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Hi Migs,

I stumbled upon your site a few days ago and I haven’t been able to stop browsing since then. I would just like to share my story since tons of people have written you already I figured that I’d try it too haha.

I am an openly gay 20 year old nursing student and I would just like to share a little story that happened to me during the past year. I had this classmate back in 2007 when I was in 3rd year college and I had a crush on him. He was skinny, kinda nerdy and kept to himself. We eventually became friend’s coz we were always in the same group. Our surnames are near kasi and since we were spending lots of time together I eventually fell for him and I even told him how I felt. He said it was okay and that he was straight that’s why he can’t reciprocate my feelings, which was fine because I wasn’t expecting him to anyway. He also had a girlfriend back then which sucked big-time.

I wrote tons of poems about him and posted them on my multiply account knowing that he could read them didn’t bother me at all. He even commented on a few saying how touched he was etc. We texted each other all the time, chatted on ym till morning and even went out, just the two of us. He was the one who was asking me out to watch movies, I mean, what do you expect right? Of course I fell deeper. He knows how I feel about him yet he still does these things that make me feel like, him and I could be possible. I said “I love you“to him while we chatted or texted and he would say I love you back. This brought happiness to me and that is why I loved him more and more each day. We fought a few times about stupid stuff and he made a poem about me. He even used my middle name as the title. My girlfriends were so jealous of me. Sila daw never pa ginawan ng tula ng lalake tapos ako. Isang bakla. Ginagawan ng tula.

We had one major fight where I got jealous of his girlfriend and he got pissed at me. We didn’t talk for a week but he texted me eventually saying sorry kais he needed space daw. I mean.. HE NEEDS SPACE!? Haha! He said he was getting confused daw. Sometimes daw he file like we were doing things only a couple would do. And I got mad be because I NEVER assumed anything. I did love him more but I never told my friends na “oh my God parang kami” or something like that. I respected him. I didn’t even think about him sexually. All I wanted was to be with him all day. He and his gf broke up after a few months too.

We eventually made up and became friends again, and then my birthday came. I held a party at my house and I invited all my friend and him too. He didn’t greet me the entire morning which really got me down. Then at around 10pm a friend of mine came and said he had a surprise for me and there he was behind him. Holding a gift for me while holding is arms up. I was such a mess. I was so happy and I even said to him that this was my best birthday ever. Then a friend of mine started passing the mic around.

each person will describe me daw etc etc and he was the last one to speak. Everybody was silent and my parents were just inside the house so they could hear everything he said. He said thank you for bringing excitement to his life. I was the reason why he’s happy daw. I made him a better person daw. I opened up the world to him daw. I was crying so hard while hugging a friend of mine and he was crying too. I was just so happy to hear him say those things. He needed to go home eventually so he said goodbye, happy birthday, hugged me and kissed me on t he cheek then after that evening? Nothing. He never texted again. Ever. He never logged in his ym. It was like he disappeared. I was so depressed and confused. I refused to call or text him coz I felt like he made himself clear. I didn’t want to become desperate. I failed all my subjects after that. I was drinking everyday and never slept for 2 whole months. He buzzed my ym 5 months after my birthday asking how I was. He asked if he was the reason why I failed 4th year college. I asked him what happened and he said that he didn’t know how to begin again after what happened during my party. He broke my heart. This was the first time I fell in love and this is what I got.. It’s been 9 months now and I am still a wreck. I don’t know what to do anymore. He passed the board exams recently and I really felt shitty coz while I am still depressed its like nothing happened to him.. I feel really pathetic now and all I Want to do is forget him but it’s not easy.

Sorry for the long letter. I really tried to keep it short. I just wanted to ask your opinion about him, what I should do now and how to build up my world again. Thank you so much for taking time to hear my whining haha it really means a lot.

Thanks a bunch and God bless!


* * *

Hi Jek,

I call your boy a “Wonder Boy” because he’s such a source of wonder for you — wonder because you love him, and wonder because you don’t understand him.

Alam mo Jek, we don’t need to fully understand someone to know what to do with them. Hindi na natin kailangan pang uriratin kung nabakla mo ba si Wonder Boy o hindi, kung minahal ka ba niya o hindi, kung ginamit, pinaglaruan, o binale wala ka niya. Hindi na importante ang mga katanungang iyon.

Tama na ang panahon, lakas, at luhang naibuhos mo para sa kanya. Marami ang nagmamahal sa iyo, ang kulang na lang ay mahalin mo ang sarili mo. Take charge of your life, hija. Oras na para ang bigyang pansin mo naman ay ang sarili mo. Bakla, anuman ang sabihin ng iba, maganda ka. Pero sa ngayon ay nakukulapulan ito ng kasawian kay Wonder Boy. Hayaan mong imbitahin kitang hubarin ang nakadagang pag-aalinlangan, at tuluyan mo nang kitilin ang pagnanasa mo sa kanya. Saka mo mauulinigan ang panaghoy ng sarili mong tinig. Ikaw muna, Jek. It’s your time. Give your beauty a chance to shine once more.

Bigyang pansin mo ang ganda mo. Ang edukasyon mo. Ang kinabukasan mo. At sa paraang ito, unti-unting kikinang muli ang alindog mo. Pasasaan ba’t may muling magpaparamdam sa iyo ng pagmamahal at pagkalinga? Basta’t huwag mong kakalimutan – maganda ka.

Yun lang.

Kumembot ka’t ngumiti,



Comments (65)

  1. miko19_blue said on 10-07-2010

    sobrang happy ako para sayo jek that you have finally moved on… lagi kong binabalikan ang story mo kze similar sa akin… yun nga lang 2 weeks p lang akong walang communication s ex ko…. i still beliv time will heal… pag nmimiss ko sya… kinokontrol ko at binabasa ko tong story mo at ang mga comments na syang nagpapatibay sa akin…. sna makamove on ndin ako gaya mo… gudlak in all ur undertakings…

  2. Jek said on 05-07-2010

    Read this again, haha brings back SO many memories. 21 na ako ngayon, R.N. na ako( finally! ) and my family and I will be leaving by the end of the month para mag migrate sa states. I really, really, really love everyone who commented here and syempre si miggs, sobrang laking tulong nyong lahat! It’s true na all I needed was time. Thanks again guys! <3

  3. Ace said on 15-09-2009

    Alam mo jek, fate is a cruel mistress, and PLUs always share the fate of being in demise due to these guys.
    Let me share a quote.

    Don’t get mad. Get even!

    Ayun! So ano gagawin mo? Alam ko na your wise, somehow tiwala akong me face value ka (wenks!), at like a true gay, you are an achiever. Rather than looking for another wonder boy to ruin you, why don’t you just concentrate on the world around you, not around these guys? Study, achieve something and I tell you, when gays achieve something, kahit mga straight laglag ang underwear sa ating abilities. Gays are understanding, loving, caring, witty, customizable (nyek, as in parang kotseng transformers!) at generally nice people to be with. Sigurado yan, as in alam mo ba na karamihan ng mga guys, ang hanap e baklang me achievement, na pwede nila ipagmalaki (or i display sa aparador nila, kasali sa collection nila ng nachukchak nilang mga bakla at mga transformer action figures), yung something they will be proud to be associated.
    Puchang lalaki yan, hindi siya ang mundo mo! Ano siya, si Atlas ng world mo na dahil wala na siya, demolition de armageddon con carne na ang mundo mo?
    And isipin mo to. In every pain, we become tolerant to it and become stronger to take more pain. So patibay ka na! Next round na harapin mo siya, baka nga me wits ka na para sampalin mo siya for me.
    Pero iwas gulo ka lang ah! Charoz! Peace. Mwahh!

  4. sean said on 03-09-2009

    yeah.. it happens. and it is really sad when you assume things that is on your favor. pero that’s life e. sometimes you can’t have everything you want. especially the person you only wanted..

  5. hao said on 23-08-2009


    its People Like Us. 🙂 Btw about to your story. Sana okay ka na at maayos na daily life mo. Sabi nga nila “Kung ayaw sayo nung tao, HAYAAN mo.” 🙂 Live life to the fullest girl!


    I love you ate! 🙂 100% korek ka! Like what I’ve said sa ibang comments ko much better if sa kapwa PLU na lang tayo mag mahal. Sabihin na natin na yung iba di rin seryoso but may guaranty ka pa rin na may magmamahal sayo ng TOTOO.

    muah guys!

  6. Smokaholic said on 18-08-2009

    i hav a quote 2 share 2 u. .
    Someday ul cry 4 me like i cried 4 u
    someday ul miss me like i missed u
    someday ul cry 4 me like i cried 4 u
    someday ul love me but i wont love u.

  7. Jek said on 17-08-2009

    oh..btw..ano yung PLU? haha!

  8. Jek said on 16-08-2009

    My God. xD

    grabe super thanks sa mga comment nyo. hindi nyo alam kung gano nyo ako pinasaya especially you migs! haha sabi nga diba ” we need gay friends” kasi sila lang makakaintindi sayo. isa lang kasi yung friend ko na bakla kaya medyo kulang sa support group. I love this site so much~ thanks again to everyone <3

    UPDATE: ininvite ako ni "wonder boy" sa celebration party nya ngayong aug.16 pinasabi lang nya sa friend ko na invited daw ako. YEAH as if pupunta ako kapal ng mukha nya leche.

  9. Darkprince said on 15-08-2009

    This blog is really Awesome.Im kinda new here and cant stop digging and reading others story.Most of them inspired me in away and Migs advice ROCK!I wil stick here and definitely!will learn more..

    And I sympathy with u jek coz Migs is ryt..enuf is enuf..its ur turn to shine.Fix everythng and start up a new life.I knw its not easy but I hope ur okay now nd in good shape.Always pray and God bless u.

  10. dfsdf said on 13-08-2009

    i can relate to it. im also a nursing student, tapos, i have a class president na Bi… we go out a lot. and now, i miss him na bec of this story. hahay

  11. axe said on 12-08-2009

    to shino- totoo ang sinabi ko sister na pag short time lang tayo, kung nanood ka kahapon ng wowoweeee nag guest duon ang mga reigning beauty queens na mga bading at iisa ang sinabi nila, halos mamalimos daw ang isang bakla kasehodang maubos ang kadatungan para lang mahalin din sila ng isang tunay na lalake. this revelation is really true and we have to accept the reality na tayong mga gays ay pang short time lamang at kung meron ding nagtatagal pero kokonti lamang. Pinapatulan tayo ng mga macho papa dahil may kapalit na pera ang bawat serbisyong ginagawa nila sa atin, pero kapag wala ka ng pera lalayuan ka nila at ipagpapalit sa ibang bakla na kayang ibigay ang luho nila sa katawan.

  12. shino said on 12-08-2009

    axe said:

    “wag na kasi mag wish ng lifetime relationship dahil tayong mga PLU ay pang short time lamang, diba nga ang parehong baklang magkarelasyon ay naghihiwalay pa e di higit lalo na sa isang tunay na lalake sa isang bakla.”


    Don’t you think your comment is too negative? lols 😀

  13. on_keys said on 12-08-2009


    jek, i want to share you a text quote, and here it goes:

    ” Most of us would say:
    find out what makes you
    happy & pursue it..

    but wouldnt that make
    your life more

    life will be a little less
    complicated if you do it
    the other way around:

    ‘find out what makes
    your life miserable &
    stop doing it.’ ”

    hope this will help. have a wonderful life to all. =)

  14. onkeys said on 11-08-2009

    shit naman!!! sorry for the foul words. jek, you know what, we have the same experience.. i’m a discreet guy but fell in love with my best friend/classmate back in college. same weird feelings, i loved him platonically. i was willing to give and sacrifice for his welfare. to cut the story short, i learned my lessons in a hard way. straight guys won’t give all (as in sacrifice, reciprocate love, etc.) to people like us. choose your friend wisely, if not, you’ll end up being used by him.

    jek, the first step you should do now is to forget him. forget the time you’d met him, forget his name and nickname, forget the good and bad times with him, forget where he lives, forget his contact numbers, forget his ym, forget his scent, forget his smile, forget his hobbies, forget his messages… just forget his existence. life is too short for hang-ups. past is past, move on jek. finish your college. know what you really want in life. know thyself. love thyself. good luck!

  15. James said on 09-08-2009

    Isa pa lang yan, but there will be more boys who will surely break your heart.

    Now’s the time to stand up – one of the biggest challenges of being openly gay is handling life’s pressure with such poise and grace. Dapat graceful lang 🙂

    Learn to love yourself first, what happened to you this time – charge it to experience sabi nga ng nanay ko. Broken hearts don’t heal overnight, but there are steps to close the wound completely. Now is the time to move and be better for the futre.

    World peace Migs, salamat sa entry mo 🙂 Cheers!

  16. axe said on 08-08-2009

    lastly before i forgot, dapat maging wise tayo sa pakikipag relasyon dahil marami sa mga kalalakihan na pera lang ang habol mula sa atin, magpaka totoo na tayo at wag magpa ipokritahan dahil pera as in pera lang naman ang dahilan kaya pumatol ang isang tunay na lalake sa atin suma total pang short time lang tayo. Kaya ako wise na ako ngayon, kapag binobola ako ng isang lalake na kesyo may pa Ilove pa sa mga txt nya sa akin tinatawanan ko nalang dahil pera-pera lang naman ang lahat. love ka nya because of your money once na wala ka nang pera good bye narin sya kaya ang kawawang bakla e halos mabaliw sa pagsisisi dahil mahihirapan ng makabangong muli dahil ubos narin ang pera nya.

  17. axe said on 08-08-2009

    sister alam mo sarap mong batukan, gaga as in gaga ka talaga sa pag ibig, bakit mo sisirain ang buhay mo dahil lang sa isang lalake. Dimo need ang mag cry/emote to death. Ayusin mo ang buhay mo at tumayo ka ng bonggang bongga mula sa iyong pagkakadapa, mag aral ka ulit at tapusin ang iyong kurso. Maraming lalake dyan at dika maubusan trust me. Knowings moba na kapag college graduate ka at may maayos na trabaho e pagkakaguluhan ka ng mga kalalakihan, magsasawa at maloloka to death ka kung sino ang pipiliin mo sa kanila. Ewan ko ba naman kasi dina talaga natuto ang mga PLU’s at bigay todo kung umibig, wag na kasi mag wish ng lifetime relationship dahil tayong mga PLU ay pang short time lamang, diba nga ang parehong baklang magkarelasyon ay naghihiwalay pa e di higit lalo na sa isang tunay na lalake sa isang bakla.

  18. allen said on 08-08-2009

    migs, grabe. i love your response. 🙂

  19. pacer150 said on 07-08-2009

    a lot of gay guys can relate to this..i for one..and even if it was jek’s story, the comments given will be of help to me.. at least jek, walang nangyari sa inyo..ang sa akin, mas masakit..magkasama kami sa work at flat dati dito sa UK..alam niya na mahal ko siya at laging andun ako sa kanya pag may prob siya sa pamilya,asawa, anak at parents..and yes, even in financial difficulties..nung una, hindi daw siya gay and he can only love me as a friend..then i decided to move to another place and hospital here in london..on my last day sa flat, nung nagpaalam na ako sa kanya, hinalikan niya ako sa labi (and yes, tongue to tounge), then he said “i don’t know where it came from”, and when i said “i love you”, he said “i love u too”..then after that hindi ako kinausap ng ilang araw…tapos sabi, it was a mistake..siyempre masakit..ang problema, dinalaw niya ako sa bago kong tirahan, and yes, hindi lang halik nangyari..he allowed me to do everything, to the point taht he came..he said just give him time coz he’s still confused..pero ngayon, hindi raw siya gay kaya friends na lang talaga hurts so only happend 2 weeks ago, and yes, the pain is still there..kaya sa lahat ng mga nag comment dito, maraming salamat..i guess i need to move on and love myself..jek, bata ka pa..magconcentrate ka sa least openly gay ka..hindi ka na mahihirapan mag come out..

  20. RonTab said on 07-08-2009


    How old were you then? Late teens? Early 20’s? I hope in the years to come, when you look back, this would be a memory that made you stronger but not bitter, wiser and not judgmental but most of all, free.

    Di bali, mas nakakalungkot yung mga walang adventures sa buhay. Who played it safe all along. You pushed your boundaries, you’ve overstepped some, you thought you were selfless when you were not, loving when you were not but that experience is priceless.

    Go go go Migs… eyeloveyah

  21. Macky said on 07-08-2009

    Migs is definitely right sis!…lamu I had the same situation as you before, we were so inseparable back then, parang maninibago mga tao samin kung di kami magkasama, at first things seems so sweet n genuine– but things change! the feelings, thoughts and interest change—hanggang may sumira nun na friend namin— i was so devastated ksi Christmas yun nung mangyari—do not want to end our friendship that way— wala naman kaming pinangako o sinabi sa isat isa— but it seems parang close to a promisng relationship—-binalak kong sirain ang buhay ko and drown myself to misery n pain, laging lasing ang diwa ko at malabo ang paningin ko sa bukas—- but then something hit me! sbi ko ako naman! dati kasi centro sya ng buhay ko! at pinilit kong intindihin sya sa lahat ng oras!~ nung lumingon ako sa likod ko nakita ko ang tunay kong buhay—andyan c GOD- my family, my friends–the opportunities in life!—kasi di ako makausad! bakit kasi matigas ang ulo ko nun i dont want to let go and ACCEPT—kasi dba its too good 2b true–wala namang madali sis kaya i try mo munang gawin at pag ginawa mu nang lahat at di ka ma rin maka move on dun mong sabihin na loser ka!— pero bakit ka papayag di ba—-di para sa kanya and muli mong pagbangon o sa kahit kaninong tao pa—gawin mo yan para sa sarili mo dahil ikaw at ang sarili mo ang kakampi mo at makakaintindi sau uki! —-smile n bring shed light into withering world! 😛

  22. Nick said on 06-08-2009

    Replace the prick with someone hotter and younger. And also pass the board exams soon.

  23. ric said on 06-08-2009

    isang araw, pag ikaw ay bagong gising, tumingin sa salamin at sampalin ang sarili upang magising. you need to wake up and face the world. mag-aral, mamasyal, mag-spa or magmall or sing. you know what to do. don’t dwell so much on your emtoions. one last thing, pag nagbasa ng MGG, tingnan na lamang ang nga larawan at huwag ang mga kwento, in this way makakafocus ka on other persons rather than the stories of unriquited love.

  24. pink palaka said on 06-08-2009

    sorry candy, naexcite lang akong magkwento after reading that aforementioned story, e…
    tao lang, and im glad you read my comment..

  25. straightmagnet said on 06-08-2009

    i feel you. i had the same situation for four years in the university. we even planned attending school together after that and graduate at the same year. i let go of him, pero the mixed messages he sent me when we were together after all those memories are still on my head? “he loves me? he loves me not?” —he’s straight. but he makes me feel like the girliest girl in the world.

    be brave. and we should try to avoid these straight guys with mixed signals.

  26. butterflyrhai said on 06-08-2009

    better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…fear is a hindrance to our happiness…the buts and what ifs are not enough answers to clear ones mind and forget things…u need a closure and an ending….so go ahead and ask…speak ur mind and heart…hu knows it mite have been a happy ending after all but if not….atleast u have finally freed urself…goodluck

  27. mango knots said on 06-08-2009

    ang cute naman ng comment mo migs. ^_^

  28. stainedheart said on 06-08-2009

    ang ganda! haba ng hair…. nag rerejoice kba? hehehe

  29. pao-pao bear said on 05-08-2009

    I love the Advice Migs!!! Na-teary eyed ako ng slight. sniff

  30. Candy said on 05-08-2009

    i mean separately…

  31. Candy said on 05-08-2009

    pink palaka, wag ka makiagaw ng eksena. i-email mo si migs seperately.

  32. pink palaka said on 05-08-2009

    kaiba nmn ang story ng life ko.. pwede magshare ng kunti? nagkaroon ako ng bf na indian dito sa UAE for almost 3 years, ng umuwi sia sa kanila, para akong naging kalapating nakawala sa hawla ng mga sibuyas, lumipad, naghanap at naglaro, meron akong nakita, isang pinoy na di gaanung pagn pda pero malambing at carinosa, hiniwalayan ko ang indiano kahit nasa india siya, ang ending nagpumilit siyang bumalik at kahit alam niyang makukulong siya dahil merong nagblutter sa knya, utang na hindi niya nabayaran, nagpumilit paring pumunta ang ending nakulong sa immigration for 3 days at hinanap ako ng makalabas na, tinaguan ko. ansama ko no?
    to make the story short, wala na kmi ni indiano pero nakukunsensia parin ako sa ginawa ko sa kanya ng walang matinong dahilan para hiwalayan ko siya.
    ngayon, kasama ko na si pinoy, nakarma yata ako, sobrang higpit, sobrang seloso, sobrang arte, hindi ako makalabas ng bahay ng hindi siya kasama, hindi ako makadalaw sa mga friendship ko ng hindi siya kasama, lahat ng text at calls na nakikita niya sa phone ko na hindi nakastore ang number, pasekreto niyang tinatawagan, minsan tumawag siya sa kapatid kong nasan qatar, kinabukasan pinagalitan ako ng kapatid ko at sino daw ung tumwag sa kanya na disoras ng gabi, gamit ang number ko.
    mahal ko nmn siya, dahil malambing siya, at kahit alam kong me asawa siya at me dalawang anak, ‘yon nga lang nakaseloso… may tattoo sa braso na kilalang grupo ng mga militar, pulis, sundalo at kung ano-ano pa.
    at ito pa ang matindi, wag na wag daw akong makikita na me kasamang lalaki… ewan ko ano kaya gagawin niya sa kin, baka ilibing niya ako sa gitna ng desyerto na nakalabas ang ulo.

  33. hebe said on 05-08-2009

    Ang lalim ng tagalog mo. I almost drown…LOL

  34. anthony said on 05-08-2009

    so similar sa story ko..

    only thing his my best bud, hes straight, quite dramatic.

    pero agad ako naka recover nun.. kasi isip isip ko, hes not worth my time… my love and everything…

    napadaan sya para mahalin ko at saktan ako..
    ayunn 😀

    maganda yun response mo migs…
    mahalin dapat ang sarili… muna..
    wag muna ang kalandian.. hehehe 😀

  35. said on 05-08-2009

    Mig’s reply is the BEEEEESSSSST! Hats off to you, Migs. Ikaw na ang Charo Santos ng mga halamang dagat! haha. peace on earth!

  36. Broken_Heart said on 05-08-2009

    We all went thru this. The same or some version of it.


    The world is sooo big and there are a lot of people in it. Hope…
    In some corner and in the right moment, you will find the one. I find that exciting and something to look forward to!:)

  37. Closet Queen said on 05-08-2009

    I’m sorry to hear that. Tsk. We share the same fate. However, on my part, as much as possible, I should have the ball instead of handing it to him. In the eyes of his parents, cousins and friends, we are just good good friends. But if we’re alone, ofcourse, I sdhould do the first move.
    How did I relate with your story? well, we had a serious fight because he was accusing me of sending or posting message to his girl’s friendster. Honestly, I did, but why would I admit it? Ofcourse, I have to say some enstances to relate to the whole accusations that it wasn’t me.
    He didn’t believe though.I was totally wrecked! To the point that I even blamed our common friends and have to stay awhile from them. What I did is to stand up again and enrol in the College of Law somehwere and at the same time contnue working. With that, I becamse pre-occupied with all the stuff related to work and school which eventually made me forget him and enjoy spencing time with my classmates at school.
    That is what you should do. He hurt your feelings and you were affected. Gosh! he’s not the man in the world. God will give you somthing more worthwhile than him.

    This is a little bit long, but I am very sorry for you. For the first time, I was really affected reading some stuff here and your letter caught my attention. Get up! Study and focus and tour the world. Make youself worthy with your family and friends and future partner in life.
    God speed!

  38. suffering lawstude said on 05-08-2009

    QUESTION: DO PLU’s REALLY have THIS HABIT OF ILLUSIONING AND EXPECTING MORE from our objects of appreciation? Like, instead of mere friendship, we give meanings wc r totally different.

  39. suffering lawstude said on 05-08-2009


    Hahaha. In legal parlance, the sale wherein the object of purchase is not really in existence is called sale of vain hope, and as such, it is unlawful.

    I just find its relevance to share this legal knowledge in this page. One commented here that we “always expect something different from those we like”. haha. Simply put, lagi nalang taung nag-iilusyon. Just a smile from our crush would mean to us entirely amazing like “he probably likes me”? bwahaha. funny but true.

    The worst part here is we live up to these illusions which really hurt us very very very deep in the end. (DAMN! I’m suffering it right now.) :'(

    Sobra kc taung umasa! Ayan tuloy, bumili tau ng wala.

    Now I’d really like to believe: “Pag may mahal ka at ayaw sayo, hayaan mo. Malay mo sa mga susunod na araw ayaw mo na din sa kanya, naunahan ka lang.”

  40. babitter said on 05-08-2009

    galing galing ni migs! iha, go follow migs’ suggestion. 🙂

  41. Ian said on 05-08-2009

    Why do we always fall for the ones we can’t have? Probably for that very reason. Common sense never prevails and the heart rules the head. Yet there are many lonely gay men out there trying to find at partner. C’est la vie.

  42. period said on 05-08-2009

    sabi nga ni kumareng whitney, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all

  43. londoner said on 04-08-2009

    Tumpak Migs! Lubos akong sumasangayon sa iyong sinabi. Batid ko na maaaring pagtagumpayan ang anumang balakid na dumarating sa ating buhay basta magtiwala sa ating kakayahan at laging isiping MAGANDA Ka!

  44. lordmanilastone said on 04-08-2009

    tama, my gosh, sobrang nakarelate ako sa nangyari sayo, cliche na rin ang advice ni migs pero it really works and it’s the best advice, good luck to you jek, kaya ma yan kasi nakaya ko rin….

  45. cholo said on 04-08-2009


    You are such a drama queen! Laos!

  46. MrCens said on 04-08-2009

    the best love-advice ever!!! though its common, love yourself before loving others, the way it was presented (in tagalog) was thought provoking and will lead you to the first step… kumembo’t ka’t ngumiti.

    jek, wag sanang si wonder boy ang mag-aattend sa iyo sa hospital bilang nurse if you will not follow migg’s advise.

  47. mickeyscloset said on 04-08-2009

    tama si migs! please visit my blog:

  48. teeguzzin said on 04-08-2009

    “Kumembot ka’t ngumiti”. Ang ganda Migz!
    Hay naku Jek, makinig ka sa mga ate mo dito. Tama na ang feeling biktima. Sa iyo ang lahat ng pagkakataon para ayusin at pagandahin ang iyong buhay at kinabukasan. Hayaan mo, marami kang karamay dito. “Chantè”. wink wink!

  49. ming said on 04-08-2009

    “…he can’t reciprocate my feelings, which was fine because I wasn’t expecting him to anyway…”

    and the rest was irony.

    neng, kelangan tanggapin natin ang KATOTOHANAN na sila ay straight. Tourist spots lang sila. Hanggang tingin lang tayo. Mahalin mo ang sarili mo at tiyak hindi ka malulugi.

  50. v said on 04-08-2009

    “He was skinny, kinda nerdy and kept to himself”

    Juice koh, ang pag-ibig nga naman, julag. Kukurutin kita sa singit malditah kah. Nilagwak mo ang future moh sa ganyang creature??!! Anuvah ineng!

    Hongayon, chapteran mo na ang emotera phase mo at humanap ng worth magpaka-luka-lukahan. hmp!

  51. mickeyscloset said on 04-08-2009

    kumembot kat ngumiti! lol ahaha nyc migs.
    please visit my blog. tenks!

  52. Allan said on 04-08-2009

    jeck, nakarelate ako ng husto kasi nangyari din sakin yan pero life goes on kaya mag-move on ka na rin.

    migs, i love you’re last line “kumembot kat ngumiti”. The best ka talaga!

  53. pink palaka said on 04-08-2009

    another hearaches gay story.

  54. i'm a narnian said on 04-08-2009

    naniniwala ako sa sinabi mo, migs. 🙂

  55. aresinuae said on 04-08-2009

    Di ka nakatulog ng dalawang buwan? Is that even possible? Joke lang…

    Wala kong mako-comment sa sitwasyon. Ang mga bakla, we tend to expect and assume too much.

    Join ka na lang ng mggff! You’ll have fun there.

  56. Ton said on 04-08-2009

    teka, eh bakit parang feeling api ka eh parang ang saya ninyo naman dapat.

    at si wonder boy, hindi alam “kung papaano ulit magsisimula pagkatapos nung gabing yun?!?” bakit, may natapos ba? at meron ba namang naumpisahan in the first place.

    you knew very well that what you had was companionship, friendship and perhaps even love. pero hija, wala namang commitment ever ah. so bakit may expectations.

    no one can every hurt yourself, but yourself. so move on, jek. madaling sabihin, pero alam mong yun ang dapat gawin.

    you are much bigger that how you see yourself today jek.

    kaya nga gay eh. kasi masaya. lose ang malungkot at naaapi. wa na yan ‘day!

  57. jam said on 04-08-2009

    ohmy.. parang pareho ata kami ni Kuya migs ng advice… medyo malalalim lng saknya haha! hindi ko pa nabasa ung “advice” part ni Migs bago ako ng advice eh… cencia na bakla lng.. haha!

  58. jam said on 04-08-2009

    I dunno but i felt sad when I finished the letter… Naka relate ako sobra… but i hate this kind of feeling na eh… hindi sya helpful…
    Advice lng, (hindi sa magaling ako mgbigay…) I think at this moment it’s about time you pick up the pieces… mahirap pero kelangan mong gawin… dont let this destroy you.. sayang ang future… marami ka ng nasayang na effort and feelings for him and I think it’s just fair if you give yourself another chance to live… I dont want you to expect anything from him, pero sabi nga nila if the universe agrees… kayo rin ang magsasama sa huli… But for now, be a dear, Love yourself and continue to be the brilliant,sparkling person you are.. un lng… 🙂

  59. weng said on 04-08-2009

    Let go of this baggage and learn to dance with life. There is no need to cry over a spilled glass of milk, Si Wonder Boy ay isa lamang baso ng gatas.

  60. Evan said on 04-08-2009

    True. We gays know how to survive. And for sure hindi naman tayo papayag na dahil lang sa pag-ibig kaya tayo masisira. Marami pang iba jan. Makakahanap at makakahanap ka rin… =)

  61. mahadera said on 04-08-2009

    Jek, habang binabasa ko yung story mo, pinapakinggan ko naman ang kantang come what may, (yung version ni Faith Cuneta ha) and i really like your story. Even though sad ang huli, tandaan mo na life still goes on…at hindi tayo dapat na tumigil, kung hindi tayo ang maiiwan ng panahon. Tulad mo umibig din ako before, at naging bigo rin sa huli, pero dapat matuto tayo sa mga nararanasan natin. Sabi nga ng isang kaibigan ko, matuto na tayong tanggapin ang tadhana natin, anyway marami namang taong nagmamahal din sa atin. Keep the faith! and move on!

  62. Jr Hammer said on 04-08-2009

    Kumembot ka’t ngumiti – hahaha! I love this line Migs. We gays survive problems because we know how to laugh amidst difficulties.

  63. jimg29 said on 04-08-2009

    Tumpak! Ngayon lang ako uhm-agree kay Miguela. True-lagang mahiwaga si wonder boy kaya’t meyk-ap ka muna bago pabayaan ang self. Bata ka pa naman. Madami pajan!

  64. Evan said on 04-08-2009

    Awww… What a nice story and what a nice advice Migs… Can relate ako… Can i share my story too?…. Hehehe…

  65. daredvl said on 04-08-2009

    pare, hindi ko makuha kung bakit bigla na lang kayo naging hindi okay.. ang sabi niya nalito lng siya how to start again after the party. you know what, you could have reached out those months na hindi ka natutulog. you could have swallowed your pride and went to him and confirmed everything that needs confirmation. besides, it needs no assurance that you have mutual understanding. but it happened na, but based on your story posted here, there is NO ENOUGH way that you guys split up. TALK TO HIM and make everything clear. Pare, you can always move on, but if something is unclear you can never EVER ever deny it. It will haunt you till you die. Go up to him, and make sure everything’s clear. Whatever transpires from your confrontation, then so be it. Atleast liberated na kayo from all questions and things that is bothersome.. I hope I was able to give a spark of idea.

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