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I wanna read this book. Anyone who knows where I can buy this here in the US?

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Synopsis: Dave is a young medical student who frequently goes to Malate. In Barn, a bar that houses a dark room, he meets the men who entangle him in a web of love, vengeance, and sex.

Louie Mar, the author

Louie Mar Gangcuangco, the author

From the author, Louie Mar Gangcuangco: I wrote the story two years ago, when I was just seventeen. What inspired me to write the novel? It’s a monosyllabic word many people fail to understand – love.

This is a tough confession. At sixteen, I have been splurging my extra cash inside Malate’s premiere gay places. For more than half a year, I have had whirlwind love affairs that most lasted for barely two weeks. But things changed when I met him.

We met at Bath. Ooh… I still remember how gorgeous he was. His eyes were hazelbrown. The way he looked at me was tempting. His physique was really sexy. But what hit me was his personality. His was unique. His was matchless wit. Best of all… He knows how to speak French.

I loved him with all my heart. Twice we went out on dates that went more than the casual chitchat and dinner. We ate a lot. So much that even our souls took part in the banquet. I sacrificed so much for him, but after he grew tired of my youth, all he did was to brand me a “nuisance.

That December afternoon, I cried over the phone, telling him how rude it was of him to treat me like trash. We met and he apologized. But the pain he caused me made me sit in front of my laptop. And words kept flowing on and on. The keyboard ticked… lagatakatak… for three long months until the third draft of the then-called “Orosa-Nakpil, Malate: Isang Kasaysayan ng Pag-Ibig, was created.
Nine months seem like batting an eyelash. “Orosa-Nakpil, Malate:Isang Kasaysayan ng Pag-ibig matured into “Orosa-Nakpil,Malate Pagkagat ng Dilim and is finally released with a shorter title, “Orosa-Nakpil, Malate.

“Orosa-Nakpil, Malate was evaluated by Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, the former Secretary of Health; Dr. Valenzuela from PGH; Prof Leano from UP College of Medicine; and Dr. Destura from the National Institues of Health.

* * *

“Orosa-Nakpil, Malate: The Uncut Filipino Version” is written by the 22-year-old novelist, Louie Mar Gangcuangco. It became a National Book Store Best Seller in 2007 when Louie Mar was just 19. This October, the English Version of the critically-acclaimed novel is released nationwide and is set to conquer the International scene by 2010.

Orosa-Nakpil, Malate is a story of a young medical student who got addicted to the sexual pleasures of Manila’s gay district — Orosa-Nakpil, Malate.

Find out for yourself why this book is multi-sector endorsed and why it garnered awards from Y Speak, UP College of Medicine, & Sentro ng Wikang Filipino.
Browse through the pages and discover why it is endorsed by Direk Joey Reyes, Dr Jaime Galvez Tan (former DOH Secretary), and the Dr. Destura of the National Institutes of Health.

Judge for yourself why Orosa-Nakpil, Malate has gained the merit of being featured in Sharon, Y Speak, & Full Time Mom despite the explicit man to man sex scenes in the book.

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  1. marco villena said on 15-10-2011

    i love the book!! saved some life since then but how come Mr Louie that the philippines diagnosed nor found out that everyday there are 15 infected individuals?? i had been telling my friends to know thier HIV status.Like every diseases : early detection is a must.One of them got sick. signs and symptoms: dry cough,sob( shortness of breath),night sweats,weight loss. i got a call from his sister that he was hospitalized. i knew it from the beginning, classic PCP when i asked if i can talk to him–too weak and can’t even talk long;what medication he is on NONE. i immediately called the doctor–told me my friend refused to be tested !! i just told the doctor to treat him empirically with bactrim intravenously plus prednisone. i sent money to buy and to pay his bills in a government hospital. Finally got tested, guys his t-cell count is 30 !! DX: FULL BLOWN AIDS.

  2. NAN said on 13-09-2011

    a very nice book..
    Yan lang ang 1st book na binili ko kahit medyo namamahalan ako pero sobrang worth it….
    Sad lang hindi na nabalik sa akin nung huling nanghiram…

  3. Modestine said on 13-09-2011

    I already read the book :) And i actually love it, super ! its a great story :)) your a good author ! Godbless you ^_^ .. :roll:

  4. ryan said on 29-08-2011

    just done reading the book. I learned a lot of things esp with HIV-Aids. I love the love story (thumbs up to kuya Louie Mar) and it’s a mirror of what a gay life is. I let my friends borrow the book to share the great love story at the same time increasing there awareness of the disease.

  5. mark said on 08-08-2011

    :smile: im so happy wid d story
    i hope i could find a guy like ‘ROSS’
    .,.,.so inspiring .,.,.congrats louie..

  6. lyzan said on 16-06-2011

    meron p b to sa nbs?

  7. july said on 04-05-2011

    i really want to buy that books they said that its a beautiful story about gays!!!

  8. michael said on 25-04-2011

    hi there young author^^,
    i just wanna ask if there’s book 2 of ur orasa-nakpil malate??

    if there’s, where i can buy it?

    thnk a lot and more power to you..^^,

  9. vilmar said on 01-03-2011

    😆 well>> subrang ganda ng i story…un lng hehehe

  10. noemi ruth said on 05-02-2011

    um ganda ng book 1 .. book 2 naman ang hinihintay sana mabasa na .. meron na ba ?
    tnx :))
    great novel !.. 😀

  11. jane said on 25-01-2011

    i can’t wait to read his book
    meron ba yan sa national bookstore bcc?

  12. sebastian said on 09-01-2011

    I bought a copy from the author, himself, since we went to the same school. That was almost 4 years ago but I could still remember vividly how the book made my heart flutter. Even my uncle, who is also a doctor, has a copy of this book.

  13. Louie Mar said on 19-09-2010

    Hi guys (“,)
    Thanks for this awesome thread.
    I’m really flattered that readers share their opinions about the book. May mga libro kasi na deadma lang. Pero the fact that people even bothered to comment means that the novel is worth talking about. Marami pong salamat uli sa mga sumuporta. God bless and don’t forget to have fun responsibly. (“,)

    @jake24: The novel is available in the following NBS branches:
    – SM Manila, SM San Lazaro, Trinoma, Fairview, SM North, Rob Manila, Greenbelt, MOA, Mega Mall, NBS Metropoint (EDSA LRT station), Grand Central (NBS at Monumento LRT Station)
    – There are also copies in several provincial branches (“,)

    For inquiries, just message me po sa facebook/email: =)

    -Louie Mar

  14. jake24 said on 03-09-2010

    mer0n pa bang st0cks ng gnit0ng b0ok sa mga b0okst0res? I any of you guys have and leads pls sho0t me a message @ Im very much interested to buy this b0ok.

  15. bryan jake said on 13-08-2010

    guys contact me ok????


    nice story……..

    very inspiring book…..

    DAVE please contact me………tnx

  16. dirtysecret said on 08-07-2010

    una ko tong mabasa nuong 4th year highschool. mahilig akong magbasa ng libro.pero sa lahat ng librong nabasa ko, ito lang ang nagpa-antig ng puso ko.sobrang ganda ng story…dahil din dito na inspired akong sumulat ng novel. ngayon meron na akong 2 short story…at isang story na matatawag ko ng nobela..salamat sa librong ito..hahaha

  17. unix said on 15-02-2010

    sooobrang naenjoy ko ung pagbasa sa book.
    pinatawa ko at pinaiyak.. haha
    mganda ung storya. sana maging movie nga.. hehe!

  18. K said on 31-01-2010

    medically speaking, not literaturely.

  19. anonymous said on 24-01-2010

    the intention was good. a bit amateurish. but of course it was written by a 17yo. so for all intents and purposes read it.

  20. G said on 15-12-2009

    don’t know what’s the fuzz all about.. read the tagalog version.. it was high-school-ish.. there wasn’t any sophistication in the story line.. the medical facts that were inserted were textbook-ish.. kinda reminds me of sophie’s world by jostein gaardner,. oh well..

  21. kyle said on 29-11-2009

    i love the book.
    may exaggerations lang yung ibang pangyayari sa buhay ni john dave, as in planado lahat yung mga scenes..

    pero, npakamalikhain ni louie mar sa paggwa nya nito.. i salute him here…

    though, ngkaroon lang ng chance na muntik ng magflirtan ang aking boyfriend noon (nghiwalay kami nung nagkakilala sila, salamat sa technology) at boyfriend ko ulit ngaun… la lang, share lang.

    still, the book is amazing. i even cried.

  22. khai said on 19-11-2009

    haha… some says it’s overrated. what i like was not the way the book was written though. the author can improve on a lot of aspects, but hell, he was 18 when he wrote this, and although he won essays and such, writing was not his “specialty” it was infectious diseases because he is a med student. i liked the book because it is courageous. not everyone had the guts to write such stories. because not everyone in our society accepts this kinds of stories. some people still frown and raise their eyebrows on same-sex relationships. and i am glad that as a gay teenager, the author is promoting awareness of HIV-AIDS. it also touches the subject of discrimination, on homosexuals, and how they struggle to achieve more than everyone else just to prove their worth.

  23. markd said on 19-11-2009

    I was teary eyed towards the end of the story.. the book was very factual in terms of the details regarding HIV/ADIS.. IMO, the story was very well written and the importance of putting safety first before any sexual pleasure is very well communicated.. I added the author on Friendster right after reading the book a year ago and he responded with a warm message of thanks..

  24. Cerberusita said on 12-11-2009

    One word. OVERRATED.

  25. pacific-0 said on 11-11-2009


    Well, nakakakilig sya for one, and how it described yung love interest ni Dave as kamuka ni Piolo, I lend my copy to a frend, then he lost it. tae. haha!

  26. miles27 said on 11-11-2009

    maganda xa sobra, i really like story, dave and ross, may puso at nkktouch yung moment nila,,mararamdaman mo talaga

  27. hao said on 11-11-2009

    Oh going to grab a copy of this. Baka makatulong sakin ‘to. :)

  28. koki_motok said on 10-11-2009

    very informative book but didnt like the plot too..

  29. tyrone said on 10-11-2009

    I love the story, the message and the most important thing about it is that it changed my perspective about sex which for me is the true measure of success of a book…

  30. JOhn Paulo S. Trinidad said on 10-11-2009

    nice book and unique technical word. I like get book.

  31. mickeyscloset said on 10-11-2009

    meron ba nyan dito sa davao? im getting interested.. hehe nakakahiya kasing magtanong sa sales lady.. lolx

  32. kimpoy said on 10-11-2009

    ive already seen this book dati 3 years ago, sa ex ko… hihihihi, di ko pa siya nababasa…

  33. Literally said on 10-11-2009

    @Oh_Please! I agree with you. It was just ok. I won’t say it was a good read, though. The medical terms were jabbed into the situations. Yeah, I’d say “pilit”. Has a number of loopholes too in the plot. I’m just saying. :)

  34. discreet_closeted said on 10-11-2009

    How can I buy this sa bookstore? Waah nahihiya ako!

  35. Kabul Guy said on 10-11-2009

    hummmmn ….. looks interesting to read not to mention got a positive review.

  36. Madz said on 10-11-2009

    @maccallister There are several copies available at NBS Galle :)

  37. the bakla review said on 10-11-2009

    it’s available here. just saw a copy two weeks ago. can’t wait till you get home?

  38. maccallister said on 10-11-2009

    been looking for this book since last year.ubos na or out of stock na daw.

  39. bunwich said on 09-11-2009

    a nice book… i accidentally got a hold of it sa isang bookstore..after reading the frist 5 pages.. i ended up buying it.. stayed @ starbucks megamall for 3 hours… i went home, done reading it.

  40. Gregoria Bonifacio said on 09-11-2009

    Sino kaya gaganap kapag naging movie ito? Si Papa P.!

  41. curbsidehellraiser said on 09-11-2009

    one of the best books i ve read. though medyo
    sobra akong naiyak dito, kahit sa mrt di ko napigilang maluha habang binabasa ko sya.
    sana maging movie to.

  42. fred said on 09-11-2009

    the book made me shed buckets of tears ! way to go louie!!!

  43. Thre Green Man said on 09-11-2009

    good thing I read this. I didn’t know Louie Mar had a book. hehehe 😀

  44. Oh_Please! said on 09-11-2009

    Really? I read it and I thought it was really bad. Masyadong pilit. Sorry. Just my opinion.

  45. retsej said on 09-11-2009

    i have read the book.
    good storyline.. however.. i dont like the first part.. kinda boring and pilit yung mga situation and setting. but the motive is good. so who can ever argue:)

  46. ming said on 09-11-2009

    a movie version would be interesting.

  47. Madz said on 09-11-2009

    Hi! Do get a copy of this book! It’s a good read. Also, the English version is out! Anyway, you can just get a friend here to ship it to you – its available in all National Bookstores (both Tagalog and English versions) in Metro Manila.

  48. joey said on 09-11-2009

    highly recommended book.
    I got a copy 2 yrs ago but still worthy to read.
    I can feel the chill of anatomy room of UP College of Medicine.

  49. markerik said on 09-11-2009

    ive read the book last year. yep. great reading material! very real…and informative!

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