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Here’s a series of letters I received from someone who calls himself “ILoveAlec” a Pinoy gay guy in Malaysia.

* * *

Hi Migs,

I’m a big fan of your site. I always read whatever you put there. I’m the guy that hates drama hehehehe. I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008.

I’m currently in Malaysia for a short visit. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

I arrived there around 4PM. I took their MRT system and alighted at KLCC station which is just below the PETRONAS. I passed by SURIA KLCC mall home of branded clothing lines. Im not really sure where Im going that time so I just followed the Mall and voila I ended up at the side of Petronas.

Petronas is all metal! hehehehe nothing really fancy except that it is really Huge. I took pictures and tried to find a good spot to capture the beauty of the building. There were loads of tourist there and some were really in an awkward position just to get a good picture. One guy caught my attention. He’s really good looking and he’s really the type of guy that I want to flirt with. I’m more into English guys cause i find them really really cute and flirty..hehehehehehe. Anyways, I was there for almost 10mins and didnt have yet a good shot. Then this really good looking guy came and seat near where im taking pictures of the building. Nung una patay malisya kunwari, then somebody approached me to take their pictures. which I obliged because Im a firm believer of Karma…plus I think its a good “catch phrase to use” hehehehe.. So after I finished taking pictures of the couple, langya ginawa talaga akong photographer. I was like taking their pictures at all angles of the building but then again I didnt complain because somehow “Alam ko may mangyayaring maganda”. Then I went back to the same place where the really good looking guy was still seated. So I seated near him and started to like find some angles of my shot. Nung una hesistant ako to ask him kasi alam mo na baka magalit or something but because I really really wanted to start a conversation I asked him “Is it alright if you take my pictures then I’ll take your pictures?” with my British accent hehehehe. Pandaya lang yun para kunwari magaling mag-English. He immediately said yes. Then we took turns to take our pictures. We took 2 each. Then we returned to seat again.

And then we started talking. He’s a British-Canadian guy. He’s just in Malaysia for transit and just came from Bali where he did lots and lots of surfing. We talked about a lots of stuff from Football to Geography to Filipina women. We’ve been talking like for 45mins already when he said that he needed to go because he still needs to catch “Quantum of Solace” then he asked me if I wanted to come. Since I didn’t really have any plans after my Petronas I said yes. We walked for almost 20mins just to reach the cinema,since pareho kaming NEWBIE sa Malaysia. Then we caught the 530pm screening. The movie ended up like 730pm. I’m really enjoying his company so after the movie I didn’t really want to go home. He asked me again if I wanted to join him to go bar hopping. He said may nakita syang magandang lugar by searching sa internet na malapit sa area where he is staying. (Hindi sya marunong mag tagalog ha..hehehe). So I agreed that I can stay until 1030 because the last train going back to where im staying is 11PM. We proceeded then to his hotel to change, kc naka-shorts and t-shirt lang siya. I politely said that Ill just wait downstairs, kc baka kung ano pa isipin. hehehehehe…

After 5 mins he came down looking even more gorgeous and smells very nice too.Pumunta n kami sa place and there we learn what the place is famous for : MASSAGE PARLOR… we were like laughing the whole time because the whole place were loaded with different kinds of SPA. So naglakad pa kami until we reached the next street AYUN! mga bars na talaga. We drink and dine at PLANET HOLLYWOOD and have like a Barrell of Beer, Pizza and chicken for the two of us. We really had good fun while eating , drinking and watching FOOTBALL match. Again, the conversation was really really nice. I learned that he’s NUCLEAR PHYSICIST! wtf!????? From his looks I was really caught unaware because he’s really gorgeous and model looking. We finished around 11PM then we decided that I should stay na lang sa room nya since I already missed the last trip. So itinuloy na lang namin yung bar hopping. Lipat lipat kami ng bar and lahat may pint ng beer.

Around 2PM we decided to call it quits kc lakas na ng tama niya. Sobrang dami kasi ng nainom na niya. Upon reaching the room, he asked me kung gusto ko raw “Gay Position” kami sa pagtulog. Di ko alam isasagot ko I just said “You are scaring me now”. To be honest Migs first time kong ginawa ito. I’ve never done this in my entire life pero because I really enjoyed his company plus lahat ng fantasies ko sa isang guy nasa kanya : English, former Army, Intelligent and most of all Good looking I did it. “I chose the GUY POSITION”. So we ended up sleeping in one bed. He slept topless at lalo akong humanga! Washboard ABS! pero I controlled myself. Talagang nag-isip ako if I want to do it or not. He was there lying half naked drunk…..I can’t sleep..Ano ba dapat kong gawin? Like I said this is all new to me. Akala ko ganun lang kadali yun based sa lahat ng mga nababasa ko at napapanud. but I decided to choose na walang mangyari. I know we have something special pero ayaw kong masira…..Paggising ko may halong sisi…kc all night I waited for him to make the first move…I think he also waited for me to make the first move…pero ayaw ko talagang masira kung anong meron na kami.

Lumipad na sya today papuntang Australia kasi may job interview pa siya….and I stayed here in Malaysia….medyo nalulungkot pero umaasa na magkita kami ulit…hehehehe Hindi naman drama medyo may halong pagsisi lang..but i know we started something special….

Tapos i heard the song Love Comes from the Most Unexpected Places…sabi tama nga no.. I wasn’t really looking for anything when I went to Petronas but I ended up having a good memory that I will remember for the rest of my life. Alam ko hindi pa tapos ang aming story….

Thank you Migs.. Gusto kong mabasa reactions ng mga readers ng blog mo kc natutuwa talaga ako sa mga comments minsan.

More Power

ILoveChris now ILoveAlec
Nov. 9, 2008

* * *

Hi Migs,

He emailed back and we’re planning to see each other again on the 17th. Do you think I should go for it this time?

Nov. 11, 2008

* * *

Hi Migs,

We saw again each other last monday Nov 17. We stayed again in the same hotel shared the bills. We went out again and had a really really wonderful night together. It was one of the happiest moments of my life for the longest time. I thought it would never end.

Then when we were about to sleep I asked a silly question “I said, hey man can i Hug you?” he said “No” very loud. I said “Ok sorry”. Then few minutes later i heard him say “Hey man yes you can hug me now.” I was sooooooooooooooo happy. I was hugging him for 10mins when he said something. I said no. He said If i want to do it we can……..i was preparing for a week for the moment to come…but when it was there…i was confused……I didnt want sex… I want a relationship..which is so silly of me………

He’s now in Thailand enjoying the last part of his vacation. He’ll stay there for a month. I’m planning to go to Thailand again to see him and see where it goes. I really really liked him so much. We exchanged personal things and im becoming more and more “Drama Queen” which I really really hate.. You know smelling his shirt..Memories of our last night together still haunts….hahahahahaha.

But then again, I never expected something like this will happen ..I always said he’s just the icing on the cake, i enjoyed the cake so much. Hey Ho! Life is beautiful.

Thanks Migs and more power. Enjoy your holiday.

Nov. 20, 2008

Comments (40)

  1. jim said on 28-01-2013

    sana meron din akong ganyang love story ang saya ng travel nyo..

  2. tutoy bird said on 26-01-2013

    ngayon ko lang nabasa.
    Gusto ko rin ng British Canadian haha

  3. geek-o said on 19-07-2010

    what happened now with ilovealec and his guy?

  4. :-) said on 09-08-2009

    wow! reading your letter just filled me with envy! i want that lifestyle!

    will cinderella ever dance again? wala na bang “royal ball” na naganap?

  5. imurnaughtylildevil said on 29-03-2009


  6. ILoveAlec said on 26-11-2008

    I willl…happy thanksgiving too…

  7. raul said on 26-11-2008

     don’t be afraid. love can happen to anyone. it can be slow or sudden. it can be irrational, spiritual and unexpected.  it is like when time stopped and your life will be different from then on. it could be all that, all at once. oh yes, you’ll know it. embrace it and rejoice in it.
    good luck to you. happy thanksgiving.

  8. ILoveAlec said on 25-11-2008

    to raul…thanks………

  9. ILoveAlec said on 25-11-2008

    thanks rommel..looking back yes i should have done it……but our story doesnt end yet… hope is still alive….hehehehehe

  10. Quentin X said on 25-11-2008

    reminds me of the movie “Before Sunrise”

  11. Rommel said on 25-11-2008

    Been there, done that. After a while you will lose contact. If I were you enjoy, have sex and dont expect a relationship.

  12. bariles said on 25-11-2008

    Three words lang.

    Seize the day.

  13. raul said on 25-11-2008

    a few years back, having gone through five relationships that were more or less amiable, i wasn’t ready for another one. so i decided just to go out with friends. in one of those gatherings, i met mitchell. he literally stood out being tall, dark, handsome and had the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes. i hesitated to pursue him.  but i got to know more of him. he was also unusually intelligent, very caring, kind, responsible, loving and had his own architectural firm. needless to say, i fell
    head over heels.

    after a month, we decided to move in together. our friends, both gays and straights, envied us. we were that compatible. we lived in the midwest and made several trips to europe and the phillipines, (which he loved a lot and thought of retiring there) .unfortunately something else happens in life when you’re all set with your plans.
     it was very devastating when cancer took him from me, but looking back i was lucky to have found
    someone from across a crowded room. i’ll always love the song “some enchanted evening” because 
    i remembered the lyrics then and to paraphrase “once you have found him, never let him go.” that magic lasted 13 years and i was one lucky person.


  14. bellalabedward said on 25-11-2008

    i super loved the story kip it up..

    ganda mo gerl….un na!

  15. jed tan said on 25-11-2008

    panget naman ng ending….but somehow may kilig part…kainis lang…
    siguro mas pipiliin ko pang di na lang sya makilala kung ganun lang naman ang ending…

    and to tell ya gurl, parehas tayo ng taste!…..bwbiufifjjfghghj!!!!!!!!!

  16. IloveAlec said on 25-11-2008

    hahahaha.thanks eldo…d ko napansin dami parang like…hahahahaha..

  17. eldo said on 25-11-2008

    Maybe I should use “like” more often so I can like meet someone like Alec and we can like drink beer too and like stay in one room and like just hug.

    All the unnecessary likes nauseated me but it was a good story overall.

  18. Puta Pantasyadora said on 25-11-2008

    Sige ituloy mo pantasya mo.  In fairness, nakakaaliw ding basahin istorya mo maski hindi totoo.  Thank you Migz for making this up.  Masaya.  Kalibog din.

  19. buff_joey said on 24-11-2008

    hey gurl, dont be so pa gurl….

  20. peter said on 24-11-2008


    There’s nothing wrong with what you have done or not done. Unexpected things can really overwhelm. I say go to Thailand and see how it goes.

    To Bakleeta Aketch: I can’t believe people like you exist. Sad.

  21. MrCens said on 24-11-2008

    sarap ng lifestyle… ang yaman mo! good example ka sa iba nating kababayan… known na kasi tayong mga pinoy na gold digger. yan siguro ang binalik-balikan sau. keep it up!!!

    nakilig din,

    dubai, uae

  22. ILoveAlec said on 24-11-2008

    thanks nympho..siguro nga tama ka…hehehehe…hayaan mo kapag nagkita kami ulit…

  23. Claide_Saludar said on 24-11-2008

    hi there1

    What my friend told me about feelings as yours is that, is somewhat tells you that LOVE is in you…

    i dont know if thats true..

  24. Bakleeta Aketch said on 24-11-2008

    Barrel, hindi Barrell.

  25. Bakleeta Aketch said on 24-11-2008

    Sat, hindi seated!
    “So I was like, like, you know, I’m like…”

  26. Nympho said on 24-11-2008

    …you want a relationship…nothing wrong with that iha….how about him…yun kaya ang gusto niya…you should have given your pussy on the second date…tsk tsk tsk.. at nasa thailand pa siya ngayon…yun napakadaling makipag sex….hay naku could have been a perfet…perfect memories…next time wag mag pavirginal effect…performance to the max…a night he will never forget….ay nagtatapos sa perfect lovemaking sa you…sex sa kanya.

  27. maic said on 24-11-2008

    kainggit ka naman Ning! Ang masasabi ko… good luck and ingat na lang…

  28. ILoveAlec said on 23-11-2008

    Thanks so much sa mga kinilig…dun sa mga hindi naniniwala..well sabi ko nga naniniwala ako sa KARMA…i used to say that also before…sana totoo hindi kathang isip…now that i’ve experienced it…i think its really worth sharing…..bottomline dont settle for anything less… comes from the most unexpected places…

  29. ILoveAlec said on 23-11-2008

    Thanks so much sa mga kinilig…dun sa mga hindi naniniwala…I wish you happiness…sana ma-experience nyo was really very very nice…..

  30. chinito said on 23-11-2008

    kakakilig naman! 🙂

  31. wrestler said on 23-11-2008

    HAY pag ibig nga naman!

  32. mewtong said on 23-11-2008

    haba ng hair!

  33. diego said on 23-11-2008

    fairy tale

  34. sharp_nick said on 23-11-2008

    You know, Brits/Canadians etc can be so direct. Just say you’re attracted to him. And if the feeling’s mutual, tuwad agad.

  35. pepe said on 23-11-2008

    Hay naku, ganda mo gurl… sa akin tama ang lahat ng mga actions mo. di masyadong puta. tama lang ang lasa kumbaga. masara ba siya gurl? magaling ba?

  36. Colby Varner said on 23-11-2008

    A lovely story… How I wish I had that kind of spark with a guy… KUNG TOTOO!?!?!

  37. fritz said on 23-11-2008

    Mmmnn….Is this real? Baka kathang isip lang ito. It’s becoming to be annoying. Nakakainis, andaming ek ek. GRRR!

  38. andrian said on 23-11-2008

    Haaaay! the thrill and sweetness of the “getting-to-know-you” stage…. Leche! I miss those moments.

  39. mightymikee said on 23-11-2008

    Fairy tale story…Love that…Cherish ol mem’r ies…

  40. Mark said on 23-11-2008

    Hey man! Sometimes things happen if we want it to happen. Whatever it is, you should do it. If it is the right thing then it will happen. Make sure it entails you to do it. Carpe Diem!

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