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Lots of people doubt my dear Enchong Dee’s sexuality. According to him though, he’s straight. He attests to it, and yet people don’t stop talking. They say dear Enchong’s homosexuality is dormant, sleeping, just like him in the above picture.

But… just like Enchong in this pic, if they are correct, that homosexuality will eventually wake up. If not now, in the future. Or has it already? Before you answer, be sure check out the following pics.

Enchong says in his MySpace:

CHANCE OR CHOICE When we meet the right person to love when were at the right place at the right time. That’s chance. When you meet someone you’re attracted to, that’s not a choice. That’s chance. Being caught up in a moment (and there are a lot of couples who get together because of this) is not a choice. That’s also a chance. The difference is what happens afterward. When will you take that infatuation, that crush, that mind-blowing attraction to the next level? That’s when all sanity goes back; you sit down and contemplate whether you want to make this into a concrete relationship or just a fling. If you decide to love a person, even with his faults, that’s not a chance. That’s choice. When you choose to be with a person, no matter what, that’s choice. Even if you know there are many people out there who are more attractive, smarter, and richer than your mate, and yet, you decide to love your mate just the same, that’s choice. Infatuation, crushes, attraction comes to u.

(Did you get Enchong’s ‘slip’ — if not, read again. Hehehe!)

Here are pics of Enchong and his buddy “Vic”:


… and this last one’s just soooo suh-weeeeet!

Chos! Anubeh, chika lang, magkabarkada lang yang dalawang yan! Hehehe!

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  1. micmic said on 20-02-2012

    gay or not…i like him! lol.

  2. don said on 10-01-2012

    enchong dee is indeed gay. pumupunta yan dito sa cebu sa sinulog. nakita ko yan kumakain ng mang insal sa SM. may kasamang lalaki. sinundan namin. papunta sila sa isang subd. nakita namin sila lang dalawa ang nasa bahay. huli ka!
    kung sino man yung lalaking kasama nya, swerte siya!
    malapit na sinulog! january 15.. sure andito yan!

  3. empressa said on 03-01-2012

    whatever his sexuality is, it’s none of our business, wag natin syang pangunahan… if he is indeed gay, let him come out at his own pace and if he intends to keep it in the closet, It’s his choice… let’s just enjoy what we see in TV… after all he’s an actor, and acting is what he does best… for all we know… it’s one of those schemes so people would never stop talking about him…

  4. jc said on 19-11-2011

    Ano ba talaga? Bading o hindi?

  5. Ayah Louise said on 03-09-2011

    What’s up with you guys? Why do you hate Enchong so much? Do you even know him in real life? You keep on making judgements even though you’re not sure if he is a gay or not. What’s wrong with you guys? Even Erich said that he is not a gay. DUH?! And sometimes look at some popular korean flower boys, they even pose in pictures like that but fans believe that they are not gay. Just like Enchong’s fans. So please have some respect in ENCHONG. He is just a person. No one is perfect anyways. 😛 😛

  6. Jerry Mckenzie said on 01-08-2011

    My friend and I saw Enchong Dee holding hands with a guy at Serendra, around 3ish am. He was wearing a cap with a fit button down shirt and a pair of shorts. The guy was wearing a kroean fashioned shirt and pants. It was him ’cause my friend (stupid him) waved to called Enchong and waved at him, where Enchong waved back and turned away, (we were about 2 or 3 meters away on the opposite side so there was no way they could have noticed us if it weren’t for my friend) before I could’ve take a snapshot of them. Deng-it…but, I have to admit, he really is one peice of meat.

  7. egi said on 18-07-2011

    Hai naku! CONFIRMED YAN mga ATENG! My Ex Bf happens to be Enchong’s school mate at DSLU in one subject that Enchong’s former BF is frm San Beda (a former President of Student Council)… Hatid-sundo pa nga ci beauty nun sa scholl ng bowa nya… 😯 :roll:

  8. lolhaha said on 27-04-2011

    WEW…This kind of story is already considered as old-fashioned. People around everybody else are so unfathomable and very imaginative that they don’t even think before uttering their accusations :P. Accusations that may devastate someone’s life. Regardless on what his sexuality really is people who doesn’t know him personally shouldn’t be interfering in his business. :mrgreen:

  9. Lawrence said on 08-04-2011

    I think he’s gay. He’s just not in that stage of truly realizing that he might indeed be gay. I’ve been there before. I bet he’s on that process. It might take a while.

  10. miraKel said on 26-03-2011

    the “slip”. ahahaha :) LoL nice MGG… di naman halata masyado?

  11. darkseid said on 13-02-2011

    i’m pretty sure nico is not gay. but enchong might be. no comment.

  12. kiko said on 27-11-2010

    I used to work with Enchong for quite a while… Ok siya. He’s really good and I might say mejo naive. At least towards us. Marahil may sexuality issues pero let’s not judge him. Just like anybody else here, let’s leave him alone with his own process in case he comes out. Cguro kasi type siya ng marami kaya ganun na lang ang wish nila.. haha… As for me, he is one of the most promising youth of this country. Very patriotic, down to earth and charismatic. BTW, we text minsan and he’s not picky with people he deals with. He has this child-like attitude which people around him love the most. And he’s kuripot kahit sa sarili niya… Un lang… hehe

  13. ASHLEY SORIANO said on 22-09-2010


  14. mimi said on 21-08-2010

    poor girls LOL

  15. dlsugirl said on 21-08-2010

    If he’s not really gay, why it seems to be that my dear enchong is kinda pa cute in those pics? i mean, thats not really normal. Crap! where did you get this pics O.O

  16. dlsugirl said on 21-08-2010


  17. Roel said on 29-05-2010

    He is to blame for copy pasting a quote from another author. He did not write this.. This was written by another author. The title of this is “The Difference of Chance and Choice in Love.”

    However, the pics are gorgeous.. So gay! Love em… they looked so cute as a couple.

  18. Kaye said on 18-05-2010

    he’s speaking in a general manner so he used “his’ referring to both male and female gender. like using “man” to refer to human race INCLUDING WOMEN. duh, elementary!

  19. lee hyeon said on 16-05-2010

    ang daming mga papansin d2 sa mundong to ah…kapag may nag pa picture ng magkasama bakla na? eh ang nyan mga magkakaibigan jan naliligo pa nga ng sabay….mga hunghang naman !

  20. lara filoteo said on 10-05-2010

    mga sira! hndi gay c enchong nuh .. sinisiraan niyo lng siya .. i love enchong pa nman .. hehehe’ sana mkita ko siya sa personal .. huhu :’D tapos pwde na yata akong mamatay after dat .. lol

  21. gay said on 04-05-2010

    At saka matigas mag english yan si enchong…

  22. gay said on 04-05-2010

    Enchong is day…..ask the giggerboys they know that…kaya lang magaling lang mag tago ang mga naghahandel sa kanya..if they can do that to papa piolo kaya nila gawin yan kay papa enchong…

  23. Cloud Strife said on 29-03-2010

    As a writer, I believe that the use of “HIS” in here is “okay”.

    Examining the composition again, it is directed to the mass audience.

    Although it is a reflection of the writer’s own emotions, he is appealing to the public, and in compositions such as this one, it is only right and “common” to use the male pronoun regardless of the writer’s gender…

    on the other hand, when the female pronoun is used, it actually sounds awkward

  24. Levi said on 27-02-2010

    Why do you think his gay? For me he isn’t gay!!

    Why do you want him to come out? There are people out there that are not famous that doesn’t even admit that they su*k di*k.

    So please STOP saying that he is! because even if he is gay, with a face like that he wouldn’t even want to be near YOU!

    I’m gay! But I don’t believe that ED is gay!


  25. angely and mia said on 05-02-2010

    hi,i like ur red lips…ur so cute…i want u to b my boyfriend…wahaha

  26. blanquita said on 23-01-2010

    whatever may other people say inggit lang sila kc your so cute talaga and ganyan tlga mga sikat laging nakikita!!

    labyu jojo 😀

  27. brynelle said on 19-01-2010

    whatever people say about, it won’t change the fact that “I Love You!!!” stay as good as you are right now…:) GOD BLESS YOU MORE! mwuah-ness! :)

  28. brynelle said on 19-01-2010

    i still love you enchong ko…:)

  29. caitlyn.. said on 14-01-2010

    hndi bah c nico ibaviosa yang ksma ni enchong s pic??

  30. marky said on 27-12-2009

    isa pa…mas kumikita ka.kesa sa mga utsusera lang……binigyan ka ng maganda at maamong mukha dapat lang na pagpantasyahan ka…GO! IDOL kita……..galing mong umarte..manang mana ka sa kin..hehehehehe

  31. marky said on 27-12-2009

    Go! enchong artista ka kaya dami mong fans na naiinggit sa yo…..Basta goodluck sa career…bayaan mo lang ang mga naninira sa yo…mas MALALANSA sila….beeeeeeeeeeH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. kaicy said on 26-12-2009

    elow enchong ang cute cute mu tlg bagay na bagay tlg kau ni erich sza katorse.. sna kau ang mag ka2luyan… :) nkakakilig kau:)

  33. hi,ang cute m tlaga enchong,kamukha m si martin,sa munisipyo said on 21-12-2009

    hi,kamukha m ung gwapong dancer sa munisipyo si martin pareho kaung gwpo!haha,echosera

  34. kimiki said on 04-12-2009

    i hope thats not true.. kxe syang tlga.. he is almost perfect……

  35. kimiki said on 04-12-2009

    i don’t really believe that enchong is a gay.. i want to see a proof .. b4 i believe in that chizmiz..

  36. Rhy Anne said on 16-10-2009

    kah8 tlog ka cute u parin!fans u na me since nag-start u sa showbiz and never me mgsas2wa pnoodin ka i luv u tlga!sna sa drting qng 18th b-day mkta kta!I’m Rhy Anne ng San Pablo City!luv u baum-baon!

  37. lordweller said on 06-10-2009

    uyyy hindi po si van yung kasama niya sa pic..
    i know the real van mike burgos

  38. danica said on 17-09-2009

    enchong you’re so cute..

  39. kiddofromu.p. said on 11-05-2009

    hey and one more thing. Enchong has no myspace or multiply. This is the proof

    Yung kinuhanan mo nyan ay isang poser na gustong sirain si enchong! and to enchongvanCHARING That van mike burgos is not enchong’s b.f. I know you just saw it on that enchong’s poser myspace. That pic is just trying to destroy the image of enchong. Enchong is a good guy. He dont deserve this… :)

  40. kiddofromu.p. said on 11-05-2009

    hey! I know them! haha! natawa naman ako dito pero none of them are gays! Masayang kasama yan sila enchong at nico… :)

  41. enchongvanCHARING said on 11-05-2009


  42. xoxofufu said on 04-05-2009

    KAMI dapat ni Enchong ang magkasama jan sa pic!
    and he’s not gay! may “CLASS” lang xya kumilos..

  43. spascual said on 21-04-2009

    minsan nakakatuwa pakinggan ang kagaya naten na bakla..pag ang isa nagpa ka men inaaway khit wala namang ginawa sau..minsan naggalit tau kc kesyo malansa na nga ayaw pang magladlad eh bakit ano problem dun? sabagay kaya nga bakla eh kc natural na saten ang pakialamera hahahaha. pero wag naman ganun? sino pb ang mag galangan at respotohan kundi tau tau lang din diba? hayaan mo na kun ayaw nia mag ladlad? eh baka nahiya pa sya or gusto nia magbago diba? ayaw mo nun wala nang mag suffer sa pagiging bakla..ang hirap kaya maging totoo lang..Ako I can consider my self as goodlooking guy or gay super manly but Im gay and i dont hide it alam ng mga frenz ko I even have a gf but Im gay kaya sinabi ko mahirap..

  44. iamme said on 19-04-2009

    i admire enchong a lot.

  45. ` s H a N e :) said on 16-04-2009

    ` i love enchong !! supah :)
    lab lab lab <3
    ` yur da man !!!
    yur perfect
    good lookin’ && talented
    xoxo =D

  46. tanya ceron said on 16-04-2009

    i like u talaga, i love yuo very much

  47. angila relly said on 16-04-2009

    You’re my inspiration. i know, the man i should love is ” YOU “

  48. kin said on 21-03-2009

    Ano ba, Read the paragraph again, he did not slip. The message is pertaining to everyone. “His” is used often if your talking about a person… hindi manyapan ginamit ung “his”, his pointing to a boy. “his” can be used if talking about a person in general. lalaki at babae.

  49. tamano said on 13-03-2009

    haha..anu ba???
    of course he’ll use the pronoun “his”
    kase he’s trying to explain what’s the difference between a chance and a choice, he’s just making a clear example of a situation…a girl maybe… basta mahirap i-explain, and it’s not a slip!
    mga baklita kayo, inaabangan nyo talagang magladlad si enchong…
    as if naman papatulan kayo nyan if ever…LOL..XD

  50. herbert ramos said on 10-02-2009

    oh my Goodness,,, ang gwapo ni ench0ng,,, puntah k nman sa bahay merienda tau… ewwww……… hhahahah//..

  51. ehra said on 15-10-2008

    your so cute…..super……………….love you so much…….hope to see yah soon

  52. laney said on 28-09-2008

    The guy with enchong is Nico ibaviosa, swimmer din like enchong. Kasama na si Nico sa latest batch ng Star Magic. He’s a swimmer at UP Diliman. :)

  53. bj said on 18-09-2008

    just an additional comment, aj dee is true bisexual. cos he had a girl and boy friend at the same time. and the girl was my friend. she said aj isnt a biggie, kinda frustrating. hihihi

  54. bj said on 18-09-2008

    hi there. enchong’s bro aj is my school mate in college, in ateneo de naga university. im effem gay, i used to teach cheerdance. there’s this one time i taught in enchong’s school, st joseph. during the cheerdance competition, enchong and his group danced “she bangs” or “livin la vida loca” or something like a ricky martin song. he danced well actually. like the girls in the ricky martin videos. he used to be gay, i saw him and he looked like maximo oliveros. but now, hmmm.. well, he’s from a prominent family in naga, so i think he needs to hide his homosexuality. but never the less, i like him. he’s cutie. hihihi.

  55. Kit said on 05-09-2008

    OMG!!! They’re so cuteee!!! i think they look good together. naiingget ako sa kanila. swear! sana i can have a buddy like both of them. hehe

  56. aian said on 03-09-2008

    even if he is gay or not he is hot. and even if he chooses to remain silent with his gender pref he’s still hot. he’s hot and so cute that’s a chance. he being straight ( being he is or not ) before the public eye is his choice. so leave him be and just admire him from afar. for that’s what i do, dare not talk to him. that’s my choice.

  57. ef said on 26-08-2008

    mas cute ung friend nya jan kesa sa kanya heheheee. Migs what was the name of his friend..may i know lang….hes cute….as in bata pa nga lang…cute siya as in….

  58. rodier said on 09-08-2008

    i like to see enchong’s pics. yes, he is cute nonetheless. infact i have one in my screensaver. i don’t care about his sexuality mine is i like the way he is.

  59. randomgayguy said on 03-07-2008

    ang sweet ng pics nila… for sure magbowa sila! thanks for posting these pics… super inlababo aku kay enchong dee! sayang di ko sya naabutan sa DLSU! Sayang!!!!!!!!!!1

  60. cold said on 27-06-2008

    buddy nya un? panong buddy?

    super crush q tong c enchong dee!!!!!!!!!!! khawig nya ex q.. hehehe

  61. **** said on 19-06-2008

    to everyone who judges enchong and his friend to be a gay couple:

    — REVIEW YOUR GRAMMAR AND LITERATURE PLEASE?! specially the FREUDIAN SLIP ( this is regarding your opinions on his blog at my space.. the ‘his’ part)




  62. Gelai said on 09-06-2008

    im not a fan of the Dee brothers but judging his gender based on these pics..HE’S GAY!!!

    you cannot hide behind the lenses of the camera. it captures even your innermost persona…”quoting from Hana Kimi”

    i like Vic, chinito.

  63. .... said on 28-05-2008

    “vic” is not gay… i swear he’s my team mate a long time and he has a girlfriend for 4 years !!!!!!!! so stop

  64. bhu said on 26-05-2008

    Looking at their film, Enchong looks good in the photos.. it just proves that he can model.. but Vic doesn’t give variety in facial expressions. Look at his smile. It looks the same in every photo.

    hehe.. la lang, feeling antm judge

  65. andrewmlim said on 15-05-2008

    Ang cutie ni Enchong Dee–innocent appeal…
    Pero yung “barkada” niya looks like Mark Anthony Fernandez. Pinakagwaping ever!! Except sa second photo medyo naging Tim Yap.

  66. ANN said on 13-05-2008

    Hey ya’ll. Enchong’s not gay. I swear. The guy named “VIC”, I know him. How? Enchong and “VIC” are my teammates. He’s real name is Nico, not VIC. FYI. Nico has a girlfriend named Paui. So, please! Stop this non sense.

  67. dominatrix said on 07-05-2008

    hindi mukang hipon c enchong.. wahaha… accrdg. to my m8s.. he’s blessed with a well-built body lng tlaga.. so cute sya.. wahaha.. — react lng peeps.. mwa

  68. You said on 07-05-2008

    i don’t see “homosexuality” in his post. i mean, we use the pronoun “his” when we refer to undetermined gender, might be a male or female. he might admire somebody of the same gender but not in an “intimate” way. and about the photo, i think it’s not gay, ‘coz , as what the thread says, “magkakabarkada lang sila”, so it means that they are friends. it’s just the viewers who are being judgmental!

    bow! :)

  69. reess said on 26-04-2008

    feeling ko yung him eh nagrerefer sa sarili nya

  70. durrty said on 19-04-2008

    Ang cute niya no! Swerte nung guy… (na cute din)! Haaay, ang sarap niya tingnan sa TV din… Ang lips niya, haaay…

  71. fatboyslim said on 15-04-2008


    His role sa MY GIRL is very natural for him. Sya yung heartrob na aagaw kay GERALD from Kim! Hahahaha!


    Pwede naman magkagirlfriend si Vic, at the same time magkaboyfriend dba??? 😛

    Pinapakita na ni ENCHING to the world na sya ay member ng federation! Look at his shirt, it says NO EXCUSES! Hahahahaha!

  72. DUDEXX said on 14-04-2008

    if that guy beside him is who i think he is. then enchong is gay. :)

  73. eldo said on 12-04-2008

    omg. pinaglalaban ko pa dati na straight siya. ngayon nagdadalawang isip na talaga ako. mana sa kuya.

  74. hotguy said on 11-04-2008

    Migs pakifeature naman si JAy-R siaboc…thanks!

  75. Xaverian said on 09-04-2008

    Hey! I just graduated from Xavier school and Vic’s real name is Nico Ibaviosa. batchmate ko yan. May girlfriend na po yung tao. thanks.

  76. huawei said on 09-04-2008

    cute ung natutulog cya… makes me want to smell his armpit! 😛

  77. james said on 09-04-2008

    ung sa pic naman yan e wala namang ibig sabihin nyan.. as if di pwedeng mag papicture ng ganyan ang mga straight.. come on!!! maging mature na nga kau..

  78. fatboyslim said on 09-04-2008

    Magkabarkada nga ba talaga?
    Why to I have this spider sense feeling na magfuck buddy sila?
    Parang they’re too close!

    For a guy to lean his head into another guy’s head???? DUH!!!! DAT IS SO GAY!!!

    Ok, maybe yung kasama nya sa pic yung typical gay bestfriend na naiinlove sa straight bestfriend nya (which in this case, is enchong)




    Feel nya magpaka PIOLO eh (yung pa-mysterious pero obvious naman) Pabayaan natin ang bata!

  79. glen's friend said on 09-04-2008

    he is gay. i have personal knowledge. haha. yeah… most of us write kasi in default male pronouns.. but regardless of this post, i know he is gay. haha

  80. effie said on 08-04-2008

    gay or not, he’s a swimmer. and swimmer’s are natural yums.

  81. dissme said on 08-04-2008

    medyo ot:

    migs, may direct konek ka ba kay enchong dee? pwede ba please pakisabi sabi sa kanya na mag-back out na lang siya sa role nya sa My Girl remake sa abs? pls.. thanks!

  82. cast said on 08-04-2008

    kayo ba…. hayaan nyo nga siya…. cutie pie nga eh… at atleta pa…. opppssss ….. freudian slip ba ung “atleta” ko?…..

  83. fatboyslim said on 08-04-2008

    Ang dami namang sinabi ng iba dyan! Its as simple as this, do u like enchong dee or not?

    Wala naman mawawala mangarap? Libre naman mangarap dba? Na isang araw darating sya sa harapan natin ng nakahubad at sasabihin nya na “S-CK ME BEAUTIFUL!”


    I like him! He’s a combination of beauty and brains! Mukhang mabait, masipag, mabango, inosente…

    And regarding the pronoun he, I would tend to believe its more of a freudian slip, than the absence of gender thing!

  84. anyway said on 08-04-2008

    im sooooo infatuated with this guy. I couldn’t believe that people of these immense gorgeous body could fall trap to confusion in sexuality.
    I also agree to the fact that writing, especially free writing, could or could not specify a gender. Masculinity is more defined in writing when it comes to gender related but for a common thought thing.
    Keep swimming Enchong and leave all these biases behind. Dive in broooo!!!!

  85. hey said on 08-04-2008

    i think the quote is written in the third person.

  86. Pronghorn said on 08-04-2008

    Why is it our business, whatever he thinks about his sexuality?

    Get a life, the lot of ya!

  87. Henry said on 08-04-2008

    am i right or am i just imagining na parang may aura si enchong na parang victor basa? not because “vic” ang katabi niya, hehehe…

  88. wakamaru™ said on 08-04-2008

    in fairnez! cute ung kasama ni enchong…hmmm 😉

  89. makie_20 said on 08-04-2008

    ok guys here it is, i also saw this blog on AJ PEREZ my space, they both have the same and exact message before, is just that im not so sure if they still have the same blog,, yes aj perez and enchong dee are my friends in myspace, kaya nga i have a little bit of confussion if sila talaga yun eh..if you want you can check it out at my space just type his real nick enzo dee not enchong dee and his account will automatically appear hindi sya naka private unlike aj.. :)

  90. DJ said on 07-04-2008

    AGAIN MGA BAKLA, sino ba nao-obsess kay Echong e mukha naman hipon na pumuti yan a…ewan. Walang dating sa totoo lng nakita ko pa yan sa personal . ..wala talga. Wlang X factor..prang…WALA LANG.

  91. eponine said on 07-04-2008

    i am not an enchong dee fan. pero, ano ba talaga ang problema ninyo kung bakla siya? ano ba talaga ang problema ninyo kugn decision nya hindi lumadlad? pag tuunan nyo mga buhay ninyo, baka gumanda kayo at makahanap ng tunay na pagmamahal, o kahit gwapong papa.

  92. sapphire said on 07-04-2008

    @yukibouy, hindi siya yung nasa colgate tv ad ng “akin ka na lang” mas cute yun. pafeature naman yun migs. salamat.

  93. yukibouy said on 07-04-2008

    yung barkada ni yummy enchong sa pix ang latest guy model sa colgate toothpaste “akin ka nalang” tv commercial, di ba?

  94. gino said on 07-04-2008


  95. fattyacid said on 07-04-2008

    geeez, what a cute couple! wala ba sexy pics nilang dalawa?

  96. JC (Juana Carlota) said on 07-04-2008

    Mga Ateng,

    Enchong may be gay and may deny it but it isn’t our business. Why should we mind his business when it’s his own. Otherwise, by minding his own business, we’ve obviously got nothing to do ourselves so that WE SHLD GET A LIFE. By getting a life, we’d become busy with ourselves. lol.

    Peace on earth and good will to men.

  97. demure said on 07-04-2008

    i like enchong’s near-divine cuteness, but i can’t get myself to treating him as a sex object.

  98. julian said on 07-04-2008

    BAKLITA talaga tong enchong na to! sobrang lansa ayaw pang magladlad!

  99. sarahdine said on 07-04-2008

    It’s ok if he’s gay, coz we sisters are sweet lovers..

  100. Juding Anne Santos said on 07-04-2008

    pakshit natuwa naman ako sa mga sinabi ni Enchong mo… sana totoo nga, hindi lang slip of the “fingers” nyahahahaha
    nevertheless… sya parin ang ultimate crush ko/// btw, migs ano nga pala ung myspace acct. nya??? pede malaman???

  101. trist_cum said on 07-04-2008

    ok lan naman itsura nya!kung gay xa e di gay xa!hu cares!ang dapat lang na gawin ay magpakatotoo…..!

  102. mike said on 07-04-2008

    Funny how some of us criminate him of being gay or bisexual as if it was a condemnation for him to be one when all of us here are the same.

    Perhaps he has come to his senses for real or its just an honest? mistake. :)

    Either way, Happiness is free for everyone – whatever sexual preference we may choose.

  103. bj said on 07-04-2008


    buti nga xa meron

    yung iba jan wala

    mamatay na lang kayo sa ingit ano

  104. mel beckham said on 07-04-2008

    cute silang dalawa. hihi. i love you both. lol

  105. sweety14 said on 07-04-2008

    ang cute nilang dalawa……!naalala k bf ko….!ganyan din kmi….

  106. UchihaMadara said on 07-04-2008

    Vic & Enchong na ba? Sila na ba ang mag-jowa?

  107. chitskie said on 07-04-2008

    vic is very cutipie as compared to echong

  108. george said on 07-04-2008

    in that sentence, he’s generalizing lang naman. if at all, you can accuse him of “sexist” language, but not pin him down on his sexual preferences. naman, migs. i have my own comments on this re: enchong, but i’ll let him be. whatever he thinks he is, that’s him. no point spending time on what if’s.

  109. liner said on 07-04-2008

    leave the poor kid alone.

  110. Kurt said on 07-04-2008

    If he’s gay or not.. I dnt care.. Bsta he’s cute..

  111. rommel said on 07-04-2008

    super bakla tlga sya nung nakita ko sa ABS CBN.. you can tell. i can attest 100% kahit saan mang korte… inday ang juice ko!!!

  112. mightymikee said on 07-04-2008

    May true blue ba na guy na mag papa pic ng pa cute at wacky… Bading…LOL!

  113. DesperateHouseboy said on 07-04-2008

    Ladies, gentlemen and undecided, making Enchong’s sexuality, or anyone’s for that matter, an issue of any proportion is a complete waste of time.

    People, we’re hiding behind our computers, blogging pointless speculations, even holding our own stupid polls on whether the guy’s a carpet-muncher or a fudge-packer.

    The point is, since all most of us can do is watch, fantasize about and drool over him from a distance,


    And unless you can show us a sex video of you squirting your gunk all over his face (.avi file preferably, no 3gp’s please), if you claim that you have done it with him in any context, whether homo or hetero, don’t waste our time.


    More importantly, and I quote the ever-wise divalicious Karen Walker:

    “Gay, straight, bi, Thai…
    What does it matter?
    We all have to finish ourselves off in the end, anyway.”

  114. eponine said on 07-04-2008

    common pinoy mistkae yan. his or her nagkakallibugan (ay naglain man ang lengguahe) este nagkakallituhan sa paggamit ng tamang pronoun. people will like him if they like him, and people hate him if they hate him, no matter what the gender.

  115. ceps said on 07-04-2008

    I gues this makes me here the “simon cowell” but i really dont find enchong appealing… iba lang cguro type ko. mas gwapo ung friend nyang c vic…

    by the way, to those who are intrigued by the US presidential election…
    i created a survey regarding the LGBT’s take on the 2008 US presidential election, pls feel free to join by clicking the link below, this is open to everyone especially fellow utopians. u dont hav 2 be a US citizen to join.

    migz, f its too much to ask, can u help me promote this link =)

  116. imladris said on 06-04-2008

    Enchong looks constipated in those pics…

  117. matt said on 06-04-2008

    sarap pala nya pag natutulog…

  118. matt said on 06-04-2008

    hahaha, huli!!!

    usually ganun din ang ginagawa ko when i’m writing walang tinutukoy na gender…so posibleng meron din cyang tinatago!

    watch out in a few days baka palitan na nya yan! :))

  119. pavl said on 06-04-2008

    i did miss the “slip”, therefore, even if this was typo-error or not, enchong for me is gay… period. but yet again, very hot!

  120. pavl said on 06-04-2008

    yeah right, “barkada” is sooo abused. enchong might be, or he is… hot though, very hot.

  121. ji-hoon said on 06-04-2008

    i admire you’re good writing migs not only the aesthetic side (art) but the technicality of ur literatures as well. im sure you know that it is actually grammatically correct to use the pronoun “him” to replace any gender of a person being talked about although there are also rules on how not to be gender-biased. But generally, this case would pass to be correct. ANYHOW, crush ko na din si Enchong for God-knows-how-long since we bumped into each other sa Red Ribbon almost two years ago, and I really think and feel he’s gay. LOL

  122. sharon bading said on 06-04-2008

    but then again, as the dictum of freudian slip has it, we sometimes say things we don’t intend to say and intentionally use things, in enchong dee’s case, the pronoun he, even if we could have used the pronoun she, to deliver a veiled message: everyone could fall for someone, maging sino ka man.

    it runs in their genes. aj and enchong. :)

  123. kel said on 06-04-2008

    i agree with richard..ganun talaga pag general,he/his/him ang gamit..wala lang

  124. DJ said on 06-04-2008

    sino ba nao-obsess kay Echong e mukha naman hipon na pumuti yan a…ewan. Walang dating sa totoo lng nakita ko pa yan sa personal . ..wala talga.

  125. L.A said on 06-04-2008

    The other guy is also cute :)

  126. lex said on 06-04-2008

    in pictures like this, ONE of the two has feelings/unnatural affection for another.. alam ko, coz bestfriend ko ganito photos namin lagi… pero straight sya ha. basta.. haay *it breaks my heart

  127. AngeLLoveR said on 06-04-2008

    I am also considering that this might be a quote from a movie..?

  128. fsdf said on 06-04-2008

    anong course nya sa DLSU? I always see him walking around the campus or hanging out with his friends.. parang mayabang.

  129. allen said on 06-04-2008

    wow! first to comment? talagang may contest na ba ng paunahang mag-comment dito? enchong is soo cute. sana sya na ang The One mo migs! hehe.

  130. Richard said on 06-04-2008

    May not really be a slip since in the absence of a particular gender, writers normally use male pronouns.

    • mike tan said on 17-02-2009

      i think he slipped. in every writing there’s always a point of perspective. male writers oftentimes use the ‘her’ pronoun when referring to the lover. if enchong is gay, it is expected that he’d use ‘his’ instead of ‘her’, since he would be writing in accordance with his romantic perspective. my attention was likewise drawn to the word ‘mate’ which is more often used to mean ‘male friend’ rather than ‘a lover’. if at all, the word mate, if used to refer to the opposite sex, would denote a sexual and animalistic person, something which is out of the romantic context of this article. adding the thought that this article is posted in a rather personal site bolsters the postulate that he, indeed, is what we think he is.

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