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Dear Migs,

I am writing to you because someone’s asking for help. An ex-blogger called me last night with an unusual request. Let us call him Mr. Ex-Blogger (wow ang genius ko, hahaha).

He pulled out of the blogsphere last December when he found out that he was HIV+. By March this year Mr. Ex-Blogger took a second test that confirmed his positive status.

Now he’s looking for people whom he can talk to, specifically a support group. But not just any HIV-support group; he’s looking for HIV+ people whom he can relate to, specifically someone who’s in his 20s or even early 30s, and who is spiritually inclined. What he means by the latter is that the person has a healthy spiritual life and is not afraid to discuss it, especially in the light of his positive status. Integrating one’s spirituality with being gay is already difficult, given that the whole world practically screams at us that being gay is a sin. That Mr. Ex-Blogger has to do that on top of his being HIV+, and you have mega-issues to address.

It took him months to reach out and ask for help, assuming that I know many pozzies and I can refer him to some of them. Unfortunately I am close to only one pozzie, The Chronicles of E. Worse, I don’t know of any posse for pozzies.

So now I’m writing to you, Migs, and especially to your vast network of readers. Perhaps someone out there knows of a support group for HIV+ people who are also spiritually inclined. Or maybe one of you is already part of such a group. If so, then kindly leave contact numbers here on the comments page. Mr. Ex-Blogger promises he will check the comments page regularly.

That’s it! Play safe always. And world peace.



* * *

If you would rather not leave a comment for Mr. Ex-Blogger below, you may email me your message, and I will make sure that he receives them. You may email me at

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  1. dark angel said on 02-09-2017

    HIV Positive di naman natin kailangan malungkot maaring sa umpia pero sa kalaunan matatanggap din natin eto!basta always pray lang and healthy life style wag na mag bar at mag iinum avoid smoke dahil isa eto sa mga unang papatay satin.

  2. gino said on 19-11-2015

    hello ask kng pwede paba ako mag work abroad if positive ako.
    nice too meet you all. active ako s sex pero dko sure if positive ako.salamat po.god bless

  3. LosPelicanos said on 07-10-2011

    Email me at

    Hi guys.

    Well, my HIV test said “reactive” today, so I will be back in the clinic three weeks from now for the results of the confirmatory tests. The nurse said though that statistically, and as she has seen in her clinic’s cases, this basically means that I am — or will be — considered HIV positive.

    So, for avoidance of doubt, I am considering myself HIV positive.

    This was my third test, and my first and second tests yielded “non-reactive” results. So something must have happened between my last test (June) and today. Drat! I have been strictly “safe” by means of making my partners wear condoms (uhm, cuz I am always the bottom) but I slipped twice when 1) after a long night of drunken revelry, my date pulled down my pants and immediately inserted his thing without protection, which caught me offguard, and 2) another date barebacked me after assuring me that he just tested negative, but without showing me any proof.

    Anyway, the questions of how I got the virus is moot and academic, because the only concern I have right now is how to deal with it. I am not depressed or sad or anything emotional about my status, although I caught myself in deep thought every so often earlier about how I could have avoided it. Anyway, I told myself that since I love sex so much and have not been in short supply of partners, even with all the precaution I have taken, eventually HIV would catch me. So it did! And now I am that clinic’s 19th case for the month!

    My immediate concern is the cost for the treatment (or correctly, infection management) process. I have been told and also read that I would need a battery of laboratory tests, daily cocktail of drugs, and some vaccines against opportunistic infections. Inasmuch as I earn more than the usual employees in Manila, I also have an exciting life and weekend pleasures that eat up my monthly budget. Haha. So I need to budget for whatever the “infection management process” will entail. I heard there is this free drugs thing donated by the UN but its extension is still being debated.Do you know details about this? Also, I have not been to public hospitals especially waiting for free stuff, and based on what I have heard, this is like “pahirapan” and you never know if they have or will continue to have the stuff you need.

    So please advise on the treatment costs.

    Also, I have read that I will only be treated if my TCell count falls below a threshold (some say 200, some say 500). I am concerned that some of the symptoms I have read like ugly skin rashes and mouth sores with pus galore will show up even if my TCel count is still above 500. I am overly concerned with my looks and you know, “looking good” that I fear that HIV will ravish my uhm face and body (my face! my beautiful face! haha). Can I get the treatments immediately to prevent these “uglifying” elements?

    As a concluding note to this rather lengthy message, I want to say that I want to view this situation as an opportunity rather than nothing but a depressing turn of events. I take complete responsibility of what has happened to me and, although unfortunate, I believe and know that the immediate next step is to have a management plan. This will entail specific action items, costs, time allotments, etc., for which I will very much need your help and counsel. I also do not plan to tell my family and close friends because this will just dishearten them (and also, I am verily afraid of the stigma and the label of being another statistic of gay men acquiring HIV) so I would really appreciate your words or feedback (or, down the line, company perhaps?). I know for a fact that life is beautiful and the world is wonderful and I plan to enjoy life and the world despite my situation.

    I would also like to thank Migs for his initiative about this advocacy. I have read that he has detractors and all but I want to encourage him even with a simple thank you note.

    Haaay sorry for the nobela! Good night and God bless you all!

    Los Pelicanos (uhm obviously an alias hahaha)

  4. Warren said on 27-08-2011

    Hi there… I am so amazed by this site.. People are not only freely expressing their feelings but also consoling and helping each other be they are positive or not. More importantly, it educates the public about the desease.

    For me, this site can be a tool in propagating public awareness about the desease. I think it is but high time that people of whatever sexual orientation, positive or not, should come together and start public awareness about the desease. The way I see it, HIV is a dreaded desease that has become so because of lack of public awareness or education.

    I wish some brave souls will take the initiative to aggressively campaign about public awareness..

  5. vince said on 24-08-2011

    nababasa ko pa lang mga stories naiiyak na sa kalagayan ko…….
    i really need help….

  6. joe said on 24-08-2011

    hello guys, i need friend as well. HIV+. email me.. lets talk… wait ko kayo..


  7. iamhivpositive said on 09-05-2011

    it’s been exactly a month now since i was diagnosed. i have a better and wider understanding of my medical condition now. My future is still very unclear though. And I am still a bit scared of what this virus will cause my life.

    • enzo said on 15-05-2011

      don’t worry wag ka masyado mag alala sa situation mo, hiv is not that worse compared sa ibang sakit, just live normally

    • Closer2Fame said on 22-08-2011

      Wala lang yan…. Imaginine mo, nag vitamins ka lang bawat araw na parang walang nagbago… tapos attend ka sa mga group counceling madaming hot dun..

    • joe said on 27-08-2011

      i agree, parang wala nga lang yun hiv basta healthy ka. iwas smoking at kahit anong bisyo… know to love yourself.

    • Closer2Fame said on 27-08-2011

      I agree.. I don’t have HIV but I know some people who does and and their all living a normal but improved lifestyle. What they do is they do everything to keep themselves healthy like removing them from all vices, going to the gym as much as they can, eating healthy like cruciferous and leafy veggies, taking health supplements that will boost the immune system and brain function, pursue your wildest dream and passions in life ( I’m not refering to sex), and best of all surround yourselves with all the people you love like family and friends. I think that’s the perfect formula for you.

      An advice to those people who are not infected, My friends always told me.. “Aside from practicing safe sex, don’t be a slut, discriminate!”.. and I think their right, except for the part implying that I’m a slut… Damn Whores!:razz:

  8. bench2010051 said on 15-02-2011

    kung my ask kyo try nyo ko sulatan.. yes im positive.. but still live happy.. siguro na over come kona.. magtulungan tayo.. remember..

    It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.

  9. queen said on 24-01-2011

    hi guys if u want a friend im here…

  10. kisha said on 22-01-2011

    by the way im a girl nagkron kc kmi ng ex bf ko ng sexual intercourse last nov. unprotected yun i guess di ko muna kinilala ang bf ko kng bkit nmn kc nagmahal kgad at nagtiwala ako sa kanya…tpos dec 4 nranasan ko ng magkaron ng sore throat on 1st week,my second week nmn is lagnat ng 1 day..3rd week nmn po is diarrhea,tpos after a week flu like nmn kasbay panghhina ng katawan and ramdom rashes ang di ko nlng ata makapa ang magkaron ng kulani or namiz ko lng or d npansin guys anu dapat kong gwin …

  11. kisha said on 22-01-2011

    hi to all just recently i had symtoms on having hiv i dont know wat to do my 3rd month is on feb 12,2011 naicp ko panu n pag nagpositive ako anu na buhay meron ako ayoko malaman ng family ko kung anu kalagayan kong ito itatakwil nila ako…help

    • ralfh said on 15-08-2011

      hi, kindly contact me to my email, tsikahan tau ti ksi tau lng magka intindihan, number ko 09186627833

  12. Brandon said on 22-01-2011

    paki add din ako sa YM! positive din ako. naghahanap ng kausap. salamat…

    • cloudnight said on 30-01-2012

      Hi!im a HIV+ and im working abroad now at may planong umuwi sa first week of feb im looking for HIV+ friends na makaka usap at makakatulong saken kung san ba may anonymous HIV test around manila area at kung san pedeng sumali sa mga communty group at kung san merong counselling para sa mga HIV+ please email me and dont forget to leave your contact number to message you once i arrive in manila para mag meet tayo

      thanks And God bless

  13. rael1980 said on 07-01-2011

    posible pala na maging reactive yung non reactive

  14. justine said on 14-10-2010

    email me…….

  15. justine said on 14-10-2010

    guys neede frinds with hiv++ too… 22 cute chinito here =)

  16. Ronron said on 06-10-2010

    im hiv+ for 1 year pero hindi ko iniisip na im positive, im very healthy for now, inaalagaan ko naman sarili ko. very positive na marami pa ako pwede gawin.

    if u want to be ur friend just message me specially positive na kailangan nang kakwentohan masasabihan nang problema.

  17. Ptng said on 30-08-2010

    Hello McVie,

    I’m currently living with people with HIV who are spiritually strong. If he wants to make friends with us…. please ask him to drop me message at

    God Bless!

  18. patient + said on 23-08-2010

    last year ng pa screening ako NONREACTIVE last month I decided n mgpa screen uli, unfortunately + sa ngayon nacoconfuse pako di ko alam gagawin ko ang iniisip ko nlng kung kelan ako mamatay, sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na binigay sa akin to ng Diyos dahil alam niyang kaya ko, s totoo lng gusto ko malaman ng mga taong malalapit sa akin sa likod ngiti ko ay isang mabigat at malungkot n nararamdaman ko puro pgpapakabait nlng ginagawa ko bumalik ako sa probinsya namin para bisitahin mga kapatid, kaibigan, at pamilya ko upang kamustahin at makasama sila Diyos lng ang nakakaalam kung kelan niya ako kukunin AYOKO pa ngunit wla ako mgagawa, paano na kaya ang mga pinag aaral ko sa probinsiya…ayokong ipaalam sa kanila hanggang sa huling pghinga ko kakayanin ko ito ayoko mkitang ng aalala sila sa akin..iniisip ko sana pgnamatay ako yung natutulog ako para unconscious at ayoko makaramdam ng sakit bago panaman dumating ang sintomas sa aking katawan…sa totoo lng simula ng nalaman ko na + ako never pa ako umiiyak mgpasa hanggang ngayon..ngpapakatatag ako pero malapit n sumabog at umiyak ngunit wala ako masandalan hindi kc ako out sa pamilya sa mga kaibigan at lalo n s besfren kong str8 ang hirap makipagsapalaran sa ganitong sakit sapagkat pgnalaman ito ng malalapit n mga tao sa akin hndi ko alam kung maiintindihan nila ako…sa ngayon sinusubukan kong maging normal pa dn ang buhay ko tumigil n ako sa yosi at alak bka kc mpabilis ang buhay ko lalo nat tinigil ko na ang pakikipagsex dahil ayokong makahawa at mgdulot ng kagaguhan…hiling ko lng sana my maging kaibigan akong tulad ko n lubos na mkakaunawa sa akin at pano labanan ang lupet nitong nakamamatay na sakit na ito..

  19. Jaekei said on 08-08-2010

    my parents is a member of a religious group for sure they can’t accept it and will kick me out huhuhuhu. at the same time DI KO KAYANG MAKITA NANAY KONG MASAKTAN.

  20. Jaekei said on 08-08-2010

    gud am…. nakita ko ung email mo dun sa isang BLOG… actually i really need help… recently magdo2nate po sana ako ng dugo para sa anak ng teacher when the medtech called me and want to talk to me in person NAGpositive daw ako sa QUICK test nila… twice nyang ginawa dhl bka mali lng pro ng positive pareho.. xobrang nagulat ako… at takot na takot… ipapadala nya pa sa IRTM ung result ko…

    Nawa’y magNEGATIVE xa sa ELISA. pro I want to know na din po kung may lugar ba na pwedeng matuluyan ang mga POSITIVE? di ko kxe kakayaning makita mukha ng nanay ko pag nalaman nya… KAKAGRADuate ko lng at papunta na sana ako ng SINGAPORe para mgtrabaho, para makatulong sa Pamilya. pro eto nga. madami na pinagdadaanan magulang ko pro hndi ko tlga kakayanin na malaman nya. minsan naiisip ko pang magpakamatay na, kaya ngsimba ako agad. naghahanap ng pari pro wla akong makausap. buti nlng ung guidance counselor ko nung HIGHSCHOOL na close ko napuntahan ko. dun ako nglabas ng takot ko.. umiiyak ako. pro hanggang ngaun.. saloob ko nananaig ang takot. nangi2nig pa din ako sa bawat oras na maalala ko ang nangyare.

    sana matulungan mo ako.. dhil kailangan ko ng matitirhan kung mangyari man ang di iaasahan.

    email nyo po ako sa
    or sa

  21. Little Fish said on 07-08-2010

    We all need friends…..

    HIV+ or not, it doesn’t matter.

    Count me in…..I am a friend too!

  22. Henry said on 06-08-2010

    Good Day… Im a Registered Nurse and I am willing to join in any support groups… Im volunteering myself to counsel all guys who are positive in AIDS…
    heres my email… address at

  23. Gelo said on 06-08-2010

    The guy might want to get in touch with Bagong Pagasa – a Christian support group with a ministry for people with HIV. Their website is

  24. guyrony said on 05-08-2010

    It’s a tough, tough world however, it won’t be the end of his wonderful life albeit, this is to prove that life really starts being positive for him. No pun intended.

  25. roel said on 05-08-2010!/profile.php?id=1569992251&ref=ts


  26. McVie said on 05-08-2010

    @libramoon: Unfortuantely he is based in Manila, Philippines.

    @mrcens: Unfortunately, he says he’s not interested in becoming a member of MGGFF.

  27. Edgar Portalan said on 05-08-2010

    So gloomy…..this is the saddest part of being …mmmm……”different”…….I’m already spiritual….need it to balance my being a ……hmmmm….a “sinner”…..ahhhh……what a cruel world…….God still loves us…..

  28. mrcens said on 05-08-2010

    mcvie? hindi ba si joel to? hope mr. ex-blogger will join us in the chatroom (mggff old, or new). it’s a good start…

  29. libramoon said on 05-08-2010

    where is he based? there is a catholic church in san francisco, St. Dominic, where a group of hiv meet regularly.

  30. mingmeows said on 04-08-2010

    hmmm spiritual. i might also look for that if ever iturn positive.

  31. herbs said on 04-08-2010

    chin up mate. whoever you are.

  32. Mugen said on 04-08-2010

    He could connect with He’s a very spiritual and serene person.

  33. don said on 04-08-2010

    try brian gorrel.

    you can do it! 🙂

  34. HIVPOS27 said on 04-08-2010

    Hi Migs,

    I sent you an email. I hope that will help. 🙂

  35. Kiks said on 04-08-2010


    I will be baptized in a Christian church here in HK two Sundays from now.

    I think I would be spiritually healthy enough to meet him.

    Er, will it be alright to go virtual?

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