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The most commented post here in MGG is the Male-to-Male Massage post. It already has 1,700+ comments and growing. To ease reading the comments I’m putting this placeholder for newer comments on the same topic: masseurs, masseurs, masseurs. So, in the spirit of sharing, go log your own stories.

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  1. migs said on 08-10-2010

    This post’s comments section is closed. Log your comments in this newer post.

  2. ed said on 08-10-2010

    @3191 Rigo – well said Rigo, and I fully agree with you 100%. Isipin nating tao rin ang mga ito, gipit, kaya pumasok sa ganito

  3. brag said on 07-10-2010

    SPECIAL REQUEST: hope you can open a new thread. downloading this thread takes more time than the usual. im excited pa nmn to see updates everyday.

  4. ian said on 07-10-2010

    Calling Caloy, anybody. Pls Help!
    Are there MPs with extra service in Hongkong? Has anybody experienced getting a young masseur that gives great sex? Do they know how to speak English?
    How much tip did you give for what service? Thanks!

  5. said on 06-10-2010

    ^^Paradiso Spa nga. salamat. haha!
    HERO: try it some time.

  6. v said on 06-10-2010

    @mr. spa 3217: paradiso spa, teh. hihihihi. ang landi ko talagah. mga tiga boys of bora din ang nandiyan, davah?

  7. said on 06-10-2010

    ^^shoot. nakalimutan ko ano pangalan. it’s along aurora blvd in cubao near the araneta center.

  8. hero said on 06-10-2010

    #3215, @ mr. spa- ok lang malaman name ng spa in aurora blvd at masseur. thanks

  9. lazer said on 06-10-2010

    anyone who have tried male therapist @ Soneva along Tomas Morato?… okay kaya?…

  10. said on 05-10-2010

    finally went back to that spa in aurora blvd in cubao last night. i’ve learned to lower my expectations on these trips so i was pleasantly surprised it turned out more than fine. i came in around 11PM and there were around 7 hunky, face-is-ok guys present. basta na lang ako nagturo ng masahista and i only got to see his face and body during the massage. ok naman. the usual na napaganda ng pag-gym. massage wasn’t hurried which i enjoyed and it’s ending (not the ES yet) blew my mind! nearly came because of it. ES was 8/10. i’ve this certain ‘weirdness’ where i ask guys i have sex with to macho-dance for me–and this guy did. middle of the ES i was kidding him we should get another masseur we could play with and he was game for it, even after i suggested in jest that i’d just watch them do the deed. i didn’t get another one as he was enough for me for the night. sakto lang din yung damage. will be back next week. by then baka dalawa na nga kunin ko.

  11. guttfil said on 04-10-2010

    will go to cebu this weekend.
    i want to try d’aviary.
    any recommendation on which “bird” i should get?
    salamat kaayo…

  12. trgo2001 said on 04-10-2010

    feedback nmn kay clifford of equanimity. is he good? san sya magaling?

  13. Jeff said on 03-10-2010

    @sentosa park
    Do you have KK’s contact details? pls/ email me jeff201ph@yahoo

  14. andre said on 01-10-2010

    go kayo mga sister sa bodylux. winner don. look for arnold

  15. sentosa park said on 01-10-2010

    @trgo2001….I’ll recomend kristofer king sanay sya sa pag strip

  16. luxembourg said on 01-10-2010

    maarte lang minsan yung babae sa counter dahil ayaw niyang namimili ng therapist ang customer.

  17. luxembourg said on 01-10-2010

    ok naman sa asian malate, matatapat ka nga lang minsan sa di kaguwapuhan, (note: marami pa ring cute), pero mababait silang lahat at hindi naniningil ng mahal

  18. v said on 30-09-2010

    @3204 trg2001: ehem…knows akembang ng otoko na ganyan ang raket. at ‘teh isusugal ko ang aking right ovary sa kanya, had i had one…hehehehehe….post your email ‘teh

  19. marco said on 30-09-2010

    I’m a spa habitute and I’ve been doing the rounds of spas in qc recently. Nung medyo nagsawa ako, I tried the for hire boys sa internet.

    I should warn everyone that the experience was bad, a disappointment. I think these websites should JUST STOP PHOTOSHOPPING the pictures they publish. The first guy I got was a far cry from the picture. Yung general features, oo, pero yung balat, hindi makinis (makinis sa pix) etc… the second guy was advertised as 5’8 – mali, ok lang sana kung 5’5.

  20. trgo2001 said on 30-09-2010

    anyone can recommend a professional male stripper for a shower party. really need one for a shower on Oct 4. help naman guys!

  21. chris said on 30-09-2010

    any recommended cute/hunk masseur at asian malate? malas ko kasi parating chaka napupunta sa kin..

  22. rico said on 29-09-2010

    marami nrin tips and how to’s ang naitulong ng mga comments sa post na ito for me. and as a way to giv back, share ko lng din ang “discovery” ko. this is not one of the spas or MPs. if you’re looking for a break sa mga madudugas na therapist (mga karne sa NepaQ ika nga, jowk!) try nyo naman magMonterey minsan. hahaha. i recommend him tlga. interested, email nyo ako bigay ko contact nya

  23. jeri said on 29-09-2010

    tried asian massage malate once.. wala namang HJ na nangyari, di din nagtanong. that time ako lang customer dun at wala pang tao. care to share the name of that masseur u’ve tried? thanks

  24. carl said on 29-09-2010

    hi. would anybody know if D of Pampanga still gives massage even if he is no longer connected to Sanctuario? thanks.

  25. arvin said on 28-09-2010

    hi every1.. i’m here in iloilo since monday.. any massage places or cruising areas here? thanks for all the help.

  26. Jeffrey said on 28-09-2010

    ate v, agree ako sayo dyan. just last week, i went to this legit spa and the therapist given to me was well, sige, cute. his style was really to tease you till you give in. siempre, it will start by requesting na if he can remove na lang your brief, siempre, papayag ka naman, to cut the story short, lalo pa kung medyo horny o taglibog ka at that time, chances are, madaling tataas si manoy, di ba? and when that happens, it is really their signal na puede na. and so it is too with my therapist, in about 30 mins pa lang into the 1 hour session i got, nagtanong na kung gusto ko daw ng HJ. i said yes, why not. but only if i pay 1K for it. i said, no way. di na bale. just go on with the massage. your guest is as good as mine, what followed after that was a total disaster that i just had to beg for it to stop na lang. to be honest, with this kind of practice being done now in legit spas, you think twice if whether you go to these establishments o dun na lang sa traditional MPs. minsan kasi nakakadala na rin.

  27. v said on 27-09-2010

    i’ve been trying to be friends with this ubercute guy from one oftmentioned ‘legit’ spas around. ubercute has got me smitten real bad. thing that i notice though is that they tread ever so dangerously the line that MP boys have no trouble crossing. and yet, their end is just the same, get as big a tip as possible. to their credit, at least our MP boys play it upfront and work hard for those tips. these guys from the ‘legit’ spa i think plays it even worse. they tease and trick and maneuver without abandon but would not have the honesty to admit to themselves that they are not heads above these ‘other’ service boys. all the talk i gather turns out to be how much they fleeced out of this and that client. i was nodding and prodding all the time but my god, i was sorely disappointed with ubercute guy.

  28. Just Asking said on 27-09-2010

    oh…i almost forgot…not to mention that also 95% of the guys advertised at that website too are PLUs, again, nothing against that, after all i am a PLU myself, right? but why don’t they say that outright when they post their profiles? when you hire them and at the date and time of meeting, you will get the surprise of your life. why? the guy’s looks if farthest from his profile picture and is actually mas malandi pa sayo! i should know, it happened not just to me but with several others on many occasions.

  29. Just Asking said on 27-09-2010

    @alvin, i must say this…for the longest time, i had kept quiet about it but since you opened the topic, i will now give my own rejoinder. correct you are when you said that 90% of the photos presented at that boytoyforhire website are all manufactured and altered professionally. nothing against that. but then again, isn’t that plain, daylight robbery on the part of the owner of that site to actually fool the patrons?

  30. alvin said on 27-09-2010

    @v: That’s the curse of modern-day photography. All the MPs–including the boytoys-for-hire sites–seem to be hiring professional photogs to do their pictures. I’d say, roughly 70-80% of the photos DO NOT jibe with reality. In person, the masseur/rent boy you thought looked spectacular in the website photo turns out looking like your ordinary mall rat in some 3rd class shopping center.

  31. v said on 26-09-2010

    oh and one more thing. he’s got this big tattoo on his chest. the people who took his photo sure thought well to photoshop that out. that darn thing made him look so much less like a college kid and more like the regular tambay sa kanto who you never know might be into you know what. so there, your call now, fabulous fags 😉

  32. v said on 26-09-2010

    @ marco 3189: good for you marco. lest we have a horde of homos go after this guy, let me try and balance things out a bit with my own time with this guy. he looks good in pictures alright, but for some reason it does not translate to what i saw when he was in front of me. i had to do a double take to make sure that the right guy was sent up to join me. one big turn-off for me is when a guy obviously has dentures on. i don’t know but it does put some kind of limit to how much tongue swapping and lip smacking you may want to do with him; and that weird thought of the guy’s dentures falling off right when you both are in the thick of things sure messes with me to no end. that he goes straight for the extra is concerning as it happened to me to. when will they understand? their massage IS foreplay for us. you bungle that part, most likely we lose interest in fooling around any further with them. mark nipple plays hard and aggressively and that’s a plus for him. after that though, he expected me to do all the work, like hello? i’m the one who’s supposed to get serviced right? he even flipped and presented his ass for me to rim. like, no way! had he taken time to turn the fire up, i would have but to get ass rammed right at you that way? hell, no.

  33. bittersweetpomelo said on 26-09-2010

    i tried Asian Massage – Malate for the second time last sunday. it looks like they hired more masseurs now, some have really nice faces to boot. the one i got was cute, face and height wise, but there were better looking and taller guys around. massage was okay, although it fell a little short of my standard. i also got a little disappointed because it didn’t last for an hour (HJ included) or maybe i came a little too early. he quoted 500 for a HJ but i declined. i offered 200 max, he obliged. when he started touching my dick, i asked him if i could also touch his. he nodded and said, “sige po pero sa labas lang.” in my mind i was entertaining the thought “that can’t be.” i insisted. he gave in. he never got hard, so i guess it is safe to assume that he is straight or maybe i wasn’t just his type. lol. what’s funny was when he whispered “sir tagal nyo tigasan ah” as i caressed his dick, balls and nipples. i really don’t know why i couldn’t get full erection at that time. kulang siguro sa karinyo at kiliti. i came but it wasn’t really orgasmic. i might try it again in the future, but maybe not too soon. i’m thinking about visiting a different massage place next time, not sure which.

  34. Rigo said on 25-09-2010

    First of all, I ‘d like to thank the author of this blog for starting this and keeping it alive. Your efforts are truly appreciated by thousands of readers who are informed as well as entertained!

    I believe that one should not be bothered with how much you’ve spent for tips for ES. Yes, other people may claim that they have enjoyed more and payed less for experiencing other acts; however, this is not the guage of how much one should pay for ES (though of course there is an industry standard – that’s why it is constantly discussed in this blog).

    You may get a masseur that looks like a Coco Martin and he may charge you 1,500, but your type is a Derek Ramsey who charges 3,000. At the end of the day, even if the Coco look-a-like does everything the trade can provide, the mere “touch” of the hands on your skin of the Derek look-a-like gets you horny all over. As such, even if the Derek look-a-like does less than the Coco look-a-like, you feel that every peso spent is worthwhile. Bottom line is the personal satisfaction one gets.

    Though it may be annoying and a turn-off the way these workers talk, charge for their services, let us try to think if we are the ones on the other side… would you charge as well? Maybe by thinking this way, we can all have a better understanding of these workers and learn to respect their trade just a little bit more. (Remember most of these workers are young and not thouroughly educated as most of the readers here; and most of all, their worldliness circumvents mostly around other workers of their kind and/or the skills they learned while they wre on the trade).

    We can then try to realize what they have to go through trying to sell their services, bodies, etc. day-in and day-out to all kinds of customers ranging from quiet and unassuming closet-types to loud-mouthed demanding and unattractive customers.

    I say this because I have had personal experiences (both locally and abroad) wherein I was never expected to pay for ES as well as being dictated upon to pay ridiculous high amounts) – for both in-house and home service treatments….and yes, I have of course enjoyed 95% in all my experiences and have given generously sometimes even more than what was asked for.

  35. Marco said on 24-09-2010

    mga kapatid share ko lang sa inyo ang aking bagong escapade. pasensya na kasi kahit sinabi ko noon na pipigilan ko muna ang init ng katawan ko e nanaig muli ang aking utog. Anyway I went to Equanimity kanina at around 6pm. Nakakatuwa kasi karamihan ng models na nasa Multiply site nila eh nandun! I got Mark. Well di ko sya type nung una (I go for mestizos and medyo bata) pero when we started the session eto kakaiba: nauna ang ES bago sa massage! At grabe ang haba ng kargada! At tama lang ang singil sa akin for the ES. Sa wakas nakalasap din ng tamang timpla. Yun lang.

  36. jayr said on 23-09-2010

    hi, any news about pearl sacho?

  37. xxx said on 23-09-2010

    anybody remembers si raymond ng umah watu? asan na kaya sia? 😉

  38. peter dewolf said on 21-09-2010

    @ fishy
    nandyan pa rin … di lang nakasama sa pictorial … kaya tinanggal ang dati niyang pic

  39. ace said on 20-09-2010

    Nature’s Way Aromatherapy never fails me 😉

  40. Fishy said on 18-09-2010

    @ peter dewolf
    parang wala naman sa pic gallery si Ken, does that mean wa na sya? (

  41. peter dewolf said on 18-09-2010

    pagkatapos ng ilang buwan, at marami na rin disappointment sa iba’t-ibang MP sa Kamuning-Kamias, bumalik ako sa Equanimity … mabuti naman at nandyan pa si Ken … di na ako naghanap ng iba … hanggang ngayon, siya pa rin ang pinaka-da-best, lalo na sa fabulous na ES niya … maski maliit siya, superb ang service niya

  42. Bryan said on 18-09-2010

    Can somebody tell me where Asian Massage is…i really want to hj sa huli…try it…saan yung may hj sa huli.

  43. Jeffrey said on 16-09-2010

    ate v, maski medyo napa nosebleed ako sa pagkakabasa ko ng post mo pero alam ko binuhay mo ang katawang lupa ko. san ba yan ate v? please? pretty please?

  44. riverscorpion said on 16-09-2010

    Checked out green palm last night based on the recommendations on this site. to set the record straight:

    It is not right behind kingswood but is right on Vito cruz extension, almost at the junction with kamagong. meaning, halos sa dulo na if you’re coming from Makati CBD or EDSA.

    There are 4 masseurs from Sanctuario: Ralph, who Sanctuario regulars would know as the cuter of the locker room attendants in Sanctuario, Rico, who uses the name Benj in Green Palm, Aldrin, and Jeff. I got Ralph coz I never tried him as a masseur in Sanctuario. Disappointing kasi his rubdowns burnt my skin, which is the kind of massage I hate the most. at parang mapipilayan ako sa massage niya, no matter how used I am to the hardest of hard massages. You’ve been told about Benj. Definitely not the D____ from Pampanga who was one of my regular masseurs in Sanctuario, never quoted me a price, who owns a car, and who now works for Manila Bulletin. Si Jeff mukhang pera, Charged me 1K for an hj in Sanctuario and I never got him again after that. My masseurs in Sanctuario tell me Aldrin is of the same mold. So there, the Sanctuario masseurs in Green Palm are not among the best in Sanctuario, but hopefully they will eventually learn to charge more reasonably, if they havent yet.

    There’s a Prince Jireh spa right across. Has anyone tried it?

  45. Marco said on 16-09-2010

    @v: te sabihin mo lang kahit magpa-circo-circo pa ako at lumunok ng espada at kumain ng apoy gagawin ko malaman ko lang yang bago mong peborit! salamat!

  46. Jr said on 16-09-2010

    anyone tried Mont Albo Spa at Makati? its infront of Dusit Thani Hotel. Thanks.

  47. spaaddict said on 16-09-2010

    @V Ateh saan yan nakaka telag naman ang chika mo. share mo naman sa aken teh. share ko din sayo si cutie masseur ko na saksakan ng kadakilaan… seancody_2004@y.c.

  48. v said on 16-09-2010

    wit ko ine-expect. me bago na pala akit na peborit. as in, babalik-balikan. naman, kasi. walang palya, de riguer na yata sa kanila ang chorvahin ka ng masseur moh. o davah? level up kumpara sa ibang establishments na philip salsalvador lang ang may i offer, ang dami pang emyas. hmp! i do not think they keep any twinks in their stable. pati yung mga youngish, me bahdee. ay, katakam takam. yung last kong nabooking, juice koh, hinigop nang walang dangal ang aking kariktan. napaigtad ako sa gulat kasi pers taym ako naka-sight ng ganuong kaganado. chorva kung chorva! and mind you, true blue GFP lang ang mga itu. they do need inspiration to get it up. dun ko napagtanto na ‘straight’ ang ligaw ng bituka ng mga otoko ditey. pero ang chorva at ang rim, will put any gay man to shame. mapapatili kah ng, isa pah koyah! hihihihihi.
    @ marco, pinatatambling pa kita ng konti. 😉

  49. jo castro said on 16-09-2010

    @JUSTIN san ba yan type ko din magpa home service.

  50. Marco said on 16-09-2010

    @V: nice naman ako right? so pwede mo sabihin sa akin kung saan yang sinasabi mo. hahaha! email mo naman ako jmarco_vargas(at)yahoo.(com). salamat.

  51. Marco said on 16-09-2010

    Share ko lang mga kapatid. di ko kasi napigilang sabihin sa management yung nangyari sa akin sa h’wood. After kong magsumbong eto na nagxt na sa akin na balik naman daw uli ako tapos may discount na. para akong na-insulto. kaya sabi ko na salamat sa offer pero the best that they can do for my concern is to monitor their masseurs’ charges and to be aware of comments sa internet about their spa. tingnan natin kung may development. balitaan nyo ako mga kapatid.

  52. v said on 16-09-2010

    @marco 3170: taga, depende naman sa kung anong kasama sa ‘package’. at alam nating lahat yan! wag nang magshunga-shungahan ang mga badinggels, okay? me thinks though na sa H’wood, ung 1K mo would equate to romansa and HJ and BJ mo ang boylet. if gusto mo magpalabas din ang boylet, ask yan na mag-add pa konti. ang nakaka-imbiyer nga lang sa mga taga H’wood, pag aatempt ka pa lang na sumuso, mag wa warning na ang mga iyan na kesyo, matagal labasan. wag pansinin at derecho subo mga prinsesitas. kung me talent ang veklers, tignan ko kung di sila tirikan ng mata. hihihihihi. in all honesty, me naliligaw pa din na me hitsu sa H’wood pero siguro sa 1 me fez, 6 ang kelangan erboggenic to the max ka para katanggap tanggap. swear! madami namang ibang place na ganyan din ang emote pero wit na ang disclaimer pa ng mga masseur. if you are nice, bubulong ko sa yo kung saan. hihihihihi.

  53. v said on 16-09-2010

    @ justin 3165: ‘teh, wag ka naman sanang tumulad sa ‘kin at napakagat sa walang kamuang-muang na drama ng boylet na iyan. for sure, kung ikaw eh laglag panga sa bangis ni boylet, di kaya’t ganuon din ang lahat ng baklang minamasahe niya? at kung ikaw ay hindi mapigilang mag-attempt sa kaniya, ano kaya ang chances na ilang bakla na rin ang umistilo ng ganuon sa kaniya? ang malaking tanong actually ay, ilan na kaya ang pinagbigyan niya? kalokah davah? yung hindi ka niya outright na jinombag sa mga palipad hangin mo, bakla, signal yun na hindi tatanga-tanga ang boylet. sanay yan at hindi ikaw ang una o makakauna sa kanya. meron pang may-i-grab ang crotch? hellow, me inosente ba namang ganuon? hmp. la la la la la. yan talaga ang nakaka-challenge sa ganiyang situation eh. lam mo na me nagkukumulong kahalayan ang inosenteng mukha ni boylet pero wit mo pa ma-figure out paano palalabasin ang halimaw na iyan. ingat lang ateh, kasi, malamang lalaruin ka ng husto ni boylet. ay! ba’t alam na alam koh? haaaaaay….same boat kasi tayo, mare.

  54. Marco said on 15-09-2010

    talaga bang ganyan ang mga masseur ng hollywood? grabe managa ng customers. sana naman wag silang ganyan or else mawawalan sila ng mga patrons.

  55. doragayexplorer said on 15-09-2010

    @sweet 16 saan ba banda yang hollywood spa na yan tlaga bang maraming papabol?

  56. marco45 said on 15-09-2010

    ask ko nman yung nag home service sayo wala kac ako time pumasyal sa mga MP eh gusto ko home service lang kahit bigyan ko ng malaking tip… pakisend naman number nya sa email ko thanks

  57. STanleyhot said on 15-09-2010

    @justin grabe ka parang sobrang garapal ka naman. I wouldn’t go that far na mamimilit ng masahista to give in to my sexual fantasies. ill just give him some signs pag ndi nya naramdaman stop na ko. dapat na nirerespeto din ang mga katulad nila na nagwowork sa legit spas. kaawa naman ang ombre naabuso na ambata pa. sana matakot sya sayo at jombagin ka nya next time para matauhan ka. pumunta ka na lang sa mga illigit na spa madaming putang bayaran dun.

  58. eric said on 15-09-2010

    @sweet 16- bago ba yung mga hollywood masseur? bat ako, wala akong nakitang pogi puro chaka doll

  59. justin said on 15-09-2010

    had a home service from a spa in pasay city…this 19 year old guy is the brother of the said spa and my family loves to call for a home service evrey weekend. 1 hr massage is only 250 pesos. His name starts with K and and a genuine mestizo her mom i thin is spanish, rate 8 ang massage and NO ES for the past 3 months na sya lagi ang nagpupunta, bata pa ksi…wla pa alam sa mundo, he stopped schooling daw and is helping his brother out sa spa business nila, i tried touching his limbs para 2 give signs, inaalis ang kamay ko, ntapos ang massage na wala lang, di ko natiis pagkatapos ng massage while he is fixing his shoes , hinawakan ko utong sbi ko sa kanya ” gwapo ka sobra” tumayo sya bigla, sabay hipo sa etits nya, maliit, mejo payat ksi sya…cant inagine pag tinigasan si young boy for sure wagi…kya nung sya ulit nagpunta, nag brief lang ako during the massage and was looking at his face the whole time, ayaw pa din, gusto ko sensual massage parang wla lang, natapos na ulit ang massage while waiting for the other masseur sa haus, bnigyan ko water n sandwich, hinawakan ko ulit chest nya frm behind, di umangal sbi ko ” gusto ko ikaw lagi mag massage sa kin ha” uu daw sabay hawak sa etits nya pumayag saglit sbi ko next massage ako bahala sau, di daw pwede ung ganun sbi ko khit bgyan kita 1thou, tumawa lang, natapos na ung 1 massage bago umalis sya na nagsbi, sir next week ulit ha………………..cant wait for next week….sna may mangyari na

  60. lazer said on 15-09-2010

    ano mas okay?… Verde or Spada?… 😀 sinong okay na masseur dun?… please share naman… please?…

  61. sweet16 said on 15-09-2010

    I Was Visiting In hollywood spa last week daming guapo grabe almost 30 guy ang nakita ko so shak ako pero ang mahal ng mga singil ng kanilang guy saakin sa extra P1000 grabe ang sabi ko ano ka ginto

  62. jo castro said on 14-09-2010

    saan ba hidden spa? can somebody tell me pls.

  63. jo castro said on 14-09-2010

    saan ba hidden spa? can somebody tell me pls.

  64. ferdie said on 14-09-2010

    Any update sa “Hidden Spa”? Straight na ba ang mga masseurs?

  65. eric said on 14-09-2010

    hello, does anyone have the website addy of these MP, i know hilom. com and equanimity, pero yung iba wala, , just want to see the pics kesa pumunta pa

  66. Marco said on 13-09-2010

    @v: yeah learned my lesson well. salamat. siguro hinay-hinay muna at pansamantalang ititigil ang pananaig ng tinig ng laman. Hahaha! Pero kasalanan ko din ba kung minsan lang ako makatikim ng ganung klaseng putahe (pun not necessarily intended). Haaay…kapag nga naman walang malabasan ng init ng katawan…

  67. hootiejan said on 13-09-2010

    i’m glad that caloy posted again. when i was new in this forum, i would actually read and reread his posts. i regarded his observations as gospel truth. a few nights ago, i passed by has a new signage and the “mr” has been omitted. tama ba?
    one of these days, i will try caloy’s recommendations. and i hope i won’t get disappointed, just like the other times. here is hoping that we will hear more from caloy.

  68. v said on 13-09-2010

    @marco: ‘teh na-isahan ka ng otokesh. kapagka quota ka na sa kembot, dun ma ma-realize na at any time, you could pack your bags and leave. ‘teh, kesehodang supergwash ang fezlak ng boylet o superdakesh nah, angri-angrihan pa ang notrilya niyah. nothing makes you feel as rotten as like when you’re on the way home, and the smile has worn off and you realized you’ve been duped, big time. remembrance! kaw ang me hawak ng susi ng kaligayahan. be very selective kung kanino siya igagawad.

  69. Marco said on 13-09-2010

    @stanleyhot: just want to know when did you last see him? nag-iisa lang ba sya dun? feeling ko kasi bata pa sya to be working in MPs for three years now because he really looks young. thanks.

  70. Marco said on 13-09-2010

    @stanleyhot; thanks so much sa advice. i really need that to clear my mind. thanks again. balak ko pa naman sana syang balikan pero after what you said never mind na lang. thanks a lot. and thanks Migs for posting my query. More power! Peace!

  71. xxx said on 13-09-2010

    WHORES? that’s a strong word. napaka value laden tern, why don’t you say “sex workers”. christ.

  72. stanleyhot said on 13-09-2010

    @Marco. sayang ang pinaghirapan mong pera. i got jericho for 1300 only we did 69. i dont kiss whores so ok lang sa kin. and by the way matagal na sya sa mga MP’s mga 3 years na din ata.
    In short naloko ka sis. sana lessons learn. ikaw nagbibigay kay dapat ikaw ang may control. don’t let those whores control you.

  73. spaaddict said on 11-09-2010

    ahahaha may developments ang spada aba may FHM at LINGAM na sila laugh ako ng laugh sa presyo ni kabarong bong.. napakamahal so may i get pa din ang ordinary massage.. talagang pag may regular masseur ka na maswerte ka. kinuha ko si regular ko dun and syempre dahil suki na pinaranas nya sa kin ang lingam massage sabi nga nya pagpapraktisan kita sir. eh syempre and bunso nyo eh give lang ng give sa gusto ni cutie maseur ko.. ok go. need pang ipolish pero understandable naman kasi almost a week ago lang nagtraining ang mga ombre. so ayus lang talagang pag nahasa si cutie masseur ko mukhang promising ang LINGAM. hagod sa shaft sa scrotum accupressure sa groin area. finger finger. hahaha.. ayus lang kung ang gumagawa naman eh ang cutie masseur ko. after massage pahinga konti and pinaliguan nya ko as usual sinamba ko na naman ang espada nya…. umuwi akong nakangiti at dilig na dilig. ahahaha. laki talaga ng espada nya AW!

  74. Marco said on 11-09-2010

    Guys I need your advise regarding this matter which has been bothering me since last night. I went to Hollywood Spa along West Avenue QC and got a massage from a cute boyish-looking guy which I really found irresistible (kapangalan niya yung kapartner lagi ni kristine hermosa). When he offered me ES he told me that it would be 2500 which excludes the amount for the massage which was 450. I was surprised but since I was already enjoying I agreed. Then I asked him if he kiss. He told me “Smack lang po pero kung isasara ninyong 3k lalaban ako ng halikan.” When I agreed in fairness it was all French kissing galore. But after our session he told me not to tell the management how much I gave him. I said okay but was already thinking that the amount I shelved was huge. Then at around 12 mn (I went there 7pm) he texted me (I got his number and he got mine) and reminded me again not to tell the management. He said that “bago pa lang po kasi ako at kukinin nila yung kalahati eh nasa ospital po kapatid ko me dengue.” He looks honest and courteous naman when he massaged me pero I feel I was duped. Do you guys think the same way? Please I need to know whether the amount I gave out was reasonable or not. First time ko po asi itry mag-MP. Thanks a lot.

  75. allen said on 11-09-2010

    awww.. sad naman ako sa experience mo jeffrey.. hmmm.. parang yaw ko na tuloy try ang spada.. parang wala dun ang hinahanap ko.. hehehe paging spaaddict.. world peace!!!

  76. Jeffrey said on 11-09-2010

    just been to spada last night. got their FHM (for him massage), nice name, pero harang at P500 ha, it wasn’t any different from a swedish massage i get at PB Alabang but only for P350. i was assigned to a therapist named daryl who offered extra after. i said no. he was asking 1K for a handjob. ano ako baldado? may kamay pa naman ako kaya no. besides, again at PB Alabang, I can get a handjob for P250 tip. di pa ako gagastos para sa gas and toll fee papunta. try ko lang to see kung may difference based on what i read here. next stop – verde naman.

  77. Fishy said on 11-09-2010

    any masseur coming from Sanctuario is in for a serious reality check paglipat nila sa ibang Spa. kala nila they could always charge as much as they’ve been doing sa Sanctuario.

  78. alderich said on 10-09-2010

    to post 3143: hotguycummer.: who was your masseur? saka where is asian makati located, may parking ba sila don?

  79. alderich said on 10-09-2010

    to post 3102: heller:
    Mas ok yun package kinuha mo. Yun 399 ata wala access sa wet area, actually I have not tried that yet, pero it is at the spa area where the action is eh. Pinadiretso ka sa massage kaagad, d ka na pinagamit facilities?

  80. rhoy said on 10-09-2010

    went to Verde spa in buendia taft. got the body scrub and massage. 2 male masseurs ang naka assign – one to do the scrub and the other to do the massage. both offered ES. yun lang… =)

  81. Jack said on 09-09-2010

    Mukhang the great Caloy is back, hope makaka post siya regularly tulad noon. Does this mean magbabalikan na rin young ibang magagaling na contributors sa thread na Ito?

  82. hotguycummer said on 08-09-2010

    Tried Asian Massage – Makati. Hunk ang masseur na nakuha ko.
    At may nangyari.

  83. ric said on 08-09-2010

    any massage spa with e.s diti sa dubai?

  84. allen said on 08-09-2010


    yup natry ko na rin yun.. hala… pumayag sakin yun ng 300 69 kami.. kaya lang mabilisan kasi kapos na sa oras, bodywash lang ako.. parang mas nag-enjoy pa siya kesa sakin.. kaasar.. =) maputi nga at mapayat.. natry mo na yung pinakabago nilang bodywasher? will share to you… ano email ad mo?

  85. spaaddict said on 08-09-2010

    @allen oo correct try mo ang espada baka andun ang espadang mahaba na matagal mo ng hinahanap. may isa sa verde may connect sa heavenly being ang name. nagpabody wash ako sa kanya hala nag sing sya sa nota ko ahahaha type ata ang maputing nota ayun sinibasib…. binigyan ko ng 500 na tip binulungan ako sa uulitin sir.. ay! nagenjoy ang bekimon…. ahahha… sino sya? maputi mapayat at nagsising sya pag type ka nya… ahahha diba mr manager na kalbo????

  86. allen said on 08-09-2010


    i feel for you.. ako naman sa may spartacus.. forgot na the name of the masseur.. gwapo, so-so massage, susme… kakarimarim yung amoy ng pubic hair. as in di ko kinaya pag-bj sa kanya.. ang nangyari tuloy JO siya while ako wait for his milk..hay naku.. ngayon i frequent Verde pero feel ko wala dun yung sinasabi mong masseur, well, at least based sa mga naging therapist ko.. try ko naman kaya Spada?hmmm watchathink..

  87. spaaddict said on 08-09-2010

    sinumpa ko na ang hilom after my last experience gwapo si masseur A _ _ _ _ type na type ko sa picture nya sa site. so kinuha ko sya… sumakit katawan ko sa massage nya halos mafracture ang buto ko. tas lalo worst sa ES dahil anlakas ng putok nya sa pubic hair part ndi ko matake halos masuka ako. no stir basta A ang simula ng name nya at gwapo sya. sa mga nakakuha na sa kanya you definitely are familiar with the odour. yackkkk…
    may isa pa si masseur G _ _ _ _ ay matagal tagal na din jan star masseur sya kasi wlang duda na magaling sya sa masahe.. un lang JUTS sya ahahha diba mga sisses JUTS si mr. verzosa. ahahah… UN NA! kaya di na ko nagsayang ng pera at pagod pumunt jan sa QC dito na lang ako sa makati. sariwang sariwa pa…

  88. eric said on 08-09-2010

    hello everyone, i appreciate the input, tanong ko lang, guwapo ba itong mga massuer na nabibida dito, i usually go to hilom, me website sila –, medyo mahal , ES nila mga 1500 pataas

    pls visit the site and can we use them as gauge to compare the looks- na try ko na sila gardo, kim, kurt marvin

    mahilig kasi ako sa pogi- based on the review here, baka puntahan ko ang green palm

  89. will said on 08-09-2010

    caloy, ano ok sa macau, singapore or hongkong?

  90. ric said on 07-09-2010

    hi, any massage clinic dito sa DUBAI with e.s.

  91. markZ said on 07-09-2010

    @cum_with_me , yes i think 2 diff masseur. Pero taga pampanga din yung si D eh, from sta. ana, pampanga.
    Prominent yung surname nila sa pampanga. Na try ko na sya sa labas, basta babayaran mo siya ng tama, sabi nya sa akin, iyung-iyo ang t_t_ ko. Cannot forget those lines. . .I find him very decent naman kasi mukhang may pinagaralan naman.

  92. Jeffrey said on 06-09-2010

    @hotguycummer, agree with what you said. dami ko pala puede i try sa makati. though i must admit, mahina talaga ako sa pag decipher kung ano anong names ng mga spas mentioned dito. help naman pls.

  93. spaaddict said on 06-09-2010

    @cum i think 2 diff masseurs.. parang D nga ang first letter ng name nya pareho kami ni markz mabiro nga sya at simpatico pero mukhang pera lan talaga… tsk tsk tsk.. sayang talaga

  94. hotguycummer said on 06-09-2010

    SUPAH HOT ng comments..
    Hmm.. Andami q atang matatry na spa pagbalik q ng Makati.. 😀

  95. cum_with_me said on 06-09-2010

    @markz and spaddict,

    Yung tinutukoy ko kasi nagsisimula sa B ang name niya. Real name niya starts with R and he’s from Pampanga. Or arw we talking about 2 different masseurs altogether?

  96. spaaddict said on 06-09-2010

    @markz now nagetz ko na kaya ayaw nya pakita kasi juts ang nota… ahahaha…. now i know. nakakahya nga naman lalo na’t ang client ay dakota harrison ang nota diba.. ahahah pero babalik ako dun para masubukan un matangkad at mukhang teenager na cutie masseur. sino kaya sya??

  97. caloy said on 06-09-2010

    I’ve been away for some time and was unable to post in this thread even from abroad. Last week, I went to Equanimity, and to my surprise, Jay was no longer there. He and some of the mainstays of Equa, like Gab transferred to Green Nature Spa, over at the other end. I haven’t had the time yet to go over there.

    The pleasant surprise however was my discovery that some of the best and most reliable guys of this Spa are back – Clifford, Janus and Ace.

    Ace texted me, over a month ago that he transferred to Mr. Earth. When I went to Mr. Earth, he had returned to Equanimity.

    I haven’t been to Mr. Earth for over two years and when I got there there were a number of good looking guys whom I’ve not seen in the Spas that I usually go to. I picked one, Kenjie, him with the fair complexion and flawless skin. Kenji’s massage was very good and his ES was even better. The service was exceptionally good.

    The receptionist at Mr. Earth, Cyrus, I think came from either Human Touch or Holywood. He’s a good chap and so far, his recommendations have been quite accurate. I just hate receptionists who would push their favorites ( translation = nagbibigay) and when you’re inside the cubicle, the recommendation turns out to be a big dud. Cyrus is friendly and so far very forthright with his suggestions.

    Yesterday I got Brix. There were only tw omasseurs when I arrived at Mr. Earth, being a slow Sunday evening and it must have been raining cats and dogs in some parts of Metro Manila. I was horny so I just decided to get Brix. According to Cyrus, fabuloso daw.

    Fabulous he was and definitely, Brix delivered the goods. I think he has one of the three biggest cocks I’ve ever encountered in the massage circuit – its long and fat, with a nicely shaped dickhead. More importantly he knows how to use his hands, lips and prodigous member. The ES was a 10/10 and the massage was good, approaching one of those that I got in Bangkok and at Star Masseurs over in Guangzou several months ago. Fabulous was an understatement for this talented guy, Brix and I’ll definitely go back for more of hiv over at Mr. Earth.

    Brix isn’t very tallfor those who want them tall. He’s about 5’4 at the most, but he has a good V shaped body and great, dark nipples. The lips are full and kissable and he kisses well, caressing, soft, gentle, and later on wild as you want it.

    Its nice to know there are some like Brix and Kenjie around.

    I’ve tried Clifford and Janus recently and they still deliver. I think one of the reasons for their popularity is their consistency. Once in a while, however, one likes to savor something else.

  98. markZ said on 06-09-2010

    kilala ko na yang dating taga sanctuario who is now working at green palm. First name nag start ng letter D, totoo mabait at magalang nga siya. May kotse pa nga yan eh. Mabiro rin sya. Kulang lang sya sa height pero super ganda ang katawan. Sorry nga lang, maliit ang sandata niya. Anyway, super sarap kasi tigasin talaga.

  99. verpru88 said on 06-09-2010

    Hi Spaaddict! I can definitely identify your masseur in Green Palm. I can share more info about the masseurs there and about the newly-opened spa in Malate where 3 masseurs from Sanctuario work. Please email me at

  100. Joshy said on 06-09-2010

    Di maganda yung sa heavenly care sa somerset masyadong mahal sa 750 not worth it. Malayo ang itsura ng spa sa CTL. Buti may phaenboran sa makati ave ayun naunload ako super sensual…nakakakuryente..groin at nafinger pa ako..libre gusto ni masseur kainin ko sya naelyas yata…in fairness 3 sila cutie at maputi dun..di lang kasi mbango ska mas malaki yung sakin kaya sabay hj ko na lang din sya…

  101. spaaddict said on 05-09-2010

    @jethro grabe ang attitude no? kaya ako namimili ako ng pagbibigyan ko sa ES pag abusado NO! peo pag mabait at walang asking price ako pa mismo nagdadagdag sa pay ko…. katulad ng cutie masseur ko na nagwowork either sa verde or spada un nashare ko nung una (di ko sasabihin kung saan at sino sya) sa itsura nya at sa laki ng kargada nya dapat may asking price na sya pero wala syang presyo presyo. sabi nya sa kin “sir kung anu lang po un kaya nyo bigay ok lang po sa kin. mahalaga po regular ko na kayo dito” o diba sino ba naman ang di malalaglag ang suot ng panty dun. o diba may mababait pa naman tayong mahahanap na may gintong puso. kung sino man sya mga sis sa kin na lang sya ha pagbigyan nyo na lang ang bunso ngayon… go!

  102. cum_with_me said on 05-09-2010


    Kung yun nga ang name niya…ganun talaga yun. May 2 anak yun sa Pampanga. Medyo namimili kasi yun ng tao pagdating sa presyohan ng ES. Pag hotel service 2k ang singil niya. Kung ang masseur nga na yun ay yung macho na balbon na hindi naman katangkaran at tatak ng sikat na clothing brand dito sa Pinas, ok lang na di mo siya nahipuan. Maliit yung kanya. Parang hindi proportioned considering na ang laki ng katawan niya.

    Attitude-wise, baka you rubbed him the wrong way o bad trip talaga siya nung araw na yun. Nakuha ko yun dati nung nasa Verde pa siya, hotel service. Gusto ko lang iget it over and done with. Nakain ko siya. Twice siyang nagpalabas pero ang kiliti sa katawan grabe. Yun lang talaga matitikman mo. 2k. Mahal ano? Pero mabait naman siya nun. Lagi niya nga ko inaaddress ng po at opo. Pero dahil nga mahal, there are infinitely better ones na hindi ganun kataas maningil. Sa isang legit spa nga sa Timog, meron 1k all in – massage rate at ES. Sa MP naman sa Sta. Mesa meron din. Pati sa BOB sa may Anonas. Gwapo ang masseurs. Even sa Kingspoint sa Morato may isang gwapo don. Not as expensive.

    YUng mga masseurs kasi ng Green Palm, nasa kanila pa ang kultura ng Sanc. Malate. Kaya ganun sila. A sure way to lower their prices? Mga bakla, huwag kagatin ang ES na 1k pataas. Dapat ang ceiling natin sa ES 1k lang. Kaya lumalaki ulo ng mga yan kasi ang daming nagpapauto.

  103. said on 05-09-2010

    crazy^26, thanks for the correction. mapuntahan nga yang mga spa na yan. haha! it’s been a while since i went far east and pearl sacho (ito nga yun). i owe them a visit. this week siguro. haha! who’s with me?

  104. brag said on 05-09-2010

    There’s a new spa(opened 2 weeks ago as per the receptionist) sa intersection ng T Morato at Kamuning. Its beside Kingspoint. Walang kwenta like Splendore buti na lang 200 lang. At ang fez ng masseur ko, eeeww. Haha. Buti na lang pwede na ang interior. Dun na lang ako nagfocus.

  105. joey said on 05-09-2010

    @spaaddict and cum_with_me: ano ang pangalan? siguro dapat sabihin din dito para maiwasan at ma realize nya ang pagkaka mali nya. Kung brand ng sikat na damit dito sa Pilipinas, eto ba ay Bench? To spaaddict, Im excited about the newly discovered spa in Malate. Saan kaya doon? How about the Prince Jireh Spa near Green Palm? Any feedback/review? Thanks

  106. v said on 05-09-2010

    @hottiejan #3111: ‘teh clue naman sa name ng masseur na nagetlak moh?

  107. spaaddict said on 05-09-2010

    OH MY GAY!!!! @cum_with_me parang sya nga ang thereapist na yun kinalimutan ko na ang pangalan ng gagitong un.. di na dapat maalala pa. basta macho sya maputi mukhang siga siga pero gwapo. magaling magmassage in fairness sensual to the max kaso lang parang requirement ang ES sa kanya. super sayang tlaga sya sana magbago na sya teh…. tumpak green palm

  108. jethro said on 05-09-2010

    Why pay for a hand job? That’s the real extra service na supposed to be ay free…(then you give tip na lang for a good service)…kalokohan naming malaki yan…I went to cicada last week the masseur said, gusto mo sir i-masturbate ko? Sabi ko, if you want ok lang….”1,500.00” po bayad…natawa ako…gusto mo ako imusturbate pero gusto mo akong magbayad, diba dapat ikaw magbayad kasi ikaw ang me gusto?….ending…NO. before siya lumabas sabi niya “next time po babae ang kunin nyo masahista…” huh?!?

  109. spaaddict said on 05-09-2010

    @ hotguycummer hey there oonga magastos ha pero happy naman kasi nakakatuklas ako ng mga bagong spa hahaha para naman mabuhay ang forum diba. yeah got your email ad talk some other time ah i cant post my email here baka mangulit ang ibang mga ate natin dito… hahaha. will share to you the new spa in malate. class a masseurs from sanctuario

  110. spaaddict said on 05-09-2010

    ok para di na pahulaan tutal naman pangit experience ko sa spa na ito es wise.
    the spa is green palm (as far as i can remember yan ang name) walk straight to your left if youre facing kingswood condo.
    balitaan nyo naman kami ah sa adventure nyo dun. btw gusto kong bumalik dun !!!! coz i saw a young masseur uber tangkad and gwapo din and young looking pa. kakadating lang nya ng spa nun naassign na sa kin si macho guapitong mukhang perang masseur. sayang nga type na type ko un kakadating lang na masseur lalo na may dalang gitara pa… hahahah
    so go na sises unahan sa pagtakbo.. sugod!

  111. cum_with_me said on 04-09-2010


    Green Palm Spa yang tinutukoy mo. Delikado ka pag lahat ng masseurs ay nagmula sa Sanctuario. Kasi feeling ng mga yan, ginto ang etits nila! Buti na lang di ka pumayag. Kung ako sayo, ni hindi ako magtitip at baka isumbong ko pa yan sa management! Yung nakuha mo bang masseur ang pangalan ay brand ng damit na usong uso sa Pilipinas? You may email me at Kwentuhan pa tayo…

  112. crazy^26 said on 04-09-2010

    Mr. spa, if im not mistaken, spaaddict was referring to the spas located along taft ave, pasay not actually makati….it’s a few meter walk from the buendia station or LRT…Both spas are actually within one building.V and S….it’s a corner building….thus you’d see one along taft…and the other…along a narrower side street….

    Far East offers a better service than Pearlsacho…but pearlsacho men are way better in physique than the other……but this is just me…..

  113. hootiejan said on 04-09-2010

    i went to lakan the other night. lakan is near sm centerpoint. massage was so so. but the es was the masseur’s bod was to die for.

  114. said on 04-09-2010

    oh and i was in wensha in timog a few weeks back. i do have garapal tendencies so i didn’t mind getting sucked in the steam room. while 2 others were watching. and as for the masseur i got there, well if it weren’t a shared room something could have happened. if only i can remember what they guy’s name was.

  115. said on 04-09-2010

    there are 2 spas near the place where i live in makati. one is in kamagong, i think far east is what it’s called. and the other whose name escapes me now is along pasong tamo (near the back of shopwise). in all my visits, me ES. sa far east kwento nung nakuha ko na “standard” daw sa kanila mag-offer nun. i’m easy to please so i don’t have that much comment re massage and the ES itself. I like the other spa better though. some masseurs i know were from other spas in the metro so they aren’t new to this ES thing. i was once had a very maskulado guy, as in bato-bato talaga katawan and his THING was huge. i’m not one to brag but money isn’t an issue to me kaya siguro bigay na bigay din sila sa ES nila. i do wonder though where the ones spaaddict’s referring to are. i sure would like to try them.

  116. Yuppie said on 03-09-2010

    hmmm bakit kaya nilagyan nila ng salamin na ung sauna area sa wensha timog hehe… was surprised when i went there. myat mya silip ng silip mga attendants at guard, feeling tuloy ng mga spa goers eh nasa aquarium sila. sayang!

  117. brag said on 03-09-2010

    @3104 clifford is back in equanimity

    i tried to find verde spa but was just lost. directions please. who do i get?

  118. cutie said on 03-09-2010

    about the posting of spaaddict… let’s not give in to what they want — all they want is our money — our hard earned money.

    hinay hinay lang tayo sa mga es… let’s save our money for our family and our future.

  119. Lorenz said on 02-09-2010


  120. trgo2001 said on 02-09-2010

    any news on clifford of equanimity?

  121. hotguycummer said on 02-09-2010

    @spaaddict..may bago ka na namang tuklas ha..panigurado, hahanapin na yan ng readers dito..
    have u read my prev post?email me so that i can share to u whats on my mind.. 😀

  122. SPAADDICT said on 01-09-2010

    may i share ko lang ang field report na bago hayz purot yun at yun lang ang usapan dito. tuloy nagaala magellan ako para lang sa sangkabaklaan… haha
    may bagong discovery ako just a walk away from KINGSWOOD CONDO. May connect sya sa kulay ng puno at parte ng katawan na malimit gamitin sa massage hahaha….. so yun naintriga ako kasi daiming motor sa labas so pasok ang bunso nyo sa bagong spa na ito. maganda naman sya. may shower for free may lockers at sa second floor ang masahihan. gwapo ang majority of masseur na nakita ko. mukhang promising 3 months in operation pa lang. Ang nakuha kong masseur galing ng SANCTUARIO SPA sa malate. BTW pasara na ang SANCTUARIO SA MALATE ahahha butinga sa mayari na nabaon sa utang! wahahaha hate ko talaga sya… going back macho ang masseur ko maputi parang si andrew schimmer… malakas ang dating… so binulungan ako ni masseur habang nasa locker ako kung gusto ko daw ng sensual dagdagan ko ang 350 ng 100 pesos. naexcite ang ate nyo ayun pumayag ako. shower muna hilod to death para mabango… pagtapus pinaakyat ako sa 2nd floor maganda ang cubicles halos doble ng mga cubicles sa spada at verde. maluwag at malamig. mabango. pinahubad ni masseur ang lahat ng suot ko. hinubad ang kanyang pang itaas at tumambad ang napaka sarap na katawan. nipples palang ulam na.
    magaling ang masahe naelyas paniki ako. matapus ang napakasarap na masahihan inalok ako ni masahista kung gusto ko ng HJ tinanung ko kung magkano… isang libo daw… whaaattttt?? 1000pesos? tumawad ako ng 500 ayaw pa din. tumanggi na ko. biglang nagbago ang isip ng damuho pumayag na din.
    Dito na ko na turn off. ng hihipuin ko ng ang kanyang ari biglang tinapik ang kamay ko. bawal daw sya hawakan. haaaa??? anu ka? ginto?
    pinatigil ko sya sa pagbayo sa aking sandata. Nagdabog ang damuho binato ang lalagyan ng oil. saka nilayasan ako…
    Mukha palang pera ang masahista ko… sayang. gwapo pa naman.
    wala akong masabi sa masahe tantric style bibigyan ko sya ng 9 out of 10… pero ang es 1 out of 10. mapilit din sya sa una sabi ko masahe lang gusto ko kaso namimilit sabi nya sa es lang daw sya kikita kaya parang pumayag na din ako…. kaso lang parang maarte. siguro kung keri nyo offeran sya ng 2K or up papayag sya magpahipo or baka maka sing and dance pa kayo diba. ako kasi mahalaga sa kin ang pinagpawisan ko kaya hanggang 500 lang kung HJ lang ang usapan…
    nasa inyo kung itatry nyo ang bagong spa na ito… quality ang masseurs galing karamihan ng sanctuaryo at verde…
    go go go…
    next time ang bagong discovery ko na spa sa malate na lahat ng masseur ay galing ng sanctuario… hahaha wawa naman ang sanctuario luging lugi na…..

  123. heller said on 01-09-2010


    ask ko lang po about sa south bay…

    nagpunta kasi ako, first time ko kaya kinabahan ako….

    inavail ko lang yung 350 pesos whole body massage….. then binigyan ako ng keys… then derecho na ko sa parang locker room…. nung nag wash ako nung magpapalit ako into robe may crowd somewhere… i dunno kung pwede ako dun… kasi whole body massage lang ako…

    then later tinawag na ako nung masseuse para sa massage sa common room…. may mga masseur din pero di makita kasi madilim sa common room….

    then after 1 hour, tapos na, iniwanan lang ako ng envelope for tip….


    pano po ba kung gagamit nung ibang facilities? ok na ba yung binayad ko or ibang bayad yun?

    wala ako na observe na something kakaiba sa south bay… kug meron pls give me tip kung pano, i really want to explore….

    and finally, kung masseur ba dito may es rin?

  124. melc said on 01-09-2010

    hi…. im bry a student from st. benilde-la salle… im only 20 yrs. old and i can say that im a proud bimale…. i used to have a bf pero never ko pa natry pumunta sa mga mp… pero last week…. i am proud na nakapunta ako… we did a research last week sa may j. ruiz… then nagdecide na umuwi ang mga kagrupo ko… most of them magtaxi nalang para umuwi… since ako from taytay… i need to take lrt for me to go home… habang naglalakad napancin ko ang isang massage parlor… if i am not mistaken phoenix ang name nya,,,, pangit yung establishment… nung naglalakad na ko at malapit na sa tapat nila… bglang may lumabas na masseur,,,, oh my… half naked… and then nag smile cia sa kin… to make the story short na attract ako… pumasok tuloy ako sa phoenix… dami masseur…. wah…. ayun.. pinili ko c clark… hundred percent hawig ni coco martin… wah…. naka id pa ko ng st. benilde… kaya alam nya student ako… 4 hundred for the vip room… as a typical student.,,, 1, 5 lang laman ng wallet ko… uuwi pa ko… yun ang iniicp ko while waiting for clark kc naliligo… nung dumating cia i told him na 1k lang laman ng wallet ko… tinabi ko yung 5 hundred para pangtaxi from santolan…. sabi nya wala ba daw ako idagdag… i said wala talaga 4 hundred for the room… 6 hundred for him… sabi ok lang daw… cnimulan nya ang massage… hard sarap… then napunta sa sensual super sarap… then after 40 mins naghubad na cia…. hnalikan ako torrid… nagpalabas kami both… yun pala ang feeling pag first time…
    sorry sa kwento d ko pa gamay eh… hahah,.,,,

  125. buboy said on 01-09-2010

    I cannot wait to get back to Pinas. I miss all the stuff you talk about here. In the mean time, mayroon bang website diyan sa Pinas na xxx at Pinoy ang lumalabas? Dito maraming ganoon pero sawa na ako sa mga puti. Please share lang ninyo.

  126. Justin G. said on 31-08-2010

    meron bang action sa BORA o BAGUIO?! Help naman O! Looking for a Spa or good masseise with ES!

  127. entong08 said on 31-08-2010

    may contact number po ba kayo ng blue palm? Pati address na rin pls. Gusto ko lang ma-try. Thanks.

  128. pagod said on 31-08-2010

    @Jr, may mairerekumenda ka bang masseur dun?

  129. Jr said on 31-08-2010

    @ pagod #3094 ok anf facilities…massage 7/10 pero sensual naman =)

  130. pagod said on 30-08-2010

    may naka-try na po ba kay ryan sa sanctuario qc? sino pa ba ang ok doon?

  131. hot_knight said on 30-08-2010

    @entong08, salamat, napuntahan ko kagabi yun banyan tree spa sa may Osmena circle sa Elegant Inn, may ganyan ngang nangyari sa akin. nung isang araw, I was in Golden Royal Spa along Salinas Drive. grabe dun, nagulat ako kasi akala ko walang mangyayaring eksena. meron pala.ok naman yung ES. next time ko na lang punta yung Aviary sa Jones pagbalik ko ng Cebu.

  132. rhoy said on 30-08-2010

    hey what and where is this spa in Makati – the V and S. thanks.

  133. xxx said on 30-08-2010

    @balingkinitan: thanks for the info. 😉

  134. Justin G said on 29-08-2010

    Dave Paul
    They have several branches 0823065452
    I get Arthur who is half japanese(he does things for me that he says he doesnt let other people do like kiss and stuff)
    There is also kim? who is a dancer with a beautiful body and perfect abs… not sure about the name… ask them nalang who is the guy who is a dancer.

  135. hero said on 29-08-2010

    @spaaddict #3066,
    puede malaman anong spa at sino masseur or kung puede makuha cell# ni masseur- “anyways.. gusto ko pa magkwento dun sa spa na may connect sa hearing taste touch smell etc”- my email:, thanks

  136. jr said on 29-08-2010

    Fishy. clean massage lang po… nahihiya ako magtanong… lakas kasi ng appeal niya eh.. =)

  137. Fishy said on 28-08-2010

    @ Jr:
    Sino itong nakuha mo sa Nuat Thai Timog na magaling? Saka if you mean “clean” do you mean pure massage lang talaga?
    (Tama ka kung massage ang hanap Amistad na ko… =) ok din sa Nuat Thai Timog magaling yung masseur ko dun. clean massage. pwede siya sa Amistad. gwapo at magaling magmasahe.)

  138. v said on 28-08-2010

    @ entong08 3084: kurash! when i was there last, majormajor winner ang aviary. nga lang i went to their gorordo branch. di ko talaga inexpect. sabi ko dun sa therapist when he offered, “ha? meron din dito niyan??!!” to which he repied, “opo sir, walang pakialaman dito.” in reference to my concern that the door was covered by no more than a flimsy curtain. and that sort of limits the “fun” that you can have there. buti na lang, in a way, hindi kagalingan si boylets, okei okei lang ang performance. kasi kung makatapat ka ng tirik-mata, sipa-paa, halukay-sigaw level, naku, mababaog ka sa kapipigil ng ligaya. the short of it is this, puede vah, accordion door man lang? hihihihihi

  139. v said on 28-08-2010

    tenchu poh! gaga talaga akoh, nasabihan nang me tama superwave pa din. eniway……kuya, yan bang si kenneth na 6 feet oh so tall na dating volleyball player na medyo medyo (medyo medyo lang naman) papachubby nah? ehem…..kasi kung iyon yun, gurl, parang wala siguro siya sa mood siguro nuon. kasi yung ken na nagetlak ko jan, di ko siya malimot. hihihihi. kasi feeling koh, pinagtripan niyang gahasain ang ngalangala ni vaklah. as in, wit cia happy na chinochorvah ko lang siya. inangkla niya ang oh so long leggedness niya sa shoulders ko, locked and pinned it down, and then nagsimula siyang banatan ang boca ni bakla. actually naloka ako nun. bigla kong naisip, footah kang lalaki kah, puede palang malunod sa burat. siyeeeettt!! as in when he had me locked down, in total control ang majerbog na bagets sa rhythm. eh gago. talagang binibitin hanggang mag-gasp ako ng air. ateh, di ko nakayanan ang wildness……

  140. joanthan said on 28-08-2010

    @v 2960: parang may tama ka.. hahaha!
    tas eto na naman ako…
    have tried yesterday kenneth of spartacus. makinis. gwapo. 19yo. massage is ok. but the es? pwede na din..

  141. entong08 said on 28-08-2010

    @hot_knight: when in cebu punta ka sa aviary sa may jones. Bigay todo mga guys. Ok din sa banyan tree spa, hit and miss nga lang. Pero in both spas, es is very much present

  142. hotguycummer said on 27-08-2010

    @spaaddict..unisex ang name nya at Globe number nya? ahaha..
    here’s my email, usap tau personal
    hotguycummer(at)yahoo(dot)com or elfabio_ph(at)yahoo(dot)com
    natry q na nga ang masseur na sinasabi mo..

  143. hot_knight said on 27-08-2010

    san ba dito sa Cebu yung spa para sa mga PLU?

  144. trgo2001 said on 26-08-2010

    hi balingkinitan ! i also want to try clifford. Is there any way i can get in touch with you in private? May i know ur email address sir?

  145. rasty said on 26-08-2010

    want to share my bad exprnce in lucky charm spa,d massage is so mahal 600.pero dahil don na ako ako at may magstuhan naman ako kaya go ang lola nyo..nung nasa room na kami i heard in the other cubicle mga masahista they talking about drugs,kaya sa sobrang takot ko ay d ko na tinapos yung massage ko.ayaw ko na talaga pumunta sa MP na yon,nakakatakot baka ma raid na lang.kaya along west or sa kamias na lang ako kc parang safe ka

  146. Jeffrey said on 26-08-2010

    by the way, i still have in my inbox the text message of hidden spa that night when i texted to inquire who among the therapists were present. named to be on duty that night were emman, nic, raf, vince, coco, ian and yuri. so i decided to go since i thought, good, andun si vince, makuha nga since recommended siya. but when i arrived, wala pa si vince and was told to wait for a while. and i did. then saka palang siya dumating and timing, tumawag si toby to inquire kung sino ang mga pumasok that night. and the rest of the story – nakwento ko na.

  147. Jeffrey said on 26-08-2010

    @bong, no problem with your comments re your personal experience with vince. this will be my last response too on this matter. i just want to clear one very important matter. of the possible reasons you listed, i was his first client that evening. he came in late. why do i know? because i heard the receptionist talking to toby, one of the owners/partners of hidden spa. and toby was looking for the therapists present that night. and the receptionist did say that vince just came in and already has a client. that was me. and i am not bastos na client, in fact, i do not even talk to the therapist while in session. i just let him do his job and will answer the therapist when he asks from time to time if the pressure is ok. in his case, he did not ask me. the only question asked was at the start, whether i liked it soft, moderate or hard. i said moderate. and also, no, i don’t smell bad, i just came from the house, had a good scrubbing, even dabbed on a little cologne, brushed my teeth, gargled with mouthwash. why? not because i was preparing for sex with the therapist but primarily because as you said, i do not want that the therapist will have an unpleasant experience with me. never ako na nagpaparamdam o nagpapakita na motibo sa kanila na habol ko ang ES after a session. i am not a bad looking guy, in fact, modesty aside, i am a looker, i have a good body, i work out regularly and i have a personal trainer. so again, for the last time, i will say this, if you had a good experience with vince, then, i am happy for you. but you have no right to tell me that i should not voice out my bad experience with him simply because you are saying that he does not know. oh by the way, since i wanted to be fair and did not want to create further problems for the guy, i did not bother to tell the receptionist or to toby my experience. i just felt i needed to say it here because the only reason why i took vince that night was because of a recommendation also from this thread. i now rest my case. peace and sorry to the others.

  148. Bong said on 26-08-2010

    oh Quite Intriguing Jeffrey But nang ako ang naging guest I request moderate nakatulog ako sa sarap
    For sobrang pagod coz nag intruct ako sa Gym that day maybe lousy sya sayo” but not for me. one reason na nagmamadali ang therapist As i experience nababastos sila sa makukulit na guest or nabastos sila tapos walang pang tip or nababahoan sila sa guest o o guest sa guest tayo but sana maging Fair tayo hindi sila Sex machine na pag punta natin ilalabas agad ang sex organ. tao sila .. for me Jeff Vince is A nice person. Im sorry If I cotradict ur comments its not fair for Vince dahil wala syang ka alam alam for this comments lalo pa syang sumisikat dahil his well Mentioned here in this blog.. Peace….

  149. Bong said on 26-08-2010

    oh Quite Intriguing Jeffrey But nang ako ang naging guest I request moderate nakatulog ako sa sarap
    For sobrang pagod coz nag intruct ako sa Gym that day maybe lousy sya sayo” but not for me. one reason na nagmamadali ang therapist As i experience nababastos sila sa makukulit na guest or nabastos sila tapos walang pang tip or nababahoan sila sa guest o o guest sa guest tayo but sana maging Fair tayo hindi sila Sex machine na pag punta ilalabas agad ang sex organ. tao sila .. for me Jeff Vince is A nice person. Im sorry If I cotradict ur comment its not fair for Vince dahil wala syang ka alam alam for this comments lalo pa syang sumisikat dahil his well Mentioned here in this blog..

  150. SPADDICT said on 26-08-2010

    @hotguy… yes pawis na pawis ang give nya number nya ang name nya ay may connect sa mayaman maraming pera ahahaha… go!

  151. balingkinitan said on 26-08-2010

    I went to equanimity spa along kamuning last week. and i tried the services of Clifford. In fairness to him, mabait siya at hindi maarte. I dont want to go to the massage details and comes after that, but he was quite a performer! and he did not ask for a big amount. When I asked him how much would I give it to him, he just said na bahala na daw ako magbigay kung magkano. Sana ganun lahat ng mga masseurs na hindi nagpa price….

    i want to ask here if someone has tried Justine of Equanimity? I saw him there and he’s hot…i was just having second thoughts kaya I chose clifford over Justine…then tingin pa siya ng tingin sakin…

  152. balingkinitan said on 26-08-2010


    i’ve been to nature’s green spa a few weeks ago. The massage costs 500 pesos, a little bit expensive compared to other spa. ok naman ang place. I chose the service of Gerald. He’s quite hot kaya siya ang pinili ko and siya lang ang nakita ko na gwash talaga….

    the massage was so so, but the action comes after the massage was ecstatic…he has a big tool, since sobrang ella mae saison ang lola niyo, kahit mukhang tinaga ako sa es fee (1.5K) eh bumigay ang lola niyo…romansang tunay at wagas ang ginawa sakin at i never expected to kiss me and take note, deep kiss, french kiss, at kung anong kind of kiss…hehehehe…siya kasi yung sa unang tingin eh maarte na masseur pero i was wrong…

  153. hotguycummer said on 25-08-2010

    pinagpapawisan din ba ang masseur na ito at willing ibigay ang number sa cust nya?

  154. Jeffrey said on 25-08-2010

    @bong, good for you. at least you did not feel shortchanged. i went for a 1 hour session. but vince finished it in 40 mins. tapos ang bigat ng kamay. minamadali. to be honest, i don’t mind either 40 mins lang basta ba suwabe di ba? pero imagine mo minamadali, as in talagang ang bilis bilis niya gumalaw, couple that with ang bigat ng kamay nung therapist. how would you feel kaya? i know what i am talking about because aside from frequenting spas, i go to an honest to goodness reflex clinic especially after a really hard work out by my personal trainer sa gym and i know what is a good rub down and what is lousy. vince’s was really lousy.

  155. Bong said on 25-08-2010

    I went Hidden Spa Last Night And They Recommend This Vince and Im Not Disappointed us the Other Blogger said Good tamang tama lang yung masahe nya at suwabe cguro iba iba talaga ang gusto ng mga katawan natin. sana mapa ganda nyo pa ang Hidden spa

  156. xxx said on 25-08-2010

    any feedback sa nature’s green along kamias? 😉

  157. art said on 25-08-2010

    Wonder what has happened to that spa along retiro. miss it.

  158. riverscorpion said on 24-08-2010


    Hindi naman kaya Verde or Spada yang V or S na yan? kaya lang they’re located in Pasay not Makati.

  159. SPAADDICT said on 24-08-2010

    clues? parang super given na yun V and S… mini mini my ni mo…. basta yang dalawang spa na yan super duper walking distance sa isa’t isa. tatambling ka lang andun ka na sa isa… hahaha.. alam ko if you are a makati fairy you should be familiar with these two spas… haha…
    anyways.. gusto ko pa magkwento dun sa spa na may connect sa hearing taste touch smell etc…. si poging masahista maputi malinis tignan at marunong sa masahe pero parang may bilis ng konti ang hagod kaysa sa ibang masseur na marunong. panay ang kiliti sa aking scrotum habang hinahagod ang aking katawan. hagod sa singit sa pwet at hahagurin pati shaft mo talagang tayong tayo na ko habang ginagawa nya. pag harap ko patuloy lang sa paghagod habang titig na titig sya sa akin animoy parang lalamunin na ko sa panggigigil… un ang part na gustong gusto ko kay poging masseur tinititigan ka habang minamasahe at ang climax isang masaganang putukan…hahaha
    itatapis nya ang twalya na gamit ko at ibaba nya un pantalon nya average ang nota pag matigas tayong tayo… malinis mabango maputi….lampas sa palad ko ang laki. 500 damage ko pinapasubo pero di nagpapalabas si poging masseur. Invite ko daw sya sa unit ko para mas maaksyon ang mga eksena namin. pinagiisipan ko pa kung papapuntahin ko sya…..
    masarap si poging masseur. pero parang sanay na sya sa mga es….

  160. SPAVENTOURISTIC said on 24-08-2010

    If you’re looking for SPA i think here are some info where to go:

    WENSHA – you’ll get also a guest and you may do it inside or outside the spa (wag ka lang papahuli)

    CITY LIFESTYLE – same thing like wensha but has a bit edge in terms of massage techniques

    CICADA – worse rating spa for me… lakas ng loob ng mga masseur dito parang never humarap sa salamin!!!

    ESPADA – The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you’re looking for ES this is not the place… look for edwin THE BEST!!!!

    Asian Massage – laging happy ending because of their Hand job finale

    SPA in Kamuning area – it’s a must to avail the ES of your masseur

    SPLENDOR SPA in tomas morato – THE WORST!!!! Grabe! Bastos na receptionist (i’m pertaining to the gay person in the counter), marumi, mabaho CR, Air conditioning units are malfunctioning, Hindi marunong magmassage ung mga therapist, Extra-service at its worst!!! Most of the time you’ll here the people shouting downstairs na parang walang client… here’s one big thing, if you refused the Extra na alok sayo, sasabihan kang buraot!!! What the fuck – I experienced all of these! So i grabbed my wallet at hinulog ko sa sahig yung Php 500 para abutin nung masahista just to show him kung gano sya kawalang kwenta!

    I think we should give each other some info where to go when it comes to this matter…

  161. marky said on 23-08-2010

    more clues please

  162. hotguycummer said on 23-08-2010

    am i a good guesser? (such a word?)
    hope share more info. so that i can really support u. m so willing to do it asap. 😀

  163. nathan said on 23-08-2010

    @alderich, ma-try nga

  164. hootiejan said on 23-08-2010


    I believe SPADDICT’s account. it’s a shame I don’t know the V or S that you guys are referring to, considering THAT i am FROM makati. I go as far as QC to find nice MP’s, but it seems I don’t know what is in my neighborhood. Would anyone be nice enough to identify the V or S the two are referring to? Thanks a lot.

  165. v said on 23-08-2010

    Honestly, I so envy Amistad’s owner. All them cute boys working for you. Siguro, pag ako nalagay sa lugar niya, ganado ako araw araw. Laging may kutitap ang mga mata sa tuwing gigising. Haaaaaaayyyyyy

  166. v said on 23-08-2010

    Dun ka talaga hahanga sa Amistad. Kahit anong landi ng mga beki, di talaga umuubra sa therapists nila. Salag to death ang mga advances. hihihihihihi!

  167. Jr said on 23-08-2010

    @ovo #3046 sino masseur mo sa Amistad?
    tama ka kung massage ang hanap Amistad na ko… =) ok din sa Nuat Thai Timog magaling yung masseur ko dun. clean massage. pwede siya sa Amistad. gwapo at magaling magmasahe.

  168. SPADDICT said on 23-08-2010

    Correct its between V or S… ok lang naman magpahinga ka ng 30 mins eh then hot bath. i think walang problema dun been doing that for 2 years na so far di naman ako napasma. sa wensha after my massage nag shoshower agad ako kasi sa oil. thats it a masseur working in either V or S. pag nadiscover nyo ang therapist naku baka tumili kayo sa laki. may isa pa pala isang MP na may connect sa hearing, taste, smell etc. may masseur sila dun na gwapo kaso gaspang na ng kamay nya and mukhang sanay na sanay na sa es. pero appreciated ang kapogian nya…. Go!

  169. ferdie said on 23-08-2010

    May feeling lang ako na illussion lang ni SPAADDICT ang kuwento niya. Try to read again his message. After the massage at saka siya naligo. Taking a bath right after any kind of massage is big NO NO. Kung sakali mang totoo, I guess, napasma si SPAADDICT pagkatapos. Feeling ko lang naman. Sorry, SPAADDICT.

  170. jay300 said on 23-08-2010

    anywere SPA near munoz area qc please

  171. hotguycummer said on 23-08-2010

    @spaadict..i know the MPs in Makati that offers scrubbers that are game..i can trim them down into four, not only two..

    but if ur referring to two MPs only, I can guess its with V and/or S?


  172. mayos said on 22-08-2010

    @spaaddict – puede mo bang sabihin ang dalawang spa na ito? thanks!

  173. alderich said on 22-08-2010

    nathan–yep I know..pero bihira ako private room eh mahal eh for me, umaabot ng 750 rin…mas ok na sa akin un action sa wet area…mas nachochoose ko tao doon hehe. ok pala saturday magcruise, maraming cute doon..hehe.

  174. Jeffrey said on 22-08-2010

    hahaha…ok spaaddict…pero sesemplang ako dito sa hulaan blues na to. mahina ako sa mga ganitong games. but i understand and respect your decision.

  175. nathan said on 22-08-2010

    @alderich – may ES sa southbay

  176. alderich said on 22-08-2010

    was at southbay again yesterday afternoon….worth it yun punta ko kahapon….ok quality ng tao yesterday;)

  177. SPAADDICT said on 22-08-2010

    @HGC en Jeff reality it is….. may clue na ko actually anu bang spa sa makati ang pedi magpaligo ang masseur mo diba dalawa lang so piliin nyo n lang sa dalawa kung saan sya… just learn how to single out and you will discover the treasure hidden below. its not that im selfish ayoko lang maexploit sya katulad ng iba jan for sure pag nalaman nyo kung sino baka lahat na lang ng clients nya paghubadin sya at kangkangin.

  178. oVo said on 22-08-2010

    I just tried Hilom in QC. Yung iba kasi (lalo na sa Kamias) medyo madumi. Malinis sa Hilom. Mga masahista ok looks at clean tignan. Got a guy named Marvin. Ok service. ES @1,500 is also good. Marami silang package for massage but I tried the most expensive para makita best nila. 7 out of 10 lang. Sulit pero hindi ala Amistad. Kung masahe lang hanap Amistad na.

  179. Jeffrey said on 22-08-2010

    @hotguycummer, same thoughts passed my mind too re@spaddict’s message. don’t mean to be nasty coz it’s not the theme here at mgg. bottomline, sana we are here to help each other na lang, not to outsmart each other. peace.

  180. hotguycummer said on 22-08-2010

    @spaddict.. reality or fantasy.. ?

  181. Jame said on 22-08-2010

    SPADDICT: clue naman kung ayaw mo ng lantaran.
    Nakakabitin naman ng kwento mo! :)

  182. marky said on 21-08-2010

    SPA ADDICT… please share mo info…

  183. spadaddict said on 21-08-2010

    @spaddict saang mp to? matry nga.

  184. hot_knight said on 21-08-2010

    may spa b dito sa iloilo that caters tom PLU’s?

  185. jay said on 20-08-2010

    Tama! that Vince at Hidden is a total disappointment. I posted a comment here last week, but it was deleted. I don’t know why. i’ll never go back to hidden spa… wlang kwenta. i’ll try SAMAYA at Bacoor one of these days… kaso un isang therapist galing din Hidden, pero ok naman sya… nakita ko website nila, may fan page pa sa fb…

  186. SPADDICT said on 20-08-2010

    isang di malilimutang gabi ang aking naranasan ng ako ay napadpad muli sa lugar ng masahihan sa may bandang makati. hahaha
    isang masahistang may dalawang linggo pa lang sa naturang spa ang naassign sa akin. masarap ang kanyang masahe nakakakiliti nakakagalit nakakaelyas paniki. matapos ang masahihan ako ay kanyang niyaya kung nais ko paliguan nya ko. walang atubiling nagsabi ako ng oo. dinako nya ko sa lugar ng paliguan pinahubad ang aking suot pinahiga at laking gulat ko nga sya rin ay naghubad pati brief. aking nasilayan ang isang naghuhumindig na sandata parang handang handa na sa anumang laban na susuungin.
    ako ay sadyang napanganga sa kalakihan ng kanyang sandata.
    wala akong sinayangna sandali. lumuhod at sinamba ang kalakihan.. hahaha
    ayun mga sis jan grabe si cutey masseur ko anlake ng nota walang stir.
    akala ko sa mga illigit na mp’s lang ako makakakita ng malaking nota dito din pala sa mga legit kuno na spa may ginto akong nadiscover.
    discover nyo na lang mga sis kung zino zya.
    ngayon lan gako nabilaukan at sumakit ang panga sa laki ahahaha go gogo pahulaan na!!!!

  187. guttfil said on 19-08-2010

    went to cicada last week.. been there a month ago and my experience was pleasant with the therapist who gave me an es,, this time i want to a try other masseurs. to my utter shock, obvious gay yung binigay sakin! gusto ko sanang papalitan pero nahiya din ako,, i just closed my eyes and pretend na guy yun. maganda katawan pero yung fez nya gay talaga.

  188. Jeffrey said on 19-08-2010

    about a week ago, i went to hidden spa. di pa nga sila completely done with their renovation sa new place nila. since ni recommend dito yung vince, siya yung kinuha ko. total disappointment. besides minadali nya, ang bigat pa ng kamay. so you can just imagine what kind of massage i received. di ko alam bakit ganon ang gawa niya. sayang, recommended pa naman siya.

  189. trgo2001 said on 19-08-2010

    any news about clifford of equanimity?

  190. slkurp said on 18-08-2010

    Hidden spa di pa tapos nakakainis medyo turn off ako but salamat sa masahista magaling magtangal ng stress na try ko na c Coco and Eman but Still Magaling yung Vince na Naka Ngiti lagi na parang totoy haha na amoy baby … sana matapos na yang hidden spa magagaling pa naman yung therapist nyo

  191. tarzan said on 18-08-2010

    went to asian massage in malate pero wala namang es. anyone who went there recently?

    ung PB timog, magkano HJ? di ba mukhang bading ang masahista nila?

  192. guttfil said on 18-08-2010

    been to some MPs in manila and cebu., lately i have been lurking this thread which made my urge stronger, wanting to have an ES almost every week. I phoned in phoenix spa earlier today and the voice who answered made me horny. plan to visit the spa this weekend. Any tip who should i get at phoenix? thanks sa mga magsasuggest….

  193. hotguycummer said on 18-08-2010

    i saw a nuat thai at pacita in laguna
    there’s a lot of small MPs here in Laguna but I dont have an idea if they are good or if they offer extras as well.. 😀

  194. buboy said on 18-08-2010

    I was in a spa last week in the kamiaS area. I chanced upon a spa with a green sign and the place is called green ….something. They had a few guys to chose from. There was this guy with hairs all over his chest and rather good looking. I chose him, he brought me to the cubicle. On the way there, I saw guys sleeping on the floor. PARANG ANG DUMI TIGNAN. The guy i chose started to massage me. From the first stroke I knew i made a bad choice. Even worst, after the massage i realized he had this bad bad breath. Tinapos ko kaagad yung session sa kanya. then leaft. but before leaving, I had to tell the recptionist how dirty the place is and the guy i chose had really a bad breath. He needs to remind them to wash their mouth before facing a client. If I were you guys avoid this place kasi masasayang lang ang hard-earned money ninyo.

  195. flipside said on 18-08-2010

    is there a spa in laguna that caters to plu’s?

  196. eric said on 18-08-2010


    what is your point? syempre si arnie, since out syang nagpapahada, syempre, laspag sya, eh anaanhin mo naman yung ala john llyod cruz mong boytoy eh ikaw lang ang nakikinabang?

    sister, its easy to give advice sa mga bading na walang regular boytoy, pero syempre sila kapit sa patalim

    besides, wag mo namang alipustahin ang mga masahista , ika nga, whether you steal 5 pesos or 5 million, there is no difference , your still a thief

    in short, pokpok pa rin sila

  197. INCEPTION said on 18-08-2010

    well lessons learned river standard lang talaga ang 1000 to 1500 tip esp now that its hard earned money and regular pa tayo nagpapaservice. 3000 is too much.
    I have a regular boytoy his name is alfred na pag nakita mo eh parang nkita mo na si john lloyd cruz ng personal i give him 2k every week na bumisita sya sa kin at least sya ndi pa laspag katulad nun arnie. i just cant give his number cause his not into flesh trade. he’s just a regular student who badly needs weekly allowance un lang. wag na tayo paloloko sa mga abusadong masahista na galing lang sa putikan…

  198. cum_with_me said on 18-08-2010

    yes, kim is still working in Blue Palm. Di nga lang araw araw.Malaki ba talaga yung kanya>like how big and long?

  199. entong08 said on 18-08-2010

    San po exact add ng BP? pa-guide naman pls. Salamat

  200. bj said on 18-08-2010

    anybody know if kim is still in BluePalm? I really missed this guy.. galing ng massage, super sensual and laki ng kanya.. hahaha.

    anyway, i am regular at bamboo city spa in LP. ok siya at mura.. cute at bait ni JL. =) no es but satisfying.

  201. joey said on 18-08-2010

    kung sino may alam kung saan ang exact location ng Midas Touch, ano ang review, sino ang recommended masseur at kung may contact number, pls post. maraming salamat.

  202. cum_with_me said on 17-08-2010

    Mahal na maningil yang Arnieng yan. Pinalaki niyo kasi ang ulo. Ayan tuloy nag charge ng sobra sobra. Di siya ganun dati magcharge sa BP. usually 1k to 1,500 lang siya. Veteran na pal siya dun, which means na ilang bunganga na ang sumubo sa etits niya. If you’re familiar with the other BP boys, ka generation pa niya sina Paolo, Jake, Ace, at Warren.

    Again, classic case ng masseur na lumaki ang ulo. Paolo, also from BP, only charges 1,500k all in. Ang sarap pa niya kasi ang laki talaga.

  203. riverscorpion said on 17-08-2010

    I just had Arnie, formerly of Blue Palm, for home service massage, a few minutes back. The positive feedback about him on this site plus the phone number posted by j made it easy for me to decide to get him. I texted him last night and asked how much he charges and he said P3,000. I said that was too expensive and that I only pay my other masseurs, all goodlooking (one each from Sanctuario, Wensha and Peralsacho) from P2,000 – 2,500 (in fact, I pay even less – P1,500). I added that if he would charge more reasonably, I could be a regular customer. He did not pursue the topic but instead asked for my name, when I wanted to have the massage and where my address was. So I figured that was an implied acceptance of my lower offer price. So he came to my house at 9pm today and physically, he was all right. 6’2, adequately goodlooking, but he can still use more trips to the gym. His massage was hard enough as I wanted it, though he started with the es almost as soon as I turned over to face him. In other words, kalahati lang ang massage tapos es na. Anyway, I let it pass and his es was all right — his bj was good enough and his tool was big enough too. He was also polite the entire time. When it was time for him to leave, I handed him P2,500. He looked at it and told me quite apologetically that it was P500 short. I reminded him that he agreed on P2,500. He said he did not and that he already has something to pay for the P3,000 he expected to receive from me. I begrudgingly gave him the extra P500 but made sure he sensed my coldness at the door. In a few minutes, he texted and apologized, saying that he needed the money for school. I told him he should have thought more of the potential P2,000 – 2500 a week he could have gotten from me (I get home service 2x a week apart from my weekly spa visits around Manila) instead of the P3,000 which he will never again get from me, since he already lost me as a potential regular customer. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I thought this guy was the type who would be happy with whatever amount of tip and I was prepared to give him a reasonable amount. If I just called for Lander in Blue Palm, I would have saved P900. Hay …

  204. Jeffrey said on 17-08-2010

    @hotguycummer, dunno kung true but sabi nila sa cicada spa sa may between sm and cash and carry, side street. haven’t been there though.

  205. INCEPTION said on 17-08-2010

    texted that ARNIE the other night i just don’t know kung sino kausap ko if booker ba sya or si arnie mismo. gulat lang ako sa presyo 3k na sya now. nun napawow ako sa reply ko binastos na ko sabi sumasama lang ako sa may mga pera kung wala kang pera wag ka magtext bye..
    ang nakilala ko kasi na arnie sa blue palm eh ung mabait na arnie at di nagsasamantala hehe la lang nagulat lang ako sa tinuran nya….amazing how money can change you….
    anyway sabi ko lilipas ka din katulad ng iba… haha

  206. hotguycummer said on 17-08-2010

    @jeffrey, welcum..
    san ka nagggym?

    any spas with action pa here in Makati?

  207. hotguycummer said on 17-08-2010

    @jeffrey, welcum..
    san ka nagggym?

    any spas with action pa here in Makati?

  208. Jeffrey said on 17-08-2010

    @hotguycummer – thanks! lapit lang to sa work ko. hehe. may puede na puntahan after mag out.

  209. Tristan said on 17-08-2010

    Dati sa Hidden spa din ako but i just found one spa in Bacoor Cavite… First I was hesitant to go kasi mejo tago but I was wrong… Very relaxing ang place try nyo dun… ang mga masahista gwapo at maganda katawan. Try nyo si King Marc at PJ, u will never go wrong with them.
    E2 yung address nila malapit sa puregold bacoor tapat ng petron station papuntang marina mariche hotel… No. 09267115122/09089639140/023599301

  210. alderich said on 17-08-2010

    gaspard: ganon rin experience ko. nandoon ako friday afternoon naman, puros kutuban, sa sauna, pero alam ko lahat un game. what time did u go there?

  211. mark said on 17-08-2010

    @mfoq09: it’s at 88 kamias road qc… lagpas pa ng lightness…

  212. gaspard said on 17-08-2010

    I went to NY Spa last sunday for the 1st time.. and all the stories were true.. although I didn’t get to witness an actual act dahil nagkakahiyaan or nag aantayan kung sino mauuna…..

  213. hotguycummer said on 16-08-2010

    Fifth Sense is located at Kingswood Pasong Tamo.
    Just right in front of Shopwise.
    Ask the guard about the massage parlor.

    Try the Massage for Men.

    Way back, the MFM is a very sensual one. After the whole body massage, the masseur will massage your groin and jerk you off until you release ur load (one time, even my masseur got a hard on and I need to repay his great service).

    But now, the masseur will do nipple playing while you masturbate in front of him.

  214. Jeffrey said on 16-08-2010

    @Ivan, where is Fifth Sense? And other details please: rates, extent of service, etc. Thanks.

  215. mfoq09 said on 16-08-2010

    guys heard of celebrity spa? any info?

  216. mfoq09 said on 16-08-2010

    where exactly is nature green spa? along equa and earth spa? thanks..

  217. Ivan V. said on 16-08-2010

    Try Lance of Fifth Sense. 90% of his massage is like foreplay

  218. samurai said on 15-08-2010

    any good spa in ortigas area. this zone is quite boring. please help give me suggestions. thanks

  219. Pepperonicheese said on 15-08-2010

    Lumipat na sina Ian, Jade, Jay, and Gab sa NATURE’S GREEN SPA sa Kamias.

  220. markd said on 15-08-2010

    wala na pala si Jade sa equanimity :(

  221. jb said on 14-08-2010

    to marky: email me:

  222. gordon said on 14-08-2010

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Ferds Recio (Born to be Wild) lately at South Bay City Spa, Paranaque. I thought he is dooing Survivor Celebrity. baka naman isa sa mga unang napaalis ng tribe..

  223. hero said on 14-08-2010

    to j at:

    Puede malaman magkano binayad mo kay arnie at ano mga extra kasama sa amount binigay mo..tnx

  224. j said on 13-08-2010

    to jv:
    with permission from Arnie: 09234407653. He is from Pasig area. I tried him for a housecall and he came in na naka-motor. Grabe, laglag panty pagpasok pa lang nya in his black jacket and black shades. Hindi ko na kailangang dagdagan pa ang sinabi ni Kaloy. He said it all.
    Balitaan mo na lang kami. Enjoy

  225. dave paul said on 09-08-2010

    For Justin G: Thank you for the information about amorantus spa. may i know if its located within davao city? i will be there two weeks from now.

  226. jv said on 09-08-2010

    Hi Kaloy, read your post regarding Arnie of BluePalm. Got interested to hook him up so I tried calling the spa but was told he is no longer connected. His last visit was two months ago (as they said). Do you have other ways of reaching him? I may be connected here or at

    Thank you.

  227. jv said on 09-08-2010


  228. rlaz88 said on 09-08-2010

    Sanctuario Malate is really going down the drain. They can’t even give their masseurs the commission that they deserve. This is the product of the mismanagement of the owner, Jomar Fleras and the branch manager, Maynard Cabagnot. Their staff was forced to seek assistance coming from DOLE, NLRC and Raffy Tulfo.

  229. Justin G said on 08-08-2010

    Amorantus Spa in Davao is the best for me… Madaming bata, and half breeds na super good looking…lkj

  230. Chino said on 08-08-2010

    went to amistad again. talagang maarte pa rin iyong emman, kunwari ayaw pa daw pero boyfriend naman pala ng owner na beki

  231. Jeffrey said on 07-08-2010

    @bj, details naman please on bamboo spa? location, contact #s, rates. Sino ang ok na therapist? May ES ba dun? Thanks!

  232. Jeffrey said on 07-08-2010

    @bj, saan ang bamboo spa sa LP? directions, contact numbers and other details naman please? how much charge nila, may ES ba mga therapists? Thanks!

  233. bj said on 07-08-2010

    m&m, matagal na yan hidden spa.. di lang talaga nila maintain.. kainis nga eh.. sayang ok pa naman yun loc at masseurs nila.. try ko lang si vhinz den pag di pa nila inayos ang spa.. baka di ko na balikan.. may nakita ako bago.. mas ok.. mas mura.. cute ng masseur ko dun.. sa may LP din.. :) bamboo spa ang name..

  234. marky said on 06-08-2010

    guys, any recommended spa in iloilo city?

  235. Justin G said on 06-08-2010

    meron bang ok puntahan sa Baguio, Boracay at sa CDO? PLEASE ADVISE GUYS.Thank you po!

  236. extreme said on 06-08-2010

    oh my goshy lalaki ng katawan ng mga therpist ng hidden spa… kalorkie sasarap yung ttatoed c coco yun yumy sya talag. ang c fred yumy din abs kung abs

  237. lpguy said on 05-08-2010

    went to hidden spa again i saw this tatoed guy na lakas ng apeal. sabi on training daw. ill get back to him soon

  238. Ivan V. said on 05-08-2010


    Saan ung PB MAkati? What does PB stands for?

  239. m&m said on 04-08-2010

    sa may las pinas lang cla e2 no. ng receptionist nila 09185009503

  240. alexxx said on 04-08-2010

    anybody heard of greenspa and kingsmassage both offering hotel and home service?

  241. m&m said on 04-08-2010

    went to hidden spa d pa pala tapos ang spa nila. c vinz nice person. and verry charming. i tried ian cute cutean sya. will be back later

  242. nate said on 04-08-2010

    ano po addres ng hidden spa? thanks in advance

  243. markZ said on 04-08-2010

    @2980 jords – hindi maliligo ang masseur pag nagpa scrub ka, naka costume pa rin po. absolutely no ES. cocoveran pa nga yung private parts mo eh.

  244. jords said on 03-08-2010

    cnong nkatry ng body scrub s amistad? sabay b kaung maligo ng masseur? may turkish bath ba? cno ung pinakamagaling magmasahe? mganda sna kung may exs

  245. nathan said on 03-08-2010

    @bj, hus m? hmmmm email mo ko dali… hheehehe

  246. bj said on 31-07-2010

    may ES ba si vinz ng hidden? how much do u give him?

  247. lpguy said on 30-07-2010

    i saw emman of hidden spa kayumangi ang kulay lalaking lalaki.. nalorkie ako kay vince totoo nga animal kung mag massage.. grabe ill be back at hidden

  248. ferdie said on 29-07-2010

    Exteme, guwapo ba si Emman?

  249. extreme said on 29-07-2010

    c vinz ng hidden spa bumalik n pala and yung emman very manly

  250. bj said on 29-07-2010

    nathan, try southbay sa executive room. hehehe. try mo si m……
    @capslock.. wala na yun jacuzzi, but hav a small sauna..

  251. Curious said on 28-07-2010

    May recomendasyon ba dito sa Bacolod or Iloilo?

  252. rOckY said on 28-07-2010

    Can anyone recommend a skilled yet affordable home massage therapist for the QC area? Not looking for ES, just a good massage.

  253. Rob Lange said on 27-07-2010

    Just wondering, what’s the range of tip being given if you one is interested to have legit massage here in Manila? About the ES (I assume extra service?), is there someone who could give me an advice on how much should i give, at least the range. Thanks.

  254. CapsLock said on 27-07-2010

    @nathan. ano bago ngaun sa southbay in terms of facilities? same pa rin ba or may mga changes??

  255. markZ said on 27-07-2010

    magaling naman si vlad pero over ung 1500. medyo may amoy pa nga yun kaya turn off. yes na bj ko sya pero hindi ako nagbayad ng 1500.

  256. chris said on 26-07-2010

    may alam ba dito kung open pa ang XTreme massage sa may kalentong or shaw?. may pogi kasi dun na gusto kong subukan. the contact nos shown in their website is not working. thanks

  257. marky said on 25-07-2010

    Na loko ka sa 1500 for a hand job!!!.. all the way na yun price na yan…

  258. stArvin said on 25-07-2010

    Jay Mansala, parang napamahal ka. he used to not put a price tag on it. 1/3 of that would’ve been enough when he was still in timog =)

  259. jay said on 25-07-2010

    anyone who has tried SAMAYA SPA in Bacoor? I heard masasarap daw ang mga male therapists dun.

  260. mark said on 25-07-2010

    FYI lang guys, lumipat na nga pala sila Jay, Gabs, Jordan, Jed and Ian sa nature’s Green Spa along kamias road QC… check them out, mas mura pa ang bayad ng massage compared sa equanimity…

  261. Fishy said on 24-07-2010

    @Jay Mansala

    Hmmm… mukang napakagat ka yata sa overpriced na asking price ni Blady.
    Pero, its quite enough na you believe it was all worth it.
    i’m still sticking with the same tip I give him… ES and all.

  262. nathan said on 21-07-2010

    i love southbay too…. i havent tried ES, meron ba dun?

  263. CapsLock said on 20-07-2010

    @gordon really?? you went at SouthBay? i’ve haven’t been there for quite sometime.. ano na ba ang bago ngaun dun.. the last time I know, wala na jung jaccuzzi dun e, dry sauna. we’d love to hear your stories..

  264. v said on 20-07-2010

    @joanthan. ‘pre, kasi hindi ka lang simpleng padre de pamilya. iza kang mabunying dyoza ng kahalayan. LOL. ‘teh, ervog na ervog kang lalo pag patakas ang mga escapades mo noh? haitz. me makukurot sa singit ditey!

  265. gordon said on 19-07-2010

    I was at South Bay City Spa (Paranaque) last Sunday afternoon. Grabe!! Dami tall cute bi-.. Sarap sarap

  266. joanthan said on 19-07-2010

    ask lng: bkt kaya nalilibugan pa rin ako sa lalaki pero matagal na akong may wife? 3 kids na… hirap!

  267. brag said on 19-07-2010

    PB is great!got l…. and he’s VERY GOOD for both massage and ES.try him to experience

  268. Noname said on 16-07-2010

    Yong Mr. M na massuer sa Bargyo…. go to discreetmagazine blogspot. you can view his picture. I think he is the one being referred here.

  269. JAY MANSALA said on 15-07-2010

    I went to pb makati last week as usual massage ang pnunta ko kasi sobrang stress ko last week super busy kasi sa work eh.. and suddenly my nakita akong bagong masahiista maliit lang sya maputi at gwapo. before i enter to the spa i ask firts the gwapo guy whats his name and he answered me vlad. then when i enter to the spa i ask the front desk that c vlad ang mgmamassae sakin.. and i nver fail magaling c vlad mgmassage but nung malapit na kameng matapos kniliti nya ako sa my singit ngulat ako kasi thats not the plan. but ok lang kasi type ko nman sya and i ask him kung my es ba sya at tinanung ko kung magkanu he answerd 1500k hj and mgpapalabas sya and then i go go go!!! for it..hahahaha.. nawala pa ang stress ko napasaya pa ako ni vlad.. go go go go PB MAKATI..

  270. hootiejan said on 15-07-2010

    will write something because the thread is silent. hehe. i went to datu the other night. the place is in a decripit building near the corner of e.rod and new york. i chose a vip room. dapat pala hindi ako nag vip, because that is where the worries started. yung vip room kase was not inside the mp. parang it was in another door of the same building na binuksan nila just for me. natakot ako sa place kase medyo eerie at nakakita pa ko ng daga. kaya minadaali ko yung massage at hindi na ako nag pa es, nawala kase yung libog. so, after there i just went to equanimity. wala akong nakita na medyo okey. then, hinanap ko sa kamias area yung eagle’s nest, di ko din nakita, so balik nalang ako ng edsa. iwent inside lightness. madaming pagpipilian. i chose a guy who was not exactly good-looking, but who was, according to the receptionist, blessed. massage was so-so. typical mp. at medjo ibang klase kung makapanaga. i ended up paying 2k for a lousy es. it was a bad night. but will still go to mp’s because i am sure that there will be good nights.

  271. brag said on 15-07-2010

    tried Rustic Spa in Kamuning 2 nights ago.Bagong spa but no sensual nor ES.Di rin OK ung massage.But the place is nice and clean.

  272. Amadeus777 said on 15-07-2010

    @anobayan since sabi mo mali english di itama mo…instead of whining like a horse :)

  273. balingkinitan said on 14-07-2010

    i went to magic touch last July 12 because i’ve never been there. may nakapagsabi kasi sakin na ok naman daw ang place na ito…ok din naman ang place, hindi siya naiiba sa ibang MP na napupuntahan ko. meron din namang mapagpipiliang massuers na swak sa aking taste…i tried this massuer whom i forgot the name but starts with letter R. he was not that good looking but siya ang naka getsing ng aking libido…this gay receptionist was suggesting other masseur whom i presumed na papa niya kasi mega ang promote sa akin…hindi ako nakinig sa kanya and still i followed my instincts and kalibugan…the gay receptionist was even telling me that the one i chose was just so so, and lo and behold pasok sa banga ang sinabi niya…with just 30 minutes of massaging, no carressing was the right term, he already offered ES, ni hindi nga hinawakan ang paa ko, at haplos haplos lang….i was very pissed at him at nasabi ko na lang na hindi pa nga tayo nakaka one hour sa massage ES na agad ang inoffer mo, then sabay tayo sa mattress at nagbihis…mabait pa din talaga ako at hindi ako nag reklamo sa mismong may ari na by that time eh andun kungdi ligwak ang masseur na yun…

    hindi na muna ako punta dun dahil nawalan talaga ako ng gana sa massuer na yun whatever his name is…

  274. bambee said on 13-07-2010

    Naku! hindi kayo magiging lucky jansa lucky charm na yan! ang mahal ng singil nila ha 600.00 oh my! mumay!!! taposang es na demand ng kanilang massuers ang kapal ng pagmumukha,…2,500 daw!! eh ni hindi nga marunong mag spa..papaliguan ka lang ng lotion..tapos ang kundisyon ng massuer 1k BJ..grabe naman! 300 lang sa circle! hahaha. naku mga day! wag nyo nang nasain pang ang lucky charm dahil uuwi kayong luhaan…at hindi in!

  275. anobayan said on 13-07-2010

    sa english ni amadeus777 dated july 3, pwede ba magtagalog na lang kung di kaya mag ingles! kaloka ka talaga. inin vibe ko lang talaga kung ano gusto nya sabihin but wala din pala patutunguhan ang mga sinasabi! napilitan pa ako mag comment dito para mailabas ko lang kalokahan ko! peace!

  276. hootiejan said on 12-07-2010

    hi cum-with-me: madalas ako sa baguio ngayon. ssan mo siya nakuha? pa share naman ng info.thanks.

  277. cum-with-me said on 11-07-2010

    I just had the best ES of my life in Baguio. Masseur M was just unimaginable! To begin with, he’s buffed, very manly (appearance), and kind. Good conversationalist, too. He knows his massage very well and was able to deliver a great massage before the mind-boggling ES. I’m telling you, this guy is a real sex machine!He kisses everybit (as in every bit) of your body and plays it well with his tongue. He knows a lot of positions too at ang sarap sarap ng katawan niya. Di pa ko naka experience ng ganung kawild na ES. As in…ininom ko lahat!
    Yun nga lang, kahit na lalaking lalaki ang itsura niya, something inside me seems to feel na he’s one of us. Ang dali niya kasing tayuan – walang porn channel yun ah. At ang husay gumiling! Although aminado siyang may gay bar experience siya. Hmmm…great wild sex though! Mukhang mas madadalas ako sa Baguio for masseur M.

  278. dm said on 11-07-2010

    yes please. I hope mag-hire ng straight masseurs ang HIDDEN spa. It’s the only way i cud go back to that spa. Is this possible for the management.? Im just curious bakit puro gay ang masseur nila? Nakakabaliw lang isipin.

    @2938 most probably bading un. You can tell naman by the looks and behavior(kung pano kumilos). I can distinguish right away whether a person is gay or not by the face, kung pano kumilos at magsalita. (Some people call them ‘gaydar’).

    Ok to be fair, it’s not only hidden spa that have gay masseurs. Marami din sa ibang MP’s and spa. Sa face pa lang I can tell that a masseur is gay. Pero ATLEAST they have straight masseurs to choose from UNLIKE sa hidden spa, wala ni isa. :(

    Kung may nakakabasa na straight na masseur from hidden spa, lumabas ka kung meron mn pero I doubt.

    Im also wondering kung may mga masseurs din from MP’s and SPA na nagbabasa nito. No offense pls. Sorry pero yun na nga sna mag-hire nman sila ng straight ones.

    Dati daw may mga straight silang masseur na cu-cute pa at bata from the province ata pero nagsi-alisan na ata and this disappoints me like hell!!!!

    Sino nakakaalam kung sang spa or MP na sila? Anyone pls?Do they still work sa spa/MP? Familiar names include Rodney, James, alfred, anton, jm, julian. Not sure if they are straight masseurs but most probably they are compared sa mga current masseurs ng HIDDEN spa na dapat ay nagtatrabaho sa katabing salon.

    Pls. sana palitan na. as in tama na, sobra na palitan na! Many thanks.

  279. romeo said on 11-07-2010

    enzo #2924 – nakaexperience ka naba ng ES sa Amistad? Thanks brod. Sensual massage i had pero ES kasi di pa…

  280. pipo said on 10-07-2010

    kaya magaling mag-“sing and dance” ang mga masseurs ng hidden. unfortunately they are not good at hiding their homo tendencies. parang sila pa yung sobrang enjoy sa ES than their customers. haha.

  281. balingkinitan said on 09-07-2010

    @ v ..boom na boom ang phoenix teh! wit na sa pag-feel ng ambience ng lugar…kerinasai ang mala-kuwadrang cubicle nila, kung makakarating ka naman sa rurok ng iyong kaligayahan….

    meron na bang naka-gora sa lucky charm spa sa may quezon ave. nabasa ko kasi sa isang forum na bagong bukas na spa itekwang sa may quezon ave. na dati daw lugar ng universal….

  282. v said on 09-07-2010

    @balingkinitan: gurl, look ka sa katokayo mo sa phoenix, as in, balingkinitan talaga ang otokey. pero nung, ask ko sa mudraks na manager kung zino sa kanilah, point siya kay leanie, tikom ang bibig na pa AH-UHM at mustra na dakesh ang twinkie. siempre wala nang choice ang maria clara kung di, aba, gow!

    true enough, hindi na-disappoint si angelica. di ko talaga inexpect na ako’y mapapatulala sa pagkamangha. ohmaygoolay, ke taba ke haba. meron nga palang ga-binti ng sanggol ang proportions.

    dahil sa kwento mo, gusto ko uling umatak sa place. pero super kadiri ang estado ng kanilang lugar. yun lang talaga ang pumipigil sa vahkla. pero ang mga tagong yaman…nagkalat 😉

  283. v said on 09-07-2010

    @enzo: wala namang ES talaga sa Amistad. sure ako jan

  284. junjun said on 09-07-2010

    any updates on cebu. so silent! whahappen?

  285. pbi088 said on 09-07-2010

    you should ask the massuer 1st what e.s. do you want. personally i dont want an e.s. without BJ thats why i dont go to MP’s cuz’ imma bit shy asking my chosen massuer what e.s. do i want then if he doesnt do that kinda e.s. i will only choose 2 things? its either i feel not okey? or choose another massuer? thats more shame on me! so what i do is i always go for hotel outcall service. thats kinda pricey! but thats okey! in that way you can fulfill your feelings right? the usual thing i do is i always view MPs website i call them and talk to the masseur i want and tell him what e.s. do i want and how much? if he doesnt do the e.s. that i want i easily talk to the receptionist again and choose other massuer. that will fit to my fantasies! atleast i dont expose my personality by choosing and asking to those MP’s. hope this will help you out!

  286. yangchow said on 09-07-2010

    galing akong hidden spa kagabi and c angelo gumawa sakin. bading din ba yun? cute cute niya… sabi nila lipat daw sila this july 20 malapit daw dun da rcbc new place

  287. agatah said on 09-07-2010

    where can i find a MP that have ES mainly BJ and nt hj i don’t like HJ because i can do that anywhere i want to. pls. suggest a place somewhere in pasay or makati…i’ll be going any time next wk, so pls. help me…tnx.

  288. ferdie said on 09-07-2010

    Paging Hidden Spa. You see, hindi ako lang ang nagre-reklamo about your masseurs na mga bading. For almost a year, ito na ang issue na sinasabi namin para naman magawan ninyo ng paraan. Pero until now, walang pagbabago. Sayang naman, kayo rin.

  289. hootiejan said on 09-07-2010

    Hi balingkinitan, thanks for the info. Will do visit the place one of these days.

    Folks, I went to this legit spa around la salle area (yung la salle hotel–forgot the name eh). the spa is called far east and has male and female therapists. the massage was really good. one of the best i have ever tried here in manila. there were sensual overtures during the massage, but since i was determined to have a clean one that evening, his efforts were nicely rebuffed. But will visit the place again. Thank you

  290. bj said on 09-07-2010

    hay naku.. sana nga nagbabasa ang management ng hidden.. tanda ko pa nun bago sila sabi nag-iipon lang sila para mapayos ang facilities nila.. eh hangang ngayonang dumi pa rin ng cr, mga tiles sira, di maayos ang aircon.. sayang.. besides malapit sana sila sa akin, mura pa.. kaso they are not maitining their facilites nor their masseurs.. if ever babalik lang ako dun to try the famous vhinz tapos wala na. i vow not to go there after a worst experience i had in their facilities. if alam nyo lang, di na kayo punta na rin.. dati i recommend this hidden spa.. now never na. see my previous post to believe

  291. dm said on 08-07-2010


    Oo nga. bakit puro BADING sa HIDDEN SPA? Dapat sana yung straight masseurs. Pano sila kikita nyan kung puro bading ang masseur nila e wala ng magpapamasahe sa kanila nyan.

    Dapat siguro e sa katabing salon na lang sila lahat mag-work, mas bagay pa sila doon. Well, this is just a suggestion/ recommendation. Sorry pero mejo disappointing lang ito.

    Sana mabasa ito ng management. Sana mag-hire kayo ng STRAIGHT na masseurs at hindi puro BADING!!!

    Kung sino man management nito, your response is needed.

    Just my two cents.

  292. j said on 08-07-2010

    . ive been through a lot of MPs and one that really excites me aside of course from the one my massuer and I were doing were the sounds we can hear from adjacent rooms. and I am not referring to the gregorian chant or the chirping birds played as a background but the moaning, the expression of ecstacy, and mga kung ano ano pang tunog that give you and idea of what is going on in that room. libog factor din ito sa akin. hahaha

  293. ykcir088 said on 07-07-2010

    pero nag BBJ ba si raffy? and how much e.s. nya?

  294. balingkinitan said on 07-07-2010

    @hottiejan sa may j. ruiz sta mesa lang ang phoenix…sakay ka ng lrt 2, then baba ka sa j. ruiz station and then located sa side going back to sm sta mesa…may signboard na maliit sa labas…

  295. Amadeus777 said on 07-07-2010

    @jeri i think you have a choice for the whole body massage package which is either 300 or 350. the difference? i really don’t know :) its still same for me :)

  296. trgo2001 said on 07-07-2010

    tried raffy from BOB, sabi kc nagpapabottom. hndi nmn daw. kainis!

  297. hootiejan said on 06-07-2010

    kaloy: thanks again. where exactly is datu located?what are the landmarks and what building is it housed? Pasensya na, madami akong tanong, i’ve never been good with directions.

    hi balingkinitan: can you give me instuctions on how to go to phoenix?thanks.

  298. balingkinitan said on 05-07-2010

    i happened to drop by phoenix massage along j ruiz st sta mesa. kahit pala sa mga hindi kagandahang massage parlor you can find at least one diamond in a rough…i tried the services of certain “john” siya lang ang nakakuha ng attention ko, buff body at may itsura naman….massage is not so fantastic pero parang nabuhayan ako ng dugo nang mag kama sutra massage ang lolo mo! he did that twice when he was massaging my back and the other during sa font…jusko, kahit hindi na ako magpa-es eh keri hilson na dahil sa ginawa niyang yun! tapos es came, good thing mabait naman, although nagkaroon ng negotiation sa price ng es, hindi naman siya tumanggi sa napagusapan…nagkaroon ng tawaran portion pero hindi ako pumayag sa price niya…he wanted me ti give him 1500 but i told him that i only give 1k to all es, then boom! ok lang daw! grabe ang es niya, as in sobrang nakaka erbog! he bottomed me, and nung sabi ko sa kanya na ok na tama na kahit hindi ka magpalabas (nilabasan na kasi ako sa sobrang sarap, hehehe) sabi niya magpalabas na lang din daw siya…eh di go! boom!
    dahil sa kanya mukhang mag uulit ako ng masseur!

  299. greggy said on 05-07-2010

    May maiirecommend ba kayong MP sa davao? thanks!!! :)

  300. enzo said on 05-07-2010

    for 2872 & 2874:

    Went to Amistad Saturday.
    Andun na ulit si Emman. Di talaga yun bumibigay no? Ayaw pa-ES.

  301. alderich said on 04-07-2010

    may makakarecommend ba rto ng massage sa boracay, as nandito ako ngayon eh. thanks!

  302. Kaloy said on 04-07-2010

    Hootiejan, sorry last na visit ko sa Datu 8 months ago by this time marami na ang bagobg masseur sa hirap ng buhay!!!!! Di ko na matandaan ang name na nakuha ko pero as what I said walang kiyeme ang masseur doon!!!! Natandaan ko 1500 ang binayad ko nag sing and dance pa ang drama ng masseur na nakuha ko!!!!! Based on my experience di naman namemresyo ang mga nakuha kong masseur sa Datu but Im not sure sa Lakan.

  303. hootiejan said on 04-07-2010

    to kaloy and jeri:

    kaloy: thanks for answering my query. coming from you, i’m sure it’s not planted, and is reliable. from my observation, you are one of those who constantly dish out accurate and candid comments on mp’s and their masseurs, in this thread. Lubus-lubusin ko na: Would you recommend someone there? And namemresyo ba/ medyo tun-off kase yun sa akin eh. thanks.

    Jeri: Pearlsachio charges 350 for your regular 1 hour massage. They used to have a promo wherein you get to pay half, after your 5th massage and they give you a free towel on your 10th visit. Not sure though if it’s still available. 450 if you also intend to use their shower area and steam room. Haven’t tried using both though.

  304. Bryan Mendoza said on 04-07-2010

    Saan ba ang asian massage na yan. How do i get there? any phone number ng place. kindly help.

  305. jeri said on 04-07-2010

    how much ang regular massage sa Pearlsacho? ano pa ang kasama sa package??

  306. Kaloy said on 03-07-2010

    to hootiejan,
    if you want a thrill, visit datu and lakan, walang inarte sa mga masseurs doon, they are there to give pleasure. Variety ang men doon from maskulado to twinks to jologs to mukhang kargador, pero I assure may mapipili ka eventhough discriminating ang taste mo….

  307. Amadeus777 said on 03-07-2010

    Oh finally after 2 years of reading this thread, i decided to leave a comment for the first time :) im not really sure where to start but ok i’ll probably start by saying im a biggest fan of massage and an addict of ES! there you go :) i’m only 27 and i’ve been to lots of MPs but im also choosy since i believe i can enjoy an ES if and only if they look better than me (sorry guys pun is really intended) i’m not basically fan of QC MPs since they don’t even massage you. I like to say that i used to be an addict of ASIAN MASSAGE malate, even i live here in makati i always take time to go there almost every week (i got lots of blissful experience there) some of the guys are great most of them are not so i CHOOSE. After the kinda strict peeking of female attendants there, i decided to back off and had my semi retirement from MPs. Why sudden retire? i still go to MPs here in makati like the one in cash and carry (not a nice place though, just one visit and i think my last). Then i discover PEARLSACHO, at first it was all pure massage and i didn’t think of ES for almost 8months but lately i visited the place after a month of beezeeness it was like OHHH ::) i got marlon and he was fine :) in epic proportions :) i got him home service as well, he’s not that good looking or stunning but he has this well built package and nice skin (trust me i’m really choosy) to wrap this up he was beyond..really :)

  308. hootiejan said on 02-07-2010

    I have read somewhere that the oldest mp’s in town are datu and lakan. these two mp’s are among the least reviewed in this thread. i haven’t gone there only because i don’t know what to expect. at the back of my mind i am thinking that they must be offering something special there to be able to last this long in a finicky industry. however, since i am not hearing anything, i’d rather go to mp”s which i have tried and tested. to the older and more experienced ones here, i have a question: is.datu and lakan still worth the visit? i hope to hear from you folks. thanks

  309. cholo said on 02-07-2010

    @2913 – kaya nga “Hidden” e.

  310. tonichi said on 02-07-2010

    san yung PB Timog?

  311. ferdie said on 02-07-2010

    Mga bakla din ang masseurs sa Hidden.

  312. Tommy said on 30-06-2010

    Which among the Asian Spa branches is the hands-down “champion” on sensual/orgasmic massages? Makati at Cityland? Peace mga pare.

  313. jeff said on 29-06-2010

    To All. Hidden spa hindi naman ka gandahan ang Amviance bawi naman sa therapist tanong ko lang saan na ba” si Vinze Isang Beses lang akong na ka try sa kanya tapos Nag Evaporate na’ Gosssh grabe nag hintay ako ng madaling araw sa kanya ng matagalll grabee but it my first time na makita ko sya.. totoo iba talaga yung Charme nyaa Katakot baka budul budul cya coz Kakiba yung Aura nya parang nang aakit grabe uberr ok I Wait fort him to go back try ko muna cna Yuri,luise at yung bago Prinze ba yun but Still Like ko also Si Kyle Cutie…

  314. riverscorpion said on 28-06-2010

    You may want to try Pearlsacho (8956205) along Pasong tamo near Shopwise. Their masseurs are better-looking now than when I tried it the first time. I was told that the owner has realized that their clientele is primarily gay and, therefore, has since adopted a policy of hiring only good-looking masseurs with prior spa experience. I was very pleased with Ivan and Marlon, but I was told that James and Francis are also attractive. Ditto with Eco, although I was disappointed with his massage and turned off by his P2,500 asking price. This is the most that I can disclose guys. you’ll just have to find out for yourselves what else may lie in store *wink* Btw, I had my massages done at my place, where conditions are obviously less “inhibitive”.

  315. extreme said on 27-06-2010

    yup na try ko na din si vinz.. its so true nga na grabe… hahahaha ..i heard he will be back sa hidden.

    has any one tried rafael, prinz of hidden?

  316. jay said on 27-06-2010

    hi guys. i just want to know, lumipat naba ng place ang hidden spa? o sa tapat padin ng sm southmall? thanks.

  317. cye said on 27-06-2010

    hay naku bambee nag punta ka sa eagles nest alam mo namang may ES dun DAaa how bobo you are den complain ka or baka hini mulang nakuha gusto mo haha buraot ka lang

  318. leo said on 27-06-2010

    vinze but his real name is Ken na try ko na sya yes magaling at magaling then sa ES he said galing daw syang tropics spa sa Imus oo his oo kakaiba talaga sya hindi naman ka gwapohan malakas lang talaga ang dating ng batang yun.. parang nakaka adict yung touch nya balita ko his going back to mandaluyong na daw

  319. alchun said on 27-06-2010

    Yes Hinahanap ko nga sya pero umalis na daw sya sa hidden spa Vinze saan na kaya yung batang yun
    his very wild and animalistic ang dating

  320. jared said on 27-06-2010

    Vinze of hidden is the unforgetable therapist i ever had

  321. cholo said on 27-06-2010

    @2828 – Do not go to that place. Unless you want a “halatang” gay masseur to massage and have sex with you. Peter, as mentioned, does provide ES – he even initiates it. Kaso nakakadiri lang isipin. No matter how he tries to act straight, sumasablay pa rin lalo na kung nakaladlad na ang wang mo.

  322. hootiejan said on 27-06-2010

    blue palm is in sta. mesa. it is near the corner of bagumabayn and bataan streets. medyo tago at nedyo nakakatakot yumg place. pero, okey naman dun.

  323. will said on 27-06-2010

    baket wala na si ace at clifford sa equanimity? ano balita?

  324. zaldy said on 26-06-2010

    san ba 2ng Paradiso-mas mlapit sa Ali Mall o Boni Serrano

  325. mario said on 25-06-2010

    sori. BLUE PALM pala ang tinatanong kong exact location.. thaks po.

  326. mario said on 25-06-2010

    saan po ung location ng hilom mr Kaloy? thanks po..

  327. v said on 25-06-2010

    spartacus daw is being converted partly to a bath house because of falling sales. told my masseur that that might as well spell the end of their jobs in that MP, malamang eh talbog sila sa dalang ganda ng ganito ang trip — gel to gel action/lab your own/bayo-nihan ng kafatiran. huwell…let’s see how it all pans out for spartacus.

  328. Kaloy said on 25-06-2010

    Lately from different MP:

    1.HILOM: Same,walang bagong masseur, sila sila pa rin. Walang bagong recruit.
    Managed to get the service of John.Face Value panalo other than that nothing special.ES masyadong nagmamadali, ewan ko ba parang nangdidiri!!!!
    Massage:6 ES: 5

    2. BLUEPALM: I love going to BluePalm kasi medyo mura lang 300 very affordable and besides marami silang massuer, everytime na pupunta ako doon marami ang bagong mukha at makakahanap ka ng ” Diamond in a rough”. The only thing that i dont like, wala silang showroom kaya exposed ang beauty mo!!!! lol!!!! I visited the place twice at di ako nagsisi sa mga choices ko!!!!
    Arnie: nung pina show up na ni Don (owner) ang kanyang mga alaga all together, about 20 of them ,stand out si Arnie dahil about 6’0-6’2 ang height niya syempre pagmatangkad normally buffed din ang physique niya. Guapo din siya at ang kinis kinis.Nang nasa room na kami, I think naligo pa siya and naka brief na lang siya ng bumalik. Napa may gosh ako dahil ang ganda ganda nang katawan niya at ang biceps and chest, nagmumura!!!
    This is my first time na talagang na turn on agad, and talagang malolokah ako!!!! ha ha ha. at ang bukol sa high cut na brief ohhhhhhhhlala!!! friendly din sya at kakausapin ka during the massage…According to him bago lang siya as a masseur and still adjusting to it, pero sa pakiwari ko medyo sanay na siya dahil magaling siyang mag flirt, as in ihagod hagod niya ang kanyang sandata sa katawan ko habang nagmamassage.Pagdating sa extra service!!!! pasok sa banga walang ka kyime kyeme at game na game!!!!! And the good news dakota to the max siya ha ha ha!!!!! Nakikipaglaplapan pa to the max!!!!
    Massage:8 ES: 10

    Lander: Monday noon, second visit ko kaya konti ang masseur, siguro patay na araw ang Monday sa kanila.Wala doon si Arnie siya kasi uli an kukunin ko ( first time ko sanang gagawin yon) although binigay nya yung number niya pero nawala ko!!!!
    Nahirapan akong pumili, until napansin ko si Lander, siya ang pinaka good looking among them during that time. Ang napansin ko kay Lander during our session, napaka professional ng approach niya at parang ang bait bait. Nice body din siya at moreno.During the session, napansin ko na kakaiba ang pagmamassage niya!!! ang galing swak na swak sa panlasa ko. I just discovered na nagtrabaho na siya sa mga hotels like Traders, and other 5 star hotels as a masseur. ES ok din sya at walang tawarang naganap!!!!!
    Massage: 10 ES: 8

    At last na try ko rin si ULYSIS, ang kama sutra king!! lol!!!! I must admit nag-enjoy ako. Napa ka sensous at minsan nakikiliti ako!!!!lol it’s such an experience. As usual maganda pa rin ang Physique ni Ulysis, but tama ang sabi nila na may kaliitan ang putotoy niya!!!!! lol….. For me, kung kukunin mo siya is just to experience the so called KAMASUTRA massage!!!
    Massage:10 ES: 7

    LIGHTNESS: I must say, nag improve ang Lightness ang dami nilang bagong mukha at may K ang iba sa kanila!!!!! managed to get the service of JERRY, mahirap matiempohan ang isang ito dahil siya ang pinaka hot item ng Lightness ngayon, Pinag-uusapan, bulungbulungan sa mga parlor at sa mga message board!!!!lol!!!! Nung makita ko na si Jerry sa personal medyo na dis appoint ako kasi di pala siya katangkaran mga 5’8-5’7 lang siya akala ko at least 5’10 ( masyado kasi akong attracted sa matangkad na guys) although gwapo siya at mala adonis ang katawan!!!! at may 6 packs!!!!
    Vey friendly siya at mabait (Bikolano kasi) and entertaining…Wala akong masabi sa katawan, talagang alagang alaga niya, ang kinis kinis….During the massage naka nude siya sabi niya first time lang daw nya yong ginawa!!!!(ah ewan). He is trying to inject a little Kama sutra sytle on his massage. During the extra service OK naman siya at very playful at di nagmamadali!!! Ang kinis kinis at ang puti puti at mabango!!!! at walang kyeme!!!! nakikipaghalikan din siya!!!! About si size, di malaki at di rin maliit pati doon ang puti puti ha ha ha!!!!!After the extra service nahiga pa siya ng ilang minutes at yinakap ako!!!! at may added bonus pa, napicturan ko siya in different angles!!!!! ha ha ha!!!
    Massage:9 ES:10

    EAGLENEST; Visited the place pero walang pumasa sa taste ko,went home empty handed.
    HOLLYWOOD: walang pumasa sa taste ko, ano na ang nangyari???? nagdeterirate ang place puro jologs, went home empty handed
    SPARTACUS: walang mapili went home empty handed..
    PARADISO: new MP located at 10th Avenue Cubao, maganda sana ang place, dahil new 5 lang yata yung masseur,went home empty handed!!!!

  329. xxx said on 25-06-2010

    30 mins massage sa eagle’s nest? whoa! that ain’t worth the buck, folks.

    has anyone ever tried jason III?

  330. bambee said on 25-06-2010

    hay naku! nagpunta na rin ako jan sa eagles nest, ang pangit ng place, parang lumang bahay sa probinsya, tapos wala pang aircon, day! nakakaloka, electricfan lang ang ginamit namin…tapos yung massuer na nila di naman marunong magmasahe, tipikal lang na papisil pisil ang ginawa, 30 mins tapos na! tapos ES na agad, nung di ako nagpa ES aba, sinimangutan at nainis na agad yung callboy na masahista! kakairita diba? nagpunta ka para magrelax. eh kung inayos ang masahe malamang nagpa ES ako kaso sa masahe pa lang dissapointed na ko, ES pa kaya! wat do you think? nagtip na lang ako ng 300. pag alis ko dun tinext ko talaga ang may ari bout sa nangyari at alam yan ng management! pagsasabihan na lang daw nya, pasensiya na daw at napunta ko sa bad na massuer.. hay ganun lang yun? kalokang eagles nest to!

  331. trgo2001 said on 24-06-2010

    nope. i called them last Sunday lng e. nagbago nb management since then?

  332. juntan said on 24-06-2010

    trgo2001 baka lumang management pa yun kasi last night lang ako nagpunta sa eagles nest.350 only room and massage.i havetheir no.9220530.chec it out guys.

  333. trgo2001 said on 24-06-2010

    the problem with eagles nest e sobrang mahal ng rates nila. 650 for the massage and get this may bayd p ang room n 350! so all in all 1k plus the extra fee p for the masseur.hold up tong place n to

  334. juntan said on 24-06-2010

    guys check out eagles nest spa at is not great but they have very clean and nice t&b with bidet is basic,mat on the floor,small but massuer i saw are all good looking at may katawan.heres the best part,hinde nag-presyo ang massuer ko sa ES.after the 30min massage (back) wich i rate 7/10 and hot na rin ako hinalikan na ang tenga ko,ayun tuloy na sa es.the guy’s name is Phillip,mataas at 5-7″ makiis ,bilugan ang fresh pa sya,mukhang 18 lang pero he’s 23 na daw.puntong pribinsya pa talaga.gunto ko ngang sumama pag -uwi nya.the best yung masahe nya sa paa.para kang nag pa-foot spa.

  335. v said on 23-06-2010

    @markZ: oh ano, ateng? pinagduldulan din ba niya ang kanyang handog sa iyong lalamunan? hihihihihihi

  336. v said on 23-06-2010

    @markZ: oh ano, anong? pinagduldulan din ba niya ang kanyang handog sa iyong lalamunan? hihihihihihi

  337. markZ said on 21-06-2010

    may naka try na ba kay william ng spartacus, may appmt kasi ako sa kanya ngayon eh. ok ba siya?

  338. ykcir088 said on 21-06-2010

    story ulit pero mas luma pa ito sa nakwento ko dito 1st time ko dati na magpamassage na may e.s. nagpahotel service ako so sa sobrang napaguusapan dati ang HILOM tinawagan ko sila hindi ko pa noon alam na may website sila just got there number from a blogsite then yun na nga offer nila si A _ _ _ _ _ kinausap ko pa mismo siya as a bi sexual gusto ko din na ibBJ yung note ko hindi ko lang malinaw na nasabi pero tinanong ko naman siya LAHAT BA NG GAGAWIN KO SAYO GAGAWIN MO DIN SA AKIN sagot niya OO daw tapos nung dumating sa hotel ko minassage na niya ako pagkatapos ng massage papahinga daw muna siya sabi ko okey then bago magumpisa yung e.s. sabi ko dadagdagan ko ng 500 yung e.s. pero 2 rounds okey din daw syempre as a 1st timer kahit mahal okey lang kasi gusto ko talagang maging bongga ang 1st time ko nung nakahiga na kami P_TA hindi daw humahalik hindi daw nagb bj suck lang ng nipples at JO P_TA talaga sabi ko sige 1 roung nalang pero hindi ko inalis yung 500 sabi ko BJ mo ako P_TA ulit binuka nya ng over na over bibig nya tapos pinasok yung note ko dun (parang pinasok mo note mo sa malaking baso) wala din ako naramdaman 1 time lang nya ginawa yun na daw yun B_LL S_IT pagkatapos nun pina JO ko nalang note ko tapos pinag JO ko sya magisa hindi ko na din hinabol yung 500 pinauwi ko na agad lesson na din sa akin yun kaya ngayon tinatanong ko na ng maigi at pinasasagot ko ng maigi para malinaw

  339. faustus said on 21-06-2010

    hahahaha! baka naman nasa millions pa lang. lol. nonetheless, malaki-laking halaga na yun. dapat pala eh nagtayo na lang tayo ng foundation: “Iahon Sa Putikan” Foundation (side note: kay Maverick ko ata narinig ito sa isang radio interview niya or something). at least, kapag may institute na tayo, we’d be able to apply more stringent requirements bago natin sila matulungan. gaya ng: 1. size (hahahaha!); 2. performance; 3. looks. not necessarily in that order. ano, game! tara na’t magtayo ng instittute. 😀

  340. Fishy said on 21-06-2010

    naku ateng siguro bilyones na. hindi biro ang maglabas ng anywhere between 300-1.5k out of our hard earned pink income. im sure we could have ended poverty kung pinagsama-sama nating ang mga tips na yan…. hahahahaha.

  341. faustus said on 21-06-2010

    magkano na kaya aabutin kung pinagsama-sama natin ang mga pinambayad natin as ES sa mga therapist na yan? just wondering…

  342. JEFF said on 20-06-2010


  343. japmar said on 20-06-2010

    @xxx – can you email me the name of your therapist, Just in case, I’d like to try the one you got. If it’s a different one. (

  344. Hummer said on 19-06-2010

    i found a new discovery in xtreme massage… walang tawaran na magaganap.. derecho es agad.. hes okay.. maputi pati fit ung katawan…malambing pa.. hes name is J_ _ – R… check nyo sa site..

  345. xxx said on 19-06-2010

    @japmar: i think we had the same therapist. same thing happened to me. and it was nice. sometimes you don’t need that extra service to make that session special. 😉

  346. brag said on 18-06-2010

    @ japmar – whats the name of your masseur. i want to try him.
    i’ll be in bora july. recommend please. i tried haplos(2nd floor near d’mall) before but its plain massage.sig

  347. japmar said on 18-06-2010

    Went to try PB Timog and I have to say it was the most sensual massage that I ever had. I expected the usual tease since the massage was done in the buff. But when he started massaging my lower thigh. He would position my foot in such a way it was positioned in his groin the whole time! This didn’t stop there when he switched to my arms as well and I think he also had a hard-on. Moving to the back massage, the whole time I was being massaged I was being dry humped 90% of the time and after all that, the best part was (well, at least for me) that he didn’t ask for ES. This is a good for me because I don’t go for ES and when I go to MP and whenever you turn them down for the 1st down, when you come back (assuming you get the same therapist) the massage will be a lousy one since they know you wouldn’t be availing ES. Will definitely go back and try PB Timog again

  348. xxx said on 17-06-2010

    southbay – wouldnt recommend it.

  349. nathan said on 17-06-2010

    ok din sa south bay spa?

  350. v said on 17-06-2010

    @cum_with_me: i think he quit. neither have I seen his name in their line up for quite some time now.

  351. STAN said on 16-06-2010

    have just tried NUAT THAI in morato… its a wow… ganda ng ambiance, interiors, massage cubicles, pati un footwash area, you will feel relaxed. Iba na pala mayari ng Nuat Thai and iba na sa Phaen kaya pala halos magkalapit lang ang dalawa. nice un masseur ko really good sa massage. wow I felt rejuvenated after. Thai massage with oil the best… Walang kababoyan na nagaganap dito kaya yung mga ang hanap eh kahalayan wag kayo magkalat dito… malinis yung lugar wag nyong babuyin mga baklang malilibog…

  352. cum_with_me said on 16-06-2010

    Does anyone here know if Emman is still connected with Amistad Spa? My friend, who is an avid client of the said spa, has been missing this competent and really goodlooking therapist lately. Dun pa ba siya nagwowork?

  353. japmar said on 15-06-2010


    I don’t usually go for ES, since it usually HJ only. Even though if it 500, 1k for HJ? That’s way too much. I can do it myself at home. If it’s for free then why not. I’ll still give them a tip whether or not there’s hints of sensuality in my massage

  354. neo said on 15-06-2010

    pag baldado ka, walang mga kamay, okay lang magbayad ng 1thou for handjob. pero kung buong buo naman ang biology mo, bakit ka magbabayad ng handjob eh kaya mo naman gawin yan sa sarili mo?

  355. elvin said on 14-06-2010

    I thought i won’t be posting here again about my latest spa experience but sadly dinapuan na naman ako ng kati sa katawan… so punta ako sa legit-legitan na spa somewhere in pasay-makati area.. i used to like the place ( I was out of the spa scene for almost 1 month na) but now.. it reminded me of why i left the spa scene in the first place.. I availed of the package bodyscrub and massage on that certain MP. The body scrub was okay. What was unpleasant was the tsismisan of the masseurs in the reception area (one was high-pitched na parang bading) which was just meters away from the bodyscrub area.. hala sige halakhakan sila sa pagdescribe ng mga naging clients nila kesyo maliit ang harap, etc. siyempre ako di na ko nagsalita sa nagscrub sakin cause i don’t want to make a scene knowing na butt naked ako sa scrub area pero it made me feel vulnerable bigla. of course wala akong karapatang magsalita kasi pinag-uusapan din natin sila dito which is much worse.. tapos yung mga favorites ko dati na di nagpepresyo.. aba bumabanat na ng presyo for an HJ.. a whopping 1000 for an HJ.. kumusta naman diba? don’t want to go to the horrific details anymore..sana this time pag dinapuan ako ng kati makamot ko na siya without the need of a lending hand which costs a whopping P1thousand.. di na kasi praktikal eh.. World Peace po!!!

  356. mau said on 14-06-2010

    tnx bj, how can i pay you in return??? a hot bj, i guess…lol…thanks. anyway, i would love to try legit spa this time because they have more straight massuers than MPs…ayaw ko ng malason…lol, tnx again bj.

  357. bj said on 14-06-2010

    sorry for the re-post. i thought di na post yun fiorst. anyway,
    @mau – its near the lrt buendia, its the first corner at taft going from lrt station to vito cruz.

  358. mau said on 14-06-2010

    where can i find spada, i think i wanna try it

  359. bj said on 13-06-2010

    I tried spada last week for the first time. ok naman yun masseur ko, cuteand ganda ng body. sensual pero no ES. mabait and malambing sya. madami ibang masseur na parangf cute. maliit ang cubicle and curtain lang ang divider. pwede na yun price, wud go back for a quick massage. =)

  360. bj said on 13-06-2010

    visited spada for the first time last friday, dami naman ang cute na masseur..tried e___ and he was nice and malambing., no extra but quite sensual. medyo maliit ang cubicle but generally sulit namn doon.

  361. tarzan said on 12-06-2010

    cebu reviews naman except aviary…

  362. mylawhite said on 11-06-2010

    2860. spaholic at Jun 11, 10 at 5:03 am

    Walang pinagka iba nilagyan lang ng oil yung back ko , so better NO OIL na lang naka save ka pa ng 50p

    Basta sa likod siya ng isang resto (di ko sure name nun) basta malapit siya sa NYSPA sa Jolibee side .at malapit sa Barracks.
    at CLEAN MASSAGE ONLY lang yun.
    Pero I like dahil na relax ako todo kasi wala akong expect ng ES so concentrate lang siya talaga sa massage.

  363. Alex said on 11-06-2010

    2853….hindi sapat na magpa screening kayo magpartner and then pag nakuha niyo results, and if negative kayo pareho, puede na kayo mag unprotected sex. ang minimum incubation period kasi para malaman mo kung tunay na safe ka is 6 months. meaning during the last 6 months, you’ve not had unsafe sex. minimum pa lang yan. kasi may iba nga, after 1 year from the time they had unprotected sex na lalabas sa screening nila na positive pala sila for HIV. honestly, mahirap talaga. bottomline: always have protected sex, with the operative word ALWAYS nasa utak mo.

  364. spaholic said on 11-06-2010

    @mylawhite So how is the Thai with oil compared to regular Thai massage? Can you post their number…might reserve and try them out :) Is this a new thai massage that all Nuat Thai’s have? thanks…

  365. southsider said on 10-06-2010


    lets be discreet and lets respect the therapists…naghahahanap buhay lang at baka madali pa sila…;-) di natin alam sinong nagbabasa.

    btw, kung napanood mo ang Masahista.. i like the last scene with Coco Martin and Allan Paule. wink wink!!!!

  366. mylawhite said on 10-06-2010

    Dahil sa review ni Hector sa new spa na ito

    So aking pinuntahan kahapon

    One of the BEST SPA /MASSAGE na aking na try sa presyong 250 Thai with Oil
    GREAT MASSAGE talaga, babalikan ko to for sure
    After massage I REALLY FEEEEL GOOOOOD, feel ko na ako si Giselle Bundchen after ng masahe ganoon ka relaxing at ang place sobrang clean .

    Massage 9/10
    Facilities (no shower level) 9/10

  367. jake said on 10-06-2010

    had a good massage in a legit spa along QAve…
    also nice encounter with a fellow client in the steam room…

  368. mylawhite said on 10-06-2010

    theSPAexplorer at Jun 9, 10 at 3:21 pm

    GALENG GALENG ng Review mo at agree ako dyan, MORE REVIEW PLS!!
    Ang kakapal ng mga fez hano at 1.5K ang asking price??? ano yan ginto??

  369. topflirt said on 09-06-2010

    saang THE SPA ang may male therapist?

  370. theSPAexplorer said on 09-06-2010

    hi i just want to share my spa adventures recently….. medyo napapadalas ang rampa ko sa mga spa around the metro especially in QC.

    1. Asian Massage
    -Malate Area
    -Male and Female Therapist

    * Quality of Massage -7/10.
    * Face Department – 4/10. Daming chaka. karamihan mga Bisaya. mega chika chika with each other while servicing clients. nakaka loka!
    * ES: most of the time meron…handjob nga lang. no price for the ES…but a friend of mine told me nakangkang daw sya in the tune of 300Pesos. san ka pa!

    2. Phaen Boran
    -Timog area
    -350/Hour Swedish; 250/Thai Massage(dry)
    -Male and Female Therapist

    * Quality of Massage – 7/10.
    * Face Department – 7/10. Infairness may mga cutie nman dto. May mga borta din. Bading ang ilan sa kanila…ung iba kapag kausap mo..lalaking lalaki ang boses… pero one time nakita ko sila nakatambay sa labas ng spa..juice ko day! bakla bakla. babaeng babae pa sa akin.
    * ES: 100% of the time may handjob. no price for the ES.

    – Kamuning/Tomas Morato area
    -200/Hour Swedish
    -Male and Female Therapist

    * Quality of Massage – 4/10. Super tagal mag umpisa ng therapist dto. Nakikipag kwentuhan pa muna sa ibang therapist bago mag trabaho. At may CR break pa sila..babalik after 5-10mins. Bongga d b! Super ingay din habang nagmamasahe. Worst nightmare ito! Super dirty ang mga beds. Malagkit and mamasa masa ang mga towel at mukhang nirerecycle nila ito. ewww
    * Face Department – 2/10. Kung bet nyo ung tipong tambay lang sa kanto..ung mga galling bilibid…in short chaka at mukhang mabaho.. then go… this is the place for you.
    * ES: nag offer sila nito pero wa ako care. May maganda ako sa kanila.

    – Erod/Tomas Morato area
    -250/Hour Swedish/ Twin Massage also available
    -Male and Female Therapist

    * Quality of Massage – 4/10. Walang kwenta ang massage dto. Parang walang energy ung mga therapist.
    * Face Department – 4/10. Kung bet nyo mga anorexic na mga in mga payatot. This is the place for you. Walang kwenta ang massage dto pero infairness medyo malinis ung mga bed and towels nila.
    * ES: nag offer sila nito for a tune of 1500 daw. Extra service daw nila ung…papahada sila sa client. Gudlak!

    more on my next posts…

  371. ang iyong ate said on 09-06-2010

    @julio: mag condom ka beki! first mo nga sya…
    ikaw naman pang ilang na nya? malay mo ba kung may napulot ng sakit yan partner mo prior sa kanyang mga past relationships…
    kung gusto nyong magbengbangan ng walang condom, magpa-screen muna kayo, tapos paglabas ng result…. saka nyo ipagpatuloy yang ginagawa nyo…

  372. OneBlueFire said on 09-06-2010

    @ace Does The SPA in libis have male therapist?

    No, it doesn’t…

  373. ace said on 09-06-2010

    Does The SPA in libis have male therapist?

  374. greggy said on 08-06-2010

    meron ba sa davao na massage place na may ES? care to share please…. hehehe… :)

  375. ykcir088 said on 08-06-2010

    basta name nya starts with letter A :)

  376. ferdie said on 08-06-2010

    Halos lahat naman kasi ng masseurs sa Hidden, bading din.

  377. extreme said on 08-06-2010

    share ko lang yung vinz ng hidden parang galing ibang spa…

  378. trgo2001 said on 08-06-2010

    care to share the name of ur masseur?

  379. tarzan said on 07-06-2010

    any latest spa escapades in cebu? iloilo? enough of aviary please..iba naman..

  380. ykcir088 said on 07-06-2010

    gusto ko lang ishare story ko marami na din akong nakasama na masseur pero yung iba pagkatapos na ng e.s. wala na at hindi ko na din naiisip ulit yung mga nangyari pero may isang masseur from phoenix massage na talagang hindi maalis sa isip ko kasi talagang iba siya parang may relasyon kayo sa isat isa pagnagumpisa na yung e.s. very tender very caring kahit after e.s. ugali ko pa naman na pa iba iba nang masseur pero ito gusto ko na siya nalang palagi hindi ako nainlove alam ko hinding hindi pwede mangyari yun at ayoko din hindi ko naintindihan bakit hindi mawala sa isip ko mga ginawa niya at nakumbinsi ko sarili ko na kunin siya ulit na kailanman hindi ko ginagawa

  381. cum_with_me said on 07-06-2010

    anyone here who has tried Ian, formerly froM asian massagE, matangkad, bata, cute kasi may dimples, at medyo ok naman ang katawan. He’s really cute…has anybody here tried him as well? feedback naman please…

  382. extreme said on 07-06-2010

    share ko lang ha.. dami na pala nawala sa hidden spa and dami bago therapist

  383. tarzan said on 03-06-2010

    ano kaya ung spa sa baguio? is it north haven? parang konti lang spa sa baguio?

  384. STANLEYHOT said on 02-06-2010

    Merun sa baguio may 3 options ka
    1. Burnham Park around 9pm onwards marami dun lalo pag pasukan… daming gwapo… lakad ka lang around the manmade lake. madaming magtatawag sa tabi. ingat ka lang kasi may mga holdapper dun. maganda may kasama ka.. delikado lang ng konti pero may mga ginto…
    2. May spa sa abanao road harap ng empire cinema.. so so lang mga masseurs pero nagooffer ng ES all the way… may isa pang sikat na spa jan nagooffer un mga masseurs nila ng HJ. di pdi sabihin name nun spa…
    3. sa naguillian road madaming gay bars dun 4 gaybars un sa km3 ang pinaka the best…

  385. onetwoboo said on 31-05-2010


  386. anon said on 30-05-2010

    Aaron, ed must be busy nowadays, post election time baka marami siya cases na hina-handle…saka baka nira-rayuma nasi manong ed..hehehe joke…:)

  387. casey james said on 30-05-2010

    any stories from human touch spa?

  388. Aaron A said on 30-05-2010

    Hi. I’m looking for the Ed who has shared a lot of his experiences on this page. Please email me at aaronabad81 @ yahoo . com

    I just have a few questions. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  389. auxis64 said on 29-05-2010

    @2833 Hoy Julio, if you are serious about health, protection is a must. That you love each other, pwede pang paniwalaan. But faithful? Ow come on. I heard that long ago. Read on; you should be more educated about these things. :)

  390. peter dewolf said on 29-05-2010

    nagbago na ba ang sistema sa Equanimity ? kung hindi, bakit pinilit ni Jay na ibigay sa akin ang isang masahista na ayaw ko, samantala ayaw ibigay yung gusto ko ? akala ko bang the customer is always right ? umalis ako tuloy sa inis ko … who is Jay anyway to force his taste (yung ka-dikit ba niya ?) sa atin ? … bad trip

  391. julio said on 28-05-2010

    it’s my first time to have a boyfriend. on our first sex, he convinced me to bottom him. since i love him, i said yes. since then, we engaged in unprotected sex. question. will there be a possibility for us to have HIV if we engaged in unprotected sex? we’re both healthy and faithful to each other. please enlighten me. i need your help guys.

  392. onetwoboo said on 28-05-2010


  393. LuisMiguel said on 28-05-2010

    Anyone who visits Spartacus? Sino marerecommend nyo aside from William?

  394. faustus said on 28-05-2010

    southsider: interesting. come on, let’s be straight to the point: may ES ba? :) gifted ba? hehehe.

  395. neo said on 27-05-2010

    #2826: usually we EXPECT extra service of course when we go to these MP’s. BUT it is also a fact that the masseurs themselves PUSHES/ENCOURAGES/OFFERS extra services to guests. its not like we “demanded” from them that service. They give it kasi duon lang sila kumikita. That is why, to say we “deamanded” extra services is not totally right. Kahit hindi tayo mag demand, the masseurs offer it!!!

  396. southsider said on 27-05-2010

    May 2 spa along Airport Road papuntang Paranaque. one is Essensia, the other is Senses. Skip Senses, isa lang ang male therapist, maaga pa umuuwi. Wala lang tong lugar.

    Essensia is the one next to the Poker place. May green na neon sign ito at may parang salon sa tabi nya. Massage is only P300. You get a VIP room with a shower inside. There are around 4 therapists. I usually get Peter, as he is MOST accomodating sa mga massage requests. The place is also open till 4am..kaya nice! 😉

  397. elvin said on 26-05-2010

    @ 2826

    hi michaela. in a way parang ganun na rin ang punto ko sa 2816. Parang restaurant din yan eh.. kung kakain ka sa mamahaling restaurant, ibig sabihin willing ka magbayad ng mahal for the food and for the service they are willing to offer. Pero if the food does not meet your expectations or the restaurant itself has poor customer service, dirty facilities, etc., don’t you feel cheated? Don’t you feel that you’ve wasted money and could have spent it on more productive means? Yun ang point ko… ginusto ko ang magpunta sa MP/Spa… inamin ko rin naman dun sa message na nagpauto talaga ako sa mga lalaking yan “dati” eh. Sa mga MP’s/Spas ngayon, specially dun sa mga masseurs na mahilig makipagtawaran portion (which I really hate!), di ba we agreed at some point on the type of service we (client/customer) are availing especially sa ES? Usually naman ang mga masseur naman ang di sumusunod sa usapan eh. I know their boundaries and I respect them pero agreeing to do something that they don’t like (have sex with gays) for a price that they readily agreed to is still a binding contract (though illegal.. lolz) in itself.. thus, they should perform their part of the deal. Dun ako nagrereklamo… ang mamahal nilang sumingil pero ano ba napala mo sa perang nilabas mo? Wala diba? If di mo maintindihan ang sinasabi ko, its either: (a) haciendera ka at uber sa yaman to relate sa mga middle class discreet gay guys like me; (b) never mo pa naexperience ang mag-avail ng ES sa mga MPs/Spas; or (c) isa kang masahista na napadpad dito sa site na to para i-justify ang di makatwirang panghuhuthot ng pera ng “ilan” (di lahat) sa mga kapwa mo masahista/callboy. Nevertheless, I totally agree with you on one thing, both of you agreed on the specifics of the ES, walang nanloko at walang nagpapaloko BUT.. as long as both sides do their part of the deal. World Peace!! Peace tayo Michaela ha.. Love you girl!

  398. michaela said on 26-05-2010

    hello 2816… feeling ko sa comments mo obligasyon ng mga lalaki na paligayahin ang mga bakla… we should remember ang mga bakla ang nangangailangan ng kaligayahan at hindi ang mga men… bumigay sila sa gusto natin dahil lamang sa pera at wla ng iba. walang karapatan ang bakla na magdemand ng kaligayahan na walang kapalit na kahit ano dahil wala silang obligasyon na bumigay ng kaligayahan… ang main purpose ng massage clinics ay magbigay ng massahe… dahil nagdemand tayo ng extra service… magbayad ka!!! walang nanluluko ant walang nagpapaluko dito

  399. mylawhite said on 26-05-2010

    ang quiet ng forum

    Thankful na rin ako kay E_w_n ng Cicada Spa, dahil sa kanyang katimawaan at ganid sa pera at pagiging buraot sa tip ay nawala ng tuluyan ang pagkahilig ko sa SPA parang nagka trauma ako sa spa ngayon , OMG!! binigyan ko pa ng award ang spa na to dahil sa sobrang bait ng masseur esp. si E_w_n mismo, pero sinira nyang lahat ang spa (for me) kaya today sa nail holics ako napunta now at least nalinis pa kuko ko at enjoy na rin pero para mag spend ng thousand of pesos para masahe with ES ……NO WAY NOW (sana makatagal ako at sana ang trauma sa spa ay forever na sa akin) , Nadaan nga ako today Cash and Carry at nakita ko Cicada OMG!!! my hearth is hurting at wala na talaga NEVER EVER na ako magpupunta dito (teka bakit nga pala walang reciept dito huh!!!) ( taray mode )

    Anyways may post si Cleric sa PP at may new spa daw …mukhang maganda at 1st class ..

    (pero sa aking sarili IM DONE (FINISH ) na talaga sa SPA…magpapa Kerastase Ritual na lang ako at nailholics ) at Vive massage nakatulong pa sa bulag at nalinis pa sa pagkakasala.

    My current theme song (i love the lyrics) kaka relate ako .

  400. Curious said on 24-05-2010

    Diyos Ko–sayang ang pera niyo. Ikain na lang sa Peninsula at umorder ng isang bote ng wine! Sulit pa.

  401. elvin said on 23-05-2010

    In the MP and spa industry, whether legit or not.. it shoud be “US”, the consumers who should control the market and not them – the masseurs and the MPs. Given that majority of us here in the forum (at least on what i have read since the male-to-male massage forum) advocates for satisfactory services at reasonable rates, I don’t see why prices on massage and tips (particularly to ES) continue to go up while the quality of service largely declined to a point that there are times when no service was rendered at all. Is it because we allow them to do this to us? I suddenly realized that the main purpose of creating this forum has been brutally defeated by those masseurs with golden dicks. Anyways, I stand my ground to lielow in the MP/spa scene (at least to those who offer ES) for reasons discussed in 2816 above but it doesn’t mean i’ll leave this forum for good. Let us stay happy and healthy fellow PLU’s. World Peace!!

  402. v said on 23-05-2010

    ay true. stay away na mga bek sa mga nakapandidiri at nakakababang mga lugar na iyan. para naman maging buyer’s market na uli at wit na puwede magmaganda nang todo todo ang mga otokong tambay sa mga ganitong pleyses. 😉 bruja me.

  403. neo said on 23-05-2010

    mylawhite & message 2816: mabuhay talaga. nasabi niyo and exact sentiments ko. after like 4 years in-and-out of massage parlors, i am \\have raised my white flag. ayoko na. nasusuka na ako. lal\o pa kung nakikita ko ang ginastusan ko sa mundong yan. sana nakapagtayo na ako ng isang kubo, or nakabili ng maraming appliances. sayang lang pera sa mga massage parlors talaga.

  404. joey said on 22-05-2010

    sino po ba ang mga cute na masseurs sa hidden spa? laging di ko type yung napupunta sa kin e. yung mga cute, di ko alam ang names. thanks!

  405. eric said on 22-05-2010

    Hello everyone

    Can you please share how much do u give for ES lowest and highest??? Me- 1500 and 2500

    To Mylawhite and others- ako rin sawa na sa rounds of MP- anyone here who frequents bikini contest , is it true that after the contest, that is where the hadahan/tawaran happens?

    any contacts/ handlers of bikini contestants ?


  406. MD_ said on 22-05-2010

    I tried Hilom, masarap magmassage ung nakuha ko. although medyo kakabitin kasi towards the end nagmention na siya ng ES.. which at first I wasn’t into, Naawa lang ako kasi sabi niya i was the first customer.. too bad I’m top.. he doesn’t even kiss..

    Anyway, I want to try another masseur sa Hilom, sino ba ok dun? and papayag kahit walang ES?

    Is Amistad spa ok? How about Rondalle?

    San ung Hollywood spa?


  407. mylawhite said on 22-05-2010


    fetz at May 22, 10 at 6:06 am

    I LOVE IT Mabuhay ka Fetz at Cutie!!!!!!!

    ang kakapal!!! may natandaan akong isang masseur ko kinuha number ko (so feeling naman ni Mylawhite napakaganda niya ) at pinagkakaguluhan siya ng mga masseur at kinukuha number niya ….pero nag text yung masseur Nanghihiram ng pera 5000 daw pambayad sa motorcycle nya ..KAPAL 😉
    at may natandaan pa ako sa spa sa may marikina kasi pag nagpa massage ako dala ko wallet ko then nung tipping time na siya pa kumuha ng wallet ko at binulatlat yun daw i tip ko sa kanya …another kapalmuks 😉

    Thanks MGG nailabas ko sama ng loob ko..

  408. elvin said on 22-05-2010

    parang nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin sa forum ah.. actually, i quite agree.. hirap na hirap tayo sa pagbanat ng buto para maka-earn ng decent living tapos in a span of an hour or two, kukunin lang satin ng mga mapagsamantalang lalakeng yan.. di ako santa at aaminin ko na one point in my life eh nagpauto rin ako sa kanila. Pero i guess there comes a time when you will realize na all this time, nothing was gained.. panandaliang aliw lang talaga.. redundant at routine na lang ang lahat.. konting sweet words lang satin and the act of sex.. ok nang magshell out ng ganung kalaking pera to no avail.. tapos in the end mapapaisip ka, guilt takes over, fear na baka magkasakit ka dahil nilunok mo yung kanya, and other feelings and thoughts. (sigh) =(

  409. mylawhite said on 22-05-2010

    Ngek!!! pag double post yun ^^^^

    Migs paki delete nga yung isa

    Thanks CUTIE :-)

  410. mylawhite said on 22-05-2010

    2809. #ganun tlaga.. kapalit ng kalandian nyo ung pera. dapat iniexpect nyo na un.. hirap sa mga bakla madaling mauto kasi. bwahahahaha
    casey james at May 22, 10 at 9:16 am

    Hehehehe…ngayon I learn my lesson na, akala ko hindi ako isa sa mga shunga shunga sa mga ganyan ay feel ko smarte maarte ako eh NOON PALA isang dakilang shunga din pala ako. Tigilan ko na din pagiging maarte ko (ala Trisha ng PBB) By the Way ..PLS!! BB Tricia ( I love her)…di na ko magiging judgemental sa mga looks ng tao …magbabagong buhay na ako at sana makasali ko sa MGG For Friends ni Migs. i need support talaga ng kapwa PLU .its hard to be alone and with a terrible grammar like Mylawhite :-)

    I swear talaga never na ko pupunta sa MAKATI SPA na yan at medyo bawasan or best tigilan (kung makaya) ko na mga spacapade at sa Vive Massage na lang ako na mga bulag pa massage…

    Kung magkakati naman eh makipag friend ka lang sa mga parlorista sa mga kanto marami silang kilala at mga YOUNG FRESH AT ARTISTAHIN pa at a reasonable price , today nga lang nag start na ko makipag friend sa parlor sa kanto namin (mga Class C type parlor) may pinakilala sa akin OMG!! YOUNG FRESH AT ARTISTA LOOKING talaga…
    ( ano ba yan nag start na naman ako ng kalandian)

    Trauma sa akin nangyari sa spa na yan . at ngayon ko na realize ang advice sa akin ni CLERIC na tunay na tunay …share ko na din : I LOVE CLERIC
    Hey there,

    Nice to know that you had a realization. Its’ not too late to change for the better. It’s good that you acknowledge the fact that what you’re doing does not satisfy you at all.

    I suggest that you do something worthwhile. Find a hobby, a group activity (even an activity by yourself), which you will truly enjoy. Join orgs or volunteer during your sparetime. Make use of your time wisely.

    Sexual urge will always be there but note that it’s only fleeting. You can always ignore it. Who knows? While on your worthwhile pursuits (no more spas please), you will meet someone who will really care for you. Of course sex will be a bonus but isn’t a nice feeling to make love to someone and it’s not just one way?

    I the meantime, start loving yourself first and foremost by making sure that you end the spa/massage adventure. There’s nothing wrong if you go for a massage but do not overdo it to the point that you’re wasting too much money and spending on extra service. You will feel it deep in your bones. If you feel that what you’re doing is not right. Stop from there. Listen to what your heart and mind is saying.

    So I hope you learn your lesson. Take it from a concerned stranger like me so has surpassed being tempted to unmeaningful pursuits.

    Live a quality life. You’re still young. Find your passion and purpose!

    Good luck!


  411. cutie said on 22-05-2010

    mylawhite, fetz, and others — buti pa mag ipon na lang for our future diba? baka isang araw, kapag tayo ang nangailangan ng pera, mangungutang pa tayo! :( Buti pa, invest na lang natin.
    My advise is to lessen going to spa/mps, at tiisin na lang… pwede na yung 2 to 4 times a month at di kailangan laging may ES… and iba-ibahin ang piliing terapists para di sila mag abuso… at wag tayo papayag sa mataas na hingi na tip!!! kala mo kung sino sila kung maningil at sasabihan kang buraot pag di nila gusto ang tip natin!
    So let’s take care of ourselves din and our immediate families…

  412. sieg8hart said on 22-05-2010

    i vacated the place with dignity and self respect gstong gsto ko ang word nayn. kaya mabuhay ka fetz.

  413. sieg8hart said on 22-05-2010

    i vacated the place with dignity and self respect gstong gsto ko ang word nayn. kaya mabuhay ka fretz.

  414. stanleyhot said on 22-05-2010

    buhayin ulit ang nakakaboaring na forum na ito. isang gabi di ko kinaya aking pangangati kaya napilitan na naman akong rumampa sa moomba plaza… salamat at walang gawa si g_ _d_. kaya siya ang bet ko. sinimulan niya ang paghagod sa pagod kong katawan. masasabi kong bihasa na sya sa ganitong larangan.. 8 of 10 sa masahe 7 of 10 sa es. mabait matipuno gwapo ngunit mukhang kinulangan lang sa haba. hahaha ganun pa man di ako nagsisi dahil sadyang gifted sya sa pagmamasahe. ika nga one of the better masseurs around.
    di maalis ang kati sa pangangatawan tumuloy ako sa kanto ng quezon ave. hinanap ang sariwa at pinagkakaguluhan ng kabaklaan ng maynila ang studyanteng si jeff.. malas ko wala na si jeff duon isang buwan lang ang tinagal. di siguro nasikmura ang ginagawa. ang pinsan na lang nya na si jam ang nanduon. class a. pero nagbegoff muna ako pumunta muna sa body spec. nagtingin ng ibang option…
    pagpasok ko ng BS aba may gay attendant na! di tulad dati mga masahista lang ang mag aassist. sinamahan ako ni mamita sa bintana ng kahalayan. talaga ngang hindi magpapahuli ang body spec sa linya ng kanilang mga modelo magaling ang scouts nila. nbibilib ako mahirap mamili halos class a lahat. pinili ko ang bago at sariwa. napakagwapo barely legal hahaha. konting makeover lang di na lalayo ang itsura kay joseph bitangcol…. di ako nagsisi. 5 of 10 sa masahe. ngunit 9 of 10 sa es. umuwi akong nakangiti…
    sumakay ng taxi binuksan ko ang bintana binagtas ang madilim na kalye ng sta mesa iniisip ang mga nangyari sa nkalipas na anim na oras…isa lang ang aking napagtanto ng gabing iyon maraming batang sariwa ang napipilitan ng pumasok sa ganitong kalakal dahil napakadali kumita. si jeff si jam si _ _ _… marami pa sila mga inosenteng bata na nagpapababoy sa ngalan ng materyal na pangangailangan…sumandal ako sa aking kinauupuan at tuluyang nakatulog..

  415. casey james said on 22-05-2010

    ganun tlaga.. kapalit ng kalandian nyo ung pera. dapat iniexpect nyo na un.. hirap sa mga bakla madaling mauto kasi. bwahahahaha

  416. fetz said on 22-05-2010

    Share ko lang what i experienced with this gwapong guy mistiso@ matangkad na pick up ko sa ali mall.He aprroached me first then we talked kumain kami tapos sabi nya check daw kami for the price of 8 .nag check in kami sa sogo sa may aurora maganda ang build nya at makinis nung natapos na kami give ko sya ng 1k tapos bila syang nagalit bakit yun lang daw usapan 8,000 nagulat ako ibig pala nyang sabihin sa 8 ay 8,000 i thougth its 800.He was swearing and screaming at my face may kapatid daw sya na pulis at ipapa aresto nya ako.Tumawag ako sa front desk ang telling them that this person im with his harassing me pumunta yung supervisor ng sogo at security and di ako nagpatalo sa kanya sinisigawan nya ako sinisigawan ko rin sya we’re exchanging bad words with each other di ko pinabayaan na lokohin nya ako ng ganun lang i fougth for what i beleived is rigth which is” huwag kang manloloko ng kapwa mo”.Yun lang ang nakuha nya sa akin 1,000 with the help of the security i vacated the place with dignity and self respect.Nakakita sya ng katapat nya.Sorry to all the readers my story is totally out of the topic .- MABUHAY! MABUHAY KA! ITIGIL NA ANG PAGSASAMANTALA NG MGA AKALA MO AY GINTO ANG MGA POTOTOY!

  417. mylawhite said on 22-05-2010

    ^^^ OO nga Randy

    nakaka miss na yang mga sharing dati nila Caloy, Fishy, Matt, Totoy bato, Manuelito, Dave, Ed, , momoy and co, ako naman kaya medyo nag lie low dito kasi me times na puro awayan at puro promo na lang nawala yung dating sharing nung mga Dekano ng spa kaya kay Boleyn Boy ako nag post at sa blog ko pero i close na yung blog ko kasabay ng aking pagluluksa ng mawasak sa unang pagkakataon ang aking puso in short BROKENHEARTED.

    I SUPER DOOPER AGREE kay #2797 cutie at May 19, 10 at 3:45 pm

    I love you CUTIE natumbok mo ang sasabihin ko

    Related dyan ang story ko na nangyari lang ngayon as in just 1 hour ago.

    May favorite akong Spa sa Makati dahil I LOVE ALL THE MASSEUR doon dahil mababait sila sa akin (binigyan ko pa ngang award yang SPA na yan sa blog ko :-)
    May therapist akong favorite dyan si (ABCDE) at ni recommend ko pa nga sa mga friends ko dahil napaka BAIT at walang pricing at ease na at ease ako sa kanya nung first massage ko sa kanya 1 week pa lang syang nag start sa spa na yan so tonight 2nd time ko siya kinuha after 2 months na nakalipas siguro (kasi never pa akong nag ulit ng therapist ngayon pa lang dahil love na love ko yung masseur na to sa kabaitan ..

    Tonight nagpa masahe ko sa kanya , ABA Iba na ang ugali HUSTLER NA at MUKHANG PERA at ang pricing OVWER !!!!! may mga level na ang pricing nya yung last na tip ko daw eh hanggang ganon lang daw yun ngayon , he charge me 1.5K dahil sa akoy marupok at nagdurugo ang puso sa aking pakikipaghiwalay sa aking first love at gusto kong makalimut ay pumayag ako NGUNIT after the massage mukhang mas lalong nag dugo ang puso ko . wala na yung warmt nya at yung kindness kaya feel ko di na ko ni respeto ng masseur na to (na dati nyang ginawa nung unang massage ) NGAYON PURO PERA NALANG ANG NASA ISIP NIYA wala ng RESPECT kaya nung pauwi ako mas lalong akong nalungkot walang problema sa akin yung 1.5 K ang masakit yung katotohanan na wala palang tunay na mabuting loob na mga masseur kundi PERA LANG ANG HABOL TALAGA SA ATIN !!!! hindi pala totoo yung mga kabaitan na yun ..Nasabi ng lahat ni CUTIE ang dapat kong sabihin. ang sakiiit isipin na ng katotohanan (pera lang talaga habol)


    #2707 cutie at May 19, 10 at 3:45 pm
    Let’s not fall into the trap of these gold diggers and parasites. Pinaghirapan natin ang pag ipon ng pera natin, hard-earned money natin yan. Tapus in just one or two massage or what, uubusin nila? No way. Let us all be cautious. Wag tayo makuha sa konting kiliti o ngiti. Marami dyan manloloko lang. Mukhang mabait sa atin pero iba ang habol. I have met a lot of such masseurs even in legit spas. Upfront they are friendly, smiling, saying nice things, saying mahirap sila, etc… in the end, tayo ang lolokohin.

  418. randy said on 21-05-2010

    Andami nang nawalang contributors ng mga sexcapades dito. Like Caloy, Fishy, Matt, Totoy bato, Manuelito, Dave, Ed, Mylawhite, momoy and co….Ganda pa naman ng mga sharings nila in the past,,,para tuloy nawala na ng kwenta tong blog site na to…
    I used to be a good tipper kaya lang nauntog ako at narealized ko na hindi tama ang ginagawa ko…Sa Verde Spa theres masseur there nag-offerng extra service for P1k,…sabi ko why will I pay P1k e mukhang siya naman tong me kursunada sa kin, sabi ko, No!! I don’t pay P1k for that kind of thing, mapilit pa at hinahawakan na talaga yong batotoy ko. In short natuloy ang ES nya kaso I only give him P200 tip,,,siya kaya ang nag-enjoy,……(yeah,,,very obvious na verde talaga dugo nya)…..
    I also stop going to equanimity and holywood….tama si cutie, uubusin nila pera natin…hay maging wise talaga dapat tayo…

  419. Ton said on 21-05-2010

    Need info on any MPs in Silang or Tagaytay please. Salamat po.

  420. drew said on 21-05-2010



  421. onetwoboo said on 21-05-2010


  422. Ace said on 20-05-2010

    Hello LuisMiguel, kamusta ka na?

  423. v said on 20-05-2010

    @trgo2001: aviary sa escario. one way going to ayala center nga lang ang mga sasakyan kaya the shortest way to get there is to walk or flag a cab at hayaan itong kumembot nang paikot na pagkabilis bilis.

  424. LuisMiguel said on 19-05-2010

    Went to spartacus. Php2500 ang all the way ni William. Okay naman siya. Pwede tumawad. Ayos ang masahe, ayos din ang putotoy niya. Ayos ang buto-buto at okay ang location dahil sa looban siya kaya di masyadong nakakahiyang pumasok unlike Hollywood or BodySpec na along the road or Human Touch na talaga namang aakyat ka pa sa may balkonahe para ipahayag sa buong Q.Ave na papasok ka sa pook landian, ahehehe. Hindi ko lang gusto yung tuwalya, higaan at unan nila. parang amoy panis na laway.

  425. santiago said on 19-05-2010

    Paalala. for all those asking for es. siguraduhing tanungin ang charge ng masseur, had an experience in one of the spa in Kamias, when I ask , sinabihan ako na hindi sya nagprepresyo, but after the service, hiningan ako ng more than a thousand, kc ang minimum daw nila is 1,500P.

  426. trgo2001 said on 19-05-2010

    tips nmn s cebu guys. anu malapit s marriott hotel here in cebu?

  427. cutie said on 19-05-2010

    Let’s not fall into the trap of these gold diggers and parasites. Pinaghirapan natin ang pag ipon ng pera natin, hard-earned money natin yan. Tapus in just one or two massage or what, uubusin nila? No way. Let us all be cautious. Wag tayo makuha sa konting kiliti o ngiti. Marami dyan manloloko lang. Mukhang mabait sa atin pero iba ang habol. I have met a lot of such masseurs even in legit spas. Upfront they are friendly, smiling, saying nice things, saying mahirap sila, etc… in the end, tayo ang lolokohin.

  428. junjun said on 19-05-2010

    lots of nice guys in cebu. hehehehe

  429. onetwoboo said on 19-05-2010


  430. Carlo said on 19-05-2010

    any good spa with male masseurs in cebu? sinong okay na masseur?

  431. onetwoboo said on 18-05-2010



  432. arnel said on 18-05-2010

    faustus: thanks sa info. have you been there? advise mo naman me of what’s going in there, CE and ABC. mas game ba sila dun kaysa dito sa pinas? pls give some expectations.

  433. DrewMD said on 17-05-2010

    Hi, guys any feedbacks on Hilom now? I want to try it sana.

  434. joey said on 17-05-2010

    I don’t know if any masseur. Yes, goodlooking naman… kaya lang parang me lambot ng konti that’s why parang nawalan ako ng gana… aside from dikit dikit ang mga beds. When he was massaging my arms, pinatong niya sa crotch niya… ayun… real hard dick!

  435. faustus said on 17-05-2010

    joey (2786) – real hard dick? ng masseur, you mean? may ES ba or purely sensual lang? any recommendations? i’ve been there once, the therapist i got was goodlooking. forgot the name, though. and walang sensual since i was so tired, i fell asleep the moment he started massaging me! hahahaha!

  436. onetwoboo said on 17-05-2010


  437. teremmy said on 16-05-2010

    @2785 hootiejan
    sa spartacus din ata hindi nagmemention ng amount ang mga masseurs para sa kanilang extra services, still to be verified though
    pls. keep us posted ha tnx

  438. Joey said on 15-05-2010

    Just came from Asian Massage in SSH. Good massage, sennsual, clean place… masyado lang maraming tao. Dikitdikit. Dinig yun nasa kabila. Real hard dick, though.

  439. hootiejan said on 15-05-2010

    Went to new york spa the other night. their massage is still one of metro’s best. yun nga lang, wala talagang es. the massge was not even sensual. pero ayos lang , hindi din naman kc talaga yun yung ipinunta mo dun.

    about a week ago, i went to this mp in sta. mesa. madami pa rin silang yummy choices. although mejo nananaga talaga ang masseurs dun.

    other than equanimity, anung mp pa ang hindi nagchacharge ang masseurs?yung totoo lang ha. kc sasabihin ko dito pag hindi totoo.hehe

  440. nathan said on 15-05-2010

    southbay rather!

  441. nathan said on 15-05-2010

    been to suthbay spa last night, sus may bombay na gay dun feeling!

  442. faustus said on 15-05-2010

    arnel: Central Escalator is a good place. good mix of locals and foreigners. after work is usually the best time to go. place closes at around 10-11 pm. ABC Sauna is also worth checking out, IMHO.

    gram: na-try ko na Ngiyam Spa dude. forgot the name of the male therapist, ang liit kasi ng package eh. hahahaha! good massage though. and the facilities are nice! i like the small sauna. 😀

  443. gram said on 15-05-2010

    mukhang konti pa lang ang nakakdiscover sa ngiyan spa

  444. trgo2001 said on 14-05-2010

    @v what is hapuhap? how much are the rates?

  445. eric said on 14-05-2010

    Pls mga sis, how much is the HIGHEST and LOWEST na binayad nyo sa ES ?

    ako- 1500 and 2500

  446. v said on 13-05-2010

    aviary sa escario. did not have time to go to their branch along jones. also on my list is hapuhap which is situated near the capitol. they have a website in multiply

  447. trgo2001 said on 13-05-2010

    tips nmn s cebu pls…

  448. arnel said on 13-05-2010

    i’ll be going to hongkong this july. pls advise me of a good bathouse/sauna there.

  449. dan said on 13-05-2010

    this thread is too long already. can we make a new one?

  450. gibz said on 12-05-2010

    9. southbay : 6
    facilities still being rennovated; massage/ masseur discreetly ask for es. satff not very friendly.
    10. santuario: 8
    staff friendly, places quite clean, a bit pricy.

    next time yun mga masseurs rate natin.

  451. gibz said on 12-05-2010

    here are my spas ratings:
    10 highest 1 – poorest

    Rating based on facilities, friendliness of staff and value for money ( massage)

    1. Verde: 3
    massages are poor ( masseur ask for es fee 1,500) massage oil petroleum base; staff no/ very poor customer service.
    facilities dirty.
    2. Cicada: 5
    massage are so so, place cleaner than others around the area. staff are shy.
    3. spada: 5
    massage are ok, masseurs are friendly, place cleaner than verde, good customer service relation.
    4. New york spa: 7.5
    clean massage no e.s. so far, wet floor very cruisy.
    good customer relation. stafff friendly.
    5. Amidstat: 6
    place very well decorated; satff and customer service so,so. massage heard they have e.s. just be discreet.
    6.Green palm :4
    place very poorly done. massage no good, staff quite friendly.
    7. far east: 4
    place too small; masseur ask for e.s. fee 1,500. staff quite friendly.
    8. Pearsacho: 5
    Staff very accomodating, place ok. massage ok.

  452. warior said on 10-05-2010

    inday extreme at inday aron, magmahalan kayo or mag chupaan nalang kayo para peace na kayo. Kay extreme walang problema kung gay si gab, ikaw bading ka rin , kung nakipaglaplapan man cya buhay nya yon. Gab is nice guy/gay he could deliver good massae. To aron contact me pa make over kita para magkabuhok at gumanda ka para de ma insecure at para mahalin ka ni gab. Peace mga ate.

  453. marky said on 10-05-2010

    Hayhayhay….ang mga bading talaga… Meron pa rin utak talangka! Support our own party list ANG LADLAD…

  454. steve said on 10-05-2010

    hoy manny dela cruz kilala kita eh.

  455. extreme said on 10-05-2010

    @aron tnx.. kaw dinpagdaral kita pati c gab naway mga kalaswaan nyong dalawa maging masagana pa at pagiging ingitera mo mas umapaw pa, para lalo kang mawalan ng buhok.. panot..

  456. SEPH said on 10-05-2010


  457. teremmy said on 09-05-2010

    hi guys,
    musta na po ba ang equanimity? ala na po nagpopost ah
    sa mga nakapagpamasahe recently, share naman po

  458. SOLSTICE said on 09-05-2010

    Pwede namang managalog…….nakaka nosebleed ang mga nagsasalita ng banyaga dito……..get real!

  459. speedychuck said on 09-05-2010

    has anyone tried using the manila hot boys hotline service? any feedback is appreciated..want to know if they are reliable.. thanks.

  460. Ace said on 09-05-2010

    Hello sirs, in reference to ed’s notes, I am speaking in my own perspective as a a customer and if in any instance that I felt ” fooled” or mistreated that I would certainly bring this to this site’s attention for your information. Our views and experiences will never be the same neither will it have any trend to follow through. This is a very relative perspective. As clients of MP’s I’m pretty sure that we have our individual preferences and these cannot be tampered or influenced by other people’s views or feed backs. brought about by their individual experiences per se. Nevertheless, I apologize if in any way you feel that my reviews do not provide profound reviews pertaining to the said MP. FYI. I am not “planted” neither the owner of Human Touch. Thanks.

  461. truxite said on 09-05-2010

    mga diwata #89 po wag niyong kalimutan bukas. sana magkaisa na tau para dito. para may platform na taung apakan para makinig naman sila sa atin ng maayos.

  462. v said on 09-05-2010

    @seph: Thank you for sharing your opposition to their endorsement. All this time, I honestly thought that they never made it to the ballot and I have been considering giving my vote to some dumbass group out there who would not give a hoot about people like us. I went straight to their website after reading your post and what is being said there bites hard, that we all are now benefitting from the struggle of the elder diwatas to secure a place for the bakla in Philippines society. Much needs to be done and a voice in congress whose primal purpose is to do just that is a start.

    #89 sa balota mga bakla. Iparamdam sa buong Pilipinas na narito tayo at hindi ninyo kami maiisantabi. Hindi ninyo kami maaaring ipagkaila.

  463. seph said on 09-05-2010

    dont vote for Ang ladlad.! Bakit kasi nag endorse pa ng presidente? Nagtampo tuloy mga for GIBO. sana nag neutral sila

  464. aron said on 09-05-2010

    hahahah kakatawa nmn extreme hahah isang tornilyo nlng yung bibitaw bibigay na.,ipag darasal ka nmin

  465. visitor123 said on 09-05-2010

    yes what you did was brave, pero I think may point rin si callboy, nung nabasa ko po post mo then sinabi mong 8. Ang inisip ko talaga 8000, wala naman siguro papatol sa 800 ngayon, unless siguro sobrang gwapo mo rin at type ka niya. linawin lang siguro minsan usapan para walang gulo, kakaawa rin si callboy.

  466. extreme said on 09-05-2010

    stabdard rate for the therapist 500 standard dipende kung ano gagawin hahahahhaa

  467. whole_peppercorn said on 09-05-2010

    Sorry out of topic ito, pero mga kafatid please vote #89 ANG LADLAD for party list. Para sa kapakanan ng LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual at transgender) community. Kailangan natin ito. Thanks.

  468. eric said on 08-05-2010

    Survey , Survey, Survey

    To PLU, pls state the lowest and highest amount you gave to masseur for ES. this will help us para standard ang bibigay natin at hindi mamihasa ang mga masseur

    I`ll start – 1500 and 2500

    Please contribute sa survey

  469. teremmy said on 08-05-2010

    @2729 virgo
    WOW! you did a tremendous and breath-taking job there!
    I admire you for that. I was once in that situation when I had a masseur before. I also did not give in to his demands!
    Sabi nga kapag may katwiran ipaglaban mo!

  470. extreme said on 08-05-2010

    just to let anyone know. report mo who cares? and new business? isnt realy obvious the one talking here is YOU gab so affected … ANYONE here dba parang so deep and so affected the one who speak here? dont worry ill try to talk to the owners and to let them know . and oh alam mo ba the IP address mo iisa lang hayzzz. alam mo gab narinig lang namin yun mismo sa ibang client at dun sa mark. so dont get mad. maxado kang guilty and wag kang mag alala naging client mo ko pa ulit ulit and lahat ng IP address nanggagaling sa isang lugar. and do what u want pakiaalam ko .. good luck nalang.

  471. faustus said on 08-05-2010

    long weekend! saan kaya masarap magpamasahe? hahaha!

  472. hotspot said on 07-05-2010

    share ko lng po yung storya ng freind ko about hidden dismayado cia sa trato ng reception ng hidden nag txt cia 4 massage. nung una ok nmn daw yung trato may hinanap kc yung freind ko na wla na sa hidden .,napikon sya dahil 1st time nya daw mag txt may nakaregister na ibang name sa number nya e panu daw mang yayari yun e kakakuha nya lng ng number na yun galit na galit sya napakawalang kwenta daw ang hidden sana sa hidden wag sana masaktan .na share ko lng yun para maayos nmn yung service nyo nag babayad nmn kmi e

  473. jc said on 07-05-2010

    @extreeme wow nmn puro away dto ..pde bko sumingit ahm madalas di ako sa hiddenAT LAGI KO KINUKUHA c gab.. its anice person hindi sya mukang pera …ahm EXTREEME ahm sa tingin ko ikaw yung may ari nga ng hidden nahahalata na kc masado ka marming kasiraan sa mga empleyado mo d kba naawa sa mga nag tratrabaho sa inyo ….freind ko c anton isa din sya sa nag resign sa hiden ask o lang kung may buissnes permit kayo kc lagi ko tinatanungt sa mga therapist nyo wala ako nakikitang nkasabit na permt kung wala mapipilitan ako ereport sa munisipyo ..nag wowork ako sa munisipyo AHM EXTERREME AHM MEJO HINDI NA MGANDA YUNG LUMALABAS SA BIBIG MO NANINIRA KA NG WALANG KASALANAN WAG KANG GAUNUN…..ASK KOLANG DIN KUNG YUNG BAGO NYO BUSSNES MERON NBA PERMTIT KUNG WALA DAPAT I PA CHECK SA SANITATION YAN..YUNG MARK PAG KAKILALA KO SYAYUNG BADING….AHM D KO ALM KUNG ANU GUSTO NYO MANG YARI TAHIMIK NA YUNG TAO WG NA SANA NYO GULUHIN…,MAGING TAO TYO WAG TYO PAGING HAYOP..YUP MAY NARINIG DIN AKO ISTRYA KAY CARLO…TAMA KA ARON END JEMSON..

  474. extreme said on 07-05-2010

    @ aron last nalang na chek ko lang bitter ka sa may ari ng hidden spa. cguro ingit ka sa kanila dhil hangang pamassage ka nalang and kaw wala ka mga boylet.. ask nyo yung beach house punta kayo dun kung ano pagkatao nung gab nyo.. and dati nya work? YUN LANG.. enjoy your self with the green blooded guy.. sabi mo nga lalaki sya.

  475. extreme said on 07-05-2010

    e2 pa balita ko sa lahat ng mahilig sa kanya just info lng ulit noon pa to.. ask mo lahat ng mga babae dun sa hidden spa or yung mga dati ng therapist. yung friend nung may ari kalaplapan nya nung nakipag inuman xa. ask mo nalang palinlang naman kayo. so kilala mo na xa sobra ..

  476. extreme said on 07-05-2010

    @ aron and jemson .. if u need confirmayion ask nyo c mark yung dating therapist dun na naterminate din and ask your self kung d xa materminate as far as i knw matagal na ako nagpapamssage sa hidden and hindi nila ako kilala .. alam ko bawal magbigay sa kanila ng no. and kumuha pag nalaman nung may ari terminated. so yun na yun.. and siguro kaw bitter ingit ka sa may ari.. asus… style bulok and inyong inyo na c gab ask nyo kaya hidden kung gano kas succesfull nung nawala c gab na bakla..pagtangol mo kasi nag ES syo… yakness ka mahilig sa berde. komo may anak or asawa straight na.

  477. xavier_nathan_cebu said on 07-05-2010

    Hi guys im in Manila now sa Makati… im from cebu and id apprciate some input on good spas not far from where im at…..

    something na may ES at masarap yung mga massuers… somewhere discreet and not far from Makati…

    suggestions anyone?

  478. bj said on 07-05-2010

    jezmon, san bago spa si gab?

  479. manny delacruz said on 06-05-2010

    sino na kapunta sa magic
    sa may sto.domingo?ano ba yun
    talagang hanap lang nila es grabe sila sa masasage nila walang feeling
    at likod la
    tapos.wag kayo pumunta dun buraot mga lalaki nial kapal ng mukha ng masahista hinabol pa ako para sa tip nya
    di naman ako nag enjoy sa massa ge nya

    .kaya mga ate ingat kayo sa magic spa okay

  480. onetwoboo said on 06-05-2010

    please anyone?
    any feedback on Lasema Jjim jil Bang Spa and Sauna?

    and any good place in baguio?

  481. jemzon said on 06-05-2010

    tamaa ka jan aron d nyo nmn kilala c gab dba ano ba ryt nio to say that .kahapon nakasabay ko c gab ksama gf nya and yung baby nya … nahiya nmn ako tanungin tukol dun sa isyu sa kanya e kc baka masapak nya ko….pero ok nmn pinancin nmn nya ko and pinakilalasa gf iknow tlagang may naninira lng sa knya ….c extreeme cguro isa nga cya dun sa may ari ng hiden o kya promoter ngng hidden kc halos pinag aralan ko lahat ng post nya halos pinag tatangol nya ang hidden.hahahahh cguro nga sisiraan nila c gab para wlang kumuha sa knya ganyan nmn dba ang labanan …BITTER NGA ANG HIDDEN .SO WLA NRIN AKO BALAK MAG PAMASAHE SA KANILA DTI HINIHIKAYAT KO PA YUNG FREIND KO NA MAG PAMASAHE NAGUN HINDI NA .MAG TRY NLNG KAU SA PHAEN BORAN SA ALBANG …NICE DUN

  482. JAKE DEFENSOR said on 06-05-2010

    Do I Have to Share my experince in Hollywood spa along west avenue They called the Bath turkish bath other massage parlor to have these services Pics of Feelings When you shower room they call the Turkish bath once you have washed the masseur

  483. eric said on 06-05-2010

    I feel sorry at the same time I am proud of what u did and that u were not harm.

    I was just wondering, as u said , he is guwapo, matangkad, makinis, meaning head turner, then nang sinabing 8, u thought it was 800 pesos? di ka nagtaka bat ang mura, eh yung pangit nga na masseur sa MP minimum 1500 pesos , yun pang pogi

    sa mga PLu, please naman unless, tambay sa kanto, wala nang lalaki magpapagamit ng mura, always remember as the saying goes— if its too good to be true then ——–

    wag nyo naman masyado baratin ang mga hombre, its business,


  484. bj said on 06-05-2010

    @aron.. sorry i did not meant to put gab in a bad light.. yup my mistake to say i am sure plu sya. so sorry about that.. it was just my observation. honestly.. he’s my fave masseur there because of he has hot/nice. i have nothing against masseur being plu lalo na kung di halata. game ako dyan. i was looking forward to get him but wala na pala kaya try na lang iba. hope i can find someone like him again.

    @jemzon i want him to be my friend, kaso hiya ako. have you seen some of his posts fb? check him out.

  485. Hottie Boy said on 05-05-2010

    Anyone going to Wensha Spa Roxas tom. afternoon? Message me i’ll be there! My email:

  486. neo said on 05-05-2010

    I went massage parlor kagabi with a friend. first stop Bodyslex in roosvelt. merong 2 okay yata. only remembered one name, chris yata or Christian. late 20s which is what my friend liked. OK naman ang experience daw. Next go to a massage in Araneta. i forgot its name. naku. jologs lahat ang masahistas. meron pang siguro 35 years old! chaka eeeeewww! di kami kumuha. ang dumi dumi kasi ng appearance ng lugar. parang squatter ang mga massahista lahat. umuwi na lang kami.

  487. bebotqgomez said on 05-05-2010

    I have always wondered why them receptionist at Human Touch crowd on PLUs on a visit. I have learned that they get a commission from the masseurs they “booked” for a client.

    Ganun na ba talaga kahirap kumita ng pera?

  488. aron said on 05-05-2010

    @extreeme and bj napag utusan ba kayo ng may ari na siraan c gab heheheheh halata kc o kayo tlaga yung may ari hahahah dmi tlaga chika pag sikat ang isang tao heheheh share ko lng ha .kwento lng sa inyo d nyo pa mapatunayan hahah dami ng lumabas na kasiraan sa kanya hahahah sabi dati macho dancer daw sya ngaun iba nmnmn hahahah hindi nyo pa tlaga kilala c gab. dunsa may sabi na machodanser keso nag es wag pahalata na bitter kayo hahahahah hahah minsan n kaka txt ko sya kaya mag tatanung na din ako sa knya pero lastime nung ng kita kmi may pina kita pa sya na resignation letter na payunay na hindi sya tinagal kundi ng resigne madami alm si gab may mga kilala din sya na may alm kung anu ng yayari ,,alam nyo ba yung kwento nung isang client na tinakpan ng hot towel at sabay nilawayan ng dalawang d kilalang tao hahah

  489. jemzon said on 05-05-2010

    hahah natawa nmn ako sa chika mo extreeme hahah siraan ba daw c gab..?alm ko totoo kc last time nakausap ko c gab sa isang mall sa alabang…ang totoo nag resigned cia gawa ng prob nya sa spa hindi sya tlaga ng eshahah kaloka nga ng may ari kc halata na gumagawa ng storya… bkit yubg iba sa kanila na nag ofer ng es d nila matangal hahah mag isp nmn hahahahah alm ko kung san work c gab ngaun.. kung gusto nyo makalasap ng balita tanungin mo sya hahaha tungkol un sa mga bos nya nung nag aply sya at take note d totoo na gay c gab may freind ako na nakakilala sa knya tga dun kg malapit sa bahay nila …txt nyo c gab para malaman nyo yung totoo eto fb nya hahahahah

  490. nathan said on 05-05-2010

    this is my email add BJ –

  491. virgo20 said on 05-05-2010

    @elvin..thanx for your comment very discreet also no body knows in our family althougth i knew they have the clue and i can sense it that we both had the same are damn rigth we have to show them that we are in control of the situation not them controlling us .email me will be in the Philippines this coming May 20th.hope to hear from you.

  492. bj said on 05-05-2010

    extreme.. sayang si g.. oo plu siya. sobrang na-hard siya pag nahahawakan. medyo malaki ah. =) sino naman kaya ang nanghuhuli.. sige sila mawawalan sila ng pink customer. hahaha.

    @nathan.. ano email mo? kwentuhan kita.

  493. extreme said on 05-05-2010

    @denz about gab nasagap ko lang ha. na terminate daw xa kasi nag ES and to the deny pa daw xa. pero hes nice and cute. pero yung mark na dati taga dun sa hidden spa nag chika sa isang client na c gab todo ligaw sa boylet na friend nya and with mtching cry cry daw. malansa din pala c gab. infairness d maxado nahalata.

  494. elvin said on 04-05-2010

    @ 2729 virgo20

    i’m damn proud of you.. kelangang turuan ng leksyon ang mga tinamaan ng lintek na mga lalaking yan.. if we pick-up these guys, we have to expect these risks and have to face them head on.. putres.. di porke discreet akong pumapatol sa lalake eh gagaguhin mo na lang ako ng ganun-ganun lang.. basta have a clear mind lang and assess the situation..

  495. virgo20 said on 04-05-2010

    Share ko lang what i experienced with this gwapong guy mistiso@ matangkad na pick up ko sa ali mall.He aprroached me first then we talked kumain kami tapos sabi nya check daw kami for the price of 8 .nag check in kami sa sogo sa may aurora maganda ang build nya at makinis nung natapos na kami give ko sya ng 1k tapos bila syang nagalit bakit yun lang daw usapan 8,000 nagulat ako ibig pala nyang sabihin sa 8 ay 8,000 i thougth its 800.He was swearing and screaming at my face may kapatid daw sya na pulis at ipapa aresto nya ako.Tumawag ako sa front desk ang telling them that this person im with his harassing me pumunta yung supervisor ng sogo at security and di ako nagpatalo sa kanya sinisigawan nya ako sinisigawan ko rin sya we’re exchanging bad words with each other di ko pinabayaan na lokohin nya ako ng ganun lang i fougth for what i beleived is rigth which is” huwag kang manloloko ng kapwa mo”.Yun lang ang nakuha nya sa akin 1,000 with the help of the security i vacated the place with dignity and self respect.Nakakita sya ng katapat nya.Sorry to all the readers my story is totally out of the topic .

  496. nathan said on 04-05-2010

    so meron nga Es sa southbay?

  497. ry said on 04-05-2010 a member of that spa…mwf lang me evening… what time ka in the afternoon?

  498. nathan said on 04-05-2010

    may ES ba dun? hehehhe curious lang..

  499. nathan said on 04-05-2010

    thanks BJ, i probably go there!

  500. bebotqgomez said on 04-05-2010

    @ed 2718-

    agree 100% with your comments. Those screaming parlorista twinks receptionists at human touch is a pest! Masahol pa sa langaw, masyadong bulgar. In fairness there are some good masseurs at human touch. Its them so-called receptionists that prevents me from coming as often as I like…

  501. bj said on 03-05-2010

    nathan, ok pa naman ang southbay. been there last thursday. had a good” massage with my regular masseur kahit”common area lang. dinala ko pa 2 kong friend. masaya naman sila.

  502. nathan said on 03-05-2010

    maganda ba sa south bay spa massage along coastal area, paranaque?

  503. denz said on 03-05-2010

    may nakakaalm ba kung san lumipat ng spa si gabriel ng hidden na mimis ko na kc sya e….mabait tlaga yung batang yun.. sweet na suplado minsan… ayaw ko na kc pumunta sa hidden gawa puro makakapal muka ng masahista dun hindi na ayos yung masahe .muka sila ES buti pa yung mga dati …d pa tapos yung masahe tatanungin ka nila kagad ng ES ta[pos pag d ka pumayag mamadaliin yung masahe .mabait lang dun c julian tahimik na pilyo .ALM BA YUN NG MAY ARI O PATAY MALISYA LNG PARA HINDI HALATA…

  504. onetwoboo said on 03-05-2010

    any feedback on Lasema Jjim jil Bang Spa and Sauna?

    and any good place in baguio?

  505. cum_with_me said on 03-05-2010

    Let me just share my experience just last night with a therapist from one of the so-called legit massage destinations in Manila. Mukhang magiging 3 na ang suki kong masseurs. Well, the masseur I got last night for hotel service works in a legit place. 2nd time pa lang niya ko mahahandle kagabi and the first time was within the facilities of the legit massage destination. Sabi pa nga niya 1st time daw niya maghotel service sa client and obvious naman kasi parang hindi siya palagay when he arrived. Anyway, the first thing I thought of doing was eliminate his uneasiness. So I ordered some food and a few beers. So habang kumakain at nag-iinuman kami, kuwentuhan muna. At mukha naming palagay ang loob niya maya maya. In the looks dept, he is buffed (my weakness), although not that tall, and quite hairy (another plus for me). I’m older by only 1 year (he’s 26) and he has 2 very small kids in the province. Anyway, so the massage started. Since he came from a legit place, masarap siyang mag massage. Very soothing. He finished close to one hour. Actually, the ES which soon came after the massage session was nothing spectacular. May kiliti kasi siya mga erogenous zones niya kaya hindi ko maexplore. True enough, when I tried to, he started laughing kasi ang lakas talaga ng kiliti niya. But when I started blowing him, I think he had the best BJ of his life! Hahahaha! Natahimik at later on sinasabi pa niya kung anong klaseng Bj ang gusto niya. He likes playing with his “lower head”, sobrang turn on sa kanya yun. Yung lollipop as opposed to deep throat nap ref naman ng iba. He came twice. Tapos kain at kuwentuhan ulit kami.Tapos nagpaalam na siya kasi day off daw niya kinabukasan at uuwi siya sa mag-iina niya somewhere in Pampanga. Performance wise, better pa rin yung mga nakuwento ko nang suki masseurs ko sa inyo. Masseur 1 – that animalistic mature masseur still delivers the best ES and the most raging hard on. Masseur 2 – my friends with benefits service provider. But what I liked with masseur 3 is this oozing sense of machismo. Pero hindi yabang ang dating. Very manly ang katawan, hard and hairy, but laughs like a little boy. Tsaka although minus factor din yung obvious reality na hindi talaga siya sanay sa todong ES, in a way plus factor din yun kasi that means hindi ito nagpapalaspag sa lahat ng mga clients niya at hindi mo iisipin at the back of your mind kung pang-ilan ka na bang nag “try” sa kanya that day. Modesty aside, mukhang di nga ito papaya magpahotel service sa lahat ng client niya. Advantage ko rin siguro na hindi ako matanda, very discreet, at hindi naman ako pangit. And so, it seems like I will now have 3 suki masseurs. Mukhang madadalas ang mga massage sessions ko. Yun lang and keep safe everyone!

  506. ed said on 03-05-2010

    Boycott Human Touch hanggang matuto. I’ve also had a similar experience here. Besides, marami dito, napagsawaan na sa isang MP diyan sa West at beterano na. Few new choices. The receptionists – all parlorista types – crowd all over you and don’t give enough breathing space for you to contemplate ur choices.

    BTW everyone, please check ACE’s comments in relation to Human Touch – siya yata ang may ari or manager o pakawala ng MP – check his descriptions of the schedules, including the outing schedules and his constant defense of the place. Brought this matter to their attention pa kuno…Hmmm… nakakainis ang mga ganito. We look into these threads for independent and objective experiences and observations and planted comments are unfair because they do not give a real customer’s perspective of the place.

    Please, everyone, be wary of these types.

  507. Ace said on 03-05-2010

    Hi caru, It distresses me to hear your experience. I have brought this matter to their attention so they can validate with the masseur involved. I hope this should not cause you to stop visiting the place and trying their other masseurs. Pero, may nangyari ba sa inyong ES?

  508. Ace said on 03-05-2010

    Hello mashi, Ikaw talaga… you may agree with me or not but I think it would be advisable to go somewhere else. I am not discouraging you and when I say ” somewhere else” means, places intended for your age to meet guys like bars, malls concerts or gig. Kasi, you are still considered a minor kahit 18 ka na. Anyway, I am glad that you’re interested to visit the place. Nice meeting you.

  509. virgo20 said on 03-05-2010

    To Ardell meron bang nagbigay ng number sa iyo basketball players pa share naman please..i will be in Manila the 20th of this month

  510. mashi said on 02-05-2010

    hi guys, does human touch accept customers which are 18 years old? i plan to go there after my 18th bday but i’m so shy

  511. icecoldrum said on 02-05-2010

    can anyone tell me where Sanctuario is in QC? and does anyone here have tried JR or Spartacus? Thanks!

  512. ren said on 02-05-2010

    @faustos: Walang male therapist. Common room pa ang massage area.

  513. faustus said on 02-05-2010

    have you guys tried the Lasema Jjim jil Bang Spa and Sauna? it’s along Malugay Street in Makati. was just wondering if there’s any potential happenings with fellow guests? :) it’s also open 24 hours. not sure if they have male therapists, though.

  514. Ace said on 02-05-2010

    You’re welcome LuisMiguel. Balitaan mo ako kung pupunta ka Human Touch ha? and if you have any experiences dun please share it with us para naman
    mainform natin yung mga friends natin dito .Thanks

  515. Caru said on 01-05-2010

    Went to Human Touch today, had a chance to choose from around 10 guys. I picked Ralph (kasi maputi, mukhang buff, may taste sa pananamit-hindi mukhang promdi) Kasing tangkad ko pala, at may tiyan pero okay lang. Maliit ang pitutuy niya pero malaki ang ulo. Magaling siya magmassage pero hindi daw siya nagfufuck sa loob ng MP, hindi siya nagpapasuck at hindi siya nahihiyang magpresyo ng 3k para sa bj/hj. kapal!

  516. LuisMiguel said on 01-05-2010

    Thanks Ace

  517. speedychuck said on 01-05-2010

    hello guys, am new to this forum…sana pwede ba ilista yung complete website listing ng mga massage parlors dito? i’m from overseas and planning to try this out when i’m back home next month…any kindhearted one out there who can do this?

  518. eric said on 01-05-2010

    hello mga sisters, pls help naman, i need reco where to go to get great looking st8 guys , pls help

  519. Jr said on 01-05-2010

    doods here’s my email

  520. doods said on 01-05-2010

    @jake-2702 near eastwood?

  521. Ace said on 01-05-2010

    Hello, Luis Miguel baka after May 9 pa ako pupunta kasi may outing kami this week. Punta ka bukas ok yung time na yan kasi marami ng masseurs by that time. Call justin @ 09172434417 or jay-r @09158020022. they will surely assist you there.I’ll keep you posted from time to time. Thanks.

  522. jake said on 01-05-2010

    doods. it was in a steamroom.

  523. LuisMiguel said on 30-04-2010

    Hi ACE, when will you visit Human Touch? Parang gusto ko siya itry bukas ng gabi, 10pm onwards?

  524. drew said on 30-04-2010


    ok ba to? i tried his ES. batikan na to,wala b yan STD?

    RONNIE of SPARTACUS? 6 footer fair model built guy, hes great with ES, have you tried him? Any feedback?


  525. steve said on 30-04-2010

    how much is the massage in SPADA?

  526. doods said on 30-04-2010

    @jake-2685 was that in the steam room last Monday afternoon? if yes, i am usually there Mon Wed Friday same time 😉

  527. Ace said on 30-04-2010

    Hi, Justin. yung massage is 350pesos at yung ES depende sa usapan ninyo ng masseur. Di sila nagpepresyo kaya manageable ang budget mo. Hope you will find time to visit the place.

  528. Ace said on 30-04-2010

    Hello, casey james! your welcome my friend. I ‘m hoping to see you there. marami silang mga new masseurs to watch out for. for futher info. pls call justin @ 09172434417 or jay-r @09158020022. they will surely assist you there.

  529. jun said on 29-04-2010

    sino na ba sa inyo nagtry sa mga barako boys?

  530. Chino said on 29-04-2010

    Nasa Sanctuario pa ba si Rainier? Lagi kasi siyang wala basta gusto kong magpa-reserve. Any information kung nasaan na siya ngayon?

  531. justin said on 29-04-2010

    open pa ba ung Lotus spa in front of Rob mla? everytime i visit Rob Mal i would usually check on it, di ko makita ung place

  532. jeff said on 28-04-2010

    or kya ako nalng add

  533. jeff said on 28-04-2010

    @manny dela cruz can i have ur ym may gsto lng ako tanung sau…

  534. casey james said on 28-04-2010

    thanks so much ace!! you really help me a lot! I’ll definitely try human touch…=)

  535. kheeno said on 28-04-2010

    @ Manny delacruz
    share nmn kung cno pdeng kunin sa SPADA….

  536. royalwack said on 28-04-2010

    Hi jake (2685)

    please email me at Same experience hir. `is it in teachers ville?

  537. ferdie said on 28-04-2010

    To Manny dela Cruz: Hindi ba bading si Julian ng Hidden? Karamihan kasi sa hidden, PLU’s.

  538. manny delacruz said on 28-04-2010

    sino naka punta sa hidden spa at spada naku parehong may positive na may es sa kanila. syempre mag eenjoy ka
    sa spada yun ang first time ko na makapunta yung masseure ko his came from hollywood kay expert na sya at yung sa hidden spa naman galingsa sucat hindi ko alam ang name ng spa julian sya nga ang bata na meron malaking karga.talagang enjoy ka talaga sa kanya at mabait sya di sya nag ask ng pera its up to me daw. kaya okay
    u try hidden spa okay

  539. Jake said on 28-04-2010

    had a good encounter last Monday with a fellow client in a legit spa in QC.
    will comeback hoping that i meet the same client again.

  540. luke said on 28-04-2010

    Hi elvin im asking if u can share ur experience in verde to me as well pls? my email

    I’d be happy to share my experiences to you as well.
    Hope that we cud help each other. Thanks

  541. jeff said on 27-04-2010

    sinu po pwde pag share ng ur ym…

  542. elvin said on 27-04-2010

    @ 2631 hi cum_with_me, i emailed you something at your given email account regarding my experiences in verde.. request ko lang po not to share it with others.. thanks.

  543. Jake said on 27-04-2010

    Hello Andrew. Pano yung milagro sa foot massage? Thanks bro.

  544. andre said on 27-04-2010

    justin, baby you may bring a minimum 2 thou for a massage with es…….500 [or the clinic and the rest for the service renderd.

  545. justin said on 27-04-2010

    how much ba massage sa human touch? kung may ES how much do you usually give? how much money do I have to bring for a massage and an ES, it smy first time ksi and im planning to go this weekend. Help pls

  546. jester said on 27-04-2010

    @jeff,take jeepney going to zapote.

  547. arddel said on 27-04-2010

    hi momoy or anybody who hascontact to basketball players models,share with me pls..even costly.will b in manila next month..09174471723,,,tnx a lot

  548. jeff said on 27-04-2010

    @bj salamat sa info panu kaya pauwi pabalik ng bacoor?may recomend kb dun salamat..

  549. bj said on 26-04-2010

    jeff, hidden spa is infront of SM Southmall. just beside the mormon church ata.. 2nd floor sya nun mini-mall.

  550. Andrew Mendoza said on 26-04-2010

    Hello Jake… I guess depende sa oras medyo madaling araw nung nagpafoot massage ako kaya medyo konti tao… also medyo covered ka ng towel sa foot massage, dim pa yung light kaya medyo may milagro. Ang downside lang sa foot massage common area kaya nakakilang kasi maraming babae.

  551. jeff said on 26-04-2010

    gusto ko po sana pumunta sa hidden spa kaso hnd ko alam paunta at pauwi sana may mag sabi dito tsaka cnu marrecomend salamat po ng marami….

  552. jeff said on 26-04-2010

    gsto ko po sana pumunta sa hidden spa kaso d ko alam panu papunta at pauwi im from cavite..sana may makatulong tsaka cnu recomend salamat po ng marami sa mag rereply…

  553. luke said on 26-04-2010

    Hi mandyrodfin

    pa-share din po nung best masseur mo from verde spa. the one you mention in your entry @ 2653. pls po. My e-add is ano e-add nio po? thanks

  554. jester said on 26-04-2010

    im going to puerto galera this wk,may masahista ba dun?

  555. Jake said on 26-04-2010

    Hi Andrew! #2667
    Ok ba talaga kung foot massage lang sa Wensha?
    Regarding Lasema Spa.
    medyo kaunti lang talaga pero at least di ganun kacrowded diba…. :)

  556. luke said on 26-04-2010

    @ 2653
    Hi mandyrodfin!

    pa-share na din po yung masseur mo sa verde spa who gave you that best massage, the one you mention on your entry @2653. email me pls. Hope we could share experiences too. Salamat.

  557. Andrew Mendoza said on 26-04-2010

    Mas maganda pala talaga yung foot massage sa wensha kesa body massage….. sa foot massage lalaruin ka ng massuer kaya lang patago common area kasi and mukang bawal talaga sa kanila yung xtra.

    Question sa mga Lasema Spa goers… what day and time maganda magpunta duon? I went there 4 times already, di naman nawawalan ng tao kaya lang konti lang talaga ang pumupunta.

  558. Ace said on 25-04-2010

    Hi eric, sorry for the late reply. I assure you that they are straight guys. Yung massage is 350PHP and yung ES bahala ka ng makipag arrang sa masseur. Di naman sila nagpa price. Punta ka ha? Hope to see you there. Thanks.

  559. bj said on 25-04-2010

    2648@FAutus, how much you give julian? did they cum?
    2643@Extreme, sino ang bet mo sa bago? hehehe
    2612@lemon, how much do you give for es? is JM ok din sa

  560. LuisMiguel said on 25-04-2010

    Thanks ACE for the advise. Hope masamahan mo ako dun one time.

  561. v said on 25-04-2010

    may i second da motion yata ako kay p’reng ed on this one though I got another guy last time I was there. come to think of it, i could not remember a time when i got a decent massage in that place; the boys are yummy though (hayan, bukelya ang kalindian). with all these new guys coming in, i was hoping that the competition would bust them out of their lazy asses and really deliver the goods. wrong. i got a vet on my last visit. katakam-takam kaya ko pinili. that didn’t last long though, the massage was to quote an oft-used word here, “perfunctory”. (hayan , mga veklang mayora at veklita princesses, dialog-an ang mga hombre, “hoy, wit ko feel ang perfunctory na massage, okey?” BWHAHAHAHAHHAA. which by the way is a very, very good barometer of how he will do with the happy portion, that is, if the massage is bad what usually follows is no good either. naloloka na ako sa place na itu. tama si p’reng ed, you go there expecting to be “relaxed” and “satisfied” and yet you run the risk of going home na naimbiyerna at lalong na-stress.

  562. ed said on 25-04-2010

    The EUGENE of LIGHTNESS I mentioned who gave me the worst massage in my life actually is a veteran of D’ Friendship, the MP located very near Amistad that closed several years ago. Eugene is 28 and it figures because he was at D’Friendship for three years.

    D’Friendship had among the best looking masseurs, because the principal purpose was to be shipped to Japan. They were tall, fair, and some were even much better looking than the male starlets of today’s indie films. With a job in Japan beckoning, naturally, great looking guys would flock to D Friendship, since working at the MP was simply a stepping stone, they hoped.

    Because they were good looking, and because workin at the MP was only an excuse to go to the next step, landing a job as a hosto in Japan, the D’Friendship masseurs has an attitude with a capital “A.” The ES, if they would bother to condescend giving the customer one, was expensive and consisted only mostly of hand jobs. I managed, in those days to coax some of them to secretly agree to home service but these encounters were mostly disappointing. You really just got them because they were very good looking. The tip was 2,500 upwards because “bawal” raw and to make up for the risk of losing a job posdsibility in Japan, they kept it expensive. D Friendship was really just an excuse for one to lie down and be touched by some great looking masseurs. I recently met a D’Friendship alumnus and he waxed nostalgic about those good old days, when he could charge a tip 2,500 upwards.

    I suppose EUGENE of Lightness though he’s still in those old glory days when he was younger, fairer, better skinned and could demand a hefty tip. And I suppose he assumed that he would just let the client lie down, do a few lazy rubs here and there, and that was it.

    The LIGHTNESS management should really do something with their guys with bad attitude, and there have been a number of complaints here. At a very basic level, the masseurs should be able to give decent massage because if thats what one is paying for for their fairly expensive price tag then if the masseur fails to deliver then the client should get a refund. Im sure some MP owners will insist that the entry price is simply for the small cubicle. Yeah right, because without the prospect of massage who’s going to get these rooms.

    Ironically Equanimity is owned by the same guy and the guys here are better disciplined and customer friendly than LIGHTNESS, which because of the attitude of many of the masseurs there is really heavy on the pocket.

  563. eric said on 25-04-2010

    hello Ace,

    thanks for the input, so sure ka na st8 yung mga guys na u mentioned? also, how much ang damage?andun pa yata ang bading na nag massage sa akin, where else do u go?

    summer na , maraming bikini contest, meron bang mga guys na pahada?

    pls email-

    me website ba human touch?

  564. eric said on 25-04-2010

    i have a good experience sa verde spa. sarap nya.

  565. ykcir088 said on 25-04-2010

    please… please! rate all those masseurs even the extra service and what they offer please
    roy of hilom spa
    jhay ar of hollywood spa
    jerry of lightness spa
    bob of spartacus reflexology
    justin of xtreme massage
    amar of phoenix massage
    poseidon of boys of bora

  566. Ace said on 25-04-2010

    Hello casey james! nagpunta ka na ba ng Human Touch? I hope you find time to visit the place. I have Robert and Jun Mar as my regular masseurs. Actually I make sure to get their service first before eyeing for others kasi nasubukan ko na sila and they are really good plus factor yung attitude nila. Actually, I mentioned before na when I went there the first time that I was assisted by their courteous staff and I never felt foreign or O.P dun. When you get there, its like going to a friend;s place for some partying. I must say friend that you try to visit the place. Btw, yung guy na may “what” sa genitals e I am not familiar about him. I even asked other regulars there but I wasnt able to confirm. Mas mainam if you would find it yourself…hehe.. If you have any questions please feel free to approach me. Thanks !

  567. Ace said on 25-04-2010

    Hi eric! I suggest you try Robert , Gian, Ryan or Reyver from Human Touch . I’m pretty sure you will like them kasi they give good massage and ES as well. In terms of sexual preference, they’re all certified straight, good looking guys to sought after.

  568. Ace said on 25-04-2010

    Hi guys! for those who are asking for Human Touch;s exact location in Quezon Ave . just look for MRT-Quezon Avenue Station. Right across nung overpass is HUMAN TOUCH sa tabi ng HSBC Bank.

  569. eric said on 25-04-2010


    been reading your entries, i will be in manila soon, i have been to hilom, human touch, revivir, spa mondiale ( closed), universal, hollywood

    just want to ask ur help i need guys who are- straight , hindi bading, tall, maskulado, gives good massage, goodlooking- kahit laila dee lang at di magaling sa ES- pls email me for recommendation-

    sa pass experience ko- sa human touch ang nakuha ko bading, spa mondiale, hollywood walang pogi,

    hay , feeling ko wala akong luck, anyone here with reco, pls feel free to email me and help kapwa bading in distress hehehehe

    baka me kilala rin kayong mga student na in need ng anda, i can help

  570. elvin said on 25-04-2010

    @ 2653

    hi mandyrodfin.. care to share kung sino ang masseur mo kahit privately through email exchange lang? super rare kasi ang masseurs na offer ng ES dun kaya i consider you really lucky to have had that story to share.. dun sa rare times na mention ko, mostly HJ lang from the masseur. hopefully we could compare notes.. para mas maging meaningful ang ating verde experience.. thanks. =)

  571. mandyrodfin said on 25-04-2010

    been to verde spa..for the past 1 month mga pang 8 punta ko na dun..i am not expecting anything kundi good massage coz sa 5 masseur na nasubukan ko lahat naman okay..nagpunta ko dun just for a massage..but my masseur na pangalawang beses na na assign sakin..gave me the best massage at es.. nung una ko sya matry weeks back wala es pero me mga sensual touches..kanya ko nabitin nun..sabi ko nga nun dapat nagbgay ako motibo bka wait lang sya..but kanina whew!! mind blowing…he has the best massage..then panay sagi sa dun sa maselan part..panay pisil ng pasimple pag tumitigas ang aking tool..nung nsa midpart na sya..hayun na very sensual na yung touch ako naman i gave motive by spreading my legs at nahanda ko na rin sa sarili ko for extra fee.. ask nya “sir itutuloy ba natin?”..since andun na.. i said yes…he sucked my tool..and then dinilaan and handjob and paiba iba..and he didnt object nung hinubaran ko din sya..but i didnt sucked his tool just the nipples.. sucking is not my thing..hanggang nilabasan ako..sobrang galing nya kasi kaka masturbate ko pa lang mga noon time and yet nilabasan ako ng madami dami din…then tuloy masahe sa upper part ng body when he whispered his rate..which is a good and reasonable one.. now verde spa is my fave..

  572. ed said on 24-04-2010

    Terrible, Terrible massage. I’ve been getting used to Lightness lately and I thought the attitude of the boys had improved for good only to be jolted back to reality by another unpleasant experience.

    I should have been forewarned. I was sitting in the reception area not liking the available choices when a fair skinned fairly good looking masseur came out. He seemed ok, but when his customer emerged and paid the receptionist, the masseur had to run to the client for his tip. The client curtly said, may tip pa ba? – and gave the masseur, EUGENE a Php 100.00 tip. I thought that was awfully stingy, but the masseur sitting beside me commented: Ba’t palaging nangyayari sa yo yan?

    Anyways she seemed ok and friendly, Eugene, that is and although he had some limits, which he conveyed to the receptionist when I asked about him, I thought puwede na.

    The massage was terrible. He barely applied lotion on my back when he asked me to turn over. I said, sa hita’t paa muna and he grudgingly massaged the lower extremeties in the most perfunctory manner I’ve ever had from a masseur. All in all, the massage phase lasted less than fifteen minutes. He was in a hurry for ES.

    The ES had a lot of limitations and this guy, Eugene was not really serious about going about his work. I’ve been to a lot of MPs and this was the most unsatisfactory service I’ve ever had, bar none. I was thinking, management should refund the money paid by the customer if their masseurs are like this. To add insult to injury, Eugene’s pecker was exceptionally tiny – no consolation there.

    Now when masseurs are so incompetent they seem not to deliver even the most rudimentary of massage- and I’m not talking of ES – just massage, management should refund the entry fee. I didn’t ask for one. But the incompetence and attitude of the masseur falls squarely on management which should at least compensate by offering to refund the entry fee, then penalize the masseur by getting the refunded fee back from the incompetent (or was it simply bad attitude?) masseur.

    I’m not thinking of going back to Lightness in the next few days, even weeks. Clients should not suffer through these encounters. You go there to relax, you get frustration

  573. ykcir088 said on 24-04-2010

    please… please! rate all those masseurs even the extra service and what they offer please
    roy of hilom spa
    jhay ar of hollywood spa
    jerry of lightness spa
    bob of spartacus reflexology
    justin of xtreme massage
    amar of phoenix massage
    poseidon of boys of bora

  574. trgo2001 said on 24-04-2010

    any would do. pls post some recommendations here in cEBU

  575. dellmatian said on 24-04-2010

    been to phaen boran bacoor, right infront of jollibee niog. had a masseur named A____L assigned to me. short lanky guy pero may konting itsura naman. massage was not really good. newbie lang daw sya. i asked if he knew lingam massage. di daw nya alam. so i volunteered that it was the massaging of the groin area. sabi nya di daw sila allowed to do that. so i just asked him to massage the base of my penis at ung bones sa may singi area. it felt good at nasabi ko tuloy na nakakabitin. but i didnt coaxed him any more. then he volunteered na dagdagan ko daw tip nya para imasturbate nya ako. pumayag na ko. i got to touch and massage his penis as well from outside his pants. mejo may kalakihan din naman. ayun, nilabasan ako. i gave him a 100 tip.

  576. faustus said on 24-04-2010

    went to hidden spa recently, and i am pleased to inform you guys that the information provided here is correct. tried julian – he does look like a kid! for a moment i was scared that he might still be a minor, but he said he was 18. and as for his tool, whilst it is big, it is not really “pang-foreigner” as what lemon said (lemon at Apr 21, 10 at 3:41 am). it’s just as big as mine, and i’ve seen bigger. :) then i went back after two weeks and got richard. now, if you’re a size queen, do not get this guy! enough said.

    fyi, i did not give these masseurs head, nor did i force them to show me their cocks (and subsequently, jack off). i guess i have a way of making them feel safe and comfortable with me, so the sensual part ends up being a mutual act. :)

  577. Mon said on 24-04-2010

    ^ agree with polo :)

    this is just a word of caution. To prevent HIV infection use condom when engaging in bareback or as much as possible avoid na lang ito.

    There’s a higher chance of getting infected with HIV sa anal sex kc mas madali mapunit ung nerves dun then ung pre-cum or semen ng guy papasok na agad sa blood stream mo.

    You can always have a sensual massage from any masseur. Just prevent his semen or blood from getting in contact with an open wound.

    HIV can be transmitted through:
    * Unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex.
    * Direct blood contact, which may occur through needle sharing, transfusions, accidents in health care settings, or certain blood products.
    * Mother to baby; before or during birth or through breast milk.

  578. polo said on 24-04-2010

    (isa pang sharing article sa pagkuha ng masahista for sex)

    thanks sa nag share nito. kung itong center ay ang nasa araneta, duon din ako nagkaroon ng masasakit na singaw sa loob ng mouth ko after ko kunin ang isang masahista nilang “in-demand”. laging may guest, nag home serbis, o “bakasyon”. naging pasensyoso ako paghintay. sa wakas nakuha ko rin. nakikipaghalikan at tsumutsupa. tsinupa ko rin sya hangang nagpalabas kami pareho. malipas ilang araw, nagkasingaw ako. akala ko, normal lang. kaso nagkalagnat na ako. nagpakonsulta na ako. herpes na virus sa mouth ko. umabot pa ng halos two weeks bago nag heal. sinumpa ko na di na uulit diyan sa massage na yan. i have to learn the hard way. huwag sana kayo matulad sa akin. hindi sulit. ang mahal pa ng gamot. mag ingat sa mga masahista. marurumi yan. nakakalungkot kasi parami pa rin ang mga masahean. sana magshare din ang ibang nabiktima na ng mga sakit sakit.

  579. polo said on 24-04-2010

    (guys, kopya ko lang for all to be informed regarding paid sex with prostitutes)

    There are lots of reasons why men bareback, but in the end they all come down to the same thing – an unwillingness to protect oneself from disease.

    Some men think HIV is not a threat. It is. And because of this apathy it is now spreading faster than it has in recent years. And medication does not cure you; once you are infected, you have the virus for ever.

    Men who are already infected may see protection as pointless. But reinfecting oneself and other men with HIV can create new strains of the virus, which are then immune to the drugs available.

    Some gay men have spontaneous unprotected sex on the spur of the moment, thinking they will get away with it, and perhaps even getting a thrill from the risk. A lifetime of ill health is a price to pay for a moment of spontaneity.

    The possible outcomes to barebacking

    You get an infection like syphilis, Hepatitis, or HIV. You then infect your partner. You suffer and you die sooner than you otherwise would.

    And if you do this consciously, you choose to put your life in the hands of another man. Why would you do that? Especially if you don’t know him well?

  580. JunJun said on 23-04-2010

    @trgo2001 what’s really your type of masseur? young, muscled, mid 20’s to 30’s…… ??

  581. trgo2001 said on 23-04-2010

    hi guys…will be in Cebu Fri and Sat. Would like to try out the “locals” as you may put it. Hehehehe. Anyone can refer a trusted masseur or a massage parlor to visit there? Would appreciate your suggestions. pls..pls…pls…

    Tnx in advance!

  582. jeff said on 23-04-2010

    @extreme,anu po ym mo para we can share experiences salamat po..

  583. jeff said on 23-04-2010

    cnu po recommend nyo sa hidden salamat po..

  584. benz said on 22-04-2010

    @2625….natures green spa is located at kamias road quezon city.for inquiries please call or txt 4344514/09275184627

  585. jeff said on 22-04-2010

    guys tnk u sa info about sa hidden cnu po refer nyo dun na cutie??

  586. casey james said on 22-04-2010

    wazzup guys! curious lang.. guys cno ba d2 may experience dun sa masseur na my GENITAL WARTS sa HUMAN TOUCH? ano name nya and any experiences from him? want to try him kse.. im so curious lang tlga…

  587. casey james said on 22-04-2010

    curious lang.. guys cno ba d2 may experience dun sa masseur na my GENITAL WARTS sa HUMAN TOUCH? ano name nya and any experiences from him? want to try him kse.. im so curious lang tlga…

  588. mon said on 22-04-2010

    Thanks michaela but my apology for being ignorant with these terms. Ano naman ung TLC? Sorry di ko talaga alam. Im a newbie here and just starting to learn these things. don’t worry as i get older id get familiar with these. Ano pla email add mo? I got a feeling that i’ll learn a lot from you.

    Also, thanks for warning us not to exchange body fluids. Sobrang nakakatakot madapuan ng sakit tulad ng STD, STI and lalo na ng HIV! Pag may HIV ka, you’ll die prematurely. Have to take 2 or more Antiretroviral drugs daily to prevent the virus from multiplying further, not to mention ung side efects nito such as diarrhea, headache, vomiting, depression, anemia etc and the cost of these medications. Hirap din mag-take ng gamot daily tpos several times pa in one day at dapat tuloy tuloy ito forever.

    It’s also good to have ourselves tested kc the earlier it is detected, mas manageable pa ito.

    There’s one entry from another site who posted this one. Nkaka-alarma lang. We really need to practice safe sex all the time.

    It goes this way:

    “Just sharing this information i found which is very alarming….

    guys ingat po kayo… ayaw natin na sa inyong pagpaparelax e mahawaan tayo ng sakit… kayo din…. instead na magkaroon kayo ng flawless skin.. magkakasakit kayo sa balat.. at papangit kayo… think about the consequences….

    December 2009 Report of VD Test Results from various Male Massage Parlors in Quezon City (Bernardo Health Center)…ONLY..di pa kasama ang manila at iba pang places…

    The following is a list of the positive VD results of male therapists conducted for the month of December 2009. Names of concerned have been marked confidential. Only number of infected therapist are shown for public perusal. (Note: VD Tests results shows having signs of the HIV Ab seropositive virus, which can lead to Hepatitis A,B or C and/or Aids): PARTIAL LIST only.

    1. Universal Reflexology = 2
    2. Boys of Bora = 4
    3. Datu = 5
    4. Jason 3rd = 1
    5. Magic Spa = 5
    6. Hilom Spa = 3
    7. Spa Mondiale = 2
    8. Lakan Dula = 7
    9. Human Touch = 1
    10. Amanjaya Spa = 1
    11. Hollywood = 4
    12. Eagle’s Nest =1 “

  589. mon said on 22-04-2010

    Hi Ed,

    No need to worry sir, i’d have to change my name to Mon instead. it’s just a coincidence that we had the same alias. I was actually about to switch it to James but found out someone already took that alias as well.

    i was just looking for a masseur with the age bracket as mine. I prefer masseurs with the same age as mine. I’d love to be massaged with younger boyz but im not gonna hurt nor abuse them, never.

    I must say you are a great contributor to this thread. Keep it up.

    For everyone else, anyone knows a spa or massage clinic with smome masseurs aging around 18? let me know or email me @ thanks

  590. IVAN said on 22-04-2010

    any new experience in verde spa and cicada? Tanx

  591. michaela said on 22-04-2010

    to 2622:
    HJ means hand job – the masseur caresses your hotdog until it oozes with cream. usually done with scented oil or just plain lotion. sometimes, it is done with his index finger buried in your pigeon hole. others do it quickly but others do it gently with TLC (diyos ko, if u dont know what it means, sasampalin na kita!!!)… Just be careful, if you have intentions to have your pigeon hole dug deeper with a live baseball bat, just be careful to bring with you a condom… but please try not to go to that extent… exchange of fluid is dangerous… enjoy anal fucking with your regular boyfriends and not with strangers… always maintain at least 2 clean boyfriends… mine is a SWAT officer and a bank employee… both are real men… quite expensive to maintain though especially the police officer… hay I LOVE THEM IN POLICE AND MILITARY UNIFORM!!! i enjoy having sex with them while they are in complete military regalia… he he he

  592. extreme said on 22-04-2010

    ui may bago ulet sa hidden d ko nakuha name .. mukang cutie ,,, yung no. nila 09185009503 loc at las piñas

  593. cum_with_me said on 22-04-2010


    you may email me anytime for your verde updates. by the way, yung rico pala na masseur na sinasabi ko sa verde, benj o bench yung ginagamit niyang name sa verde. any updates on him if he’s good? email me at


  594. justin said on 22-04-2010

    Hope we can have all the names of the spa and their adress so we dont need to ask lagi kung san yung Verde? or Human Touch?

    Anyone who has the time to do a DIRECTORY would be appreciated

  595. ed said on 22-04-2010

    Thanks randy! Archie’s tool is big and Jerry’s is quite big, too. Both, however, are good – like Jay or Janus. Get them while hey are still new and unspoiled.

    I tried this guy named “Ian” at Lightness the other day, but instead of using him at Lightness, I asked that he come with me to Equanimity. On the way there, Ian asked how much I’d give him for ES and I said 1K (my standard, but it goes up to 1.5 depending of performance). Usually, this question is a turn off for me but fortunately, he did not pursue the subject or ask for a bigger tip.

    I sensed that he was one of those – makulit, nakikipagtawaran- except that, since suki na ako ng Equanimity and Lightness- he was “oriented” by the owner to be nice.

    Ian is about 5’5 1/2, great brown kin and very good looking in a machong macho sort of way. Di naman nangulit dahil siguro nasabihan. His massage was decent, not great but his es is quite good, this, on top of really good looks (based on my taste). In all, it was a pleasurable experience.

  596. elvin said on 22-04-2010

    @ 2614 justin

    sorry if out of topic but a worthwhile read especially for discreet men like me. I have had the same experience just like you. nung first time nangyari sakin yun, i was still in college, i gave in to the demands of that stupid callboy na nakuha ko sa isetann recto dahil di hamak na mas malaki katawan niya at mas malakas siya sakin plus he chose the decrepit motel where we did it. 2nd traumatic time na nangyari yun was when I was already working and sa isetann ko ulit nakuha yung guy. Unlike the 1st, magkasinglaki lang kami, the problem was bago pa me mangyari sakin, inunahan na niya ako na me pulis daw na nag-aalaga sa kanya and nag-aantay lang sa labas, naunahan ako ng takot being a discreet gay guy and gave him all the money I had (cellphone was kept inside my briefts for fear na maulit uli nangyari last time) and hurriedly ran to the exit. When I felt I was already far away from the motel, safe from possible pursuers, I glanced back at the motel and saw na wala namang pulis and naisahan ako nung gago. Nevertheless, I was contented that nothing far worse happened to me like being jailed, killed, etc. The third traumatic (hopefully the last) time that i picked up a guy was in HP, the guy was really kind and he even gave me his ID just to prove that he’s the real thing. He offered to gave me massage and decided to do the deed in Sogo in Quirino. When inside, he excused himself to use the bathroom while I watched the 6:00 news in the TV. When he went out, he was already naked waist down and told me to suck him already. Seeing that this was not the original plan, I told him that I’m not into that kind of thing (plastic! =p ) and just requested him to massage me. He declined saying na pagod daw siya. Realizing that this will eventually lead to another traumatic experience, I immediately put on my shirt (yes, I didn’t disrobed fully) and told him that we’ll just set the massage session for next time then. That was when he asked for his payment and went in rage apparently for wasting his time and money (WTF!!!) Pagod na pagod na ko maloko and this time I really stood up against him kesyo mura-murahin niya ko at ipangalandakan sa reception na tsinupa ko raw siya at di tumupad sa agreed price. I’m very thankful that the employees of SOGO Quirino were civilized enough to handle the situation and immediately escorted the pathetic manwhore outside the motel. I also requested them to call me a taxi para makaiwas na rin sa gulo if ever I attempt na lumabas pa ako. Lesson learned:

    1. Don’t pick-up a person you can’t physically overcome. More effectively, avoid picking up strangers in public places. More likely than not these are wolves hiding in sheep skin. Ika nga, “Its better to be safe than sorry” – better be paranoid than a victim in the end. There are MP’s, gaybars and other establishments offering the same services and men in these establishments are considered tamed (?) most of the time compared to those who are in malls and other public places.
    2. You should have the final say as to where you’ll do the deed. As much as possible, don’t do it in your house and if in motels, be sure that there are guards and receptionists who will assist you in case the manwhore becomes unmanageable.
    3. Trust your instincts. Be sensitive enough to observe the guy’s actuations (does he look in your wallet when you open it, is he too kind and gentlemanly for comfort, etc.) This way, you can somehow predict his real intentions with you.
    4. If practicable, allow someone who you deeply trust, know who you go with (a major problem for discreet gay guys like me). let your friend take a picture of the manwhore para at least me added security on your part na di magloloko si gago…

    Ayun lang po muna.. Basta be safe my fellow PLU’s walang manloloko kung di tayo magpapaloko. World Peace!!!

    @ 2604 cum_with_me

    I’ll email you my piece about verde spa some time next week.. Sorry po ha..Medyo busy lang talaga. Sana we could compare notes din (not the note that you have in mind.. di tayo talo!! hehehe joke) and hopefully you could share some info regarding your fave masseurs.. mabait po me promise..=)

  597. badtiger280 said on 22-04-2010

    @jeff: meron ako alam sa SPADA na okay. massage is good but also the HJ. email me or IM. May cutie dun si Yuri pero di ko pa n try…working on it. ill let you know sa email

  598. randy said on 21-04-2010

    No need explaining “ed” I know that other ed is diff from the ed who shared so many experiences in the past…iba kasi ang writing style even the choices of words and the paragraph construction is far diff. yours are very sophisticated and sounds professional (but he doesn’t sound bad naman)…when you introduced jay and Janus in M2MM, I tried them and both are the best, then came Clifford and Gab and both were really great lover…..the only one I haven’t got was rico….(saan na kaya sya ngayon?) Clifford and Gab are now retired (?) Just recently u recommended Jerry of Lightness, in the multilply site he looks matured, but I will try him one day….i like his body,,,,macho nga, (did you say his tool big?) I like matured guys too,,,yong mga 24-35 years old, ka-age bracket ko….Please share mor ed….

  599. @Benz said on 21-04-2010

    Saan ba yung Nature’s Green Spa dito sa Cebu? Never heard of it

  600. jeff said on 21-04-2010

    pa share naman po location ng hidden spa salamat….

  601. ed said on 21-04-2010

    DEAR EVERYONE…I’m not the ed @ 2605. I’m the ed who has written about my spa experiences in MPs with ES light Equanimity, Lightness, Spartacus, Holywood, Human Touch, Magic Touch etc…

    The reason I’m going out of my way to make this disclaimer is because the ed of 2605 seems to like boys below 18, i.e., the age below which any one who has sexual relationships is classified as a PEDOPHILE.

    I am not being hyporcritical or judgmental, but there are laws against this and someone might mistake me for ed of 2605, trace the threads, etc.

    I’ve written many times before that I like buffed guys, preferably OVER 21, where the guys are more rounded, muscled, more experienced and could give great pleasure. To see the difference, please check out my comments found in 2579, 2531 and the older ones. Thanks!

  602. Ed said on 21-04-2010


    ano ibig savihin ng HJ?

  603. Ed said on 21-04-2010


    where is this hidden spa located? pa-PM nman sa

    your response is highly appreciated.

  604. casey james said on 21-04-2010

    grabe my nabalitaan ako sa human touch daw my masseur na my genital warts,,,guys kilala nyo ba kung cno un? natry nyo nba ES from that person? what is his name ba? any stories? curious lang… iba kc masseur ko dat tym… pls…

  605. michaela said on 21-04-2010

    HJ sa Asian Massage in Malate is now SOP.. pagtihaya mo, HJ agad… but the masseurs are not good looking though… i have seen 3 Ms na may itsura but may booking na palagi…kung gusto mo magparaos at least cost, go to Asain in Malate

  606. michaela said on 21-04-2010

    Last week, after window shopping at SM North EDSA, I decided to walk around West Avenue at around 11 pm. Surprisingly, the street was well-lighted and looked secure. I saw 3 MPs near the corner of EDSA and West Avenue. Nagulat ako, maraming cute na mga boys ang nasa eskaparate… i tried one of them… sarap ng kanyang sensual massage…i told him na ayaw ko ng ES just massage me in the right places… ok namn sa kanya… nang tumihaya ako, surprise ako dahil nag HJ sya!!! fulfilled to the max ako dahil super galing ang kanyang masahe… hinipo nya ng maayos ang hita ko, ang butt ko at ang HJ super swabe, hindi mabilisan…500 ang tip ko … smile naman sya

  607. ren said on 21-04-2010

    can somebody give an updated list of massage parlors in metro manila including the hidden ones? thanks.

  608. johann said on 21-04-2010

    I tried Phaen Boran Bacoor. Ok naman massage, ung medyo payat na maliit n guy ang ngmasahe sakin, d ko nakuha pangalan. Mukhang d p sya ganun kagaling pero satisfied naman ako sa masahe. Or maybe wla lng sya sa kundisyon that time kc ang init ng palad, mukhang nilalagnat. LOL Mukhang wala clang ES kc curtain lng division eh.

  609. bebotqgomez said on 21-04-2010

    if i got you interested on the “boubles” with Greg…go to Lakan. Its along Araneta Ave. hindi ka magsisisi sis! Enjoy!
    thanks! surely there would be someone who’d catch my fancy…*fingers crossed, legs too*!

  610. justin said on 21-04-2010


    Just want to share with you my experience at a famous mall in QC, may guy sa cr who winked at me and smiled and sicne I was so horny that day I agreed on us doing it at Sogo hotel, i asked him pano ang usapan namin, he just replied “trip trip lang”, so nag check in kami and I paid for it, sbi pa nya he recently got married, kagagaling nya lang sa airport hinatid wife nya, nahulog agad ung loob ko ss kanya. nsa room na kami hubad agad sya and we did it, I scuked his big dick and he just jacked me off, un lang un. When he was dressing up, he asked for his payment, kala ko ba trip trip lang so I gave him 300, nagalit sya bigla, galit na galit, di ko ba daw alam ang bayaran, told him na sbi nya knina ” trip trip lang”, he harassed me and tortured me for almost an hour. He wants 20thou, he got na my cellphone, 4thou cash, pti watch and shades ko na imitation. I was like selling everything to him so he could let me go. Lumabas kmi ng Sogo na casual and was so terrified. Lesson learned: wag na mag pick up ng cute boys sa mga malls, we can just go sa mga MP, relaxed ka pa and you have full control of the situation, if they asked for addtl payments you can say NO kesa nman ma holdup ka ng mga call boys. KARMA na lang bahala sa kanya!

  611. justin said on 21-04-2010

    hi san po ung hidden spa? how much rate?

  612. lemon said on 21-04-2010

    wanna share my experience with hidden spa this week. OMG talaga i first day got julian ata yung batang yun cute mukang 15yrs old lang. massage is ok lang looks mukang pinabili ng suka sa kanto. but wait super daks parang foreigner na yung size bait mag pa touch hahahahaha.. so ako naman nawili my 2nd day got JM muka provinciano nga sya. hahaha pero nung nag sando na grabe lag lag panty ko hahaha ganda abs nya and built may cutenes naman and take note again daks din .. and kanina got the newest nathan sobra cute and kulet and ok mag massage and everything is a secret na kasi may bago na ko kababaliwan hahahaha

  613. slimer_34 said on 21-04-2010


    My experience at BluePalm was my first. I was very fortunate to have been able to get Mr. NiceGuy. Being that I don’t know whether it would put a masseur in hot water kung malaman ng management or ng other masseurs na nagbibigay ng ES ang particular na massuer na ito, i cannot disclose his name.

    Nonetheless, puntahan mo na lang po uli ang BluePalm at cguro mapupunuan ang 3 years mong di pagpunta dun…hehehe…Do let us know about your experience when you get the chance to do so…

    I, myself, am planning on going back there soon when time permits….Medyo busy pa kasi sa ngaun. Sana i would have a better massage na this time and perfect ES as I had during my first visit (fingers crossed…hehehe).

  614. jeff said on 20-04-2010


  615. jeff said on 20-04-2010


  616. benz said on 20-04-2010

    @aangengel.natures green spa is located at kamias road near caltex corner kalayaan kamias,try mo yung chester,at yung paul ang galing mag massage at E.S talaga

  617. mountain said on 20-04-2010

    momoy, can you also give me contacts or who to contact for some NCAA/UAAP guys
    my email is

  618. juan said on 20-04-2010

    @ray, what’s the name of this spa in Boracay?

  619. ed said on 20-04-2010

    Help naman anyone?

    Saan pa ba may mga massage clinics na ang mga masseurs e nasa 16, 17 or 18 years old and below? Just like in Kharisma massage clinic sa cubao pero close na ata ito?

    or ung mga patagong massage clinic jan na 18 yrs old below ang ages ng masahista.

    Share naman anyone who knows.
    -email add ko ay

  620. cum_with_me said on 20-04-2010

    I went back after quite some time last week to Verde Spa. Matagal na rin kasi akong di nakabalik dito magmula nang nagkaroon na ako ng 2 suki masseurs na nakuwento ko na rin in my previous posts. Day off ni Warren kaya I let Vic (the manager) choose anyone for me. Malas lang kasi yung napunta sa aking masseur eh lousy and ugly! Anyway, pagbaba ko, I decided to linger a bit sa reception area where I took notice of three masseurs. Of course, nandyan si JASON. He looks cute kasi tisoy at malinis tignan. Pero yung body, lanky which is not really my type. He was manning the front desk. I also noticed another masseur. I think siya yung body washer na pumalit kay Carlo. His name is DENNIS. Gwapo talaga itong batang ‘to pero lanky din. The third masseur I saw was RICO, iba siya kasi siya yung buffed at macho among the stable of Verde’s masseurs. I may have seen him in another spa before pero di ko maalala.
    Guys, has anyone of you experienced JASON, DENNIS, or RICO before when you visited Verde? I need your feedback. Please email me at Thanks.

  621. casey james said on 20-04-2010

    #2582 thanks ace! cno2 mga masseurs na nkuha mo na? gusto ko kc pagdating ko dun alam ko na para di nkakahiya.. nkakailang din kc.. thanks ace!!!

  622. aangengel said on 20-04-2010

    where is nature green spa? is it the same with nature’s way spa?

  623. mr. ong said on 20-04-2010

    i like ligthness spa ang dami nilang masseur ngayn at ok dn ang mga face value.i also tryed natures green spa at kamias road.the place is very clean.cguro new lang talaga kaya malinis,pero ang galing nila mag massage at cutie yung na try ko na c james from tarlac.

  624. Ray said on 20-04-2010

    Theres a spa here in boracay located in yapak that will cater to your needs

  625. benz said on 20-04-2010

    @disagree…..sori 4 late rep sayo,kadarating ko lang dn kc galing cebu.ang magaling doon sa nature’green spa c chester.ang ganda ng katawan at super daks talaga.i give him 1k 4 his ES.magaling mag massagev and es

  626. echosera_frog said on 20-04-2010

    saang spa ito friendship…

  627. trgo2001 said on 20-04-2010

    visited Phaen Boran in Timog again last Sunday and was massaged by someone new. Grabe, umpisa p lng nagpapahiwatig n, hndi tuloy maayos ung msg nya. at wla pang 1 hour tapos n kami. 40mins lng yta ung tinagal nung massage nya.

  628. trgo2001 said on 20-04-2010

    tried Natures Way spa in Rob but no action happened. better luck next time! heheeheh

  629. ed said on 20-04-2010

    I agree with jr cuntapay about his observations about Datu and Lakan. The owner, watches his wards and keeps a strict eye on them. The result, in the years that I have been going there on and off, I’ve not had an experience where I was forced to haggle with a masseur. Medyo disciplined ang mga boys dito. If you want down to earth guys na proletaryo ang dating, this is where you get them.

    Meantime I did recommend John, the 5’6 moreno guy who looks good, but forgot to say that down there, his crown jewel doesn’t look very good – post keloid dahil sa mga bolitas na tinanggal. It may be a turn off. Since I like his face, and overall looks, di ko na lang pinapatangal ang briefs- baka ma turn off ako.

    A few new good guys at Lightness – all very good. Get the new ones – may sungay na yung mga veterans dito, and old habits die hard.

  630. bebotqgomez said on 20-04-2010

    @slimer_34 (2521)

    your thread on blue palm got me all hot in the collar. been there years ago…i agree with your review 100%. i am into body worship (hehehehe). could you make recommendations? I prefer them well muscled, dark, tall, and hung. face value not a prerequisite.

  631. LaGreta said on 20-04-2010

    Try Paradiso near the Sogo motel in Alta Cinema(Aurora Blvd.)
    Just look for Fred na nice at kyut
    to follow na lang yung number nila

  632. jv said on 20-04-2010

    hi ACE, please share your experience at Nature’s Way. Who’s good there? How much?

  633. jr cuntapay said on 19-04-2010

    may plywood divider between datu and the club beside. d naman hassle. i usually drop by after midnite. tho. mas discreet sa lakan on araneta ave. make friends with orly the mgr there. he usually gives reliable tips. contrary to gossip that the pasaway masseurs at datu get deported to lakan, the studs at lakan are friendlier and more approachable.

  634. stArvin said on 19-04-2010

    @jr cuntapay ahhh nagarahe na pala, well, he used to be hot, the last time i got him, was i think last year, although wala na sya sa datu nun, may beer belly na sya. but still the sex was hot.

    di ba nakakailang yung “club” sa tabi ng datu? anong time medyo safe to go?

  635. trgo2001 said on 19-04-2010

    hi ace, who shud we get at Natures Way?

  636. jr cuntapay said on 19-04-2010

    manny’s brother also used to work at datu but manny sez ginarahe na daw sya ng ofw who sends him a regular allowance for his wife and kids. anyway, i keep on reading PLUs who have to nego and all that shit. it’s really a turn off. i suggest they go try datu or lakan. rate i give is usually 1K and i don’t hear complaints. should they try to make hirit sumbong agad sa maitre’d! between the two i prefer the lakan staff. wala silang ganun klaseng attitude gaya sa datu na may attitiude karamihan sa kanila. and oh yes, the worst i had at datu was this asshole dino who is the worst of all i have ever had in all my years of patronizing datu. mayabang na, d naman din marunong magmasahe at pera lang ang habol. sama ng es! feeling hotshot at naging owner ng massage place dyan sa cubao. nagsara naman dahil cguro sobrang yabang nya! stay away from him with a ten foot pole. you have been warned if you don’t want to waste your money!

  637. extreme said on 19-04-2010

    may chismax lang ako went to hidden spa grabe i have to wait ha for an hour pila pila dun. wala na si gab dun huhuhuhu sabi nasa province da pero i think na term kasi cguro sa ES meron dun new faces massage ok naman. yung body ok lang sensual 10/10 hahahaha happy ending try to find out hahaha echos . dami cute faces na bago.

    yung sa southbay parang wala na kwenta…

  638. julesrez868 said on 19-04-2010

    v: you really got smitten by the “devil in boxers” at Lakan – did you manage to get his name? hehe – para sabay nating hanapin sya!

  639. ace said on 19-04-2010

    Nature’s Way Aromatherapy Spa @ Robinsons Galleria 😉

  640. mario said on 19-04-2010

    saan po ba yang human touch? exact loc pls?

  641. Kyle said on 19-04-2010

    Saan ba ang human touch?

  642. bebotqgomez said on 19-04-2010

    Go give Greg a try. If you are into doubles ask him kung sino madalas niya makadobol at tiyak uuwi ka ng windang na windang ng bonggang bongga! Go gurl!
    Thanks for the info on Jerry – here comes mama!

  643. Ace said on 19-04-2010

    #2560 casey james, if your looking for good massage at ES na mararamdaman mo yung aftershock , punta ka Human Touch. Yung mga masseurs nila mahuhusay saka di pricey. I’m sure na di ka uuwing luhaan.

  644. Ace said on 19-04-2010

    #2560 Hi casey james ! I’ve been regularly visiting Human Touch and I must say that they always have something to offer eachtime you visit them. I got the hang out of it kasi nung first time kong pumunta dun I was heartilly assisted by their staff kaya di ako na O.P at madali akong naka adjust sa place. Yung mga masseurs nila are mababait at fair. , kasi what you want is what you’ll get-at least that’s the principle. Yung place is satisfactory but more than the interiors, the service is good and the experience is truly satisfying. Try mo pumunta ng weekends, marami silang masseurs na mai-rerecomend sa yo.

  645. Ace said on 19-04-2010

    Hi, LuisMiguel ! In response to your question (see blog #2563) ,may I suggest that you try visiting Human Touch? The place may not be extravagant in terms of exteriors but the service and the experience is noteworthy. I used to have second thoughts of going to this MP before, but now I got addicted to this place because they make sure that get pampered, cared of and most of all the line up of masseurs compliments every PLU’s individual preference. I am speaking from my own standpoint as a customer and now a REGULAR patron of Human Touch. Hope to see you there.

  646. ed said on 19-04-2010

    @Randy, Janus was there the other night. He Just came from baguio where his relatives are, otherwise, you’re right, slim pickins’ na ang Equanimity…the old tired lot…the only ones I like there are Janus and Ace.

    Last week I was ate Equanimity and saw the old tired lot. I decided to go to Lightness instead to check up the place and got Jerry, who was mentioned here. Jerry does not have an attitude, like some of the masseurs here, especially the veterans. He has a great body, great abs and was like Jay when I first got Jay at Equanimity: polite, attentive, decent massage and a great ES. Jerry is about 5’9″, moreno, very buffed in a modelo (not bodybuilder sort) at malakas ang masculine appeal.

    I went back for seconds at Lightness last night but got this 5’7 moreno guy with movie star looks (but needs a little make over from Belo or Calayan- his skin was smooth but shiny, dark shiny). The guy was simply g-r-e-a-t! I took some pics with my cellphone camera and he was photogenic- movie star looks nga, not the tisoy movie star looks but a darker version of the Coco Martin type. Make no mistake – the skin wasn’t bad – it was smooth but shiny- just needs regular alaga by a dermatologist, stunning na siya. He also needs to buff a little more.

  647. andre said on 18-04-2010

    far east spa ay nasa kaliwa along kamagong st just before pasong

  648. v said on 18-04-2010

    @bebotqgomez: Got Greg? *turns green* I was heading downstairs when I saw this guy doing bench presses in the place’s supposed kitchen area. Halos maluha ako at umawit ng…”Bakit ngayon ka lang…HARHARHARHAHRHAR….kasi nga katatapos pa lang ng session ko. Not overly buffed but packing them in just the right places. AT, isang malaking AT, he was sweaty and all from doing his reps. Nampucha, I caught a whiff of his amoy lalaki when I passed by and he flashed a shy smile. Feel ko tuloy, nag-regress ako at naging high school gelss *batoks self*. On the way out, I asked the receptionist about him, which was very uncharacteristic of me. To which the receptionist replied, “Ay ganyan po talaga siya Sir, nagbubuhat muna kapag bagong dating.” Haaaay! Ba’t kasi kelangang magbuhat nang naka-boxers lang. Nakakinis! HARHARHARHARHAR! I made plans right there and then to come back and steal the chance to catch the guy, which I did, but unfortunately he wasn’t. The receptionist said that he really cannot tell when the guy would report for work, so there’s a challenge right there. So bebot, lucky you, will you pop my balloon and tell how Greg was like?

  649. phaen bora said on 18-04-2010

    try kim of phaen bora bacoor, hes nice guy may background sa massage theraphy.just try him and u will be relaxed.

  650. bebotqgomez said on 18-04-2010


    masseurs are there for the “excess funds” PLUs have – mabuhay ang Pink Peso! Negotiations like those are standard. I prefer it that way…mabuti na yung malinaw…kung kaya sige, kung hindi di wag…ganun lang ang kalakaran. you played the game, play by the rules. although most often short changed ang bayot…the burden PLUs have to bear…besides the masseur only wanted na “ma-sure” magkano matatanggap nya after the encounter…hanap buhay lang yan….kahit tayo we would try to haggle for the best price we can have for our services….also parang talipapa yang MP business…may tawaran…di yan supermarket na fixed ang price….who decides? we do! Going to MPs is “Like a box of chocolates, you don”t know what you”re gonna get!” (oo kinopya ko yan!)


    korek. got John the previous night. naloka ako. a great turn off ang kanyang “family jewels”. I wasn”t so lucky that night there were very few choices at Datu… Lakan its “sister company” has better choices. Try Greg or Jumong. the latter not at par with the looks department but hung! yes dearies hung! Greg however is cute in an odd sort of way…

    planning to go back at Lightness for Jerry any infos on him…? Thanks!

  651. trgo2001 said on 18-04-2010

    tried Natures Green spa along Kamias. Twas OK.
    Msg is 500. paid abt 1,200 for ES. Massage wasnt spectacular so is the ES. The guys werent exceptionally goodlooking. The time I went there- they only had 5 masseurs though.

  652. elvin said on 18-04-2010

    @ v # 2562

    that truly is an alarming issue to hear.. kada galaw natin (o nila) natakbo ang metro? oh well.. di naman sila magkakaganyan kung di rin sila kinukunsinti ng ibang mga PLU’s eh.. Siyempre dapat tayo pa rin ang magdidictate ng price.. (sana wag po ko sermonan ng mga mapeperang PLU’s)..

    Change topic…Nway’s last night me nadaanan akong Phaen Boran Branch sa may bacoor.. any1 tried it already? thanks..

  653. stArvin said on 17-04-2010

    wow. nasa datu pa pala si manny. too bad wala na yung kapatid nya.

  654. Jake said on 17-04-2010

    How to go yo phaen boran? First time ko po tnx

  655. randy said on 17-04-2010

    I went to Hollywood twice this mo…majority of the masseurs are new…new at Hollywood but not in the business…the masseurs I’ve got in that two visit were both demand high for extra…the first one after a 30 minutes massage offered an ES, sabi niya….gusto nyo nyo pa-service sir? When I said ok…Magkano raw ibibigay ko…2.5 daw gusto niya…sabi ko next time na lang, me lakad pa pala ako,,I gave him 250 as tip for the sensual stroke he did….the next guy I got did not really know how to do good massage and after an about 20 minute massage offered na ES, in fainess during the massage he already touches my tool and even slightly masturbate it…..after a while he whispered ES daw gusto ko, so I said ulit ok,,,,magkano raw ibabayad ko?….sabi ko why? How much do you usually charge? Sabi 2k daw sabi ko 2k? is that all the way na? no daw pwede ko dw siya tsupain (that’s his term) then he will masturbate me daw hanggang labasan…hindi ko type…..i gave 200 tip and left..btw those guy were recommended by the gay receptionist who said magagaling daw…magaling sa presyuhan….
    Sa equanimity naman wala ka na masyado mapili, kasi the good ones are no longer reporting…janus, Clifford, gab are no longer there…ian seldom reports so as ace…Only jay, randy and jasper are always present….Miss ko na nga si Janus….sobrang bait at sobrang the best….

  656. faustus said on 17-04-2010

    last night i went to Phaen Boran spa along makati avenue. As I haven’t been there in over six months (maybe even eight), I was surprised to see all new faces. I wasnt able to choose the therapist, but the one I got was great! And yes, the ES was there. :)

  657. manny dela cruz said on 17-04-2010

    hi , sino naka punta sa phoen borac in alabang. nagpunta nako sa spa okay naman magaling sila di koa lang alam kung may es. pero totally naked ako habng nagmamasahe para lkasing gay din sya kaya hindi me intersado sa kianya
    pero panalo sa masahe nya.mga cute din ang mga guys dub kay try nyo .i hope u enjoy okay

  658. Kaloy said on 17-04-2010

    Sino na ang naka try kay Jerry from Lightness Spa??? Thanks

  659. kheeno said on 17-04-2010


    do you have contacts of the BORACAY boys you’ve mentioned. wna try them. :)

  660. jr cuntapay said on 17-04-2010

    hey guys, tried john at datu after reading a thread here highly recommending him. turns out he is rather short for my taste and his thingie is shot full of silicone! what a turn off! if any of you prefer a good hard massage you should try manny at datu. no movie star looks at all just your regular pinoy probinsyanong mekaniko appeal. good hard massage that he really works on and a fair enough happy ending. good luck!

  661. LuisMiguel said on 17-04-2010

    I want to visit an MP tonight, can’t decide if I’d visit: BodySpec, Hollywood, Magic Touch or Human Touch. Any suggestions?

  662. v said on 17-04-2010

    HIM: Sir, ano gusto ninyong pressure? Soft, medium o hard?
    ME: Medium lang.
    HIM: Sir, iyong extra namin meron ding, soft, medium and hard.
    ME: Owsss?? Paano yun?
    HIM: Sir, yung soft, kayo yung magtatrabaho. Me mga client kasi gusto ng ganuon lang eh. Yung, medium, gagawin ko sa inyo yung gagawin ninyo sa akin.
    ME: Eh yung hard?
    HIM: Yung hard, yung parang napapanood ninyo sa DVD.
    ME: Me ganon?? Hmmm…..
    HIM: Pero sir, siyempre yung soft…(quotes)…tapos pag medium (quotes)…pag gusto ninyo ng hard, dagdag kayo ng (quotes)
    ME: Parang restaurant ah, me menu at price list?!
    >>Ngayon mga vaklah, is this a good or a bad development for us?

  663. bebotqgomez said on 17-04-2010

    thanks for the info. truth is, went to Lightness lust (pun intended) night and checked
    it out.. Took Archie….nothing spectacular to call it a great encounter…should have taken Jerry or Akihiro who both have bodies to die for. But in fairness, you “size queens” out there, take note: Archie is hung! Although Jerry is much to my liking body and all. I want them lean with no body fat…(body worshipper lola nyo noh!). Anyway keep the infos coming…they are very informative to MP habitues like moi…!

  664. casey james said on 17-04-2010

    ammmm… cno ba d2 nkatry na sa human touch? gusto ko sana itry eh.. mganda ba dun? any stories from that spa? please… please… please….

  665. randy said on 16-04-2010

    @v…ano bang sinasabi mo? Umayos ka nga….mukha kang alien..hahaha….

  666. pet said on 16-04-2010

    Where exactly is Far east spa near Fifth sense?

  667. v said on 16-04-2010

    @beboyqgomez: 5’8″ at the most. buffed in the “kargador sa pier” kind of way. (sus!naloka ang ilan) the pics in the website were too spruced up that one would find it hard to match the face with the name when you do get to see them up close. i was batting for “akihiro” when i was there; para kasi siyang supladong friend ng bida na may dalang second-hand car lagi sa mga afternoon soaps. (graveh ang storyline ni vaklah). kaso nga lang, unrecognizable ang real from the reel. may i choose ng iba ang lola niyo. yung allen…ehem…kahit aninag lang ang namataan ko, juice koh, nag-water na agad ang vekvek. as in. too bad, in way too many reviews, they have never failed to mention what a douche bag he is. well…maybe one of these days I’d find myself craving for a douche bag. *kicks self in the A*

  668. trgo2001 said on 16-04-2010

    is anyone from Fairview? Has anyone tried Nuat Thai? Do they offer ES there? I tried it there before mga 2x n kaso NO ES, not even sensual. Any new discoveried around Fairview?

  669. trgo2001 said on 16-04-2010

    Im not sure if anyone knows n here but there’s also a spa in Makati near Fifth sense, called Far East that offers ES. 3 out of the 3 times I went there – may nangyari. d kc mapigilan c manoy e. hehehehe!

  670. jr cuntapay said on 15-04-2010

    have been following this thread. enjoy the comments. will post my own experiences soon.

  671. bebotqgomez said on 15-04-2010


    you got me very interested with Archie…but cant see his pics sa website ng lightness/equanimity…is he really that buffed and tall? Nega review naman ang Vince naguluhan ako-Help!

  672. brag said on 14-04-2010

    tried eaglesnest spa a few days ago. they have a promo for 300 only. they have cute masseurs naman. i forgot the name of my masseur but he’s ok naman. so so ES but he really has a nice face with cute dimples. nakatowel lang cya when he did his massage. he’s really a looker.

  673. casey james said on 14-04-2010

    guys cno na d2 nkatry sa human touch spa? mganda dun? what about about ES ok ba? cno2 pwede hanapin? malapit lang kc un sa work place ko… by the way thanks!

  674. casey said on 14-04-2010

    guys cno na d2 nkatry sa human touch spa? mganda dun? what about about ES ok ba?

  675. michaela said on 14-04-2010

    grand royal spa has 2 branches now in bacolod city but the masseurs are quite new in the job…. will update you later if ES is already available in bacolod city

  676. IVAN said on 14-04-2010

    whose great at verde spa? Any reviews on MPs here in DAU, PAMPANGA? Tanx

  677. bebotqgomez said on 14-04-2010

    MAGIC TOUCH is at the cor. of Sto. Domingo St., and N. Amoranto St. (formrly Retiro St). A grocery store is at the corner. Call Joanna at 4136482. Have fun!

  678. ed said on 14-04-2010

    hi ed,

    pls give the location of magic touch. thanks!!!!!

  679. ed said on 14-04-2010

    hi ed,

    could you please tell me where the location of magic touch is?

  680. ton said on 14-04-2010

    hi faustus.
    did you ever go to that makati spa which you said looked interesting? please share some info. tonmgg at yahoo dot com. salamat.

  681. randy said on 14-04-2010

    Total exploitation, that’s what I call lightness and equanimity, they charge 600php and they don’t give commission with the masseurs,,,that’s the reason why I call my masseurs directly, I also heard that the manager also collect the 200-300 transpo from the masseur if they do home or hotel service…nakakaawa ang masahista…laspag na laspag kasi extra service lang daw talaga ang kita nila…also the clinic still cuts from the tips kaya be discreet din in giving info about tips kasi yong manager daw ng equa at lightness,,,meron na yata standard amount required from the masseur aside pa from the 600 or 800+200(300) if home service….

  682. Ton said on 13-04-2010

    I recently visited Verde Spa (near Taft and Buendia Gil Puyat) and was pleasantly surprised with “new (old) faces” from Spada, Radiance, Cicada, etc. Nakakatuwa naman that they do the rounds. :-). Many would agree that Verde’s cubicles are much nicer and much more spacious. I got Enzo in my first visit, and then Joel in my most recent one. Seemed like old times. Ang saya!

  683. IVAN said on 13-04-2010

    any reviews of MP here in Dau, Pampanga? Tanx.

  684. IVAN said on 13-04-2010

    any MP here in dau, mabalacat pampanga that offers great massage and probably es? tanx

  685. junjie said on 13-04-2010

    Hi. I hope to get feedback from you about MPs in Naga…

  686. IVAN said on 12-04-2010

    any spa/mp here in dau, mabalacat, pampanga that has great massuers? Pls also rate the massage and es if any and pls include their name. Tanx

  687. opendoors said on 12-04-2010

    sorry po pero saan po ang address ng HIDDEN SPA?

    i have tried Cicada & Spada. OK lang. nothing spectacular but not toally disappinting. tama lang.

  688. vince said on 12-04-2010

    Thanks for your feedback, Ed. If you don’t mind my asking, how much do your normally tip Archie? I think I recall the bad feedback on Jason. Allen’s feedback, if I’m not mistaken, has been mixed—but he does charge high—something like P2 to 2.5k, and he doesn’t bottom or do much of the “work.” Jommel and Jerry seem interesting enough.

  689. ed said on 12-04-2010

    I got Archie of Lightness again last night and he was spectacular. This time – against my usual habit of taking the guy to Equanimity – I had my massage instead at Lightness. Those who like buffed guys, Archie is buffed, big and tall and when I say Big, that means both ways. He’s about 5’11 to 6 ft with thick biceps and a well developed chest and a small tummy. There were a number of new guys – all buffed. I would have taken Jerry or Ace, Archie’s batchmates but I had already chosen Archie and he had prepared the room, nakakahiya naman. Archie’s face value is so so but with his size and obvious manliness malakas ang dating and he delivers. Jerry and Ace, two other new guys, have better face value.

    Avoid Jason and Allen two of the “hardened” veterans. Momoy (or was it someone else?) had previously reported in the old male to male thread a bad experience with Jason and Jason had accordingly suspended. But you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and the encounter with jason may not altogether pleasant- baka mag tawaran, which to me is unpleasant and a mood downer.

  690. johann said on 12-04-2010

    Guys, ask ko lng, ung Phaen Boran b un may ES po b?

  691. faustus said on 12-04-2010

    went to hidden spa earlier. had J as my masseur. i dont even think he’s of legal age! hehehehe. anyway, it was a surprising turn of events. :)

  692. slimer_34 said on 11-04-2010

    ooops, correction, Jommel pala yung twink

  693. slimer_34 said on 11-04-2010

    Thank you for the offer of accompanying me when going to Sanctuario. Pero the thing is, i don’t have a schedule as to when I would go there. When I feel like having a massage and have some time to spend, punta na ako agad. No planning at all. Hopefully, I would be able to meet you sometime. I’ll just try to post it here prior to going.

    @ Vince,
    Visited the site for lightness and I agree with you that Jerry (hunk) and Jayson (twink) are very handsome (basta gwapo, pasadong pasado! hehehe). pero the thing is, i had bad experiences (take note, with “S” po) with lightness spa noon (with some other masseurs…I don’t remember who they were…and I don’t care na rin kasi). I thought na mahal na nga yung rate nila pero it was not worth it talaga (neither for the massage or the ES they give…or kahit sa basic amenities man lang ng place). kaya I vowed not to go there again for some time.

    If ever you have had the chance to try them out, and found them to be better, please do share it with us. i do believe in change and we must give chances for it. i just don’t know if I want to try it out without any assurances that they already did change. thanks. :)

  694. ed said on 11-04-2010

    Friends of mine cautioned against my going to Bangkok last week because of the spate of demonstrations near the government area. I think anyone used to Manila would have the streetsmarts to avoid the trouble areas of BKK, which I did. I purposely go to BKK during these times because the hotel accomodations are cheap and BKK makes extra efforts to compensate for the trouble. There were a lot of markdowns and reductions in room stays. If you know where to go and what to avoid, it could be a rewarding trip.

    I tried Albury and Hero this time again, but my usual regulars were no longer around. However, since this time my trip included Pattaya and Chiang Mai, the two areas made up for the suddenly-down massage scene in my regular spots in Bangkok, and I didn’t even have to go too far from the beach in Jontien to get what I wanted.

    If you however, are used to knowing where to pick the right masseurs in Manila, you’re better off here than BKK if BKK’s your only itinerary. Despite the improving peso, the exchange rate between the Bhat and Peso has made BKK more expensive when it comes to picking and tipping masseurs.

    Coming back I went straight to EQUANIMITY which I hadn’t gone to in months. Not finding anyone I liked, I requested John, the receptionist if he could get someone from Lightness, Equanimity’s sister spa. I hate going to Lightness – most guys there have an attitude problem – but there was a new guy named Archie, very tall and with a great buffed body whom John suggested I try. The guys body was awesome – tall, huge, buffed. Usually these types have small dicks but Archie was an exception – his huge – and he used it well – a great encounter. For those who have problems with Lightness you should report these problems to the owner – although we’ve said this a thousand times – he should do something about the attitude of the Lightness boys. Sayang pa naman, because there were some new good recruits at Lightness Spa this week. Just be firm with them and don’t show that you are a tyro, or new to the game.

    In the past month, apart from BKK and Pattaya, etc. I’ve had great experiences in our own MP circuit. Here are my best choices for March April:

    1. John of Datu and ACE of Equanimity – John is moreno, half-igorot and very good looking. I like guys with great bodies and John fits this tab. He kisses exceptionally well and gives a decent massage; ACE has always been great- actually one of the best looking guys in Equanimity- which shows in his pictures in the Equanimity website. He isn’t buffed and is one of the exceptions to my usual types of full bodied buffed guys but he’s great both in massage and in ES.
    2. Jake of Magic Touch – Jake’s massage is just ok – not bad, not great but his ES is mind boggling;
    3. Mars of Magic Touch – the biggest tool among all the masseurs in the Metro Manila circuit. A veteran, actually, but still great.
    4. Robert of Human Touch – Robert gives a massage almost equal to the ones I get from legit spas. The ES is decent but the massage alone is something one goes for. On top of this, this guy has great customer relations – kind, caring, never in a hurry, a decent chap in this profession.
    5. Archie of Lightness – get him through John, the receptionist of Equanimity.
    6. Roy of Magic Touch
    7. Hero of Spartacus- great face, great ES
    8. Jay of Equanimity – the ever reliable Jay, consistent and very considerate
    9. In Boracay, try Partick, the Boatman, who hangs out in the Mall Area in fornt of Aria. He’s buffed, olive skinned and with great eyes, about 5’6 – not too tall but delivers a great sensual massage. He’s available pag matamlay ang boating but with sukis, you can actually contact him even during the peak season wihich it was when I was there.
    10. Jake (in Boracay) who hangs out in front of the restaurant in the old wing of Regency in Boracay – better massage than masseurs in Manila and great in bed. Ask the Security Guard who guards this area – if Jake is not around he’ll recommend available waiters.

  695. faustus said on 11-04-2010

    Hi guys. Haven’t posted anything lately, but I’ve been checking this thread every now and then. Thanks to those who shared. Keep ’em coming!

    I checked out some of the spas along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque. Of course, I am referring to spas with male therapists. So far, I haven’t been offered any extra service. Then again, I don’t know if offering ES is really not their thing, or if they didn’t offer me ES because I didn’t give out any signal or clue which might lead them to think I like men. Hahahaha! If it’s the latter then my bad, I’ll try to be more leading with my gestures and questions. 😉

    Anyway here is an honest feedback: SESITRA SPA – they used to have this masseur who really gives a fuckin’ good massage! You want it hard? He can give it to you! 😛 A couple of months ago I went back, and I dunno if their resident masseur had left or something, but a new masseur was there. He was also good, but the old one’s a little better. ZENSAI SPA – the masseur’s name begins with a “Z” too (Zandro? I forget). Not goodlooking at all, but the massage was good too. For a small guy, he can really give you a hard massage. I went there a couple of weeks ago by the way.

    Change topic: have you guys tried Asian Massage along Osmena Hiway in Makati? 😀 I went there, and this cute twink-ish guy gave me a decent massage. So, was there ES offered? You bet there was! I am amazed at how bold this masseur was in giving ES. Considering that only there are only curtains which act as dividers, plus there were guests on both my left and right! Well, I reckon these therapists have a code or something in place already. Anyway, the ES was great! Not just your usual handjob, I must say. Hehehe. And if you want me to add more details, I’ll throw you guys a bone – his bush was untrimmed! Very sexy, if you ask me. That’s all for now. :)

  696. vince said on 11-04-2010

    Has anyone visited Lightness Spa (the former Mr. Body Physique & sister MP of Equanimity) lately? Their website (http:// contains new photos of their current line-up of masseurs. The shots are ok….professionally taken…. obviously photoshopped, so the guys may look “different” in person. Jerry and Alvin (who used to work at the defunct Blue Room Spa) have the best physiques—lean and mean, hardly any body fat. I’d say Allen, Jerry, Jayson (I think he used to be known as Blair) and Jommel (if you go for the twinky kind) are the only interesting ones in the “looks” department . Unfortunately though, photogenic doesn’t necessarily mean good-looking up close and personal.

  697. Ace said on 11-04-2010

    Guys, I hope you find tie to visit Human Touch and sana kung may mga reviews or comments kayo please feel free to share it too. Marami silang mga bagong masseurs lately kagabi they have 2 newbies. Kung di lang naka budget and allowance ko I will get one of them. Sometimes sarap i try nila lahat yun nga lang kinabukasan ubos budget. heheh Anyway, your experiences with Human Touch will be most appreciated

  698. Ace said on 11-04-2010

    Guys thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We may not be aware of it but reading each or everyone’s comments on their MP experience creates awareness and allows us to set the right expectations rhar we need to observe when visiting our fab MPs. In one war or another, we are creating standards for these MPs to look at ad pattern themselves in order to build the ideal place where PLU can go to and find seclusion in these trying times. Its comforting to note that we are communicating with one another to support each others cause.

  699. Ace said on 11-04-2010

    Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well today.I just came from Human Touch last night and went see Robert again. Words are not enough to describe the massage and ES. Napakahusay niya, and well calculated yung mga strokes which made the massage very intimate. Yung ES I must say, is sublime. Di siya rushed but at that moment feeling ko we were making love as couples. Every time I visit te place I get to see a bevy of good looking guys and there was one bago lang siya Tyan or Kyle name grabe ! hunk and super delicious. Its very tempting to get him but I’m keeping Robert. For me, he’s a total package nice physique, very god customer connection, caring pa and most of all, honest and true. Plus factor yung cute dimples niya … every time he flashes a smile, Uber! nakaka mesmerize I must say I have found my home here. hehe though our home is located across spada and cicada spa on buendia pasay. I still find visiting Human Touch Spa worthwhile.

  700. Jake said on 11-04-2010

    @slimmer34 I’m planning to visit sanctuario also hopefully magkasabay tayo mahihiya kasi ako pmunta magisa….

  701. Body and Sole Trier said on 11-04-2010

    @ Michaela: I tried Edsel na rin ng Body & Sole Iloilo. Nagbibigay ba siya ng extra service? Talaga? When I went there kasi bago pa siya, he can’t even do the whole package – kasi di daw siya marunong amgfacial. So foot scrub & body massage lang siya. Sayang, kung alam ko lang cute masseur ko dapat kinuha ko na package eh yung may body scrub. Ano ba suot nila dun pag body scrub? Hehe, this guy is yummy?

  702. trgo2001 said on 11-04-2010

    just came from BOB. Got Paul. makinis,so-so massage. ES – so so din. haay till the next one! hehehe

  703. slimer_34 said on 11-04-2010

    @ doods – Thank you for finding the right word…

    After reading through some of the comments, espacially that of Kaloy’s (#1802), I decided to go and try out Blue Palm. I was already familiar with the place since I had a friend who stayed within the area noon and everytime I visit, I notice that there were a lot of hunky, cute and very manly guys there. Pero I just controlled my libido kasi kakahiya naman dun sa kakilala ko…I just promised myself that I would try it out soon…and tonight was it.

    I agree that the place does not have a good location…the neighborhood is dark and I would not contest that one would really feel na delikado sa place na yun…pero, being that I have frequented the place, I felt more at ease…Nonetheless, it would be much better kung maganda sana yung neighborhood…oh well….

    I got to the place at around 9:00 pm. I was greeted by an old man (don’t know if that was Don) and a gay receptionist who asked who my masseur would be. I informed him that it was my first time and I knew noone (except for rocky that Kaloy has described in his comment) and so he called out all the guys out. All the guys lined up in front of me. This was a bit embarrassing as everyone has their eyes on me and all with full smiles.

    But before the exciting details, let me first describe the place. The Massage Parlor was clean. I wouldn’t critic much on the decorations being that I didn’t come there for that (I couldn’t care less). A sofa/sala set is provided as well as a little bench. There also was a TV on. There is no “aquarium” (that is why the guys had to line up infront of a customer). The rooms, as I later found out, were more spacey and much much cleaner than those of the other MP that I have gone to (di ko na sasabihin bakaa akala naninira ako ng business). Siguro four rooms yata meron sila at may isang room na medyo malaki (may talong divisions yata..parang tulugan ng mga massuers). Naka-angat yung bed at may stool na provided para dun sa masseur. The bed was comfortable naman pero medyo maliit . I am a bit tall at halos mauntog na ako sa wall nung mahiga ako sa bed. As for the width, tamang tama lang for one peroson kaso you have to be careful at baka pag turn mo, mahulog ka (espiaclly pag exciting times na…hehehe). The linens were clean, malambot at mabango (smells like fabric conditioner). Two towels were provided for (one, I used and the other, I later found out, was for the masseur). The towels were okay pa nman pero manipis lang (yung medyo murang kind i guess). Overall, I am happy with the place.

    Now, about the guys…hmmm..first things first…they were all yummy…Grabe!!! Nakaka-disorient… Matatangkad and most of them are buff. Almost all were good looking (pasadong pasado sa tipo ko). I had my eyes on a guy sitting at the sofa kasi sobrang gwapo nya at maputi…pero di yata sya available (may katabi syang isa yata sa atin) kaya I didn’t bother na lang. (balikan ko na lang sya soon..hehehe) Maraming pagpipilian at kung sa looks lang ako mag-de-decide, I am sure na kahit mag mini-my-ni-moo ako, i would be happy with whoever my fingers would point to…so I asked the receptionist na lang kung sino magaling mag-massage. He gave me three options and I chose Mr. niceguy.

    Mr. niceguy is tall at gwapo rin nman (pero not as gwapo ng nandun sa sofa). When the massage started, he only had his boxers on. He had a really nice body. Buff and very well defined. Very Lean, and most of all, ang ganda ng butt (I have a fetish for nice bubble butts). The massage started and it went okay…Typical of an MP massage. I would rate it at 6.5/10. Pero lagi syang nagtatanong kung okay ba yung pagmamasahe nya at ako naman eh laging OO lang ang sagot kaya i guess, it was my fault kasi it may have been a lot better. I wouldn’t complain. One thing nice about the massage though was that he offered to do body-to-body massage which was very sensual. For this, he took off his boxer. I really had to control myself. Nakakangig ng laman!! One thing lang cguro na ayoko was that nung pinaharap na ako, he just did fast massage on my legs, and while teasing me by playing with my nip**es, he immediately asked for ES. I really would have appreciated it more if he did more of the massage pero naging okay na rin kasi di nman yun ang pinunta ko duon in the first place (if i really wanted a good massage, i would have gone to the legit spas – Wensha or pa lang na try ko…will try sanctuario soon…). So, I said yes na agad sa offer. ang kaso, he asked me kung magkano daw ba binibigay ko…this was a bit of a turn-off…pero he said that he would do everything. Being that I was there na, I said hanggang 1500 lang kaya ko (this is the usual na binibigay ko), he tried negotiating it na 2k daw pero I held my ground. so ayun, natuloy din.

    I would not go into the details of the ES anymore. Lets just say that he stayed true to his word: He really did everything that I desired of! The whole package (and what really also turned me on more was that he moans..kakahiya lang na naririnig sa labas…hehehe). I was really worth it. Again, Grabe!!! I would give it a perfect 10.

    After the so-so massage and the perfect 10 ES, I asked where the bathroom/cr is so I could clean myself up. He led me to it. The bathroom was not what i expected from an MP…ang linis, mabango kasi may candle with aroma, may shower gel at may working hot shower pa (really a plus point to Blue Palm…nice!). Mr. niceguy offered if I wanted a turkish bath for FREE. It was a tempting offer pero I declined na… (nahiya ako kasi may ibang mga massuers dun pero next time I am sure to avail of the offer…hehehe).

    Would I recommend Blue Palm, kung ES hanap nyo, then, definitely YES 9pero kung matapat ka sa masseur na may asking price, diskarte mo na lang I guess). If you expect more from a massage, then probably lang (basta wag nyo na lang ako gayahin na OO ng OO, i think, the massage would be much better pero still don’t expect na sobrang good yung massage). You’d be better off on a legit spa.

    With all the positive feedback that I gave, you might think, is he a promoter? I guess my answer would be: you be the judge of that..Try it once and kung di totoo yung sinabi about the place, then fell free to bash me around here. As for selection of the massuers, I cant account for it kasi this is subjective. just so happened that for me, lahat sila were good looking, my type of guys. As for the Massage and the ES, again, I could not account for it either kasi kanya kanyang experience yan. I can’t really guarantee it. It just so happened that mine was overall positive.

  704. Jame said on 11-04-2010

    hi hootiejan:
    Do you mind sharing where this legit-legitan spa in makati is?
    You may send it at
    Para naman may ma-i-share din ako sa thread na ito.
    Thanks :)

  705. matt said on 10-04-2010

    HI everbody,
    meron bang massage parlor sa baguio? Papunta ako this weekend.

  706. hootiejan said on 10-04-2010


    Hi , i know that this is too much to ask. but that paolo really fits the profile of my ideal massuer. hope you can email me privately at, about where i can find him. i’ll forever be thankful at ililibre pa kita (talagang nang bribe eh). ililibre kita ng jollibee 39ers, joke. by the way, i went to this legit-legitan spa in makati. at the end of my massage, my therapist asked me if i wanted something more, which i acceded. he was not that good looking, facially. but certainly not bad either. but what shocked me was the size of his tool. it was, for lack of a better word, enormous. i mean, the biggest i have seen (outside porn movies siyempre).

  707. junjie said on 10-04-2010

    Hi. Saan may ganito sa Naga?

  708. bebotqgomez said on 10-04-2010

    cum-with-me re:post 08 apr
    …na intriga akesh…saan ko sila matatagpuan especially that “paolo”? Feel ko mga mature guys…..Help!

  709. LuisMiguel said on 09-04-2010

    @abiertang berta: Ganun??? Kailan pa yang P1.5K na yan? o Dahil ba mukha akong mayaman? Chos! Haha!

  710. abiertang berta said on 09-04-2010

    @LuisMiguel: pagpapaholdap pala ang trip mo sister. Ay! gusto kitang maging friend. ang taas namang sumingil ni miguel ngayon, 3some pa kami with another masseur, 1.5 lang

  711. LuisMiguel said on 09-04-2010

    kainis, went to rondalle kahapon, sarado na pala. kailan pa?

  712. LuisMiguel said on 09-04-2010

    @pet: i know… may pagka tange lang talaga ako.

  713. pet said on 09-04-2010

    anu ka ba lola? sa hirap ng buhay pay ka ng lalaki from 2thou to 3500…eh titi lang yan..magfinger ka na lang kaya lols

  714. LuisMiguel said on 08-04-2010

    share ko lang:
    1. Amanjaya Spa – Located along E.Rod, across a Christian Jubilee school. Got Miguel as my masseur. Mahiyain pero malakas ang loob pag presyuhan na. P400 ang masahe tapos hinoldap ako ng P2500 para dilaan ang nips ko, ipalick ang katawan niya at isuck siya hanggang sa labasan.
    2. Amistad Spa – Located along Q.Ave, Pantranco area. Got Hermie as my masseur (although crush ko yung receptionist na lalaki). Mabait at maayos siya, pero walang ES. P500 lang ang tip niya.
    3. Eaglenest Spa – Located along Kamias Road. Forgot the name of the masseur kasi so-so lang. Although wild siya, nag69 kami, tapos kiss to the max. Total holdap to the tune of P3500! Tanga ko talaga..
    4. Randy Simon of MyBoyToy at some MotMot. P2000 supposedly all the way pero ang ending, hanggang suck and jack off lang. Gwapo siya in fairness, oportunista lang.
    5. Hunk’s Touch – Located along Kamias Road. Was not able to get my masseurs name pero siya na rin ang receptionist that time. So-so ang massage at so-so din ang ES. Maliit ang kanya pero taas ng confidence level.

    Still looking for that wow-ES experience. Hehe!

  715. juan said on 08-04-2010

    @cum-with-me, Saang MP itong si Paulo?

  716. cum-with-me said on 08-04-2010

    I only have 2 “suki” masseurs. The first one works at a massage parlor and is already mature for the trade. He is in his mid 30’s but very muscular, kind, goodlooking, at hindi namemresyo. Best of all, he has one big hard cock that shoots loads of cum! Two rounds kami lagi kasi by nature malibog itong masseur na ito. Being in his mid 30’s, 3 na anak niya pero Malabo sila ng misis niya. Madalas ko siya ihotel service kasi nakakailang sa mp mismo dahil masikip at maraming tao. He’s got one hard cock and a delicious body! His massage is not bad either. His name is Paulo.
    The other masseur naman works in a legit facility. Ang nakakatuwa naman ditto eh bata pa ito, wala pa atang 21. Since he works in a legit facility, he knows his job really well. Marerelax ka talaga. Physically, maganda ang built niya although not really muscular. Malaman is more like it. Dahil bata pa, ang kinis ng balat niya at mabango. Makuwento siya at palatawa. Not to mention magalang.For his age, he’s got one thick cock na hindi magkasya sa bibig ko dahil sa taba at haba. But this guy, since he works in a legit massage facility, is very careful kung kanino siya magpapa “galaw.” Actually, 3rd o 4th na kuha ko na sa kanya when he agreed that I suck his cock. Gusto muna niya na palagay ang loob niyong dalawa. He would not readily display his asset to a stranger. Another thing about him is hindi rin siya pricey. Actually, di pa tumaas ng 1k ang tip ko sa kanya at very thankful na siya. Parang friends with benefits kami ng masseur na ito. Gusto nga niya mag 3some kami minsan with a girl. Game ako since I also get turned on with girls.
    Both masseurs have good physical assets. They deliver good massage and are kind by nature. Hindi rin sila lantarang mukhang pera at magaan silang kasama. Modesty aside, I think it also matters that I’m quite young (20’s), discreet, at medyo gwapo…haha..medyo pahumble pa ko..hehe. I think guys also get turned on by other guys who are clean, goodlooking, at kawavelength nila sa mga jokes at kwentuhan. Friends with benefits is the perfect description. Parang barkada plus you know what…Masseurs, no matter how straight they seem to be, will loosen their inhibitions kapag nagkapalagayan kayo ng loob. Si young masseur ko nga talagang nagpapahipo na at tinitigasan right after massage. Ang dali nang dukutin ang kanyang tool after the massage. And I love the discreet moaning since legit nga ang lugar.
    Just sharing…keep safe everyone!

  717. brag said on 07-04-2010

    It’s Hunk’s Touch. That’s the name. Worst experience. For massage alone, I’d still recommend John Mathews in Cubao. I tried PB Timog a few days ago. I got v—. Massage not good but may hj.

  718. hootiejan said on 07-04-2010

    It appears that the comment section of this thread is now more of info asking and less of experience sharing. if one goes over the earlier posts, there were a lot of sharing and rating mp’s and spa’s, in terms of the kind of service they provide and the quality of their masseurs. it is my wish that we continue with the earlier tradition, as it was fun and (ahem) educational. Two weekends ago, I went to Equanimity and it was not the frist time I was there. The palce is not that clean. It has only one CR and if you are going to use it at a time, when it is occupied by a masseur, then the latter would be requested to go out, so you’d be able to use it. The massage was okey, MP quality. the ES was not outstanding either, must be because I did not request for a particular type of service. But the good thing about this MP is that their masseurs never demand an amount. You never feel that you are being robbed, threatened or intimidated, and it’s a good thing. In the 3 or 4 times that I have been there, I have never encountered a masseur who quoted a figure. I forgot the name of the masseur though, as I avail of different masseurs everytime I go there— Cheers everyone! And I hope there would be more sharing in thsi forum.

  719. Disagree said on 07-04-2010


    magkano total damage mo dun sa natures green spa?

  720. benz said on 07-04-2010

    i tryed natures green spa along kamias,kala ko clean massage ito un pala isa sa mga mp na pinupuntahan ko.pero naloka ako kc ang ganda ng place nila at ang linis talaga,500 ang massage nila pero sulit naman kc ang galing pa mag masahe at talagang inabot ako ng 2hours sa room.marami dn clang mapagpilian.kala ko wala ng massage clinic ngayon na talagang ganon,ang dami ko na kasing napuntahan na mp pero d gaano ok yong massage at place nila.may alam ba kayo na mp sa cebu?

  721. Disagree said on 07-04-2010

    just wanted to share…

    i had a masseur two days ago who formerly works at spartacus. apparently, parati daw nararaid ung mp kaya maraming masseurs daw umalis.

  722. jc said on 07-04-2010

    aron nandun pba c gabriel sa hidden.?na mis ko kc cia e sya lang kc yung bet ko sa hidden i like him eyes its like a angel eyes .ska ung muka nyang maamo and yung yumy na body nya hhahah.ang galing nya pa mag masahe .guys cnu nka try n sa kanya .naramdaman nyo nba yung big cock nia. anu nga pla new number ng hidden?parang nag palit sila ng number ?guys help nmn

  723. jaycob said on 07-04-2010

    guys cno magaling sa PB ung gwapo ha..jc cno ba ung gabriel gwapo ba siya?maganda ba katawan my home service ba dun mag kano service kay gabriel?anu number ng hidden my pde b mag pareserve kay gabriel?

  724. denz said on 07-04-2010

    JC nag punta ako dun kanina nandun pa sya kzo nka day of nag kamali ako ng arw ng pag punta… parehas tyo i like gabriel .ibang klase kc sya sa lahat .ang gwapo pa and nice body…ulam n ulam n sya hahah kanin nlng ang kulang,,aron realy cnung friend mu yung nag sabi na may es sa hidden .sana si gab pumayag na sa es.. cnu ba nakakaalm kung anu apelido ni gabriel? post you nmn hanapin ko sya sa fb

  725. bicutanboi said on 07-04-2010

    sayang. eventhough it was small, masarap pa rin bumabad before and after masahe. did you have a good massage?

  726. jc said on 07-04-2010

    aron nandun pba c gab sa hidden.?namis ko kc yung massage nya…na mimis ko ung pag ka sweet nya…sya lang kc yung bet ko dun.. guys maganda ba sa PB sa albang cnu magaling na masahista dun yung cute ha help nmn

  727. Jay said on 07-04-2010

    @bicutanboi… just came from Southbay…Jacuzzi/small pool is still not working… too bad…

  728. bicutanboi said on 07-04-2010

    has anyone recently been to southbay? is the renovation finished?

  729. aron said on 06-04-2010

    share ko lng . nag punta yung frend ko sa hidden.binigyan daw sya ng bago masahista JM ung name muka daw bisaya. pero my katawan so pinag tiyagaan nia nlng ..d daw sya nasiyahn sa masahe gusto nia sana mag palit ng masahista kaso nahiya n siya.sayang lng daw yung binayad nia magaling pa daw yung mga nawala..BALITA KO MAY ES N DAW SA HIDDEN may nakapag sabi kc sakin na my bgo daw na nag oofer ng ES kya punta ako dun next week .akala ko p nmn bawal es dun HINDI NMN PLA

  730. doods said on 06-04-2010

    @ slimer-34
    being that it is…. “peeing stall” = urinal :-)

  731. saguire said on 06-04-2010


  732. harrypotter said on 06-04-2010

    musta sa spada?
    ok ba dun? cno ma suggest nyong masseurs>?

  733. randy said on 06-04-2010

    ho-hummm…ano daw???

  734. slimer_34 said on 06-04-2010

    Here is my account when I went to Wensha Timog:

    I went to Wensha timog on a Saturday night about two weeks ago. For those that are new, Wensha has two branches with the metro, one in Pasay and the other in Timog (just a few strides from Quezon ave). They do have a bog signage which is impossible to miss (otherwise, go and have your eyes checked first). I have read a lot of comments here and there and decided that I try it myself.

    I did enter the premise at 1 am. Being that it is a legit spa and that it was a weekend, there wre a lot of other spa goers. I have availed of the Php 680 package (massage, buffet with use of their amenities). I have ben directed to the locker room whwre I was given a towel for the shower. The towel was nice and soft but was little for my size.
    On the shower room (where the suanas both wet and dry as well as the so called Jacuzzi are located), there were a lot of guys hanging around with just towels around their waist with one or two guys butt naked on the jacuzzi. Being that it was my first time in such a place, it was a bit shocking and uncomfortable but none the less pleasurable. I am liking the experince more and more. :).

    I decided to take a shower. It was nice that the mgmt did supply shampoo and soap an all showers. aftyerwhich, I hang around the jacuzzi for a few minutes and observe the other guys. There were a lot of straight looking men with very nice body and gooliking face along with it. There wre also a lot of “closet” gays cruising, checking out all the guys, and going in and out of the saunas every now and then. I was happy to note though that this really is a gay-friendly establishment. Most guys would be embarrased when checked out by other guys but in here, everyone was oblivious with these activities. some, it seems, are even trying to flaunt their beefy bodies and tease. This is a good sign of the few hours ahead.

    After a few minutes, I went into the wet sauna and get sweaty. It was jam packed with hot and swaety guys sitting or standing on the corner. Nothing really happening. maybe it was a bit early still for the ‘happy times” as described by the other blogs. Nonetheless, I already had my fill of hot men and it was more than enough at the moment.

    After a few hours at the shower room, It was time for the massage. I was given a new towel and a change of clothes before proceeding to the secondf floorwhere the massage area is. On the way, i have passed by the Buffet area. I checked out the food and saw that ther was a good selection (chicken, fish, rice, bread, and pansit). Didn’t feel like eating so I just went for jiuce instead. Sat on the couch while sipping a my jiuce and there I have notice this cute guy. He was done with his meal and went into an area. Being that I am new at the place and thought that it was the massage area, i fllowed him. I found out later that it was the men’s room. Not wanting to be so obvious that I was not familar with the area, I pretended that i needed to pee. The comfort room was a bit small and it only has two pee-ing stalls (sorry, can’t seem to find the correct word for it). I was standing beside the cute guy. Being that I only was pretending, I was a bit nervous. But then, I saw him looking at my tool and that he was playing with his. I instantly got a hard on to which he offered his hand. I let him just as he let me touched his. It turned out to be a short live experince as an older guy interupted our scene after noticing we have not come out of the comfort room for a long time. he went out immediately and I decided to move on with my massage instead.

    The massage was really nice. I requested for a masseur. His name was Tim(?). He was quite cute, smaller than me (around 5’ 4″) , thin, but as I have soon found out, was strong (strong enough to carry me during the massage) and very gentle. The only problem I had was it was a common room. I asked if a could be given a more private room and was directed to a room with five beds but with only two beds occupied. It was good enough. The massage lasted for around an hour. It was a very blissful and relaxing hours. Tim did a great job at giving me the massage and asking me every now and then how is the massage going. I always say its great. I had a couple of hard-ons especially when he massaging my thigh area and grazing over those sensitive parts. It was embarrasing because by that time, all the beds have already been occupied. There was no ES done maybe alos for the same reason. Nonetheless, it was good. After the massage, Tim handed me a tip paper. I call it a “pledge” paper. I won’t go into detail as to how much i gave the guy.:)

    After the masage, I decided to stay first on the dining area, sipping another glass of juice. after a few minutes, I decided to go down to the Shower area again. I noticed that there were still a lot of guys in there. It was probably around 4 AM already. Looking around, I noticed a guy that is always surrounded by other guys. he was a bit older than me. Probably at his early thirties. he was lean, very yummy according to my taste, and quite friendly. I already noticed him when he first entered the room alone and now, just a few hours has passed, he already has a few friends along. I saw him alone in the dry sauna so I went in there too…he just smiled. he had his towel folded barely covering his private area. I smiled at him too. A few minutes, a “friend” came in and sat beside him. Then, i saw this friend reach out to his tool and jacked him off. He looked at me and shyly smiled. I returned a smile back. He cut the session and went to the wet sauna. I followed a few minuts after. There, he gestured me to touch him. Feeling frisky, I obliged. I even got to shower with him inside the sauna while playing with his tool. a few guys were watching us while jacking off. When some of the guys have gone, he asked me to suck him which i happily did so. It was awesome.

    I never expected my first time to be the best time ever. With just a fw bucks, I had the best experience.
    It was so worth it. i’ll be coming back again soon.:)

  735. jun said on 06-04-2010

    may ES ba sa Phaen Boran (tama ba spelling?)?

  736. jun said on 06-04-2010

    saan ba yung hidden spa?ano exact address at contact number?

  737. lance vuitton said on 06-04-2010

    can anyone tell me where’s human touch?

  738. boleyn guy said on 06-04-2010

    yup, i heard nga. thanks for the clarification trg2001 :)

  739. downsouth said on 06-04-2010

    saw some therapist from cicada now in hidden spa na. i already try one nice with happy endings. saw another therapist jm ba yun ganda built and gwapo. sabi ng friend ko panalo daw xa. buti nabago na line up ng hidden

  740. trgo2001 said on 06-04-2010

    the one who runs Mr earth said that they wre not raided and that there was just a commotion that turned into a riot that got the attention of media and police

  741. v said on 05-04-2010

    kinapos na naman ng idea ang mga kafatirang jukling sa teevee. napagtrip-an na naman ang mga MP. haaay mga bakla! anuver??!!

  742. boleyn guy said on 05-04-2010

    I just happen to pass by Kamuning Road this morning (quarter to 1am) and saw Mr Earth Spa being raided. There were cameras so most likely it would be featured in one of those investigative shows.

  743. trgo2001 said on 04-04-2010

    nothing really.just the usual massage.chit chat and the es which was ok but not spectacular (for me). lyk what i said ive had better, no offense to the others.just my two cents on the matter. just my opinion.
    Happy easter!

  744. Ace said on 04-04-2010

    try to visit human touch spa and they have a number of good looking masseurs to choose from . btw, hello, trgo2001, if you wont mind, what happened with your session with jun mar? I hope you can find time to share with us your experience. Thanks.

  745. Ace said on 04-04-2010

    Good afternoon guys! Happy Easter! I response with auxis, I agree sa comment mo. It’s a matter of building rapport with the masseur and vice versa that counts. Its not always that we would end up happy and satisfied after your thryst with this guy but its a matter of continuing what ever good deed that has been done.

  746. iam said on 03-04-2010

    need some help here, sino may alam na MPs na bago na ok ung service il be arriving from bangkok on monday hope u can help me

  747. ykcir088 said on 03-04-2010

    im planning to go to hollywood spa and get jhay ar
    magaling ba sya at ano size nya then how much?

  748. faustus said on 03-04-2010

    who’s going to south bay this afternoon? let me know. c: may ES pa ba Phaen Boran alabang?

  749. Chino said on 03-04-2010

    thanks Jake pero saang site iyong nakita mo ang pic ni Rainier?

  750. Acheng said on 01-04-2010

    Mga acheng bukas ba tonight ang Espada? Meron ba kayong number nila?

  751. Jake said on 01-04-2010

    hi Chino, Reiner is cute, but haven’t tried him yet… just seen his pics in a networking site…

  752. Chino said on 01-04-2010

    Wala ba talagang nakakaalam ng info about Reinier of Sanctuario in Malate? Paki naman please, info lang on him/.

  753. Momoy said on 31-03-2010 the influx of men here. Masseurs have grown in number though generally, not pleasing facially for me. But the men for hire from Manila, Iloilo and Cebu thrive here this time of the year. It’s raining men in summer..

  754. Fishy said on 31-03-2010

    just a shoutout to Michaela for sharing where to go when in Iloilo, Bacolod and Cebu. Thanks for the tips!


  755. Disagree said on 31-03-2010

    just got back from lightness spa… bad experience.

    malas ako sa napili kong masahista… sobrang mukhang pera…. 30 min in the massage, nagtatanong na parati ng extra..

    dahil nawalan na ako ng gana, hindi na ako nagpaextra at humiriti nalang ng tip kasi wala daw silang hati dun sa 600 na bayad sa lightness.

    sana may mga MPs na may refund policy – ang mahal ng masahe pero pagkatapos di ka naman nag eenjoy.

  756. SOLSTICE said on 30-03-2010

    parang may naaamoy akong “planted”…

  757. V said on 30-03-2010

    oh my gosh! palagi ko nakikita yang human touch na yan…. pero sobrang parang ang hirap puntahan kasi parang sobrang kita yung location…. and wala lang…. akala ko naman kasi wholesome yung massage dyan…. lol

  758. auxis said on 30-03-2010

    Mga chufatid, ika nga, weather weather lang. chambahan makakuha ng talagang nice na masseur. minsan okay, at some other times hindi. kasi naman mga tao yan sila. mahalaga ang connection. yong iba naman kasi parang gamitan lang. at siempre, may mga masseur din na hustler talaga dating. so, chamba. yan ang kalakaran sa larong ito. some days are great but others may not. good luck.

  759. trgo2001 said on 30-03-2010

    350 rate s human touch. tried Junmar the other day. not worth it. ive had better

  760. tonichi said on 30-03-2010

    what’s the rate in human touch?

  761. auxis said on 30-03-2010

    Mario, Human Touch is at the corner of quezon ave and edsa, the northwest corner. i remember posting a review here about HT and the masseur i got a few months back. Inaway ako…. hahahaha. So kept my silence. :)

  762. peter dewolf said on 29-03-2010

    @2452brag : I have been out of Manila for some months now, and I’m not sure if Ken is still working in Equanimity. Just i case, try him … he used to be my favorite there … great massage, great ES …. makes you wonder “mama, nasa langit na ba ako ???” ….

  763. mario said on 29-03-2010

    saan po ung Human Touch Experience? exact loc pls? tnx

  764. Ace said on 29-03-2010

    good morning guys, well just a follow up of Human Touch experience, I went there last night to unwind and sad to say wala si Jun Mar last night however, I got to meet Robert who was as great as the latter and mind you, hunk talaga. Each time I visit the place I always go home in a dazzle… try to visit the place and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. too

  765. Ace said on 29-03-2010

    good morning guys, well just a follow up of Human Touch experience, I went there last night to unwind and sad to say wala si Jun Mar last night however, I got to meet Robert who was as great as the latter and mind you, hunk talaga. Each time I visit the place I always go home in a dazzle… try to visit the place and I’m pretty sure mag eenjoy kayo.

  766. randy said on 28-03-2010

    I wonder if the momoy sharing above is the popular momoy a lot of PLUs knew…Kapangalan lang siguro (?)…parang he sounds different,,or nadeteriorate na ang writing skill nya….Choice of words is poor while phrase/sentence construction is not good also….pwede ba? Use different nickname…..:(

  767. ace said on 28-03-2010

    hi, this is my first time to post my comments about the masseurs. I’ve gone to human touch spa twice already and I was extremely satisfied with the service that I had with Jun Mar. He carries his job well and he make sure that I get what I really want. In terms of extra, panalo di ako umuwing luhaan kasi magaling siya at tama po walang presyuhan kung ano yung ibibigay mo yun lang no force kung baga. What I like the most with Jun Mar is massage ang concern niya at di siya namimilit sa extra. To sum up, two thumbs up ako sa Human Touch Spa.

  768. Momoy said on 28-03-2010

    I am starting to realize how far better Manila is in terms of men selection and opportunities than in Bangkok. I mean, that as long as you know the system and has access to the right network, wala pa ring tatalo sa sariling atin.

    Nakakasawa na ang Bangkok. Wala na masyadong choices sa Albury (Soi 11, Sukhumvit, left fork of the road)..Sa 10 minutes mong pagtatambay sa Hero (Soi 11, Sukhumvit, right fork of the road), you will realize, 90% talaga, bading dun. Kung gusto mo naman ng mga lalaki talaga at mga construction workers ang dating, Arena (2nd flr, Silom Plaza)may be for you pero hustler naman mga lalaki dito. Adonis on Silom Convent Road..sayang lang pera at byahe.

    There are more chances to get real straight men in spa and massage clinics. The best are Sanctuary Bangkok and Candle T..Both on Rama 4 Bldgs. But..the Baht 2,000 you dispose, makaka 2 or 3 models ka nang Class A in Manila. Plus recently, kokonti na lang ang mga gwapo sa mga spas na ito.. Haay, tho..good, good sensual massage talaga. Boring lang, you hardly converse with your masseurs.

    The gay bars on the triad streets of Silom (Patpong area) spell LOWLY and TRASH. For starter adventure, it may be exciting but subsequent trips there make you realize, mas OK pa rin mga mukha ng mga macho dancers sa Pinas.

    In short, for better quality, fresher, cheaper and safer gay lifestyle, I LOVE MANILA!! MANILA rocks!!!

    Food na lang talaga ng Bangkok (generally) ang di natin makuha-kuha. And authentic Thai massage…though you may have few good pickings at Nuat Thai and Phaen Boran.

  769. Momoy said on 28-03-2010

    Smorgasbord comments lang while waiting for my Manila flight:

    Michaela- Thank you for sharing some ideal massage locations. Grand Royal Cebu has really been notorious na for this kind of business.Except for the cutie Christian at their Banilad branch, you’ll never miss a happy ending at any of their branches. By the way, Grand Royal Spa has a branch in Banawe..QC ha, not Cebu so for the Metro Manila dwellers along that area, you may see for yourself. Haay, di nga lang talaga mga gwapo (for my standard) ang mga andyan.

    By the way, any reco in Boracay? Last January, may mga hunk construction workers na nagfiflirt when I stayed in Station 2. One of them caught my fancy.. He was tall, construction body built and had the looks of a younger Julio Diaz. Funny because I don’t usually do that works of introducing myself to strangers. He made signals to meet at 9 PM. I was intrigued of his actions and could not forget the face so I had to arrange with the hotel guard to give my room a ring if the guy was already at the security post at 9PM.

    It worked. The guard arranged the meeting and the rest was history. I learned from him that most construction workers and boat men (already a fact but hardly had attraction with any of them) are into this business in Bora.

  770. hummer said on 28-03-2010

    anyone who got splendor spa’s timog number?

  771. beware of masahistang mga drug addict s spa said on 28-03-2010

    what a horrible experience from d recent past about s mga spa na masahista mga adik. grabe i cannot tolerate wat theyre doing particulary in the wee hours.they just hang out to timog dampa, totoma and magttrip ng mga gro from different bar. pagnakainom na sila ayun sex trip nman ang target nila.kaya be aware sa mga masahistang ito bka may mga stds na ang mga ito.grabeeeeeeeeeee.

  772. brag said on 28-03-2010

    I checked Hollywood and the spa adjacent to it.May mga ok naman but they have complimentary tip so I declined.

    I proceeded to Equinamity but wala na sila Clifford(been out since Dec sabi ng receptionist went to Batangas), Gab, Janus, Ace(not sure kung sino ung umuwi na ng Baguio and RJ. So alis na lang ako. Pero naman mukhang ok pa dun. I dont want to spend lang 600 last night for a massage coz I can really get a good one for less than 500 in other spas.

    I checked ung malapit sa ligtness(kamias). I forgot the name but it was mentioned here na ok dun mga katawan ng masseurs kahit mukhang scary. Ayun may mga ok nga.Got ung pinakaOK ung body. After 20 minutes(or less) ask na ng ES.WTF!? Nawalan ako ng gana.I haggled sa price and he referred a diff masseur.Wala din kwenta ung ES so nagpalabas na lang ako.Hingi ng hingi ng extra tip.Utak ng mga masseur dito puro tip and they give out amounts pa. WTF?! again.Unlike other spas na they are appreciative regardless of how much u give them, dito sarap pasara. They kept on offering the twin massage pa.Buti na lang I opted out.Siguro mas malaki ang hihingin and scary coz dalawa sila ang magpipilit.Hopefully,you guys avoid this place.Its along Kamias din…walking distance from lightness.

    Yung phaen boran is not responding sa text when you ask how much rates nila.Bad business.Refer naman kayo ng home service masseur na ok or ung mga affiliated sa spa.Ung cheap lang.Yoko naman ng libo. Thanks.

  773. Disagree said on 27-03-2010

    ive tried lightness spa yesterday. ang masasabi ko lang majority ng masahista mapuputi, matatangakad at buffed. mahal ang price (600 entrance) at mapanghi ang banyo (amoy kung saan ka minamasahe). poor massage pero magaganda ang selections nila.

  774. greggy said on 27-03-2010

    ^^^ ah okay… sana pagpunta ko ng hollywood sa monday eh hindi siya ang makuha ko… hehehe… :)

  775. hot_dudes19 said on 27-03-2010

    greggy, di ko na maalala yung name niya. kahit sa simula pa lang na ni recommend siya ng receptionist hindi ko na nga natandaan, hehehe. pero hindi ko gusto ung attitude e, medyo nayayabangan ako ng konti.

  776. Chino said on 27-03-2010

    Has anyone tried Reinier of Sanctuario in Malate? Talaga bang pogi siya, at saka ok ba naman sa es. Please give us info.

  777. greggy said on 26-03-2010


    sinong masseur ang nakuha mo sa hollywood na biggy? hahaha… :)

  778. hot_dudes19 said on 26-03-2010

    Just want to share my experience. Actually kanina lang sa hollywood at around 7pm. wala pang tao, feeling ko ako yung unang client nila. I took the 499 massage w/ turkish bath then the receptionist suggest a masseur na magaling daw sa massage and es so I trusted him then showing me the room upstairs medyo nandiri ako kasi daming maliliit na ipis sa cubicle pero tiniis ko nalang kasi parang nag alisan naman ung mga ipis, hehehe. after parang 30mins lang of massage na walang kwenta, he asked kung may papagawa pa daw ako? So hindi ko na gets kasi hindi pa niya ako na massage sa harap then nag ask na siya for es pero may konting attitude kasi siya pero pinabayaan ko nalang then sabi ko gusto ko magpa bottom kasi i never experienced it before so pumayag at around 1.5k then i told him to get a condom. ang tagal bago bumalik then pag dating and he was getting ready, i was shocked kasi he is big so medyo kinabahan na ako. He asked me to turn around then he went in. Promise, hindi ko kinaya! Talagang pinipilit pa niya and i was almost shouting na for him to stop, hiya nga ako sa kabilang cubicle kasi for sure naririnig ako, pero tawa tawa lang cya then stop niya ipasok then parang inipit niya arms ko pareho then pinasok niya despite me telling him to stop sabi ko shit di ko tlga kaya parang he is still insisting to go in, malamang horny na rin. pero nung feeling ko tlga magkakasugat ako sa pwet i told him to just Hj me nalang so attitude nanaman niya na nakakapikon he hj me ayun. pag uwi ko ngayon parang may sugat pwet ko. kainis tlga! di ko masyado enjoy pero ok na rin for the experience kasi kahit 1/4 na experience ko. :)

  779. piolorobles said on 25-03-2010

    vlumiester: TRY TO VISIT WENSHA TIMOG….. that’s where i normally go…. let me know when are you plabnning to vist so I can show u around.

  780. Xavier_lim said on 25-03-2010

    @Michaela: Any recommendations on who to choose from sa Grand Royal Banilad and Lahug? yung yummy at hindi Twinky ung gusto ko ha…..

    e-mail mo ako sa

  781. randy said on 24-03-2010

    any updates on equanimity? pumapasok na ba ulit sina gab ,clifford and ace? ed, nice to hear from you again.

  782. vlumiester said on 24-03-2010

    hi im new here in manila and ive been addicted to spa since the day i discover the art of relaxation and sensual sensation. would you mind sharing where should i go first who to recommend and the address plz. love this site very informative

  783. michaela said on 24-03-2010

    CEBU Spas:

    1. Grand Royal Spa Banilad (Banilad Town Center, 2nd Floor) – around 10 masseurs to choose from
    2. Grand Royal Spa n front of Waterfront Hotel in Lahug – about 4 masseurs

  784. michaela said on 24-03-2010


    Calla Lily near Lagoon at the Provincial Capitol (near Dunkin Donuts) – this one is clean and smells good too. 3 masseurs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    A thai massage adjacent to it – about 4 masseurs

  785. michaela said on 24-03-2010

    ILOILO Spas:

    MASSAGE (+)

    1. Body and Soles – 250 for 1 hour massage… most requested according to insider: 1. joel, 2. richard, 3. edsel, 4. jet (my favorites are edsel and jet)

    2. Nua Thai in Lapaz (P200)- most requested: maynard

    3. Nua Thai in Sarabia Manor Hotel (P200) – try Al

    4. Grand Spa, Iloilo Grand Hotel (P250): pinakamabait: Vincent


    Shanalacs – beside Univ. of San Agustin

    Kasanag – near San Agustin Gym (a new experience. try it)

    Crest Spa – Robinsons Place

  786. tonichi said on 24-03-2010

    where’s phoenix?

  787. tonichi said on 24-03-2010

    the place was humid when i went there. not an ideal one to relax and be rejuvenated.

  788. Cruiser Dude said on 24-03-2010

    Bakit naman tonichi (2433). There should be a reason behind? Right? Mind sharing?

  789. andrew p. said on 24-03-2010

    peter e.: pls. email me ur masseur’s name at andrew dot pagtalunan at gmail. thanks

  790. peter dewolf said on 23-03-2010

    @brag : thanks a lot for the info …. I’m going to have a good look asap

  791. tonichi said on 23-03-2010

    don’t go to cicada.

  792. brag said on 23-03-2010

    Green Nature Spa is also for us. I haven’t tried it yet but the massage is 500.Haven’t seen their lineup din.

  793. Cruiser Dude said on 23-03-2010

    Hello Pete, can you elaborate more ang nangyari sa Cicada. I’m leaving very near Cash and Carry at lagi kong nakikita ang Cicada everytime I pass by. Thanks a lot.

  794. hot_dudes19 said on 23-03-2010

    peter e. pwede pa share kung cnu attendant mo doon? :)

  795. peter e. said on 23-03-2010

    pumunta ako ng cicada kasi galing ako ng cash & carry. akala ko nakita (at naramdaman) ko na lahat ng tactics ng masahista to get ES. Mali ako. Ang masahista ko INUPUAN ako, his butt rubbing against my groin, while massaging my torso. Kakaiba talaga.

  796. Fishy said on 23-03-2010

    It is probably true na naka-red alert ang mga government agents in looking into hotspots for HIV. Specially in QC where the City Health Officer has been alerted of the rise in cases, traced to these venues for MSM activities.

  797. marky said on 22-03-2010

    Be careful guys/gays especially those who are exhibitionists in the wet floors who flaunt their sexually activities for public viewing. You might encounter undercover police agents.
    In wensha, attendants were very vigilant and staying in the wet floors now even in the wee hours that they usually don’t do before.

  798. ed said on 22-03-2010

    @stanleyhot 2363 Hi Stanleyhot! Thanks for your input on Gateway. Gateway is the AliMall cum Harrison Plaza of the 2000’s but it can be dangerous. I heard about the goings on at Gateway about a year ago. About 8 months ago, I went there and picked up a guy, about 22-24 na medyo maganda ang katawan. Buffed, medyo fair-moreno, full lips, hindi guapo pero may dating dahil ok yung katawan. We proceeded to Sogo Aurora Blvd where we had you-know-what. Usapan namin 600 pesos. The experience was so-so, not very satisfying. Noong bayaran na he said kulang yung binibigay ko dahil six ang usapan. Nong sabi ko, 600 naman yan, sabi niya, hindi, six K!!! Nagulat ako pero naalala ko nung tinanong ko siya doon sa Gateway he said six which I assumed to be 600 since thats the going rate in the area – to to make he story short, naholdup ako.

    Many of those na nakatambay dito, may record na sa Isetann, lumipat dahil mainit sa kanila yung guards and police in this area – so, as they say in the gay guide Spartacus – cruise AYOR (at your own risk).

    Matagal na akong di nag post dito, but I noticed your comment and I’m giving my share for the edification of our fellow PLUs

  799. Alvin said on 22-03-2010

    There’s a rumor spreading about the continuous planting of agents (gov’t and media) within the legit massage community that specifically investigates the activities within wet areas and extra services offered by masseurs / masseuse to their clients whether straight or otherwise. Is this true?

    I hope raids won’t be as bad as those massage parlors featured on television. That wouldn’t be a good thing for the industry especially to those with big establishments known for their upscale and legit services.

  800. extreme said on 22-03-2010

    @aron parang may personal kang galit sa may ari?… hahahahaha hindi kaba bading? peace!!

    pero dami client nila kanina nga pag punta ko puno cla sobra.. dami waiting

  801. aron said on 22-03-2010

    jd sinabi mo pa …wlang kwenta dun sa spa naun at balita ko nga wla na dun ung 2 magagaling …. darating din ung arw na mawawalan ng client sa spa na un …wla kc ginagawa ung may ari puro lng pag kakaperahan ang iniintindi balita ko ung dalawang bading ang may ari nun. isang kalbo at isang mataba… halatang wlang alm sa bussines…puro pa bading hindi daw cla ng es pero san ka ung bading n masahista nila ,hmp ayaw ko lng mag salita.. may nlmn pla ako about sa tinatagong lihim ng hiden mababaita din kau sa tv mapag samantala ung may ari ….. hahah soryyy wla kc kaung aksyon e

  802. accelerator950 said on 22-03-2010

    bakit wala na ang forum for sanctuario and quezon city spa escapades?

  803. faustus said on 21-03-2010

    JD – no news yet, i dunno if may spa in BF Homes na may ES.

  804. andrew said on 20-03-2010

    pumunta ako ng fifth sense. nakuha ko si J (uso na pala initial lang dito ngayon e). grabe sobra bitin especially when he was already positioned near my head. Mas recommended ba ang home service with him? At ano ba pangalan ni tisoy?

  805. JD said on 20-03-2010

    Do you guys have any update on spa in BF HOMES PQUE? Tnx.

    Galing ako HIDDEN SPA, they need to work on improving the place.the toilet stinks. no water. the aircon is not producing cool a/c buti na lang masaya ka ano si masseur J****.

  806. extreme said on 20-03-2010

    so quite

  807. peter dewolf said on 17-03-2010

    bago yata ang Green Nature Spa sa Kamias ? sinubukan na ba ninyo ? any recommendation ?

  808. Peter E. said on 17-03-2010

    Had to settle for M_ _ _ _ _ in hidden because G & R were both booked (in demand ha). Massage was good, 7 or 8 /10. Not sensaul though. And I don’t know if sadya na sa arm massage my fingers were already touching his chest and abs

  809. VINCENT said on 17-03-2010

    Meron ba kayong masusuggest na massage parlor in Makati? na may gwapong masseurs?

  810. faustus said on 16-03-2010

    hey guys, i promise to give you an update as soon as i have tried it myself. =) hopefully i’ll be able to squeeze it in my schedule within the week. will keep you all posted. thanks!

  811. bj said on 15-03-2010

    @aron – baka dapat time for home service at baka give in siya. i have not tried that but satisfied na ako sa service at sa kanya mismo. lol

    i love the attendant yun sobrang cute at bait pa. i wish plu din sya. hehehe.

    @jay – kaya nga ako may rule na pag di sa mga ok, di na lang ako pa massage. babalik na lang ako or better yet pa reserve minsan.

  812. PJ Robles said on 15-03-2010

    anyone visiting WENSHA TIMOG…. maybe we can chill out and relax…. i know we have a few followers here who frequently visit WENSHA TIMOG.

  813. Jay said on 15-03-2010

    @aron— i agree with you regarding Hidden… parang wala ng kwenta ibang therapists dun…. galing din kami ng friends ko kahapon dun, isa lang samin ang nag enjoy… kay G_ _ lng… dalawa samin wala kwenta ang massage… ewan ko ba… hit and miss talaga… minsan kasi khit alam na namin kung sino ok dun, gusto din naman namin mag try ng ibang potahe…hehehe

  814. hero said on 15-03-2010

    @sychanco #2402, where is Phoenix or what is the contact #? do u have the names of the 3 good looking MPs? Thanks

  815. aron said on 15-03-2010

    guys n mis ko tlga mag pamasahe ngaun kapagod din mag bakasyon …last night pumunta ako sa pb kzo d ko trip mga masahista dun kya pumunta ako ng hidden spa sa laspinas … so kinuha ko ulit si gabriel grabe mas gumaling siya ngaun kumpara dati madaming bagong move hahahah nakaka L tlga cia kaylan kya cia bibigay skin hahah sya nga pla dun nga pla sa may ari o manager ng hidden bkit parang ang dmi nyong baklang masahista… kaylangan b tlga nio ng bakla sa spa nio..?may nkita kc ako dun n dalawa ing isa may kulay buhok at ung isa may nunal sa muka at halata tlga napilantik ang kamay sory to tell ..kc nmn ilan lang ung lalake tlga dun c rodney ,gabriel at james lng yta ung tunay n lalke dun sana kung kukuha kayo ng mga bago sana lalake nmn

  816. Jame said on 15-03-2010

    Hi Faustus,
    Saan kaya ang spa na yan sa makati?
    Further description is highly appreciated :)

  817. alvin said on 14-03-2010

    @ faustus 2405

    hi faustus.. care to share this new find.. thanks.

  818. faustus said on 14-03-2010

    just discovered a new spa in makati! plenty of ES potential. they do home and hotel service too. i saw one of the masseurs outside – young, dark, athletic built. cant wait to find out! 😛

  819. Fishy said on 14-03-2010


    all i can say is… fun and frisky… :-)

  820. Carlo said on 14-03-2010

    my yahoo email is jeff201ph .

  821. geoff said on 14-03-2010

    Carlo: Not sure if I can post email address here…I sent a reply last night and it’s still awaiting moderation.

  822. jsychanco said on 14-03-2010

    I went to Phoenix yesterday… quite accidentally since I was on my way to another MP. I was pleasantly surprised. There were 3 actually very good looking (as MPs go) masseurs. Since I value “visual” more than “action”, I went home quite happy. The place can stand improvements though. Suggest “take home”. They were even more attractive than web based boys that charge double.


  823. Carlo said on 14-03-2010

    Hi, can you pls. share some details about Jeff?

  824. Carlo said on 14-03-2010

    Hi, can you pls share some deails about Jeff?

  825. Fishy said on 14-03-2010

    how i wish ibalik na lang sana si Jeff sa PB Timog.

  826. Carlo said on 13-03-2010

    Thanks for the info… got email address?

  827. geoff said on 13-03-2010

    Carlo: Jeff used to be with PB Timog, Nuat Thai Makati and PB Alabang. He joined Ching (formerly with PB Timog also) at Lotus Spa. Just recently, Ching moved back to PB Timog.

  828. Carlo said on 12-03-2010

    Hi, saang spa dati si Jeff before he joined Lotus Spa?
    Details pls. got email address?

  829. andrew p. said on 12-03-2010

    @geoff #2389. wow layo para sakin. What about the current masseurs at pb alabang?

  830. Jay said on 11-03-2010

    @Jester…minimal lang yun tip, pwede naman makipag haggle e… lol… I didn’t ask kung how much bj ko sya… i’m more interested kasi sa bj nya ko…hahaha… pero i didn’t ask likewise,,,

  831. jester said on 11-03-2010

    @jay…how much did u pay for a hj? how if you like to bj him? is it possible?

  832. Jay said on 11-03-2010

    I was in South Bay last night…. I had C_ _ _ _ as my masseur… got the executive room for an additional P250… ok naman…. may HJ…. so if u want a happy ending, get the exec room…. haaayyy…. kasarap….

  833. jv said on 10-03-2010

    Anyone knows of a “good” spa in Ortigas area?

  834. guki_gwapo said on 09-03-2010

    anybody knows spa in cagayan de oro w/ massuers? i excited to try this experience,,, virgin pa ko with this. ahhehehehe

  835. geoff said on 09-03-2010

    Jeff is now with Lotus Spa in Malate.

  836. IVAN said on 09-03-2010

    Any reviews on VERDE SPA, CICADA, SPADA, WENSHA PASAY and TIMOG? and whose masseurs are good?

  837. Jay said on 09-03-2010

    @andrew p.- Oo nga… kaka miss din c Jeff… asan na nga kaya sya..

  838. andrew p. said on 09-03-2010

    any word where is jeff formerly of pb alabang? wala na ba pumupunta doon?

  839. jorge said on 08-03-2010

    kakasyokot ng AIDS warning ng DOH………….wala pa ang multiplyer effect huh!

  840. bj said on 07-03-2010

    i think they changed it to dry sauna. i thought its open already. hmmm…

  841. alderich said on 06-03-2010

    @jay may ym ka ba

  842. Jay said on 06-03-2010

    @alderich… i am not sure if they are renovating it… but when I went there… wala syang tubig at madilim sa area. kala ko nga ok eh…malapit nako mag dive… hahaha

  843. alderich said on 06-03-2010

    @jay=ano nangyari sa pool area na, tanggal na sya? ano pinalit doon? tagal ko na d nakabalik south bay malayo sa amin rin eh..hehe. at d ko na kinuha membership nla, lugi ka nga pag d ka masyado nagagawi doon eh hehe.

  844. Jay said on 06-03-2010

    @bj, c jun daw sya…. wa wenta…

    @ alderich… ok na wet and dry sauna except for the pool…. sana may makasabay ako next time na nag cruise lang din… tayo tayo na lang sa sauna…hahahaha

  845. alderich said on 06-03-2010

    @jay my friend got a txt from them saying ayos na raw un dry sauna nila, can you confirm kung ok na talaga dry sauna nila? thanks.

  846. bj said on 06-03-2010

    @stanley, andun pa ba si warren/nathan sa verde? musta ang massage ni jason?
    @jay sino masseur nakuha mo sa southbay? depende nga sa masseur mo para happy ending..

  847. stanleyhot said on 06-03-2010

    @Jasper oonga eh they are more goodlooking guys mga freelancers pero im still into thinking about it because of the risk. Thanks for sharing jas..
    went to verde last night happy ending with jason… and good thing it doesn’t come with a price.. bahala ka na.. ok naman looks nya average ndi pangit pero parang may kulang lang ewan…

  848. Jay said on 05-03-2010

    @Jester…. depende… it’s for you to find out…lol
    …went to South City Bay Spa this afternoon, nakakainis lang yung massage, nothing extraordinary, given that I paid an amount almost equal to Wensha na may food pa.. and hindi ka limited to stay for 2 hours lang. The receptionist did not inform us na sira naman yun small pool dun…. wa wenta… ok lang mag cruise… ang nakakaiinis, nag pa member pa ko… sana pala after the massage nalang ako nag pa member… walang ka gana gana yung massage…

    so babalik bako dun… cguro…. mabawi ko lang ang pag memember ko…. hehehe… makapag cruise nadin…

    baka meron gusto sumabay sakin para you’ll get 30% disc, just tell me…sabay tyo…

  849. Tony said on 05-03-2010

    A little lengthy, but a good read in regards to an earlier posting made here (and several other websites)… helps to stop the fear mongering and get to the truth

    March 2, 2010
    From: Dr. Antonieta V. Inumerable
    City Health Officer
    Quezon City Health Department
    To : The members/patrons/supporters/readers of this website:
    Subject: Daming may AIDS na Masahista

    This is in response to the article “ EEWWW Ang Daming may AIDS na Masahista!!!!” posted in this website (puri_titiwang) in February 18, 2010. Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic, Quezon City Health Department, vehemently denies such allegations that we released list of positive VD results of male therapists who consulted in our clinic. The information that was posted were baseless and therefore erroneous, such as:

    1.First of all, the staff of the Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic are all professionals. They are oriented to observe utmost confidentiality as stipulated in the Republic Act 8504 (Philippine National AIDS Law). The law states that it is unlawful to release any information gathered during client- doctor relationship most specially with regards his HIV status to anybody except to the patient or client himself.

    2.Our clinic is Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic (BSHC) not Bernardo Health Center.

    3.Only 6 out of the 12 establishments mentioned avail of the services of BSHC.

    4.VD results does not show signs of HIV, neither HIV can lead to Hepa A, B, and C as alleged by the author (pinton 95). The only way to diagnose HIV is thru HIV Antibody Test

    5.All facts mentioned in the article were Fictitious and totally Baseless –
    The Quezon City Social Hygiene Clinics prepare and submit monthly reports to the Health Office and to the Department of Health based on accomplishments. We do not mention names of persons nor establishments.

    6.Dapat tandaan , hindi lang masahista ang pwedeng magka HIV. Lahat tayo, kung hindi tayo mag-iingat.

    7.Upang makaiwas sa sakit na HIV o Hepatitis C and B:
    a. Maging tapat sa iisang “Uninfected sex partner”. Huwag papalit-palit ng partner.

    b. Huwag makipagsex ng walang proteksyon! Laging gumamit ng condom.

    c. Huwag gumamit o magtuturok ng bawal na gamot/droga! Huwag gagamit ng karayom/heringgilya na nagamit na ng iba.

    Dapat Tandaan! Ingat Lagi!!!!

  850. extreme said on 05-03-2010

    just had another worse massage sa spada grabe panget nagmamasage and napaka wala kwenta nung massage masabi lang na nilagyan ka ng oil. asar….

  851. Jasper Cortez said on 05-03-2010

    Marami ka talagang makikitang magagandang lalaki na mas pinipili ang maging call boy na free lancer instead na sa mga MPs. Pero delikado sila kasi may mga network of friends din sila at easy for them to put their clients in a very risky situation. Madali ka nilang pagkaisahan. Ang advantage ng mga lalaki sa MPs ay may permanent work address sila kung sakaling dapat silang ereklamo. There was a time na may favorite akong callboy na talagang mabait siya at considerate. Gwapo pa pero married na siya at may isang anak. I did not fall for him pero naging magaan ang loob ko sa kaniya. mabait kasi. The last thing I heard ay may work na siya sa isang department store. Sa ngayon retired na ako sa ganyan. Ibang landas na ang aking tinatahak…lol.
    If you get tempted by these freelance callboys, do not allow them to text or call anyone once he already agreed to go with you. Wala naman akong naging bad experience kasi naging maingat ako. Ingat ka din.

  852. jester said on 05-03-2010

    @jay…thanks for the info.may happy ending ba?

  853. Jay said on 04-03-2010

    @jester… no need to take a shower, besides, hindi din maayos CR dun at walang tubig na nalabas sa gripo… Mag shower ka na lang sa house before going there…

  854. jester said on 04-03-2010

    do you need to take a shower before a massage in hidden spa?
    may ES ba si Gab?

  855. extreme said on 04-03-2010

    musta mga massage place??? any new MP or New SPA around? any updates?

  856. PJ Robles said on 04-03-2010

    gising na ba kayo? wensha naman tayo

  857. Disagree said on 03-03-2010


    kung ung extra naman talaga habol mo… ok na un 😀

  858. alderich said on 03-03-2010

    i just went to asian last night. wala naman asking price sa akin….naHJ ako yesterday without even me asking..un lang nga parang bitin massage, dumiretso na kaagad sya sa HJ pag harap ko eh..

  859. brag said on 03-03-2010

    #762. I got i***.Yes he has an asking price.Iba na tlga buhya. Hehe.

  860. brag said on 03-03-2010

    finally tried asian massage in malate.ok naman massage but nagprepresyo sila ng HJ.i thot walang ganun dun.1k daw.its 300 na the massage.then fr time to time may nagchecheck.hmm…

  861. stanleyhot said on 02-03-2010

    i went to gateway last night to check out the movies showing.. to my surprise madami palang mga tambay boys duon na naghahanap ng client. sa may escalator area ng sinehan mapapansin mo sila. maraming gwapo un nga lang mga bata pa sila around mukhang 16 to 20 years old sila. so nag observe lang muna ako umupo ako sa waiting area sa labas ng cinema 5 un may mga upuan. so nakita ko kung pano un kalakaran. may tatlong magkakaibigan puro mga may itsura nakashorts lang sila pag merung edad na mukhang bakla magsesenyasan na sila. si bakla naman pag napansin ang mga boys pupunta sa may gilid gawing coffee bean sa may payphone area. susunod si boylet at yun paglabas ng payphone magkasama na si mashonda at boylet. napaisip ako siguro ginagawa nila to para may pang arcade or dota… mukhang masok ang mga itsura nila kaysa sa mga lalake sa mp’s un nga lang di sila syempre palaban siguro mahihiga lang sila habang ikaw nagtatrabaho. akala ko sa isetann lang merun nito pati na pala sa gateway naglipana na din sila… obserbahan nyo mga kapatid… magugulat kayo sa inyong madidiscover.siguro they preferred this kind of trade para iwas sa kahihiyan. papauwi na ko ng habang naglalakad ako sa may labas ng farmers market dun sa may hagdan pababa ng shoestore.. may isang gwapong binata na nakaupo sa may plantbox matipuno ang katawan maputi at may katangkaran. ngumiti siya at kumindat ngunit di ko sya pinasin lumakad ako papalayo ndi bumigay sa tawag ng laman. napaisip tuloy ako parang gusto ko sila subukan. akala ko the best na un mga boys sa mga mp pagdating sa itsura, iyon pala may mga ginto ka din na mapupulot sa mga ganitong lugar pag sapit ng dilim.mga lalaking maspinili na maging tahimik ang pagiging puta. oonga naman napakalaking kahihiyan kung makita ka ng isang kaibigan na nakalagay ang mukha sa mga website o nagtatrabaho sa mga bahay aliwan masahihan…..

  862. v said on 02-03-2010

    A few nights back, I finally was able to brave my way to Datu. Being a pioneer in the business, one cannot be blamed for readily associating that with being decrepit and staff who has their better days behind them. And because I had totally given myself in to this idea prior to coming to Datu, I was pleasantly surprised that it did not turn out to be that way at all.

    Do not get me wrong though, in no way is it on the same plane as the younger establishments that cater to our community, but at the very least no nasty smell greets you at the door.

    I would say most of the boys who I eyed in their show room are presentable. No twinks, no fatties, and tenkyugad, not a beer belly in sight. All in all, your average-looking Tomas, Ding and Larry’s.

    The guy that I got said he is from Nueva Ecija and claims to be 21. So what I have read in this forum is true as far as that is concerned, that they recruit new faces from around that area. It surprised me though that our first exchange had him asking me if I want to go straight at it. Huwaatt??!! Opkorsnat, poknat. With that settled, he did manage to give me a decent rubdown.

    The bigger surprise was when I was dressing up and getting ready to go. It turns out that the money I paid at the counter is only for “room rental” and that the massage would cost me more. Double HUWATT??!!

    So that’s very much true about Datu. I do not know the logic behind this pricing scheme. Ganito ba nuong araw at itinutuloy lang ang tradisyon? Bummer.

  863. v said on 02-03-2010

    @ auxis64: bueno, auxis, ibubulong ko sa iyo kung sino ang i-re-request mo dapat duon. *winks*

  864. geoff said on 02-03-2010

    Randy: Janus gave a hint that he is already quitting the trade in exchange for a more respectable job, even if it would mean lesser pay. He is a good-natured guy and deserves something better.

  865. bj said on 02-03-2010

    @randy, i think this a different gab from hidden. quite young 21 lang daw sya. Never been in equanimity.

  866. auxis64 said on 01-03-2010

    @V: agree ako. but never really get turned on by very young looking guys. Prefer older and taller guys; at least 26 for me. :)|

  867. randy said on 01-03-2010

    @bj(2352)- is the gab you tried at Hidden Spa the same “Gab” of equanimity?
    @geoff(2349)- talaga janus will be gone again or will be quitting already? he’s really a nice guy and i like him. sana lang makita ko uli siya before he finally leave equanimity. sana lang maging masuwerte siya, kasi he’s such one gentle soul to stay and rot in a massage clinic like equanimity….

  868. v said on 01-03-2010

    @auxis64: AT cute si jeff noh? 😉

  869. auxis64 said on 01-03-2010

    Have been to Amistad last night. Jeff gave me a wonderful massage. He’s very good. Sorry folks no ES, not even a hint. If you are looking for a good massage, try him. And the place is clean and well maintained.

  870. J and G said on 01-03-2010

    Hi Guys,
    Musta ? Uuwi ako nang Pinas at gusto ko sana malaman kung saan may malapit na massage sa Malate area. Taga Visayas kasi ako at 2 beses pa lang ako nakapunta nang Manila, bago ako lumisan nang bansa natin… Any help/info is greatly appreciated…. Salamat……

  871. faustus said on 28-02-2010

    hey bj, i didn’t push through with my south bay plans today. i reckoned there will be too many people, considering most got their pay on friday (month-end). anyway who knows, i might have bumped into you before. lol!

    i’ve been to hidden spa four times, and i dont think i’ll come back. it’s really a hit or miss thing with them. i mean, with or without ES, the massage should at least be ok, right?

  872. bj said on 28-02-2010

    @faustus.. am a member of southbay pero siguro mid march pa ako punta ulit

    tried hidden this week (last ko Jan pa). I tried Gab and was satisfied with his massage (not so hard massage), his looks and attitude. pagka-lambing at times. hehehe. will definitely get him next time =)

  873. peter dewolf said on 28-02-2010

    @ Randy : try KEn …. super-galing, massage at ES … maski di mo siya type, di ka magsisisi !!!

  874. faustus said on 28-02-2010

    south bay, anyone? =)

  875. geoff said on 28-02-2010

    Randy: Janus was there last nite. I had him and really enjoyed the massage and chit chat…he told me he was out for a while and will be out again for a longer time (or for good). Good thing I was with him when he did his swan song.

  876. randy said on 28-02-2010

    these goodlooking guys are missing in equanimity; CLIFFORD, ACE,GAB AND JANUS. I havent tried Clifford and Gab pa naman, while Janus and Ace are real Aces of equa. Where are they na? has anyone know the cel no of Clifford and Gab?

  877. v said on 27-02-2010

    btw, andrew p. 2341 and jake 2343, have you considered car pooling? looked like you were cruising the same night. LOL. save madir earthlak.

  878. v said on 27-02-2010

    @JAKE: nakita ko din yan one time i found myself lost around the roosevelt area. i saw 2 guys sitting in front of the place and though it was a bit dark on their side of the street, i could readily spot that the boys were, uhm, uninspiring. maybe i would one of these days go looney and venture into it, more likely in the late afternoon. the place looks a bit menacing at night. know naman natin na me element ng holdapan na pag special portion nah, wit ko naman trip na sumasawsaw sa totohanang mugging…unless gang rape muna nila ako. chos!

  879. Robert said on 27-02-2010

    Andre. How much massage in cicada. Who will u recommned

  880. andre said on 27-02-2010

    guys and gays try cicada spa near corner buendia and south super highway , near cash and carry. with happy ending.

  881. JAKE said on 26-02-2010

    I was in a taxi from Roosvelt Avenenue last night, and we passed by Manhunt Spa near Bayantel roosevelt beside st. agnes hospital . Has anyone tried this? If you do, please post your comment here. Thanks.

  882. Jason said on 26-02-2010

    Guys, please give me info if there is a massage parlor in Baliuag, Bulacan that offers ES. Thanks so much!

  883. andrew p. said on 26-02-2010

    I was in a car from Araneta last night, and we passed by Mr. Earth Spa near Kamuning corner EDSA. Has anyone tried this? If you do, please post your critique here. Thanks.

  884. Peter E. said on 26-02-2010

    Galing ako Fifth Sense. Before my HJ ang Massage for Men. This time same masseur, wala! Just nipple tweaking. I even asked him. Sabi nya that’s all. Bakit di consistent? Bad trip pa laging nag tetext o sinasagot ang phone nya.

    When I went out to McDo I saw a masseur na mestisuhin, medyo malaki katawan? Sino yun?

  885. toybee said on 26-02-2010

    how about in Palawan?i’ll be there in May, mayroon bank MPs? let me know thanks

  886. faustus said on 25-02-2010

    sorry, that’s TRIED

  887. faustus said on 25-02-2010

    have you guys triend any of the “masseurs” for hire online? i haven’t, so i was wondering if you could recommend anyone? someone who knows how to give a good massage (as in hard!), for one. and of course, give me feedback on the ES too. hahahaha! thanks.

  888. Jake said on 25-02-2010

    Thanks Paolo for the reply… I,m planning to visit the place… Thanks

  889. hairybrainy said on 23-02-2010

    since i’ve been reading a lot of reviews about the HJ service at asian massage in malate, i went there earlier at around 8pm to see for myself it is real. lo and behold, it is real! although the masseur who was assigned to me is not in any way my type, still i allowed him to do it just for kicks. polite naman syang magtanong if touching my sensitive parts is fine with me. pero what surprised me more is that he allowed me to touch his dick and his body. nagpaalam naman ako and pumayag sya. the massage is average. ma 45 minutes lang siguro ako namasahe. i was wearing boxers pa nga nung umpisa tapos he asked kung okay lang sa akin na tanggalin nya. happy ending naman kasi nag cum ako habang hawak hawak ang dick nya. i’m not planning to go back anytime soon. kung sana good looking ang masseur nila, baka magkainteres pa ako. sino ba pwede irequest sa asian massage – malate na pasado sa looks department?

  890. Paolo said on 23-02-2010

    @Jake, Total package at Lasema is Php840, which includes the use of the wet area, jim jil bang and the massage. The wet area is quite big with hot and cold pools, including a ginseng pool, a steam room and showers. Yung Jim Jil Bang naman parang dry area where you can watch TV, me sleeping area, order food, and different dry saunas. I havent tried the massage but i guess they have masseurs available. Php 200 only if youll use the wet area and 400 pag wet area and jim jil bang. Pero its an authentic Korean spa ha so expect na makakasama is Koreans of all ages. Yung manager nga na nasa Lobby is Korean, though Pinoy naman ang mga staff. They’re all friendly. And oh by the way, in the wet area, youll only be provided with a very small towel so expect na show off talaga ang show hehe Pero in the Jim jil Bang, you’ll have to wear a short and shirt. Nag enjoy ako walking naked in the wet area and to see different guys naked as well hehehe

  891. PJ Robles said on 23-02-2010


    Anyone can tell us where is Heavenly Care located… Exact address please and the rates as well as the facilities included.