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January is a veeeery busy month for us corporate people… di ko tuloy mai-kuwento dito about my Attorney. Yes, my attorney. Isang masalimuot na kuwentong pag-ibig (?) involving Attorney, his 3 women, and moi — pang-tele-novela! Once I’m settled, I’ll give you all a blow-by-blow account, after which you might just change your perception of Migs the Manila Gay Guy — from peace-maker to slut. Ha! Meanwhile, check out similar stories posted here:

You get my drift, right? Catch you later, people! Hahaha!

Comments (9)

  1. dennis said on 10-01-2008


  2. riptid3 said on 09-01-2008

    na excite tuloy ako bigla : )

  3. jhong said on 09-01-2008

    wow. excited na ko!

  4. eponine said on 09-01-2008


    yes pun intended ang ibig ko sabihin. hehehe.

  5. leo said on 09-01-2008


    Pun intended? Hehehehe

  6. kel said on 09-01-2008

    waa!cant wait!haha!

  7. luckyclover12 said on 08-01-2008

    migs puede ba ung i forward a email ko straight para sure di ko mamimiss hehhe naku has most awaited story yanü

  8. eponine said on 08-01-2008

    blow-by-blow account? pun? hehehe

  9. leo said on 08-01-2008

    Oh well! The world eagerly awaits the whole story. Hehehehe.

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