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No, there’s no UP campus in Bulacan, and no real Oblation statue there but the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity of Bulacan State University, I assume brothers of those APO fratmen in UP Diliman, had their own version of the Diliman annual tradition. The theme for their run is “Run4Nature,” a protest against mindless destruction of the earth’s natural resources.

One thing I noticed here, compared to the typical UP Diliman run, is that it seems the streakers don’t really mind being identified, as some of them actually took off their masks during the run. Mukhang mas okay talaga sa probinsiya! Hehehe!

See photos here. See videos here.

Photo credit: APO (Epsilon Kappa Chapter)
Photo taken on December 4, 2008, Bulacan State University.

Comments (21)

  1. Kara Krus said on 11-03-2009

    ayos na ayos ah hehehe! bet ko yung katawan nung nasa likod, full of muscles. nyahahahaha! bongga ka daY!

  2. lady lhyn said on 23-02-2009

    astig yan mga broi……gsto q pong makamet ng mga brd at cis. na taga san jose delmonte bulacan…………bago lng po aq d2……invite u po aq sa chapter nio f m gatherings…..txt u po aq sa 09204292806 or09085758150tnx po…..

  3. supladito said on 12-02-2009

    mas ok naman yan kesa sa upd noh.. doon malalaki na tiyan eh..

  4. boylette said on 29-01-2009

    wow. extra pa instructor namin. hehehe.

  5. mellicious said on 26-01-2009


  6. loli said on 08-01-2009

    what is the name of the guy in the middle (without mask)?

  7. efrain said on 06-01-2009

    i cant see it..hehehe joke..

  8. yam said on 01-01-2009

    well…well… need not to strip down just to air sentiments!!! learn how to hide your souls guys!!!! hehehehe

  9. vora said on 28-12-2008


  10. peppoi said on 25-12-2008

    Sana ma-notify tayo next time…hehehe


  11. Michi said on 25-12-2008

    I was able to watch the first time they did this, two years ago I guess. We nearly lost our minds haha

  12. angel_earth said on 23-12-2008


  13. clique said on 23-12-2008

    more pics pls! hehehe

  14. Markkky said on 23-12-2008

    Hello. Oo naman. Sa UPLB may mga nagtatanggal talaga ng masks.

  15. Isaribi said on 23-12-2008

    hehe, cuty man ung nasa gitna…

  16. alvin said on 23-12-2008

    parang ok din yung itsura nila. LOL!

  17. Derick said on 23-12-2008

    Go go go Bulakenyo. Kaya ba ng mga taga UP yan?

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