to the spas, and that if Baguio had spas, no one knows which ones are gay friendly. Sayang talaga ang chilly climate kung wala namang magpapainit ng iyong gabi sa pamamagitan ng mainit na haplos.

    • caloy said on 01-04-2009

      The Baguio Scene: Its really knowing where to look. Baguio is such a small place concentrated around the area that Burnham constructed at the turn of the century that gay bars wouldn’t survive. Coco Banana of Malate Fame used to go up to Baguio for weekends when Baguio was the center of Holy Week celebrations before people discovered Boracay and Sicogon was the in thing. Some massage establishments would also bring up their guys for the Holy Week – I once had a guy right down the walking trail of John Hay behind the old Halfway House.

      But if you know where to find the guys you’ll get quality. The problem with the GBs in Baguio is that they’re stocked with lowlanders, as the Baguio folk would call them. In baguio, the best cruising areas are still at Burnham park at night, down the steps leading to the lake facing the center of the Rizal monument. About 8-10 guys sit or loiter in this area starting 8pm, when its not raining namedrop Daniel, their leader or if he’s around, get a guy through him. You’ll be safe. Here, there are mostly young, fair skinned rosy cheeked Cordillera natives from Benguet, Ifugao or Kalinga. In fact, some of them had worked in Manila MPs a few years back. You can find them also at the fringes of the sunken garden between the the row of Eucalyptus trees between the two Solibao restaurants. Like most pick up situations under these circumstances, you get them at your own risk unless you pass through the leader of the pack. Beware of the stragglers.

      Whenever it rains, you’ll find them at Session Road from the corner of PNB up to Luisas all the way up to Cid Bookstore, and on Fridays and Saturdays close to the drinking joints where Cozy nook used to be in the road that leads to the St. Louis Girls High School. In the afternoons, you can find a few native Cordillera student types at the sari sari store near the STI close to St. Louis Lukban.

      Notice that the Cordillera boys (not the Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Pangasinenses, etc. but the really Cordillera types) are very good looking and very masculine. When its a bit hot their cheeks are rosy and their lips pink from the dilatation of capillaries induced by the sun and the thin Baguio air. Marami sila, and there’s no reason why someone can’t enjoy the chill with the warm touch of a virile native cuddling under plaid woolen blankets.

      • Marco Jordan said on 02-04-2009

        Excellent tips! Now i want to go just to look at these places.

  243. Red said on 01-04-2009

    Hello Ton.

    Finally I think I have something to share with the readers of this blog. I think it might be timely too because of the holidays coming up.

    I was in Baguio recently and looked for the gay hotspots (translation: MPS or GBs). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any male MPs and so I just did the round of GBs. I haven’t been to any GBs lately but since I did not have much of a choice in Baguio and did not want to go cruising in the streets, I tried the different GBs of Baguio. There are four GBs in Baguio and I’d like to give you my report.

    1. Thunderbird – I first read about this GB in one of the threads in this site. The earlier thread did not give any good reviews about it but compared to all the other GBS in Baguio I felt like that this was the best that Baguio could offer. It’s quite some distance from the downtown area, along Naguilian Road, Bgy. Irosin and was about PHP60 taxi fare from the hotel where I was staying. I lucked out with their floor manager Vir who gave me important pointers on the gay scene in Baguio. I did not ask any MD to join me because of the earlier warning that they were guzzlers and besides the MD that I would have been interested to join me was already taken. Oliver is his name and he was the Mr. February of the Thunderbird, nice bod and cute face but when I saw him in a different light (outside the bar) I thought otherwise. Vir told me that he did not know of any male MPs but he referred me to one of their staff at Thunderbird who did massage. He introduced me to Allen. I felt that he had an attitude so even though I got his number I didn’t bother to text him while I was in Baguio. The earlier report was right in saying that the MDs are not from Baguio. There was only one MD from Baguio, although he looked cute, he was a bit flabby. Two MDS went all the way. MDs are the hunky type. I guess I was not just in the mood to talk to any of the MDs.

    2. Las Vegas – Located beside the Baguio Memorial Chapel on Naguilian Road. You have to walk inside an alley and go to the second floor of a dingy building. Taxi fare from my hotel was around PHP40. Only one MD went all the way. Most of the MDs are twinks and quite pushy in striking a conversation with you and trying to waggle a drink. This is quite a turn off for me so I just asked them to leave me alone.

    3. Gagamba – A complete waste of time. Located along Naguilian in the basement (a veritable firetrap) of another dingy building near the alley leading to Las Vegas. No one struck me as desirable. And the floor manager who approached me was a girl. There were only two patrons aside from myself during that night and it was almost 1 am. The MDs were just talking among themselves. I went out of that place ASAP.

    4. Original Samurai – Along Marcos highway. Taxi fare was around PHP60. Just like Thunderbird its quite some distance from the downtown area along the route of buses coming from Manila. When I arrived there midnight, I was the only guest but in fairness they started their show immediately. Does that mean that if there had been no other guests the MDs would have just been lounging? The MDs looked like they were patterned after Chinovelas and Koreanovelas. Very Asian. If that’s your liking then this is the place for you in Baguio. Although I think some of them only had the Asian look because of make-up. There ware a couple of MDs who were so aggressive that they approached and were doing an in your face dance which made me very uncomfortable although I was motioning them away with a cigarette in my hand. Only one MD went all the way. I spotted one promising MD but before I could ask him to join me, a couple of ladies showed up and it turns out that one of the ladies was his girl. And so I just finished my drink and left the place.

    There’s another place that I spotted that might look like a gay bar but I did not explore it. It was about a hundred meters from the the Original Samurai and its name was also Samurai, right before crossing the bridge to the Original Samurai. So that explains why they had the monicker “original” to their bar to differentiate them from the other “samurai”. I really don’t know if this other Samurai was also a GB because I was already in the taxi going back to my hotel when I spotted it and I was going back to Manila aready that day.

    The times that I was exploring these GBS were weekdays and so it might be different on a weekend. They might have more patrons during weekends and more choice MDs too. 99% of the MDs are not from Baguio. There were no entrance fees also in all the GBS while I was there. All you had to pay for was the two drinks that they serve you when you make your first order. The two San Mig Lites were PHP150. They also had VIP rooms and the price ranges from PHP2,000 – 2,500 with drinks and pulutan for you and the MD of your choice. The VIP rooms that I had seen looked dirty. I don’t know if the MD would go all the way in the VIP room because I didn’t try it.

    Looking back, I am wondering is it worth it to have a VIP room with an MD? I felt that the macho dancers would be maarte and would be pricing themselves way too unreasonable with no assurance that you would enjoy the same comfort that a masseur could give. What do you think guys is it worth availing of the private services of an MD? Lately, I prefer just getting the services of a masseur.

    Your comments would be appreciated.

    • prudent virgo said on 01-04-2009

      in Burnham park especially in the pond/boating area quadrangle, there are guys who offer massage with extra service, the time to cruise is between 3 p.m to 9 p.m. just be cautious for we dont know them well. Enjoy the summer capital of the Philippines and their services what ever…

  244. allen said on 30-03-2009

    hi again… i’ll be going on fieldwork after the holy week.. this time sa pangasinan naman.. manuelito, caloy, jonathan.. kung di nyo man mamasamain i again need your help.. thanks for all the help that you can extend to a needy friend..

  245. Fishy said on 29-03-2009

    hi Manuelito, looks like we were in the same campus at around the same time, give or take a few years. nacurious tuloy ako kung sino ka doon at baka naging magclassmate pa nga tayo. though hindi ko pa ineexplore ang mundo ng mga masahista that time kasi super late bloomer ako… hihihihi.

    the first ever i went to for an experience is at Lakan, and at that time it already looked dingy. Pero naswertehan ko yata yung masseur na cute na rin at ok trumabaho. If we had this kind of blogsite or forum then, siguro mas guided ako kung saan maganda pumunta. In which case, I never knew of a #5 New York. Is there by any chance operational pa sya?

  246. piso said on 28-03-2009

    btw my e-mail is

    hope you can reply to me as soon as you can.

  247. piso said on 28-03-2009

    hi pres caloy,

    about the college drop out in cdo? can you e-mail me please the cellfone number or if not the taxi driver?

    will appreciate your help

  248. manuelito said on 28-03-2009

    prudent virgo, i strongly agree with your comment, saludo ako sa yo, totoo yon they will not be forever young kaya sana hanggat bata at mabenta ay matutunan nilang mag-ipon at magtipid, mas mabuti kung maipagpapatuloy nila ang kanilang pag-aaral kasi dito sa business na to always the freshest ones prevail, pag dating nila ng late 20’s or early 30’s hindi na sila papansinin ng customers.
    Hindi mo man naitatanong i used to work as masseur too in my early 20’s sa #5 New York Cubao (sikat to dati – known showbiz personalities used to prequent this place) but during those times na nag-work ako as masseuer e pinagpatuloy ko yong Accountacy course ko sa PSBA. awa naman ng DIYOS ay nakatapos ako. i now work as Audit Officer in one of the country’s leading Unibank. Discreet pa rin ang character ko sa office, though alam ko na nakakahalata sila kasi mid-30’s na ako and still single. Marami akong kaibigan sa #5 na retired na sa pagmamasahe at ngayon ay tambay na lang, yong iba naman ay hirap taalagang makahanap ng matining trabaho, kasi hindi sila nagging masinop nong malakas pa sila
    I was able to buy my own house in Cavite and i now drive my own car. Hindi ko matutupad yong dream ko kung hindi ko pinursigi ang pag-aaral ko kahit sobrang hirap.
    Pati buhay ko ikiniwento ko na, anyway si Manuelito naman is just an alias, wala naman talagang nakakakila personally sa tin dito. Kaya payong kaibigan lang kina JAY, JANUS and co. As early today, plan your future because you will not forever be desired by the clients.
    Di ba mas maganda kung after two – four years e, makakasabay mo sa EDSA si Jay or Janus driving their own cars papasok sa office..
    Ako I avail services of these people but I always pay then fairly, kasi alam ko kung gaano kahirap ang trabaho nila. Yon nga lang sana samantalahin nila ang panahon at pagkakataon na magipon, magtipid at magplano..
    Sana hindi nila masamain tong advice na to..concern lang…

    • allinone said on 28-03-2009

      HINDI LANG YON, actually sa tingin ko mas malaki pa ang kinikita nila sa karaniwang empleyado… isipin nyo, kung ang tip sa kanila ay hindi bababa sa 1,000 at sakaling minsan malaki pa… sa isang araw siguro kumikita sila ng 5,000 sa 1 buwan P150,000 sa isang taon eh 1,800,000 aba ung kita ko ng sampung taon lang, e isang taon lang sa kanila…, kung maiipon nila un tiyak gaganda bukas nila.,

    • Caloy said on 28-03-2009

      Great comment, Manuelito, I hope a lot of those working in the PMs get to read your comment and be inspired. I’ve known a few guys like you and its heartening that when you see them, they’re successful, owning their business, having their homes and driving their cars.

      The sad fact is that the successful ones I know are a very tiny minority. I try my best to encourage people like Jay to save up, continue with their schooling, etc… and I hope they see the future. The ones I’ve known to be successful were actually purpose driven even when they worked as masseurs. They saved up from school and , in one case he already had a small business started for which his daily income as a masseur furnished the capital. Last I saw him was in a mall with his kids, and he proudly told me about the accomplishment of his three kids in school. His businesses (more than one) were flourishing.

    • prudent virgo said on 28-03-2009

      manuelito: thanks for the affirmative comment and additional insights. Am happy to know that there are people like us who care for these guys. Am happy also for your career pathing, keep it up your good work.I hope, those concern reading this blog will have the same disposition towards other masseurs. We should help them improve their lives, it is always a two-way process. They help us get in touch with our sexuality but in return we must also teach them to improve themselves. We should not treat them as mere objects. But as person with dignity. Basic rule: goodness begets goodness, karma wika nga ng iba.
      That’s why the last time i visited equanimity, i got jacob who is studying computer science in S.T.I. i told him to save the 50% of what i gave him for studies. Who knows someday he will be one of the programmers in town. Mukhang obedient naman sa lola. It’s for his good.
      Kaya sana tayong mga nga hahanap ng kaligayahan, isipin din natin ang kanilang kapakanan, once in a while…i guess… lalu na ngayon malapit na semana santa…yayain naman kay natin mag bisita iglesia mga masahista??? Carry nyo??? In fairness madaming chinito guys dun sa Mary the Queen Parish Greenhills…near Xavier school. Ha ha ha, mala Chris Tiu (Ateneo Basketball Star Player) look a like… my love…he he he… added information lang as standard of my choice

      • prudent virgo said on 28-03-2009

        Sorry to mention the name Chris Tiu, but he doesn’t need financial assistance neither to work coz he comes from a very rich family, kaya hanggang “wish ko lang” na lang siya. just watch him during u.a.a.p games in studio 23, first semester. pero kung carry niyo mga sisters mag sight seeing, then go to the place i mention above or nearby greenhills area during semana santa and bring your own masahista. Yun lang hanngang window shopping na lang tayo dun sa mga areas or places of the elite no extra service please. Anyways papasok naman ang holy wk, a period of fasting and abstainence from flesh or meat, dva???ha ha ha

    • eric said on 30-03-2009

      manuelito , do u mind giving me your email, mine is

      i am now 40 y/o, nung nasa 1st year college ako, i tried calling this place ( tingin ko parang prosti den ) and nakuha super pogi even at todays standard, pero, natakot ako, since first time ko yun, i gave him money and naulit pa twice, then lost communication na

      when i am in manila , generous din ako magbigay hoping na talagnag makatulong sa mga guys

      well, to manuelito, caloy, prudent virgo, aside from MP, any other plase where we can hook up with guys- i know the spaquarium website , but other guys na pahada for a fee , of course, sa blog ni rddantes, meron daw mga artista?? true??

      • manuelito said on 30-03-2009

        hi eric, email me @
        it’s not my real name. i cant be identified kasi if i’ll be, at great risk ang banking career ko. you i might be charged of “Gross misrepresentation of material fact about my personal background”.

        well, #5 really was not actually a male prosti den kaya lang, we’re trained and encouraged then to give sex service to our clients. Talagang majority of the masseurs don ay good looking, at mababait naman kasi para din kaming pamilya don…

        Pinakagwapo roon dati ay si Alex A, at saka si Primo.

        Si Primo ang alam ko ay naging seaman, while si ALex ay nagwork pa sa Datu…..

        I missed them already, specially si Alex, sobrang gwapo, san na kaya siya ngayon, sigurado gwapo pa rin yon kasi kasing edad ko lang siya, ako nga i was able to maintain my boyish and good look despite my age.. he he he., totoo…kung alam lang nila, na berde na eversince ang dugo ko.

      • manuelito said on 31-03-2009

        sensya na sa magulong construction ng sentences at incorrect grammar, celphone kasi gamit ko madsalas….:):)

      • prudent virgo said on 01-04-2009

        There are many alternative places these days. You may try going to GATEWAY MALL, in the TIME ZONE area, daming guys doon. Or you may want to go to Baclaran Church especially today, wedenesday…daming guys doon sa parking lot on the right side of the church, open eto 24 hours. Since it’s summer time, basketball league is the “in thing” for the guys, so why not make rampa sa mga basketbalista in the basketball court (from aparri to jolo) ha ha ha, cguro naman may makikita na tayo dito. Or since holy week is fast approaching, madami din straight guys go to church, mag bisista iglesia ka: From malate church, to the church near Mall of asia, or santa cruz, or binondo, dito mga chinito…or kung type mo in Celebrity Club in Capitol hills, daming bagets dun in the afternoon, mostly from ateneo and u.p.I usually see the basketball teams of these two universities having their training and practice for U.A.A.P Good luck to our sojourn this summer.

  249. Ike said on 26-03-2009

    The last time I was at PUERTO GALEA was years ago, when the only creatures who went there from Manila were Zoology and Botany students at the UP College of Arts and Sciences in Diliman on a practicum. It was the ideal place for studying these subjects because the place was still pristine, the seawater very clear and its bounties plentiful. I haven’t been there since it became a bakasyunan and gay haven

    Are there masseurs or MPs in Puerto Galera. Wheres the action. Any recommendations for a first class place to stay (eg. like Discovery or Fridays in Boracay or anything similar) appreciate the info.

  250. caloy said on 26-03-2009

    I got to the Spaquarium website through this link
    Whats about these sites? For those of us who have made the rounds everywhere, about 60% of these guys experienced na experienced na at medyo matanda na. Eg., one guy who calls himself Allen was Edwin of Feels Good and Emirates fame, both of which closed years ago. He lists his age as 29, but he was 25 nine years ago, go figure…

    Safety: how safe are these guys? There are a few good ones at these sites.

    • Vince said on 27-03-2009

      Caloy, I think it’s a “hit-or-miss” thing with these sites. Sometimes you play it by ear; sometimes you just keep your fingers crossed that the total stranger you hire is worth the money you shell out. Occasionally, feedback/comments posted by other patrons are a great help, but they’re not the gospel truth. I’ve hired masseurs (featured on the net) who have been given the highest praises by many, but who eventually fail to impress me at all. I guess that’s the thrill of the chase and discovery.

  251. jimboy said on 25-03-2009

    Thanks for all the advice. I went early to Equanimity yesterday and got J (which I’ll tell tonight after getting the other J tonight) comparing them.

    For starters the one I got last evening delivered. Great talaga!

    I’ve been to semi legit MPS and I agree with Fishy that you get better value for money if you go to the semi legit ones. Facilities are always better, but you’ll get nothing more than a hand job, if you’re lucky. Anyway, going to these places means you prefer a legit massage and my advice (since I’m more experienced with the ES less MPs) is to get a female attendant – no temptations and you can focus on relaxation. Problem with a male masseur in these places, especially if the masseur looks hot is that you wont be able to focus.

    • prudent virgo said on 25-03-2009

      sorry folk, but the other j you may be looking went to baguio very early this morning, as i was told, personal issues daw. kaya lucky for you if you find other therapist there…may the lady luck be with you…

      • prudent virgo said on 28-03-2009

        i think the “personal issue” is about his family and not related with health reasons. he was the one who told me that he was going to baguio for family matters.f.y.i.

    • allinone said on 25-03-2009

      anung oras mo nakuha si j?

      • Ike said on 26-03-2009

        The other j always goes to Baguio or Pangasinan on “personal” issues. Once, when he was still at another MP he disappeared for six months to recover from an unknown illness. Among the masseurs at Equanimity, he is the thinnest. I suggest John the manager should have him x-rayed (with a sputum exam) to cleat the air. Otherwise, guapo naman talaga siya.

      • Vince said on 26-03-2009

        I agree. Equanimity’s management should be more stringent in dealing with their masseurs’ health issues. “Unknown illness’ is a very disturbing phrase.

      • manuelito said on 26-03-2009

        dont tell me it’s j—-, kawawa naman. gusto ko pa naman siyang makilala.

      • jim said on 30-03-2009

        Family-personal or health-personal this was the issue with Janus from way back in his Kharisma days. After he left Kharisma, he tried for a while to work “independently” texting his regulars. Then he disappeared again, and when I asked him, he claimed health issues. Other times at his former MP, Kharisma, he claimed family issues.

  252. WapOth said on 25-03-2009


    Do you know a Gay Friendly massge clinic in Tagaytay? I planned to spend a night there just to relax and feel the cold breeze, summer is so hot but i like it…


  253. allinone said on 25-03-2009

    caloy do you know the number of Jay of equinimity, can u e mail to my email add thanks

  254. allinone said on 25-03-2009

    Hi gud am. cnung nakakaalam ng number ni Jay.. paki send naman sa e-mail ko thanks

  255. Fishy said on 25-03-2009

    Jimboy, Equanimity has never been raided. Relax. Enjoy the experience.

    As with picking between Janus and Jay, your best gauge is your own preference. I always say get one then try the other next time. I’ve compared many of my choices with other people’s choices for masseurs, specially when we’re referring to the same. Safe to say that my choices and personal assessment will differ almost 80% of the time. Though I’ve given positive remarks on Jay and Janus, it doesn’t mean that their credentials can’t be matched or even topped by Equanimity’s other reserve of masseurs.

    And while we’re on the topic of comparisons, if massage is your priority agenda more than the ES I’d say Citylifestyle, NYSpa, Sanctuario and even Wensha can give more value for your money compared to the MPs, even if you get their VIP rooms.

  256. Fishy said on 24-03-2009

    Equanimity and Lightness has the same owner. The comparison daw is that Lightness masseurs retained some if not most of the former Body Physique, while Equanimity used to be Utopia. Sa classification “daw” medyo nasa A Class ang Lightness with taller, hunkier, more showbizy type good looks (translation: pricier), while Equanimity has a more diversified array (which doesnt hurt the wallet too much). But this is all relative of course. Still many who have posted here who certainly have serious purchasing power still flock to Equanimity.

    And management has improved the place, as most have noticed. You should see how it was when they inherited it from Quantum.

    • caloy said on 24-03-2009

      My sense is that the boys at Lightness have retained some of the bad practices of Mr. Body Physique. When I passed by there a few weeks ago, they looked older – and I noticed a few of the old guard from Body Physique, though a few good new ones (like Troy). I’m not sure if the new ones inherited the bad practices, though I think the owner knows how to control and discipline his boys.

      As an alternative, whenever I want someone from Lightness, I request John, the manager of Equanimity to send the guy from Lightness. There is a psychological element to this, because the displacement changes the environment, and the guy would be less cocky with the unfamiliar surroundings, away from his comfort zone and the reinforcement of his own peers. The last element is absent when you request a boy from the other MP because there may be a bit of hostility on the part of the Equanimity masseurs against an “intruder, ” though not immediately apparent and manifest.

    • jimboy said on 24-03-2009

      Hi girls! I’m new here and surprised to discover the level of “erudition” at this site. Tuloy, takot akong mag relate ng experience dahil baka pagtawan lang ako.

      What is the safest time to go to Equanimity? Kelan yung last time na ni-raid ito? Just being paranoid because I am not totally out.

      By the way, at the rate Jay and Janus are mentioned here they deserve their own thread. I checked the Equanimity website, parang mas guapo si Janus. Advice naman, for a firstimer at Equanimity, sinong kukunin ko kung available pareho yng dalawa? Parang sa description ni guru Caloy, pareho sila, e kung isa lang ang kukunin ko SINO BAH SA KANILA????? Advice naman please.

      • prudent virgo said on 24-03-2009

        i think it all depends when you see these guys in person, my advice to you is follow your intuitive knowledge, in local dialect, your “kutob” or your hunch. malakas ang powers natin mga gurls in terms of intuition, kaya go for it. But i saw jay once, meaning kta lang, nothing more and thank you. Just pray na di ma raid when the time comes you visit the place. sabi ng iba may protection daw sa police, so what are we waiting for, go go na!!!

  257. Gar-wana said on 23-03-2009


    Whats the website of Lightness Spa? Where is it located and dyu have any number.


    • russell said on 24-03-2009

      Website mentioned before — Just search back. Easy to search because this discussion is one giant thread.

      If Lightness and Equanimity have same owner, what is the difference? Do they have different theme?

      Also wondering like others about the shift schedule of the masseurs. Equanimity may be open 24 hrs but does that mean that all the good ones are there 24 hrs? Daytime weekdays may have less customers but also maybe less or none of the good masseurs?

  258. leo said on 23-03-2009

    hi! anything new in amaranthus or other massage clinic in davao. please share naman. ty.

    • ARIES said on 26-03-2009

      oo nga … what’s new at amaranthus? may bago ba sa davao? may marecommend kayo? what about sa amaranthus? may ma-recommend kayong therapist? yung may “happy-ending?” … hehehe … my email add is ….

  259. caloy said on 23-03-2009

    I was at Equanimity several days ago and was offered a second round with a new guy named Ian. The boy, 22 is fair skinned, very smooth complexion, pinkish lips, perfect set of teeth, good straight matangos nose, really good looking, and looking out of place in an MP. He’s a cross between Gerald Anderson and Cogie Domingo, as I said, looking out of place because he deserved to be in a Big Brother Teen or a star search like the defunct SCQ more than an MP. I didn’t get him that night because I was tired and feeling greasy with the encounter with Jay, but managed to get his number. I also gave him mine. Friday night he texted me and said he did not feel like working in an MP. I didn’t respond because I saw the text only yesterday morning, finally got in touch with him yesterday afternoon. We set up a meeting at Trinoma then checked in somewhere else. Massage was great, surprising because he looked inexperienced (with his good looks I’m sure nahada na siya nung mas bata pa siya) but the ES was mindblowing, long and unhurried. He had a long thick cock which was slightly curved at the end with a nice smooth head. Very macho in the Mark Herras sort of way. We lingered awhile and had dinner. May class yung dating nung bata, not like the pahada twinks at the malls, and prior to this, I had not seen him anywhere.

    • J.T. said on 23-03-2009

      Master Caloy! paemail naman ng phone number ni Ian! Galing mo! Iba! My email is

    • eric said on 23-03-2009


      do you mind giving me your email address? also, have you tried spa mondiale, i use to frequent the now closed revvir spa, also, have u tried body lax and human touch, the manager of bodylax, arnold is nice, been there at least 7 times, ok naman, place i ok sa cleanliness, i havent been to hollywood and equanimity which based on your reviews seems like worth going, can u give me the number of jay, ian and janus??


    • DP said on 23-03-2009

      Mr. President Caloy, have you tried Allen and Gerald in Lightness spa? Or anybody in this forum? They look molten hot in their pics in their website..

    • Marco Jordan said on 23-03-2009

      Yes, please. May I have the number of Ian? I’ll be sure to compensate him well for his services. :-)

    • ferdie said on 23-03-2009

      Hi Caloy,

      I am going to Boracay this weekend. I’ll be staying at Station 2. Where can I hang out there? I want thrill and excitement , of course.

      Btw, you are such a guru here. Luv ya!

      And oh, can I get the # of Ian of Equanimity?

      • v said on 29-03-2009

        Sisterette, if you are in Boracay now, atak sa Nigi Nigi Nu. Although most of theuir staff are gerlaloos, I eyed a cutie in there — linen loose pants and all. 😉 Not unless of course, the hot island sun was getting its way on me. :)

        Nga pala, twinks galore near D’Mall (if you go for that)


    • elbert said on 30-03-2009

      hi… baka pwede rin ako makahingi ng number ni ian.. please caloy.. here is my email address: thanks a bunch..

    • Carlo said on 05-04-2009

      Can I ask for the no. of the 22 yr. old guy who looks like Gerard Anderson & Cogie Domingo? Thanks.

  260. WapOth said on 23-03-2009

    And guys BTW, I am a newbie here… I am WapOth and i am hoping to have some therapy buddies here…hehe someone who can accompany me during some relaxation nights at some clinics…

    Even though i have only posted today, I have been reading in the forum since last year… Hope to be friends with you guys…


  261. WapOth said on 23-03-2009

    Hi Guys,

    I have been to Equanimity Spa last Saturday night, I hoped to get either Janus or Jay but apparently Janus is taken that night, as the manager lined up the boys, i refused to check them in the aquarium. I just frankly asked Jay…

    I told Jay that he is somewhat a star in this forum… and he was eager to hear what people does say about him… he was delightful that i told him that he gets positive feedbacks here… and guys the guy is too humble…

    Though there were moments of silence during the therapy session, Jay managed to inform me how they get their name “Equanimity”, he also narrated a little history… informative diba…

    He is a nice guy indeed, though i told him not to touch some parts of my body cause its sensitive and i dont want them to be touched by that time… he didn’t asked for reasons…that’s good.

    Over all i did like the experience with Jay…

    I got lucky also as i saw Janus as i’m on my way home… he was with another visitor that time… guess that completed my night… seeing the two Equanimity stars that this forum is talking about…

    Thanks for reading… =)

  262. prudent virgo said on 22-03-2009

    i see, thanks for the information. because i have been hearing news about police and media people intruding the “haven’s place” of our tribe. why not they go and raid other illegal activities such as drugs, murderers, kidnappers and other heinous crimes rather than the happiness of gay community dva? Anyway mga consenting adults naman cguro mga masahista dva??? Mga hipocritang polisya at media

  263. sailormercury said on 22-03-2009

    wow! this is really a very informative thread..

    pero baka may iba naman dyan na nakapunta recently sa ibang MPs who can share their recent reviews.. parang puro equanimity na lang kc ung topic natin dito..hehe! No offense meant to anyone.

    I’ve just been to equanimity and wala naman akong problema with their masseurs who are very polite and nice. But I think their facility can still be improved. Parang mas gusto ko pa nga ang facility ng hollywood who have their own bathroom sa massage area sa taas.

  264. g3mini said on 22-03-2009

    does anyone know kung cno-cno sa masseurs ng equanimity ang stay-in? baligtad kc ang oras ko eh. and since 24 hours naman cla, i just wanna know cno maaabutan ko kng pupunta ako ng off-peak hours. thanks kng cno man ang makakareply! =)

    • Fishy said on 25-03-2009

      many, many months ago i was given Lance since it was about 4am and there were just a few available and some were about to leave. apparently Lance was a stay in and he was the only one available at the time. im pretty sure there are others. check their website ( and post a query on who’s around at certain hours.

  265. prudent virgo said on 21-03-2009

    well, well well, it seems that this page has been the “in thing” for most of the intelligent and computer literate girls in town. Congratulations to all. I hope we learn from one another’s experiences. Just a question, how about the issue of police/media people raiding masssage parlors? di ba kayo natatakot, meron ba tayong kasiguradohan? — prudent virgo

    • Fishy said on 22-03-2009

      most of these places, or at least those still standing, are securely covered by police protection. those who fail to dish out are bound to be visited every so often.

      so far, the places mentioned recently are quite reliably secure.

  266. Caloy said on 21-03-2009

    We’ve all experienced this: yesterday I went to Holywood and couldn’t find a guy I liked – same old tired guys and if there were new ones, not worth my money (somebody should tell the manager about the lighting in the viewing area- meant to deceive) so I went to Body Spec but the only guy who seemed ok was Uno, but he was just taken. I proceeded next to Spartacus, same story – the guys at these places have made the rounds of the major MP places in QC na or if there were new ones, walang dating. I ended up at Equanimity wanting to get Janus but he was absent yesterday. Ended up with Jay. He delivered naman, good as usual. Ho Hum…

    Nothing exciting in this front.

    • Vince said on 21-03-2009

      Caloy, have you seen Hollywood’s friendster account with photos (but no corresponding names) of their masseurs? There’s this chap in a mustard yellow
      muscle-T. Was just wondering if you’ve already tried him and if he’s worth the bother? What about this gym-fit guy named Art/Gabriel?

  267. manuelito said on 20-03-2009

    si janus, kamukha ni AGA sa picture, i will try to see him at the equanimity next week, if not si jay ulit.
    i told jay pala that he is so popular here, and that so many good things has been said about him which leads me to ask for him right away ng pumunta ako for the very first time sa equanimity. Hindi naman siya mukhang lumalaki ang ulo, kaya sana wala siyang maging customer na balasubas.
    First time ko pa lang ulit magpunta this year sa gay oriented spa in M-Manila. Sa cebu at davao ako nalagi lately. Sobrang ingat ko nga nong pumunta ako sa Equanimity, kasi me former office mate ako na sa kamuning nakatira, baka makita ako, lagot, but if i’ll be accidentally seen don, bahala na…i’m not getting any younger, early 30’s na ako, karapatan ko ring pagbigyan ang sarili ko..i deserved to be happy rin naman….
    -totoy bato, cute naman ng mga side comments mo about tip bothered brothers (este – sisters pala – hehehe).

  268. Will said on 20-03-2009

    BTW may mga nagcocontribute dito na mukhang nangiingit lang, kasi they give a steamy anecdote about a steamy encounter with a hot guy and provide no other information. Like the guy who narrated his experience in a barbershop in Pasay…WALANG KUWENTA!!! Nagpapalibog ka lang tapos ayaw mong i share. O kaya drowing lang yon?

    • manuelito said on 20-03-2009

      well said brod, kaya nga di ako nagcomment kasi, very obvious..FAKE.

    • dave said on 21-03-2009

      kapal naman ng mukha mong magsabi na drawing lang ang sinabi ko, alam mo pare gusto ko mang sabihin kung saan ang babrshop na yun, alam ko naman na kaya kalang pupunta sa barberong yun para magkalat ng lagim, sad to say, i always keep my word, choose those people who deserve to meet this manong PSG. nangako ako kay manong PSG na if ever na irerefer ko sya sa mga kakilala ko ay sisiguraduhin ko na di mababoy ang pagkatao nya and lastly to satisfy your libido, hindi sy afor sale. ang lugar na pinupuntahan nating lahat na massage parlos is different sa uri ng trabho nya at ayaw ko ring magulo ang buhay may pamilya nya. Kaya ikaw pare ko, kung sa tingin mo DRAWING ang lahat ng sinabi its up to you, wa ko care sayo. Pero sa isang kaibigan na pinagbigyan ko ang kahilingan nya na makuha ang place ni manong barbero im sure masayang masaya na sya ngayon. PINIPILI KO LANG ANG TAONG PAGBIBIGYAN KO NG LUGAYNI MANONG PSG HINDI SYA FOR SALE NA KATULAD NG PINUPUNTAHAN NATIN NA MASSAGE WITH E.S. Pamilyadong tao ang barberong yun at una palang sinabi n anya sa akin na ayaw nyang magulo o malaman ng pamilya nya ang ginawa namin o ng iba pang naging kliyente na nya, GETS MO, kayo kasi puro nalang sex ang nasa isip nyo dina ninyo naiisip na baka may masasaktan o masirang pamilya dahil sa kagustuhan ninyong mapagbigyan ang init ng katawan nyo. Magsimba ka nga ng maliwanagan ang utak mo at hindi yang puro ES ang nasa utak mo. Sa ugali mong yan na puro ES ANG NASA UTAK MO dika karapat dapat na makilala mo manong PSG. Lastly for your information may ilan sa mga PLU dito nag ask at nag iwan ng email add nila dito so i can send them the place of manong barbero at lahat sila puro positive ang feed back kay barbero yung iba di naka iscor kay barbero pero merong iba na pinagbigyan nya at iisa lang ang sinabi ng mga nakatikim sa serbisyo ni manong barber GWAPO DAW SYA AT MASARAP MAGTRABAHO. Pero sayo Manuelita at Willa nungka kong ibibigay ang address ni barbero sa inyo puro kayo ES.

      • totoy bato said on 21-03-2009

        -nakakaawa to, mukhang matindi na ang tama…

      • giovanni said on 22-03-2009

        tama ka dave kc the dignity of the person is important. I want to meet Manong PSG for a possible enocunte. Who knows? Email the address of the barbershop to this email add: many thanks and i salute you for being a man of honor

      • eric said on 22-03-2009


        nabasa ko nga yung kuwento mo before, well i am visiting manila in 3 weeks, baka puwede namang pa email yung location , be specific coz mag taxi ako – pagupit ako hehe, di ka naman mapapahiya , i an educated person, kung nya ayaw di ayaw, hehe

      • caloy said on 22-03-2009

        Hi Dave! I sent you a message through this thread on February 20, 2009 and left my email address. Will really appreciate it very much if you send me the info. You may have overlooked the first one I sent. Many thanks!

      • mat said on 23-03-2009

        hi dave,
        youre lines showed that u really have enjoyed ur time with manong psg, mahirap naman gumawa ng kwento ng ganito……so i would be glad if you can share also with me how can i get in touch with manong psg… assured di ko un basta basta ibibigay sa iba… thanks in advance for whatever favorable action u could xtend….just send the contact number through my email ad…

  269. Will said on 20-03-2009

    So much positive advance word, Jay might disappoint.

  270. manuelito said on 20-03-2009

    i went to equanimity last night after office, i looked for jay. medyo nagulat siya ng makita ako, kasi akala niya e kakilala nya ko…totoo pala, mabait siya pero parang ang tahimik, after what we did ang tahimik nya, naawa tuloy ako, very boyish look. hindi naman siya gwapo pero malakas ang sex appeal.

    totoo ka caloy, ang linis ni jay, wala ka talagang foul na maamoy..kaya lang bakit parang sobrang bata ni jay don multiply site picture nila, sa personal medyo matured na siya, but nevertheless, for me cute pa rin siya at malakas ang dating, kahit hindi gwapo..

    i’ll ask for him again, when i visit equanimity again…or si janus, kasi ang gwapo niya sa picture….sana ganon din siya kagwapo sa personal…..

    • Fishy said on 20-03-2009

      gwapo si Janus, pero he looks leaner and darker in person than in the pic. medyo chubby cheeks pa sya sa pic in the multiply account. to me ang lakas ng dating nya, though i never tried him pa. would be nice if someone gave a review of Janus. :-)

      • leorik said on 20-03-2009

        Oh, Janus is V E R Y G O O D. I was his regular when he was still with Kharisma, though I stopped going there because its looking more dingy by the day.

        Janus has a bigger cock than Jay, very good at erotic massage, a great kisser and an excellent top. Di pa siya umaangal maski na magkano ang iaabot mo (though he confided to me privately that at Karisma maraming customer na BURAOT- he didn’t complain to them though – naghihinga lang ng sama ng loob). I’ve tried most of the guys at Equanimity and Janus, Jay, Evo, lance and one more new guy whose name escapes me are among the best. Agree with Manuelito, sa unang tingin parang hindi guapo si Jay but I instantly fell for him over six months ago – even before reading this thread- because malakas na malakas ang dating niya. Remember, may guapo na walang dating di ba? Jay simply has this eartly appeal and the best part is that he really delivers!

        Spoke to Jay recently and he has been made aware of the talk around him (he knows increased demand for his services has been because of talk around this blog). He hasn’t changed, di pa naman yata lumalaki ang ulo.

      • Ace said on 24-03-2009

        Hello Cebu! Do we have a Jay or Janus over there in Cebu?
        Nakakainggit ang mga reviews for these 2 guys! hehehe

      • prudent virgo said on 25-03-2009

        i agree with your observations with janus. he is such a fine and amiable guy. sana di sya maabuso ng ibang tao. these guys were forced to work this way due to circumstances. sana mag karoon din sila ng magandang kinabukasan.they will not be forever young and marketable.

      • manuelito said on 27-03-2009

        prudent virgo, i strongly agree dyan sa comment mo, saludo ako sa yo, yeah they will not be forever young, kaya sana hanggat bata pa at marketable pa sila ay matutunan nilang mag-ipon, or sana magawa nilang ipagpatuloy ang pag-aaral nila. hindi mo man naitatanong, i used to be a masseuer too noong early 20’s ko. but during those times na nagwo-work ako as masseuer sa #5 New York Street Cubao (sikat to dati, known showbiz personalities prequented this place before) ipinagpapatuloy ko nag pag-aaral ko sa PSBA-QC. awa ng DIYOS ay natapos ko yong Accountancy course ko, i now work as Audit Officer in one of the country’s leading Unibank (up to now – discreet pa ang personality ko, since no one in the office knew na silahis ako, maybe halata na nila kasi mid-30’s na ko e single pa rin at walang GF). Nakabili ako ng House sa cavite and now i drive my own car. Hindi ko matutupad lahat to kong hindi ko talaga pinagsumikapang matapos ang pag-aaral ko..
        Ngayon i avail services of masseuers like jay and janus but i give them fair fee, kasi alam ko kung gaano kahirap yong trabho nila. I also have high respect sa kanila, kasi hindi naman sila nanakit or nanlalamang sa kapwa, yon nga lang sana samantalahin nila ang pagkakataon at panahon.
        Sorry ha pati buhay ko e, kinuwento ko pa, anyway, alias lang naman si Manuelito, wala naman talagang personally nakakakilala sa atin. Gusto ko rin lang sabihin kasi totoo, pagdating nila ng late 20’s at early 30’s hindi na sila masyadong papansinin ng customers kasi in this business always the freshest ones prevail. Marami akong kaibigan don sa #5 na retired na sa pagmamamsahe pero ngayon ay tambay na lang, kasi hindi naging masinop nong mabenta pa. Kaya payong kaibigan lang kina Jay, Janus and co., mag-ipon at magtipid dahil maiksi lang ang panahon natin sa business na yan.. Sana ay hindi nila masamain tong payo na to.
        Okay diba after two – four years e, makakasabay mo sina jay and janus sa highway driving also their own cars papasok sa opisina nila…

    • russell said on 20-03-2009

      I wonder if he (Jay) is aware that he is the ‘talk of the town’ here, I mean, the subject of quite a few reviews. I hope it hasn’t gone or doesn’t go to his head.

      I wish they would update their pictures if they don’t look like them anymore.

  271. nikko said on 19-03-2009

    Hi, Im going to puerto princessa palawan soon this coming april, and looking for good On call male therpist in short “massuer”. Or May be anybody knows a spa & massage shop with a male therapist there. Im not fun about extra service, its okay with out that. Im just want good massage after all the good adventures there. Thank you.

  272. Momoy said on 19-03-2009

    Hi Marco Jordan….that’s a good start. But tips for me will also depend on how much the base price is. Like in the Chi Spa at Shangrila that costs P5,000 and the masseur plays around, he expects to get more for tip compared to a masseur from say..Wensha.

    Anyway,I’m in Cebu now. Last night at The Grand Royal Spa, I was totally dissapointed. Nobody from any legit spas has ever gotten my attention and when they send playful signals for extra action, it’s only pure libido that got me going. There was never physical attraction. My masseur last night was my “IT” guy and that made me excited and expecting.I started with body scrub but to my disgust, it ended with no traces of lost trail of touches. He was good and thorough.I am the type naman to never converse and flirt so I decided to extend for another hour of massage and with all nerves, started to make little talks.I am not good at this one, MAY DAY!!!

    With forced guts, I asked if he had ever experienced proposals for extra services from other guests. To my dissapointment (and sincerely unexplained joy) , he politely said that he indeed gets all of them but he never bites. He even touched me when he said “Diniyos ang akong pagtrabaho dire ,Sir” Oh, such a pure and naive soul with so much sincerety. He actually received a great amount of tip for that and everything good service he gave me. I actually went to a nearby bar joyful after that.

    But today, waking up is another story. Aren’t we all like this? Our yin and yangs are in constant struggle everyday. So? Where the hell are the gamers in Cebu? Please stand up and point me to the right directions and the right men…hehe…Have a lovely day…

    • jonathan said on 19-03-2009

      Depends on what branch you went. You get better chances in Banilad and Lahug than the Capitol branch or Mandaue franchise.

      Options are:
      1. AVIARY (along Jones, another branch in V. Rama, and a third branch along Escario on the way to Ayala Center). This is the hang out of all libidinous lovable night crawlers hehehe.

      2. EUPHORIA which is in proximity with the Capitol Grand Royal. Its in the Chong Hua Hospital area on the second floor or a building fronting the construction site for the new Robinsons.

      3. ZEN along Ramos. Dependable, but not very hot.

      4. Keep in Touch along Juana Osmena. It is a few steps from Baseline. I just noticed today they removed the pics of cute men. apparently they closed a section. I saw a few good looking totoys and dodong there last night.

      5. Other choices: Banyan tree, a spa in Ramos across Europa, I cant recall the name.

    • jonathan said on 19-03-2009

      will keep you posted. i will explore lapulapu area in the next few days.

  273. totoy bato said on 18-03-2009

    another one who is too much bothered by the TIP issue. Pre if our budget is not enough, stay at home and do-it-yourself na lang.

    • Marco Jordan said on 19-03-2009

      ikaw naman. kaya nga nagtatanong eh.

      • caloy said on 20-03-2009

        Marco Jordan – I agree with Momoy and Totoy Bato. You really just play it by ear. Walang formula yan and di parang menu. It all depends on the circumstances. The tip you give at Chi Spa – whatever the conditions would generally be higher than Ton Ton massage, di ba? Parang fine dining., you are not impressed by the food but you seem compelled to give a higher tip than when you are eating at Max’s. The rule of the thumb is just be reasonable and play it by ear.

  274. Marco Jordan said on 18-03-2009

    I just wanted to find out how much people tip during massages. Of course, the rates will vary based on what the masseur does and what MP you go to. For purposes of THIS discussion, i’ll define the MP as the legit and legit-kuno places where extra services are conducted discreetly, if at all —like Wensha, Asian, NY, Phaen Boran (?), etc.

    My tip increases as the service elevates into “higher” levels. So this is not a cumulative thing.

    1. Good massage only — P100 tip.
    2. VERY good massage but massage only. — P150 tip.
    3. Sensual massage (pahaging haging sa bayag, sensual caresses sa butt cheeks, no actual handling of each others’ privates) — P200 tip
    4. Hand job (he jacks me off, i don’t jack him off) — P300 tip.
    5. Mutual Hand Job (we jack off each other) — P400 tip.

    Actually, don pa lang naman ako, so i don’t know what comes after that.

    Guys… what do you think? Maybe you could indicate your rates also so we can find out what a reasonable average is.

  275. doggie said on 18-03-2009

    ano multiply site ng equanimity?

  276. Momoy said on 18-03-2009

    Does anyone here know what happens inside PowerBoys Bar in General Santos City? It’s located along the main highway that whenever I stay at East Asia Hotel, I often see it and kept on wondering what goes inside. Is it the classic gay bar or the cruisy, sedate type? Or do you know of anyone goodlooking for home service in GenSan area? By the way, for those interested in home-service massage, these blogspots may be valuable to you:just google hottestboysintown, boytoys or spaquarium.

    Those asking for Momoy’s List, naku, sa dami ng mga pinadalhan ko, iisa ang reklamo…NOT WORTH THE PRICE. Kaya napapagod na ako kakasend thru emails.Unless interested in paying P100k – P200K, please sound off. But if you’re asking for the list only para makichismis like some of the buddies here, wag na lang kase nawawalan na ako ng gana. We are all busy dudes for those cheap monger banters. Hope you understand. I got to know them kase I’ve experienced them. And like Caloy, I also realized that I find the adventure of chasing and conquering “regular, normal” men more exciting than easily bedding a list of those made famous by mere showbiz marketing. And most of all, it does not cause much dent in our pockets….But if you have the money, go!!!

    Haaay…So…Mr. President Caloy and the rest of us here.. let the celebration of information continue..

    • eric said on 18-03-2009

      Momoy, do you have contacts for varsity players type ko kasi mga athletes, email me, i have a pretty good budget naman

    • caloy said on 20-03-2009

      Momoy, Didn’t you notice that the waiters at East Asia are tall and good looking? That was 8 months ago I wonder if the “quality” is still the same. I have not had much luck, howver in Gen San and the only thrill of my last trip to this city was being seated beside Manny Pacquiao on the flight to this city. He graciously autographed the newspaper sports page that I was holding, which, coincidentally had his picture that day. He smells soo good! He was so nice and obliged some of the passengers in our section of the plane with their requests for pictures with him

  277. Fishy said on 18-03-2009

    Re parking: u can park in front, but yes its parallel to the street.

    Re busy days: havent noticed really which days are busier. In fact any day i came there are always vacant cubicles for clients.

    Re Jay: Yes that would be Jay Ong in their multiply account. I think Jay would observe routine hygiene protocols before, during and after each client encounter. Thats my guess of course. I think it would be no fault of his that his name gets mentioned every so often, ganun talaga pag marami syang napapaligaya.

    But like my previous posts though, Lance and Benson would be my other picks under the Equanimity pool.

  278. Glenn said on 15-03-2009

    Hi Fishy, I really need a good massage kasi that day & was advised na okay nga si Jay.And its my first time to visit the said spa kaya na-curious lang ako. Galing nga kasi nawala yung back pain ko. I agree w/ your descriptions. Kung nauna ka pala sa akin di ko sya ma-meet. Have you tried other masseur in Equanimity?

    • Fishy said on 16-03-2009

      yup, Lance and Benson. Both good performers. I dont know if Benson is still there though coz i didnt see him that day when we got Jay. my friend got Lance and was pretty satisfied. :-)

      • Mac said on 16-03-2009

        Fishy, Jay is the best example of the oft-discussed problem of masseur attitude. If you do your job well and you don’t demand anything from the client, the positive word of mouth will spread. The night you were there, Jay had four (4) clients and he was still at his cheery self on the way to the fourth (home service). I hope masseurs understand this. And I hope management would teach their masseurs the proper way to interact with clients.

        But its really character. When you do your job well, you’ll succeed. And its natural for some people to be nice and fair to others. Fore some, being balasubas is innate. They may try to exact a hefty fee, but no matter how good looking they are, would be a one time thing, and the customer would not come back.

        I’ve tried Jay and he’s really good. Its nice that even those here who didn’t find him as their type had something positive to say. May Jay’s tribe increase!

      • leorik said on 16-03-2009

        Di kaya overexposed na yang si Jay? Nagmumukhang siya lang ang masseur sa Equanimity.

      • russell said on 17-03-2009

        Four clients? How many times can he or anyone for that matter do it in a night? Also, is there a hygiene or safety issue, you know, being a carrier of whatever from one client to the next?

        BTW, is he the ‘Jay Ong’ in the pictures in their multiply website?

  279. mac111 said on 15-03-2009

    may parking ba sa equanimity? and mejo discreet naman ba ung area?

    also, tanong ko na din wat’s the best tym to go there during weekends? or pinakamaganda pa rin weekdays? naaalangan kc ako baka hindi ko rin makuha ung gusto kong masseur kng maraming tao..hehe! kayo ba usually tumatawag pa before going sa mga MPs? sori.. one of the newbies here..

    • robert said on 16-03-2009

      hi mac111. I also have the same concern on parking. Passed by the place a couple of times pero medyo mahirap parking…. unless you’re willing to park parallel to the road. i would not know best time to go but my opinion is weekdays pa rin…

      if you want ample parking then the place for you is lightness spa… medyo madilim nga lang ang parking…

      • caloy said on 20-03-2009

        Doon kayo mag park sa Korean English school a few meters away from Equanimity. Its far enough not to give anyone a hint that you are in a place of sin. The guard is obliging (i.e. he watches your car, not obliging in the way we want it). I just give him a small tip afterwards.

  280. Vince said on 15-03-2009

    Caloy, have you been to Hollywood Spa lately? I’d like to try the place. I checked out their friendster account (, but was not impressed with most of their masseurs, except maybe for three: 1) the guy in mustard yellow muscle-T, 2) the shirtless guy with a tattoo running from his left forearm to his left pec, and 3) the shirtless, gym-toned guy who is also featured in under the name “Gabriel.” (The photos posted do not have corresponding identities.)Can you recommend anyone in particular? Or is this MP worth patronizing at all?
    Thanks. They also posted photos of their facilities, which look rather MP-generic and close to shabby.

  281. aldrine said on 14-03-2009

    momoy, ako din pa send ng list mo, thanks

  282. Glenn said on 14-03-2009

    I went to Equanimity spa today, my masseur is Jay. Superb! Magaling sya promise!

    • Fishy said on 14-03-2009

      aha, ikaw pala yung nauna kay Jay kahapon… hehehe. I had to ask kasi kung nakuha na sya before I came to Equanimity. I was told I was the 2nd client in Jay’s shift.

      anyways, Jay is in his usual amiable, sweet self. specially that I hadn’t seen him in a long time, it’s like seeing an old friend who’s just as eager to see you.

      i wouldn’t say he gained that much weight, in case he did. if at all I think he looked even more pleasing to touch and hug. his quads had more meat in them (I’m such a legs man pa naman). Match that with a boyish grin and hanger broad shoulders. He’s quite the whole package.

  283. jonfernando said on 13-03-2009

    I tried marco of spartacus. Has anyone tried him too?

  284. Caloy said on 12-03-2009

    I’m currently in Cagayan de Oro. In the past, I’ve had a lot of action here and the guys are really superb. My first great experience was a tall tisuyin waiter at the cafe in front of the Dynasty hotel in those days na wala pang Mulberry.

    The Mulberry is the best place to stay because its near three massage establishments and some cruisy areas. Its behind the Limketkai Mall and on top of that, the gay bar Navigator is behind it. Yesterday I tried the Body and Sole massage in the Mall, which is just walking distance from the Mulberry Hotel. There were at least three good looking masseurs. You know the layout at these places – definitely not conducive for ES. Got a pinoy-moreno-handsome-masseur whose name was Buboy – massage passable but absolutely no hint of a sensuous massage and definitely no ES!!! To top this, I initially asked for hotel service since the Mullberry is just about a few meters away but the receptionist said the owner(franchisee?) in CDO does not allow this anymore. In Tacloban and Cebu, the Body and Sole MPs there at least offer home and hotel service and I had a great ES in Imeldific’s hometown which I described here months back.

    I asked a taxi driver to bring me to the Divisoria area. After striking a conversation with him he said he had some contacts. Great night! his contact was a college drop-out Ram who used to play basketball from one of the local colleges. If anyone remembers the young Edgar Mande, the guy is a spitting image, and wow, a great six pac to go with it. He stayed at my hotel for three hours and wasn’t in a hurry. He knew how to pleasure every which way and had the softest gentlest kiss. ( You know he’ll do anything if he licks your anal orfice and tickles it with his finger while doing so – we took a shower before sex). I was too exhausted from the exhalirating experience and slept the rest of the night, forgetting about the Navigator.

    (I didn’t ask him to sleep in, too risky even if he seemed like a nice guy).

    • Vince said on 12-03-2009

      Hi Caloy. I’m amazed at how you REALLY get around! :-) I don’t think I can muster enough courage to do what you did–I mean ask a taxi driver for referrals.
      Anyway, I finally tried Equanimity the other evening and, based on your recommendation, asked for Jay. He had a childlike quality about him–for someone whom looks hefty. Pleasant personality. I think he should watch his weight, though; he has a tendency to turn flabby. But I digress. His massage was good. I requested him to do medium, but along the way, his strokes turned heavy. Since I’m a bit buffed, I guess he assumed I needed more forceful strokes. Surprisingly, my body did not ache the following day–something that usually happens whenever I get a hard massage the previous night. He was considerate enough to keep his silence throughout the massage, and I appreciated it. His ES was not exactly mind-blowing–I’ve had better–but I thought there was a genuine effort on his part to please. (I told him I don’t bottom, after he enumerated the “stuff” he was willing to do, which included “topping”. Funny, he even asked me if he should give me a BJ. I said go ahead, by all means.) And I also appreciated the fact that he did not quote a price when it was all over. Good guy.

      • Caloy said on 13-03-2009

        Hi Vince! I learned, a long time ago from heterosexual friends that taxi drivers are the repository of “touristy” information, including sex tourism. Several years ago, after coming out empty from a gay bar along Timog, I took one of the taxis that wait in the wee hours of the morning outside these establishments. These taxis service GROs and macho dancers.

        We went to several MPs because I couldn’t find someone I liked so the guy said, sir, puwede ako kung type mo ako. That’s when I noticed that may dating naman siya and we ended up in bed. When in Cebu, I usually ask info from the taxi drivers lined up at the major hotels after dropping hints (para di mabigla) like, “Saan ang mga gay bar dito” (I actually know where they are) or may masahian ba dito na puro lalake ang nagmamasage. The guy will either answer with a flat, wala po akong alam diyan, or volunteer information. For the first type, I leave it at that, either he really does not have info, or is new, or he may be homophobic, so beware. The second type would be used to all this, and likely would have his own contacts (expensive though, because he expects a cut from the amount you pay the guy he refers you too). The taxis near gay bars have been there and done that, so they’re the safest choices and are a rich throve of information, and if the guy happens to be remotely good looking or hunky then its very likely that if they have been driving their taxis for over six months (ask coyly) they have been propositioned and are used to dealing with this type of situation. Pakiramdaman yan, because if you try to put your hand on the driver’s thigh, he may either not respond and drop hints so that you could go further, or you could end up with a punch in the nose, or worse. Some will drop hints, of course (kagabi pa ako, isa pa lang ang pasahero ko, wala pang boundary…etc.).

        In retrospect, some are not really that good looking, and if they’re on show up in a massage establishment, I wouldn’t even bother to give them a second glance. But its probably the excitement of the chase, or the adrenalin rush that one gets while hunting one’s prey. The thrill is not in the hunt itself but in a successful chase.

      • russell said on 13-03-2009

        Jay … looks hefty? should watch his weight? getting flabby? Uh oh. Not good to hear.

    • curacho said on 28-03-2009

      hi pede po ask sa number nitong basketbolistang taga cdo sir caloy… pls

  285. Fishy said on 10-03-2009

    Been to Phaen Boran along Timog today, massage is good. But no ES from Joe, the therapist assigned to me. Lots of sensual strokes though.

  286. Justin said on 09-03-2009

    hi, just would like to ask, how to have access to spaquarium blogspot. they already require invitation. how do i get invited?

  287. tyrone said on 09-03-2009

    May ES ba sa Blue Elephant sa Imus, Cavite?

  288. d said on 08-03-2009

    btw what time open spartacus?

  289. dion said on 08-03-2009


    • jonjunkho said on 09-03-2009

      i know.. where u can find ” hot” action in Seoul… i was there last year …

      • jonjunkho said on 09-03-2009

        Itaewon… is the best place to go… its like malate of Seoul…

  290. WTF said on 07-03-2009

    noones saying anything about it so i think i will..i think.. lol.. that the amount of gratuity is in direct proportion to the UGLYNESS/GROSSNESS level of the tipper.. If your therapist doesnt complain 500 peso tip niya.. it probly wasnt too much of an ordeal for him.. pero kung 2500 tip mo, siguro over masuka suka na ang pobreng therapist sa diri. (youre fat,.butt ugly, have backne, or hairy in all the wrong places) So you better make it worth his while. peace out.

    • jonathan said on 07-03-2009


    • Derek R. said on 08-03-2009

      That’s hilarious and mataray comment but at the same time prejudiced and ignorant. Those therapists who don’t complain maybe shy and timid in front of the client; but may curse the client behind his back; or the tip is just compensatory; or he just doesn’t want to argue. For the customers who are “butt ugly”: it’s a business transaction plain and simple, and both masseur and client don’t have and should not have that sense of entitlement. My two cents for a chaotic massage world!

      • WTF said on 08-03-2009

        Sure.. I agree.. and dont take what I said so literally..
        medyo tongue in cheek yun.. All’s im saying is.. The therapists are most probly str8 and giving a hand job or ES to any “man” cute or ugly is an ordeal .. But lets call a spade a spade.. MAS ORDEAL if troll yung client. Diba… I mean If i was a str8 masahista and I had to give both Piolo Pascual and Soxy Topacio a massage and jack them both off , I would EXPECT a bigger TIP from SOXY.. mas work. And if you cant agree with that.. youre being too PC…

    • phart said on 08-03-2009

      Interesting thought. Most masseurs are hetero, no? And it seems some (most?) posters here said they prefer hetero masseurs, or at least not obviously homo. If most masseurs are hetero, how do they even manage to get it up let alone come? If you are homo, could you get it up and come with the opposite sex? So how do the hetero massuers manage to perform?

      Are they imagining the opposite sex, or does this show that everyone is bi to some extent?

      • WTF said on 08-03-2009

        A physical reaction to stimuli doesnt make you gay or bi… Dont you watch SEan Cody vids? hehehe

        If they develop HOMOSEXUAL desire, and go gay even when theyre not on the clock, then maybe theyre turning BI.. But if theyre just GAY for PAY.. then I think, theyre still str8..

    • contagious said on 10-03-2009

      RE YOUR CLaiM WTF:noones saying anything about it so i think i will..i think.. lol.. that the amount of gratuity is in direct proportion to the UGLYNESS/GROSSNESS level of the tipper.. If your therapist doesnt complain 500 peso tip niya.. it probly wasnt too much of an ordeal for him.. pero kung 2500 tip mo, siguro over masuka suka na ang pobreng therapist sa diri. (youre fat,.butt ugly, have backne, or hairy in all the wrong places) So you better make it worth his while. peace out.

      WTF, I believe there are some who are really very demanding in spite of their inadequacies and unpleasant physical attributes. Good n lang I am not one of those you describe above.

      But nevertheless, I don’t agree with you that 500pesos is more than enough favor to give your attendant for all the exploitation and satisfaction you have enumerated just because he never complained. By what you wrote in this thread, you already have accused those who pay the regular running rate as such…… UGLYNESS/GROSSNESS level of the tipper………….That is so arrogant and improper of you to claim some sort. Should i ask How beautiful are you? may God’s wrath befall unto your pride!

      WTF—it seems that your crab mentality is indicative of your incapacity to pay. And you thought that advertising it to this thread will solicit some positive support! Pity you naman to retract your comment and find your foot on your mouth!! hahaha!!! you have just exposed you dirty linen, mind you, tightwad!

      hey, just in case you need help, just howler, i have extra green sheets to dole out for guys originating from the gutters! I will not be surprised that one day you meet someone who will claim revenge for all your diabolical sensibilities. GOOD LUCK!!!!

      • WTF said on 10-03-2009

        LOL. I think I hit a nerve..
        Contagious…What the hell are you going off about??? Gods wrath what?? Incapacity to what daw? In case I need help.. green sheets kasi I came from the gutter?? LOL Oh ok…If you say so…all caps now – HUH? Foot in my mouth when?? My diry linen what?? Tightwad how?? My diabolical sensibilities ANO DAW?? and my favorite, If I need help I should just “HOWLER” ,what’s that????? Ok. Got it.. I might have to read and reread (and re read) your comment tho.. medyo challenge eh.. you always see something new everytime you read it… Like watching HISTORY OF THE WORLD with Mel BroOks.. I get off track, ANYWAY.. THank YOu CONTAGIOUS, for your most CLEAR and LEVEL HEADED advise and sentiments.. Its because of SMART, concerned & beautiful people like you that the Manila Gay Scene is thriving. It just makes me so proud.. Im beaming. I swear, you should really consider writing for a living… maybe political speeches..what you guys think? magaling sya diba? anyway, Everyone should have a best buddy like you.. Because of your (real funny, break a rib laughing) REACTION.. Im pretty sure , id even bet some money on it.. that youre a REAL BIG TIPPER, REAL GOOD LOOKING too…. YOu continue making it worth the masahistas ORDEAL and more power to you. (And if its not too much trouble.. explain to me naman what HOWLER means o..)

      • WTF said on 10-03-2009

        and sarcasm aside.. read my original comment again, it starts with “I think..” so Contagious, hunny.. it was a personal opinion..nothing more. WAs not out to sway anyone, Im not starting a new religion so take it easy.. I threw no stones..Its the reactions I got that were violent and a bit exagge..

        so yun lang..
        Peace out.

      • RON RON said on 10-03-2009

        WTF. Your in retreat from a BAD position. This is a thread thats generally positive then you inject something that actually reflects the bitterness of your psyche. Thats sad and I pity you. Wherever you are, the negativity oozes. Even if you prefaced your comment with “I think” it was quite clear that you were trying to proclaim superiority – that the tip you gave was small compared to others because you were beautiful??? For really straight guys, the hairy fat elderly guy is as excecrable as the fairy who thinks some augmentation here and there and some make up makes him a woman and more acceptable – thats an illusion because both are men and have penises and to every straight guy equally nauseous. Read books and studies on male prostitutes detailing the sense of dread and disgust these prostitutes feel with their sexual encounters with other men, whatever type. What your comment says is that your cheap and envious of those who can afford to get quality because they have the means to do so; if its not this then it is plain and simple bitterness.

      • riel said on 10-03-2009

        WTF, kilala ko si Soxy at kaibigan ko siya. He’s a nice guy and every open minded straight guy would always find him likeable, unlike you. Do you know why the sympathetic comments went Boy Abunda’s way when Vicky Belo made that catty comment? In the first place, hindi ka Vicky Belo, No? At least si Vicky, can afford, at maski na akala niya may K siyang laitin si Boy, sa mata ng bayan, siya pa rin ang talo dahil masama sa panlasa ang nabulaslas niya sa TV.

      • jp said on 11-03-2009

        i totally agree with ronron and contagious. your comment even if it was your personal opinion just shows how stupid and lame you are. and by the way you reacted, just how equally childish and ignorant. threw no stones? wtf – what the f^ck talaga. you arrogant prick! gago! nincompoop! sorry guys!

      • WTF said on 11-03-2009

        ang damming na affect….. (or natamaan).. salamat , i got a good laugh reading your reactions.. obviously hinde niyo maintindihan..or kaya intindihon kasi defensive kayo masyado. eto, tagalog na para easier for you guys.. ang ginawa ko lang is voiced an opinion, and i got called so many names.. kesyo prick, gago or arrogant or my favourite, nincompoop… funny… just give me “HOWLER”. lol

      • WTF said on 11-03-2009

        sige.. hinde na ako mangingialam.. taasan niyo mga tip niyo ha.. mga 2500 and up… para sulit..

    • claude said on 13-03-2009

      I couldn’t agree with you fully but there can be truth to your opinion. As a matter of personal rule, I only give 500 pesos for an ES (full ES at that, with torrid kissing, blow jobs). Just imagine for one night if your therepist had serviced 5 patrons with ES for 2,500 each…he would be taking home with him 10,000 for that night. He may be earning more than anyone of us here.

      I think, the lesson to be learned here is let it be “US” to dictate the price on tips for ES. We should not let “them” manipulate us. Let us “standardize pricing”

      • totoy bato said on 13-03-2009

        HOY MGA BAKLANG KURIPOT…Kung wla kayong datung wag kayong manlalaki. don kayo pumunta sa avenida, P50.00 lang don, o di kaya manood kayo ng sine sa hollywood theater, nandoon yong mga bagay sa inyo….he he he…

      • Mac said on 14-03-2009

        Well lets be fair to these guys. For a massage with full ES 1000 should be the standard minimum. On a weekday, even the “star” masseurs may not have a client at all. Some of us make over 10,000.00 a day just for using our brains or just by talking to clients at a 5 star hotel coffee shop. A tubercular karpintero makes minimum wage. The straight masseur swallows a lot of pride and may indeed find the idea of sex with a man nauseating. I agree to some extent that this process for the straight masseur might be more pleasant if the gay guy has soft, smooth creamy skin and is pretty enough of the masseur to imagine his partner is a girl (young arabs rape their first year high school schoolmates because they can’t have sex until they’re married and they cant marry without a stiff dowry, as the boys grow up, they acquire body hair and become less attractive to the older pubescent boys). But even if you really look like a pretty girl wouldn’t fair be fair? Wouldn’t we all want to be treated fairly and not think someone is taking advantage of us.

        Many of these masseurs may be scarred for life. As minors, they may have been seduced into m2m sex by some of our wily counterparts. Many of them actually endured statutory rape from lecherous pedophilic homosexuals. Working in a massage establishment is a desperate proposition. And then, on a daily basis, they get raped again by gays who are unwilling to be fair to them. We reap what we give and if we’re at least considerate and fair, this terrible life (for them) might be less terrible.

      • frank said on 16-03-2009

        wow ang hangin ng isang to

  291. mng said on 07-03-2009

    heyyyy guys want to know the best sauna in manila or me naman!!

  292. claude said on 06-03-2009

    I have been following the inputs in this thread for some time already. I am surprised that most people say thet pay 2k for an ES. I have been going to gay friendly spas particularly Sanctuario, Asian Massage and City Lifestle and I only give a maximum 500 to my male therapist for giving me an ES. ES for me would mean, for a handjob, I give 200 only or for an ES where I can suck my therepist dick till he comes while he gives me a handjob and kisses all over my body, I give 500 only and I don’t hear any violent reactions or nasty comments from my therapists.

    It makes me wonder if there is truth for some to say that they pay 2,500 for an ES.

    • contagious said on 06-03-2009

      that’s great claude. nobody will contest you of your belief.
      well for me, gratuities such as “tips” are a matter of one’s personal choice. To dole a bit of money as an optional handout to the source of one’s honest labor is purely voluntary. regardless it is the ethically accepted 20% of total cost of services or 500 times the total bill being collected by the establishment is purely dependent on the whimsical generosity of the benefactor. one should bear in mind though, that these attendants are not under on a regular employment like maids, mailmen or waiters whose retainers are paid for regularly by business owners they work for. and a tipping is actually designed as an expected voluntary fee that comes from clients like us. And because of this thread there are standard rates most of us believed but not discussed as agreed benchmark tip for an honest to goodness service. this standard amount did not only prevented market inflation from too demanding massuers but also prevented disagreements and animosities between client and attendant.
      Indeed, it is noticed that the tipping behavior of a person is traced to his orientations on propriety which is according to his cultural and regional upbringing. But otherwise, there is no right and no wrong in tipping!

      • caloy said on 08-03-2009

        The amount paid depends on the circumstances. On the average I pay 1000 upwards but if I really want a guy, especially if he is my type and above average on the looks department and he prices himself at a certain level (like Andrew of Spartacus) I would pay, just once, just to satisfy not only my curiosity but the degree to which I am intrigued by the guy who thinks he’s worth more than the average. In fairness to Andrew, he did deliver, and I never once thought he was not worth the 2.5k that he asked for.

    • caloy said on 09-03-2009

      Thats because you’re going to the wrong places. If i only get a handjob anywhere my tip would be 300-500k, not more. In Sanctuario, its impossible to get the full ES -torrid laplapan, fellatio and a good hard f–k and chances are, the guy’s not as good looking as the best guys in those establishments intended for these activities.

  293. mark said on 06-03-2009

    Re: Amistad
    The charge for a swedish massage is 750, massage is done in individual cubicle with curtain, shower area is quite small, 4 showers; steam room; scrub area; a cafe; the locker room area is quite small, too. with hairbrushes, comb, toothpaste, but no free toothbrushes; complimentary tea is served after the massage; it is not actually bad after all. one can avail of the parking space in naiads gas station, adjacent to the spa.

    • zaldy said on 09-03-2009

      Went to Amitstad last Friday. Ps1350 for the scrub and massage. Atmosphere is in between NY Spa and Sanctuario but everything is small. The only plus are the separate rooms but no hint from the masseur of any you know what. For its price I don’t think I’ll be a regular. I don’t know if it is true that Don of Blue Palm is a co-owner, it was mentioned in a previous thread.That’s why I was expecting at least a sensuous massage. A couple of the masseurs did come from NY Spa.

  294. mark said on 05-03-2009

    I have tried amistad several times, the massage is quite good. Nothing sensual. the place is so small but clean. But sorry, no ES. I have been there 4x already.

    • ben said on 06-03-2009

      how much is massage at amistad? so how long can you stay at steam room and wet area? what time is it open?

    • caloy said on 06-03-2009

      Thanks Mark. How much is charged for a massage? What are the facilities?

      • little boy wonder said on 10-03-2009

        they open around 3 pm and they have their last call around 10PM. The service is really good there, i must say. They even give you tea and a cookie after the massage. It’s worth going for.

  295. caloy said on 05-03-2009

    Female Guests in Gay Spas

    There’s a health risk as it were patronizing massage establishments because you dont know kung anong dala nung huling client ng masseur but allowing female guests for gay MPs complicates the picture by magnifying the risk.

    I notice that whenever I go to these MPs very late, usually past 2 am, may mga female guests kung minsan, and there are usually GROs from the bars at the Timog-Morato area. If they had a sexual partner earlier, you wouldn’t know what they are bringing from herpes to Syphilis to Gonnorhea or to other diseases transmitted by fluid transmission like Hepatitis. I prepare for the risks associated with M2M sex, but we’re not usually armed for other unexpected complications like infections resulting from M2F contact like chlamydia, herpes zoster and the like. Its not discrimination- its like gay bars- they used to be a refuge for us not out in the closet but bec they’re now full of girls on a night out, the likelihood that you’ll be seen by someone from the office, or from school or from the neighborhood increases.

  296. caloy said on 05-03-2009

    Any news about AMISTAD on Quezon Blvd? Its facade looks good, mukhang pinagkagastusan, so I suppose, inside, its as good, but I haven’t tried it yet. May ES ba dito?

  297. mng said on 05-03-2009

    well sa manila or around.

  298. mng said on 05-03-2009


  299. Ulaan Batar said on 05-03-2009

    Can anyone share the contact number of Justin (formerly of Mondiale Spa)? I read in a previous posting that he’s gone freelance. Thanks.

  300. lost curious said on 02-03-2009

    hello! im really fascinated by this forum..
    it really woke up my curiousity..
    actually im a female (i hope im still welcome here :D)
    and i would love to have the “ES” on spa’s
    just curious 😀
    just sensual massage but not all the way..
    is it possible?..
    im also wondering if female to female massage with ES exists..
    😀 i hope im welcome in your forum..!!
    best regards :)

    • Rooster said on 03-03-2009

      hi lost curious, i dont know what to say about masseuses with ES for female guests. neither can i recommend massuers from spas who give ES for female guests because from experience masseurs are not allowed to service female guests from the spas ive been to.

      • lost curious said on 03-03-2009

        oohh really?! how sad naman hehe..
        its really my fantasy haha..
        naughty masseuses.. haha weird ba?..
        btw im not matroniks ha.. im just in my 20’s..
        and just really really curious.. 😀
        thank you for your reply rooster :)
        i’ll check this forum every now and then..
        best regards!! :)

      • Kyle said on 05-03-2009

        Hi Lost curious,

        Punta ka sa boys of bora. maraming babae dun na pumupunta. pero usually ang mga massuer basta hot na sila may penetration talaga. good luck

    • Erin said on 05-03-2009

      Hi Lost Curious! My friend who is a male therapist is doing home service for female clients as well and he is very good in sensual massage, you might be interested, please post your contact address and I will communicate with you privately.

  301. caloy said on 02-03-2009

    I’ll be in Cagayan de Oro this weekend, apart from Navigator any action here? Spas? Cruisy areas? Please provide info. Many thanks!

    • DP said on 02-03-2009

      Caloy – how was your Iloilo trip? FAce value spa still operating? Anything worth your while? Will be there next week. Thanks.

    • jonathan said on 04-03-2009

      on a lazy afternoon, try cruising on the 4th floor of gaisano mall near the cinema, then down the stairs (not the escalator).

      • caloy said on 05-03-2009

        Jonathan, were you referring to Cagayan de Oro or IloIlo. Didn’t have much time to go around IloIlo bec I had a very effusive host who tried to feed me seafood every opportunity he could. Hope we could get more infor about Cagayan de Oro MOPs and cruisy areas. Also Subic or Olongapo

      • jonathan said on 07-03-2009

        that would be cagayan gaisano.
        other areas would be divisoria. try this number, his name is dodo a taxi driver he doesnt do any erotic services but he can introduce you to friends. 09287597525. be friend him first before you ask for his help to hook you up with his friends. red horse lang okay na sila

      • jonathan said on 07-03-2009

        but just be careful in cdo, some are not as nice as they look.

      • caloy said on 08-03-2009

        Jonathan. Thanks, highly appreciate your tips.

  302. caloy said on 02-03-2009

    Just came from Cebu. For a change, I decided to check in at the Mactan Shangrila instead of Waterfront Lahug. There are NO massage places near the area except a place with Korean signs 200 km near the driveway of the Shangrila. Anyway I tried the Mactan Sangrila’s Chi spa. Quite pricey (Php6,500.00) for the whole body massage but the two hour experience is totally worth it. If you’re in Cebu looking for action, this is not a place for you. Stay at the more central hotels like Mariott or Waterfront. I called various spas for in service but the surchrage to come to the Mactan Shangrila is quite hefty, and you don’t know what you’ll be getting anyway. The last time I was in this area last year, I called in one of the services advertised at the Cebu Daily News, a waste of money.

    Is Cebu better than Dumaguete? Well, there are more spas in Cebu but if you are for Manila where ES means everything under the sun, I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!, then you’re in for a BIG disappointment because as you can see from many of the comments here, HJ lang masaya na sila. I’ve had better luck in Dumaguete, not from the Spas but from people I got to meet.

    • allen said on 02-03-2009

      hi caloy.. meron ka ba mairecommend here in dumaguete na subok na? or specific places na pwedeng cruising areas? i’ve already seen yung mga nasa park area near the cathedral kaya lang tama ka panay mga mukhang adik ang mga tao dun. tsamba lang yung nakilala ko last tym kaya lang wala naman akong number nya. thanks ha..

    • allen said on 02-03-2009

      hi caloy.. just wondering if you can recommend someone here in Dumaguete or any cruising areas na sure makakameet ka ng matinong guys. I’ve already tried dun sa park near the cathedral but sadly and I agree with you before na panay addict-looking ang mga andun. thanks in advance for the tips.

      • caloy said on 05-03-2009

        Hi allen, medyo determinado kasi ako to get some action so I got excellent guys from the most unusual places. One time I was walking down the street at the back of my hotel, I passed by a hardware store. There was a guy cutting an iron rod outside who was very good looking, very macho plus the fact that he was doing blue collar work excited me. I approached him and stuck up a conversation, pretending to inquire about things in the hardware store. In the course of chatting I asked what time he was getting off from work. To cut the long story short, he ended up in my hotel. The next time I went he was absent from his hardware job but using some pretenses, I was able to get his address.

        During the 2007 election campaign, I picked up this guy who was part of a local entourage waiting for the arrival of a candidate, he too ended up in my hotel room and to make things better, he also referred to me his friends who were available. I tried to pick up guys in the park pero adik-adik ang hitsura, then I notice two trucks parked on the side of the park with some pahinantes, one or two looked hot. Again, to make a long story short, nakuha ko yung isa.

        Theres a movie house where you could pick up guys in Dumaguete, but its seedy and smells of danger, so its AYOR.

      • allen said on 11-03-2009

        caloy.. thanks for the tips.. zero talaga ako aside from the guy i picked up in the park.. medyo adik-adik nga yung mga tao dun.. im already here in manila.. hopefully, i can also visit CDO, Cebu or Davao kasi yun ang madalas pag-usapan dito.. hirap talaga ko in hooking up with guys dahil sa communication gap aside from the fact that I’m portraying to be a straight guy which adds to the fear that someone may find out (na pumapatol nga ko sa guys). partida.. yung napick up ko parang siya ang pumick-up sakin..huhuhu. thanks again caloy and jonathan.. will visit this site again if ever maassign uli ako on field.

  303. russell said on 02-03-2009

    So the recommended Kian is no longer available anywhere? The last mention (January 2, 2009) said that he was ‘formerly of Body Spec’?

  304. paragon said on 01-03-2009


    ok lang din ba na hingin number niya? this is my email ad thanks in advance

  305. equanimity_and_lightness said on 01-03-2009

    The renovations and the challenging business conditions in Feb 09 have been an extraordinary experience for us. We are small-cap businesses with competition that constantly keeps our margins slim.

    What drives us from day to day, rather, is the dynamism and enthusiasm that shoot forth from the people in our midst – our therapists and guests. What a lovely mix.

    As long as there are therapists and there are guests, we foresee staying in business against all odds. There is a vital human need for that wished-for encounter, that dreamt-of moment when our vulnerability and audacity meet.

    We have come to the conclusion that our spas are and shall remain vibrant colourful Works-In-Process. (Like our websites. Check the latest update of Lightness’s site at Because that is what our lives and loves are – imperfect but divine.

    In times of crisis, stay in love with life and stride forth – defiant – with a lovely lilt of lightness. Tread with love upon life’s sacred grounds,

    Equanimity Spa – 415.8099, 0917.3497249
    100-A Kamuning Rd, QC (in front of BPI Family near Edsa)

    Lightness Spa – 435.0978, 0927.8580972, 0917.3497249
    11-A Kamias Rd, QC (in front of Banco Filipino and PSBank near Edsa)

    • mark said on 03-03-2009

      Hi there.
      I went to equanimity last week. I got basti… I find the massage too pricey. 600 pesos for a few rubs in the back less than 15 minutes and the ES not worth it.
      Very costly and disappointing experience.

      • caloy said on 05-03-2009

        Mabait naman ang dating sa akin ni Basti pero siguro, he’s not focused on his work because I had the same bad experience with him. He doesn’t seem to be into it. Buti if he gives a good massage, eh, hindi naman.

    • v said on 30-03-2009

      Damn! Winner ang post na itech!

  306. ae80 said on 01-03-2009

    hey guys,

    i’m here in manila for a few days, i’m fil-am 5’9 mestizo…and i really need a good massage because my back’s aching today (march1), can anyone let me know of a massage place near makati? I’d take what comes my way but ES is not a priority but I do like my masseur to be on the good lookin’ side. I’d appreciate it a lot.

  307. kitek said on 01-03-2009

    Just went to radiance again, and understood what a full 1500 ES is all about. Seems that their standard rate is 500 for HJ, 1000 for stripping down and a little romansa, 1500 for a chance to blow. Medyo sayang nga lang kasi medyo nagmadali ako, at least masarap pa rin yung massage. Oh well, there’s always a next time ;p

    If you have any other experiences (or masseurs to recommend)in Radiance, do share ( Or any other places around Makati to recommend, hassle pa kasi dumayo ng Timog or Kamuning.

    • contagious said on 01-03-2009

      kitek,who was your attendant. Would all of the masseurs give ES?

    • buff_joey said on 08-03-2009

      about radiance, sobrang mahal mag presyo ang mga masseurs. at least P1000 daw, hj palang yun. buti sana kung sobrang magaling mag massage e yung iba parang hipo hipo lang ang drama. nakaka bwisit yung jeff wala kami pinag usapan na presyo so I thought P1k would be ok. binigyan ko ng P1k after a non satisfying ES, aba e iba daw ang presyo nya compared sa mga kasama nya. tanong ko bakit ganon, sabi kc daw senior siya ant siya ang trainer nung mga kasamahan nya. e wala siya magawa kc yun lang talaga pera ko sorry nalang siya di kc niya sinabi na espesyal pala ang hj niya. ayun, tinaggap din.

      • kitek said on 08-03-2009

        well, 1k? mahal ata. for the other masseurs, 500 ang hj, lalo na kung kaya mong mag-negotiate.

        perhaps, like other mp’s, there are really good masseurs (massage, ES, or both), while others are, well, less to be desired. i’ve tried a few already, and some are better, some are not. if 500 is to steep, well, ganun talaga, wala na kasing medyo affordable na mp within makati (lahat sa qc na), and hassle talagang lumakbay pa for a massage with bonuses.

  308. Momoy said on 28-02-2009

    Hay naku, frustrated ako sa Amaranthus. i requested for home service. Di na nga marunong magmasahe, drama-dramahan pa.Ayoko talaga ng dramahan over negotiation, keso naghihirap, kailangan ng pang-tuition tapos kunwari aayaw pero kung sasabihin mo, eh di huwag…magdadrama-dramahan.They have to decide what their objective is..Kesyo legit daw kase bawal kay Duterte at marami naiinggit daw na ibang spa tapos pag pauwiin mo na, pwede pala daw mag-offer depende king magkano ibabayad. Hay, naku, I have no patience for that!!!

    • jonathan said on 01-03-2009

      if youre looking for legit spa in davao might as well go to body bliss or FIRM. i can still remember when amaranthus started, they had few massage and they were think and emaciated to look at. they wanted to compete with bompikoi then but the latter eventually closed, call it karma. asian massage in davao got raided twice, so its a risk going there coz they are rounding up suspicious MPs. go to FIRM or body bliss sometimes you get very lucky. you may not end up with an ejaculation but the massage is superb.

    • DP said on 03-03-2009

      Momoy – who was your masseur from Amaranthus?

  309. manuelito said on 28-02-2009

    Allen, 4 hrs lang naman from dumaguete to cebu, dumerecho ka na don, don ka na lang dumaan pabalik ng manila…sa aviary, look for drogon, better kong hotel service…he he he, very agressive, mararanasan mo lahat…promise..

    • allen said on 01-03-2009

      thanks manuelito and jonathan… nga pala manuelito if you don’t mind me asking.. how much po yung total damages mo kay Drogon. tsaka can you relay to me in detail kung ano yung “lahat” na sinasabi mo.. hehehe para di ko mabigla pag andun na ko.. email mo na lang me sa lam ko it’s too much of a favor to ask pero I’m begging of you to consider this simple request of mine? salamat ulit ha.. nga pala baka magpamassage ulit ako sa Nuat Thai Massage tom syempre para makita ko na ulit yung masseur ko..

  310. robert said on 28-02-2009

    last thursday night at around 1am i saw a police car by the entrance of a MP in qc. are there actual cases of raids being done on male MP’s? Do they take the customers to the station like what we usually see in the news na nakatago ang mga mukha????

  311. allen said on 28-02-2009

    still here in dumaguete for almost 2 weeks. So far i’ve picked up a guy near the cathedral (posted on February 13, 2009). I’ve also tried 2 MPs here namely Royal Thai Massage in Real Street and Nuat Thai near the Cathedral. Both MPs gives purely legitimate massages (at least that is what my masseurs said) and actually good ones at that since it has relaxed me a lot. According to my masseur, they want to promote their MP as legitimate and not a front for prostitution (Sad though ‘coz I think my masseur in Nuat Thai is goodlooking and has a good body). I’ve talked with him while the massage was going on and he was a good conversationalist. Its just irritating though ‘coz you can also hear the conversations of their masseuses in the next room (I was their only customer that time). Kilig lang ako kasi he makes them quiet para maayos ang conversation namin. He says he can do home service massage but he says that he does not give extra service. Don’t know if kulang lang ko sa diskarte since I’m entirely new to this pero I just said na okay lang good for him (plastic!!!hahaha) hay naku.. will definitely be back there before I return to Manila.

    • manuelito said on 28-02-2009

      pare ingat ka, baka ma-inlove ka sa kanya…he he he….ako kasi andali kung mafall sa guy na mabait.. hehehe…

      • allen said on 28-02-2009

        hahaha…ako kasi i’m just starting to get the hang of m2m sex now.. Ngaun lang kasi me nakalabas ng Manila out of prying eyes of my friends or family. Honestly, mahal ko na siya while he was massaging me and we’re having that very friendly conversation.. just don’t want to spill the beans right then and there that I like him. I think nakaramdam na siya nung nagtanong ako about ES but I just lied na kaya nga di babae kinuha ko magmassage kasi baka di ko mapigilan sarili ko hahaha plastic!!! (pero my subconscious tells me na sunggaban na siya kasi i really like him already.. hahaha) Hay.. next time na lang ang cebu adventure ko siguro.. roundtrip kasi yung binili kong ticket..(nga pala i’m here for work, extracurricular ko lang ang MPs kasi I think now is the time to experience it) We need to report back in the Head Office in Manila on March 9.. Marami pa kaming pending work dito as of today. Is the spelling right? Drogon ba kamo? Sige I’ll consider your recommendation.. Wish me luck.

      • jonathan said on 01-03-2009

        yeah, i agree with manuelito better come to cebu. take a bus via liloan, santander or a fast craft. then go back there the following day. you will enjoy it.

  312. oxoxoxo said on 27-02-2009

    guys, has anyone tried blue elephant spa in imus, cavite? may ES ba dito? thanks.

  313. Chow Chi said on 27-02-2009

    I will stay in Manila for about 3 days after my trip in Shanghai. Can you recommend a spa near The Heritage Hotel? It’s near Mall of Asia. I’m tired from a business trip so I need someone who is good…mas okay pag magaling sa sensual massage…ty

  314. manuelito said on 27-02-2009

    I’ve met Ian of Davao Davao already (the guy being mentioned by Jome above), He is so kind, he’s the kind of masseuer na i-rerespect mo, kasi he respect his clients also, he’s very sensible kausap at medyo malalim.. Kahit marami siyang tatoo, super bait na pilyo…very handsome (for me) pinaghalo-halong Jeric Raval, Jericho Rosales at Bong Alvarez…

    He told me that he had clients na sobra ang gustong gawin sa kanya, pero hindi naman nagbabayad ng fair..hindi na lang raw siya nagrereklamo, kasi nahihiya rin daw siya mag-demand.

    My experience with Ian was so memorable and unforgetable – not in terms of..(you know what…) but because nakilala ko siya as real person na naghahapbuhay at nagtatarabaho at hindi bilang isang masahista lang..

    Hindi ko na sasabihin how much i paid the last time na nakasama ko siya,,basta it is far below don sa mga sininsingil ng mga masahista sa Manila..But hindi ko ko yon ti-nake advantage..He deserve more than just what he asked..

    • jake said on 27-02-2009

      manuelito… pwede penge number niya? curious lang ako sa kanya… dont worry harmless ako, i’m still young eh hehe.. :) pm it here thanks so much…

    • wizzdumb said on 07-03-2009

      I went to a movie with him last night.. mabait siya, masaya kausap.. parang ang pakikipag-usap lang sa kanya ang ok na.. hahaha!! ang problema ko lang ng manood kami ng sine ay halos kilala niya lahat ng mga empleyado sa mall.. nagtatrabaho pala siya doon dati.

  315. contagious said on 26-02-2009

    I attended a dinner party tendered for a friend who celebrated his birthday last night at the legend restaurant. It was a dinner among old friends who rarely see each other except on ocassions like last night. As usual besides the perennial bumpy conversations much of the sharing leaned towards the new finds among the MP’s in the city. And since wencia is just a stone throw-away from the dinner’s venue, much of the juicy news were regarding the action inside this place. during those moments of sharing, i was like a bat out hell wanting to attack the place due to my over supply of testosterone which was ruthlessly pleading out to burst! let me share with you my findings generated and endorsed my buddies which i proved to be true that same night:

    1. make sure you visit the spa on wednesdays or thursdays. check in between 11pm to 2am- it is best time for of rampant action in the wet area- there are less people and better chances for steamy catch. after a brief shower i proceeded to the steam room. Upon my entry were two good looking guys blanketed by a towel and who did not seem to be bothered by my presence. after a few minutes of stolen glances, i fixed my stare on the bulge on the towel that covered both their groin. when the better looking guy noticed me, he teasingly smiled and abruptly took out the cover to reveal both their swelling dicks. I was salivating by the sight and my adrenalin shoot but i smiled back with malice this time. they continued doing their thing in my presence while i exhibited mine and fondled it for their viewing. the better looking of the two guys came first then after a short while, his partner came closer to me for a party. I allowed him to enjoy and feel my toy but excused myself when i was about to erupt in anticipation of some probable good lay later. It was a while before they vacated the steam room, something might have consumated during that time.

    2. I was given a list of names for whose services i should engage. most of them were not on duty and among the ones on the list available were boris, al, benjie-, i took boris.

    3. always take a bed that should be parallel to traffic. In that way the masseur can take a while to reposition his reach in the event something good is undergoing and someone is approaching.

    4. always engage into a friendly, senseless talk at the start of the massage and as soon as you feel some sensual brushes from your the attendant, engage in touching him as well. this promotes unspoken commune between the two of you thus making him know of your intentions for an ES. when conversation ceases that means you can touch his tool.True! I did and he just said, “malaki yan.” Without even batting my eyelash i retorted, “di bale malaki din ang kapalit nyan.” make assurance that his ES will be properly compensated and voila! you will never see the end of an endless sensation. I sucked his cock- medium sized but it smelled good. his balls were enormously big and hairy, mind you!

    5. never write big amounts of tips on the service slips. do you know there are 20peso tips from straight guests? so writing 500 tip will make receptionist believe the attendant rendered some hanky panky favors. Always bring extra cash when you check into your room and hand it directly to your attendant after your routine. write 50peso tip on the slip so that you and your partner is saved from the suspicion!

    6. always bring your mobile phone with you and make sure to log your attendant’s contact number so in the next time you wish to engage his services you may set your appointment with him. You can even ask him to pay you home service for 1k,all in!

    there are other claims shared during the dinner which i did not experience as true but maybe in the future when i have verified the veracity of the glibe, I may share it in this thread. Ciao for now!

    • Kyle said on 01-03-2009

      Galing mo. will try boris too. hahaha.

    • Chris said on 02-03-2009

      could you give the list out of the attendants? i love wensha!! I loved your story.. makes me wanna go there right now.

    • Marco Jordan said on 14-03-2009

      Good job, mate! Thanks for the very practical tips!

  316. Fishy said on 26-02-2009

    anyone had any ES experience from Hongkong MPs? Where, how much, how to negotiate… etc.

  317. BONG said on 26-02-2009

    hi guys…any news about amaranthus? sinong ok doon? i plan to go there soon…may iba pa bang MP’s sa Davao na may happy ending? thanks guys!

  318. MGGFan said on 26-02-2009

    While the recos are good, sometimes the feeling that “maraming pinagdaanan na ang masahista” makes one think twice bago kunin. Finally was able to visit Equanimity … and yes, I saw the famous Jay. Okay naman. But got somebody else instead. Oh well …

  319. lloyd said on 26-02-2009

    tried Equanimity last night, nagulat ako s dami ng massuer nila. madaming
    promising, enzo janus bhasy are just one of those. but i got jay (as of caloys recomendation)and he really was right. it was a very unfogetable night, he really is a great performer! babalikan mo tlaga. massage 8/10, es 10/10. At ang lugar very relaxing, soft music,clean bathroom, nice people. you’ll get your moneys worth.
    any other recomendation caloy? :)

    • caloy said on 27-02-2009

      Hi, Lloyd, try Janus. Generally he’s not my type kasi payat siya but he is a good performer massage 5/10 but ES is 9.5/10, Enzo is a good kisser and great generally but he did not get a hard on when I went there, if you dont mind the fact that some times he cannot get it up then he’s ok massage 6.5/10 ES 8.5/10. Bhasy to me was a disappointment.

      By the way I’m in iloilo, any mp suggestions from anyone? Thanks!

      • DP said on 28-02-2009

        Caloy – check if face value spa is still operating in Iloilo. Used to get manuel. he is generally good, both massage-wise and ES-wise, although the last time I got him, he sort of stank. Ok naman sya sa looks department, not really drop-dead gorgeous but he’s chinito at very strong ang appeal. And his equipment is massive. Try mo nalang.

        Other than face value spa, MPs with ES are slim pickings in Iloilo.

        But you’ll never know. I never thought they had these stuff until I discovered manuel , baka you might discover something. If you do, pls share naman since I go to Iloilo a lot.

        Good luck, bro.

      • javs said on 01-03-2009

        what’s special about the ES of janus? is jay’s still better… based on their pics and the other recos, i’m planning to get either jay or janus.. thanks!

      • caloy said on 02-03-2009

        Jay and Janus are both really good, its a matter of taste and mine veers towards Jay. But ES wise Janus is really on the side of wild sex. Jay is like a guy making love to his girlfriend. I like Jay’s body, Janus is rather thin but if Janus would bulk up and buff his body I would then prefer him over Jay. I have some minor hygiene issues with Janus, not with Jay who looks very fresh and smells fresh after a shower. On the massage side, nothing special there but both give very good sensual (not legit) massages.

  320. Mark said on 25-02-2009

    Any Gay spa or male to male massage in Boracay?

  321. Red said on 25-02-2009

    Thanks a ton [sorry for the intended pun ;)] Ton for the pointers. Very helpful. I love this blogsite.

    • Ton said on 25-02-2009

      Hi Red,

      We were on the same boat. I asked Migs the same question only to find out that the answers were right under our noses. :-)

      I suppose you are new to this blogsite. Explore the other sections and you will find even more interesting articles and postings.

      When you have discovered new and interesting experiences, share them with all of us.

  322. DP said on 24-02-2009

    Until recently, I used to request for outcall massage from
    Face Value Spa in Iloilo. I don’t know if this MP still exists. Manuel was my masseur. He was good in both massage (7/10) and ES (8/10) departments. He has an extremely big wiener and can blow a huge load. He is chinito and has this animalistic
    appeal about him. I have hygiene issues about him and he stank the last time he
    gave me a massage so I stopped getting him, and now, just like the rest of you,
    I’m on the lookout for a good MP with ES in Iloilo. For those who know where these are, share naman please. Tenks!

  323. chan said on 24-02-2009

    hey guys.
    ive tried yesterday the equanimity spa in kamuning road. thank you sooo much for the directions guys! totally appreciate it!!! i got one good looking/young guy. he has a light-tone of skin which is my type. massage was okay, 7/10, but ES was really good. a really good kisser, doesnt hesitate at all. i havent had any experience being the “bottom”, he was just teasing me with his tool and this made me “go off” like hell. i was even smiling to myself after because it was my first. he was just asking if i was okay, and made sure to get me water. we even talked for awhile after that. maaan!!! is this what ive been missing? 😉 till next time. again guys, more power to this blogsite!

    • DP said on 24-02-2009

      Good for you, Chan! May I know who was your masseur? Thanks.

      • chan said on 26-02-2009

        hey.. YEAH ive tried JADE or ANDREW was it. i forgot. 😉 anyway, EQUANIMITY is reallly very clean now. theyve renovated the place very well..

  324. Red said on 24-02-2009

    I find this exchange very informative and helpful. I read all the messages (over 850 whew!)when I first found this blogsite and I have been checking it every now and then. I usually just scroll down to the last messages to update yself. But lately I’ve discovered that I have been missing a lot of messages because I just scroll down to the latest few messages. There are some messages that just worm their way into some of the earlier messages. These responses are helpful but I’m sure a lot of the readers may have missed them. It may just be because the responders hit the reply button to the mssage posted earlier. That’s why you could find a reply dated February 23 next to a message dated February 20.

    I wouldn’t want to miss a single message. Could something be done about this so that we could find all the recent posts (including replies to a previous post) at the bottom of the blog? Please help. Thanks guys.

    • Ton said on 24-02-2009

      Hi Red,
      The options at the top of this article will allow you to precisely read recent posts without going through all pages. Click “Rss.2.0” and that will take you to recent posts which will further take you to the full articles, if it would interest you.

      Notice that there are other options that you may use: “Leave Comment” or “Trackback”

      The new functions are very efficient and helpful in finding specific topics of your interest.

  325. schatzen said on 23-02-2009

    Hi anong magandang spa ang marerecomend nyo na may ES yong d2 lng sa pasay or Qc basta near Makati..if may alam kayo share naman please

  326. Erick said on 23-02-2009

    I went to this massage parlor in Guadalupe, Cebu last Friday. I didn’t expect much about their masseurs in terms of their looks and ES. But things changed when I had somebody who happened to be my type – chinito, tall, fair complexion and clean. To make the long story short, I licked his body, sucked him while he jacked me and it ended up with a great blast. I paid him 1K but I didn’t mind. He deserved more than that.

  327. Cesar said on 23-02-2009

    Caloy..paki-describe si Troy from Lightness Spa. heights, color, built ? Thanks

  328. Jome said on 23-02-2009

    I was in Davao last Saturday and I have the opportunity to meet Ian…He can give you an ES at par with Manila Masseurs. Good thing about him is he will never name his price. Discretion mo na if you are satisified or not. I paid him 500 full massage and ES.Hehehehe… I got his CP no for a repeat order.

    • DP said on 23-02-2009

      Hi, Jome – is he gorgeous? Was the massage good? Share mo naman ang cp nya. My email add is Thanks, bro.

      • Jome said on 23-02-2009

        To DP: His cel# is 09085008846 – 19 yrs old na hunk, 5.5 ang height, may tatto sa arms basta cute, ikaw na humusga… a good kisser…

      • ARIES said on 23-02-2009

        hi jomes … where’d you meet IAN? may i have his cp number, too? thanks.

      • manuelito said on 27-02-2009

        ian is so kind, i met him already, he’s the kind of masseuer na i-rerespect mo, kasi he respect his clients also, he’s very sensible kausap at medyo malalim.. Kahit marami siyang tatoo, super bait na pilyo…very handsome (for me) pinaghalo-halong Jeric Raval, Jericho Rosales at Bong Alvarez…

        He told me that he had clients na sobra ang gustong gawin sa kanya, pero hindi naman nagbabayad ng fair..hindi na lang raw siya nagrereklamo, kasi nahihiya rin daw siya mag-demand.

        My experience with Ian was so memorable and unforgetable – not in terms of..(you know what…) but because nakilala ko siya as real person na naghahapbuhay at nagtatarabaho at hindi bilang isang masahista lang..

        Hindi ko na sasabihin how much i paid the last time na nakasama ko siya,,basta it is far below don sa mga sininsingil ng mga masahista sa Manila..But hindi ko ko yon ti-nake advantage..He deserve more than just what he asked..

  329. brandon said on 22-02-2009

    mga kapatid… may maganda bang massage spa sa bohol? i will be going there by next week… sana meron hehehe…. may es ba don?

  330. fidel erwin said on 22-02-2009

    guys tip naman kayo saan dito sa bacolod meron?

    • jonathan said on 22-02-2009

      go to Royal Spa in Lacson across the Business Inn. Its on the secodn floor. they have a steam room, showers, lockers, gym. request for Jesse.
      (Note: Royal Spa is different from grand royal which is on 6th street.)

  331. manuelito said on 22-02-2009

    can i share my experience with my co-auditor in one of our out of town assignment in cebu?

    One friday night niyaya ako ng kashare ko sa hotel room na mag-pamassage. I know he’s straight so i know kung saan niya ako yayayain, sabi ko, gagastos ka pa e pwede naman kitang i-massage, ice tea lang ang ibayad mo from the hotel mini bar? Natawa siya tapos sabi, talaga marunong ka? Instead of answering, tinulak ko siya sa bed niya and said, subukan mo..baka makalimutan mong mag-audit sa monday.
    Laughing..he took off is shirt at dumapa, sige nga paghusayan mo ha.
    Suddenly ako ang kinabahan, sa totoo lang chrush ko talaga tong kapwa ko auditor na to, he’s in mid-20s. Sa madalit sabi pakatapos ko siyang i-massage sa likod siyempre yong buttocks ang kasunod, don inaplay yong mga natutunan ko sa MP’s, hehe. Medyo tumahimik siya ng panay na ang massage ko sa buttock niya, tapos sabi niya..Okay na tenk you…
    E syempre. naumpisahan ko na tinuloy ko na,, sabi ko, ano ka ba hindi pa tapos, humarap ka, humarap naman, nakapikit, so minassage ko hita nya. Kitang kita ko naka bukol yong junior nga sa boxers niya, kaya biniro ko..
    “galit yata sa akin yong junior mo a” ngumiti siya sabay sabi, “binangga mo e”, so hinawakan ko yong harap ng short niya, hindi na sya umimik….
    Sa madalit sabi yong buong magdamag na yong, inaudit namin ang isat isa at marami kaming “Findings” he he he, kinabukasan, para mawala yong alangan niya, inunahan ko siya ng biro,, ” Yong mga FINDINGS mo sa kin, wag mo nang i-report ha? uulitin ko na lang mamayang gabi..sabay nagkatawanan kami, binito niya ako ng twalya at sabi, ULOL…..panagutan mo ako,,,baka ako mabuntis…
    Parang wala lang, hindi na namin pinagusapan pa…

    • allen said on 22-02-2009

      cute naman..=) buti di ka niya iniwasan after nun or worse eh ikuwento sa ibang officemates mo.. naulit ba yung nangyari sa inyo? hahaha kuwento naman.. ganyan din kasi problema ko. our office assigns teams of two people for audit fieldworks in provinces. eh i’m a barako-looking guy sa office and they don’t know that I also fantasize to have sex with other men. Hay naku.. yoko na mag-isip.

      • manuelito said on 24-02-2009

        allen if you wanna do it with your team mates, makiramdam ka muna kung okay ba siya or hindi, kasi minsan alam mo naman kapag game siya, other wise baka you ended up sa suntok or scandal. in my case i already sensed that my team mate is adventurous.. meron pa nga time nong di pa niya alam na me pagnanasa ako sa kanya na kapag tinanghali kami ng gising sa hotel we showered together para di ma-late…he he he, can you imagine? syempre we play like little boys when we do that.. he he he..
        at saka pag ginawa mo yon, be ready sa mga consequences.

        hindi na naulit yong sa min, kasi ngakahiwalay kami ng team later on. pag nagkikita kami, we simply give each other a meaningful smile, we still both respect each other.

        Good luck :)

      • allen said on 24-02-2009

        hi manuelito. didn’t expect that you’ll reply to my message. Thanks. Di ganun kaganda ang radar ko sa mga adventurous types eh. Moreover, i’m more of the risk manager type. So I never even dare try to insinuate activities which may give him a hint that I want him. Lame excuse diba? But that is what I am. Maniwala ka sa hindi I only had my first experience from a guy this month (see the February 14 post) tapos pick up pa.. Hiyang-hiya talaga ako nun buti na lang medyo accomodating naman si guy. Sobrang kabado talaga ko kasi baka he’ll cause a scene just like the traumatic experiences our peers had with callboys. Somehow, it turned out okay pero di ko muna siguro uulitin yun.. Sobrang nakakakaba!!!

    • RON RON said on 23-02-2009

      We always have this type of fantasy and I’m glad this really happened to you. I’m straight acting as an arrow and all I could do is to fantasize. The best I had is an office mate (I was his superior) whom I had a great crush. He was sexy and very macho, and I was extra friendly with him. Many times, I would find an excuse to have a one and one talk with him at the Starbucks nearby. Our company, a multinational company closed so I went into private practice using the generous separation package that the American multinational company gave us. Since my office mate was rank and file, he had a hard time getting to a similar paying job and his job hunt gave me an excuse to keep constantly in touch with him, trying (sincerely) to help him find a job with my connections. For this purpose, we’d usually meet at Dulcinea at Megamall.

      One time he asked me why I was not married and I told him I was not interested. We watched a movie and ten minutes into the showing I took his hand and held it. I was able to convince him to have a few drinks later and asked if we could do this in the privacy of a motel. After a few drinks and watching the motel video, I started fondling his crotch. First he objected but with little resistance. To cut the long story short, nangyari sa amin yung two years kong finafantasize. I gave him 2k and he asked, para s ano ito? After a while, he accepted it. We had a relationship for six months until he left for Dubai.

      I have a crush with a great looking janitor in my office building. He’s 22 and artistahin, hindi bagay mag janitor. For a time, I had been giving him the look and I’d notice he would stare back meaningfully. I did not want to approach him for fear that he would tell others, but I knew he knew. Our office was transferring to a new location and I finally mustered the courage to befriend him. After two weeks of preliminaries, I finally was able to convince him to go out on the pretense that I had a part time second job for him. I took him to fairly good restaurant and there confessed that I liked him. He was not surprised although he muttered that while he respects gays, di raw siya pumapatol, marami na raw ang lumapit sa kanya para dito. Anyway, I tried hard to convince him to have a private chat (in a nearby Hotel) but he wouldn’t budge although he said, nest time na lang po. I gase him 1k para sa pantaxi, which he accepted.

      I haven’t seen him for 3 1/2 months but he’s been texting kumusta, kaylan tayo ulit lalabas. The guy is devastatingly gorgeous. So far, sa MPs ko na lang pinararaos, but he’s a big challenge.

      Yung text niya na kumusta, sir, kelamn tayo ulit lalabas? Papatol na kaya siya?


  332. jedong said on 21-02-2009

    i heard that Sonya’s garden has masseurs and private rooms but im not sure if there is ES involved. Anyone who has info on this?

  333. littleboywonder said on 21-02-2009

    There’s a new place in quezon avenue called Amistad. Has anyone tried it there? There’s a website, supposedly (, but it contained nothing but a location map. Can anyone share more information about this? From outside, it looks decent. I don’t know how it is inside.

    • contagious said on 22-02-2009

      Amistad, is a joint partly owned by Don of Blue Palm. Some of the masseurs are from Blue palm. Although I was invited during the dry run, I haven’t tried the place yet. Check it out!

      • littleboywonder said on 22-02-2009

        I tried it earlier today and it was rather unexpected. I thought that place would be like another MP trying to look hoity-toity but it was actually better. the interior looked similar to that of Santuario in QC. Lot’s of Asian influences inside and when you go to the wet area (adjoined to the locker area), it was rather tight. I’d say cozy. The shower area looked strange – looked like something copied from a hotel pool area. haha. the steam room looks a bit like Wensha’s, what with the white interior.

        The staff are very friendly. They’re still on test run so do not expect any other service aside from the regular shiatsu and swedish.

        The one I got, Larry, was a first timer. The massage reminded me of New York Spa’s and Santuario’s. The vibe is good. What ticked me off was the very talkative customer next room. He was flirting so bad with the masseur I know his life story already. So annoying that guy. He was throwing himself at him, I didn’t need to hear that.

        There was no ES, which is okay. the massage was very well executed so that alone was pretty orgasmic. I do have a feeling though that they will give it sooner or later.

        Larry said that as they are about to have their bigtime launch soon, expect better things daw. There’s going to be a lounge and bar area similar to santuario coming up soon. my only advise to them, please lower down the temperature in your wet area. You almost gave me a pulmonia earlier.

  334. Derek R. said on 21-02-2009

    Hi Guys, may website ba ang Hollywood Spa? Thank you :-)

  335. Fishy said on 20-02-2009

    There was a posting here of Kingspoint Spa along Tomas Morato QC, a few steps from the corner of Kamuning. Was able to try Ram, and paramdam naman sya agad by bumping his front bump against my head. Sa salat ng ulo ko, aba hard na agad wala pa naman nangyayari samin. He has a way of slowing down the pace with light brush strokes across my skin – ibig sabihin pala nun “go ahead and touch me.” Fastforward to the ending, syempre may HJ, plus pwede sya iblow. Petite guy, medyo presko sya umasta, some might find that too forward.

    For the budget conscious looking for all the perks you get from a typical MP, ok na ok na dito. P200 sa cashier, then bahala ka na sa tip ni masseur. Oh by the way this is a regular massage joint na mas maraming masseuse ha.

  336. caloy said on 20-02-2009

    Back in Cebu for two days. I tried three masseurs here in Cebu yesterday with mixed results. The typical ES we’re accustomed to in Manila – hard to find here.

    Masseur 1 from Grand Royal Lahug – good massage. NO face value, small, skinny walang dating. Got him by phone so I did not know what to expect. I didn’t ask him but he kept on trying to stimulate me during the massage. No effect. Not in the mood anyway because the guy’s not my type.

    Masseur 2 two hours later also from Grand Royale Lahug, just a hand job allowed sucking but no further.

    Masseur 3, evening, name Jerome, massage 4/10 ES 2/10 face value 4/10.

  337. zaldy said on 20-02-2009

    I went to Hilom the other night for the first time. Gardo was not as friendly as Derek at the reception desk. My masseur was ok, nothing great but their practice of reusing the bedsheets continues. I hope Hilom’s management AGAIN directs their masseurs to stop this unhygenic practice. This was the subject of previous complaints and apparently has not been corrected.

  338. caloy said on 19-02-2009

    I’m in Cebu again, this afternoon I tried Jake of Grand Royal lahug, 2/10 in the looks department, so I decided to make good of a bad situation and asked him to give me a massage na lang. I noticed that he spent a lot of time in my upper thigh area but no way jose – my manoy was not interested. It did not even stir.

    The massage, however was a 9/10. Any one who’s tried the Grand Royal Spa in Banilad? heard that there are more masseurs there.

    • jonathan said on 20-02-2009

      i was in grand royal banilad last night again. yep plenty of average looking masseurs but because of the many korean clients in the evenings, you dont get to choose much. i never ask for their names, but so far out of the 12 times (see the promo card they sign per visit) i was there in the past 2 months, i was offered hand job and es 9 times. one was named toto or something.

      i guess most of the attractive ones are assigned in banilad. if you want fresh ones go to their branch near chong hua, fewer people there.

      there’s this new place near baseline. its so glaring. i havent been there yet. i think its operated by the same guy of naughty ka.

  339. dave said on 19-02-2009

    bago natapos ang bakasyon sa pinas, nagpagupit ako sa isang barber shop sa Pasay diko na sasabihin kung saan sa Pasay dahil alam kong manginginig na naman ang laman ng mga kapatid natin sa gaylandia, ako yung huling costumer nila dahil mag 9pm na nuon at halos magsasara na sila, ang naiwan nalang ay yung isang barbero pero wagka dahil matangkad sya at gwapo, habang ginugupitan nya ako kwentuhan kami at nalaman kong part time lang pala nya yung paggugupit dahil isa pala syang PSG sa malacanyang at kapatid nya raw ang may ari ng barberyang iyun may dalawa daw syang anak, kaya pala maganda ang katawan nya at matangkad. Ng matapos ang gupit tinanong nya ako kung gusto ko raw ng masage, syempre gusto ko kako para ma relax ako bago ako bumalik sa ibang bansa, mura lang naman ang massage 300 pesos lang at may higaan naman sa isang tabi na ang takip lang kurtinang puti, habgn massage nya ako ay diko napigilang tigasan dahil swabe ang kamay nyang mag massage, kuhang kuha nya ang gusto kong massage, biniro ko sya na type ko sya at nagulat nga sya dahil wala daw sa itsura ko ang pumapatol sa kapwa lalake, sabi naman nya may experience narin daw sya sa m2m at masarap naman daw. Yun na nga po after my massage naghugas naman sya sa CR para daw maalis ang amoy ng pawis nya kasi nga maghapon syang naggupit. I give him a BJ at diko talaga matigilan ag maulol sa sarap dahil lumalaban din sya kama. Binibigyan ko sya ng 2k after ng nangyari sa amin pero ayaw tanggapin pero dahil sa kapipilit kong kunin nya at kinuha narin nya. Naulit pa yung nagnyari sa amin pero yung service na pangalawa ay sa hotel na nagyari. Madali lang hanapin ang barber shop na ito, basta kung taga pasay ka ay makikita mo sya agad, nasa tabing daan lang sya, try nyo mga kapatid gwapo talaga sya at ang ganda ng katawan nya at mabango ang hininga nya, maloloka ka sa romansa nya dahil tunay na macho at lalakeng lalake sya, i would suggest na sa Saturday or Sunday kayo magpagupit dahil siguradong nandun sya dahil mag papart time si mamang PSG. Good Luck.

  340. ARIES said on 19-02-2009

    guys from davao…have u checked out the updated website of amaranthus?

  341. dave said on 19-02-2009

    ako naman i have this nakakalokang experience sa lintik na massage massage na yan, nung magbakasyon ako sa pinas,may nabasa akong contact number for massage sa news paper, ako naman out of curiosity call naman agad ako sa mga numbers na yun, yung isang number na tinawagan ko ay nagka interes ako kasi sabi nya class A daw ang kanilang masseur na ipapadala sa akin as in sobrang mabenta daw sya hehehe, we agreed for 2,500k including ES, dumating yung massuer sa hotel, gwapo naman sya although not my type kasi sa totoo lang mas gwapo at mas mukha pa akong astigin sa massuer na yun, hard din naman syang magsalita pero minsan tumatalsik ang daliri at ang ending naming dalawa ay umaaribang ES ang ginawa nya sa akin at feeling ko lang ako yata ang hinada ng hitad na masseur na yun dahil yung 2,500 na usapan namin sa boss nya ay 1,000 lang ang kinuha nya. Sabi pa nya ngayon lang daw sya naging wild mula ng magsimula syang mag massage. Moral of the story dont pay for sex dahil minsan pala pag may ganda ka naman dimo na kelangan pang magbayad. Natopak lang ako sa masseur na yun bumigay yata ang hitad ng nung makita nya ang looks ko at sa ARMAS ko.

  342. Steve said on 19-02-2009

    I went to Asian Massage in Baguio last week, and let me tell you that it is bloody hard to find from the directions given on their web-site.

    It stated the address as No. 1 Engineer Hills Corner Cabinet Hills, Baguio City. Easier said than found… as Engineer Hills and Cabinet Hills are areas, not street names. I actaully stumbled across it (and the signage is not good) by accident after asking a dozen people.

    My advice – take a cab. (It is walking distance from SM City.)

    In any case, the only male masseur (and sorry, I forgot to get his name) was excellent. He actually looked very effeminate (no offense, mate), and when I saw him I actually thought he was a woman. But nonetheless… he was very skiled. Highly recommended.

  343. Jesse said on 18-02-2009

    I’d like to suggest that we limit comments to local sites. Yung mga comments katulad ng mga nasa Mayasia, Thailand, HK, etc. medyo di naman mareach by the folks here. Suggestion lang.

    • egay said on 19-02-2009


      You think so? I think, a lot of those who read this blog are well travelled and well educated. Its insulting for you to assume na many of those who read this thread cannot afford to travel.

      Besides, if you work at a certain level in a good job in Metro Manila, Cebu and major urban centers, traveling is part of the job because of globalization.

      More to the point, you dont have to be rich to travel. We have millions of OCWs marami diyan mga kasama sa federasion. They travel, go to MPs all over the world, and it would be enriching for all of us to know whats out there. Its people like you who want to suppress information who are perpetually imprisoned by the kind of narrow minded thinking that makes you, in the end, a sad, sad person. Pity you.

      Napaka parochial at makitid ng pagiisip mo.

      • mikey said on 20-02-2009

        Both of you may have a point but egay sound like he’s so full of himself-not all people can be as well heeled as you. be thankfulbut don’t put people down just because they can’t travel like you

      • jake said on 20-02-2009

        Egay was beside himself but I don’t agree with Jesse either. Lets welcome all suggestions from everywhere.

    • russell said on 20-02-2009

      I would prefer and suggest no limitations at all on geographic location. (This would also be consistent with the title, which is not specific to an area.) What is needed though is a better structure or filtering capability. Not sure though whether this is possible within the existing model of threaded comments to a post. I think the usage has outgrown the simple model. A better structure is one that would satisfy everyone, e.g., those who want to see only a specific area, those who want to see all areas, those who want to see only specific establishments, those who want to see only specific dates or most recent posts, etc. Splitting by area (assuming this can be done) is not necessarily the answer, because a post can refer to more than one area, e.g., to make comparisons.

      • caloy said on 20-02-2009

        Peace to all of you. This is a friendly thread and let’s hope its kept that way. I think there’s enough space in this thread to accommodate all ideas and suggestions. I’m all for embracing all types of suggestions in ONE thread. Its hard trying to navigate to the different threads on massage parlors. To open one just for foreign MPs would make it a big effort for us to transfer from one thread to another. Lets just see it this way: the info given on massage parlors outside the country helps us by giving some form of comparison, a yardstick, a standard by which we could measure the MPs in our country and pressure them by our pocketbooks to improve and upgrade their standards. There are thread already on QC Spas, Hilom (two in fact), the defunct Revivir, the New York Spa, Bangkok, etc. Opening another one would simply diffuse the discussion. Personally, I’ve just been opening this thread lately because this is the most dynamic among all of the massage-related threads and you can get info from Cagayan de Oro to Baguio to Bangkok, etc. here.

        I agree with Egay that ideas should not be suppressed, the test is in the marketplace of ideas the best suggestions flourish. I also agree with Russell for better cross referencing. But the means should of giving suggestions and comments should be kind and gentle. Its a single interest and lets all be friends here. World Peace!

      • frank said on 20-02-2009

        Ang problema kasi sa iba, hindi na information sharing ang nangyayari..halata mo na sa sulat na nag yayabang na…Egay, yung kayabangan mo, wala na sa lugar.

      • james said on 20-02-2009

        I agree that we can accomodate all related comments, suggestions, etc. Egay shouldn’t insult nor be condescending to others. He will only invite the same kind of reaction to himself and to others which will only cause us to loose sight of what makes this thread one of the most popular .

      • RON RON said on 21-02-2009

        Good idea

      • RON RON said on 21-02-2009

        I mean good idea, Russel. Si Egay at Frank, parehong mayabang yan, two sides of the same coin. Si Egay, yung pang gated village. Si Frank, yung jologs na parlorista. Parehong mayabang.

      • eric said on 22-02-2009

        can ypu provide the 2 threads/ forum for HILOM????

  344. norman said on 18-02-2009

    Salamat kay Markk for the Feb.16,2009 post, including the link of masseurs in Hongkong and the Shenzen region. I was planning to get a package for Hongkong for a business trip next week but I decided to include Shenzen, kasi, for a few dollars, kasali na sa package yung Shenzen. The guys advertised on the website for the Shenzen MPs are really first rate if you go by the pictures posted on the website. Dito sa Pinas, 10,000K na yan and yet you get these wonderful looking macho and buffed guys for only a fraction of the price that you would normally pay here in the Philippines. I checked the internet on male prostitution in China and apparently, thousands of youths from the provinces, looking for jobs in the cities end up in these MPs. With millions, its not unusual that the ones who end up at the MPs and escort services are first class in body and looks because of the competition. Sa tangkad nila at sa katawan, Modelo na yan dito. Notice that the average height is 5’10.

  345. manuelito said on 18-02-2009

    Hi emeric, i emailed on you a while ago.

    to be honest, i just created a new email account because i have only one account w/ yahoo which is my real name..sorry hindi kasi ako ready ma-idenfified some of my officemates or some people i know are following this blog..

    sad to say i cant check it out na kasi nakalimutan ko username id ko.

    Please, kindly forward your message to this address: (my surname is real BTW).

    thanks – hope you understand dude:)

  346. UTurn said on 18-02-2009

    I’m from Cebu but basing on the comments here, I must say that most Cebuano masseurs have limited services to offer. I’m referring to that ES thing. I’ve already tried most of the spas/massage parlors in downtown but it’s sad to know that most of them can only offer sensual touches and handjobs. Let me share you with my experiences so far:

    Body and Sole (Ramos Street) – Masseurs here don’t usually offer ES as they are afraid that they might be caught with somebody since their cubicles are only covered with dirty white curtains. I visited this place like 3 times but only one masseur gave me a BJ without asking for something in return (the masseur is gay actually but straight acting).

    Guardo Spa (Ramos area) – I used to have a regular masseur here but he already left the place. He’s a twink guy, cutie and game. He only gave me handjobs but he’s the best in sensual massage. The last time I took his service, I told him that I would pay him 300 if he wanks infront of me and asked him to blow his load on top of my chest and he did. I think the guy was straight because it took him some time to cum. It’s been like a year I guess that I haven’t visited this place. I’m planning to get a massage there this weekend to check out new hotties (if there are).

    Zen Spa (Ramos Street) – used to be the spot for gays looking for ES until ‘D Aviary opened for business. Masseurs are not good looking but would definitely offer you ES especially if you give your attending masseur some hints that you like to have it. My top choice there is R because of his toned body. So far I only tried 2 masseurs in that spa.

    Imperial Spa (Ramos) – It doesn’t have the typical cubicles you always find in most MPs. What they have there are tent-like areas where they do the massage and lie on the floor. I’ve been there only twice and I can’t tell if all of their masseurs offer ES but the one who rendered me a massage gave me a handjob.

    ‘D Aviary (Jones Ave.) – Well, no gay who would not know about ‘D Aviary. I’ve been here for about 4 times already. The first-two visits that I had was kinda disappointing on my part since I was with the same masseur that time. He didn’t offer me ES but he was goodlooking. He looked like John Miller of Men of Provoq. However the last two masseurs did give me just handjob. I just learned that they have another branch somewhere in Guadalupe. I want to try in one of these days. – I checked in once in a pension house just to get the service of one their masseurs and their most bragged “SWEDSEN” massage. I tried K. He was okay except that he’s short. His manhood is not that big but I like the way he moans and especially his facial expression.

    Wish I could try out the MPs there in Manila so I can compare.

    • caloy said on 18-02-2009

      Try the Grand Royal spa branch in Lahug, but you may have to check in a hotel to get the full service. There were only three masseurs at on duty when I went last week but two were good looking and my type, the third, quite ok, tho not my type. I had a great experience two weeks ago. Di lang HJ but full ES.

    • Jeff said on 27-02-2009

      Hi UTurn, In all the MP that you mentioned, can you recommend any masseur that offers great ES.

      I wanna explore too and your tips would be a great help. Thanks! You can also email it to me

    • ray ray said on 05-03-2009

      Uturn whats the name of the massuer who gave you a BJ at body and sole?….just a clue lang

  347. Ton said on 17-02-2009

    Hi Kitek,
    Check out 11 Feb post of Ed. I replied to him regarding Radiance.
    Radiance along Polaris is quite small and cramp but the way they operate it is very similar to the MPs you see in Quezon City. Don’t be surprised to see more female therapists as you go up the stairs. It does outcall service so madaming staff nakakalat on the way to the MP (on the second floor of the building).

    • kitek said on 18-02-2009

      well, i did try it out… very interesting

      the place maybe is similar less than appealing (o dahil sanay lang ako sa legit spas, hehehe), so lower your expectations. had a shower and steam bath for around 15 min, then my attendant started the massage, which was good, with a lot of stretching and kneading, if you like that amount of pressure (though my hands, face and feet were not paid attention to), maybe 7/10. then he started caressing my nether regions (very sensually, if i might add) which, well, led to something else. for less than 1000 for ES and 400 massage, it was pretty good. may try the scrub soon.

      what does the full 1500 for ES offer (other than a HJ)? and does the same attendant do the scrub and massage? just another query.


      • kitek said on 18-02-2009

        forgive my faulty typing:

        …the place maybe less than appealing…

      • Ton said on 22-02-2009

        hi kitek.
        send me your personal email address please. i can share a few more stories about radiance. i also want to know which masseur you got the last time you were there.

    • kitek said on 23-02-2009

      its; do tell of your experiences!

  348. Mark said on 17-02-2009

    Where’s equanimity spa? Radiance spa?
    Directions please.

    • Erin said on 19-02-2009

      Equanimity Spa is located at Judge Jimenez corner Kamuning Road in Quezon City. (Kamuning Rd is the Road that intersects EDSA below the Kamuning Flyover.) If you are coming from EDSA, the distance is about 1 kilometer. Judge Jimenez is at your left side and the 4th intersection when you are coming from EDSA. (3rd intersection to your right when you are coming from Tomas Morato.) Sorry I don’t know any landmark near the area.

      Radiance Spa is located at Jupiter St that intersects Makati Ave in Makati City. 1st intersection from Gil Puyat Ave (Buendia). The landmarks are Polaris, Mc Donald, Petron Gas Station and Executive Center.

      • Fishy said on 20-02-2009

        Equanimity already moved out of Judge Jimenez a long time ago. Their on Kamuning Road na mismo, almost opposite a Cassava Cake outlet which is near BPI Family Bank.

  349. sato said on 17-02-2009


    Thanks for the info Hahaha…ang tigas talaga ng ulo ko I still tried Lakan yesterday. I tried a double for the first time in my life. The place is a total mess, parang ang dumi at every corner. Hahaha.

  350. manuelito said on 17-02-2009

    yong nag tanong about palces in cavite? there’s wet saloon, pero wala gwapo don, es is not practiced pero meron din except for tata and genes..they are there and massage for them is a decent work..(i salute them – actually genes is my preferred masseuer)

    another one is blue elephant spa in camilla, bayang luma. i dont know if there are ES there, wala rin gwapo dati.

    dati meron male therapist kay edwin samot, pero lately parang wala na, yong last male therapist na nagmassage sa akin don, sooo daring, he touches my a___l opening and make bundol his barkada sa face ko habang nakadapa ako… pero hindi ko ti-try kasi naamoy ko breath nya,,,me flavor..he he he…

  351. Avatar said on 17-02-2009

    Sarado na bompikoi sa Davao, ano nangyari? Ano pa ba iba dun aside from Bompikoi, Amaranthus and Asian?

  352. manuelito said on 17-02-2009

    the best thing for an auditor like me is that i can travel all over the phils without spending a cent for plane fare and hotel accomodation…that’s why i have all the freedom to experience several “gay” MP of diff cities.

    Sa CDO wala masyado thrill when it comes to MP, pero ang dami nga call boys sa Divisoria, late at night meron nakatambay sa harap ng Maxandrea hotel, (there are only four decent hotel in cdo, maxandrea, pryce, dynasty and mallberry suites in limketkai).

    sa body and soul naman sa limketkai (they have 2 brs here) – the last i went there meron gwapo na masahista i forgot his name..i ask him to visit me at the mallberry, so don i enjoyed his everything…pero alam ko bawal yon don..kaya swertihan lang.

    sa davao, marami na talaga just like cebu…

    ayoko sa metro manila, kasi medyo rough ang boys dito and besides, natatakot ako na me makakita sa akin.. super hunk pa naman and image ko sa bank where i work as auditor.

    yong madalas sa bangkok at hongkong, ingat sa aids ha, may record ang thailand dyan…

  353. rj25 said on 17-02-2009

    or male massuers can do….

  354. lloyd said on 17-02-2009

    hi caloy!im planning to try equanimity this week, si gariel ba ang best para syo or my
    iba pa akong option? pls reply, thanx!

    • caloy said on 19-02-2009

      Lloyd, sorry for the late response. I had to travel to Cebu. I think the best would be Jay and Troy. Troy is not really from Equanimity but you can request John to call him from Lightness Spa Gabriel is good too all are very nice persons and all deliver.

  355. pluto said on 17-02-2009

    At Urdaneta, Pangasinan (on the way to Baguio), I noticed a place named ‘Celsius’ or ‘Fahrenheit’ or I think ‘Celsius/Fahrenheit’, subtitled ‘Male bar’ or something like that. It is on the highway between Max’s Restaurant and the main intersection at Urdaneta city, on the west side. Anyone have info on this place?

    • ed said on 18-02-2009

      I’m just not so sure which is which. But one is a gay bar, the other is a girlie bar.

  356. kitek said on 16-02-2009

    any comments on radiance spa in jupiter? have been passing by it, so before checking it out, baka may experience na kayo dun

  357. Mark said on 16-02-2009

    Any cruising place in Bacolod? Where can i get a good m2m massage in Bacolod?

    • manuelito said on 17-02-2009

      sa bacolod i tried Macho Massage parlor, coz i thought gay massage parlor to..Mali puro massuese pala. Okay naman ang massage with ES din.

    • jonathan said on 18-02-2009

      Bacolod, try Royal Spa along lacson (not grand royal which is on 6th street) and ask for Jesse

  358. markk said on 16-02-2009

    I would like to share this website of an MP/Escort service in Schenzen, just in case anyone would be going to HK with a side trip to Shenzen. The guys are gorgeous and with great bodies, esp. if you fall for the Chinito types. Price is bet HK$300-1000. Enjoy and drool:

    • markk said on 16-02-2009

      Click the second tier bars and you’ll get the other sites. Double click on the pictures and you get more pictures of the masseurs.

      Any similar sites in Macau? I went to this Hotel famous for pick ups but I only saw tall gorgeous girls. If the males are as good looking as the females, then they’re what Momoy would call, quality. I don’t know where to pick up the guys. I was told there are MPs also with masseurs but I could not find them during my last trip. Sayang. Any leads PLEASE?

    • elbert said on 16-02-2009

      hay.. grabe.. ilang minutes ako napanganga.. paradise here on earth pag kasama mo lahat ng guys dun sa iisang island..hehehe.. naalala ko tuloy kung bakit gusto ko na matuto mag-chinese.. grabe na to.. sana marunong sila mag-english..ako i always read reviews and suggestions in gay utopia website (you can use google search engine).. tingin ko naman legitimate ang mga reviews dun.. di ko nga lang try personally pa..

  359. RP said on 16-02-2009

    hi all

    if you wanna go to cebu you can try body and sole mabolo.. tried it once.. massage is about 250 php and they offer ES more that HJ for 800php but you can make tawad ako got ES for 500 … got this guy once who had realy a big wang a bit goodlooking… am going there next time kasi theres this hot guy who has nice bod.. sana xa na next.. try nyo if your in cebu…

    • Ace said on 16-02-2009

      RP, am currently in Cebu. Wanna try your B/S Mabolo guy, pls email me his name at Thanks a lot !

    • xavier_cebu said on 16-02-2009

      what’s the first letter of the name bro? or atleast clue man lang… message me sa email ko… xavier_lim2008 @ yahoo . com

      i wanna try sa mabolo… there’s a hunk there but i dont know his name…. i know lalaro yan sila

  360. sifui said on 15-02-2009

    Hi, any tips for San Francisco area? Are the only remaining bathhouses Eros on Market St. and Steamworks in Berkeley? Anyone been there or similar place and can share experiences? I think someone mentioned Power Exchange in another pinoy forum a few years ago but seems they are closed for now.

  361. Erin said on 14-02-2009

    Is there any M2M in Cagayan de Oro City? Can anyone recommend one? Thanks!

    • elbert said on 14-02-2009

      hi Erin. 2 years ago na ang last na punta ko sa Cagayan de Oro. If you have read previous posts from this forum, they have already mentioned 2 bars na merong mga male strippers namely Navigator and Tubby’s. Most m2m action in CDO can be from pick-up boys that frequent places like Divisoria especially during fridays and saturdays and the park near Gaisano. Caveat though since merong mga callboys dun that harass you to give more than the initially agreed price.

      • markk said on 15-02-2009

        I’ve always had a good time at CDO. Picked up a great looking waiter, a taxi driver, a good looking chap from Navigator. Last I was there was 2 years ago but planning to go next month. Any M2M tips? Places to pick up.

        Which place in divisoria, exactly? What are the safe cruisy pick up places for college student types? Bars?
        Thanks in advance for any info.

      • elbert said on 15-02-2009

        hi markk. to be safe means to also size up who you want to pick up.. even if you go for the brusko types, your instincts can somehow predict if he is a good or bad person. don’t always get your libido get the best of you. I don’t know if it is by coincidence but I always pick up men in front of jollibee in divisoria and the nearby places. I’m not so sure though if this is still the case now since I’ve been there 2 years ago too.

      • Erin said on 17-02-2009

        I do appreciate all your input. Thanks guys! :)

      • caloy said on 05-03-2009

        There is a coffee shop and bar in front of the Dynasty hotel. Once, I noticed this cute waiter who agreed to come with me after duty. He was great looking and definitely hot!

        Where do we get student types in CDO?

  362. caloy said on 14-02-2009

    Tried Gabriel at equanimity. He’s a Jay Manalo look alike. Great kisser, magaling sa romansa and a big member. He’s friendly and intuitive – natitimpla niya ang gusto ng customer. Massage 8/10; ES 9/10.

    I noticed that the owner refurbished the bathroom – now its totally new. Several weeks ago, someone commented about the bad condition of the bathroom. The place has been retiled, the showerhead change, the bathroom a more pleasant earth-yellow color.

    This is how important to regulars of this thread is – there are some MP owners who ACTUALLY respond to criticisms in a POSITIVE way, Equanility is one and I think Hilom has also positively addressed the comments here. Thanks and may your tribe increase.

    Those who do not even bother to respond, those who do not change and just want to cash in on the money show no respect for the hundreds of MP habitutes who suffer discomfort in these places and take time to write their comments here. Please do something about your MPs. At the very least – give us clean MPs, clean towels and clean masseurs & clean toilets. Lets name names (of these dirty, dingy, dark and decrepit hell holes): Datu, Grand Debonnaire, Mig Men, Holywood, Gentle Touch (Phoenix), Magic Touch , Boys of Bora, among others. To be fair, I haven’t mentioned places I haven’t recently visited; there are others out there. Kharizma gets special mention because it is a class by itself, being the worst.

    • allen said on 14-02-2009

      hey caloy and jonathan. thanks for the tips you gave me regarding the cruising spots here in Dumaguete. Although, my first experience is what you can say a hit and a miss. All in all it was okay. I got this good looking teenager in the park near the cathedral. He’s name is JR yet I’m not 100% convinced he was truthful. What’s funny is that he was conversing with me in English (kala siguro foreigner ako) until tinanong ko kung marunong siyang magtagalog.. natawa na lang siya dahil hirap na raw siya mag-english hehehe. We went to this poor excuse for a motel in the outskirts of Dumaguete City and have done our deed. It lasted 30 minutes (‘coz he seems in a hurry) and he doesn’t want the lights on which is quite a bit of a turnoff for me. Total cost of damage was P580.00 but I gained a friend here. We plan to meet again so that he can accompany me and tour me to some of the sights here in Dumaguete. Thanks again you two..

  363. tarzi said on 14-02-2009

    I tried royal grand spa sa bacolod, no hanky panky but the best ang massage. it was a promo scrub and massage for 550. first time ko magpascrub na briefs lang. meron silang disposable brief. ano ba ang sa ibang MP? boxers?

  364. kyle said on 13-02-2009

    hi ill be in baguio for the pinagbenga festival. any MPs can you recommend? salamat po and more power… include na lang din ang price nang massage and es if there is…. tnx

  365. twisted_angel said on 13-02-2009

    Hello..sino pwede nyo ma recommend sa body spec or sa hollywood? yun lang kasi ang alam ko na spa na pwede ko puntahan…Last night, i went to body spec to inquire and pinakita na din sa akin ng receptionist yung pool of masseurs nila…ni-recommend niya sa akin si JACK at si JON daw…has anyone tried either of the two? can you please recommend any guy from the two MPs? Thanks!

  366. Momoy said on 13-02-2009

    Iloilo – I have tried Hidden Spa but I didn’t know they had masseurs there. I’ve tried the one in Smallville, harap ng MO2. The masseur was insinuating and obviously was purposely stimulating for further action but di ko sya type sa start pa lang. My gay radar was in active mode…the masseur was too gay for me…and I act super straight. Baka sya pa nag-enjoy sa akin.

    • Rocky Hamilton said on 22-02-2009

      Nasubukan ko isang massage parlor sa iloilo feb.13,2009, di ko na matandaan kung saan, basta located sya sa tambayan or gimikan pag gabi sa iloilo.

      Ok sya pati massage nya, gumagana ang gay signal ko, pero hindi ako nagpahalata.

      Ok yong massage, then nag sauna na ako.

      Nakacheck in ako sa sarabia manor pero di ako nagpamassage dun, sayang, maybe next time, hehehehe.

      Maganda ung sauna sa sarabia manor, pwede ka humiga at matulog, heheheehe

  367. narlo said on 11-02-2009

    is there any spa in Iloilo City where I can be happy? hehehehe

    • Rooster said on 12-02-2009

      hi Narlo,

      all i can say is slim pickings in Iloilo. saw a post that said the boys at Nuat Thai (in Sarabia Manor Hotel) can get a bit naughty. when i tried, there was none of that whatsoever. either that or i wasnt picking up on the naughty signal if ever there was. a few meters away from Sarabia on the opposite side of the road is the Iloilo branch of Body n Sole. no action there either, quite unlike their other branches in the Visayas.

      there are other spas published on the net but i havent had the time to check them out. hope you get lucky though. do post again if you’ve tried any.

    • pylo said on 12-02-2009

      narlo- try hidden spa sa aganan, pavia.
      it’s before the intersection along the highway. right side of the road if youre from the city. before ai japanese restaurant.
      great massage,sensual,no ES though. but maybe u can work it out with the masseur.
      its not the ‘A’ type massage parlors but the massage is great.

  368. Asyano said on 11-02-2009

    Hello, Caloy. What’s your next stop? Cebu Pacific had this promo Mnl-Bkk-Mnl for only 5K!!!

    Mars, Whew! I missed the MP in Penang! If only you were a bit earlier to post that comment.

    Jumong, I’ve already sent you an email.

  369. Vince said on 11-02-2009

    @eric: regarding the defunct Revivir–The first masseur I got back then was Jake, who was their “star”. I decided to try him out after reading Migs’s entries on him. Massage was 7.5 out of 10. He was a bit hesitant when it came to the ES because, as he implied, I looked straight as an arrow. After the massage, he actually said this in English: “Should I remove my briefs now?” I was like….incredulous! He didn’t bottom, so I had to satisfy myself by getting on top of him and simulating the “top” thing. Interesting conversationalist, though. He even appeared on a “negosyo’ show on Channel 5. How’s that for going places?
    Justine I also got. Bodybuilder, the man. But he was more bulk (some flab here and there) than form–like a powerlifter. When I removed my shirt, this guy let out an embarrassed laugh and wrapped his arms around himself. And when I asked him what he found funny, he said “mas malaki pa ho ata ang katawan niyo sakin.” Which was untrue–he was heftier, but I was more defined. His massage, surprisingly, I enjoyed more than Jake’s. I’d say 8.5 out of 10. (I have come across feedback from people who had availed themselves of Justine’s services and were not happy with the outcome.) His ES was something else. No qualms. Lip locks, French kisses, does oral. Doesn’t bottom, but “releases” by jacking off.
    After Revivir, he resurfaced at Mondiale, but left because of some differences with Alain, the owner/manager…..or so the story goes. I tried hiring him again, since he’s now free-lance, but I was unpleasantly surprised to find out he had upped his fee to P2k. No deal. But I may change my mind someday.
    There were three other Revivir masseurs I tried: Chris, Arnel (who now uses the alias “Brix” at Hilom ) and Miko/Ryan (who eventually transferred to Spartacus, then to Mondiale, then disappeared; this guy is not the same Revivir Ryan who was getting very good reviews and who also resurfaced at Mondiale). Chris’s massage was 7 out of 10. ES was good enough. Pleasant guy to converse with. I can’t recall my experiences with Arnel and Miko, sorry. Nothing great, I guess, but nothing unpleasant either.

    • eric said on 12-02-2009

      @Vince- thanks for your input. I use to go to revivir almost 3 times a week. I have tried chris , Greg and 2 other guys I forgot the names. I am most satisfied with Greg but i think he is now on sales. Last january, I went to Body lax, anyone been there before? OK naman, been there twice. I dont know, the other place just look so unsanitary that I dont even attempt to look at the boys?

      Guys, where do you get guys – or where do you pick up guys other than MP??

      • Vince said on 12-02-2009

        Hi Eric. You asked about Lakan? Last year, I visited this MP twice. Still as dumpy as ever. First session was with Christian (moreno, blue collar twink). I selected him because I couldn’t find anyone interesting enough in the night’s line-up. Good enough massage (6 or 7 out of 10), willing to go two ES rounds if you’re not satisfied with just one. He didn’t quote a price–accepted my tip with a thank you. Second session was with Kevin (another twink with the beginnings of a moustache; fairer than Christian’s moreno-ness). His massage was inferior to Christian’s, but it was passable. ES was nothing spectacular but it wasn’t bad either. Nice guy to chat with.
        The tall, striking Lakan masseurs of the past that Caloy mentioned apparently no longer exist. If you’re looking for movie star/model types, I don’t think Lakan is the place to find them. Don’t get me wrong, however–their masseurs are not ugly. They’re just not movie star material.

  370. Vince said on 11-02-2009

    Caloy, I think Joko is one of Don’s masseurs also. This guy’s somewhat glib-tongued and streetwise, so stay alert when you deal with him. By the way, I’ve read so much bad feedback about Spartacus (especially the issue of ES overpricing)–is there any particular masseur you could recommend? Someone suggested Zander. There’s this Andrew, who appears to be the most “saleable” inspite of the hefty price tag he commands–not less than P2k. Ditto with Sebastian, who used to be Cyrus when he was still with Blue Palm.

    • caloy said on 12-02-2009

      Vince, I’ve tried Andrew thrice, pricey, but worth the price. He would really aim to satisfy if he and the client agree on a mutually acceptable amount. If Zander is the bumbayin moreno guy, I’ve also tried him. Also good, probably better now because he’s older (he was in Friendship and Blue Palm in the early 2000’s). Try Andrew’ brother, whom everyone says is friendlier and isn’t pricey. I’ve never tried him because he is not my type.

      • Vince said on 12-02-2009

        Thanks for the feedback, Caloy. If you check out the Meet the Spartans photo section of spartacusbodymassage,com, you’ll find Zander’s photo there. Bodybuilder type with a lost-little-boy look. He doesn’t look bumbayin/moreno to me–I wonder if we’re referring to the same guy? You know these MPs–when a masseur leaves, their new recruit assumes the resigned masseur’s name. Which explains the never-ending supply of Marks, Jays, PJs, Chris-es, etc. Would you know the name of Andrew’s brother?

      • Vince said on 12-02-2009

        And do you mind my asking how much you paid Andrew after each session you had with him?

      • caloy said on 14-02-2009

        Hi Vince, thanks for directing me to the Spartacus website. I didn’t know they had one. Wonders of technology. However, these websites are notorious for not updating their sites – paging the owners.

        Andrew’s brother is Rusty. He is the one with the shaved head and silver necklace, some general resemblance to Andrew but unless you know they’re brothers hard to pin. Sa ugaly Rusty”s reputation is mabait and di namemresyo, unlike Andrew. This reputation is quite consistent. Rusty and Andrew both came from Holywood with the same feedback. Generally, I hate namemresyo guys unless atat na atat ako sa guy. To be fair to Andrew, HE DELIVERS, nice clean buffed body, very kissable lips, some body hair and makinis except for the body hair. Once you’ve agreed on something, he’s ok, malambing and very attentive. The price we mutually agreed upon for the things I wanted him to do was Php2,500.00, not including the establishment’s take.

        I noticed that Tom is still at Spartacus. He’s a very nice guy and very good sa romansa, if you don’t mind the size of his pecker. I just don’t ask him to pull down his briefs na lang and just imagine he’s sizeable. He makes up in good service what he lacks down under. Tip 1,500.

        Ryan is also good, average sized dick, tip Php1,500. Unusual face that gets better looking as you stare at him. He’s a bit with an attitude that peels away as he gets to know and be comfortable with you, then he gets very good. Toughie with a nice charm underneath and very macho, no whiff of gayness.

        The Zander in the picture is NOT the Zander who was there months ago. The Zander I knew looked like the former husband of Geneva Cruz, whose name escapes me at the moment. You’re right. The guy in the picture is not bumbayin.

        Its unfortunate that Alma the receptionist has been assigned to travel agency duty. I hope they bring her back. She’s very honest and forthright with her suggestions. The other gay receptionist (from Magic Touch) is a character notorious for extorting cuts from the poor masseurs.

        Good website, and Congrats to Spartacus, its clean, well maintained, spacious and there’s a constant effort to bring in new guys, not recycles from other MPs (though there are a few in their directory).

  371. Ed said on 11-02-2009

    Can someone share if there is any massage place with male therapists in Makati?

    • Ton said on 15-02-2009

      Hi Ed.

      Radiance is on the second floor of a green building on Polaris. You can see this building even from Makati Avenue. Bulk of its business is on outcall so don’t be surprised to see male and female therapists seated on the stairs and by reception area.

      I picked up this info from a previous posting and I must say that the service I got was not that disappointing. In fact, I had been back a few times already. I had always tried Joel although you can choose from about 10 masseurs. They have a photo card of the therapists.

      Joel is a good conversationalist and is relatively well-endowed. ES is not bad although he claims he does not kiss. When I expressed my “disappointment”, he implied that we should have a more enjoyable time during outcall.

      I saw an interesting-looking masseur on my way out (during one of my trips there). Name is James, and is barkada of Joel. I will try this guy next time. Will update you.

      Body scrub and massage will cost you about 1000. ES is at 1500 minimum. (He said he will do just handjob for 500)

      Send me your email address. I may be able to give you a few more recommendations.

  372. caloy said on 11-02-2009


    I was at Shaw Blvd. yesterday so I decided to proceed all the way to Blue Palm, which i hadn’t visited in almost two years. Blue Palm is located in a row of apartments that looks like a tenement, on the first floor, close to the alley that leads to the street. Nothing has changed, except the place looked older, and the Blue Palm sign outside was faded.

    It was 4 pm and there were only four masseurs, all not attractive, looking like they needed a bath. The guy at the counter was someone named JOKO. He was pushy and kept on insisting that I take a masseur named RB even with the other masseurs within hearing distance. I’m allergic to pushy receptionists. Often times, they suggest a masseur insistently ( Mike the receptionist at Datu is one example and the ONE reason why I don’t go there anymore) and the masseur falls grossly short of the build-up. Obviously, the pushy receptionist gets a cut from the masseur’s tip.

    Lakan used to have a straight receptionist over five years ago who was very reliable. He’d know your type if your his frequent flier and he’d say, wag mong kunin yan, medyo pakipot. Once or wtice, against his suggestion, I would get the guy because the masseur would happen to be my type and yes, the Lakan receptionist was right, hitting the proverbial nail on the head, because the guy I got was a disappointment. In 95 percent of cases, his suggestion was accurate and I’ve had great times at Lakan. Pity, the owner seems to have stopped recruiting fresh faces. Lakan specialized in tall barakong guapo types and some are still there.

    Alma of Spartacus is one honest receptionist, too. She/he doesn’t recommend any one for the sake of making a buck (at least, in my experience) and her suggestions were just right on target.

    Anyways, I left Blue Palm disappointed. The receptionist, JOKO seemed to hard sell too eagerly, a turn-off and the boys around at the time I went yesterday had no face value at walang dating. I noticed too that the place had run down and had the same cramped cubicles that made enjoyment of ES next to impossible.

    • eric said on 11-02-2009

      Thanks for your comment. I have a friend who said that there is a Josh or Michael who are goodlooking. Also wala ba si Don?

      So , in terms of face value, do you recommend lakan?

  373. Vince said on 11-02-2009

    Caloy: Sorry, but I haven’t gone to Xtreme in over a year. Check out (as well as for photos of their current masseurs. No movie star-looking chaps, though, if they’re what you’re after. If I’m not mistaken, the owner just transfers his guys from one MP to the other.

  374. aries said on 10-02-2009

    hi guys…any news about amaranthus? may bago bang pogi? 😀 thanks ….

    • leo said on 13-02-2009

      hi aries!
      i tried john, he’s new from zamboanga. not tall, but he’s cute. not so ok yong massage, pero may es…he he..i really like rj pero parang maarte sya…any idea kung naga es si rj.

      • aries said on 18-02-2009

        hi leo … i haven’t tried john yet … i’ve tried takao and dante … hehehe … yung rj natry ko rin pero walang es … sayang, cute pa naman … sana matuto ng es later…hehehe … may i have ur email leo? email me naman at

      • Jome said on 23-02-2009

        Hi guys, I have a great experience with Ian. I tried to explore other massuer since ang kaya lang ibigay nang taga amranthus is hanjob na may halong pakiliti… I realized sayang lang pera ko. With Ian,full ES ang ibibigay sayo. Ang sarap niyang mag drive…and may alam siyang malinis na place na hindi nakakahiyang pasukan. You will just spend 60 pesos sa place for 2 hours. Total damage ko is 560 lang po.

  375. allen said on 10-02-2009

    Hi! I want to sincerely thank you for the very informative facts that you shared in this forum (especially to caloy, emeric and asyano). I am 26 years old and I must say (and am very embarassed about it) that I have not yet experienced the joys of having m2m sex. Call it fear of being rejected or being blackmailed since I act straight and my lifestyle (my family and my stable job) dictates me to act as such. Now, I am currently on fieldwork here in Dumaguete City (far away from prying eyes of anyone who knew me, hopefully!!?) Can anyone recommend a massage parlor here with male therapists who actually do extra services, if any? Thank you very much. Job well done in maintaining this forum.

    • jonathan said on 10-02-2009

      the grand royal there dont do es. but what i suggest is u get a callboy. unlike other callboys, its them who give the services (fellatio). Normally the gay sucks the CB, but in dumaguete, all CB “service” their clients. you can find them at the park across the cathedral; along the boulevard; or just have a walk along the street beside the old red cross building, thats where u get the action.

      • caloy said on 11-02-2009

        Jonathan, you’re right. My experience in Dumaguete involved pick ups, and they were quite good. I picked up this guy, probably 19, who was working at a hardware store near my hotel, a rough unpolished gem, very strong macho appeal and the fact that he was doing blue collar work added to his patina of manliness (hint of grease – I asked him to take a shower at my hotel room, of course). I also tried cruising at the park you mentioned and I saw some of the guys, addict types, not my cup of tea, but then, there were two trucks parked near the park and one of the pahinantes was young and fairly good looking. I flirted with him and got what I wanted. No MPs with ES, as far as my radar went, but that was last year. Try the boulevard by the sea, I tried but the young guys there wouldn’t make eye contact.

    • jonathan said on 10-02-2009

      another suggestion, take a quick trip to cebu. there you get plenty of options

      • allen said on 10-02-2009

        Thanks jonathan. It is my first time to post here and I’m really very greatful for the quick reply. Wish me luck! hehehe.. What about royal thai massage near Ultravision Cinema. I chanced upon it when I was looking for a photocopier and I saw that they have masseurs there. Do they offer ES?

        Are there cute guys in Grand Royal? I think I would try a massage from a hunky male even if there is no ES. Who knows? I am a looker if I do say so myself. hehehe. Honestly I never really tried one. Only our family hilot touches my body hahaha! (Belo knows)

      • jonathan said on 11-02-2009

        i’ve heard about royal thai, but i dont go there since its quite near my cousin’s place and dumaguete is such a small city. everybody knows what everyone else is doing. why not try it/ as for grand royal, i havent seen one whose really gwapo, just your (below the) average guys lang. real action in dumaguet happens at vision, silliman campus, capitol grounds, quezon park.

      • allen said on 11-02-2009

        -caloy- thanks for the 2nd opinion.. Would definitely try it if I’m lucky..hehehe

        -jonathan- my first night in attempting to taste my first milk (of human kindness so to speak hehehe) was a major disaster (or more likely a failure). Aside from the unpredictable rains now in Dumaguete, it seems that the hunky and willing guys are afraid of being wet as well (no pun intended). I went to the park infront of the cathedral but found no one who may be interested in some one on one action.

        Of the four places you mentioned, I only know silliman university and I don’t know where exactly the action takes place there? Is the Quezon Park the same as the park infront of the cathedral? I apologize for the bombardment of questions and again thank you in advance. If you want you can email me privately at my yahoo account, to relay where these places are in detail. I promise to relay to you the good news if I found my first lay kaya lang sana privately na lang yung detailed..hahaha =) thanks ulit.

  376. Vince said on 09-02-2009

    Caloy: You’re absolutely correct about Xtreme, Datu, etc. They’ve seen better days. But sometimes, when I’m really stressed out and I have the itch to bonk a guy (or at least get a good BJ), I just hie off to the closest, most convenient MP, regardless of the MP’s physical state. Well, as long as the masseur I get seems clean, courteous and game, I really don’t mind the surroundings anymore. I haven’t been to Hilom, so I’d have to say that the defunct Revivir has been the cleanest MP I’ve been to in Manila. (I’m not talking here of regular, no hanky-panky spas.) One of the filthiest MPs I’ve patronized was the defunct Gentle Touch (now Phoenix). Well let’s face it, given financial and practical constraints, MP owners/operators will only do so much to “beautify” their establishments. As long as PLUs continue to come in, these owners couldn’t care less about giving Bangkok MPs a run for their money. Personally, I patronize regular spas (usually with masseuses and no masseurs) if I want the ambience. If it’s, how shall I put it, the “call of the flesh” (hehehehe) I have to sate, then I head for the all-male MPs….which is like once or twice a month max.

  377. eric said on 09-02-2009


    Have anyone been to bluepalm. Please comment on the face value and quality of massage. Last january 2009, I went to Human Touch, Body Lax, Spa Mondiale. siguro one at most two lang ang pogi, not the striking goodlooking types pa, so I did have one massage session each but never returned. At Hilom, the masseur looks better in picture, nothing spectacular. MY QUESTION —- IS there any place with GOOD LOOKING masseur, or GOODLOOKING guys who offers only ES??? Even website boytoy4hire, mas maraming tsaka, the goodlooing ones, they seems gay . PLEASE HELP

    • contagious said on 09-02-2009

      BLUEPALM.I was in Don’s place two weeks ago. I visit the joint when the need arises and in times when i feel lazy to drive up to QC. I am the type who keeps a regular attendant and very seldom change or alternate even if my regular is unavailable. In fact, i can postpone my appointment if this case occur- frequent does it happen. For the past 8 mos or so, I have not yet find a better attendant in blue palm. But since my spa partner has his regular, i am obliged to accompany him. And during times like this two weeks ago, i rely on my visual perceptions and of the reccommendations of its owner, Don.
      Although there are new faces to choose from, most of them are not my cup of tea- twinks and moreno types- and as per Don, they are still being processed for better costumer handling. That’s one trait i admire from don, he is transparent about these things and keeps a trace of your likes and requirements. Try Ryan, edward or Sometimes though, he has lapses specially when it comes to bookings. Your reservations gets to be taken for granted over a home service call. It happened quite a few times to me and it fumes me to hell, mind you. But one thing nice with him, he deals with you ethically and try his best to make up.
      I would likE to cite don among the trusted MP operators. Besides his career background, he has a way of controlling his herd to the extent of disciplining them when its needed. I have seen him, during closing time and to oversee the keep of his joint is commendable. The disinfecting and cleaning of the whole establishment is personally done by him. THAT’S WHY HIS PLACE IS SO FAR THE CLEANEST AMONG THE MANY SALONS OF THIS TYPE. hE’S HANDS ON.

      • caloy said on 10-02-2009

        Haven’t been to Blue Palm in quite a long time. I wonder if its under new management. Two years ago, I got this very handsome 22 year old guy who was an absolute jerk. His massage was the worst I’ve had and he refused ES. The Blue Palm Rooms are (were, if the place has changed) also configured in such a manner that your next door neighbor would hear everything, even kissing. Have things changed in the intervening two years? I’ll check Blue Palm out today or tomorrow.

  378. Myke said on 09-02-2009

    Good am, CALOY, EMERIC, JUMOY, ERIC & everyone! I would like to ask for your help for MPs (or bathhouse) in Hongkong and Macau. I will be there by Feb 20-25 and this is my 6th time but I have not experience any gay or satisfactory sexcapade there. Please help me on this esp. on your expertise in the field of travel. I hope that would be good but affordable. Thank you!

  379. Vince said on 08-02-2009

    @sato: Lakan’s landline is 410-2388. Datu’s is 415-4217. I wouldn’t recommend both MPs to you if you’re particular about sanitation and hygiene. But if you don’t mind patronizing dumpy little holes-in-the-wall, then go for it. Lakan is a short distance from the So-en Building along Araneta Ave. If you’re coming from SM Centrepoint, it’ll be on your left. Datu is along E. Rodriguez Sr., across from a gasoline station. Coming from Tomas Morato, you’ll find it on your right. As regards the “massage” services, it all depends on the masseur you’ll end up with. Some (and I mean some only) can give a fairly decent–not spa-quality–massage. ES is a given in these two MPs. You don’t even have to ask for it. Lakan and Datu masseurs are the usual blue-collar-looking types–morenos most.

    • caloy said on 09-02-2009

      Vince: Datu, Lakan, X Treme, Magic Touch and Gentle Touch, among others, are establishments that give MPs a bad name. They’ve seen better days and now they’re rundown and decrepit. There’s no effort to improve and many of their masseurs can be traced to the 90’s pa. The owner of X Treme used to own the old Phoenix at the bridge between San Juan and Aurora Blvd beside SM Centerpoint. I’ve had great times at Lakan and in its prime had exactly my type of guys – tall, muscular, guapo and great performer’s too. There was this tisuyin, well built guy who would f__k you till your head banged the wall; there was Jordan, from Nueva Ecija who’s life would have gone the other way if someone discovered him for the movies in his prime, but I haven’t been to Lakan or Datu (because its receptionist, Mike had an attitude problem) in two years. The masseurs here have never been interested in giving a good massage, nut in their heyday, gave the most passionate ES.


      On occasion I’ve caught a bad cold from a masseur. I’ve told a number of MP owners/managers not to allow masseurs who are sick to report for work. When one has a bad cold, the others get it too and its spreads to us, customers. It could be worse, it could be Hepatitis B or HIV which are spread by fluid exchange.

      The other night I went to Holywood and got this new tisoy guy from Bataan. He’s hot, looks hot and can be a contestant for Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition. When he began to lie on top of me, I noticed that his skin was hot, not the heat generated by passionate sex, but hot, generally. First, I dismissed it as body heat coming from the massage but his body was unusually hot. At some point, he excused himself to go to the bathroom to clear his throat and blow his nose. I asked him if he had a fever (he had kissed me on the lips earlier) and he said yes. In fact, he admitted he was not feeling well. I asked him if management knew and he informed me that he asked to be excused that day because he had a fever, but Ian said, wala yan, hindi naman mahahalata yan.

      Well it was noticeable (though it did not show in the performance part- he was good) because you could feel the heat coming from his skin, probably 39-40 degrees. The guy was young, tall, mestizo and good looking and was Holywood’s star of the moment (he said that on weekends, mahina ang apat), so, even with knowledge of his illness, management asked him to go on duty.

    • sato said on 09-02-2009

      Hey, thanks. Do you know how much do they normally charge? Any price range?

      • Vince said on 12-02-2009

        Sato: Lakan charges P500.00 for its so-called “VIP” rooms. Datu, if I’m not mistaken, charges P600.00.
        Ordinary cubicles are P350.00. ES cost in both MPs will be up to you. Most masseurs n these two MPs will readily accept P800.00-P1,000.00. I personally will not pay more than P1,200.00.

  380. Gar-wana said on 08-02-2009

    Hi everyone! Would like to share my hot spa experiences for the past 5 years!

    After college graduation that was 6 years ago, I was hired by a big Food Service Company, since budget was limited i opted to go to a small time spa like MTO Timog. I had a nice experience then with a masseur named Dodong, his strokes are very gentle and arousing. He was way too good in sensual massage and offered me a mind blowing hj and he did not even asked for an additional tip! He was my regular, until i transferred to another company. Then when i got back to MTO, he resigned and the manager told me that he’s in Leyte already.

    today, I always see to it that I regularly take my massage every week..this is my stress buster!!! Below are my choices for a best massage and es experience:

    (1) Seven Senses Spa (Sumulong Antipolo) – try Jasper (super professional! Good massage, and nasa puso niya and lanyang trabaho…alam niya rin ang gusto natin, you shouldnt miss him)
    (2) Boys of Bora – try Sam – Magaling ang massage, ES is pwede na.
    (3) Kingspoint Spa -(tomas morato) – try Jin (good looking, does hj, and lets you suck his dick)

    Cruising Places
    (1) New York Spa – Nice cruising place (wet area) since its too small expect some action
    (2) Wensha Spa – Some people go there to have some action (wet area)

    Till my next update…pag me time…

    hope this helps.

    • rlor88 said on 13-02-2009

      san po ang Kingspoint Spa? Tnx.

      • Gar-wana said on 16-02-2009

        Hi Rlor88!Kingspoint is located at the end of tomas morato coming from timog. It is right beside a carwash ATO88. Mejo maarte na ngayon yan si Jin, namimili ng mamasahiin.

        Hope this helps.

  381. contagious said on 07-02-2009

    I love Mondays! Because my work jumpstart from mid-week and becomes almost frenzy to nerve-wrecking towards the weekends, I always look forward to mondays. when the whole world curses the first working day of the week, I on the other hand celebrate the whole day for my well being- a day to visit the gym, browse in the bookstores for a new book, lunch with friends, a movie, and of course, I wrap up the day in the spa..a day where patrons seldom come and a rest day for most attendants..

    I use to be a regular habitue’ at the SPA in LIbis or in alabang. until one day, five years ago, i was introduced to Blue Palm. Even if the discripancy of services, venue perks and amenities of these 2 establishments are almost a million miles apart, I liked blue palm because of the extras carnal trips i get plus the fact that I found an attendant who really gave me a great shiatsu and a very pleasurable ES which I craved and anticipated the whole week!

    His name is john- 5’8″, trimmed, fair, smooth and flawless, a PT student from nueva ecija and whose mom is also a spa attendant-he claimed to be his trainor.. John never demanded or solicited any fees during his over-an-hour massage routine with me. Everything i doled out- tips or otherwise was voluntary from my end. Also it was very seldom he engaged you into conversations during work up as his deep and penetrating strokes are more than enough to bring you to deep slumber. In fact, after the massage I was always awakened by his tender kisses from my behind as he laid beside me, tenderly caressing my front while his tool hits hard into my pelvic bone. I was haunted by that memory of his fairly-sized tool-plump, pinkish, heavy but most importantly it was the scent of downy from his boxers that contaminated his testicles and its manly odor hypnotized me all week long. How can i ever complain when he permits me to harvest almost a tea-cupful of his proteinous essence each time we encountered? Every experience was unfathomable and there was a time I was afraid, I was falling for him.

    After a year of regular monday appointments with this attendant, I slowly noticed him becoming trustworthy that I refered him to my celebrity friends who refused to be seen in the confines of a spa, like BP. Good words were said of him too and like me, refered him to their friends, guests and sometimes partners. I was happy for him and the proprietor of the spa likewise was more thankful for the act.

    After two years, this attendant was expelled in the spa for some notorious behavior brought about by illegal drugs, the owner claimed. It was disheartening for me to lose this regular as besides him being good at what he does, he too was a looker hardly identifiable as a masseur.

    One time, even with qualms of having him here at home due to the rumor said of him, i took the risk and the I answered his offer for a home service. It was great and because i live down here south of manila, he settled to sleepover.

    In the morning, i was barraged with a bountiful of friends visiting from NYC and this guy, took charge of the kitchen and together with my home staff whipped fabulous lunch in a jiffy- he too, was great cook. The gays were all drooling to have a try of him and he managed to serve almost each one of them. His home services continued in the duration of my NY friends’ vacation and during that time no one complained any sort of misdoing from this guy. At the end of the summer break when everyone went back to nyc, I was informed he was able to acquire start up capital for a small business venture but still freelanced in between. During that time I lost track of his contact numbers and up to now, i am still obsessed searching for him.

    Of my frequent visits to Blue palm, spartacus, human touch, equanimity, mr earth and hollywood, I never have found the joy and quality of massage service I derived
    this guy, john. Although, I have heard he has a short stint with mondiale, I have checked the place but was dumbfounded. As of last, I was informed he tried to apply at EMPHASIS in rockwell and was hired but endured only for a day.

    I bet there are some of you who have tried this guy and i request, pray tell me if you know of his whereabouts thru my email add:…. If there is anyone who has retained his company i hope you keep him for good. I don’t have intentions of keeping him but i terribly miss his touch.

    Up to now, mondays are still a day i look forward to. But unlike before, when blue palm was my perennial destination, I am in continually in search for a joint where i can find the same joy and quality massage experience from john.

    • momoy said on 08-02-2009

      Hi contagious. I would agree, John was a very fine, professional masseur at Blue Palm. I met him when he was introduced by 2 of his fellow NEciajanons who worked there then.I’ve experienced his skills and would you believe, di sya nagdemand ng bayad? Papunta kase kaming gimik nun sa Cowboy Grill, Malate so treat ko lang, ok na sa kanilang tatlo.Unfortunately, he was not my type- I am into moreno adonis pinoy types while John was too flawlessly white. But he was a good man. He was the type who would invite you to his birhday party which I never attended. Just recently, he invited me to be one of the godfathers of his baby daughter’s baptism of which I begged off. I’ll ask his permission if I can give his number.

      And I digress, since nawala na ang mga John and the likes sa Blue Palm, parang wala nang gwapo doon. I cn be wrong. I have not visited Don’s place in months.

    • caloy said on 08-02-2009

      Contagious. Thanks for your comment. I hope I’d see more comments of this type in this blog, informative, descriptive, amusing, some insights – not the run of the mill “ok ba ang MP na ito” or “hey, guys, may ES ba sa mga spa sa____, saan?”. The comment paints a good masseur as a person, flesh, soul and blood, not merely a sexual object. Very helpful too, because you have an idea whom to trust and try.

      • contagious said on 09-02-2009

        Caloy, thanks a lot. I thought i was emulating you somehow. I write my comments(just like you) to share my experiences because i want you guys the experience it the same way i did. Isn’t that what contributing to WORLD PEACE… and understanding really meant.

  382. sato said on 07-02-2009


    can anybody here give me the landline and mobile numbers of LAKAN and DATU please? Thanks. I called the # of Lakan that I got online, wrong # daw. And how do I get there? I know lakan is in araneta but I can’t find it. Help naman po please. Thanks.

    And is it true na ES lang talaga sa lakan…no massage? Please reply. Thanks

  383. sato said on 07-02-2009

    I tried of boys of bora on thursday night, my first time there. the manager recommended ulysses, their top masseur, and guess what: the whole session (plus my ES na daw) is LESS THAN 30 F***KING MINUTES!!!! Tama ba naman yun?? The masseur pala has 2 more guests arriving less than 1 hour when I got there, bakit kaya nilagay pa sya sa viewing room? Paano kaya pagkakasyahin ang 3 guests in a very short period of time. 1 hour massage daw…asa. That was the shortest session na naranasan ko. Nakakairita everytime I remember that night!!

  384. A said on 07-02-2009

    Has anyone tried Bahia Spa in Davao? Their website is

    The massage itself is expensive for Davao (500 for a massage). The spa also has a gym and a wet area which I felt was a cruisy place from the gym guests.

    They have masseurs and the last time I went here last year, a boyish but cute masseur was naughty and nice :)

  385. caloy said on 06-02-2009

    I now understand why only hand jobs are offered at the MPs in Cebu.

    Body and Sole, Banyan Tree, Grand Royal Spa, etc…were really conceptualized as legit spas without the frills, kaya tabi tabi ang beds and only curtains separate them. They’re like the common rooms of the Spa in Libis or City Lifestyle in Timog.

    On the other hand, Holywood, Spartacus, Human Touch, Lakan, Datu, Equanimity were always conceptualized for the ES originally in mind. Kaya, maski walang training and experience yung masseur, 1st day pa lang kung may dating at mukhang mabili, isinasalang na. Massage is secondary.

    However, in Cebu, full scale ES – with all the works is actually available, only you won’t get it at the spa itself there being space limitations, plus halong lalake at babaeng therapists pa. Makakahiyaan at bistuhan.

    I discovered this from two experiences, one at Body and Sole in Tacloban, Leyte, which I described in this thread last year and at the Grand Royale Spa at Lahug very near the Asia IT Park and the Waterfornt Hotel in Lahug yesterday.

    Yesterday evening I was browsing this thread at my hotel room when I chanced upon a description of the masseurs at Grand Royale Spa in one of the earlier comments from someone from Cebu. The Spa is not in the Yellow pages of the Cebu telephone directory (PLDT) so I asked the Waterfront operator if she had the number of Grand Royale Spa in Lahug. She called me later and gave me the Talamban and Banilad Branch numbers. I called the talamban Grand Royale Spa Branch and got the Lahug Number.

    The Grand Royale Spa is just across the Sunflower which the hotel taxis apparently know. Just Say Salinas Drive, Lahug or Sunflower. They’ll know. Grand Royale is across a convenience store.

    When I went there there were three masseurs in blue (green?) scrub-suit type uniforms loitering at the lobby. The girl said they were the only ones on duty, aside from the female therapists. All actually looked good, two particularly, Albert and Jerome were quite good looking the third was tall, probably good looking to some but not my type. The massage rate was Php250.00, Php300.00 for out calls. I chose Albert and brought him to the Waterfornt hotel which was actually walking distance (to some).

    Albert gave a first class sensuous massage. He’s not very tall, about 5’4, but malakas ang dating, you know, parang magkakariton na guapo, malakas ang masculine appeal. Towards the end of the sensuous massage I started stroking his member and he asked me how much I would give him for ES. We settled at 800. Not bad, 800 plus 300, panalo pa rin compared to Manila rates. I would have been happy with the excellent sensuous massage. He knew how to extract maximum pleasure from the erogenous zones, and he was sensitive enough to detect where you get max pleasure, concentrating on those areas.

    The ES was great, not just a hand job but stimulation and pleasure every which way. He had a big member, but he needed to watch a bold movie – glad I brought my laptop. Once aroused he was really big and hard. He shot a huge wad.

    I thought it was over. I asked if he was hungry and invited him to get some snacks from the hotel room bar. He was famished, but after nourishment, he volunteered to continue with a “proper’ massage, and then, he gave me a legitimate massage that relaxed me, a surprising bonus.

  386. leo said on 06-02-2009

    hi! anything new about amaranthus…pls share naman kayo. i plan to go there for a massage.ty

    • contagious said on 07-02-2009

      leo, you forgot to send me the address of amarantus and mark’s contact no. pls send naman. thanks!

      • leo said on 07-02-2009

        hi! i’m sorry. amaranthus is @ the corner porras & palma gil st in obrero, davao. i ilost my cp i cant find the # of mark.just visit there & ask the services of mark.

  387. Ton said on 04-02-2009

    Hi Eric,
    Re your 25 January entry, I may have had a similar experience at Hilom but with a different masseur. Can you be a bit more specific about Mr. T? Their photo gallery shows no masseur with a name that starts with T.

    Send me your email address. We can probably exchange insights offline.

  388. brandon said on 04-02-2009

    cebu_boy… i’ve tried banyan tree, aviary at saka zen bago lang yesterday… ang naghandle sa akin sa zen ung malaki ang tiyan at habang minamassage ako pina rub ung ari nya sa aking kamay at naghingi ng fee… tingangihan ko kasi d ko type hehhehe… saan pala ung latest na worth it ung massage at service nila?

  389. legis said on 03-02-2009

    hi guys,

    I’m here in singapore right now for a two-week training under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Just would like to ask if you know any place in Sinagpore where Filipino gay guys converge and meet. Thanks.

  390. Ton said on 02-02-2009

    Hi Eric,
    I think 3000 is more than enough for ES. You would see in this string that many of those who pay for extra service dole out between 1K to 2K. But ultimately, you would just need to put a price on the level of satisfaction you get from your masseur.

    I have had a couple of experiences at Hilom and while there had been a mix of reviews about this MP, I for one, would recommend this place not only because of how neat the place is (although the stench of unpainted plyboard used for their flooring on the second floor kind of bothers me……) but also because the masseurs are generally friendly (contrary to many of the experiences shared here…..)

    Post your email address, if you don’t mind. I can share some of my experiences with you. I had been to a few places (although I cannot certainly beat my ever-reliable-source-of-info-Caloy who had been to practically every MP in town…….heh heh… offense meant, Caloy…….)

    Incidentally, there had recently been a string of emails on Cebu. I gather that masseurs generally just give handjobs. Are there MPs in Cebu whose masseurs give more than that? Do these staff do outcall? (Caloy, help again please……:-) ). I will be in Cebu this week so I am looking forward to “enjoying” this short business trip.

    • Kyle said on 03-02-2009

      Ton please email me your experiences. what is the best ES that you’ve got from the massuer and how much is the damage. my email kbb0169 at

      • caloy said on 03-02-2009


        Coincidentally, I will be in Cebu this Thursday and Friday. I’ve had greater success in Davao and thats because of my basketball pals in one of the colleges there.

        As many of those who have put in their comments here, the best you’ld get from Cebu Spas apparently is a hand job. I had one good experience that I narrated late last year, but, again that was just a sensous massage, if I am not mistaken at Zen at Ramos ( a disappointment in terms of the place, not relaxing). The masseur was good, but that was a 1k tip for a mere handjob and some good tickling here and there.

        I’ve had better luck with Try Kurt or the tall guy (Justin, I think). Kurt’s fairly good and Justin is an expert in sensous massage but I’ve checked their website because of my upcoming trip to Cebu and it seems their choices have deteriorated. The classifieds of Freeman, Cebu Daily News and other local news have ads about in hotel services. They are GROSSLY and NOTORIOUSLY unreliable, not so much in terms of safety (though safety is always an issue) but in terms of quality. maraming marami namang guapo sa Cebu pero these advertised establishments have none of them. Sasabihin ng babae (usually babae) at the end of the line na kamukha ni Gerald Anderson pero pag dating malayong malayong malayo. Yung 5’8, actually 5’4. Yung maganda ang katawan, payat, etc. You can send them back but you’re asked to pay the guy’s taxi fare and the guy, from my experience, can be quarrelsome. If you want safe sex and not the type of full blast ES we are accustomed to in Manila, then you can try the recommendations given by our Cebuano friends here.

        Past few years visiting Cebu I’ve had someone to massage me. He used to worked for me in Manila (I hired him because he looked like a tanned Jestoni Alarcon) and he became my of and on lover until he decided the quiet life of Cebu was his future. So he fetches me at the airport and stays at my hotel room during my stays. He began working for me when he was barely legal and now he’s 24. Years ago I asked an expert to teach him massage and he does a very competent one, better than what you can expect from the legit massage done by guys here in Manila. It helps, too, that he’s fairly well endowed in the department that matters.

        Email me at and I’ll give you my cellphone number. We can exchange text messages in Cebu as it seems we will be there at the same time.

      • skydancer said on 22-02-2009

        Hi Caloy! I’m from Davao and I’m very curios about your experience(s) with basketball players here in Davao. I never had any experience with basket ball players, and I’ve been wanting to have one! Pls, pls, share some inf about this… Pls email me how can I possible be in touch with these basketball players. This is my email add: . I would be very much glad to hear from you soon! Thanks a lot! :-)

    • Ace said on 03-02-2009

      Guess you are right! All I got usually in Cebu is a HJ. But it’s fine with me, I don’t push these guys if they don’t want to. Different strokes for different folks! But if any one of you know if there are who’s willing to do more than a HJ, please let us know. It will be exciting ! ( But I did try availing some Massage Ad found in the newspaper, although it’s hit and miss, but they do give the ES as described elsewhere in the thread) hehehe

  391. ric said on 02-02-2009

    MGA SISTERS NEED KO ADVICE…..i went for a 5 days business trip ko Manila at kumuha ako ng isang massuer sa MP sa may qc for a hotel service, kasama ko sya for about 4 days, mabait sya at ang problema ko ngayon, parang nahulog ang loob ko sa kaniya at nandito na me sa abroad, di ko pa rin sya makalimutan and I am willing to give a support to him, di ko naman sinabi na titigil na sya sa work, i just want to help him financially…what will i do…..homesick ako! parang mahal ko na sya

    • frank said on 03-02-2009

      Don’t be a fool…these people are trained to fool people like you. Remember, you paid him to be with you and be nice to you. Had you not paid him, I doubt if he would even spend a minute with you

    • Mike said on 03-02-2009

      naku alam mo bang ganyan ang nagyari saakin ngaun….hay nandito din ako sa ibang bansa bigay mo email addrss mo para mag email ako sa iyo direct ng mga experience ko..

  392. eric said on 02-02-2009

    Can anyone share your experience ( massage and ES in detail please ) at HILOM. I posted mine on Jan 25 . Nobody goes there or is there a place better than hilom? please share info thanks

  393. GreenOgre said on 31-01-2009

    thank you for all the information

  394. caloy said on 30-01-2009

    This month I tried to restrain myself from visiting a massage parlor.

    I did succeed in the sense that for at least the past two weeks, I’ve been to one only once, instead of the three or four times per week that has been my habit. You get a text from one of the receptionists of the MPs: “Sir may bago ho kami, kamukha ni Wendell Ramos”. You rush to the place only to be disappointed. I agree with Momoy that if you hold back and pool your resources together, the money you would have spent could be better used for quality guys. However, its not that simple. For one unfathomable reason or another, these MPs are like a magnet and they cause you to break your resolutions or your resolve and the habit reawakens.

    Yesterday I decided to treat myself after two weeks of good behavior (I’m not counting the flings outside the MPs). I passed by Datu, which I haven’t gone to in years finding that nothing has changed. The masseurs just got older. A receptionist I recognized as an aging masseur suggested I try Grand Debonaire, which is just a few steps away at the former Zorro but the guys looked liked they hadn’t taken a bath in days or are taking a break from “pagkakariton.” Not that I dont like these guys. My deepest fantasies are about good looking security guards (I’ve managed to seduce some); masons and karpenteros na malakas ang dating and pintor(s) (I’ve seduced three). But the guys I saw yesterday at Grand Debonaire were just working class, walang dating, sex appeal, nada.

    So I hied off the the next nearest MP, Equanimity. Jay was playing cards with three other masseurs but I wasn’t in the mood for Jay. Jed, the younger brother of another masseur looked like he was it but he looked too twinky, and I don’t like twinky guys. But he was lean and seemed to have a nice body, certainly, a great butt. I asked if there were other guys so they sent two boys from Ligntness, who I didn’t want. To make the long story short I settled for Jed.

    Jed’s massage was poor, and that’s putting it kindly (1-2/10). The ES was not rushed, but you had the feeling that it was his first time, and he seemed to be doing all the right moves at the wrong pace, not slow methodical, and building up into climax, just oh-so-perfunctory. It was like he had this check list of to do’s in his head and he was ticking them off one by one as he did them (lick the nipples 1,2,3,4,5,6…lick the left, swirl your tongue 1,2,3,4,5…next the neck make sure you dont miss the ears…).
    The size of his member was average and the member was unwilling to cooperate (you get the feeling that he’s focusing to much on the fact that he’s having sex with another—guy!).

    I’m sure many of you have had this experience. This is not my first and should be a lesson to MP owners. In many of these cases, a good massage saved the day, which was not the case yesterday. I think many of these place would perform better, business wise if the masseurs are trained to give an excellent massage first and foremost. The sex, if bad, can be excused.

    • john said on 31-01-2009

      At the very least, the MP owners should have their masseurs trained. The ES should be secondary, the icing on the cake, but the massage should be first and foremost. Sadly, thats not the case. An MP owner with an eye for quality of service can have an edge in this business if all his masseurs give first rate massage. Kung first rate yung ES, even better, babalik balikan yung MP.

    • eric said on 02-02-2009

      have you tried hilom, can you please share your experience, pls read mine on entry dated jan 25

    • Rooster said on 06-02-2009

      Caloy, do you know who trains them? I do… it’s Jay. At least that’s what he claims. Surprised? 😀

      • caloy said on 08-02-2009

        Rooster, not surprised. This is the usual modus of most MPs in Manila. The blind leading the blind ika nga. Siguro, learning curve din. After you’ve trained a masseur in legitimate massage, he would have flown the coop.

        Eric, I’ve tried Hilom. Hope management policy has really changed for the better there.

  395. Dann said on 29-01-2009

    Will be in Cebu next week. Any REAL, I mean R-E-A-L extra service (ES)??? Like the one described by Eric in his Jan. 25, 2009 comment or Mars (Jan 24 comment) and so on…Thanks!

  396. ron said on 29-01-2009

    Just finding it extremely odd that those who comment from Cebu consider a hand job ES? Strange. Doesn’t ES mean all the way? As in top or bottom, s__king, fondling, kissing or making out, etc.

    If a masseur in one of the Manila MPs (Spartacus, Grand Debonnaire, Lakan, Datu, Magic Touch, Gentle Touch, Holywood, Hunks Touch, Equanimity, Lightness, Hilom, Mondiale, x Treme, Phoenix, Boys of Bora, Blue Palm, etc…would just do a hand job…I can imagine the bad reviews here..enough to run the masseur out of the trade.

    CEBU: Don’t be happy with JUST a hand job!

    • cebu_boy said on 29-01-2009

      well we have naman here the whole nine yards… as in everything you mentioned above and maybe more.. in certain spas… I was specifically sharing about irony of when you don’t want it.. it finds its way to you… aside from that… I would never be satisfied with just a hand job.hehehe but that’s besides the point…

      • Dann said on 29-01-2009

        Cebu Boy – What Ron probably means is that something that you dont just chance upon, but something consistently done or expected, not as a pleasant surprise, or, to use your words, something that finds you, but when you go there, its expected as a matter of practice. Are there any Cebu Spas where real ES is part of the expectation. If there are, where can we find them?

        When you go to Hollywood, for example, the receptionist will tell you what type of ES may be expected (eg. this guy does everything from each type of guy). Same with the others. Its consistent practice and part of the game, not just tsamba tsamba or something done only on out calls or home service. Hindi guess work. Can you tell us which spas in Cebu offer all the way ES as a matter of course or policy?

        Halimbawa, I go to Spartacus. I ask the gay receptionist kung top ba yon o sumususo ba or nakikipaglaplapan ba…kung hindi, the receptionist offers a guy from their pool of masseurs who does what I want. Can I do that in Banyan Tree? Aviary? Body Sole or are there other massage parlors there I don’t know of (not the out call type) that offer these type of services where ES is upfront, part of the regular menu of services on offer, and you don’t have to feel embarrassed (or whisper it) when you ask about it?

    • JP said on 30-01-2009

      of course a handjob is considered ES. why? is it always a given that when you get a massage, the masseuse or the masseure will give you a handjob after? sometimes it’s not always the actual raw sex that is more rewarding. even just sensual titillation can bring you heightened pleasure more than the sex itself. just my two cents.

  397. SchmucCk said on 29-01-2009

    I just had an out call massage from Spartacus and im overly satisfied. The masseur looks young, in his early 20s perhaps and for the lack of a better word to describe it, hes makinis talaga, looks and tastes mabango and really squeaky clean :) Massage wise, took us around 40 mins I guess, though it wasnt an honest to goodness one but its 8 out of 10 for me. The ES was just fab, he did ask me if i want to get satisfied to which i exclaimed, but of course. Hes a nice guy and talagang mabait. I paid extra 2K for the ES but its really worth it. I dont want to explicate the details, one thing’s for sure, ill get him again, he gave me his mobile too, impassingly sinabi ko so the next time no more 700 and he said yep for as long as ill text him on his rest day.

    Btw with regard to equanimity, i concur… magaling talaga service nila. I havent heard of the infamous marco though but i have tried Lance and Jay. I will go for the former :) he does make sure sobrang sulit ang babayaran mo for his ES and he looks so much better in person and yummy, trust me. I give him 2500 each time, both massage and ES.

    • Joey said on 29-01-2009

      Hello schmucck. Pwede malaman name ng masseur mo sa spartacus? Thanks.

    • mars said on 29-01-2009

      Re: Lance and Jay at Equanimity. I already tried Jay’ he’s good, boyish hunkiness, smooth skin and very very passionate. I’ll try Lance this week. With the exception of the one mentioned a few weeks ago, Marco…mababait at trained to please to the max ang masseurs nila. Kudos to the owner, hope he addresses the other concerns about Equanimity mentioned here, like the toilet.

    • eric said on 02-02-2009

      Hello, please see my entry on jan 25, ganun ba ang service ni lance and tom? and u gave 2500 for the extra? ako bigay ko sa hilom was 3000 , ewan ko kung mataas parang eh, please email me and i am interested what kind of ES they gave you

  398. cebu_boy said on 28-01-2009

    spa report:


    Hey i just wanna share something..

    It’s strange how when you don’t really want temptation it just suddenly finds its way to you…

    I’ve tried Banyan Tree Spa.. It’s okay there but cleanliness really is an issue but prolly it’s understandable given the price that they have…. Massuers M____K, J____E, and A_____S were all good but only A_____S offered extra… I don’t suck at all nor do i touch birds but damn I wanked myself off while siya naman nag J___O___ (the blanks are to protect the poor masseurs in case the owners read this.. maawa naman kayo)

    Anyways, I’ve given up Banyan cos its too far and it gets crowded plus I’m very private… basically trip trip lang talaga ito.. I just go to spas for the massage and that’s it. But last night I went to Grand Royal Spa – Banilad… I took the services of ______ (total confidentiality, sorry boys)… He’s massaged me for probably 5 times already and nothing ever happened.. I don’t ask too cos as I said, I just want a massage… to my surprise, this time he was different… he took his shirt off sa start ng massage… That’s not typical for grand royal spa.. then after which he massaged me (excellent massage by the way for 250 pesos) when he turned me around and he started massaging my arms I felt na he kept holding my hands and touched it on his tummy, I mean Abs.. damn that masseur had really nice tight abs though… after which he just whispered in my ears na.. “sir, ako na bahala… mag masturbate ka nalang… pasensya na may trangkaso ako..”…. I was so caught off guard I just told said “HUH? ano?” then he repeated what he said….

    To cut it short… i still didnt do anything.. I was in it for the massage and nothing else but its ironic that when you dont want any hanky panky it comes to you….

    It’s weird… though cos He never asked for any pay/tip not at all he just whispered and signaled that it was okay for him to pleasure me…. he didnt touch me or anything but i just found that strange…

    He did give me his number though and said he’s offering home service…

    I am yet to find out what happens sa home service… hmmm… I’m hoping to find out pretty soon…

  399. RJ said on 28-01-2009

    may mga nega namang talagang mga tao dito lately, bigla na lang sumipot, binira kaagad yung contributions ng iba, kesyo mahaba na raw ang threads at dapat ilipat.

    nakakaaliw nga dito, maraming nababasa. hanggang may mga naglabas ng negative comments tungkol sa ibang contributors.

  400. pol said on 28-01-2009

    Noticed that the comments here have degenerated into one sentence queries. Saan ito, saan yon, ok ba si kolokoy…etc…etc.

    I’ve gained a lot from the longer more experiential and insightful threads.

    Possibly some negative comments on this thread have discouraged the more interesting analytical and descriptive contributors from making comments lest matawag silang “mahangin.”

    Any suppression of ideas is what we call in school a “chilling effect” on free expression. To those who’ve caused this effect by your insensitive remarks, hope you’re happy. Name calling has no place in this free wheeling and helpful thread. You’ve managed to cause a “:chilling effect” on free speech.

    • Mark said on 28-01-2009

      This thread is littered with people that ask questions. There are people that contribute ideas, experiences, etc. There are people who comment/complain and there are people who don’t contribute at all. Some people do one, two or three of the mentioned activities. The worst are the ones who don’t contribute but complain.Chill!

      • ron said on 29-01-2009

        Tama si Pol, puro one liners at one sentence queries na lang ang dumadating dito. I miss the incisive narration of experiences. If we can’t contribute anything more than a show of inggit, why criticize others for narrating their experiences. Maybe someday I will be able to afford travel to Malaysia, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and who knows, the US… for better enjoyment, maximization of my pocketbook, safety, I would prob go back to the contributions here. Looks like medyo nahinto na yung mga suggestions tungkol sa foreign MPs…baka kasi ma label na pasikat. Nagagawa nga nama ng inggit.

  401. mark said on 28-01-2009

    Hi momoy, can you also send me the list…. it’s at

    has anybody seen the “Amistad Spa” along quezon ave near pantranco? Is it open yet? It’s on the spot where Friendship used to be….

    • contagious said on 29-01-2009

      how are the rates? What about the attendants, do they look “bagong Lipat”?

    • Rooster said on 06-02-2009

      Passed by Q.Ave one night and saw it too. It didnt appear to be open, or at least it was too dark at the door to notice if it was open. Nice facade, but certainly not discreet. It’s like red allover! Definite eyecatcher for a busy avenue.

  402. xavier_cebu said on 27-01-2009

    who knows any good massuer from royal day spa capitol? any other good massuers from cebu?

  403. mat said on 26-01-2009

    mark of amaranthus is handsome, ive tried him, kaso no es has been done since i went there at noon, he does massage service well…. babalikan ko tlaga cia, anybody who had his number share naman….

  404. chensing said on 25-01-2009

    paano pumunta sa sacntuario malate? not a local of manila or wherever this is.

    • Vhonne said on 26-01-2009

      where is your point of origin?

      • contagious said on 27-01-2009

        makat, please. Thanks

      • Vhonne said on 28-01-2009

        One option is to take a taxi from Makati to Sanctuario, Jorge Bocobo St. Between Remedios St. and Nakpil St. (Your landmark would be Remedios Circle if the driver knows it.) If you are coming from Makati taking Taft Ave., you cannot turn left to Remedios St., instead take the nearest U-turn slot after Remedios St. and then turn right to Remedios St.. When you reach the Remedios circle turn right that is already JORGE BOCOBO St. (Taft Ave to Remedios Circle is about 450 meters.) About 40 meters from the circle you will see Sanctuario to your LEFT SIDE.

        In any case you took Nakpil St. as your route from Taft Ave., Jorge Bocobo is about 450 meters, so when you see ASIAN MASSAGE (corner Jorge Bocobo and Nakpil) to your right, GET OFF there and then walk (away from Asian Massage) crossing Nakpil St. going along Jorge Bocobo St. (about 30 meters from Asian Massage) Sanctuario is at your RIGHT SIDE.

        If you want to take a PUV please advice me where from Makati are you coming from.

      • chensing said on 28-01-2009

        my points of reference could be greenbelt, megamall, or mrt stations. hehe.
        those familiar places lang po talga. or if i ride a taxi, what will i say? what landmarks are near sanctuario malate. thanks po!!!!

      • Vhonne said on 29-01-2009

        The nearest LRT Stations in Remedios St is Quirino Ave. One block after that station is Remedios St and the next block is Nakpil St if you are taking TAFT AVE. You can take either Remedios or Nakpil because Sanctuario is between that streets. Your landmark when you are taking Remedios is REMEDIOS CIRCLE. Then follow my instructions above.

        Other Landmarks in Malate near Sanctuario are Guernica and Taza these are along Jorge Bocobo St. Padi’s Point along Adriatico. At the back of this establishment is Sanctuario. Adriatico Hotel also, but located cor Nakpil and Adriatico. These are all located near Remedios Circle.

        When you reach Pedro Gil LRT Station you are already 3 blocks away from Remedios St. so U-turn at balik.

        Basta ang sabihin mo lang sa Driver ng Taxi ay Malate area. Sanctuario along Jorge Bocobo. Near Remedios Circle. Pag di alam. Sabihin mo daan tayo ng Taft-Remedios-Jorge Bocobo. Another is Taft-Nakpil, get off in front of Asian Massage, then walk going to Sanctuario. Di ka pwedeng mag-left turn from Nakpil to Jorge Bocobo dahil one way ang daan kaya mas maganda kunin mo ang Taft-Remedios na route para baba ka in front of Sanctuario mismo. Unless iikot ulit kayo. Halos puro one way lahat ang mga daan doon. Remedios is two way between Taft and Remedios Circle lang po.

        Or if you want me give you more details, you can post your e-mail and I will be very willing to give you a more detailed instructions. Kasi hahaba at hahaba ito, OK?

  405. chan said on 25-01-2009

    Thank you very much for all the info. I live near makati, but i havent tried the spas here yet. I work near mandaluyong though, any good SPAS near this area? thanks!! would really much appreciate getting OFF work then getting OFF! Mandaluyong area please… thanks thanks!! more power to this site!

  406. dann said on 25-01-2009

    eric, I think the ES tip is a bit too much. On the average, I give 1k to 1.5 k. Occassionally I would tip 2-2.5 k but the guy generally looks very good and performs well. The Hilom guy is just a bit expensive, though, not having seen him, it might be unfair to him to say this. If he looks good to you, with that kind of performance, he’s worth it.

  407. eric said on 25-01-2009

    I have been following this thread and find it very useful. I live in the US and go back every 5- 6 months and stay with a relative in Manila. I am a closeted gay – translation- I only get action when I am in Manila hehe

    Last January 2009, I went to Spa Mondiale ( spamondiale .com) I got M, although he looks better in picture, nice guy though , nice body, muscular ( which is my type). they charge 500 for massage, the massage is good ( 7 out 10 ), the ES is 2000 ( 7 out of 10 ). The actual place is discreet but I find the room unsanitary ( 3 out of 10 ). The rest of the guys in the line- up , I dont know parang mukhang mga astig na tambay. So I never went back.

    Then , I got the service of the owner of Spa Mondiale. Formerly masseur from friendship . Muscular goodlooking early 30`s. Massage is 8 out of 10. ( 500 pesos). ES is 2000 pesos but 4 out of 10. He does not kiss . Straight guy

    Then, I went to Hilom( check hilom .com ). Got a guy I will name T . Massage is 9 out of 10. ( cost is 500 ). He licked me from head to toe literally, suck my ear, neck, nipple, belly, thigh, leg , butt and even sucked my toes. Then , he will work on my back again licking me. He does kiss and did kiss me but I was kinda passive, good kisser, no bad breath. He can be aggressive or slow depending on the momentum that you want. He does not hurry the ES part, even the massage, I sat on his stomach and I was surprised that he still continued licking and sucking my body. This lasted for 40 minutes. Cock is cut and 6 inch. He does not suck, nor do anal.He politely asked me if I want him to shoot after 60 minutes. He finished by hand job since I do not suck. After which , he makes sure that I too will have a happy ending. Even though I know he is tired, he continued to lick me –front, back , him carrying me standing, me against the wall , while simultaneously giving me a handjob until I came. After that he laid beside me and chatted for another 15 minutes. Well, for me who gets laid 2 times per year, the ES is 9 out of 10. damage is 3000. ( Actually , he asked for less ).

    At this point, just want to get your input– is he straight ? His cock is soft all the time during the massage and got hard only after 10 minutes of romancing , dunno if he was imagining having sex with a girl. Not that it matters to me, just that I have this hang up with straight guys.

    Since for a while , I have been wanting to have sex with actor/ model. I tried
    an Indie actor- cost 4000 for him and 1000 for the pimp. No massage. Just sex.
    score is 2 out of 10. No kissing, no romance, he just lie in bed, worst his dick smells even after a shower, this together with his attitude was really a waste of money. If I have given the 5000 for this hilom guy, there is no doubt in my mind he will play whatever fantasy I tell him to.

    Second, Again , i need your assistance, anyone can help me hook up with the right person to hook up with — straight, tall muscled, goodlooking model/ bikini open /varsity student/

    Planning to go home again in 4 months

    Third, do you think I am paying too much for the ES? Please advice , since as I said I dont know the average rate( don`t wanna screw up the average rate)

    Pls advise or email me my handle name @ yahoo


    • enric said on 25-01-2009

      HI ERIC, PLEASE EMAIL TO ME ( the name of the masseur that you took in HILOM, tonite i will travel to manila, it would be a great help for me…thanks…. enric

    • brent said on 30-01-2009

      I think you paid way too much, and knowing the people in Hilom, they probably didn’t suck (or didn’t suck well), their kisses were very chaste, and the most they did was a handjob and some licking… for 3k that’s nuts. if they bottom then maybe you should give 3k, but IMHO that’s still too much, and screws up the averages we pay them.

  408. anton said on 25-01-2009

    I normally have my massage from the relative safety of MPs and I usually have one, including ES, with MPs like Holywood, Hunks Touch, Boys of Bora and even Kharisma in 20th Ave. This way I have a choice of masseurs, I can get any type I want (tall and muscular generally) and indulge in this habit in the relative safety of the MP.

    I’ve never obtained the services of a masseur from the classifieds of the Bulletin Today and Buy and Sell, until this Thursday.

    I live alone in a house all my own with a driver, a houseboy, a maid and a helper who’s job it is to take care of my dogs (at one point, I had over 20 dogs), eight in all. I have two bullmastiffs, an English Mastiff, two dutch shepherds, a Belgian Malinois, and two Boxers. My room is an extension of the house, with direct access to the front gate without passing through the main door, its back entrance go into a corridor that leads to the main sala. The househelp stay in rooms of the main house. I don’t use the master’s bedroom which is in the main house because I like a bright airy room that leads to the garden, there’s a great deal of privacy and I can entertain visitors without the others knowing. Ocassionally, I’ve picked up guys at the QC Memorial Circle who have come and gone without being noticed. The hunky boy who delivers dog food from a nearby petshop has also give other services apart from delivering dog food.

    When I bring home a guy either from a gay bar or the QC circle, I usually make it a point to show the guy that I lock the gate. This is to tell him non verbally that there’s no way he can go out unless I unlock the gate. They normally ask who’s around. I tell them that there are three other males in the house, sometimes I exaggerate. When we enter the pathway to the entrance to my room, we would be greeted by two fierce and barking Dutch Shepherds who would lunge at any stranger. I tell them to stop and they sit and keep quiet. Dutch Shepherds are those black and gold streaked dogs that malls and hotels use as additional security. They’re very obedient and loyal to their owner. The Dutch Shepherds that I have were trained by the same kennel that generally provides dogs for hotels. They attack on command. Another precaution is that I give the guy a tour of the kennels where the other dogs are kept. Try to escape at the back, you encounter the mastiffs and the Belgian Malinois. There’s no way out. Any stranger would be trapped. I have other precautions I won’t disclose here.

    Thursday evening around 11:30 pm, I was reading he services page of Buy and Sell and I started dialing for the services of one of the masseurs advertised in the paper. I chose a guy who described himself as tall and athletic built…to cut the story short, we agreed on a price and I asked him to come over. His name was Jordan (prob a pseudonym). He was a disappointment in the looks department but he was tall, stock but not very muscular. In any case when he started giving me his massage he began asking how much I would be giving him for extra service. I said, di ba napagusapan na natin yan? He said, yung presyong binigay ko sa yo, sa masahe lang yon. I’m very paranoid about this things and the turn of conversation raised a lot of alarm bells in my mind, so I told him, wag na nating ituloy, may usapan tayo, ayoko na sinisira yung usapan natin. His voice started to rise (he was on top of me giving me a massage – a very compromising position, defense wise).

    With all my precautions, when a situation like this develops, I’d rather pay than cause a scandal or be the victim of a situation that would end up badly. I stood up and likewise raised my voice asking him how much he wanted. He demanded he fee plus extra for the time na nasayang. I just gave it to him. The guy knew he had no way out but these confrontations escalate and you can’t predict what the result is in the end. Trapped nga siya, eh, kung patay ka naman. If its just a matter of a few hundred pesos more (a thousand more to be exact). Its not worth the trouble, not worth raising a scandal by shouting or calling the other guys in the house.

    Lesson: calling a a masseur from the yellow pages is a Russian Roulette situation ( even picking up a guy
    from QC circle, but you get your pick, at least). It can end up badly. Sa massage parlor na lang ako.

    • ed said on 26-01-2009

      kahit anong safeguard meron sa bahay or buhay…it is never safe to randomly pick up a stanger

      • frank said on 26-01-2009

        it’s really unsafe to randomly pick up a stranger. We have heard of crimes involving similar stories…a gay picks up a guy, takes him home, guys asks for extra fee, arguement ensues, then another crime story is reported.

        Never safe…

      • egay said on 27-01-2009

        The risks we have to take. Remember the guy (or was it a designer) who brought home a masseur from Feels Good. He didn’t pay a bar fine and waited till they closed. The masseur had already serviced him before so he had the guys cellphone and contacted to see him outside Feels Good. The gay guy ended up in a bloody mess all over media, dead.

        It pays to take all sorts of precautions. I have a licensed 39mm just in case but I always hope I’d never get to use it.

        I think one of the things those who put their comments in this thread should do is to tell us their bad experiences, giving the circumstances, the name or description of the guy. Even those who patronage massage parlors are not totally safe and you’ld never know when a masseur has taken drugs and could be violent.

  409. mars said on 24-01-2009

    Nothing is ever written about M2M spas in Malaysia here in this thread. Here’s something very useful that I picked up in another blog for those who would assume that Malaysia is a desert when it comes to these: “Whenever I go abroad, I try the massage in other places, to have a sense of how it varies across countries. I have tried the gay massage in Singapore and in Indonesia, but it seems that Malaysia is one country that is quite daring and interesting for M2M massage.

    I got the tip from Google and Utopia that Body and Soul is the number one M2M massage place in Penang. It is located in a Farmer’s Market type of mall, on the second floor beside another MP, Hugo, which has received lesser reviews.

    There were not many masseurs there to choose from but from the pictures that the gay Filipino sounding but gay Malay receptionist, I chose KC who is a local chinese masseur. They have a package of 60 ringgit for regular massage, 80 ringgit if the masseur is nude, and 100 if there is a body scrub and bath. The exchange rate is around 14x to give you a sense of the price. The place reminds me of a better looking Hilom. I paid 80 ringgit up front.

    I was allowed to shower and it was in an OK bathroom, When I returned to the room where I left my clothes, KC followed and began undressing. Let me tell you this, there was hardly any hand massage that happened and he went straight right to body massage, using his torso over my back, and with his d*** rubbing against my butt. This went on and on, until he said, if I really wanted a massage or just go straight to the hanky panky. I chose the latter (eh naumpisahan na eh). With his trim yet fit body pressing against mine, it seemed like a real total body massage.

    It lasted for almost an hour, and the ES was really different. Slow and sustained, until the final climax, which was so strong and intense. He told me there would be extra charge only if there was a blow job, if he came, or if there was fucking involved. I declined. But what was surprising was that despite the nearly 1 hour of ES, there was no extra charge. Kasama na daw iyon sa binayad ko.

    I gave him a good tip after, and he allowed me to have another shower. It was an enjoyable session. Parang I had Akihiro as my masseur kasi kamukha niya. he he.

    No wonder it is the number 1 gay massage parlor in Penang. FYI, meron Morroccan and Pakistaning masseurs dun, na really good looking, pero hindi lang nakaduty (pinakita ang pictures sa akin). The malay masseurs were just so so looking.”

    The info is quite revealing and useful. I’ve tucked this away for a possibly (kung gumanda ang world economy) future trip to Penang, which suddenly has become an attractive destination.

    What do you think?

  410. Momoy said on 24-01-2009