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What a touching video. Watch:

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  1. libramoon said on 21-08-2010

    i was caught by surprise. i started crying thinking how i really miss my father. it has been 10 years since he died. grief is like a thief, you’ll never know when it will hit you. i terribly miss my dad. i do.

  2. imladris said on 20-08-2010

    napaluha naman ako dito.

  3. luiseestrue said on 19-08-2010

    heart-wrenching….very inspiring…brought tears to my eyes!..thanks migs!

  4. metoto said on 19-08-2010

    Ahhh inspiring…

  5. Echoserita said on 19-08-2010

    Indeed, very touching, Migs. Thanks for sharing this one!

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