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Here’s a ‘thank you’ note from one of our podcast listeners… nakakataba ng puso. He relates how his friend dealt with a 13-year-old son who comes out to him. Thank you for sharing this little note of appreciation. I am sure my fellow fabcasters are all in awe with your friend’s words: “mas napamahal sa akin ngayon ang aking anak at mas naiintindihan ko ang mga nasa loob niya.” Honestly, I feel like crying. Pramis.

* * *

dear migs of mgg,

it’s a bit out-of-whack of me to say this considering it’s super-late, but it is only recently that i got to listen to your podcasts re: coming out (part 1, part 2, part 3).

i sent the podcast files to a close male friend of mine and he listened to all of them. you see, he’s a father with a 13-year old son who he suspected was gay and he has seen being very much troubled. (the boy just came out to his father this morning. and my friend, the father, didn’t go to work to spend the day with his son.)

the conversations between mcvie, gibbs cadiz, rj boy and you were pretty much an eye-opener for him. my friend and i talked extensively about these issues right after he listened to it. your podcast afforded him a first row seat into the minds and thinkings of intelligent, well-rounded gay men.

i salute you for the effort you’ve done. through your podcast, you have pretty much affected in a very positive manner the relationship between a heterosexual father and his gay son. to quote him, “mas napamahal sa akin ngayon ang aking anak at mas naiintindihan ko ang mga nasa loob niya.”

thank you so much migs of mgg.

keep it up!

and a very happy new year to you and your love ones.

– palma tayona

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  1. Benz said on 09-01-2008

    This post is so inspiring. Let us spread Understanding and eliminate Ignorance. Happy New Year to all. Stay happy and keep loving! Cheers! (Late na greetings ko! hehehe)

  2. palma tayona said on 08-01-2008

    to mandaya,

    yes, it is me (the artist)

  3. Morris said on 07-01-2008

    Me and my tito just came out to each other. LOL.

  4. p said on 04-01-2008

    Migs, this entry is so timely. i’ve been having troubles too. i’m 15. i must listen to them. hopefully they may help me. if only my Father could listen to these. wish me luck.

  5. mink said on 03-01-2008

    ngayon ko lang napakinggan yung podcast niyo and it was very elightening! migs, mcvie and gibbs: you are touching lives! keep up the good work and Have a very great new year to all of you!

  6. the other leo said on 03-01-2008

    ay ang saya! happy new year to all!

  7. jimg29 said on 03-01-2008

    keep the rainbow pride until the religious rights heed into their senses.

  8. cavalieron said on 03-01-2008

    as we’ve said,magpakatino lang ang isang kagaya natin,marami talagang pakinabang sa atin ang sanlibutan.right migs?

  9. Kiks said on 03-01-2008

    and with that, i give that heather small song to you.

  10. Kiks said on 03-01-2008

    winner migs. now i am really staying…

  11. xoxo said on 03-01-2008

    i wish i could do the same to my dad, though its not being talked about in the family, my dad has always expressed negative sentiments about gay people.

  12. kel said on 03-01-2008

    kudos to you!

  13. Quentin X said on 02-01-2008

    I’m proud of you Migs. Same goes for Joel and Gibbs. Good job!

  14. mouthworxz said on 02-01-2008

    migs, pwede malaman e-mail mo?

  15. mouthworxz said on 02-01-2008

    yan ang daddy ko!!!!

  16. peppoi said on 02-01-2008


  17. mandayamoore said on 02-01-2008

    is the letter sender palma tayona the artist? mmmmmm

  18. James said on 02-01-2008

    A ray of hope for a more harmonious relationship amongst homosexuals and heterosexuals 🙂

    Keep it up Migs 🙂

  19. cast said on 02-01-2008

    that’s the power of sharing information to everyone…. it reaps good results…. and thank God this is one venue to share those information…. Congratulations Migs and have a Happy New Year

  20. maniaxxx said on 02-01-2008

    it is nice to know that, even as we are branded outcasts and different by people who lack the knowledge of who and what we are, we still make a difference in the lives of people around us and people who take time to really listen and get know the real us.

    thaks migs for being a very good influence to everyone.

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