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If nega comments were flying bullets, then that Attorney post has pretty much riddled me to death. But no worries, dear loyal MGG readers, Migs is still alive and kicking. And smiling.

Thank you to all my loyal supporters, those who have expressed their support to my person. Thank you to my real-world friends who know the real score, which is the exact same thing I publish here in my blog.

To those who think my stories are incredible, yes they may be incredible, incredible but true. Let me say this just once, let me say this now: I do not fabricate stories here. Not my stories.

To those who reacted violently to what happened between Attorney and me: thank you for your honesty. I respect your strong principles. I have no excuses for what I’ve done (and what I’m doing). I live and learn, live and learn, live and learn.

And lastly, to bitterness and lies — I know you not, for I choose the path of truth, goodness, and beauty. Thank you and World Peace!

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  1. jedd said on 18-01-2008

    you have made so many wrong choices and it seems that you never learn… you keep repeating the same wrong choices over and over – it is getting so tiresome, especially because you are not young anymore… all your pronouncements and epiphanies were hollow, meaningless words… you have lost credibility… it is sad what is happening to you… i don’t know if you are that unappealing or desperate but you are scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this one… whatever happened to your dignity, respectability and self-respect? a good moral compass and strong principles are also applicable and desirable to all, even gays.

  2. julian said on 18-01-2008

    ang mga lokah! kalokah kayo!

  3. Isaribi said on 17-01-2008

    Rubber glue back to you.

    Migs, you don’t need to explain anything to anyone. I also suggest to stop answering rude/nonsense comments. I know that sometimes, words hurt but they only hurt only if you let them get through you. Yun lang.

  4. prof. artadi said on 16-01-2008

    i wonder why this julian is so bitter? i am sure that many gay guys who have read this blog have similar experiences and who can attest that this can indeed happen… whether if it is a work of fiction or a real and actual event the point is this can happen and if i may add this IS HAPPENING.

  5. julian said on 16-01-2008

    ang hahaba at dadrama ng mga comments ng alipores ng drama queen! hayy! eto na ang pinaka madramang blog na nabasa ko!

  6. jhong said on 16-01-2008

    @MsNinja: natawa ako sa comment ha. in all fairness.

  7. Jhuneyboy said on 16-01-2008

    Just keep on posting and forget about all the negative stuff around here. You cant please everyone. I been to your position while back bro. Anyway I enjoyed reading your blog and hope you wont get tired πŸ™‚

    Salamat Po! – Jhuneyboy

  8. larrygp said on 16-01-2008

    they are just jealous

  9. MsNinja said on 16-01-2008

    “I have only one word to my enemies, DIE!” – By Mirriam Santiago πŸ™‚

  10. dennis said on 16-01-2008

    To Meng –

    Ang sabihin mo, “to h–l they go” Hahahaha. Wag ka ng sumama.

  11. aries said on 15-01-2008

    bitaw, ngano jud nga naay mupalag kung mamiga ta… suya lang sila… char!

  12. zidro said on 15-01-2008

    “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends upon the approval of another.” This is very true!

  13. meng said on 15-01-2008

    im sick of people moralizing…to hell with them =p

  14. dennis said on 15-01-2008

    Hello Migz! Cheers! Daming mo ng kakampi.

    Just go on with your own life and search for your own happiness. Live and let live.

    Wag mo ng intindihin sasabihin ng ibang tao. Maluluto naman sinaing mo kahit wala sila.


  15. peter_rian said on 15-01-2008

    go migs!! world peace!! hehehe πŸ™‚

  16. marvz said on 15-01-2008

    hyaan muna cla migs i think the’re bitter person or ingit lng cla sau…world peace

  17. bj said on 15-01-2008

    hi migs!
    We cannot please everybody at the same time. We cannot also drive them to believe us every time. There are times that we tell truth but they don’t believe it because, simply, they cannot accept it. If you are just telling the truth, why would you feel bad if they believe you? Hindi ka naman nagkakasala sa ginagawa mo di ba?
    If you’re happy, then go for it!

  18. chuchucaracas said on 15-01-2008

    maruja winner ka talaga!

    well kasinungalingan man siya o hindi basta winner ang may hada period

  19. silent expectator said on 15-01-2008

    I live with this motto:

    If you’re honest with yourself and with others, people will talk about you. If you’re not, people will still talk about you. So better be true and honest, at least you live on your own expectations and let others get gaga in talking about you.

  20. prof. artadi said on 15-01-2008

    well migs, sad to say i too have been in exact same situation, i was a brash 19 year old who had an affair with a 36 year old man who had a 13 year old son. while it was fun at first it became too much for me when i learned that he had 2 other mistresses. while i knew he truly loved me i just can’t compete with 3 other women and have to leave him. it was a bitter end, so please don’t go there we can never win when we are the buena querida…

  21. leo said on 15-01-2008

    Oh well. We live not to please other people. At the end of the day, we are the sole accountable of our actions.

    For Migs, just carry on. And hold on. All things will work together for good.

  22. closet case said on 15-01-2008

    welcome to the club!

  23. baklamancutedin said on 15-01-2008

    What the heck!!! Follow the path of happiness, for we shall only pass this Earth ONCE and WE WILL NEVER PASS again. So try to live as happy as you can be. Kung kaya ng sikmura mo yung sasabihin ng tao, KEBER!!! Bakit sasaya ka ba sa sasabihin nila. Kahit ano naman gawin mo me sasabihin sa iyo ang LIPUNAN, LEtCHE BALAHURA, BALAJ!!! Walang tama o mali. Tao lang ang nagtatakda ng tama o mali. In short WALANG HIMALA!!! Ang HIMALA ay nasa TITE!!! MABUHEY!!!

  24. eponine said on 15-01-2008

    natuwa ako sa reply ni migs pero natawa naman ako kay empress maruja kasi “beauty pagenat mode” hehehe

    oo, masyadong pang-pageant ang mga words ni migs dito ngayon. hehehe parang ms. india kung sumagot…

  25. empress maruja said on 15-01-2008

    *Beauty pageant mode*

    Thank you very much for that very interesting question. If I encounter such a predicament, the best decision that I can make is to follow my heart.

    I may be a sinner in the eyes of other people, but let me remind you that we are all equal under the eyes of God.

    And if my time has come, I am ready to face Him with a smile on my face. I shall proudly salute God and say, “Sir, mission accomplished!”

    (wala lang, gusto ko lang talagang isingit ang last paragraph)

  26. Boyd said on 15-01-2008

    this was exactly how tori spelling felt when she hooked up with… what was the name of that actor?

    anyway, migs, you’re grown up and you know what you want for yourself and it’s not up to others to decide on that. that’s the problem with living a public life – you can’t go anymore public than being THE manila gay guy – your life is open to public scrutiny. Ultimately you’d have to make choices. Should you keep your life public or private? Should you go on with this relationship?

    Unfortunately, you found yourself in a situation where Pinoys, gay or straight, have a strong opinion. Where children are involved, Pinoys would root for what’s good for the kids. We’re family-oriented as a people.

    There’s also the unsolicited honor of being looked up to. Whether you like it or not, a number of gay people look up to you. As much as you have responsibility to your own person, you’ve also caused to be vested by a social responsibility to this demographic root and your actions are judged not only against personal opinions but social expectations.

    You’re in a position that I wouldn’t be envious of. But just the same, I only wish you happiness.

  27. jh said on 15-01-2008

    can a 17-year-old closet gay like me have such a cute love story? i wonder.

  28. Joms said on 15-01-2008

    I believe you. I may not have been in the exact situation like you do, but yeah, the feelings you put into it is too real to be ignored.

  29. peppoi said on 15-01-2008

    …ang haba comment ng nasa taas ko…grabe…

    anyway, you can’t win everyone so don’t wori be hapi =)

  30. The Pilot Is Gay said on 15-01-2008

    Some gay people live in their miserable lives(sulking hiding etc.) and couldn’t accept the fact that there are alot of PLU’s out there who lives a pretty much active life. Malungkot man aminin Migs but there are PLUS’s out there who find comfort in their “denial” mode.

    Bilang isang alagad ng kagandahan at kapayapaan(world peace hehe) Huwag mo na lang patulan. Loud mouthing you may be their own way of protecting their very hurting ego…kumbaga pagbigyan mo na,minsan lang tayo magpakamartyr para sa iba,basta ikaw maligaya ka! hehe…

  31. raymund gerard said on 15-01-2008

    all im gonna say my dear friend,
    is that this guy better be worth it.
    I soo hope so for your sake my dear.
    Im not one to judge because as jesus christ himself said, he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    im more worried about the fall out from this—since there are women and not to mention kids in the picture.
    my father is a cop….and as the cliche goes—ang pulis, matulis. he played the field like there was no tomorrow.
    i grew up wondering where my dad was everytime he wont be around to pick me up from school, or miss a school play or a volleyball game (yes—i know super gay), where he would be the times he wasnt there on the weekends, or why he came home soo late and left so early, why he was simply never there.
    growing up my mom told me he was just busy making a living for all of us—only for me to find out 2 years ago in a hospital that i have a half brother, same name, 18 years old (im 26)—while my father lay on his sickbed from a heart attack and the “other” side also had to stake its claim.
    and that worse—the mother of this kid was actually the “love” of my father’s life—from my own mother! (o di ba how filipino classics melodrama?)
    everything that happens in life is a ripple.
    it has effects elsewhere in the universe.
    migs, my friend, my sister,
    friends and fellow mgg followers,
    this isnt about what’s right ot wrong, whether he’s happy or not, whether he’s the best slut in town or not,
    this is about actions always having consequences.
    again—migs, i just hope for your sake,
    for his and his children’s as well, it’s worth it.
    i agree with tony—never mind what each of us here says—just think of you—attorney—and the kids.

  32. jimg29 said on 15-01-2008

    Words words words…If I have to believe to all what you’re saying is true…then I’d be damn better change my religion coz these incredible stories require a leap of faith. Better burst your bubbles now than wait for the day when we bazura-cyber minds meet our ends without going unchallenged. I am glad you’re still all smile. That’s probably what we need on this unforgiving planet!

  33. Tony said on 15-01-2008

    Sis, you know that I am going through a similar situation where people’s negativity and harshness is getting to me…. just breathe and don’t let it get to you.

    Read this over and over again and even though I know you have internalized it. Just read it out loud. It does help. πŸ˜€

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