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I was hesitant at first but gave in anyway. “Para naman matikman mo ang gay nightlife dito sa San Francisco,” a friend quipped.


And so last night was party night at the Castro scene in San Francisco, California. Two friends accompanied me to check out Badlands and The Café.

These places we went to were quite full, almost jampacked. Among the caucasians and latinos in the crowd, there were groups of Pinoys too enjoying themselves dancing and partying that night. Meanwhile, I was trying to enjoy myself by observing people. I left with a question in my mind.

I wonder where the cuties are.

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  1. beenallovertheworld said on 07-09-2009

    agree w/ joel n ryan. defin cuties are prime n present at lime, trigger, boc (which is now q bar), lookout, mix. and gotta say, ive been to many gayborhoods and castro/sf/bayarea still has the most diversity, the most selection, the most tourists and the most out proud hot gay boys around. nyc, la is up there too but no where is it packed into a nice community like castro, where bar hoppin is truly a norm. and yea, the only good thing about badlands is probably the cheap drink specials. if u want a classier video bar, go across the street to toad hall, owned by the same (racist) owner.

  2. fratboi02 said on 02-09-2009

    I agree blue…Castro is so old school…kaya yung mga tao dun…old school na din…Madaming cute sa San Francisco…you’re asian…you need not flip your hair…hotties will be the one to approach you. =D

  3. Blue said on 14-08-2009

    oh by the way, it’s not true that SF is the gay capital of america, please!!!

  4. Blue said on 14-08-2009

    Badland is for “turista”, for “baduys”, for “old fags”.
    Cute in Badlands? You could be the only cute there.
    Remember Piggy’s in Malate? That’s Badland. It’s such a “bad land”! Castro is for tourists. Cute guys don’t hang out there.


  5. ranma_88 said on 08-08-2009

    i went there recently….now i know where to Cstro district

  6. tailormade77 said on 06-08-2009

    haha, they still do disco dancing at badlands…so 80’s that place. when i was there i asked the same question…where do the cuties go? i mean are there any cuties in san fran, hehe.

  7. Rommel said on 06-08-2009

    Badlands is my favorite! Met a lot of super cute white guys there. i love it even the bartenders are cute

  8. Ryan said on 04-08-2009

    oh, well…your friend brought you to the wrong spots! You should have went to Trigger, BOC, or LIME. Or even the sports bar, the Mix or Moby Dick. Badlands, and we refer to it as SADLANDS owns by a RACIST guy! And the CAFE was soooo over!

  9. ianfelix said on 04-08-2009

    ayaw ng patatas…. kanin talaga ang trip!

  10. epicurious said on 03-08-2009

    Oh Baby, you happen to be in the Butchers den, the crowd there is quite simple regarding taste and variety, such a beautiful city, Bears dominate the scene, and BTW Toronto is the gay capital of the World FYI (for a sister) San Fco. is supposed according to the establishment the leudest, IYKWIM.

  11. ryen said on 03-08-2009

    they’re all paired up and out of the bar migs. enjoying themselves… if you know what I mean. hehehe

  12. Roy said on 03-08-2009

    NO cuties in one of the Gayest capitals of the world??? Migs…

  13. ming said on 03-08-2009

    choosy ka pala teh 🙂

  14. Joel said on 03-08-2009

    we need to take you to BOC, lime & trigger next time around AND its best to go in that order starting friday night! just let me know when you are free and i’ll play tour guide 😉

    I have to add this in response to ‘grill.’ SF is in the forefront of HIV prevention. And if they happen to be positive, alot of them (and i know a friend who is) still live happy and healthy lives. I was a facilitator for project 3-3-3 which helps Filipinos take better care of themselves through workshops. Just a little FYI 🙂

  15. grill said on 03-08-2009

    I bet in your mind you’re asking: how many of these men are HIV positive

  16. i'm a narnian said on 03-08-2009

    ang taray!

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