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Late bloomer – that’s the term we usually use to describe those people who explored their homosexuality a little later than usual. This is the case of JC, our letter sender for today. JC is set to get married to his girlfriend of 4 years early next year, when he recently met the to-be-wife’s gorgeous hunky cousin Daryl. In short, Daryl turned JC’s world upside down, and the to-be-husband is naturally confused. The question: should he risk his wedding plans to give himself a chance to explore his dormant homosexual tendencies? Or should he shut the feelings up, and go straight on with his heterosexual plans?

* * *

Hi Migs,

I chance upon your site while surfing today. Wonderful site for gay people. I feel so comfortable with your site. I was able to read the letter of fatboyslim and some of the advices that were given to him by your readers (some are rude) that I decided to share to you my problem and hopefully I will be able to get some advice from you and your readers.

I am John, friends call me JC, 29 years old and currently connected with a call center here in Ortigas. I have a girlfriend for 4 years now, and we’re planning to get married early next year. I love her for God knows how long, (we’ve been together since high school) and I know she will be the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

The problem started last December.

It was their annual Christmas party and since we’ve been bf/gf for so long, the parents invited me to the event. All the relatives were present. There were a lot of food, and drinks. I think this was the only time that I saw all kinds of drinks present, from gin, to beer, to rhum, to tequila, name it, it’s like an overflowing bar.

That was when I met Daryl. Daryl is the cousin of my girlfriend. He is 26 years old, stands 5′ 10″ weighs around 180 lbs and has a swimmers body everyone wants to die for. In short, even if you’re straight, you cant help but admire this good looking GOD! (that’s how I describe him) Since were almost the same age, we got along very fast. We have the same likes (movies, television, going to the gym) so we literally hang out together the whole night. My girlfriend even joked that “nagseselos na sya” kasi I spent more time with Daryl then her, but everyone around us just laugh off the comment.

The party finished around 2am. Since it’s already too dangerous for me to drive home (her parents didn’t allow me to go) I decided to sleep over their house. I was asked to sleep at the guest room with Daryl. Since there’s only one bed, we have no choice but to sleep beside each other. While in bed, Daryl started asking me questions, about me and my girlfriend, stuff like how long have we been together, then he started asking if we had sex already. Since were both a little tipsy, I gamely answered all his questions. Then he asked me if I had experience with gays, I didn’t answer, he then told me his first experience with his classmate and how good it feels to be sucked by a guy. This made me really horny, He then faced me and told me that I’m cute, then asked me if I wanted him to suck me. I didn’t say anything, so he proceeded to give me the best sex I ever had.

Morning came, everything went on as usual. We exchanged cell numbers and promised to keep in touch. I didn’t hear from him for several days, so I decided to text him. He called up after receiving my text and invited me to go to their house because he wanted to show me something. Since I kind of missed his company, I decided to go. When I arrived, he asked me to go up his room, when I entered, he gave me a hug and gave me a passionate kiss. He told me that he missed me so much, and he wanted to make love to me again. I did not say no, and we made love the whole night.

We now meet up every weekend. We would go to the gym, watch a movie, have dinner and I would sleep over their house. Now I am very, very, very much confused. I don’t know where this is leading me. I love to see him, be with him, enjoyed the sex that we had, am I falling in love with him? My girlfriend doesn’t mind us going out since it’s her cousin. But I’m very afraid of what’s happening. I love my girlfriend, and I don’t know what will happen if she knows this is happening. I need help!

John Charles (JC)

* * *

Dear JC,

In assessing your situation, your girlfriend, your upcoming wedding, the hunky Daryl, and your secret rendezvous are not the only things to consider. They are important, I’m sure they are, but they are only, may I dare say, a minor part of a bigger picture. I would recommend that you also look at the other bigger element in the picture — yourself. Look inside yourself, not just outside. Daryl may just be the instrument used for you to discover yourself. Regardless whether your relationship with him will last or not, be thankful for having met him, be thankful that because of him you are asking these questions before, not after, your wedding.

Take as much time as available to know yourself, your orientation, your values, your deepest longings and desires. The exercise will definitely be confusing, exhausting, and many other possibly ugly things — what it can never be though is pointless. Knowledge of self is powerful. While the journey may wear you out, it will be for the best interest of all characters in your story, yes, including your own character.

I wish you all the best, JC. Your eventual decision will speak volumes about your character. It will also mold your future self and life. Be well.


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  1. Vhincehcology said on 22-09-2010

    Hey man, you need to choose – period – that’s it.

  2. es said on 01-03-2009

    uhmmm ano na nangyari?

  3. iihka said on 20-02-2009

    for me this is really confusing. it’s like giving a hint, a notion that every boy will turn gay or libog lang?

    it’s so much different.

    ti’s hard to differntiate love betweeen lust these days.

    what is a night and other weeks compared to four years?

    we never know

  4. kem said on 14-10-2008

    Shucks, i also have the same problem.. ihave a gf for 4 years now but just last 2 months, this guy wanted me to suck him. as i was curious, i did.  and i loved it.  now, im confused because he used to be sweet to me, but now, when we meet, its like we do not know each other.  this started when he already hade a girlfriend. he would text me to come to his house though and i would suck him and we would kiss each other until he would cum.   shit! i think i am in love with him.

  5. jay said on 30-05-2008

    Hi everyone. Talk about late bloomer !! I’m in deep s*** now!! All because of that one instance. I got myself carried away. Now I dont know what to do ?????? I’m too old for this kind of stuff !!

  6. tygger said on 17-05-2008

    like what all the people here said. its not too late. repent and seek for forgiveness. and admit that you have done something wrong.Ang mali ay laging mali paikot ikutin mo man. ganyan din nangyari sa akin at ng friend ko,naligaw din kami and we are still crawling out ofF the mud that we dug for ourselves. hindi mo man kayang turuan ang pusong nagmamahal pero alamin mo kung Ano ang tunay na pagmamahal. Ipagdasal mo, may makikinig saiyo. Why settle for somthing less, if there is a Greater Love thats ryt there for you… YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO already, its that you just DONT WANT TO HEAR IT… LISTEN…

  7. Junryl Macabangin said on 30-04-2008

    Go ahead, marry your gf. ako nga 12 years na kami ng aking asawa at magtatatlo na ang aming anak hindi na ako nakapanlalaki. Mahal ko ang aking pamelya. Binata pa ako noon, maykarelasyon akong lalaki at babae wala namang problema. Hindi talaga alam ng aking asawa hanggang ngayon na silahis ako at nagkaroon ako ng relasyon sa isang lalaki noon ang alam lang niya sa babae.Marry her JC.

    • notevenanoption said on 01-06-2017

      im sorry, this is just stupid. there must be a lot of other way. merry her JC but hindi pede na bahala na. this may worked to you jun but we would not know if he’ll get the same result. and have anyone told you that marriage should keep no record of wrong.

  8. ian ramos said on 12-04-2008

    JC, the question is not whom to choose but what you should do. Whether you choose your GF or his cousin you will always be haunted by what you have done, remember that you met the cousin in the family gathering. I agree with their comments for you to leave both of them and try to reflect and examine yourself. Good luck and God bless.

  9. liver11 said on 12-04-2008

    hi. i feel for you but i do agree with migs. it is not a question of who you love more. the BIGGER issue is YOU. you have to do a lot of soul searching to find the answers within yourself. do you like guys? or girls? i know, you won’t be able to get your girlfriend or her cousin completely out of the picture, but try. in the end, you may not end up with any of them but you will still have yourself. in the end you may still get married but with a different girl. or you might end up having a lasting relationship with a guy. your girlfriend and her cousin might just be instruments in your search for the REAL YOU.

    good luck.

  10. aeriol said on 09-04-2008

    tell the truthtoyour girlfriend!!!! i know its kinda hurt pero much better for her to know the truth!!!!!!!!! – gud luck!!!-

  11. Chef Jolas said on 08-04-2008

    Four years is like GOlD honey.

    Our era is fast, As in Fast.
    You can sex to anyone you want, it maybe a girl or a boy.
    And Daryl guy will leave you, after he is so sawa at your Penis. or whatever you guys are doing. Your wife will be there, pag tanda nyo, khit na you cant make sex, she will be there. till death.

  12. dissme said on 08-04-2008

    phase lang yan… tska uso e hehehe…

    seriously, i think you don’t have any control of this fondness, i think, for Daryl… just stop it. think & pray. then do some right actions… ‘wag mo gawing cover girl gf mo… toinks!!

  13. tagosadilim said on 08-04-2008

    Hmm… a soon-to-be-groom in distress… latent homosexuality… sexual awakening…

    And as usual, many among us would be quick to hand out our judgment. My point is just basically this: what will make you happy? Are you in just for the sex (with this Daryl guy?)

    If you think, you’d be happy with this Daryl guy, leave your wife-to-be. But suffer the consequences. For sure, you’ll know that your decision will haunt you for the rest of your life. (And just make sure that this Daryl guy will fight for you just in case.)

    Four years naman is just that — four years. Nothing to it really.

    ‘Yun lang ‘yun: define your own happiness.

    Then decide.

    Then go for it.

    Good luck, future husband-to-be.

  14. hustlingmind said on 07-04-2008


    Yes. I DON’T MIND. In fact, out of liberation, naiisip ko na rin na kung magiging bading anak ko, i will accept it wholeheartedly but if he prefer to keep it to himself, then be it.

    Problema kasi dami mga self-righteous. Keep your sex-life secret para walang issue. I am here to belong not to ask for your approval.

  15. Mannie said on 07-04-2008


    It’s true that you only have two sides to choose from but it seem so difficult!
    Try this…. Pray hard.. surrender your feeling..and ask for the right answer and it shall be given unto you. Faith counts a lot. Dont have doubts about your inquiries. Im 100 percent sure what ever decision you make, was given to you by the great person up there. You have the same INITIALS trust me… He never ever failed me…

  16. joeblow said on 07-04-2008

    Para sa akin, kailangan back to basics ka muna JC.


    And then once you really get to know and accept the real you, start being good to your real self… whatever that may be. And, contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a choice, either. You do not really choose to be gay or straight or bi. The real choice is what you do the rest of your life once you realize who and what you are.

    JC, you live live once and life is short. Make the most of it… and whatever you do, try not to live a lie the rest of your life.

  17. montevedemike_73 said on 06-04-2008

    asus…. bayot pa rin….. judy ann mag tell na confuse ka te. ikaw ay isang bayot. period.

  18. Chef Jolas said on 06-04-2008

    And excuse me people,

    BEING GAY, you have the RESPONSIBILITY to act proper to the people who surrounds you.
    Responsibility: it means, you dont give BJ or whatever to guys who have gfs. that is why people hate GAY pinoys.(more othe reasons pa) that is why, i dont want to be gay anymore, cuz SOME gay guys dont use their commonsense, they act like they are mahilig sa T___. at yun lang ang buhay nila.
    Enjoying both worlds?!

    what the pack of cigarettes! to JOMS, its your fault why ur relationship with ur gf died, not of NATURAL causes, but your LUST. Pitty, PItty. PEOPLE, USE YOUR COMMONSENSE PLEASE, Before engaging into such acts of ___ i dunno. and people, khit pumatol pa ang isang lalake sa isang lalake it doesnt mean HE is GAY. SUS.parang pang prep yung ganitong reason
    “pag pumatol ka sa bakla eh bakla ka na din” Pano yung mga escort papa Boys? or the dancers? sige nga, they do that for the money, if they have more money, do u think they wil engage in such actions? Exuse me mga lola, kung ganun ang reason nyo eh, sana matagal na ako pumatol sa babae kasi gusto kong maging babae. anyway, JOHN, bigay mo na lang sakin yung guy, he needs some lesson! Hahha people you can email me if you have bad comments, good or plain nothing at, thats my REAL email. Much love, JJ

  19. Chef Jolas said on 06-04-2008

    leave the guy, cut it.
    invest everything to your gf, she is ur life, ur future, ur pillar of strength and courage. SHE will be there FOREVER, excuse me, FOREVER for you. How dare you cheat on her, sa lalake pa!

    You know tsong, Darly(tama ba, the one you have lustful nights)he is not worthy of you, and lalong lalo na yung GF mo! He doesnt respect your gf, his cousin!

    Do you even have common sense, My dear?

    Choose your gf, not the boy.

    dont listen to people whos telling you to choose the guy.

    HOMOSEXUAL relationship will never last,

    BUT your relationship with your GF would last, IF you WANT.

    Dont entertain that piece of crap,
    yeah, he is goodlooking and all,

    but shit man! no class! he should be killed, or better yet, be Disowned by the gay people ever!

    Take the responsibility and BE a good BF.

    She deserves it.

  20. rommel said on 06-04-2008

    -hustlingmind Says–
    “Di ko maintindihan why gay married men is so lambasted in this site by some of the readers.

    maybe because we are enjoying the best of both worlds?

    its our choice. anuman ang mangyari, kami pa rin ang mananagot.

    we’re just here kasi nakakita kami ng mga kaibigan.

    what happened to freedom of choice?


  21. DesperateHouseboy said on 06-04-2008

    This story is so freakin hot.

  22. fratboyinthecloset said on 06-04-2008

    @MIGS: Remember when I screamed “Help”? Its for exactly the same situation as this one… minus 1 year (from the 4 years), minus the hunk God (ay nanlait pa?), minus the first time (opo, naging pokpok ako minsan). I was just quite hesitant on screaming my troubled thoughts, assuming you probably had too much dose of it from your blog, and fearing that you might think less of me.

    I’d have to be honest, dvoice’s comment was the one I’m currently reflecting on. My (gay) partner right now knows that I have to make a choice soon. And its gearing towards choosing my once straight life (which was only a couple of years ago and to mirror dvoice’s premise, one has to avoid doing it again once marriage comes into the scene, sana nga lang di matukso). Doing what’s right is rather subjective, from a gay-concerened-for-women’s-rights point of view to a homo-act-is-a-sin kinda perspective. How to weigh things? Tears will be shed, hearts will be broken, and you will hurt yourself and others more. Haay. un lang. (sana no one would have to undergo this kind of situation).

  23. perfida limpin said on 05-04-2008

    “straight men don’t just “turn gay” out of the blue.” – gayblogger in the closet


  24. Zypher said on 05-04-2008

    Congrats to everbody, JC your case has been dissected well, and reading all their comments, everybody stated their case very well, one thing only goes for me in here, either you go for a black or white and its only you who can really decide on this matter, the fact that you just discover yourself recently and you haven’t accepted yourself yet if you’re gay coz you’re still confused, nobody knows “who the real JC is” at the moment and what are your feelings after that December night in which you discover yourself with the help of Daryl, who liberated you’re true feeling for a guy. If you have enough courage, find somebody whom you trust and speak with this inner problem of yours other than Daryl, if you can’t resolve it with him. Before its too late, decide for what’s best, your gf doesn’t deserve you if you’ll gonna lie to her about the real you, in the end, she’ll gonna hate you more if you’re not going to straighten yourself up or continue to live in lies. As JT said ” if you’re really determined,anything can be done, and it will only fail if you gonna make a lot of excuses” at if di ka sincere sa pagbabago na gagawin mo coz you already discovered yourself and that you like guyz, that’s the other side of the story and that’s a another point to start with. But if you want to marry this girl and want to have a family then this is the right time to start anew. I do agree that gays are very much lustful and promiscous, if their young they’ll gonna try all the man that they can hook for and that’s the sad image that portrait us all but I guess as we grow matured, we changed and just hope that love will come without us hurting anybody or us being hurted. So, think a lot JC what you really like best the “black or the white”. If you choose your gf, i guess she doesn’t need to know the past and it won’t hurt her, stay away from Daryl and any man whom you’ll gonna meet along and who will tarnish the change that you’re going. But if you choose to be honest to yourself and be the real person that you are after discovering what you really like and who you are now, then be it, you’re just being true and honest to yourself and you want to live life without guilt feeling and i’m sure you’ll make it. Hope i was able to help.even a little. Do e-mail Migs if what have you decided and after your talk with Daryl, that will be gr8t to us readers.Cheers

  25. JC (Juana Carlota) said on 05-04-2008

    Drop both gf and Daryl. Try to find another girl if you want or if not, another guy. Decide, then, what you truly want in life to be papa to ur soon-to-be kids or fafa to ur boylets once ur old and ugly.

  26. hustlingmind said on 05-04-2008

    Di ko maintindihan why gay married men is so lambasted in this site by some of the readers.

    maybe because we are enjoying the best of both worlds?

    its our choice. anuman ang mangyari, kami pa rin ang mananagot.

    we’re just here kasi nakakita kami ng mga kaibigan.

    what happened to freedom of choice?

  27. adam said on 05-04-2008

    most guys are losing the point here…whether it’s just lust or even love for daryl….it doesnt matter..what matters is he is gay/bi/homo(or whatever)…and one person here is right..a str8 girl deserves a str8 guy!!!

  28. adam said on 05-04-2008

    it doesnt matter kung sino sa kanila ang matimbang…the bottom line is u are gay my friend!!! stop fooling urself and much more ur gf..

    i rest my case

  29. popolocrois said on 05-04-2008

    i dont know what’s with our generation today. straight men suddenly fall for PLUs, well, who can blame us, we’re the best peeps in terms of pleasure!

    maybe it’s with the food we eat, or the extreme effects of global warming… dunno…

    anyway, to JC, love is a balance of all things. I know it’s hard to call it off, but if you do, you’re not sure with the effect especially natikman mo na si adan.

    Man… i dunno… being with a man isn’t wrong-wrong but if you want a family, go with marrying her. i read in a previous MGG about a wife who’s husband has a gay partner and she’s used to it. malay mo… you end up just the same.

    and to daryl, taena, ang haba ng hair mo. =) kalerky.

  30. Joms said on 05-04-2008

    Hi JC.

    I was in your shoes 7 years ago. I had a girlfriend and our relationship can be considered platonic at best. Suddenly I met this guy. Let’s call him Archerblaze. At that time, I just discovered that I’m open to exploration and to prove my point I decided to join a group of lesbians, gays and bi’s from a forum in their first Grand Eye Ball.

    So Archerblaze and I met. Nung una cool lang kami, but as the night passed, we found common things that made me more fond of him than with other people in the group. Nagkaroon pa nga ng konting tampuhan kasi there were other guys whose eyes are on him, pero nagkataon naman na since cool lang ako at walang drama, he got along with me pretty well. We exchanged numbers and for several days we were textmates.

    To cut the story short, several days later we decided to meet. Ako naman si tanga, I agreed to come with him in his place. Walang tao sa place niya and thinking that I’m just hanging out with him, walang halong sexual yung usapan namin.

    Suddenly he asked me if I’d want to be kissed. Pumayag ako pero ang lupit ng kaba ko noon. First time ko eh. Kahit girlfriend ko eh hindi ko nahalikan ng torrid nun. We kissed, but when he sensed that I’m too nervous to have sex with him, he decided to back off. I’m too disarmed to respond to his advances. Umuwi ako noong bitin, pero he did push me a notch higher towards my exploration.

    I met other guys after him. Platonic rin naman yung case but I felt that my relationship with my gf is getting weaker and weaker. We broke up three months later, pagkatapos nun nagtuloy tuloy na ako sa pagiging ganito.

    I’m not sure how to advice you about your situation dude. I know you’re in a crossroad right now. Halata naman na gusto mo rin yung guy eh. But if I were you, I’d cut everything clean. Better stick to your girl than explore “your other side” Trust me, I’ve met guys like you. If you don’t want to be torn apart for the rest of your life, better draw the line right now.

  31. Yaj said on 05-04-2008

    parang oa naman ang story na ito. di naman ganyan ka wanton ang mga gays…parang pauso na naman ito!

  32. on_keys said on 05-04-2008

    hi jc,

    i know it’s a hard time for you, but evaluate this question:

    which relationship is “worth” fighting for?

    all decisions correspond to consequences. know what consequence makes you happy.

  33. JT said on 05-04-2008

    Yes, the advices above are realistic but still, its only you who can decide.
    > Did u have sex with your girlfriend before?
    > After having sex with Daryl, did anything change between you and your girlfriend?
    > Love mo pa ba ang GF the same way before you and Daryl had these escapades?
    > Medyo bastos siguro to ask, but are you having erection or lust for your GF?
    > Do you love Daryl? care for him? think of him everytime? wanted to do a lot of good things to make him happy?
    I think these are the questions who have to ask yourself and be answered. If you still really love your GF and still have lust for her, I advice you to drop Daryl as quick as possible, To tell you honestly and I think a lot of people will agree, para din yang drugs o kumunoy, pag tinikman mo or pag umapak ka, hirap ng talikuran, tuloy tuloy na yan.
    For me, given a choice and a chance, kung nagkakaroon din lang ako ng lust sa girl, I rather have my own family and try to be as faithful as I can. Its very very hard, but if you are really determined, anything can be done. Mag fa-fail lang yan if you yourself will give a lot of excuses. Alam mo naman ang demonyo(temptation), it will work in times na you are trying to be strong.
    I believed sa mga comments dito na when Daryl find someone better or fresher than you, he can dump you as soon as possible. Malalaman mo yan pag marami na siyang excuses not to see you (based on my own experiences). Ang tanong, are you ready for this kind of situation? And after that, ano?, maghahanap ka uli ng iba rin? Di ba ang gulo. Some may disagree, sasabihin nila, the more the merrier. Quesehoda ang iisipin ng iba. But do you want this kind of life? Kaya JC think it over. Comments made in this blog may help you but doesn’t necessarily na susundin mo, its up to you talaga. GOod luck.

  34. rommel said on 05-04-2008

    Ang lola tlgang mega date na agad kay Daryl. Iwan mo na nga gf mo maawa ka sa kanya neng isipin mo mangyari sa ate mo o nanay mo yan. matakot ka ng konti sa dyos. inday lets pray the rosary.

  35. JC said on 05-04-2008

    Migs, and guys,

    Thanks for all the advice. Maybe I need some time to think this over and again. Iba ibang opinion ninyo, but I appreciate all ur advice.

    Im going out with Daryl tonight, we’ll meet up later for gym, then we’ll go to his friends party. Ill try to talk to him.

  36. anton maton said on 05-04-2008

    ganda mo ate! winner ka! sige buhay mo yan ikaw bahala. kahit ano pa sabihin ng iba, in the end … mangingibabaw ang kalibugan este … este ang totoong pagnanasa! i thank you! *bow*

  37. lands said on 05-04-2008

    ang dme ng comment pro i still want to share what i think…
    tama nmn sila lahat, try to access your self. bk nga libog lang yan…
    Why not try to rediscover the fun of having sex with your girlfriend? Also try to rekindle your feelings for her.
    If you still have doubts, take time to access yourself. Leave out both first, ung ikaw lng tlg.
    If you’ve made a decision, which ever way you go, back to your gf or to daryl, just be sure you have weighed all possibilities, and be sure to that you’re ready to face the consequences of your choice and those possibilities.
    Just like what they said, it will still be up to you. It’s going to be YOUR choice.

  38. Isaribi said on 05-04-2008

    Why must we always confuse ourselves?

    You said you love her but why is it that you can actually have sex with somebody else(regardless of sexual orientation) aside from your gf?

    If you can have somebody else in your heart(and in bed) its better to leave her now because your supposed “love” for her is actually not pure. She doesn’t deserve you. (May I say that you are a spilled milk?)

    Confusion simplified: If you truly love her, stick with her now and forever else go with Daryl and explore. It’s just a yes or no question + dealing with consequences. No buts, no ifs, no what ifs.

    I know its a rather (too) direct of an approach, but I’d rather have result than deal with small details.

  39. Hunks Portal said on 05-04-2008

    I think nabigla lang yang si JC kasi masyadong nasarapan sa service ni Daryl. Iba naman talaga kasi magdala ang guys sa bed. Yung girls kasi parati lang nakatihaya at naghihintay..Syempre with gay/bi..todo serbisyo para kang King…Kaya yun hinahanap ni JC ang karinyo ni Daryl..

    Pero I think mas bagay si JC sa hetero rel kasi matino at matapat. Sayang din kung pagsawaan lang sya ni Daryl or magkasawaan lang sila…

    Pero kung gay talaga sya then, well..wag nang magpakasal…or aminin sa girl at kung tanggapin sya eh di tuloy ang ligaya…

  40. matt said on 05-04-2008

    galing mag comment…

  41. rommel said on 05-04-2008

    You might be bi. Once youre married dont meet Daryl anymore. Decide, Daryl or your gf…. Pili na now na!!!! Inday ang kotse i on ang aricon!!!

  42. mario said on 05-04-2008

    dami na nila sinabi….approve lahat …

  43. WinterKing said on 04-04-2008

    the first thing came to me after I read this is
    1. baka nagpapalakas ka sa since kamag-anak. You know Filipino culture ng nagpapalakas sa relative. Yet nagkaroon ng twist yung story. Ikaw ngayon, out of curiosity, sinubukan yung sex with another guy and enjoyed it. Now anong gusto mong pag-usapan natin? are you thinking you are gay?

    well beign gay kasi is more than just one night stand.

    Quoting you:

    I don’t know where this is leading me. I love to see him, be with him, enjoyed the sex that we had, am I falling in love with him? My girlfriend doesn’t mind us going out since it’s her cousin. But I’m very afraid of what’s happening. I love my girlfriend, and I don’t know what will happen if she knows this is happening. I need help!

    No you dont need help, you need to check your note again kung saan mo ba gustong i lead yung life mo. Go back dun sa time where you are in love with your GF. the time na he is out sa scene. I dont think you are gay sa totoo lang. This is a new sensation sa iyo so you are just excited.

    Balikan mo yung original plan kid and stick ka dun. Kung i-entertain mo yang thought na yan, are you ready ba to face the consequences among which is mawala yung jowa mo. second is ma chismis pa kayo ni pinsan.

    oo masarap magpa bj, minsan lalagpas ka pa sa langit sa sobrang sarap at maluka-lukang sensation. After which, balik ka na ulit sa lupa, balik sa routine, balik sa normal na buhay.

    now, ask your self, ITO BA ANG GUSTO MONG MANGYARI? Married couple do seperate not because of the other is fucking somebody else. It is because of LIES na paulit ulit na nangyayari to cover up.

    AGAIN, magreality check ka.Kung saan ka masaya GO AHEAD.

    if you have more question feel free to email me. I dont care sa friendster account or what so ever. This is purely professional help

  44. darel said on 04-04-2008

    one thing is sure: u’re gay.

    tell everything to ur gf. if she still want to marry u no matter what, then go and marry her. just be sure u love her more than daryl. gawin m n lang hobby ang activity nio ni daryl. ako nga i have a gf and the best looking bf..=)

  45. Kris Aquino said on 04-04-2008

    charut..a problem of this kind is no longer an old song..what a bore bayuta ka…

  46. L.A said on 04-04-2008

    This is hard, do you still feel the same way for your GF after all of this I mean after having sex with Darly? Or did you lose some or few feeling about her? If you think that the relationship with Darly is true and not just any other love you want to reconsider the fact that your not straight and if you marry any time next year that your relation with Darly might be compromise. It’s not good to continue a relationship with a women after all of this, baka sya lang ang mag-dusa from your act.

  47. John said on 04-04-2008


    I don’t think you’re falling for him. I believe this encounter is something new for you and you’re just in a state of confusion. What you need to think about is your future. If you’re priority in life is to settle down and have a family, then this is what you should be thinking about.

    This feeling you have for him might just be physical. Rethink your situation and find out what is more important for you in the distant future.

  48. john carlo said on 04-04-2008

    te, naku dangerous yan… malaking gulo yan pag nagkataon, tutal may nagyari na subukan mo ipaliwanag sa kanya ang maaari mangyari pag nagpatuloy yan. kung di ka naman kumagat sa pain di ka naman maguluhan ng ganyan. you have to make a choice! do the right thing. that’s it.

  49. chase said on 04-04-2008

    if i were in your shoes, i would go with the girl. i don’t know. pero dude, it’s still up to you. would you sacrifice the years you had spent with your gf, or would you go with her cousin who you fell for because of the did?

    i don’t know, man. but don’t stay with your gf because of the conscience or guilt. but love her because you love her. you should make a choice. three’s a crowd.

  50. dojojam said on 04-04-2008

    If you were really straight that would not be a difficult choice to make! Decide what you are first, then decide.

  51. wrestler boy said on 04-04-2008

    looks like you’ve already gone off the deep end.

    question is….will you be able to stop thinking about this guy?

  52. Juanito ( Jhie ) Valles said on 04-04-2008

    John Charles ( JC ),

    I do understand your situation but you have to be honest with your girl. Sabi nga masakit ang katotohanan pero kailangan tanggapin. It’s so unfair if you will not tell the girl that you are having an affair with her cousin (Daryl).You have to choose only one your girl or Daryl.If choose the girl just be honest tell her your real identity after that you have to face the consequences of doing so.Straight women deserve straight men.Pag nasabi mo na sa kanya dyan mo rin mapapatunayan kung talagang mahal ka ng girlfriend mo kapag nagawa nyang tanggapin sa kabila ng mga nangyari sa inyo ni Daryl.

  53. mightymikee said on 04-04-2008

    Haha… dilemma!Sabihin na natin mahal mo ang gf mo JC pero nasasarapan at nasisiyahan ka sa piling ni Daryl, malaking problema yan… puson mo este puso mo ang makapag decide nyan…

  54. mightymikee said on 04-04-2008

    Be true, don’t feel blue…

  55. mightymikee said on 04-04-2008

    Bakla din si Daryl…sad…

  56. Closet Guy said on 04-04-2008

    i feel for the guy. i know a lot of viewers here will criticize this rather growing number of entry once more, but really, it happens. i should know.

    i’ve been single for almost 5 years now and people have been asking why such an eligible bachelor that i am couldn’t make any hetero- relationship work. i myself wonder if i was just able to resist the molestation i experienced as a kid, would i have not been bisexual?

    jc, why not go with the marriage? you know that that
    sexual encounter you had (and will still have) with a guy won’t last.

  57. jy said on 04-04-2008

    jc: wake up! things wouldn’t have been any different if you had met a hot chick cousin and had an affairette. this fling is just that, and is common to all who are about to get married. so wise up, end the fling and get married. believe me, if you choose daryl over your fiancee, things won’t last.

  58. Yul said on 04-04-2008

    wow! i dunno what to say,, i sometimes wonder why there is kind of emotion that sometimes were confused. My advice to you JC, it is just only “lust”, try not to mind him, forget him and be sincere to your GF. but sometimes, we dont know the times. times change.try to compare the circumtances. I know your already matured enough about this things. hope you can overcome this.

  59. Bashful said on 04-04-2008

    I´m 26 too, maybe if you introduce me to Darryl, you won’t have to worry about him anymore. I’ll take care of him for you.

  60. bj said on 04-04-2008

    oh my god

    that’s all

  61. marky said on 04-04-2008

    you’re playing with fire, dude! drop it the soonest time possible! baka masunog ka!

  62. gay blogger in the closet said on 04-04-2008

    hmmm… straight men don’t just “turn gay” out of the blue. you didn’t mention any previous experience with men. has there been any?

    in any case, it’s probably better to postpone the wedding until you’re able to decide which way you lean. what does daryl say? he’s going to be the one caught in the middle if you call off the wedding.

  63. zidro said on 04-04-2008

    Ask yourself, love or lust? And if you pick lust, tell your girlfriend now just to be fair.

  64. ares in uae said on 04-04-2008

    Hay hirap naman. Im tongue-tied. But then again, maybe its because of this thing Im sucking.


    Is it really possible to turn someone gay? I dont think so. What happened to your case, probably is that you tried to be straight for so long. I dont think its a case of late blooming too. Its just a case of long denial, but then again, I could be wrong.

    It is not too late for you tho. Kilalanin mo lang ng mabuti ang iyong sarili. Then tell your girl who you really are, and set her free. Be fair to her. Let her have the man that she deserves.

    Yun lang, welcome sa KAFATIRAN, sistah!

  65. Sentosapark said on 04-04-2008

    Yes JC ur falling 4 Daryl no doubt about dat And 4 sure it will rock ur relationship wt ur gf So its up to u to decide now whyl ur stil at d early stage wt Daryl

  66. Harry Potter said on 04-04-2008

    OH NO!

  67. lordmanilastone said on 04-04-2008

    If I were you, I would be in a real dilemma. I think you’ll learn how to put out the fire that you have kindled..^^

  68. dvoice said on 04-04-2008

    Hi! JC, I dont normally give advice or share my idea online before (silent reader lang ako) but I realize baka makatulong ako katulad ng sa situation mo. Pinagdaanan ko na yan before I get married. Kaya lang bakit naman kase sa cousin pa ng girlfriend mo? ang dami naman dyan. Pero nangyari na eh so heto na lang masasabi ko:

    If your plan is to have your own family at malinaw din na sinabi mo you want to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend, eh di mag focus kana lang sa pag aasawa at mag prepare na for your wedding next year.

    Hindi kaya masyado ka lang nag enjoy kay Daryl kaya bigla kang naguluhan? Kung wala pang nangyayari sa inyo ng GF mo I’m sure init lang ng katawan yan. Nasarapan ka lang sa nangyari sa inyo, pero I’m sure pag nagka asawa kana, iba pa rin ang babae.

    Kaya ko nasabi kase ayaw din kitang masaktan in the future pag pinili mo ang cousin ng GF mo. Base on my experience, ang gay or bisexual is not forever na makikipag relasyon, If man is polygamous in nature, gay/bisexual is nonagenarian in nature naman (he he he, sory po sa tatamaan) yon ang ginamit kong term kase gusto nila marami karelasyon. Sobrang masakit yon specially pag mahal mo na ang isang tao. Mabibilang lang sa daliri ang same sex relationship na nagtatagal kase madalas ang isa taksil, specially pag malakas ang appeal ng partner mo. Hindi man aminin pero karamihan ganun. Darating din sa time na makakakita ng iba yan at iiwanan ka, I’m sure hindi sya mahihirapan na palitan ka kase sabi mo nga “you cant help but admire this good looking GOD!”. Pag nagsawa na sayo yan I’m sure e da dump ka rin nya.

    Kung sobrang mahal mo ang girlfriend mo hindi mo sya iiwan at sasayangin ang 4 years relationship nyo.

    Pag isipan mong mabuti at mag usap kayo ni Daryl kung ano ang pipiliin mo. Secret nyo na lang dalawa ang nangyari at sana hwag na maulit pa, kawawa GF mo.

    Basta para sakin masarap pa rin ang may sariling pamilya. Masaya at buong buo ka. Hwag ka na lang gagawa ng kalokohan pag nag pakasal kana, kawawa magiging wife mo. Sorry po ang haba na pala. Pwede mo ko email dito kung may gusto kang itanong. I’m willing to share some of my experience. Good Luck and God Bless.

  69. Ralph said on 04-04-2008

    dude for once… maybe you should examine your feelings toward him… If really deep inside its who you are, I mean, being gay. I tell you don’t be so unfair to a person you share your life with for long, your gf, she dont deserve it. Now, if really you like men. Tell her… We can never tell how she’ll react but she deserves to know above anybody else…

  70. wakamaru™ said on 04-04-2008

    omg! torn between two lovers, at mag pinsan pa; ang gwapo-gwapo mo naman sa eksenang to! well, normally i would say, what the heck! you only live your life once, go for it! why not dba?! 😉

    kaya lang be ready to face your girl, and her family…kaya lang parang it’s u guys against the world, malaking issue ito. 4 years is no joke. better think things through and when u make a decision, make sure na it’s really what u want. spend some time with yourself and think about it a million times before u decide what to do

    goodluck, kaya mo yan! 🙂

  71. fatboyslim said on 04-04-2008

    Hi JC

    Thanks for taking time to read my letter
    Follow ur heart! Thats what I will advice you. Try to weigh things, ano ba mas matimbang for you? Yung girlfriend mo o c Daryl?

    Sabi mo 4 years kayo ng gf mo, dats good to hear. Seldom do couples last that long. Make sure to cultivate ur relationship even more.

    Yung kay Daryl, make sure first kung ano ba nararamdaman mo. Mahal mo ba talaga sya? The other question is, mahal ka ba nya? Dont u think masyado malaki i-gi-give up mo (4 years) kung pipiliin mo si Daryl? Baka naman init ng katawan lang yan?

    In the end, ikaw pa rin makakapag decide. Magusap kayo ni Daryl, tell him kung ano nasa loob mo, then ask him how he feels. Thats when u decide.

    I still say sayang ang 4 years. Kung nde mo na mahal ang gf mo, eh di walang panghihinayangan. If ur love hasnt change one bit, then that answers ur question.

  72. enigma said on 04-04-2008

    oh great! now i’m really frightened! i was somehow trying to be open with a heterosexual relationship with someone i really really like, and there! that’s what i’m really scared of! know what, haven’t been in the same exact situation, but i truly pity your girlfriend… you know that it’s not fair…well, there’s really nothing i could advice you, but know you’re not alone…hahaha just try to sort things out…before you make a lifetime commitment with the girl…

  73. mel beckham said on 04-04-2008

    hindi na libog yan kasi nakikipagkita ka na rin sa kanya at may relasyon na rin kayo. for me, wag mo nang ituloy ang plano mo with your girlfriend/fiancé habang may time pa. Maybe you need time to really assess your sexuality and your feelings towards him and her. Finally, if you really love your girlfriend, stop hurting her. That’s all…. Emily, coat, bag.

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