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Woke up at 2 AM, craving for something sweet to drink. Went down. A quick visit to the neighborhood Mini Stop. Walking back home, a red Toyota Vios turned into the same corner where I was.

The car slowed down.

A cute guy in the passenger seat was looking at me. Staring at me.

I half-smiled.

I noticed the one driving. Also staring. But not as goodlooking, not as interesting.

My eyes naturally went back to the one in the passenger seat. He nodded once, an invitation.

I smiled, and motioned a no.

The car moved ahead, but slowly. Then it vroomed away.

Interesting exchange. All in six seconds.

Comments (15)

  1. joyleslie said on 27-02-2008

    mysterious encounter, yet sweet

  2. matt said on 25-01-2008

    interesado sa “something sweet to drink” na dala ni migs…!!!

  3. michaela said on 08-01-2008

    migz…just be careful, baka holdup yun. he he he

  4. mekare said on 02-01-2008

    i have always wondered how migs looked like. now, i’m wondering more.

    migs must be hot. hmm…

  5. fioux said on 30-12-2007

    ayan, mukha kasi kayong mga callboy kaya nagpapakamalan ching hehe!!!

  6. jh said on 30-12-2007

    funny jesse. i wonder how migs looks like.

  7. Jesse said on 30-12-2007

    Just think how Migs looks at 2am and he just woke up? HOT enough to be picked up.

  8. alberto salcedo said on 30-12-2007

    wat sliding door

  9. Quentin X said on 30-12-2007

    “Sliding Doors” moment?

  10. eponine said on 30-12-2007

    Akala kasi nila, cruisin’. Careful, careful though.

  11. kai said on 30-12-2007

    yeah, always happens from dusk til dawn hehe…

  12. mico said on 30-12-2007

    This happened to me twice San Miguel ave (Ortigas) around 12am I was on my way home. Kaya lang puro thunderbolts lol! Yung una hot papi pero yung 2nd time ew kadiri.

  13. awie said on 30-12-2007


  14. t_rex_rules said on 30-12-2007


    Migs, are you staying somewhere in Legaspi Village, Makati?

    Because I am, and the above scenario is something I have gotten so used to already these past several years. Encountering indecent proposals from motorists while walking within my neighborhood in the wee small hours of the morning, that is.

    Used to be more rampant until about 3 to 4 years ago though.

    Migs, are we neighbors by any chance?


  15. jh said on 30-12-2007

    this 2am? haha…prang i was just watching hostel this 2am lang ah. dammit. the nearest ministop’s far from here. asa katipuna pa.

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