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Dear Migs, I don’t know you personally except through your blog. And amidst the titillation and the good advice through the experiences through your blog you have touched my life. I don’t believe you to be an expert, let alone a role model. I prefer a friend. At least a friend can cry with you, or at least laugh with you, foibles and heartache, bad judgments and triumphs. So please keep on being yourself. I don’t think anybody should ask more from you than being you. Though megalomania and messianic prophecy aside, I think you really are special. – Sam

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Thank you, Sam. I needed that!

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  1. ben_andrew... said on 17-11-2009


    i just want you to know that your time and efforts you spend in making this blogs are very useful and inspiring..

    keep up the good work!

  2. bunwich said on 12-11-2009

    Cheers, Toast, Bravo to you Migs!

  3. dave_davao said on 12-11-2009

    this is a very timely post after the previous post.what you think???….

  4. pacer150 said on 12-11-2009

    ..i agree sam..i don’t consider migs as a role model..i consider him as a friend unseen..he makes me laugh with his advise, makes me laugh with his blogs,makes me laugh with the videos..and then sometimes he makes me frown when i think i don’t agree with waht he says..a true friend indeed..ganda mo ate..

  5. weng said on 12-11-2009

    Every gay is indeed special, whatever spice we put and the way we do it. Thank you Migs, you and your blog opened and showed the best of me and what I am.

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