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It’s been a month.
Love you babe.

That’s how my day started today, reading an SMS from my Mr. Mystery. “My” because, yes, we’re together, and it’s been a month. “Mystery” because only a handful of you who read this know him personally. Mr. Mystery (from hereon shall be called Mr. M) is a naturally quiet and unassuming guy, very much the opposite of how many people know me, the blogger who proudly calls himself Migs, the Manila Gay Guy.

Maybe there is truth in the saying that opposites attract. Mr. M and I, we’re opposites, but only externally.

* * *

Just a while ago, while peeing at Baang’s second-floor restroom, I thought of writing this post. Since this blog is known for people sending letters to me, I thought, perhaps I can send a letter to myself — a future-self writing a letter to my now-self. Not to share a problem but, instead, a nugget of wisdom. Some call it a Sage letter. I call it a Note From the Future. Let’s read it.

* * *

Dear Migs of 2011,

I remember your giggly girl episode, your whirlwind courtship with that guy you called Mr. M. Fun, isn’t it? Those were the days when your first and last thoughts of the day were of him, sandwiching hours of thinking about him throughout the day.

Do you know what happens next?

I won’t spoil the fun by revealing the next chapter. Yet I will tell you one nugget of wisdom because as your Sage self, I want you to experience this chapter of your life as richly as possible. Here it is —

Love fiercely, so that your heart transforms like a caterpillar in a pupa.

Remember how you loved the guys that came before Mr. M? You may not admit it but you gave your all, very intensely. You did not love perfectly, but, hell, you tried your darned best. That’s your signature, for that is the only way you know, to love even to the point of bleeding, while showing nothing but a cool facade. Some people even thought you were just coasting along, but really, you were just good at making it seem like a walk in the park, like a resting pupa.

Now, with Mr. M, do the same, if not more — love fiercely. Muster all your energy and, as usual, give it your bestest shot. Not only because this is your signature way, but also because this prepares your heart for the next level. Your fierce love for Mr. M will coat your heart and transform it to how it should be, so you — my younger self — can evolve to be me — your Sage self.

Do you know what happens inside the pupa? If you happen to slice open a pupa, you might imagine to see a molting caterpillar growing butterfly wings. This isn’t so. Open a pupa and you will see nothing but an unrecognizable blob of protein. This means that a caterpillar, once inside a pupa, actually disintegrates into protein soup, and in time reassembles into a fabulous, colorful butterfly. This is what will happen to your heart, Migs. Your relationship with Mr. M will be happy, challenging, exciting, and all that jazz, but most especially, it will be transformative.

If you choose well, if you love fiercely that is, you will not only be a better person for it — you will be a different person. You will be me.

Meanwhile, be grateful for all the goodness the universe has shown you thus far. Be grateful for Mr. M, and be grateful for his sincere love for you. More and more this gratitude will attract greater things. More and more you shall be all these great things.

With much love,
Migs of the Future

Comments (17)

  1. jeffrey said on 05-05-2011

    Nourish the moment. I always hear that line from you Migs. And true enough, as you famously said in an earlier post for a letter sender, do not cry because it ended. Instead, smile because it happened. So I say, let us all cross the bridge when we get there. In the meantime, carpe diem. Seize the day! 😀

  2. Rob said on 05-05-2011

    finally! hehehe! You know what to do. Congratulations Migs. I’m glad to know that your heart is beating immensely again 🙂

  3. Red_ said on 02-05-2011

    Super Like. 🙂 Very good idea. A note from the future.

  4. prodigal sorcerer said on 02-05-2011

    kakakilig! beautiful! ibang level na to- metaphysical! congratulations, migs! i don’t know who is more lucky, you or Mr. M! 🙂

  5. allen said on 30-04-2011

    Gustong gusto ko to. Winner na winner.

  6. A.R. said on 30-04-2011

    🙂 good luck to you two 🙂

    kakainlove naman ng kwento nyo

  7. Fishy said on 28-04-2011

    Migs, I live within the neighborhood lang ng Baang. Anyways, if you can’t name him, kahit description na lang.

    Kakaintriga how both of you are actually opposites (externally). Kindly elaborate some more naman please. 😉

  8. clark23 said on 28-04-2011

    Atlast he’s you. and you to him. Inspire us more! Best of the best. =)

  9. makoto said on 27-04-2011

    wow you frequent baang. We frequent it too. I wonder who you are there. hehehe… we are usually the very noisy gay yuppies every sat there. HAHHAA.

  10. jordge said on 27-04-2011

    it is good to read someone telling in a detail about self-transformative. when love grows it takes one to a different level. i really have liked the last paragraph.. i should i could learn how to apply the message and just digest it and blew it away…thanks migs…that was just awesomely beautiful

  11. elmerlovesoreo said on 27-04-2011

    Ibang level ito. Hindi ito pangkaraniwang pagka-inlove lang. Angat ‘to sa ibang nakaraang pag-ibig ni Migs. Nagmu-mutate na s’ya pagdating sa Love 🙂

  12. maccallister said on 27-04-2011

    hmmm naintriga naman ako dito sa Mr.M na ito?si johnny Manahan ba ito?LOL

    sana this time siya na,goodluck 🙂

  13. Chris said on 27-04-2011

    Is this who I think it is Migs? 🙂

    I’m happy for you! I really, really am.


    I hope for nothing but the best for you. 🙂

  14. Fritz said on 26-04-2011

    I know this Mr. M but I have never seen him. Maybe in the near future?

    But could I officially claim the stake that I was the first ever person to know of the start of the relationship? Hahahahha…

    Mayroong isang birdie kasi na di mapigilang tumawag sakin while I was on night shift duty. Hahahaha… Kakatuwa yun.

    Straight from Cebu City, Migs, I pray in my spiritual ways the very best for you and your companion.

    Never think of getting love back whenever you do anything. Only think of him and how happy he will become and, in turn, you will be fulfilled.

    Sobrang natutuwa ako para sayo, Migs. Next month ha?

  15. Midnight Orgasm said on 26-04-2011

    Very lovely.

    As always.

    Love lots. 💡

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