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Do you like straight men? Have you at any point in your life been attracted and actually “chased” a straight man? Here’s an exciting story from one of our regular MGG readers. Read on, get titillated, and join in the comments festival! (Kembot!)

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Hi Migs,

Let me start off by saying that I am an avid reader of your blog. Love the photos of men, the articles, the letters and most especially the comments that people give! Ang saya saya ng comments ng mga utaw at very lively ito (kung paminsan, eh ang mga commenters ang mismo nag-ookrayan). Gusto ko sanang i-share sa iyo ang aking istorya at sigurado ako na maraming bading ang makaka-relate. I have always been an active guy. Mahilig ako sa outdoors, sports activities, adventures at all-around good-natured trippings but I have a guilty pleasure. I go after straight men. Ika nga ng mga ka-tropa ko eto ang “market” ko. Mind you, I don’t go exclusively after straight men. I’ve had very long-term and rewarding relationships with other gay men, pero getting straight men is the spice in my life.

Some of them have been unexpected and unplanned encounters while going on scuba trips, a run around the park, mutual jack-off session kasama ang barkada sa iskuwelahan etc…. but most of them, and these are what I’m really “proud” of, are the looong and calculated “preys”. Yes, it usually takes months bago handa na sila “i-harvest” and yes mas-marami akong unsuccessful attempts rather than successful ones, still eto talaga ang trip ko at eto ang latest tripping…..


Nakita ko siya sa local gym. New guy, not really your typical good looking guy but was above average, looked innocent yet there was something about him that just caught my attention. Nahuli ako ng ka-tropa ko nakatingin sa kanya at binatukan ako. “Wag mo ng pag-planuhan yan, straight yan. Sumali siya last month, hatak ng girlfriend.” I shrugged. “Gago, anong akala mo sa akin? Lahat na lang pinagtritripan ko?”. So we went back to our training with my friend shaking his head and giving me knowing looks.

“Pare, pa-spot!”

“Uh pre, share sa machine?” Those were the first words I heard him say. “Sure”. Mga isang buwan rin kaming ganyan. The few words that we exchanged were brief and direct to the point. No small talk. He had his gym buds, I had mine. One day though circumstances were different (o ika-nga ng kaibigan ko, the stars aligned). His buds weren’t around and mine were not as well. “Pare, pa-spot”, and so we trained together. Eh ako pa after gym eh tinatamaan ng gutom. “Chong, gusto mo kumain ng hapunan? Wala mga barkada ko eh at wala akong kasamang kumain pagkatapos ng workout.” Oo na, i-aadmit ko, siyempre may ulterior motive ako, kahit na alam ko na may girlfriend siya at nakikita ko na magkasama sila sa gym pa-minsan. This was a window of opportunity that I would not let it pass without at least trying. “Kadalasan sa bahay na ako kumakain….pero sige.” This signaled the end of us knowing each other a little more than as a passing acquaintance at the gym.

Dinner Buddies

Time passed. Palagi na kaming sabay na kumakain ng hapunan everytime his friends and mine were not around, it wasn’t often but it was enough for us to get know each other more and be comfortable. Mga 4 months na rin ang lumipas nung una beses ko siyang nakita sa gym….As usual, kumain kami ng hapunan. Kadalasan sasabay na sa akin yan papuntang sakayan pero sa pagkakataon na ito eh may i-memeet siya sa mall na malapit sa gym. “Uy, gusto mo manood ng sine? May tatlong oras pa akong papatayin bago dumating kaibigan ko eh.” Nope. Wala nangyari sa loob ng sinehan. Clean fun, just two buds watching a movie. Two weeks later, ako naman ang walang gimik after ng gym so ako naman ang nagimibita manood ng sine kung wala siyang gagawain. Nagkataon wala rin yung gf niya at bumiyahe for work. Since sabado ng gabi yun, eh nagdesisyon na rin kami maginuman sa isang bar after ng movie. Nothing playful still. After ng inuman eh naisipan kong pag-tripan ang mokong….

The Detour

Nang ihahatid ko na siya sa sakayan eh tinamaan ako ng kakulitan. Trip lang. Nag-detour ako sa lugar na maraming motel, at ipinasok ko sa isang may garahe, yung mga puwedeng i-drive through lang. I did this fully expecting him to say something. In fact I already had a playful retort in my mind. Ako yung na-surpresa at wala siyang sinabi. Walang imik. Ako yung na-tense. I didn’t say anything. I parked into a vacant garage and said to the attendant “3 hours lang.” I didn’t look at him, pero from my peripheral vision eh nakita ko na tulala lang siya. He didn’t look my way and didn’t say a word.

Silent Movie

I went down the car and he followed me. As we entered the room, he went to lie on the bed and just turned on the TV. Nag-yosi muna ako at umupo sa may lamesa at nakatingin rin sa TV. Silent movie kami (we were both silent the whole time)….the show on the TV wasn’t even registering in my mind. I just saw random images flashing in front of me. I finished my cig and went to wash my face and gurgle. I took off my shoes and sat beside him. Turned off the lights, but left the TV on. No words but it was defeaning. I moved to touch him. He made no move to resist. I moved to kiss him on the lips. He moved his head to avoid the kiss. I kissed his neck and ears instead. He was still staring at the TV. I made a move to remove his shirt. He obliged. I started to kiss his nipples. He started to shiver. He closed his eyes and he was shaking (lumala ito ng sobra later on hangang tinamaan ng cramps yung calves niya). Ang tense ng katawan niya. I took a pillow and covered his eyes with it. I could feel he wasn’t hard yet but he was getting there. I took a moment to pause to look at his half-naked body. “Ganda mo! Yes dear, you still have it!” I shouted to myself silently. Tinawag ko lahat ng aking powers to make sure he enjoyed his obviously first night with another guy. The night ended with how it needed to end. All the while silent.

*For those asking, no, there was no anal sex involved nor was he actively participating but it was, none the less, HOT! No, there are no illusions on my part that there will be a relationship in it. In fact we don’t even text each other. Truth be told, I don’t think I would have welcomed it if it would come to that. No, we do not discuss what happened or much more the whys of it. It is enough that we both enjoyed. Yes, we still see each other at the gym and we act as if nothing happened or is happening. Yes, when the stars are aligned, we do it and yes all the while still silent during (though not before or after).

So ayan ang latest adventure ko….. I’m sure marami dito ang may kanya-kanyang adventure. Kuwento naman kayo para masaya. 😀

Chinoy straight chaser

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  1. theREALman said on 28-09-2011


  2. Justin G said on 12-08-2010

    i'[ve never done it with a gay man before… I almost did with a gay boy who is came out in a toothpaste commercial… But I backed out from even trying cause I was scared that if I did it with him… Metro Manila would know… He was ssssuuuuuppppeeeerrrr hot though! I dunno how i was able to say no!!!! Especially since he was already in my bed with his nubble but facing me! SSSSSShhhhhhhhooooootttt!

  3. Justin G said on 12-08-2010

    the thrill of leading a boy into the unknown. It’s a feeling like no other! Adrenalinpumping through your veings… Your heart bursting into a nervous explosive rate. loking at your subject as he surrenders to the comfort of your hands in his inner thy.
    a few weeks ago, i was in Bora for an overnight business meeeting. I was checked in Shores in on of the rooms facing the pool. Ibe if ny business partners who was merried to a european lady brought along their 19 year old son. to be honest, he was ok… fFor my standards. not the best, but not the worst.
    kinda tanned tisoy thin shaggy boy who was one of the typical Bora Conios you’ld see by the beach with their friends playing valleyball or boarding.
    Anyways, the parents decided to go for a nigh cap in D’mall and invited me to go… but I had already scheduled a massage in the room so i declined and said I’d follow after. The boy decided he didnt want to be with the oldies either and wanted to hang out in my hotel. So I invited him to join me for the massage… I said I’d treat.
    \The parents told him to go with me because he would really enjoy the massage.
    As we were getting the massage, i asked him if he liked getting them… He said he never had one really before. So I told him that shores had great therapists.
    So we went ahead with the massage… During the small conversations while we were having the massage, i meantioned to everyone in the room (him and the two ladies giving us massages), that I knew how to give massages myself because Ive been getting massages for the longest time…
    So after the whole hour, when the ladies finally left… I asked him if he liked it. He said it was kinda ok. So i said I could have done better myself… so he asked what could i have done better?
    I said i’d show him… he said “um… ok…”
    i said, first they shold have hit the under part of your butt… in between each side of your you know what… so i proceeded to do it to him… I asked him “see? isnt that good? im hitting a major part of a guys system that these people don’t know how to reach” he moaned in an agreeing manner.
    than i stopped… and said “you see? things like that… they don’t know how to do those things”
    “How do you know these things?” he said
    “from the many many times i get massages… WANNA SEE MORE?”
    “Um… ok….”
    “go lay on your back” I proceeded to massage up his shorts around his balls where i slightly hit his d*** several times whick was kinda wet and semi hard?
    I proceeded doing this stroke for another few seconds until he was about to get a full erection… than i stopped. I stopped because i got what i wanted and i didnt want it to reach the awkward part of him releasing through an orgasm.
    I avoided that because i feel that if the boy didnt expload, he could really clasify that as a gay experience and would keep the what happend in limbo. I got what i wanted anyways… and proceeded to the bathroom to release and that was that… haven’t been back in Bora since…

  4. kennethken05 said on 07-06-2010

    hoy mga bakla hindi daw maintindihan ni pareng GI JOE yung mga pinagsasabi ninyo! english daw! patay kayo ngayon!

  5. d said on 07-06-2010

    please either speak English in a story or the other language, us Americans can not read a bunch of diff languages , not trying to be rude but please warn us if this is not an english speaking story

  6. frank said on 20-10-2009

    @ nash # 89:

    Obviously, bakla yan te

  7. Nash said on 21-09-2009

    how would you know if the guy is really straight? I’ve been having awesome sex with this guy for a time now, no anal sex though as I do not enjoy it. Madalas niya akong pilitin pero ayoko talaga. Then last week, habang nasa shower kame bigla niyang sinabi: “ako na lang tirahin mo kung ayaw mo.” So now I’m confused. Bakit siya magpapatira kung hindi naman siya bading? I do not like him now because of that. It made me think, holy sh*t, baka naman lahat ng mga naka-sex ko, mga bottom na “straight”. Ngiii. It’s both a good and a bad thing. Pero ginulo talaga nya na yun impressions ko sa mga lalake. Ngayong hindi ko na alam, pag may nagsabing straight daw siya, I feel he’s lying.

    • Closer2Fame said on 12-09-2011

      LOL.. this comment is priceless!.. of course he’s capital G-A-Y?!!! Even my senile great-grandmother would easily figure that out..hahaha

  8. f said on 14-07-2009

    haha! aus to mga pare.. haha.. prang sa binabasa ko lng na novel.. hanapin nyo kung mron dito.. ung 2nd book ng queer as folk: never tear as apart .. for sure makakarelate kayo mga tol

  9. CalvinKlein2930 said on 12-04-2009

    My God! I don’t know what to say! But I wish I were like you dear! This is the first time I posted a comment just so you all would know.

    Hats off pare!!!

  10. summerson said on 02-03-2009

    panalo ang story! This is my fave so far! a job well blown! kudos!

  11. emel said on 14-02-2009

    hmm. prang may kutob ako sa str8 guy na un. hindi ata str8 yun, bisexual ata pero hindi cya pahalata na isa cyang bisexual. nasiyahan lang cya sa kama dhil gusto nya ng “cummin² wehhh”. ayun na tense na cya sa pagtalik sa kama. you licked all his body and “nota de malaki”. wew astig, grabeh ang dali lang natikman nya, after nanood lang ng sine kuha na agad… Congratulations, kambal iyong anak!!

  12. rneeboy08 said on 06-06-2008

    To Jack
    You’re really right Jack, if he’s a straight guy really, no matter how intense is your sex or love making i should say, he will not touch your private part but he will do all the stuff that you’re playing with, not to kissing that much but he will kiss nor to BJ though i can feel that it’s not fair coz the gratification is all his but for us too, our needs has been fulfilled, the fact that we’re able to make love to straight guy and we like them per se, i guess is enough reward, having the thoughts and feelings that you’re able to go into bed with this guy and saw and tasted his entire body makes you super proud of yourself though, its hidden between you and this straight guy. I did have experience with straight guy and we never talk about it, they’re all family man now but you can feel the respect afterwards and even up to this day and when we look in each others eyes, you can feel that i’d been special to them. I do like having sex with straight guys, sometimes you can just get them coz their horny or having problem with gf or wife and these are all the opportunities we shouldn’t miss that sometimes makes our life exciting. Whew…i really enjoyed reading all your comments and i guess this is the topic that received the most review…lol but even to gay itself making love is fulfilling for he knows how to satisfy his partner not only satisfying himself…..nice job Chinoy str8t chaser

  13. kalachuchi said on 10-05-2008

    grabe ha…. ganyan din ang type ko kaso umalis na ako ng pinas… i love this site… sobra… very wholesome… kaya nakaka excite!! nag gi gym din kasi ako dati kaya medyo masaya ang mag ‘straight’ hunting… andun yung mga signals.. pero ayaw ko lang i try kahit pwede… pa maria clara ang lola nyo eh…. hindi kasi pwedeng mag ladlad ng kapa… so hayun… next time na mag gym ako, mag gi gymnastics na rin ako para tumbling at split diba… susyal!

  14. vincent said on 09-05-2008

    Humnn…mas maswerte ata ako sa nagpost—–I got straight men who kissed me…if they dont kiss I wont do anything to them, once I dated an ex ramp model, I brought him in my office and there, he undressed and said Im yummy, masarap ako–sure he was, so I asked do you kiss? he said no…will you hold mine–he said no—I was silent for few seconds and finally I said…I may be gay but im not miserable go dress up and lets leave.

  15. kuccigang said on 08-05-2008

    ang shorray ng kwento…haba ng hair!! wala akong masabi. magawa nga yan dito sa esteyts!!

  16. mightymikee said on 08-05-2008


    I’m referring to Chinito straight chaser, na excite din ako sa story ni Rommel…

  17. mightymikee said on 08-05-2008

    Sa mundong ibabaw, maraming inggetera..I respeto natin si Rommel, escapades nya yan…Wala tayong pakia alam if he lied, kasi sarili naman nya yung niloloko nya if talagang fiction o fantasy lang ito…Nag share sya at di para alipustahin…Wag nyong pagbitangan bakla ang nakilala nya sa gym kundi tayo ang mga BAKLA…

  18. mightymikee said on 08-05-2008

    I had a roller coaster kind of relationship for 2 and half years to my super straight cutie skater boi…I’m 24 back then, he’s turning 18…He’s more of kahawig ni Angelo Ilagan pero very ‘F4ish’ look, hawig nga nya si Vic Zhou eh pero rugged at trashy version…One year ata akong parang his ‘mother’ na bigay ng baon everytime na nagkikita kam bukod pa ang eat out sa labas at once a month date namin sa malls in Manila.Bago nya ibingay ang puri nya e super ask sya ng material favors, give ko nman kasi yung matinding kong LUST sa kanya e equal na sa LOVE na nararamdam ko, super nag lelevel na…After I gave him a brand new skateboard at skate shoes, ah yuh, natuloy din ang ‘The Big Night’ for me…Sa madaling salita e nag sex na nga kami, that was very excitng part sa relationship namin, first time nya kasi at first time kong makipagsex sa taong mahal ko…Well, malaki sya, mahaba at mataba, surprisingly kasi maliit lang syang tao, kasing height ni John Prats.The greatest performance ang ginawa ko, at natuwa ako kasi nagrereact sya dahil sa di napigilang mag ungol…After that, natapos na ewan ko kung pagtalikod ko sa kanya e napaluha ako, di ko alam kung tears of joy yun, basta napaiyak ako…siguro dahil, sa efforts na pinakita ko e eto na ang pinkamimithing rewards…Pero naging mainitin ang ulo nya,pakiramdam nya cguro, nakuha ko ang gusto ko kya pwede ko na syang iwanan.Ego din ng lalake ang tinamaan…Pero tumagal pa din ang away at bating relasyon namin..Naulit ng maraming beses ang sex namin, pag ginusto e pumapayag sya…Kaso nga may hangganan ang laht…Nagka girlfriend sya, nabuntis ito, di na pwedeng iwan yung girl kahit di nya mahal kasi kapatd ng mga tropa nya yung girl n nabuntis nya, at yung parents ng girl e parehong pulis pa…Natakot ang bf.Nagawa naming lihim yung pagkikita namin at pumayag akong ‘querida’ kahit ako ang una…Nabuko din kami ng magiging asawa nya at dumating sa point na nagharap harap kmi…Sinabi kong laht sa min ng bf pero at mahirap sa part ng girl na tanggapin ang revelations ko, para matapos na lahat…Sa bandang huli, ‘denial king’ anng bf, he denied everything about us kahit alam ng girl na nagsasabi ako ng totoo…So masakit kasi alam ko namang di nya ako pipiliin…Babae sya at bakla ako…Tanggap ko agad…Mag iisang taon ng ikasal at may baby girl na sila… Pero up to now, di ko parin sya makalimutan..Andun pa ring ang ‘longing’ for him…Nagkita na kami minsan pero, umiiwas na sya…Siguro that the sign na ‘Im so over with him na’….

  19. mightymikee said on 08-05-2008

    I have sex buddy, mall guard dito sa Laguna.He’s Louie, he’s 29 na, im 27 kaya clique kami…Pamilyado na, happily married sa misis nyang working as government officer at one of municipality here in Laguna.Tahimik yung guy, man of few of words pero matinik sa kama, walang pakundangan sa halikan,romansa at trip din nyang tirahin ako sa likod.Pero hi weekness when I give him a head…Doon, matindi ang emote nya,ramdam monng sasabog na anytime pero pigil na pigil sya..Thankful ako kasi well endowed sya,enjoy din ako sa blow job na gingawa ko..Simple lang yung pagkikita namin, after his duty, kita agad kami, may motel na plagian kaming dun ang place…Di naman quickie ang sex namin, tumatagal din ng isang oras…After our ultimate sex, ang maganda s kanya,e wlang involved na pera at di sya nanghihingi..nagulat ako…so trip lang nya makipagsex, siguro na rin medyo matanda sa kanya yung asawa nay kaya humahanap sya ng mapapagrausan, at ako yon…He’s chinito, macho, 5’8,semi kalbo at moreno, super turn on sa kin sya… Once a month kaming may sex escapades. Would you believe, minsan sa post nya kami ngsex…Sa loob ng mall information booth,sobrang memorable yun…Ang bilis ng pangyayari that time, ni sa panaginip e di man lang mangyari…

  20. mightymikee said on 08-05-2008

    Maraming ako sexperience sa mag straight guys like police men,fastfood service crew, pest control applicator, security officer,mall and bank guards, production operators, hiphop dancers, bus driver and conductors,bus passenger, married men, construction workers,boatman,barangay at SK kagawad at marami pang iba. Iba’t ibang klase, ako kahit sino basta umaapaw ang sex appeal e ok na…May motto nga ako, kahit chaka basta magaling sa kama…Namimili din ako, yung tipong walang personal grooming at hygiene, yoko din yung sira ang ngipin at bad breath at may B.O., yoko din ng drug addict at basag ulero, syempre bokot din akong masaktan…Ol I can say, kahit semi kalbo ako lagi e sobrang haba ng hair ko kasi sobrang enjoy sila sa ginagawa ko sa kanila, most of them e repeat performance pa…Sarap pumatol sa striaght lalo’t unexpected lahat, yung tipong di nkaplano pero so perfect ang kinalabasang eksena…Ako yan ang forte ko, malakas loob kong mag approach sa mag super stanger na guys…Believe nga ang friends ko kasi risktaker ako, so far di pa naman ako na ‘boogie wonderland’ or naiskandalo pero mas madami ang rejections pero memorable laht ng sweet success ko, pang ‘Kwentong Kalibugan’ ang stories…Sa ramparahan, ok akong kasama…Simple dumiskarte pero matindi ang moves ko…I love straight guys, would you believe sa isla ng Puerto Galera last weekends, dinumog pa rin ang so famous na ‘ Kweba ng Kalingitan’ para sa mga bi’s o paminta pero wag ka, nakabingwit pa din ako ng straight guys, all of them e ultimate sex pa din…Tip, look for guys na naninirahan malapit sa isla…Simple barrio guy pero so hot when it comes to sex…Kakalorkey talga…

  21. pepe said on 07-05-2008

    day, straight lang ako. ayoko sa kapwa may matris. try nyo. Katumbas ng 10 years kahit walang dyug kung makatikim kayo ng straight. trulala!

  22. olalay! said on 07-05-2008

    sometimes straight men have sex with gay men not because of money. kung minsan nasa timing lang. libog lang. right place right time and conducive atmosphere. but does that make them gay? in my opinion no. instrument ka lang, parang kamay. pampalipas libog. madalas din mangyari yan sa all boys school. dun naman experimental phase naman ng adolescent boys ang reason.

    • Closer2Fame said on 12-09-2011

      Yep.. when the opening is already right in front of your ****.. Will you still think twice not to enter? 😛

  23. Tsinitoboy said on 07-05-2008

    There are really some instances that straight men really do get involved with gay men. Not necessarily due to financial reasons but it can also be a sort of a powerful ego boost. One reason maybe is that they see attributes in the gay person that may enhance or add-up to their manliness. It can be that the gay person is very feminine or overly handsome than he will thinking “I can’t believe that this handsome guy is giving me a blow job right now”. Many reasons still abound and we can only guess what are they (sometimes I fancy on how the straight man’s mind works). In the end what is important to them is that they had benefited in some way from the tryst.

    With regards to Chinoy straight chaser, I can relate to his story but with the part of the guy (that was before I went out of the closet). I was pretty much like that before, very silent & unresponsive with regards to sex and then like a butterfly coming out of the chrysalis I become what I am now. To Chinoy: better watch out for your “straight” gym buddy, he might come out one day. Just my two cents.

  24. MsNinja said on 07-05-2008

    Mga Ipokrita! Pwe!

  25. mikel said on 06-05-2008

    @ theamericantopmodel..
    nope im not from ust..

    @ fatboyslim Says:
    “Sometimes having a relationship with a straight guy even without having sex is more fulfilling, knowing you have someone there you can talk to and run to whenever u have problems.(yup, ur super correct!!! kaya nga im cherishing every moment na magkasama kami before…)

    But u have to also admit, U LUST FOR HIM EVERYTIME. and would grab the opportunity of a lifetime if it comes ryt?(so true, kung tutuusin, sobrang lust na ito. but even if siya na ung nagbibigay ng motibo na gawin namin nandun pa rijn ung feeling ko na wat if ginawa namin, what happens next? so ur ryt moment na gusto ko ng gawin namin eh hindi pa dumarating.. kasi for him, i feel different, na hindi lang sex ang makukuha ko sa kanya, ayoko ng fuck buddy lang..)”

  26. Kristian said on 06-05-2008

    I prefer straight BF, I had 4 straight handsome & sexy BF already. They are hard to get but patience will reward you. I agree that straights are mostly not responsive to M2M sex. They dont want to touch your tool neither kiss you. You have to do the work. My current is gym fit and pretty, he is my trophy when we walk around. Were 4 years now, the secret- I allowed him to have GF with the condition that his attention and time with me are not compromised. He tells me everything, he asked my permission to date and even sex with her GF.He learned to love me because of my understanding of his needs. He had two GF during this time were together pero look kami pa rin.

  27. leo said on 06-05-2008

    thanks sa inyo lalo na saiyo migs

  28. leo said on 06-05-2008

    sana magakroon din ako ng exp. ng tulad ng sa iyo. nakatago pa rin kasi ako. i need someone. dito ako sa novaliches QC.

  29. fatboyslim said on 06-05-2008

    Sometimes having a relationship with a straight guy even without having sex is more fulfilling, knowing you have someone there you can talk to and run to whenever u have problems.

    But u have to also admit, U LUST FOR HIM EVERYTIME. and would grab the opportunity of a lifetime if it comes ryt?

    U always have this thought at the back of ur mind pag nag-iinuman kayo, SANA MALASING! Hahahaha!

  30. theamericantopmodel said on 06-05-2008

    @mikel: tga UST ba u??? tga aB??? wat course??? tga aB po ksi ako im taking up AB-BSE Social Science

  31. alex said on 06-05-2008

    ei…wow grabe na mga experiences niyo mga “kuya”….kala ko naexperience ko na lahat di pa pala……
    keep up the goodwork…

  32. tisay.. said on 06-05-2008

    charot ka chinito….kamusta na si dice..heheheh ( wink)

  33. rommel said on 06-05-2008

    hahahahha @ middle east. napansin mo din??? daming malinis at kapuri puri ganyan na ganyan din ang colonial mentality. Masyado sila kung manlait take advantage kuno pa daw. Kabaro nila si Msgr DAKAY. Mga hipokrito!

  34. middle east said on 05-05-2008

    oo na! andaming satsat.husme, nagshare lang yung tao ng experience, andami nang naiinggit, nanalait a may kunikuni pang nag take advantage daw. kaluka mga sisterets! ang paplastik nyo. pwe! manalamin nga kayo at puro kapalstikan. kaluka!

  35. chuchucaracas said on 05-05-2008

    i don’t see anything envious with this experience, regardless kung straight siya o hindi sa tingin ko you took advantage not only of the situation but also of friendship that he offered you.

  36. said on 05-05-2008

    sorry chinito straight chaser and to all the sisters who believe has caught their 100% straight men..i just dont believe that a straight man will ever have an erection with a gay guy..they might “claim” that they are straight- have a gf, wife, kids, grandchildren..we all know this, once you had a cock, you can never go back..lets not put ourselves in this delusion..
    i just feel sorry to the guys who says they’re straight yet they “patol” to gay guys for the sake of money..

    just my 0.02

  37. fatboyslim said on 05-05-2008

    Watch YOUR SONG this coming sunday (May 11) Winner ang episode…

    The episode has been running i think for several weeks… JOROSS GAMBOA fell in love with VICTOR BASA!

    And this sunday, magiging happy ending kaya sila? Will a straight guy like Victor’s Character (character lang ha!) fall for a gay paminta guy like Joross?

    Hahaha! May KISSING SCENE na teaser na pinakita! ABANGAN!

  38. mikel said on 05-05-2008

    btw, we dont have do sex kasi ako ung may ayaw.. i just respect him that much.. saka minsan nga pala, pagtumatawag ang gf nya lagi niyang sinasabing kasama niya ako at mamaya na lang xa tumawag… saka before naging kami, my iniwan xang isang gf nya na ndi ko gusto, i made him choose, ako o ung chakang merlat!! well, mga DYOSA tau mga te..hehe he ended up dumping the gurl.. ung gurl naman na un, nagttxt using othr number.. and he is showing the messages.. may nakikipagtextmate pa nga sa kanya, eh sinasabi nya sa akin kung may nakikipagtextan and he is aking pa for my confirmation kung ittect daw b nya ung mga merlat na yoonerz, eh di sabi ko, bahala ka sa buhay mo, pero alam mo na ang mangyayari pag ako ang nainis sayo..
    when we fight, talagang no pansin ako, sold fish therapy talaga at siya naman eh d ako mareach na hindi nya ako makausap..
    pinaka matagal na araw ng away namin, siguro 4 days tapos ako ung lalapit, excited naman xang magkasama kami na gagawin nya lahat ng gusto ko for a couple of days..
    i love being gay!!!!hahaha

  39. mikel said on 05-05-2008

    btw, we dont have do sex kasi ako ung may ayaw.. i just respect him that much.. saka minsan nga pala, pagtumatawag ang gf nya lagi niyang sinasabing kasama niya ako at mamaya na lang xa tumawag… saka before naging kami, my iniwan xang isang gf nya na ndi ko gusto, i made him choose, ako o ung chakang merlat!! well, mga DYOSA tau mga te..hehe he ended up dumping the gurl.. ung gurl naman na un, nagttxt using othr number.. and he is showing the messages.. may nakikipagtextmate pa nga sa kanya, eh sinasabi nya sa akin kung may nakikipagtextan and he is aking pa for my confirmation kung ittect daw b nya ung mga merlat na yoonerz, eh di sabi ko, bahala ka sa buhay mo, pero alam mo na ang mangyayari pag ako ang nainis sayo..
    when we fight, talagang no pansin ako, sold fish therapy talaga at siya naman eh d ako mareach na hindi nya ako makausap..

  40. mikel said on 05-05-2008

    hay!! buti pa kayo, parang ang sex eh napaka orthodox ng gawin.. ako honestly, im not sure kung gay or straight ang karelasyon ko.. and i dont mind kung ano pa man siya, im just respecting him kasi i have no ryt to quetion..
    we dont do ,it even if xa na nagbbgay ng motibasyon mga ate.. we just watch tv together, lying on the same couch, sharing the same pillow, with my head rested on his biceps at xempre nkayakap ako sa kanya.. minsan naman sa bed, ganun din while sharing things that happened with our own lives during the day in school or whatever stuffs.. minsan, he would ask me na imassage siya, and sometimes, i end up kissing his nape.. we go mout together,we drink coffee together, eat dinner together..watching movies together, no matter how corny ang gusto ko or niyang panoorin, we give each other time.. no money involved.. minsan ako the next time xa naman ang magbabayad ng bill.. we even go to mass together, esp nung misa de gallo.. sa my UST, pinagtitinginan kami ng mga bading, ung iba sumusunod pa. pero, kami na ang umiiwas..kahit sa mall, when we go shop some things, pinagtitinginan kami, pano ba naman kasi, ako napakatahimik kasi ayoko ng maeskandalo pa pag nasa labas, pero xa naman tong hahawak sa kamay ko, sa puwet (in short, pa-gurl ako talaga..hahah)..
    but even if masaya ako sa kanya now, i admit, my kahati akong merlat sa kanya.. xampre, ung merlat ang original.. pero, alam ng nerlat ang tungkol samin, we even text each other, we were properly introduced by our shared partner naman eh.. pero one thing ang pinagsisisihan ko, nung umuwi xa sa probinsya, sabi ko sa kanya, itigil na namin. kung wala xa dito sa manila, walang kami.. ewan ko ba.. kung wala din naman siya sa tabi ko, mas mabuti ng putulin na lang namin ung relationship..
    hay, pero we still have next sem para ipagpatuloy ang naudlot na ugnayan.. pero ewan, kasi may hulaan kasing nangyari noon na sabi, pagnagmahal ako while nag-aaral, i will surely fail, eh hello!!!!!!!!! 4th yr na ako, ewan ko talaga!!!!!!!hmpf!!
    share ko lang…
    ingat mga ateh!!

  41. jack said on 05-05-2008

    As a rejoinder to chinoy, I confirm what he said about a gay having sex with a straight man. Surely, there are eyebrows being raised coz of the common precept that “a guy is not at all straight once he gets laid by a gay or vice-versa” . Ang sabi nila “bakla ang lalaking nakiki-pag sex sa kapwa lalaki”. Not all! Well, i did read a lot of sociological explanations that such a contention is not at all true. I would not venture discussing it though.

    Suffice it to say that there are really straight men who are linked romantically with gays. I have my own personal accounts,and mind you, believe it or not, for all I care, in all honesty, all my past relationships were straight men(lahat professionals)… Masarap silang magmahal.I am lucky that with all the guys i had affair with, money was not a consideration. Why?, they have their own money..They are gainfully employed.

    OF course there are terms and conditions that we agree upon. Foremost, is not money but no PDA (Public Display of Affection. We don’t show up not even to our circle of friends. Kailangan magkunwari. Okeyanbg sa akin kasi i am not in the open. Paminta din ako. Kaya it works both ways. But once we are in private, it’s time to express our feelings tot he max. Walang kieme but the respect is still there. It’s highly important.

    Listen, with all my relationships with straight men, ang kulang is not one of them touched my private part and did what i did to them…alam nyo na yon….I tried several times to lead them through, not successful at all. They do kiss lips to lips, caressed me, hug and make me feel ohlalala! Papatung sila…No 69, not one of them gave me a BJ or a hand job.

    That’s the big difference i noticed when i had a first time relationship with a bi.

    Well, Migs, that’s all I can share for now. I am certain my mga magtataas ng kilay… Fine with me…karapatan nila.

  42. kai said on 05-05-2008

    don’t we all want our dose of that one straight guy? hehe

  43. melancholic.closet said on 05-05-2008

    well i see chefjj’s point. though we were entertained by chinoy’s story, we should also see the other side; that the guy has a gf, and he was twitching when chinoy started kissing him. wasn’t that being greedy?

  44. melancholic.closet said on 05-05-2008

    well i see chefjj’s point. though we were entertained by chinoy’s story, we should also see the other side; that the guy has a gf, and he was twitching when chinoy started kissing him. wasn’t that being greedy? lustful?

  45. Chinoy straight chaser said on 05-05-2008

    Tulad nga ng sinabi ko sa simula ng sulat ko kay Migs, I enjoy reading the comments of people on this blog. Nakikita talaga how diverse we are.

    Was it ego, lust, greed? Guilty by all accounts. Di naman ako nagmamalinis and never claimed that I had altruistic intentions (sex and altruism don’t really go hand in hand). Excitement of the hunt. Did I take advantage of the situation? Of course! Opportunities only knock once ika nga. Bakit naman ako magsasayang ng pagkakataon, life is too short not to enjoy the twist and turns. Relax and enjoy is my motto in life. Drop the baggage and don’t be so tight-assed about everything….life happens, take risks, take that jump (or like the saying goes “dance like no one is watching”).

    Is he possibly a straight-acting gay man? Of course! If and when he realizes na bading talaga siya eh I would be glad to teach him the ropes. Puwede ko nga tignan ito na parang good deed in a way diba? At least tinulungan ko siya magkaroon ng self-awareness. Hehe.

    O wag masyadong serious. Sayang ang energy sa negativity when being positive has so much benefits. Be brave, confident and comfortable with yourselves. Masaya ang buhay. 😀

  46. andy said on 05-05-2008

    naku mga ambisyosa panay away kayo… eh kung magmahalan tayo… o kaya sex na alang…

  47. chefjj said on 04-05-2008

    I would like to agree with Papa JOms.

    Gays, chinoy bad girl ng gym, its like nangrape ka ng bata.

    Think of it, it wasnt HOT, it was lust(for you) Greed(for you) Ego(for you).
    It was Kawawa for his part.
    But people, i do believe that even though ur str8 or not, you can have sex with your kapwa BUT dont do it pag may gf siya.

    100% sure ako, na pagnakilala ka nya and so on, you wait for a few months( as a friend), tell him na you like very much and MAYBE some spark will happen, either you are straight or not.

    But do not FORCE someone to do that.
    He was shaking, if i was you, id stop.
    say sorry, and start all over again.
    Be friends, hintayin mo maging single.
    tapos dun mo banatin!
    sayong sayo na cia and di pa cia silent.
    pero dont do what chinoy did.
    that was plain LUST, evil, and greed.
    and a confidence booster.

    Much love,


  48. chefjj said on 04-05-2008

    A poem for MIGS baby, Chinoy(bad girl ng gym) and to all my gay guys

    The title of the poem is

    *We wont get caught*

    Warm tears slide down my discouraged face,
    my hands shake thinking of your eyes.
    Quaking breath escapes from the pit of my lungs,
    my heart beats rapidly then seems to die.

    Quivering lips move rapidly trying to ease the pain.
    Nothing will fill this vacant opening in my heart,
    except the tenderness of your warm fingers.
    Against my cheek they should glide and never part.

    My throat is dry and cracking in a loss for words,
    eyes blurring out the vision of your glow.
    Weak and cold I feel without you to keep me warm.
    Just hold me tonight know one needs to know.

    My love for you is illegal in the publics eye,
    what would they see if they stared at you through mine?
    Please say we can be together or I’ll lose sanity,
    just embrace me so I am warm and I’ll be fine.

    Kiss me like you know you have always wanted to,
    My nerves need it or they might die alone tonight.
    Please whisper in my ear and make me feel alive,
    then kiss me on the forehead and tell me it’ll be alright.

    There is only one problem in our picture perfect life,
    she lingers in and out of the back of our thoughts.
    Just kiss me though, I’ve been waiting for you,
    I promise my secret lover we will not get caught.


  49. the.mayor said on 04-05-2008

    ampf. how could i get to have an experience? closet ako eh.

  50. lordmanilastone said on 04-05-2008

    agree ako sa’yo jedd, baka siya nga ang napagtripan nu’ng akala niyang straight, andami kayang gays na may gf these days, hehehe

  51. Jedd said on 04-05-2008

    As fabulous as your story was, there wasn’t anything in it that proved your gym buddy was absolutely, honest-to-goodness straight. With so many gay men acting-straight, putting up fronts, or still in denial these days, it’s you that might have been ‘had’ by this man. It all could’ve been a delusion on your part hehe.

    Sure, straight men have that certain-something-sexy-‘bagsik’ that no straight-acting gay men could ever exude, but only real gay men will ever truly luuuurrrrvvvvv you. Bow.

  52. ef said on 04-05-2008

    sosyalan ang story ng mga life nyo frnd….im totally giv my full support 2 both of u….e kung saan kau msaya e d suportahan ta heeeee god bless…sana wala ng okrayan…tau2 lng nmn e…frndzzzz

  53. cris santos said on 04-05-2008

    questionable. your story has loopholes should i say. and it doesnt intrigued, tickled… coz merely it is a lie story.kung baga sa prutas, hinog sa pilit ang pagkakagawa mo ng kwento. and u think the readers are stupid enough to believe on this?
    sorry im just being frank. and i don’t have to argue with you.

    ” THE DETOUR ” part of your story make a dash of immature description. reality was submerged. do you think the guy will not just say anything or joke why you are detouring the area?

    next time when you write something, focus on the value of your story and make sure it is sensible enough to read.

    thank you.

  54. lester said on 04-05-2008

    I love your long hair stories mga ate!!! Once I also tried to conquer a straight guy named adrian ( no relation to the one above). But sisters I did not have the patience that you seemed to have. After a while, I got tired chasing him and forget about it. Ako pa nang-break!!! Looking back, I regret my aggressive actions. Nag tiyaga sana ako like you did.

  55. vince said on 04-05-2008

    chinoy straight chaser, hate to rain on your parade, but obviously, the supposedly “straight” guy you think you’ve “conquered” may actually NOT be as straight as you believed him to be. if he truly were(as in 100%,undiluted, bona fide hetero), he would’ve knocked the daylights out of you the minute you made that motel detour. it’s called latent homosexuality–he acts straight, has a girlfriend, etc. but is suppressing you-know-what.

  56. rommel said on 04-05-2008

    TAYLOR : by the way it’s act responsibly not responsively.

  57. rommel said on 04-05-2008

    Yup Im in canada now and got tested ASAP thank god negative. I wasnt proud of it, ngayon nga dami ko stock ng lube and condoms. For 28 years of my life I was doing unprotected sex. Im so grateful. Always be protected yun lang. Please dont judge me because you dont know me. I wrote that story for fun and it really happened. I dont need your pity, give it to people who easily judge and condemn others.

  58. Benzgasmic said on 04-05-2008

    hotness! hahaha makapunta na nga ng gym, baka may mabiktima ma din ako hahahah

  59. taylor said on 04-05-2008

    i really enjoyed reading the stories here , i can sorta relate. but one thing i found really repulsive is from rommel’s story. inupuan niya yung guy without a condom or lube dahil sa sobrang libog.feeling proud ka pa.shame on sure you are not clean and you probably has done unprotected sex a lot. i feel pity for the guy or the guys you meet. nakakaawa ang mga inosenteng biktima niyo.aside from AIDS, you can also contract other diseases. please, act responsively guys..

  60. sinonoy said on 04-05-2008

    wow! as in panalo kayo mga tita! ung una’t huling straight na natikman ko is yung best friend ko lang.. hahahaha! ganun din kami.. after ng mga pangyayari, walang imikan, as if nothings happen. Miss ko na sya kaso may asawa na at anak. Minsan nag oovernight dito sa haus kaso nakakatakot na ko magfirst move ulit. Afraid…

  61. cabrill said on 04-05-2008

    ang ganda ng kwento. nakaka-el! grabe… as in grabe talaga!!!! parang gusto ko nang sumugod sa gym at manghatak ng mhin!!! hehehehe!

    yun lang!!!

  62. mila said on 04-05-2008

    me too, nandidiri ako makipag date sa gay kahit na closet gay kaya puro straight lang ang aking habol at they like me naman dahil siguro mas gwapo pa ko sa kanila at hindi halata.

    Thanks Migs ikaw ang aking gay icon . Luv you migs!

  63. jimg29 said on 04-05-2008

    chinoys straight chaser sexcapades is tantamount to rape. you are so lucky the guy did not convulsed violently, but the fact that he felt spastic episode only meant that although he is a reluctant participant, he was also dealing with his feminine or queer side.

    and if you chinoy wanted to be kiss back, you should stop smoking altogether, only then that this (friends’ benefit)F.B. concept would have a real and meaningful outcome. that sex need not to be this utterly despicable! and he would probably thank you for the ecstacy that he recieved from you.

  64. Basti said on 04-05-2008

    Mga lola, I had 3 super pogi straight BF na. It all boils down to money kung straight men though there maybe exceptions. As it lingers the 3 developed this feeling for me kaya I lived happily ever after. Kaya mga ate it also depend on us how to convert him to love us. Pag-usapan kaya natin ang mga tricks how to meet straight men, yong mga diskarte paano makilala siya.

  65. your said on 04-05-2008

    maka pag gym na nga! haaay naku wag na lang… magagalit si dockie ko. hehehehe. love you doc!

  66. Rommel said on 04-05-2008

    Thanks Ron and Noel. Glad you enjoyed reading my true story.
    Sa iba dyan,
    So agaw eksena pala ako at feeling girl?? kayo mukha kayong piranhang matanda. Wala kayong ginawa kundi manlait. chura! Mega type pa naman ako tapos lalaitin nyo lang. If you can’t say anything nice, then dont say anything at all. salamas.

  67. genxcop said on 04-05-2008

    people like us

  68. xoxo said on 04-05-2008

    what is a plu?

    by the way…i think that the story is really a fabulous one. i have had similar experiences although i am not a closet gay guy. i am out in the sense that my friends know but my parents and family dont. its complicated. anyhow, the thing is i dont have gay friends as all of my friends are straight. and most of the people that i date are the straight guys who simply want to try dating me.

  69. Bwahaha said on 03-05-2008

    @venicsa sure me conservative yan. Gusto ko may hot kissing scene na maganap m2m s philippine tv. Pero parang imposible. How I wish. Eh pabor naman yan kay Victor Basang basa pag magkalove scence sila ni Joross. Wahehehe. Peace Migs. Sna iaccept mu. Lol.

  70. Bwahaha said on 03-05-2008

    Gusto ko din maputukan sa loob ng isang straight (ata) guy. Ano kaya ang feeling? Winner ba? Oy matanong ko lang nakikipaglaplapan ba sila? Isipin nyo tinitira nyo ang isang girl, siguro yun ang feeling nila or should I say wala silang nafefeel?

  71. venicsa said on 03-05-2008

    hhhhhmmm makapag gym na nga rin!!! hehehehe


    Hey Migs, may bagong loveteam ng aabangan ngayong Linggo, May 4

    in Your Song Presents: Without You

  72. Bwahaha said on 03-05-2008

    Grbe ang kbaklaan d2. D q matiis d mgc0mment. Kadiri ung r0mmel eeeew. Feeling girl n b u aftr maptukan? Konti p lng ang c0mment. Akez i h8 ung mga k0ment n npakabaklush ng dating. Mgng macho naman kau s0meh0w nakakadiri kc.

  73. rodier said on 03-05-2008

    mula ngayon maggigym na ako!

  74. peppoi said on 03-05-2008

    GANDA MO!!!!!!!!!!

    ( ok, now it’s my turn to ‘hit on’ the guys at the gym..hehehe)

  75. noel said on 03-05-2008

    rommel agaw eksena ka namn jan….hehe perO hellO>Ganda kaya ng story telling mo lola.
    gudlck sa mga ambisXosa.. gogogo…Go and read Ladlad.

  76. ron said on 03-05-2008

    winner ang istorya ni rommel! applaude!!!

  77. Joms said on 03-05-2008

    Pasensya na guys, but I think something is wrong.

    Ever since I became a PLU, I always resisted the urge to have the first move when it comes to having intimate affairs with guys – especially the so-called straight ones.

    Blame it on my pride, pero the worst thing I could hear from someone is to accuse me that I took advantage of him. I didn’t read the first parts of the entry, but from the impressions I got from the sex scene, it appears like the other party was hesitant to do it with the storyteller.

    The reason why I feel this way is because if I put myself in the other guy’s shoes, I would feel betrayed when someone I trusted would bring me in a place I never intended to go. Sige, sabihin nating panatag ako sa guy. Pero if I really like him, I’d give hints of approval long before we take the detour to the motel. Yeah, siguro nandun ang libog sa part nung guy, pero you know, ang sagwa naman na sumama lang sayo yung guy dahil wala siyang choice. Had he known the 911/Pown a friend rule, things might have turned out differently.

    I kiss, I suck, I fuck and I get to be fucked when it comes to playing in bed, but no, not with someone whom I feel has reservations being with me. Hindi ko matatanggap na achievement yun para sa akin, lalo’t alam kong pilit lang ang nangyari sa part niya.

    “I didn’t look at him, pero from my peripheral vision eh nakita ko na tulala lang siya. He didn’t look my way and didn’t say a word.”

    • closetbuddy said on 30-03-2009

      i agree. although i’m a PLU (not out though), i’ve always been homphobic specially w/ the effems and so are my straight friends. and this post proves that there is reason for straight guys to be narrow-minded as they are.

      i guess this post kinda pisses me off since its a reason for me not being able to come out. its because of people like these who contribute to make the people in my life unable to accept us.

  78. Rommel said on 03-05-2008

    Ay May experience din akong ganyan so go kwento na rin akembang.chaka naman wala akong sariling post pero carebears. Inday juice!!


    Nakilala ko si adrian nung naki hitch sya sakin habang nag ddrive ako sa isang subdivision sa Laguna.Super pogi at mukhang artistahin tlga. Nagkwentuhan kami and turns out basketball player sya. kinuha ko yung number nya and binigay naman nya. I called him the next day and his sister answered the phone . “Pwede kay Adrian” and then I hear her say “Kuya telepono mo” I was able to talk to him and suggested we go drinking the next night. He obliged and told me to wait at the mall at 7pm.. ang lola nyo from 6:30pm – 8: 30pm naghintay sa mall as in pinapak na yata ako ng lamok dahil gusto nya outside the mall mag meet. Super gwapo kasi nya so frustrated ang lola nyo. May I call ako, no answer. “Go figure” I told myself. tatanga tanga asa pa sa straight. So next day I called him and he answered. He said sorry na kita daw sya ng tropa nya kaya hindi sya nakapunta. Nyetames so I told him bukas na lang. and he obliged. At the back of my mind I had the feeling he would stand me up again… pero lo and behold… he was walking towards me at naka dark orange na shirt and super pogi… Sheeett jackpot si bakla. So mega inum sa bar and then I asked him kung gusto nya manuod ng porn sa bahay. Tense na tense ang lola nyo . I expected him to say no… but to my suprise he said yes. So fast forward, on ang aircon nuod ng porn aba dahil sa 6 na strong ice eh naborlogs ako… hahaha nagising ako nung hinampas nya siko nya sa mukha ko… yes napaka subtle nyang mang gising. so mega halik ako sa neck nya. aba walang kontra…pababa hanggang tinanggal ko na ang maong nya.. average size dick pero p*ta tlga ang sarap. sabi nya first time mo ba to? sabi ko oo , sa loob loob ko lang oo first time na 100 bwahahah tapos sabi nya “bat ang galing mo” shet libog na libog ako..jackpot kung jackpot. gwapo tlga sya . Tapos ayun inupuan ko na…pasok agad. walang lube walang condom… humalik ako sa lips bigla nya inalis mukha nya…carry lang. ayun mega pump na sya mga ten minutes ska sya pinutukan. sa loob. shet sana mabuntis ako ching! tapos i drove him home.. walang bayad mga ineng. pero yung bill sa bar sagot ko… e ang mura lang naman… so ayun. true story ito mga neng…iba ang sarap ng straight… after nun hindi na nya ko kinausap, nakita ko pa sya sa daan pero nag rason sya na nagmamadali… ganun tlga, pag natikman ka na deadma na. Charito! Haay… adrian, i will never forget that night………………………..iba tlga straight mga ate… magiging feeling babae ka tlga, now , I too, am complete..

  79. queenrichard said on 03-05-2008

    hay nako, I can totally relate to this! but I’m not straight acting though and I won’t be even if my fabulous life depended on it. You know I also have this thing for straight men, and I have few successful relationships with them lang. anovah yan! I’m so ferosh!, why can’t I snag myself a boytoy. whatever, anyhoo I love your blog MGG. schushal, keep it fierce

  80. lol said on 03-05-2008

    Wow, uber bongga! hahai! grabeh naman itech! at nauulit pa! magpuri!! 🙂

  81. psychsnake said on 03-05-2008

    xoxal nmn po

  82. twinkee said on 03-05-2008


  83. francis said on 03-05-2008

    korak ka jan!!

  84. fadge said on 03-05-2008

    wjajaja.funny! luv it!

  85. franz francisco said on 03-05-2008

    karamihan nman sa gym mga straight-acting..pero bakla nman talaga..dyan nga masarap mag-hunting eh

  86. erick_makati said on 03-05-2008

    guys, if you want gay poems, stories, literature, read Ladlad I, Ladlad II, and Ladlad III, which were edited by Danton Remoto of Ateneo de Manila University and J Neil C Garcia of the University of the Philippines. These are available at the National Book Store. I have copies of Ladlad I and II, but I have not bought Ladlad III yet, which is just out for the market. Enjoy reading!

  87. fatboyslim said on 03-05-2008

    Eto lumalabas when i click submit comment

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46111 bytes) in /home/manilag/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sitemap.php on line 1163

    Whats wrong?

  88. fatboyslim said on 03-05-2008

    Sorry for the repeated postings…

    May lumalabas kc na error message when i click on the submit comment button

    Sana ako rin talaga magkaroon ng GYM MATE

    Hahahaha! Di naman nagggym papano magkakaroon! Hahahaha!

  89. fatboyslim said on 03-05-2008

    Haba ng hair mo Chinoy straight chaser

    Pang hair shampoo commercial! 😛

  90. fatboyslim said on 03-05-2008

    Bakit nagkakaproblema na naman yata MGG ayaw pumasok ng posting ko!

  91. fatboyslim said on 03-05-2008

    Ang haba naman ng hair mo Chinoy straight chaser… I wish I was in ur shoes!

    Pwedeng pwede ka maging commercial model ng shampoo! Kakainggit!!!

    Sana ako rin magkaroon ng acquiantance sa gym!

  92. fatboyslim said on 03-05-2008

    Ang haba naman ng hair mo Chinoy straight chaser… I wish I was in ur shoes!

    Pwedeng pwede ka maging commercial model ng shampoo! Kakainggit!!!

  93. tsinitoboy said on 03-05-2008

    Wow ang taray!!!! Mutual sila pagdating sa action!!!

  94. baklita sa al quoz said on 03-05-2008

    ako ang unang nag post ng commecnt…

    ang taray ng kwento mo!!!

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