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Hi Migs!

I have been following your blog for two years now. I’d like to share you my story here. Unfortunately, your site is blocked here sa Saudi, siguro ang category ng site mo that you placed is “GAY”, kaya the authorities here banned your site. Anyway this is an actual experience I had very, very recently. And I do hope that other gay men like me will learn from this narration.

PS. Thanks to my iPhone, I downloaded a proxy server app, and whoalla, I could surf your site!

Juan Antonio

* * *

Saudi is a gay man’s paradise. But…

The sound coming from the siren of the ambulance is again signalling another patient is coming. Nothing new of course, except that it is the time when the hospital ER should have been silent and the doctors and nurses should have been chit chatting. That night — while still on-duty and busy discussing with the newly-assigned ER students a case of hypoglycemic Saudi male patient, changed the way I enjoy my existence here in Saudi Arabia. That is the existence of a discreet gay man out on the paradise of men too willing to break the rigid Saudi rules in exchange of some intimate moments.

Six months ago, while researching on the way how life is like for OFWs in this part of the Middle East, I found countless naughty stories of how gay men enjoy being here. Men, as they reported are in abundance here. And they referred to good looking, straight Saudi (or even other nationals) males, who either tease or invite Pinoy gay males to have sex with them. The stories I read made me feel excited. Especially for me who has lived a gay life under very discreet tone back in Manila.

The moment our airplane landed on the Saudi soil, I already took notice of the airport guards too hunky looking in their uniform. The way they flash their good set of teeth when smiling can melt a gay man’s resolve to stay celibate out of fear of being raped by these men. The first time I saw them in their traditional dress (that white dress) I was trying to get a glimpse of their famed hung-ness. True enough, theirs move like clock’s second hand while walking. I told myself, I will in no way be disappointed.

Yet, I was oriented by some of my flat mates of the brutality other Pinoys have experienced in the hands of some violent Saudi men. I was even told not to ride on a taxi alone, with the precaution that I look like somebody the locals would go after for. I only responded with nonchalance, pretending I am not interested.

Still, it’s too tempting not to say no. While committedly working in the ER department of the hospital I am employed as an assistant bedside-lecturer/instructor to students in their first year of medicine, I could not take my eyes off the men brought in and out of the ER everyday. For how can a gay man resist staring at someone who looks like Patrick Dempsey (from Grey’s Anatomy) young Saudi male? Or not to be taken away by a young student who resembles a better version of Coco Martin? Wouldn’t you take a second look (or more) to an Indonesian who is as hot as Aljur Abrenica? Or to a tall Pakistani guy who is as hot-looking as Jake Cuenca (albeit the old version)? Would you just treat a Korean cook with burned arm and not be affected of how he looks like Diether Ocampo?

The comparison can be endless. And again, it’s too tempting not to say no. The first time I bent my resolve was when I braved the decision of riding a taxi alone. The Pakistani driver is too goodlooking, who can even beat the famous Chuck Series character Zachary Levi with his charm. He noticed I was looking at him more than the usual. He asked me: “You Filipini?” The moment I affirmed his question he did not stop teasing me, caressing his crotch until I could not resist to extend my hand to him. He parked his taxi and from there, I had my first time hand job in Saudi.

The first time I had signalled that I could lead a healthy sex life here. The second man I had a tryst with was to a visiting doctor from a military camp. Out from the ambulance he came, and after assisting me and my students in the endorsement of the patient he brought in, he asked where the doctors’ quarters is. And requested me, “Can you come with me?” I could not say no to someone who is as hot as Bruce Willis in his Armageddon stint.

The third guy came in with serious note. He tried to court me. He is a medical intern in the hospital, one of the very serious guys working there and is the younger looking version of George Clooney. He asked if I wanted to come with him and look for a Kripsy Kreme donuts and have coffee after. While on the road, he told me he wants to bring me to bed and make love with me. I declined, fearing it will lead to my out-ing in the hospital and to my fellow Pinoys there. But he was persistent, and would take no for an answer. He held my hand and placed it in his crotch. Oh, how sweet! I mumbled (hehe).

For six months, I had all those mentioned. I have been riding taxis after taxis, without the fear of harassment from a driver of whatever nationality. There were advances I had to resist, especially to those who don’t look tempting and are too violent-looking. For here in Saudi, the tag of “Filipini” for Saudi locals, and to some nationals, is like a neon sign that the Pinoy guy is gay. It is reaffirmed when the Pinoy would give in. I told myself, Saudi indeed is a Pinoy gay man’s paradise.

But that night, the sound coming from the siren of the ambulance that signals another patient is coming changed the way I enjoy my existence here in Saudi Arabia. The patient being rushed in is a Pinoy male. His face is covered with blood. He had a neck collar, an IV line, and bandages around his left arm and right leg. He was coughing out blood. A police man was trailing the Paramedic that brought the patient. The presence of the police man is but one sign of the usual male Pinoy story in Saudi: Rape.

My students and I attended to him. His name is Enrico. I was silently working, when the student noticed that Enrico could still speak, albeit on a mumbled tone. He was muttering something in Tagalog that my students obviously wouldn’t understand. As I went near his face I heard him saying “Putang ina niya. Hindi ako bakla. Putang ina.”

Enrico was walking down the street after a busy work. Too tired, he sat on one of the benches near the taxi bay on a busy supermarket. He was there, resting and listening to his iPod when a Saudi male approached him and asked him if he needed a taxi ride. He declined the offer and explained that he was actually waiting for his company transport service. The Saudi man would take no for an answer and forced Enrico to get inside his car. Enrico tried hard to fight with the towering height of the Saudi man. He was brought to a vacant construction lot. He was raped. After it, he was put inside the car’s trunk and was taken out therefater, very near that yellow trash container. Another local on her way to putting her trash took notice of Enrico and immediately called the emrgency hotline. She also took notice of the car’s plate number. The suspect was brought in to the police station. But with the way the Saudi get away with their troubles, the suspect was released scott-free.

When the nurses have cleared Enrico’s face, I noticed he too is somebody Saudi locals would after for. He sports that Gerald Madrid face, beautiful for the locals. I was near crying but I had to remain composed in front of my students. I told Enrico in Tagalog: “OK na, nasa hospital ka na. We’ll take care of you”.

What makes me hurt about his case is that I am partly guilty of what happened to him. I played with the locals too, took advantage of how suppressed their expression of intimacy is, and went out with some of them when they feel the urge to release. I am partly responsible with their thinking that all Pinoy males they see are gays, who are after for sex with them.

It then dawned on me that everytime I had sex with the males here in Saudi, another one, a straight one at that, would struggle from being raped. All because of the generalization brought about by being too playful of some of the gay Pinoys here.

Yes, it paradise here. But I think the paradise is not without a price. Say, someone who is as honest-working and sterile-living as that of Enrico. May his soul rest in peace…

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  1. Nathe said on 10-06-2011

    I don’t know what to say, lahat naman tayo nakikipagsapalaran at meron needs that we have to fulfill physically, emotionally, sexually and even spiritually…it’s up for us guyz to handle the situation in a manner that will be safe for us and to other people esp. our kababayans…sana nga mabago ang projection ng mga malilibog na Arabo dyan sa mga Filipino…pero paano if di rin mababago ang mga practices and behaviors ng mga kababayang gays natin dyan…change has to start from within…if you can help it do it discreetly and with utmost care not in public to avoid scary and deadly consequences just like what happened to ENRICO…may he rest in peace…he’s a victim of carelessness…

  2. Observant Gay said on 09-06-2011

    I wonder how it feels to be gang raped. LOL!

  3. tubero said on 04-03-2011

    nacurious tuloy ako dito so i read some blogs about it.

    arab men acts like that due to their sexual inhibitions. as in bawal sila tumingin sa babae. Nakahiwalay ang mga lalake sa babae even in office. may konting exemptions lang like kung family kayo,etc.

    ang mga beking pinoy dun ay nililigawan, pinag-aagawan at binubuntutan ng mga arabo, lebanese, egyptian, etc. na parang mga aso kung makasunod. marami daw with cars pa at pinag-aralan. at ang mga artista daw dito walang sinabi sa hotness ng mga gutom na arabo.

    last priority daw nila ang mga pinoy, bukod sa looks kadalasan pineperahan pa daw sila ng mga ito samantala ang mga arabo libre na mas masarap pa. ikaw pa ang liligawan. hawig sa sitwasyon ni eugene domingo sa movie na my valentine girls.

    pero word of advice daw, kahit gaano kasarap ang nasa harap mo, wag sasama agad. kilalanin muna. baka ma gang rape ka. paganahin ang isip. mag-ingat. Dapat magaling ka magdrama kasi marami sa kanila uto uto rin at duwag.

    Para bang ikaw ay pumunta sa eat-all-you can na resto, maraming nakahanda. Lahat pwede tikman. may masasarap. meron di mo rin naman type. huwag patay gutom kasi sa huli ikaw din ang magsisisi dahil sa empacho. Sa saudi daw, maraming pagpipilian. maraming masasarap. pero nasa iyo kung pano mo dadalhin ang iyong sarili. Yung mga na-rape, i feel sorry for them. They don’t deserve it. No one does.

  4. sam said on 08-01-2011

    simple lang yan eh. alam naman natin ang kultura ng saudi arabia, bakit hindi nirerespeto ng karamihang mga baklang pinoy ang kulturang ito? dinidiscuss naman ito sa predeparture orientation, ang mga bawal gawin sa saudi, pero sige pa rin, lumalandi pa rin sa mga arabo. kung ayaw nyo ng kultura ng saudi, eh maghanap kayo sa ibang bansa na maluwag at pwede ang mga bakla. respeto lang.

  5. metoto said on 13-08-2010

    hay kakalungkot. karma karma lang naman yan… tingnan mo lugar nila lagi giyera… :((

  6. geek-o said on 07-07-2010

    i had to say that i have heard rumors not only of men being raped but also of women whose body after being used would be thrown out in the middle of the desert (yes, these women are killed). my highschool classmates who worked briefly in the Arabic told me stories that sent chills down my spine. so to all of us seeking for greener pasture in the arid desert of Arabia, think twice.

  7. xavierby said on 23-05-2010

    kakalungkot… i have plans pa naman to go to middle east!

  8. robbie_auh said on 30-04-2010

    mga ‘teh… wag lang naten kalilimutan na mataas ang incidence ng pag rampa dito ni aida gonzales at hiv-y violan sa middle east. nde lang nbabalita kze nk news black-out dito sa ganyang mga cases.
    remember na sa Muslim countries, they are not tolerating any gay activities or gay related activities even telling news about infection ni mareng aida at hiv-y violan. kaya ingatz lang mga ‘teh…. kahit pa kay ka kabayan pumatol…

  9. ajai of kuwait said on 29-04-2010

    good day! im also a gay-guy galing dubai and worked there for almost 4 years bago na-transfer dito sa kuwait..
    what a tragic story bok. fabricated or not, though there are some storylines that i found confusing, i believe na may basehan ‘to. the mere fact na ang mga pinoy dito sa middle east (lalo na ang mga lalaking makikinis, mapuputi at walang masyadong balahibo or buhok lalo na sa mukha) ay parang isang putaheng katakam-takam sa mga arabo. at talaga namang malilibog ang mga arabo at may mga bading na pinoy na mahilig din na konting pa-cute lang ng mga arabo, go at booking to the max na!
    di naman ako kapogian (or kagandahan in that matter) pero may mga experiences din ako na matipuhan na mapituhan ng mga ipis(egyptian), ang makindatan ng mga patan (pakistani), ang businahan at paradahan ng kabayo (kuwaiti locals) na naka-jaguar, asking to go with them. may mga arabo din naman na appreciative sa kakayahan ng mga pinoy, tulad dito sa field namin, lahat kaming staffs ay pawang mga pinoy. i am in the retail business as a sales associate and its an everyday routine ang makita ang kanilang ‘buenas noches’ na kumakalembang every time na maglakad sila. lalo na kung ang suot nila ay yung mga cotton shorts or pants na ke-ninipis ay talaga namang ang mga bukelyas ay umaalagwa! maglalaway ang mga baklang mahilig sa mga kargadang ga-syete-otsong pulgada! its a good thing na di ako pumapatol sa ibang lahi. swerte ko na yun. its a common thing for them to grab and scratch their crotches whenever and wherever they please. siguro double meaning na rin yun sa kanila pag may nakikita at nakaka-mingle na mga pinoy na magustuhan nila. pag kumagat ka, its up to you, face the consquences of your actions and decisions. kung ayaw mo naman eh di deadmahin mo lang sila.
    noon pa man may mga balita na tungkol sa mga ganyang kaso na pinoy ang biktima o naagrabyado at arabo ang sangkot, wala pa akong narinig na arabong nasintensyahan o nahatulan kahit man lang kahit isang araw na kulong, ang masaklap pa vice-versa! ang pinoy ang naging suspect, mahina na ang makulong lang. tsk! tsk! tsk! kawawa naman ang lahi ni juan dela cruz dito sa gitnang silangan.
    my bottom line is think and act wisely.. i think it is still our sole responsibility of whatever we do. be very wise mga sisters and brothers. most of us kaya tayo nandito sa abroad ay para makatulong sa ating mga mahal sa buhay sa pinas. lets just do do our thing at the best of our abilities. im sure we still can come up of having fun without putting ourselves at risk…
    mabuhay ang mga bagong bayani…

  10. @leo said on 23-04-2010

    yung tito ko naka-experience din daw ng ganun, malalate na cya sa trabaho kaya pumara ng taxi, timing ng-shave cya… paglingon nya daw s adriver eh nkalabas na yung ano at tinatanong siya kung magkano? Straight yung tito ko, bumaba at kumaripas ng takbo pabalik sa tirahan nila…

    • BERT said on 28-10-2012

      haha!..ako nung bago ako madaling araw na walang taksing masakyan..may tumigil na kotse may 2 teenager na saudi tas sabi don din pupunta sa pupuntahan ko, kaya nakiangkas nlng ako sa Chrysler na kotse..tas nung malapit na sa pupuntahan ko…ipinasok sa mga kalye paikot ikot till lumipat ung isa sa likuran at magttkadvantage sakin…un..pumapalag ako ng husto..kala nya..adrenaline rush..pag ayaw hindi mangyayari..dahil don di na ako ngtitiwala sa mga dirty camel at di na makikiangkas…

  11. Jasper Cortez said on 22-04-2010

    kawawa talaga ang mga straight men na napupunta sa middle east. dapat mga pangit lang na pinoys ang pumunta sa arab countries para hindi pag interesan.

  12. Dhodjie said on 22-04-2010


    ingat n lang kau jan mga kababayan… be wise…

  13. demujin loyola said on 21-04-2010

    This is so sad. I worked in Dubai for 3 yrs and I had my share of cocks of different nationalities. When I tell them that yes I am a filipini, most often than not theyd start to fondle their crotchYes, we pinoys have the reputation that we are easy, that we like sex in that part of the world. Are we to blame? partly yes but their culture plays a big role- suppressed and repressed sexual urges, the arabs too are violent by nature and have superiority complex

  14. Juanito said on 21-04-2010

    sa kapwa pinoy na lang kasi pumatol. less risk.

  15. Juanito said on 21-04-2010

    namatay si Enrico?

  16. gelo said on 19-04-2010

    If only gay Pinoys could learn to relate with the Arabs in a nonsexual way, maybe they will respect us more.

    Promiscuity is not intimacy. It is not equivalent to bliss. Deep, intimate, emotionally mature, and non-sexual relationships are the most satisfying, lasting, and fulfilling.


  17. dawn said on 19-04-2010

    wtf? enrico passed away? damn….

  18. allen said on 19-04-2010

    ang sad. may his soul rest in peace.

  19. allen said on 19-04-2010

    grabe. i hope all of the filipinos in saudi will be safe from now on.

  20. cm said on 19-04-2010

    kahit naman fabricated yung story I guess it still has a basis in fact. basta kung nasa Saudi ka, mag-ingat. Mapa straight ka man o gay (or anywhere in between), be vigilant.

  21. mingmeows said on 19-04-2010

    kaya nga ayokong mag-saudi kung ganyan lang din ang mangyayari sakin

  22. maccallister said on 19-04-2010

    i had the same story posted on my blog about a gay pinoy naman na nakipag relasyon sa gay arab here in doha,kaso natitktikan siya ng police and brought to prison for a month we all are shocked in our hospital when we are told that he committed suicide inside the prison…

    lets face it,dahil na din sa mga kababayan natin na basta nalang napatol sa mga arab kaya ayan tingin nila lahat gay at lahat ng gay pwde makuha ng ganun na nalang..

    thanks man,for sharing this story.

  23. gibb said on 18-04-2010

    i wanna go there.. :b

  24. closetbud said on 18-04-2010

    nakakaiyak naman. kahit siguro bading na ayaw pumatol sa lalaki diyan mapapahamak

  25. philip said on 17-04-2010

    rest in peace? what, did he die?

  26. ares in uae said on 17-04-2010

    Kung ayaw nung mga nagmamalinis dyan ng lalaki, e di wag kayo pumunta ng middle east. Totoong its too easy to get laid here. Pero pag hindi ka nagpakita ng motibo wala naman sila magagawa- YUN LANG!

    • BERT said on 28-10-2012

      tama..iwasan ang eye to eye contact sa mga sauding di balewalain mga sssst!…ssssst!…kasi expected na nila na mgppayattention ka sa kanila…pg d u lumingon..FAILED sila. 🙂

  27. dve said on 17-04-2010

    Ako matagal ng nagwowork dito sa middle east, isa akong closeted gay at sa dami ng sexcapades ko ay diko na mabilang, take not every weekends lang ako rumarampa at never akong nagkalat sa sarili kong bakuran. May isa akong ka officemate na all out gay na pinoy, dahil british at american ang me ari ng kumpanyang pinapasukan namin ay oks lang ang all out gay sa office, kaya naman ang lola mo laging naka make-up, kulot ang longhair at bra pa minsan kung pumasok sa office. Pero madalas marami ang naiirita sa kanyang ayos dahil wala na sa lugar ang pagiging tactless at all out gay nya, not for panlalait pero sabi nga nila kung di naman kagandahan ay wag naman mag feeling dyosa dahil may binabagayan ang pagiging dyosa. Kalat na kalat sa buong opisina ang pagkakalat nya ng lagim. Nagulat kaming lahat ng isang araw ay absent sya sa office at mabalitaan namin na nakakulong sya dahil nahuli syang nakikipag loving loving sa isang nakaparadang sasakyan sa isang mall. Imaginin nyo nalang kung ano ang parusa para sa mga joklang nahuhuling nakikipag sex sa kapwa lalake, LATIGO AT DEPORTATION ANG PARUSA AT MADALAS BAN TO ENTER IN ANY MIDDLE EAST COUNTRY PA ANG ILALAGAY SA PASSPORT NG SINUMANG JOKLANG MAHULING NAKIKIPAG SEX SA KAPWA LALAKE. Ang madeport at ma ban to enter in any middle east country is ok lang pero hindi ok ang malatigo, marami na akong narinig horrible stories about that bruhahahaha latigo nalalapnos at lumalabas daw ang buto sa likod sa sobrang sakit at dami ng bilang ng pagkakalatigo. Mula ng mahuling nakikipag loving loving si bernie ay nag lie-low at ingat na ingat narin ako sa pagrampa, delikado kapag mahuli ka ng pulis dito sa middle east.

  28. jhaycee said on 17-04-2010

    if you’re gay in saudi, you can never resist those young saudis whenever they are flirting, malilibog talaga sila as in super libog…but you have to know them first, learn to be more discreet. don’t show to much appreciation sa mga pinapakita nila, wag masyadong feeling. dahil nalilibugan lang sila, then after that “kaliwali” kana (walang pakialam). pero kung di mo rin maiwasan ang kakatihan mo, then face the consequences that something might happen to you, worst case scenario is you’ll get rape or even much worst…gang rape. kaya ingat….i’ve been into saudi for 7 years, thank god hindi ko naman naranasan ang ma-rape.

  29. balingkinitan said on 17-04-2010

    totoo ang kuwento ni juan antonio, im living in uae and i for one almost got raped by a pakistani..good thing that i had presence of mind during that time…most of the locals here are fascinated with filipinos, and most of them think that all pinoys are gays…really….in my company, they think that filipino guys are all gays…meron din namang mababait na mga locals, may mga pinag aralan kaya lang kasalanan din naman ng mga kabayan kung bakit nagiging ganun ang perception nila sa atin, at isa na ako dun sa mga mahaharot na bakla dito sa dubai…naguilty tuloy ako bigla sa mga pinag gagagawa ko…

  30. simonmatt015 said on 17-04-2010

    namatay po ba siya? Oh my god…. grabe na ito. Di lang po guys ang binibiktima sa mga Muslim country kundi mga babae din. I will pray hard so God will do something about this. Sa mga Pinoy diyan sa mga Muslim Countries please mag ingat po kayo ng doble – doble.

  31. ml said on 17-04-2010

    life is full of lessons.

  32. mark said on 17-04-2010

    The Filipino gays are to blame here for behaving like whores in a culture where Filipinos are perceived as feminine and submissive to begin with. By their behaviour they are perpituating the stereotype and pinoys get no respect. It is okey for the gays because they enjoy being sodomized but what about the poor straight pinoys who only want to make a living in order to support their families back home. The rape story is absolutely true but most straight pinoys are too ashamed and scared to report it. They are lucky if they are not killed but I can’t even imagine how they go on psychologically.

  33. pacer150 said on 17-04-2010

    i don’t think this story is fabricated..i have been to saudi and what he wrote was true..yung arabs pag naglalakad ka sa daan para kang pokpok sa ermita na titigilan ka nila to ask you if you wanna ride..4 years ako dun and i never had a problem kahit ilang beses akong nag “ride” sa fact i have plans of coming back to saudi..prob mo na lang kung complete top ka kasi halos lahat ata sila eh top din..and yung ibang saudi nga willing pa to give you money so they can shag you…don’t feel guilty juan antonio..go ahed and enjoy basta ingat lang..kahit mabaho mga arabo panalo naman sa kama 😀

  34. Basch said on 17-04-2010

    I am about to work in Saudi as an engineer this year and this kind of story on how some Pinoys are treated in that country makes me really SCARED to go there.

  35. Joe said on 17-04-2010

    magaling na writer…

  36. francis said on 17-04-2010

    tragic..but i cannot see the point of blaming filipino homosexuals in the matter..

  37. Winterking said on 16-04-2010

    hay naku mga bakla din kasi ang gumagawa ng reason why these Arabs are tempted to rape other pinoys. para kasi tayong Karne na naglalakad sa pond ng piranha mga bakla naman dahils a gwapo.. nagmamaganda pa ng mabuti.
    sige tignan lang natin kung maganda ka pa rin sa burol mo.

  38. randy said on 16-04-2010

    fake…fabricated story….ho-hummm..

  39. rr said on 16-04-2010

    wtf.. i feel so sad.. hay… rest in peace ENRICO..

  40. Charlie Mark D.Y said on 16-04-2010

    it is absolutey the truth. pero dpends sa sitwasyon. ksi may mga locals nman na mbbait and they treat u right. yun nga lang sobrng pili na pili. ingts lgi mga pogs

  41. broke said on 16-04-2010

    pumanaw na ba si enrico? namatay ba siya?

  42. hebe said on 16-04-2010

    To bunwich… Much better if your in JEDDAH. Enjoy sis…(:

  43. hebe said on 16-04-2010

    What you said sis… is the truth and nothing but the truth!!!

  44. jc said on 16-04-2010

    damn..the victim died?
    Gays shouldn’t be blamed here but the crooked and lenient laws in that place. Anti-homo should be mutilated. All of them.

  45. bunwich said on 16-04-2010

    what a coincidence, im leaving for jeddah… hmmm.

  46. guki_gwapo said on 16-04-2010

    First to comment.. what a sad story…

    mga putang arabo na yan..

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