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Gone are the days when gay men figure in movies only as comic relief, thanks to the very vibrant indie film community. I remember this trend start some years back when Cris Pablo dared to produce “Duda/Doubt.” Since then a good number of non-conventional gay movies have been produced (some good, some not so — but that’s fine; I’ll give them all an “A” for effort). In fact in the coming days, there will be 3 indie films, all gay-themed, that will be shown. Nood tayo!

1. RoXXXanne by Jun Lana (writer/director)


Starring Jay Aquitania, Janvier Daily, and Sheree. Opens on February 2, 2008, Saturday, at Robinson’s Galleria IndieSine (will run for 10 days, then will tour to Robinson’s Place in Ermita, Cebu, etc.)

2. Ang Lihim ni Antonio by Lex Bonife (writer) and Jay Altarejos (director)

Starring Shamaine Buencamino, Josh Ivan Morales, Jiro Manio, and Kenjie Garcia. The Director’s Cut Premiere will be at the UP Film Institute / Cine Adarna on February 4, 2008 (Monday). Regular showing will start on February 13 at Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Ermita and Cebu. More info on this movie here.

3. Daybreak by Charliebebs Gohetia (writer) and Adolfo B. Alix, Jr. (director)


Starring Coco Martin and Paolo Rivero. Showing on February 13 and 14, 2008 at UP Cine Adarna; February 20 to 26 at Robinson’s Galleria IndieSine; Feb 27 to March 4 at Robinson’s Ermita; and March 5 to 11 at Robinson’s Bacolod.

“DAYBREAK” happens entirely in one place: a rest house in Taal, Batangas and only with two characters. In a single narrative time, intending by way of voyeurism, we discover what happens to two men spending one night contemplating whether to break up or continue their relationship. William and JP allow us to know their biggest lies and the biggest truths… two people loving each other, clinging to each other, betraying each other — trying the fragility of their feelings in only one night. Memories and dreams, truths and lies, fears and desires, betrayal and honesty, love and hate are all closely entwined in this night. Behind the veil of words, they are drawn to each other but will the light of the sunrise bring this intimacy to an end?

A tidbit from the writer’s blog:


He goes outside to smoke while William looks at him intently. He’s thinking that now is the perfect chance to tell JP but he’s still having a hard time doing it. He opens a book and tries to read he but can’t concentrate.

He follows JP outside. Nervous, he shares the cigarette with him. They stare at the Lake quietly, feeling the cold breeze.

Alam mo, lagi akong dumadaan dito. Gusto ko lang malaman kung andito ka.

Tumatawag naman ako pag aakyat ako di ba?

Ewan. Gusto ko lang. Palatandaan ko ang ilaw diyan sa may bandang kwarto. Pag nakabukas yan, alam kong nandyan ka. Kapag ang ilaw ng sala ang nakabukas, malamang, yung asawa mo. (beat) Sa dalawang buwan na di kita nakita, di ko akalaing hahanap-hanapin pala kita.

(breaks JP’s seriousness)
Ano ka, stalker? (beat) Know what? I’ve always wanted to know how it is to be a stalker. Parang sa mga horror films. Kaya siguro, initially, gusto kong maging Psychologist, gusto kong malaman yung sense of mystery nila.

Nasubukan mo na bang maging stalker?

Full trailer of “Daybreak” here:

Enjoy, guys!

Comments (31)

  1. Marc Carbonell said on 29-08-2010

    Hi. Where can I find ung soundtrack ng Duda “I dont love you anymore”? Can anyone send it to my email…. Thank you!

  2. jan deric taño said on 02-06-2010

    ……when reality comes i have nothing to say and it is like destiny that happens between bebs and hart. nothing different with this situation

  3. Tazmanianartist said on 28-02-2009

    Pls support our new indie film “1017: Sa Paglaya ng Aking Salita” Starring Kristofer King, Kahlel Urdaneta, G.A Villafuerte, Rain Rosario, Mercedes Cabral, Jay-jay Jimenez, Tia Pusit, Marlon Carmen of Survivor Philippines, James Mendoza, Chanel Latorre, Benji Garcia, Ces Aldaba and Miguel Hernandez. Written and Directed by Zig Dulay.
    Premieres March 03, 2009 7pm @ UP Cine Adarna. Tickets Php100.00 only!!!!

  4. danilo ligon said on 19-02-2009

    ang galing ng daybreak nakaka-touch ang pelikula, tinamaan ako sa puso ko. ganyan din ang nangyari sa life gusto ko makipag hiwalay sa relationship ko. di ko masabi sa kanya,kapag sinabi ko naman masasaktan kami sa bawat isa. ini-uwasan ko na siya di na ako pupunta sa house ya.gusto mag-going straight sa life.nakakahalata na ang parent`s ayoko malaman ng family ko ang relationship namin, malaki kahihiyan sa mga tao at sa mata ng Diyos. masakit din sa puso mahilay siya. kailangan ko tiis ang pain sa puso.

  5. kalugayran said on 19-06-2008

    Pls WATCH the only queer film to conquer Robinsons Galleria Indie Sine this pride month, “HUGOT” Starring award-winning actress Ms. Ana Capri in a superb wacky performance starting tomorrow, June 18 until the 24th.

    Screening time: 1:20 pm,3:00 pm, 4:40 pm, 6:20 pm, 8:00 pm and 9:40 pm. See you there!

    Pls. Pass. Thanks.

  6. RonTab said on 04-06-2008

    I read all the entries and was disappointed not to read anything in particular about Ang Lihim ni Antonio.

    When I have watched Roxxxane and Daybreak, i’ll go back to this blog and leave my comments comparing the three.

    Ang Lihim ni Antonio is a great film! Sobrang ganda, panoorin nyo. Galing ng acting, the dialogue were natural, sensual and hot sex, great shamaine buencamino. kUdos to the directors and screenplay writers.

  7. alexandrei said on 12-05-2008

    Ang ganda ng trailer ng Daybreak, I was supposed to watch it. Kaya lang busy sa sked din ng taping namin. hopefully ma post dito yung up coming film namin. Soon, I’ll inform you guys, written by your’s truly and directed by Direk Norly Lalo, take note straight siya, so a gay script directed by a straight guy, I just can’t wait for the treatment an gagawain ni Direk Norly. Well with a lot of support from me and otehr friends, Im sure maganda rin ang kalalabasan nito. Good thing nalang may friends ako na may copy ng Day Break, na spark tuloy interest ko after reading the blog. Mabuhay nga sana ang mga gay oriented films thru our very own cinemalaya and other indie oriented film people.

  8. jhong said on 11-02-2008

    roxxxanne was good. wala nga lang any exposure from all the actors. story-wise, maganda. galing din ng acting ni jay.

  9. gossipgirl said on 06-02-2008

    …hello upper eastsiders.. gossipgirl here… a good or bad publicity.. is still a publicity. a film that needs to be evaluated… for gayness invades your wallet.. talking about commercialism here! XoXO

  10. red said on 05-02-2008

    I watched roxxxanne earlier in galleria ok lang. Jay Aquitania pwede pang mag grow sa acting nya bagets pa naman sya eh. KUNG HEI FAT CHOY!

  11. peter said on 02-02-2008

    Wow!!! wonderful trailer. This is a work of art! How I wish I could watch them all. I’m out of the country now and will be home on april for a week. Could anyone tell me where could I purchase these films in dvd’s? pLEASE HELP.or any suggestions perhaps?

  12. dam-dam said on 01-02-2008

    yep, very ‘before sunrise’ and ‘before sunset’ ang daybreak.

    though, mas claustrophobic ang ‘daybreak’ kasi confined lang sila sa iisang location, mas intimate, mas malungkot.

    nood kayo ha! =)

  13. martha said on 01-02-2008

    bakit palaging sa manila nlang pinapalabas ang mga movieng katulad niyan.,.,inggit naman kami dito sa davao./,.sana ipalabas din yan dito sa davao.,.i’m willing to watch.,.hope so.

  14. joey said on 01-02-2008

    winner ang casting ng daybreak!

  15. Edu said on 01-02-2008

    I know this is like blashamous, but I don’t see what the appeal of Javier is. He doesn’t have a nice body. Not ripped. Kinda flabby. His face isn’t handsome. Yeah he has some appeal… but he is hardly hot. Unless of course we have been conditioned by Migs to believe it… :)

  16. Jedd said on 01-02-2008

    Daybreak seems very promising from the trailer. It looks better acted than Parola (no sing-song dialogs, lines more realistically delivered) which means we can immerse in the story. It better be well-acted because character and dialog-driven yata ang movie. Just two men, and one night ang setting. Nice. The soundtrack reminds me of the slower tracks on Madonna’s Ray of Light album. And the shots so far look like scenes I’ve never seen in any Pinoy film before. Very nice.

    This dialog “Sa dalawang buwan na di kita nakita, di ko akalaing hahanap-hanapin pala kita” reminded me of Brokeback Mountain. Also “Tumatawag naman ako pag aakyat ako di ba?” Hehe can’t wait to see this

  17. hotgay said on 31-01-2008

    by the way I like this poster of Roxxxane, its better than the last one, opinion lang po walang magagalit… :)

  18. hotgay said on 31-01-2008

    I will watch Roxxxane first because of janvier :) la lang show of support lang dun sa tao :) Love and Peace to everyone…

  19. kai said on 31-01-2008

    mukhang super ganda ng Daybreak! Plus of course yung roxxxanne

  20. mell said on 31-01-2008


  21. allen said on 31-01-2008

    Kaloka! Lahat ng mga main actors sa tatlong gay train ni direk Ihman Esturcco…Coco Martin started from him at nagbigay ng break sa Masahista…Janvier Daily and Josh Ivan Morales under sa kanya ngayon…alam ko for a while si Paolo Rivero naging talent nia din…KAINGGIT NAMAN!!!!!atleast nabigyan nia ng magndang training ang mga artistang ito…goodluck sa 3 indifilms na ito…more power!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. gay blogger in the closet said on 31-01-2008

    winner! looks like nakalabas na rin sa bath house–finally–ang gay film. too bad i won’t be able to watch it =(

    sana isali sa toronto film festival!

  23. rodier said on 31-01-2008

    mas gwapo si janvier slut. di ba?

  24. nuclear_wintour said on 31-01-2008

    daybreak…hmmm…slightly influenced by richard linklater films (before sunrise, before sunset, dazed and confused)?

  25. slut said on 31-01-2008

    wow this one rocks! ang gwapo nla preho lalo n c papa coco

  26. paotaichi said on 30-01-2008

    i absolutely like the trailer of daybreak. ang ganda-ganda! subdued ang dating. coco ang paolo have amazing chemistry. actually, love ko na c paolo since live show days pa. im excited na may movie sya again. cant wait to see this movie.

  27. rOckY said on 30-01-2008

    You featured Daybreak! hurrah!

    Bebs is a friend of mine kasi, hehe. Teh coolness!

  28. Jigen Riztag said on 30-01-2008

    The month of hearts seems to be filled with several interesting, intriguing, and satifying gay-themed flims, what with the upcoming screening of “Roxxxanne” (note the spelling of the title), “Ang Lihim ni Antonio”, and “Daybreak”. Just two weeks ago, “Sikil” was shown at Robinson’s Galleria, drawing excitement and interest not only from members of the gay community but also from straights, notably females. Sikil is currently being screened at Robinson’s Place in Ermita, Manila. The only thing I abhor about watching such films is that when you are answering the call of nature and you are standing right in front of the urinal, the persons standing next to you or at the wash area tend to stare at you or observe you while you are relieving yourself, if not size you up. Isn’t that frightening? Another thing I hate is when some people inside the cinema do not mind talking loudly, in the process disturbing the concentration of other viewers – apparently an absence of etiquette on the part of these persons.

  29. chuchucaracas said on 30-01-2008

    parang interesting yang daybreak. i just hindi siya masyado melodramatic na hindi na makatotohanan.

  30. francis said on 30-01-2008

    i would definitely watch all these films..

  31. Little Fish said on 30-01-2008

    echos like my life…..
    a relationship that starts with half-lies and half-truths ended up hurting each other….nakakapagod din!

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