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Yes, dear readers, I’ve featured Dante Balboa here a couple of times before (here and here). So why feature him again, right? Well, with that bubble behind, I just couldn’t help myself. Sexy! Classic beauty! Chinito Pinoys, mabuhay kayo!



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  1. ela said on 16-11-2010

    dante is my classmate now in PUP Grad School, yes he’s a graduate of UP… he has two bachelors degree, a masters degree which he didn’t finish and another masters degree now which is in communication… he’s a humanities professor in PUP and also teaching in FEU… he’s so quiet and very soft spoken… i wouldn’t recognize him as a former celebrity if not with my classmates… :))

  2. gabrielle65 said on 14-08-2009

    yummy pa rin sya

  3. pao-pao bear said on 12-01-2009

    iba pa rin talaga ang vintage hunks hehe

  4. carl said on 16-11-2008

    classmate ko to sa PUP, dun siya nag archi, if my calculation is right, he’s 33 or 34 by now, he’s really gifted, artistically that is, isa siya sa magaling magrender at magdesign, too bad he failed the board exam when he took it in 1999, Architect na sana siya ngayun. the last time I saw him was in megamall, that was 4, 5 years ago pa… wonder where he is right now…

  5. Ernest said on 16-11-2008

    He’s got one of the nicest body in show business. Sayang hindi na siya active….hmmm…sexy talaga!

  6. Dita said on 02-10-2008

    colboy looks…NEXT!

  7. joke cartagena said on 18-06-2008

    wow so hot…yummmy

  8. 8inches said on 11-04-2008

    He looks like a cheap prostitute.

  9. michael said on 19-02-2008

    nice pictures

  10. lordmanilastone said on 12-12-2007

    sobrang hot ni papa dante, gusto ko mag-aral sa feu baka sakaling maging teacher ko siya, hihihi, wish ko lang^^

  11. vince said on 09-12-2007


  12. rodier said on 07-12-2007

    its not an anaconda its a dragon!

  13. fattyacid said on 07-12-2007

    he’s hot!!!

  14. talent_manager01 said on 04-11-2007

    ben, pasensya na. kahit magmakaawa ka pa, di na talaga kita mapagbibigyan sa hininiling mo kasi andami ko ng nabigyan. 4 na nabigyan ko ng nude pics ni Dante. Im so sorry ben.
    unless meron kang nude pics ng ibang artista na pwede mong i-swap? send mo sa e-mail ko pero kung wala, sorrry talaga. pagtyagaan mu na lang mga pics nya dito.

  15. roam said on 03-11-2007

    ang laki ng ulo(k)

  16. Ben said on 03-11-2007

    Good Afternoon,
    Sir, talent manager pls po nagmamakaawa po ako an padalhan niyo ako ng naked picture ng idol ko na si Dante Balboa. pls lang po sir, napakalaki pong happines ang naibigay sa akin kapag pinagbigyan niyo ako. pls pls pls po padalhan niyo ako ng naked picture ni Dante Balboa. ipagdarasal ko po na bigyan niyo ako.
    salamat at dalangin ko ang tagumpay niyo both in health & success in life.
    Merry Christmas & a happy New Year.

  17. raffy said on 08-10-2007

    Dante Balboa is the most “ideal” and “exceptional” among our hunk actors in the philippine cinema. he has the looks, the brain and humble personality. i think PBB would consider him as one of the housemates, since he is only visible in movies and theatre these days. besides, he is a celebrity worth dying for! he represents showbiz, theater, and academic worlds as well. its about time for Dante to be seen more on televisions! Good luck to Dante! i am trully one of his admirers!

  18. vince said on 06-10-2007

    i caught the latest correspondents’ episode entitled “adonis” featuring has-been male boldies (ernie garcia, gino antonio…). one of them was dante balboa and i was surprised at the change! he has lost the hunky body and lush hair. kinda bordering on skinny now–in fact he looked a bit effem (or was it the shirt he was wearing?).even gino antonio looked awful. well, i guess all good things have to pass…

  19. Bryz said on 26-09-2007

    @ daniel
    uu. he’s studying philosophy. ung controversy e ung hindi naman daw prof, parang publicity lang daw. un ata…

  20. Mozarti said on 26-09-2007

    Wow! That just makes me lick my lips. Hot bulge and hot ass. How can you go wrong?

  21. gerald said on 26-09-2007

    hi there! so cool and sexy. u can email and catch me at this address:

  22. daniel said on 26-09-2007

    @Bryz- UP boy sya? Swerte mo naman! Anong controversy? Sorry out of touch ako!

  23. max said on 26-09-2007

    ung friend ko na nagbabarko din nakas*x na toh. siguro mga isang taon na ang nakakaraan.


    pero indi ko sya bet. hehehe…

    OT: naghahanap ako ng ka-date. pics ko sa friendster or multiply.

  24. francis said on 26-09-2007

    so f**king hot!!!

  25. anilog said on 25-09-2007

    lyk his butt….yummy :p

  26. Bryz said on 25-09-2007

    nakita ko toh sa palma hall. kapalmuks ako kaya kinausap ko bout ung controversy nya na hot pa non. e umuulan kaya naki payong sya sa akin… ang saya!!! may akbay pa un…

  27. Trishia said on 25-09-2007

    I’ve seen him in person with Crizelda Volkz in one film affair in Greenbelt a few years back….he’s really good looking and oozing with sex appeal!

  28. romah said on 25-09-2007

    parang gusto kong magaral sa feu under him, palagi kong babagsakin ang subject nya para every sem balik ng balik ako sa kanya, dakota talag sya and im sure its hard as steel

  29. eponine said on 25-09-2007

    now that’s what we call south dakota.

  30. candyboy said on 25-09-2007

    pangit na siya ngayon. he contracted chickenpox last summer and now, he’s pock-marked all-over, including his face.

  31. sigepa said on 25-09-2007

    This guy so hot, the bulge and also hes been tagged as the β€œeducated hunk” because of his degree in Architecture; undergraduate degrees in B.A. Film and B.A. Philosophy; and professorial job at FEU.

    It’s a good thing for us that despite of his great accomplishments, Dante’s does not have any qualms in baring for the big screen and for the stage. Dante has been gifted with the body, the brains and the looks, what more can he ask for?

  32. nell said on 25-09-2007

    Sarap nya.. haay!

  33. Tony said on 25-09-2007

    If I had the time and money I would enroll in his class just to watch his butt while he writes something on the board πŸ˜›

  34. argo said on 24-09-2007

    i adore dante balboa so much..i crave for him even now n hndi n cia active s showbiz. migs,whats d latest news from him? thanks!

  35. fattyacid said on 24-09-2007

    is that bulge real? gosh, ang sarap nyan for sure! ^____^

  36. leo said on 24-09-2007

    I think those BULGES are real!!!!

  37. nicko said on 24-09-2007

    ang sarap… so sexy.. hindi ko ma pagilan ang sarili ko..

  38. leeroy said on 24-09-2007

    i love him!!

  39. tubibi said on 24-09-2007

    parang photoshopped yung bulges?

  40. trist_cum said on 24-09-2007

    sh*t those bulges! i think its not a boa-its an anaconda!!!

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