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Exchanging emails with Palma Tayona, the artist, I grabbed this part of his message that I thought is a beautiful testament to the community that has formed around MGG, the site. I have always thought that the value of this blog is more in the exchange of ideas in the comments section, rather than in my actual posts. So, really, this testament is for all of you dear loyal readers, for all of you who share your thoughts and opinions here… mabuhay kayo!

* * *

Dear Migs,

…your site has provided a venue to put ideas and comments that relate and affect us as gay people. It is good to see different voices speaking out and giving their thoughts. Regardless of belief, inclination, desire and purpose, we are all men of the gentler persuasion bearing the same problems of discovering ourselves, finding our own self truths, living the same culture of loving/ liking/ desiring other men, and basically, just simply trying to survive with our lives with respect, dignity and purpose.

Being gay has many different colors. It is addressed in a myriad of terms. And that is where the beauty of being gay/ straight-acting/ butch/ effem/ bisexual/ transgender/ lesbian/ closeted/ blah-blah-blah lies. It’s in our plurality. It makes the world a little bit more exciting to live in every day. It creates balance.

– Palma Tayona

Comments (9)

  1. Geek.o said on 25-07-2010

    Natawa ako kay palma, sa image n nbuo s maharot nyang isip, ahaha. Tita, you’re so definitely gay. I love it! Hahaha

  2. aeriol said on 11-02-2008

    ganda naman po kase ng site mo kuya migz!!!!!! i hope to see you po in person heheheheheheheh…..

  3. palma tayona said on 26-01-2008

    i couldn’t resist and i have to quote someone above when he said “…makes it easy for PLU be in one-cute-gay-open-
    circle…” hahaha, sorry pero natawa ako sa image na nabuo sa isip ko.

    either it’s one huge choo-choo train orgy or a there’s a Maypole in the middle of a big circle of naked/half-naked gay men with olive branches on their heads and miggs is on top of that pole wearing ala-cupid like toga while playing a harp.

    this comment really made my morning. hahaha… cheers!

  4. Jesse said on 26-01-2008

    i take a little offence to that “gentler persuasion” part. kind of stereotypical.

  5. Gerry said on 25-01-2008

    jimg29, may karapatan na may censorship dito. Ang MGG stands for “world peace”, hindi uncensored, hard-hitting bangayan. Bakit ba kinakailangang “hard-hitting”? Hindi ba puwedeng i-present mo ang ideas mo sa maayos na pamamaraan? May karapatan si Migs na gawin kahit anong gusto niyang gawin sa site niya.

  6. cast said on 25-01-2008

    whew… ang ganda ng comment ni palma, all in… and yes migs, this has become a venue for gays from all walks of life to commune, be heard and/or speak their heart out…. a site like this makes it easy for PLU be in one-cute-gay-open-circle… congrats po

  7. jhong said on 25-01-2008

    your site has inspired me too, migs. thanks!

  8. jimg29 said on 25-01-2008

    mas hard hitting pa sana ang comment ko kung walang censorship ang puchang site nato! peace…

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