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Hong kyot kyot mo nomon, Rocco! (Nacino, not Bembol)!

I <3 you too! Hehehe!

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  1. john said on 04-01-2011

    hay nku, bagong bet ko tong si rocco, mukang inosente pa pero ang sarruuuuppp!!!

  2. kevin ryan said on 14-11-2010

    Very attractive! But he is only a man who can exist in our dreams!!
    Remember, he does not have anything on his body that you don’t have.
    We should find the small beauties in each others uniqueness and lead a life well lived x

  3. stan agoncil said on 11-11-2010

    gaver! act like you have studied and well bred. Computer is our way of communicating amidst distance and relationship… tis is a learning and enjoyable way to a better life experience, don’t spoil the page with your cheap behaviour. Don’t comment about this coz you’ll be axed.

  4. Gwapito said on 11-10-2010

    jologs ng kulangot comments nga.
    ban jejemon gaver!!

  5. Gaver said on 10-10-2010

    yummy kaya kulangot! Haha

  6. Lawrence said on 09-10-2010

    cute nga… ang tipong parang college boy friend material? xD

  7. inbriefsxxx said on 09-10-2010

    Hi Migs..can you take out the”kulangot” commenta of Gaver…he always does that…no one can understand what it is about…and it’s disgusting!

  8. paopaobear said on 09-10-2010

    love him too :)

  9. Taekopenk said on 08-10-2010

    Hoho ngooo, ong kyot kyot! Loov ko noh shooo!

  10. popsyturvee said on 08-10-2010

    What does kita kulangot mean!? Explain!

  11. Black Cat / Winterking said on 08-10-2010


  12. potpot said on 08-10-2010

    @Dereck…. I have been asking myself the same question, too. Been reading kulangot responses in several recent posts. It’s getting annoying, really. Ugh.

  13. Dereck said on 07-10-2010

    wtf do these kulangot comments mean?

  14. Dereck said on 07-10-2010

    wtf do these kulangot comment mean?

    • janrey said on 03-02-2011

      hello.. rocco nacino is my only dream boy… that i will be my
      bf someday.. i like you love you.. kahit sa panaginip na lng kita magng bf.. whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :mrgreen:

  15. pacific-0 said on 07-10-2010

    awww rocco!!! ang trophy boyfriend sobra!! tipong sarap ipakilala sa pamilya at mga kaibigan!! bwahahaha! and for me sobrang bonus na RN sya, bukod na sa alam mong matalino, praktisado pa sa bed bath panigurado! char! :))

  16. don said on 07-10-2010

    kaibigan ko si rocco… :)
    Nursing sya sa mapua.
    at take note, Nurse na si koya since 2009…
    okay lang yun kanya
    kasya yun kanya sa mga bunganga nyo
    i should know

  17. ian said on 07-10-2010

    yesss!!!! more rocco pics please, migs :) he’s so hot. sayang hindi sya ang nanalo sa starstruck. hehe. okay lang, panalo naman sya sa puso ko. haha.

  18. Bb. Melanie said on 07-10-2010

    Ay masarap talaga siya teh…

    nakakaloka yung comment na kita kulangot… tanong ko lang ‘teh, fetish mo ba ang kulangot???

  19. xzena said on 07-10-2010

    yummy pero jutey!

  20. maccallister said on 07-10-2010

    iba nga dating nya!crush ko na siya after starstruck! sana maghubad pa siya lagi hahaha

  21. dyosa said on 07-10-2010

    wooooowwwwwwwwwwww…….roco yummy

  22. jm said on 07-10-2010

    i like him, his wapo!

  23. Lasher said on 07-10-2010

    Such a cutie. Although Enzo, for me, is cuter. But Rocco seemed to be hotter and has more star potential. Whaddayathink?

  24. mingmeows said on 07-10-2010

    sa wakas nafeature mo rin ang crush ko.

  25. Gaver said on 07-10-2010

    hala kita na ung kulangot nya! Haha.

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