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Mark G., an MGG habitué, sent in a heart-warming email today:

Hi Migs, I have been a loyal fan of your site for several months now. A gay friend introduced your site last year, and since then I have been going to your site almost everyday. It has become a daily routine together with my email checking. I sometimes leave comments on your featured stories. What I like about your articles is they are decent, not vulgar, and professional. I continue to promote your site to my friends.

Thank you, Mark. Yes, while MGG is a gay blog, I try my best to make it decent and respectable. I feature lots of men, sexy men, hunky men, sizzling hot men, but I make it a point to observe some limitations so that it won’t hurt the majority’s sensibilities. I always tell my friends who tease me about my features on half-naked men — MGG is sometimes naughty but never raunchy.

Discreet Manila Blog

Recently, through the lead of Baklang AJ, I discovered a new but high-potential blog, which I believe has the same sensitivity as MGG. It is both well-designed and well-written by a gay blogger named Vince. He calls his blog the Discreet Manila Blog:

Discreet Manila is a discreet gay guy’s look into the various venues, outlets, activities in and around Metro Manila that people like him can check out. This includes a look at gay-oriented venues, blue film reviews, tips and stories in discreet cruising, and discussion about various issues facing the discreet gay person.

So MGG habitués, go visit Discreet Manila and spread your message of World Peace to our kapatid sa pananampalataya, Vince. More power to us gay bloggers and blog enthusiasts!

PLUS PAHABOL… (this is the chika part)

I was kinda quiet with recent developments in my lurve life, then “Foot in the Mouth Disease”-stricken CC, my dear CEO-blogger-friend so funnily spills the beans in his latest post. Go read the secret chika.

Comments (4)

  1. tj said on 30-04-2008

    nice blogsite its not actually my first time here, this blogsite is like a household name already. keep it up!

  2. matt said on 05-03-2008

    i enjoyed the pahabol… kakainggit na naman c migs!!!

  3. Juding Anne Santos said on 04-03-2008

    mga shifatid ko sa pananampalataya… visit my blogspot:
    bka may matutunan kayong bago nyihihihihihi

    baka lng nmn…

  4. Vince said on 03-03-2008

    Er, wow. I’m really flattered to have been featured. Now, I’m feeling pressured to be as witty, funny, and bongga as Migs. Hehehe.

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