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Hi Migs,

iv been a loyal visitor of ur site… i love reading blogs which are sensible and NOT into mere porn.. i happen to read ria’s article and i was moved since i somehow relate myself to Andy.. wel, im hoping that u and ur visitors could help me with my own predicament as well.. so here’s my story.. (this is reality and not a fabrication)

Im Andrew, a 20 year old and i come from a privileged family. as a child, i grew up the way things usually are for a boy. i had girl crushes wen i was in grade skul and even went thru d stage of courstships. in fact, i came thru relationship wd a girl but it failed after almost a year. i went to college and i had a serious relationship wid a model-like chick. she was a campus sweetheart and of course i was proud to have her. but d MURKY and TRAGIC story of my life started here.

my family had a new driver. he is Clint and is 5 years my senior. he is not the typical driver hu is messy and cheap looking. he actually has an appeal and cud be mistaken as a part of r family, shud he be given the proper pointers on grooming. at first, i wasn’t into him, nor was he. we started the employer-employee relationship just well. then, our personalities conived as if we were brothers by blood.

The Family Driver and I

until it came to a point that there was just too much for comfort. we were together almost everyday after school. very soon enough, he told me that he was already falling for me and that he was afraid he might lose me because of it. i was feeling the same way too. so i also admitted my feeling right there and then. so from there, ALL the days of our lives, we started building dreams around each other and i’ve never felt contented dis much. crazy, isnt it?

i forgot about everything and i made him my priority. i dumped my hot girlfirend for him wid void and stupid reasons. i wanted to give him my all and i did. can u imagine that? of cors just like in most relationship, we usually do wat lovers do. he did everything for me as i also reciprocate it. our relationship was give and take. it wasnt prey vs. predator type of thing. i never felt abused or used in terms of material things because he barely asks for something. it was all good.

The Twist

the twist is dat he has a family and has a daughter. i accepted him amidst those things. he told me dat he loves me more than his family and he made me see and feel it. of course i was happy even if it meant selfishness. her wife found out about our relationship after almost 2 years. they duel most of the time about my relationship wd his husband. but Clint stood by me. his wife just got the hang of it coz she felt defenseless. clint and i continued our relationshp and it reached 28 months.


My life was crushed wen my family knew about it. dey saw our pictures together and things like that. i admitted the crime. dey wer furious abt the whole thing also bcoz r family is somehow known n d business sector. dey planned to wreck Clint’s life just to get even. they felt that Clint was just using and milking me. they opted to fire Clint as our driver but i begged them not to. i asked them for a time to restore myself and that Clint leving wud only worsen my case. dey gave me wat i asked of them but Clint is no longer staying at night. Clint told me that he loved me more than his life and dat he did everything to save us but it was too late. he told me he is uncertain if he cud still work for us. i cried like hell wen i heard it coz it meant the end of us. he said that it was the best thing to do rather than torture Ourselves wd d memories dat wud just haunt us forever. i dint agree wd him. i started growing resentment over him and i cut every attachments wd him. i changed my sim card and things like dat. der was just no sign of each other.

Recuperating — NOT!

during his absence, i collected myself. i thought hard of everything. now that hes gone, i questioned myself if i was just blind to see his real motives or wat. our pyschologist told me that it cud be that Clint was wid me because of financial or emotional instability but then, i wud assert that i never felt that way towards him. he was so genuine and many things cud prove it. i lived a hell of a life during that tym. but i realized that i shud start moving-on but not move-away.

it was my birthday and it was absurd. the first person to greet me was Clint. my heart was pounding and it just relived my past. my emotions started haunting me.. sadly, i was still in love with him. the pacing was very sluggish but we picked up pieces of our past widout reailizing it. we started checking up on each other and became virtual frends since i am PROHIBITED to see him after all. then just 2 months ago, we ironed everything. we lit our relationship back again. we thought that it was just impossible to live wdout each other. and it was him who initiated the move, not me.we secretly, meet up and do our thing. i dnt support him financially becoz i want to prove to myself that his intentions are good.

Am I Happy?

but dis time, im not totally happy wd wats going on.. we barely see each other and felt that our relationship isnt the way it is before.. there are too many restrictions now.. too many…… im getting insecure wd his wife.. honstly, because i am thinking that his wife gets more than what i do… i want to let go.. but i just cant… its heart vs. my mind… how do i deal with this? shud i start living a normal life agn? i become attracted wd both sex im noy having urges to be in anothey guy-guy relationship.. plss help…

sorry for my autobiography..hheheh i just wanted to detail out things.. thanks man!!!! peace


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  1. Closer2Fame said on 27-06-2012

    OMG!.. I don’t care if he’s gay for pay or not..

    He’s your family DRIVER!

    One time, I saw a taxi driver who looked a bit too good to be one and tried to hit on me but then again he’s a DRIVER!

    That’s 1 huge red flag that’s hard to miss…

    There’s a reason why there’s an invisible Caste system in our society!.. He is a Driver!

    And worse of all.. He has a family!

    That’s like a crime towards GOD and Society…

    This article was from 5 years ago or maybe this is all fake….

    If this was true, I hope you already woke up from this delusion by now. Peace out! 🙂

  2. princeahmir said on 27-06-2012

    what a fake story…i hope you grew up, and face life reality…

  3. men said on 27-09-2009

    To Andrew:
    I am happy you have found somebody to love who apparently loves you back..Some people live their whole lives trying to find that person while you my friend had it this early. I guess your story touched a nerve with all these people who found time to make comments(good or bad), give advise(wise or incredibly dumb or the very least laughable) or just plain be bitchy about the whole thing. I hope you rise to the occasion Andrew. Just be sure to give your best.
    PS. I know it sounds so Sandra Bullock in Ms. Congeniality but I just can’t resist…. World Peace! 🙂

  4. david said on 07-09-2009

    grbe ganda ng timing nakikinig ako ng thingking of you ni katy perry then na open ko to..habang binabasa ko with music naiyak ako..
    sasama ko po to sa article na isusulat ko gusto ko kasi maipakita ang love na laging isinasantambuyan ng lipunan ngayon..saludo ako sayo..

  5. gordon said on 25-06-2009

    Pray. It works.

  6. philter said on 06-06-2009


    napaiyak namn ako sa story mo..(T_T)

    i think there is a right person 4 u…anyway you have a good heart naman eh..Am sure,mkikita mo rin ang right person for you,,,

  7. eric said on 27-05-2009

    I think he is a hustler (the driver). Nakakaduda naman yung sinabi nyang mas mahal ka pa niya kaysa sa pamilya niya at sarili nya. That line is too cheesy

  8. raymond said on 31-12-2008

    kulang sa sarsa ang sulat mo kaya yung iba napagkakamalang tong imaginative story lang, dami kasing loopholes sa sulat mo

  9. dave said on 02-11-2008

    pare advice lang sayo, bata kapa at marami ka pang mararanasang sarap sa buhay na dipa naibibigay ng partner driver mo, pero isa lang masasabi ko pare, BASTA DRIVER SWEET LOVER o diba bongga ang byti mo nakadale ka ng driver hahaahahahaha. Honestly ako rin nadale ko rin ang isa mga naging driver namin hindi ako halatang lalake rin ang hanap ko very manly akong kumilos at may gf din ako that time kaya nagulat ang driver namin ng sabihin kong type ko sya, i was at your age din ng maranasan ko ang sarap ng romansa ng isang driver akala ko sya na ang una at huling lalake sa buhay ko pero hindi pala , ikaw ba naman ang magkaroon ng driver araw-araw na hatid-sundo ko nya kagi sa school or kahit saang lakaran e kasa-kasama mo sya talagang maiinlove ka considering na may itsura talaga sya at ang mga masel pang nya sa braso at sa hita e pamatay na hahahahah, anyway  mula ng mapadpad ang byuti ko sa Manila napariwara na ako ng husto, My gosh ang haba ng hair ko dito sa Manila at sial pa talaga ang lalapit sayo at sobrang wild, Yes Andrew marami akong naka sex dito sa manila, karamihan sa kanila ay may asawa at weakness ko talaga ang mga UNIFORMED MAN na halos lahat ay may asawa na. Pero after kong makaraos nawawala na yung attachement ko in short puro libog lang playing safe. Marami ka pang makikilala pare at tandaan mo ito darating ka rin punto na sasabihin mo sa sarili mo na SUKO NA ANG BYUTI MO SA DAMI NG BOOKING MO ARAW-ARAW.  eNJOY AND COLLECT LANG PARE. iF you need some advice and makakasama mong gumimik dont hesitate to contact me

  10. Jojo Narciso said on 04-10-2008

    please… mag aral ka ENGLISH 101

  11. Dita said on 27-09-2008


  12. kasper said on 23-09-2008

    trust me, what u feel is not real happiness.. it’s really hard to love someone that can never be yours.

  13. Argee said on 10-09-2008

    wow pang star cinema ang quality ng story

  14. Bret said on 09-09-2008

    I think this is a made up story by someone who doesnt have a good command of English and tried to hide it by using “txt language”. When will gays realize that some of these posts are just meant to prod them to comment so that this blog will have heaps of visitors? Gays are a bunch of suckers ( read: easily tricked!) Money money money……. But they need this blog, like needing to breathe after being underwater for x minutes.  Story doesn’t even ring true..

  15. vinci said on 09-09-2008

    Hay… how complicated.
    Kaya ako I don’t get attractive drivers. Mahirap na. 

  16. kieser said on 20-08-2008

    hi.. andrew what a very intrstng experience… u did ur job..buti u nga na Xpernce mo, na “to love nd 2 be love..”
    mostly kaC in our cases..were d only one who give more lov..nabubuhay tayo sa mga ilusyon na least ikaw nasuklian, yong feelings mo…
    take care na lang and sana mag update u bout whats happening as of now…
    peace to all=)

  17. gani said on 20-08-2008

    It’s not a crime to fall in love. It’s also not a crime to create fairytale fictions. But it’s a crime to commit perjury. Niloloko mo lang sarili mo. Next time, galingan mo naman gumawa ng story baka hindi na maniwala na si Melanie Marquez niyan hala ka.

  18. clueless said on 20-08-2008

    sorry for my past comment. as i said opinion lang yun. sabi ng 1 psych. a gender is fluid. its not constant. it may shift directions or anything. yung sa’yo i think dumaang boni ave. or something. what i think you should do is get back to your life and shift to the second gear. magmove-on ka na. may family siya, kaw din kawawa family mo pag pinagpatuloy mo pa yan. sa tingin mo anong gagawin niya pag iniwan mo siya? syempre attention niya will most likely to be in his family for good at yun ang tama. wag kang selfish. ilan ba sila at ilan ka? at bakit andaming nag-comment sa text speak niya? let it be. juice kow. and andrew, please consider the majority of the advice. let him be with his family.

  19. sky said on 19-08-2008

    bakla kaya dumalang na kayo magkita kasi di mo na binibigyan ng pera gaga, ganyan talaga pag in-love nag i illusyon

  20. gani said on 16-08-2008

    a relationship that broke another relationship i destined to be broken at some point. unfair to the wife, to the dumped gf, to the family, yes selfish and love is supposed to be unselfish.

  21. pacer150 said on 13-08-2008

    kung totoo man story mo drew(uy drew daw!!!) gisng na totoy. bata ka pa.i was in your situation before but i realized that i was fooling myself by believing that my bf loved me. wag ng pilitin kasi masasaktan ka lang. end your relationship w/ him lang

  22. ed said on 13-08-2008

    Andrew, you better check your grammar. Even in your reply in some of the comments here, your grammar causes my nose to bleed. Tinagalog mo na lang sana…

    Secondly, do not be deluded in a black hole that you created na mahal mo sya at mahal ka nya…and that is all there is, nagmamahalan kayo. Hija, aminin mo man o hindi, kaya sya pumatol sayo ay dahil may pakinabang ka sa kanya…yun nga lang, in denial ka.

    GIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSIIIIIINNNNGGG Bakla! baka mauwi sa bangungot yan

  23. tobby said on 13-08-2008

    panibagong ilusyon na naman ito..pero yung iba naman pinatulan seryoso sa pagbibigay ng mga advice..opinion ko lang po ito

  24. caviteboi said on 11-08-2008

    umm.. iwan mo na siya chong ikaw rin lugi dahil may family na xa in the first place.. peo kung nagdecide xa na iwan family nya for you, aun aus lng na kayo, peo maaatim ba yun ng kunsenxa mo..

    advice lang eh.. iwan mo na xa may darating at darating din para sau, bata ka pa marami pang kakaharapin, treat this as a learning experience in life… ^^,

  25. tratuhinmoakongparangsieba said on 11-08-2008

    kapatid… baka tama ang magulang mo… nung sinabi mo na sinubukan mo syang huwag bigyan ng pera… ayun di bihira na lang kayo magkita…

    baka nga tama ang magulang mo… baka pera…

    minsan napagkakamalan natin ang isang ILUSYON na

    masakit pero totoo.

  26. Mckhoii said on 10-08-2008

    haay naku ang gulo talaga ng buhay dahil sa pag-ibig na yan. pero kung wala ang pag-ibig, wala din tayo diba? Our emotions are the biggest reason why we are frequently stuck into some shitty situations


  27. mario said on 10-08-2008

    had a previous relationship with a married guy…i chose to end it becoz he is married…masakit pero ganun talga…some people are affected by this relationship…in your case, maganda sana kung wlang ibang tao na apektado…

  28. Bugoy gay said on 10-08-2008

    Kumanta ka na lang…

  29. andrew said on 10-08-2008

    guys! thank u so much for d positive replies. i dont care about the negative ones. hehehe what i meant with “conive” is that, we clicked even if we are from different social classes. if you’re questioning my honesty, go ahead. i dont have enough time to defed my status here. i know that i am being honest with my case, and im happy with it. and to lessen your doubts, andrew and clint are just nicks. i just wanted to at least make my identity hidden. peace! =)

  30. peppoi said on 10-08-2008

    Na-in love ka sa isang lalake; therefore, habangbuhay ka nang ganap na babae…;-)

    Tuloy mo lang ang relationship nyo kung masarap sa kalooban mo; Your “emotional guidance system” will always tell you what to do…don’t let other’s “emotional guidance system” rule over you.

    ..kung may talo sa relationship ninyo; it’s the girl…dapat let her go na kasi masakit yung affair nyo para sa kanya; unless, ok lang sa girl; at least, hindi nambabae asawa nya, nanlalake lang…=)

  31. lester said on 10-08-2008

    Just go on Andrew. The man was trying to make you happy. Go for it. But mind you, the relationship will not be forever. enjoy it while it lasts. good luck. And mga ate wag na ninyo gano pansinin ang writing style niya. Peace.

  32. bummer said on 10-08-2008

    LOL! as in laughing out REALLY loud. no offense meant but you should’ve told your story in tagalog. and honestly, the story is sooo lame.. i can’t even believe that the driver took the first move! even if driver xa, and knowing that he has a family, i dont think he’s stupid enough to even initiate.. that is if meron man tlga.. that’s just my opinion..

  33. clueless said on 10-08-2008

    doubtful story.
    doubtful name of a driver—clint.(masyado atang konyo)
    so surreal.
    too good to be true.
    opinion lang to ah…

  34. yuan said on 10-08-2008

    ouch! alam m b ako nman iba naisip q.. i was thingking of breaking my long term rel w/ a guy.. my feeling is so weird n kc w/ him.. i mean prang wla n yun dti.. and w/ your story i have picked some ideas (not the harsh one) pero tnx.. gnda ng story!

  35. ric said on 10-08-2008

    You are a very lucky person. In spite of the restrictions your family and society bring, you still found somebody who loves you. This is a rarity. If you really love him, then you have to accept your situation and savor every moment of it. If the time comes that you will eventually separate, then at least you have plenty of happy memories. If you can be together until the end, then it a blessing. It is better to have loved and experienced everything this love brings including the pain and uncertainties than to have not loved at all.
    To all,
    I visit this blog for the many stories of love and struggles, of life’s stories that we can learn and emphatize, of thoughts and love’s lessons. I always give others the chance to reveal their stories and I appreciate the sharings we all have. I also believe that many of the stories here are true and not only a product of the letter sender’s imagination. May we learn from their stories of love and pain. Peace to all.

  36. santiago said on 10-08-2008

    has agentboytoy started writing again? saw this denciopadilla blog @ blogspot…i swear i remembered boytoy…well maybe, maybe not.


  37. Tristan said on 09-08-2008

    Oh my gosh, it could have been a nice blog if it were written better.

  38. Eric-kah said on 09-08-2008

    your personalities “conived”? we get it, you’re from a “privileged” family.

  39. shane said on 09-08-2008

    definitely one of a kind! its almost too good to be true. but i could sense the honesty, at least for me. i think you should start accpting the fact that there’s no other world for the two of you. dont stop loving him unless you arent feeling it already. but as i could sense through your story, you are still hoping for a future for the both of you. it wont happen unless you come out brave enough against your family. dont just focus your attention to him. busy yourself with other things. start by living a normal life as you want with Clint there by your side. dont make him “your life” because he will never be yours. i would be thrilled to know as to what will happen if you’ll be having a girlfriend/boyfriend soon other than clint. i dont know what to expect of clint if that happens. save yourself now, before its too late dear.

    dont be offended with the bad comments. you did not write here as a playwright, anyway. lol!! in fact, i dont think your writing sucks. many loved it more than hated it. just deal with them mate. take care. =)

  40. stan™ said on 09-08-2008

    ?accept things as they are and never let any frustrations bother you. i may lack the experience for these things but i think, what you should do now is analyze everything that is going on and know what’s the best thing to do that would benefit the both of you.

    like what i’ve realized before, the ending decision still would come from you. these comments wouldn’t do the talking for you, (and you knew it for sure) you just have to consider some of them and compare them to your own view (though sometimes, they are really a big help.)

    Stan suggests:
    • i think you should know first where can you comfortable and happily confine yourself with regards to your relationship. that way, i think it’ll make you more secure with your decisions.


    hi kuya migs!?

  41. laurel said on 09-08-2008


    ganyan ang buhay. you have to make choices. your driver has to leave his wife for you. you have to be independent from your family.PERIOD…madaling sabihin pero ang hgirap gawin. BUT< if you won’t do it, then what is next?

    my family initially wanted to kill my partner when they found out, because they thought that my lover is only milking me..Medyo maykaya kasi kami ng konti…hehehe…but i stood up for what i believed in.we loved each other so much kasi. seven years na kami ngayon…accepted na rin kami by both families. my friend, life is too short to be lived with regret…

  42. chuchucaracas said on 09-08-2008

    you had me at “we started building dreams around each other…” after nun eto nagcomment nako.

  43. eponine said on 09-08-2008

    Is it crime to love?

  44. marky said on 09-08-2008

    babasahin ko sana kaya lang text message format. pwe

  45. kazan said on 09-08-2008

    nag-nosebleed ako sa pagbabasa nito. my gawd.

  46. Carl said on 09-08-2008

    Lee Says:
    August 9th, 2008 at 12:20 pm
    If I were an English teacher, this letter would have caused my death…

    …hehehe, Likewise…

  47. itsonsms said on 09-08-2008

    My god! This is the most stale poorly written fabricated story I have ever read.

    Unoriginal, uninspired and very predictable.

    Just follow how stories like these end.

  48. Zang said on 09-08-2008

    You have to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages your relationship with Clint has. And whichever weighs more, at least to you, then go on. The heart is not always correct, as it only feels, it does not know. The mind is not also correct always, as it only knows, it does not feel. Use both your heart and mind. When these two things work hand in hand, you will arrive at the decision that you will not regret nor be sad with. But even today’s sadness can lead to a lifetime happiness…

    I hope you get my drift… And please improve the way you write. Kalachuchi is right in saying you use your own keyboard when doing the letter, not your cellie.

  49. fratboi02 said on 09-08-2008

    i was touched by your story man! i may say that it must be love because my driver is a hottie less priveleged family friend of ours(he even plays extra in some tv flicks on his spare time) and i never even thought of crossing the line even if he’s like a brother to me already. well…all i can say is that if you still love him, there is no reason for you to leave the relationship but you have to weight your options sometimes. DO THIS!!! Before I make decisions, i write down on 2 columns of a paper the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ about my relationships and other dealings with life. thereon, you will have a visual of the things you like and dislike about him or the relationship. after that, ask yourself if the positive side is worth overlooking the negative ones of if the bad side is too much for you already…it may hurt but remember, its always your decision if you want to be happy or not…and remember…Love is not a feeling nor a sentiment, its an ability…I hope to hear what happened do update us… 🙂

  50. andrew said on 09-08-2008

    whhooooow!! andrew here. first off, migs thank you for featuring my article in your blog. i never thought it would be this immediate. i read all the replies, thanks guys! it somehow enlightened me.
    i just want to clear out some details. Clint has never used me as a medium to save his family. of course i give him material things but it dint reach the point of abuse because he also reciprocates it. he, himself, gives me material things out of his own pay. thats why our relationship is healthy. material things isnt our top priority. we spend our time together doing sweet nothings or road tripping. we cud stay at seashores for hours just by enjoying each others company. yes, i hated myself for being a home-wrecker. but clint told me, i wam not because its not our fault if we loved each other at the wrong time and instance. who would have thought this would happen in the first place, he told me. im not in bad terms with his wife. were not close but were civil. ive loved his daughter as if she was ours. clint even wanted to marry me and he wanted us to start living together far from our place. but i told him it would cost us the world even if could and i refused because i cant afford to betray my family. i love them as much as i love Clint. up until now, he is still working for us. but whenever we see each other, we act as if we dont recognize each other. it is a front that we have already agreed upon. thats why now im getting exhausted with the routine of our relationshp. i told him im getting tired with the pattern but he told me to hang on and that we should accept the fact that this our toll. i really love Clint more than my life. and it hurts me that im only getting a small peice of him even if we are each other’s TRUE love. it aslo kills me to think that he has his wife to divert his attention to when im not around while i have no one to turn to during his absence. i think my stand now is that, i wont cage myself to clint anymore. a big part of me suggests to let go of him to give way to morality but a part me of me dictates to hang on. im rili torn… hehehe

    — Mitsu– i dnt have any work experience yet since i also manage our business now.. =) im relally having a good time reading your replies. its helpng me a lot. thanks!!

  51. OHBROTHER said on 09-08-2008

    IN A WORD.. DUH,

  52. slytherinz said on 09-08-2008

    your family now know what you are and if i were you,i’ll just forget about him,make yourself busy with some stuff like engaging in sports were you can meet new friends and just leave him aside,hindi maganda maging home wrecker,kawawa ang mga nadadamay,marami ng “lalake” sa mundo so you don’t need to settle with a guy na may sabit,yun lang

  53. Joey said on 09-08-2008

    Andrew, honestly I am so jealous of you! You are so lucky to be in a cenario like this! To my own opinion you should be he happiest! Why?
    First of all, you have found someone who truly loves you! What he has for you is real love! Clint never asked for a single centavo! All he wants is to be with you and the sex that both of you do with each other has true love with it! Nakaka-inggit ka naman!

    You are so lucky that Clint is not milking you for anything.

    Kung meron siya asawa, pabayaan mo na! So what kung meron asawa siya? Can’t you see na kahit me asawa siya, at kamo marami siya oras sa bahay nila with his wife, they are together under one roof pero hindi kasing sweet tulad ninyo dalawa, at ikaw ang nasa puso niya!

    And despite na nabuking na kayo ng mga families ninyo, hindi nagbago ang pagmamahal niya sa iyo?

    For me, maganda na yung magkita kayo ng SECRET from time to time to have sex, tapos uwi kayo sa mga families ninyo.

    In this way, kayo ni Clint maligaya, at walang kamalay-malay ang mga families ninyo na on pa rin kayo. Akala nila wala na kayo pero “ön” pa pala kayo. ANG SARAP!

    SO BE HAPPY!!! HOW I WISH I WERE IN YOUR SITUATION! (malihim kasi ako eh!)

  54. moliver said on 09-08-2008

    leave, forget….. he has a daughter.. that is the point…. just think of the child andrew… U’ll eventually forget about him, patience… tiis lang.. kakayanin din yan.. Hi migs!

  55. BITCH WALDORF said on 09-08-2008

    for someone so prominent, you might wanna pay your grammar teacher twice what shes getting…

  56. kalachuchi said on 09-08-2008

    I hate the text messages-written.. your on your own keyboard.. not through cellie.

    I suggest you move on. You’ll always miss him but there might be a person right for you.. Simple as that..

  57. Lee said on 09-08-2008

    If I were an English teacher, this letter would have caused my death…

  58. santanaya said on 09-08-2008

    First, I’d like you to check and recheck your facts, especially on the folllowing points: he doesn’t need anything from you, materially. So what does he get from you, your body? Love is not for love’s sake alone.A relationship cannot grow the way you describe it if one party does not drw something from it. He must need something from you, baby. Which leads me to question the honesty of this story.Don’t get me wrong. I sympathize with you, but not because of anything but for what I could sense as an illusion you have built around this man. I think us gays should stop building illusions like this because in the end tayo ang kawawa. Gays are regarded the way we are now on the basis of how we act, and we act very poorly when we start weaving all these lies bout men loving us with no motivation other than love.That is why our love affairs are soooo expensive! We must start looking at things honestly, and we can begin by realigning how we think about love: it IS a give and take thing, and we must give as much as we take. But sincerely, I pray for you dear sister. I know it IS difficult, even without the illusions.

  59. chinito said on 09-08-2008

    wow, our world is indeed complicated!anyway, love your story. it made me realize that love really goes beyond what society dictates.

    however i don’t agree with your driver/lover.

  60. ROMMEL said on 09-08-2008

    Nice story.. pang pelikula. Well Andrew you can never be happy sorry to say. Like the rest of us I think were destined to be LONELY BUT GREAT. Mark my words. I am 29 now and Ive never felt happy or complete because I know Im not falling in love with a girl.

  61. Chamberboi said on 09-08-2008

    Hi andrew…
    I totally disagree to one of the comments above”that for now he’s not asking anything from you but soon he might” why not?if you can give what he’s asking, but be sure that your generosity will not be abused,learn to say no sometimes…
    On your case, piece of advise mate, Drop it, he’s already taken and committed not only to his wife but to his daughter, you will never be happy if you’ll be taking what is not yours…and will never be yours…
    move on, meet new people, whether same or opposite sex, believe me, “LILIPAS DIN YAN”…

  62. geloph said on 09-08-2008

    terrible text language.

  63. julius said on 09-08-2008

    That is a very wonderful story. Just try to look for someone who is not married. Try to divert your attention to somebody to be able to divert your attention so that you will be able to forget Clint. It will be difficult to forget someone who is already a part of our heart but it is necessary in order to have a peaceful life.

  64. george said on 09-08-2008

    get out of his life and move on…that’s all. may asawa siya, for pete’s sake. what you do, whatever it is, is not right. kung asawa mo siya, ok lang ba sa yo kung mangangaliwa siya?

    i know that it is easier said than done, but physical distance can heal the wounds. first few months, masakit at mahirap. kausapin mo na lang lagi sarili mo na kakayanin mo, that the feeling is just temporary. it happened to me. one year na hirap, pero ngayon ok na…

  65. darkly said on 09-08-2008

    nothing good will come out of this. already, you are getting tired of this situation. you are difinitely gay because a straight guy will never have a sexual relationship with another guy. since he is a cheater – what does it make you? you were wrong to get involve with an older guy with a wife. you are young, wise-up and get your life together before it is too late.

  66. xoxo said on 09-08-2008

    He might not be getting anything from you now, but soon, he might. Think about it, he has a family to feed.

    Studies have shown that it’s easier (not necessarily better) to have a smooth relationship if you go for someone from same social class.

    It wont be the end of the world if he disappears. I’m sure you can find someone better — someone without a wife.

  67. mitsu said on 09-08-2008

    monogamy and exclusive male-female relationship were actually set by the society and most especially by our religion. hence, the society will view your situation as immoral and unGodly. however, love should never be exclusive. so, kung ako sayo, if all parties (you, clint, wife and family) can agree to SHARE and ENJOY its benefits, i dont think that it would be an issue. but then again, this might be too ideal to think about.

    bai drew, by the way, i think we know each other coz ur situation seems too familiar too me. i even think we have worked in the same company previously. drop me a line at if you wanna talk about it. 🙂

  68. Myk2ts said on 09-08-2008

    hey andrew,

    what a story. if i may say, it’s better to start from yourself. identify what you truly feel for him. then asses. if you really believe that you love him, think again. are you ready to be just his “option” i know from the way you said it, that it’s you that he loves more than his family. but who can tell? he is a family man and there will be implications in the future for sure.

    nevertheless, do the things that could make you happy. Pray.

    Goodluck 🙂

  69. hikki said on 09-08-2008

    wow love ur story…
    well just follow ur heart ^^v

  70. rOckY said on 08-08-2008

    As much as I respect love in it purest form and believe in the sincerity and depth of your feelings for this guy, the whole married with kids part of the equation just seems wrong to me. He’s being unfair to both you and his wife by trying to play both sides and get the best of both worlds.

    If this is really love and it if its ever going to go anywhere (your family notwithstanding), then he eventually needs to come to terms with that aspect of his life and make a choice.

    If he doesn’t, then perhaps you’ll need to.

  71. Operations research said on 08-08-2008

    What you did is not right in the first place. And for me, being with somebody who is married already is not right and is considered a crime. Stop what you are doing. You are ruining a family..

    Hindi ka ba naaawa sa anak niya? Please, think before you act. Also, use your mind and not just your heart…

  72. lonelygayboy said on 08-08-2008

    1st of all it’s not a crime what you did.

    second, the restrictions around you make you feel uncomfortable. as a hopeless romantic, i will say that love overcomes all odds.

    make it open, make him choose, and live happily ever after.

    (p.s. i know it’s more complicated than that)

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