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At the display window of National Bookstore in Greenbelt 1, a vision of ultimate beauty (CHOZ!)

Two of the Threesome Books (from left):

– the little green book: my very own “Dear Migs, Letters to the Manila Gay Guy” (edited by Gibbs Cadiz) [about the book]
– the red black book by the only bathhouse expert in Manila: “The Wet Book: Stories From the Bathhouse” by friend and Fabcaster, Joel McVie
(not shown in pic, but also part of the Threesome Books: “Chronicle of E” by dear friend E)

Published by Grey Matter Publishing. Grab your copies now!

(Thanks for the pics, Kidlat Dakila!)

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  1. arsikoi said on 26-04-2011

    yo migz… just dropping by… i have this gay friend of mine who was detained, unfortunately for him it was wednesday evening… thursday and friday ng holy week was holiday add the weekends, kaya apat na araw syang nakakulong… kawawang bakla, i told him not to drop the soap pag.maliligo sya lest he’ll be in for a rough ride… also, i made him borrow my copy of your book to make himself busy… kaso nga lang, when he got released nung monday, ayun yung book sobrang dugyot at panget na… binasa ata ng buong selda… kakainis. huhuhuh

  2. Midnight Orgasm said on 25-04-2011

    It appears that you haven’t blogged lately. I hope to hear from you the soonest. Take care, Migs.

  3. NICKO said on 24-04-2011

    yihhh bakit dito sa pampanga i cant find one!!! deym!!!

  4. allergic sa tahong said on 22-04-2011

    sus, akala ko may na spot-an na papable…yung guy na nakatalikod facing the counter. :roll:

  5. claudiopoi said on 20-04-2011

    migs! ako yung friend ni RC from cebu. yung nakausap mo sa phone. LOL! HAHA. :) i hope you had a fun time there!

  6. jack said on 18-04-2011

    kung saan saan akong bookstore nagpunta sa national bookstore trinoma ko nakita. hehe :smile:

  7. pao said on 16-04-2011

    I got my copy earlier!

    The first chapter caught every inch of me. Mirroring.

    The book is worth my endless search and pressure-filled actions, from the time I got hold of the book until I made my way to the cashier. πŸ˜†

    Thanks for the book, Sir Migs, (yes, I know, I’m already almost-a-year late, but as the cliché goes, better late than never). And thanks to you!
    Love the book, and the blogger, too. πŸ˜€

  8. Red_ said on 15-04-2011

    I love the book so much… Sana magka-Book 2… :)

  9. elmerlovesoreo said on 14-04-2011

    I love that little green book so much!

  10. maccallister said on 14-04-2011

    my sister sent me a copy of the other two pero un sayo nalang MGG ang wala haha pag bakasyon ko i gotta have one na!promise!hehehehe

  11. rOckY said on 14-04-2011

    Congrats, Migs!

    Hopefully I’ll get to join the list of published gay bloggers someday soon, hehe.

  12. Cruiser Dude said on 14-04-2011

    Finally, I got a copy of this book. I brought this with me in a cruise ship where I work and been reading this all over again and again. Super relate ako sa mga istorya mo Migs, may nakakatawa, may nakakaiyak, may nakakalungkot din. Parang isang salamin ng buhay para sa mga PLU’s. Keep it up Migs. Sana pagbalik ko sa Pinas, I get the chance even to shake your hands. Keep it up Kuya Migs!

  13. Jedd said on 13-04-2011

    Yey :) I missed the book launch. I hope I make it this time.

  14. akosicinderella said on 13-04-2011

    Bet! Congratumalations!

  15. Nimmy said on 13-04-2011

    Congrats! :)

  16. Wilberchie said on 13-04-2011

    gogogogo! excited na talaga masign yung copy ko!

  17. Wilberchie said on 13-04-2011

    AY gogogoo!!! hindi ako nakapunta nung booklaunch because may nagcoincide na preplanned event nah. sooooooo excited na talaga ako mapasign yung copy ko! yey!!! πŸ˜€

  18. sapphire said on 13-04-2011

    tama, i want my copy be signed as well πŸ˜€
    possible ba?

  19. sapphire said on 13-04-2011

    tama, i want my copy be signed too. πŸ˜€

  20. Alvin said on 13-04-2011

    Migs! Is it possible to get your book signed? I already got a copy.

  21. pao said on 13-04-2011

    ‘kala ko ‘yung lalaki, haha!

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