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massage I heard Wensha Spa in Timog Avenue, Quezon City has reopened after a couple of months of renovation. According to MGG reader littleboywonder, “The place now looks much better and cleaner after the renovation. The steam room looks nice and clean… with its white interior and never ending steam now. The dry sauna room still looks the same. The dip pool is better designed as well.”

So, the next question is: which masseur should I request for?

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  1. said on 04-04-2014

    Simply adore each of these steam showers

  2. H2ojooz said on 16-01-2014

    Last night, there was this cute young guy who was quietly going in and out of the steam room, not looking at anyone or returning anyone’s gaze. This went on for a while and everyone was just caught by surprise when he suddenly took off his towel, whipped out his huge dick and started masturbating! After the initial shock, one guy stroked his dick and another fingered him from behind. He was so into it that his body was rocking back and forth with pleasure. Some guy came in so everyone stopped and he left. After a while, he came back in, sat down and finished it off by cumming on his stomach. Everyone was wide-eyed at the spectacle. What a show!

  3. Jon said on 05-12-2013

    Never pako nakapunta sa mga soa like wensha. Talaga bang kelangan nude, di ba owdeng may undies o towel na di na kelangan alisin?hhe! Thanks sa mga sasagot. :)

  4. amboy pinoy said on 13-10-2013

    any recent happenings in Wensha Timog, this blog has been quiet for a while..

  5. curious said on 04-04-2013

    May dalawang guy akong frequently nakikita. one is moreno and the other parang chinese tapos maputi medyo exhibitionist (haha). both of them have good bodies pero mas hot yung chinese. does anybody know the name of these two guys?:3 i’ve been trying to talk to them pero can’t get the chance hehe. email me:)

    thanks! planning to ge there next friday:)

  6. blueray said on 10-02-2013

    Hi everyone. Im planning to visit Wensha Pasay, when is the best time to go there during weekends? I am young and curious so im hoping you could give me advices. Kindly email me at Thank you in advance :)

  7. blueray said on 10-02-2013

    Hi. Im planning to visit Wensha Pasay, when is the best time to go there during weekends? I am young and curious so im hoping you could give me advices. Kindly email me at Thank you in advance :)

  8. curious said on 09-02-2013

    Sino un guy na nakatitigan ko at ngumiti sakin kanina sa wensha timog, i was about to take a bath akala ko iintayin mo…
    reply ka lang

  9. kian808 said on 24-12-2012

    Thanks to the guy who did me last Friday, December 21, around 2 PM….. you and I happened to be in the same massage room…and the steam room was a blast! Thanks again.

  10. anti_old_fart said on 23-11-2012

    sad :( ang hirap mag-the-move sa wensha timog. medyo dumadami na kasi tao T_T like one time may guy na mukang interested tapos tumabi na sakin pero kasi may chubby eledrly guy na naginterrupt samin kaya ayun. hindi tuloy nakaporma. ang medyo complaint ko lang tlga yung mga chubby people na sobrang makadikit. eh i think i’m clear sa gestures ko that i am not interested pero dikit parin ng dikit hehe. thumbs up sa mga nakakarelate:) haha. ang mean ba? pero ayun lang naman. kung mukhang lumalayo ang person sayo malamang he is not interested:) reminder? hehe

  11. trippinQC said on 19-11-2012

    I’ll go here tonight. Cute looking guy here.

  12. Egg nog said on 16-11-2012

    1st time ko pupunta sa wensha timog bukas saturday nov 17, 2012 around 11am. magkanu po ba charge sa whole body massage na may buffet na food??? sinu po pwede makasabay bukas around that time. solo lang kasi ako pupunta. salamat sa magrereply. 1st time ko dito…

  13. captain said on 14-11-2012

    I’ll be in wensha timog tomorrow around 10pm..who wants to accompany me?!..21 years old guy here working as a ground steward..09155517653..beep me to chubbies and uglies..please..thanks..yung sure lang,a..

  14. Mr. GPS said on 27-10-2012

    Went to Wensha last night. First time ko. Met this guy with glasses and went out with him after. Di ko dala phone ko so I wasn’t able to get his number but he got mine. So M, if you’re reading this, hi! :smile:

    • Jake said on 28-10-2012

      nice… i went to their pasay branch.. very disappointing… malaki nga sya pero feels weird.. tapos wala pang cute.. hahahha

  15. Mr. GPS said on 27-10-2012

    Was at Wensha Timog last night. First time ko and may na-meet ako and went out with a guy with glasses. I didn’t get his number but he got mine. So if you’re reading this M, hi! :smile:

  16. Jake said on 23-10-2012

    any separate blog for wensha-pasay? or is it combined pasay and timog branch blog? If so, any good masseurs you guys can recommend? yung magaling at game….

  17. stinger said on 01-10-2012

    the masseur i had last night was very game. hinayaan nyang laruin ko tumbong nya habang wala pa ibang customer sa room. sayang lang nung sinimulan na nyang laruin ang akin, napatigil sya bigla dahil may pumasok na sa room. sobrang nabitin ako. haha!

  18. mark said on 21-08-2012

    I’ll be at wensha pasay later :)

  19. Chris said on 21-08-2012

    hey guys, who wants to meet at wensha timog today at 2PM?

  20. jake said on 28-07-2012

    sino sino ba ang nagbibigay man lang ng sensual massage sa wensha.. kahit mga pasaring lang..

  21. eric said on 26-07-2012

    style yata ng mga masseur sa wesha ang magbigay ng sensual massage.. para balik balikan mo sila.

    • tenor! said on 27-07-2012

      If I were to be asked, even if I don’t make use of the massage services of the package the rest of the amenities is already great. The sensual massage and sexual encounter with fellow spa users is already a plus. If you’re after relaxation then this is the place. Enjoy it for your health and wellness. :smile:

  22. tenor! said on 18-07-2012

    Had a nice time day last Monday, July 16 at the steam room between 7-7:30pm. *wink wink*. 😉

    • jeff said on 21-07-2012

      pls. share what happened. tnx

      • tenor! said on 24-07-2012

        Was already alternating the hot and cold jacuzzi, sauna and steam room starting at about 5:30pm that day. Made friends immediately with a chinese-european guy na nurse (forgot his name, basta i know it starts with a “K”) and his filipino partner, they were following me all the time! (or was i just assuming?) Pero ok lang, sanay na ako. We talked briefly about his profession, his short visit to manila, my studies and my upcoming work abroad. At about 6:30pm++ sa cold jacuzzi may nkasama ako mejo 30’ish (or 40?) guy na mukhang Japanese. I was sitting at the edge of the pool slighty covering my dick. Nilapitan nya ako. Luckily everyone was in the dry sauna and steam room. That gave him the chance to hold and play with my dick. Sarap naman ako sempre sa pgjajakul nya sa akin. Some guys from the dry sauna saw what we were doing. I had fun being an exhibitionist for a while. Haha. Moving on to the steam room at about 7pm, may slim guy na skinhead ung haircut. Panay masturbate and parang manlalamon kung makatingin. I gave in na sempre. Finally rumami na kmi and lo! an orgy. WE were about 8 people inside the steam room, steaming hot and oozing with libido. We masturbated, kissed each other and sucked dicks. Nagsalita si Japanese guy, turned out ngtatagalog pla siya. Ayos. Siya door look out namin. And sumasahod pa sa cum na tumatalsik. Pang porno na scenario talaga. Finally when everyone had their own share of fun, I went out, dressed up and to the buffet area I marched. Had fun that night. Marami pa nangyari onwards pero not so much worthy of kuento anymore. Mukhang puro newbies na mga dumating about 9pm, timid-looking younger crowd. Had massage and as usual, the masseur always finds ways para ma-stimulate ang alaga ko. Enjoyed it of cors, my cock was fully erect the whole hour he was doing the massage. Pero hindi na ako ngpalabas, napagod sa steam room. Haha. Had a great time that night. Went out of the spa at 1am refreshed. 😉

      • tenor! said on 26-07-2012

        Now I remembered his name. It starts with a “D” pala. Hehe. 😀

      • Gboy said on 05-09-2012

        Sino masseur mo tenor? Care to share? I have my regular masseur na lagi nya ko hina-hand job 😉

      • tenor! said on 17-09-2012

        Gboy: wala ako regular masseur. i guess khit cnong massauer kung type rin nla ung customer eh gagawa sila paraan para mkadagdag ng tip. hehe. :mrgreen:

      • stinger said on 26-07-2012

        nice! i never had a hot encounter in that spa (except with the masseurs). :smile:

      • tenor! said on 26-07-2012

        Greatly helps when you still look young even past your youth. Keeps the other mature people engaged and interested on you. Hehe. 😎

      • stinger said on 26-07-2012

        dont get me wrong. i may be 30 but goodlooking guys flirt with me in bars and spas.

        the thing is, the last time i went there, i was staying in the pool when this caucasian guy saw me, came closer and grabbed my dick. i let him play with it but then a staff came in, so he stopped. we couldnt make a move because the staff kept checking the area from time to time.

        it’s a good thing you guys didnt get caught by any of the staff (or worse, by a policeguy who happens to be in the steamroom and made a scandal, see jul8 comment).

      • tenor! said on 26-07-2012

        Good for you stinger. We might bump with each other the next time in the spa. Haha. Siguro right timing lang and sensitivity when it comes to orgies in public places. 😆

      • Jose said on 11-10-2012

        Anong name nya ntatandaan mo pa? Hehehe :)

      • jake said on 28-07-2012

        wow.. i like that experience.. sana makasabay din kita.. :) i ask for foot massage naman kasi sa wensha lately eh. meron akong regular masseur don na talagang nanghahawak ng ari ko at nagpapahawak din sya.. may time pa nga na nailabas ko pa dick nya sa pants nya at sinubo eh

      • tenor! said on 30-07-2012

        tara jake! hahaha. 😀

      • jake said on 31-07-2012

        to tenor!: cge, email me at and we can set up a meet up there..

      • Jose said on 13-09-2012

        Share mo naman kung sinong masseur ito… :)

    • JJ said on 26-07-2012

      My first time in Wensha wasn’t pleasant. The pool/jacuzzi stank and wasn’t working. The massage was not as pleasant and pleasurable as NY Spa (no hanky panky here). But the waiters in the buffet were attentive although the food is blah (except maybe for the siomai and soup)

  23. tenor! said on 18-07-2012

    Had a nice nice time last Monday, July 16 between 7-7:30pm in the wet sauna. *wink wink*. :smile:

  24. Fishy said on 10-07-2012

    H2ojooz, mga what time nangyari itong incident ng nasabing escandalo?

    • h2ojooz said on 10-07-2012

      This happened Sunday at around 10 to 10:30 P.M. Were you there?

      • Fishy said on 18-08-2012

        Sorry for the very late reply.

        No, I wasn’t there pero curious lang ako kasi hindi naman to nangyayari noon sa Wensha.

  25. h2ojooz said on 08-07-2012

    A scandal broke out just tonight at wensha. I don’t know exactly what happened as I just got back from my massage when this guy was angrily showing his ID to some of the men in the wet area and telling them to come with him, or he’ll drag them out. I asked somebody there what happened and all he told me was “bakla daw”. Apparently, the angry guy was a cop (and I suppose the he was showing his police ID) and I don’t know if he was propositioned inside the steam room or sauna, or maybe he witnessed something while he was there.

    • stoned said on 09-07-2012

      Witnessed a similar incident before, one of the locker/wet are attendants was berating and humiliating a guest for apparently doing hanky panky inside the steam room, oddly enough they were only going after one guy the other person was considered a “victim”.

      “Scandal” is the right term as the management and staff of wensha handled the situation in a manner that was less than discreet. They screamed and treated the “offending” guest like a common criminal and made sure he was humiliated in front of other people. A few minutes later, they called in the police to arrest the guest, who was dragged out of the premises while a crowed was gathered to watch.

      • h2ojooz said on 09-07-2012

        maybe the “victim” complained to the staff & that’s why they accosted the other guy?

        last night it was the cop who bullied everyone so the staff didn’t have to do anything at all. they looked like they were very intimidated.

      • greggy said on 09-07-2012

        grabe naman yun. kaawa din naman yung guest kung ipapahiya mo sa karamihan…

      • stoned said on 09-07-2012

        no, the “victim” kept quiet about the incident, then slipped out when the other guy was being harassed.

        yeah, nakakaawa yung guy, the management could have handled the situation in a more diplomatic manner

  26. superman said on 08-07-2012

    first time ko ny spa. panget ng crowd! Para kang alay sa kulto! Exaj mga comments dito or nagkataon lng tlaga. ewan. kenko nxtym!.

    • greggy said on 09-07-2012

      nagkataon lang. kase nung last kong punta naman eh may mga cute guys na game sa ny spa. as in hunk at cute talaga. :)

  27. ron said on 02-07-2012

    hello avid fans. readers, bloggers, and commenters.. ano daw? hahaha! nakakatuwa magbasa ng mga post nyo.. very imformative, buti nalang meron

    keep making comments, suggestion and story..nakakaliw magbasa e.

    lastly, anong oras maganda pumunta ng wensha timog? ung madaming cute? haha!

    any masseur na pwede nyo i recommend?


    • richard gonzales said on 04-12-2013

      look for gerald for body massage. nagpapapalamutak ng notebook yun at nanghaharass in a very sexual way. yuung friend ko nanasusubo nya pa yun e.

  28. Spaholic said on 30-06-2012

    Deserving naman ang pagtaas ng Wensha dahil sa renovation sa wet area saka sa service super maasikaso ang mga staffs from locker room dining feet massage at masseurs… Cute ng mga waiter ngayon ah lalo na yung reception sa massage area..kainis di makagawa ng milagro kanina may nameet ako bata pa na cute guy di kami makasimple sa wet area kahit 6 am na ng umaga decide kami sa CR hirap talaga sa sobra dami ng staff na nageensure na malinis ang spa hirap na hirap kami cute ng boylet at matangad napansin ko kung anu nga laki ng paa yun din laki ng dingdong…sabi ko pagkatapos na lng ng massage ko sabi nya balikan ko sya sa feet massage area kaso pagbalik ko super himbing ng tulog kaso nung ginising ko sya yung katabing girl nagising takang taka boyfriend daw nya yung guy…maganda ang girl….naman si kuya hotdog ang kinasasabikan kahit tahong ang hawak hehehe..npahiya ako sabi ko kilala ko bf nya pakisabi na lang pag nagising nauna na ako….haist sayang…type pa naman anamin isa’t isa….

    • Nestor said on 02-07-2012

      nahawakan mo dingdong nya?

      • Spaholic said on 08-07-2012

        @ nestor oo nahawakan ko at natikman ko habang hawak nya akin kaso janitor biglang pumasok muntik na talaga kmi makita..bitin talaga kakainit ng ulo…kainis…

      • Nestor said on 08-07-2012

        ang galing! congrats. frustrating nga lang. pero at least may nangyari kahit papaano.

  29. Cest la vie said on 13-06-2012

    I went to wensha timog last week and meet a guy whom I considered something worth keeping for the rest of your life……it’s great I made a detour on my regular sched…….looking forward to go there again with this guy……

  30. stoned said on 03-05-2012

    Wensha raised their price to P780 from P680

    • drakes said on 30-05-2012

      hmmm how about the buffet food choices? may improvement? :)

      • stoned said on 30-05-2012

        same old greasy food 😕

      • thor said on 31-05-2012

        Try nyo.Wensha Antipolo. 680 lang the.fuds are muc better.than in Timog

      • Ivan said on 31-05-2012

        san ba wensha, antipolo?

      • thor said on 01-06-2012

        sa sumulong highway… dun sila aa may cafe lupe… from robinson metro east mall isang sakayan lang… ang malinis ang wensha antipolo kumpara sa timog at pasay. drink all you can pa s beer..

  31. Greg said on 02-04-2012

    It was my first time in Wensha, Timog last week. I had a good experience that was why i decided to to come back yesterday. Two Sundays in a row. I just simply loved the place. Next Sunday i will be back again. I liked the massage, the wet area and most of all the smile in everybody’s face.

    The massage was great. My masseur was a good looking and tall Chinito. He’s so cute and i loved him already. In fact, we exchanged mobile phone numbers. He regularly texted me from then on.

    The wet area was fully packed, foreigners and Pinoys, lots of straight acting gays and a number of straight guys. Most foreigners were confident to go around naked while Pinoys were too timid.

    Someone caught my attention. He was so good looking. He was with a foreigner. Damned that foreigner! I wished, I could be with him the next time.

    See you guys.

  32. neofight said on 28-03-2012

    Went to Wensha today. After a few visits, sa wakas may nakuha din ako mula sa masseur (kahit papano). Nung minamassage nya ang arms ko eh more patong sa kanyang chenes and mode. At in fair, malusog. HAHA. Pero nakakainis pa rin kasi 400 yung tip na bibigay ko kasi akala ko may mahihita pa ako pero nung nasa kamay na nya ang pera (nagpa-cute kasi sya na pag via tip daw ay matagal pa nya makukuha, so ako umandar karupukan at kinuha ang pera sa baba at personal na binigay sa kanya), wala na kinakabahan daw kasi sya so fly na ang drama. Bitin din eh kairita. haha. Nung tinanong ko sya na bakit parang sya lang ang gumagawa nun, may gulat factor at pride pa ang moda nya sa pagsabing madami daw sila, malalakas daw loob.

    Wala ding ganap sa steam room. Pero iniisip ko na lang, wag na ipush ang aking luck. HAHA

  33. stinger said on 24-03-2012

    i think most of the masseurs there add the sensual massage. when i get a hard on, they play with that area more. it’s very simulating.

    • mattR said on 26-03-2012

      was there last saturday, wala nmn ako naramdaman ng any hint of sensual massage.

    • Johnny said on 20-05-2012

      They do. After the massage, para nang nag aapoy ang singit at pwet ko dahil dun sa ginger oil. Stretching was good though. Pero the best pa rin ang massage sa NY I think, mas relaxing.

  34. Rye said on 22-03-2012

    Anyone who plans to visit Wensha Timog tomorrow night?

  35. Rye said on 22-03-2012

    Anyone who plans to viost Wensha Timog tomorrow night?

  36. JV said on 28-02-2012

    Hi, Im from fairview area, anyone can help me who knows good SPAs in the area with a happy ending? hehehe. Commonwealth – Fairview – Novaliches?

    Thanks so much you guys! 😉

  37. Rye said on 26-02-2012

    I have been a frequent visitor of this blog for quite some time. I love to go on spa and massage. But here in the US, it is very expensive. One massage would cost you about $60-$80. And it is really for just an hour. Knowing that a Filipino blood runs through me, I feel thrifty. Hehehe. I’,m lucky coz I’m visiting the Philippines on March and I plan to drop by on March 5, monday (about 2pm-6pm) in either New York Spa and / or Wensha. I checked the map and it seems that they are near each other. Is there a good soul to help me decide and walk me through?

    • Fishy said on 11-03-2012

      hi Rye,

      just email me if you needed some tips on these areas.

      fishionista at gmail

      Fishy 😀

  38. Jake said on 19-02-2012

    Went to wensha last Thursday early in the morning. I had a good massage.. A bit sensual, really surprised i but all good! Next time ulit!

  39. pj said on 17-02-2012

    wala bang pupunta ng wensha? ano na bang kaganapan sa timog?

  40. micko1 said on 07-02-2012

    I went to Wenshhis masseura pasay last night. I had t named Emil. Lakas ng appeal, or siguro lasing lang ako. But I had this touch na exra ordinary. Gusto ko ulit bumalik. Im planning to go back after a week to meet Emil ulit.

  41. JAY said on 07-02-2012

    was just at wensha yesterday and i had an awkward moment :-) this was after my massage i went back to the dry sauna and was surprised to see a very musculine guy. he smiled offered his hand and his name which i forgot. i couldn’t tell if he was one of us (PLU). he was from hawaii and is in the military (he mentioned his hair cut hehe). said it was his first and he was with her female cousins. did’t know the way around wensha so i gave him a short orientation of the place. the odd thing was he was staring at my bulge (not that i have huge, hehe) he was cute. if ever you read this t’was nice talking to you…

    • JAY said on 07-02-2012

      sorry, excuse my grammatical errors and spelling… this was in wensha timog… between 530-630pm :-)

      • diesel said on 07-02-2012

        i’ll try to visit wensha, it’s been a while im attempting to pero nde natutuloy. Mag isa lang kc ako, a bit scared and excited at the same time.

  42. Mike said on 01-02-2012

    Ive been to wensha timig yesterday ang galing nun “r” na yin at dakota sya

    • Noel said on 05-02-2012

      Hi Mike.

      I’d highly appreciate if you share the name of your masseur.

      • Mike said on 07-02-2012

        Hindi ata pede sabihin ang name e… Pero grabe nung minassage nya yung hands ko nakapatong sa titi nya, taz dindikit nya sa ulo ko ang writa nya kahit nakatihaya ako

  43. red said on 28-01-2012

    when is the best time to go sa wensha pasay? and recomended therapist? planning to go there tonight or tom. i heard nirerenovate sila. tapos na ba? message me on skype: redice78

  44. Alan said on 23-01-2012

    Dami kaya client today? Hmmmmm punta kaya ako later…let see..sino punta?

  45. Maevn said on 23-01-2012

    Who’s R masseur is that? What’s his name? Is he good on massage? How much tip should you give? What does he do to you aside from the basic massage? What is the best time to go in Wensha? Thanks and hoping for a response.

  46. conradlauren said on 23-01-2012

    it’s been a while since i have been to Wensha Timog, nakakaaliw naman ang mga comments, and na try ko na din yung masseur na si R and i had the same kind nga as described kanina, ok ang massage nya, very professional at medyo tahimik. will be back there soon…!!! btw just to have an idea how much do you usually give him as tip?

  47. samson said on 21-01-2012

    i’ve heard a lot of negative comments about wensha spa like the ipis in the dining area and the dirty whirlpool etc. nag-aalangan tuloy ako pumunta. Is this really true? What’s the best branch to visit? Thanks!

  48. marvin said on 21-01-2012

    regualr customer ako ng wensha, kilala ko na halos mga bago napasok sa timog, i saw a small guy na i find very attarctive coz of his suplado looks, maliit sya 5’4′ siguro in height, second time ko sya nakita sa timog, first was, kasam nya ata yung dad nya, hindi ako sure pero baka sugar dad nya yun, second time was last last week, nagiisa lang to, i find him very gwapo, suplado kase gusto ko, CHANGE ROOM PA LANG NAKATINGIN NA MGA BEIMON SA KANYA, there is something sa batngang ito, i saw this young guy na may bagpack na red na malaki, nagcocomute lng sya, when i saw him. willing ako nmaging sugar daddy nya, anyone know this small guy. i heard sa receptionist james ar jay daw name nun, i really missed the chance when i saw him alone, willing ako magsugar daddy fo him.

  49. jhun said on 18-01-2012

    puro mga bisexual lang ba gumagawa ng \kalokhan jan. wala str8

  50. jiggernaughty said on 16-01-2012

    For those going up to baguio, be careful when cruising in burnham. They have a term there, PIGA-boys. I’ve heard a number of horror stories of gullible guys forcibly divested of thousands plus cellphone plus threats to life and limb. These cordillera guys are big and can be threatening. Especially keep away from Ethan, Anton aka keithly, jesse james, francis and a certain elmo. The only masseur thats tried and tested (by me) there is Nick aka Yankee (+639352075622) – a hunky , hairless guy of ifugao descent. Not a looker and so so lang massage but great ES. Cheers.

  51. pj said on 16-01-2012

    we went to wensha antipolo last saturday around 10:30am walang gaanong tao kaya solo ang lahat ng facilities. ok nman sya parang outdoor spa ung theme nila dahil dun sa massive na glass window. masahista ko name is al galing syang timog branch. ok sya magmasahe at sensual tlaga,since alam nya na game ako ung masasage nya nagconcentrate sa crotch area ko ayun na uwi sa hj for 600. sabi nya babalik daw sya sa timog this monday.

    • marky said on 16-01-2012

      PJ, who was your masseur?
      How much is the rate in Wensha Antipolo?
      Can you please give directions how can i get to wensha antipolo?

  52. PJ said on 16-01-2012

    is there anyone available to join me on tuesday?

    • clyde said on 16-01-2012

      i thought you want to go to NY instead? haha pero if you work at night, medyo convenient nga sa wensha dahil 24 hours.. :)email me if you need company or inquiries @ clydiegutierrez@gmail :)

  53. tubbycoot said on 15-01-2012

    went there for the first time a few hours ago. Walang masyadong action. Although may isang dumating na chinese yata and was showing around his erect dick inside the steam room. But as far as action goes, wala naman. Sana pagbalik ko meron. Hehehe.

    BTW Ok din yung massage nila. Nakakarelax and soothes my aching leg muscles after jogging.

  54. Mett said on 10-01-2012

    usually what time was the action usually happened…im just curious.

  55. Voltage said on 10-01-2012

    I’m a regular customer of wensha… I tried maybe 3 times at pasay branch but I love going in Timog branch even though na taga Dasmarinas pa ako… my last visit is Dec 29, 2011 and I’m planning to go again tomorrow Jan 11 but I been invited to have a lunch date tomorrow at Tagaytay so I need to re sched my plan. Anyway, timog is the place for many actions… so many things that I have seen there and the same time experience also.. mapa Jacuzzi especially steam room… ako nga lang yung parating napaglalaruan…nagpapalaro naman… lol… wala yatang visit ako na di ako napag intirisan… i dont know why.. you can check my pixs sa planet romeo kung member kayo… voltage acct name ko… so have fun guys…

  56. jess said on 07-01-2012

    sino gusto mag wensha jan, sabay tayo, gusto ko my kasabay para my kausap.

  57. firsttime said on 07-01-2012

    i wanna try wensha pasay. meron ba kau suggest na therapist dun? msg me on skype: redice78

  58. red said on 07-01-2012

    any suggestions kung sino magaling na therapist sa pasay?

  59. Tisoy said on 02-01-2012

    I just went to Wensha Antipolo just now… The place was really good, of course bago. I can still smell their newly painted walls. I’ve noticed most of the guys are gay nakakailang.

    But anyway, WORST experience ko naman ito sa masseur.. Wensha customer nako since 2007 and ngayon lang ako naka experience ng 1/10 na massage. First time ko rin mag complain sa management. Happy New Year badtrip!

    • john said on 03-01-2012

      Bago pa lang kasi ang spa, so karamihan ay bago rin, pero may mga masseur daw na galing sa Pasay dun, d ko lang alam kung sino…

      I was attempting to try it pero mukhang di pa okay sa ngayon.. =)

      • Caetano said on 04-01-2012

        Several male therapists of CityLife moved to Wensha Antipolo after the sudden closure of CTL. Ramil has gone freelance for the meantime.

      • john said on 05-01-2012

        I am from Antipolo.. can you recommend any massuer from CTL that transferred to Wensha Antipolo? email me please at .. Thanks!

      • Tisoy said on 11-01-2012

        Ok yun mga ibang masahista sa antipolo,, lalo na un mga galing ng Wensha Pasay…

        lahat ng nagsisimula sa letter B na pangalan ok dun.
        I might go there later tonight.. 😀

  60. brendon said on 01-01-2012

    nagka-herpes ako from sucking another person’s dick and being sucked diyan sa wensha. pogi talaga yung lalaki ganda pa ng katawan. first time ko makipagtalik sa lalaki tapos ganito manyayari. ingat na lang.

  61. Fred said on 30-12-2011

    Nice to see this trend back.. When i started to go sa Wensha un huling post dito ay last October pa.. anyway, just wanted to share my experience. I went there Friday few weeks ago mga 10AM. I saw this parang half-korean half pinoy na guy sa smoking area sa dining but didnt care much kc muka syang straight. So I went to the wet area going from wet to dry sauna. I started to notice this snobbish cure mistiso guy with very good looking body.. hindi sya namamansin pero palipatlipat sya ng pwesto.. so I when i get back to the steam sauna nakita ko un mukang straight guy na nakita ko sa smoking area. he seems fine and not up to something.. im the type na hindi magstart ng something if you dont start it. then I sat beside dun entrace ng steam sauna. mga 3 kami including un 1 straight looking around 29 years old at un nakita ko sa smoking area. tapos pumapsok itong good looking mistiko guy na kanina ko pa nakikita. its strange because he started starring at me.. then he stand beside me and played with my nipples. then he played with my dick and it started to get hard, he asked me to stand up then tried to suck my dick my i refused kc may ibang tao, then he ask un isang guy kung ok lng, then he said ok lng.. so he suck pero bigla me lumabas kc feeling ko may papasok any moment. so pagbalik ko andun pa din sya. then i noticed un guy sa smoking area at naghubad all the way but his facing opposite against us then when he faced towards us he got closed dun sa good looking guy and offered to suck his dick.. wow! parang liveshow.. then after nya ako naman.. thats it.. then both finished but not me.. medyo matagal kc ako.. heheh

    • jeri said on 30-12-2011

      grabe, buti di sila nahuhuli dun, diba medyo strict na wensha? at lakas narin ng loob nila ah hehe. but what a nice experience for you lol. dati nakakapunta ako sa wensha pero havent been experience on something like that. ano kaya pakiramdam pag may biglang ganon haha. that happened in timog branch or pasay branch?

      i remember once, sa pasay lng, madami dami tao sa wet area, nasa hot jacuzzi ako with my friends, then lumipat sya sa sauna and i just stay there, then may isang old guy sa may cold jacuzzi area di nahiyang tingin ng tingin sa akin, nagulat nalang ako, lumalapit pa. i just ignore pero walang tigil ang patingin tingin nya sa akin, ewan ko baka napagtripan ako, sorry for him di ako game sa ganon at may kasama pa man ako haha. in the end i just leave the wet area nauna na ako sa massage room, iniwan ko friend ko sa sauna lol. grabe lng un experience na yun, di ksi sya nahihiya, parang wala lang paki kahit madaming tao haha

      • clyde said on 31-12-2011

        if you’re looking for more foreigners who are open to eing nude and just walking around the wet area naked, wensha pasay is the place.. pero kung action, i think the action is way better in timog. lol. yung steam sauna kasi nila dun when somebody enters the door, mawawarn kayo kasi tutunog talaga sya.. and other people can watch for you.. pero tulad nga ng sabi ng friend ko, mahirap na.. so hanggang nood nood lang muna.. if somebody invotes me for something else, ibang usapan na un.. kailangan na yun pagusapan soewhere else, in a more decent place.. lol. haha happy new year everyone! 😀

      • jors said on 27-01-2012

        san branch yan jeri ng maka punta hehehe

    • Fishy said on 08-01-2012

      Surely there’s plenty more stories from the Wensha steam room. If only these walls could talk. Hehehehe. :mrgreen:

  62. Echos said on 27-12-2011

    Si nino pasay the best 😀

  63. Bading salot said on 26-12-2011

    Kaya nagiging baboy ang wensha dahil sa inyo

  64. jeri said on 24-12-2011

    tagal na ako di nakakadayo sa wensha timog/pasay na. nice to see those recent post na may mga pangyayari parin dyan hehe. nacurious ako sa “R” masseur na yan, care to share? sayang kasi un huling wensha pasay trip ko, yun din yun last na naexperience ko sa isang masseur na pinaglaruan din nipple at alaga ko, sayang lng wala na sya doon. XD

    by the way, yun masseur “R” na yan sa timog or pasay branch?

    • clyde said on 25-12-2011

      ‘R’ works at Timog.. saw him twice doon.. 😀 pinakarecent yung last week.. bumabalik din ang aksyon sa wet area.. 😀 monday yun kaya i wasnt expecting much pero marami pa rin palang happenings.. ayun. haha

      • jeri said on 27-12-2011

        sa timog pala, tagal na ako di nakakapunta dun, nung huling nag wewensha ako pasay na pinupuntahan ko. pero tagal narin yun. nacurious tuloy ako sa “R” masseur mo, ok lang ishare yun name? and how much tip did you give to him? nag ask ba sya ng tip? or kusa nya ginawa un mga “massage” na yun? 😉 can you email your reply to thanks a lot! :)

      • john said on 27-12-2011

        @clyde @jeri paemail din ng info about tip and kung paano nangyari sa .. thanks!

      • clyde said on 27-12-2011

        hi john, kaw na lang magemail sa akin.. dunno what to tell you.. and what questions to answer.. hehe 😀

      • clyde said on 27-12-2011

        a certain josh e-mailed me and got mad at me after not saying the name of the masseur.. haha sad that may mga taong makikitid ang utak.. anyway, kung may magttry magemail and will just ask for the name of the masseur for your own selfish benefits, i’d rather not.. tao pa rin naman yung masseur na sinasabi ko.. and besides siya pa lang yung hindi ko inentertain ng maayos through mail cause his way of asking was kinda rude.. haha just want to share.. :)

  65. pinoystud said on 23-12-2011

    i went to wensha pasay last wednesday morning. there were european guests who were very much open about nudity. one guy looked like edward norton at sobrang haba ng alaga. i thought i was watching porn in live flesh. nakasabay ko siya sa wet sauna and at that time his alaga would go from flaccid to semi hard. kakatuwa tingnan lalo na kung lumalabas yung pink head kasi hindi siya tuli. tingin ko may pagka exhibitionist siya. good for me! the massage was good, 8/10 but with no sensual touches. just exactly what i was looking for. after the massage i stayed in the room then someone sat on the bed right next to mine. medyo antok pa ako so i did not mind him. then he said ang ganda raw ng chest ko. medyo exposed kasi ang torso ko kasi maluwanang ang robe. then he sat on my bed and started playing with my nipples. i just let him be. walang tao kasi early morning pa. then he touched my alaga and noticed it got hard. syempre hinayaan ko na lang siya. he was good looking anyway. i played with his tool too. nang malapit na akong labasan biglang sinubo ang alaga ko at walang sinayang na patak. after that siya naman ang pinaglaruan ko hanggang labasan rin siya. i was surprised to see him eat his own drops. medyo weird yet sexy at the same time. dahil napagod ako i stayed on the bed for about half an hour, then i headed back to the wet area. nakita kong paalis na siya. he just smiled. (bro, if you are reading this, let’s go back next wednesday and meet up at the same room, same time.)

    • clyde said on 25-12-2011

      this is cool.. pati yung experience mo sa spa room.. haha when i was there 2 guys tried to flirt with me sa comfort room.. tried to corner me pero natakot ako.. haha besides may kasama akong friend.. haha sayang. lol

  66. spalurker said on 22-12-2011

    Had a blast last night sa Wensha. Yes, meron pang natitirang escapades sa spa na’to. hehehe

    Jackpot ako sa masseur, ewan, siguro kasi Christmas season kaya nagpaparamdam. The usual na pasaging sa balls, dikit ng d**k sa ulo pag mina-massage yung back, patong ng kamay sa d**k niya, etc. Na-tripan ata ako. Ayun. Kinuha ko name niya, babalikan ko ulit. hehehe.

    Tapos jackpot ulit sa wet area. May isang guy du na type ko, gymbuilt. Eh he’s giving me the eye, kaya I had to reciprocate. I sat with him sa buffet area, talked a bit. But when I tried to ask for his number, he said he was already taken.

    What was that all about? Magpaparamdam tapos di naman pala pwede lol.

    I’ll definitely be back soon.

    • clyde said on 23-12-2011

      hi spalurker, when did you go to wensha? haha i think i know the masseur that you are talking about.. si R ba yan? :) he did exactly what he did to you sa akin noon.. :)))

      • Jeff said on 24-12-2011

        Hi. Puedeng pahingi ng name ni R? Cute ba sya?
        Jeff201ph@yahoo. Tnx.

      • clyde said on 26-12-2011

        haha mail me at clydiegutierrez@gmail jeff.. 😀

      • spalurker said on 24-12-2011

        No, pero I would like to know who that ‘R’ is. Hehe. He’s ‘L’ by the way.if you want, sabay tayo minsan sa wensha. Just mail me at barbarong_binulol@y! then we’ll see.

        jeff, he’s at wensha timog.

      • clyde said on 25-12-2011

        haha ‘L’? talaga? si ‘R’ does exactly the same thing na ginawa sayo nung masseur that you were talking about.. haha i’d be glad to be in company with other spagoers.. haha you can reach me at let’s keep in touch. 😀

      • clyde said on 25-12-2011

        haha ‘L’? talaga? si ‘R’ does exactly the same thing na ginawa sayo nung masseur that you were talking about.. haha i’d be glad to be in company with other spagoers.. haha you can reach me at clydiegutierrez@gmail.. let’s keep in touch.

  67. clyde said on 20-12-2011

    went to wensha timog last night.. surprising to see a lot of people kahit monday.. may aksyong nagaganap sa steam sauna haha kaya lang humihinto sila pag may ibang pumapasok.. may kumalabit sa akin pero hindi ko pinansin.. lol. another man approached me when i was in the jaccuzzi, asked if the water was hot. haha kaya lang di naman bumabad kasi malamig masyado yung tubig.. XD anyway, he talked to me again when we were in the sauna.. :)) kaya lang hindi na siya nagtanong further or inquired if he can come along with me and my friend.. tinanong niya lang kung friends kami.. haha when i was in the cr there were also 2 guys who cornered me at hinipuan ako while drying my hands.. haha buti na lang good boy ako, medyo nakapagpigil.. hehehe >:))

  68. menard said on 16-11-2011

    Meron ba kayong kilala na masseur sa wensha na pwede sa ES and if so, pwede rin ba sabihin sa reception ng massage rooms kung sino ung gusto mo magmasahe sa yo.. thanks for the info…

  69. St Andrews of the Fields said on 12-11-2011

    Try ko ang Wensha friday after lunch. Can’t complain naman sa 680 pesos but don’t forget to add ang tip sa masseur at attendant – very attentive naman sila even without ES. Kung gusto mo nang gay action very limited naman ang options mo sa Wensha. Check out ng security guard ang jacuzzi room. Only steam room ang private pero very steamy talaga! Mostly beer belly talaga ang clientele pero may movie star chinito/brapanese type sa Friday – gwapo, pecs, six pack at maputi pa yung penis at balls niya! Not too shy at nagshower pa sa open area for all to watch. Hang out siya between hot and cold pools stretching kaya kitang-kita ko na no hair ang armpits at privates niya! Masarap na eye candy talaga! All eyes on him whenever he changed pools para makita ang privates niya hahaha! Gusto ko sanang chupain sa steam room pero marami siyang fans na nag follow :(

  70. canine said on 24-10-2011

    only yesterday, i was just opening my locker when the guy around mid 20’s showed me his big head, i was shocked because i wasn’t expecting it, i continued to undress, walk into the shower and then the steam room, my basic routine before my massage. all the while this guy may be observing me but i didn’t notice him until i was about to have my massage, i went to pee first so i will have a continued massage and perhaps a quick nap, lo and behold as i enter the toilet that guy followed and peed as well, then one thing led to another, we looked each other and showed each others dicks as we both masturbated, then he kneels and suck my dick, and game me a deep throat, actually my dicks isnt hard to dt for its fair size about 4 and a half and its not so thick even, his was way thicker, then he asked me if im about to cum for he will put it in his mouth, it was a very quick quickie lasted for about 5-8 minutes, then we parted way and didnt say a word.

    • palaboi laboi said on 31-10-2011

      ingat lang tol kasi marami na raw nahuhuli jan sa CR close to the fooot massage room.

      Anyone going to wensha soon? message me with your contact info at buddy2hangout (yahoo msgr)

  71. judy said on 19-09-2011

    how much po ang full body massage?

  72. said on 09-09-2011

    let me try this place soon.

  73. matthew said on 15-08-2011

    can someone send the adress and information in going to wensha….

  74. panasonic said on 19-06-2011

    May age requriement ba dito?

  75. panasonic said on 18-06-2011

    May age requirement ba sa Wensha?

  76. Chito said on 02-06-2011

    Any recent reviews of Wensha?

  77. stoned said on 14-04-2011

    Wensha raised the price of their foot massage from P600 to P680. It now equals the price of their body massage.

    Also saw that they now offer a “fish foot spa”. you dunk your feet into a tank full of fish (huwag naman sana piranhas) and they nibble on the dead skin from your feet

  78. joshy said on 27-02-2011

    Mga PLUs ingat na kayo sa pagpunta sa ibang MPs ang Boys of Bora kakaraid lang ng Imbestigador mga wala magawa sa buhay…niraid tapos kaso isasampa expired ang permit….ang dami kaya gay bar at kulasisi sa hilera ng GMA building bakit di niraid mga MPs sa kahbaan ng kamias lalo na yung malapit sa station ng police….Mike Enriquez yung mamahaling legit spa malapit sa GMA kuno di niraraid eh my ES din dun palibhasa dun sya papamassage sa mga gwapitos dun….magkano kaya bayad nya sa HJ hehehehe

  79. Randy said on 04-02-2011

    I’ll be going back there in PI from Los Angeles US. I’m 25 yo and looking for someone to show me around who’s not too obvious na gay (meaning not feminine) and also around my age. I want to try Wensha again cuz I’ve been there last yr but with my family and really couldn’t do anything.

    I’m very shy and nobody in my family know that I’m gay cuz I’ve had gf’s.

    Anybody care to show me around? email me or leave me ur # so I can call u when I get there. Should be there 1st wk of april.


  80. Fishy said on 02-02-2011

    Pero the thing is when I got in for Foot Massage, halos puno yung buong Foot Massage Room. There’s probably more than 20 seats in that room, at 3 lang ang bakante that time, with both male and female therapists mixed in with male and female clients at the same time.
    How is it that J_nno could play naughty in a jam-packed room like that? 😕

  81. nandy said on 24-01-2011

    @jocas. Yeah, madalas sya ang request ko everytime I have a foot massage. Naughty sya and game :)

  82. nandy said on 24-01-2011

    @jocas. Yeah, madalas sya ang request ko everytime I have a foot massage. Naughty sya and game :)

  83. Jocas said on 22-01-2011

    Yeah ryt Nandy hes chubby type nga madilim kc i thought macho. have you encounter him?

  84. nandy said on 20-01-2011

    There’s a therapist named J_nno who only does foot massage(fill in the vowel na lang, pero hindi sya “A”).

    But he does not fit the descrption na “hunky”, he’s on the chubby side. He does those naughty moves though 😀 at payag sya na magpa-hipo 😀

  85. Fishy said on 15-01-2011

    Although in most cases now, there’s simply way too much clients on most times, even at the unholiest hours all the way til morning. Having to aim for a quickie will entail some luck as to how you will able to pull it off with so many people around.

    The steam room’s wall now has a glass panel where you could really see what goes on inside.

  86. Ryan said on 11-01-2011

    I went to Wensha twice… the first time I went, I never had anything good during massage… the fun was in the wet area with 3 guys through out the 6 hrs… but the last time I went to wensha was on jan 2nd… the therapist ave me a good HJ and also massaged my chest are well… played with my nipples while doing handjob…


    Will be visiting Baguio this weekend… anyone to help me with spas n gay cruising areas for PLUs… email me at

  87. Fishy said on 20-12-2010

    wait lang sino ba talaga bespren ni Ogie… is it Bitoy or Janno? 😛
    saka, after the tease touch meron pa bang naganap? :-)

  88. Jocas said on 07-12-2010

    nun time na yun mga bet 3-5pm next na punta ko nyt shift sya kaya d kmi ngkita. next tym tatawag nga muna ako para matyempuhan ko sya. foot massage lang dw sya.

  89. jerie said on 07-12-2010

    un hunky masseur na yan nag whowhole body massage din ba? usually nasa morning to afternoon sched or afternoon to evening?

    around what time ka nagpunta dun that time? =)

  90. Jocas said on 07-12-2010

    wensha timog foot massage clue nlang bestfriend ni Ogie na lalake. Pinakamagandang lalake! hehehe

  91. marky said on 04-12-2010

    @ jocas
    who is your hunky masseur? what branch? What service did you got? foot spa or foot massage?

  92. Jocas said on 03-12-2010

    ok, Marky it goes like this…
    I entered d wet room only find out na less than 3 lang ang tao. so naupo muna ako then yun 2 sa sauna lumabas both of them parang tumitingin sa akin but yun isa talagang laging tumitingin i think hes teasing. then i take my shower and entered d steam room i know hes still looking even though medyo smoky na. i get out and transfered to sauna there he also entered tapos lagi syang nkikipagtinginan sa akin at posing at inaalis ang towel revealing his hmmm…
    so i take a shower again and took d steam room there he goes again looking and telling something but can’t approach so i decided to start d conversation.
    to be cont…

  93. marky said on 02-12-2010


    share your story….

  94. Jocas said on 02-12-2010

    went to wensha again last month and had my unexpected experience. hayyy….sakit ng behind ko!

  95. marky said on 28-11-2010

    @ jocas
    who is your hunky masseur? what branch? What service did you got? foot spa or foot massage?

  96. Curlytops said on 28-11-2010

    Ms Grazilda of Wensha Timog is good! Dating nasa Wensha Pasay siya pero nalipat sa Wensha Timog. So dahil skanya, Wensha Timog na ako ngayon. Magaling siya, malakas pero tama ang mga mnamassage niya. Lalo na kung may lamig ka, di niya talaga titigilan. She’s so good! Dapat one hour lang ang foot massage, pero two hours akin kasi di niya tinigilan ang mga lamig sa katawan ko. She’s really nice :) Kaya i call Wensha for her schedule muna before i go, kasi sobrang nadisappoint na ako thrice ng pagpunta ko wala siya. Iba nagMassage, hai, so disappointing. Siya lang talaga. I wait din kung may client pa siya. Try her, i reccomend her.

    Btw, Wensha Pasay is bigger than Wensha Timog pero both ok naman, feel ko lang mascrowded ang Wensha Pasay, dami pumupunta lalo na pag Sunday afternoons. Walang tao halos sa wet area around 6:30 to 8:30pm, kumakain ata mga tao. Pero before and after ng time na yun, crowded na eh.

    Pero overall, very ok ang Wensha :)

  97. Jason said on 15-11-2010

    Is it true that there are hidden cameras in wensha even in the wet area? I have been told about this by a lot of people already. This must be true

  98. Jocas said on 30-10-2010

    went to wensha last week! i got this male therapist who’s so hunky i think he’s into gym with his built. at first when touch my feet i knew theres something na eh. hinawakan nya paa ko sabi nya wala nman po kalyo ah for foot spa. then we proceed in foot massage. when he start caressing me i know theres something i cant explain eh parang nangaakit sya bukod pa sa his looking me straight in the eye. then when he came to d part na hahagurin nya braso ko dinadampi dampi na nya ang ari nya sa kamay ko. nun ko lng din pinagana ang kmay ko.then sa paa ko pinapadali nya and ari nya. all in all it was a great experience.

  99. Fishy said on 11-09-2010

    hope to hear recommendations from Wensha Timog… this is the topic heading anyways. :-)

  100. jerie said on 06-09-2010

    sorry di ko kasi alam sino nag aadd.
    regardg the masseur u recommend, will try if nakaipon na ulit ako hehe.. thanks again!

  101. Jocas said on 05-09-2010

    680 good for 6hrs. di mo ako naaccept eh . just try him nlang guys he’s good. hope you enjoy your next visit.

  102. jerie said on 04-09-2010

    u did add me? naaccept ko ba? kasi pag di ko kilala di ko agad inaaccept.. baka na declined ko ah? ano un ym id mo? anyway, the masseur u tried was vincent ba?

    tagal na ako di nakapunta, how much na un whole body massage package nila ngayon?

  103. Jocas said on 31-08-2010

    try Vincent of Wensha Pasay he’s cute, good and hmmm….

  104. Jocas said on 29-08-2010

    chat nlang tyo i just added you on my YM.
    nothing happens coz i was shock can’t imagine he did it to me. aside from that im actually not into it. just having relaxation there.

  105. Fishy said on 28-08-2010

    …so after the chest rub, what else happened?

  106. jerie said on 27-08-2010

    care to share the name of the masseur you’ve encountered? and how much tip did u give? what branch of wensha? you can email me at


  107. Jocas said on 10-08-2010

    went to wensha pasay last day get so arouse with what the masseur did to me on the last part of the massage he massage my breast so damn good! i’ll gonna see him next tym i’ll go there. promise!

  108. Rob Lange said on 30-07-2010

    anyone for wensha tonight?

  109. hot_knight said on 17-07-2010

    i was in wensha early morning monday this week lang and i had a great time, before my massage, i went to the wet area to relax a little bit. when i went to the wet sauna, there was this guy na talagang pinakikita yung malaki nyang ari.we were four inside the wet sauna.then yun dalawa lumabas including the guy na may malaking ari, naiwan ako pati yung isang guy. konting pakiramdaman, and presto, i grabbed hois dick, masturbate it and suck it. malaki rin. quite an experience for me. grabe!

  110. jonjon said on 30-06-2010

    Any tips for Wensha Pasay branch that should interest all PLUs to check-out these days? Names or clues ng mga “friendly” masseurs would be perfect. Shout-outs mga dude.

  111. jorgesy said on 24-06-2010

    Went to wensha 3 days straight. Badly needed a massage since sobrang tagal ko ng hindi nagpapamasahe. I went last Monday sa Timog, 1st time kong maka-encounter ng mga cruisers that time and may free show pa sa steam room. Saya! Hindi na ako sumali kasi nahiya ako,

    Then out of curiosity, triny ko naman sa pasay branch kung may ganun din ba after hours. Pero to my dismay wala.

    Then just yesterday (wed), went back to Timog. Haha! Kala ko walang mangyayari, pero eventually may nag show nanaman sa steam room and as usual nanood nanaman ako, then the other guy moved to the chair next time mine and was trying to hit on me. Pero hindi ako pumayag kasi kinakabahan ako, After that I went out na, and proceeded to the cold bath, saw this tall guy, kinda hot, medyo napapansin ko narin siya before pero deadma lang ako. then i felt his feet brushing my legs, pero deadma parin ako kasi hindi ko alam how to respond. haha!

    Ending lumabas na ako, changed my clothes and notice the guy na lumabas na din. We eventually met and talked sa labas ng spa and went home together. :)

  112. japmar said on 17-06-2010


    I agree, after my 4th massage, there’s little possibility of ES. But for me, this is a good thing, since I’m 100% sure to get a good quality massage every-time I get one. The wet area is a different story though…

  113. silverchair1201 said on 16-06-2010

    ENough with wensha you will get nothing from it if u are looking for ES.

    Go to Seven Senses Spa in Antipolo City near marikina Sport Center.

    Many good looking massuer at talagang game sa ES. Most importantly the place is clean and decent looking. No one can tell that you did something unusual.

  114. tonichi said on 15-06-2010

    i will be there tom japmar around 11PM….

  115. japmar said on 15-06-2010

    After visiting Wensha Timog, I’ll give a recap of each of my visits there.

    1st visit (12nn – 5pm)

    My first massage was bordering on painful, this was due to the “lamig” in my body as my therapist said. No hanky-panky but overall this was better than any mp’s I went.

    Before my massage, very few people.. nothing much happened.. one thing though The steam room was too hot for me, anyway..
    After my massage, I went back and this time it was different. I was a mix of decent and not so decent guys so there was a least one eye candy which I didn’t expect (because we both exchanged number even though nothing happened with us in the wet area) and there was one guy who would just masturbate between the jacuzzi and the pool. At least in my first visit there wasn’t any one “tagging” along.

    2nd visit (6am – 12mn)

    I expected it to be the same as painful as before but was just right for me this time. Again, no hanky-panky. No sign’s of sensuality so that’s that

    Before my massage, I was surprised to see there was a handful of people at that time. Anyway, they were all not so decent guys so after some time I prompted my massage.
    After my massage, I was a different case, at first there was around 4 or 5 people only then the crowd started to increase and one of them I spotted in the steam room was a tall korean has a muscular built and was standing and pressing against the wall naked with his towel on his neck. I was just going in and out of the steam room and I decided to sit beside the pool and there was the korean guy again and took a dip. I was just there partly watching the tv and partly cruising. I noticed that the korean guy was having hard-on (and he wasn’t even masturbating) so this time I went to the pool and “checked” it out myself. LOL. In general, it difficult for me to gauge if they are in to you or not or they are in to doing that thing. Anyways, after 10-15mins of awkward staring back and forth, he went to the back part of the pool with his hard-on still and was inching every minute to come closer and was (I think signaling for me to give a HJ) Of course, I was hesitant as there was at least 2-3 people I suspect was watching us. So I still did it, and TO MY DISGUST there was also an old fart who was watching and going near me. I was thinking more of that old fart than the HJ. I lost interest and left, and I wasn’t even hard 80% of the time.

    3rd visit (12nn – 4pm)

    MASSAGE: Out of the three, I can say was the most sensual (due to the fact the latter there was almost none) and also I felt more relaxed this time around since I would know what to expect.

    Before the massage, usual crowd.. there was this guy who approach me a sorta touch my nipple, which I ignored, and then another which was at least decent out of the bloom just kissed me. To make the long story short. After my massage, there he was again and this time asked me to if I would like to “check-in” with him, since he was paying. I just went with out and I guess you know what happens next….

    For P680, I think you can get you’re money’s worth. Good to Excellent massage, Buffet, stay up to 6 hours, and then some more (in the wet area)

    I might return for the 4th time this week at Wensha Timog, anybody going there?

  116. tonichi said on 27-05-2010

    i was at wensha last night. arrived minutes before 11PM. i guess it was my lucky night. when i came in at the steam room, nobody was there, perhaps due to extreme heat. but since i’m used to that, i stayed on. i would go out from time to time to take a shower or fetch some ice and water. until finally, i got company, a 30ish decent-looking man. at first, he didn’t really arouse my interest as he looked so serious and snobbish. he’s good looking alright, but appeared to me as a straight married guy. just like me, he would go in and out. i don’t know, but it dawned me that he was just making sure nobody else was coming in. on the next time he came in, he stood in front of me. he was flexing his muscles, as if showing off. i tilted me head to get nearer to him. he moved forward and my face was directly fronting his tool. he removed his towel and showed his protruding dick. just can’t resist, i opened my mouth and sucked him.

    we would stop from time to time, due to extreme heat or someone else would come in…but we were so sneaky and horny and found our way to finish the job.
    after some intervals and we were alone again, i really gave it all. sucked him real hard and he was fucking my face like hell.

    until he came out in my mouth. i tried to escape from his group in order not to taste his cum but he was so fierce. he was in full control. when he released me, he said thank you. he was even apologetic. i just smiled ( my mouth was full) and went out.

    i took a looong shower and brushed my teeth afterwards. but no, i wasn’t ready for my massgae. i knew something more would happen.

    true enough, something happened again. this time i was one who was sucked a a young Chinese-looking man. Boy, he was hungry. He ate me. We stopped for a while when somebody came in, but after a few secs, he disrobed me and knlet in front of me. despite of extreme heat and in spite of the other guy inside the steam room. The other guy just smiled. He stood up as if he would join us. I excused myself. I told myself it was too risky.

    the jacuzzi looked inviting and enticing with two young men displaying their wares. i decided to swim in. both guys spoke good English, but that was immaterial. both guys looked delicious. and more importantly, they looked willing and ready to be served.

    it wasn’t easy with other guys around. but patience is really a virtue. after some people would take a dip, only the three of us stayed on at the cold whirlpool. we were fronting each other like a triangle, with our backs at the gushing water. the first guy was playing with his tool, touching it, wiggling it..he was dead malice, as if no one else was there and continued on with their all-English conversation. Until I caught up what he said…I am hard and he’s also hard…I knew he was referring to me, because my exposed tool was very naughty at that point. his friend moved out and transferred to the other pool. just the two of us, we were playing each other. i would rub my back to his dick. i would caress it. i would simulate masturbation. at the other pool, his friend was watching us. when it’s beginning to crowd again, we split. I decided to go steam room again.

    After a few secs, he was there too. But since there were other guys around, i knew it would be impossible to do it there. i went out.

    Back to the whirlpool, i wondered why he’s still inside and his friend was there at other jacuzzi. I went back back to the steam room. I found him being sucked by someone else and another guy was watching them.

    I stood close to him like a good-old friend and he smiled to me. He said ‘your turn’. Told him, I won’t do it with other guys inside. He tole me that he can’t ask them to leave. Just let them watch he said.

    Because he had the most beguiling smile and real-huge dick, i sucked him right there and then. Other guys were masturbating with their eyes darting to the door and to our show. One of them stopped us, ‘may tao..’ It was my prey’s friend.

    So we continued the show. I didn’t know anymore what were the other guys doing, i didn’t actually mind they were there. All I thought wa to finish off this handsome young man. It was an opportunity nobody would pass up no matter how risky.

    He came out long and hard. He smiled and went out with his friend as if nothing happened.

    indeed, it was my lucky night… (but the night was young and this story is not over yet)

  117. onetwoboo said on 19-05-2010



  118. naye said on 06-05-2010

    mga tol….. wala na siya sa wensha pasay….d ko lam kung saan na sya………. X_rO name nya….. sorry mga tol d ko maibgay yung complete name….mabait kasi sya, mapilit lng tlga ako kaya napapayag ko……… tsaka baka bumalik pa sya sa wensha…. masira name nya…. sorry mga bro…pero sa tingin ko marami pa dun…..

  119. mfoq09 said on 05-05-2010


    me 2 pls share d name of the masseur na yan s wensha pasay? pls..
    email me s

  120. jeri said on 04-05-2010

    pashare naman kung sino un masseur na yan? at magkano un tip na binigay mo. hindi naman nagreklamo or namresyo ng tip?

    email me here at


  121. naye said on 26-04-2010

    share ko lang…….

    Nag pa body massage ako sa wensha pasay… after i massage yung back ko pinahiga na nya ako….. dun nagsimula i masahe lahat pati yung sa akin.. halos paranh HJ na yung nagayari….. hindi pa natapos dun…. pinahawak nya yyung sa kanya na sobrang tigas………. sabi ko ” masarap isubo yan ha” sabi nya…..umaga daw kasi kaya ganun”……. sabi nya pa kung lumulunok daw ba ako…hehehehe………….. sabi ko hindi…………. at nung magpapasign na sya ng tip slip… inilabas nya yung knya at nasubo ko..hehehehehhehe….. yun lng….. ( 7am ng umaga Apri 2010)

  122. Andrew Mendoza said on 25-04-2010

    Natrauma yung office mate ko dyan sa Wensha Timog last week. Nagpunta siya together with his girlfriend. Pagpasok niya daw sa Wet Area lahat daw nakatingin sa kanya. Tapos kung saan siya pupunta may mga sumusunod daw. Yung iba daw aggressive sinasagi sagi daw siya. Natakot siya sa steam room kasi pagpasok niya daw may sumunod na limang tao tapos yung isa tumayo daw sa side ng pintuan kung ano ano daw yung tinatanong sa kanya like kung first time niya nagpunta duon… kung sino kasama niya.

    He wanted to complain to the attendant kaya lang he did’nt want to cause a commotion…. and naunahan na rin siya ng takot baka daw kasi gantihan siya.

    Biniro ko na nga lang…. sabi ko kasi sabi ko sobrang gwapo kasi siya at samahan ko na lang siya sa susunod… kaya lang hinding hindi na raw siya babalik. he! he!

  123. john garcia said on 25-04-2010

    hindi na katakataka yung may dadampot sa yong pulis sa loob ng wensha kahit sa pasay branch naka paskil sa steam locker room na any indecent act talagang ipapadampot ka nila sa pulis, ano ba naman kasi legit spa ang wensha dun pa gagawa ng kahalayan…

  124. Nandy said on 20-04-2010

    I was at wensha timog twice this month.

    One time, a couple of uniformed police men were escorted into the premises. I dot know for what reason.

    The second time I was there, two guys were caught in the steam room having oral sex, which the staff handled not to quietly. The guys were sent out of the premises like common criminals

  125. Randy said on 01-04-2010

    If anybody wants to go wid me to wensha or show me a better place, email me.

  126. Randy said on 01-04-2010

    It’s thursday right now and i’ll be going back to the states this weekend. I really wanna go to wensha or other spas with ES for a reasonable price. I’m staying at quezon city. can somebody tell me if wensha is a good place to go for ES or is there any other place better? Let me know pls cuz I’m running out of time. I’ve never experienced ES and would like to try it.

  127. Jake said on 27-03-2010

    just moved to pasig / floodway area.. hay.. .is there anythign like wensha here???

  128. Alvin said on 22-03-2010

    There’s a rumor spreading about the continuous planting of agents (gov’t and media) within the legit massage community that specifically investigates the activities within wet areas and extra services offered by masseurs / masseuse to their clients whether straight or otherwise. Is this true?

    I hope raids won’t be as bad as those massage parlors featured on television. That wouldn’t be a good thing for the industry especially to those with big establishments known for their upscale and legit services.

  129. Alex said on 22-03-2010

    I went to Wensha Timog yesterday and it was my first time there. I availed their Sabay Stone Massage… not satisfied with their service because they gave me the regular massage when I was supposed to get a stone massage. Anyway, cute yung masahista kong lalaki. I forgot to ask his name. He is moreno, 5’6″ height, mukhang teenager.. anyone who knows his name?.. Ang nangyari kasi…before our session end, He placed my hands above my head touching the edge of the bed.. kasi nga imamasage nya ung upper body ko. and then suddenly, I felt his dick touching my fingers.. deadma lang ako kasi baka nadikit lang naman talaga…pero feeling ko parang sinasadya nya ata para siguro bigyan ko sa malaking tip.. anyway, hindi ako nagtake advantage kasi hindi naman ako ganun.. di ko sure kung magaling sya magmassage kasi masakit ung likod ko ngayon.. nabugbog ata sa masahe nya… may mga pasa ako.. grrr..

    So my question is….. naexperience nyo din ba yung ganun? idinidikit ng masahista ung dick nya sa kamay mo?

  130. PJ Robles said on 15-03-2010

    anyone going to wensha timog this week?

    • trymeboi said on 25-09-2011

      gusto ko sana try ang WENSHa foot massage.. magkano po? tska what are the things i need to bring? how much is the tip if ever? all boys ba aor hallo ang makikita sa spa? sorry coz if ever this would be my first time in Spa if and only if someone will accompany me. yung discreet po. salamat!

  131. Jake said on 15-03-2010

    email me FISHY.. hindi ina approve ng moderator yung post ko eh.. dito na lang sa flipxone @

  132. Fishy said on 14-03-2010

    any update? name of masseur? wase there no other customer sa foot massage room?
    in case u can message me thru: fishionista @ gmail . com thanks! :-)

  133. Fishy said on 21-02-2010

    hi Jake (219)
    tried to email thru the account you provided but it bounced back.

    wanted to ask the question sana in private. in case you can email me or if you’d like to post your email so i can email you in private. :-)


  134. Mickey said on 20-02-2010

    me and my wife went there last feb18 it was really a great experience though nkaka culture shock dhil di nman pangkaraniwan sa mga pinoy maghubot hubad unlike sa mga foreighner. its fun i really want to go back dis coming week!

  135. jerie said on 19-02-2010

    nung ginawa sayon g masseur mo yan… wala bang ibang tao dun na nagpapa foot massage?

  136. Jake said on 19-02-2010

    went to wensha timog last thurs night and had foot massage .. my young masseur jack me off til i cum.. it was hot.. wanna go back with someone this time.. anyone close to the area? add me up

  137. albng_lester said on 17-02-2010

    hi imm plannig to go to wensha spa I just wanna make sure whether im gonna waste my time or not… can anyone help me?

  138. aces said on 16-02-2010

    was at the place monday early morning.. dami pa din tao.. hindi na sya relaxing. though the masseur i got was somehow teasing me..hagod sa sinigt talaga.. though we were not alone in the room. may korean na kashare. if you want a legit relaxing massage, this is not the place already. mahal na sya sa tingin ko for a 680 1hr massage

  139. zam said on 05-02-2010

    @ buboy…sabi nga ng Hotdog (the old singing group about Manila),,,Manila, you’ll keep on coming back (and cumming back,,,lol)….
    siguradong kapag naranasan mo ang erotic massage, hahanap hanapin mo,,,,saan ka, sa east or sa west coast….have you tried local ymca…meron din nyan duon…mas discreet ang mga tao duon,,..alam mo naman dito sa states, they don’t care kung anong size meron ka,,,hubad kung hubad,,,mostly pinoys lang naman ang nahihiyang mag expose ng “merchandise” nila…yun mga itim or puti, they don’t care,,,,kung minsan nga, mas malaki pa ang pinoy sa ibang itim or puti,,hindi sila lahat gifted….

  140. zam said on 05-02-2010

    @buboy…kung gusto mo ng masahista , i can refer one to you…pero warning in advance, baka ma-inlove ka sa masahista happened to my friend already…he’s in his 40’s….gwapo, moreno, malinis man too…i tried him once…nag enjoy ako sa kanya,,,pero he was just starting then,,,bagong tapos lang sya ng seminar nya sa massage (forget ko na lang kung what school),,,natatandaan ko pa tinuruan ko pa siya kung ano ang mas masarap na masahe,,,sa singit…ng magservice siya sa akin,,,,nakaka- addict talaga ang masahe,,,yan ang hindi mo agad makukuha sa foreign land without spending so much…sa pilipinas, mura lang siya…

  141. PJ Robles said on 05-02-2010

    WENSHA: What time nagsasara ang buffet nila sa gabi?

  142. la_pinoy_05 said on 05-02-2010

    @buboy…kung gusto mo. Mag check in ka na lang sa hotel and mag pa room service massage. Alam ko may mga MP na pwede sa least very discreet yun.

  143. buboy said on 05-02-2010

    la_pinoy)5: Salamat sa response. Hindi ako nagpupunta dito sa bathouse sa states. Family man ako dito at may anak. Ayoko rin ng crusing. Gusto ko lang sensual message at very erotic ES in a private room. Which MP in Quezon ang the best?

  144. la_pinoy)5 said on 05-02-2010

    @buboy….punta ka na lang sa bathouse. At least dun alam nyo lahat ang gusto safe lang nga.pero don’t compare yung mga bathouse sa place nyo (kung pumupunta ka) kasi malayong malayo lalo na sa amenities. I tried wensha pasay. Ok sya sa amenities. Cruisy din. Pero relaxing and medyo upscale. Php 700 kasama na 1 hr massage ,buffet and 6 hr stay yata yun…

  145. larry said on 05-02-2010

    @buboy – kahit saan namang massage parlors ok lang siguro na pumunta ka nasayo naman yung ikapapahiya mo diba kung gagawa ka ng ikapapahiya mo … try mo wensha at pb alabang.. so far un pa lang mga gusto ko lagi puntahan eh

  146. buboy said on 05-02-2010

    This is the first time I went to these web site. Kc I am going to Pinas in April. I am in my late forties and closeted gay. I want to experience what I read in this blog especially those masseurs that offer ES. Pero parang lahat yata mga masseurs eh bata ( nineteen to mid twenties). Papatol ba ang mga ito sa mga damatanda na tulad ko? Saang massage parlors na welcome ang mga tulad ko without embarrassing myself?

  147. Fishy said on 05-02-2010

    I also checked with PB Timog, andun na nga daw sa kanila si Rain.
    Thanks for the feedback guys. :-)

    Anyways, back to Wensha Timog… im still actually waiting for my happy ending. And I don’t mean sa wet area.

  148. Carlo said on 03-02-2010

    @triggereo, Lotus Spa is similar to PB and C used to work at PB-Timog. Full body massage at 350 only.

  149. nelson said on 03-02-2010

    @ jino – sino marecommend mo na therapist sa pb alabang ? pwede mo ba ko samahan this week magpamassage dun para naman di ako mabored …

  150. triggereo said on 03-02-2010

    @Carlo, could you please elaborate on what kind of spa is Lotus spa meaning does it have a wet area, are there male and female therapists or is it similar to PB? I am interested to try however I just would like to know what to expect. Also aside from C. could you recommend other therapists?

  151. Carlo said on 31-01-2010

    try Ching, formerly with pb timog, at Lotus Spa in front of Sogo Hotel, corner Mabini St. and Quirino Ave. in Ermita, Manila.

  152. larry said on 29-01-2010

    @ fishy- i went to pb alabang last night and confirm na si rain nga eh nasa pb timog na ulit just a week ago … nagbakasyon pala for 2 weeks bago nilipat sa pb timog

  153. jerie said on 26-01-2010

    how much na whole body massage package ng wensha ngayon? meron ba sila promo or discount?

  154. jerie said on 26-01-2010

    @ Josh (#189)
    naexperience ko rin yan twice from the same masseur, un second time he really did play my tools na habang nakacover un towel. malaki din daw chest at katawan ko, nagkwento din sya about homeservice, etc. plays my nipples as well. siguro ginagawa din nila minsan yan just to satisfy what customers want and looking for pero depende sa crowd dahil alam mo naman wala masyadong privacy sa wensha. care to share more what happened sa wensha? and ur other masseur name? just email me at

  155. PJ Robles said on 26-01-2010

    sino ang pupunta ng wensha this week?

  156. larry said on 26-01-2010

    @fishy- nalipat na ata ulit si rain sa pb timog hindi ko na kc siya nakikita sa pb alabang eh, nung nagpamassage ako sa kanya before dun daw siya galing sa nuat thai makati bago nilipat sa pb timog then nilipat sa alabang temporarily. baka nga binalik na ulit siya dun sa timog….

  157. Fishy said on 24-01-2010

    i know this is off topic, but im wondering if the Rain in PB Alabang is the same Rain in PB Timog. can anyone shed light into the tale of two Rains? 😀

  158. bj said on 23-01-2010

    jino, sino yun bagong masseur sa pb alabang?

  159. larry said on 23-01-2010

    @jno- no prob cge ba ok lang sabay tayo tonight pamassage dun … ill be there at 11 see yah

  160. jino said on 22-01-2010

    @larry – thanks for the recommendation yup na enjoy ko nga sa phaen boran alabang … babalik ko ulit dun i hope makita naman kita dun or makasabay tayo sa pagpapamassage … cute ng mga bago nilang massuer dun … di nasayang ang binayad ko sa masahe at tip … nakuha ko pa ung number nung cute na nagmasahe sa akin

  161. Fishy said on 20-01-2010

    MGG Reader, you’re correct, it wasn’t directed at me or to anyone in particular from this thread. the remark was meant to describe a group of patrons which the commenter clearly abhorred, and described in a derogatory manner claiming, that “these people will follow you around, stare at you and will try to have sex with you”. That is simply a grossly improper generalization of Wensha’s client base.
    which is why my recommendation is (based on the commenter’s preference), pick another spa to go to, yun lang. so your insinuation that whoever you are referring to now as being “hurt” with this “truth” which you conclude to be “pinakapangit” is another gross mis-impression of the issue, alluding to me now as the “hurt” party (?).
    perhaps i have not been to Wensha all that often as the commenter have, but i have certainly not seen this behavior from this particular “group” of people being maliciously described. i call this pure and simple stereotyping.

  162. MGG reader said on 19-01-2010

    Citing your observations and following through with a recommendation is not discrimination. Pls take it as it is — a personal observation with a recommendation. If you felt slighted with a comment that wasnt directed to you in the first place, then too bad for you. The truth really hurts sometimes. Ika nga nila: bato-bato sa langit, ang tinamaan…pinakapangit.

  163. Marky said on 19-01-2010

    You’re right Fishy…. the old and obese gay men of wensha are their customers. And I have no objections to that. I just posted a warning for others who haven’t been to wensha. These people with follow you around, stare at you and will try to have sex with you. They won’t easily take no for an answer. Most of them are very aggressive. These are the kind of crowd you would expect in wensha.
    If I discriminated you and people like you. It was not my intention. I just posted my experience.

  164. jino said on 16-01-2010

    any good and decent masseur to recommend for outcall service? at hotel near alabang area please im planning magpamassage eh.

  165. Fishy said on 14-01-2010

    Jinkee (188),

    When someone gives a stern warning saying “Never go there if you want to relax.” and follows through by saying that it’s very disappointing that other than the long queue, the crowd is such and such, that’s a red flag for discrimination.

    I’d like to add that during my recent visit, I saw, and without much surprise, a “mature” crowd generally, with a majority being “plus size.” The thing is, it wasn’t a Saturday.

    So my advise to people, like Marky, is that weekends or weekdays, this IS the clientele of Wensha… Deal with it. And if you refuse to mix in with equal amount of respect for all its patrons then, really, pick another spa to go to.

  166. josh said on 09-01-2010

    I went to wensha pasay last night. That was my 4th time I’ve been in wensha. for the past 2 times I was in wensha, wla lang. walang sensual massage na naganap. ni hindi man lang ako tinigasan. maybe it was my first time kaya wala ako naramdaman. on my 3rd time I visited wensha,that was last year, naging maganda ang experience ko sa massage. first, my masseur is cute and gym buff. he made my tool erected several times. specially when he massage my groin area, nakalabas lang and tool ko at nahihipuan niya.di ko alam kung sinasadya or unintentional. kaya lalong tumitigas kapag napapadaan ung kamay niya. until i its really hard and pre-cumming. when he’s massaging on my chest, he plays with my nipples. gusto din daw niya kasing imassage ang chest ko dahil malaki daw.well, yes it true because i’m working out at the gym.sayang nga lang dahil hanngang dun lang and experience.but its worth it because someone made me some hard-ons on that night. Same experience when i visited wensha last night. luckily, my masseur is good-looking and well-built. he enjoys massaging my groin area until I get hard. And also massaging my chest several times. We shared stories with that guy until we exchanged numbers. Sabi niya nagpapahome service siya.And what a good timing that we live in the same city. on my3rd visit, my masseur name is arthur. last night, his initials is AP(for privacy purposes. he said they will get terminated once the management of wensha knew they exchanging numbers with their customers and doing a HOME SERVICE.

  167. jinkee said on 06-01-2010

    Fishy…. i smell something “fishy”… hehehe.
    Joke lang po.
    Marky, was just posting his “disappointment”, don’t take too personal… especially the “size” and the “age”. He just gave a tip of what type of service and type of crowd one would expect during weekends… that’s it.

  168. Fishy said on 03-01-2010

    I would agree that Saturdays perhaps are not the perfect day to unwind at Wensha because of the sheer volume of patrons.

    Let’s however respect those who are no longer our “age” nor our “size” because, news flash: they are paying customers and another news flash: there are no age nor size exclusivities at Wensha (sorry to disappoint you).

    They deserve to be served just as much as you think you ought to be, and believe me, when you enter that “stage in life” you wouldn’t want people to be saying the same things against you no matter how you try to struggle fighting the ravages of age and personal circumstance.

    Wensha was not created for “your” age group only, so if you’re disappointed, go find another business establishment which shares your specific preferences.

  169. Marky said on 21-12-2009

    Wensha Timog is a mess during weekends especially Sat night. Never go there if you want to relax. The waiting time is at least 1 hour for a massage. And the crowd is 80% senior citizen and obese. Very disappointing.

  170. unmarked said on 19-12-2009

    hey guys! is the steam room on 24/7? tnx

  171. Buddy said on 13-12-2009

    Hello, ask ko lang saan meron pwedeng couples pumasok ng sabay, tsaka yun massuer na tisoy kasi gusto ng asawa ko mag pa masahe ng sensual. Manuod daw ako…

  172. maria lala popoyeta sabrina said on 10-12-2009

    pumunta ako wensha ngayon tapos may nakita ako na group of friends tapos lahat ang guaguapo tapos ang lalakas ng boses. nadito ba kayo? bago kayo umalis nanonood kayo ng basketball

    wala lang

  173. garry said on 10-12-2009

    I went to wensha timog this afternoon w/ some friends. I saw a man w/ good looking in wet area and he was keeping go in to steam was around 5pm.. i followed him several times and i saw his exposured ‘it’ but i was not able to approch him coz i was w/ friends.. i’d like to meet him again.. if you are reading this.. plz mail me.. (i’m a korean boy..)

  174. Fishy said on 05-12-2009

    James naman, naku pareho nung comment ko kay Ben. Sinayang mo naman yung opportunity e hinintay nga lang di nya yung moment na maging alone kayo.

    Haaayyy… kung ako yan… attack agad! Hehehehehe

  175. james said on 28-11-2009

    went to Wensha kanina…medyo crowded kasi Sabado. I had a good massage 10 out of 10, medyo sensual kasi dahil hanggang groin area kasama… kaya medyo tinigasan ako…
    There was a cute guy sa wet area, medium built mukhang nagggym, chinito at maputi… tahimik lang siya sa tabi nauna sya umalis sa wet area… natuwa naman ako dahil nakita ko siya sa may buffet…we exchanged glances tapos di nagtagal nagpamasahe na siya… sumunod ako ilang sandali nung nasa room ako habang hinihintay ko yung therapist, napadaan siya sa may pinto at muntik na siyang pumasok naghahanap ata sya ng bakanteng room… tapos yun ngkatitigan kami ng saglit. After ng massage ko dumiretso na ko sa wet area ulit nalungkot ako dahil akala ko wala na sya…. pero after an hour nakita ko sya pumasok sa wetarea natuwa nman ako nagpahinga pa siguro sya… Yun nga lang marami ring pumasok kasi nga tingin trip sya ng mga yun kasi cute na maganda pa katawan… kaya lang tahimik siya sa loob at nakapikit lang nag rerelax ata…. tapos yun isa isa nang nagsilabas ang mga tao… magkatabi kami. gusto ko sana magpakiklala kaya lang nahihiya ako… hinintay kong lumabas yung isa naming kasama kaya lang ayaw talaga tapos yun lumabas na siya, sayang di manlang ako nakapagpakilala… lumipat sya sa dry sauna tapos ako nagshower na at umuwi… nasayangan talaga balak ko lang sana na makilala sya kaya lang wala eh… sa susunod nalang siguro… sana mabasa nya to…2pm

  176. Fishy said on 24-11-2009

    o nga naman Jerie, pashare naman ng name… :-)

  177. on_keys said on 19-11-2009

    please email the identity of your therapist. thanks in advance:

  178. Jame said on 17-11-2009

    Hi Jerie,
    Pls email kung sino therapist mo…
    Wala na kasi halos lahat nung dating gumagawa sa akin.
    Thanks a lot =)

  179. johnny said on 15-11-2009

    Jerie, name of your therapist please, im hoping to get him next time im there. thanks, man. keep cool.

  180. jerie said on 15-11-2009

    just went to wensha pasay this afternoon, been 2-3 months since i’ve had massage there.
    the masseur i requested was the one who did the massage the last time im there. coz i remember he did very well that time and i still remember his name.
    the experience of the massage was awesome, very relaxing and sensual. i got horny on the sensual part, and i realized the masseur also, coz there’s one time when he stretched my arm, i accidentally touched his hard-on tool.. or maybe he did that intentionally… im not sure.
    Then we chat a bit while massaging, he keeps on telling my body is good, nice physique, and asking me how often i go to gym… so i thought that he likes buff guys. On the part when i was lying down facing him, for sure he did realize that im already hard-on. He suddenly whispered something which i didn’t understand… i asked him i think 3x or 4x, and i didn’t expect he will said that to me…. he was asking if i want him to grab mine… well… if its okay with him, why not.. so i said okay. Bigla nya hinipo tlga and play with in under the towel covering my lower body. While doing that, he asked me how much will i give. The first time he said was 1k pa nga yata if im not mistaken… so we negotiated, i told him i didn’t bring that much and i dont give that much also for that, una sa lahat im not into that.. 2nd is he can’t do it very freely because we’re not in a private room. So the amount we negotiated is double the usual tip im giving to the masseur in wensha.
    He’s very careful in doing the massage on my private part, baka kasi may makakita…. he got a build also which i realized after he told me he goes to gym also, so i run my hand through inside his shirt and touched his chest, parang nahiya sya bigla. I also got to touched and play his tool for few secs, coz i joke to him saying “tigas na ba?” The last part he did is he plays my nipple while massaging my chest, he likes massaging my chest daw kasi lolz. I asked if its okay to jackoff, di daw pwede baka mahuli…. if i go there at evening or madaling araw baka pede pa daw. Kaya tinapos ko nalang sa restroom nila haha.
    All in all, the experience was very good.

  181. jerie said on 13-11-2009

    just saw this news about wensha, kinda old…..

  182. Fishy said on 07-11-2009

    hmmm hard to say if you would consider me a regular at Wensha, although i must have been there more than 10 times already, but within a span of say 4 years siguro. hard to keep track of who to refer kasi mabilis ang turnover ng therapists.
    if u had even considered it worthwhile, though i think u have, since you wrote a very long narration about that guy hu was eyeing u at Wensha… u could have had ur answer ryt there and then but chose to take the snubbish stance. for whatever it was worth u could have known how he sculpted those abs if u only accepted his offer to get to know u. haaay naku.

  183. ben said on 06-11-2009

    Jst came frm wensha.Wyl I was toweling in d locker area,a muscular guy w/ nice pecs & washboard abs came & was preparing 2 go 2 d wet area.Something distinct abt him$ is dat he got a tatoo on his shoulder & arm on wat seem 2 b darker patches of skin,w/c cud b a birthmark.Dis guy hd a nice face & cn b a model was staring at my dick wyl I was changing.Aftr I got my pants worn, he stayed on & sit near me wyl holding his fone w/ jst a towel on.He askd my name & I didn’t answer sinz I dnt knw him bt wud surely lykly 2 knw hw he got his physique sinz hav been weightlifting 4 quite some tym alrdy & want 2 hav his physique.Anyways he stayed on wen I was peeing in the restroom.He repeated stole glimpses in the restroom.Aftr w/c I watch d evening news,w/c he followed suite 2 d wet area. 4 some time he stayed then went bak 2 locker area & brushed his teeth.I went out & he followed me w/ his eyes wyl toothbrushing.

    Makes me wonder if dis guy is a bi or a straight tripper sinz he doesn’t luk guy & it seems dat he wants 2 get my number bcoz he kips getting his fone frm d locker.4 wat its worth wud lyk 2 knw him 2 get an idea on hw he developed his large pecs & washboard abs.

  184. james said on 04-11-2009

    Fishy, he’s massage is quite sensual…down below but i really dont go for ES especially at wensha… Do you visit Wensha regualarly fishy? :)

  185. Fishy said on 01-11-2009

    would that be all from CJ? :-)

  186. james said on 29-10-2009

    went to wensha spa around 8am today until 1 pm
    not so crowded
    had a massage from CJ
    I highly recommend him
    tama lang yung pressure tanggal stress talaga…

  187. Fishy said on 25-10-2009

    #167 lastog
    I think you would be in a better position to inform us kung meron ngang spas with perks dyan sa Aguinaldo Highway. why don’t you try one para you could assess for yourself? it would be quite useful for even us transients going to Cavite or Tagaytay to stop over at those places na hindi naman namin matatry talaga unless dayuhin. i think this is where you can really contribute to the discussions here at MGG.
    oh and yes, better post it sa Masseurs thread para hindi labu-labo dito sa Wensha na topic. Cheers!

  188. lastog said on 23-10-2009

    thank you for your honest opinion Rooster, i’ll go to that thread right away. My first time to post comments here anyway.

  189. Rooster said on 22-10-2009

    hi lastog,
    this happens to be the thread for Wensha Spa in Timog QC. u can best post your message at the other thread “Masseurs, Masseurs, Masseurs” for areas not covered by specifically identified spa threads. para maayos lang ang flow ng discussion. thanks!

  190. lastog said on 21-10-2009

    seems that this spa topic is so interesting. It’s flooded with many contributors. It’s my first time to post a comment here. Could anyone share or recommenmd to me a sauna/spa with special “perks” along Aguinaldo Highway in Cavite? I live in Dasma. PLease email me: Thanks.

  191. boleyn guy said on 10-10-2009

    @161 dustin & 162 mjcruz
    i suggest you request for him na lang on your next visit sa wensha (pero baka me queuing na hehehe). the massage was friggin great and stimulating hihihi… Yup, he’s cute :)

  192. mozi said on 10-10-2009

    na try ko din si danilo sa wensha.. astig kasi tinapakan nya ung back ko.. napatunog nya spine ko..

    mahusay xa all i can say.. 3 years na daw kasi xa dun eh..

    well, ung kasabay ko din sa kabilang bed tinapakan din ata ung customer nya kaso dko lam kung ok lang xa.. hehehe

    balik ulit ako wensha.. xa ulit rerequest ko next time. *pag d available ung F na sinasabi ko na pwedeng pindutin* harharharhar!

    cno kea pwede makasabay jan na punta wensha next time?

  193. mjcruz said on 09-10-2009

    hi boleyn guy email u rin skin experience mo kay danilo at! Guapo ba cya?

  194. dustin said on 09-10-2009

    hi boleyn guy can you email me your experience with Danilo…
    thanks bro

  195. boleyn guy said on 09-10-2009

    @144 SPAnyol
    Yup, Danilo is a great pick :)

  196. dustin said on 08-10-2009

    hi Gordon,
    can you email me regarding your experience at South Bay and other spa alike…
    thank you
    -dustin (

  197. gordon said on 08-10-2009

    I had a massage at South Bay City Spa (Paranaque, across Coastal Mall) and had fun at the steam room last Saturday October 3, 2009 ata round 2:30 PM. A little chubby tanned man and I were left inside the steam room. He then let go off of his towel and viola, smile at me. You know what happended next. When someone entered the steam room area, I left the room and proceed to the curtain-closed shower area. He followed and we continued there.. Sadly, I didn’t get his number, I can remeber though his words, “WAG KA MAINGGAY, BAKA MAHULI TAYO.” Whoever you are and you happen to read this, kita tayo ulit this Saturday, same time. Miss you

  198. Fishy said on 03-10-2009

    Mozi, what’s the name of that attendant na pwedeng pindutin ang notes?

  199. mozi said on 30-09-2009

    just came from wensha timog.. hehehe.. nahawakan ko JR nung nagmamasahe sakin.. and pnapahawak nya talaga.. babalikan ko xa. tanong ko kung pwede ES. *dko kasi alam na ES palang term dun* hehehe

    pero if ever na hnd xa pwede mag ES. cno kea sa timog branch pwede? may alam ka ba? thanks.. :)

  200. Fishy said on 25-09-2009

    #147 jerie

    jerie, we had the free for all in the steam room. can’t imagine any other place where that could happen… :-)

  201. Johnny said on 20-09-2009

    Dudes, what’s the newest SPA destination for PLUs these days? The hot guys used to head-off to Wensha & Sanctuario, then CityLifeStyle came after, and NewYork followed. But it seems there’s a new one being trooped by our PLU kind. Anyone in the know?

    Keep cool.

  202. dustin said on 20-09-2009

    Bhongz give sensual massage, feel ko lang may pagka sensual…no arrangement pero ginawa pari niya…

  203. Jake said on 16-09-2009

    anyone knows anyone who includes erotic massage in wensha timog now? dami na yata ang wala sa mga mentioned names dito eh..

  204. Marky said on 26-08-2009

    Who’s the best looking masseur in Wensha Timog? Pasay?

  205. SPAnyol said on 21-08-2009

    #149 james & #148 jerie

    Santi, he’s a kid… okay na rin.

  206. james said on 20-08-2009

    sa wensha pasay sno ang okay?

  207. jerie said on 18-08-2009

    going to wensha spa pasay later around 2 or 3pm, anyone here also going?

  208. jerie said on 16-08-2009

    nice experience hehehe, haven’t tried that inside the wet area. by the way, which side u guys had the three way exhibition ;P

  209. Fishy said on 10-08-2009

    Dindo knows how to tease but there’s the feeling that he’s always restraining himself from going all out, considering that we were on the first door and there was just too much pedestrian traffic right outside. Since that bothered me as well and I couldn’t get myself to concentrate, the mission was aborted. :-)
    Lucky for me, the other client who was sleeping in the other massage bed when I got in turned out to be lurking for some action as well, and was still in the wet areas after i came back from the massage routine. Needless to say we ended up body-locked with another person in a three way free-for-all. what a night… 😀

  210. SPAnyol said on 05-08-2009

    *go to
    *bit good-looking

  211. SPAnyol said on 05-08-2009

    #140 @ daredvl

    I went to Wensha several times and haven’t get any ES. It was not my intention though. If I want to be jacked off I would definitely got to Asian Massage. Anyway, I went there last Friday together with my college classmate. We had a good time together enjoying the facilities of Wensha (timog). I have read in this forum that Danilo would be a great pick, I looked for him but was still not available and I need to wait for like 2 hours? So, I chose Yoyo instead, I can say that he can give a good massage (though not as excellent as Pong of NY.) While my friend was sleeping and enjoying his massage Yoyo was busy giving me a “good and sensual” touches. I will go back there and probably get him again. FYI daredvl yoyo is short, around 5’5 and moreno. He is a bot good-looking and knows what his client wants.
    And btw, what do you want from me? just asking.

    #141 @Fishy

    It is so sad to know that… Never tried Lee of PB but sad to know that he was terminated. How can we be discreet about this forum?

  212. abel said on 04-08-2009

    curious lang guys, how much tip do you give for a massage?

  213. daredevl said on 02-08-2009

    @Fishy and

    pa shoot naman ng email.. i would really love to communicate with you guys.

    w h o l e s o m e a n o n (at) yah00 (dot) c0m

  214. Fishy said on 01-08-2009

    Caution mode ang mga tao ngayon sa blogs kasi anyone can literally browse on any article without having to register. There had been raids, closures and recently terminated masseurs as they have specifically been mentioned here to offer ES. Apparently Spa owners have found out our not-so-secret lair, and is on a witch hunt.

  215. daredvl said on 31-07-2009


    wala nang sinabi dito about ES masseurs ng wensha timog ah.
    yoyo edward dindo and another one, ang most advised.
    pero mukhang wala pang mag suggest ng may ES factor.

    any tips? o wala na talga?

    nde nmn sa hayuk or wtvr, pero mas mainam nga naman na, open for ‘sumting’ ung masseur mo.

    but if i had to choose, i like bulky and clean looking ones. sino ba sa kanila?

  216. SPAnyol said on 31-07-2009

    @138 daredvl
    If u really want to relax then go there during weekdays to avoid the line up for the therapists which usually happens every weekends. There is no aquarium for it is a legit spa. You can just ask the receptionist to reserve the therapist that you would like to avail. Anyway, since there would be no aquarium just read the older post. Guys here are recommending good therapists from wensha timog. Or, i suggest if you want to have a bigger wet area and a more cozy dining area where u can have ur free buffet, go to wensha Pasay, bigger, nicer and more clean compared to the one in QC…

  217. daredvl said on 30-07-2009

    I AM planning to go to WENSHA in a few days. Anyone here who can give a line up of what to do. it will be my first time and i dowana look silly. which facility should go consecutive. Do you choose masseur here? how? through an aquarium? how is it offered? what do i bring? what time is good and what time is not good to be there?

  218. Fishy said on 29-07-2009

    Hi Rooster,
    Have tried Dindo last Sunday. Medyo madaldal pero ok naman din ang massage. Pero you get the feeling na after your first session with him, parang matagal mo na siyang kilala.

  219. Rooster said on 28-06-2009

    there’s a lot of feedback about Amistad sa “Masseurs, Masseurs, Masseurs” na thread.

    bukod kay Edward at Yoyo, who else sa Wensha Timog ang ok? :-)

  220. Jake said on 20-06-2009

    yep Carlo Amistad is a great spa also… musta experience mo sa kanila?

  221. Carlo said on 20-06-2009

    sana magkaroon ng sariling thread para sa Amistad Spa.

  222. Jake said on 19-06-2009

    Hi Gordon and Juan Antonio,
    its nice to read your comments/experiences. I hope to have the same experience too.
    Yoyo is best when it comes to massage. Hard massage pero sobrang maayos yung pressure. Si Edward nung una di pa siya ganun kagaling pero nung 2nd time ko na siya naging okey na mukhang na train na siguro.
    I only observe actions in the wet area. siguro mahiyain pa ako hehehe. Pero siguro Id like to meet also someone there na hindi hanky panky yung medyo may sense kagaya ng kay Juan Antonio. Anyway in general okey ang Wensha, worth it ka na sa buffet at lounge area dati dun ako nanood ng American Idol hehehe. Tsaka pwede ka pang maidlip sa rooms… yung regarding sa wet area… bonus na siguro yun if you experience it. Plus dont forget to get receipt ako I usually get para support narin sa Contractual employees nila sabi kasi nung nagmassage sakin one time 80 pesos daw ang komisyon nila from the Php 680.

    Anyway sa na iimprove nalang ng wensha yung facilities kasi medyo may mga sira narin lalo na sa shower area… But again Wensha is a nice place to distress… Regards to all – Jake //

  223. Fishy said on 18-06-2009

    Thanks SPAnyol for the reply. Siguro try ko minsan yung Pasay branch pag napagawi ako dun. :-)

    Meantime, how i wish things got back to status quo sa Timog branch before the place was renovated …or at least the way we were massaged then, plus yung bodywash na wala na ngayon sa Timog branch.

  224. Rooster said on 17-06-2009

    hi Gordon,

    your posts are always welcome naman as they are very helpful, and in fact i also take my cues from your reviews of the many places you’ve been to… and thanks for those.

    in order though to not confuse the visitors of the spa blogs, it just seems to be more efficient to follow the topics as to how they were intended to be discussed.

    kapayapaan sa lahat! :-)

  225. Rooster said on 17-06-2009

    hi Gordon,

    your posts are always welcome naman as they are very helpful, and in fact i also take my cues from your reviews of the many places you’ve been to… and thanks for those.

    in order though to not confuse the visitors of the spa blogs, it just seems to be more efficient to follow the topics as to how they were intended to be discussed.

    kapayapaan sa lahat! :-)

  226. SPAnyol said on 16-06-2009

    no body wash at Wensha Timog, only in their Pasay branch. Tsaka mas malinis dun, mas maluwang… malayo nga lang

  227. gordoncotoco said on 15-06-2009

    My apologies to ROOSTER.
    I have decided not to post any comments here.
    Peace to you all

  228. Claude said on 15-06-2009

    I plan of going to Wensha Timog next…can anyone recommend a male therapist who gives ES? When is the best time to visit the place to expect cruising among the guests in the wet area?

  229. Frank said on 15-06-2009

    Hey Gordoncotoco, nice writing style. If you want to share your sexciting encounters go create your own blog. Earlier comments are right, this is about Wensha Spa in Timog.

  230. Fishy said on 14-06-2009

    Sino na ang nakapunta sa Wensha Timog lately? Who can you recommend sa mga ok na masseurs?

    Dito ba may bodywash na ulit just like during it’s pre-renovation, or sa Pasay lang talaga meron ngayon?

  231. ck27 said on 13-06-2009


    what happened next?

  232. Rooster said on 09-06-2009

    to gordoncotoco:

    wish lang namin iayos mo lang ang pag post mo at ilagay sa tamang topic. this is for discussions on Wensha Spa Timog.

    we hope all future posts keep in sync with the topic.

  233. anton said on 08-06-2009

    well anyway , i just found out yun palang mga staff sa Wensha eh contractual and most of them were replaced already, pity kasi mga kapwa pinoy natin yung pobreng contractual employees…jobless na naman sila. anyway sa tagal ng punta ko sa Wensha i noticed na wala silang receipt na ibinibigay for all the services, example body massage ang gusto mo it’s 680pesos worth pagbayad mo susi lang iaabot sa iyo and up you go. Eh mcdonald nga you buy a value meal na 50 pesos may receipt…Please help our economy by asking for receipt, kung kaya nilang manggantso ng kapwa pilipino natin na terminated after 5 months kesyo contractual lang employees nila, eh magbayad sila ng buwis sa gobyerno natin! I admire other spas like New York and Citylifestyle na may OR for all the services.

  234. anton said on 08-06-2009

    eeerrrr, Wensha po topic dito

  235. gordoncotoco said on 08-06-2009

    Encounter with fellow clients at
    CITY BAY SPA, across Coastal Mall, Paranaque City

    I went there yesterday for massage.
    The steam room was flooded with 3 hot-blooded young males. It seems they came from a gym located on the second floor. Their bodies were really fresh.. As I was absorbing all the steam heat, I was surprised to see 2 of the three guys kissed. Then the 3rd guy, blinked on me, grabbed my hand and placed in inside his towel. I know the drill, I replied by holding his dick. Then he kissed me. Grabe feeling. We did this for about 5 minutes until one old fat man joined us in the steam room.

    The guy whispered to my ears, “shower muna tayo.” So I left the steam room and went to shower. As I was about to close the curtains, the guy entered. He turned on the shower and gave me a firm hug. Ang sarap talaga. I asked for his name, he said “Joey.” Then sabi niya, labas muna siya. After around a minute, he went back and said, “may nakatinggin kaya di ako nakabalik agad.” Then he proceeded to kiss me and asked me to BJ him. I did, but he never came out of my mouth, ayoko nga… muna.

    After that we went again to the steam room and it was just the fat old man there. One of his two friends enetered the room and said, “Shower na kami, tapos pa-massage na. Mauna na kami.”

    After around 10 minutes, we both left the steam room and had to shower separately, there were eyes prying on us. On the dressing area, he asked me I’d like to join him in the couple room. I agreed. So he told the assistant to upgrade the room and he will just pay later.

    On the couple room, we our massage and it was great, mixed teases and touches here and there. I had LEO, a looker, good toned body, and erect dick pressing on my butt when opportunities would allow. He even blew air on my ears. After the one hour massage, the massauers left.

    Joey, then aksed me to join him in the shower room, and there we went and did another round of endless kisses and BJs. At aorund 15 minutes later, we left the room, dressed up and went to the reception area. As I was about to pay for my bills, he said, “Ako na muna, gamitin natin yung membership card ko so you can also get a discount.”

    On the elevator, he said, kain muna. I agreed, on the condition that I will pay the bills. Punta kami sa Blue Wave, along Macapagal Ave. We both have our own cars. Punta kami Pizza Hut. After that, it was already almost 10PM. He asked if I wanted to join him in his condo. Again, I agreed.

    To my surprise, the other two guys kissing inside the steam room were also there… Grabe na ito…
    (To be continued…)

  236. ben said on 03-06-2009

    Is der any gud body massage therapist in wensha pasay?wat is best tym 2 go such dat nt much ppol der?

  237. ben said on 02-06-2009

    @gordoncotoco Is steam area of wensha pasay still nt hot?is shower cubicles nt dat gud?is wensha pasay filled w/ lookers?or more than looking?wat tym do u go der?

  238. gordoncotoco said on 01-06-2009

    I need a companion mamaya. Pupunta ko ng Wensha Pasay

  239. gordoncotoco said on 26-05-2009

    I was at Wensha Pasay last friday. Grabe, madaming foreigners. There were groups of young Koreans na maganda katawan but not gifted. And there was this caucasian guy na sobrang gifted, nakatabi ko sa steam room, pagtanggal ng towel, grabe, more than 6″, hindi pa erected. ang taba pa. kahit sobra init sa steam room, di ako lumalabas, hanggang nandun sya.. grabe talaga

  240. PJ said on 12-05-2009

    Thank you for this thread…. i want to vist WENSHA TIMOG tomorrow…. sino po ba ang pupunta doon para sana may kasama man lang ako… thanks

  241. N0el said on 11-05-2009


    n0 pr0b br0..,

  242. gordoncotoco said on 11-05-2009

    Will Wensha management go national and open branches in major cities like Cebu and Davao?

  243. gordon said on 11-05-2009

    Wensha Pasay is better than Wensha Timog

  244. jerie said on 11-05-2009

    thanks for the advise, yeah im trying not to move so much my left legs as much as possible. di na sya masyado masakit, but if i press it hard nafefeel ko ulit un sakit. will observe 2 or 3 days pa if it will get better.
    medyo napalakas nga un pressure nya at natamaan tlga un ugat, kaya bigla tumigas lower left leg ko kala mo lalabas na un laman from the skin.

    I can’t say if meron or wala syang fault, the thing is natamaan nya kasi un nerve ko at napalakas un pressure, ok lang malakas wag lang tumama dun sa ugat, kung pinupulikat pa man ako madalas sa left leg. I had my massage several times at wensha timog and ngayon lang ko naencounter tong pulikat.

  245. Jam said on 11-05-2009

    Katakot naman yan. Is it the masseur’s fault?

  246. N0el said on 11-05-2009

    i think you should immobilize your left leg as much as possible baka kc may ntmaan syang ugat or nerve with t0o much pressure and if the pain still persist you better consult a doctor for the right anti inflammatory or pain medication self prescription is not advisable. Before any complication happen, prevention is really better than cure remember. Just trying to help.

  247. jerie said on 11-05-2009

    ok, went to wensha timog again 2 days ago. medyo nasira un experience ko nung patapos na ng massage.
    im with a friend, we met at wensha na then sabay na kami pumunta ng wet area, then buffet at pagkatapos massage, wala yun dalawang kilala na namin masseur, yun isa occupied and the other di pa dumadating.
    so dalawang bagong masseur ang tinawag para kami ay imassage. i forgot the name of my masseur. sarap din sya mag massage at mas madami syang mga stoke na tlgang makikiliti ka, sa kanya ko naencounter yun, ilan beses ako di mapakali dahil sa kiliti. okay na sana yun massage pero nung pagdating sa legs part nung naka faceup na ako, pag massage nya bigla im not sure if napalakas or what…. bigla ako pinulikat >_< that’s really hurt, di pa agad nawala, parang puputok na un muscle sa left lower leg ko, so bigla nya ako inistretch, pag stretch nya medyo sumakit din then nung pagkatapos nya stretch at pag press sa palm ng paa ko, nawala na un pulikat, kaya after that un mga massage nya di ko na masyado naenjoy coz i still feel weird sa left leg ko. sigh…. nakakalakad na naman ako ngayon, pero if i press the muscle dun sa left leg ko, sumasakit… at pag nilakasan ko pa parang pupulikat ulit.

  248. N0el said on 10-05-2009

    Gud eve..,this is my first p0st by d’ way..,tatan0ng lng sana ak0 kng may alam kaung spa na mlapt lng s lrt or mrt stati0ns(pra dali pnthn) and ung d nmn super lantad s mga e.S kasi bka wla png 5mins e.S nlng in0fer nya eh gus2 k0 dn kasi tlga p masahe syempre ung sensuality mdy0 b0nus nlng hehe..,sna may alam kau skt n kc ktwan k0..,salamat i’ll surely appreciate y0ur reply..,

  249. Fishy said on 10-05-2009

    Ben did you say “fishy”…? Hahahahaha… ayan nabuhay tuloy ako.

    Im actually more interested with your massage with Ynad. Was there any sensual interlude? Did it proceed to ES?

  250. jerie said on 08-05-2009

    maybe he’s just teasing you, sinusubukan ka nya kung may gagawin ka sa kanya. or vise versa.
    you should ask him instead, “may kailangan ka ba?” and see what he will answer you. hehe

  251. ben said on 08-05-2009

    D incident happened arnd 11 pm

  252. ben said on 08-05-2009

    At d locker rm, he stayed & linger der until I was in d locker rm,he watched me dress up,he moved frm place 2 place 2 get a glimpse of my dick,aftr dressing up, I went up to get juice & took a pee,he followed me to d cr,wyl I was peeing, he stand in d nxt urinal & showed his dick 2 me,aftr I m finished peeing I left,dnt knw if he is gay,bi,straight-acting or tripper.luks cn b rily deceiving,vry masculine face,built and voice dat he may be bt quite fishy

    Massage is okay w/ Ynad,went der at 7 pm

  253. jerie said on 08-05-2009

    so what happened after you guys went to the locker area? 😀
    by the way, how’s the massage naman? who’s your masseur?
    around what time ka pumunta ng wensha timog?

  254. ben said on 08-05-2009

    So I start 2 b suspicious,I take note of his movements,where evr I go in d wet area he follows me,dis guy liks so masculine & cn b a model 4 dat start 2 show signs,by brushing his arms on mine as he passes me in d wet area,he evn presses his arms on my bak wen I was standing nr d door of d steam bath,as in nagpaparamdam,so I dried up & readied 2 leave,he notuce me drying up,he then took a towel & dried up aftr w/c went 2 d locker area

  255. Ben said on 08-05-2009

    Jst arrived home frm wensha timog,luks cn b rily deceiving der,aftr my massage I went bak 2 d wet area 2 remove d oil,I went 2 d sauna,der was dis tisoy luking muscular guy w/ nice pecs and abs standing der,at 1st I did nt pay much attention then he kip on glancing at me dat is wen I tuk notice of d guy,he has a tatoo on his ryt pelvis jst above his waist w/ a smaller on his leg,then he has a frienship band tied on his ankle,he luks quite normal,as I go abt business of getting in d sauna and steam and getting out to cool off w/ d vent fan nr the wall,I notice dat he followed me where evr I go either physically or thru his glances

  256. Jam said on 05-05-2009

    Added to that, sinong recommended nyong masseur sa pasay?

  257. mark said on 04-05-2009

    Hi. Can please share the name of recommend masseurs in Wensha Timog…

  258. lost_kid said on 03-05-2009

    Hi fishy, would you care to drop me an email?

  259. Fishy said on 02-05-2009

    Hi Royal, better if you had given your email so we could message you privately regarding where to go and if you need accompaniment.

  260. jerie said on 02-05-2009

    i’ll be going to Wensha Spa Timog branch later around 5 or 5:30pm, if u’r near that place, try it, it’s a legit spa.

  261. royal said on 02-05-2009

    hi quite curious now to try having a massage at any spa places there in manila or quezon city. Honestly, i havent tried going in those places but reading by lines some of the testimonies here makes me feel more curious and decisive to try one. Can I have a volunteer one from the readers to accompany me and i will shoulder the cost of the massage for him…please keep in touch at this site. thanks.

  262. Fishy said on 01-05-2009

    Eh kasi naman wag kayo pupunta sa Wensha expecting to be fed great food. They are not a restaurant. And that food happens to be for free. You really don’t need to eat from the buffet. I don’t. I pay for the massage.

  263. jaypee said on 29-04-2009

    not so good thing about wensha is that the buffet is not so inviting…….

  264. Fishy said on 24-04-2009

    The thing with Wensha is pag weekend medyo maraming tao on no particular time of day, kasi most Wensha patrons know na 24hrs sya open. Fairly ditsributed ang population kung baga. Pero slight increase siguro pag evening at 8pm onwards. :-)

  265. lost_kid said on 23-04-2009

    thanks Fishy and Sennheiser_HD. try ko nang pumunta sa wensha kung magkatime ako. medyo busy pa kasi ako. tamang-tama, a little relaxation to reward me for my hard work. anong time maganda pumunta ng wensha pag weekend? yung wala mashadong tao kasi nahihiya naman akong magbare ng skin, insecure kasi ako sa katawan ko.

  266. Sennheiser_HD said on 22-04-2009

    Just last week, have tried wensha spa, at first glance sa wet room bumalik ako sa lobby, mejo walang exclusivity, ahahah. Pero no choice nakapagbayad na,the massage was good, especally stretching part.

    enjoy lost_kid!

  267. Fishy said on 22-04-2009

    Lam mo lost_kid, the beauty of discovery is not knowing what you’ll find out.

    Punta ka na lang sa Wensha and explore.

    Or kung takot ka talaga just read all postings dito sa thread na ito. 😀

  268. lost_kid said on 22-04-2009

    hi! ive been reading through this blog for quite some time and lagi rin akong napapadaan sa wensha pero nahihiya ako pumasok kasi first time ko pumunta to a spa, so hindi ko alam kung ano ang regular routine sa isang spa, or sa wensha to be more specific. can anyone help me out? thanks a lot.

  269. Carlo said on 19-04-2009

    ei, so much for the same discussion. Add me sa Yahoo Messenger and talk about this stuff privately hehe.

  270. Juan Antonio said on 19-04-2009

    to CY,
    first, I haven’t BJ-d anybody at Wensha.
    second, the times I was at that spa, i made it a point that when the steam room was flooded by cruisers, i would leave right away.
    third, i am a college instructor (hindi pa po professor to be politically correct) in a university near philcoa
    thank you for the mention though…=)

  271. Cy said on 18-04-2009

    I havent been to wensha timog for months now. but everytime i was there before o would laways get a good blowjob at the steam room habang pinapanood ng ibang guys na nagjajakol.sarap! the last guy who sucked me turned out to be a cebu high school teacher on his masters or phd in this university near philcoa! ikaw ba ito juan antonio?

  272. greggy said on 18-04-2009

    hello!!! sino na sa inyo naka try ng ES ni lance sa bodyspec? any feedback? :)

  273. Fishy said on 17-04-2009

    sana naman may mga nakapagtry na magpa-ES kay Yoyo para maifeedback naman dito sa Wensha thread.

    anyone out there? hehehehe… gusto ko lang sana maconfirm muna from others bago ako makipaghiwalay sa tip na ibibigay ko kung si Yoyo nga ang itatry ko when I go back to Wensha Timog.

  274. greggy said on 16-04-2009


    magkano offer niya sayo for ES? Cute lang talaga si miko pero hindi ganun ka gifted… hehehe… naawa ako kase knwento pa niya na siya ang bumibili ng gamot ng tatay niyang may sakit… bunso raw kase siya at lahat ng kapatid niya eh may mga asawa na…Okay lang naman yung massage niya diba? hehehe… :)

  275. Erin said on 15-04-2009

    I think Yoyo of Wensha Timog does only the singit massage, nothing goes beyond that. I just don’t know what he’ll do next when you translate some signals. But even, it was still satisfying. :-)

  276. Fishy said on 14-04-2009

    I think it’s better to keep this thread in keeping with its title “Wensha Spa Timog…”

    Recos citing MPs and Spas other than Wensha Timog can be better explored in the other threads like “QC Spa Escapades” and “Male-To-Male Massage” for example. Ayusin na lang natin po para hindi lumilihis yung discussion, unless the posting makes references or comparisons with the Wensha Timog experience vis-a-vis other estabishments. Peace to all! :-)

  277. johncastro66 said on 14-04-2009

    hi greggy! i went to hollywood spa last week and had miko as masseur. yes, he’s cute but i was in no mood to play then so i went deadma to his invitation for ES.

    funny is the masseurs are in briefs. hanggang sa pag-escort sa guest palabas – still in briefs. i chanced another whom i heard names KC. that one is one hunk worth going back for. do check him out.

    it was my first time in hollywood. i find it too cramped.

  278. Fidel Erwin said on 14-04-2009

    Punta ako wensha bukas nang gabi. sino recommend ninyo na magaling at malaro. gusto ko medyo malaman. Plz reco. :)

  279. jerie said on 13-04-2009

    he done the singit massage in two ways, un isa nakahiga lang ako, at un isa naman inangat isa kong legs at minassage down to my singit. masarap un feeling, pero walang ES, ok lang naman sa akin wala, if he offers then go ako, wag lang mahal! at least nakatipid naman ako that time haha.

  280. joanne said on 12-04-2009

    has anyone tried amistad spa along quezon ave?

  281. Fishy said on 11-04-2009

    hi jerie,

    nung minassage nya yung singit mo, saan nauwi? most who include a little sensual touch around the groin do not always graduate into ES… that’s what i noticed sa Wensha and NY Spa.

    syempre bitin di ba? sana yung hindi ka nabibitin… :-)

  282. jeff201ph said on 10-04-2009

    jerie: sinong “D” ang masseur mo sa Wensha?

  283. jerie said on 10-04-2009

    sorry for my previous post, correction lng, its wensha spa, not hilom ^^;

  284. greggy said on 10-04-2009

    Na try niyo na ba sa hollywood spa? Cute si miko… hehehe…:)

  285. Fishy said on 09-04-2009

    I think yung nirefer nung girl sa Wensha Timog ay natanggal na. Im still looking for a Wensha Timog masseur na kayang panindigan ang kasunod na routine pag tumayo na si junior. Hihihihi.

    Does Yoyo do ES? Tried calling Wensha today, ngriring lang walang sumasagot. Hmmmmp…

  286. prudent virgo said on 09-04-2009

    thanks a lot for the information, i heard bukas pa din sila kahi semana santa.

  287. Nico said on 08-04-2009

    I’ll be going tomorrow sa wensha. Anyone wants to go there sa timog i’ll just see you sa wet sauna.


  288. jeff201 said on 07-04-2009

    prudent virgo: Yoyo does body massage. ‘ok’ siya!

  289. jerie said on 07-04-2009

    last month i revisit hilom spa again, for the second time. renovated na sya and the place is niceer than before. un wet area okay narin, mas maganda, un steam room nila di ko nakayanan un init, i tried going there inside, wala pang 1 min labas na ako.
    yun food naman nila sa buffet, un lang medyo complain ko kasi palagi nalang yun.. same as before, sana dagdagan nila ng mga iba pang healthy foods.
    sa massage room, i chose a masseur to massage me, he’s very kind and tinatanong ka kung okay ba un massage nya o hindi. i told him to do medium to hard stroke, malakas kasi kiliti ko and im sensitive.
    maingat naman sya at magaling, di ko naiwasan mag hard-on dahil sa sarap ng massage nya at lalo na nung minassage nya yun singit ko, i like the feeling.
    He’s very good, his name starts with letter “D” 😉

  290. Fidel Erwin said on 07-04-2009

    has anyone tried MTO in Malate? share naman nang experience please.

  291. Fidel Erwin said on 07-04-2009

    im planning to visit wensha qc soon. can you recommend anyone na magaling mag massage? trip ko yung medyo malaman. i hope you can reco someone. tnx.

  292. prudent virgo said on 07-04-2009

    to jeff201: Does yoyo do foot or body massage? thanks

  293. jeff201ph said on 02-04-2009

    Try Yoyo at Wensha Timog, his massage is good and he’s nice and ok. I’ll get him again next time.

  294. jeff201ph said on 01-04-2009

    try Yoyo sa Wensha Timog… magaling at okay siya. i’ll get him again next time.

  295. Fishy said on 29-03-2009

    hi juan antonio, sino yung nakuha mo sa Wensha for massage at hindi sya lumusot sa standard? the thing that lacks now at Wensha is the total experience which some of us had during the pre-renovation years. now it’s really just straight away massage then off you go. except of course if you stay on longer at the wet area to check the guys out. and that’s about it.

    has anyone recently received massage from Wensha that’s truly electrifying… in a carnal kinda way? of course names would help a lot. 😀 Thanks!!!

  296. prudent virgo said on 24-03-2009

    to: juan antonio
    nice encounter indeed. sometimes, meaningful encounter comes into the unlikely and unexpected moments. what a pleasurable afternoon. sana nag pa private tutor na lang sya kaya?

  297. Juan Antonio said on 22-03-2009

    I was soooo tired from work when I decided to de-stress at Wensha Timog. It was my third time there. And that day was the most memorable.

    After checking in at the counter, I dressed to the required attire. Then I immediately went to the buffet area to eat first before setting up the time for my massage. I saw one guy eating by his lonesome. He’s cute. So, he got my attention. I looked at him and we exchanged glances. Then I thought he was just offended at being looked at, so I just played deadma. The whole time I was eating, not once did I see him discreetly looking at me.

    When I was done eating, I had my massage. It was my third time that day, and the massage I had paled in comparison from the previous times I went there. So, I was frustrated. But I was too tired that I slept inside the massage area for almost an hour.

    After, I went down for the sauna. The guy was there. It was 2pm, so the place wasn’t as swamped with cruisers. There were only 3 of us inside the wet area. The guy was trailing me. Inside, he was teasing me, obvious from his hard-on.

    I played pa-hard to get. Then, when it was obvious that he wanted a play, I gave in. He kissed me, licked me and hand-job-ed me. All at the premise of a steaming sauna. But none of us came.

    Outside, he talked to me. He was from his school, done with his finals, and almost cursing The University for making engineering study imppossible to bear. I was from work, cursing my higher-ups for loading me with too much burden. Both of us came from the same place. Him as a student, and I as a college instructor. And we both laughed at it. Buti na lang our departments are of opposite poles.

    Whatta way to de-stress!!!

  298. prudent virgo said on 22-03-2009

    question for jhon b: does edward do foot massage or body massage in wensha q.c? thanks

  299. Fishy said on 16-03-2009

    seems like no one has come up with answers re therapists with ES if anyone can be recommended from Wensha Timog.

  300. Ben said on 15-03-2009

    This morning watch someone masturbated himself to ejaculation at the sauna of wensha timog

  301. MGGFan said on 10-03-2009

    So who’s the reco masseur in Wensha Pasay for best massage with extra? Do email –

  302. jhon b agustin said on 09-03-2009

    if ever you go to wensha timog must try edward. he is one of the most fmou8s and bewst therapist. everytime i had muscle pains he made me relax and refreshed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. ace garcia said on 07-03-2009

    yes meron sa wensha pasay…. C***S basta walang tao… sa umaga or after lunch… kayang mag hj..

  304. mark said on 04-03-2009

    Any recommended naughty masseur in Wensha Timog?

  305. usher said on 24-02-2009

    hi new here guys! wanted to share my SEXperience. its a big YES kng sa wensha keo mgpp masage. sulit tlaga. may msahe kn may pagkain kp. dpko bmblik s timog. last na punta ko dun sobrang sira sira kea mdalas ako sa pasay.

    • Fishy said on 26-02-2009

      do u get ES sa Pasay branch? can u recommend anyone na magaling sa ES? and how much did u give him? thanks! if u prefer to keep the details discreet, email me na lang if pwede … fishionado @ gmail . com

    • angel said on 06-03-2009

      may mga girls din bang gumagawa ng mga ganun sa mga lalakeng kustomer?

      • prudent virgo said on 01-04-2009

        meron po. i heard from one male guy being offered by a female attendant

  306. Fishy said on 22-02-2009

    Again, may I ask if anyone ever had any luck within the close-open doors at the massage rooms? Seems like there aren’t any accounts other than within the confines of the wet areas.

  307. johncastro66 said on 14-02-2009

    for me, yes! mine is 5 1/2 when erect. and anyway i looked at his, it’s bigger even when NOT erect. LOL

  308. johncastro66 said on 07-02-2009

    just came from the newly renovated wensha in timog. while i’m pleased with the cleanliness of the place, the downside is – parang sumikip, from the locker to the wet area. equally disappointing are the shower cubicles na covered na ngayon – unlike before na kita mo lahat.

    but, if you’re in luck, you must be in luck. there was this korean guy, with trimmed waistline and firm butt, who was oblivious that he paraded from the jacuzzi to the steam room with his impressive tool hanging 45 degrees. so, i followed him to find him lying in the steam room uncovered – still 45 degrees and all. so, for like 10 minutes, he was unmindful as me, and the other hot blooded animals who followed suit, were staring at his ware, savoring every moment of it.


    • ben said on 09-02-2009

      when is this? how impressive is his tool?

      • johncastro66 said on 10-02-2009

        the other sunday, 5pm. 6-inches plus at 45 degrees. i wonder at 90 degrees (read: fully erect). anyway, there were two other adorable guys then, one of them a mark bautista look-alike. but can’t train my eyes on them since this korean was true eye candy.

        i just felt like a bride seeing her groom’s manhood for the first time. or the closest to being inside a room where young belami boys are preparing for a shoot. unforgetable! sulit na sulit sa wensha!

      • Ben said on 13-02-2009

        Is 6 inch tool impressive already?

  309. Fishy said on 07-02-2009

    was told by my fave massuer at Citylifestyle that at least 3 or 4 former Wensha therapists have already transfered with them.

    anyways, it seems like finding ES at Wensha has become a near impossible proposition. the last frontier there remains to be the steam room.

    • James said on 08-02-2009

      Sino kaya yung mga lumipat sa Citylifestyle from Wensha?
      Sa mga naka-try na, share naman ng experience.

  310. jing said on 22-01-2009

    as in ganun ba yung nga terapist sa wensha???cguro yung mga guy lang…i mean gay,

  311. jing said on 22-01-2009

    dindo & bobby???cla ba yung go sa ES???

  312. Rooster said on 22-01-2009

    Ben, it’s never the same for every Saturday or Sunday. Though expect a little bit of a crowd pag sweldo days, 15th or 30th/31st.

    Vhonne, yun din yung pansin ko sometimes. Kaya what i do is to make sure na nakalapat na ng todo yung door para walang silip. Unless may pumasok na naman at hindi na ako makatayo pagkastart ng masahe. You can voice your concern at the counter, or look for the manager on duty. Best to do this pag may ibang customer sa counter (specially women customers) para mapraning sila while your complaining, hehehehe. Letting other customers hear about what risks they’ll face when they avail of the services will certainly place the management to task on taking steps to ensure customer privacy.

  313. Ben said on 20-01-2009

    Which have more male-to-male action in wet/steam area of wensha spa timog between 6pm-12am Saturday or 7am-1pm Sunday? Ano mas madami sa wensha? Gay, Straight-acting gay o bi-male?

  314. Vhonne said on 20-01-2009

    Ganun ba talaga sa Wensha Timog? Nakabukas ang ibang mga massage room and then nakikita mo sa hallway ang mga minamasahe. Ang problema, nakikita mo yong mga minamasahe in the buff (Exposed ang butt na minamasahe ng therapist.) Ni wala man lang privacy. Parang walang pakialam ang therapist na nakikita sa labas ang client. Eh paano na kung dinudokot na ang private parts mo ibig sabihin expose na rin? :-(

  315. Fishy said on 19-01-2009

    Zam, sino na itong suki mo sa Wensha Timog? Para avail din kami foot massage with a little pampagana. :-) Kaya lang di ka ba mabibitin nun, I mean itutuloy nya ba sa HJ or what?

    • zam said on 24-01-2009

      nag resign na yung mga masahista ko (just learned it the last time i went there -Jan.14)…also, the last time na nagpa-foot massage ako, tomboy ang nag service sa akin…dahil siguro hindi ako nag special request ng masahista..shock to death talaga ako…hindi ko naman mareject siya kasi pa-ombre effect ako…ha ha ha ah aha…mabuti nalang sulit sa steam room…pakiramdaman muna…kapag na feel mo na everybody’s there for the same purpose, hala bira na…that time na nanduon ako, we were 3 inside the steam room…ako lang ang unang nakatapos, lumabas agad ako dahil baka maging prunes ang balat ko,,,matuyot sa init…ha ha ha ah aha…naranasan ko din na magpa-body massage, lalaki ang nagmassage sa akin, eh yung room pala na napuntahan ko for 2 persons, yung sa kabilang bed ay babae naman ang masahista (during that time na pumasok sila, kasalukuyang yung masahista ko, ang mina-massage ay yung butt ko na naka-exposed…wala akong paki-alam kahit girl yung masahista sa kabilang bed, with matching naka-open yung door…wala akong paki-alam sa kanila,,,pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng masahe, tayo agad ako….hindi ako nasatisfied sa massage, siguro hindi ako malandi ng masahista ko dahil girl yung nasa kabila..hinding hindi na ako mauulit magpamasahe duon….kung pupunta ako duon, mag avail na lang ako ng facilities nila , but without any kind of massage, at a lesser pay…pero they have better facilities now compared sa dati nilang facilities…especially sa steam room,,,,mas maganda to hunt for partners…ang drama, huwag ng mag wrap ng towel , expose kung expose (dahil when you go to other countries, kapag nagpunta ka sa steam room, you don’t need a towel to cover your “thing”, wala ng paki-alaman kung maliit or malaki ang sa iyo….)ha ha aha ha

  316. Fishy said on 19-01-2009

    corner of Panay and Timog. a bit close to Quezon Ave na.

  317. Bacchus said on 16-01-2009

    pwede ba malamn saan yung wensha massage parlor sa timog?

  318. Rooster said on 06-01-2009

    dann, how i wish that we could rally our concerns with Wensha management & bring back our sensual masseurs. However, I think that they are gearing towards really tapping into the “family-oriented” market the same way that Slimmers World did by removing all steam and dry saunas in all of their branches. Oh yes, and believe me, when SW did that I kissed goodbye my unlimited lifetime usage of the gym, having now been deprived of those facilities.

    we can probaby throw our energies in trying to put together investors for a legit spa which offers the usual massages plus “body electric” “tantric” and/or “sensual massage” which i dont know if authorities will approve of during the issuance of permits, but it would be good to send feelers to them to test the idea. this way, the extra service becomes a legitimate type of treatment without having to be cast in the shadows of secrecy like in traditional spas.

  319. rich said on 06-01-2009

    Can anybody tell me who the good-looking masseurs in wensha timog and pasay are?


  320. yam said on 05-01-2009

    may i pls ask if jero my fave masseuer is still with wensha timog? thanks.

  321. dann said on 05-01-2009

    last saturday night, I was touring my Balikabayan friends when our curiosity was caught accidentally by a big nite teaser of a gay bar along timog ave. Since watching all-the-way revues was our favorite pastime in the late nineties, we thought it might be interesting to dicover new finds and be titilated by daring new acts in this bar called MAKISIG. For almost three hours of pathetic demure macho dancing, we have not yet seen a single skin exposure that may encourange us to order more bottles of beer to gulp. Being caught into boredom of a commercial trap like this, we decided to paint the rest of the night brighter in a place where more action is derived!

    Since we were in timog, i started to dicuss about the comments posted in this blog where human touch and equanimity played a big thread of good reviews. so we drove fast to quezon blvd to locate human touch, making sure to find this venue on a second level across mcdo. Anticipating to try this well raved hunk, jr or equally a looker in will- it was indeed frustrating not find the place as decribed herein. we found a mcdo that faces mercury drug but had no 2nd floor and another that is along edsa but was already out out of the described vicinity. after our second try, we hurriedly decided to manuever the car towards kamuning and try our luck to meet ian or jr in equanimity. Again, in our dismay the place was no where to be find.

    wencia was our next bet, since a majority of my guests have heard about a lot of carnal experience among the gay patrons in the wet area and not to forget the juicy bodywash of this tall, juicy, pinoy hunk. besides being newly renovated, the free buffet was greatly a big come on as well. All our cravings sizzled when we were advised that unlike in pasay, bodywash was only offered to female guests in this branch and buffet was only limited to noodle soup after 1pm. Since everyone of us were tired, we decided to settle for the legit massage and and sleep till 6am.

    the newly refurbished wencia appeared to have taken a wishy washy retro finish. Compared to its pasay branch, it appeared half-done where some fixtures were poorly installed, almost delapidated for some, colors and textures which didn’t march, and lay-out in the wet room area hindered traffic flow. maybe its the baklas that crowd this area between the pool section and the very limited number of enclosed shower rooms- one has to squeeze his way in order to queue for his turn to shower. In fact the open shower areas were never utilized by any of the 30 or so patrons during the time I was there. sayang naman, they should have made it with glass doors, so there were no need for us to align and wait amidst all the glaring stares of the other sisters!

    Before engaging into the actual massage, I requested for my former attendants, jiro, lito or jake in the reception desk, only to be informed by the officer that they were no longer on board due to hanky panky activities which triggered me to snap back “ah ganun, sayang di ko na experience. Sino pa ba ang ang kasing galing nila ang rerecomend mo?”

    I was lead to a room just beside the entrance and was attended by a frail guy, not so tall, who at first glance would pass as effeminate. And of course, as starters the usual cliche’ “sir, sino po ang dati nyo attendandant?” and to present to him my preference of massage, “di ko maalala ang name, basta ang galing mag sensual massage kaya malaki ang tip nya” End of the conversation. the rest of the routine was mind-blowing, need i say more?

    at the end of the massage, i was handed the tip slip and was requested by him to include my contact number. It was here that i learned that he was dispatched temporarily from pasay and will be terminated starting today, monday. I also was saddened by the news that my favorite masseurs in pasay, namely john and favi are out of employment, terminated for the same reason expressed by the receptionist earlier.

    I would like to voilently react to this move being administered by wencia management. I have no questions regarding the corporate policies made by their board- it is of course their business to be so. But I am concerned for kicking out a filipino employee when their chinese counterparts are out and obviously peddling their notriety in the open! So disgusting! What a discrimination for the filipino laborer who wants to extend his measley daily wage with extra earnings to meet needs for his existence! I have tried the services of this chinese expat, mike- if i remember his name correctly. Mind you, it was not good, i guarantee you guys! doing a mary palmer would be a better option! But what angers me so is that there was even an incident when I invited my boss and his wife to experience the spa. And my boss trying his best to veer away from any form of stimulation from a female attendant settled for a chinese male masseur. And in the course of their routine, he tool was being repeatedly manipulated on purpose by this guy and was bluntly offered a hj for a fee! Obviously, my boss was angered by the proposition and immediately reprimanded him to end the crap!

    I would like you cite that what is the use of a certain corporate policy when it is only applied to a segment of the whole workforce? It is unfair, that in my own land a foreign investor would discriminate a local and tolerate policy benders in the open only because they are from his own country! And the fiipino management naman, on the other hand, are so haughty to brag that this pinoy massuer was discharged due to a policy he so discreetly broke- only because he gets to be requested more often regardless of any scheduled shift, and gets a bigger gratuity in the tip slip is for them an indication of some scrupulous behavior? well, it may be true for a handful few but not totally to all those they discharged as they maliciously accuse of! In fact, most these pinoy masseurs only went as far as teasing unlike their ounterparts who without profiling their guests would slap such indecent doings even to wrong market! Ka asar!!!

    Sana to those masseurs who were dismissed find their way to the better gay oriented spas like orient, santuario, citylife & the like where they can earn bigger oppurtunities as cited in testimonies written in some commentaries in this blog. In the same manner, these spas can benefit from this better trained masseurs and maybe from there we start to professionalise the whole indutry which maybe on par with the ones in bangkok.

  322. manlybuddy said on 04-01-2009

    Hi Zam, email me naman at :)

  323. manlybuddy said on 04-01-2009

    Littleboywonder, diba ang laki naman ng tip na 600??? may ES ba yan???

    100 to 200 or 300 is ok na pag walang ES diba? parang sobra tayong ginagatasan naman… masmalaki pa sweldo nila sa atin kasi ang nakakalima 5 customers sila everyday… imagine?

    Email me at… Zam, email me naman…

  324. manlybuddy said on 04-01-2009

    Wala naman ata talagang ES dun kasi may window, etc… so wag na umasa… at legit spa ito diba?

  325. manlybuddy said on 04-01-2009

    Sure ka dudukutin?

  326. race_sky said on 04-01-2009

    i am satistied with the services of wensha spa. para sa akin ok yung price nila na 680 pesos per massage plus with free buffet meal pa yun na everytime ata na pumunta kami ng lover ko dun eh di nawawala sa menu nila yung tofu. hindi lahat ng masseur nila magaling, pero may mga magagaling tlga. at meron din masseur na patitigasin ang “organ”. any suggestion kung anong spa ang better than wensha kasi suki n kami dito ng lover ko.

  327. Rooster said on 04-01-2009

    thanks littleboywonder. hirap talaga matrackdown kung sino ang mga may ES opportunities.

    pero zam, may i ask kung sino yang mga suki mo sa footspa with the ES? parang gusto ko yata mag-avail nyan for experience…hehehe.

  328. gk said on 03-01-2009

    i love dindo too 😉 si bobby, ayaw ko nun

  329. zam said on 02-01-2009

    7 months ago ako huling nagpunta dyan..ang dumi ng place, especially sa wet area…madulas na and ang itim ng floor..nakakadiri,,,nakita ko nuon ay mga chinese guys (imported from china) ang nagbibigay ng body wash dyan…pero dati, mga pinoy..but i learned (from the last time na nagpunta ako), yung mga chinese guys na
    ang nagba-body wash…pero dati, merong extra sensation, usually not lower than 500 ang asking price…pero , it’s not worth it,mas masarap pa ang magsariling sikap ka na lang,,,tapos ang gagamitin nilang pang body scrub ay yung loopah na ang ang dami ng nakagamit….pero kung na-renovate na ngayon, that’s good….pero enjoy ako sa kanilang foot spa,,,yung nagmamasahe lang ay sa barbers chair na lapit-lapit sa isang room lang…ang mga nakukuha ko dyan ay talagang dudukutin yung mga singit nyo at talagang patitigasin ang “organ” nyo…to the point na kung matagal kang walang sex, ilang minuto lang na dudukutin ang nota mo, lalabasan ka (considering may mga kalapit ka, na kung minsan ay mga babae pa)…dyan ko din nalaman na sina paolo paraiso at katrina halili ay naglalandian (kissing each other, according sa masahista ko),,kalapit ko si katrina nuon sa barbers chair,,itinuro lang sa akin ng masahista ko na katatapos lang magpamasahe nuong dalawa (o di ba, may chismis pa)..

    • harrypoter said on 02-01-2009

      zam, you mean may masahe sa singit yung footspa? :-)

      • zam said on 03-01-2009

        yes! so far, lahat ng nakuha ko duon (at meron din akong regular na masahista duon), ginagawa nila sa akin yun…sa first meeting pa lang namin, nagpaparamdam na ako ng style na masahe na gusto ko (na pwede din nilang ibigay sa akin)…at binabalikan ko sila,,hinihingi ko ang schedule nila para sa susunod na pupunta ako duon, siya ang kukunin ko…just the teasing part is the most erotic part,like accidentally touching it (but keep on doing it,,,to the extent of holding it, passing thru the opening of the short you’re wearing )…
        they’re just only calling it footspa, but actually it is a whole body massage done in the barbers chair,without removing your shirt…unlike the other kind of massage that’s being done in the private room but with no shirt on, but still you’re wearing the short….

      • zam said on 04-01-2009

        correction lang…it should have been foot massage (not foot spa – kapag foot spa sa kanila, ibababad nila yung paa mo sa solution para lumanbot ang kalyo, at habang naka-babad ang paa, minamasahe ka sa ulo at balikat lang..),,,my mistakes..sorry…foot massage ang term nila pero actually, buong katawan mo ang minamasahe with matching dukot sa singit at balls (kapag sineswerte ka)…

  330. littleboywonder said on 02-01-2009

    hi rooster, no happy ending with both of them. i am not certain if they engage in that. i tipped bobby my usual 600. enjoy! :-)

  331. contagious said on 02-01-2009

    I jiro still there? may attendant b s Bodywash who gives ES?

  332. Rooster said on 01-01-2009

    hi littleboywonder, how much do u tip for bobby or dindo? and does that include a happy ending? ;-D

  333. omle said on 01-01-2009

    This spa is so cool!
    nice place.
    good services.
    convenient place to relax.
    food are ok.
    reasonable price.

  334. littleboywonder said on 01-01-2009

    highly suggested you get either Bobby or Dindo. Dindo used to be my regular therapist there. But Bobby does a better job in taking your stresses away.

  335. val said on 01-01-2009

    panget ang wensha. lalo na sa pasay. ang dumi dumi ng shower room.
    ang steam area hindi mainit. kadiri. mga chaka ang masahista.
    but if you want to get your money’s worth ok na sya.
    imagine! for 680 pesos me masahe ka na, me buffet ka pa!!
    at puede pabalik balik ha!!! puede ka pa matulog kasi you can stay there for 6 hours!!!
    but if you are looking for some other things wensha is not the place for you.

  336. vora said on 01-01-2009

    korek! sana sa dumaguete meron ding mga ganyan.. ung me xtra service!!
    kaya lang lang maarte at suplado ung royal spa sa cebu, sabi meron daw “xtra”, pero sa dgte as in wala!! ni hipo no fwedss!! kakainiss!!

  337. Aj said on 01-01-2009

    Sna mer0n dng spa na ganyan sa baguio

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