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hi migs! Please help.

My best friend and i are both really hot guys (according to people)… We’re in great shape and straight. But we’ve started to have this weird attraction that both of us deny but we can’t seem to keep our hands off each other. Sometimes it gets sexual as we try to push each other’s limits, holding each other thighs jokingly. but we joke around talaga except what’s the line between joke o hindi?

– Ron Jr.

* * *

Dear Ron Jr.,

Whatever line you’re talking about, you have clearly crossed it. You’re confused now because you want to know if your friend also has, at least in his mind. And if you have the assurance that he indeed has, then you’ll push further and enjoy the goods. Is this just about right?

To tell you the truth, Ron, this exact thing happened to me before. My friend and I would sleep together (no sex), hang-out all the time, drink, laugh, and sometimes play-wrestle (yes touching here and there).

And where are we now? Hello, I’m now the Manila Gay Guy. And the other guy? He is a very successful corporate guy, still quite a looker but no lovelife, no GF, and he still says he’s straight. We’re still good friends till now. The last time I saw him he was in a coffee shop hanging out with 2 gay guys. He says he’s just not homophobic, that’s all. Hmmm.

I’m not saying what happened to me is the exact same thing that will happen to you. In fact I’d wish yours would go more for the “happy ending.”

And bottomline: Keep it up, and let things flow. Exciting, isn’t it?

World Peace! Mwah!


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  1. paul de la cruz said on 03-04-2011

    this happened to me and my friend (a national track and field athlete half american with thighs as big as tree trunks)- we were college buddies but i was a born again christian. he tried several things several times but i ALWAYS turned him away.

    then one day he just rejected me. i lost his friendship. I thought i would losehis friendship if we would do the deed – but it was otherwise. I lost his friendship because i never gave into his advances OR my own desires. 🙁

    i still fantasize about him to this day. he has a family now.

  2. michaelangelopineda said on 20-10-2009

    whatevr it is thats happening or you thhink is happening..just go with the flow…if its meant to end in somethin..let it be…honey, we are sexual beings..we always want pleasure one way or another…my piece of advise is, wag kang maxado mag isip ng mag isip…just enjoy it (if nag ennjoy ka naman), if hinid, thats the time you open ur mouth and spill ur thoughts..have a nice day..

  3. tpearly said on 16-10-2009

    cheesy naman ako im sure im straight but yung ganito i can say you crossed the pink side dude its much better to accept what you have than to decieve yourself and pretend im not a gay hater pero the things that you do for me is not a normal GUY BUDDY SCENARIO… try to think deeper and find out what you both really are..

  4. mike said on 05-10-2009

    juice ko. konti nlng straight ngayun.. yung ibang matatanda. cguro yung mga teens ngayun.. mggcng lahat sila.. or 99%.. .10 ang mtitira.

  5. Winterking said on 16-09-2009

    BROMANCE yan.. ayaw lang bumigay

  6. hao said on 23-08-2009

    napatambling ako hanggang EDSA. ROTFL.
    Well piece Ron Jr. 🙂
    No doubt, positive ka ‘te!

  7. rald said on 21-08-2009

    haller, obvious naman na hindi sya staight. how come he’s in website

  8. chuck said on 16-08-2009

    hahaha… now he knows about it…if he visits this site…at ayun nah…hahaha

  9. Nathan said on 02-08-2009

    Now, i just read this and think that it is pathetic!

    I could give better advice!

    What i think is the matter is that you might just be experimenting! Now that tends to happen at a younger age really but it doesn’t matter. You might just like the fact that someone is playing with you. Male or female, might not matter to you at the time. But when it comes to it you’ll find your either striaght or gay! depending on what you like… For example you might just like the feeling of being touch and not that its a man or woman, OR you might like that it is a man or woman and dont care wwhat there touching as long as they turn you on!

    Hope this helps ya matee!

  10. rudeboy said on 02-08-2009

    I read this somewhere, but it bears repeating here:

    “What’s the difference between a straight Puerto Rican and a gay one?”

    “About five bottles of beer.”

  11. arjay said on 02-08-2009

    hahaha funny. pare pakiss naman oh. straight kiss lang. hahaha parang ganun. lol

  12. epicurious said on 02-08-2009

    Well Mr. Miggs you have some stories ahh, this story sounds like the love drama in Alfonso Cuaron movie “Y Tu Mama Tambien” where Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna go at it, and then kaputz Diego freaks out, check it out Pinoys this movie is great got an academy award nomination back in 2001.

  13. Kris said on 02-08-2009

    Funny that a straight guy should write in a gay forum ;P When in doubt, you are.

  14. BLUE said on 01-08-2009

    A straight guy will never write such dilemma in fact if it is nothing to you, it doesnt matter. BECAUSE THINKING ABOUT IT WILL MAKE IT EVEN MORE AWKWRD. The real question is…Are you enjoying? Do you like every single moment of your friction? Answer it first, probably you’l find your answers.

  15. Ruzztye said on 01-08-2009

    Matanda ka na, alam mo na dapat mong gawin. Nagtatanga-tangahan ka lang!

  16. pacer said on 29-07-2009

    hi Ron Jr,

    eh naku, para kang yung kasama ko sa trabaho dati..hindi daw bading pero nakipaghalikan ng matindi sa akin at nagpaputok sa mouth ko..tapos ngayon straight daw..ewan..kainis..mahirap nga lang kasi mahal ko siya pero ayun kasama lagi gf nya

  17. carl said on 29-07-2009

    haha, kailangan pala, magpunta rin ako sa mga straight blog sites, para to help me understand the complexities of straight people!!! hahahaha….

  18. Ditas said on 28-07-2009

    Ron Jr, nakakaloka ka naman. Two things lang, if you are straight then: 1. why are you affected? 2. why are you in this site? Tapos sumulat ka pa, heler?!
    O cya, talk kau ni GM. Straight din daw cya. Kalokah!

  19. GM :) said on 28-07-2009

    Yes a lot of straight guys are reading this site. They’re just afraid to be tagged as gay. I my self is a straight guy and i have a gay friend but not too close friend just happened to be my funny class mate and group mate in our hospital duty way back in college.
    I appreciate the existence of this site coz’ it helps me understand the complexities of gay people. thanks migs 😀

  20. Lola Tetchie said on 28-07-2009

    Ron jr, if you really are straight as you claim you are, then you would know when you’ve crossed the “line” of just being playful to being sexual… as a straight guy, you’ll know when to stop… and its not where or how intimate you touch each other that’s in consideration here, it’s how you feel when you do so… you may touch a man in his privates and still be straight, as long as you honestly feel that there’s no malice in it, and on the contrary, you don’t need to touch another man anywhere in his body to know if you’re attracted to him sexually or not… so go figure for yourself…

  21. Lloyd said on 28-07-2009

    My friend and i use to tease each other evrytime we chat. he’s straight by the way. he would always ask me if pwede ba siyang manligaw sa akin even if kaharap namin ung gf nya. what’s wrong with it? NOTHiNG — i’m sure i am a bit attracted to him but i never think of pushing beyond the borders. So my advice is, just dance with the beat (para maiba naman ^^).. if you’re both Ok with “touching” each other, then why not maintain your friendship..if he tells you what he feels for you, either for good, or for worse, then accept it…it’s not bad to “assume”, but don’t expect too much..coz it hurts a lot in the end..

    goodluck Ron Jr.!

  22. ming said on 28-07-2009

    all i can say is that straight guys wouldn’t mind male intimacy. They would just see it as a joke.

  23. aresinuae said on 28-07-2009

    hi Helios!

  24. anthony said on 28-07-2009

    amen again. 😀
    the story is light so dont complicate your answers guys.. 😀

  25. helios said on 28-07-2009

    Ron Jr., I think it is best to ask yourself if you feel anything for him apart from a supposedly pure feeling of friendship. Would you be able to do without the touchy-feely games? Or would you miss it when it stops? Does touching him make you feel good? Let the answers lead you.

  26. helios said on 28-07-2009

    Ron Jr., I think it is best to ask yourself if you feel anything for him apart from a supposedly pure feeling of friendship. Would you be able to do without the touchy-feely games? Or would you miss it when it stops? Let the answers lead you.

  27. jonathan said on 28-07-2009

    maybe its a phase wherein you are still discovering your identity. it can be developmental…but thats alright

  28. curious said on 27-07-2009

    Hi Ron, Jr.

    If you are “straight”, how in the world did you get to access this site?


  29. fratboi02 said on 27-07-2009

    I’d agree. My ex boyfriend and I used to be highschool buddies. We were attracted to each other but it took years (9 years, to be exact) before we were courageous enough to tell each other what we felt. Hmmm…it may also be that you’re the only one who feels that way…its not good to assume because you might end up getting hurt and you might end the friendship. piece of advice, go with the flow. if he makes advances, then go for it. experience is the best teacher. you might find out what your real preference is when you’re in that situation already. =D

  30. francis said on 27-07-2009

    sana ako din my ka-bromance..hehe

  31. pRincE said on 27-07-2009

    Naku migs, dami na palang straight guys ang bumabasa ng MGG ngayon? And they share their stories & asks advice from you? I’m starting to doubt if they’re really straight…


  32. tyrone said on 27-07-2009

    it’s bromance… hahahahaha… and possibly kaw lang ang nakakaramdam nyan..

  33. dfilboy said on 27-07-2009

    ahaha. in the first place nmn cguro alam mo n ang sexual orientation mo dhil nkarating k sa site na to e. lol alam mo bng mtagal bago aq nkarating s site na to? hehe xD

  34. dave said on 27-07-2009

    Hi Ron Jr. I agree with the previous comments that maybe what you are encountering right now is like a self-realization of who you are and what you are. Either its a denial or a crisis in the making, the choice is still yours at the end of the day. But like what Migs earlier advised you: Keep it going and flowing.

  35. aresinuae said on 27-07-2009

    To all you gurls na may similar problems, wont you come meet us sa MGGFF group and be friends with guys experiencing the same tsurvah?

    Go ahead and write Migs and ask him to grant you membership. We will welcome you with open arms.

    MrCens and Weng calling your attention

  36. Ton said on 27-07-2009

    The nice thing about writing these things is the validation of our impressions about ourselves. We write to MGG not to simply have our questions answered but to perhaps ask for affirmations that we are what we think (or even deny) who we really are.

    And the nicer thing about MGG, is we precisely get the responses that we want to get. Despite some very negative (and nasty) responses, MGG allows us to vent, share and receive insights, and learn more about ourselves.

    More than being confused, I think you are enjoying the teasing, and the idea of what is next. So go ahead. From how you sound, he is also curious (at the least).

    Tapos, kuwento mo na lang sa amin yung happy ending. Hihihi.

  37. weng said on 27-07-2009

    To MrCens,

    Email me, well try to figure out our defense, Im a UAE reader too.

  38. ed said on 27-07-2009

    Either both of you are gay after all or one of you is. Surely, one of you must be gay. Enjoy!

  39. Bong said on 27-07-2009

    Something similar happened to me and a close friend of mine in college. We would touch each other privately (but no sex act). Publicly, we would be holding each others hands while walking without thinking of what others would say. And the outcome? Wala lang. He is happily married now with kids. I am happily living a single life. Hehehe!

  40. jason said on 27-07-2009

    The guys are not CONFUSED at all. He just doesnt want to admit that he is actually gay. May mga taong ganun talaga, di ma ka admit o di pa matanggap ang pagiging gay, kaya kung ano anong excuses na lang ang sinsabi. For example, Piolo Pascual, if he is asked about his lovelife o kung nililigawan nya si ganito, check nyo, he always answers about his being busy, his career and his God.

  41. paul said on 27-07-2009

    good answer migs!

    this happened to be long ago and never did make the move (even if my friend kept making all sorts of “moves” on me).

    I still wonder about it though – he’s married with a kid now.

    Too bad – he was a MAJOR hunk and cutie model & national team athlete…..alas.

  42. michael said on 27-07-2009

    It does mean that your gay. I have seen guys hug other guys. There is nothing wrong with two guys hugging.

  43. aaron said on 27-07-2009

    WOW..Migs pareho pla tayo except that when we sleep 2gether..we do everything except anal sex.. but he insists we are just BFFs..we cant be partners, and he doesnt want to invest in something that will just go nowhere, kc gusto nyang magkapamilya…(his youngest sibling is OUT). Sa ngaun ayaw na nya ma2log ako sa condo nya kc we only get tempted daw, but we still go out, watch movies and eat…ilang beses na kmi nagsabihan na mag iiwasan na, pero di nman nmin magawa…

    Advise to Ron…mahirap yang ggwin nyo if you guys go further..kung magkaibigan kayo, bka magkaron ng complications or worse masira ang friendship nyo….

  44. kicks said on 27-07-2009

    you guys are really confused..maybe because of the fact “i guess” that both of you have no girlfriends and you’re simply sustaining each others emptiness. well in that case, you’ll have to choose from whether you two will continue this or not, i mean if this really makes you happy why not, who knows maybe someday you’ll realize that both of you are destined. 😉 well goodluck!

  45. MrCens said on 27-07-2009

    when is the right time to break the ice on this matter. when is the right time to confirm that yes, you are… from 2 months vacation in pinas, i am back now in dubai for my 3rd contract, willing to reveal whatever i had in my closet. still manly but how can i defend myself to (mostly ladies) those who challenge my sexuality. how can i defend myself to those people i lied to that i am not gay. hahaizzz… and to those ladies, sorry… im turning 30. wala na yatang pag-asa…

    a reader from dubai…

  46. Tristan Tan said on 27-07-2009


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