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I’ve tried Hiro, Eric, and just tonight, Ronnie. (Yes I was at Bay Leaf Spa in Quezon City.) If this guy Ronnie would consistently do to other clients what he did to me tonight (I got the Signature Massage with Body Wash), I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be the most sought after masseur in Bay Leaf. He was very attentive to my needs (very maasikaso), knew the right points to massage, and in terms of the sensual part of the massage, it was just about right, arousing but not over the top, just enough to bring you to a certain level of pleasure and sustain you there. Tall, toned muscles taut and tight, with good enough ‘bad boy’ looks, Ronnie has a fighting chance to be the best sensual masseur in Metro Manila.

Now that gave me an idea. Perhaps I should name my best sensual masseur every quarter. So far, for the first quarter of 2012, Ronnie would be it for me. Will he officially clinch the title by end of March? We’ll see. For now, he’s the one to beat.

Any challengers you would suggest?

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  1. paru-paro said on 08-04-2015

    Super galing sa bayleaf! Love you ice! You bring out the woman in meeee! Yeaaaah!

  2. Feck said on 25-06-2014

    So I’m kind of new in the Manila spa scene is king massage okay?

  3. jameshorny said on 21-08-2012

    800 yung bayad sa bayleaf, massage lang at bodywash?

  4. mel said on 21-08-2012

    My friend and I had a good sensual experience from one of the masseurs in Kamuning but we both ended up having the Clap. Gumastos tuloy kami sa doktor at antibiotics for one week. Buti kung yun lang, nagagamot. Pero nakakahiya sa clinic na pinuntahan namin sa mall. Pagkabalik namin for the test results par bang nakatingin sa amin yung mga staff- imagination ko lang siguro, or guilt. We were advised to have ourselves tested para sa HIV, buti na lang, negative. We learned that the illegits are not very strict about theyr masseurs. Kuha ng kuha lang, kung malakas ang hatak sa kliyente, sige lang, go nang go.

    • Spaholic said on 21-08-2012

      Mel malas mo naman anung spa sa Kamuning? Anu yung clap? Naku parang doble doble pa gastos nyo sa masseur, sa check up at sa gamot…kung parehas kayo frend mo meron ibig sabihin both masseurs nakuha nyo meron sakit…tsk mo ko sa kung ayaw mo bigay details here

      • david said on 21-08-2012

        Sorry to hear your experience. Clap or Gonnorhea is an STD that can be obtained via unprotected oral anal and vaginal intercourse. Does this mean that your “sensual” massage went beyond the usual and into more serious stuff? please share your experience so we can all be enlightened

    • harold said on 29-09-2012

      it’s kinda scary even though its totally treatable… bka pwede mahingi alias ng masseur for safety lang — nagpupunta din kasi ako dun. very appreciated if mabigay mu details.

  5. Jio said on 20-08-2012

    Does anyone know why Hiro is no longer with Bayleaf?

    • nhong said on 03-09-2012

      nakausap ko dati yung brother nya si ** (wala na rin sya sa bayleaf). His Brother told me na nagkagf si Hero sa Bayleaf bawal kasi yun kaya ayun natanngal sya. and minsan daw nahuli daw si HEro and yung gf nya na natutulog sa isang room na magkayakap kaya ayun.

  6. Dee said on 15-07-2012

    Saan po yung spa na sinasabi ni Jaypee, interested akong pumunta

  7. joey said on 14-07-2012

    folks, i would recommend that you try out Amistad Makati … wala masyado tao pa doon.. the place is a bit small (sa locker and shower, and dry sauna, pero malinis)… but the massage rooms are very good… i got GARY (who used to be a masseur at NY spa)… may bad stories na kinalat at NY about him when he took a vacation (some fellow wanted him badly, and when hindi siya pumayag, nagkalat ng storya… this fellow is a friend of NY spa management… eventually, this investigation did not produce evidence… so ICE, that’s what he was called there, decided instead to leave the place, not because he was guilty, but because management seemed to readily believe this fellow… anyways, good that i found Gary again

    • Bruja said on 28-02-2013

      Maliit lang ang titi ni Gary or Ice but super cute sya. Parang mini-me version ni Fabio Hide yung Brazilian model.

  8. champz said on 30-06-2012

    I used to visit and experience SPA’s .share q lng ang hollywood spa.ok nman experience q don..try nio din..mabait ung mga guys..look for aroon pero i tot nag-iba cla ng name..big tool un xa..8inches yta..c mark…sarap magmassage..masarap mag es..with reaction..jaja..

  9. mazda said on 29-06-2012

    Does any1 know superman n here?he said he is just a garbage boy,but when we meet somwer n the south,damn!ang Sarap!unfortunately he doesn’t Lyk me n the restaubar I guess.ang rich naman taste nys!poor basura!eto number nya,09435975198.pls spread wag kyo pploko stregy nya

  10. allan said on 28-06-2012

    @ ron and stoned. ibeen to a homme spa last monday hinanap ko si lance at nan dun sya oo guapo nga sya talaga at malakas ang dating,tinanong ko din yung manager nila na si jolo kung bakit di pinakilala nya yung toby na sinabi ni stoned and the manage says(wala na po si toby sir tinanggal ko na po sya kinabukasan kasi hindi po inayos yung massage sa isang client) then i ask jolo again kung guapo ba tlga ang toby then jolo says ( aanhin ko ang guapo kung may attitude naman at hindi inayos ang massage)kaya sabi ko try ko na lang yung new nya na si prince guapo naman din 1 to 10 8 massage 9 es 11…ang galing nya talaga at pinasaya ya ang gabi ko… i give him 1k for that es at nag tnak you pa..kaya after that napapadalas na ang pag punta ko sa homme spa na try ko din yung lance and myro…magaling naman sila lahat…siguro nag kataon lang na yung ang na pili ko…the place is very clean and the manager jolo is very friendly he give me a free massage kasi naka tatlo na akung punta…yung pala ang isa sa mga promo nila…. πŸ˜›

    • stoned said on 29-06-2012


      Good that you did not experience the lousy service that i got.

      next time you’re there, tell jolo that he owes me big time. And he should make sure of the quality of service his staff delivers. According to him, “ok naman sila lahat” yeah, right!

  11. ron said on 17-06-2012

    may bagong spa akong nakita along kamuning.. ung dating equanimity.. or same lang siya? pinalitan lang ng name?

    meron pang isa… heavenly touch sa kamuning rin… i guess bago din siya..

    daming spa along kamuning pero some of it hindi ok.

    what do you think?

    • stoned said on 20-06-2012


      been to that place. Homme Spa (former equanimity).

      don’t bother going. sayang money mo

      hindi tinapos ng masseur (Toby) ko yung massage, wala pa 30 minutes. tapos nag offer na agad ng ES for 2k! “Standard” rate daw nila yun. πŸ‘Ώ

      • ron said on 20-06-2012

        how about ung heavenly touch? along kamuning rin siya e. okey ba dun?

        parang okey dun ? any suggestion or comments?

      • TUKS said on 20-06-2012

        :mrgreen: have been to heavenly touch last week. puro recycled na masahista. galing sa jimmy’s spa sa pureza, sta mesa kaya alam na ang kalakaran.

      • gino said on 25-06-2012

        caloy73 wordpress also made a Praise Release of homme spa. someone posted that the masahista Lance is not new massage. pero Caloy deleted that entry. because the praise release claimed Lance as new to the business. how can lance be new when he was a massuer daw already at utopia four years ago. it means caloy might be the owner of the spa so he is delete all negative facts.

      • Martin said on 29-06-2012

        Huh? I didn’t understand what happened. How was “superman” able to fool you? Did you treat him out for dinner and to a massage? Did he promise anything in return?

      • Martin said on 29-06-2012

        I had the same suspicion initially, but caloy73 did post the negative feedback of a reader regarding toby of homme spa. He must, at least, have gotten special favors in exchange for the “praise release”

        With all due respect to MGG, hasn’t he also been accused of drumming up hype for another spa?

      • mel said on 21-08-2012

        Caloy has hyped at least six spas in the old threads- Holywood, Spartacus, Magic Touch Blue palm, ect but in fairness, those who followed his advice essentiaally found his observations to be accurate and said so in their comments in the MGG threads. Following your logic, does that mean he owns the other spas too? He trashed the same spas when they did not meet expectations.

    • jae said on 30-05-2015

      Dati pa yang heavenly touch. Dyan pa nga nag-shoot dati ang indie film eh. May aquarium dyanat makikita mo mga masseurs at makakpili ka!

  12. Fishy said on 17-06-2012

    May Mont Albo na rin pala along Morato.

    Has anyone tried it there?

  13. WEL LARA said on 17-06-2012


  14. Peter said on 04-06-2012

    Any comments on the quality of massage offered in Amistad QC? Who is your recommended therapist?

  15. tetran said on 02-06-2012

    May nakatry na dito sa cresdel eden spa sa makati?

  16. DP said on 30-05-2012

    Had the chance to personally experience Ronnie last weekend and it was a blast. I took him for hotel service. Massage was 10/10. ES was also 10/10.

  17. Martin said on 28-05-2012

    I was at South Bay City Spa last Saturday. jampacked ang sauna so nagpamassaj muna ako. Medyo puno din, 8 out of 10 beds occupied. so dun ako pumwesto malapit sa aircon.

    My masseur is Mr. “M”. Nagsimula siya sa binti tapos napansin ko, kinukuskos niya ung crotch niya sa paa ko. mayamaya pa, habang nakadapa ako, minasahe rin nya ung crotch ko. Dyahe tuloy kasi tinigasan ako. Nagprecum pa nga ako e, common room pa man din. yun ang disadvantage sa Soutbay, common room ang massage area kaya marami makakakita sa u.

    nung minamasahe na niya ung kamay at braso ko, hinahagod nya sa crotch niya kaya tinigasan na naman ako. Tapos nung nakatihaya na ko, binulungan nya ko kung gusto ko kumuha ng room para dun namin ituloy. LA naman ako budget so sabi ko next time na lang. Addl P200 kasi ung private room e P680 na nga binayad ko sa massaj e. Bet ko pa man din si Mr. M kasi ang lapad ng dibdib niya. Cute din siya in fairness.

    So dahil bogli na bogli ako after ng massaj, nagpunta ako sa sauna. May mga 5 to 6 na tao inside. may mataba merong hindi. to make d story short, dahil naginit ang katawan ko sa massaj ni Mr. M, nagpasuck na lang ako dun sa isang guy na hindi masyadong mataba.

  18. thor said on 19-05-2012

    try nyo sa body tune sa market market…. di lang sensual massage ang mararanasan nyo…. sasabog pa galit nyo sa sobrang kaligayahan….. base ito sa karanasan ko…

    • AvX said on 19-05-2012

      kanino? kasi nung nagpunta ako dati sensual nga pero di naman okay yung massage…

    • greggy said on 20-05-2012

      body tune is a legit spa diba? hindi ako makapaniwala na may sensual massage sila.

      • Fishy said on 26-05-2012

        legit naman talaga kasi trained with certificates ang mga therapists and the place has complete documentation and all requirements for their business.

        does sensual or ES make a spa illegitimate? of course not.

    • abbey said on 05-07-2012

      san xa sa market market? anu landmark nya? pde po b mahingi ung exact address, salamt po.

  19. santiago said on 17-05-2012

    Bukas pa ba ang equanimity spa?

  20. aces said on 01-05-2012

    There’s one in Robs Galleria, Nature’s Way and Aromatherapy spa. I think all masseurs do it, or tease you, and if you react, they’ll do it. :)

    • Fishy said on 19-05-2012

      wow, talaga? masubukan nga yang Nature’s Way na yan. πŸ˜†

    • altered said on 02-06-2012

      nagtry na ako dito, wala naman teasing nangyari

      • Fishy said on 20-06-2012

        So finally I tried Nature’s Way Galleria during a not so busy hour. A little after lunch kaya wala pa kong mga kasabay na clients. Immediately after I was done ayun may dalawa nang dumating.

        The one hour massage I requested lumampas pa ng konti kasi napaidlip yata ako… hehehehe. Or napasarap ba? :roll:

        Massage was ok. Medyo makipot lang yung space kasi panay ang hila at tulak niya sa massage bed para makaikot siya around it. If the curtains were fully closed halos wala nang space para makaikot siya ng maayos. I could just imagine kung occupied lahat ng beds, magkakabanggaan talaga yung mga therapists. πŸ˜† Although they have a couple’s VIP room pala.

      • stArvin said on 06-07-2012

        did the teasing happen? πŸ˜‰

      • Fishy said on 19-08-2012

        it was a decent massage and that was fine with me. the teasing turned a bit to yanking and kind of went mechanical, bordering towards uncomfortable. and you can see parang he wasn’t so committed into it, pero kailangan niyang bumili ng diapers para ke bebi. (that’s my imagination running fertile, hahahaha) πŸ˜†

        the good thing though is that he didn’t ask for tip, so i gave what i felt i was willing to part with.

  21. peklat said on 25-04-2012

    Hi guys question lang. How much ba dapat ang binibigay sa ES?

    • guest said on 28-04-2012

      depende sa usapan nyo ng therapist. usually ako 5ham pwede na hj lang naman at konting romansa. pag kasama xa magpapalabas 1.5k

      • Quality Control said on 14-05-2012

        Ang guest na ito is a regular in another threads…might be a therapist himself.

    • prettyfly said on 20-06-2012

      dapat huwag masyadong mahal. try befriending and making tawad. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› hehe!! i can attest na sa range na 600-800, may winner na ES na yan–not just your regular HJ. hehehe!! abot langit na yan. hehe!! 1K, lalo na ang 1.5K-2.5K and beyond, are way too much. dapat u should demand and get your money’s worth pag ganun na ang presyuhan. πŸ˜€

  22. markee said on 13-04-2012

    cute ng summer outing video ng bayleaf sa bayleaf fb ha!

  23. jeri said on 12-04-2012

    Recently meron ako natry na massage from a masseur who i got from g4m site. taglibog din kasi ako kaya sinubukan ko na offer nyang service. by the way, mura lng sya mag charge di gaya ng iba. He do home/hotel service or pde din sa place nya depende sa availability… anyway, the experience was very relaxing and wild as well. around 2 hrs ang whole session, pareho kaming naked. yun massage nya sobrang detail tlga, every part of your body imamassage nya and very professional, swabe ang pag hagod. pag sobrang oily na katawan mo ililinis pa nya gamit ng alcohol para mas refresh ang pakiramdam mo. he also uses his lower body + his tool while he’s massaging your back. grabe iba ang feeling nung nirurub nya tool nya sa back mo and in between of your legs, nakakakiliti na masarap. After 1 1/2 hr of massage, nilinis nya ulit ako with alcohol, tapos nagsimula na ang pag roromansa sa akin, playing my nipples, my tool, etc. he also let you play his. grabe sarap nya mag suck, may pa side view pa sya na suck iba un pakiramdam. medyo matagal ako labasan, kaya inabot din ng almost 30mins un wild session namin, dami din kasi nya ginawa, di lng ako nagpapasok ayaw ko un ganon lol. then he played my nipples again at nung lalabasan na ako, bigla nya ako tsinupa ulit at nilabasan ako sa bibig nya. all in all experience, very satisfied πŸ˜‰

    – jeri (

    • Barg said on 16-04-2012

      pashare naman para ma experience hehehe

      • Mooncake said on 03-05-2012

        Oo nga puede bang share mo sa amin kung sino ang massuer na yan ng ma hire ko din sya. Honestly nakakatakot kumuha ng massuer baka kasi kung ano ang gawin sayo sa loob ng hotel. Sa dami ng manloloko ngayon di ka nakakasigurado kung talagang massage nga lang ang gagawin nila.
        Isang beses pala sumakay akonng taxi, niyaya ako ng taxi driver na gumimik daw kami, kahit daw saan sasama sya. Medyo macho at gwapo ung taxi driver pero di ko pinatos kasi natakot ako, mamaya holdaper pala ang walanghiya.

      • Gary said on 12-08-2012

        Please send me the name and number of this masseur asap.

      • Gary said on 12-08-2012

        My email is

  24. Sailormoon said on 12-04-2012

    Mga ateng san ba kasi ang address ng Bayleaf na yan ng maka gora din don….ano ba parang gusto nyong solohin ang mga hombre don

  25. kristoffer said on 08-04-2012

    masyadong hype yung mga comment dito about bayleaf. i tried many therapist. bumababa yung quality habang dumadame.and the management is not accomodating to criticism. sana di masyadong yumabang yung bayleaf.ibalik yung quality massage na hinahanap nmin in the first place kaya dumame yung guest nito nung simula.

    • Quality Control said on 09-04-2012

      To let Bay Leaf management know that we are serious in our need to get quality massage that we deserve, (to give ample time to disseminate the plan), let’s BOYCOTT Bay Leaf Spa on Saturday, April 14. Please help spread the plan!

      • peklat said on 10-04-2012

        Go ako sa boycott! para lang matuto sila and wag lumaki ulo. We deserve quality service. Go consumer rights! Don’t get me wrong I like it there but I just wish they upgrade the quality of their services, hear comments and act on it.

      • Fishy said on 13-04-2012

        Kaya nga medyo nagdadalawang isip na rin ako kung babalik sa Bayleaf because of all the recent complaints posted. Parang nakakapanghinayang magpakawala ng cash kung ganyan ka-inconsistent yung service.

      • doc said on 13-04-2012

        can i have your e mail add?

      • Fishy said on 16-04-2012

        ok… fishionistaatgmaildotcom

  26. kristoffer said on 08-04-2012

    i’m a spa addict in bayleaf, these days yung massage nila pababa ng pababa yung quality. i think mark, the manager should do something. i tried to complained in their cell but their receptionist was very unaccommodating. asar!!. may therapist p sila na payatot and meron parang tambay sa kanto na bata, whats that about.

    • Quality Control said on 09-04-2012

      To let Bay Leaf management know that we are serious in our need to get quality massage that we deserve, (to give ample time to disseminate the plan), letÒ€ℒs BOYCOTT Bay Leaf Spa on Saturday, April 14. Please help spread the plan!

  27. basti said on 05-04-2012

    anyone tried william from bayleaf? how was it guys? please share. thanks

  28. peklat said on 03-04-2012

    Just came from bayleaf. Here are a few of my comments and suggestions for this spa. The attendants and masseurs are very polite. The tea is good if it were cold. (tea too sweet for me) The bathing area should be enclosed by a door or a sliding panel so that the cold air would not come in. It could be very cold especially if you are already wet. I also wish they have private rooms so that you could relax more and not hear the noise from other cubicles or aisle. (I do not mind paying extra for a private room) I got Eric as my masseur tonight, He asked me if it was my first time. I said yes. (although it was my 3rd time already) I did it so that i could compare him from other masseurs because normally they give their best if it was your first time. (maybe so you could be their “suki”) The massage part was ok. although I know that he short cut it. (maybe so that he won’t have to exert more effort because I like a harder pressure on my back)When it finally reached to the sensual part of the massage, it was ok at first but he cut it short again. So bottom line is that I am not that satisfied with him. My rating for him is fair because if it were my first time and that I have no one to compare him with, he would have been fine. Unfortunately for him I’ve tried a couple already prior to him and they did it very well. (I just forgot their names) I would still be going back there to try the other masseurs or probably book for a home service. Hopefully the management could read my message and upgrade the standards of their spa. My overall rating for Bayleaf is 7 out of 10. They could improve. πŸ˜›

  29. Say said on 31-03-2012

    natry ko hotel service si aldrin :) onting practice pa sa massage pero ang es panalo for me.. :) maski hindi ko inavail ang signature :) ang bait pa 21 lng sya.

    • Fishy said on 19-08-2012

      @Say, kaunting detalye pa siguro para ganahan din kami marequest siya… hihihihi

      if it’s ok with you…. πŸ˜‰

  30. Zaldy said on 22-03-2012

    Any comment on the masseurs at SPADA, Cubao. Apparently, they have FOR HIM and LINGAM massage.

  31. anti-guest said on 20-03-2012

    Exagg naman tong si “guest.” Be truthful for the benefit of the others. PR officer ka ata ng Bay Leaf eh.

    • guest said on 04-04-2012

      Well Zaldy ang masasabi ko lang try it for yourself. Baka ikaw kasi mahirap i-please kaya ka ganyan. Pagbintangan ba akong PR ng Bayleaf?! I’m a paying customer so I have the right to say kung sino ang nagustuhan ko sa kanila! O kaya barat ka or walang pambayad kaya ka ganyan.

  32. guest said on 20-03-2012

    May nakapagsabi saken na winnder daw daw sa looks si Winston at William. Andaming bago sa Bayleaf kakaloka kung sinetch ang award winning ang performance!

  33. xenen said on 13-03-2012

    cge samahan kita…sure ka b?

  34. joseph said on 06-03-2012

    i passed by the spa a while, I am really interested in going there….can anyone accompany me..this time it’s for real,, :)) March 16?

  35. Mickey said on 04-03-2012

    I’ve been there. first time. the massage not quite good as New york spa. but the sensual part its kinda cool and arousing. I got Ivan very good looking and look totoy. but he knows what to do. nice shape…

  36. inahhh said on 26-02-2012

    recommended best sensual masseur para sakin hehe..


  37. Fowles said on 25-02-2012

    Spada or bayleaf? Which one is worth visiting?

    • guest said on 08-03-2012

      I’d prefer Bayleaf quality ang massage compared sa Spada walang kwenta at kapal ng mukha ng mga masseur dun para mamresyo!

  38. rob said on 25-02-2012

    newbie here, I’ve been following the thread ever since I just wanna know kung magkano ang kelangan mong dalhin pagnagpunta ka sa mga spa? and is it really necessary na magbigay ng tip even without u asking for ES? Gusto ko tlga subukan kaso natatakot ako hehe…

    • joseph said on 25-02-2012

      am also a newbie.maybe we could go together. what do you think?

      • jeri said on 26-02-2012

        if you guys planning to try bayleaf with someone accompanying you this february, then try email them because they’re having a promo till the end of feb, Signature Massage with Body Wash and Steam Bath for 1000 if you bring a buddy with you, so that’s means its buy 1 take 1 free.

    • MattR said on 26-02-2012

      Actually tip naman is customary sa kahit saang spa. kahit wensha may tip din. pero since walang ES, walang fixed price. bahala ka sa amount depending sa satisfaction mo. :)

  39. joseph said on 25-02-2012

    i want to go to bayleaf. can anyone accompany me? please.

  40. Jaypee said on 20-02-2012

    I visited a spa in west avenue. Actually matinong spa sya. wala na available na lady masseur so i decided to take the male therapist.
    Well he started massaging after i took a shower.
    ok naman massage nya sa legs. then nung sa likod na, nagulat ako cuz he took off my boxers. so inisip ko ganun talaga.
    nung sa chest na ako minamassage nagulat ako he s***ked me! palag sana ako kaso nasarapan na din ako. NEVER did i imagine na yung mga matitinong spa may ganun din pala!
    Ang masayang part pa nun, after he did that thing, binigyan nyako money to pay the spa.
    Sobrang nakakagulat pero ayos lang masaya naman 😳

  41. blindangel said on 15-02-2012

    always wanted to have a good massage san ba meron? tips nman..

  42. joseph said on 13-02-2012

    How would I be able to see their pictures? ❓

  43. joseph said on 13-02-2012

    Hi po. I was able to read the thread and I find it really interesting. I would really want to try Bayleaf. For a first timer like me, how would I be able to avail of their service without getting disappointed? I don’t know how to start. Sorry. Thanks.

    • clydie said on 15-02-2012

      hmm.. first, go to the bayleaf spa thread in this site and then read comments there.. :) upon reading, you can now request for your choice of masseur when you go there πŸ˜€

  44. Justin G said on 12-02-2012

    lets talk about 09279267006 who you’ve tried and where….

  45. Justin G said on 12-02-2012

    I tried this therapist from terminal three… I dont think he really does this but during the massage we managed to have some fun! you know how the massage areas in the airport’s kinda public? He was able to put his hands inside my pants and reached for my completely shaved area… he didnt really charge and we had to stop as they called for my name as i was the last passenger! 09279267006

  46. pipo v. said on 12-02-2012


  47. john said on 12-02-2012

    Just had Tom a while ago. He’s a must-try. Amazing technique! Well he asked for 800 to give me a wank. Quite pricey I thought at first, but after the massage, I gave him more than what he asked for.

    In places like these, you can’t really bargain or else they’ll just give you an un-efforted service. That’s their job eh. Their source of living.

    Anyways, til we meet again, Tom!

    • jepoy said on 12-02-2012

      800? u can hve it free dude

      • Ruzztye said on 17-02-2012

        Hahahaha! Nasarapan ang lola mo masyado kaya nakapagbigay ng more than 800 for a HJ. Sabagay, pera naman nya yun eh, so care natin di ba. Ang concern lang kasi is baka mamihasa ang mga masseurs. Sa Phaen Boran dati wala namang presyuhan. Nung kumalat, at may mga kapatid tayong nagbigay ng “more,” namresyo na ang mga loko. Sana naman hindi mangyari yan sa Bay Leaf. Payo lang, hinay hinay sa pagbigay. Isipin ang mga susunod na kapatid na hindi naman masyadong marami ang datung.

  48. matahari said on 11-02-2012


  49. Guest said on 10-02-2012

    Grey has his own signature moves. He was able to encorporate the basic massage techniques to the sensual part without you noticing it. Very arousing and relaxing!

    • Chino said on 25-02-2012

      si Grey hindi naman pala goodlooking. maliit na parang gasul, kamukha ng comedian na si Balut
      hindi ko tinigasan sa kanya

  50. MIGHTYMIKEE said on 05-02-2012

    Lucky Charm Spa.

  51. Carlus_dominu said on 05-02-2012

    weeeeeee try ko tong bayleaf na itoy later

  52. MattR said on 04-02-2012

    Wooaaaah! Tried Ronnie early this week and it was unforgettable.

    1. Courteous and attentive to your needs.
    2. He may not be very goodlooking, but he looks presentable, neat and somewhat nice.
    3. Oh the body O_o
    4. He did something I never expected. may sarili syang signature moves haha
    5. He is sensitive to your reactions and will make sure you are relaxed and “enjoying” the massage haha

    Hmm.. napapaisip tuloy akong umulit.
    Kaso andami ata nakapila lagi ah!

  53. guest said on 03-02-2012

    Try Grey. Bago lang xa sa Bayleaf pero okay ang massage nya. 2 hours nya ako minassage nung Tuesday pero di nya ako iniwan the whole time.

  54. lolo said on 02-02-2012

    Ok talaga c VON mgaling magmassage at maasikaso..kahit bago lang xa pde na maihanay xa mga datihan

    • clyde said on 03-02-2012

      VON? O_O

      • Fishy said on 03-02-2012

        although he pinches the jewels like he was going to break them… ouchy. 😯

        otherwise, Von is ok.

      • John said on 03-02-2012

        Who is Von? Saang MP siya?

      • inahhh said on 09-02-2012

        bayleaf spa c von bgo xa dun pero mgaling magmassage at very accomodating..
        lge xa nakangiti at my sense kausap ndi ka mabobore πŸ˜› :smile: 😯 πŸ˜†

      • spalurker said on 06-02-2012

        Si Von yung nakuha ko, last time na nagpunta ako dito.

        Ewan ko kung pagod na, pero he didn’t quite give the pressure I needed. Naka twice ata akong magsabi ng harder, pero yun na ata hardest niya. Oh well, baka hindi niya specialty ang hard massage. :)

        Pero, very accomodating naman. Maasikaso. Pero nagdeliver naman siya sa ibang department eh hehe.

      • spalurker said on 06-02-2012

        ^^ Von is in Bayleaf Spa.

      • brian said on 17-06-2012

        nasa bayleaf pa ba si Von?

      • greggy said on 17-06-2012

        okay ba talaga si von? kumusta naman ang sauna ng bayleaf? marami bang aksyon? LOL!

  55. stevenstana said on 30-01-2012

    thanks sa comment. this way nagkakaroon tayo ng idea kung sino ang nagooffer ng good service.

    • robert said on 01-02-2012

      πŸ˜€ I’l visit the place soon during my Manila trip…That is something that i miss here in Baguio City…

  56. MattR said on 28-01-2012

    ive been planning to try ronnie.

    oh no, mahaba na ang pila.

  57. Fishy said on 27-01-2012

    Migs, bakit naman quarterly lang ang Search for the Best Sensual Masseur mo? by that time laspag na yung pinangalanan mo coz everyone will fall in line to get him.

    Gawin na lang nating monthly or kinsenas, pwede din di ba?… Kasi sweldo naman 15 and 30, maafford natin mag-spa on pay day. Then we critique kung sino magstand-out for the semi-monthly search. Hehehehehe πŸ˜†

  58. KGG said on 27-01-2012

    Not really sure if I will support nor I will agree on this another post which was already been discussed previously. The guy that was mentioned “Hiro”, I hope may katas pa sya after his performances was released here… My opinion Lang po….

    • Endiku Gilgamesh said on 01-02-2012

      what do you mean ‘may katas pa sya after his performance’ was mentioned in the site. you mean he’s getting too old as a masseur?

      • KGG said on 03-02-2012

        @Endiko, Di naman po ganyan, I was a actually pointing out ngarag na sa dami ng client na nag request sa kanya, much more sa performance Nya. πŸ˜›

  59. titirititit said on 27-01-2012

    oh di ba?! sabi ko na sa inyo there’s something about roni na kakaiba talaga eh! di ko lang madetalye pero iba talaga. the best!

  60. T-rex Rules said on 27-01-2012

    Migs, did you go there incognito or did Ronnie know about you and this blog?

    That spells a HUGE difference.

    By the way, due to the mileage Bay Leaf Spa has been getting from this blog, I finally got to check out the place and its much ballyhooed signature massage last night.

    The experience with therapist Kenneth fell short of my expectations.

    Suffice it to say that I find the P800 tag too pricey for what I got.

    Same feedback from my 2 friends who went with me. They got Joaquin and your Ronnie.

    I most certainly hope you don’t have any vested interest in your articles about Bay Leaf Spa.

    • mcnursie said on 27-01-2012

      What makes you say that? I havent personally tried any of them. Can you tell us your disappointment with kenneth and the other two?

      • T-rex Rules said on 15-02-2012

        In a nutshell, the massage itself was so hurried and unfocused. And it was only about 9PM so it’s unlikely Kenneth was already tired by then. During the sensual part while on my back, he unabashedly removed my towel covering without my permission and I had to tell him to put it back because I was getting chills from the airconditioning. Then he just proceeded to lightly flick his fingers all over my body including my privates under the towel. But I could sense that he was just not into it – so much for being “maasikaso” or the lack thereof – that I didn’t even get a hard-on. The uncomfortably cold airconditioning didn’t help either. Sensing that he was getting nowhere, he held and stroked my privates. I had to tell him not to bother because I didn’t go there for that. So after a few more minutes of lightly touching my body, he announced that we’re done then he promptly walked out. Another masseur named Ariel came up to me about 10 minutes later and announced that he will be doing my body wash. It was then that I found out that Kenneth had already left to do outside service. Ariel did quite a shabby job with the body wash – I could feel that he didn’t rub soap completely on my back. But he was shamelessly stroking my privates at certain moments that I had to tell him to stop. And he didn’t do a thorough job of rinsing me off either that I had to do it myself when I sat up.

        My friends practically experienced the same with their respective therapists. One friend asked his masseur who I’d rather not name how much is the extra service if ever he’s interested – he was told P3K but they have to do it outside, to which my friend was taken aback. Obviously these masseurs have a tendency to deprioritize their walk-in customers because they earn more from rendering outside service. What a big disappointment indeed! Needless to say, we’re not going back.

    • John said on 30-01-2012

      Nasubukan ko si Joaquin kanina. Maasikaso siya at magaling magmasahe. Maganda pati ang katawan. πŸ˜‰ Hindi ko alam kung bakit di siya nagustuhan ng kasama mo. ❓

      • clyde said on 01-02-2012

        i share the same sentiments John :)

      • Neonderson said on 03-02-2012

        Bka kasi ang chachaka kaya kiniber lang ng mga voyz hihihi

      • MattR said on 05-02-2012

        haha. bad!

      • T-rex Rules said on 15-02-2012

        Yeah, right. Check your sense of logic. Last I heard, it’s people like yourself who fits your description of “chaka” as the ones who are enthusiastically “serviced” by massage parlor therapists. Simply because guys like you are desperate enough to take the bait of paying for “extra service” since you apparently don’t get hot sex from hot men easily for free. Masseurs generally know that good-looking and hunky customers usually reject any overtures for paid sex – so why would they even bother?

      • tutoy bird said on 15-02-2012

        masubukan nga rin yan kung totoong iwas sila sa may itsura. Hahaha

      • zzz said on 15-06-2012

        @T-rex rules, mejo affected ako sa statement mo. Di naman lahat na nag-aavail ng massuer-ES eh pangit na. May mga iba din naman na masyadong discreet lang, di tumatambay sa bars to hookup, ayaw ng complications, or walang time dahil sa trabaho, kaya ang ending, instant quick sex lang. Ako nag-aavail ako ng ES, lalo na kung hot and clean looking yung masseur, pero I don’t think na panget ako. When I was in the US, malakas ang loob ko na medyo maging open, since walang nakakakilala sa akin, nakaka-pickup naman ako ng mga really goodlooking white guys, so I don’t think I’m badlooking. And beside, parang sinabi mo na halos lahat ng nasa thread na to eh chaka.

      • Fishy said on 18-08-2012

        ang pinagsimulan nito kasi yung inconsistency ng service siguro nung mga nabanggit na masseurs, kaya iba’t iba ang nagiging dating sa clients. yung iba happy, yung iba nabuwisit, yung iba wala lang.

        the way the masseurs also behave sometimes is impacted not just by their circumstance/state of mind/state of health, but also by how their clients respond to them.

        kaya ayun, minsan parang hit and miss tuloy.

    • MattR said on 05-02-2012

      never tried kenneth. but ive tried ronnie and joaquin. so far so good nmn. hehe.

  61. jeri said on 27-01-2012

    hi migs, parang gusto ko rin sya masubukan ah. but how did you avail his service? did you call first to reserve for the masseur? or walk in ka then doon ka na pinapili? because i called the spa a while ago, nagsabi ako bibisita ako dyan someday and if puwede bang pumili at pareserve ng masseur depends on his availability, sabi sa akin di daw puwede.

    dami ko ng nababasa kung sinu sino magagaling, like what marco just posted, and some other people who posted that W is very good as well. hope if i’ll visit the spa, maexperience ko rin yun galing ng masseur ng mga sinasabi ninyo, kung sino man maassign sa akin if di ako makapili.

    • John said on 30-01-2012

      You can book a masseur. I booked mine the day before I went there.

      Wakee (Joaquin) is very accommodating and good-looking (singkit ang mata and gym-fit). :smile: I have yet to try the other guys.

  62. marco said on 27-01-2012

    This is really good Migs. Yun nga lang if i would cast my vote eh baka magtampo naman yung ibang hindi ko mapipili. just this evening na-try ko na si Kenneth ng Bay Leaf. Para sa akin kasi eh kanya-kanya sila ang qualities. Si Hiro okay ang relaxing massage (i like the sequence), si Erick naman very sensual ang massage, tapos si Kenneth naman eh lamang sa looks (in fairness, gwapo itong batang ito! πŸ˜€ ). so sorry migs ha di ako pwedeng bumoto kasi like ko silang lahat! :mrgreen:

  63. titirititit said on 27-01-2012

    good idea.. i vote for monthly :smile: may mga nominations tapos paramihan ng boto..

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