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hi migs!

i am an avid reader of your blog. the best kasi. ain’t no other like it.
ok, now the papuri is over i’ll deck the cards.

i’m bi. and i live in cotabato city. im muslim. im 19. out of school youth.
the reason i wrote to you is nahihirapan akong humanap ng kaibigan na tulad ko na bi.
daming mga tao diyan sa tabi-tabi pero they like sex lang.
gusto ko ng sensitive at tulad ko rin na bi.
i don’t like yung sex lang hanap nila kasi after nun wala na.
gusto ko ng kaibigan.
pwede rin karelasyon pero i’m not ready.
gwapo naman ako kaya daming mga nagpaparamadam pero they’re gay na as in bebe gandanghari gay. yoko nun. hehe.

anyway, nakaexperience na ako ng m2m sex but i never had those butt fucking thingie.
masakit kasi yun, naka-try na ako though.

so, i’m asking sana you could help me find people like me here sa cotabato city.

i’m a very discreet bi pala. have i mentioned it na ba?

anyway, help me, migs!


— Datu

* * *

To all those who are looking for FRIENDS, try out the MGG For Friends site. It’s a private networking site (like an exclusive/private Friendster site just for MGG frineds). Send me an email if you wanna join, and I’ll send you an invite.


Comments (43)

  1. rapayel said on 04-08-2012

    Can you also invite me on the private site Miguel? Thanks in advance.

  2. leonel said on 31-01-2012

    ok lang yun… friend from zamboanga del sur…
    go on what you want… because life is what you make it… diba? heheheheh

  3. ace said on 30-11-2011

    Hi Miggs,

    Pls invite me in your site MGG for Friends site.


  4. paulo said on 03-11-2011

    hmmmmmmmmmm mukhang kilala q ang maya na fren mu jay na galing sa maimpluwensiyang pamilya

  5. Marco said on 06-10-2010

    trust me when i say this: almost all of us are in the same boat… doesn’t matter whether you are 19 and new to this thing or 99 and ready to kiss the world goodbye anytime soon.

    it doesn’t matter if you are a true blue born again christian or a devout muslim and pray 5 times a day without fail. it doesn’t matter if you are the straightest looking parlorista in the entire block or your the fairiest of them all and even won a sash during the last barangay fiesta.

    we all need to be able to connect with someone of our own kind. after all, we are social animals. kung yung mga hayop nga kailangan nila to be with their own kind too, tayo pa kaya?

    so the advise really is, not matter where or who you are, no matter in what socio-economic, demographics ka pa, reach out and interact with your kind. don’t stop dun sa ginagawa ng marami sa mga social networking sites such as planet romeo or manjam. naka advertise dun na i am searching for this or searching for that tapos mag oopen ng profile, ni ha ni ho, wala ka man lang narinig o naramdaman. if as you say, di mo hanap ang sex lang, then go and explore the possibilities are endless out there. you have the advantage of youth on your side. oh my, if only i were your age, i tell you. hehe.

  6. frank said on 06-10-2010

    Hello Migz,

    As u may know, this is my first time, is it ok if i inquire whether datu has find a partner already? thanks

  7. frank said on 06-10-2010

    Hi, im frank, im very surprised that a brother muslim could also be bi but only you know whats best for you

  8. MrLodani said on 10-01-2010

    i will simply quote P Coelho (Statutes for the New Millenium, Like the Flowing River):
    “#4. Each human being was a given a virtue: the ability to choose. Anyone who fails to use this virtue transforms it into a curse, and other will choose for them.
    #5. Each human being has his or her own sexual identity and should be able to exercise that identity without guilt as long as they do not force that sexual identity on others.
    #8. Every man has a feminine side, and every woman a masculine side. It is important to use discipline with intuition, and to use intuition with objectivity.
    #10. Every human being has the right to search for happiness and by ‘happiness’ is meant something that makes that individual feel content, not necessarily something that makes other people content.
    #11. Every human being should keep alive within them the sacred flame of madness, but should behave as a normal person……”

    in other words po ay sayaw tayo to the rhythm of our own drums and beats; basta maintain lang ang respeto sa sarili at respeto sa kapwa tao…..


  9. Kayne said on 08-11-2009

    I feel the same way.

    I’m 16 and I’ve always been a non-conformer, a non-believer and a person with raging homosexual desires. I listen to metal, I feel left out and detached.
    My life is a lie and currently is in a total mess. For three years I’ve had my heart broken and for three years I kept on falling for the same guy. It hurts and I’ve got no one to talk to not until now. Sure, I may have gay friends but they’re not like me, they can’t talk like me, relate with me.

    I’m not into fashion and pop. I like writing poems, reading poems, especially ones from Edgar A. Poe. I like gore, blood and stuff but I also enjoy butterflies and flowers.

    Hell, to cut it short: “I’m as confused as the mad man on the street.”

  10. Dats said on 05-09-2009

    heheheehe nice name! 🙂

  11. gibby_gibbs said on 28-08-2009

    i feel exactly the same with you datu. im a 19 year-old muslim too but kinda confused if im straight (trying hard) or bi.. :C

  12. Smokaholic said on 18-08-2009

    Helo. . .Gus2 q dn ng frndz. . .Send me an invite naman mr migs. . .Btw im from iloilo. .Tnx. .

  13. chris said on 18-08-2009

    helow datu, pwede ako..he5. pro, taga-davao lng ako…eto number koh f gusto u malaman ako deeper. 09283265414

  14. abu dhabi Gay Guy said on 12-08-2009

    hi migs,

    hindi ako masyado avid reader or fan, pero i do appreciate this whole thing. i have send several comments and read some or most of the stories. and punto ko for today is— pwede sumali sa MGG friend networking site?

    hope to hear from you soon.

    jason from abu dhabi

  15. jaybee said on 06-08-2009

    hey, can u invite me on that MGG friend networking thingie?? Thanks!

  16. mark said on 21-07-2009

    how to access the MGG For Friends site?

  17. mark said on 21-07-2009

    i’m also looking for that kind of friend, although im here in canada. boredom is killing me here, mag 3 months pa lang ako dito. those who looking for a friend, email me

  18. ram said on 19-07-2009

    ahhhhhhhhhhh…no comment…jeje

  19. rickz_07 said on 19-07-2009

    im from cot. city before, its hard to find bi friends there cause a lot of dicremenations, pero ok lang. im still happy of what happend to my life.. bata ka pa.. dadating din yang mga friends.. just wait for it pare. now in makati for work, but ill be back home at cot. on nov.. tc..

  20. closet... said on 17-07-2009

    migs, i think i can fulfill what he needs… coz im also looking for that kind of relationship…

  21. james said on 17-07-2009

    Then find a guy who can help you out from the homosexual tendency…probably a intellectually mature person, someone who will not take advantage of your weakness. Here’s some groups who can help you:

    1. Bagong Pag-asa
    Director: Rene Gomez; Telephones: 001-632-807-6576, Fax: 001-632-842-5028; Mailing Address: PO Box 9139, MCS Mailing Center, 1200 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines; Main Address: #7 Mindanao Drive, 1780 Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City, Philippines E-Mail:

    2. Pathway (previously called Bread of Life)
    Alice Villa-Real; 011-632-1278-26161 (V/M, FAX, Numeric), 011-632-(0918) 802-1541 (car), 011-632-1277-26161 (pager); PO Box 1875, Quezon City CPO, 1158 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

    3. Set Free
    E-Mail: info?)

    4. Courage – Phillipines
    Metro Manila Area; contact Joe G., Phone 0917-892-2257 or 0919-395-7168 or page 634-3333, ID #890-065
    Deacon Dan Healy, Phone (02) 872-2021,
    Write to Anawim Community, 5 Vida Doria Street, B.F. Resort Village, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines

  22. dl_emperor said on 15-07-2009

    tangna… habang binabasa ko yung sulat e si bebe gandanghari naiimagnine ko! wahahahahaah!

  23. jhay said on 14-07-2009

    i forgot,,,, malapit lang ang davao,,, dito mo makikita hinahanap mo,,, i cn be your friend,, AT MARAMI AKONG FRIEND NA GWAPONG MAYA

  24. jhay said on 14-07-2009

    hay naku datu,,,hindi ka nag iisa jan sa lugar my bestfriend is a bi,, at anak xa ng maimpluwensyang pamilya jan,,, kapag naubusan ka ng fren jan,, tawid ka lng dito sa davao,,, marami kami dito,,,, gudlak datu,,, cge lang ipakumusta kta jan kay datu hans,,, discreet din,,,

  25. dave said on 14-07-2009

    hi migs..i can’t believe that i’m actually leaving a comment here..maybe i just want to thank u for mainting a blog (such as this one) as it has been a great help for those like us (confused).

    and datu, i just want u to know that you’re not alone..hope i could meet someone to whom i can freely open myself. Yngatz po.

  26. dave_davao said on 14-07-2009

    hi MIGSZ


    friendster ko din yan..jejeje

  27. bluelightninglad said on 13-07-2009

    gusto ko din ng friends pero i am extremely cautious of my closet case. hehe

  28. vast said on 13-07-2009

    migs am from cotabato city. can you get me in touch with too

  29. jayr said on 13-07-2009

    wow i like to be his frend…. hirs my e-mail

  30. arn said on 13-07-2009

    gusto ko ng ganito… hehe…. pa email nmn ng invitation..

  31. dfilboy said on 12-07-2009

    ahw.. goodluck. i wanna b your friend, kasalukuyan din akong nghahanap ng friend na not straight, na makakaintindi sa akin. btw, im a discreet gay. lol ang panget lang, davao aq, cotabato ka. xD

  32. codeblue2187 said on 12-07-2009

    hi there its very difficult talaga to find friends na same as u na hindi lang sex ang habol,, especially that u said that ur gwapo.. neways gudlak sana makahanap ka ng friend here.. taga manila ako medyo malau sau..

  33. maniac said on 12-07-2009

    migs can u invite me to your ‘for friends’ site. friends naman tayo d ba. . .

  34. futureshock said on 12-07-2009

    Actually, eto rin ang problem ko. A lot of bi people are just after sex. Kahit san ka magpunta, IRC, g4m, etc.

    Gusto ko kasing makahanap ng sensible kausap na bi. Yung maamaze ako sa ugali at pananaw niya sa buhay. Kahit kaibigan lang okay na. I am not really looking for a relationship but I am waiting for that right time.

    Kung sinuman ang interested to make friends, and I mean real friends, message me up.


  35. steven said on 12-07-2009

    bi now gay later…

  36. *wonderboy said on 12-07-2009

    hi migs. would it be okay if you invited me to join the “for friends” site? i have been living in manila for the past 2 years and i have been in search of friends – to no avail.

  37. ming said on 12-07-2009

    mag-planetromeo ka dong

  38. BBisnotgay said on 12-07-2009

    hello blog owner, i just wanted to ask and be enlightened as to why most people here are referring to bb gandanghari as gay. if the email sender is pertaining to flamboyant gay people, he is seriously mistaken using bb as an example. bb is transgendered. look it up on wikipedia.

  39. marky said on 12-07-2009

    hi migs..please invite to your
    MGG friend finder…thanks

  40. FrostedAdmission said on 12-07-2009

    I know what you mean. Hirap din humanap ng talagang bi na friends. I’m not from Cotabato but maybe we could connect kahit text.

    (Migs, send mo na lang sa akin details niya kung ayos lang sa kanya)

  41. paol0 said on 12-07-2009

    i visit cotabato from time to time. will be there this week. we can talk when am there. just leave me your mobile number.

  42. the wilted prune said on 12-07-2009

    I’m “bebe gandanghari gay”, so romance is out of the question. However, I SERIOUSLY want to talk to you.

    (MIGS! I NEED TO CONNECT WITH THIS GUY. If you see my email address, you’ll know why.)

  43. cordy said on 11-07-2009

    lol. goodluck..

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