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It was a beautiful Monday morning. The previous evening she called me. She’s in town only for 3 days, and I was here for just the weekend plus 2 days — what a serendipitous thing for 2 “OFWs” to be in Manila at the same time. So we decided to do breakfast together that beautiful Monday morning.


We’ve been Facebook friends for some time now. She added me, and I was just too happy to be her online friend. It was awkward at first, but soon enough we were exchanging messages like we’re good ol’ friends. Finally that Monday morning, we would meet, in person, for the very first time.

I arrived at the restaurant early, so I decided to read the papers while waiting. I barely finished scanning the front page when a beautiful woman came in. It was her. I immediately stood up, walked to her, and we introduced ourselves to each other with a big warm hug. It felt good.

The ensuing conversation was non-stop. The breakfast was just an excuse, we met really to connect with each other. And connect we did. She was chatty, I was too, and except for that one time she whipped out her SLR to capture the moment, we were on to gabfest galore, talking about the littlest things. Until one subject came up. Her brother. Her brother is our connection. He is SAGG. The guy I dated some 3 years ago. The guy who loved me like I was the only man in the world. The guy who treated me like I was his universe. Sadly, I never reciprocated.

She was in tears. “Honestly, there was a time I hated you for what you did to him. But I also love you for what you did. You’re the only guy who made him that happy, and the only one who made him that sad. He loves you until now. Don’t tell him I told you.” She continued, now with a broken voice, “but I really just want my brother to be happy.” I knew what she meant, even if her words did not say it. I held her hand. By this time, her beautiful face was drenched with tears. And yet I knew the best thing to do is to just be with her. Not to rush and fix. To sit with her as she expressed her pain. Not to run and make the pain fade away.

She is just 22. I thought to myself, when she experiences more of life and more of love, she will understand why not reciprocating can be the most loving thing to do.

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  1. alfred said on 07-06-2010

    it is so sad, will do the same thing for my brother sister and friends as well….

  2. Lasher said on 03-06-2010

    That’s so sweet of her, dont u think? Pero i understand you. Yes, saying no could be the most loving thing to do. Sometimes. Ive been in that guy’s shoes before and it took me well over a year and a half to finally move on after months of exposing my heart and getting it stepped on over and over again. But that was a long time ago. We are good friends now and we sometimes hang out with the boyfriend. Wala nang kirot, galit , self-pity o inggit man lang. Actually when I think about that time, it makes me blush and feel silly. Thing is, time, indeed, heals all wounds. It is sweet of you to meet the sister, Migs. And I hope, in time, she and her brother will find it in their hearts to give it up. Some things are just not meant to be.TC always, Migs. XOXO.

  3. Johnvic said on 02-06-2010

    I feel sorry for SAGG. But just in case he doesn’t know, he’s not the only one out there who’s in the same predicament. In fact most of us, at one point in our lives, have been or will be in SAGG’s shoes. It is for the best the Miggs has to say no to an offer of an honest, maybe a litle too passionate but surely sincere love that he’s unable to reciprocate. Accepting such may only lead to an even more painful realization that simply loving someone is never enough to make a relatioship work.

    It is not too difficult to accept rejection if one knew it right away. Problem is, we refuse to accept that our love is not being reciprocated. But there ar times when the other party gives us a reason to hope when in reality there’s none. For a while SAGG was happy, right? So, did Miggs entertain thoughts of giving it a chance? Or did he give him false hopes? Just asking…

  4. ric said on 02-06-2010

    I have to emphatize with “SAGG”. I don’t know if many of us have experienced being in love to the point of making that man our whole universe. And yet we cannot force others to love us or reciprocate our feelings. This is the saddest thing that can happen to us. No wonder his sister feels his pain. Maybe it is not saying no but saying “i love you but i cannot be your boyfriend” which can mean that you can only love him as a friend…

  5. Winterking said on 02-06-2010

    When given a choice between two evils, I typically choose the one I haven’t tried yet.

  6. jp said on 01-06-2010

    not perfect men and women is love.

  7. don said on 01-06-2010

    ito ang patunay na maliit ang mundo. :))

    i dont think na ginamit ni SAGG yun kapatid niya. siguro normal lang yun sa kapatid na kausapin ang karelasyon diba?. pero since mas matanda sakanya si SAGG napaka weird lang… ehehe

    why wont you give him another chance migs?
    tutal JUNE 2010 na!

  8. mingmeows said on 01-06-2010

    ano bah yan si SAGG. ginamit pa ang kapatid. that’s ewww. he needs to seriously get a life.

  9. broken_Heart said on 01-06-2010


  10. Echoserita said on 01-06-2010

    Nice post, Migs! It’s true that just because someone loves us, a passionate love in this case, it doesn’t mean that we really have to reciprocate. If that person whose love you can’t reciprocate really loves you, he has to respect your decision of not loving back. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll have to find ways to move on, and be happier than he is happy loving you.



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