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Model-turned-actor VICTOR ALIWALAS recently scored a victory in the recent “S.O.P.” TAG Awards held in the musical variety show “S.O.P.” The awarding was held last Sunday, April 5. Victor won in the Most Popular Male Hottie category besting other strong contenders such as Aljur Abrenica and Chris Cayzer. “I’m very happy and at the same time surprised with the results”, says Victor. While awaiting for his next G.M.A. soap, Vicor finished an indie film entitled “Tutok” where he co-stars with Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon, Ian de Leon, Lloyd Samartino and Boots Anson-Roa. In “Tutok”, Victor plays an ambitious newsman and correspondent. Victor also recently shot a music video for Sony BMG Artist Lovi. The music video is for Lovi’s hit song, “Dito Sa Puso”. Victor and Lovi shot the video in Batangas under the direction of Paul Soriano. (PR from Leo D. received via email.)

victor-aliwalas-4 victor-aliwalas-3

Click the photos for larger version:

victor-aliwalas-0 victor-aliwalas-2 victor-aliwalas-51

Comments (32)

  1. metoto said on 13-08-2010

    goodddd… lol yummyy…

  2. Afwife said on 23-02-2010

    He is so cute.I like the way he act as jerome in Kaya kung Abutin Ang Langit.Sana in person ganun siya ka sweet.Ive been there in Columbus Ohio my hubby is fom Ohio too and I want my baby boy to look like him.Im preggy right now and its a boy.

  3. darylle said on 07-10-2009

    hi mahal

  4. kaede said on 23-08-2009

    ang cute nya..eversince..more power to you,,God bless and take care alwayz

  5. rald said on 21-08-2009

    gwapo talaga ito eversince

  6. pink palaka said on 02-08-2009

    he looks like one of the titanMEN…

  7. baby said on 31-07-2009


  8. Hyldah_A said on 25-07-2009

    Bagay na bagay face nya sa Corporate world sa mga sosyalan…

  9. nAthAn said on 10-05-2009

    sooooooooo hot…….

  10. Jaime said on 10-05-2009

    This guy is a handsome one… he’s kind mature, I hope he’s educated… LOL

  11. Steve said on 08-05-2009

    I didn’t take much notice of Victor when this article was published, but follwing the photos released by Manila Gay Guy yesterday publicising the forthcoming release of “Tutok”… I am in in awe.

    Absolutely stunning man.

  12. annshe said on 07-05-2009

    kapuso masaya kami dahil napapanood na namin ang idol namin c victor sa sop.
    please po more more projects for him.
    be patient victor.

  13. annshe said on 07-05-2009

    kapuso masaya kami kc napapanood na namin xa sop.
    please po more projects for victor.

    be patient victor.

    we luv you.

  14. albus said on 06-05-2009

    my ideal man!!! yummy! Ahgrrr!

  15. lan said on 18-04-2009

    a perfect Kapuso Male Hottie Male of the year.

    pls take care of him Kapuso….


  16. mellicious said on 16-04-2009

    i like this kind of guy….ang sasarap yakapin…mmmnnn

  17. hotwire_05 said on 12-04-2009

    not exactly mouthwatering but still hot. i love the goatee. perfect – shaved. not really the hottest hunk in the category but still he can live up to the standards. i still won’t vote for him though.

  18. said on 11-04-2009

    siya ung nasa marimar… ung abogado ni bella aldama.

  19. said on 11-04-2009

    siya ung nasa marimar… ung abogado ni bella aldama.

  20. jayjay said on 08-04-2009

    i like his eyes, not his sexy body. 😉

  21. sed said on 08-04-2009

    Thanks to God that our IDOL VICTOR A. won as a Hottie of the Year. Deserving naman xa at bagay sa kanya.

    Kapuso more projects for Victor, please…

    Pwede po bang i-love team xa kay Lovi Poe.

    Sikat po dito sa Bulacan c Victor.

  22. v said on 08-04-2009

    I want to have your baby, Victor. Saan ba puwedeng magpa-transplant ng matres??

  23. bC said on 07-04-2009

    chaka nung lalake! pero mas maganda ung layout. nice!

  24. Vince said on 07-04-2009

    I’ve always had the hots for this guy. Can’t stop staring at the first pic. 😀

  25. maccallister said on 07-04-2009

    wow new layout again hehe.

    hmmm,i dont like him.lame actor too

  26. ming said on 07-04-2009

    dati ko na syang pinagnanasaan.

  27. Rapidfire said on 07-04-2009

    Bgong ka ek ekan ng GME nman?jejeje. .cnong starlet nman 2?0hk lng hot nman xa eh. .

  28. Miong21 said on 07-04-2009


  29. Bebeng Ganda said on 07-04-2009

    Holy Week na holy week….nagwawater ako sa kanya!

  30. jimg29 said on 07-04-2009

    dahil bagong format itong world peace ni geygay, hayaan mong binyagan ko sa araw ng kwaresma at baka madalas akong muli sa pagdaan.

  31. Jedd said on 07-04-2009

    hawt. it’s the eyes, and that tiny smirk.

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