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Dear Migs!

Just wanted to commend on the success of your blog, Im one of the regular readers and comfortable reading your entries and comments and personally waiting again for you to buzzed me again when you’re in my area (San Francisco). I never thought that one day I will write to ask for an advice.

I joined a Christian community to a thought that I can be change, not….. though im trying. Just when I thought I will live a straight life when I met in the community Mac-Mac just a regular guy and not my usual type as I described him to my friends. But the guy is oozing with sex appeal. Then I remember a saying that you will never find your ideal person but instead you will be given the opposite of it and I think he is the one. Not my ideal but yet i like the person. Now the catch… he is straight again straight!

We first met and introduced in a sports bar January this year, and first topic that we are talking our girls from the other side of the pool table. Well I have a fair share of stories and gigs when it comes to girls. Then what bonded as most is a common hobby of ours, photography. One day I was surprised when I received an instant message on my messenger from him. Since then we will exchange IM’s all day we will chat anything as in anything under the sun. We will talk about our ex gfs, he even introduced me to one of his ex GF in LA. Then voice chats from the time I step in my office down to the time I will be off we are talking. We even have a pet name for each other (which instead of calling ‘pare’, ‘dude’ or ‘bro’) we had created one for us.

There are 7 guys in our group (barkada) it is usually you have a favorite friend among the group. One day he teases me that I was always linked with the other boys (its our internal joke) then I joke back saying “so nag seselos ka?” then he bluntly said “no” then I fired him back “meron ka naman roy ” (roy one of our barkada) he didn’t say anything.

As we go along, our friendship become closer and closer we will fight with simple things, he will let me know when he feels discomfort physically and emotionally, from saying goodbye and ingat when we are departing. Our friends are noticing it because when we have misunderstanding they will notice that we are not talking to each other and they would joke us that we are having LQ. One of the guys described it as (Hindi na lang kayo mag papansinan bigla pag katapos naman para kayong mag syota pag nag kabati) we will just laugh around.

The mixed signals, im not sure if im interpreting the signals wrong but I know I can differentiate regular buddies body language from those with a meaning. He always complain about me of having short attention with things then I joked by saying “hayaan mo pag nagging tyo ull have my undivided attention” then we just both laughed. Then few days after that he asked me “can I have your undivided attention” then I asked him “bakit tayo na ba?” then he said “no” I replied “binu-busted mo ako?” then he laughed and proceed to his question. We have a lots of incidence that are really mind boggling and it can go long with this email.

Migs, I had played this game with other straight guys and prove that they are bi and others just died down and stayed as friends. Im starting to like wait let me say LOVE mac-mac. Day by day its growing, the pressure is building up here in my heart, I want to tell him my feelings but im afraid that it will be turn down and worst we wont be friends and what will our friends will say when they found out and the community that are totally against same sex relationship.

Hope you or your readers (if you choose to post this) can share their point of view on these.

Supladong Pogi

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  1. Kash said on 04-05-2017

    I’m suffering badly by falling in love with a straight guy, who, although engages in sexual releases with me by enjoying fellatio, has frankly told me that he cannot love me the way I want. It’s a debilitating feeling to fall in love while he only feels sexual and nothing more. I want out but I’m having a difficulty in doing so, because more than that, we are actually friends for a very long time.

    I can’t cut him out of my heart and mind. Grrrr!

  2. Thony said on 05-05-2014

    alam mo supladongpogi piliin mo yung mas matimbang sayo! kung mas matimbang na kailangan malaman nya yung feelings mo para sa kanya then go ahead take a risk then face the consequences pero kung masmatimbang sayo yung friendship nyo then hide it nalang then continue yung mga ginagawa mo and be happy kung anu kayo ngayon…in the end its your decision.

  3. Justin G said on 20-08-2010

    a flirty streight guy is a DRUNKEN ACCIDENT waiting to HAPPEN! Trust me!

  4. julian said on 24-07-2010

    ganito rin dillema ko. im abroad and have a filipino roommate whom i confirmed na gay din dahil sa mga gay indie movies na pinagdodownload nya sa kanyang laptop and sa mga kilos nya sometimes.
    di namana ko masyadao nagpapakita ng motibo pero sometimes nakakainis na magtry kasi wala naman epek so di ko sya pinapansin kahit magkasama kami sa kwarto. Pero i do things for him like clean the room, cook food etc becoz i like to do it. Sometimes i catch him staring at me when i pretend to be sleeping. And there are nights na restless sya sa bed na parang may gustong sabihin.
    I treied to bring some liquor sometimes para magkaaalaman na though di talaga ako umiinom. pero ala rin nangyari kasi di naman sya uminom at nahihiya ako magyaya sa kanya.
    naiinis na ko sa sarili ko dahil sa pagta-try. feeling ko its a lost and waste of time. we havent had any serious talks about relationship/love or sex so di ko maipunto sa kanya yung feelings ko. I hope anyone can help.

  5. jade said on 12-04-2010

    pano ba mag share ng story d2 sa mgg ?
    gusto cu sanang manghinge ng inyong mga komento
    salamat sa mag tuturo.

  6. Supladongpogi said on 12-04-2010

    send me your thoughts

  7. hyoids said on 26-01-2010

    pare wg k mgassume hangga’t d s kny ngmumula n “like kita” o “love kita”… im in d same situation… as in right now… huhu…

  8. kean said on 16-12-2009

    @dragonheart: I am requesting for the rest of your story. Email me at kean (underscore) sleek (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks

  9. dragonheart said on 16-12-2009

    I was searching for some links but I was lead to this astonishingly great site. I have a similar story, this was a straight guy I have met on a Pinoy party here in the UK. He came across as a well travelled & experienced (work) cool kinda guy named Eric. The party started with the usual Filipino buffet then the karaoke followed through. I happen to catch him staring at me for a lot of time whilst singing my favourite “Where Ever You Will Go (by:The Calling)” song. On the middle part, He courageously grabbed the other mike & did a duet with me. This time he was very drunk. He hugged & kissed me on my right cheek to his barkada’s amazement. Someone told me after I went to the kitchen that it was the first time they have witnessed Eric to sing & acted touchy with someone, not even his girlfriend (who that time was probably having her period). I was flattered in some way, then Eric turned up by the kitchen door & offered me some coffee. His buddy left us & gave me a wink. Eric told me that he was just feeling comfortable with me & that he has observed that all the songs that I sang were all about love & commitment. He joked that any person that I would love would be very lucky. I told him that I havent got anybody to share my heart with….He laughed while making my coffee & said if he will apply, will he stand the chance? Before I answered him, these two girls were calling his name to join them back to the living room. He left me with a hot & creamy coffee & a sensual whisper..” I will be back for your answer….” My heart pounded with excitement, I can feel myself blushing. Two long hours later, the girls were making my knight in shining armour drunk some cheap russian vodka. I carried on with my wine while texting, then suddenly he dedicated this song to a special person he said he wont mention the name…”Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?”….I nearly fainted when he looked at me & smile naughtily. Eric belted his heart out while occasionally glancing to me..the silly girls thought it was them he dedicated the song. Before the song ended, I have a call on my mobile phone so I attempted to stand. Eric caught my attention while Im trying to leave to answer my phone, to everyone’s surprise he grabbed my phone & told my friend to call back later after he finishes the song he was singing. I dropped the phone, he picked it up & gave me the mike to sing instead. I was so embarassed that I tripped on the cord & landed on him. He grabbed me by my shoulders as if he’s hugging me, then whispered with a loud drunken voice, so…would I stand the chance now? I was speechless for a moment, then I ran out hurriedly to the garden pretending to make a call but actually catching my breath & calming my pounding heartbeat. I didnt know for how long I was on that state that I felt Eric’s arm around my shoulder. He asked me again….”***** will I stand the chance if I would ask you to share that love to me?” I said to him…”but you have girlfriend & you’re straight?” He answered me…”so? Why dont you give me the chance to offer my straight heart to you but it needs your mending using that pure love you have?” That was the most unforgettable night I have, he lost those fair weather friends of his that night, broked off with his on & off girlfriend but he got me instead..his all weather special friend. We had the most passionate night inside my car by the forest reserve…(that erotic story will follow upon request..) I know Eric is straight, he would always ask me to watch some girl on girl action together but he’s got no choice if I followed it with my Belami DVD’s….hope you like my story guys…^_^

  10. deecee said on 15-12-2009

    Meron din akong ganyang problema. My friend is “straight” pero we are really close. And aaminin ko, mahal ko na sya.
    May isang pangyayari din na na wrong send ako habang nagchachat kami (totoong wrong send ah) ibang pangalan ng guy yung nabanggti ko then he reacted na sabi nya pinagseselos ko lang daw sya. then nag-away kami that time kasi sabi nya kung matalino daw ako talaga, hindi daw ako mawrowrong send. Para sa knaya daw bobo talaga ako. “Sionga” daw ako sabi nya. Dati kasi nahuli na nya akong pinagseselos ko sya nung sinabi kong may girlfriend na ako then hindi sya makapaniwala, sabi nya kaya din daw nyang magka-girlfriend kahit tatlo. then after noon, pinagtapat ko din sa kanya na wala naman talaga akong girlfriend. Then sabi nya alam na naman daw nya un dati pa. Pinagseselos ko lang daw sya.
    Last time din, binigyan ko na sya ng “HINT”. Tinatanong nya kasi kung sino ang love ko sa classroom. Talagang kinulit nya ako buong weekend kahit ayaw kong sabihin. Then nag-inuman kami, then kinukulit nya talaga ako. Hanggang uwian kinukulit nya talaga ako. Sabi ko “bakit ba sobrang interesado kang malaman kung sino love ko” sabi nya, wala lang daw, kasi daw tahimik daw ako at alam nya na wala pa akong nagiging girlfriend kaya interesado daw sya.

    Marami din kaming “sweet” moments. He knows my family and I know also his family. Yung ibang sweet moments hindi ko na ilalagay dito dahil katulad din naman nung mga naunang post.

    Pero he’s really straight. Ano guys sa tingin nyo ang gagawin ko? (note: were just in high school now at after graduation, may tendency na hindi ko na sya makita ulit.)

  11. kim villar said on 28-11-2009

    ai,,,,,,cheesy nga…..!!! ingatz!

  12. chris aquino said on 15-10-2009

    One simple thing we should learn in life, ‘Speak up!’ Regret is risk we didn’t take.
    Worry not- Should things turn out bad and/or sad, that’s the time we react to ‘bridge the cross.’ Should things became sweet and rosy, then we just worried in vain. So, just the same, ‘Speak up!’ Ilove you, guys! Mabuhay kayo.

  13. pj said on 05-08-2009

    me to. We have this newbie guy in our company. Well, he used to be so sweet. When he goes home, he finds time to pass by my office and say goodbye. When we talked over the fone, parang too-close-for-comfort ung feeling. Tapos everybody’s thinking pa talaga na he is actually not straight. I dunno, maybe I’m just having this wishful thinking that he is really not that straight because I’m beginning to have this huge crush on him. And to think, I dunno anyone pa talaga sa company na medyo touchy-feeling cia. I’m really confused. It’s like everyday’s a struggle for me especially when we talked or just have this kulitan moments. He just broked up with his GF. I dunno what to do na anymore.

  14. arn said on 26-07-2009

    C’mon make up ur mind…tol hindi lahat ng gusto pd. In the first place it’s ur fault, nd malinaw ang iyong intention. Mag-isip kng mabuti baka mapunta lng sa wala ang frndshp ninyo.

  15. Neil said on 09-05-2009

    mga teh, may result ba yung mga flirty ninyo? nagkatuloyan ba kayo or hanggang parinig lang. kasi ako meron ding ganong story pero for a straight guy wala lang pala sa kanila yun. naglalaro lang sila. ang sakit pero yan ang totoo.

  16. Lloydy said on 05-05-2009

    can anyone help me here?
    im bi..
    and i had this same situation..

    at first, we’re not close..
    pero habang tumatagal, nagiging close kami to the point na he would ask some advices from me kapag my problema sila ng GF nya..xempre mabait nmn akong kaibigan kya i always push him to reconcile with his GF…we got closer and closer..madalas siyang nagOovernyt sa bahay kasi kasi his house is far far from our school, minsan kasi ginagabi n kmi sa mga hangOut…he would share fond things about his past relationships, and i have my fine pieces of romantic stories to share with him…

    then one time, nagAway ata sila ng GF nya, and we had this barkada session and he just told me na itigil ko n daw ang hobby q which is cosplaying — kasi daw BULOK…

    napikon ako sa kanya nun but i tried na sagutin siya ng may kasamang patawa..pinipilit ko nalang tumawa nun, but deep inside, pikon na pikon ako..
    from then on, di ko na siya kinibo..
    i texted him noong kinagabihan..sabi q –Mark, sorry dun sa kanina huh..

    di ko alam pero bakit feeling ko guilty ako sa pambabara ko sa kanya..

    hindi siya nagreply, but i can feel na affected din siya..when i entered the classroom, he’d just stare at me, then baling na siya sa ibang bagay..mayroon talagang tension..
    matagal ding hindi kami nagUsap, but 1 afternoon, inapproach nya ako..i play casual sa mga friends ko, pretending na OK lng ako pagkatapos kong mapikon dati..i have to go home early na noon kasi malayo pa ang pupuntahan ko, then he just talked to me saying, uwi kana Lloyd? sabi ko, OO, malayo pa ksi pupuntahan q e, baka gabihin ako..he replied, i’ll miss you…

    hindi nalang aq kumibo, ngiti kunwari, but i really got irritated…alam kong hindi joke un..kasi kapag nagjo-jok siya ng mga flirty things sa akin, lagi siyang naka-smile, but he was serious when he told me he’ll miss me..

    after that, parang wala namang tension na nangyari…
    we casually talk, but i chose to be as casual as i can..sometimes, kapag hindi ko siya pinapansin, tahimik lang siya, di nya rin ako kinikibo..masasabi kong kahit papano, nandun pa rin ung tension..madalas kami mag-hang-out with barkada and if we had talked a lot that time, umuuwi kami ng magkasabay then nag-ba-ba-bay siya sa akin kpag bababa na aq, but if we haven’t talked that much and hindi ko siya pinapansin gaano that time, tahimik lang siya khit magkatabi na kami sa sasakyan..hindi rin sya nag-goo-goodBye..

    im so confused..i always think na siguro nga bad mood lang siya kapag hindi niya ako kinikibo sa daan pauwi..pero napapansin ko talaga kapag kinikibo ko siya that day, masaya kaming umuuwi..pero kapag alam kong hindi ko siya gaano pinansin the whole day, or kahit nga hidni ko siya tinitignan, tahimik lang siya..

    i tell myself, don’t fall for him, dalawa ang naghihintay sayong girls, and one of them is the right one for you..but i can’t hide my worries kapag umuuwi kaming hindi siya nagsasalita..he is dear to me..maybe this is brotherly love, but im still confused…

    what should i do..

    thank you kuya migs, this site gave me an outlet to shout-out my feelings..


  17. bank said on 05-05-2009

    we should never assume that somebody loves us by seeing their sweetness..sometimes we shall believe i the fact that some people are just “FLIRTS”…

    this is true!! it happened to me several times now i know what to do….

  18. Saurabh said on 01-05-2009


    i am an Indian and dont understand a word of tagalog, so i dont understand your post 100% but whatever i got from it, this is what i can say:

    you still have chances to bridge the gap….just go an talk to that guy…,nothing stops you from doing that, except your ego.

    please please please, burn your ego before it burns you(its already burning you, i suppose).

    three years is no big deal, talk to him…tell him that you want things to be as good as they were…and you know what, his responses would make you feel that those 3 yrs were never there.

    wish you all the best…and see you both a good friends again.

  19. JT said on 25-04-2009

    if anyone is still reading this thread… can anyone give me an advice?

  20. JT said on 25-04-2009

    I just found this site… and maybe I was just drawn to this story kasi I had the worst luck of experiencing it and it’s worst outcome…

    I can say that I’m straight(acting?)very much coz I have never fallen for a guy, gay, bi or straight… until I met this classmate of mine in college. At first friends friends lang kami kasi nga I wasn’t thinking of anything romantic pero aaminin ko na I found him attractive kasi may itsura sya at mabango. So as luck would have it, we became close, well not to a point na katulad siguro ng iniisip ninyo kasi medyo guarded pa ako sa sarili ko nun pero close enough to always be groupmates and always be together in every activity. So it happens na we had an out of town activity and we ended up sharing a queen size bed, wala naman nangyari kasi buong gabi akong nakatalikod sakanya, mahirap na baka kun ano pa maisip ko, pero the odd thing is I felt his hand on my back the whole night. That was the first time I can remember na naconfuse ako kasi he was being “too-friendly” even before that night . Remember we were just struggling college students, tipid talaga sya kun magtext at naka unlimited sya parati sa globe so ung mga me crush sakanya e nagpalit ng globe sim kaya it always confounded me why we would text each other almost every night about absolutely nothing, nangangamusta or whatever in the we hours of the morning kapag nagpupuyat kami sa projects, and I was using a smart sim card.

    The time when I was waiting for class e tumabi sya sakin and we just remained quiet, I noticed na may problem sya so I asked him and he said it was nothing, the bell rang and I stood up but he grabbed the back of my shirt saying, “Dito ka lang”, syempre ako naman being the straight guy that I am, I just pulled back my shirt saying “malalate na ako”.

    On a group overnight e sa salas lang kami natulog, I was really sleepy that time kaya nauna na ako humiga but I can still hear their conversations. Tinanong nila sya kun if ever I gay guy would propose to him what would he do? He responded by saying na “sorry hindi pwede.” so by that time I knew any possibility of us were shattered. I was really sleepy, then I heard them ask him, e anong gagawin mo kun si JT ang magkagusto sayo?, then would you believe it nakatulog ako bigla??!

    He would sleep on my shoulders whenever we’re traveling and he even said I love you to me playfully when I asked him kung anong kapalit nang pagtulong ko sakanya sa projects. Thats when I thought that it was enough, I had to get out of this situation. I didn’t have the guts to tell him how I felt, I couldn’t take the risk and I was insecure of myself, he was a campus crush and I was a skinny guy with glasses and braces (I have improved over the years thank god) and to top all of that, I can’t bare the gossip if it spread.

    So I did one of the worst mistakes of my life, I destroyed our friendship sa hindi pag pansin sakanya and I made myself and everybody believe na galit ako. Even to this day almost 3 years have passed I can’t explain to them bakit ako nagalit. We’re still not talking and the thought of him still hounds me. I thought I have moved on but as a twist of fate, we both ended up working in the same country overseas. Maliit lang ang bansang ito kaya naman it can’t be helped na magkita kami, with our common friends of course. But the meeting became cold, I didn’t talk or even glanced at him, its as if he was just air, I was too ashamed and I had too much pride na rin siguro. So a common friend confronted me, I lied to her that everything is fine with me and I don’t know about him. So she said with all anger and emotions that I was too selfish and wasn’t thinking of other people’s feelings and “kung alam mo lang…. kung alam mo lang naging kaibigan ka talaga nya.” And I told her the most insensitive thing I could ever say. “Its been almost 3 years! Eto nanamang issue na ito? Kung hindi niya matanggap na may nagalit sakanya e di mas worst pa siya sa iniisip ko, epal sya!” I made sure I burned the last bridge that connected us that day…

    After all that I said against him, he never said anything bad against me, it would have been easier parting if he did. I wish we could go back to being close friends but I know it is too late and I only have myself to blame.

  21. jay said on 16-04-2009

    Hi everyone! I’m Jay. I’m comfortable to say that I’m ‘straight’ but a very open minded person. You all might be wondering why I’m here if am not ‘gay’ or something else, but frankly a gay friend used to read your blogs and most of the times shares what ‘she’ reads. She told me just recently to try reading some of the blogs and I found myself enjoying… well I graduated in one of those Universities in Manila that has a very much diverse people and communities, thus I feel like I’m comfortable with everyone no what your orientation may be.

    Now, This letter from Supladong Pogi I may say is something that has happened to me before and still is happening again the third time but not exactly as his’. It all happened with my female ‘barkadas’ and now with my female colleague. This is something that I want to say, this situation happens to everyone, whether you’re straight, lesbian or gay, this situation always exist.just recently I had this special attention given to my female colleague. She is nice and sweet. Everyone at work thinks that we’re lovers since we regularly go out on a date, she visits me at home and me as well, we eat together during lunch, and sometimes she even cooks dinner for me. We been doing it for 4-6 months already and the exchanges of sms and calls are getting sweeter everyday. When we go out we hold each others hands and there was never a dull moment. That time I feel like im winning the game of love. Like I’m starting to be sure that I will have her in the end. But, It never did. Just last week I’ve heard from one of our friends that she is already planning for her wedding by next year. And somehow I’m still caught in the confusing signals that she kept on sending me. Its just thaut I’ve finally reakized that some people are really like her, a natural flirt. Imagine what can you get from “MIXED SIGNALS” from a natural flirt, plus a “becomming” stupid and blind person because of too much assumptions. The result is devestating…a broken man. In your case it may end up the same.

    I guess it is true that even the most intelligent and logical person can be as stupid as a mule when it comes to love. I’ve in the same situation three times and I never learned anything from it. I always get lost with the signals which ended me more depressed than ever.

    In my case it is closer to the stereotype relationships that is more accepted in the society yet the results are still the same, then what would it be more in cases like yours.

    to wrap-up, think first before you make a move…try to analyze everything and stop making assumptions about things that you were expecting or fantasizing to feel or to happen. I’m telling you, sometimes I also do what Mac-mac does to you with my gay friends when I’m trying to boost them up or fire-up thier egos. and for me it is plain jokes and lines to inspire someone.

    Just think first.Good luck!!!

    well that’s it…more power…I really enjoy reading…

  22. ray said on 13-04-2009

    this scenario happened to me just a couple of months ago. I took the risk and told this guy what i was feeling for him. He didn’t talk to me after it but one day he just said that it was okay. Now, we’re still contacting each other but just for casual reasons, like if the group has something to do and he wanted me to be there to complete the circle.

    Just keep in mind that if you will talk to him, be ready with rejection and worse. at least, at the end of the day you don’t have the “what if” question in your head. It’s a killing question and believe me, its not really cool at all. Hope this helps you somehow

  23. claudio said on 08-04-2009

    ganyan din ang situation ko. ang hirap, ang bigat sa dibdib, Sinubukan kunang mag tapat sa kanya. ang sagot nya, “baka masaktan lang kita.”

  24. in love with a bi? said on 04-03-2009

    hi everyone! i’m a straight girl and you might be wondering what led me to this post. i’m looking for write-ups about straight guys being friends with gays or those straight guys who enjoy gays’ company more than fellow straight guys without malice. i’m falling in love with a guy (let’s call him ABC) and i don’t know if he’s straight, bi, or totally gay. we’re somehow friends and we share the same interests (music/musicals, outdoor and indoor sports, etc) and we can practically talk about anything under the sun without malice. he’s nice to me. my friends can tell that he’s been flirting with me at times (i just don’t know..i’m just naive). he’s friends with straight girls, gay girls, and gays, but i have not seen him with straight guys; not that i know of (our circle of friends is a bit exclusive..we only have few guys in the department and some of them are gays, and ABC happened to belong to a circle of friends of girls..oh well, other guys in our department are married and fatherly so they won’t really click). well, he has guy friends in table tennis, but i have not met them. he watches movie with a gay friend, goes to church with a gay friend, dines out with a gay friend, and he mentions his gay friend’s name most of the time in conversations with other friends. i will accept and love him more as a friend if he actually tells me that he’s gay. but as of the moment, i just don’t know what to do. i don’t know how to deal with him whenever he has surfer moments (the KFC commercial) or when he’s being straight – his usual self. anyone here who can gauge this guy if he’s straight, gay, or bi? i don’t have gaydar. and i guess i’m seriously falling in love with him. and being the girl that i am, of course, i wouldn’t let him know. i just want to help myself of not falling in love further just in case hindi kami talo. 🙂 thanks in advance!

  25. Umman said on 22-02-2009

    hahhahhahaah just cant imagine that too is in the same situation.TMTH

  26. supladito said on 12-02-2009

    there’s always a reward for those who wait..

  27. Supladong Pogi said on 18-11-2008

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I think it help in a way. but before i come up w/ a plan, ill be posting a lil intimate moments with me and my mac-mac. Stay tuned!

    For all of your private messages you can send it to my email.

    Supladong Pogi

  28. aeriol said on 17-11-2008

    heheheh,, nakaktuwa naman!!!!   eh panu kung hindi naman sya ganun???? panu yan???

  29. neil said on 17-11-2008

    hanggat kaya mo pa, pilitin mo not to tell him. endure as long as you can.  if you’re starting to die and be miserable, then it’s time to tell the truth.  this is the sign that you truly are in love. good luck.

  30. Suplado rin pogi said on 17-11-2008

    u remind me of where i was four years ago but what i did was to go the extra mile of telling the guy about my feelings and we became alam mo na but sad to say wla naman happy endings only sad goodbyes pero it was worth it. i remember once, I was driving (di pa kmi noon) and he asked me what i really wanted to do eh wla ako maisagot noon so I returned the question to him and muntik ko nang mabitawan manibela when he told me gusto nyang mkipag sex sa akin! whoa! muntik na ako mahulog sa upuan ko! cut the story short, its nice to think na theres this person for you and all and you really need to tell him what inside of yours, live by the moment.

  31. ed said on 17-11-2008

    To freinds lang:

    you’re gay.  If you’re straight you would not and would never entertain such thoughts

  32. Ernest6 said on 15-11-2008

    friends lang, email me. I can share with you some insights sa problema mo. take care dude.

  33. Ernest6 said on 15-11-2008

    hi friends lang…oo naman may makakatulong sa iyo…i enjoyed reading your blog…nakakaaliw na nakakatawa..well, try to think sabi mo straigth ka pero ang mga kwento says the opposite of you and some friends here would agree with me. Mayroong stage ang lalaki which I discovered na sa pagtanda niya ay matutuklasan niya na may “gay” side siya. If you think you are enjoying these things, dumating ka na sa stage mo ng pagigigng “gay side” or your being curious. Bakit ka nag-eenjoy sa company niya, sa mga kwento mo eh pedeng sabihin na minamahal mo na nga siya aside from being a real know what I mean.

    I never know I’m bi until I realized it to a certain age. I am straight  and discreet acting person who is now in love to straight bestfriend of mine pero I was able to get his respect thought sinabi ko na sa kanya. Pero sasabihin ko na bi ka nga through your stories. I can share you more can email me at ingat bro.

  34. Friends lng said on 15-11-2008

    uhm,, may mkaka2long ba sakin d2?

  35. libra moon sf said on 14-11-2008

    tell him that YOU WANT TO BRING THE RELATIONSHIP TO THE NEXT LEVEL, if he agreed, lucky you, if not
    brush it off with a good laugh and tell him your kidding, and reconsider your feelings toward this guy, start pulling away and redirect your attention to another guy or to another endeavor. good luck

  36. Friends lng said on 14-11-2008

    hmm.. ive read the story and some of the comments.. can you guys help me..

    im straight.. never had a crush on a guy.. heres my story..

    i have a friend who introduces me to his friend.. because we play in the same computer shop.. lets name him “New Friend”. i really dont care about him in the first month,.. but suddenly this past 4 weeks almost a month.. all i think is him! fuck! i want him to be always there so i txted him everyday saying thats just go now to computer shop or when we go home the first thing ill do is txt him.. he reply.. but i think the reason why i “fall in love?” is that he makes a weird “move”. this is what he do.. he stares at me when we were drinking. when we play computer games his arms would “kiskis” to my arms. pede tagalog nlng? hirap e.. tapos pag alam nyang sasakay aq sa motor nya lagi xa nag papabango.. pag angkas nya aq lagi xa naurong patalikod papunta sakin. inde q na alam gagawin q.. natutuwa aq pag nakikita q na xa.. gus2 q talaga andyan xa sa tabi q.. parehas na parehas kxe kami ng ugali.. anu ba ibig sabihin nun?? akala q sadyang mabait lng talaga xa..

    pero e2.. nakitulog aq sa kanila nung una wala lng.. nag inom kxe kami e.. nung pangalawa magkatabi nga kami dba kxe sa kwarto nya aq na2log.. bigla nyang dinantay ung hita nya sabay kiniskis ung mga balahibo nya sa binti q.. sabay pinulupot sa hita q na prang wak q tanggalin.. hinayaan q lng.. pero bat tinigasan aq? >.< nka boxer shorts lng xa nun.. d q alam gagawin q nun.. d q alam kung 2log nga xa or nag 22log 2lugan lng.. nung pag ka gising namin may napagkwentuhan kami.. aun.. sabi q anlamig kanina sabay sabi nya basta aq 2log.. it sound guilty or maxadong defensive. d q nlng pinansin..

    kaya gus2 q ul8 maki2log sa kanila pra malaman q na!!

    nahihirapan na q

    everyday xa lagi naiisip q.. bagu ma2log, pag kagising xa laman ng isip q! anu gagawin q??

    anu ba tawag d2? inde q alam!! twing nag uusap kami iba ang sinasabi ng mata nya. hayz

    pls help!!! fuck!!! d q na alam kung nu ng yayari sakin!!! pls pls

  37. Dita said on 13-11-2008


  38. Ed said on 13-11-2008

    GIIIIISSSSSSIIIIIIING!!!!!  Baka mauwi sa bangungot yan!

  39. Maldito said on 13-11-2008

    Kung hindi mo makukuha ang lalaking straight na nagpapaasa, nagpapakyut, at nagpapakilig syo dededmahin mo na? Selfish and childish yun mga ining. It only means pag nainlab mga bading BULAG NA? Tama ba yung ganun? There are other fishes in the sea. Sa mga may experiences na ganito dapat may “fallback guy” ka. Kasi in the first place talaga, unless may substantial move from him, e you’re just assuming, fantasizing, dreaming about a “dream relationship”. Si fallback guy, yan yung meron kang pag-asa. Si straight guy, hayaan mo lang sya magpa-kyut at magpa-delicious. Madalas kasi yung mga maiingay na ganyan na very showy, puro playtime lang sa kanila yun. Pag nagtapat at nagparamdam ka sa mga yan, pustahan kakaripas yan! Dilemna starts pag nagkataong cute and type natin, yon, mababasa na mga phantom pussies natin! Lagot kana pag ganon. 

    Girls, use your brains once in a while when it comes to those silly and CUTE straight guys…

    Actually, when you read through the letter again, hindi naman si Mac-mac yung nag-iinstigate ng mga comments with homo undertones e! SUMASAKAY LANG SYA…

  40. pachoching said on 12-11-2008

    I definitely agree with maldito. Very well said, i need not say more. 

  41. Just Justin said on 11-11-2008

    Guys thanks for the comments.
    your comments kind of pulled me back to earth, because i’m in a similar situation right now.  The difference is that, he is not even half as sweet as Mac-Mac is described in the story.  So I realized I overly-misinterpreted all of this straight-friend-of-mine’s actions.  I realized how twisted meanings and actions and words and text messages could get in the mind and heart of someone who is in love. 

    Almost everyday at work he would always look for me, and then we’ll have lunch together, and then we’ll spend the entire day together.  He doesn’t do that to everyone else, which probably gave me the idea that he’s giving me this special attention.  We go on long trips to the provinces together every week, and he doesn’t mind if kami lang ang magkasama the whole time.  I’m “straight-acting and hiding” but I know maraming nakaka-amoy sa akin, and it would be impossible na hindi nakakarating sa kanya ang rumors about my sexuality.  I don’t know why he treats me like I’m one of his straight buddies and he doesn’t mind being with me all the time, hindi ko tuloy alam kung nagtatanga-tangahan sya or hindi lang nya ako halata.  I sometimes fantasize na sana alam nya, and nagtatanga-tangahan lang talaga sya.  I would also sometimes wish na sana siya din nag-hihintay lang na ako ang gumawa ng first move.   

    There are other times naman that he would tell a lot of stories about his past GFs, about his wild escapades with a lot of girls, and a lot of stories that would make me sigh and say: “Shet straight nga talaga to, sawi na naman ako, tsk tsk”.  

    I am so confused guys, my Gay-Dar is so unreliable, and I cant tell kung “pwede” sya o hindi  But one thing is for sure: I am falling in love with my friend, and I can’t tell him right now because I’m scared I might just send him running away, and I might lose him forever… By the way he’s married with kids already… 

    To make this long story short, I realized, and I just found out na napaka-assuming ko pala. Mas nakakakilig yung story ni Supladong Gwapo, and mas sweet yung friend nya na si Mac-Mac.  I’ll just probably let nature take its own course, just like what some of you guys have previously said… (Sigh……)

  42. MrCens said on 11-11-2008

    hey, i asked this question to a love doctor when i was in davao. yeah! love doctor, that was his name on his radio program, he is a dj actually. he told me that if we are in love to a person, we are putting some special attention even on small things that he/she is showing us.

    maybe you just misinterpreted his acts towards you. the best is to tell him the truth, it will set you free. afraid of telling him the truth? well that’s part of the game. you will not know if you will win or loose. but if you are still enjoying your present situation with him then, NAMNAMIN MO! but love is sweeter when you know that you will be loved back….

    Dubai, UAE

  43. Maldito said on 11-11-2008

    Yung mga kwentong ganito talagang papalabasin yung pagiging “girl” natin. But the fact remains hindi ka pa rin girlalu at dika pa rin sure so why risk a beautiful friendship with someone straight for a change? Nurture it. Let nature take its course. Kung malakas loob nyan magpakilig e dapat malakas din loob nya to follow through. Hindi puro salita. Kaya ka siguro umaasa kasi nga kakakilig tlaga mga patutsada ni Moc-mocong e. Masarap yun. Teka atat na atat ka na ba?

    Wag mo gawing reason yung mga “life is too short” o kaya “no pain no gain” o kaya “its better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all (tama ba?)” etc etc etc. 

    Sabi nga nila : Patience is a virtue.

  44. blend said on 10-11-2008

    i agree with ric’s comment. very well said.

  45. the_paladin said on 10-11-2008

    it boils down to two things, misinterpretation and miscommunication…syempre you’re always free to think of what you want, kung sa tingin mo ginagawa nya yun bcz he likes you, then go on. pero hanggat hindi pa nya inaamin kung ano talaga ibig nyang ipakahulugan sa mga ginagawa nya then please don t assume. let it be, if he really likes you, bibigay din yan, tried and tested yan.
    but if you want to take the risk, then ask him.

  46. ric said on 10-11-2008

    It is always a choice of losing somebody as a friend and/or  as lover and keeping that somebody and yet having to live a life of  sacrifice and pain. Palagi kong sinasabi sa sarili ko na if that somebody won’t love me then I have to let go even as a friend dahil masasaktan lang ako everyday of my life. For me, it is better na minsan lang masaktan ng matindi kaysa masasaktan araw araw dahil hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo katulad ng pagmamahal mo. So make a move. Tell him. Kung hindi niya kayang mahalin ka, you have to learn to forget him because you have a life of your own. I tell you, it is really difficult to be “just friends” with someone we love. It is unfair on our part who loves more.

  47. anthony said on 10-11-2008

    o teacher ka na yata ngayon?

    migs ano masasabi mo?

  48. Nympho said on 10-11-2008

    O…gising na.

  49. ben said on 10-11-2008

    sa totoo lang, nahirapan akong intindihin yung istorya nung una. ok lang gumamit ng punctuation marks (period, comma, etc.) tsaka subject-verb agreement paminsan-minsan.


  50. my yellow shirt said on 09-11-2008

    wow didn’t know that  people had that problem. I’m out and I’m about. Straight guys come along, don’t know how to deal with them except as friends. If I fall I fall hard. Tsk.

  51. tyler wilson said on 09-11-2008

    I think it’s just like the same old problem of everyone else, we’ve always been fascinated with the idea of having a relationship with a straight guy even though we know it’s impossible, we still indulge in dreaming and assuming. Well whatever makes you happy man, go ahead. Life’s too short.

  52. anthony said on 09-11-2008

    tama si jeremy…

    Are you willing to risk assured brotherly love and friendship for the possibility of something erotic?

    hahahaha.. ako ayan ni risk ko.

    advise sa lahat,

  53. Jeremy said on 09-11-2008

    I experienced somewhat similar thing when i was younger and more naive. I had a hunk of a best friend (cute, PE major in school, worked as fitness trainer at Clark Hatch, i am a friend of the whole family!). He was sweet and thoughtful. Would lean his head on my shoulder (even in public!), had countless sleep overs (you never know how soundly you could sleep with your face on his armpits! hehehe), including watching X rated videos together (of course I was always distracted at his bulge and wet spot on his shorts). I made one wrong statement and thought it was over. We drifted apart for a few years because of that statement. Then one day we accidentally ran into each other. To make the long story short, we’re best friends again, he is still straight as straight can be, BUT now he knows what I am, and I can openly flirt and manhandle him. Hehehe!

    My advice: Better be sure before you make the next move. Are you willing to risk assured brotherly love and friendship for the possibility of something erotic?

  54. hmmm tlga said on 09-11-2008

    Im in the same situation right now, altho we dont do the texting bit. but everytime we go out its seems that kayo lang ang tao sa mundo. the level of conversation is deeper than whatever youv had before. i became so uncomfortable about it at one point but realized that there is nothing to be afraid of so i chose to be defenseless. Kagaya mo din, i thought it would make him turn away, but to my surprise it didnt. so ngayon lunch lunch, dinner dinner pa din. i get a lot of flack from everybody for doing this. sabi ko dati id never patol to a straight guy. karma ko yata cos this is just the second time i fell for somebody. the first time was with a girl, now with a straight guy, and a white man at that ( i have strong anti-white sentiments, altho he is belgian, but i dont really like americans). but the thing is even if we dont end up together, my life has changed in a level that i can only look forward for better things to come.

  55. Ares Roy said on 09-11-2008

    Waaaaaaaaaah. Kakalokah kahit pala nasa US ka pede ka magkamali sa pag-iingles. Medyo nahilo ko ng konti eh. Sensya na. Comment lang.

    Medyo nashock ako sa sinulat mo, kasi parang i’m in the same situation. He’s super sweet, he’d send me sweet messages, he’s maalalalahanin – and yet he claims he is straight.

    The problem is mga ate, sa tingin ko we’re just expecting too much. Maybe we are just longing for someone to love and someone to love us back, kaya lahat may meaning. And we overinterpret. Pwede rin namang hindi pa lang sila masyado comfortable sa kanilang sexuality, kaya lagi nilang sinasabi na straight sila. Maybe they are just not ready yet.

    Ako ginagawa ko, I am being patient. I like this guy, and yes I may even love him but i also cannot force myself into him. Mas ok na sa akin yung nagsesend sya ng malalanding messages kesa naman sa hindi. Hindi ko man maconfirm kung gusto nya talaga ako o hindi, pero at least he makes me happy kahit man lang sa simple messages. Pag tama na yung panahon I’d ask him out – to a date or something, pero yun eh kung sure na na kahit sabihin niya sa akin na “no he can’t be my lover” pero hindi sya mawawala sa akin as a friend.

    Muah! Kisses from Dubai!

  56. anthony said on 09-11-2008

    i hate bob ong jokes or quotes..

    kilig yun story.
    but when i read it, parang may feelings yun guy..
    pero its better to remain as friends.
    ang friends walang hiwalayan.

    and advise ko lang, make the most out your time kung ano man kayo ngayon.
    ive done and experienced the same thing,
    but kaibahan natin, i rushed things
    and our friendship was destroyed.

    kaya enjoy your status being together

  57. XD said on 09-11-2008

    “Hindi porke’t madalas mong ka-chat, kausap sa telepono, kasama sa mga lakad o ka-text ng wantusawa eh may gusto sayo at magkakatuluyan kayo. Meron lang talagang mga taong sadyang friendly, sweet, flirt, malandi, pa-fall o paasa.”
    -quoted from BOB ONG

  58. Reza said on 09-11-2008

    kakakilig nga! 🙂 well.. hmmm go and talk to him before ITS TOO LATE! take risks —

  59. william sy said on 09-11-2008

    wow, this once so kilig. i am also into this situation. i have become a very close friend of a very straight guy. by the way, i am bi. but i have kept it under wraps successfully. except for this friend of mine. i told him everything he needs to know. from the abuse to addiction.

    our friendship have become so deep that my feelings for him have reached the danger zone. yes, i am in love with him. and the only thing he knows is i like him. of course, his usual response is that he can only be a brother and a friend to me and he even looks up to me as his kuya.

    but there are times he does tease me through out text. we text everyday. all day. imagine that!

    but well reality bites. i can only be his brother.

    i dont have the choice. he may flirt with me, but in the end, there is a wall that still divides the two of us.

  60. Maldito said on 09-11-2008

    Kakilig naman! Ang bagong henerasyon nga naman…I think hanggang salita lang si Mac-Mac dahil bbukod sa flirty words nya wala ka namang nakwento na “moves” he initiated. Walang ganun e. So until then, don’t assume. Kung ganyang kaya nang magsabi ng mga lalaki ng sweet nothings sa kapwa lalaki e dapat kaya nya tumbasan yun ng aksiyon. Gets mo?

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