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A gay friend gave me a gift today. (Thanks Madam!) It was the DVD featuring Paolo Rivero and Paolo Serrano, entitled “M2M 3: Versus.” It says on the back cover of the DVD jacket:

Versus is a tale of two male hunks undergoing the different stages of realization and of falling in and out of love. Their story reels off in their minds and is carried out in a rather sensual and provocative manner. What actually goes on…? And what are the complexities in the process of carrying out, staying in and moving on from this kind of relationship?

Masterfully crafted as the previous M2M features- this video shows the intricacies and dynamics of male to male relationship.

More photos of the two Paolos after the jump.






(Photos are screencaps of the “Gallery” portion of the DVD.)

Comments (26)

  1. whill said on 16-10-2011

    wew.,sa odesey try nyu mghanap.,they have some of gay-themed films there.

  2. efrain said on 06-03-2011

    mas cute and hunky c paulo serrano

  3. Lasher said on 07-10-2010

    The armpit shots are smokinnnnn!

  4. saske said on 11-07-2010

    i just watched it. its good…

  5. ilovekeungkeung said on 13-12-2009

    Rivero is hot. He has the look that one can never forget from first glance. Love him!

  6. Roy said on 31-08-2009

    feel na feel nii paolo serrano…

  7. joey said on 15-06-2009

    no question ask; ganda talaga series of M2M na ito. This is their best!

  8. danilo ligon said on 30-04-2009

    the film is beautyful and sexy erotic,i m so hot….

  9. supladito said on 12-02-2009

    for the poor ones..

    i saw a copy in quaipo..

    i’m so into paolo serrano.. super yummy..

  10. rt321 said on 23-01-2009

    I saw this in odyssey in SM North Edsa The Annex.

    There’s also Lihim ni Antonio there…

    So if you’re looking for it, go there…

  11. sneakerboi17 said on 22-01-2009

    paolo rivero is hot…need i say more? 😉

  12. june said on 14-01-2009

    kindly post some clips of the video. i really need to check it before buying the cd. thanks

  13. efrain said on 06-01-2009

    cute ng tatto sa waist heheeh

  14. Access said on 04-01-2009

    I read from a tabloid that Paolo Rivero had exposed his precious jewel in the movie. At what scene? Thanks for the help.

  15. fratboi02 said on 31-12-2008

    Paolo Rivero is a good friend of mine. You’ll be surprised of how conservative he is in real life. :)

  16. marebro said on 29-12-2008

    I saw the VCD a few weeks ago but finally the DVD came out last week. I was able to get one and watched it immediately, especially the behind the scenes. The story was alright but in the main video there were a lot of nudity and sexual encounters. No frontals. Both men were hot!!!

    In the behind the scenes, there was a long shot of P Rivero frontal but it was blurry. The docu on the bed scenes showed them actually wearing pubic covers. Ugghh!!!! But I still enjoyed the videos.

  17. Ashton said on 27-12-2008

    dude.. can you post it on the net? plsss..?

  18. weeeeeee said on 27-12-2008

    haha.. kakabili ko lng ne2 khapon. ok lng nmn nakakalibog ng konti. i must say delicioso c Paolo Serrano d2 but c Paolo Rivero medyo tumaba pro masarap prn.hehe

  19. Jojo Narciso said on 24-12-2008

    Paolo Rivero is hot

  20. Michael said on 24-12-2008

    very handsome guys. they both have lean bodies.

  21. harot said on 24-12-2008

    welcome back migs!

    pwede po b ako mgrequest? sna po post nyo ung dvd na to…mtgal n po kse ako hanap nito…marming slmat po

  22. jimg29 said on 24-12-2008

    hindi ko napansing nawalaka, world fish!

  23. jake said on 24-12-2008

    Ive seen it in one of the record bar stores in trinoma.. Cant just remember the name of the store… U can check it out there…. =)

  24. london boy said on 24-12-2008

    Hi Migs!

    Glad to know that you’re back in cyberspace.


  25. francis said on 24-12-2008

    I so love Paolo Rivero..where did ur friend bought the DVD?
    its really hard to find..

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