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Regular MGG reader and commenter “Fatboyslim” decides to share his story to us — he claims to be happily married but lives a secret “a-thousand-a-night” life with a former officemate. He says he already knows what I would tell him. How about you, what would you tell him? Read on.

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Good day to you and to all the readers of MGG!

Let me start off by introducing myself… Im fatboyslim, (thats the code that I use when I post comments here) 30 years old from Cebu. I got married last year to my girlfriend of 3 years, and I can say that I’m very much happy with the relationship.

I would like to request for you NOT TO PUBLISH my email address because my wife doesnt know anything about my other life. It took me a while to write you this letter, but after reading several postings and comments, I have mustered enough courage to compose this letter. (eventhough I kinda know what ur advice will be already)

Yes, I am BISEXUAL. Some others say theres no such thing as BI, but believe me there is. I love to have sex with my wife. She is the greatest girl any guy can have. She might not be as sexy (in short she’s fat) but when we make passionate love, its like bringing me to 7th heaven.

But the other side of me likes guys also. I love having sex with guys. Before when I was still single, I would frequent massage place just to get serviced by guys or giving guys BJ. I told myself that when I get married, I will stop whatever “sidetrip” that Im doing. Apprently it did not happen.

I behaved for the first two months after getting married. The problem started when I met Michael. Michael was one of our former employees. That time we needed extra personnel so he was hired. Since I am in-charge of sales and delivery, I get to inter-act with the employees a lot, and thats how I got to know him better.

He was 26 years old, married with a baby, and her wife is currently pregnant with their second child. His first born is very sickly, so he would always make cash advances to a point that his salary for the week will already by consumed as early as wednesday or thursday (his salary is on a weekly basis). In short, he’s not earning enough to support his family.

One time, he came to me asking for another cash advance. His baby was sick and needed to be rushed to the hospital. He asked if he could borrow 1000. Since its an emergency, I didnt think twice in lending him the money from my own pocket. He wasnt able to pay me back since his salary week after week was just enough to cover for his baby’s expenses.

Come December, company Christmas party. My wife was not feeling well that time so she went ahead before the party ended. I stayed with the male employees until midnight, singing karaoke, drinking beer. Since he was living quite near our place, I offered him to ride with me. I was a bit tipsy at that time, so while driving home, I ask him when was he going to pay the money he owed me. He told me that he wont be able to pay me since he will bring his wife and his baby to the province. He told me if there were some other ways he could pay me back, he’s willing to do it.

Remember that we are both under the influence of alcohol that time. I took that opportunity and drove to the nearest motel and check him in. It was the wildest night I ever had with another guy. He was hot!

Come January, he was relieve from the company since his contract already expired. He would occasionally come to my office and ask if there are any openings, but his visits would usually end up in their house or in a motel, and I would gave him 1000 for him to spend and look for another job. There was even one time that we did it inside our office since he dropped by after office and no one was around anymore.

I want to cut my relationship with this guy. But Im afraid he might start talking and that would mean doom for me. I know it was a mistake doing it with him in the first place, but Im only human! What would I do? I love my wife so much and I do not want to jeopardize my relationship with her. I need ur advice on this matter.


Comments (79)

  1. pink palaka said on 02-08-2009

    face the circumstances. please watch brokeback mountain…and your life would be the same with Heath Ledger…

  2. armani said on 14-05-2009

    kasi nga po makati kpa sa bajang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kapamilya ng ube. sabagay pariho tyo bakit ? wag mo na syng pancinin baka ikaw kc palaging nagpkita na motibo. ungas kang malandi ka,pokpok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  3. frank said on 09-02-2009

    I was reading the thread and I noticed that this suddendly became a cruising venue for fatboyslim and others to hook up….everybody knows what will happen next.

  4. BrEnT said on 03-09-2008

    alam mo fatboy–ala ng mas mahlaga sa ngayon kundi family mo–si michael–mawawala yan–pero your wife and kids–you have to protect them–kasi pag sila ang nawala—baka di mo alm kung san ka maguumpisa para ibalik ang trust na nawala-

    –trust is a very previous commodity–once you lose it–itll be difficult for you to get it back—its simple as forgetting the guy and hold on to “true LOVE” which is your wife and your kids—youre so lucky because despite of your being gay— youre able to get married and have kids–may mga bading na tumatanda mag isa–and never had the family of their own–

    you have the most precious gift of all—tinatanong pa ba kung ano ang dapt mong gawin? — forget the guy and be the best Father and Husband…thats it..

  5. jack said on 02-05-2008


    The truth hurts,


    TRUTH also will set you free.

    Reflect!…Take a vacation by yourself and think about what you really want for your life.

    Whatever decision you make, be brave!

    Muster enough courage and you will come out a winner! free as a bird!

    Good luck!

  6. burned said on 25-04-2008

    Dear Fatboyslim,


    Face the consequences.
    The only way out is the truth.
    Then charge it to experience.

  7. soulsearching said on 22-04-2008

    “Sir, pag nagkatampuhan kayo ni mam, pag kailangan mo ng kausap, alam nyo naman kung saan ako nakatira. Punta lang kayo sa bahay. Akong bahala sa inyo!” sabay kindat (wink)!


    ahahahha ataya ani oi.. hahaha

  8. silentwaterrunsdeep said on 12-04-2008

    i have received an email from you and replied back.
    what i can advise… try to talk with the guy. you might know him better since he worked for you. is he the type who would divulge what he knows about you? if ever that it does come out, can he prove it. i mean, you can take the risk of breaking what you two have been doing. in the 1st place this was already risky.
    having the secret out in the open is another risk you will have to face.
    if ever your wife knows about it, at least you can tell her that you already stopped whatever it is that u were doing. you chose her.
    goodluck bro and i hope that we can share more emails soon

  9. aeriol said on 08-04-2008

    why dont you to tell the truth with your wife!!!!

  10. fatboyslim said on 04-04-2008


    Thanks for the advice
    I would love to hear from u personally
    Looks like we have several stories to share!

    Email me at

  11. fatboyslim said on 03-04-2008


    Are u from Cebu? Lets just correspond first thru email, then when were comfortable na, then we can call each other.

    Im not comfortable in calling just any number posted on the web. Remember, married na ako, theres a risk!

  12. secretive said on 03-04-2008

    ay sorry, nakapag meet na pala kau ni micheal. Di ko nabasa the rest of the entries eh. Sorry, wrong number he h ehe

  13. secretive said on 03-04-2008

    I wish ur meeting with Michael and saying “No” will come out positively. Sana stick ka na lang sa wife moh, pag nalilibugan ka “manual labor” ka na lang. AT least di ka magkakasala tapos cost savings pa. Pareho lang naman yong “sarap” eh once na nalabasan ka na. Pero kung gusto mo na talaga ng totoong tao makaniig, sa wife na lang. This is not an advice dahil bi ka, this holds true sa kahit sinong married man. Taka nga ako bat naghahanap pa ng iba eh pare pareho lang naman ang sarap pagkatapos, though the style (sex style) is different for different people pero pag nalabasan ka the feeling is the same lang naman eh. Minsan nga na giguilty ka pagkatapos. Aminin.

  14. fatboyslim said on 02-04-2008


    Thanks for the email. I really appreciate you sharing ur story to me and yes I would agree that we are on the same boat! I hope this will be the start of a new friendship!

    To all MGG addicts

    Thanks for all the advice and comments. I really really appreciate all ur support, thanks to this site, I was able to express my deepest darkest secret! I hope I would find more friends here! You can email me anytime! (email address above)

  15. fatboyslim said on 02-04-2008

    Hi Mark

    I checked out ur myspace profile, unfortunately I can not leave a message coz I dont have a myspace account. I prefer to just stick it out with friendster (less to worry about)

    Hope u can email me at so we can correspond with each other! CIAO!

  16. dvoice said on 02-04-2008

    You’re right gaylad, specially pag wife mo hindi marunong sa kama. Minsan mas masarap makipag sex sa gay/bisexual.

  17. dvoice said on 01-04-2008

    Bro, kala ko ako nag send ng letter, buti na lang pure english letter mo kung hindi ako nga yan. Siguro mas nakaka relate ako sa letter mo kase pinagdaanan ko na yan. Advice ko lang, just keep on helping him basta alam mong para sa anak nya at hwag kana humingi ng kapalit, bayad man o sex uli. Hwag kang mag panic na baka ikalat nya sa office nyo na may nangyayari sa inyong dalawa. Kaibiganin mo sya ipakita sa kanya na concern ka talagang tumulong. Kase ang nangyayari kaya ka tumutulong kase naaabot mo rin ang rurok ng kaligayahan pagkatapos. Hwag mo syang iwasan, Kaibiganin mo sya at hwag iparamdam na ayaw mo na sa kanya, kase mararamdaman nya ginamit mo lang katawan nya para makaraos ka. Ganyan ang ginawa ko before at ngayon ok pa rin kami. Friend na nga lang wala ng sex. Pag inisip mo na friendship is more important than sex, mas maganda ang resulta. Sorry english speaking readers, I’m more comfortable writing this comment in tagalog than english, pilipino editor kase ako dati sa isang newspaper. Bro, if you are interested, you may send a message to I’m willing to share all my experience as a married man. Ako kase dati pumapatol sa bisexual pag wala wife ko dito at nag abroad. Sobrang hot kase, kailagan ng outlet. Ayaw ko sa babae baka mabuntis pa. Nag eenjoy kase ako, masarap sa pakiramdam na ikaw tinatrabaho. I feel like a king. Good luck and relax. I hope nakatulong ako kahit kaunti.

  18. jockbitch said on 01-04-2008

    man, have pity on your wife dude. there’s no such thing as bisexual man. you love dicks so you’re gay and you need to cut a slack for your wife. she doesn’t have to go through this suffering.

  19. bam said on 01-04-2008

    fatboyslim… i hav this fancy over married, professional guys. i wanna meet u up. drop me a message, 09279624517.

  20. fatboyslim said on 01-04-2008

    Thanks for the advice. I will try to access ur myspace account if time permits. Wala kang friendster?

    I would agree with you, friends with benefits is the right term. He can benefit from me by me helping him find a job, also he satisfied sexually! Hahaha!

    Seriously guys, thanks for all the advice. As I said, Im open to friendship. If ur from Cebu, my email address is posted above. (on my posting yesterday) feel free to email me!

  21. dark_phoenix said on 01-04-2008

    Regarding my last post, I guess I am right somehow that the guy was indeed wanted you to help him land a job..I think he was trying to use you through your weak spot–that is he himself.. As of what you have mentioned regarding your de javu, the guy even reminded you twice if you can help him out of his broke world just to be sure that you would really mean it. For me, everything he told you was a big crap. Even just reading the message showed his evil desire to you. It’s not really true friendship that he wanted.. friend’s with benefits?Maybe that’s the term.. Deal w/ your demons and try to seek the light 😉

  22. Mark said on 31-03-2008

    para sa kin..dalhin mo sa matinong or no deal! sabihin mo kung friends kayo friends lang. Tsaka para sa kin, wla namang masama na magkaroon ng F*** buddy(cenxa na meron kasi ako nyan eh-ahihihi) Hwag ka alala, hindi noon ipagsasabi, takot rin nya na isabi mo sa wife and family nya. If you need to talk, my myspace is drop me a word anytime.


  23. fatboyslim said on 31-03-2008

    Just to update you guys, I met up with michael last saturday, we talked about everything dat had happened.

    Ive explained to him that we can not continue seeing each other anymore. He said he doesnt want our friendship to end (echos!)

    He said that money is not important for him, whats important is the friendship that I gave him, the trust and openess. (leche!)

    Shit! Honestly I dont know if this is crap or what. I didnt want to believe him. He asked me if I could help him find a job, he’ll really appreciate it. I told him ill do my best to find a job for him.

    I asked him kamusta na baby nya, sabi nya his wife and baby are still in bohol, because the baby seems to be getting better there. His wife has a job there, and his in-laws are taking care of the baby.

    We had dinner at Jollibee, (my treat syempre!) After eating, I said my goodbye. He reminded me again if I can find him work, I said, ill do my best.

    When we parted ways, he told me..

    “Sir, pag nagkatampuhan kayo ni mam, pag kailangan mo ng kausap, alam nyo naman kung saan ako nakatira. Punta lang kayo sa bahay. Akong bahala sa inyo!” sabay kindat (wink)!


  24. fatboyslim said on 31-03-2008

    matt and ramjay

    I would love to meet up with u guys. U both know my standing in life, im married to my wife, and am happy with it. But it doesnt mean I can not have friends ryt? Maybe we can support each others in whatever problems we have.


    I would like to ask permission if I can post my email address here for reference.

    You can contact me thru this email, who knows this might be a start of a good friendship!

  25. fatboyslim said on 31-03-2008


    Is that ur cellphone number that you’ve posted? U want to be pestered by crank callers?

    Posting ur number is a NO-NO, unless ur so horny and you want to have sex 24 hours a day and u will entertain all who texted and called you? (sorry for this remark)

    If u want someone to share ur issues/problems with, try to find someone who is in the same boat as u r. No need to post ur number and advertise it online!

    I can lend u an ear if u need me. Just inform me thru migs. He has my email add.

  26. Woodstock said on 31-03-2008

    People better stop blaming alcohol for every single gay thing they do but can’t live with. No offense Fatboyslim, but if you want people to really understand and care about your situation, you ought to drop all pretenses and just come clean.

  27. 21 year old teacher said on 30-03-2008

    hmmm…. thats a hard one, let me say this first. with all due respect, everything started with you making the mistake and you should end it all at once! no more lies, no more lust, it all comes doen to you. do you have the balls to tell your wife? (because I believe that she has all the right to know, mas masakit kung sa iba manggagaling.) And are you willing to give up your lust for that man? no more pretentions about “ayoko na!!! pero in the end gagawin mo pa din…. it should stop at this moment.” ask for guidance from God. Confess to a priest and ask for forgiveness. Im sure after the confession, everything will be lighhter.

    ***or I might be wrong because I havent experienced these kinds of things.

  28. maniaxxx said on 30-03-2008

    when will we learn that mixing business with pleasure doesn’t always turn out to be a good thing? especially if you’re a closet case and you have family to protect? i know we have needs but por dios por santo, pwede bang gumawa ka ng milagro dun sa lugar NA WALANG NAKAKAKILALA SA IYO AT SA TAONG WALANG KONEKSYON SA BUHAY MO AT SA TRABAHO MO?

  29. shaharu said on 30-03-2008

    fATBOY,ang lakas na loob mo,Pare! saludo ako sa iyo,ang thrill siguro sa work place,di ba? namamadali at libog na abutin mo. Pero okay lang yun,kasi ganyan talaga ang BUHAY, nagagamitan lang ,pero ingat sa Mrs.

  30. ming meows said on 29-03-2008

    kay nganong ga-minyo!!! mirisi!!!

  31. ramjay said on 29-03-2008

    Matt… astig gyud bai! he he

  32. ramjay said on 29-03-2008


    Yeah it’s really hard but it’s your choice… actual i’m from cebu too but good for you you like girls too.. me, i’m very discreet but i’m attracted more to guys .. anyway, good luck sa plano mo just talk to him in a nice way I hope that he will understand you also.. Me, i sometimes want someone to talk to but I also make it sure that that certain people understands my situation too… again good luck Bai!!
    allthe best.. R 09285424453

  33. mel beckham said on 29-03-2008

    Fatboyslim, good 4 u! Good luck na lang po.
    Anton, they’re everywhere. They wore black and naka lean sa mga railings. Hihihi

  34. fatboyslim said on 29-03-2008


    Salamat sa lahat ng advices ninyo. I came here to seek advice, and I was able to get a lot (including some sermons :-P)

    Ive decided to cut clean with Michael. Ill be meeting him tonight! I hope I have the strength and the will to say NO. Besides, I just paid for our electric bill, cellphone bills and grocery yesterday, so Im dead broke! Monday pa sweldo!

    Will update you guys on what happen.

    Again, thanks for the advice!

  35. Vavaboom said on 29-03-2008

    You took a big risk, by marrying your GF.Bisexual men dont have any emotional investment, just physical. In your case you are gay, you give money to have sex and build a relationship on monetary foundation, really gay…very gay.You have to come clean to your wife and have a new beginning to be clean. I know how u feel, I was in that position. Now that Im divorced I came out clean and very happy.

  36. dark_phoenix said on 29-03-2008

    If you really felt pity for the guy… I think you can help him land a job by not even taking advantage.. You can refer him to your friends or connections or help in his job search.. If you lend him money for his family, the intention should not be lustful like having his body in return.. I mean you can just told him that if you have a job already then you can repay me.. Your intention of helping out of pity is just not appropriate.. Yes your just human and you said you were under alcohol when you did it the first time can be an excuse but the second time around and the more steamy encounters I think is your own choice to happen.. and with that you corrupted the poor innocent man (he’s straight right?).. you have just abused his weakness and use it at your end… Cut the connection and love your family.

  37. rommel said on 29-03-2008

    I am in Canada and met TRUE bisexual persons. They would really want to have sex with both guys and girls. Marami lang tlga Gays na nagsasabing Bi sila hahaha. chaka tlga nating mga pinoy. nag ppretend pa na bi, gay naman. pero i believe you FATBOYSLIM that youre a bi. my advice is you continue to give him 1000 in exchange for sex. pareho naman kayo nakikinabang eh. Gora lang hanggang magsawa. Go bakla.

  38. name me said on 29-03-2008

    kung umarte ang mga baklang mga ito kala mo may pekpek…

  39. anton said on 29-03-2008

    mel beckham Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Kung aatake naman ang libog mo sa mga lalake, maghanap ka na lang sa ayala center o sa SM cebu. Marami jan, promise.

    – Where oh where man sa Ayala or SM Mel? Please enlighten me. Hehehe.

  40. nick said on 29-03-2008

    Fatboyslim, you’re a lowlife. You’re taking advantage of Michael’s predicament. The guy is prostituting himself to you to feed his family and you have the temerity to be paranoid? You know that he really needs the money and you obtain sexual favors in exchange for cash. If you really want to help him, either give him a job or just lend him money without strings attached. And when his finances get better, then you can ask for payment. Don’t use your homosexual feelings as an excuse. It could happen to anyone of any orientation. To me, it’s plain explotation.

  41. eponine said on 29-03-2008

    feed the poor man by giving him fish, and he’ll return to you asking for more. teach a poor man how to fish and he’ll get by on his own.

    his financial dependence on you will turn out to be trouble for each of you. baka mag-away pa kayo by the time you’ll refuse to help him. he has very strogn tnednecies to abuse, you know. don’t be his milking cow.

  42. pepe said on 28-03-2008

    Hi, may mga ganyan palang kwento sa cebu? pwes, go na sa cebu. dila pa lang matigas na noh? hahahahaha. ayoko ko ng dagdagan pa noh? alam nyo na yun. dios mio, por dios por santo, ay naku, um! ang advice ko, sige ipagpatuloy mo, lahat naman tayo mamatay di ba? enjoy mo dong! hahahaha. habang buhay ka pa, sige mag enjoy! tuloy mo lang hanggang sa mabuking ka, bahala na si santo nino sayo. goooo…..

  43. Joms said on 28-03-2008

    The next time he ask for money, tell him you have none. Make excuses (like i’m paying for a new house for my family or i’m supporting my second wife, etc. What I mean is that you should appear that you can’t support him anymore.

    If he won’t buy your excuses and threatens you to expose the deed, the best way to get out of the controversy is to do what GMA does whenever there’s a political crisis…


  44. teeguzzin said on 28-03-2008

    Ay nako! yaman mo kasi, sanlibong pag-ibig/libog.

    Bi is a convenient way to say, “hey i like dicks, but i want to be accepted in the society (as a normal-kuno guy).

    Ayun, wala ring na-iadvise.

  45. montevedemike_73 said on 28-03-2008

    yeah… bi ka fatboi.. bi-yot…

  46. makie_20 said on 28-03-2008

    actually for me its very hard to give you an advise coz im not in your shoes and offcourse i dont have any relationship as of the moment beacuse of my work and my age,, but for me you have to take the risk that you did, im not telling you that you need to tell the truth to your wife or your co leagues coz im telling you she will not think twice to leave you for the mess that you have did. but for me if you are catholic try to pray and talk with god and regret for what you have done and promise not to do it again,,coz for serious relationship you only need to choose one,, wether if it is a male or female the important is you love him/her. I thank you 🙂

  47. mel beckham said on 28-03-2008

    Ate fatboyslim, tulungan mo na lang siya makahanap ng trabaho. At least, pag kumikita na siya eh he won’t need ur money na. Magkakautang na loob pa siya sa’yo. Hihi. Kung aatake naman ang libog mo sa mga lalake, maghanap ka na lang sa ayala center o sa SM cebu. Marami jan, promise. Or, pugngi imong uwag sa mga kerots, dosil oyaak maka noaks ug bukayo. Hahaha!

  48. bj said on 28-03-2008

    one piece of advice i can give to all is just be happy. if u think u r happy seeing michael n at the same time helping him with his child then go on. if not, then better stop. come on guys/gays, we are only human.


  49. fernandoIX said on 28-03-2008

    usa kalibo?


    kamahal gud anang lusoa?

  50. Rneeboy said on 28-03-2008

    If you can avoid him, do it now, before it’s too late and a bomb explode infront of your face, butI do agree that, ” gay will be gay no matter what” and there will come a time that you will look for a man to satisfy ur needs even if it’s a one night stand, talk with Michael seriously, don’t leave him without saying anything or else the more he will create a scene that you will regret, who knows probably he came to his senses as well since ur both a family man, but if something developed during your forbidden affair, isn’t it nice to have a steady one and i’m sure the hearts will talk now but if you think that nothing will really works except for the bulges that you desire for each other then have the courage and determination to stop now. Lastly, “parang gwapo si Michael at di mo maiwan….lol”cheers

  51. Ric said on 28-03-2008

    I believe that it happens. Maybe we can just have our conclusions but the fact is-it happened. It is really very hard when we are faced with a situation like this. It happened to me too. mas matindi pa. but no blackmail. i’m still in a relationship with a woman, but i do love men too. i love both of them.i don’t know what will happen but i do understand fatboyslim.

  52. fattyacid said on 28-03-2008

    tell your wife about your sexual orientation and your bonding sessions with other men.

    afterwhich, let her decide if she will stick with you or not.

    kasi sobrang mas masakit kapag talikuran kang ginagago ng kapartner mo…hahayaan mo bang sa ibang tao pa nya malaman?

  53. matt said on 28-03-2008

    dami nag comment from cebu…bat kaya wala man lang akong mahanap na taga cebu…tsk tsk!

    pede ba mag apply kay fatboyslim?

    or much better i endorse nya ako kay michael???

    lol… bading na bading ang comment ko!!!

    basta bisaya astig!

  54. WinterKing said on 28-03-2008

    I have some question sa iyo
    are you aware na pwedeng mawala ang lahat sa iyo kapag nadiscover yan ng asawa mo.. like your family ang una mong concern. and Pangalawa, kaya mo bang ideal ang kahihiyan na pwede mong ma encounter kung may makadiscover sa iyo, lalo na pag sa work place ka pa naglalandi. they say dont shit where you eat.

    at alam mo ba kung bakit naghihiwalay ang mag-asawa? not because you are a gay but because of lies na paulit ulit na mangyayari to hide your secret.
    ngayon ask yourself this:

    Am I prepared to face the consequence?

    theres nothing wrong with you, nature na natinna mahanap. Pero sa sitwasyon mo, dapat mamili ka – devil or deep blue sea.

  55. Preppyboy said on 28-03-2008

    Hey Slim…too bad am not from Cebu but will do what Michael does minus the Php1000! No Strings 🙂

  56. parteeboi said on 28-03-2008

    sooner or later the truth will come out. bite the bullet and choose.

  57. mightymikee said on 28-03-2008

    Once bakla, always bakla…Masarap talaga ang lalake…Pakatotoo tayo…Nsa yo yan fatboyslim, control … yan ang vocabulary nababagay sa yo…

  58. chuchucaracas said on 28-03-2008

    sa tignin ko if you want to stop it you can easily can. pero it seems na gusto mo ituloy sa it’s really up to you.

  59. ranmas said on 28-03-2008

    hmmm this is somehow portrayed in the series QUEER AS FOLK near the last episodes of the last season where emett had a relationship with a Football star.. dude.. try watching this episodes and learn from it.. in the end i hate to say this because somehow its overused yet understated.. ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE… but hey.. its still a matter a choice.. YOu are smart enough to make a good one..
    Goodluck.. hehehehheh

  60. Clark Can't said on 28-03-2008

    Like what Migs said before: Spare the women, please! AS in! Yun lang. May you have your peace ASAP! Thanks for sharing your story pud. =)

  61. peppoi said on 28-03-2008

    Hot Story!! Love it! Bravo!!!

    tell your wife; truth sets u free.

  62. leo said on 28-03-2008

    Playing around is a matter of choice – whether one is straight, gay, or bi. And getting into a problem just like that of our letter-sender is the result of that choice.

  63. fatboyslim said on 28-03-2008

    you said parang hindi totoo na bigyan sya ng 1000 kc nasa Cebu naman tayo, as I said, its more of like pity for the child, tulong na rin sa kanya yun. Alam ko tanga ako, thats why I decided to cut him off the picture! Thanks for that insanity check bai!

  64. fatboyslim said on 28-03-2008

    To all those who gave their pieces of advice,
    (gaylad, leo, LA, diego, ben, trey, MsNinja, secretive, freakytitz, chamberboi, lordmanilastone, rich-in-luv, imladris, anton maton)

    Thanks! I just needed some sane advice from people who can relate to my situation!

    In my case, its more of like pity to the child (plus lust of course 🙂 thats why I still continue seeing him.

    Ok, I might just be making it as an excuse, but ur all right, time to cut him out of the story.

    I love my wife so much and its high time I end this nonsense with Michael. There’s no love at all, its just purely lust!

  65. gaylad said on 28-03-2008

    I believe Fatboyslim bisexuality does exist. I’ve been with 4 bisexuals already, 3 of them got mirried, other one was my childhood friend who just impregnated a woman. My conclusion is bisexuals tend to end up with women, past time lang nila ang same sex out of lust when there’s no women available. This opinion is just based on my experience. So opinion is just as good as mine hehehe..

  66. leo said on 28-03-2008

    You should have thought of the repercussions of your indiscretion, that is – BEFOREHAND.

    At any rate, BISDAK are winners. Hehehehe!

  67. L.A said on 28-03-2008

    Pray and ask for forgiveness. Amen.

  68. diego said on 28-03-2008

    i mean, cut and cut clean!

  69. ben said on 28-03-2008

    don’t worry…if your problem is that you have a wife…he has that same problem too…..

  70. trey said on 28-03-2008

    tinuod kaha ni???

  71. MsNinja said on 28-03-2008

    Majalia Jakson ha! Babalikan ka talaga nian, 1 kyaw ba naman ibigay mo. 100 lang sa amin standard price, at hindi urban legend yan! Hindi na makakabalik ang baklang magbibigay more than 1 owow! 🙂

  72. secretive said on 28-03-2008

    Parang namang hindi to 100% true, parang may mga exaggeration. P 1,000.00 a night? sa cebu? Parang di true. Exaggerated. P 500.00 yata pinaka reasonably high price sa Cebu eh at gwapo na iyon ano. ( taga cebu ako noh). Unless kung model or super gwapo to the max as in artistahin ang dating puwede na P 1000. Pero kung delivery personnel lang tapos P 1,000.00, parang exag talaga.

    At isa pa, there was basically no relationship with this guy naman talaga in the first place. This is pure “business relationship”, walang ka emote emote. Strictly business relationship yang sa inyo, so you can always cut it anytime. Pero true ka, puwede ka talaga niya i blackmail.

  73. freakytitz said on 28-03-2008

    omg! it hapened to me too.

  74. chamberboi said on 28-03-2008

    Dude, just piece of advise, you should cut your relationship with your former employee, both of you are married, both of you have kids and wife…the risk of michael will spill the beans is always there whether you cut the relationship or not…wait,may i asked you this: Is there really a relationship?what kind?from the story i may say he’s just making it out with you because of what he can get from you (exactly!the 100o pesos you are giving him everytime you are having sex)..think about it mate…if you feel that he loves you and the feeling is mutual, both parties are happy, go on…but if not better give it off…

  75. lordmanilastone said on 28-03-2008

    paranoia is gonna be your worst enemy, just hope for the best, i mean knowing that he has also a family of his own to protect, squealing your escapades with him might be far-fetched, keep your cool^^ and here’s one more piece of advice, avoid him if you can before things may get worse…

    • funny_boner said on 12-02-2009

      Yeah, it really is something to get worried about. But it makes sense to just avoid having to do it again with him. The next time he shows up, learn to say no politely and avoid any lengthy conversation. If you get past that. I’m sure he’d think twice about going back. Hope this one helps. 🙂

  76. rich-in-luv said on 28-03-2008

    kasi naman may asawa na lumalandi pa, hehhe =).

  77. imladris said on 28-03-2008

    With all due respect, but this topic regarding married men who fool around behind their wives’ back is getting old.

    Personal circumstances differ but, man, it’s all the same crap, guys who simply cannot accept that they like dick.

    Grow up already.

    There…I’ve said it!

  78. anton maton said on 28-03-2008

    winner ka!

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