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MIRC, one boring weekend.


20 m qc.

I hesitated for a while. Bagets. Too young. But what the heck.

You okay with an older guy?

Tito? Kuya? Hehehe. Pic pls.

And the customary photo swap transpired.

Hmmm, I told myself. Cute guy. Tall. Muscular but not bulky. Most of all, a moreno pretty face. Alluring smile. May potential.

I was aggressive. Wanna meet?

He showered me with questions. When? Where? What do you want to do? Then it came down to, QC ako eh. Malayo.

I brushed his issue aside, may kotse ako. I can pick you up in QC.

In a few minutes, I was ready to go. Susunduin ko nga ang bata. Hatid Sundo. Sundo’t Hatid, I wished, hahaha!

* * *

I travelled along Quezon Avenue in a breeze. In less than 20 minutes I was at the meeting place. SMSd him. Silver SUV, parked in front of McDo. Come.

I saw him approach. The pic I saw did not do this kid justice.

He hesitated so I half opened the door for him, from the inside. He peeked in, I said hi. He smiled. And that small subtle dimple lightened up his moreno face. Man, was he beautiful. He hopped in.

A few minutes later we were gliding through Quezon Avenue. As usual we started with some small talk. We discussed his previous meet ups, the kind of guys he has met from MIRC, and what they usually did after meeting up. Then I took it as an opportunity to ask, so did you wanna have sex when we get to my house?

He smiled his mischievous smile, chuckled, and said, tinatanong pa ba yan?

* * *

In my room, the aircon hummed silently though audibly. As if it knew everything should be hush-hush.

I was on top of him and tried to kiss his full lips. He didn’t budge. I kissed but he didn’t kiss back. I don’t kiss, he said. Relax, just enjoy the moment man, I replied. My lips went south, just a bit south, my tongue playing around his chest area, just to distract him. In a few minutes we were again face-to-face, my lips caressing his. Again he wasn’t budging. I don’t kiss, he repeated. In my mind, he doesn’t kiss yes, but he is okay me kissing him. Interesting.

Several more minutes of foreplay, I asked him, are you enjoying? Yes, yes I am. He was moaning, yes I am. In a few minutes I repeated, are you enjoying? He was moaning, this time more slowly, he answered, yeesss, with his eyes closed.

I knew from our previous chat that we were both top but I still ventured. I asked him, do you want me to try it on you? He was hesitating, and answered me with silence. I repeated after a short while, did you want me to try? Again, silence. The third time I asked he changed his answer. Ikaw na bahala.


Hatid sundo. Sundo’t hatid, indeed.

* * *

On our drive back to where I picked him up, we were both in a very light mood. He was joking how inundated he was with my bodily fluids. Andami nun ah. Ilang araw mong inipon?

Dami pa ngang natira, I answered. Gusto mo i-take home? May garapon ako diyan sa likod. And we were both laughing.

Then when we were nearing the drop off point, I asked, hey why were you not comfortable kissing?

That was the time he opened up. Gusto ko, kaso… I don’t know how.

I was careful not to offend the boy. I just said, ganyan talaga sa umpisa. Kahit ako I didn’t know how to kiss at first. Once I learned, it was powerful. He was attentively listening, I can tell.

And when we finally arrived at the drop off point, he asked. So next time, turuan mo ako humalik?

It was my turn to flash my mischievous smile. Sure.

Comments (49)

  1. BrEnT said on 03-09-2008

    i agree with Joms–and lahat tayo dumaan sa first time—hesitations

    maraming magaling humalik pero virgin–maraming di na virgin or expert sa kama–di naman passionate sa halikan–lol–alang dating ba–

    what im trying to say is: everybody has their own history

  2. xoxo said on 07-05-2008

    to be honest… im a little jealous of stories like this because they seem to never happen to me πŸ™ *sigh*

  3. Tony R said on 04-04-2008

    is it really that inconceivable for something like this to happen?

    i, for one, have had an almost similar experience, the only difference e d kasing cute nung guy described in the post and naka-hookup ko.

  4. wakamaruβ„’ said on 03-04-2008

    hay nakow, pabayaan nyo na nga si migs na magkwento ng mga escapades niya…baka ung iba inggit lang, ahehehe! πŸ˜‰

  5. jet said on 01-04-2008

    parang may mali.. masyadong “perfect fantasy” yung storya.. hmm..

  6. julian said on 01-04-2008

    OMG! TOP daw! JUSKUDAYY!! nag-ilusyon na naman!

  7. ella camus said on 01-04-2008

    sarap!~ na-ella aketch havang read!

  8. makie_20 said on 01-04-2008

    wwrrrrraaaarrr,,migs naiinggit ako ..grabe na ito to the highest level..ang swerte mo naman..sana ako din,,haha.. πŸ™‚

  9. fatboyslim said on 31-03-2008

    guys, another thing, dont expect migs to share all the details in the postings kc this is a wholesome site. When I say wholesome, wala ng “notice that you can not enter unless youre 18” na chuva! If u want details, email migs directly, so he can share to you! (that is if he wants to share πŸ™‚

    You have my email address, email to me the details naman pleaseee…. πŸ™‚ lolz!

  10. fatboyslim said on 31-03-2008

    guys, bakit ayaw nyo ba maniwala sa story ni migs? ako i believe in the story, bkt pwera matanda na ang isang tao nde na pwede makapick up ng bata???

    (of course Im not referring to migs as matanda, Im speaking in general terms!)

    I love the story, and I believe its possible to happen. Swerte mo naman migs, u got a hottie curious bi cutie guy! Sa init ng panahon ngayon, at sa lamig ng aircon mo, Im sure khit sinong cutie bibigay sa request mo!

  11. Jayjay said on 31-03-2008


  12. Benz said on 31-03-2008

    winner!!!!!! home run!!!! hahaha

  13. fratboyinthecloset said on 31-03-2008

    @Q the conqueror: Thanks! Cge, I’ll give this antique MIRC another chance (hehe kiddin). I guess, I was at a wrong server, thus it was as lifeless as hell. Thanks Q!

    @maniaxx: OO cute si kuya migs. I can attest to that. bahala nalang lahat kng maniwala or hindi, as if apektado ang migs.

    @eponine: me point ka, and I can actually second that, pero thing is, this site is still not a self help book for gays, this is still migs’ site. Pero un nga since he has uber influence to the struggling PLUs… basta, pero at least, this site presented the dark side and the lucky moments of meeting up. so still balanced in a way. Its up to the PLU to give good judgement. Meron naman siguro lahat na sentido de kumon. Peace! πŸ™‚

    @lordmaniastone: sayang, akala ko kilala mo, gusto ko pa nmn ng me dimples. hehe. joke lang po.

  14. lordmanilastone said on 30-03-2008

    aayyy! parang kilala ko yung guy, hihihi, joke lang po^^

  15. Lionheart said on 30-03-2008

    Sobrang nakakarelate ako ah!

    Adventure tayo!

  16. julian said on 30-03-2008

    hayy!! ang iba d2 ang daling mabola. so gullible! SO SAD!

  17. Ferdie said on 30-03-2008

    di ko alam kung maniniwala ako dito, nakakadala na kasi. parang feke!. pasaway ka na naman manilagayguy ha. we will visit naman your site kahit walang ganitong mga post. pero tantanan na ito. parang nahihiya na kasi kami for you. nirerecommend pa naman namin ito noon sa ibang gays tapos noong … alam mo na,,,, parang nagdalawang isip kami. fiction na lang.

  18. glenn said on 30-03-2008

    fabricating is one of the options in here

  19. eponine said on 30-03-2008

    this article might encourage more peopel for spontaneous pickups of strangers from the net. i sensed danger. you mentioned you were going to bring your car, definite no no. it may attract guys, and it may attract some of the guys’ darker sides. buti na lang mag-isa at harmelss ang nakipagmeet sa ‘yo. you should have checked if there was someone tailing him, or if opposite where he was coming from, another guy lurking. jsut concerned migs. you’ve had a previous letter sender Q who fell prey to a scheming bastard that milked him money. be careful what you tell you have, and be careful bringing strangers home too. our brothers and sisters must learn from this.

  20. maniaxxx said on 30-03-2008

    this is a very good story. whether it be fiction or not, i don’t care. i’ve glimpsed a pic of migs before and i must say that he is cute. and a cute face like that coupled with a very intellectual and street smart character will definitely land him any guy that he wants (or maybe not but i’m sure about 90% of the time he does). so let’s just be happy for him. my god, he does make us all feel good with his postings here, doesn’t he?

  21. Qtheconqueror said on 30-03-2008

    MIRC. Oh the memories. πŸ˜›

    FBITC – Input your name and email and nick (name and email dont have to be real). Then hanapin mo ang SERVER. Pick Undernet (EU or US). Then click the lightning button to connect. Upon connection, a box will pop out, asking you which channel you will join. Type #salsalan or #bi-manila. πŸ˜›

    And oo nga, super competitive ng mga tao sa MIRC. ahahahaha. First come, First Sexed. (Then balik ulit for more). Met my boyfriend there though :D.

  22. tazmania said on 30-03-2008

    For starters, he did not mention his age (pedo? ) and I think stories like this should have another part or section and not to mix it up with a photo gallery thingy right guys? Just a spur of the moment thought I had when I checked this out. Ciao!!!

  23. matt said on 30-03-2008

    napansin ko lang, lahat na nag claim na sila ang unang nag post ng comment ay nagkamali!

    I think it’s about time na may contest kung sino ang unang maka pag post ng comment dito… the prize???? magpa sundot kay migs!!! πŸ˜›

  24. bluejang said on 30-03-2008

    those who want the latest mirc full version u may go here:

  25. matt said on 30-03-2008

    nag uninstall na rin ako ng MIRC dahil sobrang gulo at bilis d ako makasakay!!!

    may time pa si migs na makipag chat???

  26. UchihaMadara said on 30-03-2008

    Kakanta na lang ako ng Jamie Rivera song…


  27. hector said on 30-03-2008

    just another one of those stories coming from your wildest dreams. such a story teller indeed

  28. fratboyinthecloset said on 30-03-2008

    @BOYD: Hiyeee!!! Uy andito tayo parehas! hehe. Kanina lang ako nag install. Wala tlga akong MIRC, hehehe. Eh natoxic ako sa paggamit. Me pagka neanderthal pa naman ako sa techie stuffs minsan. haha. so un, un installed na. Pero na save ko pa nmn ung .exe na installer, just in case kelanganin in the future. hehe. (akala ko sabi mo masagwa kung FBITC, parang Fat boy in the corner, hehe)

    @JOMS: Oo nga. bakit parang me insinuation si kuya julian about bots? Kung walang bottom, walang top! Why is it that bottoms are taken as the weaker sex(or rather weaker PLU). Bugbugin ko kayong lahat eh.

  29. Joms said on 30-03-2008

    Pasensya na migs ah, mukhang madami talagang ayaw maniwala sa kwento mo eh. This time, I’d really put my cards so your readers would understand what you shared in your entry.

    I’m a chatter for more than two years. #salsalan ang home channel ko. This time I’d put myself in the guy’s shoes. 20 years old, possibly a newbie. Malibog, looking for a place to have a fuck. In the channel where I used to hang out, matindi ang kumpetisyon. Looks, appeal at katawan ang puhunan mo. Minsan kulang pa nga eh. I must admit, each and every one of us has his own preference – katulad ko, trip ko mas ASTIG sa akin, mas lean ang katawan, moreno, chinito… I don’t mind ang mahalaga dapat TOP siya.

    Knowing how guys like me think and act, I could easily distinguish an effem from a masculine – by the way he “salitype” in our chat, the way he expresses his ideas, and the way he introduces himself to me. Minsan dumarating sa point na sobrang ayos na yung usapan niyo, that looks really don’t matter anymore. Its the company and the sense of belonging that really counts.

    A newbie has a lot of hesitations. He doesn’t kiss, he doesn’t fuck lahat ng reason ibibigay niyan.. kagaya ko noon. But nevertheless, he is open to ideas. Malibog eh, experimental pa. Given the situation above where the author appears to have weakened the guy’s defenses through his expertise in bed, bibigay talaga siya.

    Therefore, things happen, without us expecting it.

    I got my best fucks at a time when I still look down on myself. I don’t know how it happened, knowing that looks are very important for people like us. But it did, and it’s not because of mercy fuck. Maybe it’s because I know how to deal with guys and I know how to get their attention without being too obvious about it. Maybe it’s because wala akong hassle sa sarili at sa tingin nila, maayos akong kausap na tao.

    So I believe in Migs’ story. Fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter. For I know – through my own experiences and the experiences of others that it happens.

    Whether we believe it or not.

  30. rommel said on 30-03-2008

    panalo si bakla naka jackpot! sana sinama nyo ako , POWER BOTTOM!!!!

  31. teeguzzin said on 30-03-2008

    awww.. papi, ako rin.. turuan mo akong mag-kiss ha!

  32. Boyd said on 30-03-2008

    hoy FBITC bakit ka may MIRC! hehehehe

  33. sexualapple said on 30-03-2008

    wow. that was something. i enjoyed that.

    but i wonder why some reader would describe it as “fictitious”. i mean really.

    this is a journal, not a pocketbook you sell for 12 pesos.

  34. Oliver said on 29-03-2008

    hahaha panalo! tunay b ito?

  35. NeverMind said on 29-03-2008

    Hello there Migs. Hi fellow MMG Readers.
    After some darn years, (mmm, two years) I’ll be posting a comment here at MMG. Xerlng… Oh, and yes probably, I’ve contributed, mmm, hundreds of views already? Lols.

    Hmmm… yeah. Another great fiction? Lols.

    Migs, sorry, so so sorry.

    Actually, I used an idead I got from a “short story/sharing/whatever” here in your blog for my Case Study. Mmm… “Like a Hungry Serpent Searching for Vermin”? And thanks to you… just got a hundred! Hahaha! My research teacher too, an alleged gay (hahaha…lols, co member), got so intersted. I’m sorry for my insenstivity.

    Mmm, this is quite too long already. Got to say bye.


  36. carlos_m said on 29-03-2008

    same comment as the others, totoo ba ito? cute ba talaga? WALA BANG BAYAD? Neways, i enjoy some of your posts. Keep up this entertaining site!

  37. fratboyinthecloset said on 29-03-2008

    Migs, nag install ako kanina ng MIRC, nahilo lang ako. Ang gulo. Pano ba gamitin itech? Sus! Jurrasic!

    Ayaw ko na, bakit pa nmn kasi pina delete G4M account ko eh. hay, i-uninstall ko nga mamaya itong MIRC.

  38. ranmas said on 29-03-2008

    hahahha… parang ako.. picking someone from chat.. quite fun.. buti nalang nag room kayo.. bec. mine doesnt always happens in a room.. paminsan sa kotse, kasi mas exhiting (or walang budget para sa room hahahhah).. and the fear of getting caught intensify the urge for sex… heheheh.. well ive been caught twice but i always have a way with authority.. kahiya nga minsa.. but meeting someone in chat ( total stranger – not knowing the quality of the package ) once started becomes a hard habit to break.. kaya mga bakla.. bili na ng kotse .. joke.. pero make sure na hindi magiging famous yung car nyo sa mga callboy area kasi.. one time dumaan ako sa area nila ( where i pick up when im depress ).. pootah nagtatakbuhan mga lalaki.. sinisigaw ..SUUKIIIIIIIIIIIII…………….
    binenta ko nga.. bili ng bago.. hahahah.. amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. UchihaMadara said on 29-03-2008

    Aveeerrrrhhhh!!!??? Sige nga kapag nag-EB uli kayo, kunan mo sya ng pic…then paste mo dito sa MGG!!!

  40. alex said on 29-03-2008

    I like the way you tease us with the details.


  41. silingLABUYO said on 29-03-2008

    so fictitious…

  42. demure said on 29-03-2008

    there’s something illogical here…nagpa bottom ang moreno guy, pero di marunong mag kiss? c’mon….

  43. fratboyinthecloset said on 29-03-2008

    KUYA MIGSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAA!!!!.

    Mag iinstall din ako ng MIRC. Gusto ko rin ng may dimples!

    Ang daya mo!!!! (akala ko me dinedate ka?)

    Walang sumbungan ha? hehehe.

  44. Joms said on 29-03-2008

    Julian: Parang sinasabi mong may problema sa pagiging bottom ah.

    Btw, naniniwala ako sa kwento ni Migs. No doubt about it.

  45. Charles said on 29-03-2008

    Anu ba yan wala man lang details kung ano nangyari after the “Ikaw Na Bahala”.

    Apparently, may bj na naganap…however…

    Thanks haha…This was a fun read! Please post more of these. Dito sumikat ang kwentongkalibugan lols!

  46. julian said on 29-03-2008


  47. the_grinch said on 29-03-2008

    s#ls#lan or bi-manila channel? undernet or dalnet? hehehe… expert?

  48. T_rex said on 29-03-2008

    Yehey! First to comment! La lang…

    Did this really happen?

  49. daxtoh said on 29-03-2008

    panalo!… totoo ba to?… hmmmm….

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