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Hi migs, i must admit that i am thrilled how you and some of your readers have had so much encounters… at least with guys (if they are all authentic). well, here’s me also sharing some of my not-so-great adventures.


well, i’m 21, neat-looking, tall, white, mid way between medium built and thin, working at a so-so coffee shop doing brand communications stuff. grew up at a province but went back to manila for college. i was raised like a normal boy should be, only that i have lived only with my sister (at least for more than 6 years when i was in my puberty stage). i guess this was the reason why i act almost effeminate, but not quite. during my highschool and college days, i was the typical boy next door: kind, open, friendly, and smart (tends to be a geek at times). also, i was very active at extra-curriculars: top CAT officer, captain of the dance group, best actor for teatro, HS choir member, chorale president (in college), and a frequent contestant in bees and oratoricals. often admired by ladies, i am a hopeless romantic who would do so much just so the girl of his dreams would come to life. i don’t mind giving bouquets of roses, or gigantic bear gifts to girls, in fact i like it when others stare at me with these (dagdag pogi points din yun!). so that’s the typical me – a “good boy” often in and out of relationships with the campus cutties… that’s what i let them see.

I thought I should call myself as one who’s “in the closet”. but then, thanks to your site, i found a more appropriate term to use, the “dl”.

i sure have had it with women, and they say that i’m a gentle lover. i follow what they like in bed, i enjoyed seeing them gasp for their souls’ desire. but there’s more to me beyond just that.


I was in my 2nd year of college when it first occurred to me. i was having a haircut at a parlor just around the block. it was already late and so the assistants had closed the parlor down and left. it was just the gay owner and me in that cold room. as s/he was doing my hair, s/he pretended to have dropped the comb in my lap. s/he picked it up but did a little extra, she brushed his way through my thighs, up to my bulge. at first i resisted, but s/he kept on doing it until i was turned on. jokingly, i said, “nahihirapan ka ata eh, bakit di mo na lang ipasok yung kamay mo”. he just laughed out loud. i thought he would stop right there because of my irritated joke. but to my surprise he didn’t. he even washed off the hair in his hands and literally reached down through my basketball shorts; he caught me hard on! again i resisted, but at the time, i couldn’t do anything. after feeling my entire thing, he went back at cutting my hair. after that, he offered to give me a hot-oil treatment. said i didn’t need it. but he insisted. i said i didn’t have the money to pay for it. he said, he’s willing to give it for free, plus a little extra if he could also get some. i was in dire need of money that night because i had a date the following day (in fact i was planning to borrow money from my sister just so the date would push through). and so, just as any man would say, “wala namang mawawala sa akin”… i agreed.


we went in the wash room, he showered my hair while i was sitting at that reclined thing with the neck holder and a sink at one end. when he was done, he kneeled in front of me and pulled down my shorts. he blushed when he saw my thing, so i asked what was wrong… i asked “bakit, masyado bang mabuhok? hahaha!. he said “hindi, nagulat lang ako, gifted ka pala.” i further asked “gifted?” then he replied, “ito yung pinaka-malaki kong magagawa, so far!” then we laughed out loud! He gave me my first gay blowjob; at that time, i thought, “gays do it a lot better than girls” (haha!). After i came, he dressed me up, and gave the money to me. after getting my cell number, he said that i should visit him more often, around that time again. i simply smiled.

on my way home, i counted the money he gave me… i was surprised… it sure was easy money for just that. it was in fact a good “raket”. i went home, went straight to my room to take a bath, then went to bed.

that night, i couldn’t sleep. i was thinking if i had been too cheap. or if i have sold my soul to the devil…

“and i don’t want the world to see me
coz i don’t think that they’ll understand”

it was like a night of terror for me. i thought of the many consequences my actions could actually have. my parents might know, or my friends, my entire family… everyone will be shocked. – and just for what? money – for a piece of flesh, and a piece of my soul.

days have passed, none of the terrors that occurred to me that night happened. and so i felt somewhat relieved. then weeks passed… and months. after a few while, the person sent me an sms message… if i was willing to do it again…

Was I?


i don’t know what got into me, but i did respond, and went to the place again. this time it was official, i went there to get laid and get paid. it happened several times thereafter. now, it has been almost three years since i first did it, and still no one knows. when we’re in bed, i do nothing. i simply lie on my back, and he does all the action. it kind of satisfies me though, that i can just bum around doing nothing until i get to the climax. with girls, it was usually me who works around, but with him i’m a total bummer. another upside is – i get paid well.


but then every time i do it, it makes me think, does that make me gay now? i refuse to be one, and so i’m not, at least this is what i want to believe so. this state of denial will and can never end.

did i enjoy the thing?… probably. i guess it must be the perks that come along with it that leaves me satisfied.

am i ashamed?… yes. i feel like a whore (which basically i am…) who does things just to receive the evil thing called money. and the more funny thing is, i’m not even poor or financially in need. i only use the money i get from him to support extra things in life… spa, movies, dates… just like any typical boy next door… only, i come with a certain twist.

so that’s me… if i need professional help, that i cannot really say. it’s just that i enjoy it, but would never want to let anyone know.

Coffee Boy

* * *

Dear Coffee Boy,

Your question: “… does that make me gay now?”
My answer: Getting laid and getting paid does not make you gay. It makes you a prostitute.

Another question: are you gay?
My answer? My answer does not matter. Your answer is the one that matters. Be true to yourself and enjoy life. You’re young, use your youth well.


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  1. anonymous said on 19-08-2011

    well, i think being gay is not because of act as a women. marami din dahilan why are men being gay. first, environment 2nd inheritance 3rd is when you commited into relationship with gays. well its fine to be a gay ang importante is to respect the people sorround you.
    well im single and looking for ser. rel. just txt me if u interested 09199451732 im mark

  2. Luvkou said on 24-12-2009

    Coffee Boy, don’t worry about things that don’t create permanent mark of guilt in your mind. Meaning, if you can manage not to make the same thing again, the better. But it appears you are willing and enjoying as well doing the same thing over and over. And with a price even, making you enjoy other equally sensitive mundane acts. That is the sad part of your story.
    Whether prostitue or gay, or not is not the issue. It is how you think and make your self work openly to face the reality in this world. Sabi nga our world is getting more of a “dog eat dog” stuff. Do you want that to happen to our younger generation? for our country and culture? Mabuti na lang we have a site like this where we can openly express and let out the angst! That is the better, if not the best, part of the world we (PLU) live in. All the best!

  3. eclipse14 said on 03-06-2009

    hi there… coffee boy’s story is quite interesting.

  4. Niel said on 13-04-2009

    kakatuwa naman mga comments… pag sa rainbow lang lahat ng mga gays di tau kasya don lahat, masyado tayong marami, hahahaha

  5. jazzy said on 24-12-2008

    nakakarelate kz ako sa kanyang story>>>which is not really fiction

  6. jazzy said on 24-12-2008

    himigz>>i love ur story

  7. jazhvefun said on 24-10-2008

    Migs, I really dont know, i actually discover this site from my boyfriend, i learn a lot special ky coffee boy at charlie.anyway, nag enjoy aq s story at s advice, you give a best shot Migs, keep up the good advice,tc

  8. krucial said on 06-10-2008

    theres a certaint contrary twist wid dis story.. dating with chicks? having sex wid a parloristang bakla? confused kung gay? skeptical story? tsk tsk tsk…. so fictional!

  9. Anathema said on 03-10-2008

    Biblical drama? natawa aco dun ah!! i remember the jokes that if gays were’nt be able to enter into heaven,then they’ll do the “carry lang poh father,sa rainbow nalang cami mag-slide-slide”…Lol!!!!

  10. Meri said on 30-09-2008

    Coffeeboy visited and posted on this site because he wants to know if what happened makes him gay… And Coffeeboy is labeled by some people here as gay himself.

    There were women who visited and posted on this site because they want to know if their bf or husband is gay or into gay relationship… Ay bakla kayo mga ineng!

  11. Ernest said on 05-09-2008

    I guess you have to stop doing it. Sinabi mo na you can afford things even without doing it. Maiintindihan ka pa marahil kung walang-wala ka kagaya ng iba. Kung talagang straight ka pangatawanan mo, kaya ka nako-confuse dahil na rin sa sexcapade mo. Malaman pa yan ng mga peers mo mas malaking problema sa yo.

  12. coffee addict said on 22-08-2008

    hi michael kepls, that might not be the case. want to know me? haha!

    am a bit challenged by the way people reacted… πŸ™‚ michael kepls if you wanna know me, post your e-ad, i’ll email you…

    sorry, i don’t want mine published. but i’ll respond once you post. i’ll prove that i’m for real. πŸ™‚

  13. michael kepls said on 21-08-2008

    scripted is the word…

  14. dekadek said on 16-08-2008

    coffee boy, meet tau!!! wahahaha!!!

  15. wakamaruβ„’ said on 15-08-2008

    i’ve been there, sa confused stage..well. cofee boy, find ur inner self. if in case u come out, andito lang kami to welcome u to the gay world! ahehe πŸ˜‰

  16. trist_cum said on 14-08-2008

    having an extra money out of gay sex does not justify that you are gay.there’s a lot of men here in the philippines that do that deed. we’ll in fact they don’t treat themselves as gays.its just money that their after.but having a relationship with a gay justify that you are really questions asked…
    but i agree with rommel….only gays and their friends maybe are the ones who knew this site….

  17. pacer150 said on 14-08-2008

    coffee boy pwede ka bang makilala?uwi ako pinas next year march.closeted ako kaya hindi halata pag magkasama tayo =) =)

  18. philosopong tasyo said on 13-08-2008

    even you act like effeminate you are a homo if you have sex with the same sex.

    that answers your question

  19. pacer150 said on 13-08-2008

    hi coffee boi.thanks for the post.what i really like with this site is the fact that everyone can express what they feel including closeted gays like me.yung iba kina-career pa talga pagko comment.
    there’s nothing wrong w/ you coffee boi,that has happened and all you have to think of is the long as you take care and love yourself,go and do whatever will make you happy.whether w/ same sex or not,monogamy is the key so you will not worry about std.wish ko magka bf na aq huhuhu

  20. ROMMEL said on 12-08-2008

    It’s not going to the parlor and getting blown and paid is what makes you gay. Its visiting this site and writing that long letter. You are sooo gay that you piss glitter. Magpakatotoo ka ateh. chura! chaines!!!

  21. Paulie said on 12-08-2008

    in porn terms, getting laid and getting paid is called gay-for-pay. πŸ™‚

  22. kimd said on 12-08-2008

    no. as long as there are no intimacy or emotional connection to every sexual encounter, most probably NO.

    but as migs said, and i totally agree, sexuality is based on what you think of yourself and not on the basis of the social context of sexuality

  23. peppoi said on 12-08-2008

    Evil?…both of you enjoys it; so, nope.

  24. george said on 12-08-2008

    (1) I don’t get it — why do some people think this is fiction? And when they say so, they don’t give any reason at all. Why can people be so dismissive?

    (2) I don’t think coffeewhatever is prostituting himself. Gusto naman niya eh.

    (3) I believe he is gay. Binabalik-balikan na niya ang parlorista eh. And he also said he is not one who is in dire need of money anyway.

  25. cast said on 12-08-2008

    haaaay coffee boy, mahal na kita…. parang gifted ka nga…..

    inday, paano ba maging parlorista? ang clipper daliiiii….

  26. peterrr said on 12-08-2008

    i disagree with migs’ response. getting laid and getting paid does NOT make you a prostitute. it makes you a commercial sex worker.

    what makes one a prostitute is doing things that one doesn’t believe in regardless whether these things are sexual in nature.

  27. Isaribi said on 12-08-2008

    LUCKY GAY! Your hair stylist I mean…

    I say, “Ditto w/ Migs.”

    Just wanna add though that if something makes you uneasy or feel guilty about, maybe you should just stop doing it?

    Temptation is always ornamented with sparkling & pretty things to hide the ugly thing that it really is. Regardless of what Temptation might give you, what would like to become?

  28. ryen said on 12-08-2008

    coffee boy-The fact that you visit this site makes you gayer in life. But at the end of the day, whose human doesn’t have a gay indignation. The question is now, are you having thoughts about being with a guy?… or doing it with a guy?

  29. ryen said on 12-08-2008

    coofee boy-The fact that you visited this site makes you gayer in life. But at the end of the day, whose human doesn’t have a gay indignation. The question is now, are you having thoughts about being with a guy?… or doing it with a guy?

  30. from1fag2another said on 12-08-2008

    Exactly what the others said, what makes you gay is that you checked out this site to the extent of writing a letter and this is not even an advice column!

    Its perfectly fine to be gay. Once you’ve come to settle with this, you’ll see its still the same world.

    A word of caution though, its not as easy to be gay than to be straight. Girls are more forgiving than men. Beauty is the currency in this lifestyle.

    After everything I’ve said, yes this sounds like fiction .. but great writing nonetheless. Its sick I know but I actually got a hard on on reading about the kid and the beautician encounter! hahaha

    If you’re ready to experiment with a real man, let me know haha

  31. grill said on 12-08-2008

    ingat lang kasi alam mo na, STD and all… pro ikaw nakakaalam kung anong mabuti sa sarili mo. TC

  32. ef said on 12-08-2008

    hello coffe boy..of cors if ur satisfied with a food that some1 offers to u..of cors ull crave, go back and find it again…satisfactions not only through lust thing, but try to discover ur creator..i guess ull more satisfied with him than sexual pleasures…only ur creator knows best for u so…try to come to him and thnk twice b4 doing anything ok …god bless best rgard..ef

  33. coffee adict said on 12-08-2008

    thanks for your honesty people…

    probably, it’s true that i’m still at the edge of discovering myself.

    thanks for the compliment with regard to my writing. as i said i’m a comm major πŸ™‚

    mark eric, blue, well, yea, i’m for real… trust me πŸ™‚

    sasha… it’s not fiction. thanks for your honesty. i’ll well take note of that… πŸ™‚

    anyways, to all readers in general, sorry if this tends to be like a pornographic material diguised as a blogpost. well, just wanted to share my stuff, people might actually learn from it.

    warm regards

  34. breaking_dawn said on 12-08-2008

    it’s not clear in his story if he has had encounters with men (bi or gay) other than the parlorista…would it spell the difference? also, which does he enjoy more: the sex or the money? i think this is the more important question.

  35. butterflyrhai said on 12-08-2008

    what ur experiencing is part of ur adventures, getting to know urself stage, its just that it involves gays..that does not mean that u are gay, if ur enjoying it, part of it is sex, and a bigger part is lust..u have been a good boy its not bad to be bad sometimes..regarding if ur gay or not, u be the one to decipher that for ur inner piece of mind

  36. DesperateHouseboy said on 12-08-2008

    bituin Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    May possibility ba na mahawaan ng STD even by just RECEIVING a blowjob? RECEIVE ha, not GIVE. Tanong lang.



    Yes, it’s possible.

    I got my one and only STD ever by getting blown by a guy who had a… umm… a very deep throat. It was my first encounter after three weeks of not getting any. After another week of not-self-inflicted abstinence, I jerked off and had blood in my semen.

    I went to a urologist who diagnosed me with chlamydia.

    Hassle, sobra.

  37. mark erik said on 12-08-2008

    parang kathang-isip lang. hayyy

  38. blue said on 12-08-2008

    Hmmm… got me thinking. I think you’re smart and doesnt look like the type of guy who would be into it. I dont have any advice to give (since migs pretty much summed up all I have to say…) my question is…if you’re real, exactly how many species of your kind is out there???

  39. JC said on 12-08-2008

    asus may biblical drama pa yung iba dito
    we, faggots don’t go to hell, we All stay on the rainbow..

    coffee, hija, enjoy your life dear. kung saan mo gusto ‘ti suportahan ta ka..

  40. bituin said on 11-08-2008


    May possibility ba na mahawaan ng STD even by just RECEIVING a blowjob? RECEIVE ha, not GIVE. Tanong lang.


    • anjo said on 02-01-2009

      Bituin, STD’s are primarily transfered via body fluids. if your intellect tells you that saliva qualifies under the category of “body fluids” then you know the answer…

  41. SASHA said on 11-08-2008






    INENG… tigilan ang kaipokritohan.



    At walang masama dun.

    Ipagbunyi ang kabaklaan.

  42. geloph said on 11-08-2008

    gee…paganda ng paganda mga stories dito…parang xerex ka na migs…

  43. cabrill said on 11-08-2008

    Pano’ng di sasarap James, eh gifted nga eh. Lol.

  44. sharp_nick said on 11-08-2008

    Why don’t we meet and let’s talk about it?

  45. xoxo said on 11-08-2008

    Dude, you have to be worried about stds. I would assume parlor gays would have them because they are pathetic enough to pay, not to get it for free (thats if someone would ever be willing to).

    If you say you’re financially stable, you’re better off doing something else. Channel your sexual energy and materialism to something better. Go write a book instead since you write well anyway.

    One last thing I have to say is that you’re cheating on yourself and your girl/s when you do this. You claim to be this “good boy” but with that horrible thing your doing, id say you were obviously the opposite.

    Everyone’s welcome to the gay world. We make mistakes and we can correct them by starting over. Whatever you choose, I hope your choice is right, and at the same time you’re being true to yourself.

  46. wrestler said on 11-08-2008

    coffee boy – you write very well. you have a gift of storytelling.

  47. vincent said on 11-08-2008

    its for u to find out if ur gay or not…not just because u had sex with a gay guy makes u a gay also maybe u too fancy the gay guy do ur thing…sbi m nga gays do better than women…

  48. dazedblu said on 11-08-2008

    haha, this is something i really made this LOL so much. but anyways, anyhow, goodluck.

    and i agree with migs.. it was a condition bet yer understanding of being gay/prostitute.

  49. sapphire said on 11-08-2008

    good advice migs πŸ˜€

  50. lordmanilastone said on 11-08-2008

    parang naka-jackpot ang suwerteng parlorista, hahaha! i think mas may class ka sa mga ibang ‘katok’ boys jan, hindi masyadong promiscuous…hehehe (pero promiscuous pa rin, hihihi)

  51. coffee adict said on 11-08-2008

    and i thought, this doesn’t work…
    haha! akala ko letters sent here are either fabricated or scripted… but then they’re authentic.

    thanks for your advise… keep me posted. πŸ™‚

    warm regards to everyone!

  52. my yellow shirt questioned said on 11-08-2008

    well coffee boy, the same line really applies, coffee tea or me?

    I wish people would just see that sometimes, just being there for somebody, paid or otherwise, is a human comfort, a human effort and yes, just being human.

    I’d hug ya too you.

  53. BELIEVER said on 11-08-2008

    “The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. So do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the realm of God.” I Corinthians 6:9

    • hmpdrx said on 12-03-2009

      Drivel! right wing drivel… and corinthians??? what load of primitive crap..wake up..coffeboy, dont get scared…

      by the way, what the HELL are you doing here posting anti-gay slurs..

  54. Myk2ts said on 11-08-2008

    hindi lang ikaw ang dumaan sa ganyan. natutral lang maconfuse. pero alamin mo kung ano talaga ang totoong gusto mo.

  55. james said on 11-08-2008

    Ang sarap mo cguro, he he

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