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Are you SINCERELY looking for friends among us, I mean PLUs (People Like Us)? If you’re looking for a friend, not a fuck, then maybe you can try out this new experiment of mine: an ultra-private social networking site exclusively for MGG readers. No one can see or browse it unless you are a member. And for now, the membership is by invitation. To be invited, see the instructions at the bottom of this post. Meanwhile, here’s an email from an MGG reader who inspired me to create this ultra-private social networking site.

* * *

Dear Migs,

I recently come across with your blog (website) and I would say — you’re really gay guy SUPERSTAR in the gay community. Cheers and World Peace! Your blogs are diverse that cater every aspect of being gay, life of many gays and others that almost all PLU’s can relate with. Isn’t that great and fab? I LOVE your blog really.

I had listen to the podcasts and observed how they evolved from NEO into PRO. Kudos to the fabcasters who make up the balance of every podcast discussion – this is the formula of your success. Can’t help myself laughing out loud every time I listen to them, WOW! My friends were asking why my Facebook status update is always “Podcasting” and often time asked what kinda podcasts I’m listening to, ofcourse I lie everytime because I’m still in the closet (partially coz couple of friends and my sister only know that I’m gay).

Just continue to be an inspiration to all PLUs and bring up more more more blogs… Salute!

Lastly, my second intention of writing is to gain friends, I mean REAL friends that may be a support group to me coz I have a very few gay friends that I could share with my stories, my happiness and others.. You know what I mean. But since I am in still in the closet, I want to be friend with gay men who are straight acting or semi, discreet or closet (I am not in any way against with effem btw, it’s just that being discreet don’t make me comfortable with openly gay men).

Let me introduce myself, I am YANN, 28 years old, I am now an expat (overseas) working as an Environmental Consultant, a Chemical Engineer by profession. Serious type but kalog din naman. Travelling, eating, gym, reading, movies, party and music are my hobbies .Simple. Independent. ( I do not intend to speak about my physical appearance as I’m seeking friendship and company rather than sex). I hope to meet new friends on my upcoming vacation in Manila and Angeles City by this coming June2009. Looks, status, age or profession doesn’t matter as long as we can talk with diverse issues and topics.. Party, have fun.

– Yann

* * *

To get an invite to “MGG For Friends” (our exclusive, ultra-private social networking site), send a well-thought out email to me (email me at, with answers to the following questions:

1. Who are you?
2. What life experience can you share that is relevant to your desire to seek friendship within this exclusive social networking site?
3. What other info can you share about yourself that would make Migs invite you to be part of this small group of friends?

Send your info via email, guys.

* * *

Guys, I’ve received a lot of emails already. Give me a couple of days to sort through them. Thanks for the understanding!


Comments (40)

  1. Adrianne said on 14-09-2009

    Hmmm… I do wanted gay friends too… Well technically I am a part of this PLU’s… Hope to hear from you soon… My hobbies are writing gay related stories… I am an amateur though… “,)

  2. Sam Tornquist said on 15-08-2009

    Hi. I am a Swede living in Timor Leste. I stumbled on your blog and really like what I read here, sound and nice and no nonsense.
    Looking for friends, me and my married life companion are living here in SE Asia > half our years, in an annual cycle, and the remaining we usually to spend in Europe. We are simply looking for good friends.
    Do you let us in on your initiative ?
    Warmest greetings from Sam to you and your friends

  3. joseph hernandez said on 16-07-2009

    hello christian ako ito joseph gusto kong sumali sa PLU group nila MIGZ of MGG . kasali ka na ba sa kanila ? kung hindi pa join ka na rin para pag nagbakasyon ako dyan sa pinas kita kits tayo ng grupo kung papayag si MIGZ. MIGZ approve mo naman ako please!!!guy from tokyo,jonjon

  4. joseph hernandez said on 16-07-2009

    hi yann, im also working here in japan as jr. accountant
    at one of the foreign embassies herre in tokyo. guess what> im also living in a closet but instead nobody knows about it except my friends in the internet family will gonna kill me if they will discover that i am bi and preffered guys instead of women. i dont have friends here in tokyo for i am new here , just last year of september and its very lonely here if you dont have friends. well if you want me to be your friend just send me an invitation here is my address: for both YM and e-mail. God bless you and thanks to MGG more power to your site MIGZ

  5. rod said on 16-07-2009

    don’t have any gay friends… i don’t know why… hmmmm…. 🙁

  6. markuz said on 25-06-2009

    may i know the email address of Yann,just like him im looking for friend, im here in canada and i’ve been here for 3 months now and and boredom is killing me, by the way i always go to your site everytime i’m in front of a computer,

  7. URIAS TOMBEKAI said on 23-06-2009

    i need a gay friend n email addressed. i need a gay love

  8. lala said on 19-06-2009

    naligaw ako sa site kasi nag click ako ng GMA NEXT BIG STAR GEOFF TAYLOR nandito pala sa blog niyo pics niya at dami pa sexy male celebs i wonder kung nandito din othe contestants like alex castro, greggy santos kasi puro si geoff taylor nakita ko?

  9. Lands said on 08-06-2009

    Good Day sa lahat…

    Greetings from the MGG for friends.

    Its a great site.
    those who have been in the chat room i guess will say that everybody is always staying away from the connotation that the site is another way to find a hook up.
    We always try to talk sense and make friends.
    If anybody wants to take it further, like be more than friends, then it is their prerogative.
    We also try to make conversations funny and enjoyable.
    Although prang the chat room is only alive during the night time, i would have to check if anybody is logged in during the morning.
    Nevertheless i still encourage everybody who reads Migs’ blog to join the community. just check it out first.

    Thank you again to Migs for coming up with this site.
    it really rocks.

    Hope to see Migs sa chat room kahit one time lang..

  10. phoenix said on 07-06-2009

    hi guys.

    i’m a teenager from canada but i’m pure filipino.

    i’m stillquite confused about sexual orientation coz i like this girl at schoool but i’m also attracted to guys.

    but i’m still in the closet,only my friend knows about my dilemma.

    people say that i’m quite effeminate but really i’m not since it started when i was what 3,4 yrs?

    because of that ,i don’t have enough friends.i ried to join a newly-formed council in our school that aims to provide social justice for different social groups that are being prejudiced in our society.But i back out coz of things,loyalty to my former council and to avoid such criticisms on this council.

    my family is totally conservative,my father threatened me that IF one us,me and my brother becomes PLUs,then we will be sort banished from our clan.

    i just want to join this site to have new friends only and to cope with my newly found confusing sexuality.thanks migs pls consider this.

  11. n said on 06-06-2009

    sana may ganito rin for lesbians.

  12. ares in uae said on 05-06-2009

    Thanks for creating this group Migs.

    Met a lot of people, good people.

    This is not a group of people who are hiding in the closet. In fact, most of the members are those who are so comfortable with who and what they are.

    World Peace!

  13. bench2000 said on 03-06-2009

    hi im bench hope i can find friend here.. thanks

  14. Curious said on 28-05-2009

    @Vivo: It is really up to you what you want to gain from joining this group. I can say that you can discriminate who you want to be friends with and let them know at the outset that you are there to only make friends. I suggest that you do the following once you get in: disregard inappropriate emails, chat replies (or simply leave the chat site if the conversations become irrelevant–I have done that!); get a sense of the person before approving his friend request; customize your privacy settings; and just be wholesome and enjoy it! I am hoping to see you there…

  15. vivo said on 28-05-2009

    i’d like to join too but what makes you believe that a new social networking site for PLU won’t turn out like G4M or Downelink where members really do look for sex. Just sex. I’ve tried various sites like these a\nd they all prove the same thing: gather all gay men on line and expect nothing more than sheer wex.

    you can email me in private migs

  16. URIAS Tombekai said on 26-05-2009

    i need a gay friend

  17. ewan said on 25-05-2009

    sana nga lang itong binubuong friendship circle ay hindi mauwi sa isang party oriented group… or isang site wherein ang main purpose ay makipaghook up lang..

  18. jade said on 25-05-2009

    Migs kndly invite I wanna join your circle of friendzzzzz……………..

  19. laden said on 21-05-2009

    Yann exemplifies the saying that you cannot have it all. But then again, he tried to seek refuge from here hoping to find answers to queries that keeps on lingering in his thoughts for years that will make his life complete (but not without doubting thomases). Helping him or each other under like circumstances is awesome. Its up to you to discover any hidden agenda though. My two cents worth. Peace!

  20. Weng said on 20-05-2009

    I need somebody to share with, life, my all. Im in the dark and close, I cant breath and I have nowhere to run. Please…..

  21. Mikey_Liling said on 20-05-2009


    Don’t generalize naman.

    No harm naman joining if you’re main purpose is to expand your network and gain new friends. Kasi kung umpisa pa lang eh hook-up na kaagad ang nasa isip mo, ay, gameover na ‘teh.

    Ang key lang naman when attending/joining these kinds of clubs eh:

    Trust your instinct. If you feel sa umpisa pa lang, something is amiss na, ie. 1st meeting place eh isang hotel room na kaagad, ay, chances are, orgy party itech, ‘teh. Kung di mo na feel at ikaw ay pumunta pa rin, ‘teh, ibang level na yon.

    Lower your expectations. Or better yet, CHANGE your expectations. The chances of someone like a John Lloyd or a Piolo clone joining is slim to none (accept mo na ‘teh, sinuswerte ka ba?) However, the chances of meeting people who understands your daily pains and joys as a PLU, ay ‘teh, you’ll bet your p*wet, lahat sila, maiintindihan ka.

    Know your limits. Normally ang mga EBs nito, magastos. May ka-artehan pa naman ang mga bading na di pwede sa kapihan ni Manong lang kayo mag-meet. We’re talking Starbucks, Sbarro, or at the very least, McCafe. Sa first gathering, huwag kang pabigat at magprepare ka ng pera kung oorder ka. Kung wala kang pera, mag-baon ka. Uso ngayon ang may bitbit na sports bottle. Sabihin mo nagti-training ka at under strict dietary consumption ka. You do that (huwag pabigat), good or bad ang experience mo sa gathering, you can walk away from it easily and cleanly.

    And lastly, and most importantly, Have Fun. A slight opening of the closet, a small leap of faith, you’ll never know what Fate has in store for you.

    6 years ago, I did attend a similar “get together”. Muntik na akong hindi um-attend dahil sa “hiya at takot”. But then again, I would not have met my Booboo Bear. 6 years and counting! Oh and yeah, Boo knows I’ll ditch him the moment John Lloyd proposes. 😀

    Best of luck!

  22. Anonymous said on 20-05-2009

    Curacao: you sucks! How bitter!

    Migs: This group is incredible!
    Yann: don’t mind curacao’s comment, that is shallow, narrow minded and abominable..

  23. jackussify said on 19-05-2009

    awesome, cant wait to be part of this grand thing!

  24. timothy said on 19-05-2009

    i love u na migs!!!!! i’ll email you later after my work today.. more power!!

  25. curacao said on 19-05-2009

    this idea sucks! i’m a masculine closeted man who have over the years, cultivated strong and enduring friendships with like-situated men. So if this supposedly-closeted guy Yann is claiming it’s hard for him to make connections with other men, it could be his personality, not the circumstances.

    And please, I won’t write a letter just to be screened to join a circle such as that proposed. Chances are, many of the would-be members would be losers as well. Ba’t pa nila kakailanganin ang isang club or org just to meet other successful people if successful talaga sila… So that means they’re not!

  26. Yann said on 18-05-2009

    Thanks Migs for posting…:)

    You can email me at

    Will send message to those who had commented and left their email adds.


  27. oscar said on 18-05-2009

    hide well, hide tight, hide gays now and forever.LOL.

  28. leween said on 18-05-2009

    hey yann, good luck. you can count me in.

  29. allensanjuan said on 17-05-2009

    brilliant idea!

    essay writing contest ito. hahaha.

    thanks migs and yann!

  30. brandon said on 17-05-2009

    hmmm, i think this is going backward. “straight-acting” men in the closet getting together in order to stay deep in the closet is backward thinking. why not cultivate strenght, unity and pride instead.

  31. lostsoul13 said on 17-05-2009

    btw, ping me at diary1_3@yc

  32. maccallister said on 17-05-2009

    hey yann,i think you’re a great guy,im sure madami kang mahahanap na friend.and you have a nice intention and mature way of looking for a friend,unlike others that you have to look good or be like this or like that to be someone’s friend.

    goodluck with you.

  33. kyle said on 16-05-2009

    ei, is this letter sender from angeles city?!
    my former superior is a chemical engineer and i think they are batchmates…
    they might know each other.
    godbless on the trip to a.c.

  34. |jeph| said on 16-05-2009


    As in WOW.
    First “wow” is for the site that you have done under NING.
    Second “wow” is for the exclusivity. Felt that i am really nothing. Wtf.

    Maybe i am NOTHING. Thanks Migs!

  35. jared said on 16-05-2009

    hi yann, im here at Angeles, hope we could meet?? pm me at jared_dizon@yc

  36. lostsoul13 said on 16-05-2009

    hi Yann,

    I’m from Angeles City too. If you are genuinely looking for friendship, then drop me a message. All I can say is that, we are on the same page. Just give me a buzz. okie?

  37. kicks said on 16-05-2009

    wow. you’re a compsci major migs aren’t you??
    i really salute you for this! =)

  38. me said on 16-05-2009

    when ur in Angeles city, try eating at Queue Ristorante…good food…

  39. KeiTar0 said on 16-05-2009

    Maganda yan. .

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