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I was having lunch with a female colleague last week, and we came to the topic of why she — at 30 — is yet to be hitched. She said something like:

Andami na kasing bakla ngayon. Kasi naman, nag-iisip na ngayon ang mga lalake. At dahil nag-iisip sila, at alam nilang nagiging accepted na ngayon ang mga bading sa society, eh nagpapaka-bading na sila. Yan ang hirap kapag pinababayaan mong mag-isip ang mga lalake. Dapat di sila pinag-iisip.

I almost fell off my chair when I heard this. (Almost, because we were sitting on the floor, Japanese-style, in a Japanese resto.) What a novel idea. Isisi ba ang pagdami ng bading sa pag-iisip ng mga lalake? Pero come to think of it, may point ang hitad.

More and more men are beginning to question their true sexuality. Unlike in years past, I would say people in general, and men in particular, have felt being given permission to rethink what they really want for themselves, disregarding (though not totally) what society would say. A sort of silent liberation from the shackles of the world’s societal expectations. So, continuing on with my lunchmate’s argument, when allowed to think, men go off and do what they really want. And sometimes, what they really want is to be gay.

Nakakatawa pero hindi ba totoo naman? Dumadami ang bading kasi mas nabibigyan ng puwang ang mga lalakeng mag-isip nang para sa sarili nila. Isipin mo na lang noong panahon nila Jose Rizal, siguro napakarami ang mga klosetang bading na di man lang nagkaroon ng chance maging totoo sa sarili nila. Andaming untapped potential energy, na kung sana’y naipon eh mas malakas pa sa nuclear bomb ang pagsabog. Tiyak blasted away ang mga Padre Damaso at sanlaksang Guardia Civil noong mga panahong iyon.

In this modern world, dahil na rin sa teknolohiya at internet, mas marami na ang (kahit na patago) nabibigyan ng chance i-express ang kanilang tunay na sexual preference. Sa ganang akin, hindi naman kailangan talagang mag-out sa buong mundo ang bawat bading. Kanya-kanyang sitwasyon yan, at kanya-kanyang diskarte (kaya dapat walang basagan ng trip, di ba?). Pero kakambyo rin ako sa pagsasabing ang mas importante ay hindi ang external announcement regarding one’s sexual preference. What is much more important is the internal acceptance of one’s self. Dito talaga sa tinatawag na self ang energy source. You bottle it up, and it becomes so difficult to tap and thus use productively. Deny it of its natural need to be expressed, then it manifests in some other, perhaps uncontrollable, unwanted way.

Masaya ako, realizing that my blog, this blog, has in some ways been instrumental in facilitating the expression of homosexuality among some gay men. Kesyo patago or out-na-out, regardless of age, social strata, physical appearance, height, weight, dimension, and complexion, many of our fellow gay men have found some way to connect to their real inner selves, as well as to many other kindred souls through MGG the blog. I know of some experiences of “great awakening” among my readers, and when I learn about their experiences (through emails they send me), I can only feel so blessed to have been given this golden opportunity to be the Manila Gay Guy. Such sweet responsibility.

So, tama ba si lunchmate sa kanyang mga kuru-kuro ukol sa sanhi ng pagdami ng bading, and may I add, sa paglaganap ng gay consciousness and preference? I would say yes, at sana nga ito ay dahil sa mas masusing pag-iisip ng mga kauri natin. Mas maganda naman talagang mabuhay na may choice, lalo na kung ang choice na ito ay pinag-isipan nang mabuti imbis na inihain lamang ng lipunan.

At sa inyo, aking dear readers, what do I ask of you? I ask you to be a little bit less judgmental, and a little bit more compassionate, especially sa ating mga kapatid na bading (o pinagsususpetsahang bading). The world is cruel enough, let’s not add to it. Instead, fill it with a little bit more love through more understanding, and more compassion especially to our brethren who share a similar life journey. Iba’t iba nga tayo ng uri ng pagkabading, pero in the end, all of us need a companion with compassion.

Concretely, what can you do? Appreciate your gay friends more, express your gratitude outwardly, it’s always good to hear when one is appreciated. For those whom we think are gay but are confused, give them some space, perhaps that’s what they need to let more oxygen flow into their brains, and thus make the right decision for themselves. And for those of you who are in the closet, push yourselves more to respect and applaud our out-and-about gay brothers or sisterettes. They are, after all, courageous souls whose flames burn bright, and whose light may just as well guide our own, maybe different, life path.

And so as I always say, World Peace! Be well my friends.



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  1. brokenvow said on 18-08-2011

    basta ako, bakla ako! 😛

  2. Closer2Fame said on 18-08-2011

    No wonder, this is a winning post… Naisip ng mga Lalaki na there is nothing wrong with expressing your attraction to anything or anyone and being stigmatized for being gay is way back in the past… Why are we suppressing what feels natural? Anyone has a different degree of attraction to anything and its up to the person on what, whom or how to express it depending on or no matter what specific label it is under.. It’s like being attracted to a car and you feel like you want to do a test drive just to get the feeling of adrenaline but it doesn’t mean that u don’t want to get married to a woman and have kids.. What prevents that man from expressing his attraction to the car is if that kind attraction is considered as taboo by our society because it defies the norms of its current culture. It’s the cultural upbringing from our society that tells him not to express his attraction to the car NOT his instincts. I can’t think of any other synonymous analogy at the moment but I hope you guys get my point.

  3. blackphoenix said on 02-02-2011

    very like this article.. “The world is cruel enough, let’s not add to it. Instead, fill it with a little bit more love through more understanding, and more compassion especially to our brethren who share a similar life journey”…

  4. jhune said on 06-10-2010

    all i can say is…. i love mgg…. im a gay guy…..
    napag isipan ko nato so many times and i am happy for being a gay guy….i love your blogs migs,,,

  5. Jake said on 18-09-2010

    dumarami ang bading because of the society, of the environment, of the media…by default, men have a stronger masculine traits than feminine traits..beacuse of the environement nowadays, naiimpluwensyahan ang feminine side ng mga lalake..hanggang sa mas lumamang ang feminie side kesa sa masculine nakakapag isip nga ang mga lalake na ok lang maging bading..

  6. bekely said on 18-09-2010

    sakit nman na ng mata kong magbasa! ang masasabi ko lng bongga k unty!hehe.

  7. jgonzales said on 04-09-2010

    oo nga no bat dumarami nga mga bading????? e di lalo na cguro kung nbubuntis mga bading bka overpopulated na ang mother earth…..kc d b makakati pa sa gabi(plant} mga …kuning….

  8. mhark said on 18-08-2010

    shoak”‘””” ah.gwabe naman ,,,we have to respact those gays hare in the world…wag kayo huh,,magagaling din cila,,,

  9. eric said on 09-08-2010

    @justin- the guys you had relationship were all gay, maybe they were bi then , but as you know, bisexual is just a STOP before becoming a full blown case of PLU,as the rule goes, the cutier a guy , chances are they are gay, and your family knows you`re gay, any guy pass 30 who is single, ist a red flag for homosexuality


  10. Justin G said on 08-08-2010

    I so totally get what you’re saying. I really really hate gays that show their feminine side. Hate their forced voice (I mean do they think they actually sound like women?), I hate their clothing, and everything that goes with those kinds of gays…
    I did, that is, until I understood that other boys… Well… other boys really feel that they are girls. I didnt know and understand that in the beginning. But now I do.
    I’m one of those typical boys that act like boys but attracted to streight PRETTY boys.
    In my roster of relationships include:
    1. A very well know Model Celebrity actor who is every girls fantasy today – during Highschool 2yrs
    2. A DLSU cute nerdy boy – During Highschool 3yrs
    3. an Ateneo Boy – he was in HS and i was already working (we were 12yrs apart)
    and some one night stands between me and a Bench model, my super cute chinito best friend. this kid from Forbes Park, and also another model who does a lot of commercials…
    I dont feel gay but can’s stop thinking and attracting prettyboys… Like the other day… I was in Makati med and attracted this chinito nurse… the guy followed me all over the hospital and escorted me wherever i went…
    I was never abused nor came from a croken family… im am one of 5 brothers… all merried except me… Im rich so i didnt have to have sex… Hmmmm…..

  11. ChRiStIaN ErAnDiO said on 08-07-2010

    pag ka ganda ganda nman nito…..prang na anu aq….actually this post is very interesting coz me is also gay but in a sense na out pro medyo my boyish prin….anyway…..pra skin mali ang fwend mong “GELAY” kc uu nga dumadami ang gay sympre kc medyo accepted na ng lipunan ang gays duba…kya for me its just normal for a guy to reveal his true sexual preferencen…..

  12. jane said on 27-05-2010

    i hope you don’t kill yourself for the choices you make. Seek pleasure, as we humans are intended to do, but pleasure that is genuine and lasting can only be found in Jesus. Don’t deprive yourself with the best, seek Jesus!

  13. sirk69 said on 29-04-2010

    haha…ang dami ko nang friends na nabiktima ng mga closet queens. Winarningan ko na ang mga gaga na may nasasagap na signal ang gaydar ko, hindi pa naniwala ang mga hitad….hahaha…. eh kasi ngayon we come in all shapes, forms and sizes…hirap na talaga ma-distinguish who’s who. I mean, pati ako, my Gaydar failed me 3x na! one was with my classmate of 4 years, nung graduation siya nag-out, in-love na pala siya sa best friend niya who happens to be straight…nawindang ang mundo ko nun… i questioned myself kung bakit hindi ko siya naramdaman in all those years na magkaklase kami…kahit hinala wala…
    another was this guy na super, as in gulat na gulat kami ng mga gay friends ko na bading pala siya. HGe was with us in one of our duties sa Hospital (nusring kasi kami) and during that day, 5 kaming mga bading ang on duty, the nursing aide teased us kais puro mga dyosa saw ang on duty, our response was, may isang hindi, si Nap. hahaha…. only to find out after a few weeks that he is in fact gay…and hindi niya ito tinatago, hindi lang siya lantadnalantad about it… hahaha…my gay friends were so depressed, especially yung friend ko na classmate niya dahil wala rin siya nagka-hinala…
    last one was this guy na nakasama ko nung nasa call center pa ako, pinagkakaguluhan siya ng girls dahil gwapo, matikas at matalino si guy, plus factor din ang kanyang bedroom voice, he used to be a DJ pala….wala rin kami naghinala ng gay office mates ko, only to find out from a Bi friend, na gwapo din, that “Mr. DJ” is gay, as evidenced by the latter’s texts; ang daming “good morning”s at “eat na u?”s ni mr. dj kay mr. bisexual.

    yun lang… maiikling kwento na nagpapatunay na sa panahon ngayon, pati ang ating mga gaydar ay naboblock na at pumapalya. 🙂

  14. Sasarai said on 28-04-2010

    All I can say is… BONGGA KA!!! Hahahaha! Galing ng pagkakabuo mo sa logic mo! Galing! IDOL ka talaga! :))

  15. thedlow said on 27-04-2010


  16. masayako said on 09-04-2010


    =)) CHAROT!!!=))

  17. alex said on 26-03-2010

    hi, im a very discreet guy and even n our school, sum1 think of me as a real man. Honestly, i hate gays roaming around the campus showing their kalandian..,,..well, in my case, hindi naman ako ganyan but i dont know kung bakit hindi sila mahiya na ipakita sa buong madla ang pagkatao nila… I had attended gaysite and yes i already met sum1 for a friend and sex friend. Anyway, parang nand2 ako sa mundo not to show my true real identity but im here looking for sex with them. marami na rin akong naka-sexmate pero all of them very discreet din. So anung masasabi nyo tungkol d2? hehe

  18. MA said on 23-03-2010

    I guess being gay is a way of living, and it only seems increasing because we are part of this society.

  19. said on 11-03-2010

    being a gay is not a big mistake…..

  20. Rand Al Thor said on 19-02-2010

    Late ko na nabasa to ’cause an online friend sa just mentioned it. Very insightful indeed. And funny too! Thanks for posting it.

  21. owen said on 13-02-2010

    I just passed by this article and I was happy you brought this up Migs.. I couldn’t agree more with pinkpalaka.. kung bading ka its in ur blood.. kakalabas mo pa lang sa nanay mo berde na dugo mo.. then ur trying to fit in in two worlds.. 2 cases yan napagod labanan ang virus – yan naging gurlaloo.. ung stronger ones bumili ng cabinet dun pa rin nakatago.

    there’s nothing wrong about being what we are.. Importantly pakita natin sa knila lahat na needed ang galing natin! And just heard the news na uprising ang AIDS sa pinas so let us promote safe sex at babalik din sa atin ang sisi nyan..

    I was inspired by this so thanks.. even sa mga ngcomment..

  22. kinxa said on 09-02-2010

    its so nice to see this blog.,.,and im proud of u guy,.,god bleee

  23. anon said on 02-02-2010

    i know a guy who’s so confused he thinks he’s straight. seriously. mahabang kwento, pang isang buong article ang litanya ng buhay nya. anyway, the point is. i agree with dandylion that being gay is not a choice. if it was, then ang taong PINILING maging bading ay isang malaking plastic (piniling maging out is of course, an entirely different story). if being gay is a choice, then you can also choose NOT to be one db? but the thing is you cannot. once you’re out, you’re out. so it’s not a choice. my two cents.

  24. The Rookie Blogger said on 29-01-2010

    ang galing nito… ahehehehe

  25. DANDYLION said on 14-01-2010

    my email is :

  26. DANDYLION said on 14-01-2010

    Being bading is not a choice. It is a destiny. These are some of the factors that lead to being gay:

    1. May isang tatay, kapatid or father figure sa bahay na medyo malupit sa asawa, anak at kapatid. Nananakit ng walang dahilan.

    2. May isang nanay na sobra ang bait, martir, supportive, masipag at mapagmahal maski sinasaktan.

    3. Pagkakaroon ng mga kalarong babae na ang nilalaro ay mga laruang pambabae.

    4. Pagkakaroon ng mga kalarong lalaki na nambubully at nananakit sa mga medyo malamyang kumilos na lalaki.

    5. Environment na kung saan may isang male father figure apart from the father ( Ex. bayaw, family friend, neighbor ). This male is attractive at halos palagi naka expose ang katawan, nagkukwento ng medyo erotic at malalaswa maski joke lang.

    Combine two or more of the above factors and you have a bading in the making. Homosexuality develops from the age of four and peaks at the puberty age of 15. It is during this time that hormones are actively produced by the body. Exposed in the above circumstances and emotional behavioral patterns, a boy will develop passive ,male hormones ( androgen) and very active female hormones ( estrogen). Once this trend is set at the later puberty stage, hindi na kailan mababago ang hormonal production pattern.

    Hindi dapat icondemn ang bading. Exposed in the above circumstances and emotional behavioral patters, they have no choice but to follow the hormonal inkling.

    By nature badings are fun loving, intelligent, responsible, talented / creative, understanding and hardworking. Bihira sa bading ang namamatay sa gutom.

    email me for comments . ID LOVE TO RESPOND.

  27. said on 13-01-2010

    by the way im a gay hnd sa reason na dumadami ang gay dahil sa mga emotion ng mga lalaki kundi ito tlaga kmi hangang sa pinanganak at lumaki cguro kmi ipina nganak sa mundo ng panginoo for make our world perfec pro ayon sa kasabihn no bodies perfec ecep to god and the word….kng kasalanan na ginawa kming mga bakla eh bkt pinangak kmi sa mundo…..kng kasarian na min ang pag babatyan its natural in our country but sa mga mata ng tao ay isang malaking kasalanan yes thats true pro ano va ang magagwa nila kng dito kmi masaya…,…just contact to my number at 09071947323 to any coment..thank you

  28. bernard said on 12-01-2010

    i highly agree that we gays should be proud of ourselves rather than being in a room being in to secrecy i myself had been in that denial stage where in i was like being caught up to be confuse but you no what guys it wont do you no good as what they say the truth will set you free in due time you will surely know it right before your very eyes text me up or add me at my facebook or ym feel free to call me at 09226151767 mor 09166401860

  29. chika said on 12-01-2010

    being gay isn’t an abnormality. that’s just cruel. it is our own being, and whether or not we want to live that lifestyle becomes our choice.

  30. Jonathan Bernabe said on 04-01-2010

    Bakit dumarami ang bading?

    This question is usually answered by “eh kasi social influence”. Thats what they think. But don’t you ever think that sexual abnormalities happens during meiosis/ cell division or during conception. The chromosomes that we had are XX for female and XY for male. During the union of sperm and egg, it has a time that abnormality occurs where the chromosomes of the father dominates over the normal one in a female offspring where it creates lesbian, while on the other side mothers’ chromosomes dominates over the normal one in a male offspring creating a gay offspring. It is the same with an offspring who is hermaphrodite or has 2 sexual organs but only one is functional. This abnormalities in conception is the same with having multiple births or having twins attached to each other. Being gay or lesbian is not intended, it is an abnormality during conception where you cannot blame the person. OPEN YOUR MIND AND BROADEN YOUR UNDERSTANDING ON THE SCIENTIFIC ROOT AND EXPLANATION OF SEXUAL ABNORMALITIES AND DIFFERENCES.

  31. bob27 said on 28-12-2009

    huhhh….i appreciate your work

  32. pretty gay said on 10-12-2009

    i don’t care, eh eh eh eh eh…. i don’t care eh eh eh eh eh…. all i care is my true self and my own happiness. kiber sa mga utaw na walang kahatol hatol sa katawan nila. God bless them. Magkita na lang sila sa impierno at ako’y sa heaven…

  33. IMhOy said on 06-12-2009

    hi.. alam mo po napaisip nga ako sa topic ng blog mo.. actually.. i admit kasama ako sa new generation of our society… but like u said maraming variety ng gayness sa mundo… in my case i cant classify my self san ba ako.. huhuhuh…. d naman ako ganun kaOPEN na gay… some says bisexual ako.. but minsan, di ko naman gustong tinatawag akong bi or gay… barako ako tignan.. wala sa hinuha na magkakaganito ako .. actually im still thinking pano nga ba ako nagkaganito… hala virus ata ;0)
    whatever it is .. chalamat sa pag-remind that all what is happening in our lives was shaped by our thoughts… d tayu nagkakaganito kung hindi dahil ito;y pinagisipan natin …
    some thinks that bisexuality/ gayness ay salot sa mundo.. i doubt it.. actually.. may advantage din ito sa takbo ng mundo natin.. admit most gay person has a successful life than other person.. gamitin natin ito as our edge para maging successful…
    ;0) chalamat migz

    >>> imhOY

  34. James said on 05-12-2009

    I don’t like the stereotypical portrayal of gays as girl-wannabes. Many gays don’t want to come out because they do not wanna be classified as ‘sissies’ or ‘drag queens’. I accept and respect those gays who feel and want to become girls and even cross-dress, but come on! Many gays feel and act like MEN who just happen to be into other men. I’m a gay man, I like other men, but I never want to become a girl! It’s about SAME-SEX love and relationships, and no role-playing! So I hope you minimize the portrayal of gays (e.g. in pictures on this website) as girl-wannabes! 😉

  35. murmur said on 24-11-2009

    mali. dumadami ang mga bading hindi dahil nag-iisip na ang mga lalake na nagiging bading, kundi nag hahanap lang ng kalinga na nahahanap nila sa kapwa nila lalake… maraming factors pero wala akong makita na ang dahilan ay ang pag-iisip… basta ang alam ko, ung mga lalakeng matapang talaga kahit anong sabihin ng iba ay ang mga bading…

  36. pinoybeachbuff said on 20-11-2009

    bakit nga ba? sinasabi na wala namang mga bahay-bata ang mga bading pero bakit wala silang tigil sa pag-dami?

    maybe it’s social maturity… pahirap na nang pahirap ang buhay sa sa ating bayan; masyadong abala ang mga tao sa kanilang kabuhayan at hindi na nila pinapansin ang mga pagbabago sa sekswalidad ng mga tao sa lipunan …at pag-tubo ng tinatawag na “ikatlong lahi”

    kung gaano ka bilis ang pag-dami ng mga bading ay siya rin namang bilis ng pag-dami ng mga pumapatol sa bading…

    dumating na tayo sa panahon at antas ng kaalaman na nawala na ang ugaling pag-tatatak ng anu ba — lalake? nagpapakalake? babae? o binabae?

    nakakatawa at nakakatuwang isipin na ang gusto ng bading ay lalake… subalit ngunit. bagama’t datapwa’t… lahat ng lalake sa dilim ay may lihim… pag balik sa liwanag at masilayan ang mukha… matipuno at gwapo nga pero di mo alam kung magagalak ka o magagalit kasi mas makapal pa ang kilay nya sa kilay mo at guhit pataas…

    meron din namang mga lalake na walang bahid ng kabadingan; simula sa pag lagok ng alak sa gabi hanggang sa pag gising kinabukasan pagkatapos ng isang “maligayang” gabi.

    baka naman hindi dumadami sa simpleng dahilan na noon pa sila marami at ngayon na lamang nagkaroon ng angkop na panahon at tamang pagkakataon na ilabas, ipadama o ipakita ang kanilang tunay na damdamin at gustong gawin.

    kung anu pa man ang pang unahing dahilan – ganda ng katawan, pagmamahal o materyal na pangangailangan, ang mahalaga ay pagkatapos maganap ang kahit sabihin ng marami na kamunduhang kagustuhan lamang… wala tayong pagsisisihan – sa sarili o sa kapwa tao man.

    (kung nosebleed tayo sa pagsasalita ng wikang Ingles nila, wag naman sana dumugo ang mga tenga nila sa kay sarap pakinggan ng wika na sariling atin)

    Mabuhay ang bayan! Mabuhay ang mundo ng kabadingan!

    Next time English na, promise!


  37. blksantos said on 10-11-2009

    “Sa ganang akin, hindi naman kailangan talagang mag-out sa buong mundo ang bawat bading. Kanya-kanyang sitwasyon yan, at kanya-kanyang diskarte (kaya dapat walang basagan ng trip, di ba?). Pero kakambyo rin ako sa pagsasabing ang mas importante ay hindi ang external announcement regarding one’s sexual preference. What is much more important is the internal acceptance of one’s self. Dito talaga sa tinatawag na self ang energy source. You bottle it up, and it becomes so difficult to tap and thus use productively. Deny it of its natural need to be expressed, then it manifests in some other, perhaps uncontrollable, unwanted way.”


  38. Adrammelech said on 08-11-2009

    I think the main reason why more and more men are being converted is because men want somene who’s simple and who understands his needs, not like most women who are trying to be so complicated in this ever-growing ideological facade which they refer to as feminism.

    No offense meant to women because I do respect you guys. But sometimes you’re just too complicated…

    As a scientific study suggests, most women don’t know what they want…

  39. leo said on 08-11-2009

    i’m only 16 and i don’t think i’m really fully mature to say this but uh… a priest once told me during personal counseling that being gay itself is not a sin, he said that being gay is a portrayal of love, and isn’t love what God want’s us to share to everybody? the sin part comes when we involve ourselves to acts that dim immoral. these acts particularly point to ‘the act’ that’s not intended for procreation in… uh… our case. i’m not sure now though of what to do in times of… uh… urges… and he also said something about cross-dressing(not that i want to, just a curious topic). i’m not opposing anything that he said, i believe i just need more details… so i hope you people could help. :))
    you write nice blogs by the way, it’s really true, what you said. you do indeed have this thing of being able to tap into the inner self of a person.
    awesome awesome.
    also, i’m a first time reader and i think i’ll keep on reading from now on. :))

  40. Benjie Sortijas said on 06-11-2009

    hayyyy…tama ka kuya miggs……sa mga third sex, we need to respect first ang ating mga sarili para ma gain natin yung respeto ng ibang tao…..tnxs and more power

  41. Richard said on 01-11-2009

    I really love this article Migs… thanks for posting it

  42. JOEL PERALTA said on 29-10-2009

    Sa aking palagay, magiging lalong madali ang acceptance ng society sa THIRD SEX kung pipiliting magbago sa typical na kilos ang mga bading. Kay nagiging bastusin ang mga bading dahil na rin sa kilos,pananalita at bulgarang mga kataga.Sana ay iwasan nila ang pagtatambay sa mga kalsada lalo sa gabi, tapos magrereklamo kapag nabastos sila. Dapat gawin nilang kapakipakinabang ang pagiging BADING nila para magkaroon talaga ng pantay pantay na pagtingin na hinahangad nila sa lipunan.Marami tayong mga BADING na nirerespeto dahil kahit sila ganuon ay malaki ang ambag nila sa lipunan gaya nina Ricky Reyes,Joel Cruz at marami pa.May kapatid din akong Bading at accepted namin di dahil sa Pamilya namin kundi sa mga accomplishment niya at sa pagiging masigasig na kahit siya Bading ay may peace of mind parin. Sana ay makapagbigay ako ng kahit konting ideya para sa pagiging katanggap-tanggap sa lipunan para sa mga THIRD SEX. Lagi nating tatandaan na WALANG MABABASTOS KUNG WALANG MAGPAPABASTOS. More power po.

  43. Boubu said on 24-10-2009

    i agree.. need to read this again for a cleared understanding.

  44. Cedrix said on 23-10-2009

    You’re right!!

    Sa panahong ngayon marami pa ang nag-discriminate sa mga bading especially some men pursue themselves as a real men but their act and personalities are obviously na gay sila.

    Ewan ko kung bakit sila ganun?

    Ako ay aminado na bisexual lang.

    Bahala na!!!

  45. AJ said on 22-10-2009

    Very nice post. It’s my first time to see your blog. Will be checking your next posts…

  46. reymos said on 17-10-2009

    Very interesting reflection for a very sensitive issue! Well, I think we just respect what other people’s sexual preference and mind our own “tools”. Anyway, keep it up and congrats for being chosen as one of the best posts.

  47. gogoi said on 16-10-2009

    Tama si lunchmate. 🙂

  48. BENAR CUEVAS said on 15-10-2009

    you are right… ako aminin ko …silahis ako…and i show my self to them if who am i,we shouldn’t be plastic…coz time will come…the real truth will comes out…hehehe…kaya ako sa inyo…ilabaz nyo na and shout it to the whole world …but we should try also to control or selves in some instances… lol… i like this blog ….contact me……hurry up…

  49. BENAR CUEVAS said on 15-10-2009

    i think that bitch is a fool one … she didn’t knew about genetics and all about environment and social effect to the human charateristic…

  50. Michael John said on 14-10-2009

    Hmm kaya nmn pla kasama sa top 10 post of the year kc talagang panalo..lupit..talagang makakarelate ka..

  51. andrei said on 12-10-2009

    i like the way the topic has been tackled, and i agree to the theory presented because i myself has gone through the process of discovering what lies beneath what i believed i am. but then, it is still so hard since not all people are open about it. in some places where i see those gay people, i really feel that i’m at the right place, i feel comfortable, i feel like i belong. it’s not just about feeling something towards the same sex, it’s about having a network of people REAL enough to be friends.

    I’m glad you let me express what i think.

  52. carmie lauraine said on 07-10-2009

    …a question that is commonly heard, bakit nga b dumarami ang bakla when in fact we have no genitals that can produce? on my opinion it has something to do with the environment- the gays around us, and with the system of acceptance the people have, I mean open na sa society…

  53. jake said on 24-09-2009

    a “gay gay” person can be bisexual lalo na kpag tinamaan ng libog. pero in respect naman kay “yao geon” nagiging confusion lang ang mga terms na yan…lhat sila nasa third sex eh panu naman yung beasties, nasa mental part na ata yun… pero to make the story short rate nalang ang straightness/gayness ng isang tao 1-5.ako 3. para lalo sya gumulo hehe

  54. KWSFAR said on 29-08-2009

    hi MIGS,

    this is the first time i’ll be writting a comment to your blog. and i MUST say that your idea towards your friends statement is a very POSITIVE view for every LGBT’s.

    aminin natin na hindi lahat tayong kabilang sa LGBT ay naniniwala sa iisang pananaw lang. katulad nalang nung sinabi ni “YAO GEON”. bi sexuals are different from gays. but i want to tell him that being “GAY” is under the word HOMOSEXUALITY as well as BISEXUALITY. wak kang bobo. hahaha

    SInce you are reading MMG, i suggest, you try to live-up what your opinion leader is upto… be less judgemental. be more compassionate


    if your GOD discriminate, then he might not be or your religion dont know GOD that well.

    for LGBT’s out there, try to finD MCC or METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCHES. they are gay friendly community. you can serve god and be with people without discrimination.

    for MIGS ulet,
    nakakatuwa na ang ganda ng mga views mo bout life and being gay and so. just like you said and as i’ve chosen, i dont want to waive any rights of any gay men on how they want to live their lives. kahit anu pa yan. gay gay, discreeet gay, bisexuals, closets,

    ang akin lang.
    sana we live up into one idealism. PRIDE MARCH PHILIPPINES is on the first saturday of december. I and other LGBTs will be there for onje purpose, hindi para lumandi. hindi para IPAGSIGAWANG LGBT KAMI. kung hindi para ipakita sa pilipinas na kaylangan natin ng pagbabago. sa pagtingin at pakikitungo ng ibang HETEROSEXUALS. how i wish to see there migs, as well as your readers here in manila. i know your are abroad right now. but, who knows? mapaunlakan mo ko. hahaha

    take care migs

  55. said on 28-08-2009

    oo nga, ano bang nakain ng Yoo Geon na yan. gay pa din yun.

  56. pink palaka said on 24-08-2009

    ang gulo mo Yoo Geon, gays/bi/discreet or what kind of labeling they wanted to be, they are still part of homosexuals. u cant differentiate bisex into gays even if they are no wearing fancy lady dress, still in their mind they are very GAY. pahalikin ba kya zac efron at robert.

  57. Yoo Geon said on 23-08-2009

    I think the world gay should be exclusively referring to those who dress in drag. Bisexuals should not be considered gay because if they will then 99.9% of men will be labeled as gay.

    I mean just ask any straight men if they can kiss Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson or any of their favorite actors I’m sure deep inside them they will want it. So they are gay too or just bisexuals.

  58. said on 22-08-2009

    Migs, on a funnier side here’s a bunch of reasons bakit dumarami ang mga bading.

    Bakit Dumarami ang mga Bading?

  59. jen said on 22-08-2009

    know what, i really disagree on her idea..

    ang taray naman ata ng fren mo na yan migs..

    haha, sana di xa magalit, pero gusto kong itanong sa kanya if nag-isip ba siya nong sinabi niya ang mga bagay na yan??

    although my point xa, pero she don’t have to be conclusive about it!!! saka, pabayaan nlang niya dumami mga bakla, nasabi niya cguro un kc ala pumapatol sa kanya.. haha i think she’s just desperate.. lolz.. xD add me on friendster and facebook.. tnx

    hugs n kisses,


  60. prince said on 21-08-2009

    kaya siguro kokonti na rin ang population dahil sa marami na ang bading…

    check nyo yung mga discussion d2 nakakatawa yung iba

  61. hao said on 21-08-2009

    just lurking and have posted at least one comment on this site before and now, i’m going to make it a hobby for dropping and visiting here.
    personally, this post is my MOST FAVORITE! (ooppss, CAPS LOCK)

    ang ganda ng content ng piece na ito, parang halos na yata ng questions about homosexuality ay nasagot na. TAKE NOTE: may advice pa para igalang at mahalin natin ang isa’t-isa. 🙂 (i love it)
    ASAP, hanggat may bading at may mga nag e-evolve pa lang ay maging magandang halimbawa tayo (as in si @Migs, @ikaw, @ako – as in lahat) sa bawat isa. tayo2 na nga lang tapos may mga eeksena pa, diba? lol.

    i’m hoping that one time ma-meet ko si migs and masabi ko lahat ng gusto ko i-share about being homosexual. 😀

    Go LGTB Phils.!

  62. allen said on 20-08-2009

    i like this so much. 🙂

  63. Aldrin said on 19-08-2009

    Migs, your lady friend just made a very offensive AND ignorant comment. I hope your friend doesn’t think that way ’til now. I can’t imagine what kind of men she wants.

    In my opinion, bisexuality is the path to enlightenment. LOL

  64. pink palaka said on 19-08-2009

    Thanks Miggs,

    Parang Q&A yan sa beauty contest, pinag-iisipan ang bawat katanungan o kasagutan, hindi sa magaling ka mag english o malalim na tagalog at mahabang litanya para sa kasagutan, kundi isang sagot na sure na sure…
    dapat makatutuhanan at hindi haka-haka lamang… nakakapagpasaya sa bawat tao o kaya’y nakaka “ohhhhwwwwwww” kapag narinig ng mga tao… next time hindi ka lang sasakitan ng tiyan. sisiguraduhin ko na maiihi ka…

  65. weng said on 19-08-2009

    @ Courage Philippines

    If I find true happiness the way I was molded or created, then I can’t be againts to everthing that goes with it. To resist is like swimming againts the river, and ourselves are our great enemy. Hope we can find peace to whatever road we choose.

  66. imladris said on 19-08-2009

    With all due respect, I think Courage Philippines is totally brainwashed.

  67. Mightymikee said on 18-08-2009

    Kasi, masaya ang buhay bakla…

  68. axe said on 18-08-2009

    to Pink Palaka dyosko sister natawa ako to death sa sinabi mong dipa tuli pero naka spahetti-strap na hahahaha, kaloka to death na nga ang mga bata ngayon ke babata palang pero ke lalandi na meron pa nga akong nakita sa kalye na naka darna outfit wit matching make-up pa at ang hitad proud na proud na rumampa sa kalye kahit pinagtatawanan ng mga tambay. Trulala yata ang sinasabi nilang di magtatagal ay mauubusan na ng tunay na lalake ang pilipinas. Anyways talagang dina mapigilan ang pagdami ng mga bading kahit hindi nabubuntis kasi in demand tayo sa market imagine kahit saang larangan ay nandyan ang gays. Kaya sa mga Girls sorry nalang sila kung pati mga jokla e kakumpetensya pa nila sa paningin ng mga kalalakihan.

  69. hmpdrx said on 18-08-2009

    to Courage Philippines..

    I do not respect your views. you spread misinformation in the name of faith. Being gay is natural,its not a lifestyle. its part of our nature. Can you even understand this basic notion? just because the bible says man is bound to god, you as a normal man cannot dictate the rules of engaging homosexuality. You spread fear and teach us that we are different from the norm and therefore must change in a cowardly, mandated-by-societys-standards way. Ex-gay Therapy doesnt work. It has been just recently discredited by the APA ( you will ultimately harm more than youll help, even if the intention is right. I cant believe migs doesnt take a stand on this ex-gay movement. The ex-gay movement is a rational reaction to the liberation of gay people. it is a form of control. They do and cannot represent god, just the moral structure they grew up in.

  70. Anonymous said on 18-08-2009

    @Courage Philippines: Hmmm.. DGAF ok!

  71. Yann said on 18-08-2009

    May point nga ang hitad! Lolz

  72. plangak said on 18-08-2009

    magmahalan tayong mga bading!!! kapwa ko mahal ko!!! kaso puro Paminta lang ang nagmamahalan… haist…

  73. pink palaka said on 18-08-2009

    Total naman, sa panahon ngayon uso narin na asawahin ng mga babae ang mga bading, or magpaanak sa bading, like, ogie diaz, arneli ignacio, paolo b,. bakit kasi di nlang tanggapin ng mga babae na nawawalan sila ng partner in life dahil nginangatngat ng isang virus na mabilis kumalat patungo sa pagkabading, imagine, ang batang hindi pa tuli ay makikita mong naka-spaghetti strap at mini skirt? and he is proud being bullied outside urban streets. so i may say, hindi sa dahil ang mga lalaki ay pinag-iisip kundi nakasulat na sa banal na aklat na kahit anong pagkukunwari ng isang nilalang na lalaki, his fate is to become a beauty queen…an instrument to spread the good news, beauty and peace, a WORLD PEACE!

    • migs said on 18-08-2009

      @pink palaka – kalurkey ang reply mo kapatid. hahahaha! sumakit ang tiyan ko kakatawa ngayong umagang kay ganda. salamat! a WORLD PEACE!

  74. Roy said on 18-08-2009

    Hmmm nag-iisip ang mga lalake na dahil sa hirap ng buhay, wag na lang mag-asawa, mag-jowa dahil menos gastos. Walang anak, walang responsibilidad. Parang pag naging lalake, ang daming nega na dapat harapin. Pag naging bading parang sobrang daming happening! Araw-araw masaya!

    Sa akin lang ha…

  75. Courage Philippines said on 18-08-2009

    I’m not in favor of embracing homosexuality as a way of life.

    Given a choice I would still want to be “straight”.

    But given the fact that I struggle with same-sex attraction, it is tough, very tough.

    Neither do I make my struggle my own identity. I believe in God’s original design and only therein shall I find true happiness.

    The issue that I currently face right now is am I courageous enough to face my issues? It is my belief that homosexuality is NOT a sexual issue; it is a relational and emotional issue, and hence a lot of undoing and inner work needs to be done.

    Again it is your choice and I respect everybody else’s choice. I cannot change anyone, only God can.

    The desire to change must come from one’s deep conviction that something better is in store for him or her than his or her present life.

    God bless everyone.


    • migs said on 18-08-2009

      @Courage Philippines — thank you for being so different and yet so respectful. I appreciate our disagreement in principles because I know in my heart that I can learn something from you. In much the same way as you do not make your struggles your identity, I too do not make my principles (however strong they are) my identity. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts. I know that more and more we’ll understand why we’re all here and why our paths intersect.

  76. Jason Romero said on 18-08-2009

    she has a point and everybody does entitled to our own opinion. what matters most, as long as we do not trespass others right’s and territory. Go lang ng Go….

    Personally i beleive its enough that we (PLU) have reached tyhe point of acceptance and moving on… but i really have to say that it is not necessary to promote and convince like exerting effort to join the Global Phenomena of the so called “third sex”
    isipin nyo nalang pag puro X-MEN and MagiC and nanirahan sa mundo, mahirap din ceguro yun….

    jason from Abu dhabi

    World Peace!!!!!!

  77. ricardo santos said on 18-08-2009

    i totally disagree from this comment of your colleague. i can only sense that she is full of bitterness and nothing else she can turn to but to blame homosexuality.

    how deep does she understand homosexuality? i for one would say, every guy has the right to choose their sexuality whenever, however they want it to be. it is their choice given or not.

    it is to me that your colleague did not reach the margin to be called beautiful. and that is why she reached the age of 30 and is still single and is BITTER. this is a common stereotype among filipinos.

    of course, she is entitled to her opinion and express her thoughts freely. but one thing, she should think it twice rather than expressing the thoughts of irrational and selfish thoughts which at the end does not relate nor has nothing to do with the subject.

  78. maccallister said on 18-08-2009

    hmmm,baka nga kasi mas open na tayo ngayon e mejo tanggap na rin ang bading sa society,mejo mejo nga lang di gaya dati mga nag increase na siguro ng from 20% e 40% na now LOL

  79. migs said on 18-08-2009

    Hello friends, halo-halo ang nararamdaman ko kapag binabasa ko ang mga comments ninyo. Salamat for sharing your thoughts.

    @v – ditse, pinatawa mo ako ng bonggang-bongga!
    @aresinuae – trulili waterlili! lalakeng may hearts!
    @MrCens – yep I’m in the US (till end of Aug), at laking am lang po ako. Hahaha!
    @Yj – digs ever – mishu too sisterette.
    @ all of you who appreciate – THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Mwah!

  80. v said on 18-08-2009

    Ate Migs, pakisabi na lang office mate mo…manuyo ang matres mo katitingin nang may malalim na inggit at poot! HARHARHARHAR! Better yet, pakabit ka ng prosthetic na dinggerbells para you can join in the action. Ditche, maparaan naman ang mga girlaloo davah? Siya gumawa at gumawa ka na lang ng paraan. Sisihin ba ang mga diwata at mga siyokoy sa iyong pagkalugmok sa namamanis na sabaw ng iyong hiyas? If all else fails bru, take a cue from all those gay men around you, mamakla ka na din ng todo todo nang madiligan ka paminsan minsan nang hindi bitter bitter-an. HARHARHARHARHARHAR

  81. song said on 18-08-2009

    marami na tlaga tayo. hehehe

  82. aresinuae said on 17-08-2009

    ayoko na mag-isip.

    Lalaki ako period with hearts.

  83. MrCens said on 17-08-2009


    di ba nasa amerika si miggs… ang galing ng post na to. impluwensya ba to sa lugar na ginagalawan nya ngayon o isa lang talaga syang PROMIL user… gifted.

    a reader from dubai.

  84. ram said on 17-08-2009

    biblical ang sagot dyan: humayo kayo at magpakarami. endi naman specific kung paano. kaya, part na ng universe ‘yan kung baket dumarami…

    kaya, kahit na ano pang gawin ng ibang tao, kumunidad, mga epokrito at epokrita- dumami, dumadami at dadami parin ‘yan.

    the force is with us, not with them…

  85. winterking said on 17-08-2009

    May ganun??

  86. weng said on 17-08-2009


    Ang ganda ng post na ito. I think if everyone will accept the wisdom of living in co-existence, shout for world peace will be a thing of the past. Please don’t get me wrong. Hayaan na lang natin sana na mamuhay and bawat isa tulad ng iba’t ibang klaseng isda sa dagat, at your own choice. at your own depth, saan ka comfortable, doon ka. What matters is you want to live in water….

  87. truxite said on 17-08-2009

    sampalin mo friend mo!!!! kung bading ang lalaki bading siya hindi na kailangan pang maisip no

  88. mickeyscloset said on 17-08-2009

    very well said migs! lam mo, i try to be kind sa PLUs, closeted man or not, pero minsan sila yung nambubuska e! ahahaxD haay buhay..xD
    p.s., please visit my blog! its all about a gay guy’s adventures in life. thanks! mwah! =)

  89. ming said on 17-08-2009

    pero it’s unfair naman na isisi sa atin yung pagiging single nya

  90. butterflyrhai said on 17-08-2009

    kaya dumadami ang bading kasi walang choice…kung meron lang pinili na natin maging babae nalang or lalake….at madami naman na talaga bading..biblical days pa…

  91. Daks said on 17-08-2009

    Korek na korek ka dyan mama migs, katulad ko isang klosetang bading pero biktima rin ako ng mapanghusga at mapanirang matatabil na bibig ng mga tao sa aking kapaligiran matagal na akong pinag chichismisan ng mga tao sa aking paligid pero yun nga lang hanggang haka-haka lang sila dahil wala silang maipakitang ebidensya na ako ay isang Jokla but anyway deadma lang ako at wala silang pakialam kung feel na feel kong magpaka kloseta ewan ko ba kung bakit gustong gusto nila akong mag-out e sa ayaw ko talaga kahit ipako pa nila ako sa krus. One time nagkaroon ng team building ang buong dept namin at dahil nakainom na ang lahat may isang girl na talagang garapalan nya akong tinanong kung bading daw ba ako o hindi at sabay sigaw nya na we are sisters daw kapal talaga ng mukha ng hitad, napahiya ako at ang pinaka masakit pa pinagtawanan ako ng lahat ng nakarinig, simple lang ang ginawa ko para matahimik na ang hitad, ibinaba ko ang shorts ko sa harapan nya at ipinahawak ko ang titi ko sa kanya at sabay halik sa kanya with matching dila sa dila. Shock as in tameme ang hitad dahil sa kahihiyang inabot nya at mula nga nuon dina nya ako pinariringggan o chinichismis pa sa office. Anyway andito na ako ngayon sa ibang bansa at free as very free na akong gawin ang lahat ng gusto ko. Ang nais ko lang namang iparating o ipaabot sa lahat ay sana magkaroon tayo ng konting respeto sa ating kapwa, hintayin natin na sila mismo ang magsabing bading o tomboy sila at wag na wag nating pangunahan. Lalo na yung mga out na bayot as in baklang bakla gigil na gigil sila kapag naaamoy nilang closeta ang isang ka officemate o kasamahan nila sa trabaho at sila pa mismo ang promoter o author ng chismisan. Ganun na yata ang mga PLU’s ngayon GALIT SILA SA KAPWA nila bading na ayaw o dipa reading mag out at sila pa ang unang-una sa listahan ng mga naninira sa kanilang sisterets.

  92. jade said on 17-08-2009

    This blog Migz was incomparable good, keep up the good blog…. God bless you, with your lunchmate hope and pray she will found the THE RIGHT GUY…. dami pa naman siguro diyan….

  93. john stanley said on 17-08-2009

    kaya dumarami ang bading kasi mas maraming gwapo kesa maganda. joke!

  94. Yj said on 17-08-2009

    digs na digs ito Migs….

    mishu muahz…..

  95. ric said on 17-08-2009

    as i’m reading your blog today,something comes out of my mind. first, i thought, here comes the gospel according to MGG. but it is true. you have good reflections on the lives of gay people. second, why not wirte a book using the many aspects of “how, why and what” of gays you have written here in your blog. i think you have covered so much not only in informing your readers but especially in giving them something to think and reflect. lastly, keep on doing this, Migs. keep on blogging. you are doing a great service. thanks. we really appreciate it.

  96. itsonsms said on 17-08-2009

    Homosexual men are greatly outnumbered by heteros by far so minority pa rin tayo. Ang sakin lang most of the time we over achieve and compensate what we think we lack with success… Hello… Mas maalaga at maarte tayo sa katawan at itsura… I think we’re a better breed of men… Too bad tayo tayo lang ang nagliligawan… Haha… Maglaway na lang kayo ladies… Ma inggit na lang kayo mga straight guys…ü

  97. rudeboy said on 17-08-2009

    Dammit. I actually read an article somewhere which stated that because of greater social acceptance of gay men, world population growth may actually be at risk. This was attributed to the “fact” that if and when hitherto heterosexual men discovered man-on-man sex, they would abandon hetero sex because of its attendant baggage, i.e. pregnancies, marriage, lifelong commitments.
    Grrrh I’ll have to dig it up. In the meantime, your friend, astute as she is, shouldn’t blame gay men for her lack of a beau. Also, if it were a man who said “hindi dapat pinag-iisip ang mga babae,” he would most certainly be jumped on for being a male chauvinist.

  98. i'm a narnian said on 17-08-2009

    napakaganda ng post na ito.

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